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You're Not Leaving Me

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The streets of Kamurocho were somehow different. Familiar, yet alien. It was a sensory overload. Chatter on the street was louder, various food cart odours much more pungent, neon signs glittered brighter than he remembered, it almost made him dizzy trying to take it all in. "Huh. What 10 years inside does to a guy.” Kiryu mumbled, pulling a cigarette out and jamming it between his lips. “I can't wait to see what else has changed. I wonder if Tamura the informant is still in town. I'm sure he knows enough to bring me up to speed. Maybe I can track him down.” He continued to himself, lighting his smoke, feet wondering uncertainly down Tenkaichi Street, getting as far as Poppo before a gruff voice spoke directly behind him, stopping him in his tracks.

“Hey, wait the hell up.”

“Hm?” Kiryu turned to face the stranger, only to realise it wasn't a stranger at all. Snakeskin jacket gleaming in the bright neon lights, tight black leather pants that left rather little to the imagination and a black eyepatch. No doubt about it.

“Ooh! It's really you, Kiryu-chan. I knew it!” Majima squealed with delight, his mouth shaped into an ecstatic grin.

“Majima-san?” Kiryu bowed to the older man before continuing, his pulse rising slightly. “It's been a long time, but it's good to be out.”

“Word on the street was that you'd be out soon, so I've kept my eye out fer ya. Heh heh, looks like I was right on the money, too!” Smiling gleefully as he stared hard at Kiryu, Majima couldn't help the thoughts that popped into his head. Damn, ten years inside and he still looks like this? Guy sure takes good care o'himself. Before he could dwell more on the other man's appearance, Kiryu spoke, pulling him back to reality.

“Why would you look for me?” One of Kiryu's eyebrows rose as he pondered Majima's words. The other man giggled, tossing his head back.

“Why the hell not? Now that's the question! Didn't I promise ta be watchin' ya, 24/7?” Kiryu rubbed his chin, remembering that night in the backlot of Serena, ten years ago.

“Oh, yeah... I guess you did say that, a long time ago.” Raising his hand to point at Kiryu, Majima frowned, deep lines appearing in his forehead.

“But then ya had ta go and get yourself thrown behind bars fer ten damn years, all fer one sorry murder charge! Shit happens, but I was half tempted ta follow ya into the slammer, just 'cause it was so goddamn boring out here!” It was kind of true. He wasn't half tempted to follow Kiryu, he wanted nothing more than to follow him. Ever since the two men met, Majima couldn't deny the spark between them, it was something completely unknown to him. Majima had fucked around with enough girls (and guys) to know when he was just crushing. Plus after everything that had happened in the past, he had made the decision to finish messing around with girls. They just didn't get his blood pumping the way guys did. But Kiryu... Sure, he was attracted to him. To the point where is drove him fucking nuts. Nobody could compare to him. But Majima knew it was stronger than a crush. More like a strong feeling of want. No, not just want, but need. He just couldn't describe it, because he had never felt this way before. It was a different feeling to the way he felt about Saejima and Makoto too. Saejima was his oath brother, an unbreakable bond of trust and respect, and Makoto... Well, Makoto was in the past. Majima knew he had loved her, but it was tainted with a feeling of desperation. A need to protect. That wasn't necessarily a bad thing, he liked to protect her. But, there was way too many bad memories attached for him to ever consider coming clean to her when she fully regained her sight. She had been through enough, and even though it hurt, he knew it was best to let her go. But Kiryu... The past ten years without him? Majima wasn't just bored, he felt like a part of him was missing. Something he couldn't figure out. And he didn't like that. Not one bit.

Kiryu stood still, unsure of what to say as Majima frowned at him. “Well, whatever. Ready ta throw down, then?” The thought of fighting Kiryu was making his heart race at an alarming rate. Just to touch him, feel those strong arms around him, hurt him in ways nobody else could. It was strange. When Kiryu hit him, it actually felt good. Sure, it hurt like a bitch, but it was tinged with a feeling of... Pleasure? Majima just couldn't describe it. All he knew was, he had yearned for this moment for ten long fucking years.

“Heh. Somehow I knew you'd say that. Sorry, Majima-san, but I have no reason to fight you here. And I told you a long time ago, I won't fight you unless there's a reason.” That was not the answer Majima wanted, however he kept his cool.

“I got a reason, man.” Kiryu couldn't help but wonder why Majima was always so eager to fight him. Sure he was strong, but there was plenty of other sparring partners out in the world, probably some a lot stronger than he was. It was like he was obsessed. But for some reason unbeknownst to Kiryu, no matter what he said to Majima, he found he didn't actually mind being pestered for a fight. He liked fighting Majima. His persistence, cockiness, attitude, and of course the classic maniac giggles whenever he got hit... All of it together, well, it was pretty damn fun. Not that he'd ever tell Majima himself, but for some reason, he always found himself giving into him. And he just didn't mind, although he still had to keep up the act of not wanting to fight as much as the older man did, somehow he didn't think Majima would ever let up on him if he found that out.

“And that is?” Majima tilted his head to the side, studying Kiryu hard before answering.

“If ya were half what ya used to be, ya wouldn't get caught from behind with yer pants down.” Kiryu felt his face flush pink, causing Majima to smirk. “If I'd wanted ta kill ya, you'd already be dead.” It was true, he had a pretty good point. But Kiryu wasn't going to let him have his way just yet.

“I appreciate the warning. But I don't see how that gives us any reason to fight.” He spoke calmly, despite feeling a light sheen of sweat appear on his skin. Majima sighed. He really was making this hard. Time to bring out the big guns.

“These days in Kamurocho, shit's just that dangerous.” Pausing, he pointed at Kiryu. “A damn fool who's gone soft can't go bumblefuckin' around anymore. That bein' the case Kamurocho's gonna be yer new proving ground, ta see if yer even qualified ta be here.” Noticing the way Kiryu's eyes widened when he taunted him made Majima's heart jump. But still, he stayed calm.

“You're calling me a fool who's gone soft?” Kiryu questioned. He knew what Majima was doing, but he couldn't deny the sting he felt as the words hit him. Majima bent down and beckoned Kiryu to come closer with two fingers, a smile creeping back on his face.

“Damn right I am! But if you'd beg ta differ, how 'bout ya prove me wrong, right here, and right now!?” That was enough. The sight of Majima bent over with that twisted smile on his face, the way his glove wrinkled as he beckoned Kiryu to come at him... He felt a shiver run down his spine, this feeling made him uneasy. This was Majima standing in front of him. Majima. Sure they'd had some great fights in the past, dare he say he even regarded him as a good friend, but Kiryu felt a, well, a question mark of a feeling towards the older man. More than just friendship and respect. He'd heard about the shit Majima been through, and admired him immensely for how he managed to pull himself through it, but still he couldn't shake this feeling. Maybe it was stronger due to not seeing him for ten long years, he just didn't know. He often found himself lying awake at night in his cell, staring out of the barred window, his thoughts wondering. Of course he'd think about Kazama-san, Nishiki and Yumi, but always his mind moved to Majima, settling there. Thinking about the fights they'd had in the past, the way he moved his slim, muscular frame so easily, laughing maniacally whenever Kiryu's fist connected with a part of his body... It made his stomach flip uncontrollably, often leading to an uncomfortable tightness in his trousers, leaving him feeling shame and confusion. A far away look on his face, Kiryu found his head nodding without even realising.

“All right. If this is a challenge... Then I accept!” Majima chuckled with glee, raising his tanto. He leapt at Kiryu, a fist connecting hard with the younger man's chest. Kiryu grunted and stumbled back, wheezing as Majima giggled. He sidestepped and quick as a flash raised his leg, kicking as hard as he could into Majima's face, causing him to fall backwards heavily. Within seconds Majima was back on his feet, launching at Kiryu once again, a barrage of slashes and punches. A few of them had torn through his shirt, blood seeping from his wounds, but that didn't stop Kiryu from dodging right, avoiding a more ferocious stab with the sharp blade. Slamming his fist upwards, it was again enough force to knock Majima off his feet, only this time when he jumped back up, he grabbed his head in his hand with a vice like grip and slammed him downwards, hearing the sickening crack as Majima's head slammed off the pavement. Kiryu panted as Majima pulled himself up, grinning at the blood trickling from his nose, wiping it away with a gloved hand.

“I may have won, but I can tell I'm not moving like I used to.” That much was true. He could tell Majima wasn't using anywhere near his full strength, but still Kiryu struggled to keep up. Majima was right, his time in the joint had made him soft.

“So even you see it like it is. The past ten years have made ya rusty and dull. Ya got no horsepower, and ya got no technique. Just another sorry punk fresh outta the joint. That's all ya are now. Kamurocho ain't so plush anymore. No way yer gonna make it on these streets.” Majima was direct and honest. He had craved this moment for a long time. Too long. He was ecstatic Kiryu was back, happy that he'd managed to fight him again, thrilled he'd gotten to touch him again... But he was left feeling unsatisfied. He was still hungry for more. This wasn't the Kiryu he loved fighting. He didn't even break a sweat and the younger man was already panting. This wasn't good. Sure, he still looked good, damn good in fact, but he couldn't let Kiryu carry on this way and get his ass whupped by street trash punks. As he became lost in his thoughts, Majima felt his eye lazily wondered down to where he had managed to cut the other's shirt. Feeling his breath hitch as he saw Kiryu's solid abs, blood surrounding the area. He shook his head, staring Kiryu in the face before he was caught ogling. He wasn't ready to make a move on that just yet. More teasing first. Figure out if Kiryu-chan is into this sorta shit... Don't wanna scare him off... Can't lose him again.

“Damn...” Kiryu sighed heavily, a look of disappointment painted his face, his eyes wondering up from the floor to meet the other man's face. Majima's heart was fluttering madly as he stared into Kiryu's eyes, but he couldn't help feeling a swift pang of sadness hit him in the chest. He didn't like seeing Kiryu like this, but he had to make him understand, times had changed. Shitheels walked the streets in abundance now. And if he wasn't careful, he'd get chewed up and spat out before he knew it. Majima wanted nothing more than to reach out and hold the younger man, his mind filling with desire. Man I wanna hug the stupid son of a bitch. I wanna hold him close. I wanna run my hands through his hair, feel his face in my neck. I wanna run my hands down his back an' grip his ass as tight as I can... I wanna... Shit! Get a fuckin' grip dumbass! Snap the fuck outta it! Instead of hugging him however, Majima smiled, warm and genuine.

“Heh... But there's one thing ya haven't lost while ya were doin' hard time... It's those eyes.” Kiryu's breath hitched in his chest, a redness appearing over his cheeks for the second time that night.

“What?” He managed to wheeze out, voice barely audible. Majima continued to smile, gazing deep into his eyes. Kiryu had never seen this look on Majima before. He looked... Gentle. It should have been awkward but... It was strangely thrilling.

“Yer eyes are still blazin'! Mark my words, you'll find yer old self again. Hell! You'll become somethin' greater than you've ever been.”

“Majima-san...” Kiryu breathed shakily. He'd never thought he'd ever see Majima act this way, especially not with him anyway. He was genuinely touched. Majima noticed the change in Kiryu's voice, wanting nothing more than to kiss him, before immediately shoving the thought out of his head. What the fuck is going on? Ya wanting to fight him Majima, not fuck him. Not yet anyway. Get yer fuckin' head in the game! He shook his head, trying to rid himself of the thought and grinned instantly. He had an idea. An idea that would involve a lot more fighting. And idea that may lead to something more.

“Listen, as long as ya stay in this town, I'm gonna be on yer ass.” Kiryu gulped loudly, trying to cover it by clearing his throat, but failing miserably. At least it got a grin from Majima before he continued. “Wherever ya go, there I'll be. If ya don't wanna die in some worthless fight against me, then ya best call up the old Dragon of Dojima's strength that ya used ta have!” Kiryu nodded, his eyes brightening.

“I get it. I can't let it end like this, and even if it takes using you as a stepping stone, I'm going to rise back up.” Majima felt a shudder as Kiryu spoke. Using me as a stepping stone? Now that would be fun! Feeling the excitement rising in his chest, Majima laughed.

“Heh. Can't wait ta see ya try, Kiryu-chan!” Damn. That sing song voice always made Kiryu's stomach do somersaults. And with that he spun around and sauntered off, Kiryu watched, fixated on the way his hips swung from side to side, thoughts filling his brain as he watched. He's doing this to help me. Heh. Majima-san helping me, who'd of thought it? Best keep my guard up if I'm going to be stalked by him. His chest tightened at the thought. Why is he helping me though? Why did I keep getting so damn nervous? Blushing like a fool. Tch. It's just Majima-san... So why can't I shake this feeling?

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Kiryu's head was reeling. Chairman Sera, murdered? The ten billion yen, missing? And Nishikiyama... His own brother... A traitor? Nothing made sense anymore. He was grateful for still having Shinji as an ally, as well as Kazuki and Yuya now. But Nishiki... He had to see for himself. Chairman Sera's funeral was tomorrow, and hopefully Shinji would help him speak to Kazama-san then, they'd already gone over the plan several times, filling Kiryu with confidence.

For now, Kiryu had time to kill. He knew he wouldn't be able to sleep after tonight's revelations, and since Kazuki had been nice enough to let him stay at Stardust for tonight, he needed to clear his head as best as he could. Sir, Nishiki... Is not the man you once knew. The words replayed in his mind a thousand times over as he left the club. He knew things wouldn't be the same when he got out, but hell. How could things get any worse right now? Without realising, he bumped into someone, his head snapping up.

“Woah! Owwwww!” A man with a brown jacket howled out, clutching his left arm in pain.

“Yo, asshole! Watch where you're going!” His friend spoke out, a rough looking guy wearing a green body warmer. His third friend looking equally as rough, wearing a green tracksuit spoke next while leaning forward, a concerned look on his face.

“Hey! You alright, man?”

“M-my shoulder got wrecked. I think it's totally destroyed!” The first man continued to wince, holding his left arm, bent forward in pain.

“C'mon man! Pull yourself together!” The second friend exclaimed, giving his “injured” friend the once over. “Oh shit! He's totally out of it!” Kiryu said nothing as the third man addressed him.

“Oi, you! How you gonna make this up to my brother here, eh!? You gonna man up and take responsibility?” Kiryu shook his head. Scammers still running riot in Kamurocho, eh? Tch.

“Responsibility? Look, I don't have time to play this game. Besides, you're bad actors.”

“Oh, hold up! Did you honestly think you could just hurt people and walk away without making up for it, my man?” The third man answered, followed immediately by the second.

“We are a friendly, peace-loving group who means no one harm. So, we'll call it all forgiven for ten thousand yen.” Kiryu smirked. Peace-loving for a price, eh?

“No way I would give anything to some ridiculous con men like you.” The second guy chuckled.

“Heh. You should've just paid up...” The third guy pointed at Kiryu menacingly.

“You're gonna regret making us pacifists angry.” The “injured” man stood straight, raising his fists, as did the other men. He stepped forward, but Kiryu was quicker, giving him a swift right hook which knocked him backwards. He landed hard as his friends continued advancing towards Kiryu. The third man got a quick kick in, before he was tossed over Kiryu's shoulder, joining his friend on the floor. As he watched the men lying on the floor, a punch hit the back of his head. Turning around, the other man made an oh shit face before being grabbed by the face, head slamming several times on the wall behind him. Sliding down, he sat a crumpled mess in the floor. Kiryu's lips twitched into a smile before he spoke, watching as the men eventually stood up.

“What's going on? Is it over already?” The third man who was gripping his stomach stood straight.

“Wh- why don't we just end the fighting? Live more peacefully?” He stuttered out, his friend also standing straight.

“H-huh? My shoulder... It's better. The impact must have popped it back into place!” Throwing his hands up in obviously fake surprise, the second buddy spoke.

“Whoa, no kidding? Good shit, good shit.” The third guy chimed in, nervously rubbing his head.

“Well then, since we are a friendly and peace-loving group who mean no harm, we'll be on our way now.” Chuckling nervously, the three amigos turned around and scuttled off, leaving Kiryu scratching his chin. What kind of “peace-loving person” is an accident-faking con artist?

An hour later, Kiryu stood standing in line at Smile Burger. With everything going on, he realised shortly after bumping into the “peace-loving group” that he was in fact, starving.

“Welcome. For here or to go, sir?” The blonde lady gave him a cheerful smile.

“This is for here.” He answered and was promptly handed a menu. After browsing a few minutes, he chose the Smile Cheeseburger Combo. Sitting down to eat his meal, his taste buds were in heaven. This was something he had truly missed. One of life's simplest pleasures. Within minutes he had finished, surprising himself by his own greed. Binning his rubbish, he walked to the counter to thank and say goodbye to the server.

“Would ya like a side of Majima with that?” A voice spoke behind him, making him jump. Kiryu spun around, fists tensed.

“What the!? Majima-san?” Stood in front of him, was a proud looking Majima, a glorious grin painted his face.

“Heehee! What a coincidence, Kiryu-chan.” His sugary-sweet voice making every hair on Kiryu's neck stand on end. Feeling his eyes wandering over Majima's tight abdomen, he ignored his rapidly heating face and spoke as calmly as he could. Even if he could feel his heart hammering against his ribcage.

“I didn't peg you for the type to eat at these places, Majima-san.” Surprised at his response, Majima shook his head.

“Eh? You really think you'd catch me at some stuffy ass restaurant? Junk food is the source of my power! Besides!” He paused, rubbing the back of his neck, an awkward look appearing on his face. “Here I can order a combo that comes with a fight against Kiryu-chan! Talk about extra value meals!” Twice in one night, fuck yeah! Majima licked his lips hungrily as he watched Kiryu close. He could of sworn... He just saw the younger man tremble. The excitement was quickly rising in his body now as he waited impatiently for an answer.

“Where did you get that idea? I have no intention of fighting you, Majima-san.” For the first time in his life, Kiryu meant it. After finding out everything Shinji and Kazuki had to say and then to straight away be the target of a no good scam group, Kiryu was pissed off. Besides, he still couldn't figure out the feeling in his gut whenever Majima was around, hell. Even when he wasn't. So for now, he wanted some time alone, just to try and figure shit out.

“What!? It says right here on the menu! Smiles, free! Kiryu-chan, free!” Majima smiled, bating the hook nicely.

“It doesn't say that!” Kiryu pointed angrily, the temper in his voice rising, causing Majima to squirm excitedly. I can't take this anymore, Kiryu-chan! Fight me! Beat me! Fuck me up! Jus' fuck me! ...Haw!? His mind went blank. Taken aback by the devious thoughts that had barged into his mind, Majima ignored the twisting in his stomach, swallowing the lump down that had formed in his throat. Ever since Kiryu got put behind bars, Majima had been telling himself he missed the fights most of all, ignoring (as best as he could) the feeling that some part of him was missing. But here Kiryu stood in front of him, on the verge of a fight. And all Majima could think about was getting his way into Kiryu's pants. It was coming on stronger now and it was starting to overshadow the thoughts of fighting. It was only the second time seeing Kiryu tonight, and already his brain was screaming just fuck him! Over and over again. Fuck it... Majima bent over, licking his lips once more, beckoning Kiryu to fight him, a smirk now resting on his face.

“I'm gettin' kinda hangry here... So stop arguin' with the menu and come outside! I'm takin' you ta go Kiryu-chan!” Majima should have been cringing at the last words he spoke. But he wasn't. He just didn't care. Truth be told, he wanted Kiryu. Right here and right now. The need to touch him... It was too strong, too urgent. He just couldn't take it anymore. He needed to feel his hands on him. He needed to be hurt by him. Just fight for now, and figure the rest out later. C'mon Kiryu-chan, fight me! C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, COME ON! Watching as Kiryu slowly rubbed his chin, he was overcome with joy as he finally nodded his head. Turning around, he practically bounced out the door as Kiryu followed behind, raising his fists as they walked a bit down the street.

Majima turned slowly, grinning as he brandished a metal bat proudly. As he expected, Kiryu didn't flinch. Instead, he ran forward and jumped, Majima flew backwards crying out in surprise, hitting the ground with a bang, bat landing somewhere behind him. Kiryu landed on top of him heavily. Taking note that he was lying dazed beneath him, he pushed up from Majima's chest, quickly placing his knees either side of the other man's chest, taking the chance to tuck his arms at his sides, and squeeze firmly with his thighs. Majima was trapped. His eye went wide as he realised Kiryu was straddling him, internally cursing as he felt his hips buck up ever so slightly. Kiryu didn't notice however, and let out a roar, beginning to take his anger and frustrations out on Majima's surprised face. His right fist connected hard with Majima's jaw, jolting his head left hard. A left fist repeated the action. Right. Left. He pummelled his face with all of his might for what felt like forever, his fists bloody and sore. Pulling back his right fist he was just about to land another blow, until the man beneath him let out a quiet moan. Kiryu just managed to hear it. It was a pained moan, that was laced heavily with pleasure. Kiryu stopped, lowering his fists slightly, gasping in shock. His hands...! Kiryu hadn't realised at the time, he was too busy releasing his fury on Majima's face, but now, sitting perfectly still atop the whimpering Majima, he realised Majima's hands were gripped tightly on his ass, squeezing as hard as he could. Majima... What the fuck? Is he... Is he getting off on this? On me? Wait...What's this... !? Huh!? Kiryu couldn't believe it. He sat there, mouth agape. Majima was rock hard. He could feel his erection pressing hard against him. Majima took his opportunity and wriggled his hands free from between Kiryu's thighs, gripping his shoulders and pulling him down hard, so they were nose to nose.

“Like what ya feel, eh Kiryu-chan?” His voice barely above a whisper. Kiryu stayed perfectly still, trembling slightly, electricity racing through his veins. His eyes darted from Majima's half open eye, to his lips, feeling his tongue licking his own. Fuck, I want to kiss him. Kiss me Majima-san, please, I'm begging you. That was the only thing repeating over and over again in Kiryu's mind. The next thing he knew, he was being pushed back, as Majima sprung up, picked his bat back up and locked Kiryu in a headlock. Kiryu came to his senses and twisted free, ducking as Majima swung the bat hard. He punched, missing Majima's face by an inch if that, while a foot slammed into his side. He let out a grunt, and sprung forward, grabbing Majima by the hair, pulling him down and kneeing him hard in the face. Stepping backwards, he was panting hard. Majima sat onto his knees, raised up a leg, then decided against standing. He looked up at Kiryu, smiling from ear to ear.

“Nngh... Now I'm a satisfied customer! Just as I thought, havin' Kiryu-chan on the menu is better than food!” Kiryu's eyes wandered to Majima's crotch, desperately trying to see if he was still hard, but the way he had his knee up, made it damn impossible. Instead he found himself smiling, despite his confusion. Majima-san is acting normal again. Should I...?

“Heh, then you won't be needing seconds, I take it?” Kiryu frowned immediately afterwards. Tch. Am I... Am I really flirting with Majima-san? What the hell...

“Yer right... But when I start feelin' the hunger again, ya better gimme the Kiryu-chan special! 'Cept next time...” Majima paused, rising to his feet, leaning close to Kiryu, so close his cheek was resting gently against the softness of Kiryu's. He breathed hard and slow in his ear, feeling him tremble against his cheek. “I wanna go large!” Majima hissed, withdrawing and bounding off, humming happily. Kiryu stood still, his mouth still hanging open, trying to make sense of what just happened.

The walk back to Stardust was pretty uneventful, a few punks tried to get the drop on Kiryu, receiving nothing but a clumsy yet still effective battering for their trouble. He walked slowly, almost as if in a daze, his mind completely numb. Greeting Yuya with a smile and quick nod, he moved quickly to the back room he was staying in for the night. Pouring himself a whiskey, Kiryu flopped on the couch, his mind replaying the days events. Nishiki... Majima... What the hell is going on!? I was on top of him... And he was squeezing my ass... He was hard! Was I? Shit, did he notice? It must have been an effect from the fight. Majima would never be attracted to me, I'm a guy! Majima's not like that... Is he? But the way he asked if I liked what I felt... Kiryu paused mid thought, squeezing his eyes shut as his stomach tightened, a shiver running through his body. He could feel his pants getting tighter, gritting his teeth as his erection pressed uncomfortably against the zip of his trousers. I did like it though. I wanted to kiss him... But... But I'm not into guys! ...Am I? Yeah sure, I've eyed Nishiki a few times, but hey, that's normal... Right? Majima is a very attractive man, but he's Majima. It's so wrong, it's so goddamn wrong! Yet... Why does everything about this feel so right? Why does every instinct in my body scream to kiss him? Why can't I get him out of my head? I have too much shit going on right now to worry about this, too! Tch. Sighing heavily, Kiryu knocked back the whiskey, tipping his head back. Within minutes, he was asleep. It had been a long day after all.


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“I don't care what the fuck it takes, make sure ya fuckin' get it!!!” Majima roared, throwing his cigarette butt at Nishida, the younger man yelped, bowed quickly, and ran out of the room nodding. “Jeeze, whadda ya gotta do to get decent staff these days? Yeesh. Dickwads better wise up 'fore they find themselves outta a job.” Majima mumbled to himself, angrily folding his arms over his chest. It had been a few hours since he'd last saw Kiryu being chased at Chairman Sera's funeral. They'd managed to fight, but it had to be a quick one, on the account that every man and his fucking dog was after Kiryu now. Majima sighed, laying down fully on the couch, hands joined behind his head.

Man, what's going on with me lately. It's worse now. I can't stop thinkin' about him. Not jus' fightin' him. Bein' able to fight him again is great... But I want more. Too much fuckin' more. I doubt someone as goody goody as him would ever be inta guys. Yet, when he was on top'a me... I'm sure I felt his dick was hard, all ready ta play. Was I imaginin' it? Shit. Squeezing his eyes closed, he moved his hands from his head, running one idly down his hard chest, resting just next to his groin. He imagined Kiryu straddling him again, his own hands squeezing his tight, perfectly toned ass hard, just like they had that night. The surprise as he yanked him down, the way he trembled face to face with Majima. Realising his hand had been massaging his crotch for the past few minutes, Majima chuckled, gazing at the tight tent that had appeared in his trousers. Whatcha doin' to me, Kiryu-chan? Suddenly, the door burst open as Nishida flew in.

“Boss! I got it boss! I got Kiryu-san's email add- huh?!” Nishida's eyes were wide with a mix of shock and pure fear. He quickly got down on his hands and knees, head resting on the floor, begging for forgiveness. Majima laughed as he sat up, causing the other to tilt his head up in confusion.

Well. Ain't this a kick in the dick. Relax man, ain't ya never seen a dick before? Now. Ya got what?” Nishida remained on his knees, stuttering nervously. “I ain't hearin' anythin'.”

Oh! Right! Uh, I have it boss! I have Kiryu-san's email address!” He finally spat out, raising to his feet awkwardly.

No shittin'? And it took ya this long ta tell me?” Majima moved from the couch, standing square up to Nishida, who scooted backwards, bowing up and down like a yo-yo.

I'm sorry boss! I did knock on the door! I'm sorry! I-” Majima chuckled, waving his hand, hushing the other man.

“Atta boy! Email him now! C'mon! Hurry the fuck up!” Clapping Nishida on the back as he stood up, Majima let out a squeal of excitement, rubbing his hands together happily.

“Uh. Sir?” Nishida timidly turned, facing his boss, stopping as he noticed Majima's grin had disappeared, now replaced with a deep scowl.

“I don't see any emailin'! Fuck's wrong with ya?” Majima growled, raising his hand to Nishida's throat, squeezing enough to hurt, but not damage, smirking as he saw the others eyes widen in fear.

“What do you want me to say to Kiryu-san, boss?” Nishida choked out. Majima tilted his head to the side, before giggling.

“Haw...!? Shit! Sorry man! Jus' got too far ahead of myself! Hmm. Now let's see here.” Nishida chuckled nervously as Majima let go of his throat, and wrapped an arm around his shoulder instead.

A few days had passed since Nishida had first emailed Kiryu, and thanks to that Majima had managed to fight him a decent number of times. Majima noticed Kiryu was not only rapidly getting better, but he was acting different around him now. His eyes would linger on Majima if he thought he wasn't paying attention. Majima caught him a few times gawking at his ass, especially if he happened to be bending over. He would blush a lot, get flustered easily. And Majima loved every minute of it. He still wasn't sure if Kiryu would be up for what he had in mind, but he was going to give it his best shot.

“Call him now. C'mon, fuckin' hurry up man! Nishida, I'm getting' angry. And ya don't like it when I'm angry do ya? Happy boss, happy Nishida. Sad boss, bleeding Nishida. Do I make myself clear?” Majima's temper was rising as he paced back and forwards, the cell phone trembling in Nishida's hands. He nodded quickly, before pressing a few buttons.

“Kiryu-san? This is Nishida from the Majima Family.” Majima clapped a hand over his mouth, stopping his excitement from tumbling out in a girlish scream, quickly leaning close to Nishida as he continued to speak, trying to hear what Kiryu was saying. “No problem at all. In fact, you were released from prison recently, right? Did anyone celebrate your release?” Majima held his breath, just making out Kiryu on the other end of the phone, his heart skipping a beat as he heard his smooth, calm voice.

“I was expelled from the family. Why would there be any kind of celebration?”

“That's depressing, isn't it? The boss has graciously decided to entertain you, sir.” A grin shot onto Majima's face. I'm gonna entertain him alright. Hoo boy! “Do you know a club called Asia just down Pink Street?” Kiryu paused, and Majima craned his neck forward, accidentally butting Nishida backwards from the phone in his hand.

“Asia? The bikini bar? That's where you want to celebrate my release?” Nishida pulled the phone close, and stepped backwards from Majima, trying to remain calm as he felt his boss stare daggers at him.

“Exactly. The boss has reserved the entire place for this private party, so you don't have to worry about anything. It'll be closed to the public.”

“Sounds like Majima-san, all right. But I'm sure he's got some kind of ulterior motive for this.” Majima cackled, while Nishida quickly put a his finger to his lips, signalling Majima to hush, moving further back. Ya don't know how right ya are, Kiryu-chan!

“We understand you can be a very intense man, sir. But please, this is just a present from the boss. If you have time, please swing by!” Tilting his head, Majima turned his hands upwards, shrugging his shoulders at the same time, in a questioning motion. “Thank you. He'll be waiting for you!” Nishida hung up, setting the phone on the table.

“Well? What's goin' on?” Majima barked, irritation clearly getting the best of him.

“That was Kiryu-san.” Nishida answered, earning a swift smack in the mouth.

“No shit, Sherlock! I fuckin' know it was Kiryu-chan! I'm askin' what he said!” Pulling his fist back, Nishida's eyes scrunched shut.

“He'll be there! He's coming, boss! Don't hit me, I'm sorry!” Wailing as Majima pulled him close, he felt a hand pat him on the head.

“You drive me fuckin' nuts, buttball. But c'mon. We got work ta do!” Turning to leave, Majima skipped happily out the door to his office, stopping and sighing as he heard Nishida mutter.

“Uh... Boss? If you don't mind me asking, um... What is the plan for Kiryu-san?” Majima faced him, a wicked smile on his face that made Nishida's blood run cold and the hairs on his arms stand on end.

“Well buddy. I've made a decision. One way or another, I'm gonna fuck Kiryu-chan. And yer gonna help me.” Pausing as Nishida let out a loud gasp, Majima narrowed his eyes. “Unless ya wanna end up at the bottom of the river back in Sotenbori...?” Nishida quickly shook his head.

“No sir. I understand boss. I'm at your service!” Majima chuckled. Damn fucking straight. Let's do this shit!

Later that evening, Majima was stood outside Asia. He kept checking his phone every five minutes, expecting a message to say Kiryu wasn't coming. Sighing, he raised his cigarette to his lips, taking a deep drag before jumping five foot in the air. His phone was ringing.

“Yo.” Majima answered, his voice tight and irritable.

“Boss, it's me, Nishida. I've just spotted Kiryu-san. He will be with you momentarily.” Majima choked on the smoke flowing out of his mouth and began coughing. Shit, he's actually comin'? Fuck Majima, ya fuckin' asshole, what're ya playin' at? This could go really fuckin' wrong! “Boss? Boss!? Are you there? Are you okay boss!?” Majima threw his cigarette into the street, heading inside Asia.

“Yeah, yeah I got it. Later.” Hanging up the phone, he pushed his nervousness down. Majima doesn't do nervous. Ready or not, Kiryu-chan, here I am! Majima laughed, hopping up onto the platform. He looked around, nodding happily. The disco ball was spinning nicely, the music was slow and sultry. This might jus' fuckin' work! Grinning, he looked the pole up and down, deciding it should be easy enough to work with. Hearing voices outside, he grabbed the pole with his right hand, and stood still, heart almost beating out of his chest.

The door creaked open as Kiryu hesitantly walked inside, eyes wondering around the room. He froze on the spot as he saw Majima, feeling his jaw drop. Majima giggled, grinding against the pole softly, lifting his left leg slightly before straightening it out in front of him, bending down low and throwing his left arm out. He stayed like that for a moment, tipping his head back slowly, beads of sweat running down his chest as he tried to calm the excitement coursing through his body. Wiggling his hips as he rose, he pulled his left arm back in close, touching his chest, turning his head to face Kiryu.

“Kiryu-chan...” Majima spoke as sexily as he could, thrusting into the pole gently, leg rising and wrapping around the pole, as he ran a hand up and down. Making sure Kiryu hadn't moved, Majima strutted around the pole slowly, knees bent slightly, right arm still gripping tightly as his left swung outwards. With little effort he lifted both legs, wrapping his left leg around the pole, and swung himself around, throwing his head back. He made it look easy. It was obvious he knew what he was doing, and Majima knew just how good he looked doing it.

As he finished his seductive pole dance, Majima stood, still gripping the pole. It was hard to see so he hopped off the stage, grinning from ear to ear, as his eye adjusted and focused on Kiryu. He walked over, slowly and purposefully. Kiryu was standing perfectly still, mouth wide open. Majima could see his chest moving up and down quickly. However, he almost tripped when he noticed Kiryu's hand trying to cover his crotch. Well, fuck me! What's he hidin' there then!? It seems like Kiryu-chan liked my little dance! I wonder if he's hard... Why else would he be hidin' his dick though? Okay, take it slow, Majima. Don't go jumpin' in dick first.

“Welcome, Kiryu-chan! So, did I get ya pumped up!?” Majima giggled, licking his lips as he looked down at Kiryu's crotch, a deep red settling on the other man's cheeks. He watched as Kiryu shifted his weight onto his left foot, fidgeting uncomfortably. He raised his hand pointing angrily at Majima. Clearly, he was embarrassed. He knew Majima had noticed how visibly excited he was and he was pissed off.

