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i love it when you do that thing (to me)

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Jimin’s not the biggest fan of movie night.

That’s not to say that he doesn’t enjoy spending his free time with all of the boys. He really does, he cherishes the time they have together off-schedule, since lately they’ve been so busy they’ve hardly had any at all. But, in the few quiet nights they have to themselves, there’s really only one boy he wants to spend his time with.

Besides being busy with the band’s regular schedule, Jimin’s boyfriend Yoongi was also always taking on extra projects, running himself ragged almost every night of the week. The few times Jimin got Yoongi home at the dorms, he selfishly wanted to keep him for himself.

So yeah, movie night was a great bonding time for the whole band, but Jimin always spent the entire time shifting restlessly, unable to pay any attention, and just wishing he could drag Yoongi away to their bedroom at the nearest possible moment.

Which wasn’t far from how most movies nights actually ended up going. Someone chose a movie (usually whoever’s choice got the least amount of boo’s from the rest of the band), and Jimin and Yoongi would curl up by themselves on the love seat at the back of the room together, with at least a vague semblance of being alone. Yoongi would pay attention to most of the movie, or at least, he would try. Jimin got bored easily, had way too many other things on his mind that he wanted to do with Yoongi besides watch Infinity War for the 57th time.

Jimin’s attention would drift to the way the blue lights from the TV flickered and reflected across Yoongi’s cheekbones, or the way his pouty lips parted subconsciously during a particularly intense battle scene (even though the giant nerd had already seen the movie before). After that, it was only a matter of time before Jimin was able to wear Yoongi down completely and get him to beg off to the bedroom early with him, claiming they were too tired to finish the movie. He's not sure either of them actually knows how Infinity War ends, but he’s pretty sure it’s sad.

In the dark at the back of the room, it was easy to go unnoticed by the others. Jimin would curl up closer, wrapping his body further around Yoongi under the guise of innocent cuddling, while his hands wrought havoc under the blanket strewn across their laps.

He’d start out easy, not wanting to scare Yoongi off right away, kneading the muscle of his thigh in such a way that it could be misconstrued as massaging the elder’s sore muscles. Yoongi would tense at the first touch of Jimin’s hand, expectant of what’s to come, but after a few minutes of massaging, he would relax into it. Lured into a false sense of security.

Jimin’s fingers would begin to walk gradually toward Yoongi’s exceptionally sensitive inner thighs, not doing much more than tapping a thoughtless, steady rhythm against them. But it was enough to have Yoongi fidgeting, pointedly glaring at Jimin out of the corner of his eyes. As if he wasn’t enjoying himself. The other boys would begin to get more and more into the film, while Yoongi paid less and less attention. Jimin’s fingers would trail up the inside of Yoongi’s thigh until his hand was resting firmly in the crease where his leg met his groin.

Sometimes Yoongi would give in before Jimin even slipped his fingers beneath the waistband of Yoongi’s pants. Sometimes, he would hold out until Jimin was halfway through giving him a handjob.

Jimin liked it when Yoongi gave up and let Jimin drag him to their bedroom. Jimin liked it even more when Yoongi got stubborn, when he let Jimin push him further than his limit. Entire body trembling, eyes distant and unfocused, teeth digging painfully into his bottom lip as he struggled to keep quiet.

It was cute, so cute, watching the way Yoongi would carefully try to maintain his unaffected facade. It would just about ruin him, Jimin knew, to have any of the other members catch their respected hyung in such a compromising position.

Jimin thinks tonight’s movie night will go the same as the rest. He ends up being so very wrong.


“It just came out on DVD and I’ve been dying to see it,” Jin declares dramatically, waving his movie choice in the air frantically. “You’ll all be thanking me for showing it to you when it’s over, I swear!”

Jimin hums disinterestedly, arm across the back of the couch and fingers combing through the hairs on the back on Yoongi’s neck. From what he can see on the movie case of Jin’s choice, it’s some kind of gory thriller. Yoongi hates scary movies. Maybe they’ll get to retire to bed even earlier than usual tonight.

Namjoon, Taehyung, and Hoseok are eagerly agreeing with Jin’s film pick, and Jimin feels more than hears the way Yoongi groans at the back of his throat.

“I don’t think we should watch that one,” Jungkook’s voice rings out clearly over the excited chattering of the other band members.

“What?” Jin squawks, fists planted petulantly on his hips. “Why not?”

Jungkook shrugs, a faint blush tinging the tops of his cheeks as he glances out of the corner of his eye at Yoongi. And, oh. Isn’t that an interesting development?

“Yoongi-hyung doesn’t like scary movies.” Jimin tilts his head to the side, watching with interest as Jungkook continues, holding up a different movie for everyone (especially Yoongi) to see. “I think everyone will like this movie. What do you think, hyung?” Jungkook turns to Yoongi with a small, hopeful smile.

It looks like some kind of sports drama to Jimin. He’s not really focusing on the movie cover, though.

“Uh,” Yoongi falters, and Jimin is pleased to see an equally faint blush rising to the apples of his cheeks, as well. “If everyone else doesn’t mind… I think I’d probably like the movie Jungkook picked better,” Yoongi grumbles, ducking his head as everyone focuses their attention on him.

His words are met by Jungkook’s immediate, and blinding grin. Jin heaves a laborious sigh (because he’s Jin), but he and the rest of the members agree to watch their horror film together another time when Yoongi isn’t being forced to suffer through it.

Yoongi settles back into the couch cushions, Jimin still perched at his side with his fingers in his hair. The tips of Yoongi’s ears are still a bit pink, and Jungkook is across the room looking pretty damn pleased with himself.

Jimin maybe, a little bit, begins to plot.

Because Jimin isn’t blind. He’s not stupid, either. And he would have to be both of those things to not realize that Jungkook has a crush on his boyfriend. A borderline obsession, really. It’s so obvious, in the way that Jungkook trails after him, wants Yoongi to teach him everything he knows, even dresses like him. Jungkook was almost as glued to Yoongi’s side as Jimin was, and while sometimes it could be a cockblock, Jimin had given the whole thing a lot of thought and decided… It was actually kind of cute.

Yoongi’s reaction tonight confirmed a tiny suspicion that had been lingering at the back of Jimin’s mind for weeks now: Yoongi has a bit of a crush on Jungkook, too.

Not that Jimin can blame him. He personally has a hard time seeing Jungkook as anything other than his (stupidly good-looking) little brother, but he figures if he were Yoongi, constantly bearing the full weight of Jungkook’s adoring (sometimes hungry) eyes, lingering touches, and toothy smiles, he might’ve fallen for the boy, too.

And oddly enough, that doesn’t bother Jimin too much either. Because Jimin knows that Yoongi loves him. But he also knows that their lives are somewhat unconventional, and that as long as they’re in the band, Jimin and Yoongi are part of something bigger than just themselves. And that while they’re always going to have that special relationship with each other, Jimin has to share parts of Yoongi.

