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Ephesus, Roman Empire 57AD


Jimin poked his finger into the pool to check if the water was still warm. He frowned. The water wasn't as warm as he would like, but it was still warm enough to be comfortable for Master.

Master’s personal bath was located outside in a garden that was connected to the house. It'd taken him nearly all day to heat up enough water and transfer it to the bath.

“Heats slowly and cools quickly,” Jimin grumbled as he walked back to the entrance of the garden and stood attentively. As much as he'd like to spend some time sitting down, such was not permitted for slaves unless explicitly stated by one of the Master’s or his guests.

In a house like this, a slave was to be careful. The younger Master was a Roman Tribune. The second-in-command to the Commander. The commander of the Roman armies remains one of the most prestigious positions one could have and by extension, the Tribune was also a high-ranking member in society.

Jimin thought back to all of the tribunes that he’d when they’d come to visit the household. Tribunes tended to be quite young men of athletic physique, ready to lead an army one day. Many of them will even go on to be senators after serving so many years in the military.

With possible future lawmakers and leaders passing through here so often, a slave needed to be a perfectionist.

Today would be no different than any other day. There was a feast happening in the evening. A celebration of a successful battle in the east. Although the soldiers and commanders had returned home weeks prior, the feast had been postponed to allow time for the invited to spend with their families or heal from wounds.

Jimin could smell the fresh bread that other slaves were cooking in the kitchens. His shoulders sagged and he knitted his eyebrows. He probably wouldn't be able to eat any of the food served at the feast today. The food was for free Romans.

He shook his head, he should be happy that he got to be a slave in the Master's house. This was one of the wealthiest households in the entire area. He was a slave to one of the most important people in Roman civilization. His robes and sandals were more expensive than many would ever make in their entire lives. Some slaves in other households don't even get food to eat for days on end. At least here, he has a meal to eat once a day, even if it isn't feasting worthy.


Jimin heard the Master's voice shouting in the distance. The sounds of horse hooves could be heard slamming against the ground repeatedly, getting closer and closer. Jimin scrambled to dust off his white robes and stand straighter. He schooled his expression, determined to please.

The gates were pulled open and before long, Jimin could hear two pairs of footsteps making their way through the house.

“You have got to work on your temper, boy! These men won't take you seriously as a commander if you have to yell to get their obedience.”

Jimin could make out the quiet voices of idle slaves greeting their Masters. They knew to keep quiet enough to not interfere with the conversation but were not so stupid as to keep quiet entirely.

“But father, you shout high and low from dawn till dusk at them! Isn't that a bit hypocritical?”

Jimin noticed that the two voices were right at the entrance of the garden behind him.

“Do not insult me! I am your father. It's that the man I raised?”

There was a long silence before the young Master responded, “No.”

“Do not make me strike you, Jungkook. Address me properly.”

“No, father.”

Master’s father sighed, “Why don't you go sit in the bath, son? I sent word for the water to be heated for you. We have a great feast in the evening. Who knows, you might meet a woman.”

There was the sound of ruffling cloths, “Thank you, father.”

With that, the two departed and the young Tribune walked into the garden. Jimin quickly bowed, “Greetings Master. I prepared a bath for you.”

As Jimin straightened up, he was greeted by the sight of the young commander. The young Master didn’t say a word. Instead, he stood in front of Jimin with his arms spread horizontally. Jimin knew exactly what that meant.

He was clad in full military armor and wanted Jimin to take care of it.

Jimin took a deep breath and stood on his toes in order to remove the golden, leaf headband from atop his head without dragging it across the skin too much. Both the headband and the Master were worth more than Jimin’s existence so it would be rather upsetting if either were to get damaged. As soon as the headdress was off, Jimin spared a quick glance at the Master.

The Master’s hair was wet with sweat from the Roman heat and his eyes we're currently closed. Jimin thanked the Gods in his head for had the Master been staring at him right now, he's not sure he'd be able to keep his hands from shaking during the rest of the process. It was no secret that he grew nervous under the other's gaze.

Next, Jimin placed the headband down gently before taking the gauntlets off of each of the Master’s arms. He was careful not to linger.

