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Mike was more often recognized as Faith No More's singer, rather than our band Mr. Bungle. That never bothered me. What made me worried sick were the dozens of women who practically fell at his feet for his attention. After every show, they chased him down. At every party, they almost fought each other to have a moment alone with him. Nevertheless, he remained humble, making it very clear that he was spoken for. 

Nevertheless, I felt like shit watching him from across the room. He was talking to some random brunette. He told me he'd "be back in a sec" when she called him over. Over a half hour later, and not even one glance away from her. Not one glance in my direction.

After a few more minutes of standing around like the timid fuck I was, I finished my beer and approached him. I had to get out of there and take him with me before she laid a finger on him.

"I hate to interrupt but I need to talk to you."

Mike's eyes met mine as he looked away from the woman in front of him. He smiled. "Sure thing, w--"

"Alone, Mike."

Standing up, he finished the last of his beer and followed me out to the front porch.

"You alright? What's up?"

I swallowed. I didn't think I'd get his undivided attention that fast.

"I... I wanna go home, Mike."

"Okay..." he nodded slowly. "Yeah, fuck it. Let's go home."

One quiet car ride later and we were home. As we went upstairs and got ready for bed, I nearly forgot what I wanted to talk to him about until he spoke to me.

Mike sat behind me, caressing my shoulders. "I can't help but think there was a reason you wanted to come home early. Maybe it's just me."

I sighed. "Honestly? It's not."

"So there was?"


"Then talk to me."

"It was uh... the girl."

"The one I was talking to?"

I nodded.

"Great, let me guess," his hands stopped moving. "You thought we were flirting, huh?"

"I didn't say that."

"But you were about to ask, weren't you?"

I bit my lip. "No I wasn't."

He gently tucked my hair behind my ear. "You totally were. You always get jealous and want to go home when there are girls around me."

"And you always accuse me of being jealous!"

"Trevor..." he sighed. "Don't raise your voice at me."

"I'm not raising my voice. And that wasn't what I was getting at. I just felt uncomfortable."

"Me being around anyone who's not a guy always makes you uncomfortable," he spat. "You think I'm gonna cheat on you? Is that what this is about?"

I couldn't say another word. After all, he was right. I was afraid he'd cheat on me. It was painful to think about Mike attracted to someone else. He was the kind of guy who could have anyone he wanted. He could drop everything and decide he wanted nothing to do with me at any given moment.

"Why does it always come to this with you?" he resumed. "How many times are we gonna have the exact argument until you remember I don't want anyone else but you?"

I left the room and headed downstairs the moment my throat felt heavy. I didn't want him to see me cry. Not over this.

Mike called out to me as I walked away. A moment later, he joined me in the living room. He sat beside me on the sofa and wiped my tears away.

"I love you. Is that what you needed to hear?"

"I dunno..." I muttered. "But it helps, I guess."

"Do you believe me?"

I answered with a small, quiet nod. I did believe him, and I loved him too. There was no reason for me to get insecure around him, but his popularity made me panic during every public outing together.

"You look like you're not sure," he purred. "Want me to prove it?"

He pulled my shirt to close the space between us, kissing my lips before I could answer him. His touch and affection soothed me, the harsh feeling in my throat subsiding as I melted into his warm embrace. Now I knew for a fact that he loved me. There was no doubting it or being insecure now.

He gently bit my bottom lip as he drew back. "Believe me now?"

All I could do was stare at his lips hungrily. His taste was intoxicating and I wanted more.

"I'll take that as a yes," he kissed me again. "Sorry if I sounded like I was mad at you earlier."

"Don't say sorry. I was overreacting."

"Don't sweat it, " he pursed his lips for a moment, his hand gently squeezed my thigh. "I don't mind going over this again if I have to. As long as you remember it this time."

He pulled up on the ottoman's handle to take out a small bottle of lubricant. "You promise you'll remember this time?"

"Yeah... but what are you gonna do with that?"

"With this?" he held the bottle up. "I'm gonna give you the ride of your fucking life."