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Missing and Broken

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Sonic the Hedgehog moans as he wakes up to his alarm. Sonic moans as he turns it off and sighs. He didn’t want to get up.

“Get up Sonic.” a voice says.

Sonic moans as he looks over to see Shadow the Hedgehog, getting up. Sonic chuckles. He lives in a small apartment with Shadow, who he married two years ago.

“Morning to you too, Shadow.” Sonic whispers, sitting up.

“I warned you not to stay up late last night.” Shadow says.

Sonic sighs.

“I know.” Sonic whispers.

“Hurry up and get ready before you brother gets here.” Shadow tells him walking off.

Sonic yawns as he got up and dress into a suit. Sonic then grabs his gun and clips the holster onto his belt. Sonic sighs as he then grabs his badge and opens it.

‘Some detective I am. I can’t even find my sister.’ Sonic thinks.

Sonic quickly close it and heads downstairs. He walks into the kitchen to see Shadow making toasts. Shadow chuckles as he sits a plate and coffee on the table.

“Manic is going to yell at you if you run him late again and you will have to find a new way to work.” Shadow warns him.

Sonic nods, sitting down and Shadow walks back. Sonic quickly eats breakfast, then drinks his coffee. Once done, he got up and rinse his plate and cup, then puts them in the dishwasher.

“You will find her Sonic.” Shadow says, walking over.

Sonic sighs.

“I’m worried.” Sonic admits.

“I know.” Shadow says.

Sonic sighs as he gives Shadow a hug. Shadow smirks.

“You better finish getting ready.” Shadow says.

Sonic smiles as he lets Shadow go who kiss him on the lips.

“Love you too Shad.” Sonic whispers.

Sonic heads to the bathroom and brush his teeth. He then grabs his phone, then puts his watch on, and heads to the door.

“Sonic!” Shadow calls.

Sonic stops and turns around, then quickly catch his keys that Shadow threw at him. Sonic chuckles.

“Right, my keys.” Sonic whispers.

“What would you do without me?” Shadow asks, walking up to Sonic.

“I’ll be doomed.” Sonic replies.

Sonic kiss Shadow on the cheek.

“Remember, I’ll sort dinner out.” Sonic reminds Shadow.

“I remember.” Shadow says. “Stay safe.” Shadow tells.

Sonic nods and heads out. Sonic yawns as he heads to the stairs, going down. Manic should be there soon, if he isn’t waiting already. Once outside, Sonic looks around. Then a car pulls up and Sonic chuckles, running over and looks in to see Manic the Hedgehog.

“Morning bro.” Manic greets as Sonic gets in.

“Morning Manic.” Sonic says, quickly putting his seatbelt on.

They start moving and Sonic yawns.

“Tired already?” Manic asks.

“Late night.” Sonic admits.

“Doing what?” Manic asks.

Sonic sighs, he hasn’t told his family about finding Sonette. He is worried everyone would be against it. Only Shadow knows.

“Just some research.” Sonic replies.

“Sonic?” Manic says.

“It’s private, so don’t ask.” Sonic tells him.

“Even from your brother?” Manic asks.

“Yup, sorry little bro.” Sonic answers.

Manic chuckles.

“Let’s get to work before dad loses it, again.” Manic says.

Sonic sighs, only one problem with his job and that is his father is his boss. They made it to work, packing in the underground carpark. They made it to the lift and head up. Sonic rubs his neck as they head up.

“How’s Amy and her bakery going?” Sonic asks.

“Well, she’s loving it.” Manic replies.

“It’s been what, four years, since she took it over.” Sonic points out.

“And it is growing strong.” Manic adds.

Sonic chuckles. The lift stop, then ding as the door open. They walk out to be greeted by Knuckles the Echidna and Silver the Hedgehog.

“You two just made it.” Knuckles says as they start walking.

“For once.” Silver adds.

“Ouch, thanks Silver.” Sonic says.

Sonic sits down at his desk and yawns as Silver sits at the desk in front of his.

“What do we have today?” Sonic asks Silver.

They are partners. Silver sighs.