Piece by piece, the rest of the armor was removed with rehearsed efficiency. Jimin then knelt down to untie Master’s sandals.  Accidentally getting stuck on a knot, he was forced to tug harshly on the rope that held the sandals together.

“What are you doing?”

Jimin froze and peered up at the young Tribune, “I- I’d caught a knot by accident. Excuse my clumsiness, Master!”

The Master cocked his eyebrow and stared back at Jimin, amused, “How many times have I told you that you can call me by name, Jimin? And yet you still call me your Master...”

Jimin reddened at the face and shook his head, “I'm sorry, Mas… Master.” Jimin paused to gauge any reaction. When there was none, he continued, “I feel more comfortable calling you this way. What if the Head of the House catches me calling you informally?” Jimin ducked his head under the Master’s unwavering gaze and waited for his scolding. A slave was not supposed to question the requests of authority.

“Don't worry. Father is on the other side of this house. You already know I wouldn't mind you calling me by name, but it is up to you, Jimin. You may proceed.”

Jimin stiffened at hearing his name. A Master calling his slave by name was a great show if respect. It would be rude if him not to return the favor. “Thank you...Master Jungkook.”

Jungkook chuckled, “That's a start.”

Jimin blushed once more at the awkwardness of it all. It was getting harder and harder to keep his facial expression neutral under such an intense gaze, but he was still in his knees so he worked quickly to untie the remainder of the sandals before removing them entirely. It at least gave him an excuse to keep his head down.

Once standing again, Jimin turned around and bent over to pick up the stray pieces of armor on the floor.

“What about my robe?” Jungkook inquired.

Jimin internally screamed. He stood again and faced Jungkook. He had never asked to be stripped of his robe before. Master must have been exhausted from his duties today.

Placing the armor back onto the floor, Jimin made his way to Jungkook’s front. His hands shook as he reached for the belt around Jungkook waist and untied it. Once the belt was undone, Jimin spread the robe open. He told himself he wouldn't let his eyes linger, but his eyes served no one but themselves.

Jungkook had a muscular chest and abdomen, shiny from a layer of sweat that still remained. Jimin would compare it to that of the many statues situated on the streets. His eyes darted even lower against his will. It was only for a moment, but he had seen something he could not forget.

Jungkook was partially lengthened.

Jimin jumped and removed the rest of the robe in record time. He refused to look at Jungkook directly, aiming to keep him only in his peripherals.

“Like what you see?” Jungkook spun playfully in the corner of Jimin’s eye, “I've worked hard for this body! I wouldn't fault you for looking.”

Jimin refused to look but he felt his lower region stirring regardless and became unsure of his sexuality for a moment. He folded the robe and placed it with the rest of the armor. Gathering everything in a basket, he finally spoke, “Would Master excuse me while he bathes?”

Jungkook laughed at that. “What are you getting so worked up about! It was only a joke! What are you, a homosexual?”

Jimin wanted to answer him but could not find his voice. No, he hadn’t spent much time thinking about whether or not he would call himself a homosexual, although homosexual interactions were not all uncommon in Rome. He was too focused on hiding the real reason he stood faced away from Jungkook.

“You are excused. Send another slave to bring me my towels in half an hour.”

Jimin had never felt so relieved in his life.



“What a magnificent feast!”

Jimin stood in the corner of the dining hall with a wine pitcher in his hands, waiting for someone to motion him over for a refill.

Around the table sat multiple Roman military men of high stature. The majority of them wore the robes of a commander and some of them wore the robes of a tribune like Jungkook.

“Ah, a magnificent feast for a magnificent battle,” Jungkook’s father spoke as he clapped his friend on the back.

The feast went on for some time as everyone was in a good mood. Jungkook’s father chatted with the older generals whilst Jungkook shared light jokes with the other Tribunes from across Rome. Jimin and the other slaves kept themselves occupied amongst the chatter by fulfilling their duties when necessary.

