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All My Future Crimes

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Bruce watched Selina as she laid on her fainting couch, idly stirring her vermouth cocktail. She was working up the nerve to tell him something, that much he could tell from the way she had avoided looking at him for the past few minutes. She had invited him here for some reason. He took a sip of his soda water.

“What is it, Selina?”

“I was thinking about asking you something, but I'm not sure how to go about it.”

“You can ask me anything,” Bruce said.

“But it's something to ask you to do, you see.” She smiled at him over her glass. “And I don't know if you'd want to.”

“Anything for you, Selina,” he said. “Within reason.”

She stirred her drink, her eyes on her fingers. “I have a very specific fantasy I'd like to try. It's detailed, and it requires you.” Her eyes met his. "I'd only trust this to you."

“That means a lot,” he said.

“It should.” She took a drink. “I have this fantasy where I've captured you and tied you up. I tease you a little, then start blowing you. At some point, you get free and grab me, forcing me to take you deeper. While I'm dazed, you unzip my suit and pull me up to fuck me. Then you throw me to the ground and have your way with me. We both take this very seriously, of course.”

“As you said, very detailed,” Bruce said. He sipped his drink. “And arousing.”

Selina smiled. “I thought you might enjoy it. It's something I have to be in the mood for, of course. But, would you be interested in helping me in this?”

“Of course. Thank you for trusting me with this.”

She toasted her drink to him. “We'll see when I'm in the mood.” She finished her drink and came over to him, climbing onto his lap. “But I know something I'm in the mood for now.”

Bruce set down his glass. “Oh, are you?” He cupped her ass, pulling her close. Selina laid her skirt around him and, beneath it, unzipped Bruce's pants, pulling out his erection.

Bruce snaked a hand under her skirt, reaching for her panties and finding none. “I'd almost think you had this planned.”

Selina only smiled, rubbing his cock on her clit. Slowly, she adjusted him and sank down on his cock. She gasped and moaned, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Bruce's hands slipped under her blouse, rubbing her breasts. Her nipples hardened beneath his fingers. She bounced on his cock, picking up speed as she moved. He pulled up her top and mouthed at her breasts, sucking gently on one nipple. Selina moaned and slowed her movements, rocking her hips with him.

Bruce wrapped his arms around her, holding her steady and close, and kissed along her neck. Selina purred.

"Now, now. Let's be... respectable," she said.

"Why should we?" Bruce said, scratching her throat with his teeth.

She hissed. "Oh, I don't know. Don't you think we should?"


Clutching her, Bruce rose and carried her to the fainting couch, laying her down with her legs splayed. Once situated, he kissed her nose and thrust into her hard.

She gasped. "Why, Bruce. I do believe you're letting yourself go."

"You drive me wild," he said, pounding into her. One hand slipped down between her legs to rub at her clit. "Selina."

Selina let out a groan of pleasure. "Yes, Bruce?"

"Come for me."

"Mmm, yes, Bruce."

Her hands went to his shirt, fingernails clutching the fabric in tight balls. Bruce changed the tempo of his thrusts, slowing down, making them longer and slower while his fingers traced up and down her vulva. Selina answered by bucking her hips toward him, matching him movement for movement.

He picked up speed and she dropped one hand to her clit, fingers entwining with his. Bruce went still for a moment, then groaned, thrusting into her as he came, spilling himself inside her. Selina moaned and worked her fingers faster. Bruce recovered enough to match her movements, and within a few moments, Selina came as well, shuddering around his cock.

Softening, Bruce pulled out of her and gently laid her legs down in a more comfortable position. He sat beside her and lifted her to his lap.

"Was it good for you?"

"It was perfectly adequate."

Bruce frowned.

Selina smirked and kissed the corner of his mouth. "Of course it was good. You've never disappointed me." She stretched, relying on him to hold her steady, which he did. "Do you have time to stay?"

"I do. Nothing too urgent for the next few hours."

"Good," she said, wrapping her arms around him. "I can think of a few ways to fill the time."

He nuzzled her cheek and she purred.

“You'll let me know when you're ready for that, won't you?” he said.

“Of course I will,” she said. “Believe me, you'll know when I'm ready.”