And Jungkook certainly is not a bad looking kid. Not by a long shot.

And Jimin wants nothing more in the entire world than to give Yoongi everything he wants.

So maybe, he’s a little bit plotting.

“Yoongi?” Jimin whispers about half an hour into the movie. Yoongi hums in acknowledgement and Jimin has to bite down his grin. “If we weren’t together, and you were going to have sex with someone else in the band, who would it be?”

Yoongi’s expression in reaction to Jimin’s question is priceless, the way his lips pout in confusion and his eyebrows draw together, button nose scrunched up. “What?”

“You heard me.”

“I feel like this question is some kind of elaborate trap, which I will not be playing into, thank you very much,” Yoongi hisses, focusing his attention back on the movie.

The other boys are wrapped up in the film at this point, with Hoseok and Jin on their feet reenacting the football plays in the movie, Namjoon shaking his head fondly, and Jungkook and Taehyung rolling across the floor holding their sides with laughter as Jin tackles Hoseok onto the couch. No one is really paying Jimin and Yoongi any attention at all.

“It’s not a trap, I’m just curious. Really, genuinely curious.” Yoongi glances over at him and Jimin puts on his best innocent face. Yoongi just snorts and looks away.

And really, he’s too cute when he acts all stubborn like this.

Jimin just grins knowingly, shifting so that he’s draped across Yoongi’s shoulder, pressing his lips close to Yoongi’s ear from behind, close enough so that Yoongi can feel the shape of every word Jimin makes with his lips against his sensitive skin.

“So, who would it be, hyung? If you had to choose one of them, who would you pick?”

Yoongi presses his lips together tightly and gives a sharp shake of his head, a clear warning to drop it.

Jimin lets his gaze wander around the room, drifting over the other members of the band until they land on his target: doe-eyed and unaware and oh, so innocent.

“It’s Jungkook, isn’t it?” He asks, even though he already knows the answer. Yoongi’s entire body tenses, spine tightening so that he sits a little straighter and Jimin’s lips are now skimming across his jaw. He places a quick peck there to calm his boyfriend down and make sure he knows he isn’t angry, before sitting back with a self-satisfied grin.

Yoongi stares resolutely forward, eyes intensely trained on the movie, not daring to let his eyes drift to anyone else in the room. He doesn’t confirm Jimin’s suspicion, but he doesn’t deny it either. Not that Jimin really needs him to. Not that Jimin hasn’t noticed.

“Awww, you’re not embarrassed are you, hyung? I think it’s cute that you have a crush.” Jimin flicks out the tip of his tongue to tease at the small hoop in the lobe of Yoongi’s ear. Yoongi breathes out a harsh exhale and jerks his head to the side, evading Jimin’s teasing.

Brat. Jimin feels something molten hot pulse through his veins.

“I think you seem a bit tired, hm?” Jimin coaxes after a few more minutes, nose brushing against Yoongi’s jawline.

“I’m not.”

“Oh,” Jimin can’t help his grin. “You don’t usually have a problem with us leaving in the middle of movies?”

Yoongi shrugs. Jimin feels the hitch in his breath from the way his shoulders jerk once more.

“What’s so special about the movie tonight?” Jimin’s fingers wind tighter in the short hairs at the nape of Yoongi’s neck. “Is it because Jungkook picked it out especially for you? You want to stay for the whole movie to please him, is that it?”

“Shut up, Jimin,” Yoongi growls, but he’s started chewing distractingly on his pink bottom lip now and Jimin knows he’s starting to get affected.

Jimin pouts, lower lip jutting out far enough to press against the side of Yoongi’s neck. “That’s not a very nice way to talk to me. You’re not going to be nice for me tonight?”

Yoongi sucks his lower lip in and his legs begin to tremble ever so slightly. “I’m sorry,” he whispers, and oh, he sounds so sweet. “I’ll be nice.”

“You promise?”

Everything about Yoongi’s demeanor shifts so subtly in that moment that no one other than Jimin would ever be able to notice it. But he does. Sees the way Yoongi’s lips part, the way his eyes lose focus, the way the entire fight seems to leave his body.

“I promise.”

Jimin grins predatorily, nipping quickly at the hinge of Yoongi’s jaw, then immediately soothing it with a kiss. “Let’s try this again, shall we? You seem a bit tired to me, baby. Are you feeling tired?”

Yoongi’s tongue darts out to wet his lower lip and he nods. “Yes,” his voice is a low murmur. “I’m tired now.”

Yoongi nearly loses his footing when Jimin grabs his wrist and quickly pulls him up, drawing the attention of the other boys. “Yoongi’s feeling a bit tired, I think we’re gonna head to bed now.”

And if anyone notices the lack of ‘hyung’ tacked onto the edge of Yoongi’s name, they don’t mention it.

Jungkook looks a bit disappointed and Jimin can see the frown that tugs at Yoongi’s lips when he notices. Jimin soothes his thumb across the pulse in Yoongi’s wrist as a silent apology.

The rest of the boys accept the excuse easily enough, either because it’s pretty much expected of them at this point, or because the dazed state Yoongi is in can pass easily for being drowsy (or because they really don’t want to know what’s actually going on). There’s a chorus of ’Goodnight’s tossed their way as Jimin tugs Yoongi down the hall to their bedroom.


“You were good, Yoongi. Very good,” Jimin praises him as soon as they have the door shut, crowding Yoongi up against it with hands placed on either side of the older boy’s head. Yoongi shudders.

“Jimin, I-“ Yoongi breaks off with a gasp when Jimin presses forward, one hand lowering to his shoulder to hold Yoongi in place as he latches onto the sensitive skin at the base of his throat. “Fuh-uck,” Yoongi stutters, hands coming up to instinctively clutch at Jimin’s arms, but Jimin is quick to bat him away. Yoongi’s a smart boy, he gets the message: No touching.

Yoongi groans and tips his head back against the door, giving Jimin access to even more smooth, pale skin. A fresh canvas for him to paint in purples and reds. Jimin pulls back and can’t help but just stare for a moment, at the way Yoongi’s chest rises and falls under the thin material of his oversized black t-shirt, at the way his messy black hair that’s getting just a tad too long falls into his eyes and tangles with his long lashes. His teeth digging into his pretty pink lips.

Yoongi’s eyes blink open slowly when Jimin hasn’t moved for a few seconds, concern starting to pierce through the haze. Jimin presses a quick, chaste kiss to his lips to chase the worry away, and Yoongi’s lips tilt into a small smile that never fails to make Jimin’s heart feel like it’s going to pound out of his chest.

“I love you,” he tells Yoongi, because he thinks now is a good time to say it. Yoongi’s small grin stretches into a full, gummy smile.

“I love you, too.”

Something about the words has any tightness left in Jimin’s chest immediately easing. Makes his plan that much more doable. His skin thrums with excitement.

