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Alone in the World

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~ Present Day: 10:56 pm ~


“You know I'm glad you could make it tonight.”

Gavin nodded his head with a smirk on his lips. “Honestly Tommy, I wouldn't miss this for the world.” The detective followed the young man deeper into the decrepit building, more and more thankful with each step that he was packing heat. He'd been getting close to the young man for the last two weeks, and finally he'd gotten the kid to trust him enough to invite him to an android party. The DPD was cracking down hard on the anti android groups that had popped up all over the city, and now the only ones left were the ones that had turned into gangs in the way they operated. This particular one was known for it's draining androids of their thirium to create red ice, but not before they'd had their fun with the things.

He was honestly still on the fence as far as androids being alive and all that shit. Yeah he'd had to have an attitude change after the riots and laws got passed that the androids were real or what ever. But playing nice and actually believing it were two different things. Two different things that Fowler didn't give a shit about as long as Gavin held his temper, and didn't antagonize any androids. Though, if he was being honest with himself, he kept up the facade of not giving a fuck at work, but deep down he cared about the stupid machines. It wasn't their fault they'd been created, they never asked to exist. In that sense he could sympathize with them. So he didn't think the fuckers were alive, but he no longer had the desire to beat the shit out of them. K9 probably had something to do with that, the smug bastard.

“When was the last time you actually got to do something like this?” Tommy pulled him out of his thoughts and back to what was going on right now.

“Fuck- since the riots.” Gavin scoffed. “Too fucking long man.” When this case had popped up Fowler had picked him with only a little hesitation. Gavin had the connections, and the reputation to get into the gangs they were looking to catch. Anderson of course had said it was a bad fucking idea sending him into this kind of situation. The detective couldn't decide if Anderson was actually worried about him or was worried he'd fall into old habits.

“If you don't mind my asking, what's taken you so long to get back into it?”

“My old group got nabbed by the police just after the laws got passed, got too agitated too loudly, so I had to keep my head down low.” He kicked at an empty beer can. “I tried to warn the fuckers, but they didn't listen.”

“Well my good man you're waiting is about to pay off.” Tommy pushed open a door and the smell of burnt plastic and fried wires accosted his nose. It took everything he had to not gag from the it. Shit, he knew it wasn't going to be a pretty sight but he hadn't thought it would be worse then anything he'd seen before, or smelled before. Tommy took in a deep breath before clapping Gavin on the shoulder. “Come on over man. We have something special for tonight.” Gavin followed, remembering last minute to keep the smirk on his face. The door shut behind them with a thud and Gavin felt a desire to get the hell out of there.

He wasn't really concerned about what ever android had gotten itself caught. Hell, he felt bad for the poor sap, but saving one android wasn't his end goal at the present. Maybe that's why they had chosen him. Maybe Fowler was expecting him to not give a fuck about the androids and be able to muscle through and get the job done. This gang was connected to one of the biggest red ice production lines in Detroit. If he took this thing down, he'd be set for a promotion in no time. His heart skipped a beat as he finally saw what Tommy was talking about.

Fuck him.

The kid handed him a pipe with the ice already in it, the sound of it crackling from the heat reaching his ears. “This is the personal house stash. It's got an extra little kick- you'll love it.”

Gavin tried to hand it back. “Nah I'm not much for smoking.”

Tommy frowned, and didn't move to take the pipe. “I thought you were down for this? I promise this is the best way to come have fun with the android we got strung up.”

The detective had seconds to figure out what to do. It had taken him time to get to this point and he couldn't risk losing all that hard work because he wouldn't smoke a pipe. He sighed but brought it to his mouth, and took a few inhales of the red ice, almost immediately feeling it rush to his head. The kid seemed happy enough and took the pipe from him, as Gavin tried to think through the fog that was trying to take over his vision. The young man in front of him looked at him and Gavin would have sworn that he'd made a face at the detective to screw with his head, and fuck if Gavin actually giggled, his eyes widened at the sound. He had not just giggled... by all that was fucked up in the world, surely he had not just giggled... Tommy only grinned at the sound that had come from Gavin. “Alright come on, you're going to like this.” He grabbed Reed's wrist and led him past the tables where people seemed to just be chilling. Fuck- he was beginning to feel an itching under his skin, and he wondered how much trouble he would be in if he got caught now. Or if Fowler ever found out about the hit he'd just taken. “-model but it screams like it feels it. We're thinking it's something unique to its model.”

