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Fandomstuck: HetaOni's Picnic

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New Note! (all other notes on here are the Initially notes I wrote for this story)

I wrote this fic back on 10/4/2015. So...yeah, I ended in on 3/1 1/2016. I think??? I don't know why I never posted it on here. Guess I forget? I don't know. I started on a rewritten version of this, but I stopped working on it ages ago,  however I think I might get back on it soon since it would be a fun little project! ^w^

 3th P.O.V.

It was a nice day at Tumblr Headquarters. The wind was soft and calming. The birds of Twitter were flying around. Singing their songs of tweets, yes; nothing could go wrong on this find day. At least, that's what HetaOni thought. You see HetaOni doesn't really like being inside all day, in fear that he might get locked in.

But he sure wished in stayed in today. In fact, he though doing anything else, was better than this.