Jimin was beginning to zone out until he saw one of the tribunes motion him over to refill his cup of wine. As he got closer to the table the smell of the freshly cooked food attacked his nostrils. From the corner of the room he was able to block it out, but from here it was harder. Once reaching the table, he began to pour wine into the young man’s glass. As he filled it up, he couldn't keep his eyes away from the bread on one of the tribunes plates. It was golden brown on top, shiny from whatever sweet topping was placed on it.

“Would you like some bread, Jimin?” Jungkook spoke from one seat down at the table?

Jimin looked towards the older generals and to Jungkook’s father but saw that they were pay no mind to this side of the table, too busy speaking amongst themselves. A master offering a slave food from the feast?

Jimin shook his head and tried to exit from the table. Before he could make another step, he felt Jungkook pull on the back of his robe. Jimin turned around again and stood by Jungkook, “Yes?”

“Come on. There's too much bread here and we couldn't possibly finish it all tonight. It would be rude for this bread to go to waste.” Jungkook nodded at his friends around the table as if to ask for their confirmation. When they made noises of agreement, Jungkook placed one hand on the small of Jimin’s back, “Try this sweet bread right here. It's one of my favorites!”

Jimin first looked at Jungkook. His eyes were slightly glossy from the wine, but they were otherwise normal. He watched us Jungkook reached with his free hand to tear up a piece of the sweet bread. He then lifted his hand up to Jimin's mouth.


Jimin's eyes went wide, and he looked once more to the other side of the table to see if any of the older generals were looking at him. It was one thing for a master to speak to his slave informally, and it was another thing for the master to feed him from his hand like a child.

When Jimin found that the other generals were still not paying them any mind, he relaxed a little bit. He then he looked towards Jungkook's friends and saw that they were all looking at him. Blushing, he and reached up with his hand to try and take the bread from Jungkook's fingers.

Jungkook pulled the bread back with a noise of disapproval, “I said open wide.”

Jimin slowly opened his mouth and Jungkook placed the bread in his mouth before patting him on the head, “Good boy.”

The bread was good! Jimin hadn't tasted anything so warm and sweet since he was a child. As Jimin chewed happily, he felt Jungkook's hand that was on his waist slide down over his bottom and squeeze slightly before releasing him completely.

Jimin yelped, and began coughing on the bread in his throat. He tried to make himself smaller as the other Tribunes begun to laugh loudly.

Jungkook’s father shouted over the chatter, “Have some manners, boy! Don't cough all over my son and his guests! Are you sick?”

“No, Master! I am most certainly fine,” Jimin bowed and held the wine pitcher close to him as he quickly went back to his position at the corner of the room. He spared a glance and Jungkook and saw that the other was still looking at him, Jimin averted his gaze to his sandals.

Must have been a slip of the hand, Jimin thought.

As the night went on, he decided to lift his gaze again and watch the feast from the corner of the room. By this point, the feast had elevated in excitement. Jungkook’s father was laughing hysterically at a story that was being told by one of his age-mates, slapping his hands on the table in merriment. Some of the men flirted with the noblewomen atop their laps with slurred voices and there was a constant sheet of noise in the room as people shuffled about and had conversations that only made sense to the one another. Jimin chuckled. The wine had finally settled in, then.

He sighed and shifted his feet. They were quite sore from standing still for so long. It was also a particularly warm night and so Jimin wiped some of the sweat rolling down his forehead.

His eyes drifted, once more, to Jungkook’s side of the table. He was not looking at Jimin now but rather sharing conversation with the other young Tribunes. Jimin suddenly felt bold and allowed his eyes to roam and studied his face. The young features on Jungkook’s face were on display now that the wine had softened him up. Jimin was struck with the remembrance that the Master was not that much older than him. In fact, they were the same age.

Jimin was brought here as a teenager after his family could no longer financially support themselves. When his parents heard that the Jeon household was looking for some new servants, the deal was too good to pass up. The Jeon’s were known to treat their servants somewhat nicely- in exchange for good service that is. In return, Jimin would one day be relieved of his servanthood and be given enough money to have a survivable future. Meanwhile, his parents receive a payment monthly for Jimin’s servitude.

