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"ANYTHANNNG YOU CAN DO, I CAN DO BETTER!" Changkyun slurred right off of his tongue in a drunken tone. The man he was arguing with right next to him, about the same age as him but a bit older, let out a small deep giggle, as if they were just as drunk.

"HA! No way!" The man argued back, getting close to Changkyun's face, so close their noses almost touched. "That's a fat lie and you know it. If that were the case my mother would be deadass broke, on her knees, pleasuring men for money."

Changkyun chuckled competitively, crossing his arms. "Yes way! Just cuz' you're loaded and a mama's boy doesn't mean you're better than everyone, Wonho."

The man he was arguing with, was none other than Wonho himself. He had no idea how he came into contact with him at, especially considering that Wonho's mother was a rich business woman whom was old money rich. So their family had been rich for a while, owning land and tobacco companies.

However, Wonho was the only one who did his own thing and decided to run away to Singapore to become a rich and loving model whom was loved by everyone. All the ladies, and a few men wanted to be with him, and you know others envied him because of how successful he suddenly became. But it didn't matter, because he knew he was good, almost too good.

Yeah, I don't know how he landed in an old vintage bar down the street either.

Let's just say, he got into a fight with his brother and next thing he knew he was sitting here, taking shots of hennessy of course dressed in something that hid his looks, some sweats perhaps only to not get caught. Then Changkyun waltzed in, all bummed out about something.

Minutes later, the two had gotten extremely drunk, but what caught Wonho off-guard was when Changkyun said that he was the best at absolutely everything, and then asked the world, supposively, why it hated him since he was such a loved and favorite child.

Then of course, Changkyun being the stuck up boy he was at heart, had to throw in his two cents.

And now we're here.

"Umm, that's exactly what it means, kid."

"I'm not a kid! I'm fucking 23 and I can do anything better than you!"

Wonho rolled his eyes as he blew a raspberry. "No you can't."

"Yes I can." Changkyun argued back.

"No you can't."

"Yes I can."

"No you can't."

"YES THE FUCK I CAN!" Changkyun exclaimed, with a hearty smirk smacked across his face. A smirk that Wonho wanted to smack right off his fucking face. Then he sat down his shot glass, hoping out of his seat.

As drunk as he was, Changkyun rose an eyebrow in confusion as he stared at the back of Wonho, which wasn't bad to look at seeing as Wonho was a well defined man himself. Then, Wonho placed his hands on his hips, looking at Changkyun from the corner of his eye and smirking.

"Well, anything you can be, I can be greater." He replied bashfully. "Sooner or later, I'm greater than you."

Changkyun rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms. "No you're not."

"Yes I am."

"No you're not."

"Yes I am."

"You're not." Changkyun replied in a more deadpanned tone.

"Yes I am, and you wanna know why? Because I'm in literally one of the richest families in all of Singapore. Old money rich at that, and nothing can top it. Why, I can shoot a single man with a bullet and not get the effect back." Wonho boasted, feeling more confident.

Even though that wasn't true. His brother was the one who knew how to work a gun, not him. But Changkyun didn't need to know that.

The light brunette just jumped on his back. "Well, being a spoiled rich kid gets you nowhere. I bet you don't even know how to work a gun. And shooting just one guy with a gun ain't nothing. I can get a sparrow with my arrow."

Wonho tsked. "Well, I can live on bread and cheese."

Changkyun raised his eyebrows. "And only on that?"

Wonho nodded, then got confused as he heard a small snort from Changkyun.

"What's so funny?" He replied.

"It's just that, you make living on that sound like such an accomplishment."

Wonho furrowed his eyebrows. "What the fuck, it is an accomplishment. Waaaay better than you living on ramen."

"Bread and cheese."

Wonho nodded. "Yes."

"And only on that?"


"So can a rat."

Wonho glared at Changkyun, dropping him down from his back. "Well it doesn't matter anyway. I'm still better than you at everything else. Bet, anything you can sing, I can sing higher."

"Sing? You'e gonna bring singing into this?" Changkyun replied coldly. 

Wonho smirked. "Why? You scared that I actually might have a better and higher singing voice than you?" 

"No, it's just that singing for me is kinda a huge downhill." 

"Oh really? You're just scared I understand. I mean no one is greater at anything than me!" Wonho preached, very loudly at that. However, he didn't watch how loud he suddenly got because when he did he earned a few stares from some ticked people. 

Wonho pulled up his hoodie a bit more so no one could notice, and everyone looked away, proceeding on their previous conversations. He sighed in relief, then his ears picked up some snickering behind him. Changkyun's snickering. 

"Pft, where'd you get all that air?" He joked, giggling afterward. Wonho blushed embarrassingly then rolled his eyes. "Whatever boy, how dare you come waltzing in here telling me you live a better life than me? Like hello, you know exactly who I am."

Changkyun nodded, raising his eyebrows. "I do, and what's it to ya?" 

"You should be treating me with some respect." Wonho grumbled. 

"Righhhht. I should be giving attention to you. Same guy who challenged me to see which one had a better life. Then instead of consulting the issue, you got mad at me for calling you out on your shit." 

"Because! You had no right!" 

"We're all human. We feel things and none of us is perfect." 

"Well I am!" 

Changkyun scoffed. "Wow, can't believe I looked up to such an arrogant bastard such as yourself. You think you're all perfect because you ran away with some money that wasn't even yours and now you're rich here because you're good-looking. You're just another accident waiting to happen." 

Oh boy, Wonho was fumed. Not only did Changkyun call him out once, but twice in one night in the same area. He didn't wanna listen to him, because he knew he was wrong he was pretty successful and not just some deadbeat child that tried running away from home. He had a reason, and that reason was because his mother told him what was best for him, not the other way around. 

Changkyun didn't know anything, and for that matter he was just an average guy from Seoul on vacation with his best friend and his best friend's boyfriend. But Changkyun did know that Wonho was just a scared little boy who was only running on his mother's money. Which in his case, was tough.

He may have not known much, but at least he knew that much. 

Wonho tsked. "Oh yeah, and what about you? You'e not so great yourself. You came in here whining about how the world hates you and shit and about how unlucky you are. What makes me so different from you is that you wait for the right moment. But I go for whatever it is I want." 

"Yeah you're right. But running into shit doesn't make you smart or cool. It makes you look like a fool and an ignorant bastard, you fucking scumbag."

"How dare-" 


Both Changkyun and Wonho turned their heads to the door and saw a man who looked as if he was about the same age as Wonho, but only a year younger, walk up to Wonho. He was shorter too, but taller than Changkyun. He was dressed in a nice silky dark green button down shit with peacock designed dress pants and his hair was slick back, his bangs parted.  

Changkyun raised an eyebrow in confusion, but Wonho smiled happily. "Ki!~ It's so good to see you-" 

The man slapped him with a rolled up fan before he could finish. Wonho held his cheek in pain, kneeling down a little bit.

"OW!" Wonho exclaimed, his hoodie fell from his head, exposing his yellow and fiery red hair. When that happened, everyone in the bar noticed him and gasped. They tried to run up to him to take pictures, but there were security guards backed up right behind the man who held Wonho down that stopped them. 

So they all backed up in fear.

Wonho finally spoke. "Ki-Kihyun that hurt! You're gonna make me look bad-" 

With that, his manager, Yoo Kihyun hit him once more. 

"Then you should've known better than to come running up in this bar looking like absolute shit because your brother told you off. What you should be doing is getting your ass back in that office and try to make your family proud, not cry and run to a bar and get drunk. Not to mention start an argument with a fellow civilian." Kihyun scowled. 

Changkyun cleared his throat to break the ice. "Ah, it's okay. I'd rather him not his ass beat because of me." 

"I appreciate the kind gesture." Kihyun replied, handing him some money. "Here, take this as an apology." 

Changkyun took one look at it, and as soon as he did he felt as if something had came back to haunt him and he flinched a little bit. When he took one more look at it, he snickered nervously and pushed it away. 

Kihyun looked at him confusingly. "Are you sure you don't want it? People who end up in these situations usually sue us because of Wonho and I'm incredibly sorry-" 

"It's fine. I don't need it, besides I'm too broke to sue you guys I'll just take this apology." Changkyun replied.

Kihyun still stared at him as if he had seen a ghost. It was surprising because at this point people would've begged for their money in return. But Changkyun didn't want it, not because he didn't need it but because he was too scared to. 

For various reasons unknown for now. 

Kihyun just put the money away and gave him a half smile. "Of course, and thank you for this. If you ever need anything, we are forever in debt to you. Um...-" 

"Changkyun. Lim Changkyun." 

"Changkyun?" Kihyun said again, blinking. "The korean name of the seven deadly sin of wrath, right?" 

"Yeah so I've heard, but my dad always told me my name was like a curse though because it also means unlucky in America or something like that." Changkyun replied, chuckling nervously. 

Wonho scoffed from behind. "It is a curse! And it makes sense because you had no right to yell at me like I was just some dude on the street-" 

With that, Kihyun slapped Wonho from the back of his head with his fan once more, still facing Changkyun. "You are just some dude on the street so keep quiet back there before I make things more shitty for you and tell your brother about this." 

And Wonho did quiet up, crossing his arms and pouting quietly.

Kihyun sighed. "Anyway Changkyun, you sure do have an interesting name, and I'll keep it in mind. Anyways we have to get going, however it was nice to meet you." 

Changkyun waved back as they all walked out, of course Wonho glaring over at Changkyun still as Kihyun forcefully pushed him out. Then he sighed and waltzed right back over to the bar, laying his chin on the island counter. 

"Wow, I must really be unlucky to call out someone as big as Wonho." 

The guy handling the drink chuckled. "Yeah, but you called him out on his shit though, and not a lot of people do that." 

Changkyun groaned. "It's not even that Youngjae, I didn't wanna yell at him period. But he was such an asshole and it really pissed me off. And I'm just like my mother said I was, a boy who doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut." 

"True. However, don't think you're the only person who thought that about Wonho. You're just the only person with enough balls to tell him that he's not really all that, he's just a piece of shit." 

"He's not a piece of shit, he's just troubled." 

Youngjae grimaced. "Yeah. A troubled piece of shit." 

"Youngjae please. You're not helping." 

The strawberry blonde chuckled. "Right sorry, you're trying to feel bad for him. My mistake let me keep my words to myself." 

Changkyun rolled his eyes and he laughed softly. "Whatever, just get me a coke and I'll be out of your hair." 

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“Geronimo!” Jooheon exclaimed, jumping on to Changkyun’s bed. And as a result, Changkyun’s whole body jumped up from the bed, landing on the floor.

“Wake the fuck up Changkyun. It may be summer but you’re not gonna be a bump on the log.” Jooheon replied, as Changkyun rubbed his head, attempting to gain both his consciousness and sanity.

All he had the energy to do though, was look up at the red-headed jackass who was now sitting on his bed, criss-crossed, looking down at him as if he succeed in doing something.

Jooheon and Changkyun both attended Raku University, which was one of the biggest universal colleges in all of Asia. It was an art college, where only the best of the best in any film, fashion, dancing, singing, or art major could get in. Jooheon of course managed to get in perfectly fine, seeing as they didn’t really need to look at test scores or anything else specific.

However Changkyun, it’s not like he wasn’t able to get in, it was just that there was so many options all for him.

There was the music portion, which he really wanted to get into, of course with Jooheon so they could stick together and end together like they promised, as well as create music. Then there was the film and production major, because he wanted to study film and media, hoping to become a director. Many other stuff too that had caught his attention, and he had got accepted for all of them.

The only one he declined was the whole theater major, only because being involved with theater involved singing. And Changkyun wasn’t a singer, or he was, but he hasn’t sang a single song in a while, or danced in years. Plus, it only brought back horrible memories of the past.

So, since he was struggling to find a decent major, he just decided to go with the photography major.

“Jooheonn…” He groaned, “I told you to stop doing that!”

Jooheon just shrugged his shoulders in response, cocking his head to the side. “Want some help?”

Changkyun glared at him, giving him an immediate…..


Jooheon snickered, shrugging his shoulders and jumping off the bed to walk over to his side of the room. Changkyun finally managed to get back up, crawling back under the covers. He was able to get a little bit comfortable once more, until his alarm went off.

Goddammmmmmmit!” He groaned.

Jooheon sneered at his reaction. “I knew your lazy ass would fall back to sleep. You do know what day it is right?”

But Changkyun didn’t respond back, because he already knew what day it was. Today was the last day of classes, and everyone could chose whether or not they wanted to take summer classes, or go on the big vacation the classes provided.

The photography, music, model, fashion, and film takes a nice little trip to Singapore every year, and almost everyone in that major looked forward to it.

Well, everyone but Changkyun.

“Why do we have to wake up so early?! School or no school, waking up at 8 AM is a crime!”He yelled from under the covers. Jooheon shook his head in response, mumbling “Lazy ass” under his breath.

But Changkyun could still hear as he rose up from under the covers, cocking his head to the side. 

“You wanna say that again?”

Jooheon slowly turned around, tossing a pillow at him.

“You, are extremely lazy. I hope you don’t act like this when we go to Singapore.”

Changkyun plopped back on his bed. “Who said I was going?”

“Ah c’mon Kyun, really? You’re gonna hold back on me again this year?”

“I mean, if you want to you can most definitely go on ahead and not hold back with me. I don’t even know why you didn’t go last year.”

“Because we usually have a good ass time when we go on field trips together, plus this trip is the biggest benefit for us not having to take summer classes.”

“Yeah, like 3 hour classes is such a horrible thing.” Changkyun replied, in a sarcastic tone, causing Jooheon to roll his eyes in annoyance.

“Well you’re not gonna be lazy and bail on me bitch.”

But as soon as he said that, Changkyun rolled back under the covers. Jooheon sighed, approaching his bed attempting to take the covers off.

“Listen here, you’re not gonna be a lazy bastard and ruin this vacation for me! I’m not staying back to take some measly old classes for the 3rd time!” Jooheon exclaimed, continuously shaking the covers.

“Well then just go without me!”

“No! I want to experience it with my best friend for once! We’re supposed to be in this together Kyunie and you’re just being a bitch bailing on something that could possibly change your life!”

Changkyun moves the covers from his head, glaring at Jooheon. “What the hell is a trip that’s 3 weeks long gonna do for me?”

Jooheon pouted. “A lot of things if you give it a chance. Please, just for me?”

Changkyun looked up at Jooheon, who gave him cute little puppy eyes. I mean, usually Changkyun would just decline no matter if Jooheon got really furious with puppy eyes, however he had a point.

Jooheon, as his best friend, is literally the only person who’s been by Changkyun’s side for ages.

They were technically brothers at this point since there were many family issues that occurred and Jooheon was the first to step in, as well as his mother took him in and raised him and Jooheon on her own.

Honestly, every year Changkyun declines the trip offer, Jooheon would do the same only to stay with him so he wouldn’t be alone. And they were Juniors in college now, which meant they already wasted the other years.

Changkyun owed him one, he knew Jooheon would do the exact same for him.

He sighed in defeat. “Alright, I’ll go.”

Jooheon shouted in excitement, harshly kicking Changkyun off his bed. He didn’t even notice until he heard a loud thump.

“Ow! What the fuck up with you kicking me off my bed this morning Jooheon!?” He exclaimed, rubbing his head once more.

The red head just chuckled. “Sorry, force of habit.”


Raku University was as big outside as it was inside. The campus, that is, was gravely beautiful itself with restaurants and buffets everywhere. The malls, and even certain special shops for certain kids in certain majors.

Like there was a whole outdoor mall with your basic stores as well as stores that have the supply you need for your majors which made it even better.

It was also extremely hard to get into the school itself as a whole, but you had absolutely nothing to worry about if you were good at what you were doing.

Today was the last day of normal school round classes before everyone headed out on vacation and chose what they wanted to do, which was pick between the major vacation, or the extra classes set in stone. There was also a list, a big ass list, that you sign so you could get a seat saved on the bus, as well as the plane and such.

Changkyun came out, in his usual black ripped jeans, black hoodie, white converse kinda style. Seeing as it was the last day to look presentable who the hell was he supposed to be dressing for?

Not like he had much luck in the romance range anyways.

He was the first to approach the list, looking at the names and feeling an immediate shiver up his spine. The fact that he was going along with this was crazy, like really. He had no idea it would be this damn hard to put your name down on a fucking list.

What was the point in all this anyway, Singapore was one of the prettiest but also the most dangerous place in all of Asia. If anything, he was bound to get lost, or worse, kidnapped.

Maybe it was best to just call it quits-


The small boy froze in his tracks, the turned over to see a familiar face. “O-oh! Hey Minhyuk.”

The pink haired boy snickered. “Wow, this really must be the year of wonders. What brings you out of the shadows?”

“Well mullet, I was just y’knoooow….”

Minhyuk raised an eyebrow. “Just uhhh what?”

“...just signing up to go to the Singapore field trip.” He replied softly.

However, Minhyuk’s eyes became as wide as saucers. “WHAT?! You’re going on the trip this year?”

The dirty blonde boy nodded slowly. “Yep. Just decided to change up a little bit this year. Seeing as next year we’re graduating college and so I kinda wanna live a little bit and get the whole experience.”

Minhyuk gasped, and as he did, someone else, who looked very well dressed walked up as well. Her brown hair complimented her entire outfit, as well as her skin.

“Min, what are you over here panicking about?” She replied.

Changkyun waved in response. “Heyoo, Wendy, I exist too.”

But she just glared at him, turning her head back to Minhyuk. “Hey what’s up Min?”

“Changkyun is actually going to the Singapore field trip this year.” Minhyuk exclaimed. This time, almost everyone around him heard him and all eyes were right on Changkyun, who strunk right in his spot.

Wendy’s eyebrows rose as she turned back to Changkyun. “You’re going to the Singapore field trip this year?”

Changkyun nodded slowly. “Uh, yeah?”

“Isn’t it exciting?! Changkyun’s really coming on the trip with us this year! Must be a golden year for us seeing as Kyun has never ever left his room at all. Such a cute little loner is stepping out of his box I’m happy for you!” Minhyuk squealed. However Changkyun wasn’t really happy with his response.

In fact, it was rather insulting for his case.

Wendy wasn’t having it though. “I’m not buying it. You never go anywhere unless you have to and usually you’re tagging along with Jooheon.”

Changkyun furrowed his eyebrows, “Well, maybe I wanna just change for a while since I’ve been the same for all my three years of college. I mean I’m fucking 23 now, leave me alone.”

A smaller girl with long black hair ran over no later, accompanied by another girl with red hair. This was Minhyuk’s small little party, since he was the most popular boy in school, as well as the leading person in the fashion/model major.

The smaller girl looked over at Changkyun and hissed. “Ew, you’re talking to the loner kid.”

Changkyun rolled his eyes. “Minhyuk do you need to have your stupid ass little amazonian queens party with you everytime we talk?”

“Hey least it’s not all of them-”

The girl, known as Yeri hissed at Changkyun, holding tight to Minhyuk’s arm. “Yes! He most definitely needs us by his side at all times! To protect him from boys like you.”

Changkyun furrowed his eyebrows. “I’m older than you.”

“I’m 19! You’re not that much older than me!”

Changkyun looked up at Minhyuk for defense, who just sighed, turning over to the smaller black haired girl. “Yeri and Wendy. Lemme talk to Changkyun by myself for a little bit. I swear it won’t take long.”

Yeri took one look at Minhyuk, the back at Changkyun, who was glaring at her the whole time.

“You heard her pipsqueak, beat it.” He snapped.

She wasn’t gonna leave, but once Minhyuk gave her puppy eyes, she sighed in defeat, letting Minhyuk go. “Okay! Only a few minutes though okay?”

Minhyuk nodded, and with that, both Wendy and Yeri gave Changkyun one last glare before walking away. The dirty blonde shook his head, looking at Minhyuk with this kinda disappointed sorta look as he waved back to the both of them.

No, it was most definitely the look of disappointment.

“You’ve changed so much since elementary.” He spat out. “I remember when I could talk to you without legit numbers of girls near you. Now you’re like the most popular boy in all of Raku, like you’re the fresh prince out of a magazine.”

Minhyuk rolled his eyes at that. “Oh c’mon Changkyun, you know how it is nowadays. I’m sorta in the modeling field now and I’ve kinda developed since high school.”

Changkyun sighed because he knew how right the boy was. Him and Minhyuk went way back, like they were childhood friends going through the same problems. He even remembered when Minhyuk never let him out of his sight--ever. They were so close to the point where they were inseparable and no one could ever let them go. Especially when Changkyun was going through his rough phases as a child, Minhyuk was there as his counselor and supporter. The first person, besides Jooheon to back him up with everything he did no matter what, like a brother.

Him, Minhyuk, and Jooheon were all close friends and had their own little triangle as little kids.

What changed it was when Minhyuk and Jooheon kissed one of their movie nights once Changkyun fell asleep. And they dated for a good 4 years, until senior year Minhyuk had called it all off because he felt like their whole relationship seemed so weary and hanging on a loose thread. Or well, that’s what Changkyun heard what happened, but he really knew that that wasn’t the real case. Minhyuk loved Jooheon as much as Jooheon loved him, so he never really understood why they broke up.

But when he did break up with him, that’s when things really started to change, especially for Changkyun in his little world. It was like everything was slowly changing, but he couldn’t even catch up. And all the while Jooheon was hoping that they could at least continue being friends. Changkyun even hoped for the best as well seeing as they all grew up together as The Ult Trio.

But, Minhyuk drifted from the both of them and pursued his own path for the rest of the senior year.

The whole thing kinda just made Changkyun sigh.

Seemed like all the good memories he had kinda just faded or automatically turned to crap, like he could never have a good moment and savour it. Once it ended, he was the one left being alone and disappointed.

And they wondered why he was so distant from everyone.

“Well it would be nice if when we talked you weren’t getting pulled away somewhere else. Or with a group of other whores I don’t care about.” He snapped.

Minhyuk’s eyes widened. “Oh boy, don’t do that to me. I never have time anymore but whenever I do you know that I would make time for you.”

Changkyun raised an unconvinced eyebrow. “Yeah, but when you have the time for me, it gets cut off immediately when you-know-who walks up.”

“You mean Jooheon? Nonsense, I can face Jooheon perfectly fine.”

And right on cue, a certain redhead walked up wearing some ripped jean-shorts, a dirty green baggy jacket accompanied with a white button down shirt and some checkered Vans.

“Hey Kyun, did you sign us up yet?” Jooheon replied.

Changkyun shook his head. “Nah, I was preoccupied at the moment.”

Before Jooheon could even ask what he meant, he looked over and saw Minhyuk, who was awkwardly staring in another direction. Jooheon froze, glancing over at Minhyuk with his nice pretty black flowy crop top and black joggers with a pretty fur jean jacket on. His pink mullet most likely complimented his whole appearance, as did his light makeup.

He still looked really pretty no matter what, well to Jooheon.

“H-hey Minhyuk.” Jooheon stuttered. “How’s it been?”

The pink haired boy sneered, still refusing to look his way. “It’s been pretty know I’ve been busy.”

“Yeah I know. You’re always busy nowadays.” Jooheon mumbled, especially that last line with a little bit of frustration. When Minhyuk looked his way through, his light brown eyes pierced right through Jooheon’s soul.

“What was that last bit?” Minhyuk replied, with some sass in his tone.

Jooheon blushed nervously, now with his eyes looking in another direction. “Y-y’know you’re always busy with your major! Since you’re doing modeling and fashion now, and you’re so popular. Of course you’re gonna be busy. You’re bound to be busy.”

Minhyuk rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I mean everyone’s always busy with their majors. We just got lives.”

Jooheon awkwardly nodded his head in response.

To your average person, this would’ve seemed like a normal-ish, awkward kinda conversation. But to Changkyun, this was a conversation that was kinda hard to watch. Seeing that two guys who were once close, closer even, were now just here not sure what to say to each other.

But in life it be like that sometimes.

“Well I’m gonna go.” Minhyuk quickly replied, hugging Changkyun tightly. Changkyun was still giving him an unconvinced glare the whole time, but still managed to let out a small bye as he hugged him back.

Once he left, Jooheon sighed in relief, poking his lips out.

“Why am I always awkward by Minhyuk?! Literally! He walks up to me and my heart just keeps going constantly, nonstop. And I can’t talk to him with a straight face-”

“You’re not even straight so how are you gonna talk to him with a straight face?” Changkyun spat, chuckling lightly afterward at his little joke.

However, Jooheon didn’t find his little joke funny in the slightest. In fact, his small joke kinda made the redhead a lot more sadder than he already was. He just crossed his arms, looking away from Changkyun.

The blonde boy sighed. “You’re doing that thing again.”


Changkyun rolled his eyes. “You’re doing that thing, where you complain about you and Minhyuk but never do anything about it.”

“I mean, I have every right to be mad. Not like you can even relate because you’ve never even fallen in love before, nor have you suffered a major heartbreak that ruined your senior year of highschool and 3 years of college.”

Changkyun raised an eyebrow. “You really wanna go there?”

Jooheon looked over at him, seeing the pissed off expression on Changkyun’s face as soon as he said that. “Okay I don’t mean like natural heartbreak but y’know, falling in love with someone and being in an actual relationship.”

“Well I may not have experience but I’ve gotten my heartbroken. Besides, last time I checked, it was your fault for falling in love with your best friend.”

“KYUN! Seriously, you’re not making it any better.” Jooheon exclaimed. “Seriously, you need to learn how to not always say what you wanna say sometimes.”

“My mother taught me how to not lie and always say what’s on my mind.”

Jooheon glared at him. “Well you’re too fucking blunt sometimes.”

The blonde boy shrugged his shoulders. “What can I say? I am what I am man.”

It was silent, then Changkyun sighed once more, wrapping his arms around Jooheon from behind in a soft little embrace.

“Hey man, it’ll be okay, okay? You’re gonna move past this and once you move past it, it’ll be like it didn’t even matter. I mean, you know what our teachers use to say about us not even having to worry about people in high school because we’ll never even see them as much as we do, and it’s like that with Minhyuk. I’m pretty sure as soon as you move past this, things will look a lot more brighter for you buddy. You’ll feel a lot more weight off your shoulders if you do.”

