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1: Inko

Inko smiles down at her son, her treasure, her life. Her baby boy was fast asleep on the sofa, his hero notebook laid open next to him, detailing the quirks and abilities of the latest hero to hit the scene. On the open page, she could read his evaluation of the hero’s latest fight, which had just been broadcast on TV late that evening. Her son - being the hero fanatic that he is - begged and pleaded to stay up past his usual bedtime to watch it. Of course, she’d been unable to deny him that, even if it was a school night. Izuku was just so determined and dedicated to becoming a hero, and apparently, that involved analyzing every fight in great detail. She had overheard him saying, in his usually incomprehensible mutterings, that he had to work extra hard because he was quirkless.

Izuku had managed to stay awake until after the fight was over when the hero had won and was becoming swarmed by interviewers. It had been a pretty one-sided fight with the new hero’s quirk quickly disabling and capturing the villain. By the looks of his notebook, he was still drawing the hero’s outfit when he drifted off - not that it mattered much, she could always let him watch it on the computer tomorrow; someone without a doubt would have filmed and uploaded it to the net. This wasn’t the first time it had happened, and she doubted it would be the last.

“Do you think I can be a hero?” Izuku asks her, tears pouring and falling from his eyes like a miniature Niagara Falls. He’s trembling, his world crashing down around him, and Inko has no idea how to help.

“I’m so sorry Izuku.”

The memory of that night plagued her mind often when she thought of Izuku’s hero aspirations... She knew she’d broken her son’s heart that night. It haunted her even now, the devastated look on her baby’s face after the doctor told him that he should probably stop trying, should just give up. She hadn’t wanted him to continue to keep being hurt or disappointed, knowing that when others learned of his quirklessness, they would instantly decide that he’d be worthless as a hero.

The perfect example was Katsuki Bakugou. The boys used to be best friends, thick as thieves, always playing out together and having sleepovers... but lately something had changed.

It started when Katsuki got his quirk and only worsened when Izuku didn’t; however, she thinks - hopes - that there is something more to their broken friendship than Izuku simply not having a quirk. She knows Katsuki, even at this young age, is better than that.

She shakes her head, exasperated. She knows that if Izuku put his mind to it, he could do just about anything. However... becoming a hero? She still had her doubts.

But Izuku thought it possible, so she would support him no matter what!

With that in mind, she collected his notebook and pencils, set them on the table and picked up her dozing son, cradling him in her arms, taking him to bed where his All Might bedding, plushie, curtains, and  - well, his whole room was basically All Might themed - awaited him.

After tucking him in, she placed a chaste but loving kiss on his head. He sighed, gripping the blankets and burrowing down in as she set his alarm for tomorrow, leaving him to his dreams.

2: All Might

Izuku Midoriya was one of a kind - Toshinori knew that much.

He was determined, passionate, and selfless to a fault. Though, those were just a few of the reasons he’d decided to make the kid his successor… even if they do have to spend the next ten weeks training up his body, so One For All doesn’t snap him in half like the twig he currently is.

Although... maybe he was pushing the kid beyond his limits? He considered his protégé,  who was currently napping away, exhausted both physically and mentally, leaning up against an abandoned washing machine. Toshinori had declared that they would be taking a half hour break since they had been training since half five that morning and it was bordering on noon now. He’d gone to fetch the boy a fresh water bottle as the younger slumped up against the discarded appurtenance, a mixture of panting and muttering coming from his mouth (Toshinori had gotten used to that during the few months they’d been training together). However, when he returned, he noticed the boy's body was limp and relaxed, his head cushioned against the appliance as he dozed away.

Toshinori also had the feeling that Young Midoriya was doing extra training behind the scenes, which was not helping since he had specifically made this training regime with Izuku’s body and schedule in mind. He couldn’t blame the kid too much though, he’d probably do the exact same if he was in the boy’s position.

They had made good progress today! However, Izuku would have to give a huge push at the end if he wanted to make the deadline and have his body ready for the UA entrance exams.

But no matter how dire or tight things were, he had faith in the young man.

A spark.

One that was shown when he, selflessly (but recklessly and without regard for his own safety) tried to save the other kid - Bakugou - from the sludge monster, ultimately encouraging and inspiring All Might himself to intervene regardless of the consequences.

