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(Originally posted in my Flash Fiction Fuckin's story, but moved to here to keep all my Chip Fics together.)

Chip Fics
01: Tharja + Teaching
-by Drace Domino

“Ohh, stop squirming, dear Robin…” Tharja cooed as her hands slowly tightened around Robin’s bare shoulders, holding her new boy toy all the tighter. With her hands occupied it was up to Robin to guide himself inside, but it’d never happen the way he kept wiggling around! “You’re going to make me very impatient...and you don’t want that.”

It wasn’t a question - he absolutely didn’t.

“I’m...I’m sorry, Tharja, it’s just...this is all new!” Robin whimpered, a few locks of silver hair dancing across his brow. He moved a hand to the base of his bare cock and tried to hold it steady, once more lining himself up against Tharja’s wet, ready slit. The witch was wearing nothing more than the most revealing parts of her signature body stocking - legs and arms were tinted with the smooth see-through material while leaving her breasts and nethers exposed. It was hard to blame Robin for being nervous and fidgety; he had never seen a pair of tits before only to be suddenly confronted with Tharja’s. It impressive pair to start out with. “Do I just...just push it inside?”

Tharja, despite the way her nails were digging in against Robin’s shoulders, was being rather patient. In part because it delighted her; seeing her Robin squirm under all this attention was almost as delicious as the knowledge he had turned his back on all other women for her. Everything was falling into place for her sinister plans, and the very next step was for this “strategist” to figure out how to invade her pussy. She gave him a simple nod, and licked her lips in hungry fashion as she spread her thighs even further.

“It’s as simple as that, Robin.” She purred, pressing her rump further to the mattress and keeping herself available. “With any other girl you’d have to go slow, but not with me,” Her hands spread out, smoothing across her lover’s bare back, around his waist, and ultimately crossing his chest once more. “No, your beloved Tharja can take it as hard as you want. I’m the only one that can handle your...fury.”

Fury was a big word for what she was getting so far, but it was a learning curve. She had to teach her fel-burdened lover to fuck before he could ravish her properly with sexual desire and dark magic.

“ it goes.” Robin finally gulped, and pushed his hips forward to begin. Despite Tharja’s words he went slowly; pushing his cock in just a few short inches as pleasure started to creep across him. The grip was...glorious. Warm, tight, remarkably wet. If he had so desired he would’ve had no problem thrusting himself down all the way to the hilt just like Tharja had said, but he wasn’t sure his poor heart couldn’t handle it. Instead he merely halted there with his cock half-stuffed into Tharja’s pussy, a blush rising over his cheeks. “’s so feels so good…”

“Oh, dear, sweet, precious Robin.” Tharja cooed once more, a sweetness riding in her voice that hid the woman she could truly be. Her hands slid down once more until she could take two tight fistfuls of his bare ass, and as her fingers pressed against the tender flesh her eyes gazed to Robin’s, and she spoke in a tone that started sweetly - but soon turned menacing, dark, and intimidating. “If you don’t make love to me soon, I...I’ll...I’ll curse you so you’ll never leave this bedroom!”

WIth that, Tharja pulled in as hard as she could, yanking Robin’s ass forward and forcing him to flood her pussy with his cock. Her walls were stretched around him in delight and Robin shuddered as a warm sheathe fell over his length, goosebumps rising on his flesh as he gave a sharp and sudden cry. With his prick hilted as deep as it could go, Tharja leaned in close, her lips teasing at the corner of his ear.

“Pull out, and then shove back in, my dear Robin.” She half-begged, half-threatened. Her hands started to release against the grip on his ass, but it was quite clear that if he didn’t do exactly what she wanted they’d be going right back with a vengeance. “Keep going until I allow you to stop. And if you don’t…”

“’ll curse me?” Robin whimpered, and bit down on his bottom lip. For most men, the threat of a curse might have hindered their ability to perform. But for Robin? Oddly enough, it only made him all the harder. was probably because Tharja had already cursed him to respond that way.

From there, the strategist braced his hands to the bed and began to thrust with every ounce of strength he could muster. His hips rolled back and forth, every inch of his impressive length filled the tender pussy of the witch, and he started to move with more confidence and control. They still had a long way to go before Robin truly became the sexual creature that Tharja desired, but...she was content in taking the time to teach him. After all, she had already won a true treasured prize in his affection...and now that he was fucking her, she knew Robin would never stray to another woman.

Really. There were about thirteen hexes that would trample him like a stagecoach if he even dared think about straying.

And in the meantime, Tharja would keep teaching him. Teaching him how to fuck her, how to fill her pussy with cum, and how to keep her perfectly pleased at all time.

The lessons would not be easy...or even painless. But they would be tremendous fun for the witch and the strategist she had somehow enthralled.

The End.