Jimin eyes remained on Jungkook as he thought about his past. While Jimin was still being trained and Jungkook had not yet taken up any military duties, Jimin believed them to be somewhat friends. He and Jungkook would play in secret. Sometimes Jungkook would even allow Jimin to come to his room so that he may retell the amusing stories of the gods.

Jimin blushed as he remembered one of the stories.

“Why is Dionysus your favorite god?”, Jimin asked.

Jungkook rolled his eyes but smiled anyway, “Because!”

“Because what?”

“Because...because Dionysus does whatever he wants!”

“Like what?” Jimin giggled at Jungkook’s frustration and goaded him some more, “Spit it out already! Before someone catches me in here!’

Jungkook put his head on his hand and thought, “Well...he makes wine and has a lot of feasts.”

“Oh, how fascinating!” Jimin started sarcastically. This was too good.

Jungkook balled his fist looked flustered before blurting out, “And he’s loved by everyone! Even the male gods want to lay with him. One time he even made a wooden cock that he named after his friend and used it on himself just because he can!” Jungkook laughed at the latter part.

Jimin gasped, “A man using a wooden cock on himself?”

Jungkook paused and eyed Jimin cautiously, “Do you have a problem with him being...that way?”

Jimin thought for a moment, “No I don’t have a problem with that. I’m just wondering how bad it must have hurt! But he is a god, after it must not have hurt him at all.” He hid his face and chuckled again.

“Have you ever tried it?”

Jimin jumped to his feet, “No!”

Jungkook burst out laughing and chased Jimin around the room childishly. He finally caught up to Jimin and grabbed him from behind before squeezing their bodies together. “I heard it feels good!~”

Jimin suddenly felt too warm but for what reason, he did not know. They wrestled for a moment,  “Stop it, Jungkook! Tell me a different story or else I’ll yell and get both of us in trouble!”

Jimin shook his head at the embarrassing memory. In the confines of his room, he had tried it. Not that anyone needed to know. As time went on, they spent less and less time together but Jungkook always made sure to call Jimin more than any of the other servants. Jimin found it more annoying than anything.

Jungkook still ate and drank at the table, clad in a white robe with golden embroidery. A beautiful, leather belt was fastened around his waist. A purple robe cascaded from his shoulders and the golden headband atop his head glittered under the fire’s light. Jimin could admit in the privacy of his own head that the man was handsome.

Just like that, Jimin felt self-conscious about his simple attire. He ran his hand through his hair. How much longer would this feast be going? It showed no signs of slowing down.

“Boy! More wine please!”

Jimin hastily made his way back to Jungkook’s side of the table where one of the Tribunes had called him from. After pouring his wine, Jimin decided to refill everyone else’s cups so that he wouldn’t have to be called again for some time.

“You must be tired,” Jungkook inquired when Jimin reached his cup.

Jimin continued to pour his drink and was careful not to spill. “It’s no problem, young Master.” When Jimin tried to move away, Jungkook held his wrist. Jimin met his eyes and frowned at the drunkenness that he could see behind them. Jungkook was not a slurred talker when drunk, but you could still tell from his body movements and eyes.

Jungkook smiled a little too brightly, “Come! Sit for a while and rest.” Jungkook pulled Jimin onto his lap before scooting his chair back in. he took the wine pitcher from Jimin’s hand, “Here, take some of my sweet bread. I won’t finish it anyway.”

Jungkook tore a piece of bread off and lifted it to Jimin’s mouth. Tp both Jimin and Jungkook’s surprise, he took it into his mouth without any protest.

“Oh how generous you are, commander Jungkook!” a blonde, short-haired Tribune spoke from his place at the table, “Feeding a slave from your plate.”

Jungkook patted Jimin’s shoulder proudly, “Why yes, Taehyung, he is one of my best. He and I used to be quite close when I was younger.”

“Very well.”

The conversation on this side of the table resumed. Jimin began to feel awkward again as he realized where he was sitting, or rather who he was sitting on. He made a move to stand up but Jungkook’s hand was still on his shoulder.

Jungkook then wrapped his arms around Jimin’s middle section and leaned both of them backward, “I’ve missed you.”

Jimin blushed, “What?”