Jimin raises a hand to cup Yoongi’s cheek, stroking gently at his cheekbone with his thumb. “You’re so good, always missing your movies to come to bed with me.”

Yoongi shrugs, bottom lip slipping through his teeth.

“I think you deserve a reward, don’t you?”

“I, um,” Yoongi blinks quickly, licking his lips again. “If you think I do,” he answers, finally. Perfectly.

Jimin winds his fingers in the hem of Yoongi’s shirt, tugging him along as he walks backwards towards the bed.

“I really, really think you do.”


Not even ten minutes later, Jimin’s got Yoongi spread out on the bed, naked, flushed and panting, with Jimin still fully dressed between his legs. Yoongi’s cock, thick and hard in his mouth.

Jimin was true to his word. He was going to reward Yoongi. Only, Yoongi thought his reward was the fact that Jimin didn’t make him beg for his blowjob tonight. He really had no idea.

Jimin looks up from his position between Yoongi’s legs, sees the way Yoongi’s hands are fisted in the sheets beneath him as he does his best not to touch. The older boy’s eyes are struggling to stay open, lashes fluttering as he gazes down at Jimin, lips stretched around his dick.

Jimin gives him a playful wink when their eyes meet, before sucking hard, hollowing his cheeks and digging his fingers into the flesh of Yoongi’s soft hips. Yoongi’s resulting cry, a mix of pain and pleasure, is a clear warning that he’s close. Coupled with the the way his thighs tremble around around Jimin’s head, Jimin knows it won’t take much more until Yoongi is balancing dangerously on the edge, desperate and messy.

He wraps his fingers around the base of Yoongi’s cock, stroking in time with the bobs of his head that increase in speed, in depth, until his dick is constantly hitting the back of his throat. Jimin chokes soundlessly, spit slipping out of the corners of his mouth until the whole thing is a wet, sloppy affair. Yoongi doesn’t seem to mind in the slightest, fingers tearing at the sheets, hips twitching, thrusting shallowly as incoherent pleads and Jimin’s name spill from his lips.

On his next pull up, Jimin makes sure to press the tip of his tongue extra hard against the vein on the underside of Yoongi’s cock, then probing it into the slit as he lets his lips remain wrapped around just the head. Yoongi lets out a high pitched Ah! as his hips begin jerking against Jimin’s hold on them.

“I - oh - I’m,” Yoongi’s words die out as his lips part in a silent moan, and oh, he’s so close. He’s teetering right on the edge, seconds from spilling over.

Jimin’s hand around the base of Yoongi’s cock tightens until the hold is too tight, pulling his mouth away completely with a wet popping sound.

The noise that Yoongi makes when Jimin denies him his release is truly heart wrenching, and when Jimin climbs over him and looks closely, there are definitely a few tears spilling down the sides of his face onto the pillow. His eyes are shut tightly, lips parted and gasping as his entire body trembles from being so close to the edge and suddenly being yanked back.

His eyes open slowly as the trembling fades, lashes clumped with tears, and looks up at Jimin’s grinning face hovering over him, his fingers still closed tightly around Yoongi’s cock, stopping him from coming.

“You said I was getting a reward,” Yoongi whines, wrecked.

“You are,” Jimin promises with a quick, chaste kiss that Yoongi chases with another petulant whine when he pulls away just as quickly. “The reward is still coming. You can wait a little longer for me, can’t you baby boy?”

”No,” Yoongi shakes his head emphatically. “Please, please, Jimin, please,” he begs, which is always a good look on Yoongi, in Jimin’s opinion.

Jimin flexes his fingers painfully around Yoongi’s cock and the other boy gasps, stilling and looking up at Jimin with wide eyes. “Let me rephrase that,” Jimin’s voice is low and calm, “Your reward is still coming. So you’re going to wait.”

Yoongi whimpers and nods his head, bangs sticking to the sweaty skin of his forehead. Jimin uses his free hand to push his hair out of his eyes with a soft smile that juxtaposes his words and his punishing grip on Yoongi’s cock.

“Close your eyes and don’t move.”

Yoongi complies quickly and Jimin climbs off of the bed, going over to the nightstand and rummaging around in the drawer for the bottle of lube they keep there. With a surreptitious glance over at Yoongi to make sure his boyfriend’s eyes are still closed, Jimin picks up his phone and shoots off two texts in quick succession, before turning his phone face down and rejoining Yoongi in the bed.

“Spread yourself for me, pretty boy. And keep your eyes closed.”

Yoongi does so without hesitation, grabbing his legs behind the knees and pulling them up and apart to expose his pretty pink hole, still slightly puffy and stretched from when Jimin had fingered him open the night before. “So good, so pretty,” Jimin praises, trailing a finger down the inside of Yoongi’s thigh, watching the goosebumps that rise in it’s wake.

Jimin drizzles lube over his fingers, slipping in two right away and meeting only the slightest resistance. Yoongi is wet and tight around him, so familiar that Jimin feels a groan pushing at the back of his teeth, dick throbbing like some sort of Pavlovian effect. He pumps his two fingers slowly, waiting for Yoongi to adjust to the intrusion before he starts scissoring them.

“Another,” Yoongi pleads, hips grinding down on Jimin’s fingers, needy. Jimin tuts, lightly chastising Yoongi for being so greedy, before pouring more lube (Yoongi likes it messy) onto his fingers and over Yoongi’s hole and adding a third finger. Yoongi clenches around him, head dropping back and Jimin can see there’s a faint bruise forming where he had bitten the older boy earlier. He likes the sense of ownership it gives him over Yoongi, especially with what’s about to come next.

Yoongi’s eyes are still shut, nothing but sharp his gasps of ah and oh and the wet sound of Jimin’s fingers pumping faster, deeper into his asshole filling the room.

The intrusion is loud, but happens too fast for either clueless party to react fast enough.

“Jimin, I have your sweatsh- ah!” Jungkook freezes in the doorway to the room, Jimin’s sweatshirt slipping out of his hands and falling to the ground. Yoongi gasps, eyes flying open, though Jimin can’t tell if it’s from the shock or the way he crooks his fingers and brushes against the bundle of nerves buried inside him.

Jungkook’s face flushes the deepest shade of red Jimin has ever seen it and he quickly averts his gaze from the bed in the middle of the room to the ceiling. Yoongi gasps again and writhes desperately, trying to dislodge Jimin’s fingers from inside him so he can presumably hide under the covers. Jimin stops him with another forceful curl of his fingers and a firm hand on Yoongi’s hip. Yoongi is too far gone to fight him, instead letting out a torn moan that has a choking sound coming from Jungkook’s direction.

“What the fuck?” Jungkook yelps. “Your text said to just come right in! What the fuck Jimin!”

Jimin refuses to meet Yoongi’s shocked and disbelieving face, instead focusing on Jungkook. The way it seems to be causing him physical pain to keep his eyes on the ceiling.