Jooheon turned his head. “You really think I’ll be able to move on?”

Changkyun nodded in support. “Pretty sure. It’s been 4 years since that happened Jooheon and you’re still crying about how you guys had your first date and how Minhyuk ate almost everything on your plate.”

“It was so cute-”

“Let it go. It’s hard to see you still sober over this for 4 years, you’re lucky I’m still here.”

Jooheon glared at the boy as he grinned.

“You know I’m right.”

Then the redhead tsked. “Fuck you Changkyun.” And Changkyun laughed in response. After he was done laughing, Jooheon laughed too. “Thanks, too. You can let go now.”

Changkyun however shook his head. “Can’t, you’re like a comfortable chubby pillow.”

Jooheon’s expression changed as he pushed him off. “Don’t indirectly call me fat headass! Don’t think I didn’t hear your gay ass I am what I am line earlier.”

“Aww c’mon, you loved it! I heard you laugh a little bit.” Changkyun replied, chuckling lightly.

“Whatever, you fucking loser.” Jooheon snickered, shaking his head. “Did you even sign our names on the list yet?”

Changkyun stilted, and as he did that, Jooheon already got his answer. The redheaded boy just shook his head once more, snatching the pen from the stand and signing his name at the bottom where there was space. He handed the pen over to Changkyun no later, who kinda hesitated to sign it at first.

But after remembering his promise to Jooheon earlier this morning, he just sighed, signing his full name, an ounce of regret following right behind him. Even when he took a step back just to see his name written up on the post, for once after 3 years, it made a shiver go up his spine.

He turned his head to Jooheon. “If this goes to shit, I get to kick your ass for our last year of college and we’re taking those 6 hour long prep classes for the rest of the summer.”

Jooheon grinned. “That’s a fair deal Kyun.” 

Chapter Text

Changkyun and Jooheon walked into class, peacefully and unnoticed just like any other student would. Or, at least they would've if Minhyuk hadn't spilled the beans about Changkyun finally going on the Singapore field trip.

Which, Changkyun wishes he hadn't done because as soon as he walked in class, all eyes laid on him.

"Jesus fucking Christ, where's the elephant in the room?" Changkyun whisper snapped.

"Don't be like that, everyone is just surprised to see your name roster for the trip." Jooheon giggles as he placed his books down. "I mean shit this is the first time you've done anything for your major you're not forced to do."

"Technically I am being forced you gay ass cherry. And you don't do anything outside your major unless I'm doing it too so why isn't everyone buzzing about you?"

Jooheon sighed. "First of all scumbag, I do a shit ton of stuff without you. Changkyun I'm in the music major, I do most of the stuff I do without you."

Changkyun rolled his eyes as he dug in his bag to get his stuff. "Where's the raincheck when you need it? I'm sick of people labeling me as the loner kid when I'm not."

"Well, you kinda are." Someone said from behind, which startled Changkyun and caused him to drop all his stuff. He turned around angrily to face a pretty thick female with long maroon hair.

He furrowed his eyebrows. "Jimin."

The small girl smiled, sitting her stuff down on the table desk next to Changkyun. "Changkyun. I'm glad to see you come out the closet after 3 years. Did Jooheon drag you out or did you come out willingly?"

"First of all-"

"I finally got him to come!" Jooheon spat with his whole chest. "He was in denial at first but he felt bad because he never does anything I want him to do."

Jimin looked over at Jooheon, chuckling lightly. "I knew it! Something was telling me that Changkyun wasn't actually trying to go but Jooheon convinced him somehow."

"Jimin don't you have something you need to do?" Changkyun nagged, his face more irritated as usual.

"Nope! Well besides pack but I've done enough of that last night." The jittery female exclaimed as she clapped her hands happily. "Oh but I do need to update my blogspot page."

"You mean that weird ass fanpage for that one band you're into?"

"Red Mamora? Nope I had to get someone to take over that account because my schedule is busy and I'm only gonna be updating one blog."

Changkyun raised an eyebrow. "One? You have like 10 Twitter pages."

"Cuz' a girl be feeling inspired and it's all too much for one page. You should know that I still have my old fanpages from third grade."

Both boys sighed as they shook their heads, "Yeah, we know."

Jimin Park was yet another childhood friend of Changkyun and Jooheon. Ever since choir in the second grade, the three of them seemed to click instantly. Even when Minhyuk was still with them, they were still close pals. But Jimin was more close with Changkyun since they had tons of classes together and their parents were literally best friends. Seriously, she was honestly like a sister to Changkyun as Jooheon was a brother to him however, she would be the one who was the first to know everything.

From his first kiss to his first tattoo.

And what really brought them together was Jimin's obsession with the famous Cythina Parker.

A.k.a, Changkyun's mother.

Jimin was literally Changkyun's mother's biggest fan and the fact that her mother knew her and she was friends with her son was even better.

Shit, she remembered the day Changkyun offered her a ride home and Cythina was the one who picked them up. Jimin's nearly died when she walked into the black Dodge Charger, and the whole ride she wouldn't stop talking about how much she loved her.

Days would go by and Jimin would tell Changkyun the story of how he fell in love with her when she first saw her perform live. Changkyun would just laugh lightly as he saw pictures and posters of his mother all over Jimin's wall and how much she appreciated her as much as her other fans did.

As much as he did.

"Jimin you're literally the queen of fanpages." Changkyun replied, "What do you mean it's too much for you? You update them all at once as if it's some kind of resume."

"No I mean I need a break from my other ones so I can focus on this one fanpage." She said as she pulled out her iPhone 8 which was complimented with a big Hello Kitty outterbox. She opened up Twitter and showed her accounts, especially the one she was pointing to which was named: WonwonDaily.

Changkyun and Jooheon's eyebrows rose in confusion at the same time as they both looked up at her.

"You guys are hellllla uncultured." Jimin's said, shaking her head. "This is my fanpage for Wonho!"

"Oh," Changkyun started to say. "You mean that model from Singapore?"

She nodded. "Yup! We go there every year and I take hella photos of him! Especially when he had this annual modeling contest and of course I participate in it myself, but me and him are like best pals at this point."

"I can't tell if you're a creepy as fansite or a stalker."

"Most likely both."

"Is there even a difference between the both of them?"

Jooheon thought for a second then shook his head. "No there isn't, you're right."

Jimin furrowed her eyebrows, "Hey! I'm still here and I am not a fansite or a stalker!"

"You sure? You most definitely act like one." Changkyun said and Jooheon nodded in response.

The three of them directed their attention to what everyone else in the room directed their attention towards and ran over to. It was Minhyuk, his arms interlocked with a tall, gorgeous male who looked as if he was apart of the modeling major too. He had ashy brown hair and he wore a white button down shirt with some nice black denim jeans that fit his legs perfectly.

It was Son Hyunwoo, in the flesh. Minhyuk's boyfriend, who also went by the name Shownu.

Everyone, and I mean everyone in the classroom ran up to the two of them like they were two famous celebrities. Well they kinda were like the big celebrity couple that everyone loved and hoped to be like in the nearby. Plus they were the top models in the model major and Minhyuk literally loved modeling and taking pictures with Shownu. They were like Beyoncé and Jay-Z of Raku University.

Changkyun and Jimin were of course happy that Minhyuk found some happiness in his life. Well, Minhyuk still spoke to them so it's not like they necessarily lost contact.

However, when it came to Jooheon, he felt like he was never even there in the first place. Or he felt like Minhyuk threw away what they had away and completely ignored him and left him out. Because once they broke up, as soon as they got to college Minhyuk was with Shownu before Jooheon even knew it and it killed him.

He sighed. "Jesus Christ, tell Beyonce and Jay-Z to calm down a little bit."

Jimin and Changkyun turned to see Jooheon slump back in his seat, his head down as he groaned loudly. Well not too loud, but loud enough for his two best friends to hear.

"Jooheon, are you serious?" Jimin started to say. "It has been years since you and Minhyuk has broken up and you're still hooked up about it?"

Jooheon lifted his head up as he showed Jimin his sad puppy eyes and nodded his head.

Changkyun sighed, "See buddy I told you. It's time for you to move on."

"You guys say it's time to move on like that's the easiest thing to do. Once you fall in love you just fall in love and there's absolutely no way to get out of that loophole." Jooheon replied as if he was reciting something from a cheesy ass poem. "Minhyuk is gonna be the only man I'll ever love and if that means I'm gonna be single and miserable for the rest of my life then I'm perfectly fine with that."

Jimin looked at Jooheon with more sympathy in her eyes now as she saw him glance over at Minhyuk, giggling as Shownu held him close and kissed him. Changkyun did as well, patting Jooheon's back.

Then Jooheon sighed, "Least he's happy."

"As in happy you mean always surrounding himself with other people just so he can be happy." Jimin snapped, rolling her eyes afterward. "Then hell yeah! He's happy as fuck."

Changkyun chuckled lightly. "Yeah. Also Jo, don't let that ruin this trip for us. For once, don't think about Minhyuk at all I want you to go out there and have a good ass time."

Jooheon's eyes got big as he and Jimin looked up at Changkyun. "Y-you really mean it? You're really gonna come with?"

Changkyun was gonna decline, but he saw the happy looks on his friends faces. He also promised Jooheon he would go, and since Jimin saw his name on the roster, she'd most definitely want him to go as well. Plus maybe this trip wasn't gonna be so bad for them. Maybe it would be nice to get a big break from college life in general, or just his life.

So much had happened in his life that's hard to explain in words and he's never been happy for a serious moment unless he needed to be. Which sucked but he made it work anyway and that's all that mattered. He needed a vacation after years, years, and years of nothing but pure sadness, and just basically grief and depression. There was a possibility however that Changkyun would become a lot more happier though, who knows?

He sighed as he smiled brightly. "Yeah. I'm really coming with you guys. Completely and willingly."

Jimin hugged Changkyun tightly from behind as Jooheon stayed seated and hugged him from the front. Changkyun just rolled his eyes playfully and sighed as he patted them both.

Sooner or later, their professor and the host for the trip, Professor Suongmin, had walked in and everyone had taken their seats.

"Good morning everyone!" He said cheerfully as everyone replied back to him with cheerful hellos. 

He went on. "I am sad to say that is is our last class together as the art programs go out for the biggest trip of our lives!" He shouted once more and earned cheers within the whole class. 

Changkyun shook his head as Jooheon and Jimin hooted real loud. 

"Honestly, I think you guys will love the trip!" Jimin whispered to the boys, "I mean we go every year and almost every trip is better than the last!" 

Changkyun raised an unconvinced eyebrow. "What makes you so sure that we'll like this trip?" 

"Honey," Jimin started to say. "Lemme tell you, this trip is hosted by one of our art directors. The best, and the hottest might I add, Professor Suongmin since he literally funds the whole trip and honestly it's so nice. The resort makes you feel like royalty, the food is gorgeous, the sights that the programs are set to see as well as the fashion shows and the private movies we get to go to--y'all it's just so fucking amazing." 

"Okay go off queen." Jooheon replied as he giggled lightly. "So is Mr. Wonho apart of the whole trip as well?" 

Jimin shook her head. "Oh no! We just take a nice tour in his house and participate in his little annual fashion show his mother hosts. Mainly we see more of his mother and his brother since they offer us dinner and take us to the museum of models as well as this nice amusement park, Wonho's alays busy working so you can never see him." 

Changkyun blew a raspberry, "Wow, how ironic." 

Jimin nudged Changkyun in his arm and he just winced in pain a little bit as they turned their attention back to Professor Suongmin. 

"-now this year I see we go some newbies on our roster so I will go over some of the rules that are reqiured for this trip as well as what I expect from all of you for the next 3 weeks. Of course you're all gonna be in groups of 6 during this trip, because I don't wanna lose any of my students. Tomorrow morning you'll be delivered your hotel room and key as well as the curfew. You'll be given a wristband too so say if you get caught up by the police or in trouble somewhere you'll have my number and the hotel location, as well as your school ID and such." 

As class went on, Changkyun just sat in thought, kinda thinking of what to expect of this trip, and also slowly regretting saying that he would go. There was honestly so much more he could be doing rather than attending this, seeing as it was kinda sorta a waste of his beloved time. He would take summer classes now so it wouldn't be much of an issue in the future, seeing as he had an advantage when it came to mid-terms. 

Then again, it wasn't like this was all bad. Going to Singapore would be a nice experience for him. 

Honestly, what could go wrong?

Still, just the thought of going somewhere else, to a whooooole nother country was mildly a big ass deal. And he was tagging along with Jooheon, and Jimin, which was gonna make the experience a lot more-

No, an awful lot more stressful than he expects it to be. 

He had never left Seoul--no scratch that, he's never stepped foot out of all of South Korea in years. He was too afraid too because he felt like his childhood would come to haunt him and he'd go through a big ass traumatic experience all over again. No to mention, he was stepping out of his comfort zone to get on a plane to this place which really took the cheese out the cake. I mean, he told Jooheon and Jimin he'd be willing to go, but the real question was, was he really? 

For all he knew, anything was possible in a new country, like what if he gets arrested for doing something wrong or against the country's beliefs? Or what if he gets kidnapped while sleeping on the bus, which he was bound to do. Or worse, what if he got put on the black market-

"Changkyun." Professor Suongmin called out, for about the 6th time. 

He blinked back as he looked up at the man who complimented himself with a blue and black tux. "Uh, yeah?" 

Professor Suongmin had handed him a small packet as he continued, "Here's the schedule for tomorrow's trip, as well as all the stuff you'll need to pack and how much money you need to bring." 

Changkyun nodded as he took the paper from the older man. Once he walked off, Jooheon looked back at Changkyun in concern. "Hey, you okay there buddy? You seem all stressed out." 

The blonde boy nodded. "Y-yeah, I'm fine. I just uhh....can't wait for this trip!"


"Are you fucking serious? We're required to bring all prescripted medicine on this trip in case of allergies because their not in charge of our health? Fuck this fucking trip it can eat my ass." Changkyun exclaimed throwing the paper on the floor. 

After all the classes had ended and it reached 6 ol' clock, the boys went back to their dorm to at least start packing and readying themselves for what was in store since they were pretty late with packing unlike everyone else. And Jimin of course was there to help them out since she's been there and knew what to expect of the trip. 

Well--Jooheon was damn near done packing since he was already starting to pack ffrom this morning. 

Changkyun however, wasn't really prepared at all. Or even halfway done.

"I mean we're all adults Changkyun." Jimin replied. "At this point we should be in charge of our own health. Why do we need other adults taking care of us, it's not like we're in elementary, middle, or high school anymore." 

"Yeah but still, we're set up to die in another country. A foreign country where literally anything can happen! And the money portion! You can't tell me that that is utter bullshit?" Changkyun scoffed. 

"Changkyun, you literally have doctors everywhere." Jooheon said from his closet. "Remember who your mother is big boy." 

The blonde boy rolled his eyes. "Just because my mother is the Cythina Parker who's a famous natinonal singer doesn't mean shit." 

"It does when it means you have endless credit and good health." 

Changkyun rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I'm getting all this money from a man who I don't even know, who's God knows where doing God knows what. And ever since that day where this man lended me money I've been feeling really cautious about it, because don't you think it's funny that a man I've never even met before is delivering money to me?" 

Jimin tapped her chin. "Who knows, it's probably your dad." 

"Pfft, oh year sure, a dead man is gonna deliver me money? Practical joke Jimin." 

"You still believe that your father is dead? You don't think he could be out there somewhere? Like what if he's in America or something, you know you were born in America and so was your mother so anything's possible." 

"Jimin. I'm 23 years old, and it's been 17 years since the incident and I haven't seen that man since birth. Shit, he didn't even come when my mother passed away so it doesn't even matter." 

 The marron haired female sighed in defeat. "Yeah you're probably right. I just still have this strange suspision that he might be out there somewhere." 

Jooheon pumped out the closet dressed in a cute little all-white Winnie The Pooh onesie, with his orange hair in two small pigtails. Changkyun and Jimin just continued staring at him for minutes, and minutes, and minutes

Until the two of them bursted out into laughter. 

Jooheon frowned. "What?! I thought I'd wear this onesie while we're on the bus and plane. It's gonna be a while and we're waking up at the asscrack of dawn. I'm goin' out in style!" 

"Jooheon, is that your onesie from out camping sleepover back from freshmen year in highschool?" Changkyun asked, trying to not snort louder than usual. 

The red head nodded wholeheartedly. "Yes! I'm bringing back the PJ Masks!"

That only made Changkyun laugh even harder as he rolled off the bed, holding his stomach.  Jooheon huffed at the laughing duo as he walked over to his ladybug decorated suitcase. 

Changkyun sighed, wipping a small tear from his eye. "Wow, you're really going all in with this trip, huh?" 

"Yeah I am! I brought my Polaroid too so we're gonna take nice aesthetic ass photos too." He replied as he pulled out the pink champagne colored camera. "We're gonna be fucking savages tomorrow you guys." 

"You're really being your inner queer on this trip aren't you?" Changkyun replied, raising an eyebrow as Jooheon nodded in response. 

Jimin snickered, "Girl, me too." 

Both boys turned their heads to Jimin, looking quite confused as well as concerned. She just shrugged her shoulders and proceeded to go through her phone. 

Changkyun sighed as he walked up to his drawers. "Man I don't know how if I feel comfortable with this whole trip. Their assigning our roommates so what if I don't even get bunked with you guys?" 

"Relax Kyun, I'm pretty sure Suongmin is gonna put us all together in the same group and bunk us together too. He picks the groups based on class performance and we're basically always on top of each other and constantly partnering with each other." Jimin replied as she set down her phone to take the clothes Changkyun was handing her to put in his plaid-colored suitcase. 

Jooheon walked out the closet, looking rather confused as he held a small white bottle. "Dammit what the hell is this still doing here?" 

Changkyun and Jimin turned their heads to see the bottle Jooheon was holding and their eyes became fucking big as fuckiing saucers. 

Jimin was the first to say it, "Jooheon what the hell are you doing with a whole ass bottle of lube in your closet?" 

Jooheon looked up at her immediately as he saw the pale faces on both his friends' faces. He blushed lightly, "I-I kept it from High School." 

"High school?" Changkyun said, "But shouldn't it be expired by now?" 

Jimin and Jooheon slowly turned their heads to Changkyun, giving him a look that had you're a dumbass written all over it.

"Lube doesn't expire." Jooheon started to say. Then paused for a second, and looked over at Jimin. "Does it?"

Jimin slapped her forehead as she groaned. "You both really are uncultured. You guys are gay and have had sex I thought you would've known by now that lubricants are almost always water-based than made with oil." 

"Well I'm sorry Graffiti Scientist Designer but we know nothing about chemicals." Changkyun aruged. 

Jooheon nodded. "Yeah, plus Changkyun hasn;t had sex before in his life he's a whole ass virgin." 

Changkyun blushed lightly as he turned his head over to Jooheon angrily. "J-Jooheon! I thought we already discussed that Jimin doesn't need to know everything!" 

"She like a sister to us Kyun. She was there when you got fingered in public back in junior year." 

Jimin furrowed her eyebrows as she placed her hands on her hips. "Yeah! After all that mess I thought you would've been lost your virginity by now!" 

"Nope. Although Jackson would've been a nice first time I just couldn't do it. Also we had to break up because he moved back to China a month before our 2nd month anniversary." 

"That's pretty rough." Jimin replied as Changkyun sighed. 

Then it hit Jooheon as Changkyun told that story. He was finally stepping out of his shell and going to another country that was full of possiblities! Possibilities meaning that Changkyun could meet someone knew and finally have a fullout experience of what love feels like. Maybe even have sex for the first time and get that full on glowup. 

Well I mean, that sounded pretty gay, but it was worth a shot.

Jooheon made a small high-pitched ooh as he held the lube close to his face and squined his eyes, smiling somewhat. 

Changkyun saw the small sparkle that went off in his eyes and sighed. "Oh boy, I know that look. You're about to hatch some impossible, illiterate plan that involves me." 

"You bet your fucking ass!" Jooheon exclaimed. "We're getting you a zing this trip!" 

"Zing? What is this, Hotel Transylvania?" 

Jooheon zoomed up to Changkyun's face, getting approximently close. "I mean it Changkyun! We're gonna get you a fucking date this trip and we're gonna get you laid if it's the last thing we fucking do for you. I can promise you that much!" 

"Ooh shit! Go off queen!" Jimin exclaimed, pumping her fists in the air. The boys looked at her confusingly as she cleared her throat. "O-ok, proceed." 

Changkyun looked up at Jooheon. "Joo, I don't know if that's such a good idea. I'm not trying to get laid anytime soon either because I wanna save it for the person whose bound to sweep me off my feet." 

"Fuck that. I had my first time with the love of my life and look where that got me." 

"Sad, gay, desperate, and depressed wearing a wholesome ass Winnie the Pooh onesie." Jimin sneered as her and Changkyun exchanged a few snickers. 

Jooheon sighed. "Yeah, what she said. You don't wanna be like me and have it with someone who you expect to spend the rest of your life with so they can just leave you a year later, break your heart, chew it up, spit it out, step on it, throw it down the sewer, call it names and then laugh!" 

"Hit it Fergie." Jimin bursted out again, getting concerning looked from the boys once more. 

Changkyun then looked back at Jooheon who seemed pretty serious about this and hung his head down. "I don't know Jooheon. Having sex, for me I really want it to be special y'know? I want it to be with someone who I like and likes me back, and even if it's a one-stand I'd understand that. I feel like my viriginity is the only thing I have which I've kept safe with me and it's very special to me. I wanna be careful." 

Both Jimin and Jooheon looked at him as he looked as if he was seriously about to cry. Changkyun wasn't lying though, he felt like his virginity was the last thing he could keep safe under his watch, no matter how risky. Jackson would've been his first if he hadn't panicked the first time. 

And also contiplate whether it was the right time or not the whole time.

Jimin awed as she hugged Changkyun from behind. "My little baby boy. I love you but you know a nice little hookup wouldn't hurt." 

Jooheon nodded as he smiled warmly and hugged him from the frontm slumping in his lap. "Yeah, besides we just want you to have a goof time while you're out here Changkyun. I don't want to just make it seem like I'm forcing you to go against your own will, even though it may seem like it that's not the case. I just want you to go out and have fun." 

Changkyun sniffled as he smiled and embraced himself in the legendary friendship sandwich. 

This is why he loved the friends he had, they always had his back 100%. 

"Ooooookay, I'll go out and find a guy." Changkyun said as his friends squealed in delight. "BUT--only for on night I'll give it a shot. If I hate it then I'm leaving, and I get to stay in my hotel room and do nothing but sleep for at least 3 days." 

Jooheon nodded. "That seems fair." 

"Hell yes! Get your mans sis!" Jimin exclaimed as she jumped up, punching the air. Then she looked down at the boys who were giving her concerning looks again. 

"Jimin, please stop talking. We're gay, not participants of Rupaul's Drag Race." Changkyun replied as Jooheon snickered lightly. 

The female got down and hung her head in embarrassment. "My apologies." 


Chapter Text

"No no! That's not it!" Changkyun exclaimed as he scribbled off the drawing Jooheon had made.

The small brown haired boy furrowed his eyebrows. "Are you kidding me Kyun?! This is exactly what your mother looks like!" Then he turned over to show it to a smaller blonde haired boy, "Isn't that right Minhyuk?"

The other little boy, known as Minhyuk, who had curly blonde hair looked over at the drawing and squinted his eyes to get a better view of the art that had been made. It wasn't necessarily all that great because Minhyuk couldn't even pinpoint what the hell it even was. 

"It looks like a monster." Minhyuk replied as he snickered.

Jooheon blushed lightly, getting even angrier. "N-no! It's not supposed to be a monster! It's supposed to be Changkyun's mother with angel wings!" 

A little girl with strawberry blonde hair had walked past them all, her phone in her hand and sat up next to Changkyun. "What are you guys going on about?" 

Changkyun snatched the paper from Jooheon's hands and gave it to the little girl sitting next to him. "Jimin, Jooheon can't draw to save his own life." 

"Screw you!" Jooheon exclaimed, then looked over and saw Minhyuk still snickering at him which made the boy blush in embarrassment. He just furrowed his eyebrows and crossed his arms angrily. Jimin tried examining the paper a little bit more, still trying to get a grip on why the hell it looked like a drawing of a spoon with big ass devil wings and a wig. 

"Jooheon, this looked like a demon. I thought you got out of your bad boy phase for trying to impress girls?" Jimin brought up, which made Minhyuk and Changkyun's snickers get louder. 

The brunette little boy just rolled his eyes. "It was supposed to be Changkyun's mother as an ANGEL! Look I can't draw okay, at least I had a nice message behind it." 

Minhyuk turned around to dig in his pink Hello Kitty bookbag and pulled out a sketchbook. Then he flipped the pages and landed on a page, to which he showed the boys and Jimin. Jimin and Jooheon stared in awe at the beautiful image of a female, with long, curly, black locks wearing some kind of goddess attire. She had on a crown and everything and her wings were magnificent. 

She truly looked like an angel. 

Jimin blushed lightly as she snatched the image and took a better look at it. "Now this is how you draw an angel. Miss Cythina Parker, oh my god she's gorgeous!" 

Jooheon nodded, "Yeah, my drawings are crap compared to this!" Then his eyes sparkled as he looked up at Minhyuk, "Min, this is amazing!" 

The blonde boy blushed lightly, "Th-thanks, but this isn't my sketchbook." 

He closed the book and flipped it over and revealed the label on the sketchbook. 

Lim Daniel Changkyun's SKETCHES

Both Jooheon and Jimin turned over to look at Changkyun, who just shrunk down in his seat. 

"No WAY! KYUNIE, HOW'D YOU EVEN DO THIS?!" Jimin exclaimed as she snatched the sketchbook, turning back to the page and pulling out her phone to take a picture of it. 

He just chuckled nervously. "Uh, well I don't even know. I'm kinda skilled I guess." 

"Are you kidding me right now?" Minhyuk snapped, "This boy takes personal drawing classes with my mother everyday! He uses that knowledge that he learns from her and does the art on his own everytime!" 

