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Looking back, Eddie wasn't sure why he hadn't seen the signs. He and his other had been pregnant, carrying new life inside them, and Eddie hadn't even noticed until someone told him. Right before the labor pains set in.

Maybe his other had every right to be a little bit miffed that Eddie hadn't figured it out on his own. He had been mad at first that it hadn't just told him. But after giving birth, after seeing their miraculous child alive and thriving and absolutely breathtaking, there was no room for anything but love and awe at the life they'd brought into the world together.

So beautiful.

Want it to grow up right this time, Eddie.

They'd spent the first night sleeping on the floor of the lab next their baby's incubation chamber. Or rather, Eddie slept, but his other didn't need to. It stayed awake, tending to their child, nurturing it, giving it the basic chemicals it needed to grow up healthy and strong.

The second night, Liz stopped in and insisted that they go home so both Eddie and the baby could rest. Neither Eddie nor his other liked that idea, but young symbiotes were different than human infants.  Truthfully, it barely needed anything from them anymore. As long as it had enough nourishment while it matured, it was fine. They simply didn't want it to grow up without knowing their affection. But Eddie needed the rest. Even if he wouldn't admit it, his other could sense the exhaustion sinking in.

Will see it tomorrow, the symbiote promised Eddie. It pushed tempting thoughts into his mind, coaxing him. Food. Shower. Bed. The reality of his dingy little apartment wasn't nearly as appealing as the warm promises that the symbiote whispered into his head, but with his beloved, it didn't matter where Eddie lived, so long as they were together.

Eddie let his other guide him home, take care of him, and put him to bed. Even an old mattress on the floor felt luxurious when he was being held by his other half. But he couldn't sleep. Everything felt like it had happened so damn fast, and now that he finally had time to reflect, Eddie couldn't stop thinking about all the signs of pregnancy he'd missed.

There was morning sickness, for one. That and his stress dreams about babies were probably the most obvious, in hindsight. But there were other things, too. The other's aversion to even the slightest risks during a fight. They could've handled the injury, but their unborn child might not have. There was also his increased appetite and strange cravings. The way his body ached, and still ached, in ways the symbiote couldn't simply soothe away.

Hurts, Eddie? it asked, curling around him, as if trying to ease away his pains.

"No, love," Eddie assured it, stroking his hand over the ink-black tendrils on his stomach. "When we were carrying, sometimes there was a… twinge, in my lower back. It's gone now," he added, but he felt his beloved pool underneath him anyway, moving against his back in a slow massage. It felt too good to object, but he was thinking of another ache he was still feeling, one which he'd tried to ignore.

The symbiote picked up on his thoughts and slid across his chest, gently compressing his pecs in a way that both intensified the ache and brought some relief.

Why would it hurt here, Eddie? it wondered, still gently massaging all of the skin that it touched.

"I don't know, love," Eddie admitted. "The body does strange things in pregnancy. It's all the hormones, I guess."

It hummed happily in his head.

Like the hormones.

"I'm sure you do," he chuckled, only able to guess what it felt like for the symbiote to drink in his body chemistry during a time like that.

Should keep you pregnant, Eddie, it suggested, coils of black pushing his thighs apart. It slid over his groin, covering his half hard cock and coaxing him to arousal.

"Ahn-- I don't think either of us could conceive again so soon," Eddie said, but he didn't exactly say no. He couldn't stop himself from spreading his legs and hitching up his hips, shuddering as the symbiote touched him all over.

Can try anyway, it said, holding him tighter as it prodded an appendage between his thighs, lazily seeking the place where Eddie's body would open up for it.

They both knew another pregnancy wasn't possible yet, that they'd need time to recover, but at the same time the fantasy was so vivid, neither of them was entirely sure whose thought it was. Eddie, always full, always heavy with their child. Pregnancy suited him so well, made his skin glow, his hips a little fuller, his chest larger and swollen, his bloodstream a heady cocktail of hormones.

Eddie panted for breath as it rubbed directly against his entrance, leaking slick fluid. Sometimes it felt like Eddie's body was made to accept his beloved in every way. Mind, body, and soul. They fit together so perfectly, especially like this, with Eddie held inside of its grasp and wiggling so nicely, trying to push back against it.

"Fuck," he cursed, gasping for breath. His cock would be leaking against his stomach if it weren't already wrapped in a warm sheath of black. "In me, love," he pleaded.

So eager, it groaned, thickening against him and pushing a little harder, just enough to finally ease the tip of its phallus past the tight ring of muscle and rock into Eddie with shallow movements.

"Yessss, ah, don't tease," he hissed, digging his heels into the mattress. "Fill me, love. Make me yours."

Mine, it growled, surging against him, pressing deeper into him inch by inch until at last he was as full and satisfied as he could bear. His thighs trembled from the strain, pushed nearly to his limit already by a lover that was molded so perfectly to his body and his every need.

"Move," he whispered, and it did, leaving him slicker and slicker inside with every thrust.

Eddie, Eddie, it murmured, caressing every part of him, inside and out, sharing the pleasure that he felt. It knew him so intimately. He held out only as long as it allowed him to, building him up to the height of pleasure and then tipping him over the edge and keeping him there as long as possible, pressing inside of him and stroking his cock simultaneously until everything he had to give was milked out of him.

