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My Dear Kitten

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It was 2:00am on a Thursday morning. Shouta had just been woken up by a loud thump from outside his bedroom. He rubbed his eyes weakly and sat up, taking the time to slowly stretch his arms towards the roof. The 22 year old reluctantly heaved himself out of the warm and comforting single bed, placing a hand on the short bedside table to support him. Once he was stable, Shouta dragged his feet to the wooden bedroom door and fiddled with the handle, carefully pushing it open into the corridor.

He tiredly pulled along his half asleep body as he treaded towards the source of the noise. Upon reaching his destination, Shouta noticed his well-worn copy of Sleep Disorders for Dummies®︎ splayed out across the stained carpet. Picking the novel up off the old floor, he placed it on the small glass coffee table, it was then Shouta saw the proud figure of the Ginger Short-hair sitting where the book was originally. "What am I going to do with you, Chico?", the tired man sighed. The feline mewled with triumph, gracefully hoping off the table to nuzzle her owner’s leg. He reached down to ruffle the cat’s soft orange fur. "Come on, might as well feed you."

Shouta shuffled into the dimly lit kitchen, opened the pantry and awkwardly waved his hand around inside before locating a tin of cat food. He struggled with the lid before cracking it open, spilling some of the wet processed meat on the floor. Chico didn't hesitate to put the spilled contents into her mouth. The ravenette cautiously poured the food into the plastic bowl near the well-aged sink. The feline pounced onto her slimy prey, consuming the semi-nutritious food at an inhumane speed. Shouta watched his furry companion lazily as she lapped up the remaining sustenance with her rough, sandpaper like tongue. He filled another bowl with water and placed it next to the licked clean, empty one.

Accepting the fact that he will not be able to fall asleep again, Shouta proceeded to make himself some caffeine rich coffee. He took his dirty bean water and waltzed into the lounge room, elegantly flopping onto the worn out sofa. The young hero slurped up his burning-hot beverage as he reached for the remote. The black box in front of him burst to life, forcing Shouta to slam his eyelids shut to stop the intense light from burning his eyes. He relaxed into a squint before adjusting the volume to a suitable level. His eyes eventually grew accustomed to the new source of light. The raven haired man stared blankly at the T.V. while switching between channels, trying to find one that looked somewhat entertaining. "Morning T.V. is fucking shit.", Shouta grumbled, struggling to find something appealing. Chico emerged from the kitchen, satisfied with her meal. She silently approached the scar covered sofa, leapt onto the soft cushion with ease and snuggled into Shouta's warm, welcoming lap. The human cushion stroked the cat's fur subconsciously, face still fixated on the screen in front of him.

Shouta's loud groan echoed through the old, overpriced apartment, his frustration evident in his raspy voice. The man gave up and left the news on, then gingerly pushed the feline off his legs onto the couch. He rose to his feet and entered the kitchen, dumping his empty mug onto the small pile of dishes in the sink. The dark eyed man retrieved an instant noodle cup and switched on the kettle, silently waiting for the water to boil. After the water became steaming hot, he poured the boiling liquid into the noodle cup and let it cook. While he was emptying the flavor packets into his meal, Chico called out to him from the lounge room, growing bored due to her owners absence. "Have some patience, I'm almost done.", the hero grumbled in response.

Acquiring his breakfast, Shouta slid back into his spot, his rear sinking into the frayed seat. Chico curled back up into the cat lovers lap, shifting occasionally to lay comfortably. Shouta began to unload the greasy noodles into his waiting mouth, being careful not to spill the boiling water. Faintly, he heard the droning voice of the news reporter, the sound entering through one ear only to exit out the other. "Thank you Kai! Now today we have a very special guest with us, the promising young hero Present Mic!",the flashy news reporter stated. Huh, Mic's on the news, Shouta thought to himself.

Wait what, MIC?!

"Hey hey everyone! It's good to be back!", Hizashi responded in his usual eccentric tone. He was dressed in his usual Hero outfit. Headphones, leather pants and jacket and an over sized speaker around his neck. If people didn't know he was a hero, they'd have mistaken him for some kind of futuristic clown. Although what stuck out the most about Hizashi, was his hair. His blonde locks were spiked up into a hair style that looked similar to a sulfur-crested cockatoo's feathers. Shouta's attention was immediately devoted to the two people on screen.

"I understand you've just returned from London, how was your experience?", questioned the 'plastic' woman. "It was totally awesome! The English make some sick music called punk rock! Although I got pretty home-sick after a while.". Yamada, home-sick? Oh please, he'd hate to admit, but Shouta was genuinely interested. "Oh really? Why's that?", the woman inquired, "Well, I just really missed my family and my friends, I couldn't live without them!", Hizashi smiled widely when he finishes his answer. His grin stretched across his face and shone brighter than the sun, just like when he said goodbye to the hero Eraserhead at the airport. 

"Hizashi...", Shouta whispered in a soft, caring voice. The tone of his voice shocked the raven haired man, causing him to almost drop his half-finished noodles. He placed his breakfast on the coffee table to prevent future disasters and leaned forward, resting his arms on his knees, calming himself. Shouta and Hizashi had been friends since high school, both with the same dream of becoming heroes. They supported each other through thick and thin, overcoming each challenge they faced. Through the eyes of a passerby they might not look all buddy-buddy, but Shouta Aizawa and Hizashi Yamada were as close as friends could get. Only friends.

"I'm so goddamn tired." The hero known as Eraserhead stated drowsily, as he pulled himself away from his thoughts. He resumed his consumption of the now soggy noodles, staring into space. I guess I'll wait for the sun to rise and go for walk.