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Almost Perfect

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“Shiro chan.”

Atsushi calls as he walks around the house. Looking high and low for the little child.

“Where are you?”

When he was preparing for dinner, he saw the boy was playing with his blocks in the living room. So, as soon as he was done with his work, he was planning to give the boy a bath since they both went out to play at the park an hour ago. At first, he plans to bath him straightaway but as usual Shiro pleads for his body to be spare very dramatically. Due to his kind nature, Atsushi leave him be for now as he wonders whose actions did Shiro copy from.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

There’s a soft giggle can be heard coming from behind the couch. Huge smile of victory splatter on Atsushi face knowing that today will be easier than any other day to gives his son a bath before he tip toes as quietly as possible before he jumps over the couch in ease, catching the boy off guard.

“Come here!”

The boy tries to run but Atsushi quickly wrapped his arms around him so he can’t get away.

“Time for your bath!” Atsushi announces.

“Don’t wanna!” Shiro tries to break free.

“And let you be smelly all day? What kind of parent will let that?” Atsushi pokes him at his nose.

“But papa won’t mind.”

It almost makes him melt when the boy starts pouting. He must have learned that trick from Dazai when he comes to visit them from time to time.

“I swear that your other daddy spoil you far too much.” He sighs.

Just the other day, when Akutagawa has a break from work, he offered to look out for their child while Atsushi do the housework. Of course, he got excited having a one whole day for himself for once but when he saw Akutagatawa comes back with a huge bags fills with toys makes him regret his decision.

And worse of all Akutagawa, the once known as the dangerous and strongest mafia turns out to be a softie when their son starts begging for stuff.

“Your father has to be strict now before-“

“Before what?” A new voice appears cutting him off.


He was about to turn around but stop when Akutagawa is already there standing behind him with one of his arms around his waist while the other is patting their son head.

“I’m home.”

How did he manage to get behind him so quickly?


“Welcome home Ryuu.” Atsushi feels a bit disappointed that he didn’t get to greet Akutagawa at the front door but the thought vanished when they starts kissing in the middle of the living room.

Shiro, who is still in Atsushi arms just look at them strangely, wondering what they’re doing.

“Your son needs a bath.” Atsushi said after they pull apart. “And you too, mister.”

“As you wish.” His husband, a former killer gives a mock bow as he speak, making Atsushi shakes his head towards his action.

Taking Shiro from Atsushi, Akutagawa heads off to the bath with the struggling boy in his arm. Atsushi chuckles watching their back before heading off to the kitchen to finish preparing for dinner.

Being a housewife is a tough work.