All Izuku needed was to be given an opportunity to show what he could do and become!  And, like hell, Toshinori was going to pass up the chance to give it to him. The boy was more than worthy, and All Might was more than just browsing the market for a successor.

“Young Midoriya,” he calls, shaking the kid’s shoulders slightly

His apprentice does nothing but mumble and snuggle closer into the side of the broken piece of machinery. It is at this point that Toshinori decides he will let the boy sleep, after all. He most definitely needed it. Although he can't just leave the kid sleep next to a broken washing machine in an abandoned scrapyard, that would definitely not be heroic.

So he sweeps the child into his arms and starts back into town.

He walks for about five minutes when a thought suddenly pops into his head.

Shit. He has no idea where Izuku lives.

Damn, that means he has to wake him up. But he looks so peaceful and precious while sleeping…

“Young Midoriya,” he tries again, settling down on a park bench.

Nothing, again.

Young Midoriya , please wake up,” he begs, which might look slightly strange to any passersby - seeing the number one Hero in the world shake and call out to a young boy- though luckily it seems that no one is around.

“Look, Batman, look! That lamppost is secretly a cactus with a mustache,” the boy mumbles into his idol’s arm before snuggling up again.

Toshinori blinks a few times, his brain trying to process what had just been said before he bursts out into laughter, because what the hell?! That was so spontaneous and brilliant at the time! Gosh, this young man must have one hell of an imagination to be having such a dream!

And it really was a shame to have to wake him…

Ah screw it, he’d figure something out. And without waking Izuku up. He wasn’t the number one hero for nothing, after all.

3: Aizawa

Shouta knew the villains had won as soon as he heard the howling, pained scream of his problem child. At the time, he’d been helping to carry and guide the few students he’d found from Class 1B back to the main cabin. He had to pause for a second before getting back to with his task.

Damn it, damn it all to hell.

They had gotten Bakugou.

He didn’t want to even think about what they had wanted with the boy- a student, a child.

He got the students back to the camp and updated Vlad before shooting off again, ignoring his students’ distressed and worried questions about their classmates. He needed to get to Midoriya and the rest... but mostly Midoriya. He knew that Kirishima and Bakugou were close friends and he would likely take this harder than most, but Midoriya? The two of them… well, they had a complicated relationship. Still, there was history between them, and something kept them together no matter how much they tried to pull apart. He didn’t want to think of it in much detail considering he didn’t entirely understand it himself.

That scream, however…

That was the anguished shout of someone who was broken .

When he got there, Midoriya’s arms were even worse off than when he’d met him before, with Kota. An incident that, as his teacher, he was going to have to discuss with Midoriya at a later date, for many reasons besides those that were blatantly obvious. His students had created some makeshift bandages for the green haired teen's arms, but Shouta could tell from here that they were wrecked. Said boy was on the floor unconscious, the last few hours most likely catching up to him while Todoroki stood protectively nearby. Uraraka and Asui tried to hold in their tears, both girls being comforted by Tokoyami and an injured Shoji. He also noted that Aoyama stood off to the side, looking unsure of what to do or what to say, his usual pizzazz and energy missing in the sober scene.


Not only had the League caught them off guard again , but they had must have had some kind of inside informant or something, knowing exactly where and when to strike.

And because of that, they had Bakugou.

No one says or does anything when he walks over to where Midoriya is laying and picks him up into his arms. The boy was in need of some urgent medical care; that was for certain. Fortunately, Vlad was already one step ahead and had called for help while he went to search.

However, no matter how quickly recovery girl can heal these injuries, none of it would help his mental and psychological state when he woke up to find Bakugou - no, Kacchan - gone. Taken by the villains.

Shouta starts to slowly and carefully walk back to the campsite, the others following solemnly and without the need of instruction.

About five minutes later, Midoriya starts muttering. Apparently, his problem child was unable to ever stop talking, even in an unconscious state. It doesn’t surprise him in the slightest, nor do the words being uttered from his battered and bloodied lips.

“Kacchan, Kacchan ,” The young boy calls out, voice desperate and distressed. He starts thrashing around, causing Shouta to grip him tighter.

“Calm down, you’re hurt,” he tries to reason, though it was pointless considering he knew Midoriya wouldn’t hear or understand him. He’s searching, reaching for Bakugou all over again.

