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Windows to the Soul

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Green shuffled in his spot on the mattress, wiping the glowing green tears from his face. His skull was hot and it was starting to become increasingly hard to see. His green eye lights flickered for a moment, the edges of them fuzzy and wavering as he stared at her.

"M-Miss (Y/N). Miss I.."

He huffed, clasping his holed hands together. He ran his hand down his face angrily.

"A-Am I a liability? I-Is my intelligence something I used t-to hide my anxiety? B-Because Wings h-had the idea of saying that to me. H-He was struggling with something and I offered m-my help and he lashed out on me!"

He hit his legs at the end of his sentence, hiccuping into another fit of crying.

"H-He said I was unbearable to be around! A-And that my constant stuttering and- and tripping up on my words w-was only another thing about me that irked him!"

You looked at him, entirely heartbroken. He was crying so hard you were sure if he had lungs he'd be hyperventilating to the point of collapse. You opened your arms for him, letting him engulf you into a sturdy hug. He yelped and wailed into your shirt, hugging onto you for dear life.

You held onto him tight, petting his spine through his shirt. He was crying himself out now. He was quaking in your hold, his tears making your shirt damp on the right shoulder.

"Green I don't think that at all. You're a kind soul with a lot of love to give and you just wanted to help him. He shouldn't have lashed out on you like that."

You pulled his face away for a moment to look at him. He was quivering and his mouth was hanging open, his fangs on display. His face was scrunched up in the spot his nose would be, face flushed with a soft forest green hue. He was still shaking, whimpering softly at you tried to calm him down.

"I'll talk with him tomorrow and tell him off for you."

You gave his cheek a gentle pat, watching as he leaned into your touch. He cupped his hand over the back of yours, his mouth perking up into a very soft smile. One that was full of appreciation.

"You're not a liability. You're an amazing person who has so much talent and knowledge to spread, I get a little jealous sometimes. You're smart, you can defuse situations, you're a great healer, one of the best in the house!"

He flushed more at your praise, hunching over and gently kissing the palm of your hand that was resting on his cheek. His tears had stopped by now. His soft sniffling was all that could be heard.

"T-Thank you M-Miss (Y/N).."

He kissed your hard again, in taking a deep breath. He held your hand in his, gently running his phalanges over your knuckles with each stroke. He shifted so he had one leg crossed and the other hanging off of your mattress.

"I. I-I'm only so anxious and nervous because I. I want people to accept me."

He spoke again, this time softer and more controlled.

"I-I know I'm a nervous wreck. I know that better t-than anyone. I've had everyone judging me the entire time. It gets the better of me sometimes I'll admit."

His voice faltered as he kept speaking. Your chest got tight as he kept speaking.

"And when we got to the surface it only got harder. Having people look at me with such distaste. I-It's so hard."

You gently squeezed his hand, helping ground him from his talking. He squeezed in return, looking up to you then back to your hand. He looked at your hands with a trained eyed. Then to your wrists. Maybe you could tell him... Just a little. He traced over one of the scars delicately, his breath hitching.

"Wanna hear what these are about?"

He perked up, looking enraptured before you even started. You sighed and held out your arm to him, tapping on a few of the scars.

"I was going through a really hard time a few years ago. With someone that I recently got away from. The situation was...complicated. And that's an understatement. There was a lot of things he was able to do. Manipulate. With me..."

You paused, gauging for his reaction. He nodded softly as he traced the scars. You raised the sleeve on your shirt and let him see the array of lines that were across your upper arm. He winced as he reached a hand out to touch them.

"As a reaction. Because I was so tense and upset. That I had no power. I did one thing that made me feel like I had control over myself. Pain. I marked myself each time things got out of hand. Because it helped ground me. The situation was that I would get away from that vile person, and then get dragged back. I thought it was like a game to him. Where he kept coming back and playing the same song and dance over..and over. Until I got away."

You looked at him. His brows were furrowed and there were tears streaming down his face again. You didn't know when you started crying but you did. He pulled you in for a tight hug, letting you cry into him for a moment.

"T-The marks stopped when I finally got away. And now h-here I am."

You pulled away, looking up at him.

"Over the years I spent groveling and being used. I took the time to think about how I wanted to help other people. And keep them from having to go through something as I did."

He nodded and gently held your hands in his, sighing.

"I-I appreciate that you were comfortable with sharing that Miss (Y/N). I assure you. As much as you help us and as long as you're here with us."

He paused and gently tilted your chin up to face him. You flushed at this, looking deep into his eyelights.

