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The Lost Shards

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The Lost Shards is a special supplement, because like the series core, Fragments of Chaldea, it's an episodic collection that lacks a set ending. It was forged as a potential answer for showing fan appreciation without throwing the series off track. Because of that design, this supplement works very differently from everything else because it doesn't follow any sort of chronological order.

Every entry contained herein are small glimpses into moments and parts of Chaldea left unexplored in the FoC-verse. Scenes that have been scrapped, moments that haven't been shown, and more can be found here, but there are some important points I need to explain before you series fans go off and enjoy the extra gems.


Lost Shards Preface


1 Necessary Reading

[A] It really shouldn't need to be said, but I'll put it out there anyway. The Fragments Series is required reading for obvious reasons.

2 Basic Collection Info

[A] Every scene here is canon to the Fragments Series.

[B] This collection will be updated very randomly and when I find time/extra inspiration. It does not follow the routine update schedule of the chronological series.

[C] Entries (called shards in this collection) are a scene long and can cover a wide range of genres. These will be much, much shorter than my traditional fragment or chapter lengths. The scenes may have minor time skips with a simple divider. The only exception to this rule are the paraphrased supplements that will be released from time to time. Since real supplements have been scrapped, their summarized forms will at least be available through this one.

[D] Every entry will have a chronological listing at the top since it's completely out of order. This will serve as both a spoiler warning and a frame of reference for the scene's proper placement within the series. This shouldn't need further elaboration as it's very straightforward.

[E] The collection will only ever contain random scenes with various characters set before or up to the latest entry in the series. This can include scenes set before the Fragments Series' Prologue, but none after the latest entry.

[F] Like the core collection, I'll be trying to space out focused character appearances. If someone starts appearing/being requested too much, they're taking a backseat for a long while.

3 Shard Requests

Yes. You read that right. I will be accepting requests for potential scenes you may want to see, but there are a few things to take note of when leaving a request (in addition to what is gleamed from the basic info).

[A] Post the short scene requests here, and not the core/other supplements. That shouldn't have been necessary to say, but you never know these days.

[B] There is no guarantee a requested scene will be written. I'm likely to get flooded by requests just by opening the door, and this is randomly updated. Don't take offense if it's not chosen or put off until later.

[C] Only scenes within reason will be considered. Avid fans of the series will understand what will be considered 'reasonable,' but I reserve the right to decide on what qualifies and what doesn't.

[D] The rating may be flexible. If there's enough fans requesting M scenes, I might just pull the trigger. The core series will only ever toe that line at the most.

[E] Be considerate by not spamming requests and using a civil tone. I really don't think it needs to be said, but I'm doing this out of appreciation for the fans' show of support. Don't go poking the bear to possibly ruin that.

Should be simple enough, right? Well, here's my thanks to the fans of the series! I hope this little fan-gratitude project turns out well, and you enjoy the extra ride to come!