“Yes,” Jimin agrees, “I did say that.”

Why would you say that?”

“I wanted you to see this. Him.”

Jungkook makes a strangled sound again. “Why?

“Are you really complaining?” Jimin asks, quirking an eyebrow.

“I don’t - I’m not -“ Jungkook splutters.

“Also,” Jimin cuts him off in a sharp, pointed voice, “I notice that you still haven’t left, which I find a bit interesting. Don't you find it interesting, Yoongi?” Jimin lets his gaze meet Yoongi’s now, and finds his boyfriend with wide eyes and lips parted. He still looks surprised, but there’s none of the anger and betrayal that Jimin had been expecting, not even a hint of it. Just excitement, flashing dark and hungry in his eyes.

“Yea - ahhh,” Yoongi answers, breaking off in a moan when Jimin purposely brushes against his prostate again. He’s louder now than he was before, and Jimin knows it’s a show for Jungkook. Meant to entice the younger man, whether he does it consciously or not.

Jungkook’s expression is pained, and he shifts restlessly from foot to foot in an effort to relieve the uncomfortable feeling that the growing bulge in the front of his jeans must be causing.

“Hm,” Jimin hums when Jungkook doesn’t answer right away. “Why don’t you look at me, Jungkook?”

Jungkook swallows visibly, Adam’s apple bobbing. “I - I can’t.”

“Why not?” Jimin asks, tone cloyingly innocent. “I’m perfectly decent.”

“You know why not,” Jungkook’s voice is rough as he bites down hard on his bottom lip.

“It’s not because of Yoongi, is it?” Jimin says, fake shocked. “That’s very rude of you, Kook-ah. Here he is, all stretched out and pretty, and you won’t even look at him?”

“I can’t look at him.”

“Why not?”

“You know why not,” Jungkook says again, this time in a low growl, and the tone of his voice has Yoongi whimpering in response.

“Listen to me very carefully, Jungkook: You can look at him.” Jimin pauses, let’s the words hang there for a moment. “You can do more than look at him.”

Yoongi gasps softly beneath him, but doesn’t disagree. Jungkook, in his shock, tilts his head down and snaps his eyes open, looking right at them.

“Fuck,” is all he says when his eyes go straight to Yoongi. Yoongi shivers under his gaze.

“Yes, that’s the idea,” Jimin grins. “But not quite yet. Why don’t you take over for me here?” Jimin slides his wet, sticky fingers out of Yoongi’s body, and the elder whines at the loss, dropping his legs so that his feet rest on the bed.

“My wrist is still pretty sore from doing this for an hour last night,” Jimin explains, walking towards Jungkook and standing behind him, chin hooked over the taller boy’s shoulder as they both look at Yoongi spread out before them. “So he’s all yours.”

Yoongi meets Jungkook’s eyes and swallows hard. “You - you don’t have to,” he says, voice low and hushed. It’s sweet, the way Yoongi can be so far gone and still worry about making the maknae uncomfortable.

Jimin can’t see Jungkook’s face from his position from behind him, but the moment Jungkook’s demeanor changes, Jimin feels it. It practically radiates off of the other boy: the hunger. The want.

“What if I want to?”

Yoongi moans in response, head tipping back to bare his throat and knees falling open. Jimin hides his smirk in Jungkook’s shoulder. God, Yoongi could put on quite the show when he wanted to.

“I believe that was your answer,” Jimin says, pulling away from Jungkook and giving him a push towards the bed.

Jimin drags the desk chair over to the side of the bed, not too close, and drops into it. He unbuttons his jeans, relieving some of the pressure on his hard cock, and watches as Jungkook approaches the bed. When he reaches the edge, he turns and looks over his shoulder at Jimin, nerves flickering across his expression again.

Jimin had nearly forgotten, with the way Jungkook looked at Yoongi like he wanted to eat him alive, how young and inexperienced he was. He was a young man with a healthy (very healthy) libido, but Jimin and Yoongi had experience (a lot of experience) with each other, so it was only natural that Jungkook would be nervous.

If it was guidance he needed, Jimin was more than happy to help. Plus, it didn’t hurt that Jimin already knew exactly what Yoongi liked, so Jungkook wouldn’t have to learn through fumbling trail and error. Jimin could help him make it perfect for Yoongi. Could make sure Yoongi felt as good as possible.

Jimin gives Jungkook a reassuring nod, and gestures towards the bottle of lube on the bed between Yoongi’s legs. “He likes it messy,” is all Jimin says before settling back, cupping his erection through his pants and applying the slightest pressure.

Jungkook drops to his knees on the bed between Yoongi’s legs.




One time, when he was eight, Jungkook walked in on his cousin and her boyfriend making out in the bathroom at a family reunion. He was so embarrassed, he immediately slammed the door shut and ran, barely able to look either of them in the eye for the next two years.

This was so, so much worse than that.

And at the same time, a million times better.

He didn’t really think much of it when Jimin texted him and asked him to bring his sweatshirt that he left on the couch to his room for him. He figured Jimin and Yoongi were already in bed for the night, and Jimin just didn’t feel like getting up to get it himself.

Jimin and Yoongi were in bed. Just not the way Jungkook expected them to be.

It’s 1000% seared permanently into his memory: the sight of Yoongi laying on the bed, completely naked, legs in the air, with three of Jimin’s fingers pumping into his ass.

Jimin knew. Jungkook has known for a while that Jimin knew about his more-than-brotherly feelings towards his bandmate’s boyfriend. At first, he thought Jimin had done this as a territorial move, a warning and a reminder of just who Yoongi belonged to.

But then -

But then Jimin had offered him Yoongi. And Yoongi - fuck - Yoongi looked like he wanted Jungkook to take him up on it.

Which is, Jungkook figured, brain distantly trying to make sense of the whole situation, how he ended up kneeling between Yoongi’s legs, nearly drowning in the dark, pleading look the older boy is giving him.

He coated his fingers in a generous amount of lube as Jimin suggested, and Yoongi pulled his legs back into the air, giving Jungkook a clear view of his wet, stretched out hole.

Fuck. He really never thought he’d be in this position.

“Kook,” Yoongi pants. “Hurry up, put them in, please put them in now.”

“I,” Jungkook swallows, shifts his weight so that he’s leaning further into the opening of Yoongi’s legs. “Okay, yeah.”

Yoongi’s body accepts his first finger easily, and he’s immediately whining for more. “Three, just do three,” he begs.

Jungkook slides two more fingers in on the next thrust and Yoongi groans brokenly, head thrashing against the pillow. “O-oh, fuh -“ his words trail off into a senseless noise.

“It’s different, isn’t it, baby?” Jimin says, and Jungkook nearly jumps out of his skin, having almost forgotten the other boy was there. “Kookie’s fingers are bigger than mine, much longer. Can you feel it?”

