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I will always…

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I will always…

Bane Huntress



Lestat sat in his favourite chair by the fire, his book lay forgotten in hand on his lap. He wasn’t really doing anything, just staring into the empty hearth as the world went on around him, his memories wandering the past.


A breeze court the curtained on the open window and with it he heard David’s voice come through softly on the wind, it was calling Louis.

The utterance of that name brought him back to reality as he felt his home settle around him once again.

Then a few moments later his beautiful one came into the room alone, he didn’t turn to look at him, just felt his presence as he glided across the carpet. Then watched as he walked over to the fire and with a small exhale of breath, kneel down and spark up the fire with his long fingered hands.

Lestat felt his chest warm with the flame that Louis always seemed to kindle there.

He let a slight smile come to his lips, after all they had been through and everything they had done, Lestat knew he would always return to the most enigmatic of his fledgling.

He remembered the first time they had met after being apart for so long, The house with his mortal band inside and he and Louis stood in the cool air, he remembered Louis breath on his skin as he begged him not to go through with his little plan…

He could recall his voice as it lightly spoke his name, a soft smile played over Louis thin lips, it was something he held deep and safe within his own twisted heart.

His eyes followed his lover as he sat down on the chair opposite, book already in hand to read. The soft sounds that he made in his almost human movements evoked a feeling so strong in Lestat that he knew he could never voice them.

He had written them down, and knew his most beautiful one had read them, and he knew it wasn’t the same, he just hoped that Louis had also realized that every word was true.

That Lestat would always belong to one single being, however hard either of them tried to run, it was to Louis he belonged.


Lestat closed his eyes as he smiled to himself, he knew it was true, ever road lead to Louis and always would no matter what they did.

Even in his most darkest hours, Louis had always been the light that he craved at the end of it all, it was the only thing that could and would salvage his sanity, it always got him through, even if the hurt had been deep…


Lestat looked back at his beautiful one and watched his green eyes as they skimmed over the lines of his book. He could drowned in those eyes, and often had, finding himself swimming in their depth until they looked right at him and it was like being warmed by the very sun.

Suddenly he couldn’t stand the distance that separated them, he needed to be closer. Dawn was soon to break and he couldn’t stand to dream alone this day.

He knew David and Merrick must have already slunk off to their own resting places, and knew Louis must surely do the same.

As he stood and approached the other chair and it’s occupant, he couldn’t wait to see Louis look up at him, and he didn’t have to wait long before those wonderful emerald eyes were eclipsed by long dark lashed, then opened again as Louis looked directly up at him.

Lestat’s heart almost missed a beat in it’s unnatural rhythm, and he knew this was his real home…


Louis had once run from him, like an over flowing river he had fled and when they had met again, he was brighter than the sun that had tried to kill him.

But with his newfound strength, Louis shone with the firelight playing off of his pale skin and black hair. He looked almost like an eagle, so proud and deadly, he flew way above any immortal that had ever crossed his path. And the beauty of it all was that he just didn’t know it.

Louis cast his head to one side ever so slightly as his thin brows creased a little in question as Lestat just looked down at him.

Lestat could keep silent no longer…

“It’s to you…”

Louis smiled and cased his eyes away shyly as Lestat bent, removing the book from slack fingers then taking the almost delicate hands in his own, he pulled Louis out of the chair, then backed away towards the door and his own sanctuary for the day with Louis following unquestioningly as Lestat pulled him that little bit closer.

“I will always return…” Lestat whispered as the door to the rest of the waking world closed on them both…


The End



Eh he… well not as long as I would have liked…

Did you guess what it was yet???

It’s a little mix between the normal version and the ‘Final’ version, ya same music and song, slightly different lyrics, go figure…



I Will Always Return.

By Bryan Adams

Album; Spirit


I hear the wind call your name

It calls me back home again

It sparks up the fire – a flame that still burns

It’s to you I’ll always return

I still feel your breath on my skin

I hear you voice deep within

The sound of my lover – a feeling so strong

It’s to you – I’ll always belong


Now I know it’s true

My every road leads to you

And in the hour of darkness darlin’

Your light gets me through


Wanna swim in your river – be warmed by your sun

Bathe in your waters – cos you are the one

I can’t stand the distance – I can’t dream alone

I can’t wait to see you – Ya I’m on my way home


You run like a river – you shine like the sun

You fly like an eagle

You are the one I’ve seen every sunset

And with all that I’ve learned

Oh it’s to you – I will always return