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Warriors Baring Clothes

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Up until noon hit, it was looking like a normal day for Chrom. He had attended the war meeting with Rowan and the other lords and ladies, spent a good few hours studying tactics with Robin, and eventually found himself on the makeshift training grounds with Frederick. Since the company was currently somewhere in the Aytolisian plains, they had turned a small field with low-growing grass into their training yard. Frederick had suggested they take the latter half of the morning to improve Chrom’s technique with the blade in said yard.

Robin glanced up at the two from under the shade of a verdant oak tree, the sun slipping between the leaves and giving him just enough light to see the pages of his latest obsession: A Council on Turning the Tide. However, Frederick and Chrom had been training for almost an hour, so he marked the current page and shut the book, placing it in his bag before standing up. With the sun crossing the barrier of noontime, Robin knew his companions would probably be getting tired and hungry from their training. As he moved to approach the two, someone else began to cross the training yard.

Navarre and Marth had been talking all day about what it meant to be a good swordsman, so they were eager to find time to train with one another in lieu of continuing their theoretical conversation. The time had come to test the practicality of their opposing views, but the day became much more interesting when they saw Chrom and Frederick already occupying the training space. That is to say, they had plenty of space for themselves in the vast Aytolisian field, but they couldn’t help watching Chrom’s fighting style. After all, Marth and Navarre knew he would become one of the many keepers of world peace, and as far as Marth was concerned, Chrom was family. His ability as a fighter meant much to both men, so they quieted quickly and stopped to watch him.

“You need to put more thought into your strikes. You leave yourself open when you attack with everything all at once.” Frederick was cautious as ever, but he had been throwing in feints for most of the training session. Chrom continually took the bait, making mistake after mistake that had left him bruised from falling and being smacked by Frederick’s trainer. Chrom went for a strong forward thrust and found himself countered by what would be liberally described as a parry. In all reality, Frederick smacked Chrom’s trainer aside with ease, nearly spinning him onto the floor. Frederick then laid a soft kick into Chrom’s back, the prince stumbling but mostly keeping his cool.

“Is he really that clumsy?” Navarre whispered to Marth, the Hero-King shrugging idly.

“Perhaps it’s an off day. Frederick seems to be going easy on him. I think he knows-”

“Oh come on,” Navarre said, crossing his arms and catching everyone’s attention with a sudden shout. “You’re going way too easy on him. If you ever want him to learn from his mistakes, you need to actually punish them.”

“I suppose I am going a little easy.” Frederick scratched his chin awkwardly, realizing that he could’ve been doing a little more to punish his prince. Chrom turned and looked between Frederick and Navarre before spotting Marth.

“Ah, Prince Marth!” Chrom quickly grinned and Navarre rolled his eyes.

“ Don’t get distracted,” Navarre sighed, stepping forward towards Frederick and Chrom, “Look, Frederick, I think it’s best if you let me do the rest of the training today. Maybe then you can take notes on how to treat him properly when he screws up.”

“I-” Frederick was cut off when he noticed Robin approaching, the tactician with a look in his eye.

“That sounds like a great idea! Most of us haven’t really seen your fighting style up close, and I’m sure that Chrom would love the chance to train with one of the best swordsmen in history.” Robin grinned, his eyes sparkling. Frederick sighed and tossed it underhand at Navarre, deciding to do as Navarre and Robin suggested. Quickly, Navarre unsheathed the sword at his hip and batted the dulled weapon away.

“In the service of Marth, nobody trains with dull weapons. A dull weapon is just an invitation to become accustomed to the sword. A true master of the blade is never used to the cutting edge of steel,” Navarre said, Robin and Frederick going wide-eyed.

“Well then, I’m afraid I can’t allow Prince Chrom to-”

“Wait, wait!” Robin shoved his hand over Frederick’s mouth. The two looked at one another and Robin’s eyes seemed to become even more excited as Frederick rolled his own. He removed Robin’s hand from his mouth.

“Fine. If my lord is okay with it, I suppose I am too.”

“Well, I guess I could always use the Falchion.” Chrom tossed aside the trainer, gripping Falchion in its sheathe to draw it.

“Hold.” Navarre sheathed his own sword and stepped across from Chrom. He waved away Robin and Frederick who stepped to the sidelines with Marth. Robin, rather excited, had a grin plastered to his face. Marth noticed this and chuckled.

“You know, Navarre doesn’t train with just anybody. He must see something in Chrom.” Marth smiled and Frederick shook his head.

“The way he speaks to Prince Chrom, it’s almost as if he forgets he’s royalty.”

“Oh, don’t worry, that’s just Navarre. My army is rather trained to view royals and common folk as the same, but Navarre especially doesn’t care about where anybody comes from. It has to do with how he was raised as an orphan, but don’t tell him that I told you that.”

“I suppose he’s rather admirable in his own way, then. Still, I don’t think it’d kill him to show at least a little bit of respect.” Frederick crossed his arms as Robin shushed the two.

“They’re starting.”

Chrom and Navarre stood opposite one another, silently eyeing each other up. As their electrifying stares whipped across the space between them, the atmosphere became so dense that it felt as if it would rain blood. Breaking the silence, the familiar ring of cold steel exploded from Navarre’s sheathe as he dove towards Chrom like a bolt of lightning. Chrom barely reacted in time, blocking with not a second to spare. The sword Navarre was carrying must’ve been enchanted in one way or another, as when he slipped past Chrom and grazed his arm, a white-hot wave shivered across the prince’s profile, a couple of threads in his collar coming undone. Chrom rolled to the side and raised his hand up to feel the threads, the tiny strings of fabric singed.

Navarre didn’t let up, his extreme speed and fluid movement completely bewildering Chrom as the blue-haired lord found his sword up out of fear for his life, blocking strikes that quickly increased in number. As each strike landed on the Falchion, the waves of strange heat continued to vibrate past Chrom, undoing a few more threads, this time in his sleeve cuff. Chrom quickly began to notice a pattern in Navarre’s strikes and formulated a fast plan, slipping away from the onslaught of strikes to reset the man’s movements. When Navarre went back in for another strike, Chrom saw it coming and brought his sword across the space in front of him quickly. However, despite the validity of Chrom’s assumption, Navarre was too fast to let such a prediction get in his way as he flipped over Chrom and landed on the ground like a crouching spider. Instead of leaping to punish fully, Navarre sliced at Chrom’s ankles, punching into the backs of his boots and releasing a wave of heat at his shins. Chrom stumbled forwards and quickly regained his footing, spinning around to deter Navarre with a slice. The swordmaster flipped again, this time away from Chrom as he stood back up and assumed a ready stance. Chrom took a quick glance down at his ankles and saw his pants had been a little torn up from that strange wave of heat, his trousers in shredded pieces below the knees. Luckily, his boots were still intact, so no blood had been drawn.

Chrom looked back up and realized Navarre was waiting for him to attack. It was strange to train with Navarre instead of Frederick; for one, the swordmaster didn’t actually say anything in combat despite his snarky mouth out of combat. Also, Navarre had absolutely no hints of what he was about to do in his body language at all. Frederick usually telegraphed his attacks to a certain degree for Chrom’s benefit, albeit when Frederick wanted to test Chrom’s ability to recognize a feint, but Navarre was a completely different animal in combat. Chrom had to give him kudos for that; it was probably for the best he was facing a new opponent outside of combat for once.

Deciding it was about time to stop trying to mentally analyze his opponent, Chrom took a few steps forward before racing at Navarre with intention in his eyes. Navarre immediately recognized it and sighed, slipping behind Chrom quickly. The two were back-to-back, and Navarre seemed to know exactly where Chrom would go to try and attack him. Chrom turned on a dime to slice away, but Navarre was practically glued to the prince’s shadow, scuttling about to avoid his fear-induced swings and wild turns. Then, after a mess of Chrom’s ridiculous attacks, Navarre left his foot in Chrom’s path, tripping him and stepping away. Then, Navarre leaned inwards and slammed his sword down directly onto Chrom’s torso. However, he used the broad side of the weapon, doing more of a paddle-like smack than a killing blow. Chrom immediately yelped as a searing heat covered his entire body and he felt the pressure in the air build around him. Navarre kicked Chrom in the chest, causing the prince to slide and roll across the ground. As Chrom rolled, his clothes tore away. The strange enchantment completely destroyed the fibers of Chrom’s wardrobe, ripping them into extremely small pieces that were caught by the wind and whisked away like a cloud of blue dandelion seeds.

Frederick and Robin stood agape at the sight of Navarre’s god-like swordsmanship and battle sense, his ability to completely avoid Chrom at every turn, and finally at the dumbfounding experience of watching Chrom being stripped naked by a sword. Marth went red and covered his mouth, knowing exactly what had happened. Navarre looked down at his sword and then over at Chrom idly before sheathing his weapon. Frederick opened and closed his mouth like a gobbling fish, an anxious expression forming on his face as he stared at Chrom’s naked body rolling away. Robin blushed brightly and covered his own mouth like Marth did, all excitement trapped in his eyes as he watched Chrom stop rolling and slump over on the ground.

A million different thoughts roiled through Chrom’s head like a river of whitewater rapids, the stream unable to be contained as he very slowly picked himself up from the ground into a sitting position. He did a mental check of his body. He found his boots and cape, but nothing else. Chrom looked down between his legs and let his hands magnetize to his front, covering it. A fierce redness covered Chrom’s face, the prince more than just a little shaken.

“D-D… Don’t…! Don’t… l-look…!” Chrom stammered, but nobody turned away. Marth, Frederick, and Robin were still in a state of shock, and Navarre seemed completely unbothered by the sight of Chrom naked.

“I, uh. Sorry.” Navarre crossed his arms and Chrom looked at him incredulously. “I may have picked up the wrong sword today. We just got back from the armory where I... just grabbed the first thing I saw….” Navarre trailed off and approached Chrom, the prince staring at him like he was crazy.

“A-Are you… w-what…?! What the hell is this?! What is that thing?! I-I…! Oh Gods, please stop looking!” Chrom yelped and quickly grabbed his cape to pull it forwards, but as he yanked at it, the threads slowly began to disintegrate. Chrom groaned and found the shedding of fabric spreading from the place he first grabbed it. After but a moment, his cape quickly became another cloud of dandelion seeds in the wind. Chrom blushed brighter and got into a kneeling position, shutting his legs and using his hands to cover his privacy.

Despite the distressed shouts of Chrom, Robin found himself unable to stop looking at Chrom’s body. The two had been romantic interests of one another for quite some time, but nothing had even so much as lead to Robin ever seeing Chrom without a shirt on, let alone without pants or his undergarments. Robin blushed and let his eyes wander over Chrom’s strong frame. Those muscular thighs, his cute happy trail of deep blue pubic hair, even his light pink nipples on pecs that looked absolutely ideal to sleep on or cuddle… it all excited him. Robin’s eyes, however, found themselves rapidly focused on trying to see between Chrom’s legs. The mere notion that Chrom’s private parts were just a muscular thigh away made Robin feel a hot kind of lust he hadn’t felt in a while.

Frederick couldn’t look away from his naked lord. Yes, the two had grown up together, seen each other naked hundreds of thousands of times for various reasons, and even though those had all made him feel a certain kind of hindered interest, nothing could amount to the sheer sexiness of watching Chrom’s clothes being torn off of his sweat-slicked body. To go even further, it was even more exciting to see Chrom squirm in a situation of absolute embarrassment because while Frederick was constantly worrying for Chrom’s well-being, there was nothing physically threatening him in the situation, and if anything it would be merely laughed off later as a time to remember. The simple loss of clothing that Chrom underwent in that one moment left Frederick with a raging erection snaking down his pant leg. He hoped to the gods that nobody would notice.

Marth approached Chrom and laughed lightly.

“Are you okay? Don’t worry, it was just a mistake. You-”

“D-Don’t look!” Chrom yelped again, Marth shaking his head and looking away, but Navarre’s eyes bored into Chrom.

“Fine, fine. Listen, you obviously need something to wear. I can give you my cape-”

“T-That won’t be necessary, Prince Marth. We’ll handle this situation.” Frederick approached quickly and stood between his lord and the others. Robin tagged along, helping to hide Chrom behind himself and Frederick.

“It’s okay, you two. I think Chrom will be fine, just let us get him some clothes,” Robin said, a light-hearted grin plastered on his face before he looked over his own shoulder at Chrom. “Er, though, I think training is done for today. Sorry.”

“Come now, milord. Let’s get you back to your quarters.” Frederick turned to Chrom and offered a hand. Chrom warily took it with one of his own, standing up with his other hand still trying to cover his front. At the thought that Chrom’s hands smelled like his cock, Frederick felt himself leaking precum into his pant leg. When Chrom stood up, it became immediately apparent that he was extremely well-hung. Of course, Frederick already knew this, so he wasn’t all that surprised, but Robin’s eyes were immediately glued to Chrom’s flaccid dick that could in no way be covered by his hands. Frederick grabbed the Falchion from the ground and gestured for Robin to follow.

Chrom kept his head hung low as he was lead through camp to his tent, not wanting to know if anyone saw him. After they reached his tent and went inside, Chrom sat down on the bed and rubbed his face. Robin turned to Frederick.

“I can handle the rest from here,” Robin said, Frederick nodding lightly.

“Good. I have some business to attend to in the meantime. Thank you.” Frederick set the Falchion down against the bed and quickly exited the tent, leaving Chrom and Robin alone.

Robin slipped off his tactician’s coat and kneeled down to meet Chrom’s eyes.

“You know, watching you get stripped naked was really hot,” Robin whispered, slipping off his gloves and leaning in at Chrom’s face. The prince was more than a little stunned from the whole experience of the day, so he accepted Robin’s kiss automatically. Robin slipped his tongue into Chrom’s mouth, placing his hands on his shoulders and escalating the passionate smooch into a heated tongue-tie. Chrom breathed heavily, his cock slowly hardening between his legs as he felt his body heating up. Robin detached himself from Chrom, a string of saliva still connecting their mouths. After cutting the string, Robin moved to the tent flap and shut it tight, placing his satchel over the bottom so it couldn’t be opened. Then, he began to strip.

“W-Wait… oh gods, wait, I need to understand what’s going on. I’m still thinking, just hold on-” Chrom’s mess of a statement quickly dissolved the moment it left his mouth, Robin lazily smiling at him.

First came the shirt, then the shoes, then the belts, then the pants. Robin slipped off his underwear last, showing off his half-mast dick that made Chrom’s cock erect further. The horse-hung prince was enamored by Robin’s soft, subtle curves, staring at his beautiful, twinkish body.

“Damn.” Chrom felt his heart start up again, the adrenaline of his nakedness now replaced with pure testosterone.

Robin approached Chrom and immediately draped himself over the prince, laying on his front and pushing him back into the bed. Their cocks slapped right up against one another, now both near fully erect. The hot breath between them spread heat, faces red with passion and need. Robin idly wiggled his hips up and down, moving his cock against Chrom’s, grinding their shafts together. Both men started leaking precum on one another’s dicks, making a mess that only increased the pleasure as their members glided across one another with ease. Robin panted softly, his body heated now as he felt a little delirious, the pleasure getting to his head while he slumped against Chrom and fell into a kiss. Once again, they tied their tongues, Robin’s heavy breathing cut by the kiss, causing him to feel even more light-headed. Robin eventually managed to pull away and gasp for air, unable to keep moving his lips and tongue.

Chrom acted for his tactician, now more horned up than Robin. Chrom picked him up and set him on the bed, placing him on all fours. Robin’s hands immediately collapsed and were replaced by elbows as he rested his head on the bed. Chrom went for Robin’s backside, spreading the tactician’s cheeks and pressing his mouth against his hole. Chrom inserted his tongue, lapping at Robin’s insides with ease. Robin moaned and groaned uncomfortably, his dick pulsating with need and dripping pre onto the bed. Chrom lubed up one of his hands with that precum and idly massaged Robin’s unhappy cock, comforting it and coaxing more precum from it. Robin felt his mind going pleasurably numb, and after a hot minute of Chrom rimming Robin and slowly caressing his cock, Chrom pulled away. Robin to whined and wiggled his ass, wanting to be pleased again. Chrom jerked his own dick, getting it wet as Robin slipped off the bed and faced Chrom, kissing him. In that kiss, Robin pushed Chrom down onto the ground, laying him onto his back. Then, Robin broke the kiss and hovered above Chrom’s dick before carefully inserting it.

Chrom was extremely well-hung, his cock more than ten inches at full mast and just about as thick as the Falchion itself. Getting the bulbous, engorged head of Chrom’s dick in was a chore, but Robin shimmied and squatted his way until the thing popped in and he groaned. Then, Robin slowly pushed himself further and further down on Chrom’s dick, his tight twink ass filling with Chrom’s huge shaft, his cute little button prostate making him squirm with enjoyment. Chrom held Robin’s hips lovingly, helping him take more and caressing every subtle curve of Robin’s body.

Eventually, Robin had the entirety of Chrom’s cock in his ass, feeling Chrom’s fat balls against his hole. Robin huffed and whimpered, just holding Chrom’s dick inside of him for a moment. He carefully leaned down to try and kiss Chrom, but with every adjustment of his hips, lower torso, and legs, Robin felt Chrom’s cock plump up and graze his inner walls. Robin was physically stunned by the movement inside of him, causing him to leak precum like a faucet, spilling clear juices all over Chrom’s washboard abs. Robin gasped with pleasure, unable to speak as he shivered and shook.

“C-C… C… Chr- ah, aaaah…!” Robin’s legs had gone numb with pleasure, his mind completely clouded as he idly pulled his hips upwards and felt Chrom’s hot dick slip down his insides. Robin bit his lower lip and gasped again before slipping down once more, the cock shooting up his backside and stabbing his prostate. Robin came all over Chrom, a fierce shot of cum slapping the prince in the face, several more decorating his neck and chest as Robin gasped and slumped, pressing his hands onto Chrom’s shoulders for support. Chrom rocked his hips, rolling his cock in and out of Robin, the tactician’s cock jizzing with each roll in. Robin was practically unable to move at that moment, only able to breathe shakily and form fragments of words. Chrom’s cock was on fire in Robin’s ass, the slit itching uncontrollably as he rolled his dick into Robin, trying to milk himself for pleasure. Robin’s soft body on top of his own made him quiver inside, and with his cock so far into Robin’s hot behind, Chrom was feeling every little curve and bump of the tactician’s ass, especially that prostate. Chrom salivated, pushing his dick in and out carefully, slowly ramping up in speed and angle, now directly pumping his cock further into Robin’s backside as a loud slapping noise filled the room with each pump of Chrom’s hips. Robin’s cockslit was switching between gaping and shut as it spilled jizz all over Chrom, occasionally shooting onto the prince’s face and chest, causing Robin to double over again and again, the man barely able to recover from each shot his cock released.

Chrom’s languid movements were no more as he thrusted in and out of Robin’s hole with quickness and ease, his own precum having lubed up the far innards of Robin’s insides, letting him pick up the pace now that the friction had vanished. Slippery squish-squash noises accompanied the slapping noises, Chrom’s cum-covered face bright red with need as he gasped and panted, fucking Robin’s ass. Robin drooled and his limp legs shivered hard with pleasure, his cock radiating heat and shooting more cum. Eventually, Chrom carefully switched their position. He had Robin up against the ground now, the tactician’s legs raised up above his head and his ass ripe for the taking, his cock aimed at his own face now. Chrom crouched over that ass, fucking it wildly and holding Robin’s legs. Robin gasped and shot cum all over his face, even gagging himself with a hard jet of jizz that jumped into his open mouth. In the meantime, Chrom’s hips bounced up and down, his ass moving in tandem with his dick as he punched in and out with his dick, loosening Robin’s tight behind violently. Chrom dribbled saliva down onto Robin, not bothering to wipe his mouth as he concentrated on fucking Robin’s ass.

“Oh fuck.” Chrom’s aroused, high-pitched tone lowered suddenly, a swelling pleasure in his balls having built far too much. “O-Oh… oh fuck… oh shit…! R-Robin…!!!” Chrom’s thrusts became painfully quick, his dangling balls roiling with cum as he felt it shoot through his tubes and into his dick. “F-Fuck, here it comes…! Robin! Robin! R-Robin!” Chrom yelped the tactician’s name loudly and without any concern for anyone who might hear them. Chrom came hard into Robin’s ass, each of his own thrusts rocking him to the core as he felt winded and delirious and numb all at once, his hips unable to stop pumping into Robin. Robin’s constant cumming didn’t speed up or slow down: the tactician's glazed-over expression merely watched over Chrom’s bright red face change to an expression of lewdness, the prince’s tongue lolling out and his eyes clouding with lust. Chrom didn’t stop cumming. His balls were fully unloading everything they had, shooting jizz into Robin for quite a long time. Eventually, the vacuum between Chrom’s dick and Robin’s ass absorbed the cum and shot it back out violently, splattering cum all over Robin’s ass, Chrom’s front, and the floor. Chrom fucked his own cum out of Robin, making a ridiculous mess that formed a puddle on the floor. Even after Chrom stopped cumming, he kept fucking, his cock’s hunger uncontrollable as his taint shivered, prostate in a lewd kind of hormonal heaven. The smell of sex and cum and musk was thick in the air as the prince's thrusts finally slowed and he wildly yanked his dick from Robin’s insides, the head leaping out with a raunchy pop. Chrom staggered backwards and slipped into the puddle, his ass slapping onto the floor and splashing in the puddle. Robin’s legs and behind rolled forwards, collapsing onto Chrom’s legs, a grove of exhausted limbs tangling all over each other.

Robin and Chrom caught their breath, Chrom’s dick red and raw from all the thrusting and cumming and overexertion. Robin’s dick was exhausted, now flaccid as it leaked out the last of its jizz, his balls looking a little shrunken. After a moment of afterglow and relaxation, Robin wobbly sat up and slumped onto Chrom’s body. The two kissed messily before Robin pulled his lips away to speak.

“Next time, it’s my turn.”


Frederick muffled his orgasmic gasp as he came, his huge cock shooting cum all down his pant leg as he listened in on Robin and Chrom from behind the tent. Idly thrusting into his reaching hand, he milked himself of the last of his cum before tugging his arm out of his pants and doing back up his belt. The retainer quickly snuck off to go change his pants.

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When the Aytolisian company didn’t have any assignments, things got rather boring around camp. Leo was probably better off than most during boring days given the fact that he had a legendary book with endless knowledge in it, but even then, he sometimes craved something more physical to do. As much as it sounded completely unlike him, Leo didn’t mind taking walks or rides or short training sessions with a blade every once in a while. With the company having been essentially garrisoned outside a dense forest for the past few days, Leo found himself idly walking along the treeline in the daytime, Brynhildr in hand, enjoying the sounds and sights of the woods.

As the daylight waned on these particularly quiet times, Leo often realized he was in a certain kind of mood, and today was no different. Deciding to oblige his trivial feelings, Leo turned from the treeline and walked back to camp. In order to pander to himself, he’d need to wait for nightfall. Even then, it’d probably take more than just the moon’s rise for him to be able to do what he wanted. So when he got back to his tent with a single, tiny butterfly in his stomach, he sat down and read quietly.


The night drawled on for quite some time, and as the minutes became hours, Leo peeked out of his tent every so often. The lanterns had finally all gone down, and he became distinctly aware that he was likely the only person awake. Shutting his tent flap tight, Leo opened the Brynhildr.

“Moon, gather thy power….” Leo quietly chanted to himself, the pages of the book in his hands flipping quietly, a soft glow encompassing the tent before fading. Leo blinked and put the book down, turning down the lantern in his own tent. Despite the loss of light, Leo was able to see. Having cast a curse of night vision upon himself, Leo glanced at the light outside, the moon’s rays much more easily caught by his pupils with the magic in place. The prince felt his stomach churning harder now, his mouth growing dry.

Leo began stripping. He took extreme care to be as quiet as possible, removing his armor and clothes with ease until he was fully nude in his tent. Leo started to imagine what he looked like, thinking about how appealing his naked body was. Very few people knew just how much Leo loved his own body. He was very boyish, his twinky body only interrupted by his slightly thicker hips and big butt. His ass was probably his best feature aside from his handsome looks, but only Niles really had the eye to see as much without taking off any of Leo’s clothes. It was for such reasons that showing off, even if to nobody, made Leo more excited than anything else.

The blonde prince sat on the edge of his bed, pushing his feet into a pair of low boots as he felt his stomach filling with butterflies. He laced them up and swallowed, mentally steeling himself as he quietly slipped open his tent flap and exited his tent.


Out in the night air, Leo reminded himself that he was the only one who could see using the moonlight. If anyone were to see him, they’d have to be right in front of him and adjusted to the darkness. Leo felt the adrenaline pump through his body as a high started to form in his head. Leo walked completely nude through the cool night, a breeze slipping over his pale skin. He dared not enter too far into camp, as he had put his tent on the outskirts when the company arrived, but he did walk over to Xander’s tent and quietly creep near. Leo, along the way, had begun panting with his high, so he steadied his breathing and tried to keep it in his nose.

Leo imagined Xander. He imagined Xander back at home in Castle Krakenburg, having inherited the throne from father. He imagined it was 10 years in the future, and Xander had started growing his facial hair out, blonde stubble breaking up his pale skin as he sat on the throne with a black crown on his head. Leo put his hand between his legs and held his member, imagining Xander sitting on the throne, completely naked aside from the crown, hard dick leaking and waiting in earnest.

“Come on, little brother. You’re in your room so often, I barely see you.” Xander would say, putting on his calm voice. Leo would strip down for his brother and enjoy manly pleasures with him, the two locked in infatuation.

Leo huffed and shimmied away from his brother’s tent, his cock now hard in his hand. Leo stalked towards the forest, his face hot in the darkness as he shivered slightly. When he approached the treeline, he decided to go in, carefully navigating the undergrowth as his adrenaline high only heightened with each step he took away from camp. Leo had the good sense, even in the moment of lust, to walk in a single direction so all he would need to do to get back is turn around. As he walked further and further away, blood rushed from his cock to his legs, causing it to soften again.

The prince put his mind back into his fantasies as he wandered the forest, imagining doing lewd things with his brother. His mind wandered further than that, though. Leo imagined finding a tied-up Takumi and powerbottoming his prickliness away. Leo imagined Ryoma rutting into him on a daily basis. Leo thought about using himself in the forest. Slowly, Leo found a tree to lean against. Now panting loudly, he realized his high was peaking, his body jittery and shaking with both sexual tension and adrenal exhaustion.

Leo sunk down a little and pressed a finger to his hole, feeling it loose and wide. Despite his usually-overwhelming hormones, Leo went to extreme magical measures to make sure his behind was always ready to be used. Being a rather privately sexual person meant that Leo played with himself a lot, and to him, using his front all the time got boring. He had been experimenting with his backside for almost a year now, getting more than a little accustomed to his interior. Leo pulled his finger back up and sucked it for a moment. Then, he put it back down and idly ventured into his hole.

“B-Brother….” Leo murmured, wiggling around inside himself. “M-Mmm. Not there. Brother, please. I… t-this is wrong….” Leo whispered to himself, pressing his back hard against the tree and pretending to be held down as he poked his own prostate. “Brother! Brother, please. I’m sensitive there. D-Don’t touch it.” Leo pulled his finger out and wet it again, gasping for air from his high before going in again, fantasizing and whispering. “Brother, I… My body feels… so strange!” Leo rubbed his prostate with his finger and felt his pelvic area become captured by an inner heat. A dribble of precum fell from his semi-hard cockslit.

Leo thought about Xander violently forcing himself upon him, pushing a hand down the back of his pants in the royal court and using him right then and there. Leo imagined Xander would force him to cum in his pants, ruining them and embarrassing him completely. Leo began thrusting his wet finger in and out of his ass, replicating the feeling of a cock.

“Xander… more…! Xander, do me more.” Leo whined audibly, popping his finger out of his hole and shivering with delight. Leo slipped off of the tree and squeezed his dick, panting hard.

Then everything happened all at once. Leo became immediately aware of a light across his back, down his legs, and over his white butt. He turned and his stomach flipped, Xander standing before him, a stern look on his face. Leo was stunned into silence, his hand leaving his cock as all the air in his lungs was sucked from him.

“B-Brother…! I-I can explain…!” Leo quickly spoke, blushing brightly and covering his front as his adrenaline high peaked and his body was overcome with a sense of exhaustion. Leo began gasping, his head both clearing completely and filling totally.

“It had better be good. What kind of reason do you have for being out at midnight, completely naked?! Xander pushed the lantern closer, examining Leo’s naked body now as the younger prince shivered.

“I-I…!” Leo’s eyes watered with tears as his body began to stun and go into fight-or-flight mode. Feeling his stomach doing cartwheels, Leo thought he might throw up for a moment, but it was only the adrenal high trying to make him pass out.

“You’re seeing someone. I knew it. Well then, tell me who it is, little brother,” Xander said with a sigh, raising an eyebrow at Leo.


“Yes, you are. Why else would you be out here like this? Or maybe you just finished seeing someone. I’m not an idiot.”

“I-I wasn’t. I’m… out here by myself, okay?!” Leo swallowed and felt a fire burn inside of him. “I-I just. I didn’t expect to get caught. I thought I had it all under control.”

“What do you mean you’re alone?”

“I mean… I mean that this is… j-just uh, something I… like. I’m….” Leo couldn’t finish his sentence as Xander searched his face for meaning, boring into Leo’s eyes with his own.

“Are… are you a wolfskin?”

“No! I’d have ears and a tail if that were true!” Leo groaned and rubbed his face as he sought the words to explain himself. After a moment of mental preparation, he swallowed and spoke. “I like being naked out here. The idea of being caught by someone gets me off. I sneak out at night sometimes and… play with myself in the woods. Or in the castle, back at home.” Xander looked at Leo sideways at this, trying to understand his little brother.

“That sounds incredibly depraved. Are you sure about that, Leo? Were you just… sleepwalking? What’s going on, Leo?”

“I just told you! I like this. I’m just not public about it for obvious reasons-”

“Well, it looks like you’re plenty public about it.” Xander gestured at Leo’s soft cock and the younger prince blushed furiously.

“L-Look, if you…! J-Just…! I get it, you’re concerned because we’re brothers, but trust me, it’s best if you just leave me alone!” Leo turned away and tried to quickly slip off into the night, but Xander caught his arm. Leo struggled, but Xander moved closer, not about to let Leo run away again as he pulled his brother into a hug.

“W-wait! Don’t run! Just... stay here. We can work this out. I… I’m sorry I was vulgar, but that’s only because I’m scared for you.” Xander quickly began to explain himself, but Leo was still left behind in the hug. The young prince was in a slight state of shock that Xander would hug him, let alone while he himself was naked. His brother didn't usually operate under such emotions, let alone admit to them for the sake of others. A rush of memories flooded Leo, reminding him that it was his brother he was dealing with, and that Xander was coming from a place of care.

“O-Okay… okay.”

Xander let go of Leo cautiously, the young prince bright red in the face as he swallowed lightly. His cock was at half mast now, the situation suddenly becoming a lot closer to his fantasies than he had previously realized.

“I just… let me ask you some questions. Just for myself. Please, answer truthfully,” Xander said, Leo looking at him with a sheepish expression.

“Have I ever been known to lie?”

“No. Listen, are you out here because of someone else? Are you being blackmailed or hurt or forced to do this?”

“No, I’m not.”

“Okay. Are you in any way unhappy or upset with your life at the moment?”


“Okay.” Xander looked Leo up and down and then at him sideways. “So… why?”

“I told you already. It’s because… it gets me off.”

“I... just find it hard to believe that.”

“Well, I suppose you would. I don’t tell anyone about this kind of stuff. I keep it all to myself. It’s not something you tell people anyway.” Leo blushed and rubbed the back of his neck, feeling a little self-conscious. To add to Leo’s embarrassment, Xander’s eyes looked Leo up and down again, the young prince’s cock hardening a little further past half mast at that. Xander noticed and his eyes stopped on Leo’s cock, watching it grow to a full erection at around eight long inches. Leo looked down at himself and blushed furiously, grabbing his dick and trying to cover it.

“O-Oh. I see.” Xander blushed, debating on whether or not to look away or not. Leo’s hard dick was at the forefront of his mind as he slowly lost his sense of reason to overwhelming testosterone. His hands wiggled and rubbed softly against the underside of his shaft, nursing his erection.

“I-I’m sorry,” Leo mumbled.


“I said that I’m sorry.”

“N-No. Don’t be. It’s… fine. It’s alright,” Xander stammered, his face flush with redness while he stared down between Leo’s legs despite his younger brother obviously trying to cover himself. “When… did you find out you liked this…?”

“Well, I just left my room in the dead of night completely naked a few years ago, and I’ve been doing it ever since. Even when travelling, I’ll do it if I can get away with it,” Leo explained, not quite sure why he was telling Xander everything, but he was thinking with his dick rather than with his head now that he was hard.

“And it’s… stimulating?” Xander asked, Leo nodding.

“It’s made me like this.” Leo slowly pulled his hands away from his cock, the thing flopping forwards immediately. Xander looked down at it idly, carefully lifting his hand. Leo stopped breathing as Xander let it sit in his empty palm, sliding his thumb carefully down the top side of the shaft. A dollop of pre escaped Leo’s cockslit, clear juice rolling down Xander’s forearm. Xander ignored the fluid, running his thumb back up Leo’s shaft, causing him to shiver and shake.

“F-Forgive me.” Xander let go of Leo, the younger prince’s cock flopping out of his brother’s hand.

“M-Mhmm. It’s fine,” Leo said, shaking and shuffling ever so slightly closer to Xander. The crown prince looked down at his brother’s naked body and stiff cock jutting out from his body. Xander let his hand slip down again and caress Leo’s erection once more, holding it in the palm of his hand. He used his thumb exclusively this time, working the shaft and grazing the head every so often. Leo leaked into Xander’s hand, twitching as pre dripped from his cockslit. The adrenaline high came back to Leo, his mind strained with lust.

“Is it good…?” Xander asked quietly, Leo nodding.

“M-More, brother.” Leo put his hands on Xander’s shoulders, looking up at him passionately. Xander curled his fingers around Leo’s cock, now tugging it softly. Leo whimpered and twitched, his legs stunned from the pleasure and unable to move. After a minute or two of Xander stroking Leo’s member, the younger prince was a panting, sweating mess.

“Do you want me to keep going?” Xander asked, his gaze flitting across Leo’s naked body.

“Yeah. More.”

Xander moved to push Leo against a tree behind him. Then, Xander got down on his knees, not sucking Leo’s cock, but rather heavily increasing the passion by coating his hand in Leo’s precum and using that to jack Leo off. Wet fapping noises filled the space around the two princes, Leo gasping and bending his knees a little, leaning against the tree.

“B-Brother…!” Leo whined, spreading his arms over the tree to try and support himself as he felt his balls roiling with cum. Xander didn’t speak, instead merely using his hand to the fullest extent as he stroked Leo’s cock up and down over and over again. Leo groaned and whimpered and made all kinds of lewd noises as he felt his entire body heating up. Xander let his tongue out and gave Leo’s shaft a long lick, causing Leo to shiver and pant.

Slowly but surely, Xander wrapped his lips around Leo’s cock, sucking him off carefully. Xander deepthroated his brother’s shaft, going down to the balls, up to the tip, and back again. Bobbing his head, Xander let his hands hold onto Leo’s hips idly. Leo’s cock pulsated into Xander’s mouth, shuddering with need. Eager, Leo let his hands slip behind Xander’s head, now controlling his brother’s movements. Leo’s hips sprung into action, now face-fucking Xander’s throat with a fierce want for release.