“Yeah right. If I'd known you were just going to fool around like you always do, I wouldn't have come.” He spat, turning his head, eyes not daring to meet Majima's.

“Oh? So ya thought you'd get to see some hot ladies? Oh Kiryu-chan, is that really what's on yer mind?” Majima teased happily, provoking Kiryu further.

“Th- that's not it. But can you honestly call a dance like that appropriate for someone's welcome back party?” Kiryu stuttered, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. Majima bent his head down, a solemn look appearing on his face. He looked like he'd been punched in the gut.

“What? Are you dissatisfied with the entertainment?” He paused, before flashing a wicked grin. He loved watching Kiryu squirm like this. “I tell ya what. Tonight, you can touch the dancers all ya want!” Kiryu's face turned an even darker shade of red, hand tugging his jacket over his crotch as discreetly as possible.

“I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole! I'm outta here.” Kiryu sneered, turning around. Majima smirked before shouting after him. Ya can keep up this act all ya want Kiryu-chan, but ya dick don't lie pal...

“Wait! Are ya sayin'... Ya can't accept my welcome back party and the entertainment I've provided?” Majima put on the saddest voice he could muster, Kiryu stopping in his tracks, turning his head to the left, not able to look Majima in his eye.

“Yeah. That's what I'm saying.”

“Even if it means I'll lose face over it?” Kiryu sighed turning back around, looking at anything but Majima.

“Don't be so ridiculous. I never should of have a welcome back party in the first place. I decline the sentiment, with all due respect.” Majima chuckled, still amused by Kiryu's own body betraying him.

“Heh, then yer prepared ta face the consequences? So be it! I'll make sure ya pay me back ten fold fer all the expense I've gone to for ya! Let's do this! It's show time!” Majima bubbled with glee inside. To see Kiryu had been visibly excited by him, it made his whole body pulsate. He knew Kiryu didn't wanna fight, not with a hard on anyway. Like Majima was going to give him the option of walking away, he should know better by now. Kiryu awkwardly ambled towards him, grabbing a chair and swinging at Majima hard. Luckily, he bent backwards, hand shooting out behind him, landing on the floor. Managing to prop himself up like that, he swept his foot out, knocking Kiryu's legs from under him. Landing on the floor, Kiryu was obviously winded, he lay still, breathing hard. Majima watched as he blinked a few times, groaning. Not missing the chance, Majima stood up grinning. He watched as Kiryu's eyes went wide, watching as Majima slid on top of his knees gently.

“M- Majima-san? What are you-”

“Shhhh, Kiryu-chan...” Majima leant forward and brought his fingers to Kiryu's lips, pressing them softly. He instantly felt Kiryu's legs tense beneath him. “Now... Ya say ya wouldn't touch me with a ten foot pole, yet here I am, sitting on top o'ya. And ya don't seem ta be fightin' too hard ta get away. I think ya were lyin' before. I think ya liked my little dance. I did it only fer you, Kiryu-chan... Never would do anythin' like this fer anyone else...” Majima stopped, relishing the way Kiryu bit his bottom lip. He shifted his body so he was sitting directly on top of Kiryu's crotch. Gasping, he moved back slightly, not wanting to hurt him. He's fuckin' hard! He fuckin' likes it, I fuckin' knew it! If he bites any harder on his lip, he's gonna tear it off. Fuckin' hell, we're in for some fun now Kiryu-chan! No. Not yet. Calm the fuck down, asshole, remember ya don't wanna scare him off. Take it slow. Arguing internally with himself, Majima raked his eye from Kiryu's trouser-tent, slowly up his chest and licked his lips, taking a mental picture. As his eye met Kiryu's he winked, causing the other man to breathe sharply through his nose. Fucking goddamn shit, this is fuckin' hot! Majima placed his hand gently on Kiryu's chest, feeling him heave up and down a few times before continuing. “Besides. Ya never answered my question.” His voice was thick with desire as he stared at Kiryu, the air so thick with arousal, he felt like he was drowning.

“Wh- Question? What?” Kiryu managed to stutter out, biting harder on his lip. Majima let out a high pitched giggle, before shifting forward slightly, his own dick fully hard now. He couldn't help a moan escape as he slowly rubbed his crotch against Kiryu's, the friction driving him wild. Kiryu gasped loudly and began trembling, gripping his jacket as hard as he could.

“I believe I asked ya... The other day at Smile Burger, if ya liked what ya felt...Ya never answered me. That's real naughty of ya, Kiryu-chan... It ain't nice to tease me y'know. So tell me. Did ya like it?” Majima sung, feeling Kiryu jolt beneath him. Kiryu's chest began to rise up and down faster, as Majima kept grinding against his crotch. Still not answerin' huh, Kiryu-chan? I'll make ya answer me. A loud moan filled the air as Majima grabbed Kiryu's dick hard, getting a proper feel for the first time. Goddamn! He's fuckin' huge! Holy shit! “Ya like that huh? Fuckin' answer me, Kiryu-chan, or I'll stop.” Majima lowered his face, his own dick throbbing hard thanks to Kiryu's loud moan. Kiryu squirmed, tilting his face to the side, desperately trying to avoid Majima's eye, a look of utter embarrassment and horror splashed over his face. Majima tightened his grip on Kiryu's dick, amazed by the heat coming from it, and used his other hand to grab Kiryu's chin, pulling his face level with his. Kiryu whimpered, swallowing hard, finally looking Majima in his eye.

“Y- yes. I liked what I felt... Majima-san...” Kiryu hissed, his face red and gleaming with sweat. Before Majima had the chance to respond, Kiryu lifted his head, smushing his lips against Majima's, hands wandering unsteadily down his back, settling on his ass. H gave a hesitant squeeze, doing it again more forcefully when Majima jerked, moaning desperately into his mouth. In reality their kiss lasted maybe a minute. But to Majima it felt like hours. He didn't want it to end, groaning with disappointment when Kiryu pulled back.

“Man, yer so fuckin' cute, Kiryu-chan... Yer such a dirty tease... Fuck, ya know what ya been doin' ta me?” Majima moaned, squirming hard against Kiryu's lap.

“Majima-san... Majima-san... If you keep... I'm... Majima-san, I have to go!!!” Kiryu jumped up and pushed Majima off him, dashing towards the exit, leaving Majima a heaving confused mess on the floor.


Chapter Text

“No more! Please! I'm sorry!” The pitiful punk squealed as Majima kicked him hard in the ribs one last time.

“Ya ever try anythin' like that again, yer gonna be wishin' ya were dead all fuckin' ready!” Majima snarled, snorting and walking away, wiping the blood from his gloved fists. It had been about three days since the incident at Asia, and he hadn't seen Kiryu since. Even though he got Nishida to call and email him several times, there was no response. Ya had to push him too far didn't ya, ya done fucked up this time ya stupid asshole. You've lost him fer good now... The same thought running through his head once more, his chest tightening, and stomach turning again. It was the only thing that he'd thought for these three long days, and he was in a foul mood. Anyone who crossed him was subject to intensive beatings, including poor Nishida. A buzzing in his pocket interrupted him, stopping in his tracks. Sighing, he pulled out his phone, putting it to his ear before he'd even seen who was calling him.

“Speak.” Even before he'd finished, Nishida was hollering down the phone at him. Majima winced, holding the phone away from his ear. When it was quiet, he replaced the phone next to his ear and listened.

“Boss! Boss! I've found him! If you can come back to the office immediately, I will tell you what I know! If you-” Majima growled, shoving his phone is his pocket, sprinting to the office, heart racing a million miles an hour. Anyone in his way was shoved hard to the ground, but that didn't matter. What mattered was Kiryu.

Majima stared at Nishida hard. Bent over in front of him in a state of apology, he shook in fear, jumping back when Majima banged his feet on the table top. Sighing, he shook his head, resting his feet back lazily on the table. Nishida raised his head slightly, stopping when he saw the anger dripping from Majima's face.

“Wha- what do you want us to do, boss?” Cringing as his boss stood up, he quickly bent back down, trying to spare his face from another punch. He felt a hand wrap around the back of his neck, gripping hard as Majima leant forwards, speaking slowly directly in his ear. Nishida scrunched his eyes closed as he heard the venom spewing from his boss's mouth.

“I want the kid. Kiryu-chan thinks he can avoid me? Time I showed him...” He paused a wave of sadness washing over him, turning swiftly to anger. “What happens if he fuckin' messes with The Mad Dog of Shimano!!!” Nishida dropped to his knees as Majima bellowed, whimpering but nodding.

A few hours later, Majima had his chance. Quick as a flash, everything was ready. He knew Kiryu's new friends would have blown the whistle on him. The girl was tucked safely in a room behind the batting cages, as Majima and his boys waited. Think ya can avoid me huh, Kiryu-chan? Ya gotta pay the price now. Ain't nobody that fucks with Goro Majima gets away with it!!! Baring his teeth as he thought, he was tapped on the shoulder by one of his crew. Kiryu was here, it was time.

Turning on the automatic ball throwers, his boys stepped out from the shadows, surrounding Kiryu. Majima swallowed hard, wondering if this was too far. Ridding himself of the thought, he stepped out, heart leaping as he saw Kiryu standing in the middle of the room.

“It's been a while... Kiryu-chan!” Majima couldn't help the excitement spill out as he said Kiryu's name, pointing his bat towards the scowling younger man. “I feel like I'm gonna burst with joy... Now I get to face the Dragon of Dojima again! It'll be a glorious fight, with our very lives on the line.” He paused, studying his bat up close. This definitely is goin' too far, but who the fuck is he to hide from me! Asshole brought it on himself! Walking forward, a baseball flew past his face, narrowly missing. Majima didn't flinch, instead he continued. “Right, Kiryu-chan? Ya get me? Right!?” Thwack!!! Majima had been staring at Kiryu so hard, he was oblivious to where he was. A baseball cracked him hard on the right side of his head, throwing it left hard. He stood there, left arm reaching towards the floor, head still lolled over his left shoulder. His men stood nervously, not knowing where to look. Majima started chuckling, his men glaring at each other in a state of confusion, eventually joining in the laughter. His chuckling changed into maniac giggles as he threw his head back, loud laughter echoing off the walls. One of his men however wasn't laughing. He stood looking from side to side awkwardly. “This is the part where ya laugh!” Majima exclaimed, turning around swinging his bat directly into the face of his unsuspecting crew member. Flying back and landing heavily on the ground, Majima swung his bat again, kicking him hard, hitting him again and again with the bat.

“Stop it!” Kiryu commanded, his voice freezing Majima momentarily. Majima furrowed his brow and turned.

“Huh?” Kiryu shifted his weight to his other foot, ignoring what he'd said and continued.

“Give Haruka back!” Majima grinned, looking down, raising his bat a final time, one last whack landing heavily on the man sprawled out next to his feet.

“Sure, no prob. She's just behind that door.” Majima raised his bat to the door that concealed Haruka. Giggling, he continued. “Didn't I tell ya? Kiryu-chan... I just wanna have a proper fight with ya, that's all.” Ya need to be punished for hidin' from me...Kiryu-chan. Kiryu moved forward, anger flashing on his face.

“Are you being serious?” Majima nodded.

“I'm seriously serious. Dead serious! So stop teasin' and let's get on with it Kiryu-chan!” Throwing his bat behind him, he pulled out his tanto, body shaking with excitement. “Ready? Let's go!” Majima stood back as he watched his men get downed one by one. He expected nothing less. Kiryu had improved. He still wasn't back to his Dragon of Dojima self, but he was good. He watched intently, squirming, the anticipation too much for him to bear. Kiryu elbowed the last man standing, sending him doubling over, clutching his stomach in pain. Show time!

Kiryu picked up a discarded bat, and ran towards Majima, letting out a cry. Swinging hard at his head, Majima ducked, sweeping around Kiryu, grabbing him from behind and pulled him down. He kicked him twice hard, the younger man grunting in pain. Majima sauntered around him laughing, watching as Kiryu exploded in anger. He jumped to his feet, running full speed at Majima, tackling him to the ground hard. He punched him so much he lost count. His blows were intense, pain hitting every nerve in Majima's body, but he lay there, enjoying the feeling of Kiryu laying into him. Suddenly, he stopped. Kiryu's face scrunched up, turning a shade of crimson as he clambered off Majima. He's thinkin' about when he was last on top'a me... Devious little shit! Majima giggled, slightly disappointed Kiryu had moved from him. He rose silently, pulling back his tanto, ready to slash Kiryu in the back, when Kiryu jumped to the side, without even turning around. He let out an almighty roar before pulling the bat back, whacking Majima full strength in the head. Majima let out a cry and fell onto his knees, blood seeping from his lips. He coughed, giggling hoarsely, tilting his head up to look at Kiryu, still seeing vague stars float around his eye.

“Man, you are one tough customer... That's my boy, Kiryu-chan. But whatever... I ain't done!” Majima managed to wheeze out, Kiryu shaking his head.

“It's over. I'm taking Haruka.” He stated, Majima barely paying attention. Just behind Kiryu, he noticed one of his men had gotten up, a knife gleaming in his hands. He clambered up grunting in pain, Kiryu still oblivious.

“Oh hell no!” Majima spat as Kiryu began to turn in confusion. A man in a red shirt running towards him, knife held tight in both hands.

“Die, Kiryu!” He shouted, when Majima suddenly stepped in front of Kiryu, the knife plunging deep into his belly. He grunted in pain, jerking backwards, the knife still in the hands of the other man. Kiryu gasped in confusion, an arm instinctively coming out to grip Majima's shoulder. Even with a knife in his belly, he shuddered at the contact. Huh. Guess I didn't want him ta pay after all... Yer jus' all talk... Heh.

“Boss... Why?” Majima stumbled forwards, a glazed look appearing in his eye.

“Kiryu-chan... He belongs ta me!” Feeling Kiryu's hand twitch as he said that, Majima grinned and pulled his fist back, punching his subordinate hard, his own punch launching him forwards. “Ya jackass!!! I'm the only one allowed ta kill him!” I wonder if Kiryu-chan knows I don't want him dead... I wonder if he's figured it out yet. Heh heh... Fuckin' stupid son of a bitch... Doesn't realise what's right in front a'him... Majima smiled, blood seeping from his stomach. The next thing he knew, he was on his back on the floor.

“Majima!” Kiryu shouted, running over to him, placing a hand gently on his chest, careful not to touch the knife standing proud in Majima's belly.

“Kiryu-chan, ya been avoidin' me... That's not nice y'know...” He managed to splutter, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth.

“Majima-san... I'm sorry... I... I can explain.” Majima's boys picked him up, dragging him towards the door, leaving Kiryu on his knees, a tear of anger and confusion rolling down his cheek.

“Mister?” His head snapped around seeing Haruka standing there.

“Come on Haruka. Let's go.”


Chapter Text

Kiryu sat frowning, thumb hovering over the send button. It had been a week since Majima's stabbing. He gazed down at the phone screen, reading his text out loud one more time.

“Majima-san, are you okay? I need to talk to you, this can't wait anymore. Can we meet?” Swallowing hard, he hit send, his heart hammering as a few seconds later his phone buzzed. “I'm a quick healer. Think a knife would stop me? Heh. Time and place? I'll be there Kiryu-chan!” He read aloud, not being able to help the smile forming on his lips. I need to talk to him about what happened... I need to explain myself. Majima took a knife to the gut for me... Tch, stupid idiot, risking his life for me. But he did though... He stepped in front of that blade without a moment's hesitation. Why? Does he really want to be the one that kills me that bad? Is this really a good idea to meet with him alone? I need to at least tell him how I feel... How do I feel? I guess I'll figure out what to say when I'm sat with him, stammering like a nervous child. Tch.

Later that night, Kiryu said goodbye to Date and Reina, Haruka already safely tucked up asleep. Before he got out the door, Date pulled his arm, a deep look of worry settled on his face.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Kiryu smiled, nodding.

“He saved my life, Date-san. I need to at least thank him. Besides, he might know something about what's going on.” Date nodded, letting go of Kiryu's arm, watching as he walked to the elevator.

“I sure hope you know what you're doing, Kiryu.”

Arriving early to Public Park 3, Kiryu was surprised to see Majima already there, sitting down on one of the benches near the barrel, warming his hands next to the fire, his stomach heavily bandaged. It was pitch black and pretty chilly, Kiryu felt bad for having dragged him out here, but it was the only place he felt comfortable talking to Majima alone, luckily there wasn't a soul about. He swallowed hard, conscious of the lump that was rapidly forming in his throat, also well aware his mouth felt like he'd eaten a dinner of cotton wool. Majima grinned when he saw him, beckoning him over.

“Kiryu-chan! Take a seat! Love yer little spot here, nice an' cosy!” Majima patted the seat next to him, Kiryu's legs moving before his brain caught up. He watched as the flames crackled next to the other man, causing all sorts of shadows to dance on his face. His eye lit up as Kiryu sat down, brushing his knee. “So! What brings ya out here Kiryu-chan? Do ya like my bandage? Gonna have a pretty bad ass scar there y'know.” Kiryu steadied his shaking hands, jamming them into his pocket, noting the smirk Majima gave him as he did so.

“Majima-san... We need to talk about what's going on... Between us...” Kiryu trailed off, his cheeks turning a delicate red, noticeable even in the flickering light. Majima's eyebrow rose.

“Haw? Whatcha mean?” Damn. He's playing coy. Kiryu turned to face him, ignoring Majima's smirk, looking directly into his eye instead, feeling his chest tighten, as if in a vice.

“I really appreciate what you did for me.” He paused, placing a hand on Majima's knee, getting rewarded with a gasp from the other man. “What I mean is, I mean, You didn't have to... I mean... Tch.” Kiryu stopped, angrily shaking his head. Stammering like a goddamn fool! Majima is never going to let me forget about this! Come on, spit it out! Majima let out a chuckle as Kiryu continued. “What I'm trying to say is, why? Are you that desperate to end my life? That you'd take a knife for me? Just to have the pleasure of doing it yourself?” Majima's grin faded as he waved his hand.

“Oh, Kiryu-chan! Ya mean, ya really ain't got it yet?” Kiryu shook his head as Majima lowered his head, speaking quieter and less brazen than his usual tone. “I don't wanna kill ya. I jus' love fightin' ya. I thought that's all it was. When ya were in the slammer, I'd think about ya all the time. I used ta tell myself, yer just missin' the fightin' Majima. But then when I saw ya, and we fought... It wasn't enough. Even now yer getting' yer moves back, no matter how great we fight... It jus' still ain't enough.” Kiryu's breath was shaky, his pulse quickening with every word Majima spoke. Majima smiled and nodded towards Kiryu's hand which was still placed on his knee. Kiryu quickly withdrew it sheepishly. “Look, I ain't got the proper words ta describe it to ya, Kiryu-chan. I still wanna fight ya every fuckin' chance I get. But now, I want more. I want... I want you. Ya drive me fuckin' nuts Kiryu-chan.” He looked up into Kiryu's eyes, smiling the same warm genuine smile he did on the night of his release, Kiryu feeling like he'd melted into a puddle. His stomach was somersaulting uncontrollably, his heart was beating so erratically, his mind spinning.

“Majima-san... I...” Kiryu stopped, lowering his eyes. I want you too. I've never wanted anything more. “I have to go!” He jumped up, striding towards the exit, Majima's hand landing heavily on his shoulder. Feeling his collar being grabbed, Kiryu turned slowly, a mumbling mix of terror and excitement. His back was slammed against the wall as Majima pushed against him, hand now around his throat. His eye was burning with excitement into Kiryu's as he licked his lips slowly, shaking his head.

“Nah. Ya ain't goin' anywhere this time Kiryu-chan.” Majima whispered, his voice sending shock waves through Kiryu's body. “We're getting' this sorted once and fer all.” Moving closer, he pressed his lips against Kiryu's as gently as he could, eye widening in surprise as Kiryu wrapped one arm around his neck, pushing his head closer, tangling in his hair, while the other trailed down and gripped his ass hard. He was kissing Majima back with an intensity he'd never felt before. Moaning, Majima pulled back, a look of obvious disappointment on Kiryu's face. Shit, shit, shit! I can't hide it anymore. Majima wants me... And I want him. Is this so wrong? I should stop this now. But... I don't want to stop. As he argued internally with himself, Kiryu noticed Majima was still staring at him, his eye wild with desire.

“M- Majima-san... I...” Majima giggled, raising his hand to rest on the wall behind Kiryu.

“There now. Nice when yer honest with yerself... Ain't it Kiryu-chan? This is what ya want ain't it...?” Kiryu nodded slowly, his body trembling with every breath.

“Yes... For ages now.” He stopped when he saw the other's eye widen, biting his lip hard to stop himself saying anything else. Majima's other hand moved from Kiryu's throat, running down his chest slowly, raking his fingers with a pressure that made Kiryu's breath hitch, finally stopping just above his crotch. He toyed with his belt buckle in his hand, enjoying Kiryu quiver beneath him.

“Nah, c'mon now, Kiryu-chan. Don't stop. I can't understand if ya don't use ya words...” Kiryu cleared his throat, leaning against the wall behind him, afraid he'd fall flat on his face if he didn't.

“I... I used to think about you when I was in prison. Day and night. I... I want you too, Majima-san.” He did it. Kiryu had finally stuttered out what he'd been trying to for the past half an hour. Majima threw his head back, letting out a delighted squeal.

“Let me give ya what ya want then, Kiryu-chan.” Whispering into Kiryu's ear, Majima began rubbing his hand up and down Kiryu's crotch, well aware of the tent that had formed since he slammed him against the wall. Majima was ignoring the throbbing of his own. He could wait for the moment. Kiryu was nothing but a heaving, whimpering mess beneath him, legs wobbling unsteadily. This isn't right. Not here. What if someone sees!? I don't want him to stop. I want him... I want him so bad. I want to hear him moan my name in that sing song voice of his... Shit, I'm close. Kiryu moved Majima's hand, panting hard, getting a look of confusion in return.

“Majima-san. Not here. What if someone sees?” Majima giggled.

“Then let's give them a fuckin' show worth watchin'.” Kiryu groaned, Majima's hand back on the bulge in his pants. He shook his head desperately.

“No, Majima-san... You don't understand... Not here. I haven't... I don't want it to be here...” Kiryu's voice trailed off as Majima stopped, pulling back as Kiryu lowered his head, embarrassed.

“Ya mean... Ya ain't never fucked with a guy before? Kinda thought that was obvious, Kiryu-chan. It's okay. I'll teach ya everythin' ya need to know...” Majima chuckled, pressing his lips against Kiryu's neck, dragging them down slowly, feeling the flesh beneath his lips shudder. To his annoyance, Kiryu pulled him away again, shaking his head.

“No... Majima-san. I mean... I haven't... With anybody... Ever... I'm...” He looked straight into Majima's eye, before lowering his head in shame, his voice being reduced to a whisper. “Please... Don't make me say it.” He kept his head down, waiting for the giggles and taunts to come. I'm sorry Majima-san. I'm useless. I'm sorry for disappointing you. Please don't laugh at me... I can't take it... From you... But, they never came. Instead, he felt fingers under his chin, pulling his face up. Taking the courage to look Majima in the eye, his heart stopped. No giggles, no taunts. Nothing but a warm smile. “I'm sorry Majima-san. I'm useless. I didn't-” Majima's lips were once again pressed to his in the softest way. Pulling back, he stroked Kiryu's cheek softly.

“Ain't nothin' ta worry about, Kiryu-chan. Jus' means I'm yer first...” His voice changed from gentle and soft, to a low growl. “And I'm gonna be yer fuckin' last as well. Yer mine. Ya hear me? I am not losing ya again.” Kiryu nodded dumbly, bottom jaw slack. Majima-san's going to be my first, and last? What? I'm his...? Do I really want this? Before Kiryu could think anymore, Majima continued, his voice low and seductive, leaning in to his ear. “I'm gonna make ya feel good in ways ya never thought were even possible, Kiryu-chan. I'm gonna drive ya crazy, make ya see what you've done ta me. I'm gonna be the first thing ya crave when ya wake up and the last thing ya need before ya go to sleep. I'm gonna make sure ya never ever wanna fuckin' leave me. Ya ain't even gonna wanna be with anyone else, 'cause they'll never be as good as me. Yer mine, Kiryu-chan. I'm gonna blow yer fuckin' mind.” Every syllable made Kiryu's pants grow even tighter, his body convulse harder. He groaned as Majima licked his ear slowly, dragging his tongue down to his jawline. He moved back and pulled out a cigarette, offering one to Kiryu, who eagerly accepted. He needed one bad. The lighter sparked between them, lighting their smokes at the same time, a wicked grin on Majima's face. “Well then. I'll be in touch Kiryu-chan! Make sure yer ready fer me.” Kiryu stood leaning against the wall, chest heaving as Majima strutted away, whistling cheerfully. Taking a deep drag, Kiryu walked to the seat and plopped down, his legs ready to give way at any moment. What the fuck...!?

When his dick had finally settled down, Kiryu stood up from the bench, walking back towards Serena on very unsteady legs. He was grateful he hadn't bumped into anyone as he was truly a wreck at this point. Taking a deep breath, he stepped out of the elevator and through the door, greeted by Date, the same worried look on his face. Kiryu explained best he could that everything was alright, Majima was just trying to goad him into a fight. Date looked suspicious, but gave up trying to get Kiryu to spill, instead saying goodnight and exiting. Reina must have already left too, Kiryu thought, retiring to his room for the night.

After what felt like an eternity of tossing and turning, Kiryu gave up. Lying on his back, he bit his lip. Majima-san was right. He is driving me crazy. What did he mean by saying I'm never going to want to leave him, though? He said he isn't losing me again... Am I just Majima's new play toy? Or does he want something more than fights and... Well. Whatever happens between us? If anything happens that is... I hope at least something happens. I can't go on like this. Tch. The last thing I need before I go to sleep... You hit the nail on the head, Majima-san... Closing his eyes, he moved his hand slowly down his chest under the blanket, trying to mimic the way Majima had dragged his fingers down.

“Majima-san...” Kiryu breathed out shakily, his hand finding the straining tent in his boxers, slipping easily under the elastic fabric. He gripped his dick tight with one hand and used the other to claw at the sheet. Gasping, he began moving his hand slowly but forcefully up and down, chest starting to heave. I wonder what it'd be like to be fucked by Majima... To have him on top of me, panting, sweat running down his face, down his neck... His hands gripping my ass just like they did that night... I wonder what he sounds like moaning my name... Kiryu's hand was faster now, jerking as if his life depended on it. I wonder if he would let me fuck him... or if he'd let me suck his dick... What would it feel like to have him in my mouth, his hands in my hair as I sucked him on my knees... “Mmff!” Kiryu grunted hard, his stomach tensing as he felt a warmth spread across his hand. I can't believe I've just done that... Over Majima-san... Again... Tch. I'm in too deep.


Chapter Text

“The koi swims up the Yellow River, crossing the mountains, to enter the Dragon Gate. At the end of the Dragon Gate River, the koi becomes the dragon. He is swimming upstream, through the Dragon Gate. In order to be reborn as the dragon... Perhaps he requires a powerful rival such as you.” Utabori murmured, concentrating on touching up the tattoo on Kiryu's back. Raising his head, Kiryu's eyes opened. It shouldn't be this way.

Later at Serena, Kiryu has just finished explaining what happened with Utabori.

“Nishikiyama's coming here?” Date repeated Kiryu's last statement, apparently needing clarification.

“Yeah.” It's been a long time... Bro. The words echoed around his brain. Sighing, Date continued.

“Haruka is in the Tojo Clan's cross hairs. You need to get her out of here.” Nodding thoughtfully, Kiryu spoke.

“Purgatory would be our safest bet.”

“There...? Well... I guess that's true enough.” There was a moment of silence before a quiet voice spoke up.

“I'm not going.” Everyone's heads whipped to the side, noticing Haruka standing there, fists balled at her sides.

“Why not, Haruka-chan?” Reina questioned, Haruka continuing, her voice louder now.

“Mister... You went looking for information about my mom, didn't you? But... How come you didn't take me this you?” Walking around the bar, she stopped behind where they were sitting. Kiryu faced away from her, lowering his head. I know this is hard, Haruka. I'm doing my best... Forgive me... “I want to see my mom. I didn't come here to play!” Haruka's voice more desperate now, tinged with anger and sadness. Date turned his head, interrupting her.

“Hey, Haruka...” Ignoring him, she walked forwards, stopping directly behind Kiryu, her hand outstretched, clutching her prized possession.

“It's this pendant, isn't it?” Kiryu turned his head, but remained silent. “Everyone just wants the pendant. No one cares about what I want.” A stab directly into his heart, Kiryu spun around on his chair. Truth is, he'd grown quite attached to little Haruka, wanting nothing more than to reunite her with her mom. Haruka continued, expression turning cold. “I know you're just after the ten billion yen, and that's why you've kept me-” Kiryu's temper hit boiling point. She really has no goddamn clue! How can she be so bratty? She knows nothing about me! I'm trying my best to help her, but it's still not good enough! Frowning hard, Kiryu reached a hand up, slapping Haruka across the cheek. Gasping, she turned away momentarily, hand clutching her left cheek. After a few seconds she turned her head back to face Kiryu, staring up at him with those big, brown, sad eyes. Goddamn it, Haruka.

“Sorry.” Haruka continued, pleading now, still clutching her cheek, which glowed a gentle pink.

“Please tell me about my mom. You know something, don't you? Please, tell me! Why won't you say anything?” She gripped Kiryu's arm hard with her small hands, shaking him as hard as she could, begging him now. Kiryu turned his head, swallowing down the lump in his throat. I can't tell you, because I don't want to hurt you... Haruka... Date realised how close to the edge Kiryu was, and intervened.

“Haruka. Kiryu just doesn't want to say that... Your mother-” Kiryu turned to face Date and exploded, anger seeping out from his every pore.

“Shut up! Don't say it!” Date turned away lowering his head, Reina doing the same.

“Haruka. I just need you to believe in me. That's all I can say for now.” He stared into her eyes, a tinge of sadness in his own.

“I want to believe you. But... My mom is really all I have! If you're just going to do whatever you want... Then I'm going to do the same.” Slamming her fist on the table, she left the pendant behind, storming off. “Goodbye!” Date and Reina called after her, but it was no use.

After a merry goose chase, Kiryu and Date found themselves standing in Stardust.

“We've been waiting for you, Kiryu-san.” The man at the top of the stairs spoke.

“Haruka better be safe.” Kiryu's voice a tone of serious warning. Another man stepped out from behind him, hand on Haruka's back. Kiryu jumped forward, ready to sprint to her, face twisted in concern, shouting her name. A wave of relief ran through his body. She's safe... Goddamn it, these assholes are going to pay!

“Haruka!” Date pulled him back, running up the stairs himself, stopping as a gun was pointed directly at him. “Where are Kazuki and the others!?” The man chuckled, his voice cocky and annoying.

“They're safe in another room. Tied up... But otherwise safe.”

“Who are you guys?” Date spat, noticing Kiryu had joined him at the bottom of the stairs.

“We shouldn't get into that. For all our sakes. Regardless, the young lady had a pendant in her possession...” He paused, patting Haruka on the shoulder. Kiryu's blood boiled as he stood helplessly, watching her eyes dart back and forth, wide with terror. The pendant? How do they know!? Just who are these bastards working for!? In an instant, Kiryu raised his hand, opening his clasped fingers, allowing the two men to see he was holding the pendant. One of the men stepped forward.

“Hand it over, please.”

“If I do, you'll return Haruka?”

“Of course.” He waved at the other man, who pushed Haruka forward. Stumbling, she let out a timid gasp as she began slowly walking down the stairs. Yeah, like I believe a kid snatching bastard like you would let her go so easily. The tension in the room could be cut with a knife, Date leant forward, sweat running down his brow, Kiryu still standing with his arm outstretched. Time passed at a snails pace, Haruka slowly clambering down the stairs, her little legs shaking as she did.

“Stop. Stop right there, please.” The man spoke out, Kiryu jumping a little at the sudden voice. Haruka froze, eyes wide, hands balled into nervous fists at her sides. “Throw the pendant up to me, please.” Yeah, so you can shoot Haruka once it's in your grimy little hands. Date threw his head towards Kiryu, who did the same. Giving each other a knowing look, Kiryu spoke, directing his attention to Haruka.

“Haruka, this is my fault.” She shook her head hard, giving Kiryu a look that made his heart sink. She's been through so much already... Kiryu threw back his arm and tossed the pendant towards the men at the top of the stairs. As soon as Kiryu threw, Date sprinted forward, snatching Haruka in his arms, just as he heard the gun fire a single shot. He launched backwards, jumping into the air, desperately trying to shield Haruka from the bullet. He landed hard on the ground, Haruka clutched to his chest. The man pointed the gun to Kiryu and shot, Kiryu ducking low and sidestepping out of the way. Leaning forward, the man caught the pendant in his hand as Kiryu ducked under the stairs for cover.

“Date-san! You okay!?” Date quickly answered, his voice riddled with panic.

“Yeah, but Haruka! Shit, the bullet grazed her arm!” Kiryu looked over and saw Haruka gripping her right arm tight, blood soaking her white jacket, little gasps of pain escaping her lips. Hearing footsteps behind, Kiryu spun around, seeing six men, all wearing the same black suits, walking towards them in a line.

“Tch!” Kiryu grunted, standing up. Looking behind him, the man holding the pendant gave him a wave of thanks, along with a cocky little smirk and began to walk down the stairs with the man holding the gun. “You're all going to pay for what you've done. You're all going to goddamn pay!” Exploding as the men surrounded him, Kiryu raised his fists, fire coursing through his body. Reaching his hand out, he gripped the first man, pulling him close. Three punches to his face, followed by a hard headbutt, and he was down. A second man jumped onto his back, punching the side of his head, causing Kiryu a minor annoyance. Grabbing his arm, he pulled him forward, flipping him onto the floor. Bending forward he gripped the man's hair, steadying him as he punched him hard, finishing him with a brief stomp to his chest. A third man grabbed Kiryu by his waist, desperately trying to down him. A hard elbow to the back followed by a sweep on his leg knocked the man to the floor, howling in pain as his face slammed onto the ground. The next man kicked Kiryu in the side, sidestepping around him as he grasped his shirt, awkwardly flipping him over onto his back. Landing with a grunt, he spun his legs around, his foot connecting with the man's stomach. Back on his feet in seconds, Kiryu gave him a succession of quick punches, finishing with a kick straight to his face. Sweat pouring down his face, he turned his attention to the last two men. Turning to face the one closest, Kiryu pulled his fist back, striking deep into the man's stomach, launching him into the air. Meeting his fist with the man's stomach he launched another punch, the body rising even higher before he finished with a strong blow to the face. And then there was one. The unknown man raised his wrist, ready to uppercut Kiryu, until Kiryu's elbow came slamming down hard, the man's wrist cracking loudly beneath him. He erupted into a howl as Kiryu swept backwards, his fist rising fast and hard, landing a punch so hard the man flew backwards, legs bouncing off the floor behind his head. Pulling his foot back for good measure, Kiryu slammed his foot into the body sprawled on the floor, the man launching into the air, spinning to eventually land on his stomach.