Changkyun blushed lightly as he looked over at Minhyuk, furrowing his eyebrows. "M-Minhyuk! That was supposed to be a secret between us!" 

"Oof, guess you're out the closet." Minhyuk giggled as Changkyun shrunk down in his seat again. 

Jimin just continued looking through all the drawings, her eyes becoming big as ever and sparkling as if she had seen an angel fall from heaven and into her arms. Changkyun's drawings, they were all beautiful sketches of this same woman, his mother, as a goddess but many kinds of goddesses. He drew her as Athena, Persephone, Artemis, Aphrodite, and even Venus. They were all beautiful pieces of art, and it made Jimin cry. 

"Kyun, how could you hide these." Jimin sobbed, "ESPECIALLY FROM ME?! I LOVE YOUR MOTHER WITH MY WHOLE HEART!" 

The smaller black haired boy sighed, "Well, it was supposed to be a secret, but-" 

"You're out the closet." Minhyuk giggled. "Also I was gonna tell you that you can't hide your sketchbook in my bag anymore because it's pretty heavy." 

Changkyun rolled his eyes. "Whatever, I'm getting a new bookbag anyways." 

"I can't believe all this time you could draw and I never knew. You really are skilled Changkyun! You can literally be a photographer in the art institution." Jooheon exclaimed. 

Changkyun shook his head, "That's fine. I wanna be in a musical one day, or at least do something involved with arts, like I have a whole valley of options." 

"Well hurry and chose!" Jimin exclaimed, raising her hands up in the air. "You don't have much time in life you know!" 

"Jimin, we're literally 8 years old." Minhyuk replied from afar. "We have all the time in the world." 

But before Jimin could speak up again, the lights in the theater had dimmed and they all shushed her once they saw that it got darker. Everyone in the theater had turned their direction to the curtains, which had opened up and showed a wonderful snowy backdrop. Some kids came running out and playing about, throwing the fake snow props back and forth like there was no tomorrow and they were all singing this song about Christmas, which lifted up everyone's spirits. 

Jooheon had made a few jokes about the actors, especially the one who kept dancing like a whole fairy and Minhyuk giggled lightly at them. Even the ones which weren't funny or pretty dry, Minhyuk found those to be the most funniest ones. Jimin was too busy catcalling all the guys that came around, especially the main character, who's name was Daemin, who was trying his best to impress the girl he wanted to ask out to the winter ball. 

The main character, who was played by the beautiful Cythina Parker. 

Changkyun just smiled as he saw his mother, age 22, running across the stage all in character and singing with her wonderful voice. It was literally music to his ears. She had did so many clothes changes that Changkyun couldn't even count, nor could he pick one he thought looked the best on her. 

And at some point of the musical, she walked on to a window prop and started to sing out of it. 

"When raindrops fell, down from the sky
The day you left me, an angel cried
Oh, she cried, an angel cried
She cried."

Changkyun just kept eye contact with his mother as she held that note, his eyes becoming as big as ever and sparkling like crazy. All he could do was blush lightly and start to smile slowly, seeing as he's so use to his mother singing. But what made Changkyun even more in awe was that she had made that song. It was the lullaby she made for Changkyun ever since he was a baby, and it literally met the whole world to him.

She tried for years and years to go out and sing it, but her manager never let her.  Until now.  Everytime Changkyun heard her sing it, it made him cry everytime. 

He just wanted to be in her arms forever as she sung it, and feel more and more secure no matter what. 



The blonde boy opened his eyes slowly as he realized that he had came back to reality. Once he finally did, he looked up at Jooheon, "Wh-what time it is peasant?" 


Changkyun rubbed his eyes. "The bus for what?" 


Changkyun's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he jumped quickly. "HOLY SHIT!" 

He rushed over in his closet and pulled out his suitcase and his slides. Then he rushed over to the bed to put on some socks as well as his black Adidas visor, got his dufflebag, which matched his suitcase, and started to run out the door. He almost made it out too, had Jooheon not been right in his way. 

"Slow down!" He said, then pointed to the folded piece of cloth that was on Changkyun's dresser. Changkyun looked over at it, running over to it because it was probably his emergency blanket that he takes in case the cover he has in his hotel room isn't enough, or someone kicks him out of his bed and he has to sleep on the floor. 

Or both. 

Anyways, bless Jooheon for being such a great roommate and awesome best friend-

"Jooheon, what the actual fuck." 

He turned around to reveal a indigo colored onesie with small wolves all over it, a moon and some stars. There was a hoodie too, which had fur on the arch of it. He looked up at Jooheon, who kept his hands on his hips and poked his lips out. 

"We're not going anywhere until you put on your onesie and your slippers." He snapped, crossing his hands. 

Changkyun rolled his eyes as he started to quickly jog in place. "Jo, we don't have time for this! It's literally 5:40 and we only have 20 minutes to make it to this godforsaken bus!" 

"I don't care, I made Jimin were her my little pony one and you're gonna go out there and wear your wolf one." 

"Jooheon, we're not bringing back the PJ Masks-" 

"Yes the fuck we are! Now put your shit on!" 



Changkyun shook his head once more, "Hell no. You can't make me." 

"Kyun, please-" 

"No! Plus, we can't be the PJ Masks if one of us is missing-" 

"I DO NOT GIVE A FLYING FUCK!" Jooheon exclaimed, which nearly scared the horse shit out of Changkyun, "YOU ARE GOING TO PUT ON THIS ONESIE, AND YOU ARE GOING TO LIKE IT. NOW PUT YOUR ASS IN THIS ONESIE!" 

Changkyun raised a scared little finger, "C-can't I just-" 


"Can we just--WAIT UNTIL I GET ON THE BUS!" Changkyun exclaimed, "I'll put it on then, I promise!" 

Jooheon stilted for a few seconds, and almost shook his head until he saw his alarm go off, the 5:45 alarm. He sighed in defeat, "Fine, but as soon as we find our seats, you're putting this shit on!" 

Changkyun nodded, then the both of them grabbed their bags quickly, and Changkyun grabbed his onesie, wrapping it around his neck and fled. The two of them ran down the halls as fast as they could, seeing as they only had now 10 minutes exactly to get to the school building and be there in time to board the bus. 

Jooheon had advised them to get on the elevator, but nearly all the entrees were taken. Changkyun panicked and looked over at the door which led to the stairs and directed him to go that way. They both ran, bursting through the doors and hurried out of their dorm building. They looked over towards the school building, thank goodness they were in the 3rd division dorm building, which wasn't pretty far from the college building, and saw that there were about 3 big ass buses. 

The boys were ran faster than the speed of sound, nearly knocking over every single girl and boy that was in their way. Even the teachers they had to shove over since they were in a hurry. Jooheon of course apologized as Changkyun just shoved them out the way seeing as he was in front. He just thought about why he was in such a hurry to get on this bus and go somewhere he didn't even wanna go. 

Then again, it was kinda too late to turn back now. 

"-alright, I think that's everyone." They heard Professor Suongmin say as he put away his clipboard, "Lemme just do a headcount and mark Lee Jooheon and Lim Changkyun off the list-" 

"WAIT!" Changkyun and Jooheon exclaimed as they finally made it up with him, both of them completely out of breath. 

Professor Suongmin raised his eyebrows as he pulled his clipboard back out, "Boys! You're just in time, you almost missed the bus." 

"Y-y-yeah..." Changkyun choked out, "We noticed." 

"Well go on ahead and board the bus while you still can. Your seats should be saved as well." Professor Suongmin informed them both as they tiredly picked up their stuff, boarding the bus. 

As they walked in, they noticed that it was pretty aced, but not as bad as they thought it was gonna be since there were two other buses that looked the same. A guy who was talking to some girls in front of him stopped talking and looked at the two tired boys, snickering. 

"Aw lookey here, everyone's favorite gay couple showed up after all." The green haired boy sneered as the girls and guys near him laughed. 

Changkyun rolled his eyes, "Shut the hell up Chanyeol alright, I'm not in the mood for your shit today." 

The sea green haired boy just chuckled harshly, "Awwww, I'm sorry your queer boyfriend over there fucked you too hard last night. That's probably why you guys are late, yeah?" 

"You wanna keep that up Chanyeol? No wonder Jennie's cheating on you with Felix, dear god. I would too." Changkyun spat. 

Chanyeol's eyes just got wide as he looked over at Jennie, who had shrunk down in her seat. 

As much as Changkyun wanted to laugh at the shit that was going down, he turned over to see Jimin in the back, with her all pink my little pony onesie and eye mask on, waving her hands as she pointed to the empty seats across from her. Changkyun happily walked down first, taking his rightful seat by the window. He saw Jooheon finally make his way over as he opened the lift and started to put his stuff in there. 

Jimin furrowed her eyebrows. "Okay what the hell, I told you guys to be here at 5:30. Why are you guys like 15 minutes behind?" 

"Changkyun was too busy sucking dick in his sleep to wake up." Jooheon replied, both sounding tired and irritated. Jimin looked over at Changkyun, who handed Jooheon his two bags to stuff in the lift as well. Before he he could even sit back down, he felt Jooheon push something on his chest roughly. When he let go and saw what it was, his eyes widened, looking up at Jooheon. 

"You were serious about this?" He replied, with a bit of annoyance. 

Jooheon nodded. "You promised." 

Changkyun looked at the onesie, then back at Jooheon and saw how serious he was. He groaned as he hopped over the seat and rushed over to the bathroom. A few seconds later, Changkyun came out, completely clothed in his loved indigo colored wolf onesie. He just glared at Jimin, who was snickering, then at Jooheon, who was giving him a cute little smile and thumbs up. 

"Hey, if I had to wear so did you." Jimin replied once Changkyun hopped back over to his seat and plopped down. "Plus, it's gonna be a long ride, you might as well get comfortable." 

"Yeah, but what's the point in bringing this tradition back if one of us is missing?" Changkyun replied coldly. 

Jooheon shook his head. "So what if one of us is missing! We're better off without the red dinosaur." 

Then as soon a he said that, Jooheon's eyes had gotten a little watery as he curled up in a ball. Jimin patted his shoulder, then glared at Changkyun. 

He raised an eyebrow. "What?" 

"We need to get you laid." She said bluntly, "Immediately." 

He just rolled his eyes as he pulled out his phone, getting his earbuds and turning to one of his favorite playlists on Spotify. Once he heard his mother's angelic voice play, singing No Tears Left to Cry, Changkyun rested his head on the window and shut his eyes once the bus started to move. He didn't necessarily sleep though, he just kept his eyes closed to be more at peace and focus on his mother's singing as the bus moved. 

When he did open his eyes, he saw the freeway and the many different parts of Seoul--of South Korea as a whole. With his mother's song in the back, he just felt more calm, or at least calmer than he was this morning. Listening to one of his mother's album's while driving always made him drive safer, as well as him cooking with his mother's music in the back made his food more special than it already was. 

His mother's music was the only memory that he kept with him of her, seeing as it was something he would never let go. 

He still remembered when he was 6 years old and went to his first show of her, getting front row and watching her perform her heart out. It was all she could do since her voice was damn near a gift that needed and deserved to be shared with the world. Literally everyone remembered Cythina Parker, but never recognized her for who she really was without that persona. 

Without that persona going down her back, she was just ordinary Lim Cythina Suimi. 

Suimi, which meant crying angel in Korean. 

Changkyun remembered looking up her name and always wondering why it was crying angel. He also never understood his mother's hidden anxiety issues at all either.

She was such a strong woman who most woman had looked up to. After Changkyun's dad left her and had mysteriously disappeared, she always felt like day by day since that day she was just lucky. She went from a whore to a mother to a singer to a wonderful woman with beautiful qualities that almost anyone could just grasp upon. And she was so beautiful, her face, her long beautiful and natural black hair, all of it, was just beautiful. 

Changkyun hated getting in deep thought about his mother sometimes, because it only brought him back to the dark days. The days of when she died, when she left him alone. Of course it wasn't her fault, but still, the way the whole thing went down, and all at once really put an impact on Changkyun's childhood. 

And sometimes, he wish he had died along with her. 

The bus finally made it to a airport, a nice classy airport, and everyone ran inside, got their passports from Professor Suongmin and ran in. Of course the plane was only reserved for the class seeing as they were taking a whole class trip, and Suongmin had the money for it. 

Changkyun quickly ran over to the window seat, plopping down and cheering happily. "Hell yeah! I'm double lucky today." 

Jooheon huffed, "Hell no. You got the window seat on the bus you depressing piece of horse shit." 

"No thanks, I'm fine were I am." Changkyun replied, as he pushed his seat back a bit. However, it was harshly pushed back up and he grunted as he hit his head on the seat in front of him. He turned around to see who it was, and then furrowed his eyebrows. 

It was Jeon Soyeon, looking pissed as ever. "Don't you go crushing people's shit you asshat." 

Changkyun rolled his eyes. "You're right, I'm so so so sorry." 

Then he got up and walked past Jooheon. 

The red head looked at him confusingly, "Where are you going? The plane is about to take off." 

"I'm gonna go take a piss." Changkyun exclaimed back as he walked to the back, hopefully trying to find his way. Unfortunately for him, there were no signs to the bathroom, but fortunately for him he had common sense. 

Or enough to assume that this weird wooden door was the entry into the boy's bathroom. He was gonna just turn around, until someone had bumped into him, and he landed right in the room. 

And boy oh fucking boy Changkyun didn't know how he got himself in these situations, but he was certainly not in the bathroom. It was more of a five star hotel, but on the plane. First class. 

Changkyun just looked up in awe at the whole scenery, seeing as it was pretty much a sight to see. There were waitresses and waiters all over the place, and the carpet was maroon, and soft as fuck. The seats were golden and legit looked like couches. There was also a big ass buffet in front of Changkyun's face, and boy, Changkyun didn't know what he did or what weird dream this was, but he surely didn't wanna leave, or wake up from that dream. 

He slowly got up, walking over to the tray of fruits, chicken, salad and his mouth watered. 

Boy oh boy, what he'd do to be in this part of the plane for the whole trip. 

"Hey!" Someone shouted, and Changkyun came to a complete halt. He turned around and saw some guy in all black suit, walk over to him. "You're in the high-class suite, you don't belong here." 

Changkyun panicked at first, then took a pineapple and threw it at the guy, running for his dear life. He couldn't get very far seeing as first class was pretty small, but he at least tried. And it would've been fine, had he not bumped into someone as he ran. He looked up and saw a tall, well dressed man, wearing a leather jacket and black scarf, with shady white hair. 

His eyebrows rose, "Oh boy, what a surprise. Never seen you here before." 

Changkyun would've gotten up and ran, but something about this man, made him freeze. Something about this man made his heart immediately beat faster than he and Jooheon ran this morning, and he started blushing like crazy. Dammit this man was so gorgeous, especially with the sexy ass jacket he wore which really complimented his looks. Changkyun wasn't sure if he was going for a bad boy look, but it fit him pretty well. 

He didn't know how he was, he just looked really nice. 

The small blonde boy couldn't get out any words though, just small mumbles of random sounds. 

It made the man chuckle lightly, "I see I see, you're not supposed to be in here cutie." 

Dammit, Changkyun's blush meter went off

"That's a nice little shade of red you got on your face." The man said as he knelt down to Changkyun's level, examining his face, "But hey, that's also a cute little onesie you got on too. It suits you perfectly well." 

Talk Changkyun, say something! Where the hell was Jimin when you need her though. Changkyun didn't know how this guy was, but he was pretty damn sure this guy was a model of some sort. Or at least a famous celebrity because hot damn he was hot as hell. 

Changkyun was taken out of his fantasy when he felt buff arms on grab him. He looked up and saw the security guard, "I'm sorry for him Mr. Chae, I'll get rid of him immediately." 

"W-wait!" The older man said as he stood up, "It's fine Jaehyun, he can stay here." 

The man, supposively Jaehyun, shrugged his shoulders and let Changkyun go, letting him plop on the ground. Changkyun rubbed his butt a little bit, then looked up and saw the man again, reaching his hand out this time. 

He smiled, "C'mon now, pretty boys don't sit their asses on the floor." 

Changkyun started blushing again-fuck-then he finally built up the courage to take the man's hand. He just lift him up swiftly, still holding his hand in his. "See, there ya go. Ain't that a lot better than sitting on the floor?" 

Who in the hell was this guy

Whoever he was, he was hot, but also Changkyun felt rude for just randomly barging in his suite. He bowed apologetically, "I-I'm so sorry for coming into your first class suite, sir. I won't do it again I promise!" 

The man raised an eyebrow, "Put that away, you don't gotta act like I'm so old man or something. I'm just 26, I mean I'm famous, but still you don't gotta bow." 

Changkyun rose up, his face blushing, full of embarrassment. "I-I'm sorry-" 

"Stop saying sorry too. You should just say thank you because I stopped you from nearly dying." 

Changkyun's eyebrows rose, "Th-thank you-" 

"You're welcome." The man said as he winked. 

Changkyun wanted to be mad at him but how could he? He was too hot for him to be pissed at. It wasn't like he was just some jockhead lardass like the ones at his college, or just some sneaky little bastard at all. He was just a nicely dressed man, kindly letting him stay on his first class suite? 

It was weird, but who cares. If this was a dream, Changkyun prayed to god that he didn't have to be woken up anytime soon. 

In first class, with a hot ass guy? Yeah, he was feeling reaaaaaaaaal lucky today.

Or maybe the guy was just being nice and saving Changkyun from dying because that bodyguard did look like he was gonna tear his ass in half. He didn't wanna just waltz up there and get an answer for himself, so he sighed and turned around, walking to the door. 

"Hey!" The man called, and Changkyun halted again. "Where are you going?" 

Changkyun turned as he smiled nervously, "I-I was just leaving..." 

"Oh," The man replied, in a disappointed tone. "Well y'know you don't have to. You could always stay in here and relax since it's first class and all. Help yourself to some food, get comfortable. We're going to Singapore so it'll be a while." 

Was he just hearing things, or was this guy seriously inviting him to stay in first class with him? 

"I-I beg your pardon sir-" 

"Please, call me Hyungwon." 

Changkyun cleared his throat, "I beg your pardon, Hyungwon--sir, I don't wanna cause you any kinds of trouble. I just was looking for the bathroom and I accidentally ran in here--or well someone kinda bumped into me and shoved me in here which is kinda a funny story really-" 

"No worries, I insist you stay here." Hyungwon said, his tone more friendly. "Besides, I could use to the company and I'm surely not gonna eat all this food by myself." 

Changkyun furrowed his eyebrows, "Sir-" 


"Hyungwon--sir," Changkyun slurred, that last bit had a small piece of irritation in his voice too. "I don't wanna stay here and interrupt you-" 

Hyungwon got up, walking over to Changkyun slowly, "Now why are you upset?" 

Changkyun stilted as he got closer, "I-I'm not." 

"You must be. Is it because I'm some handsome stranger whom you've never met before who's 26 years old inviting you to stay in first class with me? You've never met or seen me before in your entire life and the fact that I'm kindly letting you stay is much of a shock to you. Am I wrong?" 

The small blonde boy looked up at Hyungwon, his close proximity. Then he looked over at the food tray and his stomach made a loud rumbling noise. He blushed as his stomach made the noise, then looked up at Hyungwon who just grinned as Changkyun shrunk down, forcing a smile as he was pressed up against the door.

Hyungwon had sighed in defeat and walked away from him a few seconds later, "Okay, okay I'm done teasing you. If anything I'm probably making you uncomfortable and I should leave you be." 

Changkyun watched as he walked off, plopping right back in his seat. That gave him time to think, especially when he looked over at the food and then back at Hyungwon, who went back to reading this book. Changkyun looked back and forth between the bar, the food tray, Hyungwon and the door he was laying on. 

Was it really worth being in first-class with a complete stranger on your way to Singapore? 

Changkyun's answer: a fat ass hell no. 

Then his stomach grumbled, really loud this time and he couldn't ignore it anymore. 

Okay so maybe staying in here with this man wasn't going to be necessarily bad

Chapter Text

It had been about 3 hours, and Changkyun's stomach was completely full.

Seriously, the guy didn't really think he could get any fatter than he already was, but he just proved his self wrong when he just allowed himself to keep eating nonstop. It was like as soon as Hyungwon had given him the okay he just couldn't control himself. Which was sad, but it was completely worth it in Changkyun's perspective. 

"Oh my heaven," He slurred as he tried to take one last bite of the strawberry coded in chocolate. As soon as he did, he hummed in delight, taking every bit of chocolate that was on the strawberry that he possibly could. 

Hyungwon looked over at him from his window seat and chuckled. "Someone's hungry. Did you even eat before getting on the plane at all?" 

"Well no. Me and my friend were in a hurry to get on the bus to the airport, which was at like 5:30. Soooooo, I didn't exactly get time to crave in some food time." Changkyun replied as he nibbled on a french toast stick. 

He sat on the other side of the first-class spot, which was about 5 feet across from where Hyungwon was sitting. Since he didn't exactly know the handsome stranger, he just decided to keep his distance. It could've been like the movies where the handsome looking guy bribes the innocent child and next thing you know- 

"That's a shit ton of food." Hyungwon said, and it startled Changkyun because he was extremely close to him. Like, he rested his hand on the top part of Changkyun's seat, but it still startled the poor boy. 

He furrowed his eyebrows, "H-hey! What did I say about keeping your distance!" 

Hyungwon looked down at him, "I'm sorry I know you said to keep my distance. However, every time we're talking I feel like I gotta yell at you or scream because your so far away. So I moved, only to hear you a lot better than how I was."

Changkyun glared at him as he looked up at him. Hyungwon looked back down at him, keeping his smirk and Changkyun just looked down, trying to hide the fact that he was damn-near blushing like crazy. Don't forget, you're stuck in this plane with a handsome stranger, so it was hard to be mad at him because he was so good-looking. 

Then again, Changkyun just met him so he had to keep his guard up. 

So he sighed, "You can sit right there in that seat directly across from me. Least you'll still be at a 2 feet distance." 

Hyungwon chuckled as he walked over and plopped right in the seat, smiling ever so softly at the small blondie. Yeah, like his looks weren't enough to kill Changkyun, he just had the audacity to sit there and glance at him like he was a fresh box of cereal. Or, maybe not cereal but something this guy probably likes......he seems like he would eat a whole box of cinnamon toast crunch though. 

Maybe that's how he saw Changkyun. Like he was a fresh cinnamon square he picked out of a whole box full of them that he just found to be very special. He was absolutely the prettiest cinnamon square to ever be seen in the history of cinnamon squares and all he wanted to do was treat it well. 

Okay, so Changkyun was being highly stupendous at this very moment, but he just couldn't help but wonder what this man's true intentions were. Like, he wasn't gonna just believe that this guy was just being nice to a complete stranger, no there had to be some catch. Perhaps he's some undercover sexy ass spy who's trying to play the part as a humble rich boy who's trying to woo Changkyun over but secretly. 

What if he knew that Changkyun was the lost son of Cythina Parker? Or worse, what if he knew and this whole thing was a trap all along. Dammit, someone needs to calm down Mr. Lim, because he's been extremely anxious about this trip since the moment he promised Jooheon he'd go. He was so much better off staying in extra credit than possibly having to worry about getting kidnapped by this handsome fella over here. 

He was so caught up in his features, he didn't even peep how Hyungwon was smirking right back at him. 

The blondie blushed, "Wh-what are you looking at?" 

"I should be asking the same thing. You keep starting at me like I'm a fresh box of cinnamon toast crunch." 

Changkyun's eyes widened. Okay what the hell, could this guy read minds because Changkyun swore he just thought about that in his head. Then again, he was kinda staring for a little bit too long as if he was examining him or testing him. But it did prove one thing though, he knew Hyungwon was a cinnamon boy. 

He squinted his eyes as he leaned forward, "Maybe it's just because I still have my suspicions about you." 

"Oh?" Hyungwon raised an eyebrow as he sat back in his seat, crossing his arms. "Why are you so suspicious of me beautiful stranger?" 

"Well for starters, you let me stay in your first class suite!" Changkyun exclaimed, "Annnnnnnd you're too humble like dude I swear we just met and you're being so nice to me. Like first of all, I need you to chill out a little bit okay?" 

Hyungwon snickered, "Chill out?" 

"Yes," Changkyun replied as he now had a glare on his face. "Chill out." 

Hyungwon raised his arms in defeat, that beautiful grin making it's debut again. "Alright, alright. Maybe I've been too creepy to the point where being too nice is a bad thing. I was just offering you something because you seemed like a nice kid and I didn't want you to get your ass handled back there." 

"I'd rather get my ass handled than feel uncomfortable." Changkyun snapped back. With that snap, Hyungwon's eyebrow twitched, looking down as he brought his hands together. 

"What do you have against me? I've been nothing but nice to you." 

"Well let's just say pretty boy I don't trust random people who come around giving me help because they wanna be nice. It makes it seem like they're obligated to do so. It pisses me off that people don't just genuinely do stuff without a real reason anymore. They always wanna do what they think is right but when you do that it makes people feel a certain way."

Hyungwon looked up at him, "You speak from experience." 

Before Changkyun could retaliate back, he looked over at Hyungwon for a few seconds. The more he looked at him he saw this flashy vision of a man who was all dressed up with his black hair greased back. 

"I'm doing this just to be nice." 

Changkyun blinked back and the vision was gone, only to look smack dab at Hyungwon again. He held his head as he looked out the window. "I-I just--I'm not in the mood so please. Don't go back and forth with me." 

Hyungwon nodded as he stood up, "I understand. I'm sorry I caused you so much pressure." 

Changkyun watched as he walked over to his seat, going back to what he was previously doing which was signing a lot of papers. Changkyun felt bad, he didn't mean to snap at him by all means he actually appreciated Hyungwon's help and the fact that he was sorta looking out for him was really sweet. If Changkyun didn't have very strong trust issues, this whole thing wouldn't be a big deal to him. 

But he's been lied to, thrown around, and played all his life and the only thing people have done was pity him. 

