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Immortal Guardian

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Chapter 1


Harry stood, watching from the shadows as the boy greeted his fans, unable to keep from smiling slightly at the sight. It brought back memories from so long ago, of when he had played Quidditch. But Blitzball wasn’t Quidditch and the boy he was watching wasn’t even technically real. A child soon stood beside him, observing as well. “Why am I here?” Harry asked, not even looking at the boy, it was too painful.


“Sin has awoken, a new High Summoner is needed,” Percival answered softly, face concealed by his hood.


“And that concerns a child made of dreams how?” Harry smiled as the blonde raised his hands and the girls laughed, cheering him on.


“His name is Tidus, son of Sir Jecht, Guardian of High Summoner Braska,” the boy explained, and Harry frowned.


“His Father existed in the waking world?” He’d never met Braska or his Guardians, he had been sleeping then. He had only chosen to wake last year. Immortality had its drawbacks and so sometimes he chose to leave the world, to sleep and let oblivion claim him. It was that or go mad with the grief of all those he had lost and all the horrors he had witnessed.


“He touched Sin and became real and now he is Sin,” Percival admitted, and Harry frowned. He had learnt of Summoners since waking and what they sacrificed, and he loathed practice, just as he has fought against turning children into Fayth. But he could not stop them, the sacrifice was their choice. They chose to die to give the people a momentary peace from Sin and he honoured them for that. Hadn’t he once done the same as a teen? Learning what Yevon had done from the Fayth, seeing what had become of his old home and the survivors, that had been a massive blow. He should never have slept while the war still waged but he had needed it too badly to hold off. For all his power, he couldn’t win the war for them or even force a peace and now the world paid for the sins of those who had fought a thousand years ago. “He is coming for his son.”


“Why?” Harry frowned, why would whatever of the man that survived within Sin want to bring his son to the waking world? He had a peaceful life here, why tear him from it to end up in his Father’s shoes one day or perhaps even learning the truth of his existence?


“We are tired Uncle,” Percival whispered, and Harry looked down at the boy. The hood he always wore hid his messy red hair, a colour that had remained true in the family for as long as he had known them, even if the name Weasley had eventually vanished. Percival had been the last descendant Harry could find and the boy had given his life and soul to defend his home. How he hated Bevelle.


“You think the boy can help end Sin for good.”




“Why?” Harry watched the boy head for the Blitzball Stadium, remembering when he had watched the Abes play from his apartment roof. He glanced down at Percival who just smiled sadly and vanished. The Fayth deserved the chance to finally move on…he found he envied them that. Death would never take him, and he was so lonely. He hesitated but then forced himself from the dream and back to the real world. He had no desire to face Sin yet, to see what had become of his friend, or see the damage he might do to the dream to reach the boy.



Tidus turned and frowned, seeing a man and kid watching from a distance, feeling strange under their gaze but his attention was grabbed by an excited kid and when he glanced back, they were gone. He shook off the weird feeling and made his way from his houseboat towards the stadium, a bit torn over the game. He loved playing and was looking forward to winning but…it was all the reminders of his Dad he hated. The Jecht Memorial Cup tournament, couldn’t they have used another name? He made it to the stadium to find the crowd was crazy. “Make way, make way! Coming through, sorry! Hey, I’m gonna be late! Hey, let go of me!” he yelped as a fan grabbed the hood of his yellow jacket. He yanked free and ran into the stadium and to the teams changeroom, forcing himself to focus solely on the upcoming game.



Percival watched the carnage sadly, memories of the destruction of the real Zanarkand threatening to overwhelm him. He saw Sir Auron pass and then young Tidus staggered onto the overpass, going against the crowd and he moved, becoming visible to the boy.


“Huh?” Tidus jolted as the kid from before appeared and for an instant the running figures and the whole city were frozen.


“It begins,” Percival told him, wishing he could explain everything, but they needed Tidus to act according to his own free will, not follow their wishes. It was their best chance.




“Don’t cry,” he warned before vanishing, not wanting to see anymore.


“What the…?” Tidus blinked as the world restarted before he spotted Auron. “Hey, wait!” he ran after the older man. “Hey, not this way!”


Auron didn’t move as Tidus joined him. “Look!”


Tidus followed his line of sight and froze in shock and horror as he saw a bubble of water hovering over Zanarkand.


“We called it “Sin.””


“Sin”? he asked in confusion even as the bubble began to move. He gasped as tentacles of some kind slammed into the buildings around them, shedding something that landed on the roadway, surrounding them. Tidus batted at one and fell.


Auron held out a sword. “Take it.”


Tidus took the sword before scrambling up, wincing as the weight hit him, he could barely lift the thing! He was no weakling, not with all the training he did, but swimming and throwing a ball around was different to lifting a sword. He didn’t even know how to use the thing!


“A gift from Jecht,” Auron told him as he drew his own and Tidus looked down at the blade in shocked confusion.


“My old man?”