Standing panting, Kiryu watched the men quickly scramble up and run towards the exit, one reaching his hand out to grab the pendant that had been flung to the floor in the commotion. A yowl of pain filled the room as Kiryu stamped hard on his hand.

“What organization are you from? You're not yakuza. How do you know about the pendant?” Silence. Kiryu twisted his foot, raising it up a little, slamming it back down once again, another yowl of pain. “Hey, answer me!!” The man raised his head, stuttering.

“We're.. J-Jin-” A loud bang echoed through the club, blood splattering over Kiryu's once white shoes. Snapping his head up, Kiryu watched as another man in a black suit tucked the gun away, turning and running outside.

“Damn!” So desperate to keep quiet, they'd kill one of their own? The hell? Turning, Kiryu went over to where Date had laid Haruka on the seats of one of the booths. “Haruka, are you okay!?” Date stood up, facing Kiryu.

“It looks bloody, but the wound's not deep. She'll be fine, don't worry.” Kiryu felt his chest expand, relief cooling his still boiling blood. Thank God for that! Shit, I need to figure out what the hell is going on! Before... No. No matter what it takes. I won't let anyone hurt you again. I swear to you, Haruka, I'll keep you safe. The girl spoke, still clutching her arm, as Kiryu knelt down next to her.

“Mister... You came to save me?”

“Yeah.” Kiryu spoke gentle, helping her sit up.

“Sorry. It's my fault for running off.” It's not your fault at all, Haruka. You're just a kid. Mixed up in this... This bullshit!

“Haruka... I have something to apologize for too. Will you hear me out?” Raising a hand to rest on her shoulder, Haruka looked up and nodded her head. He took her hand as gently as he could, taking a deep breath. She has to know. “Mizuki, your mother is... already... She already died. Sorry, I... I couldn't save her.” Kiryu managed to choke out despite his voice breaking. He kept his head low, tears forming in his eyes. “I'm sorry. So sorry... Haruka.” He broke down, sobbing quietly when Haruka reached out, raising her hand to his face. Kiryu flinched slightly, but she continued, placing her hand softly on his cheek. Raising his head slowly, Kiryu looked at her, nothing but pain and sadness in his eyes. Haruka shook her head, those big innocent eyes staring into his. I failed you, Haruka. Just like I failed everyone else... I'm so sorry... So, so sorry... Before she could say anything, Yuya burst in, followed by Kazuki and the rest of the Stardust hosts. Kiryu explained best as he could, Date leaving to see if he could find any leads tying into the badge that had been left behind. When everything had been discussed, Kiryu left, heading back to Serena with Haruka.


Chapter Text

Majima stood in front of the mirror, adjusting his cap, a wild grin spreading over his face.

“Oi! Nishida! Get yer ass in here now!” A few moments later the door burst open.

“Yes, sir? What- Uh... What's going on boss?” Nishida stopped, eyes wide as he gave Majima the once over.

“Call Kiryu-chan. I gots me an idea!” Majima turned around his eye gleaming.

“Hello Kiryu-san. I have a message for you from the boss.”

“Oh, great.”

“He said, I'm in front of the Millennium Tower right now. I'll catch ya if ya try ta slip by, so don't even try.” Majima heard Kiryu chuckle, his chest tightening.

“You've got his accent down. Pretty generous of him to start warning me about where he'll be, too.” Nishida nodded, continuing.

“Yes, he also said, if ya don't got confidence in yer skills, ya better not be packin' heat!”


“Don't walk around with any weapons! ESPECIALLY not any knives or guns! ...And that's the message. Goodbye, Kiryu-san!” Nishida hung up, watching as Majima threw his head back, letting out a loud cackle.

“Well, bud! I'm off out! Don't wait up fer me!”

Shortly after the phone call, Majima stood hidden behind the coin lockers on Taihei Boulevard, head poked around the corner, his eye scanning the crowds for Kiryu. C'mon, Kiryu-chan! Where are ya? It ain't nice ta keep an officer of the law waitin'! Sheesh. Get dressed up all nice fer ya, an' ya keep me waitin'! A white suit caught his eye, his breath hitching as he leant forward. Adjusting his hat one more time, Majima stepped out and jogged lightly behind Kiryu, being careful to step quietly. When he was sure he was ready, he spoke as seriously as he could.

“Stop in the name of the law, Kiryu-chan!” The other man froze turning his head slightly, when Majima leapt forwards, a devilish grin on his face. Kiryu jumped backwards, stuttering, his eyes wide. Majima giggled joyously.


“Heh, are ya actually surprised?” Noticing the way Kiryu's eyes were roaming up and down his body, Majima stepped closer, Kiryu fumbling backwards.

“Y- Yeah. I actually am.” Kiryu paused, aware his cheeks were now pink. “What the hell are you doing?” Aww, ya getting' all worked up, Kiryu-chan! Remember this, Majima. Police uniforms turn Kiryu on.

“Well, we heard rumours about a guy rampagin' through town with a bat an' a dagger...” He paused, raising his arm in a salute, clicking his heels together, smirking as Kiryu's eyes widened. “So the Majima Family is on the case!” Raising both arms above his head, Majima spread his legs and stuck his hips out. “So, Kiryu-chan! I'm gonna have ta pat ya down ta see if yer carryin' any dangerous items!” Kiryu stood still a moment, mumbling in response. Yer doin' great, Majima! Keep this up an' he's gonna be putty in yer hands!

“You really have that kind of authority?” Majima snorted internally. Yer a sly fucker, Kiryu-chan! Ya know I ain't, but ya ain't gonna stop me... Are ya... Still, I'll play along fer now!

“Of course I do! I ain't gonna letcha off the hook just 'cause I know ya! Now show me the goods!” Kiryu shook his head.

“What do my possessions have to do with this?” Majima was losing patience rapidly. Moving closer to Kiryu, his voice was a rough growl in his ear.

“Shut up and spread 'em!” Feeling Kiryu shudder, he pressed his lips so they brushed Kiryu's ear whenever he spoke. “Ya got anythin' ya tryin' ta hide? Oh! Perhaps ya got a smut video hidden in that jacket a'yours?” Stumbling backwards, Majima was delighted to see Kiryu had turned a darker shade of pink. Not too shabby. But I can do better...

“I don't!” Voice coming out high pitched as he protested, Kiryu finally gave in. “...Geez! Fine. If I show you, then you'll be satisfied, right?” Majima nodded, pointing Kiryu to a nearby wall.

“Hands on there, sir. Spread 'em, nice an' wide now!” Licking his lips, Majima watched as Kiryu obliged, craning his neck to see what he was doing behind him. A quick slap on the back of the head made Kiryu gasp. “Nah, nah, now, eyes front, sir.” He heard Kiryu curse as he bent down, patting the bottom of his left leg, slowly working his way up. He repeated with the right leg, stopping as he hit just above the knee, feeling Kiryu tense up nicely. Go fer the goods now, he ain't goin' anywhere. Heh, who'da thought Kiryu-chan would agree ta this? Majima grinned as he gripped Kiryu's right thigh, patting and rubbing upwards slowly, but forcefully, Kiryu's legs beginning to tremble. He swept across the the left thigh, patting and rubbing, squeezing as he reached just below his ass cheeks. Sticking both hands out, he gripped it hard, Kiryu gasping, trying his hardest to stifle a moan. Slipping his hands around his hips, he patted lightly, squeezing gently, giggling as Kiryu would jerk whenever his hand brushed against his crotch.

“Majima-san...” Kiryu whispered, backing into Majima's crotch with his ass, quickly shuffling forward again. Majima stood, groaning quietly as his trousers began to feel tight. Huh, eager ain't cha? Wonder if he'll let me use my... baton. Sliding his hands up, Majima raked his fingers over Kiryu's chest, purposefully gripping his nipples over his shirt, giving a little twist before moving his hands under his jacket, hand finding a hard handle. Pulling out the dagger Kiryu had concealed in his jacket pocket, Majima giggled, putting his serious voice back on as best he could. Leaning forward he licked the side of Kiryu's neck, reaching his ear, biting his gently as the other man began desperately clawing the wall. Told not ta come with any weapons, yet here we are. Ya wanted this to happen bad, eh Kiryu-chan?

“... What have we here!? Naughty naughty, Kiryu-chan... Ya have a weapon!” Majima drawled, pulling back. Kiryu spun around, Majima's eye drawn straight to the bulge in his trousers, a devious grin pasted onto his face. Kiryu looked away embarrassed, again trying to use his jacket to hide his shame.

“Tch. You found it.” Ah, so ya planted it there, huh? Desperate fer the fun ta start, eh, Kiryu-chan?

Majima stood straight, tearing his eye away to look Kiryu in the face, shaking his head in mock disappointment.

“Not good, Kiryu-chan. What were ya thinkin', walkin' around in public with a dangerous item like this? As an officer of the law, I gotta make sure ya pay fer yer crimes! It's in my very moral fiber!” Kiryu played dumb, pleasing Majima to no end.

“What? Then from the very beginning, you were trying to...” Majima interrupted him, ducking low, swinging his bat behind his head, a wicked look now on his face, eye burning with excitement.

“I told ya, didn't I, Kiryu-chan? If I can give ya a proper reason, you'll have ta fight me!” Kiryu smirked, the facade dropping a little.

“Fine then. Bring it on!” Majima stood his bat on the floor, using it as ledge as he cartwheeled over it, kicking Kiryu hard in the face. Bumbling backwards, Kiryu sidestepped, cursing as Majima came at him in a ferocious attack. Bat swinging every way imaginable, a few of them catching Kiryu on his knee, the back of his head and his shoulder. Kiryu charged forwards, grabbing Majima by the collar, hoisting him over his shoulder and slammed him on the ground hard. A groan escaped from Majima, causing Kiryu to pause momentarily before he pulled him back up, placed his hand over his mouth and slammed him back down. Majima grinned happily, springing back on his feet. Now this is more like it! A few more fights like this, rile him up a bit more, an' move in fer the kill! As he got back up, Kiryu grabbed his head in both hands, pulling him close, and headbutted him hard. Flying backwards, Majima landed hard against the wall, Kiryu advancing on him. He gripped his shoulder and spun him around, face now against the wall, his body grinding into Majima's.

“Hey, Kiryu-chan?” Majima panted, Kiryu leant close, body heaving, both men on fire. “Ya like my outfit?” Grunting, he pressed his body against Majima's harder.

“What do you think.” Kiryu growled, Majima's eye flying shut as he felt Kiryu's erection pressing hard into his back. Well, well, well. Looks like innocent little Kiryu-chan's getting' into the swing'a things! Not long now, Majima.

“I thought ya would. I can wear it again fer ya if ya like. But...” He paused, giggling as Kiryu grabbed the back of his neck, hand tightening. “Ya gotta call me Officer Majima, when I do.” Kiryu groaned in his ear as Majima's phone began to ring. It was a deep breathy moan that drove Majima mad. Heh, jus' when it's gettin' good too. Fuck. He pushed Kiryu away, getting a look of disappointment in return. “Gotta go. Until next time, Kiryu-chan!” Answering the phone, Majima walked away, feeling Kiryu's eyes burning a hole in his back.


Chapter Text

Swirling his drink, Majima sighed. Hmm. What can I do next to surprise Kiryu-chan. He took to Officer Majima pretty fuckin' well. Couldn'ta went better. But I want somethin' that's gonna shock him... I wanna see the look on his pretty face as he stares at my body. I want him ta not be able to keep his hands off me. It's time ta take it up a notch. Ain't gonna get nowhere waitin' for Kiryu-chan ta make the first move. I knew he wouldn'ta messed around with a guy before... But ta find out he's a stone cold virgin? I'm gonna be the one that shows him how good sex can be. I'm gonna be the only one he ever fucks, or is fucked by. It ain't even about fightin' him anymore. It's about the excitement of what's gonna come afterwards. I'm ain't gonna stop until he's on his knees, beggin' me ta fuck him. Huh. Wonder what it'd be like sleepin' next ta him. Funny wakin' up with him. I bet he looks fuckin' hot as fuck in the mornin'. Showerin' with him, both of us drippin' wet... Headin' out fer some drinks, stumblin' back home together, fuckin' the livin' daylights outta each other. Majima shuddered hard, realising he'd been gripping his glass so hard it had cracked, a shard of glass poking delicately out of his hand, blood oozing from the wound. Wait... What the fuck am I think? Drinkin' together? Stumblin' back home... Together...? Sleepin' next ta him? The fuckin' fuck!? Nah, Majima. Don't even go there. It's jus' messy when ya let ya feelin's get involved. Ya wanna fuck him regularly, and fight him regularly. Nothin' more. Still... Why did I tell him he was mine? Why do I want him ta be mine an' only mine? Shit, you've really done it this time ain'tcha, fucknuts.

Sighing heavily, he threw some money on the bar and left. Walking aimlessly down Pink Street, Majima's eye was drawn to a bright flashing neon sign.

“Beam, huh...” He muttered, entering the store. Ohhh, it's one of these stores. Let's see what DVDs they got. Midnight Channel 4... G-Cup nurses... Housewives In A Bind... Nah... This ain't what I'm lookin' fer. Oh ho! Whadda we got here? Gay porn movies? Full Of Ass... Pork Buns... One Night Standing... Heehee! I gotta get some of these sometime to show Kiryu-chan! Hang on... I got an idea! Hmm? What's this? Shemales Uncensored? Hot dang. That's it! Another one! I'm gonna get him twice in one day! Turning around, Majima practically danced out the door.

The two men stood in front of Majima's desk, heads bowed, hands clasped.

“Okay. So ya got it?” The men nodded. “Right then, let's get a move on! Remember, normal clothes, knuckleheads. I don't want Kiryu-chan catchin' on!” The men quickly exited as Majima threw his head back, unable to stop the glee from bubbling out of him. After waiting for what seemed like days, Majima was stood hiding behind a building on Theater Avenue, watching the two guys stand around, when Kiryu finally walked past. The men began speaking. He was close enough to hear what was being said, but devious enough to remain well hidden. His stomach somersaulted as he listened, it was exactly like they'd practised.

“Hey, you ever heard of a DVD called Passionate Manly Bathhouse Battle?” Majima stifled a giggle as Kiryu stopped in front of them.

“Nope. You sure that's what you think it is?”

“Yeah, it's a martial arts piece set in the Edo period. It has this intense, manly battle between these two incredible martial artists, exclusive to the DVD version.”

“Huh. Maybe it's worth a watch. Think they have it at that Beam store?” As expected, Kiryu turned around and began walking away. The men turned, flashing Majima a thumbs up, retreating back to the office. Careful not to be seen, Majima began tailing Kiryu, excitement rising as he turned the corner to Pink Street. Kiryu took a nervous look around before heading inside. Giggling maniacally, Majima followed him in, quiet as a mouse, hiding behind the many shelves lined with DVDs. Kiryu approached the desk, the employee addressing him immediately. He definitely ain't done this before that's fer sure.

“Welcome. We have a lot of stuff the stores don't carry.”

“I'd like Passionate Manly Bathhouse Battle, please.” His voice was quiet and timid. So cute, Kiryu-chan! The employee put the DVD on the counter and Majima couldn't contain his giggles any longer, he exploded in a fit of high pitched shrieking, Kiryu spinning around, eyes like two round saucers.

“Majima-san!?” Majima stifled his giggles, trying to speak calmly.

“What's goin' on here, Kiryu-chan? Ya interested in this kinda thing!? I can't even imagine...” His voice betrayed him, rising in pitch at the end of his sentence. Smirking, he gave him a quick wink, just like that night at Asia. Kiryu blushed instantly recognizing the way Majima tipped his head to the side, keeping his eye shut longer than usual. It was the best he could do with one eye. “I'm chokin' back the tears here!” Kiryu began stuttering, shaking his head violently.

“N-No, it's not what you're thinking!” Majima lowered his head, looking at the DVD.

“Woahhh, check it out! Two macho men havin' a tussle in the nude!? This is a world of shit I didn't even know existed...” He raised his head slightly, licking his lips slowly. Fuck, I love teasin' him like this! Seein' him squirm, it's too good!

“Take a closer look! It's an Edo period martial arts piece! There's steam everywhere, so it's not indecent!” Kiryu tried to explain, becoming more flustered as each second ticked by.

“Kiryu-chan, nothin' ta be ashamed of! You and I are super good buddies. I'll keep yer little secret safe!” Kiryu spoke through gritted teeth.

“I'm telling you, you've got it wrong! I'm not going to have you spreading rumours. I need to settle this with you right now, Majima-san!” Boom. Ya fell fer it hook line and sinker, Kiryu-chan! Sounds like ya not ready ta admit the truth so publicly yet, mind. But still, it's fun ta get ya so riled up! I'll make do with a fight, jus' fer now!

“Hot damn! The tables are turnin'! It's rare when Kiryu-chan's the one instigatin' the fight!” Majima giggled, throwing his hands up in fake surprise. He lowered his eyebrows, a smug smirk forming on his face. “Look's like we're gonna have a real passionate an' manly battle!” As soon as they got outside, Kiryu slammed Majima against the wall.

“What the hell are you playing at? Did you see the way that guy looked at us?” Majima put on the saddest face he could muster.

“Awww. Ya mean ya didn't like my plan, Kiryu-chan...?” Kiryu's eyes widened, before he pulled back his fist, punching Majima full force in the face. Unfazed, Majima giggled and picked up his bat, swinging at Kiryu hard, knocking him to the ground. He cartwheeled over him, slamming his knee down hard in Kiryu's chest. Grunting in pain, Kiryu watched as Majima leant on his bat, swaying his hips from side to side. “C'mon slowpoke, I'm getting' bored here.” Kiryu let out a roar as he jumped up, grabbing Majima's head and headbutting him hard. As he fell to his knees, Kiryu raised his foot and pressed it to his face, kicking him back, leaving him sprawled on the floor, chest heaving. Kiryu was just about to kick him, when he spoke. “Yer always so tough, Kiryu-chan... I lose.” He stood up, smiling coyly at Kiryu.

“Now, about what we were discussing earlier...” Majima chuckled.

“Passionately Manly Battle, wasn't it? I'm prepared! Do yer worst ta me, Kiryu-chan!”

“I'm not talking about that. You can't do things like this Majima. I... Can you imagine... Tch. I have to go.” Kiryu huffed, turned around and stomped off. Well that went down like a shitstorm. On ta yer next bright idea.

Gripping his shopping bags tightly, Majima strolled casually back to his office. I can't fuckin' wait ta see the look on Kiryu-chan's face when he sees this! As soon as he got inside, he got to work. A few hours later, he was sitting in Shine, waiting, a slight hint of nervousness rising from deep within him. It was time. Pulling his phone out, he spoke excitedly.

“Okay, email him Nishida. Tell him that there's a hostess at Shine that hasn't gotten any customers. Tell him she said she ain't leavin' until she's met him. Make sure ta tell him, it'd help ya out.” Sipping his drink, Majima checked the time. It was nearly 5pm. Six hours since he'd last seen Kiryu. He'd had been waiting for nearly thirty five minutes before he heard the steward speaking. Game time. Shit, I hope he likes this... Walking inside, Kiryu's eyes were on the floor. Majima watched as he moved them up slowly. Bright pink heels, black fishnet stockings that lead to a tight pink low cut dress, purple belt around his slim waist, bracelets adorning his left wrist, pink fingernails, a crystal necklace, gold hoop earrings, red blush, pink lipstick and of course a blonde wig with a pretty pink bow. Kiryu's eyes were practically bulging out of his head. Majima smiled as he clasped his hands and bowed. The steward led them to their booth, leaving them to talk. Majima giggled as he left, turning around to face Kiryu, who's jaw was still hanging loosely. Speaking as gentle and feminine as he could, he began.

“Hello, I'm Goromi!” Kiryu breathed shakily, leaning forward, studying him hard.

“Majima-san, is that you!?” Gasping, Majima placed his hand over his mouth giggling girlishly, moving backwards, his leg lifting slightly as he did so. Heart beating faster as he noticed Kiryu's eyes lingering on his legs.

“Aw, come on now, Kiryu-chan. Ya gotta call me Goromi now!” Kiryu folded his arms and lowered his head.

“Wait, but...” Majima felt his temper flare slightly.

“What's yer problem? Ya love the clubs, and ya can't stand the fact that I'm here, all dolled up fer ya?” He paused as Kiryu raised his head to look at him, chewing on his bottom lip, brow furrowed in thought. “So, Whatcha thinkin'? I bet ya wanna slug me right now, huh?” Kiryu shook his head, smiling. Majima felt his heart flutter.

“No. Right now, we're just a customer and a cabaret girl. We should enjoy our drinks.” Holy shit, he's actually playin' along? The fuck Kiryu-chan, I didn't expect ya ta give in that easily! Let's have some fun!

“Ooh! I like it! Let's see ya put ya best moves on me, Kiryu-chan!” Kiryu chuckled, nodding.

“Fine. I accept the challenge!”

“Good. Whaddya want ta drink?” Within moments a bottle of the club's finest champagne had been whisked over. Both men clinked their glasses together.

“Cheers!” Majima giggled, watching as Kiryu lets another smile escape onto his face. Huh. Seems pretty relaxed about bein' in public. Not like this mornin'... Maybe he's mellowed out a bit, or maybe I'm jus' that goddamn irresistible lookin' like this! “Let's enjoy the night!” Kiryu nodded happily, taking another swig from his glass. “So, Kiryu-chan. Do ya come ta clubs like this often?”

“Not really. I found a bar I liked and that's where I'm used to drinking.”

“I see... Then count yerself lucky today. An opportunity to drink with a lady like me don't come around too often, if ya know what I mean.” He paused, throwing his head back again, placing his hand to his mouth, his voice sweet and innocent. “Just don't fall fer me too hard, Okay?” Kiryu chuckled heartily.

“Heh, who knows? Love can be unpredictable.” Majima found he was the one with a slack jaw now. Wake up dumbass, yer here to mess around with Kiryu-chan, not gawk at him like a schoolgirl! Yer supposed to be runnin' the show, not fallin' for him! Fuckin' an' fightin', remember?

They chatted idly for a while Majima genuinely enjoying Kiryu's company, and from the looks of it, Kiryu was having a good time too.

“So, Kiryu-chan. Ya got a special lady in ya life?” Kiryu shook his head.

“I was in prison for ten years. Besides, I don't have time to worry about that right now.” Majima cocked his head to the side, sympathetically placing a hand on Kiryu's knee.

“But ya finally made it out! It wouldn't hurt ya ta have a little fun!”

“Well, I came to this club to try to, but...” He bit his lip, leg twitching as Majima pulled his hand away, raising it to his face.

“I know just the thing. Since yer so lonely right now, I'm gonna give ya a hand!” Heh heh. Cue nervous Kiryu-chan! So cute!

“Sounds good. You're an amazing woman, Goromi.” He smiled, placing his hand on Majima's thigh. Hawwwww!?

“...! Fer real? Who are ya an' what have ya done with the real Kiryu-chan!?” Not being able to hide his surprise, he stared dumbly at Kiryu, who was looking into his eye, smiling. Such a warm and delicate smile. Majima felt a lump forming in his throat, worsening as Kiryu continued.

“I can be myself around you, unlike with most women. I can just enjoy a drink without feeling like I have to act tough. Thanks to you, the drinks taste great tonight.” Majima let out a gasp as Kiryu squeezed his thigh gently.

“Awww. Yer makin' my heart race... But ya know... Even if ya sweet talk me, I ain't fallin' fer ya that easy!” Now I jus' gotta mean what I say an' everythin'll be fine. Noticing the steward walking over, Majima cleared his throat quickly. “Oh... It's time ta go.” Kiryu smiled.

“Time flies, eh?” Majima nodded, giggling.

“Kiryu-chan, yer a swell fella! At this rate, I'd even go on an after hours date with ya!”

“Why don't we then?” Ehhhh!? This ain't right, he got so embarrassed earlier, an' now? Huh? “Well? What do you say, Goromi?” Majima nodded quickly, gripping Kiryu's hand as he tugged him outside.

“So, how comes ya ain't embarrassed ta be seen with me? Ya were practically shittin' ya pants earlier in Beam, what's changed in a few hours?” Cocking his head to the side, Majima studied Kiryu, watching intensely as he saw his face break into a smile.

“How could I be embarrassed? You're such a beautiful woman, Goromi. But I think you're mistaken. I never met you earlier. The first time I met you was in Shine. I met someone named Majima earlier.” Hot damn. Ya think ya so clever, huh, Kiryu-chan? C'mon Majima, ya lettin' him run rings around ya. Majima chuckled.

“My mistake, Kiryu-chan! Here, c'mere. I wanna thank ya fer such a great night! I had so much fun, I wanna show ya how much I appreciate ya!” Eyes widening as he was pulled down a dingy alleyway, Kiryu swallowed loudly.

“Uh... What are we doing here, Goromi?” Stammering nervously, Majima couldn't help but giggle. He really had that girly giggle down perfectly.

“Ahhh, Kiryu-chan! Is that nervousness I hear in ya voice? Where's ya confidence gone? Ya were actin' like a big man before... Don't say ya just all talk...” Majima kissed him quickly, gripping the ever growing bulge in Kiryu's pants firmly, squealing in delight as he heard the other man inhale sharply.

“Huh? Shit.... No. Stop. I told you before, what if someone sees? Majima-san!” Kiryu cried out, panic rising rapidly in his voice. Majima shook his head, tutting. He leant in close, whispering in Kiryu's ear, letting go of his dick and adjusting his hand. He began stroking it up and down.

“Nah... Ya gotta call me Goromi. Ya remembered it before. Heh, what's wrong, Kiryu-chan? Fallin' ta pieces 'cause a pretty lady's got her hand on yer dick?” This'll teach ya to try an' get the upper hand with me, Kiryu-chan!

“Goromi.. S- Stop! Please!”

“Nah, can't do that, Kiryu-chan! Ladies like me make sure ta finish what they start.” Kiryu whimpered, throwing his head back, Majima taking the opportunity to attack his neck, biting and sucking with ravenous desire. The small alley was filled with pants and small groans, Kiryu desperately trying to remain quiet. What a pretty fuckin' picture this is! Fuck, I'd love to bend him over an' fuck him raw. I'd make sure he was sore. His pain remindin' him every time he moved what I did ta him. I'd make sure he'd come crawlin' ta me, hands and knees, jus' beggin' me ta fuck him again...

“Maj- ah, Goromi!” Kiryu gasped, Majima hadn't realised, but he'd been rubbing him faster through his trousers.

“I can dress up fer ya again, if ya like. I got so many more ideas for ya Kiryu-chan... Jus' wait until the fun really starts...” Majima grinned, pulling back his lips and sinking his teeth hard into Kiryu's neck. He felt Kiryu tense and tremble beneath him, warmth touching his hand.

“Goromi... Fuck, I... Majima-san...” Pulling back, Majima saw a wet patch had spread along the front of Kiryu's trousers. Smirking, he looked up, Kiryu's head turned, his face on fire, sweat pouring down his face.

“There now. Ain't that better? Did ya like the way I thanked ya, Kiryu-chan?” Kiryu nodded slowly, turning his face to meet Majima's. “Heh. Thought so. Ya gonna love what comes next... Anyway, see ya around, Kiryu-chan!” Leaning forward, he gave him a quick peck on the cheek, enjoying the view one last time before he left. Kiryu remained against the wall, knees trembling, trying to catch his breath, watching as the amazing Goromi sauntered away, heels clicking loudly on the ground.


Chapter Text

After bumping into Majima twice in one day, Kiryu's head was a jumbled mess. Afterwards, he'd had a great time with Haruka. Karaoke, the arcade, baseball, mountains of food... It was just what they both had needed, even if Kiryu had been rather distracted. To think she's just been grazed by a bullet, and she can still put me to shame with most of the activities we did... Heh. She's such a great kid. I hope she'll be okay while I'm gone. It's almost time to meet Nishiki. How the hell am I supposed to concentrate on everything after... After Officer Majima... And Goromi. Even when I was with Haruka, I couldn't stop thinking about him... Tch. Leaving Purgatory behind, Kiryu sighed. Time to meet Nishiki.

Hearing the ding of the elevator, Kiryu tensed. Reina gave him a worried look as the door creaked open, his head turning slightly. He felt his heart skip a beat as he turned around fully, holding his breath. Nishiki walked in, a smug look on his face.

“Nishiki...” Kiryu exhaled, not being able to help his eyes widening in surprise.

“Been a long time... Bro. Reina, saki.” Reina nodded as Nishiki sat down in the seat furthest away from Kiryu. “It's been ten years since I've drank with you.” Kiryu turned, head facing forward now, noticing Nishiki had done the same.

“Yeah...” Reina turned, placing a glass in front of him.

“Visitation didn't fit into my schedule. I've been pretty busy, you know.” Kiryu's voice uninterested, he raised his glass, taking a sip before answering.

“I'm sure.”

“I... I really want that ten billion in my hands. Hand over the brat and the pendant.” Brat? Nishiki... What's happened to you... Kiryu placed his glass down, turning to face Nishiki.

“Answer this first. Why'd you kill Mizuki?”

“I didn't mean to. Yumi's sister... I never meant to kill her. My men couldn't get her to talk... So they killed her, without my knowledge. So. I killed them.” Reina turned, placing her head into her hands and began sobbing. How can he talk about it so matter of factly? Killing is just the norm for him now? Goddamn it Nishiki... “For ten years I searched for any trace of Yumi. I heard her sister was working at Serena... So I kept her under close watch. I figured wherever she was, Yumi would follow.” He paused, lighting up a smoke.

“And that's how you found out about Haruka?”

“Maybe it was fate. The girl was at Sunflower. The same orphanage we grew up in. Mizuki opened Ares, then she fell off the map. Left her daughter at Sunflower. And then the Tojo Clan's ten billion was stolen. But then...” Nishiki paused, reaching into his pocket, pulling out a ring. Kiryu gasped. That's the ring I bought Yumi! How has he...

“That's...” Nishiki nodded.

“Exactly. Yumi's ring. They found it at the scene of the crime.”

“Yumi's gotta be...”

“She's near. I know it.” Placing the ring back in his pocket, he carried on. “Kiryu, the whole Tojo Clan is at war. It's bigger than you can handle by yourself. I won't do you wrong. Give me the pendant.” Kiryu shook his head.

“It's the only thing that Haruka has that belonged to her mother. I don't care about your war.” Nishiki chuckled.

“You haven't changed. That's why Yumi was drawn to you.” Kiryu lowered his head, shame washing over him. Yumi... I... I hope she's okay... I loved you, Yumi. I did... I loved you so much, despite whatever I felt towards Majima... In prison... Something changed, he took the focus... I can't even work out why that's how pathetic it is!!! But then I got out and... Majima-san... I still care deeply about you, and I hope you are safe, wherever you are. But I just don't... I don't feel the same way about you anymore... I'm sorry, Yumi. Forgive me... “And why everyone flocks to your side. That hasn't changed either.”

“Do you hate me for it?” Nishiki chuckled.

“I don't even know. But in the end, I betrayed you. And the old man too. I can't go back now.” Kiryu detected a hint of regret as his voice wavered slightly. Huh...? He betrayed Kazama-san!? He can't be serious...!

“No way... You were the one who shot Kazama-san!?” Nishiki smirked slyly, examining his hands. Kiryu watched, his stomach turning.

“Yeah... My hands were shaking as I pulled the trigger.” Kiryu jumped up, not able to contain his anger anymore and punched Nishiki square in the face, hard. Reina watched him land heavily on the floor.

“Stop! Both of you, stop!” Crying out, she glanced at Kiryu who was stood shaking in anger, hands balled at his sides.

“Why!? After everything Kazama-san did for us!?” Kiryu roared, Nishiki sitting up, wiping his mouth.

“He's not dead yet!” Yet? The hell does he mean, yet!? “And besides, he's got Shinji with him.” Nishiki threw a radio from his pocket.

“Kazama-san... We're here.” Shinji's voice crackled from the radio, Kiryu listening, dumbfounded.

“You... You put a plant on Shinji?”

“After what happened ten years ago, I can't trust anyone.” Kiryu raised his foot and slammed it down hard, smashing the radio into a thousand pieces. Nishiki stood up and faced Kiryu.

“I'm going to rise to the top of the Tojo Clan in my own way. If you won't hand over Mizuki's daughter... Not even you're gonna get a pass.” Kiryu moved closer to him, expression cold. It's true. He isn't Nishiki anymore. He's... Goddamn it, Nishiki!

“Do what you want. But I'm not giving you Haruka. Let you use her like some tool? Not happening.” Nishiki lowered his head, a hint of sadness appearing in his eyes.

“Just so you know... I did hope we could work together, like we did in the old days. But... From here on, you're no brother of mine.” Walking out, he slammed the door behind him. You're not Nishiki anymore. My brother... He's gone. I would never work with who you are now. Reina looked up at Kiryu.

“Why did it have to end up like this? Wh- why!?” Kiryu apologized as men burst in from all sides. After dispatching of the six men Nishiki had sent in, and the thirteen men waiting in the backlot, Kiryu left Serena and began walking back to the Florist to check up on Haruka, hoping to bump into Majima somewhere along the way. However, everything was forgotten as he arrived and saw Purgatory up in flames. Haruka was gone. A frantic search began, which led Kiryu in the middle of Debolah, the youngest Akai brother's head in his hand. The name he spoke once Kiryu had beaten it out of him echoed around his mind. Lau Ka Long... The Snake Flower Triad... What do they want with Haruka!? Informing Date where Haruka was, the two set off for Yokohama. Driving for what seemed like hours, they finally stood outside of Snake Flower Triad headquarters. Kiryu turned to Date.

“I'm going in alone. You'll just slow me down.”

“Blunt as a hammer.”


“Kiryu, don't you dare die in there.” That's the plan, Date-san. Nodding, he stepped inside, a massive brawl ensuing. Fighting body after body, Kiryu was eventually stood in front of Lau Ka Long, Haruka sat next to him, bound with rope and tape over her mouth. You're going to fucking pay for this!

