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You know it all, you're my best friend

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Taehyung wasn’t entirely sure what had woken him up this time. The first two times he was pulled from his sleep it was due to some foreign sound of this new house. The first night in a new house was always disorientating. The pitch dark room gave him no clue as to where he was. There wasn’t even the glow of an alarm clock to tell him the time. Then he’d remember where he was, roll over in bed and drift back off to sleep. This time when he woke up, it felt different. His room was pitch dark but it didn’t feel empty. There was a definite sound of feet moving slowly and carefully across the carpeted floor. Just as he was about to reach out for something he heard that familiar voice.
“Tae, you awake?” Sighing, it was just Jungkook.
“Well, I am now. Just scared the shit out of me. Is everything okay? What’s wrong?” Despite their many years of friendship, this was the first time that Taehyung was living with just Jungkook. Despite this, he knew that Jungkook wouldn’t just come into his room and wake him up if there wasn’t a reason to.
“My room is freezing. Mind if I sleep in here?”
Taehyung didn’t even get the chance to answer when he felt the weight of Jungkook causing his mattress to begin sinking down. He couldn’t say no to Jungkook, and Kook knew that. It was just for the one night and tomorrow they would be able to get everything sorted.
“Sure, come on in,” Taehyung replied, sliding over to one side. His double bed was definitely big enough for the two of them, and it wasn’t the first time that this had happened. Over the years there were times when they were forced to share a bed because there wasn’t typically enough for the seven of them to each have their own. For some reason, Taehyung always wound up with Jungkook as a bed partner.
Getting comfortable, Jungkook’s feet brushed against Taehyung’s leg as he was sliding down into the bed. He wasn’t kidding, it had to have been freezing in his room.
Taehyung rolled over on his side, to face the direction Jungkook was laying in. “Better?”
“Much. Thank you.”
Their first night in their new house and the spent it both in the same bed. It wasn’t home yet, but it made Taehyung feel almost as though they were out on tour or on vacation. It was comfortable and just having Jungkook there in the room with him, Taehyung started to feel more relaxed as his body was welcoming sleep. It was what he was used to and he really did like to have someone to sleep with, he always found he got a much better sleep.
“Night, Kook,”
“Goodnight, Tae,” Taehyung had hardly heard Jungkook’s response, as sleep had mostly definitely found him and was pulling him back in.

He was too hot.
Taehyung woke up, with the weight of something holding him down. There was light filling the room now. It was definitely morning. Beside him was Jungkook, still asleep and the weight was coming from the leg that Jungkook had draped across Taehyung. Figures, Taehyung thought, I let him come in here and he takes the whole bed.
Unable to move without waking Jungkook, Taehyung shifted a little and took a good look at his friend. Jungkook looked so comfortable. His chest slowly rising and falling with each breath. He looked so comfortable and content. Taehyung knew that he had made the right decision in moving in with Jungkook. For the last five years they had been almost inseparable. There was a sense of comfort and ease whenever Jungkook was around. They always had the best time together even if they were doing nothing at all.
Taehyung could have stayed laying that way forever, when he left Jungkook starting to stir beside him.
“Whatcha’ looking at?” Jungkook’s voice was still coated with sleep.
“Nothing, you just looked so comfortable. Also, not to mention kind of a hog,” Taehyung was gesturing at Jungkook’s leg that was still draped over his own.
“Sorry about that.” There it was, that classic Jungkook scrunched nose smile. Next to not being able to say no, it was almost impossible to stay mad at Jungkook.
As Jungkook pulled his leg back over to his side of the bed, Taehyung felt the cool air settling in around him, and just for that moment, he missed Jungkook’s leg being there.
“Breakfast?” Jungkook asked, shooting Taehyung a sweet smile. All he ever seemed to think of was food. He could be eating, and still thinking of what to have next.
“And coffee!” There was just something about that first cup of coffee in the morning that Taehyung loved, and now he was so excited that he was going to be able to share this small routine each morning with Jungkook.
While Jungkook swiftly lifted himself up out of bed and Taehyung watched him walk out of the room.
Just after they had agreed to move in together, Taehyung wasn’t entirely sure how it was going to be, just the two of them living on their own. He was nervous because he was so used to there being seven of them. Now, it was down to two. Reflecting on his friendship with Jungkook he knew that he had made the right decision. It was going to take some getting used to, but that was part of the fun.
Pots and pans clanging together in the distance pulled him away from this thoughts and reminded him just how hungry he actually was. Rolling over and climbing out of bed, Taehyung went on his search for coffee.