It was suffocating and all he wanted to do was breathe for once and stop people from having his back all the time. His trust really went down the drain after his mother passed away and people just gave him money back and forth. Sure Changkyun was going through a tough time, but he didn't need all that pressure on him, especially at such a young age. He hadn't known what the hell was going on but it's like his perfect world just ended at that. Especially when his father did nothing but send him money, and people would offer him handout after handout.

All he wanted was a big break and some happiness. Maybe someone to actually look out for him and have his best regards. Not just as a friend, but a partner and a lover. 

Jooheon was right, he really did need someone to love. 

Changkyun set his plate aside and walked over to where Hyungwon was sitting, sitting right across from him. Hyungwon looked over at him from his papers, raising his eyebrows as Changkyun just sat there, giving him a more comfortable, non-forced, smile. 

"I'm sorry about that." He replied bluntly, "I should be thanking you for your warm welcome, not just pushing you aside based on how I feel and what I've been though." 

Hyungwon sighed as he pushed his papers aside, "It's okay I completely understand. I mean I don't blame you, I too would feel some kinda way about a nice guy letting me aboard first class with him. Like, I'd wonder what his true intentions were and shit, so you have every right to be worried." 

Changkyun's eyes sparkled as he looked up at him again. Then he looked away quickly to stop himself from visibly blushing because he could feel it. He looked over at Hyungwon, who went right back to signing a few papers. Changkyun just rocked in his seat, then looked over at Hyungwon and saw how focused he was. 

This man was incredibly gorgeous, so damn gorgeous he had to be like a male model or something. Maybe he was a male model because he was signing a lot of modelling papers. Yeah, Changkyun noticed that bit the more he looked over at him. But he also had glasses on and he looked so focused, then way his hands wrote, it was like magic. The black turtle neck he had on too fit him perfectly, it was almost like he was made for turtlenecks in general. 

Maybe he was some sort of turtleneck model. 

Whatever he was, he was like a carved God. Not only that, he was so humble and kind, Changkyun has literally been nothing but a bratty ass bitch and this guy just dealt with his shit. He was a whole ass man, and he wanted nothing more than to watch him work. He felt the need to wanna draw him too, not on some gay ass Titanic shit either but just sketch out his face. Sketching was what he would do first before taking the actual picture, but maybe the guy didn't like having his picture taken. 

He was a celebrity, or he had to be at least. He already looked good enough for the part, so why not. It just humored Changkyun how he went from disliking this man to wanting to take a picture of him now. 

Hyungwon stopped writing, looking up at Changkyun, who was now visibly blushing. 

"S-sorry! I didn't mean to make it weird and what you work." Changkyun managed to get out, putting a piece of his hair behind his ear, "You just look so nice when you're focused and stuff..." 

Hyungwon chuckled, "Well that's very nice of you, but don't you think it's kinda creepy to watch me work?" 

Changkyun's eyes widened as he rolled his eyes. "Wow okay, solid burn sir." 


"Hyungwon--sir." Changkyun slurred, then snickered lightly. Something about his cute little snicker made Hyungwon loosen up a little bit as he chuckled with the blonde boy. 

He set his pen to the side, crossing his arms. "Say, I never caught your name." 

"That's because I never threw it." Changkyun replied, but it sounded more like a shot back rather than him just causally replying in return. 

The white haired man whistled, "Woooow okay. Solid burn returned?" 

Changkyun just snickered in response and so did Hyungwon. Guess Changkyun could finally loosen up a little bit more because Hyungwon actually seemed like a nice guy. Maybe he wasn't some undercover dude who was trying to kidnap him and sell him on the black market, he was genuinely a nice fellow. 

It was pretty refreshing.

"So, Mr. Hyungwon-" 

"What is up with you addressing me so formally?" Hyungwon chuckled, "I'm only 26 years old and I'm pretty sure I'm as old as you by at least about 3 or 4 years." 

"Well you're still my elder because I'm 23, but okay." Changkyun replied, "Anyways, are you like some kind of model or something?" 

Hyungwon's eyebrows went up, "No. That's very interesting of you to say though, I don't usually get that a lot. People usually say I remind them of someone's manager or whatnot." 

"Well you look like some kind of turtleneck model!" Changkyun exclaimed. 

"Turtleneck model?" Hyungwon repeated as Changkyun just causally nodded. "Is that even a thing?" 

"Hell yeah! Do you know the social media app called Tumblr--well I mean it's kinda irrelevant now but it is literally filled with all kinds of turtleneck models and such. Like, the people who make vintage aesthetic themes and shit or like how Ariana Grande has all these posts and it looks like the picture was taken by a Polaroid." 

Hyungwon raised an eyebrow, "That's interesting. So basically photos with some kind of weird effect that makes it look like it was taken with a camera that takes frame pictures?" 

Changkyun looked down, then furrowed his eyebrows. "Well when you put it like that you make it sound fucking stupid." 

"No no no! I didn't mean too, I was just asking. I didn't mean to put down your idea, that actually sounds really nice. However, I actually do have a big project I am working on on my own. But I can't ever get to it because I'm always worried about my client." 

Changkyun raised an eyebrow, "So you work for a model." 

Hyungwon nodded. "Yeah, sadly. But I'm better off backstage than being a visual anyways, my client is really really good-looking, you've probably heard of him before, I mean how could you not, he's like the guy everyone ever talks about on Twitter and shit." 

"Well, I'm not really on social media as much." Changkyun replied lowly, "I mean, it kinda brings back bad memories that I really don't like looking back at." 

Hyungwon watched as Changkyun fiddled with his fingers and looked out the window, seeing the puffy clouds and the sun as it started to set down. He looked like he had so many things going through his head all at once but he never had enough time to get it all out. All his life he was just forced to keep it all locked inside, never really let it out to anyone because they didn't understand him. 

Hyungwon wanted to be that person he could not be afraid to tell those problems out too. He may have just met him, but he felt like they really had a shit ton of stuff in common, especially with being underestimated and misunderstood. And Changkyun was such an interesting boy, who didn't even know who Hyungwon was like any other person would--or wouldn't, not really any surprise there. 

But Changkyun just seemed different, and he wanted to explore that. 

"You seem so troubled." Hyungwon said softly. 

Changkyun looked down a little bit, still facing the window. "Ahhh, my life's pretty complicated, but only because I make it that way." 

"You should let loose though, building up stress does you no good at all." Hyungwon replied as he reached for Changkyun's hands. The smaller boy was taken by surprise at first, but then he turned from the window and faced him directly. 

Hyungwon continued, "Look, I'll speak from experience. As a manager and someone who's actually trying to still look for himself and his purpose in this world, it's pretty hard. And adding more things to be stressed about on your list does nothing but hold you down. It makes you seem like you're losing yourself the more you do that, and you never get a chance to breathe from all that stress. Sometimes it's best to just let it all loose and just enjoy yourself, take a break, get it all out, relax." 

Changkyun looked over at him with big eyes. "You really think that'll make me feel better? If I just let loose and try to enjoy this trip?" 

Hyungwon nodded, holding his hands tighter. "You'll see how much better it makes you feel." 

Changkyun started to smile a little bit, then his eyes directed out the window and he saw Singapore from outside his window. 

It was absolutely beautiful. There was this large building that just stood tall and high, and the city lights made it look all like it was a beautiful dream. That's what Changkyun felt like he was in, a big ass dream where he boards first class with a nice, humble, good-looking guy and takes a trip to Singapore. The water fountain rose and he saw it get into some cool form. He also saw the many people performing and doing all kinds of weird shit that just looked cool. And the downtown area was filled with all kinds of fountains, big and beautiful ones. The area itself was lovely, it was like an Asian Las Vegas, but waaaaay bigger. 

"Ladies and gentlemen our plan will now be coming to a stop. Thank you so much for boarding with us on Parma Airlines." The pilot had said from the speakers. 

Hyungwon sighed as he let Changkyun's hands go, "Well, guess this is where we part ways Mr. No-Name-Kid." 

Changkyun snorted, "No name kid? Really?" 

"Well I don't know your name and I don't know what to call you." 

Changkyun sighed, "Because my name is very dangerous. It's the deadly sin of wrath in Korean."

Hyungwon blinked back for a second, then looked back up at the boy. "Changkyun?" 

The blonde boy nodded, "Wow, you pick up fast sir-" 


Changkyun giggled, "Hyungwon." 

"Oh wow you actually didn't say-" 


There was a sudden silence, then the two of them just started laughing softly. Changkyun stood up, walking over the door, "Well guess I better go back to my friends because they're probably worried sick or wondering where I've been this whole time." 

Hyungwon stopped him for a second, something running on his mind. Changkyun looked over at him in confusion. 

"I think I have a proposition for you." 

"Okay, but bread is a fucking living thing!" 

"You sound insane, bread is not a living thing because it has no organs." 

"Who says! You grow bread just like you grow your fucking plants--big bet, bread is a type of plant." 

"Bread is not a fucking plant. Wheat is technically a plant." 

"What the fuck are you guys even talking about." Jimin replied, cutting off the small argument between Youngjae and Jaebum. 

Mullet boy cleared his throat, "I'm just saying that since plants are basically living things, bread counts as a living thing as well! Wheat is a plant, plants live, boom we're basically eating something alive." 

The chubby strawberry blonde haired boy became highly irritated, "No you fucking retard, that's not how the world works. Wheat isn't a plant-" 

"Then what is it? Don't say it's a grain because I know damn well it isn't!" 

"It is a grain! And that's what the fuck you use in bread, cereal, you know anything that contains dairy and wheat." Youngjae snapped. 

Jaebum rolled his eyes, "Whatever, you still didn't prove my point that wheat isn't a plant when it is! Plants live, boom, so does bread." 

Jimin raised an eyebrow. "Jaebum, everything we eat is a living thing." 

"THANK YOU JIMIN!" Youngjae exclaimed. "See, she's fucking smart unlike your dumbass!" 

The boys continued going back and forth as Jooheon walked up to Jimin, raising an confused eyebrow. "What's going on with them?" 

Jimin sighed, "They're getting this bread." 

"What?" Jooheon was even more confused now. 

"Don't ask." Jimin finally said and Jooheon just let it go because the whole thing was just entirely fucking confusing as shit. 

Then Jimin looked around the airport, "Wow, I'm guessing Kyun went to go take a wazz." 

Jooheon nervously rubbed the back of his neck, "I umm....I actually lost him." 

Jimin's eyes became big as she snapped her head back at Jooheon, "Jesus fucking christ, what do you mean you lost Kyun?" 

"I mean I lost Kyun." Jooheon repeated, "He was gonna sit in the window seat but I told him to move and put our bags up in the carrier, then he said he was going to the bathroom last time I checked and he never fucking came back." 

The maroon haired female just shook her head. "You two I swear, I just pray to God I don't get stuck here because of you guys." 

Jooheon tsked, then looked around and kept looking until his eyes caught something. A familiar blonde boy walking out of the special first class section of the airport, talking with a very familiar, hella good-looking son of a bitch with pretty white hair looking like the nicest bad boy he's ever seen. Jimin was talking amongst herself, then she caught it too. Eventually almost everyone was staring at the two as they walked out together, laughing and holding hands like they were buddies. 

Jimin blinked back, "I-is that Changkyun w-with Manager Chae Hyungwon?" 

Changkyun and Hyungwon walked up closer to Jooheon and Jimin, and he noticed as soon as he saw the looks on their faces. 

As soon as he saw the looks on everyone's faces. 

"Holy shit, Changkyun sure didn't waste time to get boo'd up." Youngjae spat as Jaebum, Jooheon, and Jimin all nodded in agreement. 

"Hey guys!" Changkyun replied as he was finally closer to everyone. "How was the flight?" 

Jimin looked up at Hyungwon, then back at Changkyun. "I-I don't know! You tell us! Why are you locked arms with the famous Manager Chae Hyungwon?" 

"Oh please, just Hyungwon is fine." Hyungwon replied. Jimin looked up at him--no, it was more like he was stargazing him. 

Then she ran up to him, shaking his hand aggressive as hell, "H-HI! NICE TO MEET YOU MEET YOU HYUNGWON! It is such an honor to finally get to meet you in person, you have no idea!" 

Hyungwon chuckled lightly, "Wow all this attention in one day. I feel flattered." 

"I'm sorry you talked to my uncultured friend who has no prior knowledge and who doesn't even know who you are! I know you though, you're like the greatest manager ever like your brother is really honored to have you at his side!" 

"Oh don't be so-" 

"First of all bitch, I'm not uncultured you just stalk people too much." Changkyun intruded, then looked up at Hyungwon again, "Hyungwon these are my friends, Jimin and Jooheon." 

Youngjae raised his hand, "Me fucking too Changkyun!" 

Jaebum raised his hand as well, "Yeah, we're kinda stuck with you guys since we're all in a group together."

Changkyun looked at the two and raised an eyebrow. "Okay who the hell invited Bert and Ernie in our group? I thought Professor Suongmin said that we could pick who we wanted to be in our group." 

Both boys furrowed their eyebrows, looking hella offended. 

Jimin sighed, "Well while you were..." she looked up at Hyungwon, "...occupied, he told us our groups and the people included in it. It's me, you, Jooheon, Youngjae, and Jaebum and we're all group D." 

Changkyun sighed, "I see." 

Hyungwon heard his phone buzz and took a look at it to see that it was just a text message.

YK: Did your plane land yet? Where r u?? 

We need you to hurry up and get to the studio right now

He sighed as he put his phone in his pocket. "Well I'd love to stay and chat with you all but I actually have somewhere I need to be right now." Hyungwon replied to break the small silence.

Changkyun grabbed him by the hand before he could leave, "W-wait, seriously? You gotta work? You just got here and you're already on a heavy schedule?" 

Hyungwon smiled softly, "I'm always working. I mean you saw me filling out papers earlier on the plane." 

"But what about what you were saying about taking it easy?" 

"I only said that for you because you're so young and deserve to live life to the fullest." 

Jimin snapped, "Girl me too." 

Everyone looked at her, with some concern in there eyes as she just hid behind Jaebum. 

Changkyun looked back up at Hyungwon, "C'mon just take a break. Least for a little while?" 

He looked up at him with big eyes, standing on his tiptoes to get direct eye-contact with Hyungwon. But that was pretty hard when the guy himself was pretty damn taller than Changkyun himself. It didn't matter though, Changkyun gave him the small wolf baby eyes and everything. 

Hyungwon just smiled softly, "I got so much on my plate Changkyun, I'm sorry." 

Changkyun sighed in defeat as he slouched a bit. "Alright, whatever." 

Hyungwon watched as he poked his lip out, kicking some invisible ball or some shit. He thought it was cute, but it was like those Febreze commercials where you think something smells fine but everyone else thinks the complete opposite. Hyungwon found Changkyun's little show a bit adorable, while the others just- 

"This is so fucking sad." Youngjae replied to break the ice, "Someone go get Alexa so she can play despasito." 

"Oh! I just saw Alexa come out of Auntie Ann's, but what the hell do you need her to play despasito for?" Jaebum asked as Youngjae slapped his forehead in response. 

Hyungwon chuckled, "You have interesting friends." 

"They're more of my associates than my friends." Changkyun replied, looking over at Jaebum and Youngjae in disappointment. 

Hyungwon's phone went off again and he sighed, "I really gotta go though. But I promise when we meet again we can do something together." 

"Who says we'll meet again though?" Changkyun teased and Hyungwon chuckled in response.

He opened his arms out for a hug and Changkyun happily scooted over to him, giving him a small hug in return. It felt so warm and welcoming, Changkyun just wanted to melt in the boy's arms. He wasn't sure what was up with Hyungwon's welcoming aura, but there was something about him that made him a great guy. All that suspicion Changkyun had about him earlier kind vanished and he just kinda liked being around Hyungwon a lot more. 

It was almost like they were already close.

Too bad they weren't alone though, because Jimin was staring him down like a hawk and it ruined the moment. 

Changkyun pulled away, patting Hyungwon's chest. "You go off before that person who's texting you gets really pissed off." 

Hyungwon nodded, smiling warmly as he ran off. That smile was all Changkyun could remember, and it made him feel all kinds of warm. 

Jimin harshly cleared her throat and Changkyun turned his head to face her, glaring at her. 

"You ruined my moment asswipe." 

"Whatever! You got a WHOOOOOOOOOOLE  lot to explain." 

Chapter Text

"WHAT IN THE BLUE FUCK DO YOU MEAN HE INVITED YOU TO STAY IN FIRST CLASS WITH HIM?!" Jimin exclaimed on the bus. Changkyun, Jooheon, and Youngjae all shushed her, since people were giving her glares from in front. 

Especially Chanyeol, "Hey! It'd be best if you could like, shut the fuck up please thanks." 

Jimin would've said something back, but Changkyun shook his head, stopping her. 

"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm awe right now at the fact that The Manager Chae Hyungwon allowed you to stay in fucking first class with him without even getting upset or angry. Let you eat his food and just got close with your ass." 

Changkyun nodded, smiling a little bit. "I know.~ It was honestly so nice, he was so nice." 

"No, I'm just in awe that someone like you was able to even get close with him. I mean, no offense Changkyun, you've been hella up-guard ever since we were kids." Jimin replied, bluntly. 

Changkyun furrowed his eyebrows. "Wow, that's fucking rude. I am not up-guard." 

Then he looked around and saw the looks on Youngjae, Jimin, and Jooheon's faces. He rolled his eyes, crossing his arms and pouting, "I'm not fucking assholes, stop looking at me like that." 

Youngjae raised an eyebrow, "I mean sometimes you can be. I remember in high school you didn't partner up with everyone because you thought they were all against you." 

"Or the time when you said no one could use your pencils because you said everyone was animals back in middle school. Oh--and don't even let me bring up the time some girl asked for your lunch and you damn-near body slammed her to the ground." 

"What about the time when you-" 

"OKAY! Jeez, I'm a kid with trust issues!" Changkyun exclaimed, shutting them all up. Jooheon scooted up to him, holding his arm and resting his head on his shoulder. 

"It's okay Kyun, we all care about you regardless." He replied and everyone hummed. 

Youngjae sighed, "I mean, I even knew you in middle school and we were neighbors but you never considered me a friend but it's cool." 

Changkyun raised an eyebrow, "Youngjae you were only my friend because my apartment had WiFi." 

"Okay that was beforehand and we were Minecraft buddies. You and I also you to kick it at my dad's old bar all the time and then you just stopped for a while, what the hell?" Youngjae snapped, sounding a little taken back and offended. 

Changkyun sighed, "I'm sorry Youngjae." 

Guess he really never thought about all that stuff that happened between them, mainly because he was already going through so much already. His preteen years and teenage years wasn't exactly the greatest era of his life. He had to deal with living alone, and the traumatic experience of losing his mother. 

It was just a lot and the guy was just depressed like a whole bitch. They couldn't blame him, but he never told Youngjae about it because he never really thought he cared or ever wanted to really be his friend. Youngjae had been there for him though throughout middle school when Jooheon moved for a short amount of time and Jimin went to another school. 

So in a way, guess Youngjae did care? 

"I was going through a lot back then, y'know? I mean I was living alone my whole life so I thought that was a dead give away that I was some troubled kid." 

Youngjae blew a raspberry, "Yeah but you were pretty cool though. Just wish you weren't so jumpy about whether or not we were friends or not. Like what the hell happened in the middle of 7th grade?" 

Changkyun's memory flew back to 7th grade, when he was 12. It showed flashing lights, hospital lights, and blood everywhere, all over his wound. People were all surrounded by him, asking him if he was okay many times. But he really wasn't, especially when he looked over and saw his mother, holding his hand. 

Eyes closed. 



Changkyun blinked back and looked over at the worried look of Youngjae's face. 

"You okay? You look like you've seen a ghost." Youngjae replied, patting his shoulder. 

Changkyun shook his head, "Y-yeah, I'm fine. Anyways, nothing happened I was just going through a lot...that's all." 

"Oh..." Youngjae let out lightly, and decided not to go any further seeing as Changkyun seemed to be too troubled to answer his question regardless.

But Jooheon looked over at him as he scooted over to the window, looking out of it. And he knew the boy wasn't fine, he knew that the memory flew back into his head as soon as Youngjae brought it back up. 

For the rest of the ride it was pretty silent as they drove to the hotel, which was peaceful for everyone since they're hotel was deep in downtown Singapore so it was gonna take a while. Youngjae had sat next to Jaebum and started arguing about.....potatoes? Jooheon was laying on Changkyun and the two of them slept peacefully next to the window. 

Jimin was sitting on her phone, just scrolling through it and seeing the many many posts on Twitter. Then her eyes had caught this one post, which was very weird because it the picture almost looked like it was a fansite picture of Changkyun and Hyungwon, holding on to each other and walking together in the airport. 

Then she realized, it was a fansite picture of Hyungwon and Changkyun, holding each other and walking together in the airport.

"Holy shit," She mouthed, then looked over and saw that Changkyun was still sleep. She turned back to her phone and clicked on the Hyungwon hashtag. When she did, there was literally pictures and pictures of Changkyun and Hyungwon together. 

Even small little comments like: 

'omgoosh! manager chae has a bae??? 😱😱' 

'So this is what happened when he was out in america for that business trip😍🤭😏' 

'who's that boy?? he's so damn cute!' 

'couple of the yeaar!!' 

'this is so cute!! hyungwon got himself a lil boyfriend' 

'is this what hyungwon's been so quiet about??? 😲🤔'

Jimin was scrolling through, her eyes getting bigger and bigger the more she saw the pictures. It was good that AsiaWeekly didn't post anything about it, unless they did and she just hadn't found it yet.

"Hey Chim!" 

Jimin put her phone away quickly and saw Jaebum look over at her, sitting in his seat backwards to face her. "Okay hear me out, squirrels are the smartest animals on the planet." 

The maroon haired girl raised an eyebrow, "What?" 

Youngjae turned around the face her as well, "Please tell him that is false. Squirrels are fucking retarded and are at the bottom of the damn food chain. I mean--they're the main ones dying in the first place besides deer." 

"Well actually, deer are pretty smart Youngjae."  Jimin replied back.

"Not exactly, they can't be downright stupid sometimes." Jaebum added. 

Youngjae narrowed his eyes at the boy. "Gee Jaebum, you seem to know a lot about dumb animals, considering you are one!" 

The silver haired mullet boy frowned. "I'm not dumb! And I'm not an animal! I think you're mixing up mammals and animals because they aren't the same thing." 

"Are. You. Fucking. STUPID! Mammals are a type of animal dumbass!" 

Jimin just pulled her phone out and continued looking through the posts, still amazed with what she was seeing. 

She sighed, "I sure hope Hyungwon's image doesn't get screwed up for all this publicity." 

"What'd you say about Hyungwon?" Jimin's ears popped up and she looked over at Changkyun, who was now fully awake--or well, lowkey anyway.  

"Um--I said nothing about him. I was just uh....checking out Twitter and I saw this one fan saying some fake shit about him having umm..." Jimin had to think for a moment, then something finally came up, "....stinky breath." 

Changkyun raised an eyebrow, "Stinky feet?" 

Jimin nodded in response. "Yeah and it's umm....pretty viral right now so I'm just hoping that Hyungwon doesn't have to worry about getting fired anyways. Y'know since the model he manages is pretty strict about his image." 

"Oh, damn." Changkyun replied, then scooted up closer towards the aisle to hear a lot better. "Jimin I meant to ask you this too, since you're so good with social media and I have no idea what the hell goes on there. Nor do I ever wanna affiliate myself with that bullshit."  

Jimin scooted to the empty seat that made her closer to the aisle and Changkyun, "Oh Changkyun you should know by now I'm like the internet expert. I know what goes down and around." 

"So um, who exactly does Hyungwon manage?" 

Jimin's eyes widened. "Oh Jesus baby what?" 

"Who does he manage? Like what model does he manage?" Changkyun asked again, in a lower tone. 

"Oh my God, you're kidding." Jimin replied, chuckling. But she saw the serious look on Changkyun's face and her laugh halted. "Baby boy, I need to get you educated really quick." 

She ran in the back to where Changkyun was sitting, which was some weird three seat spot since it was the back of the bus. But it was lowkey more comfortable in the back because it just looked like a really narrow bed was in the back. Then she pulled out her phone, going to what looked like to be her blog page. 

"Okay, so we're in Singapore which is like one of the biggest areas throughout the world. There are many many models who's businesses land here but they only come around from time to time. Most of the models are under the Parma Heights Atlantic Studio, which is like the biggest modeling industry in the world, ran by CEO Lee Suomi." She started to say, pulling up a picture of this well-defined female, with long red hair and she looked like she was in her late thirties, but she still looked pretty good. She was dressed in this weird animal fashion, leopard fashion Changkyun assumed. 

Jimin continued, "Under her company, she has about 13 models. All of them are big balling man. Especially Lee Taeyong, who works for Manager Watanabe Rui, daughter of Lee Suomi. And Kim Taehyung who's managed by Kim Seokjin." 

"Okay that's all nice and shit but who does Hyungwon work for?" Changkyun grumbled, sounds hella impatient. 

Jimin rolled her eyes, "Manager Chae Hyungwon is one of the most high-classed, most achieved managers because he works for one of the greatest, hottest, sexiest models-" 

"Jimin, just say the name already." 

"He works for Lee Hoseok, or as we call him, Wonho. He is the finest man in all of Parma and he's really helped with promoting them since he was the one who started it all." Jimin replied, showing Changkyun pictures of the man she was describing. "He's gotten like so many awards and he's talented. Literally Changkyun, he can do anything." 

"Oh my god are you talking about Wonho?" Someone said from behind. 

Both Changkyun and Jimin looked over to see Youngjae, coming in between them both. 

Jimin huffed, "Yes I'm talking about Wonho. How'd you guess?" 

"Dunno, I just recognized the ass kissing from anyone and no one does it better than you." 

"Whatever Youngjae. You're just mad because you're not Wonho and you can't do everything." 

"He doesn't look all that great." Changkyun spat out. 

Jimin's eyes became as big as fucking saucers, "WHAT?!" 

Soon as she exclaimed, everyone on the bus looked back at her in confusion, as well as frustration. Especially Minhyuk, who looked back at all three of them in concern. Jooheon eventually woke up too, and he looked over and saw Jimin nearly ready to strangle the life out of Changkyun. 