“No, no! Kacchan!” Midoriya cries again, pained and panicked.

This will most likely become a recurring nightmare for him. Something like this doesn’t go away overnight. Even once resolved, it’ll probably haunt them all for a long while. They’ll never forget this night.

He grips the boy in his arms pulling him closer to his chest and cradling his sleeping form protectively, “We’ll get him back Midoriya, we will .”

4: Todoroki

It had been a long day for the whole of Class 1A. It began with an early start and continued with a full afternoon of hero training from All Might. Shouto, fortunately, was somewhat used to this kind of ruthless training, since it was pretty much the only thing he did when he was young. That or study, thanks to his father.

As a result, the duel wielder wasn’t as affected as some of his other classmates. For example, Hagakure: the girl was just about dead on her feet, eyelids drooping as she staggered her way out of the female changing room. Ojiro dutifully helped the invisible girl back to the dorm before asking Yaoyorozu and the other girls to put her to bed while he got himself showered and rested.

Then again, not everyone in Class 1A was as exhausted after the training... There were about five of them who remained alert. In addition to himself, Yaoyorozu, Bakugou, Midoriya, and Kirishima seemed functional. The latter two of the group, in fact, seemed to be more alive and energized after training, happily chatting between them about the highlights of the afternoon - analyzing, debating and discussing how to improve with grins and shy smiles on their faces.

Shouto knew from experience that it would catch up with them eventually.

After Bakugou had appeared in the common room, clean from his shower, he started making food for the few of them that were remained, while also stating that any other extras who were hungry could warm up the leftovers.

Shouto didn’t really understand Bakugou - not as much as he though originally thought he did anyway - because the angry blond had changed, mellowed out over the last year and a half after he joined UA. He thought he had the explosive teen figured out, but then he does something like this and makes him doubt everything he’s synthesized.

Don’t even get him started with Bakugou’s and Midoriya’s relationship - he developed a headache just thinking about that complicated mess, though he’d give them kudos for being on considerably better terms at the moment.

Either way, he was grateful for the food.

A couple of hours later, following the time spent chilling and watching whatever film seemed to be on TV, Yaoyorozu called it an evening, bidding them a good night before retiring to her room. She was eventually followed by Kirishima, who left with a tired but content grin and joyful wave before exiting the room.  Not long after, Bakugou grunted what Shouto can only assume was his version of saying good night as he left the room.

So that just left him and Midoriya -


Shouto glanced in the direction of the green-haired freckled teen and found him curled up on the sofa. It seemed that his friend had fallen asleep (no wonder he’d be so quiet). Letting out a small sigh, he decides against waking the smaller boy up - he looks so peaceful and kinda cute while he sleeps. It would be cruel to wake Midoriya now.

So, Shouto resolves to take him to his room. He doesn’t mind that much as he was planning on going back to his room soon anyway. Dropping Midoriya off at his own dorm wouldn’t be a problem.

…Or that’s what Shouto had thought.

Midoriya was surprisingly heavy for someone so small! Yes, he knew Midoriya had muscles and had been working on some kind of training with the former number one hero, but for some reason, he hadn’t expected him to weigh this much.

He picked him up bridal style and blushed slightly at the implications of that.

But whoa -  all of went out of his head when he took on the boy’s full weight.

It was like training all over again!

It took some effort for the Todoroki heir to make it to the first floor, and when he managed to place Midoriya on his bed, out of his arms, he gave a sigh of relief before proceeding to rearrange and tuck him into bed. Because Shouto was a good friend and wasn’t going to leave him uncovered to be cold... unlike some people he knew would.

Hell, he even went so far as to shut the other’s curtains, ensuring the early sun wouldn’t wake him from his clearly needed slumber. He turned to leave and got to the door before glancing over his shoulder to be sure everything was okay.

He whispered, “Sweet dreams, Midoriya,” before clicking the door closed quietly and making his way to his own room, planning to get an hour or so of studying in before going to sleep himself. Hopefully, tomorrow wouldn’t be as bad as today, but he’s not holding his breath on that

It is UA after all.

