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Twelve colours and everything comes together

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P R O L O G U E 

12, Grimmauld Place, England



"One." Ron said.

Red paint was squashed onto the paper. 

"Two." Hermione whispered with flushed cheeks.

Yellow paint was carefully placed on the paper in a small circle.

"Three." Lily said with a small smile.

White paint was taken with a brush, and she drew six petals on the paper.

"Four." James chuckled. 

Brown paint was used for a horizontal line.

"Five." Sirius said with a big grin on his face.

Green paint surrounded Lily's petals. 

"Six." Remus said quickly. 

Golden paint was used to create a coin, in the outer corner of the paper.

"Seven!" Kingsley said in a triumphant voice.

Blue paint was dashed onto the paper.

"Eight." Harry supplied as he winked at his friends.

Silver paint was used for a small, slithering snake.

"Nine." Alice said with a trembling voice.

Bronze paint was taken with a small brush and Alice painted the grass.

"Ten." Marlene helped the group.

Purple paint was taken with a finger, and Marlene stashed dots in the sky.

"Eleven." Dorcas said as she joined the group. 

Orange paint was used to paint the clouds in the sky.

"Twelve." Mary proudly placed her brush on the paper. 

Black paint surrounded everything.