Or she was kinda prepared to do so.

She just shook Changkyun by his shoulders, "MAN I SWEAR CHANGKYUN I AM SO READY TO FIGHT YOU TODAY!" 

The blonde boy just pushed her off softly, then tried to calm her down. Jooheon scooted over to them, looking at Jimin with this concerned look on his face. 

"Jimin please, you've been trying to kill Changkyun since this trip started. Let's let the boy live for once." He replied softly, and Changkyun nodded in response. 

The cool cooled down, but her glare still stood. "JOOHEON, he insulted my fave model--tell him he did a bad thing." 

Jooheon looked over at Changkyun with a look of confusion. "'ve done a bad thing?" 

"No! Say it like you mean it!" Jimin exclaimed. 

"Jimin look I'm sorry I insulted your favorite idol but it's true. He doesn't look like he's all that great or all you make him out to be. If anything, he looks like the biggest narcissistic asshole I've ever seen." 

Jimin gasped again, and she was gonna punch him but she ended up punching Jaebum when he scooted over to their side. Jimin gasped, Changkyun laughed loudly, Jooheon just sighed and Youngjae shook his head. 

"He had it coming to him after all the headassery he's been saying this whole time." Youngjae replied. 

The bus finally stopped, and all the students rushed over to the windows, getting a look at the five-star hotel that was before them all. It was pretty tall, 10 feet tall, and it was so beautiful with the open plaza showing all the stores around it. It was basically a resort with parks, except instead of just parks it was stores as well. 

Professor Suongmin picked up the mic as he started to speak, "Welcome everyone to Parma Heights Resort. This is where we will be staying for the next three weeks, so I hope you all enjoy your stay and get as comfortable as possible. You are to grab your bags, and then on your papers that I gave to you this morning it will have your hotel room. You'll tell the lady your room number and you'll get your key and head up." 

Changkyun looked around for paper, then he saw that he put it in his bag and he sighed in relief. 

Jooheon chuckled, "You thought that you forgot about it?" 

"No, well I thought I lost it or left it in Seoul." 

"Yeah, I figured you'd just leave it lying around so I helped you out and stuffed it in your bag." 

Changkyun looked over at him with puppy-eyes. "Jooheon I really love you. You're a real queen." 

Jooheon furrowed his eyebrows, "I can tell you were trying so hard not to say queer. Fucking bitch." 

"You know me so well." Changkyun snickered. 

They zoned back into what Professor Suongmin was saying, "Now you all are free to do whatever tonight but tomorrow morning we are all meaning in the corridor at 8AM so we can start doing our activities." 

Changkyun was the first to groan. 

Jimin snickered, "You hear that Lim. That means no going to sleep at 3AM in the fucking morning." 

"You better hope that whoever your roommate is, they'll wake you up like I do." Jooheon added. Changkyun just rolled his eyes in response. 

As soon as Professor Suongmin was finished, everyone got off the bus immediately and rushed to the resort to go get their hotel room keys. Almost everyone was able to get in with no trouble, already knowing their room number by heart. 

Changkyun immediately looked at his and panicked. "I'm on the 15th floor?" 

Jooheon perked up, "Oh that's cool you're a floor below me! I'm on the 16th floor. Which is like 3 floors away from the penthouse." 

"Nonsense, I'm on the 17th floor, which is pretty close to the penthouse." Jimin added, giggling happily. Jooheon just blew a raspberry, "Okay whatever you can be near the penthouse I'm just glad I get to have a good view and I'm far away from-" 

"Holy shit I'm on the 16th floor." They all heard Minhyuk say from afar. 

Jooheon's whole face paled. "Are you fucking serious-" 

"Jooheon, don't even let it get to you buddy okay? You're here to have fun and move on and not even think about bothering Minhyuk. Don't even look at him." 

The red headed boy cooled down, taking several breaths and then he smiled calmly at Jimin, "Thanks Chim." 

She smiled, "No prob. Now Changkyun why do you look like your about to piss your pants, your floor isn't that high." 

Changkyun gave her a nervous glare, "There is a total of 21 floors in this whole building. Floor 15 is only 6 floors away from that penthouse floor--and it's hella high. You guys know I don't even fuck around with high floors." 

"Don't be a pussy-boy Changkyun." Jaebum said from afar as he and Youngjae walked up to all of them. "I'm on the 18th floor, which isn't all that bad." 

"I-I'm sorry, ISN'T ALL THAT BAD?! What if there's a fucking fire and you gotta get out the building but all your exits are blocked?! Your only way to go is out the balcony and jump--but wait, you can't because you're 10 feet off the fucking ground." 

"Changkyun will you calm the fuck down." Youngjae replied, holding the boy by his shoulders. "Nothing like that is ever gonna happen, and it's pretty rare because all the times we've been here, we've never had that problem. So calm your tits." 

The boy sighed, not even calming down in the slightest. 

Youngjae went on, "Hey big baby I'm on the 15th floor too. So if you get scared you can come crash with me." 

Changkyun looked over at him and gave him a small smile. "Thanks Youngjae." 


It took Changkyun a long while, but he finally managed to get his room key and head upstairs with the whole crew. He was kinda nervous the whole time because he was afraid of the whole, being 6 floors away from the top floor, so he just held on to Jooheon the whole time. 

Even ignoring Chanyeol's little gays chants. 

They reached the 15th floor and Changkyun sighed, gripping Jooheon a little tighter. 

Jooheon looked down at him, giggling. "Changkyun man, you gotta go. You're even worse than me when we go to our classes and we gotta separate." 

Jimin raised an eyebrow, "No, you're just as bad." 

"Okay Jimin this isn't about me, this is about Changkyun." Jooheon argued back and Jimin giggled. 

"You're literally the most whiny and clingiest person I know. It's pretty rare to ever see Changkyun act like this." 

Jooheon blew a raspberry. "Yeah no, he's just stubborn and doesn't show public affection unless he's shaken up, or bratty, or in this case, scared." Jooheon replied lowly, "Like c'mon, you remember the Christmas Party freshman year." 

"Yeah, I couldn't tell who was up under you the most, Changkyun or Minhyuk." Jimin replied back, chuckling lightly as Jooheon just rolled his eyes and looked the other way.

"I wish you'd stop bringing that night up." 

"Oh but it's too good not to remember." 

Changkyun wasn't making any moves to let go though, he just held on tighter. Youngjae walked up to him, holding out his arm. Changkyun looked at him confusingly at first, then understood his gesture and grabbed on to his arm, walking out the elevator. 

They walked down the hall and saw everyone else chilling and walking into their rooms, minding their own business and basically planning on going out to some parties around this time. Some guy even said that Chanyeol was hosting a party in his dorm which was in a big penthouse room. 

Changkyun raised an eyebrow, "A party? But didn't we just get here?" 

"Yeah," Youngjae sighed, "But Chanyeol is always hosting parties when we get here. You know he's like a DJ and shit so parties are kinda his thing." 

"Wow, and Professor Suongmin allows them?" 

"Pretty much." 

The boys came to a sudden stop and Changkyun grew confused. It wasn't his room since he had room 1518, and the door they walked up to was room 1508. 

"Welp, here's my room. I'm gonna head in and clock out Changkyun." Youngjae said, taking his bags and walking into the room which was already open. 

Changkyun looked at him worryingly, "C'mon Youngjae, can't you just walk me to my room?" 

"Changkyun, you're a grown ass man. You'll be fine." Changkyun heard someone say from the bathroom. It was Bambam, his hair all wrapped in a white towel and he had a robe on, crossing his arms as he looked over at Changkyun. 

The blonde boy furrowed his eyebrows. "Oh look, it's Bambi." 

Bambam glared at him, "Excuse me pussyboy, that's not my name." 

"I know, it kinda fits though because--I mean look at the way you're dressed. You look like every single mother in every Lifetime movie and it's really sad. You must be sad because you and Yugyeom aren't sharing a room-" 

"Ok, you can actually fuck off!" Bambam exclaimed, slamming the door right in the boy's face. Changkyun giggled lightly then took a deep breath and started to walk down the hall to his room. 

He started to get the hang of being up so high, seeing as he wasn't even thinking about it so it was way easier. I mean, he's already been out of his comfort zone once for being on the airplane with Hyungwon, who apparently is tough shit and probably the most famous manager in Parma--whatever it's called Atlantic. 

It still made Changkyun wonder though, because he was so much more fit to be a model than some manager off on the sidelines. 

Hyungwon honestly had so much potential and the only one who told him that was Changkyun. But Changkyun was a photographer, and just getting the urge to wanna draw Hyungwon because he was so handsome said something to him. And it wasn't like his model was all that, I mean don't get Changkyun wrong, the guy was great but he wasn't really worthy. 

Guess people in the famous world really do sleep on the people capable of becoming big time famous. He only knew that much because all the people that slept on his mother and her original music. And no one really never appreciated how much the music she made and produced was special until she died. 

Thinking about that just pissed Changkyun off. 

He saw his mother in Hyungwon, which is probably what led to him walking over to him and apologizing. He was such a precious soul who deserved recognition, and stop having the people he worked for sleep on him like he's only there for decoration and just to work, work, work

Like seriously, was that too much to ask for? 

Stop taking the talented and kind-hearted people for granted. 

Changkyun walked up to his room finally and he was gonna unlock it. Until he felt his pants and realized his keys weren't there. 

Then shit really hit when he realized his key was still with Jooheon

"Just great, how the hell am I gonna get in my room now." He replied to himself, sighing.

I mean, he could just ask Jooheon for his key or text him and tell him to bring them when they all meet up somewhere, which he was pretty sure they were going to meet up somewhere. Jimin insisted that they do anyways, so that was a definite yeah. But Changkyun need to put his bags up, and there was no way of getting in.

So he decided to do the most civilized thing. 

"Hey!" He exclaimed as he knocked--banged on the door, "Open up roomie! It's me, your roommate." 

He waited a while for the door to open, and it reveal a boy who was about Changkyun's height, with brown hair and glasses. 

"Changkyun?" He replied with a raised brow. 

"Hey Jungkook! We're partners again, isn't that swell!" Changkyun perked up, "The babies of the class back to back again. It's like summer camp all over again!" 

Jungkook gave him an unconvinced glare, "And for fucksake, I feel like I always get stuck with you for some apparent reason." 

"Oh well, guess you could say it's destinnny.~" 

"If you fucking sing that song from summer camp I will fold your ass." Jungkook snapped. 

Changkyun nodded, then pushed past Jungkook a little bit to come into their room. It was really nice and it looked like your average hotel room. Two big ass queen sized beds, one bathroom, which was pretty big, a nice balcony, TV, pretty much everything you would need. 

There was also a small cooler beside the dresser, so I guess a bonus? 

Changkyun was in awe as he walked in, completely amazed at what he was seeing pretty much. He hasn't been in a hotel in ages and it felt nice to come into one which would make you feel grand. 

Make you feel loved like it's supposed to.

He brought his bags over to the bed, which was close to the balcony and plopped on the bed, sighing in relief. The bed was so soft, it felt like you were laying on clouds. 

"I haven't been to a hotel in forever. I love how they make you feel like you're at home." 

He heard Jungkook snicker, "Yeah. Supposively it's like that sometimes when you go to a 5-star hotel." 

"Well cut me some slack Jungkook, I've never been to this whole Singapore trip before and I'm starting to see why Jimin likes it so much and why Jooheon begs me to go. It's hella amazing." 

"How come you've never came then? You guys literally stay stalked up on those summer classes like their fun, I know they're not." 

Changkyun grumbled, "No their not. Not one bit. But I guess it's just me being so closed out and-" 

"Up-guard?" Jungkook added and Changkyun furrowed his eyebrows.

"You're not the first to tell my I'm up-guard, which I'm not." He argued. 

Jungkook snickered, "It's okay I'm usually the same way. This is my second time coming though because my friend Hoseok convinced me to come." 

"Jung Hoseok?" Changkyun said and Jungkook nodded, "We kinda go waaaay back. We're both in the music major and we make music together."

Changkyun awed at that then looked over and saw his phone buzz.  


Hey Changkyun! when ur done unpacking meet us at starbucks

The text made the blonde boy smile a little bit as he sat his phone down. 

Then he looked over at Jungkook, "Hey, you wanna come hang out with me and friends for a sec?" 


Chapter Text

"Selena Gomez is the worse ex-Disney star out there. All she did was shit out Wizards of Waverly Place, pop in some random ass Disney movies, and made some uncatchy corny ass songs." Youngjae argued and everyone nodded in response.

"If you ask me, Demi Lovato is the best ex-Disney star. She didn't do much, but she did at the same time. She's the most relevant too, the one who's proud about her body and out there enjoying being bisexual."

"Yeah, I mean everyone else is fucked up. Zac is pretty high on steroids, Miley is fucking insane, shit who the hell knows what's going on with Bella Throne anymore."

"They're all fucking crazy nowadays. But hey, Nickelodeon stars aren't any better." Jooheon replied and everyone at the table was ready to respond with all kinds of tea.

Changkyun and Jungkook walked into Starbucks, which didn't even look small like it did from the outside, but it looked so grand. The walls were wooden and gold, fucking gold, and the tables were so chill, and so comfortable. It was like a library with coffee and meant for all kinds of young adults. Changkyun literally wanted to melt in his spot because this literally looked like his home away from home.

It looked so comfy.

"WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAVE TO BE SO GRAND HERE?!" He exclaimed, very loudly at that. Jungkook looked over at him in concern, but just shrugged his shoulders and didn't even wanna proceed on asking what was up with him.

The two walked over to the booth where their friends were--or well, Changkyun's friends?

They were Jungkook's friends too....or well least he knew two of them.

"Hey guys!" Changkyun perked up and the gang turned to him, greeting him with warm welcomes. Then they looked over at Jungkook and waved at him too.

He gave a small little wave, "Um hi...I only know like, 3 of you guys oops."

"Jungkook you obviously know me! We have the same major!" Jooheon replied, getting up to do some cool little handshake with the both. He just giggled lightly and then saw Youngjae and Jaebum run up to him, hugging him tightly.

From the corner of his eye he even saw Jimin waving to him, "Heyoo Kookie, I see you're finally out your shell from last year."

He nodded, "Well um sorta. I'm kinda bummed we didn't get to bunk this year though Jimin."

Changkyun raised an eyebrow. "Holy shit wait, you guys bunked up last year?"

"Yeah! He was the best roommate ever, like better than my first one from the first time and second time I came! Honestly we told so much tea to each other, like how he has this thing for Hoseok-"

"I don't like Hoseok!" Jungkook exclaimed softly, "He's just really nice. And cuuuute-"

"And really touchy." Jaebum spat. Jungkook glared at him, to shut him up.

"He's not too touchy, he's just an enthusiastic kinda guy." Jungkook replied lowly, "I actually was hoping to bunk with him this year and bring back to when we first met which was my sophomore year of college. But I was kinda unlucky with that wish."

Changkyun furrowed his eyebrows, "Damn Jungkook sorry for the disappointment."

Jungkook waved his hand at that, "No no, I'm not mad at you Kyun it's cool. I mean the partners weren't assigned that year because Professor Suongmin actually was comfortable with us picking out own roommates and well there was no one else so we just bunked with each other."

Jooheon's eyes widened. 'W-wait, you guys could pick your roommates?"

Jimin, Jungkook, Jaebum, and Youngjae all nodded in response.

Changkyun raised an eyebrow, "Well what changed?"

They all looked at Jooheon and Changkyun then at each other, then right back at them. Jooheon and Changkyun just became even ore confused as they kept looking at each other as if they didn't wanna say anything.

Then Jaebum said it, "Chanyeol decided to bunk with Jennie do the math."

Jooheon and Changkyun slowly made gagging noises.

Jimin nodded, "Anyways boys you two should sit down! C'mon, the gang has most definitely gotten bigger since the last two years and I enjoy this very very much!"

Jungkook and Changkyun took their seats, Changkyun sitting on the end seat right next to Jooheon, and Jungkook sitting in between Jaebum and Jimin.

The group literally talked for endless hours, just kicking it as if they were all close relatives who hadn't seen each other in years. It was like a family reunion and it was so nice, literally everyone laughed at Changkyun's bath soap joke that he made about Bambam. It felt so nice to have this much warmness and attention, and Changkyun didn't wanna be gay and cliche, but it really was nice.

See, his whole life, he never really was interested in having a big group of friends. Only because, he saw the movies, and he saw from his mother's perspective when she lost a whole bunch of people who she believed were her friends.

Changkyun didn't wanna be too miserable, so to the best of his ability he just dodged the idea of having a big group of friends. Seeing as the last big group of friends he had kinda broke up a little after Jooheon and Minhyuk broke up. Then it was back to the disappointment and slowly judging people, and basically just trying to survive High School.

But talking to all these people, even though he knew Jimin and Jooheon from childhood, it felt so nice. I mean, he knew he would be close with Youngjae, Jaebum, and Jungkook at some point in his life, even though he already was basically.

Youngjae was his neighbor in during Middle School.

Jungkook and him went both had to study for the exam re-takes each year for ditching class to catch up on Fortine, Mortal Kombat, Halo Reach, and Final Fantasy.

And Jaebum, who was the mailboy of the college who he just randomly got close with out of nowhere. I mean, he was pretty friendly as it was and he just kinda grew on to Changkyun.

They were just nice people who Changkyun kinda underestimated in a way and never knew that they were just like him. But now that the years have passed he really enjoyed their company and now we're here.

Laughing his ass off at Jungkook saying that the American student named Lance looked like pickle rick.

Yeah, it felt nice.

"What in the world is this?" Jimin replied looking at the post Jungkook was sharing with the table.

"Apparently it's that Minji girl. You know the really really super bouchée lower classman who's really popular and friends with Jennie." Jungkook replied. Changkyun was just in awe at how he knew so much. "She's literally trying to be with every guy in the entire college campus at this point."

"Damn, you sure do know your shit Jungkook." Changkyun replied, giggling. The boy with the round glasses just shrugged his shoulders

"Ew, I know of her. She's the one with the foot fetish problem that Sehun was talking about the other day." Jaebum replied, trying not to gag.

Jimin shook her head in disappointment. "Jesus christ, and for some reason Jennie still has a hold on her. I tried telling her so many times that girl is a lost cause."

"Hey c'mon now guys, have some faith." Jooheon replied.

"She's 22, young, dumb, and broke but you don't hear me complaining." Jimin snapped and the whole table was booming with all kinds of laughter.

"Well guys I'm gonna go ahead and get myself a frappé, I've been dying for a banana nut one for about a minute." Jungkook replied, running towards the long line. Everyone waved to him as he ran off, then went back to talking about lots of random stuff.

Changkyun was laughing along too, until he turned around and saw a familiar someone.

Soon as they walked in, he felt like his whole world stop. It was as if he was in one of those cliche dramas where the girl sees the popular guy she's never gonna be with.

Yeah, Changkyun was looking over at Hyungwon as he walked in, same black jeans, same turtleneck, same leather jacket, pretty white hair. He was in the middle of a call, but that smile, oh man, that smile made Changkyun's heart soar off. He felt himself singing any gay ass High School Musical song as he walked up to him, and Hyungwon would just twirl him, bend him down, and kiss his soft little lips.

He didn't even know that he was staring for so damn long, so long that he ignored Jooheon calling his name about ten times.


Changkyun panicked, closing his eyes shut, "I-I'M NOT THINKING ABOUT HYUNGWON!"

He opened his eyes and saw the confusing looks on everyone's faces. Most definitely Jooheon's as he raised a very concerned eyebrow.

"Um, Changkyun what?"

"What? You said to stop thinking about Hyungwon-"

"No, I was asking you if could turn around and play uno with us my guy. Jaebum brought his cards and I wanted to give it a go since it's been a while since we've all played in a big group together."

Changkyun let out a small oh.

Jimin looked over in Changkyun's direction to see what he was looking over at, or rather, who he was looking at and smirked.

"I see, pretty Manager Hyungwon came walking in and all of a sudden Sweetener by Ariana Grande was blasting in your fucking head."

Changkyun blushed as he sunk back down in his seat. "Wh-whatever! Don't worry about Hyungwon or anything, I don't wanna make a big deal or nothing—like it's not like we're friends or anything he just let me sit in first class with him—like it's whatever, he's cute or whatever."

But he knew damn well it wasn't just whatever. All he could do was think about seeing the guy's face and how he looked like he was on top of things. Only song playing through Changkyun's mind was just a snippet of Ariana Grande's Everything.

Because, why oh why does God keep bring me back to you?

Yeah no, he was working Changkyun. Leave him alone, although Changkyun wished he was a thing that Hyungwon was on top of-


"I'M GETTING COFFEE!" Changkyun exclaimed as he suddenly stood up.

Jooheon furrowed his eyebrows, "Changkyun you hate coffee."

"Well today I just really really really love it and I'm all about trying new things! Like hey, Jungkook is still in line—oh my gosh! Guess I'll go see how he's doing in line just to, you know, be a good friend!"

Before Jooheon could argue back, Changkyun had already dashed off.

Jooheon grumbled, "Yeah right. Not trying to be public my fucking ass."

"Hey Jooheon don't be such a prude, I mean we told Changkyun to hook up with someone and just his luck it happens to be a famous manager who manages the most famous guy in all of Asia." Jimin replied, starting the game by putting down a red card.

Jooheon just turned around, setting down his card. "I know that but that was quick and shit you know. I thought Changkyun would kinda bail lowkey and just make this trip all about us as friends getting closer together since it's been a while since we've all been out like this together."

"Yeah I know," Jimin said, putting down a draw 4 card for Youngjae, who mumbled something under his breath. "But it's been so long since Changkyun has ever even looked at a guy. Maybe now this will change his whole perspective of the world and open up after all those years of deep depression."

Youngjae nodded, putting down a yellow 3, "I mean I never knew why Changkyun was so down all the time, but for what it's worth, I'm just so happy seeing him all happy. Like this is literally the first time I've seen him laugh so hard in months man. Maybe he needed this trip more than anyone."

"We all did to be honest, and Jooheon I'd advise you not to be so skeptical about Kyun's love life," Jimin replied as she placed a cancel card on Jooheon. He looked up at her, "You did the same thing when he was dating Jackson. Gave him all those precautions and never allowed him to just date in his on accord. That's suffocating baby, he ain't a baby no more."

"Yeah, it's like he's your baby egg and you're the bird." Jaebum added, as he picked up the 4 cards he needs to pick up, "You literally sit on him you suffocator."

Jooheon furrowed his eyebrows at that, "I do not sit on him and I'm not a suffocator!"

"Well let your baby egg go and be hatched. Free into the real world." Jaebum replied, while doing this movement with his whole body like a wave.

Youngjae just looked over at him in disgust, but also finally getting uno. "You sound like a fucking hippie and I think you need to stop talking to Yoongi. He keeps giving you that shit that's messing with your head."

"Okay but edibles aren't messing with my head. They release all the negative energy and soothe my entire body and universe. It's just-"

"You sound like a whole ass hippie Jaebum, I'm sorry." Jimin replied, cutting him off. And Jooheon nodded in response. The silver haired boy just sighed, continuing to play.

"Anyways," Jimin replied as she pulled out her phone, "It's not like they have to hide it anymore. They're already public, like you guys should see my Twitter right now."

Everyone sat down their cards and looked at the posts. It was crazy because the pictures were literally all over the place which meant Idol Weekly had posted something—no, it meant any international article posted something about it. Which meant celebrities knew about it.

But the only person who didn't know about it, was Changkyun.

"Holy shit, who took this picture?" Youngjae asked.

Jimin just shrugged, "Who knows? It was probably just some fansite but she got the details on Hyungwon's face which is bad for him because this could get even more popular than ever."

"Or—this could get bad for Changkyun because he's not even supposed to be with him!" Jooheon exclaimed.

"It honestly could go both ways," Youngjae started to say, "Hyungwon's image will be ruined, meaning Parma could be asking all kinds of questions or get dirt because they'll think Hyungwon is dating a non-rich person. Or Changkyun could be bombarded with paparazzi, questions, cameras. They literally won't leave him alone as soon as they find out who he is and where he is currently."

Jooheon's face paled as he slowly looked over at Jimin. It was like they were reading minds almost, because cameras and questions where two things that Changkyun could definitely not handle at once.

Because being asked all that shit will most likely trigger his anxiety and bring back memories to when his mother died and all paparazzi did was shove questions down his throat nonstop. All that pressure, Jooheon knew that he couldn't handle it, especially not after what he's been through his whole life.

This also meant that everyone was going to find out who he really was. Lim-Parker Daniel Changkyun, son of big time famous, Cythina Parker. And he hid his identity so very well, it would be a shame if it all just came down at once and he'd be exposed, all over again.

"Jooheon," Jimin called out, pulling the red head out his thoughts, "I know what you're thinking and it's not gonna be like that. Trust me, Changkyun and him around gonna get interviewed or shot with cameras. He's not gonna go through that whole mess again."

The red head sighed, "I just wish celebrities could stop walking in his life and fucking it up. Poor boy, he deserves nothing but a break from all that bullshit."

Youngjae looked over at him and then at Jimin, "I've been meaning to ask that. Has Changkyun ever been exposed to something as a child...or y'know something media wised because-"

"It's a long story," Jimin replied, looking over at Jooheon who was giving her this look. It's none of their business Jimin. Then she looked back over at Youngjae, "Let's just say he doesn't really like the cameras all that much or media."

"Yeah but why?" The blonde boy replied, with a hint of sadness in his tone. "I'm kinda sorta his friend too. I may have not grown up with him like you guys have but I still played an important role in his life."

"Youngjae I'm-"

"That's exactly why you have no right to know." Jooheon shot, cutting Jimin off completely. "It's none of your business and it doesn't concern you in the slightest. Changkyun can tell you whenever he wants to, but if you don't know then there's obviously a big reason and you're just too stupid to see it."

"Jooheon don't-"

"I was his friend too!" Youngjae shot back, "I stuck up for him as much as he stuck up for me back then and we were always there for each other!"

"Yeah, but you guys broke contact, and who's fault is that?"

