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Witches And Demons Are Very Different

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You glare. So many emotions are filling your soul that all you find yourself doing is glaring at the keys in your hand. Your mind flits back to the previous hour of the will reading but shake away the thoughts. You look up, the massive house towering over. The cool grey exterior is accented by white trim and black roofing. You haven't been here since you were really young, you wish you had been here more before this. You sigh, shoving your emotions down as you walk forward to the house. Putting the key into the door and opening it to walk in. As you come in, you see a maid, or the monster lady who was taking care of the house in everyone's absence, cleaning. She looks up from the vase she was putting new flowers in by the foyer you stand in. She stands up and walks over quickly, her rabbit ears bobbing as she prances over. "I didn't know the owner was coming so early! I was just finishing up pulling the curtains and replacing flowers." She notifies as she looks you over. She gives a sympathetic smile, taking your hands in her soft paws. "I'm sorry for your loss but if you need me to help out, I live in  the small white house on the corner. They have paid me for the whole month so you can call me with the number on the fridge if you need absolutely anything!" She encourages.

You give her a smile. That's the nicest anyone has been to you all day. All week even. "Thank you. I'll probably call you for information on the area and such. I appreciate it." You give her a light hug and she gladly hugs you back, her fur tickling your arms. 

"Now, I'll be finishing up some things and be leaving. Let me know if you need anything!" She calls to you as she bounds down the hall. You hear the scraping of metal rings as she opens curtains. 

You sigh and take a look around the pastel blue foyer. The place was spotless, she really did a good job at keeping it clean. Now that you think about it, the place has four floors and about 13 bedrooms, including the master bedroom. You sigh, not knowing how in the hell you are going to fill all of this space. You walk up the several sets of stairs until you reach the top floor. The master bedroom was the last to be built in the house but it was planned the most in advance. You throw open the double doors to look at the large room. Damn, your grandparents really knew how to live in luxury. The master bed was in the center, a skylight above and a master bath and walk in closet off of this room. There was antique furniture, including a fireplace with a TV above across from a large couch. You walk past to the sliding glass door to the balcony. It overlooked the rest of the estate, the large yard having a greenhouse, garden of food, garden of flowers and hedges, a gazebo, and a pool; all overlooked by the large balcony with a sitting area under a glass roof. They did like looking at the stars. Must run in the family. 

With a sigh, you go back out to the car, seeing the Bunny woman at the door. "Oh, miss? Could you help me bring my things up to the master bedroom?" You ask, hoping she was okay with staying for a few more minutes to help. 

She smiles brightly, her buck teeth showing and eyes crinkling at the sides to show it was genuine. "Of course, ma'am! And don't call me miss, my name is Daisy" She assures as she walks out to the car with you. The house had it's own parking lot-like driveway. She was parked on the far end and you parked closest to the door with your black car. It wasn't anything fancy, but now that you had the money, you should probably get a new one. Daisy helps you out, helping lug the four suitcases and two book bags and one duffel bag up the stairs, you carrying most of it so she wouldn't have to carry that much. 

She leaves after and you begin the hookups in your bedroom, plugging in the router for wifi that should cover this floor and your laptop and cords. You put your clothes away in the empty dresser, seeing as daisy was tasked with cleaning and donating the old clothing but leaving the jewelry and decor. All under the supervision of multiple people from officials of course. She was a sweetheart, you would have to give her something for her troubles. Like a pearl necklace or something. You weren't that sentimental or attached to the jewelry as much as the house. After the laptop boots up you take to posting online. You had thought about this on the drive here and decided on posting an ad online and in the newspaper to find a family to live in the house as well. You didn't have much family that like you but your grandparents sure did. They called you often and sent you letters. You realize the screen gets blurry and blink away the tears. You take a breath and continue typing, finishing up the request for housemates and offering a low rent of $500 a month for a whole family. You knew what it was like to not have money and you didn't want to break anyone's bank and give a family the chance to live a nice life. Not like you needed the money with the vast fortune you acquired from the will. You were actually surprised with the amount they had. You knew your grandfather had money from his business but you didn't know he had this much damn money. You still can't bare to look at the funds in the account they left you, you get anxiety and feel guilty for having it. 

"Alright; In search of family who needs a large home to stay in. Renting out for $500 a month with multiple rooms, large kitchen, and extra. Larger families preferred, monster or human doesn't matter. Monster and human co-species town and stay in house landlady. Interview with family in the house will be needed to meet and discuss details." You read aloud the ad to yourself and type in the address of the town along with contact information. You hope you get a response soon. You weren't that great with words but you hope your points get across just fine. You post it to the house for rent site and send it to the newspaper to get it running tomorrow in the Classifieds section. 

At that, you pick up your laptop and make your way to the kitchen. It was around dinner and you haven't eaten all day. Walking through the large open doorway of the dinning room, you push past the double swinging doors and walk into the kitchen. It was beautiful. Your grandfather and grandmother were owners of a restaurant chain, and they loved to cook, but hated when things looked sterile and cold. It was a warm coffee colour on the walls with white cabinets and trim. There were two ovens and a large island with a butcher block counter top. You set down your laptop and open up Netflix to throw on a movie or something while you made food. Daisy stocked up on food before you arrived as asked and you were happy to see all vegetarian and some monster foods. You laugh but take the foods you had brought out of the freezer. You could never give up simple things like pizza rolls even if you are rich now. The house feels empty, quiet, and just soulless. It's almost unnerving, like it's haunted or something. You sigh and finish making your food and sit down at the island to eat and watch a movie before calling it an early night. 

You finished the movie and food and head to your new room. You stripped the bed and replaced the pillows and blankets with ones you brought from your old home. Your old home. You really don't want to think about it. It's in your name and all of your stuff is there but you don't want to go back. Not to HIM. You feel the sting in your eyes and anxiety in your chest. You lay down, pulling your totoro blanket over you and cuddling your orca plush. You couldn't sleep without holding something anymore, it just felt too weird. You sigh and bury your face in the pillow, crying as you think about that argument. You didn't sleep last night and today was just as bad. The whole week was nothing but bad news, arguments, and people you didn't want to see anymore. You calm down and feel the exhaustion take over, lulling you into a long time coming decent night of sleep. The last thought on your mind was wondering who would answer your ad.