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Green Valley Cafe and rescue center

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“Come on guys, enough of this.” Izuku folded his arms, looking down at the animals before him. “Where’s my apron?” A dog whined but went and collected his missing apron. Izuku knelt and scratched him behind the ear. “Good boy, thank you. I can’t clean without this.” The dog barked, Izuku chuckled and put it on, tying it up behind him. “Remember, we are going to have the media here today, so best behavior, all of you.”

“Izuku sweetie, it’s almost opening time!” Inko called,

“Coming mom, just need to put the food out!” Izuku called back, and went around the feeding stations, making sure they were all filled with the right food, making sure their water stations were clean and full. And generally doing a quick clean around, before washing up and getting on his work apron. His mother and father, Inko and Hisashi were getting stuff behind the counter ready, Izuku beamed at them. There was already a small crowd outside, by the time it was time to open. Izuku unlocked the door and smiled at everyone.

“Welcome to Green Valley, please come in.” He stepped aside, and the people began to enter. He stepped outside once everyone was in, his mom was at the counter taking orders. Izuku glanced at the path and signed at what his found. A box of newborn kittens and their mother, who was wearing a collar. Izuku picked up the box and carried it in. Inko glanced up, and the customers watched.

“What is it this time?” Inko asked sadly.

“Cat family. The mother has a collar, so I will be calling the animal shelter to see if they can get hold of the owners.” Izuku replied.

“Okay sweetie, we can handle things here for a while.” Inko smiled. She was proud of her son, he was quirkless and he had found a way to be a hero in his own right, as well as helping her achieve a lifelong dream. Izuku have never had the best of life, being quirkless had made him the prime target for bullies, including his old childhood friend. Granted she had only found out everything when Izuku was 13, three years ago. She had been horrified as Izuku showed her every scar he had and explained how each one was gained and when he got it. And she cried when he told her he didn’t want to rescue people, not if they acted like that. So, he started a plan to start a rescue center. To which, Inko got involved, working more to raise the money, Izuku also getting several side jobs to help to their fund. Izuku started a GoFundMe for a new rescue center, which got a lot of support, and doing work experience with shelters and vets, all the while study hard at school. Izuku ignored all of his classmates, and when it came to choosing a high school, Izuku had proudly stated he was starting his own business, and he wouldn’t be going to high school. Of course, as soon as Izuku’s dad called and found out of the plan, he decided to come and help, having a feeling it was going to be the start of something big. And working with his family would provide him the chance to get close to his son, instead of their conversations over the phone. Izuku took the cat family through the rescue center, off to the side of the cafe, there were a few people in there, to enjoy their orders and the rescued pets. Izuku smiled at them as he passed as he took them to the healing area, where animals rested after being rescue, or abandoned. He placed the box on the table and got a knife to cut one side out. The mother cat meowed hauntingly, Izuku smiled.

“It’s okay, you’re safe here. You and your babies have nothing to worry. I bet you’re hungry.” Izuku smiled, moving away to fill a bowl with food and another with water, setting then near the mother cat, who sniffed it, before moving to eat. Her kittens yowled, looking for their mother's milk. “Hey, you guys aren’t the only hungry ones.” Izuku chuckled and rubbed one of the kitten on the head. Before carefully removing the collar from the mother. It was a pretty simply tale, owners were stupid and didn’t have their cat spayed, and as soon as she had kittens they did want her anymore. It was a painful truth. Izuku got on the phone with an animal shelter, the one that always helped out when animals were abandoned outside their little cafe. They promised to come and collect the collar and pictures of the pets before going to investigate. Once making sure the cat family were safe, and well, Izuku went out to the front, a lot more people had arrived, including the media, that were filming the current going on in the cafe.

“How did the call go?” Hisashi approached his son.

“They are coming to collect the collar and a few pictures. Hopefully they can find the owners and they will likely be fined for animal abandonment.

“You’re doing good son.” Hisashi ruffled his hair, Izuku beamed.

“Can you too take over here?” Inko called. “I am going to need to start baking some more.”

“Sure thing!” Izuku nodded, he and his father started to work behind the counter as Inko got to work in the kitchen, and the smell of freshly baked goods began to fill the cafe. The media were nice enough to stand back until the line had gone, and Izuku and Hisashi were free before they started to talk.

“You’re Midoriya Izuku, correct? The one who started this place?” The Media had the camera on Hisashi who laughed.

“Nope, that would be my son.” Hisashi proudly placed his hand on Izuku’s shoulder.

“How old are you, Midoriya-kun?” The reported asked

“16. I have been working on this place for 3 years.” Izuku said

“And it’s only been opened for 4 months and you’ve already made a huge difference. The number of stray animals is at an all-time low.” The reported smiled. “Do you have a quirk that lets you to communicate with animals?” Izuku shook his head.

“I’m quirkless.” He said, much to everyone’s surprise. “I… I always wanted to be a hero, but well, people weren’t the kindest. It came to the point that I didn't want to be a hero to help people like that, so I became a hero to the strays on the street. I don’t have to worry about animals bullying me for my lack of quirk, they don’t care.” Izuku smiled

“Are you proud to be quirkless, Midoriya-kun?”

“Most definitely, it defines who I am. And well, I started this place, so I have proven I am not as worthless or useless as people assume.” Izuku answered. “And I have my mom and dad to help me.” The questions moved on to working with his parents, to the cafe and rescue center as a whole. It was lunch time by the time they left.

“Good job my boy.” Hisashi smiled. “Now, back to work!”

“Yep!” Izuku nodded



“Welcome to Green Valley Cafe and animal rescue center!” Izuku greeted that evening. His mother and father had gone home, and Izuku was left to look after it for the last 3 hours until 11, the usual closing time.


Pro hero Eraserhead had been on patrol since the sun had set, he had been surprised to see a small cafe open at 9pm. So, he decided to drop in and was even more surprised to see a teen no older than his class greeting him at the door. The teen looked at him worriedly.

“Are you okay sir?” He asked

“Bit young to looking after a shop alone aren’t you?” He asked, the teen chuckled.

“You haven’t heard of me? I am Midoriya Izuku and I own this place.” the teen laughed. “You seem like you need a Coffee.” He just grunted in reply. Izuku began to make a strong coffee. The hero reached into his pockets to get money for it, but the teen decided to spring another surprise. “It’s on the house, Eraserhead. Good luck with your patrol.” The hero stared at him suspiciously.

“How do you know?” He asked

“I admired heroes... I still admire a few. Wanted to be one, but I can’t, so I became a hero to animals instead.” Izuku said, he looked over to were a few animals were sleeping.

“What stopped you?”

“I am quirkless.”

“Why would that stop you?”

Izuku stared at the man, before shaking his head. “Everyone… I decided against being a hero, because I couldn’t bare the idea of helping people who made my life a living hell. Animals don’t care that I am quirkless.”  Eraserhead sighed, he had a feeling that was the case.

“This society is fucked…” He groaned.

“Tell me about it!” Izuku chuckled. “Oh, since you are here, the news about that villain on the loose, the one with decay quirk.”

“What about him?” Eraserhead asked. Izuku quickly vanished out back and came back with a notebook. He opened it to a page and passed it to the hero. He read it, everything about the villain’s quirk was down, strengths weakness, tactics to beat him. “You wrote this?”

“I am a fanboy, I don’t have a quirk, but I am good at analyzing them.” Izuku explained “Mom says it’s because I see quirks differently to everyone else. Anyway, I hope that helps.”

“It does… this helps so much. With skills like this, you could be a very good hero.” Eraserhead muttered. Izuku chuckled.

“Maybe, but I really don’t want to land saving my tormentors. So, I will stay with animals. But, I would be happy to make notes on any villains if it helps you with your work. I am fast at stuff like this, and I don’t need much, just a small video on them works.” Izuku smiled.

“Thank you, I’ll keep it in mind.” Aizawa nodded, looking over the notes.

“If you want… I could write those up for you, so you do have to go memorizing them straight away.” Izuku offered.

“Do you really have the time?” Aizawa questioned.

“They don’t take long, believe me. I could get them done in a lunch break.” Izuku said proudly.

“If that’s the case, I should come back tomorrow to pick them up.” Aizawa said, Izuku grinned.

“Sure!” Izuku nodded, Aizawa returned his notebook, before leaving. Izuku watched him go with a small smile. It was only until he was sure Aizawa was out of sight when he took a huge breath. “OhmygodijustmetEraserhead!” He blushed.

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Aizawa walked down the street earlier then usually, with only one destination in mind.

“Shouta!” He groaned, as his friend of 15 years caught up with him. “Where you going?” Mic was as loud as ever.

“To get my morning coffee, now shut up and leave me alone.” Aizawa scowled, Present Mic, aka Yamada Hizashi, frowned.

“But, don’t you get your coffee from that place close to U.A?” He asked, Yamada had met Aizawa back during their first sports festival at U.A, after that the voice quirk using blond had done everything he could to befriend the anti-social erasure hero. “I mean, I’m not complaining, the coffee they make is gross, nice you found a better place… I am still confused on how you could stomach it… How good is this new place?”

“The best coffee.” Aizawa yawned. He was silently hoping the kid from last night was working at this time, if so, he could hopefully get those notes early. He was sure they would help him sleep at night, especially after the U.S.J. He sighed enterally in relief when he saw the Café was open, Mic looked over it with a surprised smile.

“The Green Valley Café and Animal Rescue center… This place was huge in the news yesterday. The owner is just a quirkless Teen, only 16.” Mic muttered. “The place has received glowing reviews from everyone who has been here, from good food and drink, to well behaved animals, to the civil workers… I was planning on checking this place out at some point.” Mic added more to himself then anything., Aizawa rolled his eyes and pushed opened the door. A man and woman were walking around the few business men and woman sitting in there, working, refilling cups, and making sure they were comfortable. Aizawa looked towards the counter, where the green haired teen from yesterday stood.

“Welcome to Green Valley Café and Animal Rescue center!” He smiled as they approached, Mic immediately began looking at the treats at the counter.

“Two of the coffees I got last night.” Aizawa said.

“Sure thing.” Izuku beamed and got to work making the coffee. Focused on his task. Aizawa glanced at Mic, who was eyeing some pastries with interest.

“Something got your fancy?” he asked, Mic nodded motioning to a squared chocolate pastry.

“That is a called Opera cake, soaked in a coffee syrup, then layers with coffee buttercream and chocolate Ganache.” Izuku spoke up. “A French recipe.” Mic hummed lightly. “Though, I wouldn’t recommend it if you want something to eat now, much too earlier for that amount of caffeine intake, especially if you are going to be teaching, you’ll go into a sugar crashed after an hour or so.” Izuku added, Aizawa was impressed with the teens logical reasoning. It was nice to find a place that took health into consideration if someone was looking to buy something.

“What would you recommend for someone teaching a bunch of teens all day?” Mic asked

“Well, if you have a lunch in mind, maybe go for something smaller. We have a variety of Croissants, commonly eaten for breakfast in France, and makes a nice sweet treat for the mornings. We also have, Cinnamon -pecan buns, guava-cream cheese pastries, crepes with sweet yogurt and raspberry-apricot sauce.” Izuku said. “We have a large variety of small and large breakfast options.”

“I think a Croissant would be nice, any particular flavoring you recommend?” Mic smile

“Whipped cream and fresh berries.” Izuku replied immediately. “Sweet, contains some of your five a day and has a slow energy release.”

“I’ll get one of those to go then please.” Mic said

“Sure! Mom, one cream and fresh fruit Croissant please.” Izuku called

“Okay sweetie.” The woman passed the heroes and headed into the kitchen behind the counter. Aizawa silently paid for his coffees, standing to the side to wait for Mic. Izuku pulled a small packet from under the counter.

“Here’s the analyst I showed you last night. I did a bit more research into the incident and made a few more notes that may be of interest to you.  I also suggest you have a look at the U.A gate CCTV. I have a feeling you may find something there, I doubt the break in was due to the media.”

“There is a darker force at hand… You’re very smart kid.” Aizawa said, pulling a piece of paper from the packet and read through it, nodding, everything was pretty well thought out, his theories would be worth looking into. The world of heroics really missed out on this kid. The woman came around with his croissant, Mic paid, and the men left. Mic took a large bite of his breakfast.

“Mm, this is delicious!” He beamed. “That place is super nice too! Clearly that kid has a n Eraserhead fanboy.”

“What are you talking about?” Aizawa glared taking a sip of his coffee.

“I know that look in people’s eyes when they are staring at someone they admire! You have a fanboy, and by that faint blush on his cheeks, I daresay he probably has a cute little fanboy crush on you.” Mic said teasingly, Aizawa frowned as he took another sip. He sure hoped not.


“Morning you two!” Kayama Nemuri, aka the Pro heroine Midnight, greeted them. Aizawa just grunted in reply, sitting at his desk placing down his still full coffee and half full coffee. “Oho, you got a new coffee place?”

“That new café and animal rescue center.” Mic beamed. “It’s a really sweet place. And Shouta has a fanboy!”

“Oho! Give me the details!” Midnight said

“The owner, that teenager, you could see it in his eyes, they lit up when Shouta walked in. It was so cute!” Mic beamed

“Mic…” Aizawa said warningly.

“Aw… someone must have a fanboy crush on you Shouta!” Midnight looked over at him.

“He’s the same age as my students. So, not another word.” Aizawa warned with glare.

“Of course, and what was that packet he gave you?” Mic asked, Nezu walked in, his eyes immediately turned to the underground her.