Youngjae furrowed his eyebrows, "Why are you being such a dick Jooheon? Just because you guys are roommates and you know everything about each other doesn't give you the right to be overprotective over him like some cockblocker who doesn't know his own place-"

"THAT'S NOT WHY I'M OVER PROTECTIVE OF HIM!" Jooheon exclaimed, slamming his fists on the table, glaring right over at Youngjae who looked up at him with all kinds of concern and confusion.

Jimin tried to calm him down, but she knew it was pointless because Jooheon would just retaliate and think she was picking sides.

She sighed, "Jooheon don't do this. C'mon now, they don't know anything-"

"YEAH! AND THAT'S WHY YOU SHOULD KEEP YOUR NOSE OUT HIS DAMN BUSINESS TRYING TO ACT ALL BUDDY-BUDDY WITH HIM! You know absolutely NOTHING about him, so know your place and piss off!" Jooheon shot, getting up out his seat and walking out of the place.

Jimin looked over at Youngjae, who looked as if he wanted to say something but he was physically unable to.

"I'm sorry." She replied to break the ice. "Jooheon didn't mean anything he said at all. He and Kyun are just really close and Kyun's been through a lot in his life he's not yet ready to expose that yet."

Youngjae nodded, "It's okay I understand. Jooheon's right, I shouldn't have tried to poke in Changkyun's personal life."

The blonde boy kinda looked down, getting up slowly and walking out of the place as well. All Jimin could do was feel bad for him, because it wasn't necessarily his fault at all. He was Changkyun's friend and had every right to know about the boy.

Youngjae did play an important role in his life, especially when Jimin and Jooheon were out for that period of his life and no one was around. It's just, Changkyun was so closed out and tries keeping himself safe by not exposing that information to people who he just knew.

And Jooheon should've known that better than anyone.

But she understood, because he was the same way to her when they all met in the 3rd grade. Extremely over-protective over Changkyun as if he was his own mother.

It was crazy.

She looked over at Jaebum, who was just messing around with the cards.

He looked up at her, "Do you wanna talk about it?"

She smiled as she shook her head, "No it's fine. I just think you should go check up on Youngjae. Make sure he's doing okay."

"But what about you? Are you gonna be okay?"

She nodded, "Yeah. Besides, someone's gotta stick around and explained why everyone left whenever Changkyun and Jungkook come back."

Jaebum nodded as he got up and ran out. Leaving Jimin there, face buried in her hands.


Changkyun hadn't wasted anytime running up to the line.

Okay fuck that, the boy sprinted.

He ran into a few people on the way, including Jennie and Chanyeol in the line. They both turned around, glaring at him slightly and he just silently apologized.

"I'm sorry guys! I'm kinda in a hurry-"

"Yeah, you better say sorry Lim. Watch where the fuck you're going next time." Chanyeol snapped, turning right back around.

Changkyun was gonna say something, but he held it in when he saw Hyungwon up in front. He wasn't in the middle of a call anymore so that was a good thing for Changkyun. He just tried his best to slither past everyone without getting caught or thrown back into the back.

Hell no, he was not gonna let anyone stand in the way of him interacting with Hyungwon, not in the slightest.

He bumped into someone else, for about the fourth time and grumbled under his breath.

"Jesus christ! I said excuse me, so move out the fucking way you prude!" He exclaimed, then he looked up and his eyes widened.

It was Minhyuk.

"Wow, that's the first you've called me that in years."

Changkyun held up his hands apologetically. "I'm sorry! I'm soooooo so-so-so-so-so-so-so-so sorry Minhyuk! You're just um, in my way and stuff."

"Uhuh, I noticed. Where are you trying to get to anyways—" Minhyuk paused, for a second then looked right back down at him. "-and why are you in the line, you hate coffee."

"I'm not getting coffee!" Changkyun replied quickly, wasn't like it was a lie either. He wasn't in line for coffee, he was in line to talk to Hyungwon.

Minhyuk nodded, raising an unconvinced eyebrow, "Oh so what are you doing in the line? I don't know if you've noticed but this is a line for people who are getting coffee."

"I noticed. Buuuuut, is it really any of your business as to why I'm in line."

"No. Buuuuut, then again I've been in your business since day one and you should know by now that you can't hide a damn thing from me." Minhyuk shot right at him, and Changkyun cursed under his breath because the boy was right.

He looked over at Hyungwon and saw him getting ready to order his coffee. Then he directed his attention back to Minhyuk.

"I like this guy."

Minhyuk's eyes widened, "REALLY?! OH MY GOD-"

Changkyun quickly covered his mouth. "Hey, calm down I said I liked a guy alright! Or I mean, I don't know how I totally feel about him but he's hella spectacular and he looks so good he just makes me wanna-" Changkyun realized he was getting off topic and he shook his head, releasing his hold on Minhyuk's mouth. "-anyways. I like him a little and he's in line right now."

"Well where is he? No, don't answer, I wanna know who he is so I can introduce myself and be like, you're wingman."

Changkyun winced, "No that's gay. Also that's Jimin's job."

Minhyuk pouted, "Alright fine. But where is he? Is he in the front of the line?"

Changkyun looked over and saw Hyungwon wait at by a table for his coffee, now checking his phone. He was finally in the clear to interact with him, but he didn't need Minhyuk knowing who exactly it was.

Mainly because, knowing Minhyuk, he'd make an even bigger deal about it and it would most likely put all eyes on him. Especially since Hyungwon was pretty known and famous. God the trouble that Changkyun would be in if he was seen, in public, with Hyungwon.

Yeah no, that was not happening on his watch.

So, he just looked over at some random person and the only person he could think of at the moment who was in front of the line was....Bambam.

He pointed to him, "It's um...Bambam!"

Minhyuk raised an eyebrow. "Bambam?"

Changkyun nodded, "Yeah. I'm like uhh, super attracted to him and uhh.....yeah."

"But you literally make fun of him every single day. You called him a blockhead and then said that he looked like a thumb with wigs and makeup on. Changkyun, you said he looked like a gay rip off of Leonardo DiCaprio."

Changkyun bit his lip, "Well....he's cute to me now and I like all that stuff I said about him was my way of hiding my feelings for him. And I've had them for a while, is that a problem?"

Minhyuk looked away. "No no, it's okay. I just thought it would be someone else you know."

Changkyun saw Hyungwon, from the corner of his eye, grabbing his coffee and walking out the place. He nearly panicked as he saw then turned back to Minhyuk.

"Well! I'm gonna go talk to him! Uh—bye!" He replied quickly, running off. Minhyuk just raised a confused eyebrow.

Meanwhile, Changkyun literally felt like he was losing his breath running so fast. Hyungwon wasn't even walking all that fast, but it was so hard to keep up with him since he was so far up. Changkyun wanted to just shout out the guy's name and catch his attention, but people would look over and he'd have everyone else's attention but Hyungwon's.

He got on an elevator, and it looked as if he was going up. So Changkyun went at fucking Sonic speed, running so fast he knocked down a couple of things—and people.

Hyungwon was just on his phone, in the elevator alone, which was perfect for him.

Because before the doors even closed-


He snapped his head up and saw hands grab the door forcefully, pushing them apart. Then he saw a familiar blonde boy in the same clothes, literally out of breath.

"Changkyun?" Hyungwon replied. Changkyun lifted his head up quickly, then scurried in the elevator before the doors could shut on him again.

Soon as he dusted himself off, he cleared his throat. "I-it took a while to catch up with you. Jeez, you walk so fast."

Hyungwon chuckled, "I have long legs so I'm able to progress through my day."

"Th-that's nice." Changkyun replied, trying to gain at least a little bit of breath. But that was a lost cause as he slid down on the floor a bit.

Hyungwon just shook his head, pressing the floor number he was headed to. "So why'd you run to the elevator? There's tons of other elevators here you know."

"I umm," Changkyun stammered. "Well you know, I hate other people. I hate elevators and I hate heights. But I can get on elevators with other people that I know. Like you! I know you, and I like you."

Changkyun quickly covered his mouth as he blushed lightly. Hyungwon just giggled lightly.

"I like you too Changkyun." Hyungwon replied so softly that it made Changkyun's blush meter go off. No, not cause he liked the guy but only because the guy was really cute, and such a gentleman and it made Changkyun's little heart go off.

Only because he hasn't been exposed to this kinda feeling in a while, that's all. Nothing less, nothing more.

He almost pushed it when the elevator started going up, and Changkyun squeaked, running up next to him and squeezing his arm tight.

Hyungwon looked down at him, "Are you okay?"

He nodded, "Yeah. Just, I wasn't lying when I said I hated heights."

Hyungwon let out a small oh as Changkyun grabbed tighter. Then he looked off somewhere, not making any contact as he pulled the smaller boy a little bit closer to him. Changkyun felt like he was losing his mind, because was this really happening?

Was he really just holding on tight to comfort Changkyun so he wouldn't be so scared? Whatever he was doing, or why he was doing it, Changkyun didn't care or bother to retaliate his actions. He just nuzzled in closer, getting of wift of Hyungwon's cologne. It smelled so nice, like a rich strawberry smell that made Changkyun feel even more comfortable.

"Sooo," Hyungwon replied to break the silence, "What floor are you on?"

Changkyun looked over, "Um, 15th floor. Please?"

Hyungwon smiled as he nodded, pressing the button.

Changkyun saw that the penthouse floor button was pushed as well and he looked up at Hyungwon. It wasn't any of his business but, you know he couldn't help but wanna be nosey.

"So how come you're headed to the penthouse?" He asked, "Any special occasions?" 

"Not really. It's mainly business to be frank but other than that it's not much." Hyungwon replied, then pulled out his phone, sharing it with Changkyun. "Parma wants us to get some new partners on our board so my boss sent me out here to do all the hard work for her and the company itself." 

Changkyun awed at that. He also remembered Jimin saying something about him working for this really big famous woman named Lee Suomi, as well as managing Lee Hoseok, Wonho

He cleared his throat, " manage Lee Hoseok?" 

Hyungwon looked over at him, making direct eye contact with him that made Changkyun lowkey shake in his boots. 

"Yes I do. I see you already knew that and you were lying back there about not knowing who I was?" 

"No! No! Not at all, my friend told me who you were and I was just curious as to who you managed. Only because I felt like it didn't make sense seeing as you're such a good-looking guy and you shouldn't be put on the sidelines." 

Hyungwon raised an eyebrow, visibly smiling a little bit. "Oh? Is that you indirectly saying that I look good?" 

Changkyun blushed lightly, pushing himself away from Hyungwon a little bit. "N-no! You're just being stupid, I-I was complimenting you!" 

He crossed his arms, pouting a little and Hyungwon chuckled lightly. There it goes again, that small laugh that sent Changkyun's blush meter waaaaaaay too high for him to even configure or understand. Why was he so fluffy and warm towards Hyungwon? Just why? He was your average guy--only not so average. He was so nice and such a gentleman. 

And for some reason he caught Changkyun's undivided attention. Changkyun's been flirted with by other good-looking guys, but they never ever caught his interest. Now with Hyungwon, he was so happy and giggly when talking to him, and he felt like he could tell him literally everything that was on his mind. He had some kind of affect on the boy, and it made him so happy. 

Been a while since he was really happy. 

The elevator came to a sudden stop as it reached Changkyun's floor. 

"Well, this is your stop Changkyun." Hyungwon said. Changkyun looked over at him and then out the elevator, then back at him. 

He wanted to say something, but he just couldn't. At least, not right now. 

So he smiled as he shyly waved toward Hyungwon and walked out the elevator. He tripped a little bit on his way out, and Hyungwon waited til he knew that the boy was okay to allow the elevator to go up. 

Changkyun just nodded, "I'm fine! J-just trying to get use to being so high." 

"Ah, I see." Hyungwon replied, snickering. Then he waved at the boy and Changkyun waved right back at him. 

And as soon as that door closed, Changkyun held his hand close to his heart. 

Maybe this trip wasn't so bad after all. 

Chapter Text


Okay so, for once in his life Changkyun actually woke up early.

Yeah, not even Jungkook could believe it when he heard the shower, and I'm Every Woman playing along on some small speakers. Surely some random ass housekeeping lady didn't just barge in their room unattended and decided to say screw it and take a shower.

Besides, he was pretty sure he heard someone singing. Their singing voice was really pretty, like really pretty. Jungkook definitely started humming along when Changkyun started jamming to Tattooed Heart by Cythina Parker. It was funny too because the way he sang, he almost sounded just like her.

Jungkook stopped singing when he registered his own thoughts.

He sounded just like Cythina Parker.

Cythina Parker

The shower stopped, and Jungkook's thoughts came to an immediate halt. Changkyun walked out in a robe, one of the robes that was just sitting in the closet which was a complimentary gift for all the students every year they came. His shady blonde hair now damn, but he was still jamming to some music playing in his earbuds. 

Jungkook just raised an eyebrow, "Um...okay I see you letting your inner Cythina Parker shine." 

He wasn't sure if Changkyun heard him or not, but Changkyun froze immediately, turning his head slowly towards the boy as he removed one earbud. 

"Oh hey Kook, I had no idea you were up." 

The brown haired boy sighed as he jumped off his bed, "I've been up for a while. Long enough to hear you fucking singing in their like you were Mariah Carey." 

Changkyun blushed lightly, "Y-you weren't supposed to hear that."    

"Well I did. It actually woke me up out of my sleep and reminded me that we're supposed to be up at this hour." Jungkook replied, walking over to his closet on his side of the room to pull out his suitcase. 

Changkyun kinda felt, he wasn't sure, maybe an uneasy feeling. Probably from hearing that Jungkook heard him in the shower singing all kinds of shit. Even his mother's music. 

What if he knew that Changkyun was Cythina's son--but there was no way in hell. Changkyun's hid it so well for years and no one knew at this point. 

Still, he was curious. Not to mention, he did hear what Jungkook said earlier about letting his inner Cythina Park shine

Like, what the hell did he mean by that? 

He cleared his throat, " you know I heard what you said right?" 

Jungkook turned around, humming in response. 

"I heard what you said. Y'know, about letting my inner Cythina Parker shine." Changkyun rephrased. 

"Ah," Jungkook replied, finally understanding where Changkyun was going with this. "It was just a little joke." 

Changkyun sighed in relief, not too long and exaggerated to the point where Jungkook would ask any further questions, but just a sigh of relief. A normal one, as normal as fucking possible. 

But Jungkook went on-

"However, it's kinda funny how you have a playlist of all her songs though. I was saying letting your mini Cythina shine because you knew all the words to her songs. Like, you even sang the parts that didn't even come up yet." He replied. 

Changkyun kinda choked on his own spit. "O-oh, I see. Well I mean duh, I-I'm like, the biggest Cythina Parker fan evur." 

Jungkook raised an eyebrow. "Okay first of all, you're grammar is distasteful. Second, there's no fucking way your a big Cythina fan. You don't even look like the kinda guy to listen to her music." 

"What's that supposed to mean? Are you gonna sit here and assume the kinda music I'm into?" Changkyun sassed. 

"No, I'm gonna sit here and tell you the kinda music you are into." Jungkook sassed right back, "We play enough Fortnite together and I have a good perspective to understand what the hell you like listening too." 

"Touche." Changkyun replied dryly, "But I have a lot of other genres I listen too. I just kinda listen to Cythina when I'm in a good mood." 

That was a fat lie. 

If Jungkook knew Changkyun all that well, he would've known that all Changkyun listens to is Cythina Parker all day and everyday. 

When he's happy, excited, thrilled, sad, depressed--literally all the fucking time

That was his fucking mother, he literally grew up listening and falling in love with her fucking music. Even the beta ones, and the ones she single handedly wrote and produced. 

All 20198 of her songs were in separate playlists on his Spotify. 

But no one knew that except him, Jimin, and Jooheon. 

So of course he'd understand Jungkook's whole analysis because around people he just throws on some Daniel Ceaser, Bryson Tiller, or even some J Cole if he's that eager. But when he's by himself, of course he's gonna listen to his mother. 

Til the day he fucking dies so when he can go up in heaven he can complain to his mother about all the people who just sold her work like that. 


Speaking of which- 

"Hey how do you know about Cythina?" Changkyun replied seeing as Jungkook had already rushed to the bathroom. "I mean you listen to a lot of H.E.R and Ariana Grande so how in the hell do you know her?" 

Jungkook walked out the bathroom, with his robe on aswell. He sat down on his bed, reaching for his glasses and cleaning them. 

Then he looked up at the boy, "Gosh, it's a long ass story." 

Changkyun walked to his bed and sat down, facing Jungkook, "I have time." 

Jungkook gave him one more look, then sighed in defeat, putting his glasses back on. "Let's just say my dad, Vious Jeon Junghui, he was like her partner." 

Changkyun's eyes got big as hell. 

Vious Jeon Junghui. 

He remembered that man very well. It was the nice man who use to support his mother when she went up to sing instrumentals. He literally accompanied her because he was a good pianist. And to Changkyun, he was like a great father figure. 

The only other man who believed Changkyun's mother was capable of great things. 

"Junggi." Changkyun said lowly. 

Jungkook still heard him though, "What'd you say?" 

Changkyun cleared his throat. "N-nothing! Anyways, proceed with the story my guy." 

"Oh right." Jungkook replied, "Anyways, my dad was literally one of her biggest fans? It's kinda silly because he worked for her but he was so in love with her singing. He'd always describe her as: The Angel that saved the forsaken world. And I'd always laugh at him like he was some lovesick puppy. Like Changkyun, my dad was so whipped for Cythina, it's crazy." 

Changkyun chuckled lightly, "That's understandable. Literally her music just pulls you in this enormous hug and you just don't wanna let go." 

Jungkook chuckled as he nodded, "That's funny because my dad use to say the same thing back then." Then the boy tapped his chin, "Now that I think about it, I think that was a lyric in one of Cythina's songs." 

"Oh!" Changkyun perked up, "It was a lyric in this one personal ballad she made for this one guy. He's name was Daemon I think. It was basically the backstory about their scandal in her perspective because he was trying to sue her for sexual assault when really he was the one who assaulted her. So she couldn't keep quiet about it and made a lowkey dis-track toward him."  

Jungkook blinked back, "Holy shit. You really are a super fan. My dad produces some of her music and he's like her closest friend and he didn't even know that." 

"Well I mean anybody who's anybody remembers when she literally shaded the dude. He came up to her apartment and was always asking for shit. It's crazy." 

Jungkook's eyes became as big as saucers. 

Changkyun raised an eyebrow, "What?" 

The brown haired boy cocked his head to the side, squinting his eyes. Changkyun mimicked his head motion, still kinda confused. 

"You okay?" Changkyun replied softly. 

Jungkook got close, like the close proximity was crazy it made Changkyun panic a little and fall back against the bed. Jungkook just hovered over him, his face really really close

Changkyun blushed lightly. "Uhm...Kook, you do realize we're not wearing any clothes right?" 

It was silent for a moment, then Jungkook awed in response as he squeezed Changkyun's cheeks. 


Changkyun still looked at him, rather perplexed. "Um...explain?" 

Jungkook's big brown eyes were on Changkyun again. 

"Changkyun. I'm not dumb." He said, "You have some kinda connection with Cythina." 

The blonde boy's face paled. "I-I dunno what you're talking about." 

Jungkook blew a raspberry, "You can't fucking lie to me. Sure the whole Cythina scandal was on the news, but no one knew all of that. No one knew. Not even my dad. And don't think I didn't catch you call him his famous nickname earlier." 


Changkyun was kinda choked up inside, and silently cursing himself in his head. He was so well at hiding himself and keeping his big secret a big secret for 20 years now. Whenever someone talked about his mother, he tried his hardest not to let the inner crazy Cythina-son-syndrome get to his head before his common sense did. He thought he was doing so well too. 

But then Jungkook hit him in the feels talking about Junghui and well, he just lowkey snapped

No point in hiding it now. 

He sighed, "You wanna know the truth?" 

Jungkook nodded quickly in response. 

"Well..." Changkyun replied, sitting up a little bit. Jungkook shifted himself as he sat next to Changkyun. 

"The truth is...I'm actually Cythina's son."

Jungkook reacted the same way Changkyun figured he'd react. He snorted a little bit, until he actually busted out laughing. He kept laughing, until he peeped that Changkyun's expression hadn't changed one bit. 

Then he realized it wasn't some sick joke. 

He was being completely deadass

"Oh my goodness," Jungkook spat out. "You're not kidding..." 

Changkyun shook his head, "Not in the slightest." 

Jungkook got close to his face again, adjusting his big ol glasses to get a better perspective. He examined it, and the more he did, the more he was just in awe at Changkyun's facial features. He didn't even peep how much he looked like Cythina. 

I mean, he really was her son. 

They were so identical, Jungkook almost felt stupid for not peeping it out earlier. 

"Holy shit." He choked, "Holy fucking shit. You're her son." 

Changkyun nodded as he looked down. "Yeah...I kinda know that." 

Jungkook, held Changkyun's shoulders, making the boy face him clearly. 

"How." was all he could get out. 

Changkyun looked confused, "How...what?" 

Jungkook looked down, kinda trying to find ways to get out whatever he was trying to say. Either than or trying to get the courage to say what he had to say. 

"I mean...are you okay? Where'd you go that night," Jungkook replied lowly, "You know...the night it all happened." 

Changkyun finally got what he was trying to pin at now, and why he was looking like he was struggling to say it. 

"It's um, kinda complicated. I actually dunno how I managed to get around but I did. Jooheon's mother, she took me in because she was friends with my mother. Back when my mother went by-" 

"Lim Cythina Suimi." Jungkook cut in. Changkyun looked over at him, still in awe that he knew all of this. Then again, his own father knew Changkyun's mother, so it was completely understandable. 

Then Jungkook chuckled lowly, " don't mean to tell me you don't remember your mother going to this old bar in Singapore, meeting up with her favorite pianist and his son?" 

It took a while for Changkyun to finally understand it. Took a long while to process the whole flashback in his head. 

Him and his mother running into this bar, where she and Junghui always hung out. And Changkyun would run over and play on the piano with the pretty little boy with the big glasses-

And it hit him.

"OH MY GOODNESS!" Changkyun exclaimed, slapping his forehead. He squeezed Jungkook's face, "YOU'RE THE PRETTY LITTLE BOY WITH THE BIG ROUND GLASSES!" 


Changkyun just squeezed his face tighter, "AND YOU'RE TH LITTLE BOY WHO USE TO MAKE FUN OF ME FOR WEARING KHAKI SHORTS AND BIG PINK SWEATERS ALL THE TIME! You use to call me Pinky the Starfish. I remember that shit-" 

"OH MY GOSH!" Jungkook exclaimed, now squeezing Changkyun's cheeks aswell. "YOU REALLY ARE THAT KID! YOU REALLY ARE SUIMI'S SON!" 


It was silent for a second. 

Like a loooooooong ass hot minute.

Then Changkyun started sniffling a little, some tears shedding as he lifted his head back up. 

"Junglekookie." He sniffed. 

Soon as he said that, Jungkook started tearing up as he chuckled, "You called me that shit because you could never say my fucking name right." 

"I know." Changkyun sniffed once more, hugging the boy tightly. 

And Jungkook embraced him back, with just as much force. 

The two of them kinda sat there, embracing each other tightly and calling each other names from their childhood. It felt so nice, Changkyun felt so relaxed. 

All this time he thought he had to hide his real identity because he felt like people would take advantage of him. That was a big ass fear of his, that people would only be his friend because he was Cythina's son. But he didn't even have to worry about that now. 

Because with Jungkook, after he released all that energy out, it just felt so....relaxing

Maybe he was just scared for no reason. Or well, it was Jungkook, and Jungkook was already his friend and a very understanding person. He wasn't sure how other would react like Youngjae, or Jaebum...

Or maybe even Hyungwon. 

Who knew? 

Jungkook pulled away slowly, wiping away some of his tears. "Man I fucking hate the fact that I didn't peep this sooner." 

Changkyun chuckled, "Really?" 

The brown haired boy nodded violently, "Hell yeah! Though, I should've said something when you called me Junglekookie on accident the first--or second time we met." 

Changkyun remembered. 

He remembered them both being in the midterm retakes room, meeting each other for the first, but really second, time and they introduced themselves. He lowkey remembered the boy because of his face, but he couldn't even pinpoint who if was. 

And when Jungkook said: "Hi, I'm Jungkook." 

Changkyun chuckled and responded with: "Heh, nice to meet you Junglekookie." 

Silly boy. 

"I honestly thought you looked familiar too," Changkyun replied, "I just kinda never said anything because I've been hiding from everyone my whole life. No one really knew." 

Jungkook snickered, "I see. Least you could've did was let a bitch know." 

Changkyun chuckled lightly and so did Jungkook. 

"Also I just realized something."

The blonde boy looked over at him, humming in response. 

"We're not wearing any clothes." 

"I mean, I thought you already knew that after you wearing hovering over me like you were gonna eat me alive-" 

Jungkook threw a pillow at him, "That's fucking gay! Keep that fanfiction wattpad shit to your self!" 

Changkyun laughed loudly as the flustered boy got up and ran to the bathroom, slamming the door. 


Everyone was boarding the bus, approximately at 8AM, just like the Professor had instructed it. It was the first part of the schedule, a bus ride around the Parma Plaza just to get a nice wift of what the kids were gonna experience. 

Suongmin basically wanted the kids to take notes on all the art that surrounds Singapore, and get the chance to see the museum of art aswell. Then they'd all go out to eat, and call it a day. 

Everyone waited in the plaza for Suongmin to give them the okay to head off. 

Some people waited on the bus. 

And by some people, I mean Jooheon and Jimin. 

Jimin was just on her phone, scrolling on and about on Twitter while Jooheon was just....


"It's kinda unfair! Minhyuk never liked kisses behind his ear when I did it!" He grunted, watching Minhyuk and Shownu talk amongst themselves.

He wasn't sure what they were talking about exactly, so he just mimicked their whole conversation. 

"Ohhh Shownu! I love the way you look! You just look like a total fuckboy, and I find fuckboys to be very hot." Minhyuk said

"Why, thank you Minhyuk. Being a fuckboy is totally one of my greatest talents. That and being a complete douchebag." Shownu replied back. Then he held his arm, "Oh shit, I think my protein's wearing off!" 