“I-I’m… cumming…! Brother…! Cumming!” Leo gasped, Xander forcing himself off of Leo’s cock, the head popping out engorged and slightly red. Xander clasped his wet hand around Leo’s shaft, jacking him off quickly. Leo arched his back and inhaled, his dick squirting cum all over Xander’s face, neck, and shirt. Leo exhaled loudly, firing more jets of semen onto his brother, Xander not doing anything to stop this, merely continuing to jerk Leo off. After every drop of cum had been drained from Leo, Xander stood up. Leo unbent his knees, standing up while still leaning against the tree, his half-hard dick dripping with saliva and cum while he recovered. The two princes looked at one another, Leo awkwardly, but Xander with hidden lust.


“Sorry,” Leo quickly said, blushing fiercely as he pulled himself from the tree and staggered a little.

“It’s fine. Just. Uh.” Xander wiped a splattering of cum from his neck and sighed a little. “Don’t let anyone catch you like I did. I know it ended up just fine this time, but… you get it, right?”

“I do. I’m sorry.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow, Leo. Go back to your tent.” Xander eyed the cum in his fingers and then looked at Leo. “I don’t have to tell you this, but I’m gonna say it anyway: don’t tell anyone about this.”

“I won’t.” Leo quietly shuffled into the forest, away from the lantern light. “See you tomorrow.”

“See you.” Xander watched Leo go, and when he was sure his brother had gone far enough, he quickly lapped at his fingers, licking up Leo’s cum. Xander massaged between his legs, his pants bulging out significantly in front of him. He leaned against the same tree Leo had been leaning against and put his hands behind the waistband of his pants. Then, he stretched them over his cock, slipping his underclothes off and kicking them away. He took his shirt off as well, leaving himself naked aside from the shoes he had slipped on earlier. His fat, cut, twelve inch cock was rock hard, sprouting out in front of him and upwards like a curved sword. Xander grasped his huge shaft, gasping lightly and tugging on it.

“F-Fuck… oh fuck….” Xander mumbled to himself, trying not to cum immediately as he wiped up Leo’s cum from his face. Then, he coated his cock with it, whacking off and panting incessantly just as Leo had done. Low groans of exhausted need escaped Xander’s throat, his cockhead a dark purple color from the pressure building in his balls. Xander felt his prostate tingling as he dribbled precum all over the ground, the slit of his cock agitated. With one hand on his dick and another grasping one of his full pecs, Xander moved his feet further away from the tree. Then, he lifted his hips up and pushed his torso down, flexing his legs to keep himself steady. He used his upper back and neck to lean against the tree, almost horizontal as he aimed his cock down his washboard abs and built pecs at his face. Then, he jacked off relentlessly, a light whimper escaping his mouth.

“R-Ride it, Leo… ride it. Y-You’re so… hot…!” Xander began to sweat, his slick cock dribbling precum onto his abs that slipped between the crevices of his hard muscles. Xander let his free hand run up and down his smooth body, spreading the precum across his abs before using it to jerk himself off as well. Xander’s cock was, without a doubt, a two-hander, so he only moaned louder as he played with himself with both hands. Comforted, Xander picked up the pace and fapped harder, panting loudly between ragged gasps of want for release. Testosterone filled every pore in Xander’s body, his form practically oozing sexuality as he began to smell the scent of sex and male musk. That assault on his senses only spurred him on to orgasm, the crown prince’s legs wobbling with exhaustion from flexing as he gasped with delight and came all over himself.

Xander carefully got back up and wobbled, wiping the cum and pre off of his torso and face. His cock flopped forwards, now curved downwards as it dribbled on the ground. Xander lapped up whatever he had on his hand and shakily put his clothes back on. He picked up the lantern he brought with him and made his way back to camp in the night.

Chapter Text

When it came to trying to relax while the Askran company was out on a mission, the moments of calm came few and far between. From the dispute with Embla to the Nifl/Muspelheim issue, every hero, regardless of how perfect or together they seemed, was tired. It was such that people who worked the hardest physically became the most happy when Commander Anna announced they were going to the beach.

Of course, not everyone was happy. People like Tharja and Lyon and Zelgius made it clear that they didn’t do beaches. Others, like Cordelia and Jeorge, were too focused on keeping loose ends tied together. Some, like Arden or Sonya, simply enjoyed themselves better in the company of those staying in the Askran palace.

However, for those who were happy, it seemed like their prayers had been finally answered. Anna hadn’t introduced an itinerary and there was nothing to go off of besides the location - a sprawling extent of warm sand, crystal clear waters, and smooth bluffs atop the shoreline caves of Askr. There was talk about bringing all assortments of things, but Anna told them to just keep things as they would any other time they were going to the beach. Everyone decided to stop overthinking it at that.

Ryoma was happy. He had convinced the rest of his siblings to come along, and had even heard that the Nohrian royal family was coming along too. He hadn’t expected anyone of their breed to be anywhere near wanting to spend time in the sun, but he wasn’t about to tell them not to come. After all, ever since he’d gotten to know Xander better by fighting side-by-side with him, he had developed a bit of a crush. There were nights they talked out in the palace gardens and spoke of everything from trivial matters to what they’d do when they got home. No talk of war, hatred, animosity, or even the slightest hint of cultural difference. They were both self-respecting and understanding people, so they appreciate one another at face value. It was nice, Ryoma thought, to become so close to one he initially thought was his biggest enemy.

Ryoma had begun thinking the minute they were dismissed for the day. He and Takumi were in their shared room, talking about what they would do once they got to the beach. Ryoma hadn’t always been the most obvious fop, but at times like these, things got a little out of hand.

“How does this look?” Ryoma asked, Takumi turning and blinking in shock.

“Well, it’s not a lot, that’s for sure.”

“You think?” Ryoma turned to the mirror above his dresser and stepped back, admiring himself in a speedo.

“I don’t think you need to be so concerned with how you look, brother.” Takumi turned back to his dresser, pulling out a pair of blue swimming trunks.

“I just want to be comfortable is all.”

“You should wear something more traditional. Stuff like that always suits you.”

“I guess I could wear one of my fundoshi.” Ryoma pulled out a deep crimson undergarment and slipped off his speedo.

“That’d look good, yeah.” Takumi averted his eyes and put the swimming trunks on top of his dresser. Ryoma changed into the fundoshi and grinned at himself in the mirror.

“It does.” He quickly took it off and began dressing himself again, placing it on his dresser in the meantime.

“I’m not gonna bring an umbrella. Are you?”

“No. Too much work to carry it around. I’ll bring sunscreen, though.”

“Can I use yours?”


The day went by fairly quickly, and by the time tomorrow had arrived, Ryoma was more than ready to get to the beach and enjoy the waves. His mind began wandering to what Xander might wear. He thought of Xander in a wetsuit, a pair of trunks and a shirt, maybe even a speedo. Ryoma started feeling giddy and it showed as he slipped on his fundoshi.

“You’re happy,” Takumi said, looking at Ryoma with a slight smile.

“I am. It feels good to be able to finally go somewhere nice and relax, let alone the beach. The beaches in Hoshido are nice enough, but Askr is practically paradise.” Ryoma grabbed his bottle of sunscreen and grinned at Takumi openly.

“I hope it’s as nice as you say it’ll be.”

“Oh, it will be. There’s no room for doubt in my mind.”

“Well, you know me. I prepare for the worst.” Takumi put on his swim trunks and did his hair up idly.


The two of them met up with Hinoka and Sakura in the entrance hall. Around them were several other heroes in their beach gear. Ryoma spotted Ephraim, Innes, Tana, and Eirika together in a group, as well as Chrom, Frederick, Lissa, and Robin in another group. There were some smaller groups of people too, like Hawkeye and Ninian, or Hector, Matthew, and Serra. Ryoma’s eyes landed on Leo and Elise, Xander and Camilla nowhere to be found. He motioned for his siblings to follow him over to them.

“Good day,” Leo said plainly, Elise immediately running up to Sakura and complimenting her bathing suit.

“You seem to be missing two,” Ryoma said, Leo looking at him with a questionable look for a moment.

“Ah, yes. Xander and Camilla are running late. They said they’d meet us at the beach later, though I suppose that’s not exactly any of your business. Any reason you’re so curious?” Leo asked coldly, Ryoma immediately reminded that he wasn’t very friendly with Xander’s family in the past, let alone while they were in Askr.

“Just wondering-” Ryoma was cut off.

“Sorry for worrying for your siblings, we just thought you looked lonely is all.” Hinoka spoke, clearing up the situation suddenly.

“Leo, don’t be so mean. We’re supposed to enjoy ourselves, remember?” Elise asked, acting her usual role as a bundle of sunshine.

“Pah. I’d sooner turn myself into a frog than go to the beach,” Leo dismissed her, pulling his cape closer around his torso.

“Feel free. You’d look better like that,” Takumi said, Leo glaring at him.

“Some of us don’t have the comfort of being able to use the excuse that we’re just assholes and would ruin the fun. Unlike you, my siblings actually enjoy my presence, regardless of my feelings towards said sentiment.” Leo’s eyes shot daggers at Takumi, the Hoshidan prince firing back with his own ugly look.

“Oh, cut it out, you two! If you don’t like each other, that’s fine, just don’t ruin it for everyone else…!” Elise pouted and Leo’s glare softened, the prince turning his nose up at Takumi and focusing instead on Elise now.

“You’re right. It’s a precious opportunity to be able to spend quality time with my family… even if that means only watching from a distance while I read in the shade-”

“Please don't! At least build a sandcastle with me!” Elise put on her best puppy dog eyes, Leo looking away to avoid her persuasion.

“We’ll see.”

“E-Elise… I can build a sandcastle with you… if you want me to.” Sakura spoke quietly, Elise immediately turning to her with a blinding grin.

“Alright! Yes! Let’s do it!”

“Speaking of missing parties, where’s Corrin?” Leo asked, turning his gaze to Ryoma.

“No idea. I know he wanted to come along, but I’m not sure if he’s also running late or had other plans-”

“Okay everyone, can I get your attention?” Anna spoke through a magical device, amplifying her voice and capturing everyone’s attention. “We’re gonna head out now! We have some people who are a little late, but they’ll be with us later. Please, follow me!” At that, everyone quickly shuffled along, following Anna. Ryoma ended up just shrugging his shoulders at Leo and following along with the rest of the crowd.


When the heroes arrived at the beach, Anna made no point to keep them from the sand and the waves. Sakura and Elise were immediately off to the sand by the shore, taking Hinoka with them as they dashed across the beach, leaving the boys behind. Leo sighed and walked off towards the shade, book in hand as he found a suitable palm tree to relax under. Takumi took Ryoma’s sunscreen and wandered off to go cover himself before he got in the water. Ryoma looked around, feeling like he didn’t have much to do. He supposed he could join in the sandcastle building, but he figured the girls might not appreciate his presence. Slowly, however, he noticed Ephraim and Innes strolling along the beach. Ryoma figured he would fit in with the other tall, muscular guys, and quickly made his way over to them.

“Prince Ephraim. Prince Innes.” Ryoma regarded the two verbally, causing them to turn. "How are you two?”

“I suppose we’re alright. We were just going to find out if there are any caves along the shoreline,” Ephraim said.

“Alfonse told us there were a few he enjoyed exploring when he was younger, so we figured we’d try and find them.” Innes gestured towards the direction they were walking.

“Well, I don’t have much to get up to yet, so… mind if I join you two?” Ryoma asked.

“Not at all. Feel free.” Ephraim smiled again. The three walked on across the beach, idly talking among one another.

“So, you came with your family, but you’re not with them. Why’s that?” Innes asked.

“Well, you came with Princess Tana, didn’t you? You’re not with her,” Ryoma said, Innes smiling and glancing over at Ephraim.

“Well, I guess there are just more important things to take care of. Tana’s my one and only precious sister, but I have a good friend in Ephraim. A very good friend .” Innes looked away from Ephraim and back to Ryoma with ease.

“I guess I’m the same way. Problem is, the person I wanted to spend time with hasn’t shown up yet,” Ryoma admitted, Innes looking at him with an eye of pity.

“You can always hang out with us until they get here. Or just stick with us for the whole time. We sure don’t mind,” Ephraim offered, Ryoma shaking his head.

“I’m sure they’ll show up. I just have to wait,” Ryoma said, Innes pulling his gaze away from Ryoma.

“Hey, look at that.” Innes pointed forwards at a hill eclipsing the beach, the rock face of said hill broken up by a couple holes that were hidden by a collection of boulders.

“That’s probably the caves. Come on,” Ephraim said, playfully sprinting forwards and into one of the openings. Innes laughed and followed, Ryoma bringing up the rear.

It was rather dark in the small passageway, not much natural light streaming in beyond the entrance. Feeling a little cramped, Ryoma clacked along in the stone hall, making his way through the twists and turns behind Innes. Eventually, he found himself a little lost in the darkness. However, after a few minutes of stumbling he made his way out when he saw a cool light at the end of the tunnel.

Ryoma entered into a large room of the cave which was rather humid, condensation glistening on every surface and wall of the space. He spotted a large opening in the cave to the outside, the sea spilling in from that huge window. On the edge of where the smooth stone floor and the sea met, Ephraim and Innes stripped off their swimsuits. Then, they kicked them aside and embraced, Ryoma watching with a light blush on his face. Ephraim pulled away from his kiss with Innes for a moment, a string of saliva still connecting their mouths. He turned to Ryoma and smiled lewdly.

“Join us.” Ephraim spoke softly, Ryoma slightly entranced as he walked closer to the two. Innes pulled away from Ephraim and approached Ryoma, laying it on thick as he immediately kissed the Hoshidan prince, using plenty of tongue to indicate his intent. Innes let go after he felt himself needing air, but he kept his pelvic area pressed close to Ryoma’s, his cock hardening.

“We’d really love a third. I don’t mind being a bottom, but Ephraim only tops.” Innes pressed his hand to the front of Ryoma’s fundoshi, the prince stunned by the kiss he had just shared.

“M-Maybe… uh, maybe another time….” Ryoma felt himself hardening and his face growing redder as Innes massaged his cock through the fabric.

“Aw, really? I’m sure we can work something out.” Ephraim slipped closer to Ryoma, but the Hoshidan prince quickly pulling away as he felt his undergarment coming undone. He quickly grabbed it and tightened it again, trying to stay calm and not get too horny.

“Ryoma, did you want to attend to your other plans?” Innes asked.

“Y-Yeah, I kinda did. Sorry.”

“That’s fine. Go ahead. Just remember, we’re here, and if not today, we can always do something some other time," Innes offered, pulling Ephraim off of Ryoma.

“Thanks.” Ryoma waddled away, quickly realizing the room they were in had several tunnels leading to it. He chose a larger one at random out of desperation and dashed through it, his sandals clacking against the floor once more. He, of course, wasn’t aware how long it’d take him to get back out of the cave from the tunnel he chose, but that wasn’t any fault of his.


“Xander! Camilla!” Elise yelped, glee forming on her face as she jumped up from the sandcastle to greet her older siblings.

“Hello Elise,” Camilla said, smiling down at her sister. “Is this sandcastle yours? Oh, it’s so wonderful!”

“Yeah! Sakura, Hinoka, and I have been working really hard to make it look good!” Elise said with a giggle, Sakura looking up at Camilla quietly.

“We… we’re doing our best. I think it’s… pretty.”

“Well, I can certainly help out if you want me to. What do you say?” Camilla looked at Hinoka with a sneaky eye that made the Hoshidan princess’s bones shiver.

“Yeah! What about you, Xander? Can you help?” Elise asked, Xander giving a small smile down to Elise.

“Maybe later. I wish to relax by myself for a while.”

“We’ll see you later, Xander,” Camilla said, giving him a smile and a wave as he walked off.

Xander was an introvert. He certainly enjoyed the company of his beloved family, but given the fact that he had spent the past several months in two wars on multiple sides, stretched out across four countries, Xander needed some serious recharging to do, which meant being alone. As for his appearance, he made extra sure last night that he was beyond ready for the beach. He had shaved his legs, his chest, his underarms; everywhere that had body hair that would be seen, he shaved. Xander wore a tight, black speedo, a pair of gladiator sandals, and nothing else, letting his muscular form speak for itself. His perfect blonde hair fell around his face so well it was almost a shame he decided to stay out of the limelight.

Still, Xander needed his relaxing time. He quietly made his way across the beach, spotting a collection of boulders alongside a hill. The crown prince walked through the boulders, making for a rather lonesome spot that completely hid him. He dumped his stuff down, laying out a huge towel and sticking his beach umbrella in the sand. He then slipped off his sandals, sitting down and yawning as he relaxed under the umbrella. Xander rolled over onto his stomach, trying not to curl up and instead soak in the heat of the day as he dozed. Xander burned easily in the sun, so he had indeed brought along sunscreen, but he had an umbrella to protect him for now. If he felt like putting a bit of color in his skin, he could always just take it out and lather up.

As Xander dozed, he failed to notice that the moderate maze of boulders he was hidden in had a second entrance in the hillside: a small opening from a cavern within. Out of that cavern, Ryoma crawled. He stood up and huffed, beyond sweaty now but at least glad to have escaped the humidity of the hill’s interior. Ryoma idly started towards the shoreline, thinking to wash himself off in the sea, but something different caught his attention now.

Ryoma was beholden to a sleeping Xander. A rather scantily-dressed sleeping Xander, at that. Ryoma blushed and stared at the Nohrian prince’s smooth, pale form, muscles in all the right places setting Ryoma’s heart on fire. The Hoshidan prince immediately put his hand between his legs, holding his front to try and keep himself under control.

Ryoma circled around the beach towel, moving behind Xander to stare at his built legs and plush behind trapped in his speedo. Ryoma imagined spreading those cheeks, feeling a rush in his front suddenly stretch his fundoshi. Starting to get hard, Ryoma undid his fundoshi and slipped it off, carefully placing it among Xander’s things. Ryoma’s big cock was only half mast, so he didn’t bother touching himself. However, his mind was completely captivated by lust, his libido causing him to quietly move closer. He kept absolutely silent, carefully moving over Xander's form, straddling his body before getting down on his knees over him. Ryoma slowly reached over, grabbed Xander’s sunscreen, and poured a generous amount into his own hands. The Hoshidan prince then carefully pressed his hands to Xander’s muscular back, rubbing his palms in circles, spreading the cool cream.

Xander awoke lazily to the feeling of warmth being interrupted across his back. He turned his head to look over his shoulder and spotted Ryoma’s blushing, smiling face. Xander stared at Ryoma’s muscular shoulders and arms working to spread sunscreen over his back and he blushed in response.

“Sleep well?” Ryoma asked with a tease, Xander laughing lightly as he carefully turned over under Ryoma, not having noticed that Ryoma was naked just yet. Given that he no longer had access to Xander's back, Ryoma now occupied his hands with Xander's chest.

“I didn’t sleep much,” Xander admitted, giving the other a light smile before he felt Ryoma’s large hands squash his full pectorals. Xander huffed lightly, feeling Ryoma’s palms pressing against his nipples and lightly massaging them.

“Well, I haven’t been here long either.”

“H-Hey, you don’t have any sunscreen in your hands.”

“You’re right. Sorry,” Ryoma said, grabbing the bottle again and pouring cream onto Xander’s pectorals. After quite a lot had accumulated, Ryoma put the bottle down and began spreading the sunscreen, using his hands to play with Xander’s pectorals once more. Xander twitched a little, huffing again and trying to keep calm.

“Y-You don’t need to spend so much time on my chest….” Xander trailed off, blushing furiously as Ryoma’s hands moved down to the Nohrian prince’s abs.

“I think I put too much on you. Here.” Ryoma slowly lowered his torso onto Xander’s, pressing their pecs and nipples together. Xander gave a light whimper as Ryoma looked down and compared their chests, but that whimper quickly became a groan when Ryoma started rubbing his body against Xander’s. With Ryoma’s dick out and essentially at a full erection at this point, he was also frotting with the front of Xander’s speedo now.

“R-Ryoma…!” Xander yelped, getting hard in his speedo as he felt Ryoma’s cock up against him.

“Sorry~.” Ryoma lifted off of Xander who immediately looked down and saw that Ryoma wasn’t wearing anything. Xander blushed bright, staring down at Ryoma’s huge erection. Ryoma’s dick must’ve been at least a foot long, and if not a foot, it was pretty close. Xander stared down at Ryoma’s massive cock, his speedo now getting rather tight as a thick bulge appeared, slithering across towards his hip. Ryoma realized that Xander had spotted his dick, but he didn’t mind. Instead, he rubbed the sunscreen covering his front down and did a better job of covering Xander’s torso. After that, he grabbed more sunscreen and moved down to Xander’s legs.


“Turn over,” Ryoma said, a smile starting to color his face. Xander quickly did so, laying on his stomach and extending his legs. Ryoma placed his lotion-covered palms onto one of Xander’s legs, coating it in slick sunscreen. He went from Xander’s foot up to his thigh, making a point to go way too far up, sneaking his hand into Xander’s swimsuit. Ryoma groped at the Nohrian prince’s balls, feeling an interesting lack of fuzz on him. However, Ryoma didn’t indulge himself, instead getting more sunscreen to work Xander’s other leg.

Once Xander was sufficiently coated--or rather, once Ryoma was done groping him--Ryoma quietly sat back and admired Xander from behind, staring at his juicy behind with a certain sense of contentment. However, this didn’t last long, as the sound of sandals in the sand drew close. Neither prince had any time to react as they looked up to see Corrin quickly approaching.

“Hey, Ryoma’s here too! I thought only Xander would be… out... here....” Corrin’s enthusiasm was quickly curbed at the sight of Ryoma’s totally naked body and hard cock rolling down his own thigh. Xander was hard too, but at least his erection was hidden by the fact that he was on his stomach and he was still wearing his swimsuit. Xander blushed brighter than Ryoma though, knowing they had just been caught by their little brother.

“H-Hi,” Ryoma said, trying to keep things short as he instantly realized he was making Corrin uncomfortable and Corrin was making him uncomfortable.

“Uh, well, I uh.” Corrin idly raised his hands, holding a couple of coconut drinks that were evidently for Xander and Ryoma. Seeing how little Ryoma was capable of doing, Xander immediately took charge and got up from the towel, trying to keep himself together despite his obvious, bulging erection and fiercely red face. Corrin looked Xander up and down, visibly becoming even more embarrassed.

“You brought these for us?”

“Yeah.” Corrin swallowed idly and handed Xander the drinks. “T-They’re… just mango juice. It’s some kind of fruit. I dunno. Sorry to, uh… sorry.” Corrin found himself at a loss for words as Xander put the drinks down, digging the coconuts into the sand so that they wouldn’t roll and spill their contents.

“It’s fine.” Xander sat back down, his erection harder than ever as he tried to sit normally. He let himself a passing glance at Ryoma, seeing the Hoshidan prince was just as turned on as he was, face bright red and dick rock hard. In fact, it looked as if Ryoma was even harder than before, his dick dripping onto his thigh with lust. Corrin stood there awkwardly, blushing with his brothers. All three of them were far too self-conscious enough to realize they could’ve just disengaged and agreed to not saying anything, so the encounter began to drag out.

“I kinda wanted to say hi. We… us three don’t really get the same assignments, so I wanted to see how you guys were doing, but uh. I guess we should talk later. I uh, don’t want to interrupt,” Corrin trailed off, starting to mumble his words as he did so.

“Don’t worry, Corrin. We were just… having some bonding time is all,” Xander said, his now-full erection teetering on the edge of slipping out of his tight speedo.

“Uh, I’m gonna go join the others.”

“We’ll see you later then,” Ryoma said perhaps a little too quickly, but Corrin took the note and jogged off. Xander and Ryoma stared at one another for a moment, faces red.

“That shook me up a little. You looked worse than I did, though,” Xander said, a small smile showing as Ryoma shook his head.

“Let’s get back to it. I think we both got a little worked up from being caught.”

Slowly, Ryoma moved to straddle Xander’s legs, dripping precum that slid down his cock and between Xander’s thighs. Then, Ryoma placed his hands on the front of Xander’s speedo, rubbing at the base of his erection, making him squirm slightly.

Ryoma slipped his fingers up under the waistband of Xander’s speedo, pulling it down onto his thighs, causing the prince’s long, pale cock to bounce up out and slap against his own stomach. Xander’s cock was a little longer but also a little slimmer than Ryoma’s, his white balls hairless. Ryoma looked at it with a hunger, slipping Xander’s speedo underneath himself and off of Xander’s legs entirely, tossing it aside. Then, he slipped down and laid down on top of Xander, making sure he was face-to-face with Xander’s huge cock. Ryoma started licking it, letting his tongue trail up Xander’s cock with long strokes. Xander squirmed and panted, feeling every movement along his tall shaft.


Ryoma opened his mouth, slurping at Xander’s bulbous, pink cockhead, saliva trailing from the corners of his mouth down Xander’s tall shaft. Xander huffed lightly, little moans escaping his lips as he shivered comfortably. Ryoma started taking in more and more of Xander’s cock, slipping it into his mouth and slowly down his throat. Xander exhaled loudly as Ryoma took it down to the balls and glanced up at the blonde prince. Then, after a guttural choke that tightened Ryoma’s throat, the Hoshidan prince lightly began bobbing his head up and down. With each gag from Ryoma, his throat tightened again and again, his insides as tight as an ass would be. Xander swiveled his hips lightly, squishing his dick up and down into Ryoma’s throat, fucking his tight insides. Ryoma gagged harder at that, so Xander grabbed hold of Ryoma’s head, choosing to face-fuck him. Considering how huge Xander’s dick was, it became quite the mouthful for Ryoma, saliva dripping down his chin in excess. Eventually, Xander pulled Ryoma all the way back up, his cock slipping out of Ryoma’s mouth with a loud pop and a flinging of saliva. His dick returned to his stomach, slapping his abs and coating them with spit.

“Hah, fuck.” Ryoma caught his breath and grinned, wiping his chin. “You taste great.”

“T-Thanks,” Xander said, not quite sure how to respond as he blushed and sat up. Ryoma lapped at his own hands, coating them in spit. Then, he took hold of Xander’s wet cock, causing the prince to huff. Slowly, Ryoma jacked Xander’s dick, working both of his hands up and down the shaft, albeit very slowly, practically torturing Xander. The blonde prince gave little whines and whimpers here and there, squirming under Ryoma’s strong hands holding him. The power dynamic of having his cock held and controlled by another man excited Xander, the man starting to sweat a little as he blushed brightly and panted harder.

“Feel good?~” Ryoma asked.

“Y-Yeah.” Xander leaned back, his body growing hotter and hotter with each stroke Ryoma gave him.

“I’m not sure if I’ve said it before, but you’re a handsome man, Xander. I’m glad we’re finally doing something more sensual with one another,” Ryoma said, a mischievous smile stuck on his face. Xander only delved deeper into arousal with every compliment and pleasurable touch Ryoma gave him, his mind hazy with a mixture of need and attraction. His head was practically stewing in testosterone and dopamine, dizziness cropping up while he tried to come up with a response.

“You’re… handsome too. I think I… the first time we met on the battlefield, I admired your looks.”

“That’s good. Though, I do think you’re more attractive by far. You’ve got an amazing range of emotions; I wish you’d only smile more,” Ryoma was beyond flirting by now, taking one of his wet hands off of Xander’s dripping cock and holding the blonde prince’s chin instead. Then, Ryoma moved in, kissing Xander and slipping his tongue into his mouth. Xander felt the little amount of air left in his lungs escaping into Ryoma’s mouth, a feeling of breathlessness engulfing him. However, Ryoma’s lips and tongue were too intoxicating, Xander unable to pull away as his cockslit drizzled precum all over itself and Ryoma’s warm hand. Ryoma, meanwhile, was stiffer than ever between his own legs as well, though he was slightly better at keeping his mind under control. Still, he wouldn’t let go of the kiss, wanting to taste everything Xander had to offer. A stuffy feeling filled Ryoma’s chest, the Hoshidan prince unable to get enough of Xander. Ryoma leaned over Xander, sliding into his lap and letting go of his cock. Then, he began humping Xander, frotting with him. Xander wrapped his arms around Ryoma’s shoulders, pumping his own hips and silently drowning in arousal.

Eventually, Ryoma unstuck his mouth from Xander, the two panting and gasping in a puddle of need. Ryoma pulled off and turned around, his fat, tanned ass jiggling as he presented it to Xander. Then, without any need for words, Ryoma sat his behind down on Xander’s face, his hole flush with Xander’s mouth. The Nohrian prince immediately began rimming and slurping at that hole, salivating all over it. Ryoma moaned, palming his own cock hungrily as he felt his globular ass cheeks parted by Xander’s hands, the Nohrian prince gaining more direct access to Ryoma’s hole.

After a hot minute of rimming and groaning, Ryoma pulled his ass off of Xander’s face and positioned himself above Xander’s cock. Realizing what was going on, Xander positioned his dick straight up, and slowly, Ryoma squatted down onto it. The cockhead was the hardest part, the bulbous, engorged tip causing Xander to squirm every time it came into contact with Ryoma’s hole. However, with a light pop and a feeling of suction, it slipped in, Xander gasping and yanking his head back. His spine was soaked in pleasure, rippling waves of unbearable delight seizing him. Ryoma didn’t stop there; he carefully let his pelvic area roll all the way down Xander’s dick. When the thing was about a third of the way in, something inside Ryoma set him off too. He gasped, hot bliss radiating up his torso as his legs went numb. Ryoma wobbled lightly, his core growing heated, but he kept slipping down. Every inch grazed that button inside of him, squeezing and squishing it against his inner walls. Ryoma drizzled Xander’s abs in precum, thick juices dolloping out of his cockslit one after another. Eventually, the two were joined, Xander’s entire shaft filling Ryoma’s tight hole, agonizingly filling the Hoshidan up with hot precum.

“M-Move….” Xander mumbled, Ryoma’s ragged breathing hitched.

“I-I… can’t… uh…!” Ryoma slid up an inch and immediately felt his insides radiate enjoyment, causing his legs to go even more numb. Ryoma slipped back down that inch and felt it shoot up his spine, Xander’s cock directly assaulting his innermost walls. Ryoma bit his lower lip and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

R-Ryoma…! T-This is torture,” Xander gasped, his hands whipping onto Ryoma’s hips and grasping them tightly. Ryoma whimpered and his balls clenched as he dragged himself up Xander’s cock. The Hoshidan splattered a fat string of precum onto Xander, wetting his torso. Xander drooled from the corner of his mouth and seized again, twitching violently.

“G-Gods…! Ah, fuck, Xander, you’re so fucking big…!” Ryoma yelled, slipping back down Xander’s cock and yelping with uncontrollable loudness. His insides were hotter than ever, his face, built torso, and flexed legs dripping with sweat.

“Come on… move more. I-I… can’t take this.” Xander wiggled his hips about, his dick slipping about inside of Ryoma, causing the Hoshidan to squirm and squeak in a low tone.

“I-I’ll try…!”


Ephraim and Innes had finished having their fun, and it was time to head back to the beach to join the others so they didn’t suspect anything. The two donned their swimsuits again and exited the cave, making their way through the tunnels. When they exited, they found before them quite the interesting sight. Prince Xander and Prince Ryoma stuck in a cowboy position on their towel, gasping for air and eagerly trying to move. The air around them was so hot and filled with lust, it practically oozed testosterone. Innes and Ephraim slipped behind one of the boulders strewn about the place, hiding and watching.

“Holy shit,” Ephraim whispered, a grin instantly creeping up on his face.

“Ryoma…!” Xander gasped, punching his hips upwards and causing Ryoma to yelp and twitch.

“Look how pent up they are. They probably can’t move all that much,” Innes said, in awe of the two men's’ bodies and the atmosphere about them.

“Wanna go help ‘em?~” Ephraim asked, smiling at Innes.

“We could. It might ruin the moment, though; I think we should just keep watching.”

“F-Fuck, s-should we… change positions…? I can’t… move!” Ryoma gasped, Xander nodding and carefully shifting his weight. As he did so, pulling upwards, Ryoma groaned and shifted too. Eventually, however, all strength faded between the two and they fell onto the towel, Ryoma stuck underneath Xander. As Xander collapsed on top of Ryoma, his cock slid all the way into the Hoshidan again, causing him to shoot another jet of precum.

“Gods… t-this is…!” Xander panted, the two stuck in a mating press, Xander on his knees and leaning over Ryoma’s torso. Slowly, he slumped his hips in again before pulling his cock out halfway. Then, he slammed it back in, his spine jittering and causing him to salivate. Ryoma moaned and whimpered all at once, turning into a puddle of need as he quaked with delight.

From their position, Ephraim and Innes saw Xander’s amazing, white ass wobble as he thrusted in and out of Ryoma’s full, tanned ass. Xander’s muscular thighs and back flexed with his thrusts, Ryoma’s legs dangling in the air and jumping alongside his partner’s pumps. Ephraim started to get hard again, lust filling his mind as he watched the carnal display of need between the princes.

Xander, despite his complete control of both his and Ryoma’s lower bodies, found his center of gravity hanging over Ryoma. This meant that even though he could thrust his hips and wriggle about, he was locked to Ryoma. Xander pumped his dick into Ryoma’s ass, causing it to jiggle and wiggle about with each thrust. Ryoma’s prostate was constantly being squished and driven up against and fucked, causing the Hoshidan prince’s face to go bright red. Xander’s masculine flexes and positioning while he thrusted made Ryoma’s heart and dick burn with need.

“F-Fuck…! Xander….” Ryoma whimpered, Xander pile-driving him down into the towel as he thrusted harder and harder, his own dick in absolute heaven. It felt like his cock was melting into Ryoma, the heat and slippery precum/saliva mix of lube creating a vacuum with each thrust, only sucking Xander’s dick harder with each thrust. Xander set his hands on Ryoma’s pecs, squeezing his nipples and pressing against him tightly. Ryoma wrapped his arms around Xander’s back, holding on as hard as he could as his entire lower body radiated pleasure throughout every nerve.

The fucking and Ryoma’s loudness, however, had drawn more attention than just Ephraim and Innes. In fact, Takumi had been near enough to their end of the beach to have heard Ryoma’s moans, and came to investigate. He peeked between the boulders, following the noises. Initially, when he spotted Prince Xander naked and indulging himself with someone else, he felt panicked. However, when he saw that the person Prince Xander was fucking was Ryoma, Takumi immediately found himself shell-shocked. His siblings had mostly gotten over their grudge against Nohr for the sake of their current situation, but Takumi was still firm in his stance on them. In this way, Takumi seeing his brother, the man he looked up to most, as both a pillar of strength and compassion and absolute perfection, being totally used by Prince Xander crushed him. He saw Xander’s filthy Nohrian cock pumping in and out of Ryoma’s backside, abusing him and corrupting him.

“O-Oh gods…! R-Ryoma, I’m…!”

“Me too…!”

Takumi realized in an instant what was about to happen and his heart dropped into his stomach. Everything went in slow motion as he stared with awe, his shocked mind unable to muster any kind of movement. He wanted to stop it, but he was stuck where he stood.