It really didn’t take the two long to finish unpacking the remaining boxes. Looking around, the new place with both of their belongings scattered around, this apartment was finally beginning to feel like home. It was their home, together. Taehyung initially had nerves before the move even happened, but seeing this, their home coming together so well, it made him realize that this was something he was excited for.
Taehyung looked over to Jungkook who was sitting on the other end of the sofa, leaning back into the big cushion. He had a smile on his face as he looked around and Taehyung knew they Jungkook was thinking the same thing. They both made the right decision. Just realizing that made Taehyung’s heart so happy.
“Hungry?” Jungkook’s voice infiltrated Taehyung’s thoughts and brought him back to the moment.
“Kook, is there ever a time you’re not thinking about food?” If there was one thing that Jungkook liked it was his food. He always had his cheeks filled with some kind of snack. It seemed almost impossible to fill him up.
“No, but right now, I’m starving. You must be too.”
As if on cue, Taehyung’s stomach growled, betraying him.
“I am, but I don’t think of food nearly as much as you do. Is there ever a time when you’re not thinking about food? Anyway, what are you in the mood for?”
“Bulgogi? The place isn’t too far. We could order in and watch a movie?”
“Sure, sounds good.” Bulgogi was one of their favourite things and it was something the two of them went out to eat often. They could have gone out for something to eat, but with all the unpacking and getting the house put together. Taehyung didn’t have it in him and he was glad Jungkook was on the same page.

It wasn’t long before there was a knock on the door signaling the arrival of the food. Jungkook sprang up from his seat on the couch, opened the door and was paying for the food before Taehyung was even able to process what was going on.
The smell of the bulgogi was wafting through the apartment. It was something he he enjoyed going out to eat with Jungkook and it was so fitting that it was their first meal together in their new home.
Jungkook already had both styrofoam containers out of the bag and was pushing one in Taehyung’s direction. Breaking apart the chopsticks, Jungkook angled himself a bit to face Taehyung.
He held up one of of his chopsticks and said, “to new beginnings and new adventures in our new house!”
It was impossible not to smile at Jungkook’s enthusiasm. Tae grabbed one of his own chopsticks and clinked it against Jungkook’s. “To new beginnings!”
Just before the food arrived they had both agreed on the latest superhero as their movie of choice. There wasn’t too much else set up yet, and it was the only movie that they had accessible and both hadn’t seen yet.
Once the movie started, nothing else needed to be said. They both sat back and were enjoying their food and watching the movie. It was a comfortable silence and it didn’t take long for either of them to finish their meal.
The movie had Taehyung’s complete attention that he hadn’t realized how or when Jungkook had moved so closely to him. He hadn’t even felt the couch move.
“I don’t know where the other blankets are and I’m freezing,” he was informing Taehyung of this as he was draping the blanket over both of them and went back to watching the movie. It really wasn’t until Jungkook had mentioned being cold that Taehyung had realized himself that he was a little chilly. Fall was mostly definitely in the air. They were going to have to figure out the temperature for the house but that was something that was going to have to wait until tomorrow. Taehyung was far too comfortable and tired.
Taehyung was trying so hard to keep his eyes open. He just wanted to get through the rest of the film and then he could sleep. Somewhere in between startling himself away from dozing off he noticed that Jungkook was sprawled out on the couch beside him. His head was turned as if he were still watching the movie. His breathing was slow and heavy and Taehyung knew he was sleeping. He looked way too comfortable and Taehyung could feel sleep nagging even harder at him.
Shifting the blanket just a bit, he leaned down and nestled himself between the couch and Jungkook. Taehyung made sure that they both were covered with the blanket. He rested his head on Jungkook’s shoulder and spread his arm out across Jungkook’s chest. The body heat was so warm and made Taehyung that much more comfortable and sleepy.
Taehyung did not remember the movie finishing that night.