“He does quirk analysis, turns out, he analyzed the League of Villains quirks, made me copies to help try and sort it all out.” Aizawa pulled out the packet and the documents inside, he looked through them. “Shigaraki’s Tomura, Quirk decay, Toga Himiko quirk Transform… Muscular… moonfish, Dabi…um… he has a valid point there…” Aizawa frowned at the document on the scarred villain. Nezu patted his leg, holding out a hand for the documents. Aizawa passed them over, the quirked rodent looked through them.

“This boy is obviously talented… Is his quirk analysis or something intelligence related?” Nezu questioned.

“Quirkless.” Aizawa answered, Nezu smiled.

“I see.” He said, handing them back to Aizawa, before leaving towards his office without a word.

“Is anyone else suddenly worried for that kid?” Vlad king asked

“He’ll be fine.” Aizawa said. If the teen could analyze the villains to this level, he had no doubt he knew what Nezu was capable of.



“This place looks so cozy!” Midnight beamed as she and the other teachers looked at the Green Valley Café. They had all decided to stay until everyone was done so they could and check out this place together, even Nezu was unable to deny his interest in the boy who had been able to analyze a villains’ quirk so easily.

“Be careful sweetie.” They watched as a man and woman left, the woman pressing a kiss to a teen’s forehead.

“Mom…” He whined but smiled. “You know I’ll be fine. Isn’t not like the animals will let anyone bad in, they will go crazy.”

“I know. See you when you get home.” They headed off as the boy went back inside.

“Okay… so, they let him run the place alone at night?” Vlad King asked concerned.

“The Green Valley Café is owned by 16-year-old Midoriya Izuku, he’s the owner.” Lunch rush said, the heroes entered the silent Café. The teen working behind the till.

“Welcome to Green Valley Café and Ani…” He froze as he look up, eyes going from hero to another.

“I had to tell my co-workers about this place!” Mic grinned, stepping forward. The teen looked somewhat stunned at that.

“Bu..but why?” He looked generally confused.

“Because being a hero is hard work and Mic said this looked like a nice relaxing place. And if Eraserhead comes here, it must be quiet. That man hates crowds.” Midnight stepped forward, looking at the baked goods on show.

“Um, yeah, early mornings and evenings are pretty slow.” Izuku nodded. “Um, what would you all like? He tables have menus if you would like to sit down.”

The heroes settled in a group, looking over menus, mainly looking at small snacks and drinks. Izuku was internally screaming. So many heroes! He was doing all he could to keep his fanboy self in check. It was a few minutes later, when a car came driving by, but there was a loud whine from a dog. The heroes jumped as Izuku dashed out, there was silence before the teen yelled.

YOU JERK!” He yelled, then walked in with an injured puppy, with an expression that could only be described as murderous.

“Do you hav CCTV?” Midnight asked

“Yeah, I’ll copy one for you. I hope you find that asshole.” Izuku growled taking the puppy into the other room. Nezu was frowning watching the boy.

“H-he’s interesting.” Vlad king muttered.

“He is a hero to animals, that is so cute.” Midnight said, smiling. The café door opened again and Eraserhead strolled in, he saw his co-workers and actually groaned.

“Shouta! Join us!” Mic beamed

“Can’t. On Patrol.” Aizawa said, Izuku came back out, glancing back into the room he was coming from. He sighed and say Aizawa, he went to the counter.

“Same as last night?” He asked

“Please.” Aizawa nodded. Izuku made him up a coffee and refused payment again.

“Just take payment kid.” Aizawa said

“Nope! Night patrol, you gotta work, if the coffee helps you focus better that’s good enough for me. But, if you can find a car with this license, kick their ass for me, and take them to the closest police station for animal cruelty. I have CCTV proof of them throwing a puppy out of the car window.” Izuku handed over a piece of paper. Aizawa glanced at it.

“Very well. Don’t work too late kid.” Aizawa said

“I won’t.” Izuku replied, the underground hero left again, the remaining heroes could see how angry Izuku was, there were smaller tears in his eyes.

“Are you alright sweetie?” Midnight asked, Izuku gave a short nod.

“I just hate people like that. They are disgusting…” Izuku growled out. He took a deep breath. “Have you decided?” The heroes placed their orders, Izuku made note before working on them.

“I heard of your quirk analysis.” Nezu said, Izuku gave a small smile.

“I am surprised, not many people care about my analysis, apparently analyzing quirks makes me creepy.” Izuku said. “Then again… it ended up becoming a hobby that even after I gave up on the main reason for starting it, I found I didn’t want to stop. I thought my analysis of those villains would prove useful if you have to face them again, which you probably will. It’s not every day villains form a gang of sorts.” Izuku said

“It just makes them more dangerous.” Nezu nodded. “What was the original reason you had for quirk analysis?”

“To be a hero. Thought if I could understand quirks I could use that to help me forward.” Izuku answered.

“And you don’t want to be one now?” Nezu questioned, Izuku shook his head.

“It no longer appealed to me. I am quirkless, no one cared how my peers or teachers treated me, except my mom, and well, she couldn’t do much. One, my main tormentor, wanted to be a hero. And whilst I usually didn’t let him get to me, just one day, they said something that just made me stop.” Izuku sighed. “If I became a hero, there would be a chance of me having to work with him or having to save those that made my life a living hell. Why should I care? I wouldn’t be able to help them, I wouldn’t want too.” Izuku then smiled. “Animals don’t judge you, they don’t care if you have a quirk or not. That’s why I wanted to make this place, a safe place for animals, stray, abandoned or even abused pets. I can be their hero… and well, that’s enough for me. Besides, I get to work with my parents. My dad left his job in America just to help out. So, the pros out way any cons people can think of.” Izuku smiled

“You are such a sweet heart.” Midnight cooed.

“Can I see your analysis?” Nezu questioned. Izuku was a little surprised.

“Um, sure.” Izuku quickly rushed round the back and grabbed a note book. He gave it to the animal hero, before finishing up the orders. He took several trays to the table, the heroes thanking him, after that he, left to go into the other room, they assumed he was going to check on the puppy. Nezu sipped his tea reading through the note books.

“So, how good it is principle?” Mic asked

“I think we should be thankful those teachers and peers of his didn’t push him into villainy. I don’t think we would have been able to do much against a teen who can tell you your weakness just by watching villain fights or knowing your quirk…” Nezu said, before smiling. “I like this kid. It is a shame he didn’t apply for U.A, I would have been happy to accept such a brilliant mind.” The rest of the staff was silent, it was rare for Nezu to compliment someone on their intelligence, it was hard too when you had a quirk that made you the smartest being in the world. Just who was this kid?

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Izuku almost had a heart attack when Nezu left with the staff, but not before exchanging Phone numbers with him. Izuku was left staring at the number in a daze. Once away from the café the heroes chuckled.

“Think you just got yourself a fan Nezu.” Power Loader said.

“I am hoping more for a student.” Nezu said simply.

“Wait…WHAT?” The staff gasped, staring at the Principle in shock.


Back at the café, Izuku entered the animal rescue center, knelling next to the hurt puppy, a Kai-ken puppy with deep black fur. Izuku pet its head, it looked at him with sad eyes.

“Don’t worry. I have you now, you will never be hurt again, I promise.” Izuku stretched behind his ear, the puppy whimpered, but pushed against his hand. Izuku smiled and pet him for a bit longer, before pulling out his phone to call his parents.

“Izuku? Is everything okay?” Hisashi was the one who picked up.

“Yeah, well, sort of…” Izuku explained what happened.

“Oh dear…” Hisashi frowned.

“It’s it alright if I bring him home with me? Just to make sure he is okay over night?” Izuku asked, the line was silent for a moment, assuming his dad was discussing it with his mom.

“That will be fine, your mother is getting out some share blankets to make a bed for him.” Hisashi said

“Thank you. I should be home soon.” Izuku said, Hisashi wished him a safe journey home. Izuku put his phone in his back pocket and got ready to leave. He was able to get the puppy into a pet carrier and locked up shop. He walked home, the night city sounds lost in the noise of his mind. He was angry, of course he was. Animals were living beings and did not deserve the treatment some people gave them. He reached the small flat he lived in with his parents, he wanted to earn enough to get a really house for them, so his mom could enjoy her space again, she used to garden all the time, and with a house, she could have the garden, have friends over for lunch. He knew she would like that, and a study for his dad, he knew home much he enjoyed his lone work. And Izuku would quite like to have a study too, part his bed room from his work space. Maybe then he could bring some of the rescue animals back. A large house, big garden for all the animals. Izuku smiled at the thought, he unlocked the door with his own key. “I’m home.” He called.

“In the living room sweetie.” Inko called back. Izuku smiled softly, closing the door behind him and taking off his shoes. He looked into the carrier, the pup looked back, dark eyes alight with curiosity.

“Where is the little guy?” Hisashi asked as Izuku joined them in the living room. Izuku set the carrier down next to the bed of blankets his mother had made and opened it’s door. It took almost 2 minutes to try and get the puppy out, but he soon crawled on top of the blankets, looking up at Izuku, who immediately praised him.

“Look at you. So brave, such a good boy.” Izuku cooed, the puppy’s tail began wagging.

“He’s beautiful, what sort of monster would do that to such a cute boy?” Inko rubbed his ears, the puppy whined happily. Inko giggled, “Such a good boy.”

“Luckily a bunch of heroes were eating in, and Eraserhead popped in not long later on duty. Gave him the registration number. He’ll be able to locate them.” Izuku explained

“That’s good.” Hisashi nodded.

“Yeah, this little guys just need to rest. So, we need to keep a close eye on him.” Izuku added

“We can do that.” Inko said happily, easily becoming attached to the puppy before her, Izuku and his father shared a look.

“Izuku and I can mind the shop if you want to watch over him here, saves us taking him too and from th café.” Hisashi suggested, Inko opened her mouth to argue, but Izuku jumped in.

“That’s a great idea, moving him from place to place could easily affect his recovery.” Izuku said

“If you two think you can handle it…” Inko didn’t look too sure.

“It will be fine mom. Maybe I could try hiring some part time staff to help out…” Izuku mused

“We can think of all that tomorrow. I think we should all get some rest.” Inko smiled.

“Yes mom.” Izuku nodded, deciding to spend the night on the sofa to keep an eye on his new friend.


Hisashi and Izuku went to work alone the following morning, Inko promised to keep her son updated on Tama, who she had lovingly named. Izuku made the comment about his desire to buy a bigger house for them all, and how it would be better now they had a pet. Hisashi had to laugh, he couldn’t deny that his wife had become so quickly attached to the puppy.


Izuku opened a little earlier then usual so he could remain behind the counter, he was defiantly considering whether to hire some staff. It was meant to be a family thing, but extra help never hurt. Izuku was lost in thought as some new entered the café. The small ding of the bell upon the door opening brought Izuku from his mind.

“Good Morning, welcome to the Green Valley Café and Animal Rescue center.” Izuku took notice of the dual coloured hair. “What can I get you today?”

“Um…” Todoroki Shouto looked at the drink’s menu. “What is recommended.

“Oh, well, that all depends.” Izuku said

“On what?” Todoroki looked at him.

“Several things. Your schedule for the day, the amount of exercise, the level of the exercise, normal dietary requirements. I wouldn’t suggest the high sugar drinks, they could cause you to suffer a sugar crash early in the day.” Izuku said simply. The heroics student watched him with wide eyes, filled with surprise. Izuku blushed. “Sorry, I do that a lot…”

“That was… helpful… I have normal lessons this morning, but with heroics training with a large group this afternoon.” Todoroki said

“Right, um…, Maybe try the Almond and Maple hot chocolate. Just as sweet as normal, but healthier and not as heavy. The warm spiced coconut almond milk is an early morning fave for school teachers, or hot lemon water is a fave of people with work heavy mornings.” Izuku told him, Todoroki nodded, listened carefully.

“I would like to try the warm spice coconut and almond milk, please.” He said, Izuku beamed.

“Coming right up!” Izuku got to work. Todoroki watching, not even noticing when Hisashi came from the back with fresh baked goods, or when Eraserhead and Present Mic walked in. The teen jumped when his homeroom teacher stood next to him. “Morning Eraser, Mic, same as yesterday?” Izuku asked, finishing off Todoroki’s drink.

“Of course!” Mic beamed, Eraser just sighed.

“Dad, one cream and fresh fruit Croissant please.” Izuku called back.

“This is a family business?” Todoroki asked curiously, Izuku nodded.

“Mainly my dream and my mothers. My dad quit his job to come and help.” Izuku said

“I knew this place was going to be a success, I couldn’t miss my little boy proving everyone wrong!” Hisashi happily called from the kitchen. Izuku blushed, giving Todoroki his drink and accepting payment, before getting started on Aizawa’s two coffees.

“Prove everyone wrong?” Todoroki looked confused.

“Quirkless, it has come to imply people like me are useless, and we will never be able to do anything. And look at me now.” Izuku beamed. “Got a good job, great family, and I make people happy. There’s no point doing something that doesn’t make you happy either!” Todoroki looked at his take-away cup thoughtfully. Eraser watched him carefully.

“Thank you.” Todoroki thanked him, before leaving.

“Take my advice Eraserhead, I might be…” Izuku began

“Your analyst skill shows how observant you are. What is it?” Eraser asked

“Look to Endeavor. Look into his family, his back ground, his work, and his home life. Then look to his son, his wife, and other three children.” Izuku said, surprising the two heroes. “There are heroes who do their job well, but that does not make them good people in general.” The underground hero nodded.