“Why are you involved!?” Kiryu shouted, voice echoing throughout the large hall.

“Shimano-san asked. It is a big business deal.” Business deal? The hell?

“So you're after the ten billion?” Lau shook his head, stepping behind Haruka.

“None of you seem to grasp the true value of this girl. Not even Shimano. Japanese yakuza not very smart.” Kiryu watched as Haruka struggled, eyes wide with fear. He felt his heart wrench. Just hold on a little longer Haruka...

“What'd you do with the pendant?”

“I sold it already. To Nishikiyama. Shimano was too cheap to bite.”

“Then you don't need anything from her anymore!” Kiryu bellowed, fists shaking. Lau walked around the desk and stood in front of him.

“Not true. What we wanted was this girl.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“I think we have talked enough.” That was all Kiryu needed to hear. Raising his fists as one of the Snake Flower Triad's threw Lau a vicious looking guan dao, he launched forwards, ducking and weaving as the other swung his weapon, twirling it around him with ease. Getting a few punches in, Lau spun around, hitting him hard, sending Kiryu flying into a table. An expensive looking vase fell to the floor and shattered. Pulling out a few shards of the vase that had managed to pierce his hand, Kiryu jumped up and ran at the other man. Ducking low and sweeping his weapon out, Kiryu was back on the floor. Spinning his legs around, he was back up in no time, grabbing Lau by his neck, punching hard repeatedly. Dragging him to the nearest wall, he slammed his head against it, not stopping until there was smudges of blood on it. Pulling his first back Kiryu went to punch Lau as he was pressed against the wall, but the man ducked at the last second, whirling around launching a kick into Kiryu's stomach. Winded he stumbled backwards, narrowly avoiding the heavy swing Lau's guan dao. Reaching out, he gripped the other man and headbutted as hard as he could, once, twice, a third time. Lau sank to the floor, Kiryu spun around landing a kick to the face to finish him off. Making sure he was down, Kiryu ran over to Haruka, untying her and removing the tape from her mouth.

“Mister! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!” She cried out, wrapping her arms around his waist, hugging as tight as she could. Kiryu could feel a lump forming in his throat. Haruka... Hearing the door crash open, Kiryu instinctively pushed Haruka behind him, stunned as five cops entered pointing their guns at him, followed by Sudo.

“Kazuma Kiryu! You're under arrest for kidnapping!” Oh, you have got to be fucking kidding me.


Chapter Text

Standing on the rooftop, Kiryu gently placed Reina's hands on her stomach and closed her eyes. She looked at peace. Reina... He turned, stepping over the sprawled out body of Arase and knelt down next to Shinji. He's lost too much blood... Shit!

“Sir... I'm sorry...” Kiryu reached his arm under him and lifted gently, holding him in his arms. “To the last... Kazama-san is with a woman named Akemi. She's my... girl.” Shinji looked up at him, his eyes full of pain, blood trickling down the left corner of his mouth. Kiryu nodded.

“Got it. Akemi.”

“S- Sir...” He paused, reaching into his pocket, pulling out a ring and placing it into Kiryu's hand. “Shinji, you...” Kiryu stopped, Shinji's head rolling back, his body now lifeless. “Shinji...? Sh- Shinji... Shinji!!!” A roar of pain errupted from his throat as he held the body of his friend. How the hell have things came to this? His mind flashed back to everything that had happened in the past twenty four hours.

After he was arrested, Date got him out of prison, giving him a good amount of info he'd found. The badge that was left at Stardust belongs to an undergrouns organization of the Cabinet Office called the MIA. The body that was found wasn't actually Mizuki. Shinji had then called him to warn him that someone close to him was talking. After heading to Serena and confirming it was Reina Shinji called him to tell him that Reina had tried to kill Nishikiyama to make things right, and that they were on the run together. And then... He finally managed to track them down. I can't sit and cry now. There's too much on the line. Gotta find Akemi. She's gotta be with Kazama-san! But first... Kiryu called the Florist. A little while later he was standing in front of the bodies of his friends in Purgatory.

“I had no one else to leave them with.” The Florist nodded.

“I know. I'll make sure they get a proper burial.” Kiryu thanked him and left, squinting as he walked outside. Daylight already huh. Better start looking for Akemi.

After chasing down some leads, Kiryu was standing in the information center in Shichifuku Street. He'd just managed to get the Shangri-La membership card from Mizuno. Stepping out of the MEB, Kiryu's phone began buzzing. Huh? An email? ...Majima!? With everything going on I haven't got time for... Wait, what!? Quietly, he read the email entitled Run away now outloud.

“Kiryu-chan, there are some weird guys followin' ya, I've seen 'em 'cause I'm watchin' ya, of course. Today there were a ton more than usual. Kinda worried fer ya. If this keeps up, you an' ya girl are gonna be in big trouble. But don't even sweat it! I got a plan. Hitch a ride in that taxi in front of the park. I talked ta the driver an' everything is cool. But don't dawdle! Get in that taxi right away!” Kiryu couldn't help but smile slightly. I'm glad he's watching me. I just want to... No. Majima-san said run. Time to run. Reaching the taxi, he pulled open the door and stared inside.

“The taxi fare starts at 660 yen... Hey... Hold on. You're Kiryu-san, right? I know about you. Hop in.” The driver waved him in quickly. A short while later, the car stopped. Kiryu climbed out, looking around. The pier? Huh? Sighing he walked forwards, spotting Majima. Despite everything going on at the moment, he still couldn't help his heart beat faster and his mouth go dry.

“There ya are, Kiryu-chan.” His voice was strangely normal. Kiryu wasn't sure why but it made him nervous. There was something Majima wasn't telling him.

“You said coming here would shake off those guys.” Majima's face cracked into a grin, Kiryu's eyes lighting up as he felt himself smirk. Yup. I knew something was up.

“Heh heh... Not exactly. You'll get ya chance ta shake 'em off soon enough.”

“What? Majima-san... Is this another trick? I don't fucking have time for this!” Kiryu cocked his head. Shit. I didn't mean to sound like that... I just don't have time, Majima-san... Please wait until this is all sorted out... Wait for me... Majima lowered his head. Kiryu felt his chest burn. His voice came out quiet.

“This ain't about us...” Coughing to clear his throat, Majima's voice returned to normal, but Kiryu saw through it. I shouldn't of said that. I didn't mean to hurt you, Majima-san... I'm an idiot! I shouldn't be taking my problems out on those closest to me! On those I... “I saw somethin' weird and I thought I best tell ya about it! Ooh! Look, here comes the pack of goons now!” Kiryu turned to where Majima was pointing and saw eight men standing in front of them.

“We finally got you cornered, Kiryu! We've been waiting for this moment! You think going away for ten years would just erase your sins? Think again.” The pieces clicked into place.

“If that's what this is about, then you must be ex-Dojima...”

“Ahhh, now I get it! I knew you boys were persistant, but it's all comin' together now. That means... You buttballs have been sittin' around plannin' this day fer the last ten years!? What a goddamn waste of life.” Kiryu couldn't help but smirk. Goddamn it...I hate to sound like a fangirl, but he truly is amazing...

“Majima-san, stay out of this, if you would.” One of the ex-Dojima men spoke up. “This is an internal family issue.” Majima stuck his chest out, leaning forward.

“I don't give two hot shits! Nobody gets in the way of my fight with my Kiryu-chan!” Kiryu's heart stopped as the men gave each other confused looks.

“Wh- What?” One of the men gasped. Kiryu felt his face flush. Majima turned to Kiryu and nodded, smilling wide.

“C'mon Kiryu-chan. Let's roast these meatheads so we can get on with our fight!” Kiryu chuckled, facing Majima.

“So that's why you brought me here. I should of known.” One of the thugs turned to Majima, shouting.

“You're psycho, Majima!” Kiryu balled his fists, baring his teeth, before realising Majima was still looking at him. He relaxed sheepishly as the man continued. “Doesn't matter, though. We're gonna end this here, Kiryu! Men! Kill 'em both!” Majima hopped from side to side, grinning wide as Kiryu ran forwards. Both men fought together with a ferocity that they'd never felt before. There was an electricity crackling around them, both men working in perfect harmony. Majima's maniac giggles could be heard every time he landed a slash or hit he was especially proud of. Kiryu found himself standing watching, on his back spinning his legs around, raising to his knees, twisting his body, flipping back and forth... It was truly a sight to behold. In no time at all Majima was stood near the water and Kiryu was down to his last man. Ending him with a finishing right hook, he glanced over just in time to see one of the men lying on the floor, stick his arm up from the ground, gun in hand. He shot once. Kiryu's head whipped around to follow the bullet as it hit Majima straight through the stomach. Arms out at his sides, Majima fell backward, the water splashing loudly as his body hit it. The man who shot him, dropped the gun and collapsed.

“Majima!!!” Kiryu roared, running to the water, leaning over desperately trying to find him, arm splashing into the water frantically. But, there was nothing. No bubbles... Nothing. He can't be!! He just... He can't be! No... Majima-san... No! You can't leave me here alone... Majima-san...! After he finally tore himself away from the pier, a few hours later Kiryu had looked all over Kamurocho. There was nothing. No answer from Majima's phone or Nishida's. No answer in the office. There wasn't a soul about. It's best to start worrying when I hear something. Surely I would have seen his body if... He must have gotten out. He must have! Until I hear anything, I'm going to assume Majima-san is okay. I have to... I have to believe it and stay strong!

Haruka sitting quietly, Kiryu had the awful task of telling Ameki about Shinji. Kiryu listened, feeling his heart break as she told him how they were going to get married. I'll make this right Shinji... I swear to you. Continuing, Akemi told him that Shinji's associate, Tereda from the Omi Alliance, had taken Kazama away to Shibaura. Apparantely there was a boat docked on the wharf that could keep him safe and hidden. She finished by telling him as well as searching for the ten billion yen, the Nishikiyama Family were also searching for Chairman Sera's will, as the Fourth Chairman is named in it. Kiryu didn't even know it existed, but he knew he needed to find it. Nishiki would destroy it... Suddenly, there was a huge crash, shaking the whole building. Telling Haruka to stay with Akemi, Kiryu went to check it out, a second crash bigger than the first happening before he left. Fighting his way down into the lobby, he heard lone footsteps as he slowly decended the staircase, gasping as he realized what the crashing was. A truck had been plowed through the entrance. Walking forward cautiously, Kiryu was stopped in his tracks.

“Yo! Kiryu-chan! Been lookin' fer ya!” Spinning around, his mouth dropped open, wave after wave of relief washing over his body.

“Majima-san! You're alive!!” He was bandaged up again, but looked otherwise fine. Kiryu smiled wide, unable to hide his happiness. Majima however, was not happy.

“Who the fuck ya think ya are!? Lyin' ta me, eh!?” His voice exploded in the silent lobby. Huh? Lying to you? Majima-san... What?

“W-What...? Majima-san what do you mean? I haven't li-”

“Shut the fuck up!!!” Kiryu instantly froze, heart thumping so loud he thought Majima would hear it. “I used ta think about ya when I was in prison, day an' night, Majima! I want you too, Majima! All fuckin' lies!!! I got fuckin' shot! An' ya jus' left me there! Ya fuckin' left me there ya son of a bitch! Ya left me there ta fuckin' drown! Fuck ya! I'm gonna kill ya! I'm gonna fuckin' kill ya! I'm really feelin' it now, Kiryu-chan!!!” The building shook violently as Majima ran full speed at Kiryu, knocking him to the cracked, unstable floor. How he was able to move so fast and easily after just getting shot, Kiryu had no clue. Majima jumped on top of him, pulling his fist back. He threw back his head at the same time, a howl unlike any Kiryu had ever heard before errupting from his lips. Looking at Kiryu, he punched his fist against the floor next to Kiryu's head. His face... He's grinning... But it's like... It's almost like he's baring his teeth at me... He's trying to hide behind his manic attitude... I've really hurt him... Shit, are those... Are those tears in his eyes? He's going to do it. He's going to kill me. The floor beneath them gave way, both men falling to the floor below, landing hard, rolling out of the way as debris crumbled down. Just as Kiryu rolled to the side, Majima was back on top of him, punching with all of his strength, losing count after the first ten.

“I don't want to hurt you, Majima-san! I don't want to fight you!” Kiryu reached up and grabbed his shoulders tight, shaking him hard. It was no use, Majima was too enraged. He climbed off Kiryu and stood, beckoning him to get up and fight. As he stood up, the other man sidestepped behind him, gripping his head in a chokehold. Kiryu fought for breath, Majima gripping harder, yanking his head to the side. He heard a sickening crack and let go as Kiryu gasped in immense pain. Falling to his knees, Kiryu knew there was only one thing to do. “F-Fine. If you won't listen to me, maybe you'll listen to my fists!” Managing to choke the words out, he stood up, Majima behind him still. Reaching his arms back, he wrapped his hands around his neck and flipped him forward. Kicking him hard a few times, Majima kicked out his feet as he stood back up, missing the other man entirely. Jumping back a few steps, Kiryu lowered his head and ran forward, head colliding hard with Majima's bandaged stomach. He groaned loud, crumpling onto the floor. Kiryu stood tensed, waiting to see if he was going to get back up. Instead, he raised his hand outwards towards him. Without thinking, Kiryu ran forwards and knelt beside him, grabbing his hand.

“Kiryu... Yer really... Amazing.” Kiryu? He called me Kiryu? This isn't good. I have to explain quickly.

“Majima-san, listen to me.” Majima's head lolled from side to side. Damn it! He's blacking out! Just a little longer, Majima-san, please hang in there! Kiryu grabbed his shoulders, shaking him until he looked a little more alert. “Majima-san! Listen to me! I swear to you, I didn't lie to you. Majima-san, are you fucking listening to me!? Tch. I don't have time to sort this out with you properly right now... Kazama-san... Look. Just give me a bit of time to get this sorted out. Please... Wait for me, Majima-san. Please. I'll explain everything when this is over. Just give me a little longer. Please, Majima-san.” Majima looked up at him, his eye glazing over. He smiled gently, gripping Kiryu's hand tightly.

“Yer... Really...” He dropped backwards. He was out cold. Pulling his phone out, he dialled Nishida. Come on, answer, damn it! Just as he was about to give up, Nishida answered.

“Hello? Kiryu-san? I'm sorry I missed your calls earlier, I was under strict instruction from the boss not to answer you. Heh. Anyway. How can I help you?”

“Nishida, listen good. Majima is here with me at Shangri-La. It's a long story but he's out cold. Can you send someone to get him? I don't want to leave him, but I have to go.”

“Yes! Yes, sir! I'll send some men to collect him right away! They'll be with him in minutes. Thank you for informing me, Kiryu-san.”

“Okay, look after him for me, won't you? Also, Nishida... Give him a message. Incase he didn't get what I said before, tell him I meant everything I said. Tell him please just to give me some time, until things are settled.”

“No problem, Kiryu-san. I'll tell him.”

“Oh... And Nishida?” Kiryu paused. I hope this at least makes him laugh when he comes around. “Please tell him one more thing. Tell him... Kiryu-chan wants another pat down from Officer Majima.” His face flushed as he heard Nishida gasp slightly on the other end of the phone.

“Y-Yes, sir. Consider it done. Goodbye, Kiryu-san.” Looking down at him one last time before he left, Kiryu leant forward, pressing his lips to Majima's. Wait for me, Majima-san.”

“Um, Mister Kiryu?” Kiryu jerked back, looking up through the hole he fell down. Haruka and Akemi stood looking down. Shit.

Standing with Haruka at Shibaura Wharf, Kiryu took a deep breath. Gripping her hand tightly, he began to walk to the boat. Haruka stopped, tugging Kiryu's arm, pointing to a man standing looking down at them from on top of the boat.

“That man... I think he's the one that saved me at the batting cages. He told me about the pendant.”

“Let's go Haruka.” Walking up the steps to the boat, the man that had been watching them stood in the doorway.

“Greetings from the 5th Omi Alliance. I am Terada.” Kiryu frowned.

“Why is the Omi Alliance helping Kazama-san?”

“For the same reason as you, Kiryu-san. I owe Kazama-san a debt I can never repay. Kazama-san is waiting. This way.” Kiryu followed as Tereda turned, leading him into a small room. Kazama-san was sitting on a bed staring at the door.

“You're here... Kazuma.” Kiryu bowed, Haruka standing quietly behind him.

“Kazama-san. Glad you're safe.” The relief in Kiryu's voice was palpable.

“Sorry. I've put you through a lot.” Both Kiryu and Haruka jumped as Tereda shut the door behind them. “That man, Terada... He's a former hitman, just as I was. He's the Omi Alliance Chief of Headquarters. I asked him to probe the Tojo Clan. Specifically... Nishikiyama. Now Kazuma... I'd like to fill you in on what's happened in the last ten years. You ready?” Kiryu nodded. Finally, some answers!

When he was finished, Kiryu was stunned, Haruka looking up at him wide eyed, mouth agape. There is no Mizuki... Yumi is Haruka's mother... Jingu... The guy from the MIA is her father... But he still tried to kill them for his own selfish needs... The mother of his child and his own child, godamn it! This is so messed up. So, the ten billion wasn't Tojo Clan's... It was Jingu's... Yumi... I... Suddenly, Terada burst in.

“Kazama-san, the Shimano Family is here! We need to get out!” The boat rocked violently. Kazama shook his head.

“Shimano... That reckless fool!” Kiryu exited, leaving Haruka with Tereda and Kazama. Walking outside it was a mass brawl. The boat was on fire but that didn't stop men fighting everywhere. Kiryu watched in horror as Shimano's men threw grenades onto the boat, one after the other. Joining the brawl, Kiryu battered and downed every single body that came flying towards him, until he heard the deep booming voice of Shimano himself.

“Hell yeah, boys! Keep lettin' those suckers fly!” Noticing the grenades were being aimed soley at him now, he turned, running full speed towards the end of the boat. Jumping over the railing, at the same time, an explosion so fierce propelled him forwards in a blaze of fiery carnage. Pulling himseld up from the water, Kiryu turned as Haruka came running towards him. He looked forward, noticing Terada was standing with Kazama. Kazama... Haruka... Thank God.

“Are you okay, mister!?” Haruka's small voice filled with worry. Smiling, Kiryu nodded, the moment cut short by a car's bright headlights illuminating the wharf. Standing there was Shimano and his men. Pulling his shirt off and chuckling, Shimano stepped forward a great mass of ugly hulking muscle.

“We meet again... Kiryu! And... Kazama! Buncha sneaky fucks... Terada-han, you... Pretendin' to be on my side and betraying Nishikiyama... I could see right through your little charade! I've been tailin' your ass this whole time! ” Terada bared his teeth, cursing as Shimano continued. “You guys, Nishikiyama... Your endgame is shit. I'm taking the kid. But as for you fools... This is where ya die.” Kazama interrupted him.


“What?” Kazama smirked.

“Your endgame isn't so great either.” Turning his head left, two trucks drove into the wharf, stopping in front of them. “Took you a while, Kashiwagi.” Kiryu found himself chuckling quietly. Goddamn, Kazama-san. You're still one step ahead! Kashiwagi chuckled, climbing out of the truck.

“It's almost Christmas, y'know. Had to make sure it was a hefty present.” A group of nine men climbed out of the back of the truck. “Kiryu. Looks like you've had it pretty rough.” Kiryu nodded, a slight smile on his face.

“You too, Kashiwagi-san.” Shimano chuckled, walking forward, his katana slung over his back.

“Heh, really? The Kazama Family wants a fight? Alright! Let's make it rain blood!” The Kazama Family men launched forward, taking care of the Shimano Family men, while Kiryu turned to Shimano. He swung at Kiryu with ease, as if his weapon was nothing but a cheap plastic toy. Luckily he was slow, but unluckily he was very powerful. Ducking to the side, Kiryu reached around his neck and slammed him to the floor, stomping with all of his might. Shimano chuckled and got to his feet, pulled his fist back and slammed it into Kiryu's face with immense force. Flying backwards, he landed hard, groaning. Shimano sauntered over and lifted his foot, a stomp of such overwhelming power. A second stomp and Kiryu felt his vision going dark. Yer amazin', Kiryu... Majima's voice popped into his head. A smile crossing his lips, Kiryu gripped Shimano's foot as he went in for another stomp, and twisted it, twisting so hard Shimano's whole body spun in the air, landing hard with an almighty thud. Kiryu stood up and ran forward full speed, jumping, kicking both feet hard into Shimano's face. Stumbling backwards, he continued his attack, punching and kicking, a whirlwind of speed and power. Grabbing his head, he headbutted him repeatedly, the roar of a wild animal escaping his lips as he did. Shimano tried raising his hands, but Kiryu swept his feet, kicking his legs our from under him. Slamming his head to the ground over and over, pausing to land a few blows with his fists before returning back to cracking his head off the floor. Kiryu stood and moved back, as Shimano rose to a knee.

“It's over, Shimano.” Turning around he began walking to Haruka and Kazama, smiling as the elder man nodding proudly. Shimano roared, Kiryu's head jerking back just in time to see Shimano throw his arm back, grenade in hand. Terada shot him four times as the grenade exploded in front of them, Kazama shielding Haruka with both arms. Kiryu ran over, shouting as Terada was knelt over them. Kazama turned, blood dripping from his head.

“Kazuma... Haruka... She's fine.” Kazama rolled onto his side, allowing Haruka to crawl from under him, placing her arms gently on his side as he gasped in pain. Kiryu scooted over, repeating his name. “The ten bilion... Let me tell you...”

“Terada-san, call an ambulance!” Kiryu bellowed, voice panic stricken. Terada nodded, quickly pulling his phone out.

“Kazuma. The ones who stole the money... Were Yumi, me and Sera.” Kiryu gasped, not understanding. “The ten billion belongs to Jingu.” Kazama lifted his arm, and Kiryu immediately slid his arm under his head, cradling him as he pulled him close, Haruka staring, her eyes brimming with tears. “He... Was using the Tojo Clan to launder money. I wanted to out him... So I took the money. And Yumi... She volunteered to be part of the plan. You have to go to Ares, Kazuma. Yumi's in trouble! And...” Kazama reached into his pocket. “The Third Chairman's.. will... The Tojo Clan's future... is in there. Kazuma. I have something... I need to apologize to you for.” Kazama paused, his voice barely a whisper now, his eyes glazing over. “Please forgive me, Kazuma. Your... Real parents were killed... by me. Sunflower is... an orphanage... for the children... of the parents I killed.” Reaching his hand up, he tried to touch Kiryu's face. Kiryu's voice began to break.

“It's okay... It's okay, pops. To me... You were my...” Kazama let out a final sigh, his head falling back, arm falling from Kiryu's face. Kiryu continued, despite knowing Kazama had passed. “... My true... Father!” Throwing his head back, he wailed in despair, tears running down his cheeks. Haruka sniffled, gripping Kiryu's hand tightly. Kazama-san... No... Kazama-san!!!



Chapter Text

“Ya gotta be shittin' me! He's dead!?” Nishida nodded solemnly. “Fuck me. Okay, I need ta make a call.” Nishida stammered as Majima jumped up. “I said I need to make a fuckin' call, get the fuck out ya dipshit!” Launching towards him, he gripped Nishida by the shirt and threw him full force towards the door. Crashing through in a howl of pain, he clambered up as quick as possible, closing the now broken door behind him, desperate to escape before he got something worse. Majima pulled out his phone and dialled. What the fuck do I say ta him? What the fuck do I-

“Hello?” Kiryu's voice froze Majima's thoughts, his mind turning to static. “Hello? Is anyone there?” Shit, talk ya fuckin' idiot or he's gonna hang up!

“Kiryu-chan... I... I uh, I heard about Kazama-san. I'm uh, I'm real sorry... I was jus' wonderin' how ya holdin' up?” Fuckin' stupid question dumbass, he was practically his father, an' yer askin' how he's holdin' up? Majima clenched his jaw. He knew what he wanted to say, but he didn't know how to say it. It was alien to him.

“I'm... Well... I... Tch. Uh, Majima-san? Can we meet?” Majima's eye widened, his chest constricting.

“Sure, Kiryu-chan. Time an' place?” He managed to wheeze out.

“I'll come to you. Give me an hour.” Majima went to speak, but Kiryu hung up. This ain't even about wantin' ta fuck him today. I just need ta see him... I hope he's okay. Heh. The first time I'm desperate ta see Kiryu-chan an' I ain't even thinkin' about fightin' or fuckin'... Just lookin' forward ta seein' him aga- ...Ah shit... Nah. Can't be. Heh.

“Nishida! Get yer ass in here! Move it, now, now, now! Don't make me come lookin' fer ya!” Flying into the room, Nishida bowed.

“We got a guest comin'. I don't want him bein' welcomed by the idiot parade. So, you guys have all got the day off. Ain't I a great boss?” Nishida remained silent, Majima scowled, banging his fist hard on the table in front of his chair.

“Ah! Yes! Yes! The greatest, boss! Thank you so much! I'll go inform the others!” Majima nodded.

“That's better. Now get the fuck out. Scram.” Nishida turned, running out of the room as fast as he could. Collecting two glasses from the cabinet in the corner of the room, he placed them next the bottle of whiskey on the table and sat down, head resting on his hands. Lost in thought, Majima jumped as he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. He turned his head as Kiryu stormed in, looking worse for wear. His once immaculate hair was hanging over his face limply and his eyes had deep black circles under them, obvious he hadn't slept in a while. Either that or he's been cryin'... He looked up at the other man with the saddest eyes he'd ever seen. Majima felt his stomach clench as he stood up.

“Kiryu-chan... I- Woah!” Kiryu bolted over to Majima, raising his arms and locking them around his waist, his head buried into his neck. He gripped him hard and sobbed. Sobs that echoed in Majima's heart. Sobs filled with nothing but intense pain. Majima winced at the jolt of pain to his banaged stomach.

“Hey, hey, hey, now. Shhhh. It's gonna be okay, Kiryu-chan... I- I've got ya...” This shouldn't feel as right as it does... Majima's eyebrows furrowed as he wrapped his arms around Kiryu, stroking his hair gently, delicately brushing back each piece that had fallen out of place. They embraced for what felt like hours, Kiryu sobbing, Majima comforting him. His neck now wet and slimy, Majima pulled back. He walked over to the big plushy couch and sat down, patting the seat next to him. “Here. Come on, c'mere. Back that sexy ass over here.” Please smile Kiryu-chan... Jus' one little smile. I can't take seein' ya like this... His wish was granted as Kiryu let out a slight chuckle, settling down on the couch next to him. He poured them some drinks, Kiryu knocking it back in one. Four whiskey's each later, and Majima lifted his arm up and wrapped it around Kiryu's neck, pulling him close. They sat there in silence for a bit, Kiryu's gripping Majima's hand as he rested against his chest and Majima softly stroking his cheek. Kiryu whispered something Majima couldn't quite make out.

“Eh? Ya say somethin', Kiryu-chan?” Pulling away from his chest, Kiryu looked into his eye. Leaning forward, he kissed Majima's lips tenderly. It wasn't a hard breathy kiss, but a slow passionate one, that made Majima's spine turn to jelly. Pulling back, Kiryu nodded, smiling slightly.

“I said thank you, Majima-san.” Goddamn, yer beautiful. Majima couldn't help himself, infact, he couldn't of stopped himself even if he had've wanted to. He had to release what was trapped in his heart.

“Now ya listen here. Ya ain't gotta thank me. I ain't done nothin'. Listen ta me, an' I mean listen good, ya hear?” Majima paused, cupping Kiryu's face in his hands. Kiryu nodded slowly, exhaling shakily. “I promise ya, ya ain't ever gonna have to go through anythin' alone anymore. Anytime ya need me, anytime at all, I'll be there. I don't give a fuckin' fuck how many bodies I gotta put in the ground for ya... But I'll do it in a heartbeat fer ya. Ya don't deserve all this fuckin' bullshit thrown at ya. But here's the stinger. Ya strong, Kiryu-chan. Stronger than anyone I've ever met. Not jus' fightin', I mean yer a beast! But I mean, like, emotionally as well. Hell. If anyone can get through this shitstorm, it's you. And ya gotta get through it, Kiryu-chan. Not jus' fer the memory of Kazama-san an' everyone else ya've lost, but fer that little kiddy as well. She needs ya. An'... An' ya need ta get through it fer me as well. I need ya Kiryu-chan. I need ya more than I've ever needed anyone in my whole fuckin' shitty life. I can't lose ya again. I won't lose ya again. I ain't too good with this serious talk bullshit... I can't... I can't talk about how I'm feelin' so easy. Ya know yerself how hard it is ta trust people when ya get nothin' but a knife in the back in return... So I probably sound like a right fuckin' knucklehead... But... I mean what I'm sayin' ta ya. Ya gotta get back on yer feet! Ya got too much stuff still left ta do. An' hell! Ya think I'm jus' gonna letcha off the hook when it comes ta fightin' with me? Nuh huh. Everytime I see ya, we're still gonna fight! Yer probably jus' gonna end up kickin' my ass again, but still! An' maybe... Maybe when this is all over... We can pick up where we left off that night, eh? Jus' maybe ya can take Goromi out again huh? I know she was really taken with ya!” Kiryu chuckled, and Majima moving his eye up from Kiryu's chest, noticed tears streaming down his cheeks. Wiping them away with his thumbs ever so gently, he spoke once more. “Nah, c'mon. Stop it. Fuck. Yer so beautiful... I don't wanna see these eyes cryin' again, ya hear?” The room was silent. Majima was in a state of shock. Where the fuck did that come from? Heh. I didn't know I had it in me. I didn't even know that's how I truly felt. It is, ain't it? Shit. I don't fuckin' understand myself. Am I jus' drunk? Shit. World's dumbest asshole award goes ta the one and the only Goro Majima. I hope he ain't too freaked out. I freaked myself out, so what chance has- Majima was pulled from his thoughts as he felt his arm being tugged. Kiryu replaced his arm around him, snuggling in as tight as he could.

“Majima-san...I... I want to explain what happened at the pier. I never lied to you, I-” Majima hushed him.

“Time enough fer that later, Kiryu-chan. I got yer message from Nishida. So... Ya really liked Officer Majima, eh!?” Kiryu chuckled warmly, squeezing his hand tighter. “I got somethin' ta show ya actually. I been meanin' to show ya a while now, but kept forgettin'. I'll sort it later on, too comfy ta move now.” Nodding, Kiryu agreed. Sitting holding him close, he noticed how oddly normal this felt. How right it all felt. And that's when it happened. Majima's face morphed into an expression of horror as his stomach twisted violently and his chest tightened, almost suffocating him. He understood now. Oh shit. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no...!

“Majima-san? Are you okay? You're trembling.” Majima swallowed loudly, quickly nodding his head even though it was spinning. Yep. I'm fucked. A few hours later, Majima awoke with a start. He groaned rubbing his stiff neck. Huh? What's goin' on? He was still sitting on the couch, his head had been resting back, hanging over the edge. That explains my fuckin' neck... Ow. Realizing his legs were numb, he glanced down, breath catching in his throat. Kiryu had stretched out completely, head resting on Majima's knees, legs hanging off the opposite side of the couch. Well, I guess I did wonder about sleepin' next ta him... Jus' not quite like this. Heh. He looks so peaceful. Stroking his hair gently, Majima sat quietly, not wanting to wake him up. It was probably the first bit of sleep he'd had in days. Not much longer afterwards, Kiryu opened his eyes, seeing Majima smiling down at him.

“M- Majima-san? What...?” Majima chuckled, moving his hand so Kiryu could sit up.

“Guess we both fell asleep. That whiskey sure did the trick huh?” Looking at the clock, Kiryu jumped up, Majima cocked his head.

“Sorry, I have to go. I need to finish this.” Nodding, Majima stood, giving Kiryu a salute. “Majima-san... I know you said not to thank you, but really. Thank you. I don't know how long this will take to end. It could be days... It could even be weeks. I just don't know. All I do know is I can't stop until every loose end is tied up. You were completely right. But what I said to Nishida still stands. Please... Wait for me. You're the loose end I'm saving until last.”

“Save the best fer last, eh, Kiryu-chan? Heh. Don't worry about me, I ain't goin' anywhere. Ya know where I am if ya need me. One call, and I'll be there. Ya better come back though.” Kiryu wrapped his arms around his neck and held him tightly, feeling Majima grip him just as hard. Moving his head from Kiryu's neck, Majima kissed him, savouring the taste of his lips. The last kiss he'd get until God knows when. Maybe ever... Nah. Don't think that like, shit fer brains. He's comin' back.

“I promise I will. Goodbye, Majima-san.”

“Laters, Kiryu-chan! Knock 'em dead!” As Kiryu left, Majima fell back onto the couch, his mind pouring through all the things he'd said to him. Ya better fuckin' come back. Ya can't get killed, Kiryu-chan... Ya have ta come back, I love... Fuck. Please, come back... Keeping his word, Majima pulled out his phone, sending Kiryu what he had wanted to show him.


Chapter Text

Majima-san... I can't believe he said all of that to me... I may have lost some of my friends, and... Kazama-san... But I still have Majima-san. I trust him. And I'm going to pay him back, for everything he's done for me... Somehow... But for now. I have to go to Ares. I have to finish- Kiryu's phone buzzed, grabbing his attention. Pulling it out of his pocket, he saw it was a message from Majima.

Kiryu-chan. Here's what I wanted ta show ya. Hope it brings ya good luck! Don't get yerself too hot under the collar now! ;) Ya know where I am if ya need me.” Really, Majima-san? A winking face? Tch. Kiryu felt his lips twitch into a smirk, shaking his head. Typical Majima. Now let's see... There is a photo attached... How do I view it? Stupid phone. Oh, downloading. I think that means I'm doing it right. Ah. Here we go.

Oh, wow....” Swallowing hard, Kiryu raised the phone closer to his face, a tingle running down his spine. “Officer Majima.... He must've taken this the night he stopped me...” The photo was of Majima in his police uniform. Except he had his jacket open, and his shirt was pulled up, clenched between his teeth as he grinned, head tilted back and to the side slightly. His arm held his baton over his shoulder, other hand in a beckoning pose. Goddamn it Majima. How is it possible for one man to look so hot? God fucking damn it.

Hours later, and after a lot of fighting, Kiryu had done it. He'd defeated Jingu. Walking back inside to join Haruka and Yumi, his own words buzzed in his mind. If I were to die, sure. But I won't let that happen. I'm going to protect what Kazama-san and Chairman Sera handed down to me! I am... The Tojo Clan's Fourth Chairman... Kazuma Kiryu!! It still sounded strange to him. Yet, I'd give it up in an instant to have everything back the way it was... Nishiki... Reina... Shinji... Sera... Kazama-san... No. No point crying. It's not over yet. I have to finish this. They smiled when they saw him come inside. Their joy was short lived however when they heard footsteps on the stairs.