Xander gasped soundlessly, his cock driven balls-deep into Ryoma as it unloaded the biggest load of the blonde’s life into the man. Meanwhile, Ryoma splattered his own hot cum all over, covering his own face and chest, as well as hitting Xander several times across the abs and pecs. The two kept gyrating against each other, unwinding themselves as their pleasure ran in circles and tipped over. Ryoma’s ass flooded, his hole filled to the brim with cum that tried to slip past Xander’s slick cock. When the fluids managed to pull by, they got sucked up into the wet vacuum and exploded out of Ryoma’s ass, spraying all over the towel, Xander, and into the drinks that Corrin had brought. However, even with Xander’s load escaping, the Nohrian wasn’t finished. He kept shooting jet after jet after jet into Ryoma, his cockslit on fire while he came hard. Both his core and his legs collapsed, Xander slipping onto Ryoma and splattering against the cum covering the Hoshidan’s torso.

Eventually, the two finished. They wiped their foreheads and panted for air, completely unloaded and pleasurably numb. Xander pulled off of Ryoma, his dick tingling, still a little heated as it softened. Ryoma’s legs collapsed when Xander stood up, the Hoshidan now merely laying in a puddle of his own semen and sweat.

“G-Gods… that was amazing….” Ryoma breathed, calming down finally as his entire lower body tingled in the afterglow. He felt circulation returning to his legs, hot streaks of warmth slipping down his limbs and comforting him.

“Yeah,” Xander panted, slumping down onto the towel and catching his breath.

“Why can’t we ever do it like that?!” Ephraim whispered harshly to Innes, the Prince of Frelia putting his hands up in surrender.

“We’re never pent up like that. It’s not my fault you’re a sex fiend.”

“Fuck you!” Ephraim made to hit Innes, but Innes was faster. He grabbed Ephraim’s front, causing him to stop dead in his movement.

“Shh. They’ll notice. We can go again if you want, just be quiet for now.”

“I-I already noticed.” Xander turned to the boulders behind him, Ephraim and Innes peeking out back at him.


“If you weren’t so loud-”

“Shut up,” Ephraim made to punch Innes uselessly, failing once more.

“Sorry we watched,” Innes said, coming out from behind the rocks with Ephraim. The two walked over to the towel, Ryoma staring up at them, escaping his afterglow trance for a moment.

“It’s fine. It made it… better, somehow,” Xander said, a slight smile creeping up onto his face.

“Well, hey, any time!” Ephraim exclaimed suddenly, Innes shooting him a look.

“Was this the first time you guys did something like this?” Innes asked.

“It was. I… well, Ryoma started things off, then I decided to go along with it when I noticed how… adamant he was about it. I didn’t expect it to go as far as it did,” Xander said, sighing and wiping his brow.

“I don’t think either of us blame you. I mean, look at him,” Innes said, turning the focus to Ryoma. The Hoshidan prince looked stunning, laying in the aftermath of his arousal with his hole dripping cum, his legs spread, and every inch of his masculine, handsome body glowing. Even his face, wearing a lazily-satisfied look, had a certain air of beauty and natural attractiveness.

“Gods, Ryoma, stop that.” Xander said, his eyes taking in every inch of Ryoma’s amazing form.

“Stop what?~” Ryoma laughed and sat up, his rippling and shifting muscles lustrously shining. Xander shook his head and shifted his own weight, making to face Ryoma more directly now.

“Does this mean you two….” Ephraim trailed off, the implications setting in for Ryoma and Xander.

“Well. If he wants to be,” Ryoma said, shrugging. “I certainly wouldn’t mind it. It’d probably… be a big decision, but I see no reason not to.”

“Yes, that’s quite the decision to make. Our peoples are not exactly the most joined in opinions. I do see it as being-”

“Oh, fuck the politics; that’s not what I’m asking.” Ephraim cut into Xander’s words, both Xander and Ryoma looking up to him. “Are you two in love?”

“Hah! Probably.” Xander turned to Ryoma again.

“Probably?” Ryoma asked, a knowing glimmer in his eye.

“Well. More like definitely, perhaps.”


“Alright, alright. I’m not good at expressing myself. I am in love with you, Lord Ryoma.”

“Good. I too am in love with you, Lord Xander.~” Ryoma played up his words, a smile on his face as he leaned back and laid down again, assuming his lazy position again.

“Whether or not we make this knowledge common or understood at all is up to us, but we do share much more in common than we previously thought. That is, even before this!” Xander tried to clarify himself, but Ephraim was giving him a look.

“Mhmm. I’m sure.”

“No, really.”


“We did not just fall in love based on pleasure alone-”

“Mhmm.” Ephraim grinned mischievously, shaking his head and watching Xander squirm.

“Regardless, I’m happy for you two. Don’t hesitate to confide in us if you ever need something,” Innes said, Ephraim nodding with his words.

“Yeah. We’re here for you guys.”

“Thank you, Prince Ephraim, Prince Innes,” Xander said.

“Drop the formalities. I think we’re all long past that at this point,” Innes said with a smile.

Ephraim and Innes left the two to themselves, exiting through the boulders back towards the part of the beach where everyone else would be. On their way, Ephraim heard a shuffling in the sand, but thought nothing of it.

Takumi wracked his brains, hiding where three boulders met. He had to pinch himself a couple times to remind himself that everything that had just happened was all real. It was a hard pill to swallow, and as he began to believe that Ryoma had been corrupted, he started to realize he had to do something. Takumi didn’t know what, but he wasn’t about to allow Prince Xander to have complete control over his own brother.

“That blonde-haired bastard will pay…! He’ll pay!” Takumi whispered to himself, brooding between the boulders and seething as his mind kept replaying the image of Ryoma being filled with Xander’s cum. “Brother…! I’ll save you from him….”


As the beach day came to a close, everyone gathered around to watch the sunset on the watery horizon. The sky looked like it was being set on fire as the massive fiery globe slowly fell, hues of flamingo pink and creamsicle orange heralding the sight of eerie, nighttime purple. Still, it was calming, and the rainbow of beautiful lights was even more beautiful given the rolling waters it reflected onto.

Ryoma and Xander masked their affection slightly, making sure they were close enough to enjoy the sunset together, but far enough in mindset so that they wouldn’t have the urge to start sucking one another’s face, let alone dicks. Camilla and Elise strode up next to Xander.

“It’s so pretty!” Elise squeaked, bouncing up and down as she watched all the colors shifting with the sun.

“It sure is,” Camilla agreed, her hand on her hip as her eyes slipped away towards Xander. “We didn’t get to see much of you today, Xander.”

“Yes, I’m aware. I’m sorry, sister. I fell asleep in the heat of the day.”

“Oh, well I hope you didn’t get sunburnt.”

“No, no. I was under my umbrella. Perhaps the next time we come out here for a vacation, I’ll be in a better state of mind to enjoy it with you all.”

“There’s no need for that, brother. I just worry. Well, and I want you to be able to see what a beautiful young lady Elise has grown into.” Camilla turned her head to Elise who looked at her and pouted.

“Hey, are you talking about me?”

“Oh, I see how wonderfully kind and beautiful Elise becomes with each passing day, mark my words,” Xander said with a smile, Elise rubbing her arm with embarrassment.


“Oh, don’t pout.” Camilla laughed at her little sister, pulling her into a hug. Xander spotted Leo walking up and quickly yanked him forwards.

“Hey-” Leo found himself trapped between Xander and Camilla, stuck in their family hug. “Get off! No!”

“Leo!” Elise yelled with joy, pulling her arms around him, trapping him alongside her siblings.

“No! Stop it! Agh, get off!” Leo squirmed uselessly.

"Oh man, group hug!" Corrin yelled, jumping in and squeezing the Nohrian royal family harder with his own arms that barely reached across them all. Leo squeaked when they were squished, sighing and finally submitting to the hug.

“They’re getting along well.” Hinoka smiled at the Nohrian royal family’s hug, Ryoma turning his attention to them.

“I think they’ve always been close. Elise talks about her siblings a lot,” Sakura said.

“Well, all except that Leo. He looks like he’d rather be anywhere else.” Ryoma laughed at the sight of Leo’s grumpy face sticking out from under Xander’s arms.

“He’s secretly enjoying it.”

“Shut up! Stop talking about me!”

Takumi watched silently, his eyes flitting up to Ryoma. He looked past the casual situation, sensing Ryoma’s corruption affecting everyone. He knew he had to do something, but he still didn’t know what.

Chapter Text

“King Skrimir, you have a visitor. He claims to be an old friend.”

“Let him in,” Skrimir dismissed the cat who eagerly bustled to the great double doors across from the king’s throne. After leaving for a minute, the cat returned with a blue-haired man following him. Skrimir’s face immediately lit up, Ranulf by the king’s side with a smile of his own.

“Hello, Skrimir,” Ike said knowingly, basking in the excited looks of the king and his retainer.

“Ike! It’s been a while!” Skrimir gave a laugh, beyond happy to see the man once more. Ranulf waved the cat messenger away and approached Ike.

“You seem well, although I’m still surprised that beorc change so quickly,” Ranulf said, jabbing a finger at Ike’s beard.

“He’s become more of an adult, Ranulf. Can you blame him?”

“Certainly not. I think it’s a good look.”

“Well,” Ike sighed, scratching his chin, “I suppose I could use a shave, but that’s not why I’m here. I found myself in the neighborhood and thought I should stop by.”

“We’d be glad to have you, Lord Ike,” Skrimir said, a certain pride in his voice.

“Please, I gave up that title when I left, no matter how much Elincia insists I still have it. Just Ike is fine.”

“Well, it’ll remind us of old times, won’t it?” Ranulf said, grabbing Ike’s hand and slipping off his gauntlet, inspecting his palm. “You’ve been working hard, have you?”

“He always does.” Skrimir got up from the throne, his scarlet mane catching the sunlight streaming through the large windows, colored like flame as he approached Ike. The blue-haired man felt a little stunned by the handsomeness of Skrimir, the king’s fierce expression and strong jawline catching him for a moment. “We should get you settled. Do you have any companions?”

“No. I’m alone.”

“Well, Ranulf, see him to one of the guest rooms.” Skrimir turned to Ranulf who nodded. “When you’re done, as much as I’d love for you to be able to catch up, I have another task for you….”

Ike began to zone out at that, catching wind of official business that probably had nothing to do with him. He walked over to one of the huge windows and looked out over the smaller cliffs of the Blue Mountains, the dense forest, and the capital city of Zarzi below the canopy. He’d had enough of the day in and of itself considering he made the trek to the capital entirely on foot, but Ike couldn’t help himself from appreciating the beauty of the city. Despite the fact that many thousands of beast laguz lived in Zarzi, the natural beauty of the land hadn’t been disrupted; Zarzi was a city in a forest, living in harmony with nature rather than against it. Ike’s mind wandered to the past, remembering the wars and crimes against the laguz, as well as their struggle against Ashera. Seeing the peaceful golden age of Gallia in all of its unity with nature reminded Ike of just how beautiful the world really was.

Speaking of beautiful, Ike’s eyes flitted to Skrimir once more, watching his mouth move as he spoke. To think that the lion was a hot-headed youth not that long ago made Ike really appreciate how far he had come. In succeeding Caineghis, Skrimir had become the ruler of Gallia, a representative of the beast laguz and the country as a whole. Beyond that, Skrimir was a real adult now, a look of serene yet driven intent constantly on his handsome face. Ike’s mind began to wander to strange places before he suddenly became aware of Skrimir speaking to him.

“Ike, when you’re settled, I’d appreciate it if you’d come back here. We can catch up,” Skrimir said, Ike snapping out of his daze.

“Of course.”

“Come on, I’ll see you to your room.” Ranulf exited the room, Ike following him quickly. When they were out of earshot from the throne room, Ranulf grinned toothily at Ike.


“Did you notice? Skrimir is much more polite.”

“Oh, I guess so.”

“You have me to thank for that. I got him etiquette lessons from a nice beorc lady. From Crimea.”

“How good of you.” Ike gave a small smile back at Ranulf who snickered to himself.

“How have you been? And I mean really, how have you been?” Ranulf asked, turning a corner and strolling down a set of stairs that led to a different wing of the palace.

“Well, it’s been hard making it without the comfort of home and the others, but it’s what I’ve always wanted. I feel more independent, more calm, more happy.”

“That sounds nice. I suppose I might feel like that too if I did the same. You know, I did consider leaving with you.”

“I’m aware. It was a nice idea, but I needed it to be only me.”

“Understandable.” The two had walked down a long corridor full of doors on the third floor of the palace, seemingly having gone through the entirety of the sleeping quarters for the residents of the castle. Ranulf turned the corner again and stopped in front of a door before opening it, letting Ike in. The room was small, a bed to the right, a large window with a curtain in front of it on the far wall, and a small pitcher and basin atop a small stand to the left. It was clearly for guests as the bed was well-made, the pitcher untouched, and the curtain drawn tight despite its fluttering in the soft wind.

“This will be your room.” Ranulf shut the door behind himself, a mischievous look creeping onto his face. Ike turned around after putting his knapsack down, catching Ranulf’s eye.

“What?” Ike asked, Ranulf walking towards him and grabbing him suddenly. Ranulf kissed Ike, pulling open his mouth and sticking his tongue in lewdly. Ike squirmed and flushed, feeling Ranulf’s slightly scratchy tongue run across the insides of his cheeks. Ranulf let go when Ike was out of breath, his arms wrapped around Ike’s waist. Ike gasped for air, putting his hands on Ranulf’s shoulders, holding him back from kissing him again.

“You still taste good.” Ranulf went in for another kiss, but Ike managed to keep him at bay.

“S-Stop, wait…!” Ike yelped, Ranulf laughing and slipping his hand past Ike’s belt and waistband. Ike squirmed and blushed brighter, feeling Ranulf’s hand slither down his pants, squeezing one of his ass cheeks. That warm hand sent heat up Ike’s spine, causing him to pant and arch his back slightly.

“Damn, you got even bigger back here.”

“R-Ranulf!” Ike groaned, wiggling in Ranulf’s arms. The cat man let go of Ike, stepping away and grinning.

“Sorry, can’t help myself,” Ranulf said, a teasing tone in his voice. He approached Ike again and stuck a finger into the man’s mouth lewdly. “But I won’t do anything further until you shave. I can’t stand hairy-faced men.” Ranulf pulled his finger out, the digit now coated in saliva. Ranulf lapped at it and stalked out of the room quietly, a grin stuck on his face as he shut the door behind himself. Ike huffed and rubbed his behind when Ranulf left, his cheek aching from being squeezed so hard and his cheeks tingling from Ranulf’s scratchy tongue.


At around sunset, Ike made his way back to the throne room. He had rested up, gotten something to eat, and even shaved, which he figured Ranulf would probably enjoy when they next met. However, now dressed in something more comfortable, Ike had a promise to abide by as he knocked on the throne room doors. A loud, welcoming voice allowed him in, and he quietly made his way through, shutting the doors behind him. Ike turned from the doors and his eyes immediately found Skrimir laying naked on the bed-like throne for the ruler of Gallia. Ike assumed that the throne was built so lavishly for the purpose of being able to transform and still sit comfortably, but this second use caught his attention quite readily.

Skrimir lay comfortably on the throne, almost as if he was posing for a portrait to be drawn of him. His long, crimson mane handsomely fell around his shoulders, his fierce expression presenting lust and a kind of primal need.  Skrimir’s tan skin was flushed and full, his form practically glowing with health. His strong muscles were stacked so wonderfully, thick chest and shoulders in a row with his biceps, triceps, abdominals, and more holding up his strong frame, a light dusting of reddish fuzz between his pectorals. Streaks of red, tattoo-like markings wrapped around his forearms, leading down to his strong hands.

Ike’s eyes wandered further down, past Skrimir’s stomach to his more private area. Though a small, sienna-colored blanket hid whatever Skrimir was packing, Ike clearly saw Skrimir’s deep red-colored pubic hair, emphasized by more tattoo-like marks holding his thick thighs. More light fuzz covered Skrimir’s legs, all the way down to his ankles, barely visible in the mixture of setting sun and newly-lit torches. Ike’s eyes darted back up to Skrimir’s face, the man’s glowing red eyes studying Ike from a distance as if sizing up prey. Then, slowly, he grumbled and opened his mouth.

“Come here.”

Ike felt completely stunned, but he obeyed calmly, approaching Skrimir with as much caution he could muster up in the situation. The blue-haired man’s nerves felt completely fried, his face calm but his headspace filled to the brim with questions and reservations despite the crush he remembered holding earlier. As Skrimir spoke again, Ike felt himself becoming less and less sure of what was going to happen.

“You shaved.”

“I… did.”

“Cute.” Skrimir growled, perhaps unintentionally, and reached out, grabbing Ike by his shirt. Then, slowly, he undid the buttons, working quietly and carefully, still holding his breathtaking pose as his pectoral flexed with his arm movements. Ike watched his shirt being taken away, trying to find breath as Skrimir smelled it idly before tossing it aside. Slowly, Ike began to realize how hard Skrimir was breathing, the lion man’s chest heaving up and down hungrily as he exhaled each breath with a light hiss from his nose. Ike felt even more stunned and unsure as he noticed it. Then, Ike felt a finger hook onto the waistband of his pants, his legs moving on their own as he was tugged towards Skrimir.

“Show me more. Right now.” Skrimir violently yanked at the side of Ike’s pants, an audible ripping sound threatening Ike. Quickly, Ike stripped off his pants, kicking them aside. Skrimir sighed and grabbed Ike’s undergarments.



“I, uh. Just-”

“You’re stumbling on your words. What’s wrong, Ike? Come now, show me.” Skrimir yanked at Ike’s underwear, the blue-haired man whimpering as they tore, one half falling to the ground and the other half in Skrimir’s hand. Ike’s prick flopped out, dangling low between his knees, accompanied by a bush of pubic hair and two thick balls. “There it is,” Skrimir said, discarding the piece of undergarment so he could take Ike’s cock into his hand, holding the weight of it idly and warming it. “When was the last time you came? Your balls look full and your shaft looks pent up.”

“N-Not that long ago-”

“Was it today?”

“No, but-”

“On your knees,” Skrimir ordered, quickly grabbing Ike’s shoulders and pushing him down. Then, Skrimir removed the blanket from his cock, his flaccid shaft already thick and long without even getting hard. Ike swallowed as Skrimir’s muscles rippled, the lion man sitting in front of Ike, his cock and the blue-haired man now face-to-face.


“I haven’t done anything in a while. Perhaps you can tell,” Skrimir said, Ike staring at the man’s private area. Skrimir’s cock was long and arced down like an axe blade would, his fat balls probably capable of filling both of Ike’s hands. A thin line of red hair slid between Skrimir’s balls, splitting his low-hanging sack.

“Yeah, it’s… it’s pretty pent-up,” Ike said, playing along quietly as his mind raced.

“Imagine just how much cum is in each one of my balls. If I were to cum inside of you, I’d fill you up, Ike.” Skrimir smiled and waggled his cock, the veins lightly tensing and untensing as he whacked one of his thighs. Ike groaned, feeling his head fill with lust as he began to harden between his own legs. “Come on, use your hands. Get me hard.”

“Y-Yes….” Ike quickly moved to stroke Skrimir’s cock, holding the huge shaft and fondling it. Quietly, Ike worked that cock to half-mast, the tool lifting out of the way of Skrimir’s balls now. Ike stared at them, feeling his mouth go dry at the sheer mass of Skrimir’s private parts in general. He cautiously took those balls into his palms, rolling them and rubbing them. Ike leaned in, his own cock fully erect against his body as he idly lapped at Skrimir’s balls, tasting salty sweat and a furious flavor of the jungle. Meanwhile, Skrimir shoved Ike’s head into his sack, squishing the man down and forcing him to breathe his scent. Ike smelled musk, masculinity, and testosterone practically dripping from Skrimir’s balls, his head filled with overwhelming lust that made him sweat. Now light-headed, Ike felt his cockslit begin to dribble precum, the man able to pull back from Skrimir’s balls, but still wanting to enjoy them. Ike wrapped his fingers around Skrimir’s balls, lightly squeezing. Skrimir grumbled and spread his legs further, his cock fully erect above Ike. Ike squeezed harder, causing Skrimir to tense and growl before roaring at what was Ike’s full grip strength into his testicles. Ike stared up in fear, realizing what he had done as Skrimir grabbed his head and forced him against the ground.

Now crouched over Ike, Skrimir slowly lowered his huge ass down onto the man’s face, sitting on him carefully and pressing his hole against Ike’s mouth. Ike eagerly rimmed Skrimir, tasting his hole and filling it with saliva, an undeniable manliness brimming in all of his senses. However, Ike became more animalistic with each passing moment, Skrimir’s aura of testosterone getting to him, causing Ike to use his teeth and idly pressure the sensitive skin. Skrimir growled again before getting a full-on bite to his asshole, causing him to roar angrily and stand up.

“Greedy slut…!” Skrimir growled, pulling Ike up and pushing him against the throne, laying his torso down but letting his strong legs hold his ass out. Ike’s plump, pink cheeks were laid bare before the king of beasts, his hole twitching unhappily. Ike gasped as Skrimir tied his hands with the blanket, using a single, strong hand to hold him down. Then, Skrimir leaned down and rimmed Ike, fiercely using the man’s hole with an expert tongue. Ike gasped and panted, feeling his puckered ring of muscle tingling with excitement at being played with.

“S-Skrimir…!” Ike yelped, feeling a bite on his ass, causing him to kick.

“Stop struggling or I’ll tie your legs too,” Skrimir said, mouthing against Ike’s ass, torturing his hole.

“I-It hurts… ugh… ah!” Ike whimpered like a bitch in heat, crying out as Skrimir stood up.

“Oh, be quiet. If you think that’s bad, you’re in for the worst pain in your life. I was going to let you use me, but I’ve changed my mind. Too bad, too; you would’ve been a good ride.” Skrimir lapped at his hand and used that to coat his cock with saliva. “This is what you get instead, you needy slut.” Then, Skrimir pushed his cockhead against Ike’s hole. Stunned at what was suddenly becoming penetration, Ike yelped and huffed, feeling that fat tip pop in with a sickening, slipping sound.

“Oh, f-fuck… o-oh…!” Ike moaned, his toes curling and his legs pinned up against the front of the throne. The blue-haired man drooled hopelessly, lost in his own libido as his insides heated up significantly while Skrimir pushed into him slowly, precum coating his asshole.

“Ah, after so long, you’re still tight. Not been fucked enough? Or maybe my cock is the only one you want to take now that you’ve had it. Poor little Ike got addicted after that first time.” Skrimir laughed, pulling his cock back. He pushed it in once more, starting to get into a pace with his thrusts. Ike twitched wordlessly, his cock spilling precum all over the throne as his asshole was reamed into a gaping hot mess by the king of the beasts, one thrust at a time. “I’ll dump a load in your asshole and mark your throat as my territory afterwards. How does that sound?” Skrimir leaned in and muttered breathily into Ike’s ear, filling his head with lewd thoughts beyond his own lustful craze.

“A-Ah fuck…! M-More….” Ike managed to get out, Skrimir grinning and starting to pound away at Ike’s insides. Now that enough precum had filled Ike’s hole to slick it up entirely, Skrimir could thrust his enormous, curved dick into Ike much quicker, the lion man picking up the pace as he fucked Ike like one would a toy. Skrimir laid a hard spank onto one of Ike’s ass cheeks, causing the man to yell unabashedly, his cries soaring out the windows with ease.

“Say my name. Beg for my cock.”

“S-Skrimir… K-King Skrimir! Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Fuck me!” Ike yelled, earning another spank that made him scream again.

“I should use you in the corridors. Better yet, go down to Zarzi and fuck you where everyone can see you. Let them know just how much the Radiant Hero loves his ass fucked by the king,” Skrimir muttered into Ike’s ear again, his voice husky and laden with lust.

“A-Anything…! Fuck…! Do me harder!” Ike yelped, Skrimir smiling and picking Ike up, his cock still stuck deep into him. Skrimir waddled over to one of the windows overlooking the town below. As the sun set, lamps and torches flickered on between the trees, illuminating the ground below. Skrimir set Ike down on the ground, fucking him doggystyle in front of that window. Ike gasped and felt another spank almost kick him off the tower. Ike yelled and panted, Skrimir spanking him harder.

“Speak, slut.”

“A-Ah…! Fuck me, King Skrimir! Use me! I-I want more…!” Ike yelled loudly out the window, his skin prickling with half-embarrassed, half-aroused redness as the curious eyes of cat men and tiger men gazed up at the throne room.

“You hear that, brothers?! The Radiant Hero wants more!” Skrimir yelled, beast men gathering below and egging their king on as he fucked Ike. Ike looked down, his body drenched in sweat as he flushed and stared into the eyes of the men watching.

“Oh, fuck, I’m... cumming! I-I’m cumming from your cock…!” Ike gasped, Skrimir pulling Ike up so that everyone could watch, continuing to pound into his now-raw hole. Ike came hard, spraying jizz everywhere, the white cream flying out over the crowd below that cheered as Ike gasped and felt every muscle in his body go numb. After what felt like a hot minute of Ike convulsing and shooting cum, the blue-haired man finished, whimpering and twitching. However, Skrimir hadn’t cum yet, and he continued to thrust into Ike, causing the man to double down and flop into submission with a cry. Out of pure, visceral pleasure, Ike began to weep, tears streaming down his face as he saw white and panted.

“Shall I cum into the hero?! Shall I fill him up?!” Skrimir asked, his question met with an excited roar. “Then I shall breed this slut!” Skrimir yelled, pounding fiercer than before into Ike. After a moment of Skrimir tensing, the lion man came and roared loudly, the crowd cheering again. However, Skrimir came much longer, harder, and wetter than Ike did, his cock spraying jizz into Ike’s insides for what seemed like forever, laguz sperm filling Ike’s asshole and stomach as the man gasped and groaned, feeling every thrust and shot Skrimir gave him.

After several minutes of orgasm, Skrimir yanked his hot cock out of Ike’s hole, the blue-haired man collapsing to the ground with his ass up. Skrimir didn’t intend to let him rest, instead picking up Ike and spinning him around, letting everyone below see his gaping hole queef out a hot load of lion cum all down the side of the tower wall. The crowd cheered and cackled like hyenas, Skrimir spanking Ike, causing his body to spasm and his hole to violently clench and unclench, another fat spray of semen going everywhere. Then, Skrimir placed Ike down onto his knees, the lion man standing over him.

“Open wide,” Skrimir ordered, Ike’s jaw slacking open just before a long stream of warm piss filled his mouth and throat. The crowd below watched and clapped and laughed and cheered, enjoying their king completely dominate and humiliate the Radiant Hero. Skrimir held Ike’s head back with one hand, his other hand clenched into a fist and rose high above his own head, as if in victory. Meanwhile, Ike sat below Skrimir, totally submissive to the king and making sure he gratefully drank every last drop. 

Chapter Text

The days with the Ylissean Army were long and overbearing for Lon’qu considering the fact that he was constantly dealing with other people. As much as he was teased for disliking women so much, he harbored a similar annoyance for people in general. Being an introvert, Lon’qu found himself constantly vying for alone time, sneaking off whenever he got the chance so he could partially recharge his energy. He had so little patience to begin with for speaking and dealing with other people, so he usually didn’t need that long.

However, on this specific day, Lon’qu had been taking a little more time than usual, allowing himself to enjoy the rolling, daylight-soaked Ylissean plains that reminded him so much of home. He’d been thinking a lot recently about the people around him, and how kind they were despite his usual inclination to avoid everyone. Lon’qu began to wonder if he should’ve been kinder to them, or at least pretend to be. Cordelia was so sweet about respecting his personal space and fears, Gaius managed to be a great friend when he needed one, and even Lissa kept her distance despite their first meeting. Being surrounded by such giving people was a luxury--Lon’qu wondered if he should’ve been treating it as such.

“Hey, Lon’qu, you’re on your own today?” A voice rang out behind the swordsman, his head whipping around to catch sight of the owner of said voice. Just his luck to be caught by his boss of all people. Lon’qu tried to play it cool.

“I needed alone time, Chrom.”

“Oh, well, do you mind if I ask why?” Chrom sat down next to Lon’qu, idly joining him.

“Uh, I miss home.”

“Oh.” Chrom looked upon Lon’qu with a different eye than other men did. While the prince was never particularly shady about the details of his interests, he did manage to avoid all questions of sexuality when it came to his subordinates and friends. One such question, however, might lead him to admit his interest in his fellow men. Nobody in particular had caught his eye just yet, but in the light of the sun, Chrom thought Lon’qu looked particularly handsome. The way his strong jawline curved and the way his low brows made him look that much more intense had Chrom a little more than friendly in the moment.

“You’re staring at me.”

“Sorry. I didn’t know you felt homesick.”

“I didn’t tell you until now, how could you have known?”

“You’re right, sorry,” Chrom apologized, waving his hand as if to coax the conversation away from his own stupidity. “Well, is there anything I could do to help? Perhaps we could spar. From what I’ve heard, you grew up learning to fight, didn’t you?”

“I did. We could, but I’m not sure if it would help.”

“Well, let’s try it!” Chrom said with a smile, leaning in and wrapping his arm around Lon’qu’s shoulders. “And even if it doesn’t help, at least we could have had a good match!”

“Hmm.” Lon’qu felt his face starting to turn red as Chrom held him.

“Let’s spar here. It’s as good a place as any.” Chrom unsheathed his sword, walking out into the clear plain. It looked like Chrom was equipped with a regular sword rather than the Falchion today, official duties probably preventing him from carrying the legendary weapon on his person. Things were much the same for Lon’qu, given the fact that he had equipped a mere iron sword for security rather than his killing edge. Lon’qu followed Chrom nonetheless, unsheathing his blade to match Chrom’s. He figured that if a spar would excuse his apparent slacking, he’d have to go through with it.

The two men stood opposing one another, swords at the ready, Lon’qu leaning low to the ground as if he were about to shuffle across it while Chrom stood with his sword and gaze pointed high. Lon’qu practically slid across the ground to start the spar, his legs carrying him quickly and suddenly towards Chrom with low, swift steps. Lon’qu sliced upwards, knocking Chrom’s sword out of the way. Chrom managed to barely alter the path of his sword’s inertia, swinging it round and spinning with a step backwards to block. Realizing just how much energy Chrom used in that moment, Lon’qu slipped to the side and laid his sword against Chrom’s neck. Both parties immediately halted in their movement, Lon’qu ending the round by removing his sword.

“You’re good,” Chrom admitted.

“What did you expect, me to be bad?”

“No.” Chrom smiled, sweat creasing his brow as he assumed his previous stance again, this time deciding to attack Lon’qu. Chrom wasn’t by any means fast, but he was strong and direct with his strikes, managing to catch Lon’qu’s sword for long enough to point it directly at his throat.

The two continued to spar for the next hour, getting caught up in themselves as the sun landed just on the eve of sunset when they were on their final round. Chrom was a little dirty, having been tripped up multiple times, but still overall smiling and prepared to keep sparring. Lon’qu, meanwhile, seemed to be feeling the pressure, his ever-unimpressed expression leaning more towards struggle now. As Lon’qu finished the round, he pulled his sword away and sheathed it quietly.

“I’m finished,” Lon’qu said simply, wiping his brow and huffing.

“I don’t blame you. I lost track of score about halfway through. We’ll have to leave it to the Gods to decide who did better.” Chrom sheathed his sword, chuckling to himself. “I’m, uh, a little beat up here. Would you join me for a trip to the hot springs?”

“Hot springs?”

“Well uh, you know the Outrealm Gate? Turns out, there’s a realm that’s entirely hot springs. I guess it’s more of a bathhouse, or at least that’s what Frederick called it.”

“I… suppose. You mean it’s… a communal bathing sort of area?”

“More like a resort. A place to relax and bathe. I’m not too sure of it myself either, but I was hoping I could get someone to come along with me.”

“Wouldn’t Frederick be better suited for that?” Lon’qu asked, the tiniest of smiles creeping up on his face. Chrom laughed and shook his head. “Well, sure. I'll come with you.”

“Great! Come on, we’re camped pretty close to the gate already. Since we last visited, a bridge’s been made between the mainland and the portal. We don’t even have to sail there.” Chrom turned and gestured for Lon’qu to follow, the quiet man sighing and nodding.

“If you say so.”


The two of them arrived in the strange hot springs realm before nightfall, catching the last glimmers of sunset as they walked down the path to the resort area. Lon’qu took the time to admire the obviously well-chiseled pathway, the land seemingly high in the mountains given the fact that everything seemed to be made of stone. Dark, navy blue rock was the main construction material, but the resort itself appeared to be made of wood and had a style to it that reminded Lon’qu of home. Chrom flashed a toothy grin at Lon’qu, causing him to smile softly back.

“You’re cheery. I never noticed,” Lon’qu said, Chrom blushing and laughing.

“H-Hey, look! The springs!” Chrom distracted Lon’qu, pointing ahead. Aside from the mass of rising steam drifting into the sky from behind the resort itself, the path up to the building was bordered ahead of the men on either side by long pools of what looked like boiling water so clear that the stone beneath could be easily seen.

Lon’qu and Chrom entered quietly and were greeted by, unsurprisingly, Anna. She told them all about the resort, the different kinds of baths, the views, and the “relaxing aura of the springs.” While Lon’qu wasn’t entirely sure what that meant, he did pay attention when Anna explained all of the safety policies and general rules about the resort. When she finished, she escorted them to what she described as a “locker room” which was entirely empty besides the three of them and rows upon rows of metal closets.

“This is where you get changed. We have towels for you on the way out to the bath. I’ll leave you two now - have a great time!” Anna said as she strolled out, shutting the door behind her when she left.

“Well, at least I understand what this place is now,” Lon’qu said, approaching one of the lockers. He opened it and didn’t let himself marvel at the craftsmanship of a metal closet, instead choosing to remove his sheathe and blade, placing it in the locker.

“So we get undressed here?”

“Yeah. Where I come from, hot springs are enjoyed like any other bath,” Lon’qu said, slipping off his sashes, letting his coat fall off his shoulders, revealing a plain white wrap shirt underneath. Chrom sidled up to a locker a couple feet away from Lon’qu’s, making sure not to stare and simply focus on undressing for himself. Still, Chrom couldn’t help but steal a few glances at his companion, watching Lon’qu undo his shirt and slip it off, exposing his strong, muscular torso. Chrom swallowed and paused, watching Lon’qu slip off his boots and pants next, left in nothing more than his underwear. Lon’qu looked over at Chrom suddenly.

“A-Ah, sorry!”

“We’re both men, no need to be so afraid. Imagine if I was Maribelle, god forbid.”

“H-Hah, yeah. Sorry, I just. It’s-” Chrom’s throat went dry as Lon’qu unfolded his underwear, undoing the long wrapping around his pelvic area and tossing it into the locker. Totally stunned, Chrom’s eyes locked on to the flaccid member swinging between Lon’qu’s legs. Chrom swallowed loudly, turning away and trying to lock his gaze on the still-empty locker in front of him.

“You’re barely undressed. Keep up,” Lon’qu said, putting a hand on his own hip, shifting his weight and staring at Chrom. The prince immediately went red, fumbling to take his clothes off. Lon’qu watched Chrom feebly squirm and slip. With a sigh, the swordsman quietly moved behind Chrom, almost pressing up against his back.

“Ah, uh-”

“Here. Take this off first,” Lon’qu spoke in a low tone, pulling Chrom’s sheathe and sword off, shucking it into the locker. Then, he starting undoing the buttons on Chrom’s shirt, his strong arms wrapped around Chrom’s torso to get a hold on each one. Chrom laughed awkwardly and uncomfortably shifted his feet, brushing up against Lon’qu’s body, feeling something waggle. The prince froze as Lon’qu ignored him, having undone the flap on Chrom’s shirt, yanking it off his arms. Lon’qu was then beheld to Chrom’s torso, impressed by both his bulk and scars.