“I’ll look into it.” He promised, as Izuku finished his coffees and Hisashi came to the front with Mic’s breakfast. The heroes paid and left.

“See you still being a hero.” Hisashi smiled softly.

“I can see that look in his eyes dad… I don’t believe Todoroki is safe at home, it is only right I extant a hand to help, right?” Izuku glanced at him.

“Of course, my boy.” Hisashi smiled. “That makes the difference between just being a hero and being a true hero.”

Chapter Text

Todoroki wasn’t sure why he was heading back to the café, but he was. Maybe it was because of the green haired teen owner, maybe it was because of the comforting atmosphere the café had. Either way, here he was, outside the café. He took a deep breath before entering. The bell letting out a soft ring. The green haired teen at the counter, dealing with the foods on show. Emerald eyes turned from the goods and caught Todoroki’s dual coloured eyes. The teen smiled.

“Welcome back. I take that the warm spice coconut and almond milk was to your liking.” He smiled, Todoroki nodded, going to the counter. “Would you like it again, or something different?”

“Um…” Todoroki looked up at the drink’s menu again. “I think I might just have a cup of tea please.”

“Of course, anything to eat?” Teen nodded.

“Maybe later.” Todoroki caught sight of his name tag. Midoriya Izuku. Midoriya smiled at him softly.

“Okay than!” He pointed to the side door “If you actually go through that door it will take you into the rescue center. There are tables along the side, so you can enjoy your drink and the presence of the animals here.”

“Really… I’ll do that.” Todoroki nodded.

“I’ll bring your tea in.” Midoriya smiled. Todoroki headed through the door, as he got to work on the drink.

“Here, give him this on the house.” Hisashi placed down a small plate with his homemade strawberry cheesecake, a recipe from his side of the family.

“But, he said…” Izuku began.

“Trust me on this one Zuzu.” Hisashi told him, Izuku just nodded. It was true his father needed a reason to do something. Placing the cake and tea on a tray, he carried it through. He chuckled when he found the animals lying around him, a cat happily napping in his lap.

“They are well trained.” Todoroki said, looking down at the cat.

“They’re not.” Izuku replied, Todoroki looked up at him, as Izuku put the tray down.

“Not what?” He asked

“Trained, everyone here…they all saw the worst of humanity, abused and abandoned… They are well behaved cause they Know I am like them.” Izuku knelt down, a Shiba got up and nuzzled him. “We all faced that side of the human race… I guess they know you have too.”

“W-What are you talking about?” Todoroki frowned, Izuku stood up again and gave a weak smile.

“Here’s you tea, and my father told me to bring you the cake, it’s free.” Izuku turned to leave. “And for what it’s worth… You are nothing like you father, you’re too kind.” He said and quickly left the room. Todoroki stared after him in shock.


At his usual time, Hisashi headed home leaving Izuku alone to deal with the café. He made Posters about hiring, and put one on the front door, and one on the second door, and planned to add on into the pet room. Izuku had expected Todoroki to have left quietly, but upon entering the second room, found him still sitting with the animals.

“You’re still here?” He asked in shock, Todoroki jumped.

“Sorry, is it closed…” He began.

“Nonono… we don’t actually close until 11!” Izuku said “My father and usually my mother go home around this time. I take care of the café for the last three hours.” He explained, pining the poster up on the wall.

“I see… what’s that?” Todoroki asked, he got to his feet, holding a pure black cat in his arms.

“Oh, hiring. It’s just me and my parents. But just my father and I for a while.” Izuku explained. “An extra pair of hands would help for a while.”

“Why just your father?”

“The other night someone threw a puppy at the café from a moving car.” Todoroki stared at Izuku in shock. “He was hurt, just not too badly to be put down. I patched him up and took him home to rest. My mother is taking care of him.”

“Your parents sound so nice.” Todoroki said in a wishful tone.

“They are… before this place… they were the only reason I was still alive.” Izuku said.

“Hello?” A voice called from the main room.

“Was that…” Todoroki began. Izuku sighed.

“Your U.A teachers came here yesterday night too… I better go and serve them…” Izuku said

“I can help… I have nothing better to do.” Todoroki mumbled.

“Your hired. If you go through that staff door you can find my spare uniform, then join me out the front.” Izuku beamed. Todoroki nodded, as Izuku headed out the front. The heroes looked relieved. “Sorry, I was talking to a possible new worker here, cause I am hiring.” Izuku got behind the counter. “Can I take your orders?”

“Do you have anything for like a group meal?” Nezu asked, Izuku thought about it.

“Let me check what we have, and I am sure I cam make something.” Izuku smiled, quickly going into the kitchen. Todoroki came in through the door between the staff room and kitchen.

“What are you doing?” Todoroki asked quietly.

“Know any foods for big groups?” Izuku asked

“Sukiyaki or Oden” Todoroki said.

“Sukiyaki we have the things for.” Izuku stood at the kitchen door and looked into the main room.

“We’ll have that, and…” Izuku stepped out to take drink orders. Before he looked into the kitchen, of the teachers wanted to stay something about Todoroki being there, they didn’t.

“Could you start the Sukiyaki?” Izuku asked.

“Of course.” Todoroki was happy to be in the kitchen. Please that finally everything his sister taught him could be put towards something. That all the food making shows he watched in secret was not going to waste. Nonetheless, he found a cook book with the recipe to follow. He got to work as Izuku worked on the drinks out the front.

“Smells great, didn’t expect you to know how to cook.” Izuku commented, joining him.

“My sister taught me… and I watch a lot of those food shows…” Todoroki blushed.

“It’s fine. Gordon Ramsey is an interesting cook.” Izuku chuckled.

“At least what he says is true, he is harsh for a reason. Good to see you follow his rules.” Todoroki said.

“Fresh foods are the best.” Izuku smiled.

“You can keep an eye on the front, I will be fine here.” Todoroki told.

“Sure, oh, though…” Izuku pulled a large bowl from a bottom cupboard. “This is the bowl you’ll need.” He put it on the side.

“Thanks.” Todoroki nodded.


When it was done and was sent to the heroes, Todoroki was rather nervous, hoping it was okay.

“They like it.” Izuku joined him in the kitchen, Todoroki sighed happily. Izuku chuckled and patted his back.

Chapter Text

Todoroki ended up joining Izuku out the front as Izuku explained how to work the drinks and teaching him a few of them. The heroes said nothing to him or about him, but they were smiling softly at the usually silent, cold student starting to be more social. That was before the café door slammed open, Izuku and Todoroki turned as did the heroes, at the door stood Endeavor. Izuku could feel Todoroki freeze, and the urge to protect him was strong. Endeavors burning eyes were on his son, Todoroki couldn’t move. He didn’t want to go home, he found a place he felt safe in, a place he could follow a hobby he never got to try.

“We are going.” Endeavor actually grabbed Todoroki’s arm, Izuku saw him wince, and before the heroes could react Izuku did.

“Sir, I suggest you get off my property. Immediately!” Izuku glared up at him.

“Stay out of this…” Endeavor began

“This is my Property, so get off it. If you come back I will be calling the police. And you’re are hurting him… if you don’t let go, I am sure people will soon release how much of an asshole you are!” Izuku said, it worked. Todoroki was able to pull his arm away. He rubbed it. He looked at Izuku, who continued to glare down the number two hero. With a final growl he stormed away, slamming the door, but luckily the windows didn’t smash. Izuku turned to Todoroki, forcing his sleeve up. Revealing Burns and bruises int eh shape of Endeavor’s fingers. Izuku froze staring at them. The heroes were silently discussing plans, before Nezu spoke up.

“Young Midoriya, do you have the CCTV taps for in here?” He asked

“Yes. I will get them for you.” Izuku nodded. “Let’s get you take care of Todoroki.” He took the other’s wrist and led him through the back. Izuku grabbed the tape and replaced it, handing the other to Nezu.

“We’ll give this to Eraser to go with investigation.” Nezu nodded. Izuku just nodded and went back to look after Todoroki’s injuries.

“I’m sorry.” Todoroki said

“What for? You did nothing.” Izuku told him, wrapping his arm with a gauze. “Why was he so mad though, don’t the students live on campus?”

“Most do… My father wouldn’t allow it. I am the son of the new Number one hero… I can take care of myself…” Todoroki frowned.

“The heroes are still here, you can go with them back to U.A. It will be safer for you.” Izuku told him. “I don’t want you to be hurt anymore.” Todoroki nodded. “Also… You’re hired, when you’re finished with you lessons.” Izuku smiled. “It’s going to be nice working you, chef.” Todoroki found himself smiling.

“You too.” Todoroki nodded. He did go back with the heroes, with Izuku’s number in his phone, they promised Izuku that Endeavor would not get him, nor would he get close to the Café. That didn’t stop Izuku make sure the outside camera captured the whole front of the café. And set up a live stream, making sure the stream was on his laptop with help of his father, and that it was recording on his laptop. He was taking no risks, he had pissed off Endeavor a hero with a fire quirk.


Izuku got home, his parents being asleep, Tama asleep in the kitchen. Izuku got up to his room, checking his recording laptop. He sighed, getting into his Pajama’s and lying in bed. He looked at his phone, noticing he got a message from Todoroki.


Todoroki Shouto: Thank you for today

Midoriya Izuku: No problems. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Todoroki Shouto: See you tomorrow


Izuku smiled softly, putting his phone on charge, and curled up under his blankets to sleep.


The next morning, Izuku told his parents everything that happened. Inko was worried about him, but she agreed that him standing up to protect Todoroki was a good thing.

“You don’t think he would try anything, do you?” Inko asked

“Doubt it. His place at number one is already on the line. Attacking the café would make him loose his license.” Hisashi shook his head.

“And the hero from U.A were there at the time. Not to mention they have the CCTV video of it. Well, Eraserhead should have it now, he’s the one leading the investigation on Endeavor.” Izuku added.

“At least you two boys are okay.” Inko smiled. Softly.

“You’ll get to meet him when you come back. He’s a pretty good cook, maybe you could teach him a few of your recipes.” Izuku smiled, Inko smiled and nodded.


“Hey Todoroki!” Todoroki turned to see his classmates, Kaminari Denki was smirking at him. “Now you’ve joined us in the dorms, wanna join us for a movie night tonight?” Kaminari asked

“I can’t, I am busy sorry.” Todoroki told him.

“Really? What have you got planned?” Uraraka Ochaco asked

“I have a job.” He answered, that seemed to surprise a lot of his class mates, but he said nothing more. He was looking forward to starting his first really day at a job, wondering how it would turn out.


Endeavor was glaring down at his phone, Shouto had not come home, only for him to be told by U.A that he was now in the dorms. He looked up from his desk as the private investigator he had hired to dig up all and any dirty on the café and it’s owner as they could.

“So, what did you find?” He asked, his tone demanding.

“The Café is only a few months old and there is literally nothing to dig up on it.” The investigator said

“And the owner?”

“As for the owner… the place it owned and run by 16-year-Old, quirkless Boy, Midoriya Izuku. His parents, Midoriya Inko and Midoriya Hisashi work with him. The mother has never had a police record, she has never done anything wrong, the father worked over seas for a few years but is also clear. Midoriya Izuku has never had one either, but there is a case investigator the treatment of a school and it’s pupils and teachers against the boy set up by an Underground hero. From what I can see, he was mistreated by students and teachers alike, but he was one of the best in his year, even the school.” The investigator informed him.

“So, there is nothing on them?” Endeavor growled.

“No sir.” The investigator ran as the hero punched his table. He glared at it furiously. How could one family be so free of any crime, even parking tickets. He growled. He was going to find something on them and bring that place crumbling down.

Chapter Text

“Do you think Todoroki really has a job?” Uraraka asked. “I am not sure whether to believe him cause why would someone like him need to work? Where would he even work?”

“We literally know nothing about him…” Ashido muttered, the class were discussing possible jobs that Todoroki could have meant.

“Why don’t we just follow him?” Sero Hanta suggested

“I think if we all followed him it would be a bit suspicious.” Yaoyorozu Momo said

“Hey Kouda, could you have a few birds follow him, and then they can lead us to where he works?” Hagakure asked, poking the shy boy of 1-A. Kouda blushed lightly, but nodded.

“Great! No movie tonight, we’re going Todoroki hunting!” Kaminari beamed



“Can we be sure this is the right place?” The few members of 1-A that decided to follow looked at the sign “Green Valley Café and Rescue Centre”. Kouda looked thrilled at the place, quickly signing all that he knew of the place.

“Maybe Todoroki likes animals?” Uraraka suggested. Hagakure peeked in the window.

“Or there is a cute boy our age working here!” She said excitedly. “Let’s go in!” Uraraka, Iida Tenya, Hagakure Toru, Ojiro, Kouda, and Asui entered the café, it wasn’t too packed. They looked towards the counter where Todoroki was talking to a teen with green fluffy hair, the green haired teen smiling and laughing with the usually silent Todoroki. They approached the counter, and Todoroki noticed them. He feel silent and blushed lightly, excusing himself to go into the kitchen. Izuku watched him go with a small frown, but he shrugged and turned to the new comers.

“Welcome to Green Valley café and rescue center, What can I get you today?” He asked.

“Is your phone number an option?” Hagakure asked, he chuckled and shook his head.

“Sorry.” He smiled, his eyes dancing with mirth. Uraraka was looking at the drinks menu, she was surprised at the pricing.

“Things here look cheaper than most other places…” She mumbled out loud.

“Yep!”  He nodded, the class looked at him, he was looking at the menu. “My parents were never really well off. They both worked to get us by, so I know how it feels. I decided that this way people can afford to come here… we make up for any losses with the amount of costumers we get and aid from animal charities to help with the rescued animals we have here.”