Jimin tensed in surprise when Jungkook leaned in to whisper in his ear, “I’ve missed you. And all the fun things we used to do.”

Jungkook dropped his right hand down to Jimin’s thigh and begun to massage it from above his robe, “Why are you tense? It’s me isn’t it?”

Jimin shrugged his shoulders and so Jungkook continued, “Let us catch up. Tell me a story while we feast. What have you been up to? ”

Jimin looked into Jungkook’s eyes and saw that he was being genuine, so he wracked his brain for some of the rather interesting things he’s experienced while being a servant in this house. In time and with the help of a little wine, Jimin relaxed.

“And then when I went to go fetch some water, I saw one of the neighbors trying to get on top of a horse!” A bundle of giggles wracked through Jimin before he could finish his sentence, “But he was too short and so he fell face first into the mud. I tried so hard not to laugh, I swear it!” Jimin laughed louder and flung his body forwards. He would have landed directly onto the table had Jungkook not been holding him around his abdomen.

Jungkook adjusted Jimin again, “You’re quite the drinker aren’t you?” he lifted his hands and poked Jimin on his sides playfully, “Has the wine made you forget that you’re almost as short as the neighbor?”

Jimin gasped. Both at the poking and at comments being made about his height. He slapped Jungkook lightly on the thigh as it was the only body part that was easily accessible to him,  “Don’t make fun of my height, Jungkook!”

Jungkook eyed Jimin mischievously and whispered, “What’s this? Hitting the Master?

Jungkook grabbed both of Jimin’s wrists on one hand and placed the other on his cock above the robe, “I should punish you for that.”

Jimin jerked in surprise. Maybe it was an accident? He tried to ignore the warm hand that rested atop his groin, “I thought you didn’t want me to call you that?”

Despite his best wishes, he felt his body heating up and his cock getting heavier. It was difficult to focus on anything else now that his senses were focused on one particular part of his body.

Oh Gods, what is happening?

Jungkook palmed Jimin and began to rub gently, “It is true. I prefer you call me Jungkook.”

Jimin’s face went red as Jungkook continued his ministrations. The friction was too good and Jungkook’s hand somehow knew just how to touch him. How long has it been since I had release?

Jimin tried to hold it in but the alcohol had loosened his tongue. A small moan slid its way out of his lips and he felt Jungkook groan in response.

Jungkook looked around to make sure no one was looking before he slid his hand underneath Jimin’s robe. Since they were seated on one of the ends of the table, only those who walked behind them could see what was going on underneath. He chuckled as he grasped Jimin’s fully hard cock.

When Jungkook made no move to pump his hand, Jimin began bucking his hips up and down.

“Look how aroused you are before me,” Jungkook gripped Jimin’s member tighter. He could feel the wetness of pre-release on his hand. He used his other hand to hold Jimin’s hips down so that Jimin didn’t move enough to get them caught.

When Jungkook began to grind his hips upward in response, Jimin almost lost his mind. He moaned louder this time and Jungkook pinched his cock in warning. In other circumstances, Jimin might have been upset, but the thrill of getting caught made it all the better.

At this point, Jimin believed that he might not even care at all if they got caught. All that was on his mind was reaching his orgasm. “Jungkook…” he whispered.

“I want you so much. I need it. Right here.” Jungkook used his hand to gather up some of the pre-cum from Jimin and spread it around his fingers. He maneuvered his hand as best he could to Jimin’s hole.

When Jimin realized what he was doing, he tensed.

Jungkook noticed and paused. The words came out of his mouth cautiously, “Have you ever?”

Jimin was silent for a moment as embarrassment filled him. He nodded his head but did not face Jungkook, “I have.”

Jungkook softened and pressed the side of his cheek to the back of Jimin’s neck. It was the closest thing to a kiss that he could do right now. “Hmm...I will be gentle. You will enjoy this. Pinch me if it is too painful.”


Jungkook circled Jimin’s hole with one finger before slowly pressing it in. Anytime he felt tension, he waited until is subsided before continuing.