“Nishikiyama-kun...” Yumi gasped, watching him walk down the stairs.

“Is it over? I guess now we can settle down.” He paused, pointing to the briefcase in her hand. “What is that, a bomb? Yumi, don't do anything stupid.” Nishiki smiled as he walked over.

“Stop! I'm not going to give you the ten billion!” She kept her voice grounded. Nishiki chuckled.

“Yumi, do you hate me that much? Well, I can't blame you. Of course you do.”

“Nishiki... You still haven't given up on this yet?” Kiryu began walking forwards, past the two girls.

“Damn right I haven't!” Snapping, his eyes were ablaze with fury. “No matter what it takes, I will become the next Tojo Clan Chairman.”

“Come on, Nishiki. It's impossible. Jingu was playing you. Jingu was really after-”

I already know!” Nishiki spat, teeth baring. “I knew everything! I told you, Kiryu... Ten years ago... Ever since I betrayed you... I can't trust anyone!” Even after everything that had happened... Kiryu still found himself feeling sorrow for his former brother. Nishiki... Why did it have to be this way... Sitting down, Nishiki lowered his head. “When Jingu approached me, I didn't trust him from the start.”

“So you knew what was going on?”

Of course I did! I didn't want to lose! I... I didn't want to lose to you, Kiryu!” He stopped after his voice began breaking, lighting up a smoke. “I love Yumi. But she never gave me a second glance. Yumi only ever cared about you. After the incident ten years ago... I lost what felt like a piece of my life. And then I decided... That I'd sacrifice everything to change the fates.” ...Yumi? All this time... You were in love with Yumi...?

And that sacrifice included Kazama-san and Reina?” Please, Nishiki... Say you regret it, show that you're still in there somewhere... Nishiki... Things can never be the way they were, but it doesn't have to be this way!!

“That's right. I'm going to take that ten billion and inherit the Tojo Clan. And I'll take Yumi from you too.”

“Nishiki... Yumi and I... We're not... Things have...” Nishiki stopped him, a crazed grin now facing Kiryu.

“For the first time, I will control my fate!”

“Nishikiyama-kun, you don't get it. What good will that do? Changing your fate that way won't make you happy. You're just running from things you don't want to face.” Nishiki bowed his head, sadness in place of the craziness. “If you really want to change your fate, doesn't that mean you have to accept the suffering... And in spite of that, face it head on instead of running away? Just like Kazuma and Haruka!”

“Shut up!” He jumped up, trembling with anger. “Why can't you acknowledge what I've achieved!?” Yumi knelt down and began to sob, Kiryu turning to face Nishiki.

“Nishiki. I understand your pain. I lost you guys, who I cherished. But even if we wanted to, we can't go back ten years. We can't escape this hand that fate dealt us. So now... We've got to settle this.” There's no point... He's too far gone... Nishiki nodded, grinning.

“Yeah, let's settle this. Our struggle has to end!” Haruka stood behind Yumi, placing her hands on her back, watching as the men faced each other. Kiryu ripped his jacket and shirt off in one go, Nishiki doing the same. Their tattoos glowed with an eerie intensity. Staring each other down, both men ran at each other, launching at each other with a punch. Hitting each other at the same time, they both flew back, grunting in pain. Nishiki ran forward again, landing a spinning kick, headbutting him as he fell to the floor. Kiryu winced as his shoulder banged heavily off the floor. Even though it's only a graze, it hurts like hell... Raising his arm as Kiryu stood, Nishiki slammed it down hard, hitting his shoulder once more. He smirked, jumping back as the other man gasped in pain, gripping his shoulder. Running forward, he grabbed Nishiki by the neck, but he broke free, rewarding Kiryu with a scissor kick for his troubles. Stumbling back, he braced himself, raising his arms over his face as the other man came at him with everything he had. Punches, kicks, arms and legs were flying everywhere. He finished his barrage panting, watching as Kiryu moved his hands. His lips were pulled back over his teeth in a menacing display of anger. He jerked to the side, punching Nishiki hard in the head. Gripping his neck from behind, he pulled him close, headbutting him before punching again. Stunned, the other man stumbled forward, Kiryu hot on his heels. Picking him up and lifting him high over his own head, Kiryu slammed him down hard, kicking him, stomping on his chest, finally jumping on top of him, raining punches down as Nishiki desperately tried to protect himself while trying to scramble free. Managing to raise his legs, he threw Kiryu off him, swinging wildly, trying to gain his advantage back. Kiryu was in the zone now, however and he knew he didn't stand a chance. In a strange way, Kiryu admired him for not backing down against him. Picking up a chair, Kiryu threw it at Nishiki, catching him off guard, as he looked up, Kiryu dashed forward, a swift uppercut sending him flying into the chair above him. He rose quick, kicking him hard in the chest. Kiryu retaliated with a punch. The two men stood there taking turns punching each other, memories of everything happened flooding into Kiryu's mind, like a floodgate had just been opened. Pulling back his fist, he let out a frustrated roar, punching the other man so hard he flew backwards, landing in front of a potted plant. Getting up, the punches resumed. Blows to each others bodies, heads pretty much everywhere they could reach. Nishiki swung at Kiryu, who easily dodged out the way, hitting him hard as he leant forwards. Nishiki wiped the blood from his mouth, smirking.

“You call that a punch!?” Kiryu paused, an image of him, Yumi and Nishiki sitting together at Serena laughing, filling his mind. Goddamn it!

“Nishiki!” Kiryu roared, landing a final punch. He watched as Nishiki fell backwards, kneeling down in front of him, clutching the pendant tightly.

“Kazuma!” Yumi shouted running over and hugging him, gripping as hard as she could. Opening his hand, she pulled out a key and placed it inside the pendant. The lid popped open, revealing a picture of Kiryu.

“Yumi, what is this?”

“I'm sorry. I... Couldn't forget about you. I used to look at this often after my memory returned. I was weak. To tell the truth, while I had amnesia... I had faint memories of you. I couldn't remember your name. But your smile and your habits came back to me often. But I didn't know who you were. I couldn't remember everything. And I couldn't... I couldn't wait for you!” She paused, falling to her knees, tears forming in her eyes. Tell her. You have to tell her so she feels less guilty. Tell her! Tell her damn it! “That's how I ended up with Jingu. But despite losing everything, including Haruka... She was my one true treasure. That's why... When I said my goodbyes to Haruka, I gave her this pendant. I wanted her to have what was dearest to me.” Kiryu stared at the pendant, his eyes glazing over. He took a deep breath, and grabbed Yumi's hand.

“Yumi... Don't feel guilty for moving on with your life. With everything you went through... I wanted nothing more than for you to be happy. Even if that wasn't with me. I never would have asked you to wait for me.” Kiryu paused. Yet, I've asked Majima-san to wait for me... “I am so proud of you for being so strong, not just for yourself, but for Haruka too. Leaving her behind... I can't imagine what that must've done to you. Yumi... I loved you so much... I can't begin to explain how happy I was when I saw you were okay. I-” Looking up, he noticed Yumi was smiling.

“You loved me?”


“You said, you loved me so much. Past tense, Kazuma. I take it I'm not the only one who moved on.” Kiryu lowered his head in shame. His voice came out a shaky whisper.

“Yumi... I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to happen... When I got out of prison... There he was. I... I'm so sorry Yumi.” Yumi chuckled warmly.

“He? Oh, Kazuma. Don't apologize. Like you, when I regained my memories of you, I always hoped you would be happy. We... I guess life just got in the way for whatever we had. Like you said, we can't escape this hand that fate dealt us.” Yumi... I... She turned to face Haruka, a tear running down her cheek. “Haruka, I'm sorry to have put you through so much. You must have been scared. Kazuma. I still have something I need to do.” Standing up, she took the pendant from Kiryu's hand, walking towards a small hole in the wall. Placing the pendant down, the machine began scanning it, a massive door sliding open in front of them. No way... “This money shouldn't exist. So I'm going to make it disappear.” Setting the briefcase on the table inside the room, she armed the bomb. Turning around and smiling, she made her way back to Kiryu when he fell to the floor gasping in pain. Blood had began soaking his trouser leg from the gunshot.

“Kiryu!” Looking up, Jingu was standing in front of them, a completely deranged look on his face. He pointed the gun again, just about to end Kiryu, when Haruka stood in front of him, arms outstretched. He pulled the trigger. Haruka was completely unscathed. Instead, Yumi was stood blocking them, taking the shot herself. She gasped and fell to the floor, blood seeping from her stomach, Kiryu and Haruka shouting in unison. Picking her up in his arms, Kiryu shook her gently.

“Yumi!? Answer me. Are you all right!?” Yumi.. No!! It can't end like this!!! We've only just found you! Haruka... She's only just found you! You... Her mother! Yumi!! Jingu stepped closer, staring in awe at the ten billion in the room.

“I finally found it. My money!” He turned, raising the gun to Kiryu's face. “What's wrong? You're helpless. You're all going to die here.” Behind him, Nishiki ambled towards him, the knife Yumi dropped earlier in his hand. He ran forward, letting out a cry and plunged the knife deep into Jingu's stomach.

“Nishiki!” Kiryu looked on as Nishiki drove Jingu forwards, slamming him against the money. Gasping in pain, Nishiki spoke.

“No way I'm letting this asshole... Get away with it!” Reaching down, he grabbed the gun Jingu had dropped. He faced Kiryu while pointing the gun at towards Jingu.

“The responsibility is mine... So let me do this.” Gun aimed at the bomb, Kiryu launched a desperate plea at him.

“Don't! Don't do it, Nishiki! Nishiki!!!” He met Kiryu's eyes and smiled, pulling the trigger. The blast was deafening as the bar went up in a ball of flames. Money floated from the 60th floor of the Millennium Tower. Ears ringing from the explosion, Kiryu knelt, still cradling Yumi, Haruka next to him, debris and flames around them.

“Yumi... Yumi answer me!”

“Mom!” Haruka gasped as Yumi opened her eyes, coughing weakly.

“I'm sorry, Haruka. You finally... Got to call me... Mom...”

“Yumi. Ten years ago... No, before that even... I'm sorry again that I never told you. I loved you for a long time.” He held up the ring he bought her all those years ago.

“Kazuma... You kept this safe for me?” Kiryu nodded.

“Shinji... Shinji took it from Nishiki before he died.”

“Wonderful. It came back. It's the only thing you ever gave to me... As a present. Thank you. I think... I was trying to escape it all. From you... From Nishikiyama-kun... But you know what? I have no regrets. So that I'd never forget you... So that I'd remember, even if I lost my memory again... I got this tattoo. The queen of the night. Whether it was one night... Or even just one glance... I wanted to see you once more, Kazuma. And my wish... Was granted.” She coughed again, pain raking through her entire body. “Haruka, listen. Haruka, no matter what happens... Don't run away. Because if you do... Your happiness will slip away, like mine. Got it? Running... Isn't.... The answer.” Yumi fell silent, her hand dropping at her side. She... She still loved me... She still loved me and I was busy f... Majima-san... What have I done!? Nishiki... Kazama-san... Shinji... Reina... Yumi... All gone... All gone and I'm the one left... Why...?

“Mommy!!” Haruka's cry echoing around them. Kiryu stood in a daze as Haruka jumped in front of him, police running through the remains of the door.

“Freeze! Hands in the air!” One of the officers shouted, but Kiryu didn't hear it. “Kazuma Kiryu, right!?” He remained silent, perfectly still.

“Hey stop!” Date ran in, arm around Sudo for support. He certainly looked worse for wear. “I'll explain later. So put your guns down!” Sudo commanded, letting go of Date as he stumbled forward. Date spoke gently.

“Kiryu. You did nothing wrong. But if you get arrested for this, you'll never make it out again. So come with me.” Kiryu turned, his face blank, his voice strangely calm.

“It's fine, Date-san. Yumi, Nishiki, and Kazama-san... They're all gone now. So... I can accept being arrested.” Date gripped his shoulders, voice hard.

“Knock it off! Don't you have something left to fight for!? Don't you have someone precious to protect!? Don't run away.” Kiryu stood, blinking dumbly.

“What I have... left?”


Chapter Text

Going on a few weeks later, Kiryu hadn't seen Majima since that day at the office. When it was all over, he whisked Haruka straight to Sunflower, staying with her. It was what they both needed. To heal. He was glad it was all over, knowing Haruka was safe, but still, it made his head spin to think about it all. All of the death, the sacrifices... It all seemed so unnecessary. There had to have been another way. He knew himself or Haruka wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for Nishiki. He had set them free. After it was over Kiryu had wanted to give up. He had nothing left to live for. Until Date-san reminded him he had someone precious to protect. And Kiryu knew deep down, it wasn't just Haruka he had left... Majima...

Kiryu moved on as best as he could, leaving the Tojo Clan in Terada's hands. That life was all behind him now, his main focus was Haruka. And Majima... He had unfinished business with him. Smiling, he found himself replaying the moment he had told Haruka he had to go back to Kamurocho for a while on business.

“It's okay, Uncle Kaz! I can stay here for a while. I know you have a job to do.” She was a great kid, wiser and kinder than she should have been, considering everything she had been through in her short life.

“We're here, sir.” The taxi driver spoke, Kiryu being pulled from his memories. Clambering out, he paid the driver, bowing slightly. Taking a deep breath, he turned around, half expecting Majima to be behind him. Sadly, he wasn't. Squinting in the early morning sun, Kiryu wandered into Sushi Gin, desperate to keep himself hidden from Majima. He had no idea what he was even going to say to him, he'd felt awful for putting Majima to the side, but in his defense, there was much bigger shit going on. More important than his own selfish feelings. Kiryu sighed, remembering the day he asked Majima to wait for him. I wonder if he has. I owe him. I owe him big time. But luckily, he had a plan to make it up to Majima. Pulling his phone out, he dialled Nishida's number. Within seconds he answered.

“Hello! It's nice to hear from you again, Ki-” Kiryu cut him off, speaking low in case Majima was around.

“Don't say my name! Nishida. I need your help. Is Majima-san there now?” There was a pause as he listened intently, the only thing he could hear was his own heart hammering in his chest.

“O- Oh... Okay. Um, no, the boss is not here at the moment, would you like me to get him for you? I'm sure he will be very happy to hear from you again!” Will he be happy to hear from me though? Or happy to kick my ass for waiting so long?

“No! No, don't you breathe a word to him about me! How is Majima-san? Is he... Is he pissed off with me?” Kiryu paused, looking around nervously, expecting Majima to jump out at him from nowhere.

“No, Kiryu-san. He... He told me he reckoned you needed some space. Said some time away would be good for you. He was slightly unhappy he didn't know you'd gone, or where to, but he accepted it. But he also said that waiting around for you was driving him crazy. I asked him what the plan was regarding you... He didn't respond right away. He just hit me. Again.” Kiryu felt his chest tighten. What about everything he said? Was it all lies? Clearing his throat, Kiryu continued, glancing around once more.

“He didn't respond...?” Face on fire as he felt his voice breaking. He was glad Nishida couldn't see him.

“Not straight away, Kiryu-san. Later that day he said if he has to wait much longer, he's coming to find you.” Kiryu's breath hitched ever so slightly, a wave of joy washing over him as Nishida continued. “Sir... I'm not sure if this is my place to say, but the boss... You're on his mind nearly all of the time. It's... Uh, not just fighting you, he talks about too. He keeps coming up with these... schemes... Each more crazier than the last... I just thought I should warn you.” Kiryu's face lit up a deep pink.

“Oh... Okay.” Stuttering, he quickly changed the subject. The thought of Nishida knowing about... Well, whatever was going on between them, made Kiryu very uncomfortable. “Well, as I said, I need your help. Can you... Can you meet me? But you cannot tell Majima-san about this!”

Sat in Cafe Alps, Kiryu had just finished ordering. Two cups of Blue Mountain, one for him and one for Nishida. Sighing, he looked at his watch. 3.45. Nishida was fifteen minutes late. I swear he better not have told Majima-san about this. I will kick his ass if he has. I wonder if I should call- Nishida burst in, head bowing frantically.

“Sir! I'm so sorry!” Kiryu smiled, shaking his head, motioning him to sit.

“Here are your drinks, sir.” A friendly looking waitress spoke, setting down the steaming cups on the table. Kiryu nodded thanks, turning his attention to Nishida, pushing a cup towards him.

“Majima-san doesn't know about this, does he?” Nishida shook his head hard, lifting his cup, sipping slowly, head snapping around whenever he heard the door open. “Relax, Nishida. Does he know you're here?” Kiryu held the cup in his hands, enjoying the warmth running through them.

“No, sir. The boss is at the batting cages. He was in a very bad mood this morning. Shortly after I finished speaking to you, he burst through the door. He asked if I'd heard from you... I said no, and asked if he wanted me to call you.” He paused, rubbing his cheek, wincing. “I got a punch in the mouth for that. He said you were taking your sweet time. That's why I took so long to get to you. He's had me trying to find you all day, saying he couldn't wait anymore. He even phoned Sunflower himself to see if you were there...” Kiryu's eyes widened as he coughed in surprise, a small bit of coffee dribbling down his chin. Luckily, I made sure if anyone called there for me while I was away, Suenaga would tell them I would return their call when I get back. Nishida continued after Kiryu had assured him he was okay. “When they told him you were there but had left, he's had me phoning taxi companies all day. I tried telling him, maybe you'd just gone out for a walk, but... More punches. Eventually, he said he was going to clear his head before he ended up killing me. I know he wouldn't... I think. I hope! I'm an important member of the team, after all!” Nishida stopped, smiling proudly, earning a chuckle from Kiryu. “I told him I'd carry on looking, and would call him straight away if anything came up. So. What can I do to help you, Kiryu-san?” Kiryu set his nearly empty cup down and leant close to Nishida.

“I want to surprise Majima-san. I want to make things up to him. I want to sort out... Whatever is going on between us.” Feeling his face burn scarlet, Kiryu turned his head slightly. Nishida chuckled.

“Please, Kiryu-san! Don't be embarrassed! Times have changed. Everything isn't so taboo now. People live freely, however they choose. Maybe it's time you realised that? After everything you have been through... Isn't it time you had some happiness of your own?” Kiryu felt his temper rise, a mix of fear and embarrassment.

“And just what the hell do you mean by that? What makes you think I deserve happiness! What do you know about what I want?” Slamming his fist on the table, he looked around, noticing he was being stared at by several people in the cafe. Luckily, Nishida was used to this as he had to deal with Majima's mood swings every day.

“If you don't mind me asking, Kiryu-san. What do you want?” Nishida spoke calmly, as Kiryu sat back down, head in his hands.

“I just don't know.” Kiryu whispered, voice trembling. “I'm... I'm sorry about that Nishida, there was no need for me to behave like that. Please accept my deepest apologies.” Nishida chuckled, Kiryu's head rising.

“You do know who my boss is, right? Please, Kiryu-san. Do not worry! I want to help however I can. If you don't want to talk to me about whatever is going on, I accept that. Just tell me what you want me to do. I don't know how long the boss will be out before he gets bored. If I'm not there when he gets back, he'll know something is up.” Kiryu nodded slowly, flashing Nishida a sheepish smile.

“I need you to get Majima-san to come to me. I don't want to go into too many details... But that night he hired Asia for my...” Kiryu paused, scrunching his eyes shut. The night Majima grabbed my dick... He shuddered, clearing his mind before continuing. “For my welcome back party. I want to return the favour, I guess. Before I talk to him about what's going on, I want us to have some drinks and a good time. That's all I've got for now. Are you sure you're willing to help me? If Majima-san finds out that we've been talking behind his back, this could end bad for you.” Nishida smiled.

 "Like I said. I work for him. A lot of days end bad for me. It's all part of the job, Kiryu-san!"


Chapter Text

The bat made a deafening crack as Majima whacked the ball as hard as he could. It was getting on for eight pm. Time ta make tracks I guess. His mood had calmed a bit, but he wanted something strong and alcoholic, just to take the edge off. Setting the bat down, he walked outside, lighting up a smoke as he did so. Leaning against the wall outside, Majima let his head tip back, eye closed, lost in thought. I wonder where he is now. I hope he's okay... I can't wait to beat his ass again. Heh. Well, I can't wait fer him to beat my ass again. Fuckin' typical. The ol' Dragon of Dojima came back. And now he's gone missin' again. Can't say I blame the guy after the shit that got threw at him. I'd kill jus' ta even kiss him again. Watch him as he's shakin', pantin' my name. But still... Fuck. I can't shake this feelin', man... I've lost him again, ain't I? Majima sighed, banging his head hard off the wall behind him. The pain was strangely helping. It reminded him of Kiryu. Feeling his lips twitch into a smirk, he pulled out the ringing phone in his pocket.

“Yo.” His heart leapt as he heard Nishida's voice. Could it be he's found him? Fuckin' hell, calm down. Yer gonna give yerself a heart attack at this rate, Majima.

“Boss, are you busy? We've got a problem.” Nishida's voice was calm, but Majima could detect a hint of panic.

“Eh? Problem? What kind of problem? If this is something ya could'a sorted out yerself Nishida, yer gonna taste my fist.” Majima frowned. He really wasn't in the mood for this shit.

Um, no, you see... There's a problem at Karaokekan.” Feeling his eyebrow raise, Majima scratched his chin, before exploding to Nishida.

“Haw!? What the fuck does that have ta do with me, knucklehead!?” Nishida began stammering.

“Well, you see... There's a massive brawl going on in there, and from what I've heard, quite a few people are asking if the Mad Dog of Shimano is going to show up.” Majima curled his lips, baring his teeth into a ferocious grin.

“I see. Well pal. They want the Mad Dog? I'll make sure I don't fuckin' disappoint them!” The phone was jammed into his pocket, cigarette thrown away as he began striding to Senryo Avenue. I'm bein' requested personally? This is just what I fuckin' need ta blow off some steam! Majima grinned, bumping into a group of young looking punks, ignoring them and walking past until he heard a whiny voice speak out.

“The fuck? Watch where you're fucking going! You've still got one eye, ain't ya cyclops?” He turned, relishing in the multiple looks of fear as he flashed a devious smile.

What did ya just say ta me...? Cyclops was it? Them are some big words fer a shit lord like yerself! What about yer buddies? Ya meatsacks want some too, eh!?” Before they could even answer, Majima sprang forward, jumping onto the leader, wrapping his legs around his neck, propelling his body forwards, flipping the punk before he realised what had happened. One of his friends got smashed against the wall a few times, and for the last one, Majima spun around, placing his hands on the floor and kicked his leg up as high and as hard as he could. It was over in minutes. Majima chuckled. “If ya slimebags wanna go another round, I'm up fer it!” None of the punks moved, so he casually stepped over them continuing his journey.

Arriving at Karaokekan, Majima had one last smoke, steadying himself before going inside. He bent his knee and placed his foot on the wall behind him, fiddling with his phone. C'mon, Kiryu-chan! Where the hell are ya!? We've got unfinished business! It's rude to let a guy jerk ya off dressed as a gal, an' never call her again! Should I jus' call him? Nah. When he's ready, he'll come ta ya. If he comes back... It's been two weeks, jus' give him a bit longer... Anyway. Show time! Tossing his cigarette to the ground, Majima got ready to enter, his phone ringing as he gripped the handle.

“Fer fuck sake. Nishida what the fuck ya want now!?” His voice heavy with exasperation.

“Are you there yet, boss?”

Yeah. Why are ya checkin' up on me? Fuck off, will ya!?” Majima angrily hung up, and pressed his ear against the door. Kinda quiet... He stepped inside, the smiley faced woman at the cashier desk grinned when she noticed him.

“Ah! Majima-san, I presume! Your room has been reserved, Sir! Just head straight upstairs!”

“Haw!? Hey lady, I ain't reserved no room!” Majima scratched his head, however the cashier just smiled at him.

Just head straight upstairs, sir!” What the fuck's goin' on? They've reserved a room fer me? Ta have a fight? In a karaoke joint? Someone's set me up. This has ta be a fuckin' joke!

Eh!?” As he stood outside of the room upstairs, Majima couldn't help a gasp of surprise escape his lips. He could hear no shouting, no fighting noises. Instead, he heard someone belting out a song on the karaoke machine. “Machinegun Kiss... But that sounds like... Naw. Can't be.” Swallowing hard, Majima pushed open the door, his jaw dropping when he entered. There was no brawl. Nobody fighting. Only one person was in the room. “Kiryu-chan...” He whispered, stepping forward. Kiryu flashed him a nervous toothy grin, motioning him to sit on the couch in front of him. Numbly, his mind still reeling, Majima managed to sit down awkwardly. His heart thumped hard and his stomach tied into knots as he stared at Kiryu, his silky smooth voice washing over him. Goddamn, he sings like a fuckin' pro! His breath hitched as Kiryu, now really enjoying himself, began swaying his hips, one hand gripping the mic, his other pointing at Majima, whole body moving, rocking from side to side, back and forth... Majima was fixated. Kiryu placed his foot on the table, leaning forward, balling his fist up, the passion incredible in his voice, staring directly into Majima's eye as he finished the song.

“Just fall in love...” Majima fell back against the seat, mouth agape as Kiryu nervously lifted his foot from the table and sat down next to him. “Uh, so, what did you think, Majima-san...?” The nervousness in Kiryu's voice would almost be funny, if Majima knew what the hell was going on. He played along, regardless, clapping his hands ecstatically.

“Bravo! Bravo! Wow, Kiryu-chan! Yer givin' me butterflies here!” Majima giggled, before his face twisted into an expression of sadness. Baring his teeth, he pulled his fist back and punched Kiryu hard in the face. Springing up from the couch, he turned away from the other man and lowered his head, hands now firmly glued to his hips. “Now, why the fuck didn't ya tell me ya were back, huh, Kiryu-chan? Ya know how long I've been fuckin' worried about ya? Huh?” He barely heard Kiryu's soft voice over his shouting.

“It was a surprise.” Majima spun around, studying Kiryu. He sat there, head down, one hand holding a tissue against his bloody nose, the other resting on his knee.

“Haw!? A surprise? Fer me?” His face began to flush slightly.

“Yeah. I wanted to make it up to you for my... My welcome back party. And for... Uh, what Goromi did for me. That day in your office... And for leaving without saying goodbye. Well, to be honest, a hell of a lot of other stuff too. The plan was to have a few songs here, and go for some food, getting some drinks afterwards. I was hoping I'd be suitably drunk before we could... Talk about things. That's what I told Nishida anyway... I'd-” Majima raised his hand cutting him off.

“Nishida was in on this!? How long have ya had this planned, Kiryu-chan!?” Kiryu smiled, looking like the cat that got the cream.

“I arrived in Kamurocho this morning, and called him shortly afterwards. I asked him to meet me in Cafe Alps later in the day. You were at the batting cages. Nishida... he helped me plan it, and he got you here after all. Please, Majima-san, don't be too hard on him. He's a good man. Anyway, I'd been thinking of doing this last week, but, I just needed to clear my head, settle Haruka down, especially after Yumi...” Majima sat down next to him, placing a hand gently on his knee, feeling it automatically stiffen beneath him. He couldn't help but smirk a little as he spoke, his voice as gentle as possible.

“Listen to me, Kiryu-chan. What happened... None of it was yer fault. Ya did what ya had ta do ta protect the kiddy. I bet Yumi was so proud of ya. Not just her though, Kazama an' Nishikiyama too. Ya took the rap fer somethin' ya didn't even do, jus' ta protect ya bro. Ya made sure that the kiddy was safe no matter what. Hell. I know they're damn proud'a ya... I am too. Ya gotta remember that Kiryu-chan. If not fer yerself, then fer me.” Majima's heart melted as Kiryu raised his head, looking deep into his eye. He reached a hand up, carefully wiping away a tear that had rolled down Kiryu's cheek. Feeling a shaky hand rest on top of his own, Majima's stomach tightened as the other man closed his eyes, leaning forward. Their lips met in the most beautiful way, so soft and tender, everything around him fizzled away. Majima moaned as he felt Kiryu's tongue prod his lips, happily obliging he parted his mouth, just wide enough for Kiryu's tongue to slide inside. Their tongues danced, slowly, more intensely with each passing moment. Finally Kiryu pulled back, the colour of his face making a tomato look pale.

They sat in silence for what could have only been a few minutes. He still ain't relaxed properly. He's still on edge. Well, no prob, Kiryu-chan! I can help with that! Majima slapped his knees and jumped up, picking his song of choice. He wants a song... I'll give him a song. Hmm... I could do I love you... Nah. He'll piss his pants if I sing that ta him. Hm? 24 Hour Cinderella... Sing this and look like an utter asshole... Fuck it, he needs a good laugh.

“Right then, Kiryu-chan! Karaoke eh? Lemme show ya how this shit's done!” Majima giggled as the music started up. Kiryu's eyes went wide, a grin covering his face.

“You've got to be kidding me, Majima-san!” But Majima wasn't listening. He was singing at the top of his lungs. Kiryu could only clap along as he eagerly eyed the other man. Hopping around, hips gyrating, twirling, spinning, laughing. Majima did it all. He made sure he put on a grand performance and as he expected, Kiryu lapped it up. Flopping next to him on the couch after his song was over, he sat panting, a pleased grin pointed at Kiryu.

“Ya see! That's how ya do it an' look good, Kiryu-chan! Anyway! I'm starvin'! Ya said we'd eat? Let's go get some grub. How 'bout we head ta Smile Burger?” Majima smirked as Kiryu grabbed his arm, his eyes narrowing.

Majima-san. This is supposed to be my surprise for you. We're not going to a fast food joint. I'm taking you out.” Firm and commanding. Fuck, I love it when he talks ta me like that! Majima stuck out his bottom lip, pouting as sweetly as he could.

“Awww, c'mon Kiryu-chan! Ya know I don't do stuffy ass restaurants! Let's jus' go grab a burger!” His whining wasn't working, and shortly after leaving, Majima found himself being dragged to Kanrai, grumbling the whole way. Big waste'a fuckin' money this is gonna be. I ain't a restaurant kinda guy. But if this is his plan, I'll go with it. Fer now, anyway.

“Please enjoy!” The waitress bowed, placing the plates before them. Kiryu had asked Majima what he wanted, but received nothing but a grunt in return, so he ordered two plates of their Grade A Kalbi. Majima's face had twisted at first, but he soon found himself clearing the plate. Now that was good grub! Gotta hand it to him, he's got good taste!

“You look like you enjoyed that, Majima-san. Glad we didn't go to Smile Burger now?” Kiryu chuckled as Majima pressed his finger to his lips in thought.

“ Ya can't beat a good burger, man. But... Y'know, I might let ya take me here again, Kiryu-chan! If ya can behave an' don't run off again.” Majima smiled, pleased to see Kiryu grinning, looking a little more relaxed.

“I'm not going anywhere.” Ya damn right ya not. I ain't lettin' ya disappear again.

“Ah, Kiryu-chan... 'Bout before when I punched ya... I'm sorry. I jus' hit out as usual, but, eh... Like I said, I'm sorry.” Lookin' like a damn idiot, muttering sorry like a fuckin' punk kid. Heh. High five brain. Kiryu began to laugh, his deep voice running straight through Majima. “Eh? What's so damn funny!?”

“You've done so much worse to me when we've been fighting. Yet you apologize for punching me in the nose? Majima-san, it's okay. I understand. I would of probably punched me too.”

“Heh. Ya wanna go outside an' have a fight? Y'know? Fer old times sake?”

“Not tonight. I've got a few things left up my sleeve. I don't want us battered and bruised, I just want us to... Enjoy the night.” Majima cackled, his eye twinkling.

“C'mon now, Kiryu-chan! Ya know ya love fightin' me! Certainly gets yer blood pumpin' eh?” Pausing as Kiryu's face flushed, he smiled and nodded his head. “But, I'll be good. Jus' fer tonight anyway. So. Where we off ta now?”

“I'm taking you somewhere I think you've been before. It used to be a favourite place of mine... Before... Anyway. I'm staying there while I'm here. We'll be able to talk there.” Majima's eyebrow rose as he followed Kiryu outside.


Chapter Text

Majima stretched back in the booth in Serena as Kiryu poured two glasses of Courvoisier XO. He set the glasses down in front of them and sat down next to him.

“Ooh. Fancy drink choice! Yeah I remember this place. It's where I metcha boy Nishiki all those years ago...” Majima's voice trailed off as he noticed the sadness wash over Kiryu's face. “Sorry, Kiryu-chan. I wasn't thinkin'. Anyway. What did ya wanna talk about?” Kiryu cleared his throat, knocking back his drink, a chuckle being heard from Majima. “Easy there kiddo. Ya startin' ta get me worried now.”

It helps me feel less nervous around you when I'm trying to talk about...” Kiryu spoke softly, turning to face Majima. “I want to talk about us... Whatever was going on with us... Whatever is going on with us...” He paused momentarily, his cheeks flushing pink. Majima grinned. Goddamn, yer so cute when ya nervous, Kiryu-chan. Should I make this easy fer ya?

Whatcha mean, Kiryu-chan?” Kiryu balled his fists, frustrations getting the better of him, Majima giggled coyly, as Kiryu stared at him.

“I'm being serious, Majima-san. That night in Public Park 3... And then that day in your office... Did you... Did you mean what you said?” Pulling out a cigarette, Majima nodded, placing one in Kiryu's lips, lighting it, then his own.

“Yup. Sure did, Kiryu-chan. Ya jus' never seemed ta mention anythin' after it happened.” Kiryu took a drag from his smoke, shaking his head.

“I couldn't mention it, Majima-san. There was just too much going on... Everything kind of blew up then. Kazama-san... And then I had to find Yumi... For Haruka's sake. And when I found her... Well. You know what happened.” Majima nodded.

“I get it Kiryu-chan. It's okay. I know I ain't gonna be top'a the list of yer priorities. I never expected that from ya. I-” Kiryu stopped him, putting his hand on his shoulder.

I want you to be though, Majima-san. You never left my mind for a moment. I don't know what's going on between us... But, I do know, I want it to continue.” Majima's heart leapt. So, this is what Kiryu-chan's like when he's honest? Cute. Actually hearing him say he wants it ta continue though, damn... “That's why I made tonight happen. With Nishida's help of course. You want another drink?” Nodding, Majima quickly downed the last remnants of his glass, handing it to Kiryu, smiling as he filled it.