The group made their orders and went and settled at a table. They watched as the teen spoke to Todoroki again, the dual haired boy muttering something to him. The teen smiled softly and nodded, they watched as Todoroki went into another room.


“He is so cute!” Uraraka blushed, covering her cheeks with her hands. “How can someone be so pure like that!”

“He really thought about the economic effects of other places, having such cheap prices draws in more costumers, and it builds up.” Iida muttered. “He’s quite clever.”

“And he mentioned his family, do you think they are the ones who own this place?” Asui asked

No, Kouda signed. He is the owner, this place is run my Midoriya Izuku, a quirkless 16 year old. Because of his success, despite this being on a few months old, the place got news coverage.

“Quirkless… you mean he doesn’t have a quirk at all?” Hagakure asked, Kouda nodded.

“I wonder what that must be like… living without a quirk…” Uraraka wondered.

“Not too different to living with a quirk.” They jumped as The teen, Midoriya Izuku settled down a tray. “I just have to deal with more bullies than I would care to admit…”

“Why would you have to deal with bullies?” Iida asked concerned, Izuku looked at him and chuckled lightly.

“You seriously don’t know?” He asked, Iida just looked confused. “People… their opinions of others stems from what they see as their quirk, people with strong quirks are those you look up too, follow around. People with rare quirks are admired. People with no quirks… are barely treated as a human by their peers… I spent a lot of my life running from bullies as they tried to use their quirks on me. No one cares about that one poor quirkless kid...” Izuku set out their drinks on the table. He then smiled. “Bonus, everyone who was ever mean to me has been banned from this place.”

“That’s one way of dealing with them. You have done very well by yourself.” Iida praised, Izuku blushed lightly.

“I am very proud of this place.” He nodded, before he remembered. “Oh, and you guys followed Todoroki here, didn’t you?” The class blushed. He chuckled again. “It’s fine, he’s just a little embarrassed.”

“We were just a little curious, we were a little surprised to hear he had a job.” Iida said

“I needed a bit of help and he was happy to lend a hand, oh, I should get back to the counter. I hope you enjoy your drinks!” Izuku smiled heading back over to where a new costumer had just arrived. Izuku greeted them happily.

“He’s an interesting character.” Uraraka muttered.

“But seems very nice.” Asui added


“I don’t think they mean you harm Todoroki.” Izuku told him kindly

“I’m not scared, I’m just…” Todoroki looked away.

“Socially awkward, that’s a mood.” Izuku chuckled. “Go and talk to them, make some friends, he ain’t here to stop you.” Todoroki looked at him, taking a deep breath, Todoroki made his way over to his classmates, it wasn’t long before they struck up a good conversation. Izuku watched from the counter with a small smile.

“You are doing great son.” Hisashi smiled, ruffling his son’s hair, Izuku looked up at him.

“I never needed to be a hero to help people… did I?” He asked quietly

“There are all different types of heroes Izuku, but you are one of the best, you just want to help people.” Hisashi grinned. Izuku beamed at him happily.


“Endeavor is watching the café.” Tsukauchi had been called to U.A to discuss the whole Endeavor case and Izuku’s past case. “He has got a private investigator involved. Unfortunately for him, he never would have guess that the Midoriya’s are currently one of the few families that have no record of arrest, not even a driving penalty. It’s really impressive.”

“So, he is barking up the wrong tree?” Mic asked

“More Like he wants to bark up a tree and ends up barking up a lamp post. But, we have made record of this and will be adding it into his case.” Tsukauchi said, Aizawa nodded, pleased.

“We all need to watch out for the café and young Midoriya. He could be in danger.” Nezu said, the other heroes nodded.

Chapter Text

“Why don’t you stay home with Tama? Your father and I can keep the place running smoothly.” Inko offered, Izuku looked up from his breakfast.

“You sure? You know I don’t mind working.” Izuku said

“I know sweetie, but you deserver a break too.” Inko smiled

“Okay, but I will be working the late night shift as always.” Izuku told them. His parent sknew there was no chance to get him to miss the later times, when they usually left the café to him to handle it for the last three hours alone.

“Very well.” Inko nodded. “Just keep in mind that you work very hard, none stop all day. You deserve a day off, sweetie. We don’t want to see you run yourself into the ground.” Izuku smiled softly and nodded.

“I’ll remember.” Izuku said

“I’ll make sure you do.” Inko told him.

“Yes mom.” Izuku nodded

“Good.” She smiled. Izuku glanced at his dad, who was trying not to laugh. “Hisashi, you were just as bad.” Inko turned to him, he stopped.

“Sorry dear.” Hisashi said, Inko smiled softly, Izuku caught his fathers eye, both felt like well scolded children.


“See you guys later.” Izuku waved them off. He closed the door, Tama looked up from his pillow bed Izuku knelt down next to him. “How you doing buddy?” Tama let out a happy whine as Izuku scratched him behind the ar. “You’re such a good boy Tama.” Izuku cooed, Tama licked his hand. “Why don’t we check you leg.” Izuku carefully turned to the leg Tama had injured. “If you can walk on it now, we can take a quick walk around the street.” Tama’s ears picked up excitedly. “You like the sound of that boy?” Izuku beamed, Tama barked, Tama wagging. “Such a good boy.” He knew there was no way they were going to give him up now. When taking off the bandage, the puppy stood up. Looking up at Izuku with bright eyes, he took a few steps before bouncing around him. Izuku laughed. “You feeling good Tama?” Tama barked in reply. Izuku grinned. “Then a walk it is.” Izuku pushed himself up to his feet. “I know dad went shopping for a collar and lead..” He found what he was looking for. Tama patiently waited for Izuku to attach the collar around his neck, it was a lovely deep blue in color. “There you go, it suits you! Welcome to the family Tama!” Izuku beamed. Tama’s tail wagged happily. Izuku attached the lead. “To the nearby park.” Izuku told him, Tama barked in reply.


It was nice, taking Tama on the walk. People who had visited the café waved as he passed. A few stopped to talk, including a detective who usually came by on Saturday’s with a tall, blond friend of his.

“Tsukauchi. How are you?” Izuku greeted. The detective smiled.

“Good morning Midoriya, I’m well. How are you?” Tsukauchi smiled

“I’m great. Mom gave me a day off to care for Tama.” Izuku looked at the puppy.

“Is this…” Tsukauchi began

“Yep, he is the puppy that was thrown out of a moving car whilst heroes were in the café.” Izuku nodded. “Mom named him, and I think he’s staying now. Right Tama?” Izuku said, sending Tama into a excited rut. The pup looked at them happily. Tsukauchi scratched him behind his ear, Tama leaned into his touch.

“Good to see he’s doing so well.” The detective smiled. “We found his original owners. The driver too. They were charged with animal negligence and abandonment. They are not allowed to owe any pets now. We’ll be keeping a close eye on them.”

“Thank you detective.” Izuku smiled.

“Here to help Midoriya. Say hello to your parents for me.” Tsukauchi nodded

“Will do detective.” Izuku nodded, heading off to continue Tama’s walk. Tsukauchi smiled watching the boy walk off. He spotted the private detective also watching Midoriya from a distance.

“Good luck Midoriya. We’ll do our best to protect you… but not even we can imagine what lies Endeavor may release about you…” Tsukauchi frowned.


When Todoroki arrived at the café for his job, instead of Izuku and his father, it was Mr. Midoriya and a woman, Izuku’s mother most likely. They had the same bright green eyes and dark emerald hair. The woman beamed upon seeing him.

“You must be Todoroki Shouto! I’m Midoriya Inko. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” She bowed.

“It’s nice to meet you too, Ma’am…is Izuku okay?” Todoroki asked, he had to admit not seeing his young boss was worrying.

“He’s just fine. I forced him to take a day off to care for a puppy who was hurt when abandoned her. He will be in for the last three hour shift.” Inko explained.

“Ah, okay.” Todoroki internally sighed, so he would get to see Izuku today. He went out the back to get into his staff shirt and apron, ready to help out. It didn’t take long for meal orders to come in. If asked, Todoroki would happily tell you what cooking with Midoriya Inko was like. But all good things were always ruined by Endeavor in some way.


“Who are you?” Inko demanded, glaring at a man in a suit. Hisashi looked back, costumers looked concerned. Todoroki peeked out of the kitchen, frowning as he recognized the man as one of his fathers partners. He was a rough man who didn’t care what he did as long as he did his job and got paid.

“I am here to pick up Todoroki Shouto. He has training with his father?” The man said

“Why? Does he not attend U.A? Does Endeavor not think U.A’s training is hard enough for him?” Inko questioned. Todoroki tried not to laugh, Inko was glaring a man at least twice her size and not even flinching at his own glare. “And besides, he has a contract to work here, this is his shift time.”

“His father’s training take prioty.”


“Excuse me?”

“Why does his father’s training take priority over something Todoroki applied to do?” Inko asked, tone demanding an answer.

“He is the number one hero, Ma’am.” The man growled

“He is taught by the true number one hero at U.A.” Inko replied, the costumers sniggered at her reply, silently agreeing.

“And that doesn’t make his word more important? Is that what this world is coming too?” Hisashi glared.

“As Mrs. Midoriya said…” Todoroki stepped out of kitchen. “It is my shift time, I am working.”

“Clearly you have your own prorities mistake, if you feel training id less important then working here for something like Midoriya Izuku…”

“What di you just say?” Hisashi growled, smoke coming from his mouth, but was silenced as the sound of the front door closing caused them all to turn. Izuku was staring at the man, Tama growling at his side.

“Get Out.” Izuku said, voice devoid of emotion.


“Fine, mom, call the police. We lose nothing if he refuses to leave.” Izuku walked up to him. “This is my café, every worker, every costumer, every animal in here I will keep safe from toxic people like you, and endeavor.” Tama growled in agreement. “And best yet, your whole thing was caught on CCTV. Good thing the U.A staff pop in most nights. I’ll give them the tape. A discrimination case against Endeavor’s top man won’t look too good.”

“Is that blackmail, Mr. Midoriya?” He asked, Izuku frowned

“No, I am actually going to set a discrimination case against you.” Izuku said

“If you think you and your boss can get away with this, you are clearly mistaken.” Inko glared, eyes gleaming. “ My son is already 10 times the hero Endeavor will ever be.” The costumers cheered her outburst, the man growled and left. Hisashi had pulled out his phone and called the police. Izuku hugged his mom, who began to cry.

“I am fine mom, words can’t hurt me anymore.” Izuku smiled. “Good thing I decided to drop by. What did he want?”

“To take me, father wanted to do some more training…” Todoroki frowned, before smiling softly. “Thank you for standing up for me, Mrs. Midoriya.”

“You’re safe here, Todoroki. We’ll always protect you here.” And with that, Todoroki was pulled into a hugged, Hisashi joined in too.

Chapter Text

Inko was unsure on whether she wanted to leave the boys alone to run the café after the events of that afternoon. Izuku was able to assure her, the police were keeping an eye over the place, so they would be fine. She finally relented and headed home with Hisashi and Tama.


“This day has been eventful.” Todoroki muttered.


“I’d say, how are you dealing with it all?” Izuku asked, he got to work, making himself and Todoroki a drink, waiting for the Usual U.A staff to come for their dinner.


“Slowly, it’s nice to have a safe place. I doubt my father will try again so soon, not when he has now drawn the eyes of the police, and his top man caused a scene in front of so many people.” Todoroki smiled.


“Yeah, he will likely keep away from here for a while.” Izuku nodded.


“I hope so.” Todoroki nodded, not long later the first costumers of the evening arrived. Todoroki froze at first, Izuku looked up to see the members of his class that had come before and some new ones.





“Welcome to the Green Valley café and Animal Rescue center.” Izuku greeted,


“Hi! Can I get your number?” The invisible girl asked, Izuku shook his head.


“Sorry.” He gave her a small smile.


“Will I ever get your number?” She pouted.


“You are kind of barking up the wrong tree.” Izuku gave her an embarrassed look, but his eyes sparkled kindly.


“Oh…” She muttered blushing “Aw man…”


“Oh, you’re gay.” Uraraka said, Izuku nodded.


“Anyway, what can I get you all today?” He took their orders, a guy with spiked red hair beamed at him.


“Can I get your number?” He asked, Todoroki rolled his eyes.


“Not quite my type, sorry.” Izuku replied, much to everyone’s surprise.


“You have a type?” Todoroki asked, Izuku nodded, taking in their surprised and intrigued faces


“Just one small thing… sorry.” Izuku said, he wouldn’t say that his type is someone who doesn’t smell like Nitroglycerin. Kirishima did seem a little sad, but the class went a sat down, a few guys comforting their friend.


“What is your type?” Todoroki asked, Izuku looked away, before responding.


“Anyone who doesn’t associate with Bakugo Katsuki…” Izuku said quietly for only Todoroki to hear, he got to work on the drinks. Todoroki didn’t question him further, but Izuku knew that he had left him with questions he would eventually want an answer for.





Aizawa was surprised to see quite of a lot of his class within the café, they all saw him and smiled brightly.


“Aizawa-sensei!” They waved.


“Your usual coffees coming up Eraser.” Izuku called from the counter. He nodded in thanks, before he turned to his class again.


“You’ve been here before sensei?” Iida asked,


“Best place for coffee.” Aizawa replied simply.


“You honor us Eraserhead! Our coffee is just as good as anywhere else.” Izuku called with a smile from the counter.


