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In the Beginning

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SOMETHING happened between Fox Mulder and Dana Scully during that first trip to Bellefleur. Maybe it was just one kiss. Probably it was more. The air between them had been powerfully electric, almost from the start. They never stood a chance against it.

Afterwards, they promised it would never happen again. They hadn't been themselves. They had let their excitement over the case get the better of them. And the work was too important. Staying away was for the best, they both knew. And then their work quickly took on a life of its own, seemingly affirming their decision.

But they were always aware of the potential energy between them, hidden, just barely, beneath the surface. The result was a lot of subtle looking. And touching. And sometimes they weren't subtle at all, handing one another nearly open invitations to finally give in, finally allow themselves to fully experience what had they had tasted all too briefly in Oregon.

They stayed true to their word as best they could, for as long as they could. Because they understood that the next time there would be no turning back. No one was that strong. 

In the end, they kept their promise for seven years. Until they couldn’t anymore.