Gavin blinked as he realized they were now in the space where an android was cuffed to a pillar in the middle of the room, arms stretched out to either side, head hanging down against its chest. It didn't seem in the best of shape, but the detective was also pretty sure his vision was currently compromised with the drug that was quickly working through his system. Reed shook his head slightly trying to focus on what was around him. He'd never handled drugs well. They hit him hard and fast, the only blessing was that meant they also burned out of his system fast as well. It was an experience he never enjoyed and in fact he'd only ever tried them out twice in his life before, and the last time had been such a bad experience he'd never had the desire to try again.

“Wow- you really take to the shit don't you? Think you're gonna be able to do this?” Tommy was laughing and Gavin scowled.

“Course I can.” He spat and shook his head again, blinking rapidly. A taser was put into his hands and he frowned.

“Trust me, this will make it sing.” He pushed Gavin to the front of the android, and the detective tried to focus on what was going on. There was a man hovering inches away from the android, holding a regulator in his hands as the android's body convulsed, and strained against his bonds. The android's head was pushed back against the pillar and all Gavin could make out was the outline of his nose and the lips that seemed to be moving slightly. Something pulled at his memory of the outline he was seeing but a steady set of numbers being spoken caught his attention. It was a countdown and Gavin tried to figure out where it was coming from.

“13, 12, 11-” He realized it was coming from the android, and his gut flipped as he realized the man holding the regulator was making the android count down the seconds until he'd shut down. His grip tightened as the numbers ticked down, and Reed almost grabbed the regulator away from the man to shove it in before the android shut down, when the ass finally shoved it back in himself with a click. The sound of relief that came from the android made Gavin shudder, and he had to remind himself the sound wasn't real. Androids were just good at simulating emotion, they didn't actually feel anything.

Didn't mean the scene wasn't fucked up though.

“Alright alright, step aside Jack- My man here wants to have a go at the thing.” Jack, the ass who had ripped the regulator out, grinned and motioned for Gavin to step forward, blue blood staining his fingers. The androids head had fallen forward again, his hair falling into his face, and for a moment Gavin felt sorry for him, now certain it was a him. He wondered if he could overload the system with the taser and end his suffering. Would that be the merciful thing to do here? “Now with the taser, this is the best thing. Don't worry about the Thirium, we're catching anything that escapes it.” The man reached over and opened the androids chest plates, and Gavin tried really hard to not step back as his vision swam at the motion. “Now take that and just touch this thing here-” He pointed to the heart like biocomponent. “Just touch it, and the thing will make the most beautiful noise-”

“Please...” The word was so soft he almost hadn't heard it.

“Ah shut up you damn android. No one here gives a fuck.” Jack popped Gavin on the shoulder still grinning. “Come on man, just give it a try and make his voice box be useful.” Gavin sighed knowing this wouldn't look good should anyone find out, and if being honest he really didn't want to do this. It had been a long time since he'd been in any kind of position like this, because he'd realized it was fucked up. It didn't change his feelings towards androids being alive or what ever, but he also knew it wasn't right to... to take his frustrations out on things that couldn't help what had happened. Of course right now he couldn't blow his cover, he couldn't risk ruining the first case he'd been given since the riots because he felt bad for one android. He said a silent apology before he tased the biocomponent, and watched as the head shot up, a pained gasp escaping its lips, and Gavin felt his own heart skip again, before it fell to the pit of his stomach. It had to be the drug. It had to be the drug because there was no way in hell he was seeing who he thought he was seeing.

“Connor?” He breathed, at the same time Tommy started to laugh his head off.

“Look at his damn face. Here- here do it again.” Gavin hesitated, and Tommy took the hand and made him do it again, this time getting a stifled scream from the android. “See? Doesn't that just get your blood pumping?”

“Pleassse-” Connor said, his voice glitching with static, pain clear across his face, “I n-eed help.”

“You know we've been at this for a couple hours or so now, and it still tries to ask people for help. Almost makes me feel sorry for the freak.” Tommy snorted and gave Gavin a pat. “Just don't kill him. We need to harvest the Thirium before he dies.”

“Before?” Gavin asked, trying to remember why he was actually there, tried to tear his thoughts away from the android in front of him that was supposed to be dead.

