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We killed God and now we rule the universe

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Dean scooped the angel into his arms. He was fully grown and almost as big as Dean was, but with all the sedatives they'd put into his system Dean had doubts the angel could stand. His papers said his name was Castiel, but when Dean got his licenses in order after he'd have the chance to change the angel's name as he wished.

Not that he would. Poor thing had been through enough, he didn't need to loose his name. His one tie with his once home.

Castiel whimpered as he was set down into the impala. Looking up at Dean with hazed eyes, resisting ever so slightly even though he wasn't strong enough to do anything.

"It's alright. I won't hurt you, okay?" He climbed into the driver's seat and leaned over, squeezing Castiel's hand. "I know you've probably been through some shit, but I'll give you a safe place for as long as I can. I promise." Dean smiled, settling into the seat and starting up the car. The angel didn't respond, but that was alright. The drugs probably clouded his mind anyway. Poor thing.

Castiel whimpered again, curling around himself.


Dean laid the weakened angel onto his bed once they got home. Sam was off somewhere trying to barter another angel off a black market. Whatever. "Here. Drink this." He held up a tall glass of cold water and helped the angel drink. Food and water would ease the side effects of the drugs. They barely gave the angels enough to survive now that they depended on food and water to survive. And the angels, not used to the need for food and water, forgot to even ask for it. Not that they'd get it anyway.

Castiel turned away once he was finished, shifting away from Dean's touch. "N-no..." He whimpered, spreading his wings like a shield around himself. "No."

"I'll get you something to eat." Dean smiled weakly and went to the kitchen. The only beds in the place were his and Sam's so he'd probably stay on the couch tonight. Buy a blow up bed for the angel when he was out next if he could.

'How's it going with your angel?' Dean sent a text to his brother as he heated up some lasagna for Castiel. 'I got Castiel home, but he's so out of it I'm not sure what to do. I'm just hoping he won't run off in the middle of the night or something.'

Immediately his phone dinged with an answer. 'These guys aren't too happy with my offers and this poor angel they're selling looks roughed up as hell, but I think I can manage. Might be late before I'm back though so don't wait up. I hear it takes 24 hours to fully wear off, so you should be good for tonight, but he'll be a lot more alert tomorrow, so I'd be careful.'

Dean smirked. 'You got it. And be careful with that angel, okay? From what they do down there he'll probably either be a emotional mess or a little spitfire.' He chuckled and put his phone away, carrying the food back to his own angel. "Hey Cassie, brought you some food." The angel was still wrapped in his own wings, but perked up slightly at the mention of food.

"Mmngh." He whimpered, crawling over eagerly at the promise of food.

Dean chuckled and handed him the plate, watching as the angel scarfed it down eagerly. "So you can move. Pretty hungry too, you want any more?" The angel immediately nodded so Dean went back to heat up a second helping, this one much bigger than the first.

Castiel scarfed that down as well. Along with two cheeseburgers and another two glasses of water after he was finished.

"Good. Glad you finally got some food in your system." Dean could still plainly see Castiel's ribs, but at least the hazy look in his eyes was gone for the moment. "You ready for bed?"

Castiel visibly stiffened, crawling back away from Dean "No. Nonononono-"

Dean backed away, holding his hands up. "Not gonna hurt you, remember? I'm sleeping on the couch, you can have the bed. You're gonna be alright, Cas. Can I call you that? Cas?You're gonna be alright here."

Castiel looked him over as if he was trying to figure out whether or not to trust him. "You can call me whatever you like." He coughed, voice hoarse and scratchy from not being used. "Just don't touch me. Just... Just leave me alone."

"Alright." Dean nodded. "Goodnight Cas." He smiled, backing out of the room.


"Castiel." The hunter grinned, pulling the angel out from the bushes, enough sedatives pumping through his system to take down a herd of elephants and yet he was still awake. "Cute name." The hunter grinned, dragging him back to the truck with the help of some others Castiel could barely see through his blurry vision.

Castiel groaned, but couldn't manage to form words from his hazy state. Barely keeping his eyes open as his arms and legs were tied together, chains attached to a collar around his neck as he was forced to sit up. The hunter that captured him leering and yelling something at him he didn't comprehend. All he knew was that his life was over. He'd be sold to someone and forced to do whatever they said for the rest of his life. Probably traded between owners, but what did it matter? All humans were pretty much the same anyway.

It wasn't until the spurts of cum splattered over his face he even realized the hunters had their dicks out. The first one had already came over him, laughing and smearing the cum around his face as the other finished jerking himself off, letting the spurts flow over Castiel's wings as the angel fell to the ground in defeat and submission.