“Yer tryin' ta get me drunk, Kiryu-chan...” Majima teased in his sing song voice, smirking at the way Kiryu's hands trembled. Kiryu faced him once more, his eyes focused intensely. Majima watched as Kiryu swallowed repeatedly.

“I have a gift for you, Majima-san.”

Haw!? Fer me? Kiryu-chan ya ain't gotta waste good money o-” Majima was stopped as Kiryu's lips pressed against his own. He moaned as he felt Kiryu's hands running up and down his chest, clawing with an intensity he'd never felt. Their tongues fought hard, both men gasping for breath whenever possible. Majima's hands ran up to Kiryu's hair, tangling his fingers, pulling lightly, Kiryu moans muffled by Majima's skilful tongue. Kiryu pulled back, gasping for breath, watching as Majima's chest heaved up and down, sweat beading on his forehead. His eyes trailed down to Majima's crotch, breath hitching as he saw how tight his pants were. Holy fuckin' shit. Man, this is a whole new side'a Kiryu-chan I'm seein'...

Do you want your gift now, Majima-san?” He breathed shakily, well aware of the bulge in his pants. He didn't care. Majima nodded dumbly, his mouth hanging open. “What was it you said to me? Use your words, Majima-san.” Smirking as the other man moaned, he watched in a state of pure arousal as he threw his head back, nodding again. Yer drivin' me fuckin' mad here, Kiryu-chan... Yer gonna pay fer this ya little fucker, heh heh...

“Yes please, Kiryu-chan.” Letting out a deep breath, Kiryu got out from the booth and stood in front of Majima, pulling him to the side to face him. He watched as Majima's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. If he wasn't so nervous, he'd be really enjoying seeing Majima like this. “Kiryu-chan, whatcha doi-” Majima was cut off as Kiryu got down on his knees in front of him. Nestled between his legs, he looked up at Majima, his eyes glazed heavily with desire. Shakily, his hands reached out, grabbing for his belt buckle, stomach tightening as he brushed Majima's hard abdomen. A few moments of fiddling and Kiryu had the belt undone, the zip pulled down and buttons undone. There was only a thin layer of fabric separating his hands from Majima's dick. Swallowing hard, he looked up, Majima's mouth hanging open in a state of shock. This is his gift? No fuckin' way!

“I hope you like it, Majima-san.” Kiryu lowered his head, and moved closer, hand trembling as he tucked his hand in the now unbuttoned flap of Majima's boxers. Gasping as his fingers touched skin, Kiryu felt a chuckle rise in his chest as Majima let out a loud groan. That seemed to give him the confidence he needed, finally pulling out Majima's dick, gazing in awe at the sheer size. It was so soft, yet so hard, and so very hot. It was a different feeling completely to when he touched his own dick. Familiar, yet different. He sat there running his hand up and down slowly, amazed at the amount of precum that was pouring from the tip. He looked up and felt his heart rate increase, as Majima stared at him, mouth still agape, chest heaving up and down, his eye clouded over with lust. There's no way in hell this is happenin'... I gotta be dreamin' here. Kiryu-chan is kneeling between my legs, playin' with my dick! The fuck!?

“Fuck... Kiryu-chan, fuck!” Majima moaned as Kiryu leant lower, stuck his tongue out and began licking from the base upwards, stopping to kiss the tip gently. Kiryu felt Majima's hands in his hair, eagerly tugging, begging for more. Taking a deep breath, Kiryu took the head into his mouth, surprising himself by letting out a groan. Majima's hips bucked, sending his dick further into Kiryu's mouth. “Sorry, Kiryu-chan, ya sweet little noises got me a little too eager.” Majima wheezed, stroking Kiryu's head gently. Kiryu nodded, his face flushed red, and got back to work. It was a strange taste. Musky and salty, yet strangely intoxicating. Moving his head down, taking more of Majima into his mouth, he knew he wouldn't be able to fit the whole thing in. Not just yet anyway. Instead, he bobbed his head backwards, tongue exploring everywhere he could reach, before going back down, sucking gently, Majima's moans and curses filling him with confidence, encouraging him to try harder. He wanted this to be something Majima would never forget.

Using his right hand to grip Majima's thigh, he stuck his left hand to Majima's crotch. Feeling the soft skin of his balls, Kiryu gently rolled them in his hand, not having a clue what he was doing. Managing to glance up, he saw Majima's face now red, covered in sweat. He was panting hard, and Kiryu couldn't stop himself from moaning too. He wasn't even touching himself, yet the sight of Majima like that... He knew he was close himself. Going a bit deeper, Kiryu was groaning louder now, the feeling of his eyes watering ever so slightly exciting him further. Majima gasped, gripping Kiryu's hair tight, hips thrusting up, not being able to stop himself from face fucking Kiryu. He's fuckin' lovin' this! Those cute little moans, an' I ain't even touchin' him! Fuck... It's too much! I want this ta last so much longer, but I've wanted this fer so long... It's been too long since... Fuck. Fuck, I'm close, I'm really fuckin' close! I gotta move him, in case he doesn't like what's going ta come next!

“Shit! Fuck... Kiryu-chan! I'm gonna cum! Move it!” Majima growled, teeth clenched as he desperately tried to push Kiryu away, moaning loud when Kiryu pushed his hand away and sunk his nails hard into his leg. Lowering his head as far as he could, he stayed there, mind buzzing static as he felt Majima pulsate hard inside his mouth, crying out his name, shot after shot hitting him in the back of his throat. When he was sure Majima had finished, he pulled back, swallowing the mouthful he'd been given, Majima staring at him in awe. This really did jus' happen, didn't it? If this is a dream... I'm gonna be real pissed off.

“Fuckin' hell, Kiryu-chan! That was a gift worth waitin' fer! Goddamn!” He continued to pant as Kiryu remained on his knees, grinning up at him sheepishly.

“I'm glad you liked it, Majima-san. I hope I was okay...” He trailed off, looking away. Majima chuckled loudly, grabbing his chin, pulling him close. The eye to eye contact made Kiryu shiver.

“Hah! Fuckin' hell! Full o' surprises, ain't ya? Yer a natural, Kiryu-chan!” Majima's stomach flopped as Kiryu grinned. It was an adorable, stupid grin, and Majima loved it. Looking down, he noticed Kiryu's dick was still pressing against his trousers, a visible wet patch had appeared. “So, Kiryu-chan... What we gonna do about that?”

“Hm?” Kiryu tilted his head to the side, watching as Majima gently nudged his dick with his foot. Kiryu inhaled sharply, shaking his head.

“Uh... I don't know, Majima-san. This night was for you, not for me.” Majima nodded, licking his lips.

“Well. If this is my night, Kiryu-chan... I get ta do whatever I want now, eh? An' I wanna make ya feel as good as ya just made me feel. That okay with ya?” His voice was husky, making Kiryu shudder as he nodded. “Ya ever had ya dick sucked, Kiryu-chan?” Majima giggled as Kiryu slowly shook his head. “Hoo boy! Yer in fer a real treat now!” I get ta be the first to suck his dick? Fuck, yeah! I'm gonna be the fuckin' last too. I hope he realises I meant every fuckin' word I said. He's fuckin' mine. I ain't losin' him. Lost too many people... Majima stood up, lost in thought, mind still reeling over what had happened, and now what was about to happen. He pulled Kiryu up and pushed him backwards, so he was leaning against the wall. Growling, he tore open Kiryu's shirt, pushing against him, kissing him hard. Kiryu groaned as the other man's hand reached down and began massaging his crotch. Moving from Kiryu's mouth, Majima began working his way down, biting and sucking on Kiryu's neck, savouring the little gasps he made. Toying with his nipples, Majima grinned as Kiryu gripped his shoulder hard. Moving back up he began whispering into his ear. “Tell me whatcha want me ta do, Kiryu-chan.”

“I want you, I uh...” Kiryu paused. The attention he was getting from Majima was flustering him. Clearing his throat, he spoke slowly and calmly. “I want you to make me cum, Majima-san.” He cringed at how whiny his voice sounded, but Majima appeared to love it.

“No prob. Ya don't know how long I've been waitin' ta hear ya moan my name. Tell me before I do though, Kiryu-chan...” He paused, moving his hand away from Kiryu's dick, giggling as Kiryu let out a disappointed groan. “Have ya ever touched yerself while thinkin' about me?” Kiryu bit his lip hard, nodding slowly. Majima's face broke into a wide grin. Who'd of thought it? Looks like Kiryu-chan ain't as innocent as he makes out, fuck! He ain't gonna have ta touch himself over me now, I'm here ta do that fer him! Ain't no goin' back after tonight. Heh! Man... I can't wait ta fuck him. I bet he's like a fuckin' machine! By the looks of things tonight... He's a goddamn quick learner!

“Yes, Majima-san. More times than I can remember... And now, I've got the real thing in front of me, and I can't...” That was all Majima needed to hear. He sunk to his knees and undid Kiryu's belt quickly, pulling his pants and boxers down in one smooth motion. Kiryu's head snapped down as he heard Majima gasp. He's even fuckin' bigger out of his boxers... Holy shit.

“Fuck, Kiryu-chan! Now that is a dragon's dick alright!! Hot damn!” Groaning, Majima took all of Kiryu into his mouth, swallowing when the head pressed against his throat. Kiryu banged the wall behind him with his fists hard, desperately trying to not to start moaning straight away. Majima pulled away, shaking his head, seemingly well aware of what Kiryu was doing. “Nah, don't keep yerself quiet, Kiryu-chan! Lemme hear how much ya like it.” Kiryu nodded, letting Majima place his hands on his head. Grinning, Majima took him into his mouth again, groaning loudly, the vibrations bouncing through Kiryu's dick. He bobbed his head back and forward quickly. He tastes so fuckin' good... One taste an' he's got me hooked good. Shit. C'mon, Kiryu-chan. Say my name, pull my hair, dig yer fuckin' nails in... C'mon! Swallowing him down again, Majima got his wish.

“F... Fuck! Majima-san!” Kiryu panted, tugging hard on Majima's hair, causing him to grunt, his dick twitching between his legs. Oh yeah, now this is what I'm talkin' about! It ain't no fun keepin' it bottled up, Kiryu-chan! “Majima-san, it feels so good! Too good! Don't stop, Majima-san, please, don't stop!” Kiryu's legs were violently shaking now, he was close. It wasn't surprising considering Majima's skilled mouth and Kiryu's lack of experience, but it didn't bother any of them. Majima sucked him down one more time, stopping as Kiryu cried out. He pulled his dick out and held it to his lips, mouth wide open as Kiryu watched wide eyed, panting hard, repeating his name over and over again. Majima moaned as he felt Kiryu's hot cum cover his tongue. It was more than he expected, some dripping from his bottom lip. Surprising Majima, Kiryu bent down and licked the cum from his lip, causing him to groan loudly. Oh man, that was fuckin' hot... Guess his shyness is goin' away heh. 'Bout fuckin' time! Happily, he stood up, pride beaming on his face.

“So, whatcha think, Kiryu-chan? Ya wanna do this again?” Majima's eye widened as Kiryu wrapped his arms around his waist, nuzzling his head into his neck. Stomach tightening as his heart skipped a beat, he couldn't help but hold him back, stroking his hair gently. Fuck. I didn't get so touchy after my first blow job. Heh. Deep down underneath all that macho... He's real soft. Not what I was expectin' but hey. I ain't complainin'. After all this bullshit he's been through, he jus' wants someone ta stand by him an' not die. Someone ta jus'... Love him I think. Lucky fer him, I... Heh. Wonder how I'm gonna tell him I love his goofy ass...? An' then I wonder how I'm gonna beat his ass fer makin' me think this hard. Man.


Chapter Text

“So. You wanna stay here tonight?” Kiryu nervously muttered, looking anywhere except Majima. After both men had straightened their clothes out, they sat together, Kiryu feeling awkward. Damn it, why can't I stop being so nervous?

“Haw? So ya got a room here like?” Nodding, he motioned to the door next to the bar.

“There's a room back there that Haruka used to stay in while we were here. Still has a bed in there too, if you wanted to stay. I'm not saying you have to or anything, I jus-” Majima chuckled, shaking his head.

“Ya so cute when ya nervous, Kiryu-chan! Sure, might as well. Ain't got nobody better ta do tonight.” What!? What does he mean by that!? Whipping his head to the side, he noticed Majima grinning wide.

“Oh. That's your idea of a joke? Very funny, Majima-san.” Shrugging, he knocked his knee against Kiryu's.

“Hey man, I'm jus' tryin' ta make ya at ease. Tryin' ta rid ya of ya nervousness. Ya seem like yer cool with somethin', an' then ya go back ta bein' all shy. Gotta get outta it. It's only me, Kiryu-chan! Heh. I know this is all new ta ya an' that, but, trust me. I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else.” His grin had changed to a warm, genuine smile, and Kiryu found himself melting.

“There's a few things I want to explain to you, Majima-san. That day at the pier... If I'd have thought you were...” Kiryu paused, his eyes scrunching tight, a pained look on his face. Tell him. You have to be honest with him. “If I'd have thought you were... Dead... I would never of left. I looked in the water, I had my arms in, desperately searching for any trace of you. When there was no bubbles, no body, no nothing... I just assumed you had gotten out somehow. I went to your office... I tried calling you, and Nishida... I was on the verge of a breakdown. But I had to believe you were okay. I had to believe that. Because if I didn't... I... I wouldn't still be here now.” He's going to think I'm so fucking soft. Tch. I hope I haven't scared him off... But it's the truth and he had to know. “A man desperate to protect what he values most should be able to overcome anything...” Majima stared at him, blank expression on his face, not saying a word. Fuck. Say something! Have I messed up? Why did I have to say anything!? Because I'm Kazuma Kiryu and I can't lie for shit. Finally Majima spoke.

“What he values most...?” Nodding slowly, Kiryu swallowed loudly. The silence was deafening.

“Y'know Kiryu-chan. Since ya bein' so honest with me. I'll tell ya this. I ain't been scared of anythin' in a long time. Not since that day in the hospital with Mak... Anyway. Why should I be? I made the choice ta live only fer myself. I ain't got nothin' ta lose... Nah, I mean I had nothin' ta lose. But these past few weeks... Man. Somethin' terrifyin' the shit outta me.” Kiryu chuckled softly. He was going to say Makoto... I heard they had gotten close but...

“Surely nothing scares the big bad Mad Dog Majima.” Majima looked him dead in the eyes, bottom lip trembling. Shit, what's going on... He looks terrified... Clearing his throat, he nodded.

“There ain't nothin' that scares me more than the thought of never seein' ya again, Kiryu-chan. I ain't felt this way in a long, long time. Since before all'a this...” He paused, pointing his fingers to his outfit. “Back when I was... Less... Majima then I am now, ya might say. But, what I felt back then... It don't compare ta how I feel now. It's much stronger now. Stronger than I ever knew was possible. An' it terrifies me. 'Cause I'm Mad Dog Majima. The crazy fuck that loves fightin'. The cocky little shit who don't take no shit from anyone. I don't give a shit 'bout anyone. I don't... I'm not supposed ta. 'Cause when I do... It ends bad fer me.” Oh shit. Is he saying what I think he's saying? He can't be... Right!? As if he could ever fall for someone like me. I need to stop thinking about things that will never happen. Whatever we have, he doesn't... He'd never... Tch. Fool. I know his pain though... I know all too well. Whatever is going on between us... At least I can understand that and be there for him.

“I know the feeling. You're not alone, Majima-san.” Placing his hand on Majima's knee, Kiryu rubbed gently, jumping when the other suddenly turned, gripping his hand tightly with both of his. “What's wrong?!” He's trembling, what in the world has gotten into him tonight?! His hands shook violently around Kiryu's as his eye darted back and forth.

“Ain't nothin' wrong. I jus', I gotta say it. We both got shit luck, an' I wanna say this in case somethin' happens ta one of us...” Kiryu shook his head.

“Majima-san... Nothing is going to happen to you. I won't let it. And nothing will happen to me too. I've got you protecting my back now. I've never felt safer. Heh. Have you thought about a security business?” Majima sighed as he shook his head, tugging Kiryu's hand to his chest, placing it over his heart. So fast... It's racing...

“Kiryu-chan! Be serious here fer a minute, will ya? Tryin' ta spit this out an' yer shitty jokes ain't helping!” Kiryu couldn't help but chuckle. It's funny to see Majima-san flustered for once. Heh heh.

“Sorry. But I meant it. Nothing will happen to us, Majima-san. I promise. Just like I promised I'd come back. So if you still feel like you have to say what you want to say, go ahead. I'll listen.”

“'Kay. As I was tryin' ta say, a'fore I got interrupted by yer questionable comedy skills...” He paused, glaring at Kiryu, who still wore the same kind, gentle smile on his lips. “I... I love ya, Kiryu-chan. An' before ya start crackin' wise... I don't mean the way buddies or family or any other shit ya can think of love each other. I mean... I love ya the way... A person does when they're actually in love with someone. When ya feel like ya can't breathe without that person. When ya don't wanna breathe without that person. When that person is on ya mind 24/7. Shit. I s'ppose I sound like a total dumb fuck eh?” Majima paused, lowering his head, his hands moving from Kiryu's. A melancholy smile crossed his lips as he gazed into the distance. “An' that's what I wanted ta say. Have done fer a while now. Don't worry, ya don't have ta say anything. I know ya would never... Heh. Anyway! How 'bout another drink, Kiryu-chan? Dyin'a thirst here!” Kiryu's heart dropped to his stomach. He...? Majima-san loves... Me? Loves? Wow... I... What does he mean, he knows I would never...? Never what? Never love him? He's wrong, he's so wrong. I have to speak out. My throat feels like I've swallowed sandpaper... Damn it Kiryu! Speak to him! This is what you've been fucking waiting for! Now tell him before you lose him! Admit the truth!

“You're wrong. You are so fucking wrong, Majima-san.” Kiryu's voice came out almost a whisper. Majima's head cocked up.

“Eh? Whatcha mean, Kiryu-chan?”

“I've known for a while... I mean I've known how I've felt for a while. I even admitted how I feel about you to Yumi that night she... It just slipped out. But... I'm glad it did. With everything going on, I just didn't want to complicate things between us. Because you're the only one that's been able to... To make me feel... Like myself again. I can't explain it. No matter what happens, because of you, I know... I know everything will be okay. Nishida was right. I don't need to be embarrassed. I don't know if I do deserve happiness however, but you... You make me happy, Majima-san. I don't know how this happened between us. I don't know why... But I do know I couldn't stop it, even if I wanted to. Which I don't... But, I guess what I'm trying to say is...” Kiryu gulped, desperately trying to moisten his mouth. My heart is going to beat out of my chest... He's looking at you, come on... It's now or never. “I love you too.” Silence. Say something, Majima-san...

“Kiryu-chan... Ya... Ya sure ya not fuckin' with me...?” His voice was throaty, completely rare for Majima. Seeing him this way... It hurts. Why would I joke around with something like this? Majima... He's damaged... Just like me.

“Never been more serious.” Majima grabbed his hand, gripping tightly. So tight it hurt, but that didn't bother Kiryu.

“Heh. Look at us. Couple'a soft, sappy fuckers.” Kiryu chuckled. With everything that's been said, I don't want to push it too far. But I have to know.

“So. Uh...” Majima looked up at him, his face glowed pink. He looks so happy. His eye... It's brighter than it has been since... Well. A long time. I just... I just can't believe this... “I was just wondering... Uh, what does... What does this mean for us now...?”

“Oh, heh. Ya mean like, what are we now? Well, honestly, I never thought ya would ever... I dunno. I feel like a shit fer brains. Tryin' ta figure out if this is real or not. Heh. Anyway. Hmm...” Majima paused, tilting his head side to side. A wide grin spread across his lips as his sing song voice returned. “Take ya pick, Kiryu-chan. Partners, boyfriends, lovers or if ya want, we can be real romantic like, an' I can refer ta ya as my Prince Kiryu-chan!” He threw back his head, cackling with glee. Kiryu couldn't stop himself from chuckling along.

“No, I'll pass on that last one. Thanks anyway though.” Majima lowered his head, trying his best to look hurt.

“Awww, man. That was my favourite! Ya sure know how ta kill my buzz, Kiryu-chan. Some boyfriend you are.” Boyfriend... It still doesn't feel real. Guess it's settled then. Majima-san is my... Boyfriend... “Yo. Whatcha grinnin' at?” Kiryu shook his head as Majima cocked his eyebrow. “Nah, c'mon! Ya gotta tell me, what's so funny?” My life turned to shit. I lost Kazama-san... My brother... Some of my friends... And Yumi... I thought I'd be alone... I thought my life was over. And yet here I am. With Majima-san. Who is now... Tch. You're a grown man, say it. He's your boyfriend. And I'm laughing. And I'm happy. I'm actually happy... The only thing left to figure out is how to stop being so nervous. “Alright. If ya ain't gonna tell me, I'll make ya tell me!” Quick as a flash, Majima was up, hopping on top of Kiryu, pinning his hands back against the booth. Resting his head against Kiryu's, they stayed that way for a bit until the giggling had subsided. “I should warn ya though. I am a certified officer of the law. I can use whatever force I feel necessary ta make ya talk, Kiryu-chan! Don't make me get my Officer Majima outfit back on.”

“I... I wouldn't mind if you did.” Majima giggled, excitement crackling through his voice.

“Hehe! Is that so huh? What ya think of that pic I sent ya? Pretty damn hot, eh? Well. Fear not, Kiryu-chan! Next time ya see me, Officer Majima will be reporting fer duty!” Majima gave him a sharp salute.

“Promises, promises. I forgot to thank you for that picture actually. It was...” Kiryu stopped, feeling heat rush to his cheeks. Shit, not now. Not again already! Not when he's on top of me... We're supposed to be talking, he's going to think I get excited at the drop of a hat. Majima-san wouldn't mind that though, I think. Glancing up, Kiryu noticed Majima moved his face closer, a sly grin appearing.

“Heh. Knew ya'd love it!” Am I that obvious? Tch.

“Now hold on. I didn't say that.”

“Ya didn't have ta. Somethin' else is already speakin' fer ya.” Majima looked down, wiggling slightly in Kiryu's lap. “Ain't no need ta look like that Kiryu-chan. Knowin' my pic turns ya on? Makes me feel pretty dirty. Why don't ya have a feel, eh? See what I mean.” Kiryu's pants strained harder now, thanks to Majima's low breathy voice. He reached down without hesitating, gripping the bulge in the others pants, squeezing firmly. Majima threw his head back, a giggle of happiness escaping his lips. “Ahh, this is much better, Kiryu-chan. Ya see what I mean? Ain't no need ta be embarrassed, shy or worried. Go ahead. Take what's yers.” Kiryu moved his other hand onto Majima's thigh and squeezed, groaning softly as he began rocking slightly on his knee. “Say. Why don't we take this inta the bedroom, eh? Be a lot more comfortable.” Kiryu swallowed, nodding eagerly.

“I was wondering when you'd ask.”


Chapter Text

“Kinda bare, ain't it? S'ppose it's jus' somewhere ta crash though, eh?” Majima chuckled, sitting on the bed, his eye wandering around the room. There was a bed in the center, a window on the wall behind it, a dresser against the wall and a small set of drawers next to the bed. It was adequate. Or so Kiryu thought.

“Sorry. I didn't know what would happen... Since I thought it was just going to be me here, I didn't make an effort. We can leave if it's not good enough for you, Majima-san.” Kiryu gave him an understanding smile. I didn't think he'd... I thought... Damn. I should of made an effort...

“Naw. It's perfect. It's got the one thing I want in it, so why'd I leave? Don't care where we are Kiryu-chan. Could be a back alley fer all I care. As long as I'm with ya, anywhere's perfect. Stop worryin' an' sit yer ass down, eh?” Majima shrugged his jacket off, tossing it on the floor. He stretched out and patted the bed, motioning Kiryu to lie beside him. “Say. I hope ya realise, this don't mean we stop fightin'.”

“Eh?” Picking up Majima's jacket, he took his own off too, placing them on the dresser behind him.

“Oi. Stop fuckin' around with that an' get yer ass over here.” Okay, stay calm. Remember what he told you. Kiryu tried to lie down as casually as possible, his chest tightening as Majima turned onto his side. “As I was sayin'. We're still gonna fight, ya know.”

“Why? I don't think it's normal for... Boyfriends to fight each other.” Majima giggled quietly, shaking his head.

“We ain't normal, Kiryu-chan. We're us. An' well. It's too much fun! Think of it this way, eh? We both get stronger, an' afterwards we get ta fuck the shit outta each other. It's win-win, baby!” I can do this.

“I've got to admit, I like the sound of the last part, Majima-san.” Kiryu turned his head to face him, his stomach clenching as Majima opened his mouth wide, a laugh like honey pouring out.

“Fuckin' right? Hehe! So, I've got yer word we're still gonna fight, eh?” Shrugging, Kiryu turned onto his side, his hand pushing Majima down onto his back. Goddamn, I love it when he looks surprised.

“That depends.”

“Haw? On wha-” Leaning forwards, Kiryu interrupted Majima by kissing him. Their tongues busy wrestling, his hand scraped down the other's toned chest, light scratches appearing on his pale skin. “Ahh, Kiryu-chan...” His back automatically arched up as he moaned, Kiryu rolling his nipple between a thumb and an index finger.

“On what happens now. If we are going to fight, I have to make sure the fucking is good, don't I?” Majima stiffened beneath him. The noises he's making... I want him so bad... I guess he wasn't expecting me to take the lead so early.

“Fuck, Kiryu-chan! Didn't think ya'd be wantin' ta go first. Gotta hand it ta ya. I'm impressed!” A breathy giggle,followed by a gasp from Majima as Kiryu bit his bottom lip, tugging ever so slightly.

“You told me to take what's mine. I'm fucking taking it.” Growling as he gripped Majima's hair, he tugged his head to the side, biting and sucking from the ear down.

“Shit, ya want it bad, eh?” Majima whispered, voice trembling. Nodding, Kiryu groaned as Majima squeezed his ass hard, pulling him on top of him. He knelt back between the other's legs, tipping his head back, a loud sigh flowing from his lips. Majima fumbled desperately with his own belt, grinning as he finally succeeded in removing it. Throwing his head back against the bed, he began whining at the other man. “C'mon, Kiryu-chan! Whatcha doin'? Ya drivin' me fuckin' crazy here, man!” What am I doing? Trying to steady myself so I don't seem like I'm fucking terrified. I know what to do. I know how I'm going to do it. I've got this. Let's do this.

“Undo my belt.” Surprising himself at how calm he managed to keep his voice, Kiryu felt his confidence soar as Majima shuddered beneath him. He likes this... Damn. Now I get it. Now I understand why he loves fighting me so much... The pain... The dominance... He's not going to enjoy this if I'm timid, nervous and act like I don't know what the fuck I'm doing. I've seen enough videos to know I can do this. Okay. Pep talk over.

“Eh?” Grunting, Kiryu gripped Majima's hips and pulled him down further so his hands were in reaching distance of his belt.

“I'm fucking tired of waiting for you, Majima-san. If you want me to fuck you, you better undo my belt. Now.” Sitting up slightly, Majima nodded, eye wide, mouth open. Such a pretty face... Kiryu's belt was off in seconds as expected. Leaning back, he managed to roll his trousers down, enjoying the groan Majima made as he noticed the wet patch on his straining underwear. Twisting his body around, Kiryu practically tore Majima's trousers off, a surprised gasp, followed by a curse filling the room. It looks like he's ready to go. Heh, not just yet. I've got to take my time with this.

“Fuck's got inta ya, Kiryu-chan... Goddamn!” Watching wide eyed as Kiryu's underwear were thrown to the floor, he didn't have to be told to do the same with his own. Just as he laid back down, propping his head against the headboard, a knee was placed at either side of his ribs, the other man straddling his chest. “Holy fuckin' shit, ma-” His words were lost as Kiryu pressed the head of his dick against his lips.

“Suck it.” Groaning as his body twitched, Majima was happy to oblige, opening his mouth wide, placing his hands on Kiryu's ass, trying to push more of him into his mouth. A hard tug of the hair jerking his head right as Kiryu tutted. “Don't be greedy now, Majima-san.” Grinning as he felt Majima's hips buck up, he allowed him to take a little more inside. His tongue circled the head before he hollowed his cheeks, head bobbing as far as he could considering the awkward position he was in. Clawing at the other's thighs as hard as he could, Majima's stifled moans were becoming more desperate and then a sigh of disappointment as Kiryu pulled back.

“Oi, whatcha playin' at? Lemme suck it prop-” His words were interrupted by a strangled cough, Kiryu shoving his whole length into Majima's mouth. Eye wide, drool running down his chin, choking coughs, it was a sight to behold. Smiling as he cradled Majima's head, Kiryu pulled his hips back, letting the tip rest on the other's lips for a few seconds, shuddering as the man beneath him panted, saliva dripping onto his own chest. Plunging back into the warm, wet, vacuum of a mouth in front of him he couldn't help but chuckle. It was rare to see Majima this flustered, to be under someone else's control and be so into it.

“You want me to fuck you now, Majima-san?” Fingers gripped his ass hard as Majima nodded hard, trying his best to speak. Pushing backwards, Kiryu stared at the man in front of him. He looks so goddamn sexy... His chest was heaving, sweat running down his neck, mixing with his saliva, eye glazed over with a look of pure hunger as he lay shaking.

“Fuck me, Kiryu-chan. Please, I want ya ta give it ta me as hard as ya can, I want ya ta hurt me, I need ya ta-” Kiryu gripped his chin, slamming his head against the headboard hard, Majima groaning loud, hips bucking ever so slightly. Shit, I hope I didn't hurt him.

“What you need, is to fucking shut up. You sound so fucking whiny, Majima-san. So pathetic. Look at the state you're in. You're nothing but a shuddering, drooling mess. I've got to say though, you look pretty fucking sexy like this. It suits you.” Gripping the sheet as hard as he could, Majima was writhing around on the bed, Kiryu's words clearly having the effect he desired on him.

“Heh, is that right, eh? Whatcha gonna do about it, huh?” A loud slap, followed by a gasp.

“Don't get fucking cocky or I'll slap you again.”

“Is that right? Better behave hadn't I, Kiryu-chan?” Majima moaned, fingers returning to claw at Kiryu's thighs. Reaching back, he grabbed for Majima's dick, turning his head slightly as his fingers connected with wetness. Majima was dripping, literally. Fuck... He wants me to hit him again... He's really getting off on this. Another hard slap to the face, his head jolting left slightly as it banged off the headboard. Leaning down, Kiryu kissed him, pulling away as soon as he felt the other's tongue, Majima letting out an exasperated groan. This is driving him wild, heh. Not bad for a first timer. Trailing his tongue down his chest, stopping as he reached his left nipple. A few gentle licks, one of his hands moving down to grip Majima's dick, rubbing his hand up and down slowly. Moving his other hand upwards, he jammed a few fingers into his mouth, groaning slightly as the other began sucking on them eagerly, muffled moans and curses being spat out as Kiryu used his thumb to keep his jaw in place. Once he was sure Majima was relaxed, he bit down, writhing himself as the other uttered a choked squeal. Repeating the action with the other nipple, he slid down, looking up at other. His face was like nothing he'd ever seen before. Eyebrows knitted together, his face was red and scrunched up. He groaned as their eyes met.

“God fuckin' damn Kiryu-chan, I can't take it anymore!” Licking Majima's shaft gently, Kiryu chuckled as his dick pulsated, bouncing with every throb. He knew he couldn't keep teasing him much longer. Majima was trembling beneath him, whimpering, begging and cursing. I have to fuck him. Now. Standing up, Kiryu moved to the dresser, fiddling about in the drawers.

“I don't know if this will work, I think it was Reina's, but it hasn't been opened.” Majima cocked his head, looking at the small white jar in Kiryu's hand.

“Wha's that?” Throwing the jar on the bed, he got back into position, another hard slap to Majima's jaw. Wrapping his hands around his throat, Kiryu clenched his teeth as the other's eye widened. He squeezed, Majima's hands reaching up to claw at the grip around his neck. Banging his head against the headboard, Kiryu leant down, a look of disapproval painting his face.

“I don't remember asking you to speak. Shut your fucking mouth. Understand?”

“S-Sorry! I'm... Sorry! Fuck!” Majima managed to choke out, clawing at his own neck as Kiryu released him. This still feels strange... It's obvious Majima-san is enjoying himself, but I don't want to take it too far too soon... I'm sure he would tell me if I did, but still... This is all new... I better learn fast if I want to keep up with him... As Majima lay panting, Kiryu took the jar into his hands, opening it and spreading some of the oil into his hand. Gripping Majima's length, he made sure to cover it all, relishing in the obscene groans that filled the air. Next he scooted further back, slapping the other's thigh hard as a signal to plant his feet flat. Taking a deep breath, Kiryu scooped more of the oil into his hand, tossing it to the side. Coating his dick fully, he shuddered in anticipation of what was next.

“Kiryu-chan... What smells like cocon- ahhh, fuckin' fuck man!” Digging his nails into Majima's left thigh, he placed the tip against his ass.

“C'mon, the fuck ya waitin' fer, ya- fuck! I'm sorry, man, fuck it!” His nails biting harder into his thigh now, blood being drawn as the other groaned. How can he be enjoying this so much? Tch, I really do have a lot to learn. Okay, here goes nothing. Another deep breath and he began pushing himself inside, gasping at the tightness around him, watching in fascination as Majima stretched around him. Fully inside now, he stayed still, the only sound to be heard was his heart hammering in chest and the erratic panting from the man beneath him. It's so hot... So tight... Fuck, I'm fucking Majima-san. My dick is inside Majima-san... Holy shit. The bed began wobbling causing Kiryu to look up.

“Fuck, Kiryu-chan... It hurts... So big... Gonna bust me open... Fuck me Kiryu-chan... Please...” Head straining up above his heaving chest, Majima's hand was wrapped around his dick, jerking slowly. Kiryu felt his stomach clench as the other tightened around him. Baring his teeth he pulled Majima closer, leaning forward to swat his hand away and pin it against the bed.

“Did I say you could do that? What the fuck do you think you're doing? You're going to get it now.” Groaning and rolling his eye back, the silence didn't last long. Kiryu returned his hand to his throat, the other gripping a handful of hair, pulling hard. A choked yowl was enough encouragement Kiryu needed to start. Pulling his hips back, he admired the view before thrusting back in, hard enough that Majima's head slammed into the headboard once again. It was no longer clear if the groans that were coming from him were from pain or pleasure alone. Nails dug into his back as he fucked him, pounding as hard as he could. Between strangled gasps Majima managed to whisper.