“Yeah- it's easier to pump it out of their system while they're still functional. Once you shut'em down, you risk getting thirium stuck in the bends or what not.” He looked at Gavin's eyes, and gave a nod of his head towards the tables of red ice. “You should get another hit, your eyes've calmed down again.”

“I think I wanna remember this.” Gavin forced a grin, and waved his taser in the air. Tommy smirked and nodded his head as he walked off back towards the tables. For the moment no one was in the immediate area, so Gavin looked to the android. He hesitated only a moment before he stepped back up to Connor, no longer sure about what he should do. He glanced at the inner circuitry and components and realized that Connor was the source of the smell that had hit him when he'd first walked in, and it made his stomach twist into knots. “What the fuck.” He breathed before he quickly, and carefully, shut his chest plates closed. “Typical you show up here of all the fucking places.” He grumbled as his eyes darted to the cuffs that held the android helpless.

“Y-you're a de-detective-” Connor was panting, actually panting, his chest rising and falling in quick shallow gasps. “I n-eed help.” He said again, his voice still screwed up. 

“Shut the fuck up, don't go saying that around here plastic." He hissed as he glanced around making sure no one heard him. "And I can fucking see you need help.” He snapped. “I just don't know how the fuck I can do that.”

A female walked by and looked at Gavin, slowly cocking a brow. “you know it's more fun when you make them scream.” She said as a smirk started to play across her face.

Gavin forced a smirk of his own and winked at her. “I know plenty about screaming and fun.”

“Oh? Maybe you'll show me later.” She giggled before she carried on. Gavin looked around them and found that everyone seemed to have moved back to taking a red ice hit.

“Shit- Hank said he killed- no actually not now. I can't help you Connor.” He said and watched the LED flicker. “I- if I help you I'll blow this entire thing.” He couldn't risk it for one android. That's what he'd been telling himself the entire day. He'd known that tonight would be hard, that tonight would be all kinds of messed up, but he couldn't blow everything to try and save one android. Not at the risk of everything else that was at stake. It didn't change because he happened to know the android.

“I- I ha-ve memoriesss... in m-my processssor.” Gavin shook his head and stepped away from him. “Detective pleassse-” Connor fell silent as Jack stepped up behind the detective.

“Had your fun with it?”

“I did-” Connor's head slumped forward again, and Gavin could just make out the LED that was blinking red. Fuck him. He looked to Jack and made a face. “He's just about spent, yeah?”

“Yeah, sucks but he's not gonna hold on much longer. Once you're done we're gonna harvest his blue blood.”

Gavin nodded his head up and down before he made a decision. “Is there a way to get a private session? Before the harvesting starts?”

Jack quirked a brow and Gavin noticed the very slight tensing of Connor's body. “A private session?”

“Yeah. Is that not a thing you guys do? My old group used to do it all the time.” He was making shit up on the fly, and was personally pretty proud of the nonsense he was spewing. “Once we got'em to this stage, we'd let who ever have some... one on one time with them.”

Jack seemed to really be considering this. “That's what the clubs're for.”

“Those don't allow you to go as far as I like to go.”

“We don't want to lose any thirium...”

“I can make sure not a drop is wasted.”

“What would you be willing to pay?” Jack's voice had gone quiet and leaned in towards Gavin, sensing an opportunity to make a quick dollar.

Gavin couldn't seem too eager, for fear of the price getting out of his range or raising suspicion, but he also needed a number that would catch attention from the man. “What about one fifty?”

Jack pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes, seemingly thinking the offer over. “Two fifty.”

Gavin had him. “Three fifty and I get him the next hour.”

“Make it an even four, and we got a deal.” Jack held a hand out, and Gavin hesitated a moment for show before he shrugged and shook on it. “They send you to negotiate don't they?” Jack chuckled and gave him a smirk.

“Just making some extra cash is all.” He motioned two others over and nodded towards Connor. “Take him to room five. Our guest wants some one on one time with him.” The other two nodded their heads and got to work moving the android.

Gavin followed behind them, and only transferred the money to the man once they were outside the door. He gave Jack a pat on the shoulder and forced a grin. “Thanks man.”

“Anything for you. You're Gavin right? You used to run with Robs and Maria?” He nodded his head. “Yeah- I was friends with them, and Robs had nothing but praise to sing about your work. I'm glad that you've found your way back among your own people. I suspect we'll be seeing each other more often.” The man winked before he walked away back to the tables.

