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Sam and Freddie are standing around Freddie’s cart in the iCarly studio while they waited for Carly to come back in. “So why do you think Carly wanted us to meet her up here," Sam asked Freddie as she played with her remote. Freddie looked into his blonde best friends eyes and smiled, "I honestly have no idea," he said finishing up the final change to the iCarly website. Closing the laptop, Freddie stepped closer to Sam and had to fight the impulse to take her hand in his. Freddie had been wanting to talk to Sam about getting back together, but the time never seemed right, until now that is. "Sam, can I talk to you about something," Freddie asked hoping that Sam would be open to what he was about to suggest to her. Sam was about to respond when Carly walked back into the studio.

“Hey Sam, hey Freddie," Carly called out as she moved over to her friends. Freddie cursed the timing of Carly's entrance. Lately, it seemed like any time Freddie would try to talk to Sam, Carly would magically be there. Sam was the first to respond, "Hey Carls," she said plopping down onto one of the bean bag chairs. "Hey Carly," Freddie said sitting on the bean bag next to Sam. Freddie wasn't positive, but he could swear that Carly scowled at them, or perhaps it was just him. Before Freddie could read too much into it, Carly turned her attention to Sam. "As you guys are both aware my dad's next assignment is in Italy, and he is allowed to bring his family." Carly paused, a genuine look of unease marked her face. Sam being an impatient person quickly spoke up, "spit it out already Carly." Carly smiled at Sam's unsurprising outburst. "Dad has asked me to move to Italy with him so that we can spend some time together," Carly exhaled before continuing, "I said yes," Sam said nothing but someone should pick her jaw up off the floor.

Freddie wasn't sure if he had heard Carly correctly, "So, you're moving to Italy," he asked. "Yup," Carly said a grin spreading across her face. "So, this is the end of iCarly then?" Carly didn't miss a beat, "yup," she said again. Freddie was already becoming annoyed with Carly's repeated one-word answers. "Can you say anything other than ‘yup,'" Freddie asked wholly expecting the same response, and he was not let down as she responded "yup," before kissing Freddie. Sam was taken aback by the scene playing out in front of her, "Carly! What the hell," she yelled stepping closer. Freddie for his part was trying to get away, but even as spindly as Carly is, she has one hell of a grip. After several seconds Freddie was released and backed away from someone he thought was a friend, "Carly, what the hell did you do that for?" Carly stepped back, "I, I, got the impression you still had feelings for me," she said lowering her gaze to the floor. Freddie stared incredulously at Carly, who up to a few moments ago he had thought he knew.

Freddie's face was bright red, a mixture of embarrassment and anger, "Where did you get that idea? What did I do that could have possibly given you that idea? I haven’t felt that way about you for a long time now." Freddie turned to look at Sam, “I love Sam.” Carly wanted to respond but instead kept her eyes glued to the floor. Glancing over at Sam, Freddie could see that she was just as dumbfounded by what had happened as he was. Freddie was sure he needed to get out of the studio and was nearly certain that Sam did as well. “Come on Sam, let’s get out of here,” Freddie said taking Sam’s hand. Carly watched Sam and Freddie walk out of the studio and wondered how she could have been so wrong about Freddie and that he was in love with Sam. "So Freddie is in love with Sam," Carly thought to herself, "well that is a problem, but it won't be a problem much longer," she mused heading towards the studio door.

Carly made her way down to the kitchen and pulled out the most substantial knife she could find. Next Carly grabbed her backpack and slid the knife in between two school books. Now all she needed to do was find Sam and Freddie so she could remove the one obstacle standing between herself and Freddie. Walking to the front door, Carly yelled out to her brother, "Spencer, I'm heading out for a little bit, be back in a little while." Before Spencer could even respond, Carly was already out the door and knocking on the Bensons' door. Carly put on her most innocent expression when Marissa opened her door, “Hi, Ms. Benson, is Freddie here,” she asked sweetly. Marissa rolled her eyes, “no Freddie’s not here. He and Sam went out, somewhere,” she said disdain in her voice. Carly didn’t step away, “did you need something else dodo,” Marissa asked now clearly annoyed. Carly smiled at Marissa, "no, thank you, Ms. Benson," she said turning towards the stairs. If the lovebirds weren't at Freddie's, then Carly would have to find them, and she would go to the place they spend the most time.

Coming down the stairs into the lobby, Carly was surprised to see that Lewbert was nowhere in sight, which in her current mindset was ultimately a good thing for the wacky doorman. Stepping out the front door, Carly turned right and made a beeline for the Groovy Smoothie and her target. A short time later Carly walks into the Groovy Smoothie directly to the table where Freddie and Sam are sitting. "What do you want Carly," Sam vehemently asked as Carly neared the table. Ignoring Sam, Carly spoke directly to Freddie, “Freddie, I need to speak to you, privately,” she said before moving to a table on the far side of the shop. Freddie looked to Sam as to ask if he should follow Carly or not. Sam nodded, as she too was curious what Carly would have to say. Sam knew that Freddie would ultimately tell her what was said if it was important.

Freddie begrudgingly made his way to the table Carly was sitting at, "what do you want," he asked as he sat down across from Carly. Without missing a beat, Carly asked, "do you truly love Sam, or is she just your runner up?" Freddie could not believe what he had just heard, and it angered him immensely, "Who the hell do you think you are? Of course, I love Sam, and no she is not my runner up as you put it.” Freddie’s voice increased in both volume and ire, “I would never have thought that you Carly of all people would insinuate that I don’t love Sam.” Freddie took a deep breath in an attempt to calm himself, “I would have expected something like that from my mother, not from someone that I consider,” Freddie paused a moment, “no wait, considered a good friend.” Freddie stood up, turned to make his way back to Sam, but stopped and turned back to Carly, “until you can get your head back on straight, I don’t want to see or talk to you. I can’t speak for Sam, but I’m sure she’ll make her intentions known.”

Hearing Freddie raise his voice was strange, to say the least, it surprised Sam enough to make her turn towards Carly and Freddie. Had he just said that he loved her for the second time in less than half an hour? Sam knew how she felt about Freddie and had her suspicions that Freddie still had feelings for her, but she had been too scared to find out for sure. Sam was mere seconds from asking him about it when Carly walked in rudely interrupted them. Freddie returned to the table where he and Sam were sitting, “I think we need to leave Sam,” Freddie said casting a furious glance back at Carly. Sam looked at Freddie then at Carly, and back to Freddie, “Freddie, what’s going on? What happened back there,” Sam asked confusion evident on her face. While Freddie told Sam about his conversation with Carly, Carly had removed the knife from her backpack and made her way towards Sam. When Carly was within arms reach of Sam, she called her best friends name. Sam turned to face Carly, saw the knife in Carly’s hand, but it was too late as Carly plunged the knife into Sam’s stomach.