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Chasing Theo

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As Tucker walked out of Liv’s apartment, Liv stood there knowing she had made the right choice.


“Coming sweet boy.”

Liv made her way to the back of the apartment.

“You ready for bed?”

“Yes, Mami!”

After Noah was down for the night Liv sat on the couch with a bottle of wine and a glass, when her phone rang smiling she answered.


“Hey, you’re already back from vacation?”

“Yeah, I’m actually outside your apartment building.” Raf said looking up at her window.

“You wanna come up?”

“What about Tucker?”

“Come up and we’ll talk.”

Raf walked up the stairs to her apartment, knocking lightly, so he wouldn’t wake up Noah. Liv opened the door smiling, and let him in. He could tell something was wrong he hadn’t heard what happened while he was gone, so he didn’t know what was up.

“Liv, is everything okay?”

“Yes and No.” Liv leaned back on the couch looking at him.

Raf was confused something was wrong, he looked around the apartment he noticed some things like Noah’s toys were all over the floor but that was normal. He finally realized what it was. He saw a photo of Ed Tucker, Noah, and Liv smashed on the floor.

While Liv remained on the couch drinking. Raf went over cleaned the mess up, took it into the kitchen, threw the broken frame away and took scissors. He grabbed the bottle of scotch he kept for their late night work sessions and a glass. He made his way back to the couch.

“So can I take a guess as to why everything is not okay?” Raf asked cautiously not wanting to upset Liv more than she already was.

“You know.”

“Tucker broke up with you?”

“No, I actually broke up with him.”

“Why, if I may ask?”

Looking at him, Liv said,

“You don’t stay in a loveless relationship for one, and also you don’t stay with someone when you love somebody else.”

Rafael bright green eyes looked at her and a smile spread across his face.

“You want to do this or me?” Raf asked holding the picture to Liv.

“You.” Liv said leaning back, sipping her wine.

Raf carefully cut Ed out of the picture, sitting the picture of Noah and Liv on the coffee table. A sound coming from Noah’s room caused both to turn and they saw Noah walking down the hall.

“Why are you out of bed Noah?” Liv asked.

“I had to go the bathroom, and I heard Rafa.” Noah replied as he climbed on the couch beside Raf.

“You need to go back to bed.” Liv said.

Noah looked at his mom, then at Raf, Noah signed.

“Night Mami, night Rafa.”

“Night sweet boy.” Liv said giving him a kiss.

“Night buddy.” Raf smiled at the boy.

Noah made his way to bed, leaving Raf and Liv alone. Liv looked back toward Noah’s room and back at the floor.


“Yeah, Liv.” Raf looked at her.

“I don’t want to go at this alone again.”

Raf looked at her, she had tears running down her face. His arms went around her giving her a kiss in her hair.

“Liv, look I know we have not been on the same page since the church scandal and me finding out about you and Tucker, but I want you, I want Noah. I know I'm not the best with kids, but I'll try to make you and Noah happy if you and Noah will have me."

Liv, tears in her eyes, smiled and started to break down.

"Hey. I mean it. I'm not going anywhere."

Raf wrapping his other arm around her, pulling her into a hug he kissed her temple, then put one finger under her chin and lifted it up placing a sweet, shy kiss on her lips. After breaking the kiss, Raf stood up taking Liv's hand in his and lead her to the bedroom, stopping to check to make sure Noah was back asleep. They walk into her bedroom, shutting the door.