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Windows to the Soul

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After your shower, you scurried downstairs still flushed and embarrassed over Ink's observation. As you swung the bathroom door open you crashed into Papyrus, the tall skeleton fumbling with a loud "NYEH". He scooped you up before you could fall back onto the bathroom floor, clutching you to his chest delicately.

You were still holding your dirty clothes, the ones you would put in the hamper when a thought dawned upon you. Would Papyrus be able to pick up your scent? You coughed and quickly hopped out of his arms, hurrying downstairs. Papyrus followed you in tow, a light hop to his long stride. He cleared the steps 3 at a time which left you lagging on next to him.


He stepped into the laundry room with you, a wide grin on his face as he tailed you. You thought on it for a second and found yourself smiling at the thought.

"Sure Paps! I'd love to."

His face flushed a deep orange at your response, his gangly arms going to wrap around your midsection with a happy "NYEH". He hoisted you onto his shoulders and quickly darted around the first floor, right to his room. The door flew open with a loud bang, making you shriek in surprise. This is the first time you've seen Papyrus' room. It's decorated with lots of knick-knacks and collectibles.

His bed frame is in the shape of a red racecar and his bed sheets are a pristine white, folded neatly and fluffy just like the pillows resting along the headboard. The dresser next to his bed has a laptop on it, along with a few of his action figures, including a samurai like figurine, a robot, and a giant lizard-like figurine. There's another little figure that's apparently a dog skeleton sculpture, with a cartoony appearance. His walls were a pastel blue gradient, with a darker blue and purple towards the bottom of the wall. It was dotted with small white speckles that you could only assume were stars the closer you got to the floor. His carpet was a rather lovely shade of blue, just like the wallpaper. He had small cloud pieces hanging from the ceiling by threads, which made you crack an even wider smile.


He pointed towards the foot of his bed, where a TV was situated on a desk. He smiled and tossed you triumphantly onto his tidy bed, quickly leaving the room. You sat with your legs crossed, fiddling with your hands idly. Papyrus came barreling back into the room, mounds of blankets in hand, pillows, and snacks balanced quite impressively on his skull. He had the goofiest grin on his face ever, before he practically buried you under the blankets. After a bit of flailing and screeching, you were comfortably sat in a fort of pillows. There was a blanket hooked to the ceiling, two curved pieces specifically built to hold the blanket up in a way it looked like a roof. Another 2 hooks were on the wall behind the headboard, the other end of the blanket draping behind you both. The pillows were set up like walls and you were sat comfortably in the fort with a bowl of popcorn in your lap.


"Papyrus you can just call me (Y/N)."

He flushed, his sockets crinkling as his grin stretched. He gently pinched your cheek, and on this rare occasion, he didn't have his gloves on. He wasn't wearing his battle body either. A comfy short sleeve with a rocket ship on it and a pair of dark red sweatpants. To say Paps' hands were big was an understatement. He could put one hand to your face and obscure it completely. You chuckled when he slid you into his lap with the popcorn, taking a few pieces. He picked out a movie and you were horrified.

Fifty Shades of Grey was not something suitable for him.

You fumed for the remote, which he held high above his head.


"P-Papyrus! This movie! Isn't! Appropriate!"


You flopped helplessly against his chest, face red and hot at his declaration. You sat in his lap, albeit a bit awkwardly as the movie started. It was fine for a while, Papyrus "oohing" and "aweing" at the plot line...

Then the explicits came.

Papyrus physically tensed. His arms that were wrapped around your shoulders locked up, shaking slightly. You heard a very soft and strangled "nyeh" before he hid his face in your shoulder. You managed to snag the remote from him, you both extremely hot and if you didn't know any better, Papyrus was sweating.

"D-Did you uhm. Want to. Stop the movie?"



He grabbed the remote from you and pressed play again, this time, his arms linked around your midsection. You knew Papyrus knew more than he let on, but your thoughts were confirmed when he pulled you closer, his pelvis pressed into your lower back. You squeaked at the contact, making him flinch in response and hug you tighter. He had his chin rested against your shoulder, nasal ridge gently pressed into your neck. His sockets were locked on the TV, and from what you could see from the corner of your eye, a faint orange glow was being cast on the edges of his sockets. He winced when another explicit scene rolled in, his pelvis pushing against you again. It was getting warmer and warmer the longer you sat in his lap, your hands tucked between your thighs. You'd be a bloody liar if this entire situation didn't phase you.