"Oh no baby! You gotta keep yourself together! Remember, looking like a fuckboy is the most important quality." 

"Jooheon," Jimin snapped, "For fucksake if your gonna mimic them at least make it sound realistic." 

Jooheon turned his head toward her. "It does sound realistic! How much do you wanna bet their talking about how much of a fuckboy Shownu is." 

"Their literally talking about baby sharks. I can hear their whole conversation." 

Jooheon rolled his eyes, turning back to face the window, "Whatever. I know once in a while they've discussed how much of a fuckboy Shownu is." 

"He's not a fuckboy Jooheon. Shownu is literally the nice human being on this whole entire Earth." 

"What makes you so sure? If anything, that could all just be an act and he could be playing with Minhyuk's feelings." 

Jimin sighed, "This isn't a Lifetime movie Jooheon. They've been together for a year now and I think Minhyuk would've caught Shownu by then. Remember he was once our friend you should be happy for him." 

Jooheon gave Jimin this look, a look that Jimin couldn't quite read at first. Then she kinda got what he was trying to say and sighed. 

"C'mon now." She reached over the seat to grip on his shoulders. "You have got to move on." 

"What are you talking about?" Jooheon scoffed, shaking his head. "I have moved on!" 

Jimin raised an unconvinced eyebrow. "Really? Because you mimicking Shownu and saying he looks like a fuckboy says otherwise." 

"Because he does!" 

Jimin shook her head, then turned it to see Changkyun and Jungkook socializing. They literally looked like they were having a ball, and it warmed Jimin's heart. 

Especially to see Changkyun kinda opening up to other people for once. 

This trip she's kinda saw a whole new side of him, kinda nice. He's always so closed in from others and just locked away only because of his fear of exposing himself or people finding out his big secret. 

But here he is, finally getting out there and bumping into celebrities and making friends. Made a small smile grow on her face. 

Mainly because it reminded her of when they were all little and she always saw Changkyun with a bright smile on his face that made her whole day. Yup, it made it's comeback. 

Jimin was so caught up in her thoughts, she didn't even know Jooheon was still talking.

"-and he's always smirking! Like what's up with the guy and making these gay ass smolders? And Minhyuk just laughs his ass off in class like it's soooooo fucking hilarious! I just, argh!" 

Jimin raised her eyebrows as the boy shrunk down in his seat dramatically. 

"You done?" She coughed out as she looked over his seat.

 The red head sighed in defeat. "No, I'm actually trying to embrace the fact that I'm gonna be forever alone." 

"Don't be like that." Jimin said softly, tapping his shoulder from above, "There's gonna be some lucky guy out there who's gonna sweep your ass off your feet and you'll be a lot more happier. Even more happier than you were when you dated Minhyuk." 

Jooheon looked up at her with big ol' eyes, "Really?" 

Jimin nodded. "Of course! That's usually how it works. You date people for the experience and see how it flows from there. But the one will walk up to you'll just feel it. Like, as soon as you make eye contact with them, the whole world will just stop. Then you'll feel so attracted to this person that you won't be able to leave them alone. They'll be your first priority, always." 

"That's some Romeo and Juliet type shit." Jooheon sneered. 

Jimin rolled her eyes as she slapped the boy from the back of his neck. "It's called love at first sight. Only nowadays people take it too literal and end up falling in love with everyone. But that's their fault for looking for love." 

"Yeah, but I'm not looking for love at all-" 

Another slap to the head this time. 

"You are. You're hoping on day Minhyuk leaves Shownu to be in your arms again, but that's never gonna happen. So let it go, love yourself, and love will come." 

Jooheon looked up at Jimin, who was getting ready to slap him again if he retaliated, again.

So he just sighed in defeat, "Okay." 

Suddenly, some kids started to board the bus, including Jungkook and Changkyun. Youngjae and Jaebum had boarded the bus along with them. 

Youngjae immediately made eye contact with Jooheon, then turned his head the other way, proceeding to talk to Jaebum. 

Jooheon just looked down, sighing, "If I'm gonna fix myself, then I gotta start with apologizing to Youngjae." 

"Yeah." Jimin replied, bluntly. 

Jooheon furrowed his eyebrows, "What? No more old man lectures?" 

With that, Jimin smacked the poor boy upside the head again, and Jooheon winced a little louder than he did before. Changkyun had finally caught with the both of them in the back, sitting next to Jooheon as Jungkook sat next to Jimin. 

"What the hell happened?" He asked. 

"Jooheon was being a big ass crybaby brat. But everything's good now." Jimin answered, plopping right back in her seat. 

Changkyun hummed, then turned around in his seat, facing Jungkook and Jimin. 

"Well, you guys will never believe what just happened." Changkyun brought up finally, gaining Jooheon and Jimin's attention. 

Then his eyes directed towards Jungkook as he smiled, "So Jungkook knows." 

Jimin's eyes were big as fuck

"Excuse uhmmmmm....what?!" She exclaimed, then snapped her head to look at Jungkook, who kinda shrunk in his seat. 

Jooheon was well, still confused. 

"Knows what? That you're a fucking couch potato and you don't like to wake up?" Jooheon spat and Changkyun furrowed his eyebrows. 

"No Jooheon. Also, almost everyone around the campus knows that. I'm trying to say that he knooooows." 

Jooheon nodded, "Uhuh, he knows what?" 

Changkyun looked at Jungkook, who looked at Jimin, who looked at Jooheon, getting ready to slap him again. They waited for him to get it, but apparently, he wasn't gonna get it anytime soon. 


Jimin came closer to him as she whispered, "He knows that Changkyun is Cythina Parker's son." 

Jooheon's eyes were big. 

He narrowed them towards Jungkook, who just swallowed so fucking hard. Then he looked back at Changkyun. 

"You told him about that?" He said lowly.

Changkyun nodded happily. "Well, he said he kinda sorta peeped it at first and then we kinda went from there. Then after talking for a while I kinda sorta noticed that he reminded me of that one little boy I use to hang out with in Singapore." 

Jimin snapped her fingers in realization. "Oh! The Junglekookie kid!" 

Changkyun nodded, and Jungkook just sighed in response. 

"So, I'm just labeled Junglekookie now?" He said and Jimin and Changkyun nodded happily in response, causing the boy to sigh once more. 

Then Jimin turned her head over to him again. "WAIT! This also means that your the great Junghui Jeon's son! The pianist and Cythina's producer!" 

Jungkook nodded happily, "In the flesh." 

"And get this! He knows how to play the fucking piano, just like his dad use to. Like when we get access to a piano, you gotta play Avenue for me." Changkyun replied happily, earning laughs from Jungkook and Jimin.

Jooheon just looked over at Changkyun worryingly. 

"You didn't tell anyone else, did you?" 

Changkyun raised an eyebrow. "N-no, not that I know of. But I think I'm finally getting out of the fear of hiding myself from others. A little..." 

Jimin grew a big smile on her face and Jungkook just gave him a small thumbs up. 

Jooheon was still...well, worried. 

"I don't know Kyun," He said lowly, "I mean, maybe Jungkook is understanding because you knew him way back then, but...for anyone else what if..." 

He looked over at Youngjae, who was just going on about, socializing with Jaebum, then looked down at Changkyun concerningly. 

"Don't worry Jooheon, I'll be fine. I'm not gonna tell the wrong people, I'm gonna tell the right people who I trust and know they won't say anything." Changkyun said proudly, "It's about time I come out the closet." 

Jungkook blew a raspberry, "That's kinda gay Kyun." 

Changkyun snapped his head right back at him, "Oh yeah? Well nothing's gayer than you hovering over me on the bed this morning when we were both in our robes-" 

"I WASN'T TRYING TO MAKE IT GAY OKAY!" Jungkook exclaimed. 

Jimin raised an eyebrow, "What the hell? You two all out there having sex on the second day? Wow, you guys are wild. Go off!" 

Jungkook and Changkyun blushed lightly, yelling all kinds of declining messages to her and waving their hands in her face as she laughed softly. As they all proceeded about themselves, Jooheon just remained, well concerned. 

Changkyun was finally opening up to people, getting out there, making friends. 

He should feel happy. 

But why does he feel 

Chapter Text

"Okay guys, is it blue and black or...white and gold?" 

"Obviously it's black and blue. Do you see the outline of it? clearly, it's showing you that it's blue and black." 

"No, you're fucking blind. It's white and gold. You can obviously see that like the colors are gold and white! Y'all are just fucking blind and making up shit." 

"Dude!" Jungkook exclaimed. "Your eyes are fooling you! It's like the thing with the dress, everyone and their mothers were saying it was gold and white but it turned out to be blue and black!" 

"Okay yeah, and? What makes you think that this suit that this guy is wearing is obviously different? Just because he's in the shadows doesn't mean when he comes out it's gonna be blue and black." 


Jimin held her hands up to stop their constant bickering. "Guys chill, he been walked out on the catwalk." She replied, showing them the video of a well-dressed man walking out on the catwalk. 

Walking out in a gold and white tuxedo. 

Changkyun grinned, "I FUCKING TOLD YOU! Colorblind bitch ass. It's okay Jungkook, you're just already lowkey blind I completely understand." 

The boy with the big glasses just rolled his eyes, shaking his head in the process. 

On the whole bus ride, the trio had just been playing a lot of goofy games together, as well as catching Jungkook up on all the stuff that's been happening. So apparently, Jungkook and his father had lived in Singapore all his life until after Changkyun's mother passed away. Junghui was completely devastated, as was Jungkook after hearing she passed and they wanted to escape all the horrific memories, so they decided to move to Seoul. 

Little did Jungkook know that when he grew and moved away for college, he'd end up in a room to make up the college midterms with his good ol' childhood friend. Changkyun himself. 

Jungkook wanted to look for him himself, especially after all that shit had occurred when his mother died. They said that Changkyun, or referred as Daniel to keep his identity safe, was still alive and being watched by Cythina's entire security. That security consisted of Jooheon's mother, Minhyuk's father, a lot of maids, mailmen, nannies, and butlers, and who was the man that sent Changkyun all that money. 

Supposively, his father, who Changkyun believe to be dead to this day.  

So Jungkook figured Changkyun was just hiding all this time, but he just didn't know where. 

Until now. 

"Jungkook, you mean to tell me that you play the piano?" Jimin asked, continuing to their previous conversation. 

The boy nodded, "I mean, why wouldn't I? That's all my dad would teach me when I was little. How to play the piano, it was basically his way of curing his depression pretty much." 

"Your dad's an awesome pianist dude, seriously he had a career going," Changkyun replied, then pulled out his phone showing a playlist. "These are some of his greatest pieces. I listen to these when I'm doing homework." 

Jungkook chuckled lightly, "Yeah. He made that one song with Cythina that was kinda sorta a coming of age song of leaving all that shit she had with whoever her ex-boyfriend was." 

"Bro! Cythina is so beautiful! She's honestly had so many boyfriends, I forgot to keep count." 

"She's only had 7." Changkyun replied quickly, "And one of them is my father, who's currently dead." 

"Bold of you to assume he's dead." Jungkook chimed in, "If anything, he's probably still out there but staying as hidden as possible. Like he's the one guy that Cythina was with secretly and no one knows about him or the affair."

Jimin snorted loudly, catching both boys attention. She cleared her throat, "My mother was special...she knows who the man is."

"Jimin what is this, third grade again? Of course she knows she was my mother's best friend and main security." 

That didn't stop the burgundy-haired female from flipping her curls and grinning with all her might. Changkyun just rolled his eyes and Jungkook giggled. 

Jooheon was just, kinda sitting there. Pretending to be sleep, but he still heard every word of their conversation. He honestly couldn't be any happier that Jungkook was close to Changkyun now, but something in him made him feel negative towards it all. Or maybe it was just the guilt rising up in him for yelling at Youngjae for trying to get close as well but he stopped him. 

Obviously, Youngjae was so into the thought of getting to know Changkyun more but Jooheon was just blocking that. Trying way too hard to keep the boy save when he knew damn well Changkyun didn't need that anymore. He didn't need his blessing when he was perfectly fine on his own. 

And Jooheon should be happy, but he wasn't. 

But it's not like he didn't already have something else to be sad about, because the poor boy could hear Minhyuk's cute giggles from up in the front. Probably of Shownu doing absolutely nothing and Minhyuk just started laughing. 

Everyone on this trip seemed to be having a good time, surprisingly, even Changkyun. But not Jooheon, he was the one who suggested coming. If only he had taken his own advice about making this trip the best one yet. Instead of being so sad and sulking about, he should just be with his friends and have a good laugh. 

Yeah, that sounded like a good idea. 

The bus had stopped in the middle of a new plaza, and Jooheon, Jimin, Changkyun, and Jungkook heard squeals from girls of course. 

"OH MY FUCKING GOD! IT'S THE PARMA ATLANTIC STUDIOS MALL PLAZA!" Everyone heard Seulgi exclaim and all the girls ran to the window immediately. Even some of the dudes looked out the right side of the bus to check out the girl models. 

Changkyun hopped on top of Jungkook and looked out his window, then his eyes widened. 

Parma's mall plaza looked beautiful. Downtown Parma was beautiful in itself, but this portion of it looked amazing regardless. There were models walking left and right, setting up some stuff or going shopping. There were also normal Parma citizens shopping in the outside mall. It was all just big and beautiful. 

Changkyun just couldn't stop staring, until he looked down and saw three figures walking over to the bus. 

The female he couldn't quite recognize, but she looked like a whole model. She was tall, athletically built, like an amazon warrior, wearing a white cami and leather jacket, slim and thick with jeans that fit voluptuous in all the right places. Her red wavy hair flew through the wind as she walked at a steady pace.

And the other woman was pretty tall as well, but not taller than the other girl. She looked kinda old, but rich wearing an all-white jumpsuit and a leopard designed fur coat, maybe Gucci? Didn't matter. Her chinese bang stayed in her face as her bang held it all, diamond hoop earrings hanging, matching the diamond necklaces and bracelets she wore. 

Those two females looked really nice, but Changkyun just kept his eyes locked on the guy next to them. 

He wore a suit jacket, with a red button-down that was buttoned up and tucked in, accompanied with a nice black tie, nice looking denim jeans and his white hair all curly and wavy.

It was Hyungwon, and he sure did look good walking with the other two females. 

They all looked incredibly good, Changkyun could never pull off that. And they all looked alike as well, like the woman in the middle was the mother of that girl and Hyungwon. Changkyun wasn't sure, but he was sure of one thing. Him and his constant staring at Hyungwon only proved how much he was so whipped for that man. 

He was literally a model within himself, but everyone else failed to see it. Even Hyungwon himself. 

Changkyun was so captivated in staring at Hyungwon, he didn't even notice Jungkook calling his name constantly


Changkyun blinked back into reality, looking over at Jungkook who was fuming, literally. 

"O-oh! I'm sorry, what's up?" 

Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows, "First of all, get the fuck out of my lap! Your knees are literally on my dick dude." 

Changkyun looked down and saw that his knees were indeed on Jungkook's...private area. Changkyun quickly apologized, removing himself while continuing to bow apologetically. Jungkook just sighed in defeat, shaking his head. 

Jimin looked out the window and saw who Changkyun was supposedly looking at and grinned. 

"Ooooh baby boy, you're so fucking whipped it's scary," Jimin replied, giggling right after. Especially at Changkyun sudden blush. 

Jungkook looked out the window to see who they were talking about, raising an eyebrow. 

"Woah, Changkyun you're into girls? I thought you had a thing for dudes but I guess that's my bad for assuming your sexuality." Jungkook brought up. He looked behind him and saw Changkyun kinda glaring at him. 

"I haven't liked a girl since middle school." He replied bluntly as the bunny boy let out a small oh in response.  

Jimin snorted, "Yeah, he's too busy gawking at the nice looking man all dressed up in his suit and tie. Ready to leave it all on the floor tonight." 

Changkyun sat up and hovered over their sit, slapping Jimin playfully as she playfully dodged him back. Jungkook looked outside and saw who Jimin was talking about, this his eyes became fucking big. 

"No way," He started to say, looked at Changkyun, "You're whipped for Wonho's manager?" 

Changkyun glared at Jimin, who gave him a cute little troll face as the boy sighed, sinking in his seat. 

"It's a long story-" 

"On the plane, Changkyun was trying to go to the bathroom but he ended up bumping into first class and Hyungwon let him stay in there with him." 

The blonde boy blushed a light red. "JIMIN!" 

The girl stuck her tongue out and Changkyun sunk more in his seat, trying to hide his shame. 

Jungkook just giggled, "Changkyun that's great news! Why do you seem so bummed about it? Have you guys had any more interactions outside of that plane incident?" 

Changkyun wasn't really planning on telling them about what happened last night...but you know, he might as well at this point. 

"We were on an elevator together last night-" 

"YOU WHAT?!" Both Jimin and Jungkook exclaimed, scaring the literal fuck out of Changkyun. Jooheon's eyes opened after hearing that as well as he sat up a little bit. 

Jimin shook her head, "YOU'RE FUCKING SERIOUS?!" 

Changkyun nodded quickly, while also trying to shut her up. 

"Yes, I'm fucking serious now shut-" 


Her screams were heard throughout the whole bus. Everyone looked back, either with confusion in their eyes or glares as they all told Jimin to shush. 

The burgundy girl chuckled nervously as she hid behind her seat a little bit. That wasn't stopping Jungkook from asking any more questions. 

"So what happened? And why was he in our hotel building in the first place?" 

Changkyun shrugged his shoulders. "He said he had some business to attend to on the top floor, but I didn't wanna dig too further into it because I'm trying to get out of the habit of being in other peoples' business." 

Jungkook and Jimin nodded as they both oohed. 

And now, Jooheon was in the middle of the conversation. He sat up more, looking over at Changkyun from his seat. 

"What happened in the elevator?" He asked, and he earned some surprised stares in response. Mainly from Jimin, because Jooheon had been quiet this whole time pretending to be sleep. But now he was up, and active in this conversation. 

Changkyun cleared his throat, "Well we didn't do much but talk..he held me tight when I told him I was scared of being in the elevator and well...helped me get over my fear of heights." 

Jooheon's expression softened, "He..he held you close right?" 

Changkyun nodded, "Yeah, super close. I think I heard his heartbeat going really fast as he did." 

Jungkook oohed, "Holy shit Kyun I think he's just as whipped for you as you are for him." 

The cute blondie blushed a light red again as he chuckled nervously, "No no no! Let's not think like that please." 

Jungkook and Changkyun just went on talking, and Jimin looked over at Jooheon was just acknowledging their conversation, looking a little bit happier than how he did look. She smiled, nudging his arm a little. He looked over at her and saw her smile. 

And he returned it. 




So Professor Suongmin was giving directions to everyone of what to do and what not to do while they were in the plaza. Hopefully, complete and clear directions. They were all to stay with their teammates the whole time and do not separate, but it's not like everyone was gonna listen anyway. 

Jungkook was gonna try to sneak in with Changkyun, Jimin, and Jooheon's group, but he had to join his group for now. Which consisted of Namjoon, Jackson, Bambam, and Hoseok. So kinda sorta lucky for him that he was gonna be around Hoseok. 

He waved to all of them as they waved back. 

Changkyun sighed, "Can you guys believe that Jungkook's dad is the Vious Jeon Junghui?  I wouldn't even think they were related." 

"Well, they kinda sorta have the same last name Kyun." Jooheon brought up but Changkyun blew a raspberry. 

"Yeah okay Jooheon, not everyone who has the same last name is related." He replied, chuckling right after. 

Jooheon rolled his eyes, "Oh really? You wanna say that after that one idol came out and told the whole world Dashi was her twin sister. Everyone kept saying they were related because of their last names being similar BUUUUT NOOOOO." 

"Well I mean that was a different case. They looked alike." Jimin chimed in, then glared, "And don't bring my favorite idols in this mess!" 

Jooheon glared right back, "Hey it's possible you just keep dodging the situation!" 

The two of them kinda sorta just went back and forth and Changkyun sat there, as usual, listening to it and being able to do nothing but sigh and shake his head. He was happy though, he met a long lost childhood friend and they caught up. 

He felt pretty damn good today. 

He noticed Professor Suongmin walk up to the three model like people who walked up to their bus, talking to the lady in the middle who looked about his age. Seemed like whatever they were discussing was important because the lady looked so engaged in the conversation and even spoke back. Her voice had a British accent, and it sounded so smooth and fluent. 

But she spoke English too, which was also good. 

Suongmin nodded as he smiled, then whistled to catch everyone's attention. 

"Alright! I know you're all excited to go off and everything but first we need to go on ahead to the art museum and get a delighted tour from Miss-" 

"LEE SUOMI!" Some girl exclaimed and a whole bunch of people squealed and clapped. Jimin was one of them, clapping her fucking ass off. Jooheon clapped as well, even though he could kinda careless, and Changkyun clapped. 

But he wasn't really clapping for Lee Suomi, the older woman in the white jumpsuit. 

He was mainly clapping for Hyungwon, who was just nodding along. He wasn't just clapping though, he was staring mindlessly at the man and saw a small smile form on his face. It was so cute, made Changkyun's blush meter start up again. Especially when Hyungwon finally caught his gaze and his smile got even wider. 

Oh shit, this boy just might as well fucking die

Changkyun zoned back in as Suongmin continued to speak, "Yes, Miss Lee Suomi, head and CEO of Parma Heights Atlantic Studios is gonna give us a lovely tour of the modeling and art museum! Afterwards, you'll all be able to shop for a while and then we'll head back to the resort at 10 PM." 

Everyone said yes in response as Professor Suongmin nodded, handing the floor to Miss Suomi herself in all her glory. 

"Hello everyone!" She started to say and more people started to cheer for her as she spoke. She chuckled lightly, then held her hand up to quiet them down. She continued, "I'll be showing you around the museum once again this year! We're so glad to have you all back after last year and we have so many new things to show you all." 

Everyone was listening to her talk, and Changkyun was just proceeding to make indirect silent conversation with Hyungwon. He wasn't paying attention to Changkyun, but something told Changkyun that he knew that he wanted the male's undivided attention for once. Maybe take advantage of that free time and go out. 

Oh, who was Changkyun kidding? Hyungwon was probably annoyed of seeing him all the time and he was indeed a man with a career on his shoulders. There was no way in hell they were gonna hang out outside of randomly bumping into each other. Well, yesterday Changkyun spotted him...but who knows. 

He sighed, letting his arms wrap around Jooheon's waist. 

The redheaded boy was startled at first then saw Changkyun rest his chin on his shoulder. 

He chuckled, "What's wrong? I thought seeing Hyungwon made you happy?" 

"I am happy, but I'm also distressed." He said lowly, but Jooheon still heard him. Jooheon turned around, causing Changkyun's arms to move off his side immediately. 

He gripped his shoulders, "Let me guess, it's because you don't think pretty boy Hyungwon is gonna notice you all day and you think you're way out of his league." 

Changkyun's eyes widened and his mouth fell. "How did you-" 

"Changkyun I know that look because I know you. It's the same look you gave Jackson a few years back when you thought he was out of your league." 

"You know me too well and it's scaring me." Changkyun stuttered and Jooheon waved his hand at that. 

Then he turned them both around so they could face the front, so Changkyun could face Hyungwon. The tall man glanced over here another time, and Changkyun just remained frozen. Then Hyungwon's smile came back as he waved right directly at Changkyun. And when I say directly at Changkyun, I mean, whole heartedly waving at the boy mouthing hi

Changkyun's eyes became fucking big. He couldn't even manage a fucking wave. Or fucking move at all

"Kyun, he's waving at you!" Jooheon whisper snapped, waving back at Hyungwon. Changkyun just chuckled lightly as he waved back, with this weird ass smile on his face. 

Hyungwon just silently chuckled, and Changkyun was sure he felt his heart stop instantly. This man was literally killing him, and he fucking knew it. Changkyun released himself out of Jooheon's grasp immediately and got down, holding his knees. 

Jooheon sighed, getting down with him. 

"You gotta stop being a pussy Kyun!" Jooheon whisper snapped again, shaking the boy. 

Changkyun furrowed his eyebrows, "Where's the Jooheon telling me not to do this because it's not safe to fall for a celebrity. Especially in my state." 

Jooheon froze from a second, then shook his head. 

"That was before," Jooheon said lowly, giving Changkyun a sincere look. "Look, something in me told me I need to stop being so overprotective over you because I'm not your mother. And I need to let you experience this on your own and decide your own path." 

Changkyun's expression softened, "Joo..what happened-"

"We'll talk about that later, right now, that nice looking man up there is willing to talk to you during this tour. What you're gonna do is stop letting the past get to you and be that same old confident Kyun you were yesterday and this morning!" 

Changkyun hesitated his words at first, but he knew Jooheon was right. 

All these years he'd been doing nothing but hiding. Hiding from the spotlight, other people, publicity, just running away instead of trying to live his life. Everyone wanted him to live and be able to put what happened in the past go, and he wanted to too. But everything that had happened before was too traumatizing. 

Still, Changkyun managed to come out to Jungkook, and look how well that went. 

He sighed, then stood up slowly. Jooheon stood up too and waited for Changkyun's response. The boy sighed one last time and then nodded. 

"Alright," He said in defeat, "I got this!" 




Yeah...he totally did not have this. 

After Suomi had given her speech, the gang had all traveled to the museum. It was pretty grand, almost the size of a football stadium. She went on and on about how her mother and sisters use to build this entire museum with just their blood, sweat, and tears keeping them alive and how the other previous CEOs have kept the place together. 

They went into some cool looking hall and everyone was astonished at the live models that stood in place as everyone came by and watched. Some of the boys were kinda being inappropriate, especially Chanyeol, who tried to touch the mannequin's ass. But Jennie ended up scolding him no later, and the boy just grumbled in defeat. 

Everyone else was kinda taking in the view of the whole museum and how ancient it looked. It was like they were all apart of the roman-greek war, or just looking at multiple gods and goddesses. Jungkook managed to catch up with Jooheon and Jimin and they all made jokes about the weird fish statues everyone was talking about. 