“Kiryu...Kiryu-chan... Ya... Fuck... Amazin'... Shit... Keep goin'... Don't stop... Can't breathe... Harder... Beggin' ya... C'mon baby...” Harder? I'm going to crack his skull against the board if I go any harder! Shit, you asked for it. Snarling Kiryu gripped Majima's thighs, pushing them forward, his knees almost touching his chin.

“You fucking asked for this!” Gripping the headboard with one hand and Majima's hair with the other for support, Kiryu launched forwards, thrusting in deeper and harder than he thought possible. Majima let out a howl beneath him, crying out his name as if it was the only thing he knew how to say, raising his hand to Kiryu's chest, clawing anywhere he could reach, the pain igniting his excitement further.

“Cum... Gonna... Gonna cum! Fuck, Kiryu-chan!!” Kiryu lowered his head, still keeping the pace. A quick peck on the lips before he sunk his teeth into his bottom lip, a coppery taste filling his mouth. Majima stiffened beneath him hollering incoherently, and Kiryu knew he was close himself. As Majima came, he tightened around Kiryu's dick, the sensation too good it was almost unbearable. Pulling back, he watched as Majima lay there grinning wildly between pants, blood dripping down his chin, sweat sticking his hair to his forehead.

“Shit, I'm going to cum, Majima-san!” Majima threw back his head, a low groan flowing from his bloodied lips as Kiryu thrust one last time, pulsating hard inside him, his entire body quivering with the force of his orgasm. Still between Majima's legs, Kiryu sat gasping for breath, his body on fire. Did we really just do that...? Holy shit...

“Oi. I said are ya okay?” Nodding he pulled out, watching in awe as his load began to trickle from Majima's ass.

“I didn't hurt you, did I?” Pulling Kiryu down, Majima wrapped his arms around him, pulling him close so they were lying face to face.

“Of course ya did, but I wanted ya ta hurt me. How did ya know that's what I wanted?” Kiryu chuckled warmly, his fingers running through the other's sweaty hair, brushing back what he could.

“I get it now. I get why you like fighting me so much. You get off on pain, on being hurt. You're always the one who's in control of yourself, when it's someone else... When it's me controlling you... You love it.”

“Well, ain'tcha a clever boy eh? Gotta say, Kiryu-chan. Ya certainly made it one ta remember. I'm gonna be feelin' this fer a few days. Only next time? I want it harder. I've got a bag of tricks for us ta try out. But hey. Plenty of time. It ain't gonna be the last time.” Harder? He wants it... Harder? Plenty of time? Shit. Kiryu nodded, a faraway expression on his face. “Hey. What's up? Worried about all the fun we gonna have? Heh!”

“I told Haruka I'd be back by Monday.” The grin slid from Majima's face.

“Oh. That's less than a week. So, ya stayin' there long term with Haruka-chan?”

“Yeah. It's the only place we've got. What, uh, what does this mean for us?” Majima smiled, kissing Kiryu gently.

“Ya leave it ta me. I'll figure somethin' out.” Kiryu lay on his back, the other man resting his head on his chest. Automatically his arms enveloped Majima's body. So, this is what being with someone feels like. I don't want to leave him... But, Haruka...

“I love ya, Kiryu-chan.”

“I love you too, Majima-san.”


Chapter Text

His phone chimed as he pressed the shutter button. Fuck. Hope he don't wake up. Really don't wanna leave the stupid son of a bitch, but got ta sort this. If this works... Fuck. It better. Smiling at the picture he'd just taken, Majima leant forward, gently kissing Kiryu before he turned and left. Walking outside, he stretched, not being able to help the grin wash over his face as he pulled out his phone.

Yo. Nishida. Want ta have a word with ya. Ya at the office? Good. Don't fuckin' move, ya hear me!?” Heh. Fucker thinks he's sly eh? Sure got him shittin' his pants now. Lighting up a smoke, Majima clicked back onto the picture he'd taken moments earlier, his heart fluttering. Fuckin' hell man, I only jus' left him an' I'm like this? Damn, Kiryu-chan! Ta think... Ten years without ya, an' now ya back an' we're together. Actually fuckin' together, man. Shit, this couldn't of went better. Anyway. Time ta show Nishida what happens when ya fuck with the boss!

Walking into the office Majima was surprised to see Nishida already there, on his knees, hands placed in front of him, head bowed.

Ah, there ya are! So. Kiryu-chan told me all about yer little fuckin' plan with him.” Nishida's head rose slightly, his whole body trembling.

Boss! I'm so sorry! I only did it for you! I was just trying to help! Please, don't!” Raising his foot, Majima slammed it down hard, millimetres away from the other's left hand.

Nah. That's too easy. Yer gonna pay for this. Ya need ta learn not ta go behind ya boss's back. Let's see.” Majima paused, rummaging through a drawer in his desk, chuckling as he pulled out his tanto. Nishida's eyes widened as he cried in fear.

No! Boss, please! I'm begging you! Boss I- Argh!” Fists gripped his shirt as he was hoisted from the ground, being slammed into the wall, his feet dangling above the ground. Majima bared his teeth in a ferocious grin, his eye wide as he twisted his wrist, angling the tanto in his fist to the man's throat. A maniac giggle as he threw his head back, Nishida sobbed, begging for his life.

Now. As I said, Kiryu-chan told me all about yer little plan. An' there's only one thing I got ta say ta ya.” Tears rolled down Nishida's cheeks as he pleaded, gasping for breath as Majima leaned in close. “Heh. Didn't wanna have ta do this Nishida. Ya were an okay guy fer bein' a total knucklehead, but...”

Boss, please!! I'm sorry!” Majima hushed him, pushing the blade closer to his neck, the cold metal touching skin now. Heh, he's suffered enough. Suppose if he hadn't of helped Kiryu-chan, we might not be... Fuck. I'm probably gonna regret this.

“Shut the fuck up!” Roaring, he let Nishida drop to the floor, giggling as he pressed himself against the wall. “As I was sayin'. I didn't wanna have ta do this, but... Yer getting' a raise.”

“No! God, no! Please, boss! Anything but that! I'm so sorry! I- Huh? A... A raise? What? B-Boss...?” Majima shrieked with laughter, pulling him close.

“Hey, if ya don't want it fine by me!” Nishida shook his head, his eyebrows knitted together in confusion. He swallowed several times, still not sure if this was a joke.

“I do... I mean, I... I mean, what?” Sitting at his desk, Majima motioned for Nishida to take a seat in front of him. Timidly, he sat, still shaking like a leaf.

“Me an' Kiryu-chan. We're together now. An' as much as I hate ta admit it. If it hadn't of been fer ya help... Well. What I'm tryin' ta say is, ya didn't have ta. But ya did. Makes me confident that I can trust ya, y'know? Like, I know ya got my back.” Nishida smiled wide.

“Boss! That's great news! I'm so happy for you! I was only too glad to help!” Majima waved his hand.

“Alright, enough. Ain't enough room in here fer both of our egos if ya keep goin'. Anyway, like I said, I wanna give ya a raise. But, there's a catch.”

“A catch?” Lighting up a smoke, Majima placed his feet on the table, nodding.

“Ya remember that turn around job we missed a few months ago? That little shit heap row'a houses that went up fer sale? The ones about ten minutes out from Kamurocho?” Nishida nodded, rubbing his chin.

“Yes... I remember... You wanted to rebuild them and sell them on as quick as possible, but... We heard about it too late. The guys from Tenryu Enterprise got the job. From what I've seen, they've done a real good job too, they look great! I mean- Ow!” Majima sprang up, kicking him in the chest. The chair toppled over, Nishida landing hard on the ground. “Sorry, boss. Anyway, what about it?” Rubbing his head, he flipped the chair over and sat back down as Majima scowled.

“I heard they sold straight away. All except one. This one needed more work, so they did it up ta a higher standard or somethin', fuck knows, but it's more expensive, an' that's why it's still empty. I want it.” Nishida's eyes widened.

“Y- You want the house? But... Why? And why not just buy it?” Banging his feet on the table in frustration, Majima sighed.

“Ya know, Nishida. Sometimes I really think yer alright. An' then ya act like an assrat. I want it, 'cause I fuckin' want it. An' I can't buy it 'cause soon as those limp dicks figure out who I am, well. Can ya really see them sell a house ta the competition? Especially after that bullshit when they accused us of stealin' all those club jobs from them? Use yer fuckin' brain! My problem is, I need someone ta buy it fer me. Someone who don't work fer me. Someone with no ties ta Majima Construction. Ya got it?”

“But we did steal those jobs... Uh... I mean right. I see what you mean, boss. Hmm. Oh! I've got it!” Nishida grinned, nodding his head as he pulled out his phone. After a few minutes, Majima leant forwards.

“Ya plan on tellin' me? Or do I have ta beat it outta ya?”

“Oh! Right! Hold on, I have to take this. Hello?” Is he fuckin' serious? He's answerin' a call while I'm speakin' ta him? I am seriously gonna fuck him up now! Majima stood and was just about to pull his fist back when a part of Nishida's conversation made him stop.

“Yes! That would be perfect! Thank you so much for doing this! I'll explain properly when I next see you, but there's nothing shady about this! Yes... I remember when I said that last time... But I mean it this time! Thank you, thank you so much! Um, as soon as possible I guess? I will let you know when I've put the funds in your account. Again, thank you so much! Goodbye!” Cocking his eyebrow, Majima cleared his throat. “Oh! Boss! Sorry about that! Anyway, consider it done! You remember how I was telling you my sister has just gotten married? Well if a newly wed couple happen to buy a house, there's nothing strange about that, right? Heh! She says she'll do it!” Majima giggled, wrapping his arm around the other man's shoulder.

“Ah, Nishida. I love ya, man!”

“I'll take care of it right away!” Watching as he practically bounced out of the office, Majima sat back down, his head tipping back as he grinned from ear to ear. Okay. Jus' gotta hope Kiryu-chan wants this too. Place fer him an' the kiddy. That way, he's closer. S'ppose only way I'll find out is if I tell him. I could jus- A loud ring interrupted his thoughts.

“Yo.” Majima's stomach tightened as Kiryu's voice slid into his ear.

“Majima-san, where are you?” He ain't been awake long. Heh, he sounds so fuckin' cute.

“I got some business ta take care of, Kiryu-chan. Can we meet later? I'll give ya a call when I got this sorted.” Please don't ask questions, I feel like I'm gonna burst with excitement over here! An' we both know my big mouth ain't good at keepin' secrets.

“Okay. Is everything okay?” Shit. Play it cool.

“Yup! Nishida called, there's been a big fuck up over here, but I'll be done soon. Anyway, gotta go.”

“Oh.” Kiryu spoke, his voice quiet and small. Majima felt his heart sink. Nah, ya gotta understand, this is a surprise fer ya, stupid son of a bitch. “Okay. Call me when you get the chance, I guess. Majima-san... I love you.” Gah. Stop makin' me feel guilty! Ya got me dyin' here, Kiryu-chan! Trying to sound as normal as possible, Majima answered.

“Will do! Heh, I love ya too, baby!” Making his way to the couch, he flopped down, stretching out. Jus' gotta play the waitin' game now. Might as well rest my eyes fer a bit. Didn't exactly get a lotta sleep las' night, heh.

“Hey, wake up!” Feeling arms gripping his shoulders, Majima opened his eye slowly, trying to make out the blurry figure in front of him.

“Kiryu-chan?” Reaching forward, chuckling sleepily, he pulled the body on top of him, wrapping his arms around tight. Huh? This don't feel right... What the... Who the fuck?

“Woah! Boss, boss it's me! Nishida! Ow!” A hard boot sent him flying backwards, landing in a crumpled heap on the floor. “Why'd you kick me? You grabbed me!” Noting the look on Majima's face, he lowered his head. “I mean, I'm sorry boss. I was just trying to wake you.” Checking his phone he saw it was nearly 4pm.

“Shit, why didn't ya wake me sooner! Fuckin' stupid son of a bitch!” Nishida took a step backwards, trying to distance himself as far as possible. Majima had a knack for throwing things at him and hitting him in the face perfectly every time.

“I... I've been busy boss! I went over to my sister's, like I said. Anyway when I got there we ended up talking, and she was telling me how-”

“Get to the fuckin' point!” Majima roared, placing a cigarette between his lips as he got up, now sitting at his desk. Stretching, he chuckled slightly as Nishida flinched. Good. He ain't let earlier go ta his head. Heh. Still got it. Swallowing hard, Nishida approached Majima's desk, placing an object in front of him, scooting back as quick as possible. “Haw? What's this then, eh?”

“The keys to your house, boss. I'm sorry it took so long.” Majima picked up the keys, a beaming grin springing on his face.

“Nishida, fuckin' hell! Yer surpassin' yerself today! It ain't often I say this, so listen close, ya hear? Well fuckin' done!” Nishida stood tall, taking pride in the rare praise from his boss. “C'mon, let's go.”

“Hm? Me? Where are we going boss?” Picking up his phone, Majima began typing.

“Ai. There ya go, bein' a bonehead again. I'm in a pretty good mood, so don't fuck it up, 'cause ya will get hurt. We're gonna go check out Kiryu-chan's new house. I jus' messaged him tellin' him we're still held up an' I'd call him later. Ya know why?” Nishida shook his head dumbly, a lost look on his face.

“Kiryu-san's new house?”

“That's right, fucknuts. We got ta get this place up ta code before I show him. Now ya get it? Ya gonna stand around all day, or ya gonna get off yer ass an' help? Oh yeah. If ya don't ya can find a new job. Get the boys, tell them we got a big assed job ahead. Oh an' we only got a few hours ta do it in. But remember. It ain't got nothin' ta do with those jackasses why we're doin' this. I mean it Nishida, I'll fuckin' end ya if ya spill. Anyway, enough friendly talk! Let's do this!”


Chapter Text

Okay. This'll do. Think we've really pulled this off. Fuck, I'm good! Majima grinned, his men gathering around him.

“Right! I think that calls the end ta today. Ya did good, guys. Now get outta here. Go get yerself a beer or somethin'! Nishida, oi! Get back here ya little shit!” Lowering his head, Nishida turned and scuttled back towards Majima. “I know yer tired an' shit, but seriously. Thanks. Couldn't of done this without ya, bud. An' make sure ya thank ya sister fer me. I'll make sure ta thank her somehow. Fuck! Ta think, a few hours ago, this was jus' a bare shell. Heh. Whadda team, eh!?” Nishida chuckled, looking around the room with pride.

“Day and night, without question, right boss?”

Damn fuckin' straight! Anyway, go on get outta here. Good job. Really.” Majima smiled, for the first time, warmly at Nishida. Staring wide eyed he nodded, quickly exiting. Shit, better not let this happen too often. Don't want people thinkin' I'm goin' soft. Still though... In a matter of hours, we got this place fully furnished, decorated an' cleaned. Can't fuckin' believe it. Sure, I got a few funny looks from the guys, wonderin' what the fuck's goin' on. It don't matter. Jus' can't wait ta see the look on Kiryu-chan's face! Majima let out a excited squeal, pulling his phone out of his pocket, dialling Kiryu's number. C'mon, answer, Kiryu-chan! Eh? Leave a message huh? The fuck? Where is he? Stupid fuckin' thing, try again, c'mon. Trying for the next ten minutes to reach him, Majima was getting worried. Need ta head ta the office first fer the next part of my plan, then I'll head out an' look fer him. Fuck's he playin' at?

The office was in total darkness as Majima arrived. Heh, didn't take them long ta head home. Anyway, jus' gotta... Woah, what the SHIT is that!? Is that... Is someone standin' next ta the couch? The fuck!? Gripping the bat he kept next to the door for just in case moments, he peered through the glass panel on the door. Yup, definitely someone there. It's too dark ta tell... But... It looks like they're lookin' out the window... Can't see shit outta it anyway, jus' faces a dark alley, so what the fuck they lookin' out fer? Don't matter. Heh, ya picked the wrong place ta break inta, shit fer brains! Surprise attack, hoo boy! Turning the handle slowly, the door began to open silently. Creeping around the desk, Majima now stood behind the unknown intruder, his heart racing so loud he thought it'd give him away. Raising the bat, he swung hard, a sickening crack heard as it connected with their skull, sending the body crashing to the floor. “Surprise, sugar tits!” Letting out a maniac giggle, he raised the bat once more, just ready to slam it down again when a voice spoke.

“Ow! What the hell!? Majima-san!?” Dropping the bat, Majima turned around, fiddling for the light switch. The room lit up as he stood squinting, trying to examine who was on the floor.

“Haw? Kiryu-chan!? Whatcha doin' here? Shit, are ya okay? Fuck, man, I'm sorry. Here, lemme help ya.” Pulling Kiryu up, Majima grimaced at the gash above Kiryu's right eye. “Fuck. I'm real sorry.” Sitting down Kiryu shook his head.

“I suppose it wasn't clever to stand in the dark.”

Yeah. So, uh... What were ya doin' standin' in my office in the dark, Kiryu-chan?” Majima grabbed a pack of tissues from his desk and began dabbing the wound on the other's face, feeling his stomach sink as Kiryu pushed him away. Eh? What's his problem? I mean, apart from bein' cracked in the head with my bat. Fuckin' good job Majima.

Just leave it. It's fine, I don't need you fussing over me. I can take care of myself. Have done long before I met you and will continue to do so. So just back the hell off.” The fuck? Kiryu-chan...? Ah... I think I get it. He's had second thoughts about us ain't he? Shit... Naw, man, I'm sure he jus'... He was okay earlier an' now... He's... He's changed his mind, ain't he... Goddamn it, I fuckin' knew this would go wrong. It always fuckin' goes wrong. It's funny. I'm the first one callin' people like Nishida buttbrains or knuckleheads, but when it comes down ta it... I'm the biggest one of them all. Stupid fuckin' asshole believin' I could be happy. Heh. Live the life I've lived, do the shit I've done... Nah. Ya don't get the happily ever after in this kinda life, Majima. Ya fucked yerself over when ya started believin' ya could. “Majima-san... I...” Majima bowed his head and spoke, cutting Kiryu off, his voice just above a whisper.

“It's okay, Kiryu-chan. I understand. I know why yer here. Heh. Ya don't have ta say anythin' else. I know ya ain't good at this. I'm jus' real happy we got ta spend some time together, y'know? Anyway, jus' means now I can go back to kickin' yer ass all the time! Hehe!” Letting out a high pitched giggle, Majima stood up and turned away, wiping the tears from his eyes as discreetly as possible. Grabbing his cigarettes, he sat in his chair, facing away from Kiryu.

Majima-san... What the hell are you talking about?” Moving away from the couch, Kiryu walked around the desk, his face dropping when he saw the other's expression. “I want to know why you've been avoiding me. We... We spend the night together, and then you spend all day staying away from me?” Pausing, Kiryu frowned hard, exploding at Majima. “The hell is your problem!? Is that all I am? A toy for you to use when you get bored? Huh? Answer me Majima-san!” Launching up from his chair, Kiryu gripped Majima's jacket tightly, shaking him as hard as he could. Pulling back his lips and baring his teeth, the pain was evident in his eyes. They stared at each other for what felt like hours, Kiryu's chest heaving, Majima's face blank, until he eventually grinned. Does this mean he's jus' pissed off 'cause I ain't been around? Hah! Holy fuckin' hell, thought I was gonna throw up! “You bastard. You grin at me? I could fucking kill you right now if I wanted to. But you aren't worth it. Fuck you. Have it your way. I'm out of here.” Snarling, he threw Majima back into his chair and began storming towards the door. Hand on the handle, strong hands gripped his shoulders, spinning him around. There was a loud bang as Kiryu was slammed against the door. “Get your fucking hands off me!” Majima banged him against the door once more, Kiryu's head connecting hard with the glass pane. How it didn't smash, Majima didn't know.

“Shut the fuck up fer a minute, an' listen will ya? Kiryu-chan... Ya mean... Ya ain't havin' second thoughts about us?” The tone Majima used to ask his question made the anger melt away from Kiryu's face, being replaced with a strong look of confusion instead.

W- What? Not once did I ever think that... But clearly I'm nothing but a goddamn fool. I believed you. I believed all of your lies. And you avoid me all day, and have the audacity to grin at me when you're caught out? Fuck you. Fuck you, Goro Majima. Now let me fucking go.” Goro Majima? Heh. That's a new one from ya, Kiryu-chan. If ya jus' shut the fuck up an' lemme explain. Sighing heavily as a wave of relief hit him like a tonne of bricks, Majima chuckled.

Listen ta me fer a minute will ya. Please, Kiryu-chan. Jus' sit down an' I'll explain. Please?” Letting go of Kiryu's jacket, Majima sat on the couch, watching as Kiryu sat on the opposite end, hands shaking in what he assumed was anger. “I ain't been avoidin' ya. Ya such a fuckin' bonehead sometimes.” As he stood up to leave, Majima quickly continued, stopping Kiryu in his tracks. “I've been busy. I've got a surprise fer ya. Took me an' the boys all day. That's what I've been doin'. I was plannin' on comin' back here, gettin' a few things an' then go ta pick ya up. I tried callin' but ya wouldn't answer. I couldn't tell ya more about it, 'cause I didn't want ya ta know. That's what a surprise is, right?” Turning slowly, Majima's heart sank as he saw the tears in Kiryu's eyes. Fuck, I was jus' tryin' ta do somethin' good fer him... I didn't realise... Shit.

“A surprise? So, you weren't avoiding me?” Smiling warmly, Majima shook his head.

“I told ya. I ain't lettin' ya get away from me again. Honestly, the way ya went on with me before, I thought ya had been havin' second thoughts 'bout us. I was fuckin' sure ya had changed ya mind. That's why I grinned when ya grabbed me. I wasn't laughin' at ya, Kiryu-chan. I was laughin' at myself. I was so fuckin' scared, I thought I was gonna puke. Heh.” Kiryu sat back down, lowering his head. His voice broke as he tried his best to speak.

I thought you'd left me like everyone else did.” A punch straight to Majima's stomach. Fuck... I'm supposed ta be his boyfriend, but here I am, fuckin' him up, jus' like everyone else. Real dick fuckin' move, Majima. Moving close, Majima wrapped his arms around Kiryu, guilt racking his face as he felt him sob.

“I ain't never gonna leave, ya hear me? Oi? Look at me. I ain't fuckin' leavin' ya. I love ya, Kiryu-chan. I fuckin' love ya. Ya ain't gettin' rid of me. Listen here. We gotta trust each other. Ya the only one I've got. All the pain, an' the doubt? We gotta leave it in the past if we're gonna have a future. Heh, them's wise words. Look at me bein' all deep an' shit. Heh. Whatcha doin' ta me, Kiryu-chan...” Kiryu chuckled, nodding his head.

“I'm sorry. I love you. But everyone I've loved... They've left me. Whether it was through no fault of their own, or they just chose to leave... The point is-” Gripping his chin, Majima smiled.

“I ain't everyone. These past few weeks, I've been shot, an' I've been stabbed. Heh, I'm still here ain't I? I ain't gonna let anythin' take ya away from me. So stop it. I ain't goin' anywhere. Ya think I'm gonna let this hot piece of ass walk away from me?” Giggling he threw back his head, voice high and shrill. A grin covered Kiryu's face as he gripped onto Majima tightly.

“Right back at you, Majima-san.” A gentle kiss before he tugged him up.

“C'mon. Wanna show ya this before I burst.” Fifteen minutes later, they stood outside the house, Majima practically bouncing with excitement as Kiryu stood confused.

“Majima-san, what are we doing here?” Shrieking with joyous laughter, Majima bowed, raising his arms out towards the house.

“Here's yer surprise, Kiryu-chan! Hehe!” Staring up at the house, Kiryu shook his head.

“Huh? I don't get it.” Sighing as he rolled his eye, Majima handed him the keys.

Ya said ya didn't have anywhere fer yerself an' Haruka-chan ta live. Well, now ya do. Surprise!” Mouth hanging open, Kiryu stared dumbfounded at Majima. Say somethin' fer fuck sake!

“Majima-san... How did you...”

Well. It was my idea. But I gotta admit, I can't take all the credit. Long story short, I couldn't jus' waltz in an' buy it. But Nishida got his sister ta buy it. Don't worry, I made sure ta pay her back. So, here ya go. Ta-daaaaaa!” Well don't get too fuckin' excited. Maybe this was too much fer him. Fuck, maybe he wanted ta stay at Sunflower.

“You... You bought a house? For me?” Majima nodded, grinning wildly, taking the keys back.

“C'mon, come inside. An' yeah, well, fer yerself an' Haruka-chan. After everythin' that kid's been through... Figured it was about time she had a home. Plus, it's only ten minutes away, which means I get ta see ya all the time! Told ya, ya were stuck with me! Hehe! So, what do ya- uwa!” The wind was knocked out of Majima as Kiryu wrapped his arms around him tightly. “I... I guess ya... like it, eh... Kiryu-chan?” Struggling to breathe as Kiryu squeezed harder, Majima finally released himself from the vice like grip.

“This ain't nothin' yet! Ya wanna see what me an' the boys did inside! C'mon! C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!” Nodding dumbly, Kiryu followed Majima inside still in a state of absolute shock.

Showing him inside, Majima showed Kiryu every room downstairs, chuckling at the lack of words from him. Heading upstairs, he stopped outside the nearest door. “Now, if ya don't like this, we can change it. A few of the boys have got kiddies themselves, so I was goin' with what they said. If it ain't ta her taste, no probs! Jus' thought since it's gonna be her own first proper bedroom, we should do it with style!” Entering the room, Kiryu gasped. Fully complete with an en-suite bathroom, a giant television, huge comfy looking bed that matched an equally huge looking wardrobe and dressing table, stuffed toys and dolls adorning the many shelves. Letters spelling Haruka-chan covered the walls.

“Oh, wow. M- Majima-san... I can't...” A tender smile across his lips, Majima chuckled softly.

“Think she'll like it?” Kiryu nodded hard.

“She's going to love it... I... I can't believe you've done all of this. Especially after I was such an idiot to you before... I'm so sorry. I didn't-” Waving his hand, Majima pulled him out of the room, standing outside the door down the hall.

Hey. Told ya, it ain't nothin'. Forget about it. This is yer room, Kiryu-chan. Or ours should I say, since I'll be visitin' ya a lot! Hehe!” He's got that look on his face again. The deep in thought classic Kiryu-chan look. Hmm. Walking inside Majima grinned as Kiryu's mouth dropped open. It looked like a very upper class hotel room. Expensive looking furniture was placed tastefully in the room, a door to the left leading to another modern en-suite.

“Majima-san... This must have cost you a fortune... This is too much. I... I can't accept this.”

“Ya can, an' ya will.” Speaking as simply as possible, Majima sat on the bed, cackling as he bounced up and down. “Heh, made sure ta get the bounciest bed I could find fer ya! Our little sleepovers are gonna be real fun eh, Kiryu-chan? Oh, an' check this out!” Grabbing a remote control from the table next to the bed, he pushed a button, an inane grin planted on his face.

“What the hell?” Kiryu gasped as a television screen started rising from the bottom of the bed.

“Hehe! Whatcha think! Good fer havin' a snuggle when we watch a movie or somethin', eh? So, c'mon! Whatcha think?” Stumbling over, Kiryu sat down next to Majima, his head shaking in disbelief.

“I don't know where to begin. I can't believe... I don't... I...” Squealing with laughter, Majima pulled him close.

“So, I did good huh, Kiryu-chan?” Turning to face him, Kiryu gripped his shoulders hard.

Majima-san. This is just too much. I can't accept this. Are you even listening to me? I've told you, Goddamn it, Majima-san, will you-” His words were shut down as Majima leant in close, placing their lips together. Sneaking his tongue inside Kiryu's mouth, he couldn't help but shudder. Man, been waitin' ta do this all day. Before things got any heavier, he pulled away, stomach clenching as Kiryu looked at him with heavy lidded eyes. Goddamn he's fuckin' hot.

“Ya gotta accept it, Kiryu-chan. Ya can always replace money. I don't give a shit about it. I jus' wanted yerself an' Haruka-chan ta have a home. Somewhere close ta me. That ain't too much ta ask is it? So shut yer fuckin' whinin' an' say, thank you Majima.” Swallowing hard, Kiryu nodded.

“I'll make sure I repay you somehow. But, thank you, Majima-san.” Grinning, Majima nodded.

“Ain't no problem, Kiryu-chan. Anyway, I'm fuckin' starvin'! I ain't eaten all day, we've been that busy! Ya fancy some good ol' junk food? My treat!” Kiryu chuckled, nodding.

“This one is on me, Majima-san.”


Chapter Text

Quick stop at the office ta get what I forgot before an' then off ta pick up some food. I did promise him after all... Hehe! Fifteen minutes later, Majima was on his way back to Kiryu, three King Smile Combo's in hand. Okay. Got the grub, got everythin' sorted fer later... Heh, this is gonna be a fun night! Grinning with excitement, he entered the house. Awful quiet... Hmm. Walking through to the living room, Majima couldn't help his breath hitch ever so slightly as he spotted Kiryu. He must have been watching tv but had crashed, stretched out on the big couch. He stood in front of him, bending down ever so slightly as he stared.

Damn, Kiryu-chan. Ya make anythin' look cute. Heh. S'ppose food can wait, eh?” Turning around, Majima tried to creep as quietly as possible to the kitchen, failing when he bashed his kneecap on the coffee table. “Ai! Ya fuckin' shit! Fuck me, man!!”

I did last night, didn't I?” Gripping his knee, Majima turned to face a grinning Kiryu.

Ah, nice of ya ta wake up, sleepin' beauty! Was tryin' not ta wake ya... Sorry. Anyway, c'mon, let's eat!” Handing one of the meals from the bag to Kiryu, Majima took out the other two, tearing into them as fast as he could, shovelling food into his mouth at a unbelievable pace.

Damn, are you okay there? Wait, two meals? I really don't understand how you're so slim.” Spraying food everywhere, Majima responded between bites.

Told ya, I'm starvin'. Ain't eaten all fuckin' day, man. This good huh?” Chuckling, Kiryu nodded. “So stop starin' at me an' fuckin' eat then! I know I'm red hot, but man's gotta eat.” The other rolled his eyes and began to eat. After they'd finished they sat together on the couch for a while, talking about the house. Eventually, Majima began yawning and stretching. “So. What's goin' on? Ya want me ta stay here tonight? Or ya wanna get used ta this place on yer own first? Either way it's-”

Stay with me. Please.” Majima nodded, placing his hand over Kiryu's.

No prob, Kiryu-chan. Boy. I'm fuckin' beat. Ya look pretty tired yerself. Say, what's say we head upstairs an' watch a movie?”

Yeah okay. You got a movie in mind?” Giggling, Majima nodded.

Yup! Got a good zombie flick for us. Anyway, go start it up. I'm gonna head in the shower.”

Want some company? The movie can wait...” Standing up, he shook his head to Kiryu's surprise.

Nah. Got something else in mind. Gotta do somethin' first. See ya in a bit Kiryu-chan! Don't go fallin' asleep on me again, ya hear?” Picking his bag up, Majima made his way to the bathroom. Heh, looks like that got his attention. Better get a move on. Standing under the shower, Majima tipped his head forwards, sighing as the hot water ran down his back. Gotta say, they made sure ta put some fuckin' good showers in here. Gonna have some real fun in here with him! Hehe! S'ppose I can't stay in here all night. Let's get this shit started. Hope ya ready fer me, Kiryu-chan! About thirty minutes or so since he'd entered the bathroom, Majima was ready. Straightening his hat one last time, he grinned as he gripped the door handle, heart buzzing in his chest. Well, he did say he wanted ta meet me again... An' I did promise him, so what better way ta celebrate a bran' new house than fuckin' Kiryu-chan fer the first time? Peeking through the door, he saw Kiryu laying on the bed in just his underwear, staring intently at the tv screen in front of him, a chorus of ghoulish groans filling the room. Hehe! Good, that'll save some time! Looks like he's pretty inta that movie too. Ah well, we can always watch it afterwards! Okay, serious voice.

Oi. I can have ya down the station fer indecent exposure.”

Huh? What are you talking about Maji- Fuck...” Tearing his eyes away from the screen, Kiryu paused, his jaw going slack as he noticed Majima standing outside the bathroom door.

Lie down on yer stomach with yer hands on yer head please sir.” Blinking a few times, Kiryu swallowed hard.

Wh... What? Majima-san what are you doing?” Striding over to the bed, Majima grabbed the other's hair, snapping his head back. Lowering his face, his eye met Kiryu's.

The name is Officer Majima, remember? Ya better start respectin' an officer of the law, otherwise yer gonna get punished. Now get on yer fuckin' stomach. Hands on yer head. Now!” Hehe! He's fuckin' lovin' this! He's shakin' already. Boy, he wasn't kiddin' about wantin' ta see Officer Majima again, Goddamn...

Yes, sir.” His voice small, Kiryu turned onto his stomach, lying flat. He placed his shaking hands on his head, Majima trying hard not to squeal with delight to see him oblige.

Ready for a pat down, sir?”

Yes officer.” Gripping Kiryu's shoulders, Majima began to squeeze, firmly running his hands down the other's back. Digging his nails in slightly as his fingers traced the tattoo that covered his back, he couldn't help but grin at the shuddering body beneath him. Letting his hands roam to Kiryu's tensed ass, Majima gripped hard, giving a good hard squeeze. Feeling his cheeks spread apart, Kiryu gasped slightly as he turned his head.

Now, now sir. I don't wanna have ta restrain ya. Head forward.” Moving his hand a bit lower, Majima ran his fingers up and down Kiryu's ass as far as he could, noting the other's breathing was becoming faster with every passing moment. “Okay. Seems like yer okay on this side. On yer back now please sir.” In seconds Kiryu was on his back, Majima stopping a chuckle from escaping as he noticed his straining underwear. Hehe, real excited huh? An' the fun ain't even properly started yet! “Well, well. What have we got here then, eh? Nah, I'm afraid this is bad news fer ya, sir.” Kiryu's eyes widened as he watched Majima's eye roam over his body.

W- What do you mean, M... Officer?” Smiling, Majima reached down, grabbing the bulge in the other's underwear.

This. Ya ain't supposed ta get excited when an officer pats ya down. Naughty naughty. Ya gonna have ta pay the price fer this I'm afraid, sir.”

Pay the price? Uh... Shit...” Kiryu paused, biting his lip as Majima began stroking his bulge slowly. “What does that mean?”

Well, since ya jus' swore at me too, that's also an offence. So. Looks like a slap on the wrist jus' ain't gonna cut it. Lemme see. Okay. I can either take ya ta the station. Or...” A loud gulp as he stared up at Majima.