Jungkook watches Yoongi’s face in anticipation of his response. Yoongi’s pink tongue darts out to lick his lips and he exhales a harsh breath. “Different,” he manages. “’S different. Good.”

“Just good?” Jimin asks, and it sounds like he’s pouting, but Jungkook doesn’t know because he can’t look away from the delicate flutter of Yoongi’s eyelashes, the obsessive way he can’t stop wetting his lips. “Don’t just give him ‘good’, Jungkook. Give him ‘mind-blowing’.”

Yoongi whines in agreement, hips grinding in a small circle against Jungkook’s fingers that have gone still as he waited for the other boy to adjust.

The familiar competitive fire starts to course through Jungkook’s veins. He recognizes Jimin’s challenge when he hears it. And he’s never been one to turn down a challenge.

“Hold on, baby,” Jungkook murmurs to Yoongi, not even questioning himself when the pet name falls from his lips. Yoongi just nods his head emphatically, fingers digging in to the flesh of his thighs where he holds them up.

Jungkook pulls his fingers out completely, drizzling them with more lube, before pushing back in - with four fingers this time. The squeeze is definitely tighter, and Yoongi’s back arches off the bed with what looks like enough force to snap his spine. It’s too much, and he drops his legs to the bed, unable to hold them up any longer.

Ohhh oh fuck, fuck, Kook,” Yoongi’s words spill fast and furious, bleeding together in a jumbled slur.

Jungkook grabs a pillow and stuffs it under Yoongi’s lower back, before pulling his fingers almost all the way out and thrusting them back in again. He keeps up the pace, fast and punishing. The sounds his fingers make as they slide in and out plus the high, keening moans that Yoongi makes are so obscene it has Jungkook feeling light-headed. Yoongi looks so wrecked, so full - so full of Jungkook - that he can hardly believe he hasn’t come in his jeans already.

Jungkook curls his fingers, feels a spot that’s a different texture, rougher than the smooth walls of Yoongi clenching around him.

Yoongi screams.

His entire body jerks and shudders, and he screams, hoarse and raw.

“Ooh,” Jimin says. “Do that again.”

When Jungkook looks over and spares the other boy a glance, he sees the Jimin has completely undone his jeans now and is rubbing his hard cock through his boxers, a large wet spot forming at the tip. He doesn’t even notice Jungkook looking at him, eyes too intensely trained on Yoongi.

Jungkook does it again. And again, and again, and again.

He can’t help it, he’s never known a loss of self control like this before. But seeing how such a simple crook of his fingers has Yoongi falling apart so completely before him is driving him out of his mind. Has him feverish with the desire to do it over, and over, and over. To do anything to get more of those lovely, terrible sounds that sound like they’re being teared out of Yoongi from deep within his chest.

“Fuck, Kook, I, ah - ah, I can’t,” Yoongi is begging and crying and Jungkook finds himself looking to Jimin for what to do next. Jimin grins cruelly and shakes his head, and Jungkook gets the message.

He pulls his fingers out and doesn’t put them back in again.

No,” Yoongi cries, “No, no, please no, not again.” And he sounds so wrecked, so desperate and terrified. Jungkook looks at Jimin again, and finds the boy has scooted his chair closer so that he’s right next to the bed, reaching out and brushing his knuckles gently across Yoongi’s cheek.

“You’re doing so good for Kook, baby boy,” Jimin coos and Yoongi shakes his head violently.

“Wanna come, Jimin, please, please,” Yoongi begs. Jungkook is starting to feel a bit bad. Truth be told, he would gladly finish Yoongi right away, but he trusts that Jimin knows Yoongi better than he does, knows what he wants. What will make him feel better.

Jimin leans in close, and whispers something in Yoongi’s ear that Jungkook doesn’t quiet catch, but from the cadence of his voice it sounds like a question.

“G-Green,” Yoongi answers, and Jungkook thinks he can guess what the question was. And green is a very good answer.

Jimin sits back again, a pleased smile on his face. “What a good boy, Yoongi.”

The words seem to have an automatic soothing effect on Yoongi, who takes a deep, shuddering breath before meeting Jungkook eyes. He looks trusting and lustful, and it gives Jungkook the confidence to keep going.

“Can I -“ Jungkook stops himself, realizes that Yoongi doesn’t want to be asked questions right now. He wants to be told.

“I’m going to eat you out now, and you’re not going to come yet. Understand?”

Jimin lets out a low, amused chuckle, but it’s nothing but background noise compared to the breathless Please Yoongi responds with.

Yoongi’s legs are lean and smooth, and Jungkook effortlessly lifts them up and drapes them across his shoulders, feels Yoongi cross his ankles behind his back. Yoongi’s hole is still wet and dripping lube, so Jungkook wipes some of it away with the palm of his hand, and even that brief touch has Yoongi already whining and grinding his hips. Fuck, he’s so sensitive.

Jungkook licks one long, flat stripe across Yoongi’s hole and all the way to the sensitive skin behind his balls. Yoongi lets out a low, satisfied groan, that increases in pitch when Jungkook follows up by blowing cool air over the wet skin. He licks the same path again a few more times, before focusing his attention on the fluttering hole in front of him.

He traces the rim with just the tip of his tongue before probing past the ring of muscle. Yoongi’s body gives easily, and his whines are needy and desperate as Jungkook fucks into him repeatedly with sharp jabs of his tongue.

He never really thought about how Yoongi would taste here. It’s good. Something about it is so good.

Jungkook slips a finger in besides his tongue, and Yoongi’s body jerks, his hands coming up and gripping painfully in Jungkook’s hair.

“Yoongi.” Jimin’s voice is sharp and commanding. The hands immediately leave his hair.

Jungkook glances up and sees Yoongi looking at Jimin, eyes pleading and apologetic.

“Jungkook. Stop.”

The younger boy finds himself immediately obeying, even as Yoongi chokes out a frustrated sound beneath him.

“Wha-“ Jungkook licks his lips, clears his throat. “Why?”

Jimin raises his eyebrows and stares hard at Yoongi. “Baby boy broke a rule.”

Yoongi whimpers. “I - No touching,” he admits in a small voice.

“No touching,” Jimin agrees, with a disappointed shake of his head. He hums thoughtfully, looking back and forth between Yoongi and Jungkook. Finally, his eyes light up with an idea.

“You,” Jimin points at Jungkook. “Shirt off, cock out, and sit up against the headboard.”

Jungkook scrambles to do as he’s told, tossing his shirt to the side and undoing his jeans, pushing them far enough down his thighs so that he can pull his dick out and roll on the condom that Jimin tosses him. Yoongi crawls off of the bed and out of his way, waiting for his own instructions.

“Yoongi, baby, now you get in his lap.” Yoongi climbs back onto the bed, throwing one leg over Jungkook’s waist and kneeling over his lap, so that Jungkook’s cock stands hard just beneath him.