“W-What’s up?”

“You have more of these than I thought a prince would,” Lon’qu said, holding Chrom’s bicep close and tracing some of the thin scars. Lon’qu, by comparison, had scars with a texture similar to leather, his body clearly having been torn up multiple times by various opponents throughout the years. Chrom’s scars were pretty much only sword wounds, whereas Lon’qu had seemingly been chopped and cut and stabbed by all kinds of weapons.

“I, uh, I fight a lot. Mostly in duels up to this point, but ever since the war, I’ve gotten a couple of different kinds.” Chrom pointed out what looked like a small crater on one of his abs.

“Was this-”

“Yes. When I got shot at Breakneck Pass.”

“Well, at least it healed. Most people who get shot just have holes in ‘em,” Lon’qu said, a gruesome smile stuck to his face. Chrom sighed before feeling hands on his belt. He froze, Lon’qu looking up at him. “Take your shoes off first. Does Frederick normally undress you? You act as if you’ve never done this before.”

“S-Sorry, I’m just… tired. From the walk over, and the sparring, and the-”

“Just get on with it,” Lon’qu said, Chrom nodding and sitting down, taking his boots off with some force. When he was finished and had put them in the locker, he looked up and his eyes immediately met with Lon’qu’s cock. Chrom blushed fiercely, noticing a strong vein going down the length of it. He swallowed and shakily got up, slipping off his belt and pants quickly. After that, his underwear went, and Lon’qu patted him on the shoulder. Chrom stuffed the last of his clothes in the locker, shutting it.

“Oh, do they lock on their own?”

“I guess so. Come on.” Lon’qu turned and walked down the length of the room, Chrom turning to follow behind him. However, Chrom’s eyes immediately locked onto Lon’qu’s fantastic ass, the muscular yet jiggly behind wobbling with each step. The prince didn’t know how he hadn’t noticed it before, but suddenly every part of Lon’qu’s body seemed absolutely perfect. Chrom snapped himself out of his daze before it started and jogged after Lon’qu, reaching a door that lead to what looked like a large communal bath open to the night sky. A pile of very small towels on a table greeted the two, both parties taking one for their own. While Chrom wrapped his around his waist, Lon’qu merely slung his over his shoulder, acting like it was a washrag.

Lon’qu surveyed the bathing area. Of course, there was the large bath before him, a strong wave of heat coming off the water and rising up into the sky. Various flat rocks surrounded the baths, acting as seats at various heights above the water, while a collection of more unruly stones sat at the back of the bath, creating what looked like a makeshift cove. Past the rocks were high bamboo walls, meant to protect the privacy of the bathers or perhaps hide other baths. Lon’qu looked to the right, spotting a stream of water running above a stone slab completely disconnected from the bath.

“Hey, that’s for you,” Lon’qu pointed at it, Chrom staring. “You’re dirty. You have to wash off before you enter the communal bath.”

“O-Oh, okay.” Chrom nodded, stumbling over to the stone slab and putting his towel aside. He sat on the rock, letting the water wash over him, getting all the dirt off as he heard Lon’qu enter the bath behind him. The swordsman let out a small hiss as he entered, feeling the heat immediately singing his sores and scars.

“Aaah. Uh. Hah….” Lon’qu made what sounded like some very suggestive noises as he sunk both of his legs into the water. Quietly, Lon'qu stalked off through the water, wading towards the cove.

Meanwhile, Chrom was busy washing himself, keeping his eyes away from Lon’qu, making sure he focused on getting all the grime of the day off of himself. He never understood how Lon’qu managed to spar so cleanly despite having watched him several times and now even sparred against him for himself. Nonetheless, when Chrom was finished, he shivered slightly and grabbed his towel up, covering his privacy and turning to the larger bath. Not seeing Lon’qu, Chrom assumed he had entered the small cove. Deciding to brave the first step into the waters, Chrom let his foot sink down into the hot bath, exhaling as he did so. At first, it felt like the water was boiling, but gradually, Chrom got used to it; the springs really were just a huge bath. Chrom made his way into the water slowly, letting both of his legs get used to the heat before he walked over to the cove. The place was essentially a passageway under the stones, a decently-sized room with a small shelf of stones to sit on out of the water in the middle. A single covered torch on the ceiling lit the room gently, illuminating all but not overexposing anything. Chrom found Lon’qu and blushed, his breath taken away by the sight.

Lon’qu was lounged on the shelf of stones in the cove, one leg in the water, the other leg out. His strong thighs and shins were slick with water, his leg muscles beyond beautiful in the heat. Meanwhile, his built torso and arms were covered in sweat and condensation, a droplet sliding down his nipple and dropping off onto the stone he sat on. His cock was laid on his thigh as if it were some kind of fantastic piece of art, his low-hanging balls rolling down the back of his leg. The only hair on his breathtaking body, a trimming of deep brown-colored pubic hair, was pristine and perfect, working with the v-curve of his hips to lead down to his picturesque cock.

“You done staring?” Lon’qu asked, Chrom’s gaze darting up to the man’s handsome face. Again, Chrom admired the strong jawline and the fearsome brows, but he also caught the beauty of Lon’qu’s russet-colored irises, almost bright in the torchlight. His hair was slightly slick with condensation too, the thick, walnut brown locks accentuating his face shape.

“Sorry,” Chrom managed to gasp, realizing he had stopped breathing. He suddenly slipped and splashed into the water, his towel soaked and slowly drifting away. Chrom picked himself up and grabbed his towel, shuffling over to Lon’qu with what would definitely become a bruised knee. Chrom got up onto the shelf of stones and let his legs dangle into the water, carefully wringing out his towel.

“Hmph.” Lon’qu exhaled, snatching the towel from Chrom and tossing it aside alongside his own.


“Shh.” Lon’qu shimmied over to Chrom, a soft, calming look in his eye. “I’m not that stupid. I know how you’ve been staring at me, Chrom,” Lon’qu whispered into Chrom’s ear directly, blowing air up against it, causing Chrom to blush even brighter than before, going light-headed from the mixture of adrenaline, giddy feelings of light arousal, and steam.

“I… haven’t been… looking at you like... that.”

“You have. I can tell. I’ve been stared at by a man with lust in his eyes before. I know what you want,” Lon’qu continued, still whispering in Chrom’s ear, causing him to shiver and squirm. His cock slowly began to rise between his legs.

“A-Ah, w-wait. L-L-Let… m-me explain…!” Chrom stuttered uncontrollably, Lon’qu pressing a palm against one of Chrom’s well-sculpted pecs. His fingers unfolded and sensually squeezed that pectoral, holding it.

“Come on. Tell me what you meant by your stares,” Lon’qu said, mounting Chrom’s leg, sitting atop his knee, letting his own cock fall onto Chrom’s lower thigh. Rapidly erecting, the prince felt his back against the sheer wall of the cove. He tried to cover himself with his hands, but Lon’qu quickly pinned them both above his head with one quick grab.

“L-Lon’qu, stop…!” Chrom gasped, turning away and shaking. Lon’qu let go of Chrom’s pectoral, now grabbing his chin and forcing him to look straight ahead.


“I-I admire you…! You’re a great… swordsman! I wish I had your-” Chrom immediately gasped as he felt the hand leave his chin and grapple his balls. Chrom tried to shut his legs, but with Lon’qu on one of his knees, he couldn’t hide his privacy with his thighs.

“You’re lying,” Lon’qu said, rolling one of Chrom’s fat balls between his fingers. Slowly, he tightened a grip onto it. Chrom yelped and inhaled tightly, sitting up straight and trying to escape up the wall as he slid his back up it.

“Lon’qu…!” Chrom whined, wiggling his free leg feebly. He yelped again as he felt Lon’qu’s hand tighten again, not daring to look down.

“Tell me what you want.”

“I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to look! I just… I can’t help it! I-I’m gay!” Chrom cried, writhing under Lon’qu. “I know it’s d-disgusting, but please, d-don’t…!”

“Mmph, you sicken me,” Lon’qu spoke, tightening his grasp. Chrom yelled and spasmed harder, crying out for mercy. “Look at your filthy cock, enjoying every second of this, you dirty little prince.” Lon’qu’s tone stayed the same, but his actions took a complete one-eighty in Chrom’s mind as the swordsman leaned in and licked all the way up Chrom’s neck. The prince gasped in confusion, trying to comprehend what was happening while his testicle was pushed to the edge. The pressure lessened as Lon’qu lapped and chomped lightly at Chrom’s neck, leaving teeth marks and hickeys and all kinds of lewd things.

“W-Wh… What…?!”

“Dirty prince. So slutty and so shameless.” Lon’qu bit Chrom’s earlobe, tugging it lightly before letting go. “Come on, don’t stop.” Lon’qu squeezed again, Chrom gasping and forcing out a tear from his eye.


“No what?”

“D-Don’t… do it… please…!” Chrom begged, on the verge of tears. Lon’qu let go of the ball, Chrom breaking down and gasping as he wept.

“Aw. Don’t cry, it was only a game.” Lon’qu picked up Chrom’s chin, holding his face up.

“W-What do you want… from me…?! What’s going on?! What the hell is your deal?!” Chrom asked desperately, shaking with confusion. His mouth was met with Lon’qu palm.

“Lick,” Lon’qu ordered, his fingers opening Chrom’s quivering mouth and slicking across his tongue. Lon’qu swept his entire hand into Chrom’s mouth, lubing up his palm before lowering it. Then, he slid his hand flat against the engorged tip of Chrom’s cock, causing the prince to inhale sharply and jump.

“Ah, fuck!” Chrom yelped, Lon’qu smiling a small smile. The swordsman did it again, wiping his wet palm across Chrom’s cockhead, polishing his dickslit. With every swipe, Chrom spasmed and threw his head back, pulling in air desperately and letting out little cries of discomfort.

“Mmm, that’s a good boy. Like it?” Lon’qu asked, Chrom calming down as his cock reacted, going numb from Lon’qu’s hand swiping over it.

“A-Ah… ah… L-Lon’qu, please….” Chrom panted harshly, his dick dripping all over itself, pleasantly tingling with need.

“You’re so cute, Chrom. I’m going to torture you more.” Lon’qu lifted off of Chrom’s leg but held onto his wrists, using the prince’s arms to manipulate him about. Chrom was dragged into the water and laid down, his head resting on the edge of the stone shelf as the rest of his body was pushed under the hot water all at once. Chrom gasped, his entire body stinging, Lon’qu lowering down to sit on his stomach and keep him down, Chrom’s arms now pinned down into the water by Lon’qu’s hands. Chrom bit his lower lip, feeling the hot water soak into his skin.

“W-What do you want…? I’m confused…!”

“Chrom, I want to use you, just like you want to use me. Your body is irresistible.”

“W-Why did you try to… c-crush my…!”

“Hmph. You’re rather assuming, aren’t you? I wasn’t trying to crush your balls. I just wanted to make you feel weak. Make you realize that you’re putty in my hands now,” Lon’qu said, lifting his ankles up to hold Chrom’s arms down, freeing his own hands. He then used them to hold Chrom’s face, stroking his cheeks.

“A-Ah… w-what?” Chrom shut his eyes tight, feeling his entire body heating up, his head going fuzzy.

“Chrom. You want to fuck me and I want to fuck you. We do it together at the same time, everyone’s happy.”

“You should have said…!”

“Where’s the fun in that? I want to see you squirm too, you know. It’s cute, and it really gets my blood pumping.” Lon’qu stuck one of his fingers into Chrom’s mouth lewdly, squishing his tongue. Chrom mumbled and Lon’qu pulled his finger out.

Lon’qu!” Chrom seemed more angry than upset now, his eyebrows falling into a stern look. Still, he was stuck under the water, his body continuing to rise in temperature, his blood streaking through his slowly-overheating body, his hard cock stabilizing in temperature with the water as it drifted uncomfortably alone. Chrom panicked a little, thrashing under Lon’qu.

“Don’t be mad. After all, you’ll get even hotter if you do.”

“Let me go! P-Please!” Chrom yelped, Lon’qu smiling and watching him. Chrom continually begged, a minute passing with no relief. The prince’s speech slowed down, his head feeling the effects of the water and the steam. Chrom could feel all the cum in his submerged balls roiling, radiating heat up his spine and through his face which had become completely red. Soon, as he began to see white, Lon’qu let him go, yanking him up and laying him out on the stones. Chrom gasped, his skin flushed and full, his entire body radiating heat and steaming. Lon’qu grabbed the prince’s cock, idly teasing it with his thumb.

“That’s better. Much more docile,” Lon’qu said, Chrom staying silent while he felt his skin crawl. When the heat began to fade, Chrom realized it was being replaced with overwhelming arousal. In the last moments of logical thought, Chrom opened his mouth.

“P-Please… I’m… so hot….” Chrom gasped, his eyes glazing over.

“I know.” Lon’qu stroked Chrom’s steaming cock, slicking the fat eleven inches up with his own saliva as lube. Chrom’s body kept its flush and its tingling sensation, but the heat left gradually. Lust and high levels of testosterone surged throughout Chrom’s body, filling his head with sexual thoughts, totally submerging his nerves with need. Chrom sat up, delirious and panting, his body quickly becoming uncomfortable as his lewd thoughts took a direction directly at Lon’qu.

“Ugh… ah…!” Chrom felt his cock being stroked in the haze of horniness, an aura of need slowly filling the space around him. Lon’qu felt that strange, radiating desire from Chrom and let go of his cock. Losing the one source of stimulation he was getting, Chrom was cut off from the only thing holding him back. Chrom suddenly and quickly shoved Lon’qu into the water, forcing him down and violently stabbing his dick into Lon’qu’s throat all at once. The swordsman choked and gasped, his head forced under the water while his face was fucked. Thrashing, Lon’qu barely managed to get air between volleys of hip thrusts, Chrom’s sizable dick forcing Lon’qu’s neck to bulge out. Lon’qu garbled something and Chrom ignored him, mounting his face and pounding away at that tight opening at the back of his mouth.

Still, it wasn’t enough. Chrom felt only dull pleasure from Lon’qu’s throat, his cock itching unbearably all over with uncontrollable desire. The prince surged through the water, kicking Lon’qu over onto his stomach. Chrom yanked Lon’qu’s legs apart, slapping his hole with vigor before pushing his cockhead into the man’s ass. Lon’qu gasped, yelping before he got a faceful of bath water, the heat consuming his mind and causing him to become docile. Chrom made guttural sounds as he carefully widened Lon’qu’s tight behind, spanking him once or twice before filling him out, going balls-deep. Lon’qu lifted his head up and gasped, drooling into the water while Chrom’s huge cock battered his prostate, his insides starting to feel like they were boiling. Meanwhile, Chrom’s steaming cock slapped in and out of Lon’qu’s hole, fucking him silly, using his ass with no regard for his own well-being. Lon’qu panted hard, his ass and Chrom’s cock mixing their heat and textures, practically melting together as the swordsman arched his back hard, his spine wracked to the core with tingling satisfaction. Every thrust in that Chrom gave Lon’qu only made the swordsman’s ass grow hotter and hotter, his cock feeling like it was being stroked from the inside, and it still wasn’t even hard yet.

Chrom piledrived Lon’qu, filling him to the brim and pulling out totally in a constant cycle of overwhelming bliss, each thrust punching up into Lon’qu’s lower back. Feeling his dick getting raw, Chrom slipped out and salivated all over his shaft, covering it in wetness that quickly forced back into Lon’qu. Loud fapping and slapping noises filled the small room, water rushing about with Chrom’s eager thrusts and Lon’qu’s twitching body. Every pump in had Lon’qu making strange throaty noises, his lower esophagus compressing and decompressing constantly with thanks to his arched spine and Chrom’s lewd movements. With those compressions, Lon’qu salivated more and more, his face buzzing with numb enjoyment.

“H-Harder…!” Lon’qu gasped, Chrom grabbing him and splaying him out onto the stone shelf on his back. Then, Chrom slammed back into his hole, laying on top of him while pumping into his asshole, getting into a mating press position. Lon’qu’s legs bounced limply, his arms wrapped around Chrom’s shoulders for support while his hole was drilled into.

“Cumming!” Chrom managed to growl under his breath, warning Lon’qu.

“In me. G-Go…!” Lon’qu urged Chrom, the prince gasping in a high-pitched whine as his fast thrusts made his entire pelvic area shiver harshly, heat returning to his cock and balls. Chrom unloaded into Lon’qu, hot shots filling the swordsman’s asshole, making a mess of his behind with a huge load. Chrom slumped over Lon’qu, his cock aching and itching as his thrusts became more languid, slowing down as the last of his orgasm ensued.

“H-Hah, fuck.”

“Don’t stop…!” Lon’qu wriggled uncomfortably under Chrom, slipping his ass up and down Chrom’s cock, stroking it with his hole. Chrom shook to his core, nodding and starting his thrusting back up again.

"I... I won't...!”


Frederick hadn’t thought much about the hot springs since he’d left last time. Of course, he’d told Chrom about them and even enjoyed his experience, but they’d been gone from his mind for what seemed like a while. It was such that when he returned, he found himself happier than ever to be back, knowing they’d take care of his aches and tiredness with ease.

Having already stripped down and washed off the grime of the day, Frederick wrapped his towel around his waist and stepped into the hot bath. However, when he took his first steps in, he immediately became aware of some rather strange, wet noises coming from the back of the bath area. Deciding to investigate, Frederick readied himself and walked quietly over. At first, he assumed it was some kind of animal stuck in the cove, wanting to escape but unable to swim in the heated water. What his eyes actually found when he peeked around the corner of the rocks was not what he expected at all.

“C-Cumming again…!”

“M-Me... too!

Frederick watched as Chrom unloaded his balls into Lon’qu’s asshole, the swordsman himself coating both his own torso and Chrom’s torso with cum. The suction created by the water and Chrom’s massive cock caused cum to spray out of Lon’qu’s hole, past Chrom’s cock, and all over the shelf of stone in the cove. The prince yanked his cock from Lon’qu, his cockslit gushing jizz into a thick puddle of hot cream.

“M-more.” Lon’qu needily whined at Chrom, his gaping hole puckering up before expelling several jets of semen all over Chrom’s cock.

“One more time. That’s it.” Chrom plunged his fat dick back into Lon’qu, causing the swordsman’s eyes to roll up into his head.

“F-Fuck yeah…!”

Frederick felt both confused and aroused, watching his lord engage in depraved actions with Lon’qu with no regard for being caught. Slowly, the man’s cock rose up in front of his towel, towering higher and extending wider than either Chrom or Lon’qu’s dicks. Recognizing an opportunity, Frederick tossed aside his towel, staying hidden while his cock slowly gained full erectness.

Chrom’s cock barreled in and out of Lon’qu’s hole, pumping and thrusting and jumping with excitement and want. Frederick focused on that shaft, his own itching with discomfort. The retainer grasped his own cock, stroking himself, spitting down on his tool to lube it up. After perhaps a minute of spreading saliva across his dick, Frederick was all lubed up and stroking his two-hander with only one of his man hands, his eyes fully focused on watching Chrom pump in and out of Lon’qu. Frederick whacked off relentlessly, pressing his frenulum to the rocks for light stimulation.

Meanwhile, Lon’qu gasped and begged and drooled, his cockslit firing nonstop cum rockets all over his abs. Luckily, it had gone numb quite some time ago, leading Lon’qu’s entire lower body to become stunned with pleasure. Every last muscle and vessel and nerve from his stomach to his toes was pulsating and contracting with enjoyment, the swordsman’s spine also in bliss as it sent fireworks into his head. Each thrust of Chrom’s only made Lon’qu wonder more if he would even be able to stand after they were done.

Frederick imagined what it would feel like to breed Chrom’s tight hole, watching it drip with sweat from behind as his ass gyrated in tune with his pumping hips. Frederick imagined himself rushing through the water like a bat out of hell, shoving his massive dick down Chrom’s asshole, and taking him right then and there. The thought excited Frederick harshly, his massive balls bouncing in their sack.

“M-Milord, you’re so tight…!” Frederick gasped perhaps a little too loud, feeling his orgasm approaching. Frederick turned and quietly shuffled away, out of the bath. He dashed into the locker room, tossing open lockers quickly. He found Chrom’s clothes and quickly grabbed his underwear, putting them on. Of course, the waistband couldn’t fit over his huge balls or his massive cock, so he instead grabbed one of Chrom’s boots, covering his cock with it and silently fucking it. Frederick came in that boot, unloading his balls into it, filling it to the brim with his jizz. Gasping, Frederick slumped over and put the boot down, making sure none of his cum spilled over. He sat back on the ground, panting hard as he suddenly formulated a plan.


“Oh Gods, L-Lon’qu… o-oh Gods…!” Chrom doubled over, his hips moving on their own as he heaved air in and out of his lungs with much difficulty.

“G-Go…! C-Cum!”

“Oh Gods, y-you’re… m-milking me, Lon’qu! G-Gods, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” Chrom whimpered like a bitch in heat, pounding a final load into Lon’qu’s hole, all of his energy escaping his dick as he saw white. Lon’qu had been cumming for the past several minutes, so things weren’t exactly going to go any further for him, but Chrom hit a high so hard that he nearly passed out, his mind strained and squeezed for every last drop of pleasure.

Cum splattered everywhere, shooting out of Lon’qu’s hole with such force that it managed to hit the wall behind Chrom, over the bath itself. There was jizz in the water, on the stone shelf, on Chrom, inside of Lon’qu, on Lon’qu, on the walls, and more. The two men were so virile and fertile that their slutty dicks couldn’t help but coat everything with hot cream, spilling seed everywhere.

Chrom’s orgasm finished and he yanked his raw cock out of Lon’qu with a sickening pop, the man collapsing next to the swordsman into a puddle of jizz. Lon’qu gasped and expelled jizz into the water, queefing sperm out of his puckering hole in a final sort of loud, wet sound. Lon’qu’s legs finally touched warmth, his feet flopping into the water beyond the shelf. Although he basked in the circulation from his genitals, he moreso enjoyed the warmth that his lower body slowly regained.

Chrom, meanwhile, seemed like he could fallen asleep at a moment’s notice. Lon’qu yanked him close and held him tight, letting the prince’s feet soak in the hot water as well, helping his blood circulate. Unable to parse anything that was happening, Chrom needed a hot minute of actual rest to return to full consciousness. He fell asleep, Lon’qu making sure to stay awake and watch over him quietly.


“Wake up,” Lon’qu said, his voice cutting through the veil of slumber in Chrom’s mind. The prince awoke to the swordsman looking down at him, his brown eyes gazing upon the other with a sense of happiness.

“H-Hey,” Chrom murmured, his mind realizing the present and what had just happened.

“I can’t walk, so you’re gonna have to clean up around here and ferry me out. I’m a hot mess.” Lon’qu laughed a little, his face glowing with joy.

“O-Okay. Hold on….” Chrom got up, sliding into the warm water and soaking silently. He groggily wiped his eyes, but strangely felt less tired than before. After standing up, Chrom surveyed the damages, seeing cum splattered quite literally everywhere. He took handfuls of the bath water, splashing it all over, washing the cum into the bath. Lon’qu watched and chuckled.

“That’s your mess, you know.”

“They drain the bath I hear. This is the men’s bath anyway.”

“That doesn’t help,” Lon’qu said, laughing more. When all of the cum had sunk into the water and dissolved, distributing itself out and vanishing to the naked eye, Chrom turned to Lon’qu.

“So you can’t walk, huh?”

“N-No. You have to carry me. I already tried to get up while you were asleep. Even shifting my weight is impossible,” Lon’qu said, Chrom picking him up.

“We’ll wash off at that cold stream and get out of here,” Chrom said, ferrying Lon’qu across the water and setting him down on the stone slab, letting the water run over him. Lon’qu shivered a little as he was cleaned off and then lifted off the slab. Chrom washed himself under the stream too, getting all the cum off of his skin. Then, he ferried Lon’qu into the dressing room.

“You’re dressing me.”

“I know, I know.” Chrom put Lon’qu down, leaning him against a couple of lockers. Then, Chrom turned to the locker he had stored his clothes in and opened it. Lon’qu watched Chrom freeze totally, standing with the locker door open and just staring down into it.

“What’s wrong?” Lon’qu asked, Chrom moving out of the way. Lon’qu saw nothing in that locker besides a singular boot that looked like it belonged to Chrom. Chrom picked it up and tipped it over, dumping out a huge load of extremely thick, musky cum that poured into a pile on the floor. Lon’qu’s mouth was left agape, watching the cum slather all over the ground.

“W-What the fuck…?”

“Check my locker…!” Lon’qu said, Chrom opening up the other one. This time, there was no boot. However, there still weren’t any clothes or sword.

“All our shit’s gone.”

Chapter Text

Walls made an impact on the lives of people. They had all kinds of secrets to hide, like what they were made of, or what kind of paper they were covered with. In their strength, they stood against the wrath of nature, yet still managed to show such essence of beauty and division and all sorts of vast ideals that had Xander completely miserable.

He had been trying to tell himself for the past ten minutes that the wall opposite his desk was interesting. With no work to handle and a strict schedule he always lived by, Xander promised himself he’d at least sit at his desk for the two hours he assigned to paperwork. Maybe it was stupid of him to act so lazily. His father would’ve called it pointless at the least and a disgrace to the Nohrian Royal Family at the most. Xander preferred to call it obsessiveness over his life. He just couldn’t bear to remove himself from the daily workings of his everyday life in Castle Krakenburg.

The king’s mind wandered as he stared, jostling his foot about under his desk, quietly tapping his fingers along the edge of his desk. He thought about his family, his friends, Hoshido, his retainers, and more. Ultimately, his thoughts landed as his eyes stealthily lowered to an ivy plant sitting below the high window opposite a bookcase. Xander had been given the ivy just a few days ago when Keaton handed it off to him. Xander wasn’t particularly fond of Keaton’s scraps considering his lack of hygiene and general demeanor, but Keaton had told him it was special, and he wasn’t about to just toss a gift into the river because he didn’t like the person who gave it to him. No, that would be a move more on par with his father, and Xander was currently making every effort to not mirror his father’s actions both as a ruler and as a person. Keaton explained when he gave it to Xander that the plant smelled funny and that he found a couple of rabbits grazing on a second plant just like it nearby. He figured it was edible, but hadn’t tried it, instead giving it to Xander because he did “like bunnies, right?”

Xander sighed, holding the bridge of his nose and standing up, figuring staring at the wall was doing him no good. The least he could offer himself was a quiet walk around the office, so he trudged over to the plant and stared down at it. The thing was like no ivy he’d ever seen, but then again, Xander wasn’t exactly a botanist. His view on flora of any kind was that if they were edible and able to be cultivated in Nohr, they would help feed his recovering people. It was, at the very least, pretty. The leaves were large and bulbous, shaped almost like trapezoidal hearts with two distinguishable bumps on the tip and a thick base. The vines themselves were jutting out from a tall, strong, central stem-like appendage that stood straight up, the plant ultimately akin to a fountain.

“Edible? How ridiculous. You can’t just pluck a plant off the forest floor and claim it’s edible.” Xander plucked a leaf from its stalk and quietly stared at it for a moment before putting it in his mouth. He chewed it, tasting something like mint and a sudden rush of spice. Xander swallowed and coughed, feeling like a caveman. He looked back down at the plant and stared at the leafstalk which was now leaking a white liquid. Xander yanked the stalk off too, staring at it before eating it as well. It was fairly strong in flavor, making him think it’d do better as a garnish than a side. Even though Xander was no gourmet, he figured it was just too strong a taste.

The bookshelf opposite the plant beckoned Xander and he walked over to it, pulling a book off the top shelf and quietly making his way back to his desk. Figuring he might as well make the most of his time, he sat down and opened the book, deciding on taking a light read until the hours of his daily desk work were finished.

As ten minutes ticked past and Xander read, he found his ability to parse the words correctly was slowly waning. His mind felt ever so slightly fuzzy and weak, his body going slightly warm. Xander shrugged off his coat and jacket, feeling better in only his dress shirt as he relaxed. Still, he was heated, his lower body and chest feeling barely more affected than the rest. Figuring it was nothing, he continued on.

After another ten minutes went by, Xander felt hotter and hotter, his mind going stranger and stranger. Xander blinked and panted, unbuttoning the top button of his dress shirt. Unaware of his heat, he looked down as he undid the button and found the front of his shirt soaked with sweat, his armpits exaggerated by wetness. The king blinked hard, trying to regain his mental state before he heard a knock at the door. Xander swallowed and tried to speak, but his voice failed him. Quietly, Xander redid his shirt and yanked his jacket back on. He cleared his throat and put down the book.

“C-Come in.” Xander’s voice didn’t falter, but he had trouble getting out what he meant to. Leo entered the room, his arms folded behind his back as he walked in like a peacock would with all of its feathers out.

“Good afternoon, brother. I was wondering, do you perhaps have time to talk?”

“Only for a mo-moment. Sorry, but I’m… wrapped up in paperwork.” Xander felt himself stutter.

“You look a little under the weather. Are you alright?” Leo asked, approaching Xander’s desk and sitting across from him.

“I’m fine. Just tired.”

“Well, don’t overwork yourself,” Leo said in a teasing tone of voice, giving a small smile.

“Of course not. What did you want to talk about?”

The two talked for a good ten minutes about something Xander constantly forgot. His mind was all over the place, and although Leo asked him multiple times if he was alright, Xander always said he was just fine. In reality, something strange was happening under the desk that Xander could feel every second of their conversation. The king’s cock was rock hard, soaking his pant leg in precum where it snaked down his thigh. Meanwhile, under his jacket, Xander continued sweating, although the fabric seemed to seal in any moisture or musk that the man produced. With every aching second of arousal Xander suffered through, it was a chore to keep his hands above the desk and stay calm in front of Leo. Xander occasionally ground his hard cock against the roof of his desk underside, playing it off as if he were merely adjusting his sitting position. Every time his cock pressed into the wood, Xander sighed loudly, his cock squirting precum, the scratching of an uncontrollable itch causing his spine to wrack with enjoyment. In the movement of his “adjustments”, Xander’s aroused shivers and core-chilling pleasure went unnoticed.

“I guess what I’m asking is why not let people move out to the Northern Fortress if they want to? It’s fine land for Nohrian standards, albeit a bit mountainous, but there’s plenty of streams running through the valleys.” Leo carefully made his point and Xander “adjusted” himself again, but this time far too much. He felt a hot streak spike through his crotch and he immediately buckled.

“A-Ah, of course… I-I, uh, a-ah… f… ah… yeah….” Xander made himself squirt, firing off projectile precum all down his leg, splattering against his shoe and making a puddle below his foot. Twitching slightly and going bright red, Xander bit his lower lip and tried to keep calm, but the hot liquid pouring out of his cockslit was causing him to go crazy, his itch being scratched so hard he started shaking.

“Everything alright, brother?”

“Y-Yes! Yes, ah, yes!” Xander gave a half-moan out of pure enjoyment, his cock taking it as a sign to go further. Xander squirted into his pants further, making a massive mess and soaking his pant leg. The hot fluids streaked down his shin, his knees shivering as his thighs went numb with enjoyment.

“Alright then.”

“Mmph. Mhmm.” Xander made noises under his breath, on the verge of pissing himself as he sat there, uncontrollably excited. The musk of his squirt started to rise through the air, filling Xander’s mind, making him that much more eager to cum. After another torturous ten minutes, Leo stood up and Xander thanked the gods in his mind.

“I’ll be back later, I suppose. We really need to continue the conversation.”

“O-Of course, yeah….” Xander panted a little, trying to stay inconspicuous despite being undeniably horny.

“I’ll see you soon, then, brother,” Leo said, exiting Xander’s office and shutting the door behind him. Immediately, Xander gasped for air, panting hard as he unbuttoned his jacket and tore it off, his shirt totally soaked in sweat. A hot musk peeled off of his body in waves of heat and manly aromas, filling his head even further with fuzz. Xander yanked at his shirt, getting up and trying to unbutton it carefully. Unable to produce such precise muscle movement in his arousal, Xander cursed at himself and slipped off his gloves, now using both hands. He managed to almost yank out a button, but his clammy hands just lost traction and grip, causing it to slip back into place. Groaning now, Xander whined and yanked harder.

“F-Fuck…! C-Come on, come on… come on…! Oh gods, I-I… ah…!” Xander smacked his desk in frustration, giving up and tearing his shirt apart, buttons showering his desk as the fabric loudly ripped off itself in shreds. Xander gasped and tossed it off, his torso slick with sweat, his musk now directly oozing out of his pores and into the room. The king immediately landed his hands on his nipples, muffling a whimper when poised electricity traveled up the back of his neck.

Xander’s eyes wandered to his pants and groaned, one of his pant legs totally ruined by all kinds of hot juices that were rolling down his thigh and shin, collecting on his shoe. The king leaned in and fiddled with his pant buttons for the next five minutes, incessantly whining and slipping and yanking and getting frustrated as his dripping cock poured more and more precum down his own leg. Xander gasped and smacked his front up against his desk corner, humping it and moaning, his cock squirting even more liquids. Eventually, with his itch sufficiently dealt with for a fleeting moment, Xander reached down and tore a button off, his fingers aching and red.

“B-Blade… l-letter opener….” Xander mumbled, ripping the top drawer from the desk and pouring out all of the contents on the floor. From that pile, Xander produced a letter opener, the sterling blade flashing as he sawed through his pants directly down the middle, stretching them and slowly cutting them off. Eventually, he flexed hard and stretched, totally slashing them in two. The legs fell down around his ankles and he quickly kicked them off before tearing apart his underwear. Xander’s immense cock splashed precum all over his desk, the thing overjoyed to escape as it smacked him in the stomach. It was rock hard, the thirteen inches of pale white meat oozing juices all over. Xander groaned, left in only his shoes, socks, and sock garters as he grabbed his cock and squirted again, firing liquid all over his desk and chair and clothes and pile of miscellaneous items from his desk. The squirt produced another wave of musk that hit Xander hard, the man falling to his knees as he began to drool. He gazed around the room, staring at the ivy plant he had taken a bite from earlier. Suddenly, things began to click. Xander shuffled over to the plant, dripping juices all the way over.

Xander gasped, soaking his cock in his own saliva as he drooled and rubbed his shaft. Staring at the plant, Xander realized just how badly it made him need to cum. Xander crouched over it, his cockslit widening and tightening once or twice as it dribbled more precum. The king slid his large hand over his long and thick shaft, his lance-like cock covered in sweat and spit now as he moaned and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. With every slippery movement, his cock jolted thick waves of pleasure up his spine. Xander used his thumb to massage his cockhead, causing his knees to buckle as he almost fell on top of the plant. Somehow, he managed to steady himself with his other hand, pressing his palm against the wall as he touched his hypersensitive slit, the man twitching and gasping and throwing his head back. Still, he crouched over the plant, his plump ass and thighs flexed to keep him from falling over. Xander fapped uncontrollably, all kinds of lewd wet noises filling the room as his musk continued to fill his mind, forcing it into a state of lower thinking as his entire consciousness revolved around his lanky cock pulsating undeniable pleasure up his back.