5: Kirishima


Eijiro swore that his heart had nearly jumped into his throat when he saw Midoriya hit by that sneaky bastard’s quirk, which - by the way - was totally unmanly of him. Sure, maybe he is a villain and all that crap, but still, do you have to have such an underhanded way? Midoriya was doing such a good job protecting the innocent; that son of bitch had no right to appear behind him when he had a young boy in his arms who had been injured, hitting him in the back with a bright beam, sending him crashing to the floor, as the green-haired hero in training did everything in his power to shield and protect the poor kid.

The whole class had gone out for a nice peaceful meal. Of course, this was Class 1A, so there was no actual surprise when they’d gotten caught up in the middle of a villain attack. There was some moaning and pouting, sure, because this was their one day off this week, but no one was in shock horror that it’d happened to them. At this point, if something hadn’t happened to at least one of them, then probably everyone would be suspicious or concerned.

Iida ran to collect the child from the battlefield, who was screaming and crying next to Midroya’s prone body. The boy was bawling and screeching even more than before, which was understandable. He didn’t look any older than three years old, the poor kid. In any other situation, it would be hilarious to see the Class Rep get so flustered and out of his depth trying to pacify the child. But not now. Not when Red Riot had more important things to do.

Namely, to take care of his fallen classmate.

“Midoriya?!” he shouts again as he slides onto his knees next to his friend, shaking him slightly and visibly checking for any major injuries.

“Ugh,” Midoriya groans, facedown in the dirt.

“You okay, dude?”

“K-kirishima…?” his friend stutters weakly, shifting as he attempts to move, but something stops him. Fuck, this could be serious.

“Yeah, it’s me,” he says, stroking the other’s back in what he hopes is a calming manner, “It’s okay, man. You’re safe,”

“The others?”

“The civilians are being protected by Creati and Tentacole. Ingenium has the boy while Shouto and Ground Zero are going full-on crazy against the main villain. And the rest of the class is working to take down the lackeys.”

Now that the latter named pair of offensive fighters had gotten their provisional hero licenses, nothing seemed to stop them from giving their all against the forces of evil any time they got the chance. Not that Eijiro blamed them, especially against this guy for hurting Midoriya like that!

“More importantly, how are you?”

There a small pause, a tense moment before Midoriya replied, “I-I can’t move,”



He tenderly rubs a smudge of dirt from the other’s cheek; it’s mixed with blood, but that’s not his main worry, “Are you in any pain bro?” he asks, thinking back to his first aid training.

“No…” the green haired boy mutters back, wincing slightly. Eijiro knows he’s lying.  Midoriya was never good at admitting that he needed help. “It’s his quirk,” he finishes.

The redhead nods, trusting his analytical skills, petting his hair. There's a big explosion nearby, and Eijiro covers Midoriya’s body with his own to protect him from any stray rubble that flies their way.

“We should get you out of here,”


“You told me yourself that you can’t move, Midoriya,”


“Don’t interrupt,” Eijiro lightly scolds him, using the techniques that he’s seen Bakugou use to - in the blond’s own words - ‘make sure the nerd does what he’s fuckin’ supposed to without whining and being a stubborn brat.’ His method involves not letting Midoriya try to talk his way out of it.

“Now,” he says, as flings the other over his shoulder, like a heroic sack of potatoes. “Let’s go.”

“Kirishima! Put me down!”


“But the others!” Midoriya protests, but Eijiro ignores him and marches on. He catches Bakugou’s eye as he bursts past; it shouldn’t take them much longer to wrap things up. Bakugou nods thankfully in his direction and Eijiro grins because he knows something he shouldn’t, and it’s not his place to get involved.

“Don’t worry. They can handle it.

He carries on until they make it to the ambulance set up near the police vehicles, plopping Midoriya down on the bed inside. He looks up to receive a glare from the quirk-paralyzed boy, which looks more like an adorable, super cute pout than anything else.

Eijiro grins. Yeah, he can totally see what Bakugou does.

+1 Kacchan

“Kacchan!” Izuku shouts as well as he can with a hand covering his mouth. He’s using full cowling to jump and dodge his way through the burning building, which is also crumbling and collapsing, more and more with every passing second.