It’s the closest their faces have been since the whole thing started, Jungkook realizes. And fuck, Yoongi is even prettier up close. (Not that Jungkook wasn’t already painfully aware of how pretty Yoongi’s face was.) His sharp eyes are dark, endless pools, blown wide with lust and his cheeks are flushed a delicate pink. Lips, bitten red and swollen, slick with spit.

And for a moment, the haze in Yoongi’s eyes clears and - and he’s there with Jungkook. Really there.

Jungkook didn’t ask Jimin if he was allowed to kiss Yoongi. He feels frozen, trapped and unsure but with the burning desire to do something. Luckily, Yoongi makes the choice for him.

“Kiss me?” He asks, voice soft and sweet. Jungkook wants to let his eyes flicker over to Jimin, but he doesn’t want to offend Yoongi by assuming that the elder can’t make his own decisions.

So Jungkook places his hands on either side of Yoongi’s neck, pulls him close, and presses their lips together. Yoongi sighs happily, letting his lips part right away and teasing kitten licks against the roof of Jungkook’s mouth. It’s a bit innocent, really, compared to what they were doing a few minutes before - innocent considering where Jungkook’s tongue just was. Yoongi kisses well. Extremely well. Jungkook isn’t sure what it says about him that this is up there as one of his favorite parts of the night so far.

When they finally part, Yoongi flashes him a gummy grin before biting his lip and grinding down against Jungkook’s cock.

“Fuck - oh,” Jungkook groans. Yoongi just grins at him and tilts his head to the side, the movement striking Jungkook as a bit funny as he realizes how many mannerisms Yoongi and Jimin have started picking up from each other.

Speaking of the boy, Jimin laughs and says, “Cute, Yoongi. You’re such a tease, baby.” Yoongi shrugs his shoulders, still grinning at Jungkook’s surely flushed red face.

Jimin stands and grabs Yoongi by the hips, pulling him upright and away from Jungkook’s cock. Yoongi frowns and turns to pout at Jimin, who smiles at his boyfriend and presses a kiss to his shoulder.

“You still broke a rule, remember, sweetheart? You don’t get to move now, Yoongi. You can only move if Jungkook moves you.”

Yoongi lets out a frustrated whine, but doesn’t argue. Jungkook kind of wants to argue, because this ‘no moving’ rule has Yoongi hovering over him, so close that the tip of his cock is just brushing against his entrance, and the teasing contact is driving him a little bit insane.

“Please, Jungkook,” Yoongi pleads, and Jungkook opens his mouth to respond when he’s cut off by the sudden sharp ringing sound of skin hitting skin. Yoongi gasps, harsh, and jerks forward, landing with his face pressed into Jungkook’s chest. Jungkook groans when the movement has the head of his cock dragging across the skin between Yoongi’s cheeks.

Belatedly, Jungkook realizes that… That Yoongi has just been spanked. While sitting in his lap. And fuck, that might be the hottest thing that’s ever happened to him in his life.

“Ah ah, Yoongi,” Jimin chastises. “What do we call pretty boys that we want to fuck us until we cry?”

Jungkook isn’t sure if it’s his or Yoongi’s full-body shiver that he feels in response to Jimin’s words.

Yoongi buries his head further into Jungkook’s chest, voice barely audible when he whispers something that sounds like “ah-ee”.


Yoongi cries out and his body jerks again, creating even more friction against the tip of Jungkook’s cock.

“Clearly, so that he can hear you. Look Jungkook in the eye and ask nicely,” Jimin commands. His voice is strong, but Jungkook doesn’t miss the way Jimin’s eyes scan across the reddening skin of Yoongi’s ass in concern.

He doesn’t have too long to dwell on how cute that is, because with a shaky inhale, Yoongi is peeling himself away from Jungkook’s body and sitting back to make clear eye contact.

“Please… Please fuck me, Daddy.”

Oh. Oh. Oh.

For about 30 seconds, the only thought Jungkook’s mind is capable of is oh. Because he did not know that he wanted Yoongi to call him that, but fuck. Fuck, he did. He liked it a whole lot.

Yoongi, his hyung, calling him ‘Daddy’ in that rough, broken English of his was a fantasy that Jungkook wishes he had discovered a long time ago.

“Yeah,” Jungkook agrees, skin prickling feverishly. “Yeah, okay, baby.”

He shifts further up against the headboard, and pulls Yoongi along with him. The older boy hovers over him, holding so still Jungkook can see the muscles pulled taught in his stomach. Jungkook grabs the base of his cock, lining up the tip so that it pressing teasingly to Yoongi’s entrance.

He holds still.

Yoongi holds still.

Jungkook snaps his hips up. Hard.

Yes,” Yoongi moans, and Jungkook would have to agree with that sentiment. For how stretched out he got, Yoongi is tight and warm and - fuck, Jungkook could do this forever.

Yoongi doesn’t move his body to press down into Jungkook’s thrusts, as Jimin told him, but he does wind his arms around Jungkook’s neck, fingers tugging painfully at his hair. Jimin doesn’t yell, so Jungkook figures the ‘no touching’ rule is no longer in effect. Which, thank God because Jungkook has been sort of dying to feel Yoongi’s hands on him.

Jungkook’s thighs are starting to strain with the effort of thrusting up into Yoongi when he suddenly remembers that Jimin’s rule was the Yoongi couldn’t move unless Jungkook moved him. He immediately reaches up and grabs Yoongi by his slim hips, and from the look sparking in his eyes, Jungkook thinks Yoongi must remember the specifics of the rule, too.

This time, when Jungkook thrusts up, he pulls Yoongi down to meet him, and it’s deeper. It’s so much deeper.

“Again,” Yoongi gasps. “Fucking again.

Jungkook happily complies. “So good,” he praises, “So fucking good, baby.” And Yoongi moans and throws his head back and pulls Jungkook’s hair.

He’s so entranced by the sight of Yoongi above him, the feeling of Yoongi around him, that he almost doesn’t notice Jimin join them on the bed. He’s removed his own shirt now, too, but his cock is still hard and leaking, trapped within his boxers.

He kneels next to them and reaches over, taking Yoongi’s dick in his hand, jerking him off in time with Jungkook’s thrusts.

“Oh - God,” Yoongi chokes. Jimin grins wolfishly.

“He’s got nothing to do with it, baby.”

After a few more thrusts, Jimin makes a small, curious humming sound. When Jungkook turns to look at him, he finds Jimin staring right back. Head tilted to the side. Honestly, fuck the two of them and their deceptively cute head tilt.

Before Jungkook can open his mouth to ask Jimin what he’s thinking, Jimin’s free hand joins Yoongi’s tangled at the back of his head and he hauls Jungkook in for a wet, open-mouthed kiss. Jungkook makes a small noise of surprise, drawing the eldest boy’s attention.

Yoongi groans. “Oh - that’s - fuck.”

Jimin doesn’t kiss like Yoongi, Jungkook notices right away. But he can definitely see how they work so well together.