Leo was curious as to why Xander was acting so oddly during their talk. He figured he was sick and just didn’t want to show it, but there was more to that. Xander was fiddly, and that’s not normal for Xander, let alone a sick person. If anything, Leo imagined a sick person would be less likely to twitch and be intolerant of sitting still. Just as he was thinking, Leo ran into Keaton and Laslow in the hallway who looked to be experiencing a platonic kind of interest.

“G-Get it away from me, Keaton!”

“It’s special! I got it just for you!”

“What is it now?” Leo approached the two and Laslow immediately rushed behind him, peeking past Leo’s extravagant collar.

“He’s going to ruin my clothes! And after I put so much work into selecting this outfit for today, let alone what I did to my hair-” Laslow talked quickly, but Keaton wasn’t having it.

“You’ll look better!”

“Keaton, what in the world are those?” Leo asked, narrowing his eyes at the mess of leaves in Keaton’s hands.

“Special pretty leaves! I found them in the forest nearby.” Keaton shook the leaves, dropping a few. He quickly picked them back up and Leo sighed.

“Keaton, how many times do you need to be told to not bring things you find outside into the castle? This is the Nohrian Royal Palace.” Leo rubbed the bridge of his nose and Keaton looked discouraged.

“But they’re pretty. Come on, at least try them on!” Keaton waved a leaf at Laslow, causing the man to hide behind Leo again.

“Nobody is going to put your leaves on their person. We don’t know what they’ve been in,” Leo said, Keaton looking angry now.

“Hrmph. Maybe King Xander will like them.” Keaton stalked past Leo who tried to stop him, but to no avail.

“Keaton, he’s not doing well today! Don’t bother him with your mess! Keaton!” Leo chased the wolfskin, Laslow following suit out of principle that Xander was suddenly involved.


Xander was so close to blowing his load he practically began to beg for it at nobody in particular. He whimpered, palming his dripping cock like never before, going to town on his shaft and head with a now-sore wrist. Still, Xander couldn’t help it, his horniness practically filling the room. His body was so tired from crouching over the plant, Xander eventually smacked his back up against the wall and slid down, no longer worried about the plant as he sat there, legs spread, jacking off uncontrollably.

“H-Hah… haah…! Ah, f-fuck yeah…! Ah! Oh gods, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuuuck…!” Xander winced hard as he felt his orgasm approaching. In that moment, the door slammed open, Keaton trotting in and immediately recoiling at the stench filling the office.

“W-Woah! It smells like mating season in here!” Keaton clutched his nose, dropping the leaves as he curled up, crouching away as Leo and Laslow followed him in.

“Brother, I’m so sorry… uh.” Leo stopped, staring at Xander’s desk. The wood was glistening with clear, watery fluids. The top drawer had been dumped out all over the ground and Xander’s clothes were in shreds both on the pile and across his chair. Laslow’s eyes scanned the floor from the pile, following the trail of juices to a naked, horrified Xander, sitting up against the wall in little more than a pair of shoes, jacking off.

“M-Milord…?!” Laslow asked, unable to look away as Xander’s face grew completely red. Leo blushed in response.

“D-Don’t look… a-aah, n-no! Oh no…! Stop... looking!” Xander yelled desperately, spraying cum all over himself and gasping out as he jerked his cock, his cockslit showering the floor, the wall, Xander’s body, and itself in hot jizz. Leo held his mouth as if disgusted, but he himself started to get hard in his own pants as he watched Xander completely deface and utterly embarrass himself in front of his own brother, his retainer, and a commoner.

“Gross!” Keaton yelped, unable to look away either despite his actual revulsion. He watched Xander’s fluids get everywhere for just a moment longer before he quickly grabbed up all of his leaves and escaped, tearing out of the office and slamming the door behind him.

Meanwhile, Leo and Laslow stood stunned, Xander now sitting in a puddle of his own cum with a cock he’d stroked raw and a steady pant. Xander covered his face with his other arm, unable to even look at the two left in the room. A part of him crumbled up and fell apart as he realized what he’d just done, his face contorted slightly in distaste for himself. Leo swallowed and looked between the mess of Xander’s desk and Xander himself, the room and its owner in shambles. Laslow had also gotten extraordinarily hard, his hands placed over his front as if casually, the retainer trying to contain himself.

I-I-IahI-I’m… s-sorry….” Xander mumbled, unable to even speak to his own shamefulness as his huge cock deflated slowly, going flaccid despite still gradually dripping cum. Jets of the stuff had gone up the wall behind him and all over the floor too, but the biggest ones were all over his face, dripping off of his built torso, and pouring down his back from his neck and shoulders. Neither Leo nor Laslow knew what to say, the two dumbfounded as they only stood there, trying to process what they had just witnessed. After a moment of shame and silence and Xander’s mutters, Leo spoke up.

“X-Xander, what the hell just happened…?!” Leo asked loudly, not at all angry, but rather like a concerned parent. Laslow looked at him with terror, as if he was watching something he shouldn’t be. The retainer had taken Leo’s volume for rage and quietly escaped, dashing out of the study and shutting the door behind him.

“I’m sorry…! I-I didn’t mean to do it, I just… t-the plant…!” Xander managed to remove his arm from his face, showing off the huge cumshots covering his mortified expression as he turned towards the ivy plant. Leo immediately approached the thing and stared at it. He took Brynhildr from its case attached to his hip and opened it, lifting his other hand directly above the plant.

“Rabbit’s Snare. Xander, this is one of the most potent aphrodisiacs in recorded botany. Where in the world did you get this?” Leo asked, turning to his brother who merely shook his head.

“K-Keaton gave it to m-”

“He did what?!”

“H-He didn’t know….”

“Gods, Xander! How… what… where did he even find it?!”

“H-He said it was from outside the castle. In the woods.”

“You’re kidding. Those woods? He couldn’t have. I have a lot of questions for that damn wolfskin, because I don’t believe a word of this,” Leo closed Brynhildr swiftly, grabbing the plant from its place. “I’m going to get to the bottom of this. In the meantime… stay here. And don’t let anyone in. I’ll be back soon with a fresh set of clothes, I promise. If at all possible, try to gain some sense of decency back before I return.”

“Y-Yeah.” Xander’s voice faltered as his brother left his study. Xander immediately cursed at himself, watching his now-soft cock spill the last drops of its load out onto the floor in front of him.

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Magvel hadn’t seen monsters in a while. Almost every state disregarded them as a threat considering how unusually rare they were, and unlikely to ever be threatening to any populations. The most people dealt with were tiny packs of mauthe dogs, a bael if they entered an uninhabited mountain, or a bonewalker in ancient burial grounds.

Ephraim and his retainers felt safe getting drunk in the woods. They had bought a ton of cheap ale from a small tavern and made their way into the huge collection of trees nearby. Forde was a total lightweight, already slurring his words only half an hour into drinking. Kyle, meanwhile, was calmly downing his drink, staring at Forde and messing with him by asking him complicated questions. Ephraim watched on quietly, feeling static fill his brain while he drank his own ale, his whole body light and fluffy as drunkenness set upon him. It had been a while since Forde had made any sense, but Ephraim lost track of time, guessing they’d been drinking for a good hour or two now.

“Shho, ish not at all likesh ish… ung… shquare….” Forde was totally smashed, tripping over his words as he tried to defend himself from Kyle’s accusations.

“Uh-huh, I’m sure,” Kyle said, snickering slightly despite trying to stay serious in the face of Forde’s absolute ridiculousness. Ephraim sighed and stood up, taking a hard swig before putting his ale down.

“I’m gonna, ugh… p-pissh,” Ephraim said, burping and shivering as he wandered away from the campfire. Kyle nodded at him.

“Don’t pass out in your own puddle. If you do, I’m not helping.”

Ephraim stumbled past a line of trees and lost sight of camp. The woods were calm and quiet, albeit slightly foggy and relatively warm. The night was humid and everyone in camp was a man, so Ephraim had foregone his shirt, choosing to wear a small necklace, his pants, undergarments, and his shoes & socks. The heavy air entranced Ephraim, and while he figured he was probably going a bit too far from camp, he only walked in a single direction, so he knew the way back was right behind him. Observing the riveting beauty of the forest, Ephraim slumped against a tree.

Ephraim groaned, realizing just how drunk he was as he tried to get back up. He turned around and tried to use the tree as support, only managing to fall back on his ass again, dazed by the drink in his system. Slowly, he crawled over to the tree and leaned against it, turning around and sitting down, his back and neck supported by the trunk. Ephraim looked around before shutting his eyes, mumbling to himself under his hot, alcohol-laden breath.

“N... aaaah, fuack, n-no… ungh… aaaashit…!” Ephraim grumbled, feeling his bladder explode into his pants as he pissed himself uncontrollably. “M-Mmph…! Agh, fuck it.” Ephraim gasped, letting the liquids flow as he wet his pants, a hard and audible stream coating his front with piss, a puddle forming below him as he let loose. Having drank so much, Ephraim took his time with releasing himself into his clothes, a thick musk emanating from the wetness of his cloth trousers. Ephraim sniffed and huffed, leaning back into the tree, slumping downwards and messily rubbing his lower back into the puddle. After a hot minute, Ephraim stopped pissing, rolling streams curling away from the tree he sat against and into the dirt. Failing to swallow excess saliva, Ephraim drooled all over himself, his consciousness fading. In the beginnings of his hazy blackout, Ephraim coughed and heard a strange screech from far away.


Mogalls were attracted to the scent of human waste, knowing it was a sure-sign that their prey would be nearby. While it was true that the flying eyeballs were hunters of flesh, they also had a second craving for other things produced by humans. Mogalls fed off of lust as much as they did meat, so when the small group of eyeballs found a half-naked man asleep in the woods with piss running down his legs, they knew they had a treat. A fair few of the group were also in need of a host to impregnate--the beasts used other organisms to carry their young, and Ephraim looked to be the perfect host. Strong men always made the best incubators, after all.

Ephraim didn’t exactly wake up. There’s no way to describe the transition from sleeping to waking when it’s as slow as it was for Ephraim. Rather, he sort of twitched for a moment, his nerves yawning as his droopy eyes creaked upwards. Unable to move, Ephraim watched unbothered as purple tentacles carefully shucked off his boots and yanked away his pants. Smiling with a muddled expression, Ephraim sighed happily when his underwear and socks came off, feeling comfortably free. His sleepy erection sprang up, almost a foot long as it slapped up against his abs in full mast. Ephraim’s fat, sweaty ballsack hung off of his cock and pubic area in the humidity, steamy musk exciting the mogalls.

“Thanksh… heh… ah, yea… eyes.” Ephraim reached out and rubbed one of the tentacles in thanks. The mogall it was attached to pulled it away, confused. “Hehehahaha! Hahaaha, no… nah, thatsh not… ugh… urp….” Ephraim failed to explain himself, drunkenly laughing as he felt his legs being pulled upwards and spread apart. More of his systems started to come back online, such as his hearing and smelling. A thick, rancid odor had filled the air since Ephraim fell asleep, the scent of his own lust magnified alongside the aura of the mogalls around him. He heard nothing other than incomprehensible screeches that were so quiet they might as well have been whispers. Then, he felt something curling around his asshole and his cockslit drooled.

“G-Geh… shu… ‘ey…” Ephraim groaned, quietly going from happy to confused as he objected the smoothness rubbing against his hole. “Thatsh not fair… d-don’t toucsh it… is… sense-y… sense-y-tive.” Then, all at once, Ephraim’s systems jump started when his hole was invaded. His mind went a million miles an hour out of nowhere, forcing past the fumes of alcohol and dreamy lust to tell Ephraim that he was about to be fucked by a group of monsters.

“O-Oh fuck… f-fuck…! K-Kyle…! Kyle ! Ky-” Ephraim’s slurred yelps were cut off when a tentacle planted itself inside his mouth. From the split-second glance Ephraim got at the tentacle, he could tell that it was strangely-shaped, looking like a huge tube with a nipple on the end rather than a suction-cupped tendril. From the tip, it secreted a fat wad of foul-tasting juice that sloppily drained down Ephraim’s throat. Trying to reject it, Ephraim only ended up inhaling some, quickly coughing and gasping, choking and gagging on the tentacle while it completely bypassed his gag reflex. Ephraim’s throat shivered up and down, stroking itself and closing wildly, the man making all kinds of terrible frog-like noises as more and more of the juice poured down his throat. The prince croaked and gurgled and burped and hoarsely wheezed, juice and saliva rocketing from the corners of his lips and his nose as he felt like he was drowning. The torture quickly ended and he gasped for air, his mouth filled with the awful taste that had him spitting all over his upper chest and the necklace the mogalls hadn’t taken off. However, the juices that had filled his stomach were being absorbed into his body now, fiercely overtaking his entire stomach and slowly radiating outwards. Ephraim could feel the effects immediately, heat paralyzing his stomach and limbs while he shook uncontrollably.

“Uwah…! A-Ah…! Help! P-Pleashe, K-Ky… Kyle… urp…!” Ephraim burped again, the tentacle back in his mouth before he knew it, silencing him. Ephraim stared down at his body, having been totally unaware that his hole was being stretched by another tentacle. Eventually, the heat from the juices reached Ephraim’s lower body, covering his cock and backside. That heat caused Ephraim to itch harder than he ever had before, his cock prickling uncontrollably with invisible pins and needles, his asshole assaulted on every wall by a sensation of stinging and tingling and irritation. Ephraim jolted about in the hold of the tentacles, trying to rub his cock on something as his muffled yells got louder and louder. Eventually, a translucent tentacle came into view and stabbed Ephraim’s cock into itself long-ways. The prince’s eyes rolled up into the back of his head, his cock spraying piss and squirt up into the tentacle as his bladder was squeezed to a pulp.

Meanwhile, Ephraim’s ass was still uncontrollably itching, the tiny tentacle inside it only widening his hole rather than pleasing it. It rotated around his insides, caressing every inch in a clockwise manner, but not touching it all at once. The teasing had Ephraim screaming, so when his hole was finally ready and the tentacle pulled out, his backside was opening and closing like a mouth ready to devour anything. Ephraim wiggled his hips hard as he saw a huge tentacle come into view, just as fat as his bicep and forever long as far as he could see. Slowly, it pushed into his hole, the ring of muscle gaping open to take it before Ephraim’s insides made all kinds of squishing sounds, the fat tentacle squirting up into of him. That squirt sufficed as lube, but it heated his hole so hot that his hips started to feel like they were made of lead, his entire lower body totally useless as it was assaulted by tentacles. Ephraim’s asshole burned, but that sensation was quickly filled up by pleasure as the huge tentacle squashed itself into his insides, filling him completely. The prince’s stomach bulged, his cock surging with even more erection than before as he felt himself squirting again.

The tentacle in Ephraim’s mouth went down again, the prince gagging and squirting saliva from his nose again as it injected him with juices galore. He felt them travel down his esophagus, into his stomach, react with the acids, and immediately vibrate out into his bloodstream, coating every last vessel and muscle with complete warmth and a sense of squishiness. Ephraim was totally helpless, the tentacle removing itself from his mouth while he caught his breath again. Everything below his waist felt like it was melting, and his breath picked up in response.

“Aaaa… aaaa… c… um… g-guh !” Ephraim felt the tentacle in his ass drive itself so far in that he could feel his stomach moving. Meanwhile, a tinier tentacle inside the one squeezing his cock shot down his cockslit, causing him to scream and pant, unable to cum with it in the way. Ephraim felt the sensation of orgasm, however, and he immediately went silent, tossing his head back as wave after wave after wave of unrelenting orgasmic enjoyment coated his entire body, dissolving into the squishiness of the juice heat and making him feel like he would just melt right then and there. The tentacle inside his slit thrusted in and out, fucking his cock and pressing his prostate down. The tentacle in his ass elbowed his prostate upwards in response, squishing it between both forces, causing Ephraim to nearly lose consciousness as he saw white. Then, slowly, as if intentionally, the tentacle in his slit slipped out over the course of about five seconds. Those few moments were probably the most pleasurable five seconds in the entirety of Ephraim’s life, the feeling of the smooth tentacle peeling away from his inner tubes forcing him into complete orgasm. His cock erupted violently, spraying jet after jet after jet after jet of thick, gooey semen and sperm that coated the inside of the fat tentacle slurping at his cock so quickly that it clouded up the instant Ephraim came. Ephraim tossed his head back again and lost consciousness, dead asleep in the grasp of the mogalls.


“What are we gonna do?”

“I dunno. Fuck, our commander is gonna be pissed.”

“Our commander? Think about King fucking Fado for a second, would you?!”

The bickering voices of Kyle and Forde were so distant to Ephraim, but as he was gently roused from his rest, he realized just how close they really were. Quietly regaining consciousness, Ephraim’s eyes barely opened, the light of day instantly blinding him as he squinted. Kyle and Forde went dead silent, watching their lord wake up and stretch his heavy arms. Ephraim yawned and tried to sit up, but he found his lower back completely paralyzed for some reason. Instead, he merely shaded his eyes and opened them, yawning again.

“H-Hey, uh. Good morning,” Forde said, greeting Ephraim.

“Mmm… hey guys. I feel good, fuck….” Ephraim felt like he was practically glowing as he got used to the daylight streaming in through the trees. With the treetops and Kyle visible, Ephraim arched his neck forwards to see Forde too.

“Are you okay?” Kyle asked, leaning down.

“Where are we?” Ephraim looked around, seeing that he was laying in the forest. A quiet breeze spilled through the trees and coated Ephraim’s body, causing him to shiver as he groaned. “F-Fuck, it’s cold. H-Help me sit up.” Ephraim said, reaching out. Kyle assisted Ephraim, setting him up against a tree. When the prince was finally able to parse what was going on, he quickly blushed.

Ephraim stared down at his muscular body from his new sitting angle. He was covered in all kinds of strange liquids, most of which were pure white or clear or slightly purple. His chest, face, hair, stomach, and his were all dripping with fluid. With that being said, he was also completely naked with his clothes not anywhere in sight, his cock looking drained between his legs. Sitting up a little more, Ephraim noticed his gaping hole slathering at a rock underneath him, his backside taking the stone without the prince even feeling it. His feet, legs, lower body, and lower back were all completely numb and totally paralyzed, Ephraim unable to move from the chest down.

“Oh gods, w-what… the fuck….” Ephraim groaned and sighed, suddenly smelling himself. The odor coming off his body was first and foremost musky--it smelled like a gladiator had just came all over him and then took a testosterone-filled piss on his chest. However, the scent also had a sense of rancidness to it, some kind of oily taste filling his mouth as he breathed it in. To speak further of taste, Ephraim’s tongue was covered in a strange sensation that he found not entirely pleasant, almost as if he had been chugging some kind of medicine or swamp water. Still, it coated his mouth and melded with the smell of the fluids covering him, mixing into a thick concoction that had Ephraim's head spinning. The prince glanced up at Forde and Kyle who were blushing furiously.

“W-We found you like this just now,” Kyle said, stuttering once, surprising Ephraim.

“O-Oh.” Ephraim groaned suddenly and swallowed, feeling something stirring deep inside of him. With a hard grunt, Ephraim farted hard, a wet sound barreling out of his hole, accompanied by a huge wad of fluids that sloshed all over the ground, pouring out everywhere.

“G-Gods…!” Forde turned away and coughed, having watched the physical contractions of Ephraim’s insides produce the mess.

“What happened last night?” Kyle asked, Ephraim shaking his head as he wheezed out another hoarse moan and another blubbery fart, sticky liquids coating his inner thighs.

“N-No idea…! W-Wait, oh gods...!” Ephraim yelped, trying to stand up, but failing. “I-I can’t move my legs…! S-Something’s going on…! N-Ngh… aaaaah, fuck!” Ephraim screamed, sliding down the tree. “H-Help me up…! Now!” Ephraim yelled, Kyle staring down at him, unable to move as he watched Ephraim’s hole contract.

“E-Ephraim…?” Kyle said pitifully, watching his lord groan and hold his stomach, his legs splayed out against the ground as his hole gaped and closed and eventually spread uncomfortably wide. Ephraim felt something moving inside of him, an awkward heat coating his entire body, his cock instantly erecting.

“A-Ah…! F-Fuck! K-Kyle… ngh…! A-Ah!” Ephraim drooled and smiled uncontrollably while his prostate was pushed against and a fat, round object pushed past his hole. Kyle watched Ephraim’s ass shove out a fat egg that rolled along the ground, coated in goop that got everywhere.

“F-Fuck, I-I can’t fucking watch this shit!” Forde yelled, running off as he clutched at his mouth. Kyle, however, stayed by Ephraim’s side, only watching in horror while his liege birthed another egg. With each squeezing out of another ovular spawn, Ephraim’s hard cock only pulsed harder and harder, his prostate on fire while he let out juices and eggs and hard moans.

“F-Fuck… g-gonna cum…! C-Cumming…! Ah, y-yes!” Ephraim yelled, squirting cum all over himself from his cock, adding to the mess of shiny fluids coating his muscular body in the sunlight. While Ephraim found himself entranced by an elegant and beautiful part of nature, Kyle merely watched on, dumbfounded and slightly impressed despite his initial concern.

“E-Ephraim… w-what… are you okay…?! D-Does it hurt?!” Kyle asked, Ephraim shaking his head before he sprayed himself in the face with a hard jet of semen.

“M-Mmph…!” Ephraim drooled and shot out two eggs at the same time, his cock spraying another jet of semen onto his face in response to them. After another three eggs and a second grueling orgasm, Ephraim’s hole was empty, his body flushed with arousal and his pale skin practically glowing in the light. His legs no longer paralyzed, Ephraim sat up warily, his hole sucking at the ground before he wobbled and fell over again.

“My lord, is… is everything alright?”

“B-Better than alright….” Ephraim looked down at the mess of eggs he had just shot out. There had to have been at least twelve or thirteen from where he was looking. Kyle stared between them and Ephraim, an erection tenting his pants as he leaned down and grabbed Ephraim to help him up. Waddling him over to a tree, Kyle set Ephraim up to support himself with the trunk. The two merely stared at the eggs covered in birth juices,

“Do you remember anything that happened at all last night? All I remember is you going out to piss and then Forde and I passing out quickly after,” Kyle asked again, Ephraim shaking his head once more.

“I don’t know what happened. W-Whatever it was though, I-I think I got into some nasty shit… hah.” Ephraim huffed out a chuckle and leaned on the tree, staring at his eggs on the ground.

“W-Well, uh, I don’t think it’s safe to leave this stuff out here. I-I’m gonna go get a sack so we can… take these back to the castle, I guess. Gods, what is your father going to say?” Kyle groaned and wiped his face, Ephraim laughing and hugging him. Kyle, not expecting Ephraim to be so open and suddenly supportive, froze.

“It’ll be okay.” Ephraim’s naked body clung to Kyle’s, causing the green-haired knight to go bright red in the face, his erection stirring further. Ephraim looked down, feeling it against his thigh.

“Shit, d-don’t-” Kyle mumbled, Ephraim shaking his head and quietly pushing his hand down into Kyle’s pants. Swallowing hard, Kyle groaned as he felt Ephraim’s wet and soft hand fill his underwear, his pants getting soaked by the strange fluids covering Ephraim’s body.

“Shh. It’s okay,” Ephraim said, messily coating Kyle’s cock. Slowly, Ephraim wrapped his fingers around Kyle’s shaft, calmly heating it. Kyle exhaled slowly, pushing on Ephraim’s strong, bare chest.

“P-Prince Ephraim…” Kyle spoke, trying to object as Ephraim whetted his sexual appetite.

“Just relax. Let me handle it.” Ephraim quietly continued to stroke Kyle’s cock from head to base, feeding him pleasure and slow enjoyment. Kyle stared down into his pants, watching his cockslit dribble precum all over itself, his cock serviced by Ephraim. Kyle’s eyes wandered up to Ephraim’s which were already staring at him.

“H... Haaaaah….” Kyle exhaled hard, his hot breath rolling over Ephraim’s mouth before the two locked lips. Making out passionately, Kyle embraced Ephraim, holding his hips and kissing him. Ephraim’s tongue invaded Kyle’s mouth, licking at his own tongue and filling every corner of his mouth. Kyle flooded Ephraim’s mouth with saliva, the two mixing together their tongues and tastes and mouths and spit. Slowly, Ephraim let go, tiny strings of saliva still connecting their wet lips.

“See? It’s okay… there you go….” Ephraim trailed off, letting go of Kyle’s cock and now crouching down. Ephraim slipped off Kyle’s pants and underwear, spreading them around his ankles. “Milord~” Ephraim said with a certain mischievousness in his voice, kissing Kyle’s long, dripping cock on the slit.

“W-Wait, n-no… oh gods, Ephraim….” Kyle realized that Ephraim, the Prince of Renais, his liege and master, was about to suck his cock.

“Mmmph, yeah, you’re the prince now, babe,” Ephraim said again, kissing Kyle’s cockhead once more. Then, he wrapped his lips around the bulbous head, slurping up the shaft and taking the fat rod balls-deep. Kyle moaned and pumped his hips involuntarily, Ephraim’s wet throat and mouth and lips caressing his cock with each bob of his head. Kyle threw his head back when Ephraim deepthroated his dick, taking it to the base and lapping at the very bottom of the shaft with a lewd tongue. Slowly, Ephraim slobbered off of it, having lubed it up enough and having teased Kyle sufficiently.

“E-Ephraim…” Kyle mumbled, watching the prince lay down and spread his legs and cheeks, exposing his wide hole. A wet cumfart escaped it, juices spilling all over the ground. Kyle groaned wearily, getting down on his knees.

“Fuck me good, okay? Plow me until I cry,” Ephraim said, swinging his legs over Kyle’s head, forcing them into a mating press. Kyle squished his dick into Ephraim’s insides, rubbing against his walls with ease. Kyle moaned and started off slow, pushing his dick in and out, being careful for himself considering the pure wetness and absolute power Ephraim’s hole probably had to milk his cock. Meanwhile, Ephraim laid back, put his hands behind his head, and grinned lazily, almost as if he was getting a tan at the beach.

“G-Gods, it’s so… wet…!” Kyle groaned, squeezing his dick in further and rubbing the prince’s love button.

“M-Mmph, right there, babe…! Right there….” Ephraim slowly started to get worked up, his hole gaping and then tightening around Kyle’s cock, sucking on it. Kyle groaned and picked up the pace, pumping his hips into Ephraim’s ass, causing the prince to twitch and latch onto Kyle.

“H-Huah…!” Kyle whined, squishing his cock about in Ephraim’s messy asshole. The walls were still firm and strong, but it was more like fucking a jelly doughnut that was slowly falling apart against his cock. Still, the hole was usable enough, and as Kyle kept pumping his hips harder and harder, Ephraim moaned louder and louder, his voice going higher as he whined and squirmed.

“C-Change… p-position… huhhhn...” Ephraim mumbled, Kyle ripping his cock out of Ephraim, spraying fluids all over his own front. Ephraim lazily stood up, stumbling as he leaned against the tree, presenting his backside to Kyle. Quickly, Kyle angled his hips downwards and stabbed his dick back into Ephraim, directly punching into his prostate. The two ground up against each other and thrusted again and again, continuing their lewd display of need as Kyle pounded away and Ephraim squirted semen all down his legs, gushing fluids from his hole when Kyle’s cock pulled back enough. Now fucking doggystyle, Ephraim wiggled his ass lewdly and let Kyle totally dominate his hole, his backside heated by the cock pressing on his prostate.

“U-Uhn…! H-Haah, so… squishy…!” Kyle spanked Ephraim, getting into the flow of the fucking as he picked up the pace and really drove his cock into Ephraim. The prince huffed and panted with each thrust, squirming and moaning and drooling while his hole was used.

“Mmm! Haanh…! H-Harder!” Ephraim whined, hearing a stick break to his right. Kyle hadn’t noticed, but when Ephraim looked over, he spotted Forde staring at them. Ephraim grinned and made sluttier noises, overdoing it and putting on a show for Forde. “Y-Your dick is so big…! Ah, i-impregnate me! Fill my hole!”

“I-I will…! I will!” Kyle moaned, slamming his hips into Ephraim, his cock bouncing in and out hard, practically spanking Ephraim’s prostate. The prince drooled and twitched, feeling his lower body going suddenly extremely hot.

“I-I’m gonna c-cum…! Kyle!” Ephraim yelped, squirting hot jizz all over the ground and the tree in front of him, Kyle straining now as he shot his hips in and out of Ephraim, feeling the hole clamp around his cock and suckle it in.

“A-Aaaaaaaaah! Ephraim! Fuuuuck!” Kyle splooged up into his liege, spraying cum all up into him. Unfortunately, Ephraim’s hole was so loose by this point that the cum just sprayed back out, coating Kyle’s pants and shoes in semen. Forde watched in awe, biting his tongue, staring at naked Ephraim get breeded by Kyle of all people. With a sickeningly wet pop, Kyle’s shaft slid from Ephraim’s hole, spraying the last of its orgasm onto the prince’s behind. Slowly, Ephraim stood up, still using the tree as support while he turned around and grinned. He shared another wet kiss with Kyle before letting the knight be.

“T-That felt amazing.” Ephraim grinned, Kyle panting and blushing brightly.

“W-What will Forde think?”

“Don’t tell him. I’m gonna get his cum up in me next. Until then, though, we should do this more often.”

Forde watched and swallowed, his dick hard in his pants as he snuck away unnoticed by Kyle, knowing Ephraim saw him.

Chapter Text

After a long staring contest with the boot, the last remnant of Chrom and Lon’qu’s clothes, Chrom’s face strained with anger.

“Gods, why?!” Chrom tossed his boot and huffed loudly, Lon’qu groaning with him.

“H-How the hell are we gonna get out of here?”

“I don’t know. All I know is that someone nicked our shit, and if I had a sword right now, I’d have probably chopped that fucking shoe in half by now.” Chrom let out his ugly side when he was angry, cursing needlessly and talking about his anger instead of trying to solve the situation at hand. Luckily, Lon’qu was a tad more logical and calm.

“Well, okay, look, let’s think about how we get back to camp without anyone seeing us first. It’s nighttime, right? If we get back relatively soon, we might be able to use the cover of darkness to get in,” Lon’qu reasoned quickly, his eyes focused on Chrom to make sure he was listening.

“Okay, but how do we get out of here?” Chrom suddenly presented an even bigger dilemma, Lon’qu going silent.

“No idea. We’ve gotta get the layout of this place. I have a feeling we can’t go out the way we came in.”

“I’m more concerned with actually getting clothes to wear rather than getting out and running all the way back stark naked, in case you couldn’t tell,” Chrom said, Lon’qu nodding.

“That’s an option, but we could just cut to the chase and form a useful plan without relying on luck.” Lon’qu sighed, carefully trying to exert some kind of weight on his lower body. His muscles put up a huge fight, his legs still completely numb while his hole continued to dribble semen. Chrom’s cock had done a number on him, leaving the swordsman unable to walk or even begin to move his lower body. “Look, let’s try and focus on getting me walking at least. You can’t carry me the whole way regardless of if we’re wearing anything or not.”

“Okay, what do you need me to do?”

“Just make sure I don’t fall.” Lon’qu’s legs wobbled as he flexed them, Chrom quickly attending to him and grabbing around his waist. Lon’qu carefully used the lockers behind him and Chrom to stand up, his knees shaking and his hips quivering. Chrom watched Lon’qu’s hole pucker and spit cum, the prince immediately blushing.

“D-Damn, I… really fucked you hard.”

“Yeah, you did.” Lon’qu leaned against the lockers, stabilizing himself by laying his chest against one. Chrom got a full view of Lon’qu’s asshole, dripping with cum, a little red, and still gaping. Idly, Chrom moved in and gave it a lick, Lon’qu gasping.

“That cum is mine alright.”

“C-Chrom…! Not now…!”

“Sorry, sorry. I just. I dunno.” Chrom lapped at Lon’qu’s behind again, tasting his own jizz. Lon’qu shook and huffed, unable to move without collapsing onto the floor, stuck with Chrom tonguing his hole out of curiosity.

“Gods, what are you doing…?!” Lon’qu yelped, Chrom spreading the swordsman’s plump cheeks and really getting in there, eating him out. A muffled apology buzzed into Lon’qu’s insides, causing him to squirm. Chrom eventually pulled his mouth from Lon’qu, realizing there were more important things to do.

“You taste great. I taste great too.” Chrom got up, holding Lon’qu’s hips. “Here, let’s try to get you walking.”

“I don’t think I can. Here, just help me stand on my own a little. Get me away from these lockers.”

The two took several minutes to get Lon’qu’s legs in working order, but even then, he was rather clumsy on his feet. Every step he took had his hips joints rotating hard, and his knees were quite wobbly even with Chrom’s help. However, Lon’qu managed to stand without any help at all, and at that, he told Chrom to stop assisting him. Trying to at least move bow-legged, Lon’qu shuffled along, practicing.

“Sorry I went so hard,” Chrom said, feeling sheepish as he watched Lon’qu try to get into the flow of walking again.

“You didn’t know our clothes were going to be taken. It’s not your fault.”

“Well, besides that, I feel bad. I would’ve had to carry you out of here regardless, which probably wouldn’t have held up all the way back. It was careless of me.”

“I don’t recall complaining,” Lon’qu said, turning to Chrom who blushed brightly.

“O-Oh. You… enjoyed me?”

“Of course I did. When you started getting dominant, I realized immediately that I was in for the ride of my life. You’re beyond just a good lay, Chrom.” Lon’qu turned back to his task, shakily wandering throughout the locker room to try and return his legs to what they were before Chrom railed him.

“Thanks…!” Chrom laughed a little, not expected to be praised so highly.

“Okay, I think I’m at the best I can manage.” Lon’qu stood up straight, his shoulders square with his hands on his hips. Chrom looked at him and shrugged.

“Alright, let’s… what are we gonna do…?” Chrom started to slump back into desperation, remembering the reality of the situation they were in.

“If you want my honest opinion, I think we should just sneak out and run back, use the cover of night to get into camp, and never speak of this to anyone,” Lon’qu said, a bit of sass in his tone.

“Okay. Let’s do that. That sounds like a plan.”

“Only problem is that we still need to find a way out of here.” Lon’qu turned, his eyes scanning the locker room before exiting out to the bath area again with minimal stumbling. He looked out over the pool, Chrom following along behind him.

“I guess we could always scale the rocks and get over the bamboo.”

“That’s an idea,” Lon’qu said, analyzing the rock structures around the pool. “We could fall, though. Plus, it may not even lead out of the resort but rather further in.”

“It was just an idea.”

“Exactly. Now look for more.” Lon’qu used the wall to walk, trying to move on his own, but still struggling. Chrom went back into the locker room, Lon’qu moving down to the edge of the small patio with the cold water stream where the fence was shortest.

Meanwhile, Chrom sneakily exited the locker room. They had gotten there through a long hallway with a couple sliding doors, so he decided to at least inspect what kind of rooms said doors lead to. He stalked down the corridor, low to the ground as he found the first door and put his ear to it. Not hearing anyone, Chrom set the door ajar and peeked in, spotting what appeared to be a study area of sorts, a ledger sitting on a desk with a pen and quill right next to it. He figured it was some kind of business room and kept moving down the hall, stopping in front of the next door. He too set that one ajar and glanced in, finding a second door behind it on the other side of a very small passageway. Chrom moved into the passageway, listening in. He heard nothing and quietly slid open the door, peeking in.

Chrom’s gaze was immediately met by another’s. A man with light green hair sat before him in a small room that was filled with steam and no water. Chrom stood up quickly, apologizing as his heart raced and he realized it was another attendant of the bathhouse; he had stumbled across the sauna. The man regarded him silently, eyes trained on his form.