“That’s a clear lie there, listener!” The 1-A students just stared as their teachers walked in.


“Good evening everyone, the same as last time?” Izuku asked


“Yes please Mr. Midoriya.” Nezu smiled.


“Great! Todoroki, you remember their last order, right?” Izuku called


“Already working on it.” Todoroki replied.


“Great! We will get it to you when it is ready, in the mean time can I take your drink orders?” Izuku smiled kindly.



The few members of 1-A ended up falling into conversation with their teachers as Izuku and Todoroki worked, Todoroki couldn’t find the time to ask Izuku about how he knows Bakugo, but as his home room teacher left he made a quick excuse and raced after him.


“Sensei, please wait up.” Todoroki ran after his homeroom teacher as he was leaving. Aizawa turned to look at the dual haired student. “Sorry… this is a bit sudden.”


“You don’t usually come to me, so I am assuming the issues is something you feel is important.” Aizawa said. “What’s wrong?”


“Izuku… well, Midoriya… earlier when the class came in Kirishima tried asking for his number, this may seem stupid, but it’s leading on the main part. Izuku said he was his type, course Kirishima is sad, but when I asked what his type was… Izuku said someone that didn’t associate with Bakugo…” Todoroki quickly explained. Aizawa looked thoughtful.


“Thank you for bring it to my attention Todoroki, that might actually be a piece we are looking for.” Aizawa said


“Looking for sir?” Todoroki asked.


“There is a case into Midoriya’s past, he has face abuse and neglect from his schools, and we are getting evidence to deal with the schools and the classmates who thought it was okay to use their quirks against him. Don’t tell him this just yet, okay?” Aizawa said, Todoroki nodded.


“I should get back, thank you for taking me seriously sensei.” Todoroki bowed.


“It is fine.” Aizawa nodded and headed off for his patrol, Todoroki watched him go, thinking about how cool his teacher was before heading back to the café.




The class left with the teachers later that evening, Todoroki waving bye to his employer. Izuku waved them off with a smile, he still had about an half an hour left. He spent that time washing up, cleaning everything down, and making sure the animals were set for the night. He locked up and made sure everything was secured before heading home, yawning lightly. Someway down the road he spotted Detective Tsukauchi’s friend, the one that came with him on Saturdays, leaning against a way, coughing into his hand. Izuku remembered the man had a condition that had him coughing up blood. He pulled out some tissue and approached the man.


“Good evening sir, here.” Izuku smiled, the man looked at him.


“Thank you, my boy.” He gave a weak smile, accepting the tissue.


“Always happy to help out. Would you like a hand home?” Izuku offered.


“Not all, it isn’t all that far. Thank you for the offer.” The man smiled, Izuku bowed his head.


“Have a safe trip home sir.” And Izuku continued his journey home.


The man, Yagi Toshinori, the pro hero All Might watched him go. Maybe, in another life, if he had met the boy sooner… maybe he could have been the next holder of One for All, his heart was certainly in the right place for him to have become a great hero… maybe, there was still time…

Chapter Text

Izuku eyed the building next to the back of the café, next to the animal section. The whole building was for sale, it was large, maybe a little more then twice the size of the current building. It was currently an antique shop, run and owned by an elderly couple. They were leaving as Izuku looked at the sale sign. It was tempting, it would allow for them to have a bigger kitchen, bigger pet area… they could make two pet areas, one where the people can relax with the pets, and a play area for the pets only. Maybe they could make a proper sleeping area for them…


“You lost in that head of yours, my boy.” The elderly woman smiled pattering his arm, Izuku jumped.


“Oh, sorry Ma’am…” Izuku apologized.


“You think you might buy the old place? We only decided to sell it yesterday?” The man smiled


“Yeah… We could use a bit more space but pricing the building along with all the alterations that will be needed, all need items, the additional bills…” Izuku began to mutter once more, the elderly couple smiled at each other.


“When you decide or work out what you need, come and talk to us, we can negotiate a price.” The woman smiled.


“Oh, oh, thank you.” Izuku smiled “I should get back to work. I will get in touch with you as soon as I made up my mind.”


“Good, have a nice day.” The couple smiled, and they headed off. Izuku headed back into the building.


“There you are Izuku.” Inko smiled.


“The building next door is for sale, I am going to estimate the overall finances to see if we can afford it,” Izuku told her, Hisashi and Inko looked at each other and smiled.


“Would you like a hand sweetie?” Inko offered


“Or I could do it… It was basically what I was doing at my old job, finances are easy to do when you’ve done them for years.” Hisashi offered.


“That would be great dad.” Izuku smiled.


“Leave it to me, my boy. I’ll be in the office.” Hisashi headed into the main office, Inko and Izuku began sorting out the café for the main day, Izuku was going to be spending most of the day with the pets, as it was time for all of them to have a wash.




Izuku could see some of the younger guests watching him in the animal pen outside as the back-glass doors were wide open. The Shiba Inu he was washing, sat happily in a small pool filled with warm water and special dog shampoo. Their parents watched their kids watching him excitedly.


“Would you like to come and help?” Izuku offered, as the kids had slowly got closer. They looked at their parents excitedly. “We have spare aprons in the hall behind that door if you will let them,” Izuku explain, soon enough, a few kids were in aprons and were helping him bath some of the dogs. They giggled as a duo of Syrian dwarf Hamsters seemed to peek out of Izuku’s hair. When it was time for them to leave, they would run to their parents giggling about the animal man. Izuku chuckled but stopped the moment the black lab he was wash decided to shake himself dry, splatting water on Izuku.


Late in the afternoon, Todoroki came in for work, Inko pointed him to the back saying Izuku was washing the canines. He chuckled at seeing Izuku drenched in water, drying a Rottweiler.


“Busy day?” He asked


“You have no idea.” Izuku said, but he was smiling. Todoroki couldn’t help but smile too.




Todoroki glanced up as his class entered, they had decided to come every day now, all except Bakugo, but Todoroki knew that was likely a good thing.


“Hey, where’s Midoriya?” Kirishima asked, looking hopeful.


“With the animals through there.” Todoroki motioned. “But if you are thinking you might be able to get him to fall for you, I am afraid you are out of luck.” Kirishima immediately lost his hopeful attitude.


“Dude, why you got to be like that?” Sero frowned, Hagakure gasped.


“Are you jealous?” She asked


“Kirishima is simply not his type.” Todoroki said


“Well, he doesn’t know Kirishima, maybe if he got to know him…” Sero began.


“He is very specific,” Todoroki said. “They only way you are likely to get with him is by turning a back on a friend.”


“Wait, why?” Kirishima asked, Inko who was next to Todoroki sighed.


“My son will have nothing to do with people who associate themselves Bakugo Katsuki for very fair reasons.” Inko said. “You smell like Nitroglycerin. Izuku could likely smell it on you.” Kirishima and the other “Baku-squad” members glanced at each other. “And, knowing Bakugo Katsuki and those he usually surrounds himself with… I think it is for the best.” With that Inko went around the back, leaving the teens confused. Todoroki broke their silent thoughts.


“Maybe I should inform Sensei of this too…” He muttered, getting back to work, the class moved the animal room confused. Kirishima looked at Izuku who was introducing a little girl to a kitten. She was giggling happily.


“Mommy, can we keep it?” She asked


“I am not sure that is possible sweetie…” Her mother began.


“I will take her to the vets for a check up if you want to take her home, we can provide some items for you to take with her.” Izuku smiled. “It would be nice to find everyone here forever good homes.”


“Please mommy!” The girl hugged the kitten happily.


“We will talk to your father about it tonight.” Her mother sighed with a soft smile.


“He will still be here tomorrow if you come back for him.” Izuku smiled, the girl handed him the kitten. She waved bye to him as they left.


“Hey Midoriya!” Uraraka waved, the teen looked up and noticed the U.A students.


“Oh hi.” He waved.


“Can I ask you a little question?” She asked,


“Um, sure, what is it?” He frowned


“Do you know someone called Bakugo Katsuki?” She smiled, but it soon faltered at the expression on his face, the rest of the class glanced at each other. At Bakugo’s name, Izuku froze, his eyes lost the happy light in them.


“Never, never mention that name in here.” Izuku said and left to the main café area, leaving them more confused than before.

Chapter Text

“So… there is too large of a difference for us to even consider of expanding for a while.” Izuku muttered.


“No, sorry son.” Hisashi glanced at him apologetically. He had an idea in which they would be able too, but he knew how soft hearted his son and wife were, they would disagree, feel that it was wrong.


“Oh well, I better get back to work.” Izuku said, leaving his father in the office alone. Hisashi turned to the computer, maybe it was time to show is son how much people loved and supported this place. Hisashi set up an online donation page, explaining how they wished to expand the café, but how they couldn’t afford it at the time. But also added how the extra room would be beneficial. Once her finished that, he found a large, old jar and prepped it for physical donations, he would have to hide it well from his wife and son, As he left the room he failed to noticed the incoming donations online. Hisashi placed the jar on the counter, but slightly hid it from his family, but not enough that costumers would miss it.



“Morning Midoriya’s!” Present Mic greeted as he and Aizawa entered for their morning usual. Shouta was also there, the part time employee noticed how his boss blushed as he beamed at Aizawa. Mic noticed the jar, something Shouto had also noticed, Hizashi had quickly pulled him aside to explain and request he didn’t tell Izuku or Inko. Shouto had just nodded, before finding the online Donation page and made a large donation himself. He knew with them having a bigger spaces the kitchen could be bigger, and more areas could be added to the animal section, he knew Izuku would like to have more organized areas. Mic and Aizawa made their own donation whilst Izuku was busy sorting out drinks, Shouto waited until they had left before speaking.


“Do you have a crush on Eraserhead?” He asked, Izuku blushed deeply.


“W-why would you suggest that?” He asked in an embarrassed panic.


“So, do you?” Shouto said, taking a sip of his drink. Izuku groaned and looked away.


“It’s just a stupid fanboy crush, so it doesn’t matter.” Izuku replied.


“You sure?” Shouto asked


“Yeah, besides, he’s like, 15 years my senior. So, you know…” Izuku shrugged.


“Well, my mother is 9-years-younger then my father. She was only 17 when he forced her to marry him, 17 when she had my oldest brother. So… you know…” Shouto said. “It’s only 6 years shorter, but age difference shouldn’t matter, as long as you both care.”


“I am literally younger then some of his students!”


“You can wait until you’re older before saying anything.”


Izuku just stared at Shouto, who looked back with a dead-panned expression.


“Why do you have an answer for everything I say… there is no chance, so, let’s leave it at that.” Izuku turned away, Shouto sighed. He had hoped he would be helping him, but it seemed to have the opposite effect. He left with his drink in hand, wondering what he could do to help his friend make sense of his feelings.



The day continued to pass, and the physical and online donations continued to pour in. Soon surpassing the original target, even after that donations continued. The heroic patrons all made large donations online themselves after eating there that night. In the early hours that morning, the media were preparing to go and question the young quirkless owner about how he felt about the whole show of support shown by the patrons of the Café.



Inko and Izuku were surprised to see the media hanging around outside the café, Izuku tried thinking back for a reason they might have come. Maybe it was because of Endeavor, maybe he had said something? Inko seemed just as concerned, obviously thinking of the time she stood up to one of Endeavor’s top men. Hisashi just smiled lightly.


“W-what’s going on?” Izuku questioned.


“Young Midoriya! How does it feel to have so much support from your patrons?” One reporter asked, hurrying forward. Izuku frowned and looked at them confused.


“I-I don’t quite understand…” Izuku muttered.


“It was my doing.” Hisashi spoke up, Izuku turned to him,  “Izuku, yesterday we  spoke about how we couldn’t afford to expand the café, and you are a sensitive soul, just like your mother. I had and Idea on how we could raise the needed amount, but I knew you and your mother would disagree. I set up a donation page and a jar on the counter. I checked the page this morning.” Hisashi gave him a small smile. “People have donated more than three times the needed amount. We can not only expand the café, but we can get better equipment to work with, for both the café and animal rescue side.” Inko covered her mouth at her husband’s confession, eyes shining with tears. With the media’s eyes and camera’s still on them, Izuku hugged his father and cried into his shirt, Hisashi patted his head smiling. “This place may not be that old… but you have made it a place for everyone to feel comfortable in. Always giving a 5-star treatment to all customers. You deserve to expand on your dream.” Hisashi told him. “I think everyone else will agree.”



When Izuku had calmed down, and dried his tears, he turned to the media once more with a happy smile upon his face.


“You have a great family Midoriya.” The reporter smiled.


“The best.” Izuku nodded.


“So, how do you feel about the support you’ve received, and are continuing too?” The reporter asked


“I… I am a bit over whelmed to be honest. I never thought so many people would want to support with something like this, but I am, I am really happy, and excited to see how everyone will react when we finally get to getting the place all done up.”


“Do you have a design in mind?”


“Not yet, but by tonight I will have had it all drawn out.” Izuku beamed. “To everyone who donated, Thank you so much! We can make Green Valley better for everyone. Thank you!” Izuku bowed, he beamed, the only way to go was up.

Chapter Text

Shouto joined Izuku as he went to check out the newly emptied second building. The old couple let them have a look around, Izuku actually sketching a base design for the upgrade. Shouto didn’t speak up, waiting for Izuku to speak when he was ready.


“Hey Shouto, what do you think would be better.” Izuku pointed to the far side, “Having the kitchen, staffroom and counter over there, leaving this area for the normal café seating, the current café can be turned into the animal side of it.” Izuku said “Or, put it here.” He motioned at the wall that connected to the café. “We can have the kitchen and safe room in the middle, increasing the side of both, then having a secondary counter here.”


