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Double date: ItachixYuki, SasukexMegumi

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Megumi's shift had just finished. Sasuke dropped by the mall to take her to her home since later they'd go out for dinner (without her knowing it), with his brother and his girlfriend.

“WHAT ?!”

“Yeah, I know, I should have told you earlier,'s just my bro, besides I can beat him black and blue. He's not kung-fu savvy.” kidded Sasuke.

“I don't care if he's kung-fu savvy or not. I don't have time to do my make up again. I can't go there with just a black smokey eye and berry lipstick.” nagged Megumi. “Besides what am I going to wear ?” she wondered.

“Little black dress ?” asked Sasuke without taking his eyes off the road.

“Fine. You win this time.” said Megumi.

Soon enough they were at Megumi's house. It smelled like lavender by the little plugged device allowing aroma in the air. Her cat, Lucky, approached to welcome her. Megumi gave him a few pats on the head and went ahead to follow Sasuke's advice. She quickly changed in a little black dress with a few rhinestones along the décolletage. Being winter she grabbed her white polyester jacket and added the white hood with the faux fur rim. After that she through her workplace's clothe's in the laundry basket and added some translucent powder on her face and some fixing spray to renew her make-up since it had gotten oily.

“Good to go.” she thought. She got out of her apartment and locked it. For a moment she thought she had forgotten her purse, but she recalled it was in Sasuke's car. She rushed downstairs and into Sasuke's waiting Honda Civic type R with that they arrived at the chinese restaurant.

“Why a chinese restaurant ?” asked Megumi.

“Beats me !” replied Sasuke.

They entered holding one another hand in hand.

Itachi Uchiha, the older brother of the two, a college professor in philosophy was sitting in a large, round table with a beautiful young woman around the age of Megumi give or take. Itachi was wearing a black suit, with white shirt and red tie with black paisleys in round patterns and black suit trousers. The girl was wearing a long cheongsam with a golden dragon design and her long jet black hair down with a purple iris on their side and black classic heels.

“I'm jealous look how neat they look. Look back at us !” noticed Megumi.

“So ?” asked Sasuke.

“You don't even wear a blazer. Just a shirt saying; “I love Snowboarding.” Damn you, Sasuke.” nagged Megumi. Sasuke paid no mind.

“Hey brother.” said Sasuke, pulled a chair and took a seat.

“Welcome Sasuke.” said Itachi and looked at the girl. “Yuki, this is my brother Sasuke. Sasuke, this is my girfriend Yuki Hunnutsuka.” he said and smiled with his so beautiful angelic smile.

When that happened Megumi scratched her head.

“Oh ya. Itachi this is my girlfriend Megumi Shiratori. Megumi this is Itachi, my brother.” said Sasuke. Megumi placed Sasuke's hand between hers and caressed it lovingly, then extended her hand and gave a handshake to both his brother and his girlfriend.

“You should visit the mall sometime, I work at the Body Shop there. There is something for everyone. Shaving creams for mr.Itachi, matte lipsticks for ms. Yuki.” said Megumi joyfully.

“Megumi, no one cares. Honestly.” berated Sasuke.

“No, it's ok. Let her express herself. It's rather cute.” disagreed Itachi. Sasuke exhaled loudly as he was boiling with anger.

“What are your job guys ?” asked Megumi curiously shooting a glare at Sasuke.

“I'm a philosophy professor.” said Itachi with a a beautiful smile.

“He surely won't talk about Yuki, ha !” laughed Sasuke sarcastically. Yuki blushed.

“I will graduate by then and then we will marry.” said Yuki and blushed.

Megumi rose and eyebrow.

“Why study for so many years ? Oh well, who am I to judge. You do you, girl. I support you. Call me at your wedding. I want to be one of the bridesmaids. Hell yeah.” said Megumi and fist pumped.

Yuki smirked and fist pumped as well.

“The waiter is a little late, is he not ?” asked Yuki cross.

“Wait darling. You see the restaurant is full. He will get to us eventually. Drink some rice wine.” Itachi advised.

“See what a loved couple they are ? Do you even love me like that ? I doubt that !” said Megumi to Sasuke starring daggers.

“Of course I do. Why do I always drop by your work to get you home, hm ? Can't answer that, right ?” asked Sasuke, but Megumi's reply was just a kiss.

“Thought so. You are one to surrender fast when it comes down to words.” said Sasuke and chuckled.

“You guys are adorable.” said Itachi and chuckled as well. Yuki put her arm in his and then leaned her head to his shoulder.

The rest of the night would continue with a tasty course and then a romantic night for our couples; Itachi with Yuki and Sasuke with Megumi.