“Hello. Are you coming in?” The man asked, his voice almost pompous.

“A-Ah, I think I’m in the wrong room.”

“Well, suit yourself,” He said simply, sighing and leaning back. Chrom made to shut the door, but another set of footsteps behind him made him freeze. He turned carefully, suddenly face-to-face with another man, this one instead with a dark teal color of hair.

“Hmph. Who’re you?”

“U-Uh, I’m in the wrong place-”

“I asked who you are, not where you are.”

“I’m… C-Chrom. Just another attendant-”

“Well, Chrom, you’re in my way,” The man with the dark hair spoke simply, obviously wanting to pick a fight. He grabbed Chrom’s shoulder and shoved him lightly, pushing him away from the door.

“H-Hey, calm down, friend!”

“Gods, does everyone here have a thing for calling random strangers their friend? I’m not in any kind of mood to deal with you, so hit the road. At least get away from us,” The man said, now joined by his green-haired friend.

“I-It’s just etiquette, n-no need to get so hasty!” Chrom yelped, the green-haired man turning to his companion.

“He’s right, you know.”

“Innes, this isn’t the time.” The teal-haired man’s gaze swapped between his companion and Chrom, his eyes settling on Chrom. “Don’t you have somewhere better to be?”

“Now look, I’m an attendant of this resort just like you two are, so I don’t see why I should be treated any differently. Sure, I’m in the wrong place, but that doesn’t mean you can just act like I’m a piece of dogshit-” Chrom was cut off as he tumbled to the ground, a bright red handprint stuck across his face.

“Ephraim!” Innes said, looking angry now that his companion had slapped Chrom.

“Whatever,” Ephraim sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. He obviously wasn’t in the mood for anything, and as he and Innes retreated back into the steam room, Chrom huffed and exited into the corridor. He guessed the entire hallway was private, made solely for the guests and nobody else. Chrom sighed and turned back, quietly making his way back to the communal male bath. Lon’qu was there, holding himself against the wall outside of the water.

“Find anything?”

“A couple of bad-mannered men in a steam room.”

“Well, I haven’t found anything here either, aside from the safest place to escape if the outside of these walls isn’t still in the resort,” Lon’qu said, turning back to the bath and motioning at the roof of the cave-like rock structure. “Wanna go up there and check it out?”

“Alright, but you keep watch for me.” Chrom waded through the hot water, quickly reaching the other side of the bath and grabbing onto the slippery rocks. Chrom got up onto the first set without much difficulty despite his wet feet and the wet surface. Deciding it would be an easy climb, Chrom carefully started ascending the side of the cave.

“Be careful,” Lon’qu said, Chrom looking back at him for a moment with a nod. However, he came to a problem area when a slick and totally vertical wall presented itself to him, the only possible scaling point being the precarious slope near the top of the wall. Trying to vault his way up, Chrom managed to stick to the wall for a moment, but he found no purchase on the slope and quickly slid off. Mildly adjusting his position, Chrom managed to fall on one of his legs, but his slippery feet caused him to land on his ass.

“Fuck!” Chrom groaned, rolling over and holding his butt.

“You dumbass.” Lon’qu crossed his arms, gaining a glare from Chrom.

“Are you watching?! What happened to ‘keep watch for me’?!”

“I am keeping watch. On you. Falling on your ass.”

“Why don’t you have a try then?” Chrom sat up and Lon’qu shook his head.

“You fuck my brains out, you scale the wall. If it’s a way out, I’ll need your help.”

“I need your help now! There’s a cliff, for Naga’s sake!”

“Good luck.” Lon’qu quietly sat down, totally unhelpful as Chrom groaned and got up again.

“My ass is gonna bruise….” Chrom mumbled, trying to scale the wall again. Lon’qu watched, disinterested despite their predicament as he heard rustling in the locker room behind him. Taking a glance over his shoulder, he spotted a couple of guys approaching.

“Hey.” Lon’qu gave a tiny wave, Innes waving back.

“You seen a guy with blue hair walking around here?” Innes asked, Lon’qu quietly pointing to Ephraim.

“No, like, blue blue. I was an ass to him and… Innes is making me apologize.” Ephraim said, Innes giving him a look.

“I thought you said you wanted to-” Innes was cut off.

You were the one who told me off!” Ephraim said accusingly before hearing Chrom swear from across the bath. He and Innes quickly locked gazes onto Chrom, watching him slip and slide on the rocks.

“Hey Chrom, these guys wanna help you.” Lon’qu yelled, Chrom looking up like a frightened animal as he spotted Ephraim and Innes staring at him.

“W-W… I can explain!” Chrom stood up and held his hands up defensively.

“What in the name of the five heroes is he doing?” Innes asked, Lon’qu looking up at him.

“You really wanna know?” Lon’qu asked back, Innes nodding. “Some asshole nicked our clothes and now we’re looking for a sneaky way out since we don’t wanna be seen walking around naked. In here it’s fine, but out there, it’s a public offense. You two didn’t happen to have taken them, did you?”

“I would’ve had it offered this kind of entertainment when we got here.” Ephraim said, leaning against one of the pillars on the patio-esque area outside the bath, staring at Chrom.

“You seem to be having trouble there, friend,” Innes said, smugness in his voice as he grinned. Chrom blushed with embarrassment and looked to Lon’qu for help, but the myrmidon only shrugged.

“I can’t help him. I got, uh, too light-headed from the bath. Maybe one of you could help him. Apparently there’s some kind of cliff,” Lon’qu said, Ephraim grinning.

“Oh, I can help alright!” Ephraim said loud enough so that Chrom could hear, quickly rushing through the hot water and climbing the rock formation to get to Chrom. The prince of Ylisse blushed as Ephraim approached him and gave him a smack on the ass.

“H-Hey, dude, f-fuck off if you’re just gonna hit me again…!”

“Come on, get on my shoulders.” Ephraim leaned down and Chrom gave him a look of suspicion. “I won’t drop you, I swear. Just get on.”

“Okay.” Chrom warily scaled Ephraim’s back, sitting on his upper traps and slinging his legs over the man’s shoulders. Ephraim got up, holding Chrom’s legs forward and reaching up, getting him close to the top of the cliff. Chrom scaled it, grabbing onto one of the less-steep areas when he felt a sudden pain in his lower body. Nearly sliding off, Chrom coughed uncontrollably and rolled up onto the cliff, curling up and groaning.

“That wasn’t very fair,” Innes said, having watched Ephraim sock Chrom in the nuts just as he got to the top of the cliff.

“Eh, whatever.” Ephraim scaled the wall easily, as if he was merely walking up it, meeting Chrom and looking over the edge of the fence around the bath.

“What do you see?” Lon’qu asked, Ephraim shrugging.

“Nothing. It goes outside the resort area. We’re on top of a mountain, so it’s all uneven ground,” Ephraim said, turning back to Lon’qu. “You got your way out, then? How are you gonna get down without hurting yourself?”

“No idea. I need to get up there first.” Lon’qu stood up, moving through the bath next. Ephraim descended the rocks to help him, and after a minute or two of Ephraim and Lon’qu’s uncanny teamwork, Lon’qu was atop the cave with Chrom who had just about recovered from Ephraim’s horse play.

“I think you could probably use the fence to climb down,” Ephraim said looking over the enclosure. “Just don’t slide down or you’ll get splinters all down your hands and feet.”

“Well, if I crack my neck at the bottom, then you’ll know.” Lon’qu carefully stood on the fence, facing towards the bath as he sighed, preparing himself. Trying to take it slowly, Lon’qu crouched down, making sure his dick and balls weren’t skewered by the fence as he reached a slim leg down and tried to get purchase on the fence. Finding the tiniest bit, Lon’qu grabbed onto the fence hard, using his grip strength before he carefully let his other leg down and was essentially dangling from the top of the fence. Then, he gripped onto the fence with his feet as hard as he could and let go, quickly scaling downwards before he flat-out slipped off the wall and landed on the ground, his feet absorbing the shock. He carefully straightened up and gave Ephraim a thumbs-up.

“You next, dude! Off you go.” Ephraim tried to gather up Chrom with his hands, but the prince fought back and covered his crotch, using one of his hands to hide his junk and the other to defend himself.

“S-Stop, okay?! J-Just… stop.” Chrom walked past Ephraim with a huff, upset as he tried to do the same as Lon’qu, crouching down over the fence.

“Nice view.” Lon’qu said, looking up as Ephraim snickered.

“Do you want me to fall?!” Chrom looked over the edge and yelled at Lon’qu, the myrmidon with a smug smile stuck to his face.

“Hey, not before you suck me. C’mon, you’re already in the perfect position.” Ephraim put his hands behind his own head, thrusting his hips at Chrom, his dick slapping over Chrom’s face. Chrom yelped and gasped, trying to pull his head away, but his precarious position meant he would have to leap from the wall to do so. The prince only yelled and tried to object to Ephraim’s roughhousing.

“I told you to st-” Chrom got a hard slap to the cheek from Ephraim’s cock, the loud sound resounding against the wet stone as one of his feet slipped off the fence. He gasped and quickly tried the same maneuver as Lon’qu, climbing downwards before leaping off the fence. However, having jumped from higher up, he yelled as he landed directly onto Lon’qu. Luckily, the myrmidon had his arms out, catching Chrom with a light grunt.

“You did well,” Lon’qu commented, putting Chrom down, the prince happy to be away from the bully atop the cliffs.

“Good luck. And uh, sorry for hitting you earlier,” Ephraim said, waving gleefully at Chrom in particular.

“Thanks for your help.” Lon’qu quietly walked along the fence, looking for the shortest way around the building to the front as he glanced past the male bath’s fence. Chrom looked up at Ephraim, his mind swimming with annoyance and anger as he thought of something to say. Before he could muster up anything, he saw Ephraim aiming his dick at him. Immediately realizing what was happening, Chrom acted too late, slipping on the stone beneath his slippery feet as a steady stream of piss covered him. The poor prince scrambled uselessly like a turtle on its back, getting a face-full as he tried to escape Ephraim’s mess. After an absolutely degrading thirty seconds of being showered, Chrom eventually crawled away from the wall, out of Ephraim’s range, his face, torso, and hair soaked. Ephraim merely finished up, his stream splattering across the rocks with a loud, deep sound before ceasing.

“Y-You… dick…!” Chrom stammered, Ephraim snickering uncontrollably as Chrom stared up at him, trying to wipe himself off with his hands, only succeeding in wetting himself further with the fluid.

“I told you I was sorry for hitting you.”

“T-That… this… what the fuck, man?!” Chrom yelled, Ephraim laughing louder as he watched Chrom get flustered.

“You’re cute, man. Have fun!” Ephraim turned away and vanished from the top of the fence, Chrom’s face red-hot with embarrassment and, although he wouldn’t admit it, lust. Chrom suppressed the need for an erection, however, and merely wiped his face, turning to Lon’qu.

“You stink.”

“W-Whose fault is that?! I didn’t ask for…!”

“C’mon, it’s this way.” Lon’qu pointed behind him, turning and walking to the left, Chrom fuming silently as he followed the man. Together, the two of them walked around the building, avoiding being too out in the open as they stayed close to the exterior of the building.

“So what are we gonna do when we get back to Ylisse?”

“I guess just try to stay in the dark and get back to camp. Hopefully nobody sees us on our way,” Lon’qu said, stalking around the building.


Soon, the pair had reached the front of the bathhouse and were walking towards the path they had come in from. However, Chrom quickly stopped and crouched down in a pair of bushes when he heard a voice, Lon’qu following suit.

“Dammit.” Chrom mumbled, pointing ahead of them. On the path were Ephraim and Innes who seemed to be looking around from Chrom and Lon’qu. They had gotten dry and dressed in time to try and spot the naked men dashing away.

“What’s wrong? Didn’t they help us?”

“Help is a strong word.” Chrom sighed and Lon’qu gave him a sideways look.

“Ephraim was just playing with you.”

“I fell off the fence because of him! He fucking pissed on me!”

“Look, if you’re really that upset, I can help you get back at him,” Lon’qu offered, turning away and grabbing a sturdy-looking rock off the ground. He approached the side of the building and gave it a few small whacks, breaking off a tall splinter. Slowly and carefully, Lon’qu pricked off the outer layers of the wood, thinning it into a blade-like shape.

“Woah woah woah, maybe not like that.”

“I’m not telling you to kill him,” Lon’qu said, handing the sharp splinter to Chrom. “Use it to slice open his pants.” Lon’qu gave a smug smirk to Chrom, the prince’s face slowly forming a malicious grin.

“Okay, okay.” Chrom snuck back over to the bushes, peeking through at Ephraim and Innes. The two had gotten slightly closer to the bushes--just enough for Chrom to sneak up to them. The prince grinned wildly, vengeance boiling in his stomach as he felt the adrenaline fill his limbs.

“You go have fun. I’ll keep close to the path for when you’re done.” Lon’qu silently exited the bushes, going to the right and hiding between the rocks next to the path. Chrom, now on his own, quietly got up and stepped over the bushes when he saw an opening.

“Can’t see ‘em,” Innes said, putting his hands on his hips.

“C’mon, they gotta be running for their decency somewhere out here,” Ephraim said, crossing his arms quietly. Out of the blue, a sudden shuffling resounded and both Ephraim and Innes quickly followed the noise. However, they could only watch in slow motion as Ephraim’s pants slipped down around his ankles and got cleaved in two, belt and underwear and all. The teal-haired man cursed and tried to kick at Chrom, but he missed as he tripped, his pants torn off entirely by Chrom’s strong grip. Having sufficiently destroyed Ephraim’s pants, Chrom quickly ran down the path and tossed the shreds of Ephraim’s lower garments into a small pool alongside the road. Ephraim cursed again and covered his fat cock with his hands, Innes cackling at him. In the distance, Chrom heard Ephraim’s embarrassed shouts and Innes’s laughter, filling his heart with delicious satisfaction. Chrom kept running, making sure Ephraim was out of sight before he stopped to catch his breath. Lon’qu appeared from the rocks bordering the path, snickering to himself.

“I saw it.”

“G-Good.” Chrom laughed, tossing the splinter aside and panting.

“Now then, it’s gonna be a journey and a half to get back to camp. Let’s go,” Lon’qu said, motioning for Chrom to follow as he walked down the path.


Chrom and Lon’qu were at the bathhouse for hours, so night had already fallen by the time they were sitting amongst the trees outside camp, looking in for a way to get to their tents safely. After a couple of messy plans were rejected, the two decided to go in through the south side of camp since it was the quickest way to their tents. The only issue would be that they’d pass by a couple of tents that belonged to some of the most alert people in camp--Frederick and Gaius. Chrom figured they’d have no problem getting past Gaius considering how lazy he was, but Frederick was a different story entirely. The man was practically a walking alarm, especially when it came to Chrom; the prince was pretty sure his retainer could recognize his footsteps, even if he wasn’t wearing shoes. Lon’qu had also decided to get some clothes from Chrom’s tent before he went to his which was a little further in and significantly more dangerous to approach considering it was bordered by Tharja’s tent, Miriel’s tent, and Gregor’s tent, all three of which being either entirely unpredictable or completely spatially aware of everything nearby.

The two used the cover of night to leave the small gathering of trees and descend the hill in their nudity. When they got close to the torchlight, Chrom immediately had regrets, but he knew there was no other way. He slinked past the lights, his muscular body illuminated for mere seconds before he made his way to the next tent. Lon’qu followed behind, the two making headway towards Chrom’s tent. Before they knew it, they were right outside, opening the flap and running in. Inside the tent was dark, so Chrom quietly looked around for the oil lamp, trying to feel his way around. His hands landed on something cold in the middle of the tent, and he carefully grappled about it, trying to feel it out. He lowered his hands and felt something more like fabric than glass, his heart stopping as he looked up.

Frederick lit the oil lamp, turning it and illuminating the interior of the tent. Lon’qu watched Chrom carefully remove his hand from Frederick’s crotch, the tall, brown-haired man staring down at the two of them with a stern look.

“I can explain,” Chrom said immediately, Frederick giving him a look that told him to stop talking. Chrom swallowed and covered his front, trying to hide his decency. Frederick placed the lamp on the ground and looked at Lon’qu.

“Lon’qu, I’ll be happy to let you leave. You don’t seem to be in the best of shape. However, milord, I’m afraid you’ll be staying with me,” Frederick said quietly, Lon’qu immediately dashing out of the tent to avoid the wrath of Frederick, risking being caught more than the wrath of Frederick. The tent flap shut behind Lon’qu as he left, leaving Chrom and Frederick alone, the former in the nude and the latter in full armor.

“U-Uh….” Chrom trailed off and stammered, Frederick staring at him.

“Do you know why I’m here?”

“B-Because I got back late?”

“That’s certainly a part of it.” Frederick’s eyes lowered to Chrom’s hands. “Stop trying to hide yourself.” Frederick’s tone chilled Chrom to his core, his hands immediately forcing themselves away from his crotch.

“I’m s-sorry, I-”

“I don’t care,” Frederick said quietly, slowly removing his own armor. Chrom hadn’t noticed because of the pure fear in his heart the moment he saw Frederick, but his retainer was naked aside from his heavy armor and a simple undergarment that looked extremely familiar. When Frederick had stripped off everything, his strong muscles seemed to gleam warmly in the lamplight, strong pectorals and washboard abs defined on his incredibly tall frame. Chrom knew Frederick was tall, but now face-to-face with his near-naked body, he suddenly began to understand the implications of his retainer’s height and muscle mass. The man was as much a bear as Lissa claimed he was, his body built as if he were a gladiator rather than a soldier. Chrom swallowed and stared down at the underwear Frederick was wearing, suddenly sweating. It was the same underwear he had put on just earlier in the day. In that moment, Chrom understood everything, his heart dropping into his stomach.

“F-Frederick, I… fuck… w-wait! Wait! I-I didn’t mean to… g-go out and act so stupidly. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have fucked Lon’qu in the bath, b-but he came onto me; I didn’t even… I… F-Frederick…?” Chrom tried to explain himself and provoke a reaction from his retainer, but Frederick didn’t budge. Instead, the brown-haired man simply sat on the edge of Chrom’s bed, quietly looking at him.

“Come here. Now.” Frederick spoke in the same commanding tone as before, his voice forcing Chrom to move. When he was within arm’s reach, Frederick immediately grappled Chrom and forced him down over his knee.

“F-Frederick…!” Chrom yelped, his ass instantly jiggling as Frederick spanked him hard. Chrom whimpered as he felt another hard slap against his backside, a glowing red handprint splattered across his left ass cheek, contrasting his pale-skinned bubble butt. Chrom felt the handprint, his cheek stinging as he squirmed lightly. Slowly, Frederick rubbed that print, Chrom twitching and pushing out his back, a light groan escaping his lips.

“Are you trying to get away?” Frederick asked, his tone much more mild as he spanked Chrom again and again. This time, Frederick gave the prince no reprieve, loud slapping noises resounding through the tent as Frederick continued to batter his hand against Chrom’s ass, now giving both of the man’s cheeks attention. Chrom was spanked for a several minutes, squirming and panting and trying not to tear up as his ass was assaulted by Frederick’s large palm and torturous fingers.

“A-Aaah…!” Chrom whined in pain, only causing Frederick to up the ante and smack him harder. The prince swallowed hard, gasping for air as he flopped off of Frederick’s knee, escaping the man’s grasp as he rolled onto the floor and held his behind. Frederick narrowed his eyes and grabbed one of Chrom’s shoes before yanking the prince to his feet. Then, he smacked him flat across the ass with the sole of the shoe, sending Chrom reeling onto his hands and knees as he inhaled his own saliva and coughed uncontrollably.

“Spread your legs,” Frederick ordered, Chrom obeying unthinkingly as his hole was smacked by the shoe, the prince now jolting about each time he was hit. His ass jiggled too, the spankings causing both of his cheeks to wobble and jump, reddened by the unending slaps.

“H-Huunh… a-aaah…! S-Stooooop… aaaah!” Chrom started crying, his throat hoarse as he collapsed on the ground, his ass feeling completely fried. Frederick tossed the shoe away and sighed, getting down onto the floor with Chrom and quietly licking his asshole. Chrom stammered and jumped at each lick, unsure whether they were soothing or made things worse. Eventually, the situation calmed down as Chrom merely squirmed on the floor, his tight backside pleasured by Frederick’s wide tongue. Chrom felt a cool fluid coursing down his lower back, coating his cheeks and spreading into his hole before dripping down his balls. Looking back, Chrom saw Frederick lubing him up, soaking his nether regions in slippery juices.

“If I call you a slut now, will you forgive me when we’re done…?” Frederick asked quietly, Chrom looking back and blushing brightly. With a light wiggle of his dripping hole, Chrom nodded, his cock growing underneath him. In the tight underwear Frederick had stolen from Chrom, a bulge began to form.


“Milord, relax.”

“I-I thought you were p-punishing-”

“Relax, slut,” Frederick commanded, Chrom’s face burning at the word as he raised his ass up submissively.

“F-Fuck me, F-Fred….” Chrom groaned hoarsely, a sudden low and sexual tone to his voice, the prince trying to show off as his hole opened, Frederick’s fingers diving in. They grazed along Chrom’s insides, his inner walls massaged and teased into widening.

“Spread your legs wider. Come now, I can’t satisfy you if you don’t act like the slut you are,” Frederick said, spanking Chrom, splattering lube everywhere. Chrom squirmed and pulled his legs out further, completely exposing his taint and hole. Frederick dug a third finger in, finding Chrom’s prostate and rubbing against it slowly. Chrom’s insides started to heat up, his body warming as he sighed.

“N-Nnn… m-more….” Chrom mumbled, arching his back and begging for Frederick’s fingers.

“Your cock is hard, slut. Are you enjoying yourself?” Frederick yanked his fingers out and lubed up both of his hands. Now, he used one hand to play with Chrom’s prostate and the other to stroke Chrom’s cock from behind. Being practically milked, Chrom whimpered with enjoyment, panting as Frederick played with him. Unbeknownst to Chrom, Frederick was rock-hard in Chrom’s underwear, his colossal cock stretching the fabric to the extreme. Frederick was a very, very well-hung man, his dick well over a foot long and thicker than the silver lance he wielded in battle. It was probably the largest cock in Ylisse while erect, but Chrom wouldn’t know, his back turned to it as Frederick carefully slipped off the underwear. His fat cock leapt from the fabric, bouncing against the ground in what was merely half mast.

“D-Don’t stop….” Chrom mumbled, squirting precum into a puddle below him as his ass was touched. Using the hand he used to stroke Chrom’s cock, Frederick lubed up his own dick, using a copious amount to cover his shaft and cockhead. When his massive member was glistening with fluids, Frederick yanked his fingers from Chrom’s hole.

“I’m going to fuck you. I’ll go slow, but I imagine you can take it, slut,” Frederick said, his face flushed with arousal. Chrom’s eyes glittered with excitement as he wiggled his butt and nodded.

“P-Please!” Chrom felt a bulky, bulbous dickhead at his entrance and was immediately confused, thinking it was a fake dick or perhaps even Frederick’s fist. However, as it slowly sunk into his widened behind, Chrom yelped out.

“Nnn… huh… ah,” Frederick murmured and exhaled, his cock squeezed hard by Chrom’s tight hole, his fat shaft spread thin in the prince’s insides.

“A-Aaah! F-Fuck!” Chrom yelled, feeling jolts of sizzling electricity go up his back which weren’t entirely pleasant. Still, he leaned down and goaded himself into taking more, trying to push himself as he felt more and more cock enter him. Eventually, he’d taken his limit.

“N-No more… s-sorry….”

“I-It’s okay…” Frederick said, stopping with only six inches of cock remaining. It was a little over half in, the squeezed shaft completely filling Chrom. Slowly, Frederick pulled out and pushed in, moving his hips in very slight actions, trying to keep Chrom from hurting any more than he had to. Frederick was used to taking extra care of his bottoms because of his dick size, so he was a master of making sure Chrom was comfortable before he started really thrusting.

After a few minutes of merely gyrating in and out of Chrom, Frederick sped up, slowly thrusting into Chrom, fucking him doggystyle. Chrom panted hard at the pleasurable strokes to his insides, letting his tongue loll out as the fat cock spread him wide open and his body got hotter and hotter. His prostate mushed up into a tiny button, Chrom rolled his hips back up against Frederick, lube keeping them moving as Frederick was practically jammed inside of Chrom due to how tight the prince was. Still, he kept widening, the pleasure ramping up with every movement of Frederick’s.

“C-Come on…! M-More…!” Chrom gasped, Frederick grunting with each short thrust he pounded into Chrom. His cock was nowhere near fully inside Chrom, but still he was pleasured, especially considering he was in the ass of his own liege who managed to beg for more despite the intensity of what he already had inside of him. Frederick pressed more inches into Chrom, piling on three more that made Chrom groan and twitch.

“U-Ungh… y-you slut…!” Frederick gasped, spilling precum all up into Chrom, lubing him up even more. He spanked Chrom, slapping him across the ass, causing him to whimper.

“M-Mmph…! H-Hah…! M-Milord….” Chrom mumbled, Frederick’s head filling with lust and enjoyment at that, enjoying the sudden reversal of power between them.

“Beg for it, s-slut…!” Frederick groaned, smashing his hips forward, slapping them against Chrom’s ass, now balls-deep in his hole. Feeling that blindingly warm shaft rolling up his side like a second spine, Chrom gasped and sprayed cum all over the floor, his prostate worked into overdrive as his balls unloaded on the ground.

“H-Ha… ah… ah… m… more…!” Chrom moaned breathlessly, Frederick bucking his hips into the prince, wet inches pumping in and out wildly. With each thrust, Chrom sprayed another jet of jizz, his orgasm riding on Frederick’s whims, causing Chrom to go silent and drool lewdly.

“Ah! Yeah! Yeah! F-Fuck! Fuck! Ah, you dirty fucking slut!” Frederick spanked Chrom hard and got up into a crouching position, dragging Chrom’s ass up with him as he fucked him, the prince’s legs numbly hanging down. Chrom continued to soundlessly cum all over the floor, his orgasm drawn out by Frederick’s huge cock melting his insides. After several hard thrusts, Frederick came, Chrom’s tight ass milking his long cock to complete orgasm despite only fucking the man for a few minutes. Shivering and spasming, Frederick blushed fiercely, his dick pulsing as he was careful not to overload his sensitive cockhead. Reminded of his teenage years of hormonal whacking off, Frederick tried to calm down and let his orgasm roll out, but his balls were practically unable to stop pouring cum, him fucking Chrom being the biggest fantasy he’d had in a while. Now that he’d barebacked his lord and jizzed into him, Frederick felt like the biggest whore he’d ever been. With his cockslit still spewing cum, Frederick yanked out of Chrom with a loud popping sound, spraying jets of hot jizz up the prince’s back. The retainer slumped down onto Chrom’s back, squishing the cum between them as he gasped and groaned. Chrom looked back, heavily panting as he came off his high, Frederick staring at him. In the midst of their hot breaths and languid position, Frederick and Chrom kissed. While it did have some tongue, it wasn’t a particularly lewd kiss, but rather a kiss meant to be shared between lovers after a passionate encounter. Slowly, Chrom pulled away, a string of saliva slipping off of his lower lip as he exhaled.

“F-Forgive me, milord,” Frederick spoke, quietly pulling off of Chrom. The prince rolled over and sat up, Frederick hesitating before him.

“Help me up. My legs are still numb.” Chrom held his hands out, Frederick grabbing them and pulling Chrom up. The prince carefully fell into his retainer’s arms, pressing his face against the man’s broad chest. Looking up, Chrom smiled softly.

“Did I… act too rashly?”

“No. I loved it,” Chrom said, Frederick blushing again as he looked away, unable to watch Chrom grin at him without kissing him again. Chrom leaned further into Frederick, pushing up and smooching him on the cheek.


“We should do it again sometime.”

“I’m sorry I caused so much trouble.”

“It was worth it, Frederick,” Chrom said, looking towards his bed and gesturing. Frederick helped him over to it, sitting him down and softly watching him.

“I think I should go back-”

“No. Stay with me tonight,” Chrom said, Frederick blushing again.

“I-I’ll go get my things, then,” Frederick said, quickly moving to the front of the tent. Having ignored his clothes, Frederick figured it’d be an easy trip to his tent considering it was right next to Chrom’s. However, the minute he walked out, he was immediately greeted by Stahl, Vaike, and Gaius who stared at him.

“Woah, what’s going on?!” Stahl asked, going bright red as he stared between Frederick’s legs at his long, flaccid cock.

“A-Ah…!” Frederick tried to cover himself with his hands, his face brighter than Stahl's from embarrassment. Vaike cackled and ran up to the brown-haired man, slapping him on the back.

“Damn, Freddy Bear, I had no idea you were so big! That is, I’m probably bigger, but-”

“That’s a lollipop and a half, ain’t it?” Gaius approached as well, pulling Frederick’s hands out of the way and ogling him.

“Y-You three…! Don’t… l-look!”

Chrom quietly listened to the commotion from within his tent, snickering as he heard Frederick fluster and yelp with self-consciousness. For just a moment, Chrom felt a twinge of vengeance towards his servant. In Chrom’s mind, it served the man right to be caught after putting Chrom through the mess of getting back to camp in the nude. Still, the prince didn’t want to be cruel, so he carefully wobbled up onto his legs and hobbled towards the tent flap.

“C’mon, show us more,” Gaius insisted, looking around to Frederick’s backside.

“Hey, that’s an ass and a half! I don’t think even… well, I might have a better one. Still, it’s a fucking-” Vaike paused mid-spank and mid-speech as the tent flap opened again and he beheld Chrom nude. Stahl yelped and covered his eyes, Vaike immediately reeling his hand back in as Gaius merely stared at his lord’s fit body.

“Holy shit,” Gaius spoke, almost dropping a lollipop from his mouth as he watched a hot wad of cum pour out from between Chrom’s legs.

“Hit the road, guys. We’re busy,” Chrom said, walking to Frederick’s side with an unsteady pace, cum falling from his hole like a snail trail as he approached his servant. Wrapping an arm around Frederick’s shoulders, Chrom leaned close and kissed him messily, stunning Vaike and Gaius into complete silence. Frederick blushed harder and let himself be tongued by Chrom, the prince pulling away only after he started to see white.

“Nice job filling him up, Freddy Bear,” Gaius said, spanking Chrom and Frederick in quick succession before scuttling off. Vaike followed quickly, dragging the still-startled Stahl as he left.

“M-Milord… t-they’ll tell… e-everyone…!” Frederick stammered, still reeling with embarrassment.

“Let ‘em. You fucked my hole until I started walking bow-legged. The world deserves to know,” Chrom said, spanking Frederick in the same place Gaius did. After a quick snicker and another limp-like walk, Chrom was back in his tent, leaving Frederick dazed and strangely turned on. Flustered and filled with a strange mix of lust and love, Frederick ran to his tent to go grab his bedroll for a night with his lord.

Chapter Text

Askr was an eerily quiet place when the royal army was off dealing with invasions and miscellaneous tasks. Hrid had taken to strolling the grounds in the daylight when such silence befell the castle, watching the beautiful plains roll in the glamorous sunshine outside the walls. However, today he was feeling rather more social, and decided to enjoy the main courtyard instead, flowers blooming across the grass that whipped about like neon fire in the summer breeze. Among those flames was Ike, a man who’d been recently summoned at his full potential as a legendary hero just like Hrid. He was dozing on a bench, his arms crossed and his posture slumped in on himself as he half-slept. Hrid made his way through the gardened yard, careful to keep to the path and not trod on any flowers as he approached Ike.

“Good day, Lord Ike,” Hrid said, Ike blinking awake and turning to the prince greeting him.

“‘s just Ike. Hi.” Ike wiped a bit of drool from the corner of his mouth as he stretched, Hrid smiling softly at him. Hrid hadn’t exactly been well-acquainted with anyone in Askr castle quite yet, but he admired Ike greatly and sought to become close with him. Hrid sat down on the bench right next to Ike, quietly getting comfortable as Ike woke himself up.

“And how are you?” Hrid asked.

“Fine,” Ike said, annoyed that he went through with the ritualistic greeting. He hated when people asked him how he was. They might as well have just asked if he had anything important to say. His lower lip twitched with irritation and the blue-haired hero decidedly stood up.

“Oh, are we moving?” Hrid asked carefully, Ike glancing at him.

“If you wanna come,” Ike said, turning down a path and walking. Hrid followed quickly, keeping with Ike’s pace awkwardly.

“Pleasant weather we’re having,” Hrid said, sagging immediately when Ike gave him a half-look of annoyance. Thinking quickly, Hrid grinned and gave Ike a look.


“Mr. Grumpy Pants.”

“Ugh,” Ike groaned, the tiniest hint of a smile gracing his lips. Hrid took notice and immediately capitalized, jabbing at Ike’s cheek and pressing him further.

“Baby need a nap?”

“Stop it, you fool,” Ike said, chuckling as he grabbed Hrid’s finger and moved it away. Laughing openly, Hrid felt the tension in the air dispel quickly.

“I suppose you’re not one for the usual formalities, hmm?” Hrid asked, Ike nodding.

“They’re a waste of time. They seem so… political. They’re what lords and ladies say to one another to pretend like they care about each other when they really just want to see each other burn,” Ike said.

“Well, even so, I feel inclined to at least introduce myself to you. I’m Hrid, the Prince of Nifl.”

“I’m Ike. I gave up any title I had when I left Tellius.”

“Nonsense. Aren’t you a lord? Lady Elincia-”

“Elincia is just a client, nothing more. Just because she tried to pay me by giving me a title doesn’t mean I actually accepted it,” Ike cut Hrid off, the prince intrigued.

“But why in the world would you deny such an honor?”

“I don’t want it. When the war finished, it was just an extraneous detail.”

“But why?” Hrid pressed, Ike looking at him.

“Not a fan of nobility, much less getting wrapped up in ridiculous politics. The squabbling of the rich on how to rule the poor is beyond absurd,” Ike said, quietly looking ahead. Hrid felt a little hurt by the man’s view being a prince for himself, but he considered his position for a moment.

“Don’t you think it better to involve yourself so that they at least rule by a fair hand?” Hrid asked, Ike shaking his head.

“Who says what’s fair? We all have our own ideas. What I think may be fair may end up being unfair to someone else. See, I would’ve been a noble of Crimea--the very place my own mercenary company makes their livelihood. I can’t trust myself to make the right decision all the time, especially where I’d be biased towards them and Elincia herself,” Ike said, Hrid mulling over the man’s words. Before Hrid could say anything else, Ike spoke again. “Sorry. Something must be wrong with me.”

“N-Not at all! It’s a different view, sure, but-”

“Not that. I’ve spoken my mind more than I usually would, especially around a noble, let alone a stranger,” Ike said, stopping and rubbing his neck awkwardly. “I suppose there’s something about you that makes me trust you, Hrid.”

“Ah….” Hrid trailed off, going a little red as his stomach filled with butterflies. “Well, I-I’m glad to hear you speak your mind. I think… I think you’re very brave to say as much.”

“Why’s that?”

“I’m of a nobility myself, is all. Your ideas entirely oppose mine.”

“That doesn’t matter,” Ike said simply, waving at his own face as if he were swatting away a fly. Ike and Hrid had made it to the opposite side of the courtyard now, standing before a gate into the castle. Ike seemed to take notice of where they were and looked into the Askran castle, down through the halls in front of them.