“Have it there, It would be easier if someone orders food and wants to be in the animal side.” Shouto agreed with the second idea. The sent Izuku off sketching again, his tongue peeking from his lips as he worked on it.


Once he was done, they spoke to the old owners for a bit, they had a grandson who was a builder, and they were happy to see if he would speak to them of the design. With a meeting set, Izuku and Shouto returned to the café.


“You’re really excited about these upgrades.” Shouto commented.


“Yep! This going to be great, we can work on the new café soon, once it is done, we can concentrate on the rescue center side. I would probably be better hiring additional staff once it’s done, we’d need the additional hands.” Izuku nodded.


“Sounds like a good plan.” Shouto agreed.


“Yeah, maybe some of your less… noisey classmates would consider.”


“Kouda and Sato are the only ones that come to mind. Kouda’s quirk lets him talk to animals, and Sato is a goo baker of sweets due to his quirk being based on his sugar intact.” Shouto replied. “I’m surprised Kouda hasn’t applied already, he loves animals, he even has a bunny in his dorm room.”


“Um, maybe bring it up to him. I am usually the only one working with the animals… it would be nice to have a hand with them.” Izuku said, holding the café door open for Shouto before entering after him. “If he likes animals, it would be nice for that additional help.”


“I’ll bring it up to him tomorrow.” Shouto said. It was a typical Saturday, college students doing study sessions. Shouto glanced around.


“Great! Izuku beamed. “Lets get to work then!”



It was midday when the usual 1-A members, with Aizawa, entered. Izuku chuckled, Shouto peeked from the kitchen.


“Good afternoon Eraser, would you like your usual?” Izuku offered, Aizawa nodded tiredly. The class placed their orders and all moved to the animal area, all except one. Izuku was concerned he was going to ask about Bakugo.


“Do you have any nutrion values for your desserts?” He asked.


“Off by heart!” Izuku nodded proudly. “What are you thinking of getting?” He pointed to a cicular cake. “Oh, that’s the orange spice cake…” Izuku began to provide all the details of the cakes, including the best time to eat it with a hero training schedule.


Iida Tenya listened to him talk, he was well informed. He happily listened to him talk in detail, before speaking up.


“Would they make a good gift?£ He asked, Izuku stopped and watched him for a moment.


“For your big brother Ingenium, right?” Izuku asked, surprising him. “I’m a hero nerd, I know a lot about him, and well, saw you at the sports festival and all. Sorry for what happened to him… what makes it confusing is that he does fit into Stains ideals…” Iida just watched him, and smiled lightly, knowing it was a round about way of saying that Izuku thought his brother was a good hero.


“Yeah… I want to get him something because he can’t get out as much… and if he does… he is surrounded by people its overwhelming.” Iida sighed.


“Sorry to hear that, but yes. However, may I suggest something?” Izuku asked,


“Oh, yes please.” Iida nodded.


“Well, your quirk runs on orange juice, and your brothers runs on grape juice, correct?” Iida nodded, Izuku smiled, and picked out a small cupcake. “So… maybe a grape and almoand cake would be a better fit?”


“He’d like that.” Iida smiled.


“SO, just the one?” Izuku asked


“Um, two of the orange ones and two grape please.” Iida said, Izuku beamed and began to sort out the order.  “You know, it’s inspiring to see someone our age doing so much for the community. It’s a true inspiration.” Iida told him. Izuku scrambled as he almost dropped a cake. His cheeks were flushed.


“I-it’s nothing, l-like really… I-I’m not doing anything special.” Izuku tried to explain himself. “Besides, I wouldn’t have gotten here without the help provided to me…”


“Everyone needs help from time to time… I learnt that the hard way. But that doesn’t make your successor any less impressive. If anything, your reply has inspired me more. Thank you for all your hard work, Midoriya!” Iida bowed, Izuku finished his order still blushing. Iida paid, and Izuku finally spoke  up before he went after his class.


“Thank you, Iida, if your brother ever feels up to it… I would be happy to have him visit and make sure people leave him alone.” Izuku said. “Least I can do to help.” It was Iida’s turn to blush, he nodded and rejoined his class.


“You okay?” Shouto asked, standing next to Izuku.


“He was huge… is it normal for someone our age to be built like a tank?” Izuku inquired bashfully. Shouto eyed him before looking in the direction Iida had left, deciding to mess with his boss a little.


“You should see him after training.” Shouto commented, Izuku choked on air, his face completely burning up.


Shouto!” He gasped.




“Hey Iida, what did you get?” Uraraka asked her friend.


“Oh, a little something for my brother, seeing how he can’t get out much. I know he has been dying to check this place out since it opened.” Iida said


“You took a while, chatting up the owner?” Hagakure teased, Iida blushed, and denied it the best he could. Kirishima looked down sadly, Ashido patted his arm.


“I say you still have a chance with him, you just need to prove to him you’re a nice guy!” She told him.



Chapter Text

“Come on, it’s okay.” Izuku cooed softly, all the other animals gathered around to look at the new comer, A Syrian dwarf hamster. Their cage had been left outside barely minutes before Izuku arrived, he knew this because they were still alive and warm. Left for an hour or more would have killed them. The hamster in question was currently terrified of them. Snowball, a bunny hopped over to peek in.  “Give them time... we all know how hard it is to trust after a moment like this.” Izuku patted his head. It took a few more minutes before the hamster left the little plastic hut and peeked up at Izuku. Izuku smiled. “Hey there little one, aren’t you adorable?”  His hand was in the cage, palm up for the hamster to climb on to when they were ready. Longest time was at least 8 hours, but Izuku knew his parents could hold up the fort if he had to spend extra time helping them. The tiny hamster crawled into his hands after an extra few minutes. Izuku lifted them up and checked their gender – Female. “Let’s call you… Butterscotch.” Izuku smiled, Butterscotch squeak at him. He checked over her, she was well taken care of, so Izuku was at a lost to why she had been abandoned. Until he checked her stomach, what seemed to be just a fat little Hamster turned out to be a lot more.  “Oh…” He muttered, as Hisashi walked in.


“Something wrong?” Hisashi asked


“Seems like we have a pregnant Syrian Dwarf hamster on our hands.” Izuku smiled down at Butterscotch, she looked back at him, a timid look in her eyes as she squeaked up at him.  “You are going to have such cute babies.” He beamed, he raised his hand to his hair, letting the hamster scurry into his hair, and she quickly settled into his hair, making soft, satisfied squeaks.


“Well, tell your mother what she is going to need in the cage and we can get it all sorted for her.” Hisashi smiled.


“Right, thanks dad, I am going to go and help out front.” Izuku stood, Hisashi nodded. He joined his mother in the front of the café, still five minutes left until the doors opened.




Everything was fine until just after the lunch time rush, Izuku chuckled everytime he surved a costumer as Butterscotch squeak at them all, the children loved it, asking her name. He told them that she was going to be a mother and she was resting in his hair cause it was warm. One little boy patted her softly, giggling as he waved bye as his mother lead him off. But the first sign of trouble was a message from Shouto. At first, Izuku wondered if he was messaging in sick, but instead found himself looking at a photograph. Izuku blushed at the sight.


“What’s wrong sweetie?” Inko asked and before Izuku cold hide his phone. Inko saw it. “Oh…” Izuku groaned, hiding his phone and then his face, Inko chuckled lightly, patting his back. “It’s okay dear. He looks nice, is he a friend of Shouto’s?”


“Moooom…. Shouto’s teasing me.” Izuku complained.


“Oh dear, you’ll live dear.” Inko said. Izuku could help but look over it again. Tenya was really built like a tank. His shirt tight fitting and drenched. His muscle very clear through the fabric. Tenya was stretching in the photo, and the shirt at the bottom was lifted up slightly… Izuku quickly turned his phone off and groaned into his hands.


“Izuku’s having a gay crisis dear.” Inko told Hisashi, who chuckled.


“Moooom….” Izuku pouted, his parents just laughed at him.



“I can’t believe you.” Izuku told Shouto when he came into work.


“You liked the photo?” Shouto asked, Izuku began to splutter out a reply. Butterscotch peeked out of the curls and squeaked at him. Shouto quickly glanced up at her, before looking back at Izuku.


“That’s besides the point…” Izuku blushed.


“Is it though?” Shouto teased, Izuku blushed deepened.


“No… gods damn it Shouto, I haven’t been able to get the photo from my mind all day.” Izuku pouted.


“You do like it.” Shouto nodded, Izuku sighed, rubbing his cheeks as if it would get rid of his blush.


“Yeah, I guess I do…” Izuku said.


“Its not a bad thing you know.” Shouto told him.


“Yeah, I guess. I am just a mess with emotions.” Izuku replied.


“That makes two of us.” Shouto gave him a small smile.


“Emotional messed.” Izuku chuckled. But his breath caught in his throat as he saw Tenya and other 1-A members outside, he quickly hide behind the counter. Butterscotch squeaked at him. “I am coward Butterscotch, I can’t face him knowing I spent ages looking at that photo of him…” Izuku hissed, Hisashi came to serve them, and once they went to sit down, he tutted his son.


“Face him like a man Izuku.” Hisashi said


“Says you, Mom told me how the proposal went.” Izuku gave him a moody pouted. “Mom faced you like a man.”


“Well, what would you do facing someone like your mother. She wears the pants in our relationship.” Hisashi told him. Shouto rolled his eyes at the two of them, he caught Inko’s eye and she gave him a quick wink…. Shouto knew what he should do, and what he needed to be…



Izuku needed a wingman!





Shouto was the one who delivered their orders, Tenya looked a little concerned.


“Is Midoriya not working today?” Tenya asked, the rest of the class looked at Shouto, clearly all wanting an answer.


“He is, he just panicked, he is in the middle of a gay crisis, from what his parents have told me, and what I have witnessed myself.” Shouto replied.


“Oh really?” Ashido asked with a smirk. “Over who?”


“Iida.” Shouto replied, without missing a beat, an odd look crossed Kirishima’s  face as Tenya blushed deeply. “I am pretty sure the Hamster in his hair called him a coward cause he hid just before you came in. If you like him, you should ask him out, I highly doubt he will say no.” Shouto gave them their orders and left. Uraraka nudged Tenya with a knowing smirked, the “Built-like-a-tank” teen a blushing mess in his seat, Kirishima sat next to Ashido and the others of the “Baku-squad” and he stewed in his own jealously

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Izuku looked up as someone approached the counter. He looked up and immediately blushed as he saw Tenya in front of him.


“H-hey.” He said nervously. Tenya cleared his throat.


“Midoriya, would you like to accompany on a date sometime?” He asked, Izuku blushed deeply, Tenya sharing a similar blush. Shouto glanced out of the kitchen, watching, and waiting for Izuku’s reply, Hisashi peeked out too.


“S-sure. I’d love too.” Izuku nodded.


“Great… Um, would you like to exchange numbers, so I can text you a day and time?” Tenya asked, Izuku nodded. The two of them exchanged numbers, and then Tenya left with his friends, the other costumers were smiling at the sight with soft smiles, before laughing as Izuku sank to his knees, blushing so deeply. Inko chuckled and knelt beside him.


“Are you okay dear?” She asked, Izuku couldn’t speak, he just let out a small squeaking noise. She laughed, “Come one dear, I think you need a break.” She helped Izuku into the staff room.


“Well, that could have gone better.” Hisashi said


“Hey, at least it worked right?” Shouto told him.


“That is true.” The older Midoriya laughed.




“That’s great news.” Momo smiled. “I am happy for you Iida.”


“Yeah… but… where do I take him? I should have asked him what he likes. This was a bad idea….” Tenya hid his face. Momo looked thoughtful, the rest of 1-A gathered around, minus Bakugo and his squad.


“Why not take him to a café?” Uraraka asked


“He works in one.” Iida replied. “It won’t be very creative of me to take him to one.”


“The park?”


“We’re not children. I want it to be serious.” Iida said,


“Well bowling is a good date idea.”


“What about a movie?”


“Well… what about taking him to a restaurant?” Momo suggested, the class looked at her.


“That… isn’t a bad idea… which on though, there is quite a few around here?” Iida asked


“I might have something that may be of use to you then.” Momo quickly went to her room and came back. “My parents gave me this, a little something they got and gave to me, but I am not a huge fan of this place. You have to activate it by going online, but the place is nice.”  Iida accepted it.


“Are you sure?” He asked


“Yes, you should go and have fun with your date. Tell us how it goes.” Momo smiled softly, he blushed and nodded.




Izuku stood working alone with Shouto that night, it was as quiet as always, a few nightshift workers popping in for their coffee, Eraser popped in for his usual. But the place only had the usual heroes eating dinner when Izuku’s phone pinged. Izuku quickly stepped into the kitchen to have a look at the message. Izuku squeaked  and blushed. Shouto smirked at him.


“So, you have your date set up?” He asked


“Shut up…” Izuku pouted, looking at his phone. “And he asked if I was free this Saturday around 5….” Izuku added.


“And, are you?” Shouto asked


“I will have to ask my parents, but I know they will look after the place, so yes.” Izuku nodded, he looked at Shouto. “What do I say?”


“Tell him you are free that day, and you can’t wait to see him then.” Shouto said, Izuku nodded and messaged Tenya back, he took a deep breath.


“The date is set…” He muttered.


“You’ll be fine.” Shouto told him.


“What should I wear?” He asked, Shouto sighed and rolled his eyes.


“We’ll think of that one the day before your date.” Shouto patted his back, Izuku gave a small nod.