The detective kept the smirk on until he closed the door, and locked it up tight. “Can you function?” He asked Connor. He scanned for any camera's but found nothing with the naked eye. “Yo, robocop can you function?”

Connor shook his head. “No, t-too much Thirium losssss. Biocomponent-tss dam-aged.”

“Okay okay. So you need a hospital. How quick we need to get you there?”

“No- no hosspit-talss. They're... dan-dangerous.” Connor closed his eyes, and fell back against the bed as he tried to focus on cooling his body down.

“The fuck they are-”

“N-o.” Connor repeated.

“Okay- well then we gotta figure out a reason for the fucks outside to keep you alive then.” Gavin looked at Connor, and watched as blue blood started to stain the sheets. “Fuck- how long does it take for that to become invisible?”

“Sseveral hourss.” Connor was still breathing like he actually needed the oxygen, and the sound was driving Gavin up the wall.

“Do you actually need to do that?”

“Ap-apolo-gies detective.” Connor cut his eyes at him before he let them close. He was quiet a moment before he took in a giant breath. “I am at-tempting t-to ssupply my int-ternal fanss with a l-larger ssupply as I am over-overheat-ting.”

“Fuck.” Gavin stepped up to him and placed a hand on his head then over his regulator, and found what Connor had said was true. The android was burning up, and who knew what that would do to the circuitry. “Fuck-” He ran a hand through his hair, fingers scratching at his head. “Shit Connor- why tonight of all the fucking nights.”

“I did no-ot asssk for thiss t-to happen.” Every word sounded worse then the one before. Gavin could still hear Connor's voice glitching underneath it all, but for the most part it was very mechanical.

“I have a job to do...” He said, as if trying to remind himself. “And I can't take you to a hospital?” Connor shook his head. “Why? Why is it dangerous?”


“They're out of business-” Again Connor shook his head. Gavin stopped and stared at him a moment as he tried to piece shit together. A knock at the door had them both jumping.

“Hey android fucker- want some company? We don't mind sharing.”

“You can have him when I'm done!” Gavin yelled out without thinking, which got giggles from the other side.

“At least open up and take a hit- it'll be great. Makes the whole thing amazing.” That was Tommy's voice. “You know you want some Gavin.”

“I'm good man-” Gavin tried to say not wanting them to come into the room. He motioned for Connor to roll over, which the android did after only a slight hesitation.

“Gavin, come on spoil sport open the door.” Fucking shit. He knew he should have tried to get closer to anyone other than Tommy. The very thing that had made the young man easy to get close to was now causing him problems trying to deal with Connor.

He yanked his shirt off and threw it on the floor and unbuttoned his pants so it looked like he'd thrown something on. He ruffled his hair, right before he opened the door with a scowl. Tommy stood there with a grin on his face, holding up a finger with a line fine red powder resting on top of it. The young man's eyes flicked back to the bed where he saw Connor, and Gavin was glad he'd gotten the android turned around. “Having fun?”

“We were just getting started when you knocked.” Tommy's eyes were blown wide and Gavin could see everyone else was just as high. This would probably be the best time to try and get Connor out of there... if he was going to blow the mission. Was he really about to do that for a fucking android? No one would even miss the fucker- He leaned over, and quickly snorted the line of red powder off Tommy's finger, and hissed as it burned, his body tensing as it started to take effect.

“Relax stupid.” Tommy grinned. “It's better when you relax, and just let it hit your system.” Tommy closed the space between them as he brought his hand up and pulled Gavin down into a kiss while the detective tried to adjust to the chemicals running through his system at the moment. “Take a breath and let it take you somewhere nice.” Behind them, in the large room shouting started, and both men looked over to see some of the people starting to fight, their movements showing agitation. Tommy sighed and pulled back from Gavin. “When they don't have an android they go at each other.” He looked back to Gavin and winked. “I'll see you soon.” Gavin stepped back into the room and closed the door, locking it once again as the room swam.

“Fucking shit-” He leaned against the wall as he tried to somehow will the drugs to not take effect immediately.

“Reed?” The detective turned on his heel, and saw Connor looking at him from the bed. “You t-ook red ice.” Was that fear he heard in the androids voice? When had he actually been able to make Connor, the fucking android sent by CyberLife scared of him? Last he'd checked the android had beat his ass into the ground. If anything Gavin should be worried about being around him!