Papyrus was getting just as bothered as you were, evident by how he pushed into you every few minutes that ticked by. One of his hands slid down your belly at some point, tracing your forearm until he got closer to your wrists. His massive hands were shaking, cupping over your belly again to try and calm himself. He purred directly in your ear, the tips of his very dull fangs nipping your earlobe.

"(Y/N)...I Have A Question.."

The way his voice sounded as of now, husky, low and filled with a strong sense of longing, your core was set alight, making your freeze up. He whimpered, his fangs grazing your neck again as he spoke.

"W-Would You Ever Do Anything...Intimate With Me?"

You shuddered as his phalanges dug into your hips, fingers splayed to cover as much surface area as they could. Your body wavered in his gentle touches, melting at his treatment. He was caressing you as if you were a fragile item, something he didn't want to break. It felt nice, oh so nice to be held with such sincerity. He laid a small kiss on the nape of your neck, his breaths fanning out across the delicate area. He pecked a kiss to your right shoulder next, then back to your left. The movie was still rolling in the background, which only fueled the rather intimate situation you two were in.

He spun you around quickly in his lap, grabbing your thighs and setting them in the crests of his pelvis. They were hooked around him, your calves gently rushing his spine. He made a soft wheeze from the contact, his large bony hands going back to cup the small of your back. He traced a gentle circle in the dip there, leaning down so his teeth met your cheek in a delicate kiss. You shuddered again, hands clammy as you gripped his shirt. You'd been in physical contact with Papyrus before, but not like this. It felt so much more meaningful like there was something he wanted to say but couldn't say it yet.

You shivered as his teeth met your lips, a simple but sweet gesture. He purred again, his hands coming to rest on either side of your neck. When he pulled away though...

He yelped, letting go of you and scrambling back, effectively tangling himself in one of your spare blankets. You yelped in turn, shuffling back against the sheets.


He fumbled for words, clasping his hands over his skull and shuddering. You cupped a hand over your chest and smiles fondly, crawling forward and putting a supportive hand on his knee. He looked at you curiously, his skull glowing orange.

"P-Papyrus! I.. I didn't mind it! I promise. You were curious that's all!"

You smiled at him, letting him ease his posture before pulling him into a tight hug. He cuddled up to you lovingly, his long arms holding you with so much care you would have turned to a ball of goop of it hadn't been for Blueberry coming in. He left after locating a game Papyrus had been meaning to give him, which left you to cuddle with him awkwardly through the rest of the movie. When dinner rolled around, you helped Papyrus and Edge make the main course, which consisted of pot roast, mashed potatoes, and cheesy broccoli. You had to calm Edge down from turning the potatoes into literal dust with how much he was beating them. You ended up making 3 different cheesecakes for dessert, all for the group of 18 that had come to dinner.

When you got to your room though, you were being waited on by Papyrus, Blackberry, and Blue all bickering in front of your room door.

"HUMAN FRIEND!" Blue shouted first.

"HUMAN, I DEMAND THAT YOU CUDDLE WITH ME TONIGHT!" Blackberry shoved Blue aside with a cocky grin.

Papyrus quietly voiced how he wanted to cuddle with you as well.

You thought on it for a moment then waved them all into your room. You got Papyrus to lay, half propped up by the headboard of the bed. He said he comfy, which made the last bit all the more easier. You smiled and flopped into his lap, back laying comfortable against him. Blackberry went to protest until you got him to crawl in on your left side, while Blueberry took the other. Once your skeleton pile was comfy, you relaxed and they all dozed off with you. Before you could sleep your brain flooded with questions.

Did you even want to go back to your little apartment? Was this job even a job at this point? They all seemed to rely on you for emotional support it seemed, which shocked you to some extent. Horror even spoke to you a few times, Rhubarb came once and now you had Ink. You had gotten so close to them in so little time. And they were here for you. They saved you. You felt lighter around them all and each of them charmed you with their goofy antics and personalities. Sure they were similar, but each had something different to give. You loved them all.

And they loved you too.


HP +50


HP: 60.2

she loves her family.

You woke up with all 3 skeletons curled around you.

And more.

Sans had positioned himself to lay against your belly and Rhubarb crudely mushed close to Blackberry to rest his head on your chest. He was trilling and cooing until you sneezed, making them all jolt in surprise. What you didn't notice was Stretch splayed against your lap like a sick kitten. They all fumbled off of your bed with groggy "good morning's" and hugs. Sans gave your hand a firm squeeze and even a peck on the cheek, which made you flush like a madman. Skeleton kisses were something you'd never get over.