“Did you want to go in?” Hrid asked.

“I’m tired of the sun. Let’s find a better place to speak,” Ike said, trudging into the castle.


The two had made their way to the first floor parlor, a small room with a couple of seating areas defined by low tables, chairs, and one couch per each table. Ike sat down in one of the chairs while Hrid opened a window on the far side of the room before sitting down opposite of the hero.

“Aren’t you hot in this weather?” Hrid asked.

“You’re the one wearing a dress that looks like it’s made of burlap.”

“I-It’s a royal garment of Nifl, n-not a sack…!”

“Just take it off,” Ike said dismissively, quietly watching Hrid fume before pulling it over his head. With it came Hrid’s cape and pauldrons, the man looking considerable cooler with the lot taken off of him.

“I suppose you’re right,” Hrid admitted, sighing in his sweater and pants.

“You’re wearing a sweater, too?” Ike asked.

“I’ve grown accustomed to the cold of Nifl. I… have no summer attire, I’m afraid. All my clothes are meant for warmth or ceremony,” Hrid said.

“You ought to find some cooler clothes at some point. Askr isn’t as hot as other places in the summer, but I imagine it’s much warmer than Nifl,” Ike said, Hrid nodding in response. The two’s conversation came to an end at that, the pointless topic devolving into an unbreakable, awkward silence. Neither man knew the other well enough to speak of anything without becoming transparent in their attempt to get closer to each other. With the air wrapped in complete silence, Hrid and Ike perked up when the sound of the parlor door opening resounded through the room.

“I hadn’t thought others would be here. Were you two left behind?” Duma asked, entering the parlor and approaching the seating area.

“Er, sort of,” Hrid said, his face frozen into a grin as he rubbed the back of his neck. Hrid knew full well who Duma was thanks to listening in on a conversation between Alm and Marth and was frankly frightened by the dragon. Of all the people to break the awkward silence, Hrid wished it had been anyone other than Duma. “W-Why? What’s up?”

“I wonder if you two are in the same boat as I.”

“Um, I suppose we are.”

“Enough supposing. I need company,” Duma said, sitting down on the couch and sighing. He was clad in his heavy armor as per usual, and Ike gave him a look. Duma immediately felt Ike’s eyes on him and glanced at the man. Hrid noticed the tension mounting between their gazes and seemed to panic slightly.

“Aren’t you hot?” Ike asked.

“My body does not respond to the heat like yours. In fact, I find this weather quite enjoyable.”

“I think what Ike means to say is,” Hrid began, Duma turning to him, causing him to stop in his tracks. “I-I. That is, he’s… wondering if you’re uncomfortable is all. You know, in your armor…?”

“Hmm. Perhaps. I do not mind it. I imagine you two would be upset if I took off my armor,” Duma said, a small look of contempt covering his face like a shadow. Hrid felt chilled by it, but Ike seemed unaffected.

“I don’t care,” Ike said, looking to Hrid.

“Whatever you want…!” Hrid said, perhaps too quickly.

“As you wish.” Duma quietly lifted up one of his forearms and pressed on the golden bracer adorning it. With that squeeze, a thick smoke poured off of his arm and the bracer fell off. Duma did the same for his other bracer and quickly gave his pauldrons the same treatment. Then, with a loud click, he idly took off his breastplate, revealing his built chest. In the moment that Duma’s plate armor was removed, a thick haze fell upon the room. It was sickeningly sweet, a veil of unseen magic filling the room all at once. Breathing in a strange smell, Hrid blinked hard, his mind muddied by Duma’s aura.

“Huuuh… ah,” Hrid mumbled to himself, exhaling hard as he felt strangely relaxed by the weird scent. Duma laid back on the couch, groaning and sighing for himself.

“It does feel good to be out of the armor. You mortals have created fine places to relax.” Duma quietly undid his belt too, pulling off the thick ring of gilded metal around his waist and stomach. With another piece of armor off, the haze in the room only grew thicker and thicker, suffocating everything in that strange smell. Hrid glanced over at Ike, watching the blue-haired hero lazily slump down in his chair, losing his posture as he relaxed further.

“M… hah… hah….” Ike kept his breathing steady and quiet, although he had begun to pant quite considerably, his face growing slightly red. It was almost like sitting in a sauna, although the air was less like steam and more like a cloud of poison; sticky and like syrup. Ike felt something clinging to his throat, and as he tried to clear it out, he realized how weak he had become. His muscles were sluggish, only responding to his will after he’d already decided what he was doing. Feeling like he was stuck in slow motion, Ike tried to speak, but his words never came. It was like he was in a dream: unable to talk or even move as he watched himself from outside his body. Hrid must’ve felt the same way, his own face growing similarly hot as he watched Duma lounge on the couch. Something in the back of Ike’s mind started to ache.

“Something wrong, Ike?” Duma asked, looking to the blue-haired hero fully sink into his chair. Ike tried to respond, but only stared with glassy eyes at Duma, his face frozen while his mind started to go all gooey. The only thing keeping him conscious was a strange focus of heat pulsating through his body. Trying to find the source, Ike managed to stir his eyes away from Duma and towards himself. Bewildered, Ike saw the front of his pants bulging out uncomfortably, a rock-hard erection leaking in his trousers as he sat there. His cock was unbearably itchy, the thing pouring precum into his underwear with the most maddeningly pleasurable sensation. Ike tried to stop himself, but found he couldn’t will his dick down into a flaccid state. Sitting up, Ike managed to yank a pillow off of a chair nearby and put it on his lap, quietly playing it off as an armrest.

“‘S… fine,” Ike croaked, losing the last of the syllables to his own unaware state of mind. His cock felt like it was on fire, his shaft and head twitching uncontrollably. Glancing over at Hrid, Ike immediately spotted the other man’s erection. It seemed like Hrid was much more able in terms of willpower under the heavy mist, but even so, the prince was just as unbearably horny. Hrid had crossed his legs to conceal his erection from Duma, but even so, he had to bounce his leg to keep his mind focused on something other than his arousal. Quietly watching Ike stuff a pillow between his legs, Hrid recognized the sure sign of the man’s intense need.

“Don’t mind me, then,” Duma said, quietly lifting up a knee to start removing his leg armor, ankle braces, and sandals. Realizing exactly what caused the sudden unbearable horniness, Ike could only watch as Duma pulled off more armor, the aura filling the room growing wider and more opaque with each piece of armor removed. When both of Duma’s greaves had been taken off, Ike began to drool and breathe raggedly, his cock spilling precum down his pant leg in a steady stream of uncontrollable juices. Hrid similarly wet himself in his own natural lube, the front of his pants soaking in male fluids. Watching Ike bite his lower lip and press the pillow on his lap further down to pleasure himself, Hrid shook his head quietly, trying to tell Ike to have more willpower against the lustful magic. Ike took notice and gave Hrid a look of apology, wet patches forming down his leg. Hrid looked down and watched Ike’s pant leg grow damp with precum, seeing the stream of juice pour into his boot.

Ike was in absolute hell, his lower body completely numb aside from his cock which itched harder than anything Ike had ever felt in his life. Somehow, he found the willpower to barely restrain his hands, but he couldn’t help himself as he continually squirted precum all down his pant leg. Staring across at Hrid, desperate to find something else to focus on besides his own body, Ike watched Hrid wet his own trousers too, fluids seeping out and pouring down into the chair he was sitting in, ruining the cushion. Hrid bounced his leg and shut his eyes, breathing deep and slow, trying to stop himself. However, no matter how much Hrid concentrated, he was unable to stem the flow of his own arousal, precum completely dousing his front. Hypnotized by Hrid’s erect cock bobbing and squirting, Ike pressed the pillow on his lap further down, squeezing his cock between it and his meaty thigh. Every time Ike squashed his cock into his leg, he felt a strained thread of pleasure pluck about in his spine. With each release of tension and subsequent return of tension in his arm, Ike felt that string strum again and again. Having finally found some form of release, Ike continually squeezed down and let go on the pillow in his lap, feeling his cock pulsing with small pleasure.

However, that indirect attention only gave Ike dull release, his weak mind begging for more. Covertly reaching his hand below the pillow, Ike watched Duma carefully, making sure he wasn’t looking as he undid his own belt. Hrid watched and blushed, swallowing as he observed Ike shimmy his pants down to his ankles and let his raw cock bounce up against his stomach. Groaning softly when he saw Ike’s lubed-up, long member bouncing, Hrid caught Duma’s attention.

“Aren’t you hot in that?” Duma asked, mirroring Ike’s question from earlier, looking at Hrid’s sweater.

“Y… Yes,” Hrid spoke, Duma giving him a sideways look.

“I don’t mind if you take it off. We’re all men here. Right?” Duma asked, glancing at Ike who quickly nodded and said nothing more. Ike felt a faint twang of adrenaline streak through his brain as Duma turned to him, but if Duma noticed Ike’s pants around his ankles, he hadn’t said anything. Still, the attention to the room was turned to Hrid’s shirt. Swallowing, Hrid used what little strength he had to try and pull his sweater over his head. Only stuck for a moment, Hrid managed to yank the thing off and expose his built chest glistening with sweat, both from arousal and from the heat of the day. Hrid dropped the sweater onto the floor, and as he did so, he caught a glance at Ike. The blue-haired hero had slumped so far into his seat that Hrid got the full view of Ike’s cock and balls humping the underside of the pillow. Trying to keep Duma’s attention, Hrid tried to speak, his words failing him as he stared at Ike’s private parts pumping and jiggling.

“H… a….”

“Hmm? What is it?” Duma asked, Hrid swallowing and turning to him. Ike bit his lower lip and quietly pounded away at the pillow, his precum soaking into the fabric as he ground his cock against it mercilessly. Trying not to make any noises, Ike felt the string of pleasure twanging harder and harder inside of him with each passing thrust of his numb hips, his dilated veins coursing with enjoyment. Hrid gave Ike a little glance and blinked with awe before turning back to Duma to hold his attention as Ike eagerly relieved himself on the pillow. Everything below the pillow was a total gooey mess; Ike’s hips, stomach, cock, and balls were all soaked, and the chair itself was dripping precum.

“We… haven’t met official… ly…” Hrid managed, Duma thinking for a moment. Looking back at Ike again, Hrid scratched his own front, his idle rubbing having dire consequences. When Hrid scratched himself, he reacted hard, his back arching slightly and his expression contorting to one of extreme pleasure, his eyes rolling up into the back of his head as he inhaled hard. Hrid’s dick had become oversensitive, itchy and stinging with pins and needles. The short relief Hrid provided by touching it made him convulse and nearly ejaculate. Precum gushed from his slit, pouring into his pants and filling his seat that had also begun to drip.

“I suppose we haven’t. I am Duma, the God of Strength. It’s good to finally meet you,” Duma said, extending a hand. Hrid grasped it and shook it quickly.

“H-Hrid. I’m the Prince… of Nifl….” Hrid trailed off, his voice cracking. Ike let out a little gasp which drew Hrid’s attention, but not Duma’s as he continued to interact with Hrid. The prince watched Ike throw his head back and cum all over himself, his dick spraying jizz all over the pillow and onto his face and torso.

“I seem to remember hearing about Nifl. I believe it’s a place on the same astral plane as Askr,” Duma said. Hrid looked between him and Ike, watching the blue-haired hero cum all over himself and totally ruin his clothes, jets of semen shooting this way and that way, hitting the floor, the chair, Ike himself, and the pillow. Gasping and shivering intensely, Ike coated the space around him with cum as he crumpled into his seat and whimpered softly.

“Yes, something… something like that,” Hrid said, shaking his head to try and lose the arousal coursing through his veins, just on the edge of uncontrollable. “Where do you h-hail from?”

“I’m from the continent of Archanea. However, I made my home in Valentia. My sister and I….” Duma explained his origins to Hrid with ease, calmly emphasizing what he thought important. The story was a little extensive, so in that, Hrid’s eyes constantly darted to Ike, hoping the blue-haired hero would pick himself up and quickly clean up before Duma turned back to look at him again. However, Ike merely sat there in a pool of his own semen, his body twitching and his cock still erect from sheer arousal. After Duma had been talking for around a minute and Ike still hadn’t gotten out of his catatonic state, Hrid groaned in his head and vowed to just do what he could to help Ike.

“Ah, i-impressive. S-So you’re a… m-member of the Dragon Tribe…?” Hrid asked, Duma nodding in response.

“Yes,” Duma said, quietly looking away from Hrid. Immediately realizing what Duma was about to do, Hrid tried to speak, but his words failed him as Duma glanced at Ike.

“A-A…!” Hrid managed only to make a tiny noise akin to that of a squeaking mouse, his face bright red with secondhand embarrassment as Duma stared at Ike.

“A pity. I thought him stronger than that,” Duma said, getting up and approaching Ike, grasping his erect cock with one hand. To Hrid, it was like watching a performance on a stage, his mind completely outside his body as he watched himself watching Duma idly make Ike’s limp body squirm and react by using his cock like some kind of control rod.

“U-Unh! Hah! Ah!” Ike gasped, Duma stroking his erect shaft with ease, the thing dripping cum. Duma gathered that cum on his fingers and lapped at it, tasting Ike’s ejaculate.

“He is virile. As expected of a hero. You’re stronger than he is,” Duma said, his words suddenly pointed at Hrid. Hrid froze as Duma approached and looked into his lap, staring at his leaking bulge. Under that intense gaze, Hrid squirmed slightly, unable to move.

“M-Mph… d… ah,” Hrid gave little squeaks and whines, trying to do something, but his mind was completely wiped by Duma’s aura, the thick haze clouding his consciousness from rational and practical thought. With each second he spent being stared at by Duma, Hrid found himself further and further away from his body, watching himself from outside the window, across the courtyard, past the castle gate, and soon from a hillside overlooking the castle. Still, Hrid sat strong, not touching his aching erection despite the intense stinging arousal pouring into his body like molten metal. Hrid’s spine was practically made of lead, his normally-strong back glued to the chair like a sheet on a clothesline, whipping at the will of the wind.

“You want me to stop? Look what I did to Ike. You too could cum like he did,” Duma said, pressing a large hand to Hrid’s chest. The prince barely gasped, his heavy rib cage only slightly rising and falling with his shallow breaths. For just a moment, Hrid thought that Duma’s hand would squish him. His own supple, muscular pectoral was squashed so easily by Duma’s fingers that he imagined the nails tearing through into his already-weak lung. A dull trickle of pleasure filled his empty brain, numbing it as Duma’s nails played with Hrid’s nipple.

“H-Hn… augh… ah….” Hrid made noises again, his worried face masking pleasure while the trickle of enjoyment gradually turned into a stream, his other nipple touched by Duma’s left hand.

“Speak to me, Prince of Nifl.”

“Hahn… ah. H-Huuhn… ungh… fuaaaack….” Hrid gasped, Duma merely playing with him. The prince drooled and tried to speak once more, but he only made pitiful noises again and again.

“I wonder if your supposed strength is merely a lack of weakness.” Duma removed his hands from Hrid’s nipples, quietly watching him. Then, without warning, Duma tore through Hrid’s clothes with his nails and grasped his cock. Hrid instantly convulsed and spasmed, as if his shaft was the controller for his entire body, his spine twisting this way and that upon any pressure applied to his dick. Duma had the ghost of a smile on his face as he yanked away Hrid’s pants and underwear, slicing them apart with his nails before tossing them into a heap on the floor.

“D-Duuuuughmaaa… p-please…!” Hrid groaned, his body filling with vitality as his cock was pleased. The stream of pleasure had become a rapid river of whitewater beating against his brain, Duma quietly wetting his hand using Hrid’s precum and stroking the prince’s cock. Totally stunned and twitching, Hrid could only watch himself be used by Duma, the large, invasive hand stroking his cock up and down its entirety.


“P-Please…! Please!” Hrid gasped, hot precum pouring forth from his slit, coating Duma’s hand again and again in juices that only made everything feel that much better. With an easy rub of the thumb against Hrid’s cockhead, the prince spasmed violently, completely under Duma’s control.

“Beg harder.”

“P- Please!

“Hmm. I’m not satisfied,” Duma said, dragging his thumb across Hrid’s cockslit again. The prince threw his head back and spasmed and made all kinds of weak noises, squeaking and yelping like a hurt animal as he sprayed precum.

Please! Please! Please! ” Hrid yelled, shivering uncontrollably.

“It will have to do,” Duma said, stroking Hrid’s cock. The prince let his tongue loll out as he felt his entire body being enraptured by his own shaft’s pleasure, bolts of enjoyment violently striking every nerve in his body. Feeling like a lightning rod of desire, Hrid squirmed and sprayed precum all over Duma’s hand and forearm, making a total mess while he was used.

“C-Cum… cum…!” Hrid yelped, spraying a hot load all over himself like a volcanic eruption, jizz flying through the air and pouring all over him in a similar manner to what had happened to Ike. However, his orgasm went on for much longer, even after his balls had completely emptied and his cock was only spasming in Duma’s strong hand. Coating his entire body in sweltering jizz, Hrid felt his mind bend in on itself as his spine shivered, rocked to the core by the sensation of a destructive orgasm. Duma eventually let go and let Hrid merely sit there in a heap of his own orgasm, twitching and gasping. After what felt like an eternity of uncontrollable numbness and enjoyment, Hrid gasped in a hard breath and fell out of his chair. Duma had returned to his sitting position on the couch and was holding a small vial of a light pink, opaque liquid. Hrid shakily got up, clad in only his crown and boots now that he had been stripped, soaked in cum, and dragged through a mental swamp of complete bliss.

“Your essence is strong, Prince of Nifl,” Duma said, watching Hrid instantly fall to his knees as soon as he stood, his overworked mind suddenly weary and empty.

“D-Duma… w-what… ah….” Hrid tried to speak, but an overbearing tiredness engulfed him, and with a single exhale, he slammed against the floor into the puddle of his own semen and blacked out.

“I’ll let you rest, too,” Duma said, turning to Ike who was still frozen, twitching, and erect. Silently, Duma approached the hero and grasped his cock, milking him. Within mere moments, Ike sprayed into a second vial Duma had procured, the same, light pink liquid from before coating the inside of the glass. Duma corked it and watched Ike pass out too, quickly scratching into the glass a small label to distinguish the two bottles from one another. Then, Duma took his time putting his armor back on, the haze in the room vanishing without a trace besides Hrid and Ike’s unconscious bodies on the floor and the large puddles of cum coating the lounging area of the first floor parlor. Duma pocketed the bottles of liquid collected from either man and exited the parlor, leaving his mess to be cleaned up by someone else.


When Ike awoke, it was dark outside, the light of day having left Askr, moonlight streaming in the windows of the parlor onto the hero’s eyes. He groggily wiped his face, finding it covered in a hot, sticky substance. Then, he suddenly became aware of his legs holding him up and let them go limp, falling onto the floor and into a puddle of the same stuff coating his face. His legs totally numb from holding him up in his sleep, Ike found he could barely move his lower body as he squirmed to try and escape the puddle. Unable to move, Ike merely rolled over onto his back and groaned, assessing his situation.

Ike usually remembered very little when he woke up as a symptom of him not being a morning person, but this time was different. His memory was clear as day--Hrid finding him in the courtyard, the two relocating to the parlor, Duma entering, insatiable lust, and then a milking that seemed to pull his very soul from his cock. Ike figured he was in a puddle of his own cum, but nothing could explain why it was still hot and wet despite the several hours it must’ve been since he’d shot it from his cockslit. Taking stock of his body, Ike found himself without pants and underwear, although his shirt, cape, and boots were still intact. Making little movements to try and get the lactic acid out of his legs, Ike removed his shirt and cape, not wanting to soil them further as he splattered back into the puddle of cum once they were off. Reminded of Hrid, Ike turned his head and saw the prince unconscious on the floor, face-down and without any clothes aside from his crown and boots.

“Hrid. Hrid!” Ike spoke loudly, trying to wake Hrid from his slumber, but the prince was having none of it, merely laying there as if he were dead. Ike groaned and used the table to pull himself to his feet, slathering cum all over the floor as he crawled along using his arms. Dragging his legs behind him, Ike made it over to Hrid and smacked him on the back. Hrid gave a sudden intake of breath and coughed violently, awakening with a start.

“A-Agh, ack, f-fuack…!” Hrid coughed as he spoke, gasping for air as he had inhaled cum upon Ike’s slap to his back. The prince quickly sat up and leaned against his chair, retching before he shot cum from his throat and gasped uncomfortably.

“Sorry,” Ike said simply, Hrid nodding and waving his hand awkwardly as he recovered. The prince did the same as Ike and took stock of his own body, recognizing his nudity and quickly looking for his clothes. Spotting his pants and underwear in a tattered heap, Hrid turned to his sweater which was soaked to the core with all kinds of juices. Finally, the tunic that symbolized his princehood stood apart from it all, appearing untouched by the mess he’d made. However, before he stood and walked over to it, Hrid suddenly paused and looked at the moonlight pouring in from the windows.

“What time is it?”


“Yeah, but… gods. How long were we out?”

“Do you remember what happened?”

“Yes. W-Wait, why is my… ugh…!” Hrid tried to wipe his own cum off of him, but only succeeded in spreading it around as it dripped off his muscular frame.

“Why is your cum still wet? No idea. Mine is too,” Ike said, sighing as he watched Hrid struggle to clean himself.

“Ugh, that bastard must’ve… done something…!”

“You think so?”

“How else would this happen?! Waking up in a puddle of my own… this is…!” Hrid said, distressed as he pulled himself up and groaned. After getting out of the puddle and sighing, Hrid tried to wipe himself down with the remnants of his pants. It worked well enough, his trousers soaking up the semen in spades, but still leaving a sticky residue all over his body.

“I… passed out with my legs stuck under me. I can’t move them very well.”

“Great,” Hrid said, sighing again. Quietly, he made his way over to his tunic, cape, and pauldrons and grimaced. Running a hand over the tunic, he groaned.

“What’s wrong?”

“I… damn well ruined my…!” Hrid became a little hysterical, rubbing his face as he groaned and sat down against the wall, fuming and upset all at the same time. Ike was absolutely not one for emotional support, especially not when it was with someone he barely even knew. In such a situation, Ike just stayed silent, and this time was no different. Hrid’s hiccups filled the room as a few hot tears poured down his cheeks before he hit the wall behind him. Minutes of silence passed as Ike idly tried to swing his legs and get out the lactic acid, slowly getting feeling back in them as they shivered with exhaustion.

“Got anything without cum on it?” Ike asked, Hrid exhaling with a certain sense of shortness. He grabbed his cape and found it unmarred, detaching it from the pauldrons and tunic.


“Same here. Kind of. Mine is a little messy. The rest of my clothes are soaked.”

“I don’t have pants.”

“Well, at least it’s nighttime. Let’s at least try to clean this place up,” Ike said, getting up onto his knees and groaning as they wobbled. Hrid walked over to Ike and assisted him, pulling him to his feet.

“How should we clean it up…?” Hrid asked, Ike overlooking the messes they had made.

“First, let’s put on some actual clothes. I know you probably want to bathe first, but if we’re seen naked, we’ll be in much deeper shit,” Ike said, gathering up his clothes and walking towards the door.

“Okay.” Hrid blushed and tried to swallow his pride, picking up his clothes and following Ike.


The castle was dark when the two left the room, the lights having gone out for the night. Ike knew there would still be some kind of a night watch, but he’d never participated, so he had no idea what areas of the castle said watch surveyed. Steeling himself, he started walking in a direction, thinking of a route back to the men’s wing of the sleeping quarters. The two were relatively undisturbed on their walk back until they reached the hallway leading to the men’s wing. Ike heard movement and quietly stopped before he turned the corner, peeking his head out to look down the hall. His eyes were immediately met with Tibarn idly bouncing along the hallway in hawk form, his head swiveling around rapidly. Ike immediately returned behind the corner, but Tibarn had already taken off, flying towards him.

“Ike! What are you doing out this late?” Tibarn asked, Hrid freezing up behind Ike.

“It’s fine,” Ike whispered to Hrid, trying to calm him down. Tibarn rounded the corner and ogled Ike, turning his head this way and that to take Ike in.

“Huh.” Tibarn’s form was enveloped with green light as he transformed back, his feathers sliding into skin and his talons warping into hands. “What do we have here?”

“D-Don’t worry about it,” Ike said, Tibarn’s face curling into a massive grin.

“You two really did a number on your clothes that badly? I guess I should see Prince Hrid sometime, too,” Tibarn said, approaching Hrid and giving him the once-over with his eyes.

“Can you just let us go? Please?” Ike asked.

“Hmm. Depends on what you’re willing to give me to be quiet.”

“Tibarn, you’re not going to tell anyone and you know it.”

“Oh, stop ruining the fantasy,” Tibarn said, sighing and walking down the hall. Ike followed him, Hrid taking up the rear as he was unsure of whether they were going to their room or sticking with Tibarn. However, once they reached the end of the hall and Ike stopped alongside Tibarn, Hrid felt something unspoken in the air.

“We’re gonna come back, so-” Ike was cut off.

“Wait, what’s my bribe? C’mon, play along.”

“Not now.”

“Oh come on, have a little fun for once!” Tibarn latched onto Ike like a whiny child, wrapping his arms around Ike’s shoulders. Ike sighed and tried to enter the men’s quarters, but Tibarn stayed firmly attached to him, dragged along as Ike moved.

“Let go of me.”

“Fine,” Tibarn said, obeying with a slight annoyance. “But you have to entertain me later.”

“Sure.” Ike and Hrid left Tibarn in the hallway, entering the men’s quarters.

The place was a huge, multi-storied building that had somewhere around 200 rooms in total, with the rooms of the legendary heroes sitting at the top. Knowing this, Ike and Hrid began to ascend the staircase. When they finally made it to the top, the two went their separate ways to go back to their rooms and change clothes. They met back at the staircase, Ike having changed into a pair of short shorts and a tank top while Hrid was in a pair of sweatpants and a sweater. Hrid had a couple of towels with him, while Ike carried a rag and a towel.

“What’s the rag for?” Hrid asked, Ike giving him a look.

“I’m gonna clean up my mess with it. The towel is when I bathe afterwards.”

“How are you gonna clean everything up with just a rag?”

“Squeeze it out over some plants or something. The courtyard’s just nearby.”


“Is it any better than you soaking the river in your cum when you wash those towels?” Ike asked, Hrid blushing and quickly running back to his room. He returned with a rag of his own shoved into the pocket of his sweatpants. The two made their way back down to the hallway and Tibarn who spotted them and approached again.

“Okay, great, you’re back. I have the perfect blackmail-”

“Go away, Tibarn,” Ike groaned, mushing his hand into Tibarn’s face as he walked past. Tibarn made an eager grab and yanked Ike’s shorts down, pulling them to their limit as he almost tore them. Ike yelped and pulled them back up, reaching back to smack Tibarn’s hand off.

“At least tell me what you guys did!” Tibarn said, tagging along behind the two of them.

“We fucked. Hard. I pounded Hrid’s hole.”

“Oh please. With your bottom bitch attitude?”

“Tibarn, it’s not even any of your business.”

“I’m the night watch. It’s entirely my business when two heroes show up stark naked, covered in cum, and totally drained in the middle of the night.”

“Maybe you should pay more attention to where you should be watching and not us!” Ike turned Tibarn around and pushed him back at the hallway.

“You’re gonna have to come back.”

“Yes, Tibarn, we will,” Ike said, finally rounding the corner and escaping the hallway with Hrid.

“He’s a handful, isn’t he?” Hrid asked, Ike nodding.

“He’ll keep being trouble until we’re asleep in our rooms. At least he’s stuck in that hallway for now,” Ike said. Finally, the two made their way back to the parlor, their cum still covering two seats and the floor. Ike put his towel down for later and got to work wiping up his mess, collecting the semen with the rag. Hrid followed suit with his own, and when his rag was completely soaked, he cracked open a window to the courtyard and wrung out his cloth over the plants.

“Think this’ll… do anything bad?” Hrid asked innocently, Ike cracking the tiniest of grins at him in the dark.

“Like what?”

“I don’t know! Didn’t we do this when Duma was… doing whatever that was?”

“It’s gonna be fine,” Ike said, quietly cleaning the chair now. Ike finished before Hrid did, the prince having made a bigger mess than Ike. When Hrid looked up and watched Ike grab up his towel and approach the door, he stopped.

“You done?” Hrid asked.

“Yeah. I’m gonna go bathe in the river. You can come along too when you’re done. I’ll let you use my towel,” Ike said, exiting the room quietly. Hrid blushed softly and idly wiped up more of his own jizz, his rag soaked once more.


Ike dipped a toe into the river, quietly gauging the temperature. It was a fairly warm summer’s night, so while the water was cooler than the air, it was still relatively mild. Ike slid in without another thought, pulling his naked body down below the surface as he walked to the middle of the stream. Wiping himself down, Ike finally washed off the sticky film covering his body, feeling many times cleaner than he had seconds ago. However, without warning, a sudden heat gripped his core. Groaning, Ike looked down and felt the same weakness he had with Duma, his cock erecting instantly. Trying to relax, Ike stumbled towards the bank, but the heat overtook his entire body. Ike crouched down and gasped as he came in the water, violently spraying sperm into the river. Gripping at himself, Ike rolled his eyes back into his head and whimpered, unable to stop his uncontrollable orgasm.

Meanwhile, Hrid was just finishing his own cleanup, squeezing out his rag for the last time out the window. Pulling the cloth back in, Hrid shut the window and sighed, relaxing for a moment as he surveyed the now-clean floor and chair he had sullied. Thinking to join Ike in the river, Hrid exited the parlor and made his way to the courtyard, wanting to cross through the castle as a shortcut. However, he too felt a sudden warmth burning in his core, his body flooded with weakness and numbness and heat. Hrid’s bulged in his sweatpants, his erection clearly outline as it grew within moments. Realizing what was about to happen, Hrid barely had enough time to yank down his sweatpants and aim at the grass, his cock erupting with jizz as he groaned and whined. Doubling over, Hrid sprayed himself a couple times as he fell to his knees and came harder, his cock shooting jets this way and that, most of them landing in the flowers, but a few managing to curve back at Hrid or the garden path.

Both men came in unison and finished in unison, Hrid standing up and overlooking the huge puddle of cum he’d just sprayed out onto the garden while Ike yanked himself out of the water and stared at the enormous slick of cum he’d created in the water. Just as they’d orgasmed at the same time, the two had the immediate thought to tell the other after it was finished; something definitely wasn’t right.

Chapter Text

Hrid managed to find Ike before Ike found Hrid, the blue-haired hero just yanking himself from the river as Hrid approached him, cum splattered across his face and chest.

“You too?” Ike asked, Hrid glancing over at the slick of cum forming a huge patch in the river.

“Gods…” Hrid mumbled, looking distressed. Ike groaned and dried himself with his towel quickly, putting his short shorts and tank top back on.

“Look, take off your clothes and get in the river. We can talk when you’re clean,” Ike said, helping Hrid out of his sweatpants and sweater. Hrid quickly pulled himself into the water, avoiding the pool of cum stagnant in the river as he wiped himself clean with his hands. The sticky film had vanished in an instant, leaving Hrid feeling refreshed but still distressed. When he was clean, he got out of the water and grabbed Ike’s towel, drying himself off too.

“What do you think it is?” Hrid asked.

“Duma did something to us for sure. I just… I think we need to confront him to stop this.”

“You’re right. And we need to do it as soon as possible.”

“Let’s. Well. Ugh,” Ike stopped and took his towel from Hrid, watching the prince dress.


“Do we break into Duma's room?"

"I think that'll only succeed in making Askr angry with us, considering the rules of the barracks."

“Then I hate to say it, but we’re gonna have to wait for tomorrow,” Ike said, sighing as he looked back at the castle.

“What do you propose we do until then?” Hrid asked, Ike shrugging.

“I don’t know. I imagine there will be more… episodes of this,” Ike said, gesturing at the pool of cum slowly being taken down the river. “I myself am still tired. I don’t feel like I slept at all.”

“What if it happens in our sleep?”

“I hope it doesn’t. I think if we want to have any chance at dealing with this once and for all, we need to be in our best shape to confront Duma, and being sleep-deprived isn’t a part of that. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to take the chance and try to sleep,” Ike said, turning and walking back towards the castle. Hrid, dressed now, followed Ike.

“Do you really think that’s the best idea?”

“It’s my only idea. I can’t work without sleep, regardless of what happens in the night.”


The two men made their way back to the castle and to the hallway that lead to the men’s quarters. Tibarn was still there and idly watched them as they walked by.

“You two gonna be back again?” Tibarn asked.

“No. Why?” Ike asked, looking over at him.

“Just wondering what’s going on is all,” Tibarn said idly. As Tibarn spoke, Ike got the distinct impression of a child wanting to be involved from him and sighed.

“I have a job for you, Tibarn.”

“What is it?”

“You’ve seen that Duma guy around, right? Green-haired dragon dude? Muscular with armor?”


“I want you to watch for him. As soon as you see him walk through here, follow him. When he stops somewhere, fly up to my balcony and wake me up. Hrid and I need to speak to him as soon as possible,” Ike said, Tibarn looking at him with eager eyes.

“Of course. What’s the topic of conversation?” Tibarn asked, Ike narrowing his eyes.

“You know I’m not gonna tell you.”

“Ugh. Fine,” Tibarn whined, leaning back against the wall with annoyance.

“I can tell you after it’s all done with maybe.”

“It doesn’t really matter, does it?” Tibarn asked, his mood soured. Ike gave him a look and thought for a moment before approaching him. Quietly, Ike kissed him on the cheek, much to Hrid’s surprise. Tibarn blushed and pushed Ike away, trying to ignore him.

“C’mon. Don’t be angry,” Ike said softly, Tibarn looking at him for a moment.

“I’m not angry.”

“Well, you look angry,” Ike said, Tibarn looking away again. “Okay, I’ll let you have fun with me at some point if you stop being angry.” Tibarn immediately looked over at Ike, his expression neutral.


“I don’t know.”

“Doesn’t count.”

“Okay, fine, how about in a week?”


“Five days?”


“Tibarn,” Ike said, exasperated.


“No! Definitely not.”

“...The next day?”

“If Hrid and I settle things with Duma by then.”

“I’ll take it,” Tibarn said, trying to pick Ike up bridal-style with a grin. Ike struggled, managing to escape Tibarn's grasp before he quickly put distance between the two of them.

“Remember: tomorrow morning!”

“Got it,” Tibarn said, watching Ike and Hrid walk off, thinking of all the things he would do with Ike when he got his alone time with him.


“Well, I think this is where we part for tonight,” Ike said, scratching his neck as he and Hrid stood in the corridor at the top floor of the men’s quarters.

“I suppose. Er… what will we do if… it happens in the night?” Hrid asked, blushing. Ike gave him a soft smile and a chuckle. “What?”

“Nothing. It’s just that you sound so innocent,” Ike said.

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is when this is all over, would you be up for a drink?” Ike asked, Hrid blushing harder.


“Good. Well, good luck tonight,” Ike said, Hrid nodding.

“Y-You too.” Hrid turned and walked off, going his separate way as he entered his room and shut the door behind him. Ike watched him, a softness in his heart forming for the prince as he awkwardly trudged off. Slowly, Ike moved from his spot, going to his own room.

