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Casual Wednesday

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Summary It all started as a off handed remark by Gavin for Connor to get a new wardrobe change...



It has been two months since Markus marched valiantly down the streets of Detroit and claimed the freedom for Androids. Two months since, he watched Connor March down the street with thousands of Androids on the news.

Two months since he got knocked out cold by Connor in the evidence room. He still gets headaches from time to time where Connor hit him in the head.

Because damn Connor hit hard. By the time Gavin came to in the evidence room he was aware of three things. First, was his nose was bleeding, two he had a minor concussion where Connor knocked him out. Thirdly, he felt like a major asshole.

He came home almost in a trance he felt like he was operating on autopilot his mind was elsewhere. He had done a lot of thinking and after analyzing his interactions with Connor he realized he was the lowest scum on the earth.

Gavin has not seen Connor since the Revolution. More accurately he hasn't seen him in person. He has been on the news with Markus and the rest of Jericho as they talk about how the new laws are progressing.

Gavin wanted Connor to come back so they could start over and try to gain some common ground. But, sadly it seemed that Connor might not come back.

Even if Connor did come back. That he would never give him a chance because honestly he won't give himself another chance either.

Two months since Gavin got some sense knocked into him literally and figuratively and realized how much of a douchebag he was
towards everyone Connor most of all.

So, here he was laying in bed getting up to go back to work. Unsure why Connor was on his mind so much today or at all. A part of him will always feel bitter about the creation of Androids because of Elijah.

But, damn it he is tired of harboring such negative thoughts for the past twenty years it has affected how he handled relationships, work and his friends.

He was gonna try to be a better person. He was going to learn how to be happy and for some reason Connor makes him feel warm inside.

Gavin was happy he no longer had to dress in a police uniform since he made Detective but he still gets excited to see what people's fashion tastes are.

Gavin fed his cats and put on his favorite brown jacket and left his cold one bedroom apartment towards the precinct.

When he arrived however he was met with confetti, balloons, and a banner hung over the office that read,”Welcome back Connor!”.

There standing in a Halo of light coming from the window smiling and laughing looking more alive and less like the machine two months ago was Connor.

He was swarmed by the rest of the DPD when Gavin sat down at his desk. A bit of disgust surfaced as he looked at Connor. He still had that stupid uniform from Cyberlife.


Suddenly, without thinking he marched towards Connor with a scowl “ Hello, dipshit you think you can march back in here wearing that crap as if nothing has changed. I'm gonna get you back for what you did to my face asswipe”!

Gavin snapped as he poked Connor in the chest emphasizing his frustration towards the Androids clothes.

It took him a while to sink in what he said the good mood the party set was diminished from Connor's face and instead Connor looked scared, alarmed, worried and uncertain his LED flashing between yellow and red.

“Connor remember what we talked about”. Hank said sternly as he stood folding his arms across his chest.

Connor's alarmed face morphed from one of fear and alarm to indifference and annoyance as he adjusted his tie and then stood up straight.

Allowing his taller stature to easily make Gavin feel a rush of regret, nervousness and something else he could not quite identify a sort of rush in his heart causing his palms to sweat and his cheeks to flush a bright pink.

“Gavin, I'm alive now your actions that you have done in the past now have consequences so I recommend that you and I remain civil from now”.

Connor said slyly gone was the obedient plastic pet and was replaced by a Connor with spunk and a air of confidence. So, this is what Connor was like outside of his coding? Incredible.

Gavin nodded. ” I'm sorry Plastic-I mean ..He took a deep breath and continued. Connor I don't know what came over me to be honest I saw you in your old uniform and I just lost it”.

Connor tilted his head for a moment and then smiled and said, “ I understand many people felt the same However these are the only clothes I have minus the clothes I had taken from a abandoned thrift store during the revolution”.

Gavin smiled back his cheeks flushed a deep red under Connor's stare. Gavin knew he should stop staring but he couldn't look away.It was as if he was seeing Connor for the first time. Was Connor’s eyes always so captivating?

Was Gavin blinded by hatred so much that he failed to see the clear expressive eyes Connor possessed? Even before the revolution Connor always had a sense of humanity in him that separated him from the blank Androids that were at the precinct.

Connor couldn't help but be captivated by Gavin he scanned every inch of his face and his cheeks tinted a pale shade of blue as everyone gathered around the cake.

Androids got a recent update since the Revolution and can now taste, smell, breath, feel pain and other sinations like heat or cold.

It was then as he laughed along side Gavin and the members of the DPD he made a decision he was going to grab Gavin's attention.

Connor admitted to Gavin having a point there is no use for him to still have this uniform not after everything that had happened.

Connor walked up to Hank and stood nervously as he flipped his coin and avoided eye contact. Connor saw Hank as a father figure he knew he could trust Hank with this.

“Hank I was wondering if we could go clothes shopping after this I'm tired of wearing this uniform”. Connor said with a hint of embarrassment and nervousness the flip of his coin growing faster the longer he stood.


Hank looked back and forth between them and then shrugged and took a sip of coffee. Hank understands what is happening but doesn't want to get in the way eventually when Connor figures it out he might give him the dad talk until then he will keep a eye on Reed.


“Okay we can go shopping but not today right now let's just enjoy your welcome back party son”. Hank said uncharacteristically soft it was rare that Hank’s voice wasn't raised or cursing angrily at something so to see Hank's soft side brought a smile to Connor's face.

When next Wednesday came around Gavin was not sure what to expect. He sighed with contentment as he took a sip of coffee as he entered the office. What he saw next made Gavin nearly drop his cup.

Connor was amazingly hot looking today. Gavin always wondered what Connor would look like outside of of his uniform. But, this passed his expectations.

Connor was wearing a leather jacket with a camouflage tank top, dark blue jeans and a dark grey beanie a freaking beanie!


Connor spotted him and smiled a hint of blue dusting his cheeks when he noticed Gavin staring . He was unsure if the tank top was too much. But, Hank said that it will help boost his relationship with Gavin.

Understanding social cues was still a issue for him so when he noticed Hank snickering with a small mischievous laugh he didn't question it.

But, now he knew what Hank was up to when he picked up Gavin's heart rate from across the room alerting Connor to his presents.

Gavin walked to him and Connor watched in fascination and amusement as Gavin opened his mouth and shut it again repeatedly. Before he coughed into his hand. “Connor you look amazing”.

Gavin said with such warmth and conviction that Connor could feel his whole face turn blue Connor couldn't find the words so he just muttered a soft thank you.

“So “ They both said at the same time making both of them blush deeper than before.

“You go first Detective”.

“No, you go first you can call me Gavin by the way you don't have to be so formal it is weird”.

“Sorry I'm still learning how to integrate into the workplace”.

“It is fine no need to apologise Connor”.

“Go ahead Connor “

“You sure ?”


Connor rubbed the back of his head and then looked down at the ground. “So, Gavin I hope these Clothes are optimal and that would you consider going somewhere with me sometime I mean you don't have to I completely understand if you don't”.

Gavin smiled at the flustered Android as he held his hand with Connor's and said, “Of course I will dipshit “ he said the insult no longer used to harm or beraid but as a term of endearment.