Saturday came too quickly in Izuku’s opinion, it felt like he hadn’t had time to mentally or emotionally prepare himself/ Shouto heard from Iida himself where he had planned to take Izuku and helped him pick out a nice to suit for Izuku to wear, one Shouto paid for, assuring Izuku it wasn’t an issue.



So, at 5 o’clock arrived, and Iida came to the café to pick Izuku up. Inko and Hisashi waved them off, Izuku tried to keep his nerves back, but they wouldn’t back down.


“It’s okay to be nervous.” Iida said, Izuku looked up at him. “I’m, well… I’m nervous too. I’ve never been on a date with someone before.”


“So, we’re both terribly new at this.” Izuku blushed.


“Appreantly so, at least we can learn together.” Iida added.


“Yeah, that’s true.” Izuku smiled softly.



They got to the restaurant and were shown to their table, a nice table at the back, away from the other’s.


“Don’t worry about the cost, Midoriya, this dinner is on me tonight.” Iida said as they were given menus.


“Are you sure?” Izuku asked worried.


“Of course, don’t worry about it. I asked you on this date, so it is my treat.” Iida smiled, Izuku blushed. They loved over the menu =, sharing opinions on how some dishes sounded, before deciding on what they wanted. The conversation turned to heroics training. Iida was happy to describe his classes, classmates, even talking about 1-B.


“They seem to have something against us in 1-A, and yet we have done nothing to them.” Iida sighed as their dinner arrived.


“In what way?” Izuku asked, concerned.


“Well, one member of 1-B, Monoma Neito, keeps acting like it is one huge competition. And honestly, it sounds like their homeroom teacher, Vlad King, encourages that behavior.” Iida explained.


“That’s not right. Heroics should never be made into a competition, peoples live could be on the line.” Izuku frowned.


“Um, Aizawa Sensei tells us just that, but… 1-B still wants that competition.” Iida sighed.


“That’s a shame.” Izuku said “20 future heroes already seeing a job that has lives resting on it as a competition rather then a serious job.” He took a bite of his food. “Hmm, this is really good.”


“This too.” Iida nodded, taking a bite of his own. “ It’s a nice surprise. Anyway, how about you, your café is doing extremely well.”


“Yeah, the amount we are getting donated every day is amazing, and I will always be grateful for everyone’s help. With the money for the new shop and renovations already gone to the right people, I am going to use the donations to see if we can  increase the size of the current café, as that will become the whole animal area, I am thinking of making an building out the back, obviously connected to the main build for the bedding area, and have like a fenced around that building and have that as an outside area for the pets.” Izuku smiled “I can do a lot more then I original thought possible for the café, and well, I am very happy about it.”


“It is a great place, it is why my class like it so much. It is a nice place to relax after a hard days training.” Iida told him. “We’ve actually been trying to get Aizawa to agree to a class trip, but, I think he is going to wait until the café has finished undergoing it’s renovations.”


“That’s nice of him, and I know I’d be happy to have your class at the café.” Izuku beamed “If he wants to start planning, your class can be the first to experience the new café once it is all done.”


“I’ll be sure to inform him.” Iida promised, the conversation over their main course turned to hobbies, remaining light and friendly. By the time they were having desert, it turned to favorite animals.


“Chameleon?” Iida smiled


“Yeah, they can change colour, it is amazing to see in person.” Izuku nodded.


“I’ve never seen one in person before.” Iida admitted.


“We have rainbow, he usually hides in his tank, next time you pop by the café I’ll introduce him to you.” Izuku smiled.


“I’d like that.” Iida nodded with a soft smile.



After the meal, Iida began to walk Izuku back towards his home. As they passed an alley way, something small ran out of the shadows and right into Izuku’s leg. The two teens stopped and looked down, seeing a young girl. She looked up at them. Greeny eyes met Red as the world around them was silent.

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Izuku could only stare at the child before him, as she shivered in the cold. She was wearing a plain hospital gown, bandages on her arms, sores on her feet and fear in her eyes. Before iida could act, before the girl could run, Izuku knelt before her. He didn’t reach out, knowing she would likely flee from him.


“Are you okay?” He asked, her eyes widened, there was the sound of a can either falling or being kicked. The girl jumped and flung her arms around Izuku, he didn’t move, watching the shadows. “It was just a cat…” He said but lifted her up either way.


“Midoriya…” Iida began.


“We have to get to the café, it will still be open. My mother will be able to help.” Izuku said, he looked at him with determination. He just nodded, the little girl remaining clinging to the greenette. She could feel how tightly he was holding her, that it would be a fight to get her from his arms. She felt safe.




Inko looked over the little girl as she remained clinging to Izuku, he bade a night to Iida, promising to keep him updated. The heroics student headed back to the dorms.


“There, all patched up dear.” Inko smiled at the girl, she watched the older woman shyly.


“Hey it’s okay. My mom is someone safe.” Izuku said. “We can trust her, even if we can’t trust many others.” The girl turned to him.


“W-we?” She asked


“Yep… You’ve been hurt. Abused by someone who had no doubt been close to you, right?” Izuku asked, she nodded. “That’s happened to me too. Someone I thought to be a friend hurt me really badly.” The little girl bowed her head, tears welling up.


“If he finds you, he’ll hurt you too.”  She sniffed.


“I might be quirkless, but I am stronger then I look.” Izuku said proudly, only for her eyes to widen further.


“Q-quirkless?” She repeated.


“Yeah, it means…” Izuku began


“He wouldn’t hurt you then.” She said, she bowed her head. “He likes quirkless people, he says they are untainted.”


“Untainted… this person thinks quirks are something bad. Grantedifyoulookatstatisticalevidencecrimerates,murdersandallmannersofbadthingshaveincreasedsincetheappreanceofquirksbutthatcanallbebroughtto….”Izuku began to mutter, pulling a little laugh from the girl. He gave a small smile. “Sorry, I tend to mutter. Anyway, this person, did they hurt you because you have a quirk?”


“He hurt me because my quirk makes quirks go away. I make anything go away… I am just a monster…” She whimpered.


“A reversal quirk maybe…” Inko muttered, the girl looked at her. “Rare, powerful... to abuse someone so young… how old are you sweetie?”




“An 8-year-old. I hope he comes around here, I will show him a thing or too.” She huffed, placing a small piece of apple pie down. “This is the last little piece from today, enjoy it.” Inko said. The little girl took th spoon and after the first bite, happily ate the whole thing. When she was done, Inko took the plate, she and Hisashi went to the kitchen to talk. Izuku placed the girl on the table facing him.


“We should really introduce ourselves. I am Midoriya Izuku, Quirkless, and I own this café and animal rescue center. It’s night to meet you.” Izuku smiled.


“I’m Eri.” She introduced herself.


“Eri, it’s a really nice name.” Izuku smiled. “This is my Mom and Dad, and we’ll keep you safe, okay?” Eri looked up at him, feeling like she could believe his words, answering with a nod.




When they got home, Eri was soon on the sofa giggling as Tama decided he needed to show her all his love and was attacking her with kisses. Izuku settled in the living room with her as Inko and Hisashi began to make themselves and Eri dinner. Izuku was thinking over everything Eri had said, before his phone pinged, a message from Iida.


Iida Tenya


I had fun today, it was nice to get to know you more. I hope we can do this again some day.



Izuku smiled lightly, and quickly replied.



Midoriya Izuku


Me too. And I would like that. Have a nice night Iida.



Iida Tenya


You too Midoriya. I will see you sometime tomorrow.



Midoriya Izuku


I’ll see you tomorrow then, night.



Iida Tenya


Good night.



“Your face is red, are you ill?” Eri asked, Izuku stammered and blushed. Inko and Hisashi could be heard laughing in the kitchen.




Izuku stepped outside, Eri was asleep with his parents, so she was safe. But the noise he heard made he feel he had to check it out. He looked around with narrowed eyes.


“So you’re the one who took her.” A voice said


“If you Eri when saying her. She ran into me, scared, abused…” Izuku turned to face a man hidden by shadows. “The kind of person I will always protect.”


“Whatever quirk you and your family has will not keep us away.” The man said


“Who said I have a quirk? I don’t need one, never have never will. So do me a favour, and get out of here.” Izuku growled, he saw faint golden eyes widen at his words. Izuku raised his phone. “Just to let you know, I have a hero on speed-dial.” He gave it a little shake. “So you better get lost.” The man was silent, but then left. Izuku sighed as he heard a car pull away.


“You’re more of a hero then those in U.A.” Izuku jumped, seeing his father just opening the front door.


“Dad…” Izuku began


“That was stupid, but from what Eri said, we knew he wouldn’t hurt you cause you are quirkless… I was more afraid they would kidnap you.” Hisashi pulled him into a hug. “Besides… guess who was able to get a good night vision photo of him?” Izuku grinned up at his dad.


“We can show it to Eraser and Mic tomorrow. We need to inform the heroes of what’s happened.” Izuku said


“I know, but you need sleep. Tomorrow is going to be one hell of a busy day.” Hisashi smiled, Izuku nodded and headed in. Hisashi glanced around outside, before shutting and locking the door behind him.


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Inko was awake most of the night, sewing Eri a small dress together, she did manage to get some sleep, and helped Eri into the cute little dress the following morning.


“You can help us out today. Izuku has to look after a lot of animals and I think he would like the help.” Inko told Eri. “He thinks he doesn’t need help with the animals, but I say every little helps.” Eri gave a small smile and nodded. “But first, I am taking you shopping to get you some new clothes.”  Eri looked at her excited. Eri watched Izuku and his father leave earlier that morning, Inko took her hand and smiled softly. “Are you ready?”


“Yes?” Eri said, looking worried, Inko smiled at her reassuringly.

“Don’t worry. I will protect you.” Inko promised, and Eri believed her.




Izuku showed Eraser a picture of how he found Eri, and the photo of the villain that hurt her,


“Overhaul.” He muttered.


“You know him?” Izuku asked


“Leader of the Eight precepts of death, better known as the Shei Hassaikai. A Yakuza group we have been watching for a while now.” Eraser frowned. “Where’s the kid now?”


“My mom’s taken her shopping, she had nothing, and well… we couldn’t leave her in a dirty hospital gown. Mom made her something to wear out, but she needed new clothes.” Izuku answered.


“Okay, from the beginning, how did you find her, and tell me everything about meeting overhaul.” Eraser said, he turn to Mic. Telling him to tell Nezu where he was and what was going on.



Izuku explained everything to him, Eraser making notes and nodding.


“And that’s it.” Izuku said


“Thank you, this will be a big help. I will send the hero in charge of the investigation your way, he will want to meet Eri.” Eraser said


“He won’t take her right?” Izuku asked


“He shouldn’t, she is a victim, and to remove her so soon from a safe place she found would have disastrous consequences on her mental health.  Naturally something we want to avoid.” Eraser nodded.


“Good, I hope it helps.” Izuku said as Eraser stood to leave.


“I am sure it will, Midoriya. Thank you.” Eraser nodded and left.



Izuku gushed at Eri’s new dress when she arrive with her mother. A cute like black cat dress. Eri blushed happily, and she went to the animals to help out, only to find herself buried under the animals and the snuggled close to her. Izuku smiled at her giggles.




Izuku was surprised to see that the hero in charge of the overhaul investigation was Sir Nighteye, and hero with a quirk that let him see the future. However, what surprised him more was the fact he brought two other heroes with him. That made Izuku naturally cautious… Izuku wouldn’t say he didn’t trust heroes, there were just a few he trusted less, and Nighteye had quickly joined that level.


“Welcome to the Gr…” Izuku began


“We know what this place is.” Nighteye said, Izuku frowned. Okay, he didn’t like Nighteye at all.


“Just trying to be inviting in my work place asshole.” Izuku whispered muttered quietly enough for the hero not to have heard him. He noticed how their attention was immediately on Eri and he felt even more uncomfortable about them being in his café. Hisashi was at his son’s side, he was watching them carefully too, Inko was the closest to Eri.


“This is the child connected to the Yakuza?” Nighteye asked.


“Yes, this is…” Inko began.


“It doesn’t matter, she will be coming with us.” Nighteye said, one hero next to him step forward, took Eri’s arm and began to lead her away, Eri was panicking in silence, Izuku could see it in her eyes, he could feel his anger erupt.  Izuku immediately jumped in, snatching Eri away from the hero and holding her close.


“What…” The hero began


“You’re scaring her!” Izuku growled. “Either you back off or I’ll make you!” Izuku glare at him. The hero stepped back, Sir Nighteye looked at him angrily.


“Don’t interrupt hero work child.” He said.


“Don’t make her go with you against her wishes, isn’t that the sort of thing a villain would do?” Izuku pushed Eri lightly towards his mother. She took off, hiding behind Inko, Hisashi also stepped in front of her,  Izuku stood up and faced Nighteye. “Isn’t it a hero’s job to make victims feel safe?”


“We can do a better job at protecting her then you.” Nighteye said


“Really, Eri’s 8, quirks come in at 4, and she has been trapped all this time, and… who was the first person to help her, huh?” Izuku stepped forward. “Me! So, don’t you dare act like seeing the future will help her anymore then me being quirkless does! And for now, Overhaul won’t touch her cause she is with me.”


“Really, and why would he spare you, but not an eight-year-old?” Nighteye asked


“Because he hates quirks.” Eri spoke up, everyone looked at her. She looked at Izuku directly. “He…he would treasure Izuku and protect him. My quirk makes thing vanish… he makes something that can get rid of quirks permanently…” Eri frowned.