Normally, heroes were given only modestly-sized rooms for sleeping in, but legendary heroes had the cream of the crop in terms of housing. That is, they had bigger rooms with more furniture, and Ike’s in particular was very well-furnished. His room had a king-sized bed, a desk, a dresser, a mirror, a stove, a bookshelf, a seating area, a rug, and a balcony attached. Ike usually didn’t spend much time in his room, so the bookshelf had gathered dust, and the mirror was particularly underused. Slipping his clothes off, Ike tossed them into a small wicker basket used for dirty clothes and got into bed. He thought for a moment about wrapping something around his crotch as a safety measure, but tiredness overwhelmed him quickly, and he decided to just deal with whatever happened, if anything, in the morning.


Ike awoke with a start. The first thing he became aware of was the sound of a screeching hawk on the balcony, and although he was initially annoyed by it, he recognized it as Tibarn. Pulling himself up, Ike’s stomach dropped when he felt his bedsheets.

Ike’s bed was completely soaked in cum. White goo dripped off the sides, forming puddles of cum that ran into the wooden floor. The covers were doused, the pillows were like wet sponges, and Ike himself was drenched, his hair and muscles dribbling semen. Ike looked down at his morning wood and expected more cum, but nothing came. Tibarn’s screeches continued and Ike groaned, not wanting to approach the balcony erect, let alone naked or covered in cum. However, Ike had to let Tibarn know he was awake, so he quietly neared the window.

Spotting a large hawk sitting on the railing, Ike watched Tibarn swivel his head around, looking in with his superior vision. The sunlight reflected off of the glass, making it difficult for Tibarn to see inside, and even as Ike got closer and closer to the balcony door, Tibarn kept screeching, trying to wake Ike up. Ike slid open the door ever so slightly, Tibarn immediately stopping and dropping onto the balcony itself. Reverting into his human form, Tibarn looked at Ike and grinned.

“Hot damn, how many dudes you got in there-”

“T-Tibarn, stop. Where’s Duma?”

“He’s in the first floor parlor. I watched him sit down and shut his eyes, so I think he’s asleep,” Tibarn said, Ike nodding and shutting the door. “W-Wait! What’s with all the cum in your hair?! Ike…!” Tibarn whined, smacking a hand against the door. Ike groaned and turned away, trying to ignore Tibarn as he wiped himself off. However, Tibarn wouldn’t let up, banging on the balcony door and trying to get Ike’s attention. When Ike felt sufficiently dry and his morning wood had vanished, he approached the balcony again and opened the door.

“What do you want?!”

“I wanna know why you’re covered in cum! You got a friend?” Tibarn asked, peeking into Ike’s room and looking around.

“No, I don’t!” Ike said, shoving Tibarn back out again. He opened the door further and glared at Tibarn. “Don’t just go looking into my room, okay? It’s my privacy.”

“Ike, c’mon, tell me!” Tibarn whined, Ike sighing.

“What is it with you and acting like a kid? Do you think that’ll help you get what you want?”

“It did last night,” Tibarn said, grinning at Ike and crossing his arms. In that moment, Ike felt heat gripping his core again, and he quickly realized what was about to happen. Ike tried to shut the door, but a weakness overwhelmed him, and he only managed to almost collapse against it. His cock erected and he stumbled, Tibarn catching him quickly.

“N… ah…!” Ike croaked, Tibarn helping him to his feet.

“A-Are you okay…?” Tibarn asked, not noticing Ike’s erect cock before it was too late. Tibarn got a facefull of cum, a thick splatter landing directly in his mouth and a second across his cheeks. Tibarn gasped and choked, cum spraying all over him as Ike leaned against the door, twitching and shooting semen. Bewildered, Tibarn onto his behind as he was hosed with Ike’s cum, unsure of whether he should avoid the stream or not as Ike stood there, completely helpless. After a few minutes of Ike’s eruptive orgasm, he slumped down onto the floor, dizzy and numb. Tibarn blushed fiercely, his upper torso and face covered in Ike’s cum.

“Hahhn… ah….” Ike made noises as he recovered, trying to gain some semblance of strength back as Tibarn stared at him.

“What the hell was that? Ike?” Tibarn asked, looking behind him at the balcony railing with cum draped all over it like streamers. He moved to assist Ike, picking him up and moving towards his bed before he realized it too was soaked. Opting to set Ike down on one of the chairs in the seating area of his room, Tibarn stared at Ike, waiting for an answer. After a minute or so, Ike managed to speak.

“Sorry… sorry. I… ah, I have to… explain it, huh…?” Ike mumbled, Tibarn looking at him. Quietly, Tibarn moved away from him and used a cloth to wipe off his face and chest.

“I suppose you should.”

“D-Duma did something to Hrid and I. We… have fits, I suppose. You just saw one. We’re going to confront him to make him put us back to normal,” Ike said, looking up at Tibarn who finished wiping himself off.

“You should have said something.”

“I-I’m sorry. I was embarrassed.”

“Mhmm. It’s okay. Let me see your eyes,” Tibarn said, pulling Ike’s chin up. “You’ve got the anima symbol over your eyes. You’ve been cursed.”

“Since when did you know anything about curses?” Ike asked, Tibarn letting go of him.

“Blood contract.”

“Oh. Go figure,” Ike said, standing up and approaching his dresser. Tibarn gave him a quizzical look as he opened a draw, Ike stopping. “What?”

“You sure you wanna put on any clothes while this is going on?”

“I have to confront Duma.”

“...I could do it for you,” Tibarn offered. Ike stood there, mulling it over in his mind quietly.

“If… if you’re willing. You could also bring him here, I suppose.”

“That sounds good. I’ll go get Hrid, too. Stay here and let me in when I come back,” Tibarn said, exiting Ike’s room quickly, shutting the door behind him. Within a matter of moments, Ike heard a knock on the door and opened it slightly, seeing Hrid naked in the corridor. Ike let him in quickly, the prince blushing as he scampered into the room and exhaled loudly.

“T-Tibarn told me that he knows what’s happening and is gonna confront Duma,” Hrid said, Ike nodding.

“I had a moment when Tibarn woke me up. By that point, I had to explain. Did you…?” Ike cautioned. Hrid looked away.

“M-My bed is soaked…” Hrid mumbled, embarrassed.

“Well, mine is too.” Ike pointed behind him at his own bed, Hrid looking over and blushing.

“How long do you think it’ll take Tibarn to get back?” Hrid asked.

“Dunno. He said he was gonna bring Duma back here with him so we could all speak to him. I think he’s trying his best to be quick about it, but there’s no telling how Duma will respond,” Ike said, sitting back down and crossing his legs. “In the meantime, I suppose we just have to wait. I don’t want to ruin any more clothes, so I’m staying naked. I hope you don’t mind.”

“N-Not at all,” Hrid said, sheepishly sitting down with Ike. For the first time, Hrid got a good look at Ike’s body without being in distress. The prince’s eyes crossed over Ike’s firm shoulders, staring at how they gradually pulled inwards towards his strong biceps. He glanced at Ike’s huge pecs that ended in soft yet large pink nipples, the things firm and slightly plump from their sheer size. Ike’s washboard abs were chiseled and slim, flat on his stomach that curved inwards alongside his manly hips to form a pubic area. Hrid’s eyes rested on Ike’s cock, the fat thing flaccid between his legs but still quite large. An adult man’s cock, Hrid stared at it with enjoyment boiling in his heart, enraptured by its color which was several shades darker than the rest of his body. Ike’s huge balls were full and shaven too, large even for him, and low-hanging, emphasizing the sheer amount of testosterone coursing through his veins. Hrid blushed and idly erected while staring at Ike, going half-mast as he studied the man’s body.

“Hmm?” Ike made a noise, noticing Hrid staring at him.

“Nothing. You’re just… really… manly? Strong, firm, masculine. Handsome,” Hrid breathed out, trying to find the right word as he stared at Ike. “You’re like a knight with a rugged side who has statues built of himself in the nude. N-Not by choice, but because you’ve got the perfect body.”

“Oh,” Ike said simply, looking back at Hrid, considering his body. Hrid was much, much more pale than Ike was, his skin akin to snow with the sun shining over it. Ike could more easily see the colors of his veins on his wrists and cock than he could his own, Hrid being more transparent due to the lack of melanin in his skin. Still, Hrid was a man for himself, having a muscle mass similar to Ike’s, albeit much leaner. Hrid must’ve been an inch shorter than Ike, but he managed to have a kind of sleekness to him that made him look taller than he was, even if he reached a solid six feet. His lips, nipples, and cockhead were all a shade of pink that made Ike think they tasted sweet, the hero’s own cock stirring as he stared back at Hrid. Ike noticed Hrid’s growing cock, the thing almost fully erect now. Ike blushed and reached his hand out, grasping it, making Hrid blush brightly.


“How long is it?” Ike asked, Hrid staring down at Ike’s hand wrapped around his erection.

“Er, I don’t know.”

“It’s longer than average. I’m bigger than anyone else I’ve seen. Here.” Ike got up and pulled Hrid to his feet, comparing their dicks. Ike’s cock went fully erect at eleven inches, the huge rod only around an inch taller than Hrid’s.

“M-Mmm.” Hrid made a noise of comfort, his shaft flush with Ike’s, feeling the warmth of his dick radiating onto his own. “Y-You’re warm.”

“People are warm,” Ike said, leaning in and pressing their chests together, cutting off Hrid’s line of sight with their dicks. Hrid looked up and was met with Ike’s face, suddenly pulled into a kiss that opened his mouth and stole his tongue. Hrid murmured and whimpered into the kiss, trying to calm down as his cock shifted against Ike’s. Slowly, Ike let go and sighed, holding Hrid’s hips passionately.

“Ah… Ike. What if Tibarn comes back…?” Hrid asked, Ike shaking his head.

“Shh. Just enjoy yourself,” Ike said, pushing Hrid back into the chair. Ike got on his knees between Hrid’s legs, kissing the tip of his cock and taking it into his mouth. Hrid moaned and spread his legs involuntarily, trying to stay calm as Ike sucked his cock, pleasuring it and lubing it up. With a shiver, Hrid watched Ike’s head bob all the way down the length of his cock, enraptured by the sight of Ike’s careful movements that were meant to please the prince.

“I-Ike… ah, Ike,” Hrid mumbled, pressing his hands onto Ike’s head and pushing him down further. Ike swallowed Hrid’s cockhead, letting the fat thing pop into his throat and get squashed by his tight pharynx.

“Mguspshdlfpahh…!” Ike gagged and popped the cock out of his mouth, gasping for air as he swallowed his saliva and caught his breath.


“It’s okay. I… liked it,” Ike admitted, blushing softly as he went back down onto Hrid’s cock, slurping up inch after inch. With his heart warmed from Ike’s sensitive moment, Hrid pushed Ike’s head down again, holding him down and forcing him to deepthroat. Ike gagged and choked, his throat spasming and taking more of Hrid’s cock, squishing it and stroking it tightly. Furiously red with enjoyment and a lack of oxygen, Ike swallowed his saliva with Hrid’s cock in the way and spasmed, his neck contracting to let Hrid’s dick in. The prince watched his shaft sink down into Ike’s neck before he yanked it back out, sliding through Ike’s throat and mouth. Ike gagged and gasped, spitting up saliva and mucus as he shivered with arousal, his cock dripping precum.

“You okay?”

“B-Better….”Ike had a lewd smile on his face as he spat up clear fluid, his throat making all kinds of groaning and squishy noises as he recovered.

“D-Does it really feel good…?” Hrid asked, smiling with concern for Ike.

“I… I like being abused a little. I’m strange,” Ike said, getting up and kissing Hrid again. Hrid reciprocated, yanking Ike’s tongue out of his mouth and suckling on it, spreading Ike’s saliva through his mouth. Hrid also reached a hand down and fondled Ike’s balls, squeezing them lightly and playing with them. Ike let go of the kiss and Hrid gasped for air.

“H-Hah… you’re good at that.”



“Harder. Squeeze me harder,” Ike begged softly, Hrid looking at him carefully. He tightened his grip on Ike’s balls, the things held together. Ike gave him a submissive look and Hrid played rougher, squashing Ike’s testicles together. Ike gasped and twitched, arching his back as he leaked precum.

“Mph, you’re kinky, Ike.”

“A-A-A… hah…! Ah!” Ike breathed wordlessly, panting and squirming before Hrid let go of his balls and he grinned.

“You really like that?”

“Nnn… s-so much. I wanna be used,” Ike said, Hrid suddenly realizing what Tibarn had meant when he said Ike had a “bottom bitch attitude.”

“Hm. If you say so,” Hrid said, laying Ike down onto the floor. “I’ll use you.”

“P-Please,” Ike begged, Hrid leaning down and shoving Ike’s lower body upwards, moving his legs out of the way. Coming face-to-face with Ike’s small, pink hole, Hrid felt special, seeing the hero’s tight, puckered behind begging for attention. Hrid rimmed Ike, using his tongue to lap at his hole and play with him extensively, sinking his mouth up against that ring of muscle. Ike moaned lightly, enjoying himself as he was played with.

“L-Lube?” Hrid asked, a little more than heated now that he’d seen Ike’s most private area.

“In the nightstand….” Ike said, pointing. Hrid got up and found it, quickly returning to Ike and pouring the stuff all over Ike’s lower body, soaking his dick, balls, taint, hole, ass, thighs, and everything with lube. Then, Hrid used it on himself, pouring it all down his front, coating his cock with the stuff. Hrid put the bottle down and quietly pressed his cockhead to Ike’s hole, realizing suddenly just how far things had escalated.

“Y-You sure?”

“Yes please,” Ike begged, wiggling his hips. Hrid pushed in the first inch of his cock, his cockhead popping into Ike’s hole with ease. Ike must’ve felt it because his insides immediately tightened around Hrid’s dick, squashing it.

“G-Guh…! Relax…!” Hrid yelped, Ike blushing and trying to calm down.

“Trying….” Ike moved his hips down, taking more inches of Hrid’s dick into himself as the cool lube soaked into his insides and skin. Inch after inch vanished into Ike’s hole, Hrid quietly assisting him, soft squishy noises emanating from within.

“Ike, you’re so tight,” Hrid said, Ike nodding as he felt Hrid’s cock sheathe itself fully inside of him.

“Sorry, I… get looser,” Ike mumbled, blushing as Hrid moved into a mating press position on top of him. “You’re warm in me,” Ike said, looking up at Hrid as he felt the heat of Hrid’s cock pulsating within his behind.

“You’re warm around me. I-I don’t know how long I’ll last, but…” Hrid trailed off, leaning in and kissing Ike. They made out for a moment, Hrid merely plunged into Ike and sharing his heat with him. Eventually, Hrid and Ike let go of one another’s mouths, saliva dripping from Ike’s lips as Hrid slowly wiggled his dick in and out of Ike’s behind. The hero winced and huffed, his hole with a fierce grasp on Hrid’s shaft. Hrid didn’t mind, though, as the wetness of Ike’s hole made it easy to move inside. Sure, it felt like some of his girth had become length while he was in such a tight space, but it also made a suction-like feeling in Hrid’s cockslit. Whenever Hrid came, he was sure to squirt hard from that suction.

“G-Go faster… I-I can take it,” Ike said, Hrid picking up the pace slowly. Ike winced and panted harder, squishing his own hips down in tune with Hrid’s gentle thrusts.

“Good boy,” Hrid said, pressing his chest against Ike’s.

“W-What do I call you…?” Ike asked innocently, Hrid smiling at him.

“‘Sir’ works just fine.”

“Y-Yes sir,” Ike said, blushing as he was pumped into by Hrid. The heat in his ass had grown much more intense now that Hrid had sped up, the warmth coating his legs and stomach and cock. Ike’s legs quivered while Hrid pounded into him, angling further upwards with the arch of Ike’s back. With that, Ike squirmed hard and blushed brighter than before, staring up at Hrid and wrapping his arms around his shoulders.

“Feel good?”

“Yes sir. M-More please, sir,” Ike said, groaning as Hrid went faster, the heat overwhelming him.

“You’re really tight, aren’t you, Ike?”

“Y-Yes I am, sir.”

“Is your prostate feeling good?”

“Yes, r-really good, sir.”

“Is it warm?”

“Yes sir,” Ike said, drooling from the corner of his mouth as he was pounded into, Hrid’s fat balls slapping against his backside with ease now. The prince’s dick went in and out of Ike’s hole quickly, slick, squishing noises filling the room as if someone was fapping. A sudden knock at the door quieted the noises, Tibarn’s voice letting through.

“Hey, I’m back!”

“H-Hrid…!” Ike mumbled, panicking.

“I thought I told you to call me sir,” Hrid said, smiling. Ike blushed and nodded, going quiet. “Come in!” Hrid yelled.

“Open the door,” Tibarn said. Hrid grabbed the bottle of lube and tossed it at the door handle, jiggling it open. Tibarn let himself in and stopped immediately, staring at the sight before him. He quietly shut the door behind himself and grinned.

“What’s up?” Hrid asked calmly, grinning back at Tibarn.

“What’s going on here, then?” Tibarn asked teasingly, Ike blushing.

“This little slut begged me to fuck him,” Hrid said, Ike blushing.


“Shush, Ike.”

“Y-Yes sir…” Ike mumbled, Tibarn grinning brighter as he took in the situation.

“Ohoh. How kinky,” Tibarn said, turning to the door and spotting the bottle of lube on the floor. Picking it up, he circled around behind Hrid and Ike. “Duma said to break the curse, all you have to do is cum inside another man’s hole. Looks like this’ll work just fine for the two of you, then.”

“Hear that, Ike? I’m gonna break my curse.”

“Yes sir,” Ike said, panting.

“Keep fucking him. I wanna watch,” Tibarn said, Hrid returning to the pace he had before Tibarn walked in. The hawk king watched Hrid’s cock slide in and out of Ike’s hole with ease, balls slapping against him while Hrid’s hole gaped ever so slightly. Taking the lube, Tibarn let it ooze out all over Hrid’s backside. Hrid squirmed at the coldness in his hole, but quickly relaxed when he felt Tibarn’s fingers inside of him.

“A-Ah,” Hrid panted as those fingers explored him, pumping in and out of his backside, rubbing against his prostate soothingly.

“You boys are real big sluts, y’know? Making me hard,” Tibarn said, peeling off his clothes. Within moments, Tibarn was naked, hard for himself, although neither Hrid nor Ike could see him. Tibarn’s shaft was about a foot long and quite girthy, and as he crossed over in front of Hrid and Ike again, he let the two behold him.

“T-Tibarn….” Ike trailed off as Tibarn stared at him with a grin.

“You’re a good boy, huh Ike?” Tibarn asked, moving in and crouching down, squishing his fat, tan dick into Ike’s mouth. Ike took that cock easily, but as inch after inch built up in his mouth, his neck began to bulge and he began to gag. Still, Tibarn went balls-deep, filling Ike’s throat. Then, just as gradually as he had put his dick in, Tibarn took his cock out, quietly forcing it on Hrid next. The prince was much less experienced with sucking cocks than Ike, so he gagged much sooner. However, Tibarn seemed to go much shallower with Hrid and quickly pulled his cock out. As soon as he did, Ike began eagerly kissing and licking the hawk king’s shaft, slurping and making a mess of it with his saliva. Hrid followed suit, kissing Ike with Tibarn’s cock between their lips, mushing tongues and lips all over the tan cock. Tibarn groaned and watched lustily, swallowing hard and panting as he was pleased by the two who were still going at it on the floor. Inserting himself more fully into their mating press, Tibarn stuck his hips between them next, his hole sitting on Ike’s mouth and his cock pressed against Hrid’s mouth.

“Mphfshhh….” Ike gave Tibarn’s ass a raspberry, making the man jump slightly. However, it was a pleasurable vibration, and soon, Ike was going deep into his hole, suckling and licking and rimming and tonguing that ring of muscle. Meanwhile, Hrid had his tongue and mouth on full cocksucking duty, slurping Tibarn’s cock up, bobbing his head up and down on it as his soft lips stroked the shaft and kissed the head. Between the two men, Tibarn began to sweat, huffing and grinning.

“H-Haaah… ah, y-you guys are good…” Tibarn said, trailing off as he pushed his dick further into Hrid’s mouth for a moment. Soon after, he squished his muscle behind into Ike’s face harder, going down onto him so his hole was kissing Ike’s lips.

“C-Cuaagh….” Hrid made a strange noise and yanked off of Tibarn’s cock, eagerly swallowing his own saliva and Tibarn’s precum as he picked up the pace of his thrusts. Ike started squirming harder, his messy rimjob becoming even wetter as he salivated. Realizing what was going on, Tibarn quickly pulled himself out from between the two and circled back to Hrid’s ass, still slick and wet with lube, his hole forming a mostly vertical slit in its looseness. Sticking his fingers in, Tibarn pumped digits in and out, massaging Hrid’s insides further.

“Go… c’mon, let it out into him,” Tibarn urged, Hrid gasping and pumping his hips hard yet slowly, his body gripped by heat. Although he was unsure of whether it was Duma’s curse or merely an orgasm, Hrid didn’t care. He pumped his girthy dick into Ike’s hole all the same, squirting hot cum all up into him. From behind, Tibarn watched Hrid’s balls lurch and his hole tighten, that cock pulsating and bouncing as it slowed down. Idly squishing his other hand up into Hrid’s testicles, Tibarn lightly squeezed them, milking him from behind.

“A-Aa….” Hrid moaned breathlessly, whimpering as he squirted hot fountains of cum into Ike’s backside, filling him completely. Tibarn watched hot jets of semen spray out from Ike’s hole, Hrid’s cock and the lube creating a vacuum between the shaft plunging itself in and Ike’s anal walls that rocketed out whatever cum wouldn’t fit inside. Ike and Hrid made out messily, kissing and lapping at one another’s tongues, their lips only touching after they made sure their tongues were tied. A third hot tongue graced Ike and Hrid’s undersides, Tibarn slurping up Hrid’s excess mess, although it seemed like Hrid’s orgasm was going to last a little longer than usual. His balls completely emptying, Hrid merely fell weakly onto Ike’s chest, sucking on his bottom lip and shooting more and more sperm. However, as he laid on Ike, Hrid slowly noticed Ike’s stomach bulging, his semen completely filling the hero’s insides. Eventually, Hrid’s hard orgasm faded, and he yanked his cum-soaked cock from Ike’s hole, the thing looking like it’d just been dipped in frosting. Tibarn quickly took it into his mouth, not wanting to waste any cum as he slurped hard at Hrid’s shaft, cleaning it. Hrid gave a few whimpers, but Tibarn finished quickly, helping Hrid off Ike.

“Now all we have to do is break the curse on Ike,” Tibarn said, looking down at the well-fucked hero on the floor, his entire body twitching while his loose hole flooded the rug with Hrid’s sperm. Tibarn quietly turned to Hrid, giving him a mischievous grin.

“I… I can’t… I’m empty,” Hrid managed, gasping for air as he laid on the floor, stunned from his own intense orgasm while his cock went flaccid.

“I guess that leaves me, then,” Tibarn said, pulling Ike’s legs down. “Hear that? You’re gonna get to fuck me.”

“A-Ah, I can’t stand,” Ike whimpered, Tibarn helping the hero to his feet. Ike’s entire pelvic area felt like it was made of lead, so he needed a lot of help.

“Where are we gonna do it? Balcony? I can hold onto the railing and support your hips,” Tibarn offered, Ike nodding. Tibarn walked Ike over to the balcony and outside before he put himself out for Ike to fuck him doggystyle, standing with his muscular ass waving on the same horizontal as his head, his hands, and the railing. Ike stumbled into him, Hrid joining them and lubing up Ike’s front and Tibarn’s back. Hrid helped stretch out Tibarn’s insides too, stirring them up with his fingers while Ike whacked off to both lube up his cock completely and keep his stinging erection comfortable. Soon, Ike had his cockhead at Tibarn’s hole and was pushing in. The hawk king winced only slightly as his lower body slowly numbed and tingled with pleasure.

“G-Good…?” Ike mumbled, Tibarn nodding.

“Go in. I can take it,” Tibarn said, feeling inch after inch sink into his insides as soon as he spoke. Ike squirmed as his sticky cock squashed about inside of Tibarn, rolling into him smoothly, making the hairs on the back of Ike’s neck stand up. Tibarn grunted and gasped, heat pouring into his hips. As the final few inches filled Tibarn, he felt a sense of fullness and deep suction from his insides that rolled up his spine and made him arch his back. Drooling and suppressing a soft whine, Tibarn shut his mouth and managed to whimper, his lower throat muscles going loose from enjoyment.

“I-I’m… all in….” Ike gasped, squirting precum into Tibarn before slicking his wet shaft out again, pulling his whole tool, all the way to the tip, past Tibarn’s ring of muscle. The hawk king whined and spread his legs further, bending his knees slightly as he mumbled something about wanting more. Ike lurched in lower, aiming his hips upwards when he slammed a second thrust into Tibarn’s backside, both men letting out high whines and a strong inhale.

“Guh, f-fuck yeah…!” Tibarn said, slurring his words as his hole involuntarily suckled at Ike’s cock, squeezing the thing and stretching it. Ike grunted and started thrusting into Tibarn at a gentle pace, working his cock in and out of the hawk king easily, his thick shaft squashing Tibarn’s prostate into a tiny little button. Tibarn rocked his hips backwards too, timing himself with Ike’s thrusts so each pump went far into his backside.

From across the other, nearby top floor balconies, a door slid open and Duma appeared. Knowing that Ike and Hrid would be fucking, he walked out onto the balcony to watch as he heard the commotion of Ike fucking Tibarn’s hole. With a soft smile, he watched Ike and Hrid notice him immediately, the two blushing brightly as he leaned on the railing and made himself comfortable. As Ike noticed Duma, he slowed down slightly, but Tibarn wasn’t having any of it.

“M-More, Ike. Don’t slow down, come on…!” Tibarn groaned, Ike nodding and quickening his pace again. With a burning face, Ike shut his eyes and pounded Tibarn’s hole, precum dripping from his slit like a leaky faucet. Meanwhile, while he wasn’t about to put his prostate through the torture of fucking Ike, Hrid did let himself get rather lewd with Ike’s behind. Hrid idly helped Ike along, mimicking Tibarn’s fingering from earlier as he lubed up his own hand and dove a few digits into Ike’s hole. With nothing more than a light huff from Ike, the fingers went in easily, stroking Ike’s already-loose, already-wet anal walls gently. Hrid bit his lower lip and got a full view of Ike’s expanded hole sucking on his fingers, practically begging to be fucked again.

“A-Ah, Tibarn….” Ike whimpered the hawk king’s name, smashing his hips into him with a certain hunger, his erection pulsating with need.

“Is it soft?~” Tibarn asked, teasing Ike slightly as he struggled to keep himself in check.


“Fuck me harder. Go up more, too. C’mon, mix up my insides.”

“Y-Yes…!” Ike slammed his hips up into Tibarn, his cock violently thrusting up and down and in and out of Tibarn’s hole, cramming into the man’s prostate. With each thrust, Tibarn only moaned louder and panted harder, gasping as he began to sweat and dribble precum all over the balcony. From across the way, Duma looked amused, not even erect despite the extremely lewd scene he was privy to.

“I-Ike, your balls look so red,” Hrid said, using his other hand to massage them as they spanked Tibarn wildly.

“Mmph… fuck, suck those nuts, Hrid!” Tibarn yelped, losing himself slightly as he was fucked. Ike looked back at Hrid with a begging look before the prince took them into his mouth as best as he could, stretching the sack slightly each time Ike went in. That stretching was painfully numbing to Ike, his face contorted with pleasure as he thrusted, the inner masochist in him coming out in full force. Hrid spanked Ike and fingered his hole too, messing up his underside completely with his tongue and fingers. Ike picked up the pace, his hole open for Hrid and his cock rock hard for Tibarn. Within moments, he was weakly bent over Tibarn, his chest against the man’s strong wings and back.

“Hah, hah, hah! Ah! F-Fuck! Ah!” Ike breathed hard with every thrust, inhaling and exhaling and continuing to moan Tibarn’s name. As Ike and Tibarn gyrated against one another, linked at the most private areas, they heated each other’s bodies, that warmth spreading out all over their skin. Flushed and slick with sweat, Tibarn looked up and watched Duma stare back at him with an amused look. Tibarn grinned back and let his tongue loll out, drooling lewdly in response. Slowly, Ike gasped and slowed his thrusts, pumping harder than ever before as Tibarn looked back at him.

“You gonna cum? You gonna cum?”

“Y-Yeah, fuck, oh gods, oh fuck, oh shit!”

“Cum in me. Give me your sperm. Fucking impregnate me, Ike…!” Tibarn gasped, Ike thrusting in hard and whimpering as his cockslit erupted with cum. Feeling a sudden rush of warmth soak his insides, Tibarn smiled for a moment before it suddenly filled him and ran up into his insides. Suddenly remembering Hrid’s orgasm, Tibarn looked down at his lower body and watched his stomach bulge suddenly.

“Guuuh, Tibarn…!”

“I-Ike, fuck, you’re filling me!” Tibarn groaned, climbing his torso upwards as Ike’s girthy dick formed a kind of plug on his hole, not even gracing his ring of muscle with a vacuum to shoot out cum from. Realizing he would be taking the entirety of Ike’s orgasm, Tibarn swallowed and leaned down again, his own cock drooling precum everywhere.

“O-Oh gods, Ike, b-be careful,” Hrid said, watching Tibarn’s stomach bulge out. Slowly, the heat of Ike’s cum filled Tibarn’s stomach, his lower throat still relaxed as it traveled up his esophagus. Suddenly tasting cum, Tibarn gasped and gagged, the mucus of his throat and his saliva mixing with the semen as he tried to swallow but hit a wall of sperm rushing upwards. Tibarn spat cum off the balcony, Hrid yelping and confined to only staring as Ike’s excessive orgasm ran through the entirety of Tibarn’s system. Within around a minute, Ike finished, yanking his pulsating member from Tibarn’s hole while the hawk king poured cum from both ends, collapsing on the ground while he flooded the balcony. Dazed and winded, Ike slumped down and fell into Hrid’s lap, watching in awe as Tibarn’s body repeatedly rejected the semen filling it. The stream managed to slow, and as Tibarn sat up with a full stomach of cum, his hole gushed sperm everywhere, making a massive puddle beneath him. Tibarn gagged slightly as he recovered, finally managing to swallow again.

“You okay…?” Ike managed, Tibarn turning to him with a dazed look.

“Haaaah… haaah… aaa aaphlump !” Tibarn sneezed cum on Ike, still reeling before he sneezed a second time and a third time before finally wiping his nose and groaning.

“Gods almighty.” Hrid watched Tibarn bend over and hack up a final load of cum before he managed to speak.

“I-Ike, gods....” Tibarn looked like a well-fucked, filled mess, his skin glowing and wet with his own sweat as he dribbled precum from a still-erect dick.

“Sorry. S-Should’ve… pulled out.”

“It’s okay… j-just, fuck,” Tibarn mumbled, getting up and groaning. Slowly, he leaned on the railing hunching over. Then, with a loud, wet suction noise, Tibarn expelled a storm of semen from his hole, the stuff splattering against Ike’s front. Bathed in that warm sperm that had been inside of Tibarn, Ike swallowed and stood up, dripping wet now as he helped Hrid up too.

“Mortals are messy creatures,” Duma said, projecting his voice from across the balconies as Tibarn looked over at him.

“Y-You did this, huh? F-Fuck you. Ah, a-again…!” Tibarn groaned, expelling another warm load from his hole at what must’ve been record pressure, the stuff splattering everywhere, white and gooey against the hardwood balcony. Duma laughed to himself, walking back into his room as Tibarn struggled with himself, squirting cum from his hole.

“You gonna be alright?” Hrid asked, still concerned.

“I’m fine…!” Tibarn said, standing up straight again and sighing, trying to relax his lower body. His insides were completely sopping wet with cum, but it felt like he had finally expelled as much as was necessary, so the hawk king felt confident enough to walk back into Ike’s room. Hrid and Ike followed along, noticing immediately that the mess on Ike’s bed was gone.

“Huh. I guess it must’ve been some kind of enchantment after all. I still wonder what those weird bottles of pink stuff were,” Hrid said, watching Tibarn swallow and stuff his still-erect cock into his underwear, quickly redressing.

“Don’t… Don’t you wanna deal with that?” Ike asked, Tibarn sighing and chuckling to himself.

“I-I think I’ve had just about enough of cum for today.”

“Suit yourself,” Ike said, giving Tibarn a slightly mischievous look. Tibarn put his clothes back on and rubbed his forehead, feeling his hole dripping cum into his clothes. He’d probably continue to soak his underwear for the rest of the day, but for now, Tibarn felt confident now that he’d helped Ike and Hrid, he could leave the two.

“Thanks for your help,” Hrid said.

“Don’t mention it. I was glad I could help, really.” Tibarn gave a soft grin to the the pair, his skin still glowing and flushed with arousal as he left their room, giving them time to dress themselves and get back to normal. However, as soon as he shut the door to Ike’s room, a forearm snapped onto his neck and a hand wrested his dominant arm behind him. Growling, Tibarn struggled as he was dragged away into Duma’s room, the dragon overpowering him.

“You shouldn’t have talked back,” Duma said simply, tossing Tibarn onto the floor of his room and shutting the door behind them. Tibarn got up and made to rake at Duma with his nails, but the dragon merely kicked him back down. Quickly, Duma tore off his armor, his bracers and chestplate on the floor before Tibarn could recover and get up again. Feeling an invisible haze cover the room, Tibarn looked up and huffed, his erection spilling precum into his underwear.

“Y-You’re a dick,” Tibarn muttered, Duma giving him a small smile as he removed his leg armor and ankle braces and the haze in the room became thicker. Tibarn sat up and exhaled hard, going lightheaded while he merely watched Duma’s hands pull off his clothes. Swallowing, Tibarn’s huge erection flopped from his pants, smacking him in the stomach before Duma grabbed onto it. The thing was slinging precum with each movement, Tibarn’s heated cock stinging with desire.

“Don’t you want to submit?” Duma asked, Tibarn looking at him and trying to gather the strength to speak.

“W… Wh….”


“Why… don’t you try… sucking it…?!” Tibarn groaned, pulling his arms up and smushing Duma’s face down onto his own cock, force feeding the dragon it, the shaft rocketing down Duma’s throat. Gagging, the dragon tried to close his teeth down onto Tibarn’s cock, but the hawk king managed to yank himself out and squirm out from underneath Duma. Standing up lazily, Tibarn lunged at his clothes gracelessly, snatching them up and stumbling towards the door. Duma stood up and watched a naked Tibarn shuffle away, leaving a snail trail of cum from his hole and precum from his cock as he left.

“Hmph.” Duma harrumphed and followed Tibarn into the corridor, watching him collapse on the ground and uselessly cover his modesty with his clothes. Unfortunately, he only ended up humping them before he could get up, stunning him into a fixed state of arousal. Duma trudged over and yanked Tibarn’s clothes out of the way. Then, he shoved one of his feet onto Tibarn’s cock, stroking it. The hawk king whimpered and rutted on the underside of Duma’s foot, squirting precum messily as he tried to get back up. Watching him squirm for only a moment, Duma idly took his foot off of Tibarn and left him in the hallway, stealing his clothes and letting the unbelievably horny Tibarn get back to his room in a state of total embarrassment. After sitting up, Tibarn put his hands on his dick and yanked himself to his feet.

“Fuck you…!” Tibarn groaned, stumbling down the stairs as he continued to leak precum, hoping nobody would see him before he got back to his room.