Yoongi was eager, but reserved. He kissed like he wanted it, wanted more, but was shy. Waiting for the other person to take. Jimin was cocky, and a fucking tease. Which, yeah, Jungkook probably could’ve guessed that without the firsthand experience.

Not that the firsthand experience hurt, because Yoongi and Jimin were also both excellently skilled kissers.

Jungkook’s thrusts start to slow as he loses himself further in the confident presses of Jimin’s plump lips, and Yoongi whines, petulant and needy. Jimin grins into the kiss, and releases Yoongi’s cock to put a firm hand on Jungkook’s hips, stilling him completely.

“What - “ Jungkook starts to ask, hips desperately chasing after the warm tightness of Yoongi’s hole already. But Jimin shakes his head, their noses brushing.

“He likes it,” Jimin whispers, but it’s obvious Yoongi can still hear him. “He likes it when you ignore him. When he thinks you couldn’t care less about whether he comes or not.”

Yoongi’s moan in response to Jimin’s words is it all it takes for Jungkook to believe them. He keeps his hips firmly planted on the bed, eyes darting between Jimin and Yoongi, who is still moving only at the slow pace that Jungkook moves him at.

“Let him go,” Jimin says with a wink, and Jungkook lets go. “Go ahead,” Jimin says, tone dismissive, and he’s talking to Yoongi, but he doesn’t even look at him. Yoongi huffs out a petulant whine and tightens his grip around the back of Jungkook’s neck, before lifting himself off of Jungkook’s cock nearly all the way, and then dropping back down with his full weight.

Jimin captures Jungkook’s resulting moan in another kiss, and Jungkook is having trouble keeping track of who’s touching who where and he really doesn’t care because everything feels so good. Jimin’s teeth biting at his bottom lip feels good and Yoongi, hot and tight around him feels so good and the hands at the back of his head are grounding and firm.

Jimin pulls away from the kiss and looks at Yoongi, smiling with something fond and hungry that makes Jungkook’s stomach clench. He looks up at Yoongi too, at the way his head rolls from side to side, lips parted and moving in words and noises that alternate between vocal and silent. The muscles of his stomach clench and contract as he holds himself up, thighs trembling with every bounce. His cock slaps against his stomach until Jimin reaches out and wraps loose fingers around it.

Yoongi’s hips stutter and he rocks forward with every thrust now to chase the new friction.

“He’s nothing like you’d expect, is he?” It takes Jungkook a few seconds to realize Jimin is talking to him, and he tears his attention away from Yoongi.

“He’s - no. He’s not,” Jungkook admits.

“He’s fucking shameless,” Jimin hums, and Jungkook thinks it’s a little weird that they’re talking about Yoongi like he isn’t even there until he sees the way Yoongi bites down on his lip to smother a whimper. Realizes that Yoongi likes that.

“He’s amazing,” Jungkook blurts out, and Yoongi’s lips curl into a pleased smile. “He’s so - so submissive. He takes everything so good.”

“He’s such a good boy,” Jimin sighs happily, and Yoongi is full on grinning now as he bounces on Jungkook’s cock and thrusts up into the loose circle of Jimin’s fingers, while the two other boys do nothing but watch him.

“Should we… Should we let him come now?” Jungkook asks, and Yoongi’s head dips forward subconsciously in a nod. Honestly, if Yoongi doesn’t come soon, Jungkook’s afraid he will first. And he has a feeling that’s not what Jimin wants (and since when does he care so much what Jimin wants?).

“Up to you, Kook. I told you he was all yours, but I think I’ve interfered enough. Finish him however you want. Or don’t.”

Yoongi whines brokenly at the words, the mere thought of being suspended in this hazy state of arousal without release for any longer.

“Just like this. If we help him, he can come just like this.” Jungkook decides, not ready to lose the sight of Yoongi riding him just yet.

“Aw, is that what you want, baby? Do you need our help to come?” Jimin teases and Yoongi scrunches his nose, clearly wants to scowl, but then Jimin’s fingers tighten around his cock and his face loses all expression except pure bliss.

Jungkook starts to move again, too, pushing his hips up off the bed simultaneously with each time Yoongi drops down onto him, harder and faster than before. He shifts a little further down the bed for a new angle, and knows his instincts have led him right when on the next downward thrust Yoongi gives, his entire body goes concave, curling around himself. He doesn’t lift back up off of Jungkook’s lap, just holds himself there in the same spot, Jungkook’s cock pressed right against his prostate. Yoongi rolls his hips in tiny circles that have him sobbing in seconds, and Jungkook seeing bright spots behind his eyes.

Just. Holy fuck.

“There, there, right there - oh,” Yoongi cries, body spasming helplessly, mouth working around silent words that no one gets to hear.

Jimin strokes Yoongi fast and wet a few more times, rolling his palm against the head, and finally, with a raw, broken sob, Yoongi comes hot and sticky across Jungkook’s stomach and chest.

“Fuck,” Jungkook grunts, as Yoongi drops boneless against him, head tucking into the crook of his neck and breathing harshly.

Jungkook stops thrusting and wraps his arms around Yoongi’s smaller frame, feeling the heavy gasps that shake his frame. Jimin’s finger’s are in Yoongi’s hair, stroking and petting reassuringly.

“So good,” Yoongi groans.

“Still not ‘mind-blowing,’ huh?” Jungkook jokes, and feels Yoongi’s amused puff of breath against his neck, Jimin giggling at their side. It feels oddly normal, given their current situation, but Jungkook finds he doesn’t mind at all. Instead of making things awkward it actually makes it more comfortable.

After a few more seconds of catching his breath, Yoongi begins to roll his hips again, gasping at the overstimulation but not slowing his movements.

“You don’t have to,” Jungkook starts to protest.

“Not finished,” Yoongi pouts, and Jimin threads his fingers through his hair and smiles proudly.

Yoongi doesn’t give Jungkook another moment to think about it before he’s lifting himself up, only a little bit, and grinding back down in a lazy, circular motion. Jungkook feels the air get punched out of his lungs and he groans.

“So hot, Kook-ah,” Yoongi whispers, finally releasing Jungkook’s hair and trailing his hand down to drag over the muscles of his chest, the hard planes of his stomach. “So fucking hot, you drive me crazy.”

“R-Really?” Jungkook gasps, Yoongi’s words sending a searing hot flare up his spine.

“Mmm,” Yoongi hums in agreement, rolling his hips in a steady, constant motion and leaning forward to capture Jungkook’s lips in another kiss. “Wanted you so bad. Wanted you to fuck me so bad,” he whispers into the kiss.

Fuck. Fuck there are so many emotions, so many thoughts running through his head, but the second Yoongi’s tongue brushes against his, they all go flying out the window. Yoongi bites at his lip and clenches around him.

“Let me see if you look as good when you come as I imagined,” Yoongi grins, fucking head tilted and Jungkook can’t stop himself from bucking his hips up two, three more times before he’s coming.