“Well… I can definitely think of a few people that could do with losing their quirks because they are too violent with them.” Izuku muttered, he turned from Nighteye and went to Eri he smiled at her. “Your quirk is super special Eri, you could help a lot of people in the future.”


“But… I want to help you. I want to stay here…” She said, reaching for him. Izuku took her hand.


“And you know what Eri, we want you here too.” Izuku smiled. “Because Heroes can say all they want, but they will never understand the needs of abuse victims. It is the police that deal with them, not heroes.” Izuku nodded. “That’s why we should stick together, show the world what those from the bottom can rise too.” Eri smiled softly.


“Leave her with them Nighteye.” Izuku turned to see the U.A staff entering. “We can vouched for how safe this place is.” Nezu walked right over. “Hello Ms. Eri.” He greeted.


“Nezu understands like I do.” Izuku told her. Eri took Nezu’s hand.


“Are you a bear?” She asked, Nezu chuckled.


“Now that is a good question isn’t it?” He said.


“She is a major part of the case…” Nighteye began


“No, she is a victim, she needs to be kept safe, not used to get information from!” Izuku turned on him again, storming towards him. “Maybe you should take lessons on how to deal with young victims before acting you know better, cause wake up and see society for the shit it is, you don’t. You will never understand, you will never be able to help her!” Izuku growled


“And you do?” Nighteye snarled down at him.


“I have dealt with physical and mental abuse before from my peers and teachers.” Izuku said. “I was abused by someone who is currently training to be a hero. Take a fucking guess asshole.” The U.A staff stood back, never having seen Izuku act like, Hisashi was nodding in approval of his son, whilst Inko sigh.


“Izuku, deep breathe sweetie.” Inko told him. Izuku did take on single deep breath before speaking.


“Get out of here.” He told Nighteye, glaring up at him.




“Get out of here, I own this property, and I hereby ban you from the café. I don’t feel Eri will be safe with you and if you listen…” Izuku feel silently and sure enough they could hear the dogs at the door between the areas, barking like made. “Yep, the animals don’t trust you either. So does us all a favor and fuck off and never come back.” Izuku said. Nighteye looked at the other heroes. Eraser shrugged.


“He is the property owner, if he bans you, we can’t really do anything about it, he is well within his rights.” Nighteye gave Izuku one last glare before leaving with the other heroes, who Izuku assumed were sidekicks of his. Eri came running to his side, hugging his leg.


“Thank you.” She said


“Anytime. Got to protect my little sister, right?” Izuku gave her a soft smile.

Chapter Text

Eri was happy with the family, at least Izuku hoped. It looked like she was doing okay, it wasn’t until after the third day after Nighteye came, when Eri first smiled. It was the fourth day, she joined him into the café earlier. Izuku teaching her how he step up the animal area before the café area. She helped him makes sure everyone had food and water. Shouto came in early, it was Saturday and thus he was free to work. Izuku had to head to the shops as they were out of cat food, and the main delivery wouldn’t come until Monday, so he had to go and pick some up from a shop nearby.



He was jogging back to the store when he heard a frightened tweeting and a calm whisper of someone trying to calm the creature. Izuku stopped and looked for the sound. He found a boy with a small bird with an injured wing.


“Hey there.” Izuku greeted, the boy jumped. Izuku recognized him as a member of 1-A. He turned his attention to the bird. “Um, seems like she was hit by something…”


“She says she was attacked by some little kid using their quirks.” The boy muttered


“Um, follow me. I can help her at my center.” Izuku smiled, and straighten up, the boy looked at him and nodded. “I’m Midoriya Izuku by the way.”


“Koda, Koji…” The boy muttered shyly.


“Pleasure to meet you” Izuku beamed and lead him back to Green Valley.




Izuku helped quickly feed the cats as Koda and the bird waited in the back area of the pet room. Izuku soon joined him. He quickly put on his vet like vest, and disinfected gloves.


“Okay, let’s have a look, shall we?” Izuku said, he carefully, pet the bird head to reassure her, before he began to inspect her tiny body, looking for any clear injuries. If there was, he could deal with it. If not, he would have get in touch with his vet friends to see if they can help. Under her right wing, he found a gash and missing feathers. “Found it.” Izuku muttered, he got a little closer to see what can be done to help. “Right, it just needs to be able to heal. I can bandage her up no issues, but she will have to stay her so I can monitor her.”


“That’s fine.” Koda said “I am just glad she’s okay.”


“Even if I couldn’t help, I have vet connections.” Izuku smiled “I would have made sure she got the right help.”  Izuku got out what he needed and got to work, Koda watched silently, but with admiration. Once she was okay, Izuku gave her some medicine, making sure to check his list on what he should do, given by his vet friends. “There, good as new.” Izuku smiled, the bird tweeted happily, he lift her as she settled on his finger. “You don’t mind hanging out this place until your better do you?” She tweet in reply, Izuku smiled. Koda followed him as Izuku took her to the resting area, and set her in a doorless cage, resting her on a perch and putting some food in to the dish there.


“Thank you for helping her… is it okay if I say for a bit?” Koda asked


“Yeah sure!” Izuku grinned. “Stay as long as you want. I have to get to work though. See ya.” Izuku removed his gloves, binning them, and the vest, and headed to the front. Koda watched him go, noticing Todoroki behind the counter…maybe… he could work here too….




“That Koda?” Shouto asked


“Yeah, found him and an injured bird, took care of the bird. He’s staying a while now.” Izuku nodded.


“Cool. Think he might ask to work here too?” Shouto muttered


“Maybe.” Izuku shrugged “All help is welcome.”


“Yeah, and he would be a great help with the animals.” Shouto smiled.


“He would be. Especially as building actually starts tomorrow.” Izuku nodded in agreement. “Anyway, if he is interested, he’ll ask about it.”






“Can… Can I speak to you?” Koda asked, a cat in his arms, as Izuku passed  after dropping off some food.


“Yeah sure, what’s up?” Izuku stopped


“Are you still hiring?” Koda looked at the cat.


“Yeah! Any help is welcome here. Any idea when you would like to start?” Izuku smiled


“Um… When would be best for you?” Koda asked


“Well, the renovations on the new café next door starts tomorrow.  My Parents will be concentrating on getting them all sorted, so Todoroki and I could really use some help with the animals.” Izuku said.


“I’ll be able to help from tomorrow.” Koda smiled softly as the cat in her arms purred. Izuku smiled.


“The pets and I will be looking forward to it.” Izuku grinned.




After Inko and Hisashi left with Eri for the night, Koda remained behind to talk to Todoroki and Izuku. The three teens talking happily, and Izuku showing the plans for what the current café place will look like after the new café is finished and getting his opinions of the new animal area. The trio were pitching in ideas as the U.A staff entered. Aizawa took one look and sighed, Izuku and his two friends look up.


“At this rate my whole class will be working here Midoriya.” He commented. Izuku chuckled, and without Aizawa asking, Izuku got started on his usual coffee.


“Not quite Eraser, there are a few students in your class I would let work here, even if I was dead.” Izuku said . Eraser just gave him a look but Izuku didn’t say anymore. The staff were getting even more intrigued in his back story… but they needed Izuku to open up about it first. Nezu knew the moment it was released… all hell would break loose.



Koda took the chance to ask Izuku when they were getting the pets ready for bed.


“You don’t like some people in my class… why?” He asked, Izuku gave him a sad smile


“Cause one of your class mates made my life a living hell before I escaped him by leaving middle school.” Izuku replied sadly. “This is my safe place… it’s why he is never allowed in here.”


“I think I know who you are talking about.” Koda nodded.


“Being in his class, it is impossible not to guess.” Izuku smiled.


“I won’t tell anyone. You get to say it when you’re ready.” Koda told him.


“Thanks, Koda. That means a lot to me.” Izuku smiled softly. He felt he might have a friend in the quiet boy – He hoped so.

Chapter Text

Author's note:

Okay a very quick update, it is better in here than in notes cause not everyone reads the notes. Anyway. Due to me getting a job my Update schedule has changed again. It can be found on Tumblr and Twitter, But Main fics will now only be updated on Monday's and Fridays. Nii-chan stays the same!



Hisashi and Inko were with the builders next door, going over the plans for the interior design. The builders in question, were quite happy to listen to the ideas Izuku had but Inko and Hisashi assured them that they could just go with the ideas that they were able to do. Inko and Hisashi rejoined the main café building. Shouto was at the till, taking orders with a warm, but small smile. Izuku was in the animal area with Koda, showing him where everything was.


It took 4 months for the café to completed, and after that another 2 months for the animal area to be set, it was the easier part of the job.


Shouto and Kouda continued to work during that time, only taking time off when their internships took over. Eri was happy with her new family, she loved living with the Midoriya’s and being in the café all day was good for her, she wasn’t as scared of people as she used to be.


Izuku continued running Green Valley as he always did, as well as doing constant quirk analysis’ for Aizawa, of his class, villains. And he kept up to date with the Overhaul case, something Aizawa helped him with.

There had been no luck, but a few events had led the hero and café owner to believe the league were now working with them.


“They haven’t come after Eri… but they might if they have started to work with the league.” Aizawa warned one evening as he was waiting for his coffee. Shouto was teaching Kouda how to cook a particular meal, Nezu had sent in the dinner requests for him and the other staff, and Shouto had gotten Koda to help him prepare it all.


“Yeah… I can have a look over everything related to the league and make some quirk notes on them. It is the least I can do. I have to protect Eri.” Izuku muttered, finishing off Eraser’s coffee.


“How is she?” Aizawa asked


“Oh, she is doing great, my mom has taken to home schooling her. Her math’s is pretty good, not surprising as she actually helps my dad with the counting of finances.”  Izuku chuckled. “When she is out of danger, my mom wants to get her into a good school.”


“Sounds like a good plan, we are all working hard to get it all done, I think we are getting close to them.” Aizawa told him.


“Is Nighteye still angry with him?” Koda asked quietly.


“Oh, please tell me he is.” Izuku said, laughing. Nighteye had not bothered them. Well, he had tried. He had sent his U.A intern to check the place out.  Togata Mirio, he was actually alright. Izuku had explained what happened, and seeing Eri happy with them, Mirio would often stop by just to hang around with his friends, he wasn’t too bad.


“He makes it clear in every meeting that we would have caught Overhaul by now if you handed Eri over.” Aizawa sighed, “I know the other heroes are getting annoyed with it too.”


“I am sorry you have to deal with that.” Izuku frowned, passing him his coffee. “Have a safe patrol.” Aizawa gave a small nod in reply and headed off.



The new café, aside from being bigger, gave off spacious room. His mother had really helped with the colors, the amount of praise and comments they got about the upgrades were nice. Shouto had been coming more, Izuku suspected it was simply due to the fact they had a bigger and much better kitchen. He had spoken to his mother about promoting Shouto as a savory cook. They were still discussing it and had mentioned it to Aizawa who had simply said it was Shouto’s choice, as long as he didn’t slack off in class.



Within 10 minutes, the U.A staff were in for their usual meal, Izuku dealing with drinks, Shouto and Koda working on the food. With them being the usual last customers, Izuku, with the other boys help began to clear things away as the staff talked, until the door opened. Izuku stopped what he was doing and looked up. He froze in shock, the number 2 hero, Hawks stood in the door way.


“Um, welcome to Green Valley Café, how can I help you this evening?” Izuku asked, Hawks grinned as he approached the counter.


“Having your lovely company would simply be enough.” Hawks smirk at him, everyone looked at them, Izuku crossed his arms with a smirk of his own.


“Let me guess, birdy looking for some friends and thought my rescue center would be able a good place to make some?”


“Oof, you wound me.” Hawks placed a hand on his heart, before looking up at the menu with a small pout. “What would you recommend for someone forced into bullshit by the government because they are actually assholes?” He asked


“I could probably get my hands on some poisons.” Izuku replied. “But I have none on hand right now.”


“Aw man… can I have your darkest ho chocolate please. Bitter enough to keep me awake cause I can’t stand coffee.” Hawks asked, Izuku smiled and nodded.


“Sure thing. I will get to you as soon as I can.” He said


“Thanks!” Hawks grinned, he took a seat by the counter and actually slumped in his chair.


“He looks worn out…” Shouto commented.


“He does… sleep deprived maybe… sounds like the government forced him to do something. It doesn’t surprise me.” Izuku said sadly, getting to work on the drink. “Shouto, could you actually cook something up quickly for him to take with him… and there should be a few cakes left, he can take them with him. I have a feeling he is going to be busy and not have time to make sure to eat properly.”


“Sure thing. We have some Soba noodles.” Shouto nodded and got to work. Koda went to the animal area to tidy up there.



Hawks looked at the drink, the take away pot of Soba and boxed small cake in surprise. He looked at Izuku who smiled.


“I had a feeling you might have a huge work load and when busy you can forget to take care of yourself. Take this as safe way to make sure you do.” Izuku told him. Hawks smiled softly.


“You would have been a great hero. Thank you.” He said


“Heh, I help where I can, you don’t need to be a hero to do that.” Izuku replied.


“That is true… maybe the government should try teaching that.” Hawks smiled, giving Izuku and Shouto a small wave as he headed out.


“It looked like he was about to cry.” Shouto said


“I heard Hawks was told to be a hero from a young age after he saved people with his quirk when he was very young…” Midnight said.


“He never got the chance to decide for himself… poor guy… and he’s not that much older then us…” Izuku sighed. “Well, I have a new idea I should talk to my parents about. But I think we could definitely do more to help heroes.”