"With me... I'll do everything I can to keep you safe."

Your heart dipped at this, sending a tidal wave of cool washing over you. It was like someone put a blanket over your insides. A cold blanket. But it was comforting. Like dipping your hand in a stream. The current of it was gentle and calm but had an underlying sense of familiarity and strength to it. You shuddered at the sensation, reveling in it.

"Thank you, Green."

Your voice was barely above a whisper, and you watched as he gently brought his face to yours, pecking a feather-light kiss on your cheek. He was flushed green again, his face hot while he gently cooed and nuzzled your cheek. He sounded almost like a bird. Their little trill they make when they're happy or pleased.

He pulled away softly, petting the back of your hand delicately. You looked at his own hands, taking it into yours. You held it, inspecting it, turning it over to look at his palms. You looked at him. He had his sockets shut in a pleasant manner.

You got a bit curious and tapped the palm of his hand softly. Then you ever so delicately traced the hole in his palm. Just a bit around the edges, then a second time over. The second time was when he reacted. He jolted for a moment, yanking his hand away quickly. He was glowing green at this point, panting and clutching a hand to his chest.

"M-Miss! I-I uhm. I-I'm sorry! I-I uh-"

He shivered and fell back in his spot, looking at everything but you.

"T-That's a very sensitive spot."

He spoke in a hushed tone, shivering still.

"O-Oh. Oh wow ok! I-I'm uh. Sorry."

He winced and tucked his hands into his lap before he slouched and looked at you.

"Thank you for this Miss (Y/N). I-It really helped me feel better."

You smiled at him, sitting up to meet his gaze. You held his hand in yours again before you pecked a gentle kiss to his temple, your hand resting gently on his shoulder. He trilled again, hiding his face in his hands.

"M-Miss oh my word.."

He tugged at the collar of his shirt, giggling as you sat back down.

"Thank you for listening to me as well Green."

He spent a bit of time with you before heading off to bed, wishing you a good luck with talking to Wings in the morning. You told him goodnight as well before heading off to bed yourself.

You woke up being dragged out of bed by Blueberry and Axe, surprisingly. He was wearing a black t-shirt and baggy grey sweatpants, while Blue was wearing rocket ship pajamas. He carried you downstairs, giggling all the while. You didn't put up much of a fight because you already knew you were going to have one with Wings whether you liked it or not.

Once you got downstairs, Green happily grabbed you from Blue's arms, spinning with you and holding you close to his chest. Red, Stretch, Dings, and Sans all looked at you a bit surprised before you shrugged them off.

"Morning to you too boys."

Blue flexed in his pajamas, earning a chuckle from Stretch. Papyrus had bounded down the steps at some point as well, prying you off of the rather boisterous Green. Much to his dismay.


"Well sure! Ain't doing much else today lovelies."

He set you down with a hooray and bounded off to get breakfast. You'd talk with Wings before you left. As you ate, you tried to think of how to go about talking to him. You were sure he would retaliate. He, Edge, Red, and Blackberry all had a tendency to snap back at you against their better judgment.

Once you finished your food, you went to get ready to go out with Papyrus and Edge, dreading having to talk to the rather mean copy of the cinnamon roll that was Papy.

When you knocked on his room door, he answered rather angrily, the door swinging open so fast that a rush of cool air blew right into you.

"What. Do you fools w-"

He paused once he saw it was you. His expression softened.

"Well. Hello, Miss (Y/N). I'm sorry about that. I've been. Rather. Rude lately."

He faltered for a moment, letting his hands drop to his sides. You crossed your arms, trying your best to be stern.

"Green told me what you said to him last night. By the time I get back, I want you to have apologized to him for what you said. It was rude and uncalled for."

He looked taken aback by your sudden harsh tone, sockets wide as if he didn't believe what you had just said to him. Finally, he broke out into a small smile.

"I. Will try. I didn't mean to hurt him but please Miss (Y/N). Watch your tone with me."

His last few words were sharp and cold. You would have flinched if you hadn't heard that from Edge so many times.

"I'll be back later to see if you actually apologized. Do you need anything while I'm out, I could get it for you."

"Oh yes actually, I would love for a few more pomegranates. I swear that fruit is absolutely lovely in every way. A bit messy but well worth it."

You chuckled at his sudden tangent, giving him a firm pat on his shoulder. You smiled and gave him the OK before you met with Papyrus. He was dressed in a rather simple outfit for once. A white t-shirt with the words "COOL DUDE" written on his shirt in bold red and orange letters. He had on a deep red sweater with no hood. He had on grey jeans and brown boots. Edge had on a leather jacket with a black shirt, his usual red belt with the gold skull and his usual red boots. He had on fingerless gloves and somehow some way, really good looking sunglasses.