Kacchan! Where are you?!” he shouts again, this time partly uncovering his mouth hoping that the louder call will receive a reply. His hero partner - the love of his life, his soul mate , boyfriend of seven years, and fiancé of one - Katsuki stayed behind in the building to help the remaining civilians out of the rubble while Izuku evacuated the few they had freed, out of the building and away from the smoke and fire. However, when the explosive hero didn’t follow within the five minutes he’d promised, Izuku couldn't help but become nervous.

Another two minutes and he was sprinting back into the inferno.

“KACCHAN!” h e screams so loudly that he’s sure Kirishima and Kaminari can hear it all the way over in Hawaii on their honeymoon. He quickly covers his mouth again when the thick smoke forces him to start coughing.


He hears a cry coming from nearby; it wasn’t Kacchan’s voice - he knows that better than he knows his own - but he can’t leave when someone needs his help. He jumps over a beam, spotting a woman cowering there, looking lost and helpless.

“Hey,” he approaches calmly. The poor woman is shaking violently. “Are you okay?”

“Help! Help him, please,” she says pointing to something on the floor. Izuku follows her finger and-


There, lying bloody and unconscious is Ground Zero who, by the looks of it, had been knocked unconscious by some falling debris, which would explain the bleeding wound on his head.

“He only got hurt to save me!” the women exclaims and then coughs loudly. Izuku winces, the smoke was getting thicker and the building less stable as every second passed, they needed to get out of here and quick.

“He pushed me out of the way of the falling beam, but was hit himself!”

Yeah, that sounded like Kacchan. Not many people believe it, but Katsuki Bakugou would risk his life four times over if it meant saving someone. He’s just as reckless as Izuku!

A loud crash not too far away snaps him back to the present.

“We need to get out of here, now ,” Izuku crouches down, “Get on,”

“You can’t leave him!” the woman is screaming, once again pointing to Kacchan, as if Izuku was ever going to leave Kacchan here to die. Honestly, it’s like this woman didn’t know who she was talking to.

Then again she probably didn’t; they weren’t top heroes… yet.

“I wasn’t going to,”


“Grab on and hold tight,” he commands, forming a plan. It would be risky, but considering the state of the building, it didn’t look like they had much choice.

“What are you going to do?!” the woman asks as she somewhat reluctantly climbs on Izuku’s back, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Izuku gives out a little nervous laugh, “Something reckless.”


“Just hold on tight!” he deflects, gathering Kacchan securely in his arms, bridal style. He stands up and faces the wall closest to them before extending his left arm, gathering and aiming the power of One for All, at one hundred percent, into two fingers, “I haven’t had to do this in years …”


He then flicks.


Everything in the way of the blast clears: smoke, fire, debris, even the wall. Izuku then powers up fully, close to the maximum percent his body can handle, which at this point was about seventy-seven, and zips out, following the path he’s created and landing a little rough on the grass outside. He shoots off again immediately, trying to get as far away from the building as possible.  A good choice considering it takes that second to collapse in on itself.

Izuku lets the woman slide off his back, taking a couple of deep breaths, trying to ignore the stinging pain of his broken fingers.  He grips Katsuki tightly.

“WHAT WAS THAT?!” the women screeches, whacking him on his arms, “WERE YOU TRYING TO GET US ALL KILLED?!”

“Sorry…” he apologized awkwardly, though he was pretty sure there was no other way out, especially with how quickly the building was coming down. There wasn’t enough time to go back in the way he came without getting squashed…

Very quickly, the police arrived and so did the paramedics, trying to whisk the three of them away to separate places.  However, Izuku refused to be separated from Kacchan regardless of how much the media protested, wanting an interview with the new symbol of peace.

“-then I had to carry both you and the woman out. It was heavy…”

“Maybe it was karma for all the time's people had to lug your ass around,” Kacchan snarks from his position as the little spoon. He doesn’t like it and grouches over it every time, because he likes to be the big spoon - or even better, to be on top; however, due to his head injury, he’s stuck like this, and Izuku is taking full advantage of it.

“Yeah, well she slapped and yelled at me after anyway,”

“She did what?” Kacchan exclaimed, sending him a glare that Izuku knew wasn’t meant for him.

“I don’t think she liked the way we left…”

“Ungrateful bitch.”

Izuku grins, pressing a kiss to the back of his head.

“Love you Kacchan,”

“Yeah yeah, love you too nerd,”