It didn't leave him straight away, but stayed seated inside and held him until the afterglow subsided for both of them. Then it eased out of him gently, only to flick a long tongue against Eddie's mouth. He opened for the kiss, letting their tongues slide together for a moment before it pulled away to keep licking at his skin, at the sweat gathering in the dip of his throat and beading on his chest, at the almost obscenely sensitive buds of his nipples.

His chest still ached, and the symbiote paying attention to his nipples felt so strangely good, he wasn't sure if he wanted to beg it to stop or spread his thighs again and beg it to continue. It seemed to settle on the latter on his behalf, lazily playing with his slick hole.

"Ah-- it's so soon, love," Eddie protested, more of a warning for it not to get its hope up than an actual request for it to stop. It kept up its actions, unbothered with whether or not it managed to arouse Eddie again, but simply content to bask in its ability to make him feel good. To make them both feel good.

"You always make me feel amazing," Eddie whispered, running his hands over the symbiote wherever he could touch it, and running his hands over his own body by default. "Thank you, darling."

His other purred wordlessly in his mind, still fixated on his body, the body that Eddie gave over to it with perfect trust, the body that had helped carry their beautiful child.

As it lavished him with affection, Eddie remembered the thoughts they'd shared. How well pregnancy had suited him, even if Eddie had been unaware until it was at its end. How his body had apparently changed in ways he hadn't paid attention to.

"Is my chest really… bigger?" Eddie wondered. He couldn't really tell. Now that he thought about it, there seemed to be more heft there, but it could be his imagination. But the increased sensitivity, that wasn't just his imagination. It almost hurt, but as soon as he had that thought, his beloved pushed against his chest, kneading him just right to ease away that painful ache.

Yes. Bigger, it confirmed, still dragging its tongue against one nipple and then the other, until both were glistening wet and almost felt raw and sore if it wasn't touching them. Softer, too.

"Ugh," Eddie groaned, covering his face with his arm. He'd probably gained some baby weight, between the hormones and the increase in appetite. It wasn't like he'd noticed his clothes fitting tighter on his body. Aside from boxers, the symbiote usually formed all his clothes for him. He had no doubt he'd be able to melt it off again, but it was still a little embarrassing.

Not embarrassing, his lover objected, nudging at the soft extra bits of flesh padding his hips, his belly, and his pecs. Beautiful, Eddie.

"At least my body knew I had a baby even if I didn't," Eddie remarked, but he couldn't remember any other pregnancy being like this before.

This one special, Eddie. We both want to nurture it. Raise it right.

"I do, love," Eddie agreed, and it seemed that his body had agreed with him long before his conscious mind caught on. It felt strangely overindulgent to have the symbiote still fixated on him, touching him all over in every intimate place until Eddie suddenly realized it had slipped back inside of him and he was dangerously close to getting hard again.

"We came home to rest," Eddie reminded it, more than a little exhausted but also amused by its relentless sexual desire for him.

Rest, Eddie, it encouraged, still gently moving inside of him.

"Hn. Can't, with you doing that to me," he breathed, rolling onto his stomach so he could press his erection against the mattress while it pressed into him, but it covered him again, warm pressure covering his dick and denying him any friction, any chance of quick release.

It kept him on edge for what felt like hours, building up in small waves so slowly that he drifted in between sleep and arousal, until the two blended together and Eddie was unsure if the symbiote intended to fuck him, or merely stay inside of him all night, or whether or not the entire thing was a dream.

When he came, it wasn't the same earth shattering moment as before. Instead, it crept up on him and then took him by surprise -- just a brief, bright moment of pleasure and a few pulses of seed that his other soaked up just as reverently as before. This time it didn't withdraw at all, but kept cradling him until he finally fell asleep.


He dreamed of sex, of his other constantly filling him, pushing him to the edge of orgasm but never letting him have that relief.

When Eddie woke up hard and aching, his other was still curled all around him. Still inside of him. As soon as he realized this, it moved, slowly but deliberately, and then faster and to the point, giving him what he needed. What they both needed.

He finished quickly, already having been so close, and felt his other nestle in his mind with deep satisfaction after.

"You shouldn't do that," Eddie muttered, a little embarrassed by how quickly he came, by the fact that the symbiote had remained inside of him all while he'd slept, and that it knew exactly how much he enjoyed all of it.

Didn't do anything without you, it assured him. But you loved it.

"I love you, " Eddie corrected, but he couldn't deny that he loved what his other did for him, and to him. It already knew.

Love you, too, Eddie, it purred, coiling around him, squeezing him tightly and licking little kisses across his skin. So much. So, so much.

"I can tell," Eddie laughed. He cupped its face in his hands, admiring the sharp ridge of its toothy smile. "Are you done trying to fill me with babies?"

Never, it swore, licking each of his fingers in turn.

"Mm. Well, if you can ever pull yourself away, we could go visit the little one," Eddie reminded it.

It gasped softly in his head, overjoyed with sudden warm emotion that filled both of them.

Baby! Yes, see our baby, Eddie!