“At the moment, nothing. We have a small break since catching that last creep.” Silver explains.

“Sonic!” a voice yell.

Sonic jumps, quickly looking over to see Jules the Hedgehog standing over him.

“Um, hi dad.” Sonic whispers.

“My offices, now.” Jules tells him, then walks off.

Sonic looks at Manic who shakes his head. Sonic sighs as he got up and heads to his father’s offices, closing the door. Jules sits down and Sonic sighs as he sits down.

“Yes sir.” Sonic whispers.

“What is going on with you? You have been acting strange in the last three months.” Jules asks.

Sonic looks away. In the last three months, he thought he had a lead on Sonette. Of course, he isn’t going to see his father that. Jules sighs.

“It’s almost her anniversary, ten years since Sonette left us.” Jules says.

“It’s your fault.” Sonic whispers.

Jules sighs as he leans back. He knows Sonic blames him for that fight. Sonic close his eyes.

“I never should had let her go.” Sonic admits.

“There is nothing we can do about it. She’s gone Sonic.” Jules tells him. “Let her go.” Jules says. 

Sonic quickly opens his eyes as he stands up and slams his hands on Jules’ desk.

“She’s family! I am not going to let her go!” Sonic yells.

Jules sighs.

“I will always think of her, I will never forget her.” Sonic adds.

Sonic stands up and sighs.

“Is that all sir?” Sonic asks.

“Yes, you may go.” Jules says.

Sonic walks out, slamming the door shut behind him. Sonic sits at his desk and sighs in frustration.

“Stupid old man.” Sonic curses under his breath.

“That bad huh.” Silver says.

Sonic looks at Silver who was working on paper work.

“He is right though, Sonette is gone and there is nothing you can do about.” Silver tells him.

“Silver.” Sonic says.

“Yeah?” Silver whispers.

“Stay out of our heads.” Sonic tells him.

Silver chuckles nervously.

“I was worried, okay.” Silver admits.

Sonic sighs as he stands up.

“Where are you going?” Silver asks.

“I’m getting a coffee.” Sonic says, walking off.

He walks into the break room to see Manic making a coffee.

“What did he want?” Manic asks.

“He’s just being a jerk.” Sonic whispers.

Sonic starts making a coffee in his traveling mug. Manic sighs.

“Sonic, what are you doing?” Manic asks.

Sonic looks at him confused.

“I’m making a coffee.” Sonic replies.

“You know what I mean.” Manic says.

Sonic sighs.

“At home, in your spear time. You are up to something.” Manic points out.

Sonic looks at his brother.

“I want in.” Manic admits.

“No Manic.” Sonic tells him.

“It’s Sonette, isn’t it?” Manic asks.

Sonic sighs.

“I knew it! You’re trying to find her.” Manic says.

Sonic finish his coffee and puts the lid on the mug.

“I am getting close, I know it.” Sonic whispers.

“What do you have?” Manic asks, walking closer.

Sonic sighs. It never hurts to get Manic involved.

“This stays between us and Shadow.” Sonic tells him.

Manic nods.

“She goes by her aliases, Annabelle Hall. I know it is her, she has a long record and just got out of Station West Gaol. I can’t pinpoint her, and I don’t know what to do. According to her file, she is part of the criminal gang, the Pirates.” Sonic explains softly.

Manic looks at him shock.

“I found her new name three months ago and have been working hard since then.” Sonic admits.

“Sonic.” Manic whispers. “Why? Why do this alone?” Manic asks.

Sonic sighs.

“I don’t know.” Sonic whispers.

“Send me everything.” Manic tells him.

Sonic nods.

“Sonic!” Silver shouts, walking in.

Sonic looks back.

“We have a job.” Silver tells him.

Sonic heads off with Silver, and Manic sighs.

“Damnit Sonic, she’s my sister too.” Manic whispers.

Knuckles walks in and Manic looks at him.

“Are you okay?” Knuckles asks.

“Yeah, just my brother being a pain.” Manic replies. “We got anything?” Manic asks.

“A lead on Sarah Swan.” Knuckles says.

“Let’s go.” Manic says.