When you got downstairs, G scooped you up and peppered your cheeks with kisses and a firm hug, being chased away by a rather happy but still aggravated Edge. Everyone seemed extra sweet today... Dings caught you in a tight hug, giving you a firm kiss on the cheek and even a little smooch on your temple. You were beet red when you sat for breakfast, but not before Wings scooped you up bridal style and kissed your already assaulted cheek. Wings!? Kissing you?? What a world.

Red splayed himself in the seat next to you, grabbing your prosthetic and pecking a light kiss on the palm. Green sat on your other side and kissed your temple, his cheeks glowing like a Christmas light. Stretch snagged a kiss on your cheek and so did Blue. Mutt even crudely gave you one, a bit too much tongue, and saliva on your cheek though. He really did resemble a dog in that aspect. And last but not least, Gaster kissed your hand and even Ink gave you a little peck on your palm.

18 skeleton kisses later and you were sweating and steaming from all the affection.

"O-Ok guys, what's up? Why so much love?"

Everyone looked at you then smiled, Green leaning on you, and Red resting your hand on his cheek. You pet him mindlessly while the others spoke.

"Your soul is on the road to recovery dear," Gaster said happily. You tilted your head and looked at your chest.

"I told everyone already that your soul is flipped, but with your HP boost overnight, it should be regular again in no time!" Gaster perked up at that. You, on the other hand, didn't. You slouched and gently put a hand on where your sternum would be.

"What if..I don't want it to be flipped..?" You said in barely a whisper and yet everyone heard you.

"(y/n)? why wouldnt you want your soul back to normal?" Sans asked curiously across from you. His face looked tense.

"I...I feel closer to you guys. It's only been a month and yet you guys have done nothing but protect me and make me feel welcome. Sure we were all shaky at first, but... Were family."

They all tensed, Blue perking up and throwing his arms in the air.

"(Y/N) YOU REALLY ARE TOO GREAT FOR US! EVEN SOMEONE AS MAGNIFICENT AS ME!" Blue yelled. It warmed your heart, making you flush again. Green gently pecked a kiss to your cheek again while Red nuzzled your hand lovingly.

"I understand but it may flip on its own. But...if that is what you feel, it might not happen. There may be something else that'll occur but I'll have to look into it." Gaster said thoughtfully, which made you slouch in your seat. It was nice. Having them all look out for you.

Your family.

The afternoon swung around quicker than you expected, and even with Sans' tense aura, he let you and Axe go for a walk in the forest. You wore your favorite set of black shorts, matching black thigh highs and your flannel shirt you wore on your day out. You packed a bottle of water and snacks and strolled out the door with Axe in tow. He paced lazily next to you while the crisp, cool air tingled on your exposed skin.

"you holding up ok rabbit?"

You blinked a few times.

"Rabbit? That my nickname now?"

He flushed, covering his face idly.

"i-i mean i uhm.."

He sputtered and meekly twiddled his fingers, thumbing at the zipper on his jacket. You snickered and gently pet his cheek, relishing in how warm he was. He purred when you touched him, red eye light expanding to take up space in his socket. You smiled at the spectacle, gently thumbing under the socket. The dark rings there had been fading recently, which means he was taking your advice for going to his brother for comfort when you weren't available.

"You look refreshed Sans... I'm glad."

He blushed even harder at your use of his real name, purring louder as you both walked. He pointed to a rather large boulder piece closer to the small stream that was a few miles out from the lodge. You both got to it and sat, basking in the setting sun. Axe leaned on you, his hands gently toying with the necklace around your neck.

You both shared stories about any weird experiences in the woods you had and you were surprised to hear how a deer got his antlers stuck in his ribcage once. As the sun set, you both started to head back, about halfway there, Axe grabbed your hand and turned you to face him. His face was glowing red, which cast a soft fiery glow on you both in the mid-afternoon air.

"Something wrong?"

He shook his head, gently cupping your cheeks in his hands. He was so warm..this close. He leaned in before you could process what was going on and caught your lips in a gentle but hungry kiss. It was obvious he had never done this before but that made you feel warmer when he kissed you. His fangs brushed against your bottom lip, a hot huff of breath shaking his body as he pulled away, hands covering his face. He pulled his hood up and grabbed your hand tightly, hurrying on home. Your body was on fire, but...

Your soul was fluttering in your chest, a pleasant calm washing over you.

You really did love them.