Or?” Giggling, Majima leant in close, Kiryu's breath washing over his face. His own trousers were painfully tight now, but still he kept in character. Shit. These fuckin' trousers are killin' me! Ya have ta pay fer lookin' so sexy, Kiryu-chan...

Or... I can fuck ya, an' all is forgotten. What do ya say, sir?” Kiryu let out a small moan.

Fuck me, officer. Please... Fuck me.” Shit, he's pleadin' with me... That voice he does... He's beggin' me ta fuck him... Gotta calm down before ya end up finishin' in yer pants before the fun even starts, dick fer brains. Turning over, Kiryu got onto his hands and knees. Fuckin' hell, he's eager as shit! Nah... This ain't how I want it though...

Oi. Get back on yer back.” Turning his head, Kiryu stared at Majima, confusion covering his face.

What? But... But I thought you were going to fuck me, Majim...” Noticing Majima was glaring at him, Kiryu quickly corrected himself. “Officer Majima. I thought you wanted to fuck me?” Nodding, Majima spoke, his voice as low and sexy as he could muster.

I do. But I want ya on ya back. I wanna see every part of ya face. I wanna see every tremble of yer lips. I wanna see the look in yer eyes when I push my dick inside ya. I wanna see the pain on yer face as it melts away inta pleasure. I want ya ta look me in the eye when I fuck ya. I want ya ta look at me an' know I'm the only one that's ever gonna be fuckin' ya. Ya got me?” Swallowing rapidly, Kiryu nodded, laying once more on his back, his hands clawing at his thighs. Hehe! Man, it's cruel ta make him wait, but I jus' can't help myself! Seein' Kiryu-chan so turned on an' desperate... Man.

I understand. Just tell me what you want me to do, Officer Majima.” Tugging at the waistband of Kiryu's underwear, Majima smiled.

Take 'em off please, sir.” Kiryu moved quick, earning a disapproving tut from the other man, as he pushed him back down. “Nah, slowly. No sudden movements now, eh?” A groan of frustration, but he did as he was told. “Yeah... Jus' like that. Okay, put yer hands behind yer head, an' stay that way for me. I'll only be a sec.” Returning to grab his bag from the bathroom, he stopped as he entered the room. Oh shit. Fuck... I gotta... I'm sorry, Kiryu-chan! As Kiryu lay on his back, chest heaving as his eyes were scrunched tightly closed, his hands were indeed behind his head, his erection standing proud. Quickly pulling out his phone, Majima snapped a few pictures, Kiryu's head snapping towards the noise.

Majima-san, the hell?” His face was contorted into an expression of fear, heat rising to his cheeks.

Nah, nah. It's Officer Majima. Don't fuck up again, or I'll stop. Last fuckin' warnin' ya hear me?” Kiryu gulped, nodding. “Now don't worry sir. These are fer my pleasure only.” A small whimper lead Majima to chuckle, walking over to the bed and sitting next to him, running his hands over his chest. “What's up, sir? The thought of yer naughty pics gettin' me off makin' ya feel pretty dirty, eh?” Looking up at Majima with lust filled eyes, Kiryu nodded, sweat running down his temple. “Hehe! Let's get started, shall we? Be rude ta make ya wait anymore. Eyes on me please, sir.” Climbing in between Kiryu's legs, he gently ground his body down against the other's, smiling in delight as he could just make out quiet moans beneath him. “Don't keep 'em ta yerself. Ya got the sweetest little noises, sir. Now...” He paused, lowering his head, licking Kiryu's lips softly. Feeling shuddering breath hit his face faster as Kiryu's hips bucked up, Majima groaned, pressing their lips together, his tongue relentless and wild inside the other's mouth. Moving back when he felt Kiryu's hand on his own bulge, he reached for his phone again, grinning at the face under him. Saliva covered his mouth, a sheen of sweat on the rest of his face, hair messy and sticky. Cheeks were a shade of crimson, his eyebrows furrowed as he lay panting. Pointing the phone directly at Kiryu, Majima hit record.

I didn't say ya could move yer hands, sir.”

What are you...” Kiryu's eyes widened slightly as he returned his hands behind his head, realising Majima was taking a video. C'mon, Kiryu-chan... Don't clam up now! “I'm sorry, Officer Majima. I just can't wait anymore. Are you going to fuck me now? I'm, uh... I'm real sorry for breaking the law, but... I'm ready to face my punishment now. So, will you fuck me now? Please?” It was a voice unlike any Majima had ever heard come out of Kiryu's mouth.

Shit...” Feeling his breath hitch, Majima put down his phone. He got what he wanted, for now anyway. Fuck... I never thought he'd be such a camera slut! Gotta remember this one fer later, hot damn... Staring into Kiryu's eyes, Majima nodded. “Since I know it's yer first time... We're gonna take things real slow, okay? Ya ready fer this, sir?” A gasp of approval from Kiryu let Majima know to go ahead. Sliding down, he gave a wide grin before placing his lips around the head of Kiryu's dick. Making sure he was still watching, Majima bowed his head, taking the entire length of Kiryu deep into his throat. Swallowing a few times, his hand fumbled down to his belt buckle. Goddamn, I can feel him throbbing in my throat. Man, doin' this ain't never felt so good... The room was filled with groans and curses from Kiryu, with occasional slurping sounds from Majima. Still maintaining eye contact, Majima pulled his mouth away, his belt finally loose. “Mmm... Now that's what I'm talkin' about. Taste so fuckin' good. God fuckin' damn it, yer makin' me so fuckin' hot... Ya like watchin' me suck yer dick, eh sir?” A louder moan now, words coming out jumbled.

I... I do... You... I... Fuck... M- Officer Majima... You're... Really, you're really good at that...” Chuckling, Majima pulled back, reaching down into the bag, placing two items next to Kiryu, a small bottle of lube and a silver butt plug. Heh, looks like he likes it when I talk dirty ta him. Hmm, this should be alright... Ain't nowhere near as big as I would use, but I'm sure it'll be perfect fer him. Hehe! Can't believe he's lettin' me do this, an' actually fuckin' beggin' me ta do it! “Is... Is that what I think it is...?”

Sure is. I didn't have enough room in the bag ta bring everythin' I wanted... But this is gonna get ya nice an' ready fer me. Jus' relax okay, an' I'll make ya feel real good, sir.” Squeezing some of the bottles contents onto his hand, Majima warmed the gel between his hands, making sure to coat his fingers. Staring intently, Kiryu watched as the other gave him a nod, his cap slipping slightly to the side. He gasped as a finger circled his entrance, pushing inside ever so slowly, not stopping until it was fully inserted. Writhing as Majima's finger began moving back and forth gently, he couldn't help tossing his head back, moaning as he did so. “Nah. Eyes down here, sir. So whatcha thinkin' so far?” Raising his head, Majima bit his lip hard, his own dick begging for attention. Now ain't this a real pretty picture... Shit I jus' wanna fuck him so bad...

It's weird. But, a good weird. It's- ah! Fuuck, Majima-san!” Chuckling as he inserted another finger, Majima let his hand slip between his own legs, giving himself a few quick strokes. Not long now...

Since ya bein' such a good boy, I'll let that one slide.” Kiryu whimpered at the words.

Officer... Officer Majima... How much longer... I feel like I'm on fire... I want it now. I need your dick inside me.” A long sigh and he removed his fingers. Fuck, his dick is fuckin' seeping. I know the feelin', Kiryu-chan!

Ya don't know how many long fuckin' years I've been waitin' ta hear ya say that. But slow ya roll. Gotta make sure yer ready first, I don't wanna hurt ya. No matter how many fingers I use, or how I fuck ya with that plug, it's still gonna be a lot smaller than the real thing. Ya get me? Heh, so fuckin' sexy when you're all needy.” Moving onto the plug, Majima repeated his actions and made sure it was sufficiently covered. Placing it at Kiryu's entrance, he looked up, heart skipping a beat as Kiryu's eyes were still locked onto him. Heh, ya learnin' quick. Biting his lip, Kiryu nodded, Majima giggling as he slid it inside.

Oh, wow. Fuck... This shouldn't feel so good. Can you... Can you leave it inside for a few minutes?” Before Majima could answer, Kiryu was up, pushing the other back. “Majima-san. I want to suck your dick. I want to suck it with this inside of me.” I guess Officer is out the window now, eh? Heh, ah well. Guess ya did well ta call me it up until now. Well, well, well. Looks like Kiryu-chan's got a devious side ta him eh. Hehe! Undoing his trousers, Kiryu yanked them down impatiently, Majima gasping as the force caused him to nearly topple backwards. “I want this.” Reaching up, Kiryu grabbed the hat from Majima's head, placing it on his own head, tilting it slightly. Kneeling with his mouth hanging open, he couldn't believe the sight in front of him, still trying to take it all in when he felt warm wetness on his dick. Looking down, he saw Kiryu staring up at him, his mouth halfway down the shaft, hands gripping his thighs hard. Holy fuck.

Kiryu-chaan... Ya look so fuckin' hot... Why ya been keepin' this side of ya ta yerself, eh? Fuck man, what a fuckin' tease. That's it, what a good little slut, go a little deeper... C'mon, ya can do it. Jus' wanna feel ya throat around my dick.” Groaning, Kiryu tried his best to do as Majima wanted. Taking a deep breath through his nose, he leant further forwards, eyes widening as the other bucked forwards forcefully, his dick being jammed down his throat. Panicking slightly, Kiryu swallowed around the foreign object in his throat. Staying that way for only a few seconds, Kiryu pulled back coughing, tears forming in his eyes. “Hehe! Knew ya could do it! Don't worry, a few more times an' ya will be able to throat without gaggin'. Trust me on that, I'm a fuckin' good teacher. Anyway, as good as this is... I wanna fuck ya now. Unless ya-” Kiryu immediately withdrew, returning to lie on his back. Removing the plug carefully, Majima gripped the bottle once more. Covering his length, he got himself in position, leaning on top of Kiryu's body so they were face to face. “Ya ready?” Nodding, Kiryu reached up, kissing him quickly.

Fuck me, Majima-san.” Pushing the tip inside, Majima watched Kiryu's face intently. His bottom lip quivered, eyebrows furrowing together.

Ya okay? Fuck, ya so fuckin' tight... God fuckin' damn it, ya feel so fuckin' good, Kiryu-chan. Shit... Ya look so hot... Ya gettin' me more excited, hehe.” Nodding, Kiryu let out several small pants between various moans. Stroking his face gently, Majima gripped his chin, a small bead of sweat running down his nose. “I want ya ta remember this, Kiryu-chan. I want ya ta remember how it feels ta have me inside ya fer the first time. I want ya never ta forget this. Yer mine fully now.” Shuddering beneath him, Kiryu nodded again, his voice a whisper as Majima buried himself slowly inside.

Majima-san... You're inside all the way now right? It hurts... It's a pain I've never felt before... Because... It feels good. It feels good because it's you. I can't explain it. All I can say is, I want more. I want you to feel good. I want you to fuck me however you want. I don't care if you hurt me. I want you to cum inside me, Majima-san.” Fuck, he ain't messin' around is he...

“I appreciate it, Kiryu-chan. But I ain't gonna push it too far on ya first time. I hope ya understand though... Next time?” Majima paused, pulling out slowly, gritting his teeth as Kiryu clenched around him. “I ain't gonna be so gentle.” Fucking him slowly, Majima took in every expression Kiryu made, every sound that came from his lips. A few more thrusts and he picked up the pace, grinning as Kiryu locked his legs around his back.

“Majima-san! Damn! I feel like I'm going to explode! Fuck... Touch me Majima. Please...” Moving his hand down he grabbed Kiryu's dick, jerking in time with his thrusts. The noises he's makin'... I can't stand it much longer. Shit. Feeling the tightness building in his stomach, Majima slammed into him now, each thrust violently rocking the bed, Kiryu letting out a loud cry beneath him. Worried he was going too hard, he began to slow down until Kiryu reached up and snaked his hands up his jacket and around his back, his nails sinking into Majima's skin. “No... Don't slow down... Please... Majima... Fuck me hard.” Majima grinned, his eye wide, watching Kiryu squeeze his eyes shut as he began to drill into him once more.

“Fuck, if it's what ya... If it's what ya want, Kiryu-chan!” The bed was banging heavily against the floor now, barely being heard over the groans and curses from both men.

“Majima! Majima, I'm going to cum! Fuck! Right there! Harder, fucking harder! Shit, I'm... Majima!” Letting out a yowl as Kiryu tore his nails down his back, Majima jerked his dick faster, feeling himself about to blow.

“Oi! Open yer eyes! Look at me. Kiryu-chan... Fuck, I'm close!” Opening his eyes and locking onto Majima's, Kiryu's stomach tensed, blowing his load into the other's hand.

“Cum inside... Me, Majima-san... Cum inside for me...” Kiryu managed to choke out between moans, and that was all Majima needed to hear. Thrusting forwards as hard as he could, his legs began to tremble as he came inside Kiryu. His head was spinning, it was as if all of the air had rushed out of his body. Still twitching, he fell forward, landing heavily on Kiryu's chest. What the fuck... I feel like I'm gonna black out... The fuck!? Heh... Wow.

“Man. I ain't never came like that before. Ya alright down there? I'd turn my head, but I ain't got the energy.” He bounced slightly as Kiryu giggled, arms being wrapped around his back.

“I'm fine. Thank you, Majima-san.”

“Haw? What fer?” There was a pause before Kiryu spoke again, his voice filled with emotion.

“Everything. Everything you've done for me. Being the only one who hasn't left me. For this house. For loving me. For being my first. And... My last.” Majima's heart fluttered as he raised his head, resting his chin on Kiryu's chest, staring at the sweat covered face in front of him.

“Man. Ya so emotional after ya get fucked. Heh. Stop thankin' me, ya bonehead. I love ya, so it's what I'm there fer.” Batting his eye playfully, he kissed Kiryu's chin gently. He said I'm his first an' last... Hehe! It's finally gettin' through ta him!


“Eh? What's up?”

“Majima-san, we missed the movie.” Giggling, Majima slapped Kiryu lightly in the face, before he pulled back, his eye wide.

“Oi! Ya fucker, ya still got my hat on!” Kiryu chuckled, swatting away Majima's hand.

“I actually think it looks pretty good on me. What do you think?” Winking as he tilted the cap sideways, Majima looked and just smiled. It was a warm, loving, content smile.

“Okay. Ya may have a point there. I'll let ya off. This time.” They giggled, Majima snuggling into Kiryu tighter. Man. I didn't know I could feel this way. Fuckin' idiot he is, got me feelin' like this. Hah! I jus' don't wanna let him go... I jus' love-

“I love you, Majima.” They kissed gently as Kiryu's eyes fluttered sleepily. A few minutes stroking his hair, and he was out like a light. Majima pushed himself up, laying next to him, watching him sleep, a serious look planted on his face.

“I love ya too, Kiryu-chan. I really fuckin' do.”

Rubbing his eyes, Kiryu looked up at the ceiling with blurry eyes. What the? Where am I? Oh... Right. Heh. Turning his head, he felt his stomach tighten.

“Majima-san...” Next to him, Majima was stretched out, his hair was messy and all over the place, eyepatch slightly skewiff, but a peaceful expression on his face as he slept. So this is what he looks like when his lips aren't flapping. Heh. Goddamn it. I don't want him to leave... But... Would he want to? Would he want to live here, with me? Not just me but Haruka too... Would he be okay with that? Why am I so scared to ask him? Tch. I haven't even thought about money yet. What I've saved... It won't be nearly enough to last more than a few weeks. I better find a job, and fast. I wonder-

“Oi. I said whatcha starin' at?” Kiryu jumped, his eyes focusing. Realizing he'd been staring at Majima who was now awake, he couldn't help but blush slightly.

“Uh, I... Uh... Nothing. I was just thinking, that's all.” Yawning, Majima brushed hair from his eye.

“Oh yeah? What about?” Shaking his head, Kiryu smiled.

“Just... Just what I want for breakfast.” Damn it, stop being such a pussy. Throwing his head back into the pillow, Majima groaned.

“Mmmm. Speakin' of breakfast, I'm fuckin' starvin'! We got a problem though, Kiryu-chan.”


“The one thing me an' the boys forgot. Ya got no food in the house.” Kiryu waved his hand, smiling.

“It's okay. You already did more than I could have ever asked for. Tell you what, how about I go out and pick up something for us?”

“Naw, I feel like a right buttbrain. Why don't ya wait fer me an' we can go together?” Stroking his hair gently, Kiryu shook his head.

“Stay here, it's okay. I won't be long. I could do with some air anyway.” Majima lifted his head, eyebrow raising.

“Yeah? Everythin' okay?” Getting up, Kiryu grabbed his clothes from the floor.

“Sure. Heh, I won't be too long.” A quick kiss and he was out the door, leaving Majima scratching his head. Right, figure out what to buy first... I'll head to Poppo and grab a few things, definitely got to remember toothpaste... Ew. I dread to think how bad my breath smells. Anyway, yeah. Few things and then I can work out how to ask him. Tch, after everything we've done and been through, this should be easy... An hour or so later, Kiryu exited Poppo, bags filling both hands. Strolling along to Public Park 3, he couldn't help but grin. Heh, to think back to that night... Sitting down at a bench he pulled out his cigarettes, lighting one up as he chuckled. I could never imagine things would end up turning out like this... I wonder if- A buzzing in his pocket interrupted his thoughts. A message from Majima-san? Hm? I hope he's okay. Clicking on the message, Kiryu read it out loud, frowning at the many winking faces.

“Where are ya, Kiryu-chan? Missin' ya already, baby.” Noticing an attachment, his breath hitched ever so slightly. I remember the last attachment he sent me... Goddamn, Majima-san. You're making being away from you even for a short amount of time impossible. What's with calling me baby all the time too... Not that I mind. So. What have you sent me no- Fuck... Staring at the image in front of him, Kiryu let out a shuddering sigh. It was a picture of Majima laying on his back, his abs tensed hard, a hand in a clawing position on his chest, blanket tenting, barely covering his lower half. His face was angled towards the camera, tongue poking out slightly. No, no, no! Please, not in public... Don't get hard in public. Goddamn it, Majima-san! Placing a bag on his knee, Kiryu continued his smoke, praying for his erection to subside. Three cigarettes later, he was finally able to make his way home, cursing Majima's name the whole time. Entering the house, Kiryu put away the groceries, expecting Majima to sneak up behind him. Hmm? Where the hell is he? He better not have gone back to sleep, I need to have a talk with him about sending me such things when I am in public. Tch, who am I kidding. I love it when he does it... I'm sure he would love me telling him off though. Heh... No. You have to talk to him seriously first. You have to ask him... Ask him if he wants to move in... I could just say since he bought the house, it would only be fair if he lived here too... No. That's just fucking childish. Damn it. I need to be honest with him. If he says no, it won't be the end of the world. He's only ten minutes away. Maybe I shouldn't ask him at all? But then it will eat at me because... It's what I want. This is harder than I thought it would be. Anyway, first task is to find him. I'll try upstairs, but first I've got to brush my teeth, I'll do it here in case he's still asleep. After finishing and heading upstairs, he stood outside the bedroom door, pressing his ear against it, listening for the tv. Silence... He must be asleep. I'll wake him up, it's after 11am... Walking into the room, he was surprised with an empty bed.

“Majima-san? Where ar-” A noise distracted him from the bed. That sounds like running water... Ah, he's got to be in the shower... Opening the bathroom door as quiet as possible, he poked his head inside. Majima was in the shower, facing away from him. Both hands were placed on the wall as his head was tipped forward, water cascading down his back. I could get him back for what he did to me earlier... I don't think I have a choice... The way the water is dripping down his body... The way his hair is hanging down... Fuck, he looks so hot. Pulling the door shut in case the other turned around, Kiryu quickly stripped, throwing his clothes on the bed. Noticing Majima's bag on top of the dresser, he couldn't help but have a little peek inside. “Majima-san, what the fuck...?” Several bottles of flavoured lube, a couple of sets of sturdy looking handcuffs, what looked like a small ping pong bat, and a few questionable looking, well what Kiryu assumed were dildos. He took one out, examining the bottom. “Is that a suction cup? Why the hell would you need to stick this somewhere else except... Inside yourself? There's a lot of scary things I don't know about you, Majima-san. Hang on... What is this button for?” Pressing it tentatively, Kiryu jumped about three foot in the air as it began buzzing loudly, vibrating out of his hand. Eyes wide as he watched it roll about the floor, he reached for it quickly, shutting it off. “Fuck! And you said you didn't bring everything you wanted to? Goddamn it, Majima-san! Wait... This gives me an idea. I think I've just figured out how I'm going to get you back.” Chuckling, Kiryu grabbed the handcuffs and a bottle of lube, along with the toy, taking one last look at the photo Majima had sent him. Stroking himself slightly, he headed into the bathroom.

Pleased to see Majima in the same position he was before, Kiryu snuck up behind him, quietly placing the objects on the bench to his right. What was it you said all those weeks ago? I was a fool who'd gone soft I think? Because I didn't realise you were behind me... How the tables have turned. Heh. Leaning in close, Kiryu pressed his erection into Majima's back, speaking directly into his ear.

“Hey. Enjoying yourself without me?” Jumping in fright, Majima spun around, his eye wide.

“The- the fuck!? Kiryu-chan!? When the fuck did ya creep in here? Fuckin' shit man, gonna give me a heart attack! When did ya-” Pausing at his eye wondered down to Kiryu's crotch, a grin spread across his face. “So, what we got here then?” Pulling him forward, Kiryu grabbed his ass hard, the other man squealing in delight, before their lips were together, kissing with a hunger that could only be satisfied by one thing.

“You really think you're clever, huh, Majima-san?”

“Eh?” His breathing hard, Majima's eyebrow rose.

“Sending me pictures like that in public?” Kiryu paused as the other threw his head back, high pitched giggling echoing around them. “That's funny to you? See if this is funny.” Majima watched in fascination as Kiryu picked up the toy, turning it on and sticking it on the floor of the shower, his feet tingling as it vibrated through the floor. Taking the bottle next, he squeezed some into his hand, covering the toy thoroughly.

“Kiryu-chan, what are ya-” A quick slap to the face sent Majima stumbling backwards, his body banging hard off the wall. Kiryu bore his teeth, his hand wrapping around his throat, as he leant in to speak in Majima's ear.

“Teasing me when I'm out, knowing I can't do anything about it? I want you to feel as helpless as I did. See if you like it.” Sinking his teeth into the other's earlobe, Kiryu shuddered as the pained groan Majima released echoed around him.

“K- Kiryu-chan... Fuck, man!” Pulling back, he dragged his nails down the others toned chest, stopping just above his crotch. Majima was already fully hard, and by the sounds of it, ready to play.

“Get down on your knees and sit on it. But don't you dare move.” Kiryu paused, gripping his hair hard, eyes locked with Majima's one wide eye. “Because if you do... You don't want to know what I'll do.” Nodding, Majima quickly knelt down, positioning himself over the toy. Slowly he lowered himself down, Kiryu's heart pounding as he watched inch by inch of it disappear inside Majima. Every groan he let out bounced off the walls, giving Kiryu surround sound. Right, good so far. Next... Reaching over to the bench, he grabbed the handcuffs, placing one on Majima's wrist.

“Woah, hey! Whatcha think ya doin'? Ain't no way-” A loud slap rang out as Kiryu struck him, his head jolting hard right, hitting the bench. Groaning Majima pushed himself up, a small amount of blood trickling down his chin.

“Shut up. I'll make sure I'll slam your face on it next if you don't fucking behave.” I really hope that didn't hurt him too much, shit. Just remember. He'll tell you if it's too much.

“I'm sorry, Kiryu-chan...” Majima whimpered, grinding himself back down on the vibrating toy. Placing his hands behind his back, he allowed Kiryu to cuff them together, looking up at him with a passion filled eye.

“Open wide.” Nodding, Majima opened his mouth, groaning as Kiryu placed two fingers from each hand inside, pulling his mouth wider. “Heh, that's good. Don't move.” Pushing his hips forward, Kiryu allowed his dick to enter Majima's mouth, throwing back his head and sighing as he pushed in as far as he could. Standing still, his brain turned to static as Majima began swallowing rapidly around him, moaning as best as he could. Writhing desperately on his knees as Kiryu began face fucking him, Majima coughed, choking slightly. Guess he wasn't expecting me to be so rough. “Heh, what's wrong Majima-san? I thought you liked it rough? Don't you like being face fucked? Do you like being filled in both holes? Fuck, look at the state you're in. Your lips are covered in blood and precum... You're drooling too. Writhing around and groaning. Such a cute little mess. Heh, and you call me a slut? What a sorry state you are.” Kiryu paused, surprising himself with the words that tumbled out from him. I think I'm spending too much time with Majima-san, hehe. Judging by his whines, I think he likes this. “Start fucking yourself.” Immediately Majima rose up and began bouncing, his face twisting into an expression of pleasure. Removing his fingers from the other's mouth, Kiryu thrust in again, this time pinching Majima's nose tightly. His bouncing paused as his eye went wide, freezing in place as Kiryu held him by the hair pressed against his stomach. He stayed like that, moving his head, trying desperately to pull back, until Kiryu released him. The toy slipped out as Majima fell backwards, he lay gasping, his whole body trembling.

“F- Fuck, Kiryu-chan...!” Quickly covering his length with the lube, Kiryu turned to face him, growling as he bent forward. He gripped Majima by the throat, pulling him up into a standing position, as he began to speak, his voice low and serious.

“This is what dirty fucking sluts who tease people in public get.” Groaning loudly, Majima was pushed backwards, his head connecting hard with the wall, pain rushing through his body. Grabbing the key for the cuffs, Kiryu undid them, waiting until Majima stretched his arms out in front of him to grab them again. Now that they were in front of him, he cuffed them again.

“Wha-?” Noticing the look on the other's face, Majima stopped himself from saying anything more, watching as he pointed the shower to face the other way. Using one arm, Kiryu hoisted him up, feeling legs automatically wrap around his waist. Bowing his head slightly, he allowed Majima to place his cuffed hands behind his head, arms coming to rest on his shoulders In one fluid movement he pushed himself inside to the hilt, shuddering as Majima let out a yelp.

“Ya, fuck! Shit, Kiryu-chan!” Placing his other hand on the other side of his ass, Kiryu made sure Majima's back was against the wall, as he flashed him a devilish grin. Majima shuddered hard, his dick throbbing as it bounced against his stomach. A chorus of curses filled the room as Kiryu began to fuck him. I guess he wasn't expecting me to start so hard. Heh, you're not the only one full of surprises, Majima-san. Teeth clenched as Kiryu rocketed in and out, Majima whimpered, looking at him with a pleading look.

“You look so fucking pathetic. What's wrong? Can't take it?” Shit, this kind of talk is getting me close. I should slow it down a bit.

“Kiryu... Kiryu-chan... Gotta slow it... Slow it down... Not gonna last...” Fuck, he's this close already? I must be improving. A smirk slid onto Kiryu's face as he buried his face into Majima's neck, biting and sucking as hard as he could. “Kiryu-chan! Fuck... Fuck it! Can't... stop! Gonna-” Reaching down quickly, Kiryu grabbed Majima's dick, giving it a few quick jerks. Feeling his body tense against his own, a warmth sprayed into Kiryu's hand, his own orgasm rapidly approaching as Majima clenched around him. Pulling his head back, he lifted his hand to Majima's face, intending to grab his chin. The other had different ideas though, and began to lick at the cum that covered his hand.

“Oh, shit. I'm going... I'm... Majima-san. I'm gonna fucking cum! Majima!” Grunting hard as Majima sucked more eagerly on his fingers, Kiryu pounded into him a few more times as hard as he could, unable to stop the feral like noises that were escaping from his lips, before finally shooting his load inside of Majima. Letting his head fall forwards against the others, they stayed there for a moment, each trying to catch their breath. When their breathing had sort of returned to a normal pace, Kiryu pulled out and let Majima down gently.

“Fuckin'... Ya... Man! I'm gonna start teasin' ya more often!” Chuckling, Kiryu kissed him on the lips softly, wincing slightly at the cut on his lip.

“Are you okay? I'm sorry about that, that actually wasn't part of the plan.”

“Kiryu-chan. Stop worryin' will ya? Did it seem like I didn't like it? Exactly. S'ppose we better shower now, eh? Hehe! Man, I could get used ta this! Gettin' better, Kiryu-chan! Ya got me dyin' over here!” Gulping, Kiryu nodded.

“About that... After this, I need to talk to you. Come on, I got us food.” Majima looked confused but nodded anyway, his energy spent.

After they had showered and dressed, they sat at the table, chowing down on the pork bento boxes Kiryu had left out.

“So. Whatcha want ta talk ta me about?” Majima managed to mutter out, food being shoved down his throat at the same alarming pace as last night. Coughing slightly, Kiryu pushed his box to the side. Okay, just be honest. Clasping his hands together, he began, internally cursing as his voice came out weaker than he'd hoped.

“Oh. Yeah. So, um... I was thinking. Since you were the one that bought this place... That it's only fair if you... No. I'm not saying this right. I'm not going to make excuses. I'm just going to be honest.”

“Haw?” Majima put down his chopsticks, eyebrow raised. Holy shit, he's actually stopped eating. He must be worried. Clearing his throat, Kiryu continued.

“I... Okay. So, you don't have to agree to this. Believe me, I will understand. If it doesn't happen now, surely... It'll happen eventually, right?” He looked at Majima, eyes filled with hope.

“Kiryu-chan... What the fuck are ya talkin' about?” Damn it. You are no good at taking hints, Majima-san.

“I want you to... No, I was wondering if you would like to... Well, no, actually I do want. I want you to live with us, Majima-san.” Kiryu lowered his head, his voice seeming so small.

“Eh? Live with ya? Ya want me ta live with ya? An' Haruka-chan...?” Nodding, Kiryu looked up, Majima's eyebrows furrowed. Damn. I guess it is too much. Tch. What a fool I am. We've only just got together and I'm already being this needy. I'm going to end up scaring him off.

“It's okay. It was... Heh. It was just a stupid idea that's all. Honestly, just forget about it. Anyway, eat your food, Majima-san.” Majima shook his head, a gently smile on his face.

“Kiryu-chan. Why'd ya think I bought this place? Naw, I mean why do ya think I picked here of all places?” Kiryu scratched his chin, trying to remember what Majima had told him.

“You said it was only ten minutes away from you.” Chuckling, Majima clapped his hands together.

“Clever boy! I wanted ya ta be as close as possible. Hell, ya don't think it crossed my mind? I jus' didn't wanna freak ya out. If this is fer real? Then I only got one thing ta say ta ya, Kiryu-chan.” So he thought about it too!? Heart hammering in his chest, Kiryu tried to stay calm, pushing down the nervous excitement that was creeping it's way up his throat.


“When can I move in? Hehe! Ya fuckin' stuck with me now, baby!” His voice cracking with excitement, Majima leant forward, grabbing Kiryu's face, planting a sloppy, noisy kiss on his lips. Is he serious!? No way...!! “Can I ask though, if ya don't mind... Whatcha gonna tell Haruka-chan?” Kiryu smiled, grabbing Majima's hand.

“The truth. I think it's best that way. She's a real understand kid. I'm sure she'll be happy for us. I just can't wait to see her face when she sees the house, and her room.” Majima grinned sheepishly.

“I jus' hope she can forgive me fer y'know... Kinda kidnappin' her. Sorta.” Kiryu waved his hand.

“I told you. She's much wiser than her years. Don't worry. She's going to love you, Majima-san.” Chuckling nervously, Majima rubbed the back of his neck. “There's still one thing I have to figure out though.” Pulling his box close again, Majima resumed shoving food down his throat.

“Eh? Wha's that then?”

“A job.”

“Ya don't have ta do that Kiryu-chan. I got enough money fer all'a us.” Kiryu shook his head. How much more is he willing to do for me? I feel like he's done everything for me and I've given him nothing...

“If we're living together, I don't want to be a free loader. Even if you weren't, I would have to get a job to support myself. And Haruka.” Gasping, Majima let out an excited cackle. His eye was wide as he pulled out his phone.

“Yo, Nishida. It's me. I got great news! Eh? Naw, not that, ya knucklehead! Don't make me hurt ya. Anyway, listen good, ya hear? We got a new member joinin' our team! That's right! Hehe! Yeah, I will. I'll bring him down ta the office later ta sort it all out. Eh? I'm jus' eatin'. Huh? What the fuck's it got ta do with ya? Okay then. If ya must know. I didn't answer 'cause I was in the shower bein' fucked hard against the wall by Kiryu-chan. First he had me on my knees, suckin' his di-. Well, that'll teach ya ta be a nosey little shit, won't it? Yeah. See ya.” Putting down the phone, Majima let out a howl of laughter as he noticed Kiryu's face. His entire face was burning red, his eyes wider than he'd ever seen before. Did he really just do that!? Why the hell would he say that!? “Hehe! Sorry about that, Kiryu-chan! He shouldn't be so fuckin' nosy, askin' where I am, an' what I'm doin' an' all that shit. Fucker will think twice now before askin'! Anyway!” Majima stuck out his hand. “Welcome to Majima Construction, foreman Kiryu!”

“Huh!?” Waving his hand until Kiryu shook it, Majima carried on.

“Ya want a job. I got my own company. So ya got the job! Don't think this is jus' 'cause ya fuckin' the boss though, ya hear? It's 'cause yer fuckin' the boss an' yer hot. An' 'cause I love ya. Hehe! Welcome aboard!” A house... A job... A partner. He's given me it all... I can't...

“Majima-san...” Kiryu's voice came out shaky. “I can't thank you enough for everything you've done for me... I love you... I love you so much, Majima.” Smiling, Majima waved his hand before grabbing Kiryu's tightly.

“What have I told ya about this thankin' shit? I don't want ta hear it anymore. We got our own life together ta live now. It ain't about who's done what fer who. It's about makin' our life together better. An' ya can't make my life any better than ya already have, Kiryu-chan.” Majima's voice was soft, his expression genuine. Feeling tears begin to form in his eyes to match the lump in his throat, Kiryu nodded.

“You're right. I better call Haruka and give her the good news. I'll tell her we will pick her up on Monday. I've just got one question, Majima-san...”


“How the goddamn hell am I supposed to look Nishida in the eyes now!?” Shrieking with laughter, Majima pulled him close.

“Simple. If he gives ya shit, ya tell me, an' I beat him until he stops. That good enough fer ya, Kiryu-chan?” Chuckling, Kiryu nodded.

“I guess so.”