“I hope you know how to use it,” Auron turned to face their oncoming enemies as Tidus stared at the sword, shocked that his Dad would want him to have this. He shrugged it off and readied himself to fight.



Harry had been busy in the days since he had left the dream, listening to the talk and the whispers had led him to the island of Besaid. It was a small island, with a tiny village but also the Temple that housed the Fayth of Valefor. He didn’t approach the Temple, not wanting the Fayth to sense him. Seeing Percival had been hard enough, he couldn’t face seeing her, not yet, maybe not ever. The island had shrunk since his last visit, during the war. He had helped build the Fayth’s Temple, ensuring the refugees would be safe from Bevelle, before he had returned to Zanarkand. How many people here were their descendants? Or had the colony been replaced by those loyal to Bevelle? It would explain why they were all so devout.


He had come now because the rumours said that Lord Braska’s daughter lived on the island. If the Fayth wanted the circle to end, if Jecht was bring his own son to the real world, then it made sense that the girl would be involved. Sure enough, the village was awash with the news that young Yuna was an apprentice Summoner and was facing the trials at right then.


Only two days later, a few Blitzball players ran into the village saying they had found a stranger, washed up on the beach. One who had gotten to close to Sin and didn’t remember a lot. Harry slipped away to stare out at the ocean, he was unsure what role he should or could play in coming events. The thought of the Fayth leaving him…but didn’t they deserve the chance to rest?



Tidus glanced at the other player as they walked towards his village, he felt like he could trust him, so he took a deep breath and asked the question he dreaded. “It’s true Zanarkand was destroyed, right? A thousand years ago? So, it’s just a big pile of rubble now, isn’t it?”


“Long time ago, there were a whole lot of cities in Spira. Big cities with machina–machines–to run ’em. People played all day and let the machina do the work. And then, well, take a look. Sin came and destroyed the machina cities. And Zanarkand along with ’em. Yeah, that was about a thousand years ago, just like you said. If you ask me, Sin’s our punishment for letting things get out of hand. What gets me, though… is we gotta suffer, ’cause of what some goofballs did way back when! ‘Course, we must always repent for our sins! That’s important! It’s just that, it’s hard to keep at it sometimes, you know?” Wakka answered, getting upset, as they walked.


It was just as Rikku said. Wakka and Rikku couldn’t both be lying. Why would they? It hurt to hear his home was gone. But how was he here? Auron had known something and then there’d been that boy….he’d been with a man at first. Who were they? What had they done to him?


“But you from the Zanarkand Abes–that was a good one! Hey, I’m not saying the team never existed, ya? But you gotta figure a team livin’ in luxury like that’d be pretty soft, eh?” Wakka grinned, laughing.


Tidus appreciated the fact that Wakka was trying to cheer him up. But all he could think about was… everything that happened to him, it had all started with Sin. Maybe if he could find Sin one more time, he could go home! For now, he’d just live life until that time came. No more worrying about where, or when, he was. Sure, it was hard not to think of home. But he’d started to feel better already. A little better…maybe. It wasn’t like he really had anyone to go back to, right?



“Ah, the one from the sea!” Luzzu said as they met the two on the sloping path to the village.


“Be on guard. There’re fiends on the road today!” Gatta warned them.


“After surviving your run-in with Sin, ‘twould be a shame if something happened now. Two strangers in the village at the same time, you’re the most interesting thing to happen in a while,” Luzzu added and went to head for the village but Wakka called out, stopping him.


“What do you mean two strangers?”


“A man arrived two days ago. He is a warrior but not here to visit the Temple and there is no other reason to visit,” he shrugged, and they headed down the path.


“Who were they?” Tidus asked curiously. There was no way the man could be Auron, was there? Or the strange man?


“Luzzu and Gatta, they’re Crusaders.”


“Eh? Crews of what?” he asked as they walked.


“What, you forgot that too?” Wakka demanded and Tidus slumped, making him wince at his own insensitivity. “Hey, sorry. Don’t worry about it. I’ll help you out.”


“Cool. In return, come tournament time, I’ll make sure we take the cup!”


“Cool! About the Crusaders, you can ask them yourself. They’ve got a lodge in the village.”



Harry looked up as the red haired Blitzball captain entered the gates, the boy, Tidus, at his side. He looked so lost and confused and Harry didn’t blame him, he’d felt the same when he’d woken in the depths of the cave he’d chosen to sleep in, only to find the war long over and his home gone. He was just lucky the cave still existed, what had once been mountains were now cliffs to the sea and he’d had to apparate blind up to the top. He felt sorry for Tidus, being ripped from all he knew to be brought here, but if his presence could somehow help end a thousand-year threat, well… he felt like Dumbledore, plotting actions for the Greater Good that would cause a lot of individual pain and suffering. Should the Fayth get their wish, Tidus would cease to exist and he didn’t deserve that. But one ‘life’ for the sake of so many? Harry shook his head and headed into the Crusaders Lodge for an early night, not wanting to deal with anything at the moment. The young apprentice Summoner was facing her trials, so nothing would happen until she returned.