Gavin stared at him with wide eyes before he blinked, and scowled still struggling to keep his head about him. “Fuck off-” he pushed himself away from the wall, and over to the other door in the room. It was a closet of sorts. Maybe this had been an office at one time deep in the warehouse. He glanced up and saw what he was looking for. Loose ceiling panels. As long as they were careful they could crawl their way to freedom. Fucking shit- was he actually about to do this? “We're climbing out of here asshole.” He was about to blow the entire mission because of one stupid android. Fowler would be pissed. Anderson would freak out and find a way to blame him... K9 would probably be alright with it. Maybe.

He slipped his shirt back on before he hopped up on a few boxes that had been left behind, and popped one of the squares from the ceiling up and off. He heard Connor enter into the space, and he looked back at the android with another scowl on his lips. “Will you make it?” He asked.

Connor hesitated, seeming to try and do some calculations before he grimaced. “I- I will be fi-ne.” He said. “what'ss the pla-n?”

“Gonna crawl across the ceiling. As long as you keep to the metal bits we... should be fine. Mostly. If we find an air duct we'd be better off with that.” He hauled himself up into the ceiling, grunting slightly as he kicked his legs in the air, wiggling into the space. Once in though he turned around, and offered an arm for Connor to grab. “Come on fuck face, give me your hand and we'll get you up here.” He watched as Connor let out a slow breath before he climbed on top of the box's then grabbed onto Gavin's hand, then together they managed to drag him up into the ceiling.

“I'm n-ot sssure thisss iss a well thought out pla-n.”

“Well you were not a part of the plan for tonight. So lay off, I'm trying to think on the fly here okay? I'm supposed to be gathering evidence to shut this gang down, but no I'm saving your fucking life instead.” He continued to grumble as he paused, and helped Connor across a rather precarious section. “You fucking android- play dead for a year then you show up in the middle of my first case off desk duty-” He stopped and felt Connor run into him. “Hold up-” Faintly the sound of an alarm was going up and Gavin scowled before continuing on their path. “And now they know that I've double crossed them. Fucking shit this couldn't have gone worse.”

“Tha-nk you.”

Gavin paused again and glanced back to Connor at the thanks, not quite believing that he'd just said that. It was... weird. “Um- well I mean it's not like I could have just left you there.” He grumbled and continued walking across the metal beams. “Don't fucking look into it though. You're still just a fucking machine.” He continued to grumble.

If Connor had thoughts on the subject he didn't voice them.

They quietly scrambled above the noise down beneath them, Gavin looking back every five seconds to make sure the android was still able to follow him. He'd seen how much thirium the thing had lost, if they didn't get that refilled soon all of this would have been for nothing and he'd only have a corpse to show for his failure. “Oh thank fuck.” He said as an air vent came into view. The building was old, and popping open the air vent was probably easier then it should have been, but the detective wasn't going to look into that too much. He ushered Connor in behind him, before scrambling ahead towards the grate at the end of the tunnel.

“Where are you fuckers?!” Jack sounded pissed. “Come out, come out, where ever you are!” the sound of something crashing against the wall made Gavin glad he was up in the ceiling instead of trying to make his way through the chaos that was no doubt happening at the moment.

“Alright dipshit, come here. We're gonna lower you to the ground first, got it?” Connor nodded his head and worked his way around Gavin and started to work his way out of the vent, Gavin holding on to him as best he could so the android wouldn't jar anything worse.

“Alright detective I'm down.” Connor said softly, and Gavin nodded his head. He waited a moment as he tried to listen to what was going on behind them in the building and was pleased enough they were still yelling. He started for the opening when he froze a moment.

“Well what do we have here?” Gavin froze as he heard Jack's voice outside. Shit. He quickly tried to think of something that would save the situation they'd walked into.

“Where's Gavin?” That was Tommy's voice. If Tommy was there... he may still be able to save this entire thing. He wrinkled his nose then dashed for the vent, shooting out of it with a curse and proceeded to land on his back, rolling to get up as he groaned.

“Fucking hell.” He shook his head and looked up to see Jack and Tommy blocking Connor's path. “Fuck- fantastic timing.” He said, taking in giant gulps of air as if he'd been chasing Connor through the ceiling. “I thought I'd lost'im for good.” he straightened up, and popped his back with a groan.

“Lost him?”

“You told me he was almost spent.” He leveled Jack with a glare. “Fucker managed to throw me off and scrambled into the ceiling.”