Jimin, expecting to pinch Jungkook right away, was surprised when he felt Jungkook’s finger bottom out without too much pain. Jungkook reached around and begun pumping Jimin again and before Jimin knew it, Jungkook was trying to inch a third finger inside of him.

The feeling of being filled settled and Jimin began to feel himself opening up more and more. Jungkook rubbed the inside of him from angles that Jimin could never quite reach alone. The feeling of warmth suddenly enveloped Jimin’s entire lower region and he ground his hips subconsciously.

Jungkook took his movements as his cue to continue. He reached beneath Jimin’s legs and pulled the hem of his own robe higher. He let out a sharp exhale when he felt his cock spring upwards and onto Jimin's thigh.

He had been neglecting his own pleasure, in favor of getting Jimin prepped. Wasting no time, he grabbed the tip of his cock and spread his pre-cum as best as he could over his shaft, “Fuck.”

Jungkook pressed the tip of his cock to Jimin's hole and Jimin whined lowly in agreement.

Jungkook carefully slid himself deeper and deeper until he was fully sheathed within Jimin’s wet heat. He took a second to calm himself, “You feel better than I imag-”

“So, Jungkook!” Jimin froze. Jungkook's father was looking directly at them. The sudden tension ended up squeezing Jungkook's cock tightly. Jimin felt Jungkook thrust up shakily in response. “How goes your training?”

Jungkook paused and then continued to thrust gently, “It goes well!”

Jimin couldn't believe it. He did his best to maintain a poker face. Hopefully, no one would look too closely at his expressions.

Jungkook sped up his thrusts, “Yes~ I will take the position of a real commander soon enough. I will take it,” he punctuated his words with particularly deep thrusts.

Jimin bit his lip.

“That’s my boy!” Jungkook’s father turned his eyes toward Jimin, “Ah! Jimin! Come and refill my cup.”

On instinct, Jimin quickly leaned forward and grab the wine pitcher that he left on the table. He then stood up rapidly, momentarily forgetting that he had a cock in him.

He gritted his teeth at the weird feeling that was left behind in Jungkook’s absence. He held pitcher close to his groin so that he could hide his rather angry erection that was underneath his robe. Taking a deep breath, he made his way to the other side of the table and poured the wine.

Proud of himself for not spilling, Jimin confidently made his way back to Jungkook. This time, Jungkook held his cock straight up and looked at Jimin expectantly.

Jimin didn't wait for any instruction as he swiftly planted himself onto Jungkook cock without warning. Only this time, the angle had caused the tip of Jungkook to press against something more pleasurable than Jimin had ever felt before, “Gods!”

Jungkook quickly jumped in when a few of the Tribunes glanced over, “The clumsy boy stubbed his toe.” They gave him understanding nods before turning away again.

Jimin ground his hips harder than he had before, making both of their chests rumble with silent moans. His cock felt like it would explode any moment now.

Jungkook gave a strong thrust into the unknown pleasurable place within Jimin and with that, Jimin felt himself cum all over the underside of the table.

“It feels good? Hm?” Jungkook’s thrusts became increasingly erratic as Jimin clenched his hole throughout his orgasm, “Jungkook’s cock pleasures you? Tell me you want my seed.”

Through the post-orgasm haze, Jimin managed to lean his head back onto Jungkook’s shoulder. “I want your seed.”

Jungkook groaned deeply as he came inside if Jimin. After a few moments, he pulled out.

Jimin shivered before yell-whispering, “Why didn't you pull it out beforehand! I can feel your seed dripping out of me!” He shifted uncomfortably to accentuate his point.

“Would you rather I relieve myself on the back of your robe?” Jungkook asked sarcastically. “Maybe next time I will be more than happy to pull out… or not. ”

Jimin turned his head to face Jungkook completely. He blushed at the implication.

Jungkook patted Jimin's shoulder, “Come. I wish to take a bath. You can clean yourself there as well.”

Jungkook made Jimin stand up before getting up himself, “Ah, I am very sorry to dismiss myself but I remain quite tired after today's travels.”

The people gave their farewells and compliments to Jungkook.

Jungkook bowed before exiting the dining hall, his cape swaying as he walked.

Jimin followed.