When he comes down from the high, he opens his eyes to find Yoongi watching him with an intense expression, lips curled into a smirk. “Even better,” he compliments, and Jungkook lets out a burst of surprised laughter.

“Jimin-ah,” Yoongi turns towards his boyfriend imploringly but Jimin just grins and shakes his head.

“Don’t worry about me,” he says a bit sheepishly, and when Jungkook looks down he can see the wetness staining the entire front of his tight grey boxers.

“Oh, thank god,” Yoongi groans, lifting himself off of Jungkook’s cock with a wet slide. “I’m fucking exhausted.” He flops onto the middle of the bed, one hand resting on his stomach and the other thrown out to the side, eyes closed and face peaceful as his chest rises and falls with his panting.

Jimin giggles and falls easily to one side of him, wrapping his arms around Yoongi’s middle and tucking the older boy’s head under his chin. Yoongi sighs contentedly and snuggles further into the hold and… Okay, Jungkook did not really think far enough ahead to have a plan for what to do when they started cuddling.

Because Jimin and Yoongi were a couple. And Jungkook was not. And the sex was over.

Jungkook pulls the condom off his dick and gets up to throw it away, tucking himself back into his pants and lingering for an awkward moment, not sure if he’s supposed to say ‘thank you’ before he leaves.

“Jungkook, what do you think you’re doing?” Jimin is glaring up at him from the bed, and okay apparently he had already overstayed his welcome.

“Sorry, I’m, uh, was just leaving.”

“You savage, haven't you ever heard of aftercare?” Jimin scowls and hugs Yoongi tighter, protectively. Yoongi rolls his eyes fondly.

“You want - am I supposed to do it?”

“You’re the one that fucked me, aren’t you?” Yoongi finally speaks up, lips twitching into a grin. And it’s sad that that’s all the invitation Jungkook needs before he’s crawling back into bed, curling up against Yoongi’s other side and pressing his face into his collarbone.

Yoongi sighs happily, and Jungkook can practically feel the way every muscle in his body melts into the double embrace. The sun is already mostly set by this point, and the window is cracked open to let in hazy summer air and the buzzing sound of cicadas.

It’s warm. Comfortable. Jungkook can feel himself starting to drift off, when Yoongi suddenly says, voice drowsy with impending sleep: “I can’t believe you came in your pants like a fucking teenager.”

Jimin lets out an indignant shriek and smacks Yoongi’s chest with no real heat behind it, and Jungkook can’t help but laugh along with Yoongi, while Jimin blushes and curses them both out.




They can’t have dozed off for more than half an hour, but when Yoongi comes to again, he feels more well-rested than he has in weeks. There are heavy, warm limbs splayed across every inch of his body, and fuck he loves that feeling.

It should be weird, the addition of Jungkook’s weight and his body heat. But it’s not.

The boy in question starts to slowly rouse from sleep, and when Yoongi turns his head to the other side and is met instantly by a soft kiss, he finds Jimin already awake.

Jungkook sits up, blinking down at them sleepily and rubbing at the back of his hair (that Yoongi had thoroughly ruined).

“Fuck. I really need to shower,” is what Jungkook says when he finally wakes up fully. Jimin giggles into Yoongi’s hair, and Yoongi just rolls his eyes.

“You really do,” he agrees, just for the unimpressed pout that Jungkook throws his way.

Cute. Jungkook is still cute. Yoongi’s glad sleeping together didn’t change that fact for him.

He’s still devastatingly attractive, but something wild and helpless that used to burn under his skin when he looked at Jungkook has significantly dulled into something less urgent. It feels good. Controlled.

Jungkook rubs at the back of his hair again, desperately trying to smooth it down and sighing when he realizes it’s a lost cause.

“Alright, well,” he says, starting for the door. Yoongi and Jimin watch him with matching amused, expectant expressions. “This was fun. See you guys…in the morning?” He offers with a shrug.

“See you in the morning,” Jimin agrees easily.

“Goodnight, Kook,” Yoongi grins, trying and failing to hide his newly manageable fondness on his face.

Jungkook nods to himself and turns for the door, but stops with his hand on the knob, looking back at them over his shoulder.

“I was thinking, if we ever do this again, I know Taehyung would really enjoy an invite. Just a thought. Goodnight hyungs.” He grins, wide and toothy and winks.

And then that little shit is gone.

Jimin and Yoongi sit in a beat of pregnant silence. Then, they speak all at once.

“I mean, if you wanted -“

“We really don’t have to -“

They both cut themselves off with a laugh, and Yoongi turns on his side to face Jimin, their legs tangled together.

“Did you like your reward?” Jimin teases.

“You’re such an ass,” Yoongi groans, ducking his head forward so that he and Jimin are pressed forehead to forehead. “But…thank you? I think?”

“You’re welcome, baby,” Jimin presses a kiss to the center of Yoongi’s forehead, pulling back with a wicked grin. “So, do you think Tae’s a dom or a sub?”

“Oh my god,” Yoongi groans, pretending to try and move away just because he knows it’ll make Jimin pull him back even tighter.

“I’m kidding, I’m kidding!” Jimin yelps through his laughter, predictably tugging Yoongi back towards him like a clingy octopus. “I love you,” he mumbles into the crown of Yoongi’s head.

“I love you, too,” Yoongi sighs against Jimin’s collarbone.

They fall quiet again, breaths slowly evening out, subconsciously syncing up with each other like they do every night, their bodies so attuned to each other they don’t even have to think about it.

“I think Tae’s a switch,” Yoongi says suddenly, breaking the silence. Jimin’s eyes fly open and Yoongi can’t hold back his ridiculous grin, which just sends Jimin into a fit of helpless laughter, clinging onto Yoongi even tighter and muffling his giggles in Yoongi’s hair.

“You’re an idiot,” Jimin declares, high and breathy.

“You’re the one who seduced our bandmate.”

“And neither of you minded very much, now did you?”

“Can’t wait to see how badly we traumatized him,” Yoongi grumbles.

“I think he’ll be just fine. Poor kid’s only had the biggest crush of all time on you for like, ever.”

“If Jin finds out we defiled his precious maknae he’s gonna kick our asses,” Yoongi shivers at the very idea of the eldest finding out what happened.

“Oh please, you think we defiled him? You’ve clearly never gotten up in the middle of the night for a glass of water and walked by him and Tae’s room.”

“Nope, I do not want to talk about this anymore.”

Jimin just laughs again and brushes their noses together. Yoongi tries to keep the disgusted look on his face, but finds himself smiling and melting against Jimin, easy and familiar.

There was something exciting about introducing something new into their routine, and Yoongi would definitely be on board with doing something similar in the future, but there was nothing that compared to the slow, sleepy way Jimin smiled at him and held him like he had nowhere else in the world he’d rather be.

(Though Yoongi wouldn’t object if Jungkook came back.)