Edge looked at you, grumbling under his breath.


"Hell yeah, I am!"

Edge scoffed and opened the door, marching out to the car. You knew Papyrus had a res convertible which was pretty shocking but. It fits him.

Edge went to a rather flashy black motorcycle, getting onto it and cranking the handles. He put the keys into the ignition and cranked them again, letting it rev up rather loud before he cast a rather inquisitive look to you.


You agreed and hopped into the passenger seat, setting your satchel in the back while he started the car. You all set out rather quickly to the store, you chatting up Papyrus while Edge rode alongside you all. (He maneuvered through traffic rather expertly.)

You all pulled into the lot of the shopping center Papyrus being the first to hop out of the car and scoop you up and out with him. You thanked him as he set you down, chatting all the while about different kinds of pasta. Edge decided to pitch in on the conversation and tell you both about how lasagna was better and that it was the superior of the two.

"Well, lasagna is just spaghetti flavored cake so. It doesn't bother me."

Edge looked at you for a moment, and so did Papyrus, pondering something.


Edge was the first to speak, shocking you and Papyrus.


You all stumbled around the store, grabbing the groceries and other things you had been meaning to get. Papyrus had left you all alone to wander around with Edge. Fuck.

You got to the produce and grabbed a few pomegranates for Wings, smiling to yourself as you got a few mangoes as well. Maybe they haven't tried it? You got more than a few glares as you walked around with a rather quiet Edge. He asked about a few of the things you picked up and humored him by telling him about them.

You turned to one aisle, grabbing a box of Poptarts off the shelf when someone shouldered you out of the way. A blond girl with some guy who had rigged and rough brown hair...and.

Gold eyes. You knew. One person with those eyes. The scar under his left one set you off immediately. The girl scowled as you stared at him. He knew exactly who you were.

Edge pulled you back and growled at the both of them.


The girl looked disgusted and spat at Edge, letting it land on the front of his shirt. She then turned to you and jabbed a finger at your chest, her words laced with venom.

"Some bitches should have enough common sense not to mingle with dirty fucking monsters."

Edge grabbed her hand and shoved it back at her, pulling you closer to his side. You weren't going to last much longer here.



Papyrus was pushing a cart with him, the man with the golden eyes still staring at you. He didn't speak, but you knew from the smirk he was bearing, he knew who you were. And you weren't going to be safe for long.

"(Y/N) here is my old friend. Sorry about her," he pointed to the blond girl. "Just wanted to say hi."

You were on the verge of hyperventilating, and even Papyrus could see that you were shaken to your very core. He pushed the cart between you and them, looking down at you, he grabbed your other shoulder.

"I Do Not Think You Are Her Friend. She Looks Very Upset And I Believe You Are The Cause. Please Leave Her Alone."

Papyrus spoke rather sternly, squeezing your shoulder to keep you grounded. The man with the golden eyes suddenly looked livid, grabbing Papyrus by his scarf and yanking him forward. He didn't budge.

"I don't think I asked you monster."

You wouldn't have it anymore, you looked at him, inhaling before you spoke.

"L-Leave. My friends and I. Alone."

Ending it there, you grabbed the cart and quickly raced out of the aisle with Edge and Papyrus in tow. You paid for everything and packed it into the car, sighing in relief now that you were away.

Papyrus hugged you, Edge giving you a firm pat on your back. You got in the passenger seat and got home. The others helped with putting away the groceries and Papyrus helped you up to your room. He informed Sans straight away what happened. He paid you a visit and asked if you were ok, gauging your reaction.

"did he hurt you? whatd he say?"

"He tried. He tried to say we were friends. Its been a year. A fucking year, I."

"get some rest kid. call me if you need. we can talk about this tomorrow ok?"

You looked at him, exhaling hard. Green popped in to say that Wings apologized which lifted your spirits a bit. Not much though. Sans was about to leave before you grabbed his sleeve to his white shirt.

"Don't go please."

He stared at you, wide-eyed for a moment before he sunk back into your bed with you, capturing you in a rather intimate hug. His hands cupped your waist softly, your body curled up against his. His arms were rather big and enveloped you completely while you lay there. You were heaving for a moment, your body lurching forward.

"its ok. im here."

And for some reason. That grounded you. From there, the rhythmic hum that you heard in his chest put you to sleep.


HP: 10.2

*afraid of whats to happen