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Kismesis: the Snake

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Life was funny sometimes and Andara Teleum was the kind of troll that did her best to keep it that way. This was not a very difficult thing to do when you were a blueblood. The intrigue and constant backstabbing pretty much kept itself interesting and there were a lot of bluebloods. Andara kept her interests local, though, since otherwise she would need a damn shipping wall to keep track of everything.

And she did not have time for a shipping wall. No, Andara was a busy troll. She had rumours to keep track of, expensive parties to get to and when she wasn’t busy with that she was being artistic or watching FLARP battles. She didn’t play, because she wasn’t suicidal, of course. Also, she has a moirail to keep active.

Honestly, most bluebloods were stuck up and pathetic and she only indulged them because it came with her status. It had been way too easy to take control of the blueblood rumour mill, to the point where she had gotten worried they might have been onto her. Some of the gossip had been disconcerting, most of concerning her moirail. If only those idiots knew. Vorron could easily crush them all, she knew, if only he actually got motivated to do so. She supposed that was where she came in.

She had been making progress, too, right up until that damned kismesis had suddenly shown up and Vorron had gotten completely obsessed with him. All of her hard work, wasted! It made her angry just thinking about it.

-- conspiracyShift [CS] began trolling caliginousConstant [CC]--

CS: Y0v0 will be pleased t0v0 hear that I have gone outside t0v0day.
CC: Oh?
CC: Give Me All The Details!
CC: Did You Visit Someone?

CS: Yes, as it happens.
CC: Who?
CS: Gardea Statum.
CC: Okay!
CC: That Is Not Exactly What I Hoped For, But I Guess It’s A Good Start!

CS: What did y0v0 hope for, exactly?
CC: I Hoped You Would Find New Contacts Or At Least Meet Up With Worthwhile Old Ones!
CS: I w0v0ld not say that my visit was not worthwhile.
CC: How Can A Visit To One Of Your Greens Be Worthwhile?
CS: T0v0 make sure she stayed one of my greens, of course.
CC: What Did You Do To Her?
CS: Nothing.
CS: I did not even touch her.
CS: I did, however, make it clear that I c0v0ld have.

CC: That Sounds Like Good News!
CS: It is g0v0d news.
CC: Is There Bad News As Well?
CS: Yes, there is.
CC: Figures!
CS: Egnaro visited Robras.
CC: What Is he Doing With One Of Your Greens?
CC: Manipulation?

CS: Getting t0v0 know him, apparently.
CC: Really?
CC: You Can’t Believe That!

CS: He has failed every other goal he may have had.
CC: Whose Word Do You Have For That?
CS: Robras’.
CS: And before y0v0 say anything, no, he did not betray me.

CC: How Do You Know That?
CS: There are various reasons.
CS: I have promised t0v0 keep most of those secret.
CS: He is loyal t0v0 me and that is all that matters.

CC: Are You Keeping Secrets From Your Moirail?
CS: I am keeping secrets from everyone.
CS: You are no exception.
CS: Although y0v0 get t0v0 know that I am keep secrets.

CC: I Am Flattered!
CS: I am glad t0v0 hear it.
CS: What have y0v0 been d0v0ing?

CC: I Have Been Doing A Lot Of Talking!
CS: Y0v0 are always d0v0ing a lot of talking.
CS: Was there anything interesting?

CC: Well I Guess I Could Share The Latest Gossip With You!
CS: I will pass.
CC: How Unfortunate!
CS: How can y0v0 stand it?
CC: It’s Interesting!
CC: But Perhaps It’s Not For Everyone?
CC: Although As A Blueblood It Is Almost A Requirement!
CC: You Are Lucky That I Work On Your Behalf As Well!

CS: Yes, I suppose I am.
CC: Speaking Of Which, I Have Work To Get To!
CS: D0v0 not let me keep y0v0.

-- caliginousConstant [CC] ceased trolling conspiracyShift [CS] --

That last part may not have been the complete truth. She did have work to do, and she would get to it, eventually, but first she was going to unwind a bit.

As much as she enjoyed running the rumour mill, it was a lot of work and every once in a while she needed to take a break. Andara’s breaks usually involved talking to a good friend. A friend she kept hidden in her contacts. It wouldn’t completely ruin her reputation if someone discovered, but it would still be damaging. There was also something to be said about the thrill of keeping secrets.

-- caliginousConstant [CC] started trolling seriousFreezerburn [SF] --

CC: Hello!
SF: hhey
SF: wwhat’s uup?

CC: Oh The Usual!
CC: Talking To People!
CC: Getting My Moirail Active Again!

SF: aany lluck
CC: Yes, Actually!
CC: Today I Made A Significant Breakthrough!

SF: tthere aare iinsignificant bbreakthroughs
SF: tthat’s nnews tto mme

CC: Oh Be Quiet You!
CC: But Yes!
CC: He Actually Went Outside Today!

SF: iimpressive
CC: It Is For Him!
CC: What Have You Been Doing?

SF: ii’ve bbeen wworking oon aa nnew pproject
CC: That Sounds Interesting!
SF: tthat’s bbecause iit iis
CC: What Is It?
SF: tthat wwould bbe ttelling
SF: ii’ll sshow yyou oonce iit’s ddone
SF: iit’s aa ssurprise

CC: I Can’t Wait!
SF: iit’s aalways nnice tto hhave aan aapreciative aaudience
SF: hhonestly tthough, ii tthink yyou’ll llike iit

CC: Is It For Me?
SF: nno, iit’s ffor aanother ffriend oof mmine
SF: wwell, iit’s sstill jjust aa ffriend

CC: That Sounds Like You Have A Plan!
SF: yyes iit ddoes
SF: tthat’s bbecause ii hhave
SF: aand yyou gget tto ssee iit bbefore mmy ffriend ddoes

CC: Thank You For Allowing Me That Privilege!
SF: tthe ppleasure iis aall mmine
SF: iif yyou ddon’t mmind ii’d llike tto gget bback tto tthat

CC: Of Course!
SF: tthank yyou

-- seriousFreezerburn [SF] started trolling caliginousConstant [CC] --

Her friendship with a yellow-blood wasn’t exactly forbidden, as such, but most of the other bluebloods found it distasteful. To them, anyone lower than green wasn’t worth dealing with and, in general, Andara would agree. There were, however, certain exceptions and this was one of them.

Therefore, she kept their friendship hidden, partially because she had to and partially because she could. Keeping secrets was exciting. Almost as exciting as uncovering them. And she had a lot of secrets to uncover.