“So... you weren't trying to steal him away?”

“Why the fuck would I do that?”

“And you actually want us to believe that? How stupid do you think we are?”

“If I thought you were stupid Jack, I would have come up with a better lie. Or not come crashing out of the air vent?” He snapped as he stepped forward successfully putting himself between the other two and Connor. “I thought you lot had figured it out?”


“Don't fucking tell me you've been chasing my ass too?” Gavin rolled his eyes and clicked his tongue in annoyance. “Fucking- why the fuck would I steal the toy without having a chance to use it first?” The red ice reared its ugly head again as the world took another dive to the side and it took everything he had to keep upright. Behind him he could hear Connor panting again, no doubt trying to keep from over heating. He wondered how much longer the android had.

“Alright- then let's get him back inside. We'll have to patch him up before we can harvest the Thirium.” Tommy said, voice gentle as he stepped towards Gavin.

“You actually believe this shit?” Jack sounded pissed. 

“I've spent the better part of the last two weeks with him Jack. He despises androids. Believe me.” His eyes flicked between Connor and Gavin before offering a small smile. “Though you must understand this is an interesting situation you've found yourself in Gavin. What can you offer in proof that this is just a misunderstanding?”

Gavin mentally cursed. Connor looked like shit warmed over and he wasn't sure he would even be able to fix the android- where as these people sounded like they were going to patch him up... if he stayed. Even if it was just to harvest the blue blood from him later that would still get him into some sort of stable situation, which was more then he could do for COnnor. Maybe he could get them to patch him up, then break the android free? “What do you want me to do?" He finnaly asked. "This was just a fuck up on my part-” There was a hitch in the breathing behind him, and he knew he'd have to work to get Connor to believe him again after this. If he even wanted to bother with that. The android had been presumed dead for a year, why was Gavin helping him? Why did he care? He could blame K9... the android had found his way to the DPD as Hank's new partner, and with some persistence, and threatening of life, he'd persuaded Gavin to be a little more sociable towards androids, if for no other reason than to keep his job.

“We found it with a friend-”

“No-” Connor started to protest. 

“The friend escaped us. A WR600. It could become a problem if we don't catch it-”

“You want me to catch an android?” Typical. Sending the new guy to clean up the mess. They had probably planned on asking him even if this hadn't happened. 

“Yes. Don't worry, it sticks out in a crowd. Got a big old scar running across his face and isn't all there in the head-”

“You c-an't...” Connor said as he stumbled forward, grabbing onto Gavin. “D-on't hhurt him-”

Gavin's heart jumped at the contact, and almost shoved him off out of instinct, but something made him stop just before he could. That fucking old flutter again in the pit of his stomach... “Shit.” He should have thrown him to the ground- that would have been better for all involved. “Fucking shit Connor.” He breathed before he quickly pulled his gun from its hiding place, and pointed it at Tommy and Jack. “Back the fuck up.” He said, deadpan.


“Told you-”

“Back up now. Or I shoot.” Both men started to back up. “I'm taking this android-” He wrapped his free hand around Connor, trying to help support him as they inched towards where Gavin had parked the car. “You're going to allow us to leave-”

“Why they fuck should we?” Jack snarled and took a step towards him.

“Back the fuck up-” Gavin growled as he continued to move himself and Connor to the safety of the car.

“Why are you doing this? You've done nothing but talk about how much you hate androids- Do you know this android?”

“Yeah- as a matter of fact I do.” He finally had them backing up now. “He's my fucking property and I'll be damned if I let you ass's destroy him.”

“Your property-” Tommy was confused and Jack took another step towards the pair of them. Gavin fired a warning shot- and that had both men still again.

“Yes. Mine. I don't want to see hide or hair of the pair of you again. You fucking got that?”

“This won't be the end of it Gavin-”

“I don't fucking care what you think in all honesty.” They were finally at the car, and he nudged Connor to get into the car. “We'll be going, and you better believe I'll call the police on both of you if I ever even think you're in my area.”

“You're going to regret this Gavin-”

“Fuck off.” He fired another shot before he slid over the hood of the car and quickly slipped into the drivers seat. He started up the engine and peeled out of the parking lot before backup could come. He glanced in the rear view mirror and saw Jack running after the car, and Tommy staring at him with a frown on his face. Well... that could have gone worse.