And Changkyun? 

The boy was damn-near panicking every time Hyungwon looked back at him and made some stupid little gesture. He wanted to go back there and talk to him, but he also didn't wanna make a scene and let his mother notice. So every time the group stopped he took that chance to wave at Changkyun and Changkyun would wave back. 

It was kinda cute the way he made small attempts to get Changkyun's attention even when Changkyun himself wasn't paying attention. But the whole thing made Changkyun's blush meter go off the charts and wanna lowkey jump off a cliff. 

Finally, there was a bathroom break and everyone split up to go into the bathroom. Jimin and Jooheon had to go so that only left Jungkook and Changkyun out by the bathroom waiting for them to come out. 

Talking about...Disney?

"I'm just saying, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse lowkey enslaved some of their kind."

Changkyun raised a concerned eyebrow. "Jungkook, just because Goofy had pants and Pluto didn't does not mean they took away Pluto's pride and enslaved him." 

"Yes, but I never understood why Goofy wore pants and was completely fucking normal and Pluto was just a dog. Like c'mon now, a pet having an animal as a pet." Jungkook argued back. 

"That's just the way their universe is. I mean, maybe Mickey Mouse was kinky and wanted Pluto as his pet." 

Jungkook's face paled, then he furrowed his eyebrows. "YOU'RE JUST PROVING MY POINT!" 

"Then again, us humans do that too. You know pet play is a thing right?" 

Jungkook blinked back, "Excuse me, can you run me by that again?" 

He said that, but he was damn sure where Changkyun was going with this whole conversation. 

"Jungkook, furries exist." 


"Yes, they do!" 

"They don't!" 

"They DO!" 


The two of them were silent for a hot minute. Jungkook squinted his eyes at Changkyun and the boy kinda blushed a little bit, looking away. Or at least trying to, however, Jungkook was just staring daggers in his eyes. 

Then he sighed, "Because I use to be one." 

And this ladies and gentlemen is the part where Jungkook should've beaten Changkyun's ass on the spot and demanded an explanation--had not Hyungwon came around by and stood next to the two of them. Which was good for Changkyun because the guy saved his life, again

"Hey," He said softly and Changkyun gave him a small smile. 

"Hey." He said in a small voice. 

After that small little introduction, they were just staring at each other. But even staring at Hyungwon made his heart melt. It took him back to the airplane, the elevator, literally any small moment they've had together. He thought Hyungwon would've been bothered by his presence since he was a guy working a big job and all that. 

Especially yesterday when he seemed so distant, but they had only just met so that made sense. Still though, Hyungwon seemed a lot more clingy today, and Changkyun wasn't just dreaming, this guy actually enjoyed his attention. Made him feel a lot more special indeed. 

And here he thought Hyungwon and him were only gonna interact once and never see each other again, now look where they were. 

Changkyun was so enveloped with Hyungwon's glance, he forgot Jungkook was still standing there. 

Still pissed

He harshly cleared his throat, causing both boys to come back into reality and look over at him.  

"Changkyun I don't care if your boyfriend is gazing into your eyes, I still demand an explanation!" 

Hyungwon's eyes widened and Changkyun's whole face turned red. 

"B-boyfriend-" Hyungwon stammered, but Changkyun quickly pushed Jungkook away before he could ask any further questions. 

"Hey Kook, I think I hear Hoseok calling you." 

Jungkook blinked a few times and then furrowed his eyebrows, "No you fucking furry! I deserve an explanation-" 

"GoodBYE Jungkook! Before I tell Hoseok about your embarrassing Junglekookie stories." 

Jungkook froze in his tracks as Changkyun finally stopped pushing him. He looked behind him, squinting his eyes at him. 

"You fucking wouldn't." 

Changkyun squinted his eyes back, "I fucking would." 

Jungkook hesitated for a second, then he sighed. "This conversation isn't over. Don't forget, we're roommates so I have all night to ask you these questions." 

With that, Jungkook turned away, walking in a direction. Preferably, a direction that would lead him right to Hoseok of course. Changkyun sighed in relief, walking right back over at Hyungwon who was kinda sorta confused still but brushed it off. 

"I'm sorry about misunderstanding." Changkyun replied lowly, "The whole boyfriend thingy too, that was a joke I swear!" 

Hyungwon chuckled lightly, "It's okay Changkyun, I understand. I mean I didn't think much of it anyway." 

That kinda hurt Changkyun a little bit, but he just brushed it off and chuckled nervously in response. I mean, he expected Hyungwon to reply in such a way, but then again hearing him reply and say it so freely kinda made him feel a little small. 

That whole hope of Hyungwon even having the slightest interest in him just faded. 

"Anyway, I was gonna ask you if you'd like to have coffee with me."

Then it came back. 

Changkyun looked up at him with big eyes, "Coffee, with you?" 

Hyungwon nodded in response. "This whole time we've encountered each other I kinda feel like we never got the chance to talk and have a nice time by ourselves. So I thought when you guys were gonna head over here, you and I could ditch this place and get some coffee." 

Changkyun's heart was racing. It was running, it was beating, it was doing flips. It was going so fucking fast, faster than the speed of sound itself. He couldn't even stop the blush from growing across his face.

Hyungwon was asking him out for coffee. He wanted to leave everyone and get coffee with him. He wanted to ditch this and go on a date. He wanted to leave his duties and be with Changkyun, alone. If this was a dream, honestly Changkyun didn't wanna wake up. 

He just shook his head, trying to come back into reality before allowing his weird fantasies to stop him from saying yes to Hyungwon. 

So he nodded, "Yes, I'd love to get coffee with you." 

Hyungwon smiled as he reached for the boy's hand and they walked out. And it's a good thing Hyungwon couldn't notice how fucking red Changkyun was. 

And also noticed the woman in the back with red hair who was standing outside with him and Suomi earlier, looking at the two of them and smiling as she shook her head. 


Chapter Text

"SHUT UP!" Changkyun exclaimed excitedly.

They finally approached the coffee shop, which looked pretty grand. It was like the main part of the outdoor mall, and it was honestly so fucking big inside, but so fucking pretty. Only rich people deserved to eat here, hang here, drink here, shit maybe even sleep here. He couldn't wipe away the look of astonishment on his face, nor did he dare even bother to. He was honestly so fucking surprised, he wanted to fucking scream. Coffee shops were his number one hangout spots in the whole wide world, and seeing this grand ass Starbucks looking joint was the cherry on top to this trip.

This was now, officially the best fucking vacation, ever.

Changkyun ran inside the coffee shop soon as he had the chance. And once he did, he was just so utterly amazed at the scenery. It looked like a place where royals would eat or even swim at. It was like a lounge for models all around in Singapore, like they all came here to let loose and just be themselves. It also looked like it was more than just a fucking cafe, it looked like a whole ass resort. He looked back at Hyungwon, who slowly met up with him with his hands in his pockets, smiling.

"What do you think of Parma's personal Model Lounge?" He asked and Changkyun's eyes widened.

"M-model l-l-lounge?" He repeated and Hyungwon nodded slowly.

"Yeah, this is the lounge most models who work under Parma kinda relax and unwind when they don't wanna go back to their apartments. But I don't see why, our apartment buildings are amazing, just like the resorts and hotels."

Changkyun sneered, Yeah...almost everything in this area was fucking amazing.

He looked around and saw some girls and guys. They were all so fuckin gorgeous models, Changkyun understood why people loved coming to Singapore almost every year. It was amazing! Nice looking people, a sight to see, amazing living arrangements, the outdoor mall, this lounge--it was all just so wonderful. He didn't even stop himself from going in many circles when he looked at the top and saw the chandelier. So gorgeous, hard to be that Lee Suomi had this entire place built with her own cash. Then again, Jimin said she was old money rich unlike most CEOs, so Singapore was basically run by her.

Hyungwon chuckled lightly, "Are you done lost child?"

"Noo...just give me a minute. Then, I'll stop looking at the ceiling." Changkyun replied and Hyungwon chuckled lightly. Then he moved Changkyun slightly, the boy looked down as soon as the pretty chandelier was out of his sight and he sighed.

They were in line now, and the line wasn't pretty long as the line at the Starbucks at Changkyun's resort was. Kinda comforting that it wasn't gonna take him this long to get a nice beverage. He just looked up at the menu, pondering on what to get, and checking to see whatever he got wasn't gonna be so much money. But the prices, my god, the prices were fucking unbelievable. He didn't really bring all that much money, seeing as most of his money was stashed up somewhere and the money he brought with him to college was a good 200 dollars. And the money he brought with him here, was a measly 50 dollar bill.

If he got something from this cafe, he could kiss his fucking cash goodbye.

Hyungwon saw him get a bit worried and smiled, "If you're worried about the money Changkyun then you don't have to."

The boy looked over at him, "Wh-what? But I thought you were treating me to coffee?"

"I am," Hyungwon giggled, "But treating you to coffee is the same as buying the coffee for you."

"Ohhh!" Changkyun said. Then registered his earlier stupidity and put his wallet back in his pocket. "Ohhh.."

"It's okay, I appreciate you pitching in anyways but there's no need." Hyungwon replied softly, turning to him and holding his hands, "I was looking forward to spending some time with you today. Just to kinda close the distance in our relationship and be more than just acquaintances who randomly bump into each other."

Changkyun blushed lightly, "R-really?"

Hyungwon nodded, "Of course, I enjoy spending time with you."

Changkyun's eyes sparkled as his lips slowly parted. Jesus Christ, this trip was just amazing. He honestly felt like Rose when she ran into Jack on the Titanic and the guy just made her whole life worthwhile. That's what Hyungwon was doing to him, or that's what he was offering to him. He was gonna take him around the model lounge and show him a whole new world, and possibly get closer.

Kinda like a date, but Changkyun wasn't gonna take it too personally.

He didn't wanna make it weird, especially for Hyungwon because he might think of him being weird and just push him away. But Changkyun was being put out in the spot, him. Hyungwon liked him so much he didn't mind being out here in public with him, just out in about. Not even concerned some kinda paparazzi would show up or anything, he just handled the shit like a boss. A tall, tanned, handsome ass manager who knew his way around the place.

Changkyun smiled, he was blushing but he didn't care. "I'd love to spend time with you."

Hyungwon smiled right back as he nodded in response.

They finally reached the front of the line and Hyungwon had bought Changkyun's raspberry ice tea and some cinnamon nuggets as well as himself a black coffee. Changkyun countlessly thanked him, bowed even, and Hyungwon just chuckled lightly as he lifted the boy back up. Some idols were glancing over at the boy weirdly, mainly because he didn't look familiar and because he was bowing, but Changkyun didn't care obviously.

"Changkyun!" Hyungwon snapped but in a soft whisper. The boy bounced back up and gave him a small sorry as Hyungwon shook his head and giggled, "It's don't have to thank me. Trust me, it's just a small little gesture and a thank you from me for agreeing to spend time with me. I appreciate you taking time out of your day to hang out with me."

I'd literally ditch college for you-

"Ah it's nothing, honestly we were gonna be set free anyway." Changkyun replied, and he wasn't lying.

Hyungwon awed at that, "Well...I was gonna wait until your free time, but I feel like your friends would kinda sorta get in the way and just...y'know, ruin our time together. I mean, how long are you guys gonna be in Singapore?"

"Abooooout, 3 weeks." Changkyun replied and Hyungwon's eyes widened.

"Really? Just 3 weeks?" He asked and Changkyun nodded disappointingly. "That we only have a few days to hang out an get to know each other well basically?"

"Pretty much, but I wouldn't rush it or even worry about it." Changkyun replied, blowing a raspberry, "I mean we can always FaceTime or Skype or just find ways to communicate after I leave. It'll do you some justice."

Hyungwon just hummed in response. His phone buzzed and he pulled it out instantly, his eyes widening at the incoming call.

Changkyun looked at him, " that someone important?"

"No, no." Hyungwon replied, quickly declining the call. But as soon as he put the phone back in his pocket, it started to ring once more. He sighed, looking at Changkyun's look of confusion. "I'm gonna head to the bathroom and take this really quick."

Changkyun gave him a small smile and nodded him off as he left. The boy sighed, it looked like Hyungwon didn't even wanna answer the call a first, or he did but he just felt as if it wasn't important and it cut between his time with Changkyun. But Changkyun didn't wanna think about it too much...he was a pretty busy guy after all.

The scent of cinnamon nuggets took his mind off thinking about it and he just started to walk towards what looked like the condiment section, grabbing some frosting dipping sauce. Least he was, until he saw the other shit that was stashed over here. It was kinds of sugars, like he was guessing it was the extra shit that people chose to put on their coffee.

Like whipped cream, the fudge, literally everything. It was almost like an ice cream parlor. Then again, he remembered Hyungwon saying something about this place being a cafe so there was probably ice cream...who knows?

Changkyun didn't wanna seem, fat.

But soon as he touched the whipped cream, he honestly couldn't help himself from putting it all over his cinnamon nuggets. Okay, so Hyungwon paid for his food and offered to give him the time of his life today, so of course, Changkyun was just gonna take advantage of that opportunity.

Not too much, but as much he possibly could.

And it didn't even look messy, especially after he added the mocha to and some light maple brown sugar. It just looked even better than it had looked before, and he was honestly okay with that.

Soon as he turned around, however, he immediately bumped into someone and all his stuff fell.

"Goddammit!" He whisper snapped at himself. Just when he had finished making the shit look like a beautiful work of art, it just goes on and gets destroyed. Or well, it wasn't on the floor, only his drink and some other big ass cup of frappuccino was and he grew confused as too where that even came from.

Til he looked up, saw where his nuggets were, and just froze completely.

He was face to face with some other man, who was taller than him, exactly Hyungwon's height with reddish brown hair, bangs all in his face. He was wearing a nicely designed silky black dress shirt with some purple floral pattern which was tucked in his black trousers.

Changkyun just looked up at him as the man looked over at him, big ass, pretty eyes brown eyes which were hard to not look at. They were just endlessly staring at each other as if the world had stopped and it was only them. And for some strange reason, Changkyun felt his heart race even faster, like faster than it went when he ran into Hyungwon.

Which was weird because he just bumped into this man, not even knowing who he was, but for some reason, he couldn't stop his eyes from growing bigger and bigger and just sparkling. He felt like the man's eyes had sparkled as well, like they just sparkled in an instant and they kinda just zinged.

The man cleared his throat, standing up straight a bit and moving the small box of cinnamon nuggets off his shirt, which kinda exposed his cleavage a big, but Changkyun didn't pay any mind.

"I-I um..." he started to say, "I apologize."

Changkyun's eyes just got wider as he shook his head, "N-no! It's okay, it was my fault!"

He rushed over to the counter with the condiments and grabbed a few napkins, wiping the access whipped cream off the man's shirt. His shirt was so soft, and Changkyun wasn't sure if it was his cinnamon nuggets but when he got closer to the man, he smelled his scent. A sweet chocolate scent that kinda made Changkyun smelt a bit.

He threw away the used napkins and grabbed a few more, wiping the shirt.

"I should've never added all that junk." He snapped at himself.

"Umm," The man let out and Changkyun looked up at him again. Soon as he did, their eyes locked instantly and they looked away as fast as possible, blushing hard. Changkyun looked down and saw the mess, cleaning up a bit.

He felt silly, just bumping into some random model and cleaning them off in public, it was just humiliating. Until he noticed the man walk over to the table as well, grabbing some napkins and cleaning up the mess with him.

Changkyun slowed as he watched him kneel down, picking up the empty cups and cleaning the mess.

The man looked up at him, blushing and getting all flustered.

"D-don't look at me like that! J-just, help me clean up this mess.." He kinda sorta snapped but in a flustered way?

Changkyun just hummed, cleaning up the messes and throwing away the napkins long after. Soon as they were both finished, Changkyun looked at the man once more, bowing apologetically, again.

"Wh-what are you-"

"I'm sorry!" Changkyun replied quickly, bowing many times. "I didn't mean to get my food all over you I swear! It was just an accident I swear."

The man just stood there, looking at him confusingly as he looked at him in silence, not sure how to respond. Of course, he just looked down and sighed.

"It's whatever, n-now get up. You shouldn't bow at people in public." He snapped at him again and Changkyun obeyed immediately, sitting up. He looked at him again, big old cute eyes all wide and filled with many things, confusion most likely. The man just looked at those cute eyes, causing his own face to heat up a bit.

He looked away, "Stop looking at me!"

"S-sorry!" Changkyun replied quickly again, bowing, again.

The model saw him bowing from the corner of his eye and glare, his attention at him again. "N-no! Don't bow, get up kid!"

Changkyun sat up, again. "S-sorry..."

"Stop saying sorry, I said it's not your fault so you can let it go now." The man replied and Changkyun just nodded at that.

He didn't know why he felt so apologetic today, but he just had the urge to kinda feel sorry for everyone, mainly himself. He kinda grew up being in an environment where people yell at him because he did something wrong, but he was only able to talk back to certain people, like Jimin or Jooheon.

But for some damn reason, this man right here kinda made him wanna just apologize countless, countless, times. He couldn't help but feel so attached to this man, he didn't even know who the hell he was.

"Wonho!" He heard someone shout, and Changkyun's eyes widened at the name.

The man turned around looking in the direction his name was called and faced a smaller man, who looked about his height but a bit taller.

"You can't just go wondering off y'know?" He snapped, "You're booked today and I can't have you out of my sight. You gotta get everything down today so you can deliver that tour tomorrow."

The taller man, apparently Wonho, sighed, "I know I know Ki, I was the middle of something."

"I can see that. And-" The small man looked at his shirt and furrowing his eyebrows, "Wh-what the fuck happened to your shirt?!"

Wonho looked down at the dried up whipped cream and then slowly darted his eyes at Changkyun, who kinda looked over at him in fear. Changkyun knew damn well this man was gonna sell him out and he was gonna owe him a fee, or probably sue him. But he couldn't do that because that's basically taking away the money his caretaker sends him every month from his mother's account.

And that would also lead to him getting exposed.

"I had got a cupcake when I went up there, and I bumped into this kid." Wonho replied quickly, and Changkyun's eyes widened.

Did he really just save his ass?

The smaller man looked over at Changkyun, sighing, "Jesus you're so clumsy. You know how much that fucking shirt costs right?"

Wonho nodded, but that nod and his silence only caused the small man's eyebrows to furrow.

"Wonho..that shirt costs $1,239.80 American dollars."

Changkyun nearly choked, and Wonho cleared his throat in response.

"Y-you don't say." He replied, chuckling nervously.

"Whatever, just be more careful, we need to go in 5 minutes." The smaller man replied, storming off.

Wonho waited for him to leave, and as soon as he was in the clear he sighed in relief.

Then he turned around to face Changkyun, only to find him bowing apologetically, again.

"W-would you stop that!" He snapped, grabbing Changkyun by his shoulders and lifting him up, staring directly into the smaller boy's eyes, "You need to stop bowing and apologizing in public! It's embarrassing and makes other people feel bad, which defeats the purpose of apologizing!"

Changkyun nodded, and he was gonna say another I'm sorry until he peeped Wonho getting closer to his face, glaring.

"I'm serious." He replied and Changkyun swallowed hard. Wonho then sighed, removing his hands from Changkyun's shoulders and looked over at him. He raised an eyebrow, "What are you looking at?"

The blonde boy shook his head, "Nothing I was just..well I mean, I wanted to say thank you for saving me back there."

"It's nothing, I mean I couldn't just let you pay a $200 dollar fine. Especially over something as small as this."

Changkyun nodded, "I mean...I could've covered it. Would've taken my monthly savings, but I could've taken care of it."

Wonho turned his head over to him, glaring at him. "I handled it already okay? No need for you to go above and beyond just for me. I'm flattered, but you look like you don't even had enough to pay for the stuff you had regardless."

Changkyun's eyes widened as his eyebrows rose, looking slightly offended "E-excuse me?"

"Changkyun!" The boys looked over at Hyungwon, who was rushing over to Changkyun, not even noticing Wonho's presence. He was kinda out of breath, but he managed to catch it anyway, holding one of his shoulders.

"I'm so sorry! I got kinda held up on the call and I-" He paused, soon as he saw that Changkyun wasn't holding his stuff. "Where's all the snacks I bought you?"

"Well...I had them until I bumped into him." Changkyun replied, pointing at Wonho. Hyungwon turned and his direction was right towards Wonho, eyes widened.

Wonho furrowed his eyebrows, "Hyungwon? What the hell are you doing buying stuff for commoners?"


"Don't worry about my business. What the hell are you doing here? You have a photoshoot right now."


"I was just getting back, but you're not even supposed to be here. Aren't you supposed to be touring with your boss right now?"

Hyungwon's glare darkened. "Aren't you supposed to be keeping up with your modeling career before it flops in your face? Where's Kihyun?"

"He's here. He just left after he yelled at me for the mess on my shirt that your little commoner friend caused."

Hyungwon looked down at the mess on his shirt, then back up at Wonho.

He chuckled bitterly as his lip twitched, "You can't even keep a shirt clean for a whole day. It hasn't even been an hour since you left your house and you already got a stain."

"It wouldn't have even been here if it weren't for your commoner friend-"

"He has a name."

"And I don't care what it is. What I wanna know what's so special about that kid. Is he the reason you were late yesterday? And is he that same kid who was all over social media and everyone was talking about how Lee Hoseok's manager left Singapore to go visit his boyfriend?"

Changkyun's eyes widened at that. Widened in fear, not only because he was just learning this new information, but the fact that someone had caught on to Hyungwon and Changkyun associating with each other and posted it on the internet.

"That's all you care about? Just you and your stupid ass image, like always."

"It's not about that Hyungwon. I care about you as well, you shouldn't just go sleeping around with just anybody-"

"I'm not!" Hyungwon roared, his face as dark as ever. Changkyun saw the expression and saw him get all tense. The boy just reached out for his hand, holding it and grabbing Hyungwon's undivided attention. He didn't want to, seeing as it would only cause a lot more drama than there already was, but then again he didn't care.

Hyungwon was seriously mad, and he had never seen it before. Nor did he like it.

He saw Changkyun's soft expression and sighed, putting his hand down. "It's okay, I'm okay."

Changkyun looked at him, unsure of how he was feeling but sighed anyway.

Then Hyungwon turned back to face Wonho, sighing, "Wonho, don't worry about my business. It's my business for a reason, and I think you should stop acting like we're little kids again and just worry about yourself."

Before Wonho could even say anything else, Hyungwon grabbed Changkyun's hand and rushed out, leaving Wonho rather confused, as well as pissed.


So the rest of the day, of course, Hyungwon and Changkyun just decided to spend a small amount of time together in private before Changkyun had to get on the bus again back to his hotel again. Jungkook, Jimin, and Jooheon were just talking amongst themselves real loudly, and Jaebum and Youngjae joined them in the back too laughing along.

Youngjae was sitting close with Jooheon and the two were just giggling with each other which was kinda cute, but Changkyun didn't pay it any mind.

He was too zoned out in his own world, looking out the window and kinda thinking about all that had happened today. The whole interaction with Wonho and how heated Hyungwon and Wonho's conversation was.

It seemed so weird, and it especially made Changkyun feel unsafe and uncomfortable. When he saw Hyungwon get so dark, it was honestly the scariest thing ever and he didn't wanna see that look of pure hate in his eyes ever again. But he couldn't help but feel like him and Wonho had this sort of tension between them for a long time. Like, it seemed like Wonho was picking on him but at the same time, he was strangely concerned.

And what concerned Changkyun the most was when he said that Changkyun and Hyungwon were all over social media and everyone buzzed about how they thought he was dating Changkyun. The whole thought of it made Changkyun sick to his stomach, being exposed period made him feel weird and brought back horrifying memories.

Memories when the most tragic moment in history and Changkyun's life happened.

"Changkyun!" Someone called out and Changkyun jumped up, looking over to see who called him.

It was Jimin, "Are you okay? You seem completely out of it."

Changkyun sighed in relief, smiling weakly, "Y-yeah, I'm okay...just a bit tired that's all."

Jimin nodded slowly, sinking back in her seat. "You sure? You look like you've seen a ghost."

"Yeah I'm sure. I've had a pretty long day and shit..and I kinda need to take a breather." He replied, but Jimin wasn't too convinced that he was okay. Because she knew Changkyun, and she knew that look meant that he was somewhat distressed.

But she just left it be, seeing as Jungkook was calling her name to show her something and Changkyun really did look like he needed some time to think at this moment. And he absolutely did, especially after what he had been through.

When he and Hyungwon went out to hang, they were on top of some building that was pretty far from Parma Atlantic's plaza. Hyungwon had gotten them some more food and they were just talking for hours and hours about random shit, that kinda made Changkyun feel safer, but at the same time still scared of the shit that happened between Hyungwon and Wonho.

And he was definitely too scared to ask.

The bus finally reached the hotel and everyone got off quickly, running into the building and waving goodbye to the bus and Professor Suongmin for the night. Changkyun's friend group looked as if they were all gonna go hang out somewhere, but Changkyun just avoided them and kinda went on the elevator, up to his room. Surprisingly by himself this time.

Soon as the elevator stopped on his floor, he walked to his room. He unlocked it, coming in and shutting the door completely before walking over to his bed and plopping right on it. He felt so utterly exhausted, he wasn't even sure why he was so tired at all.

Maybe it had been all the shit that was roaming through his head today and he couldn't think straight. And he wanted to know why he had that sudden encounter with Wonho today as well. Why, when Wonho bumped into him, didn't he just yell at him as he would do with any other person? When he first met Hyungwon, he was able to be assertive towards him.

But with Wonho, it was like the man scolded him for apologizing so much and Changkyun just couldn't help but go on mute and continue apologizing.

It was weird, but he didn't take it to heart.

Especially because Wonho called him broke earlier, which pissed him off.

He wasn't gonna lie though, Wonho was pretty good-looking as Jimin stated, but his attitude towards people wasn't cute at all. It was all snobby and rude, but he was another rich ass famous model, and they were nothing but snobby and stuck up.

So full of themselves.

Changkyun just pulled himself in his covers and was gonna head to sleep until he heard his phone ring on his nightstand. He grumbled and was gonna ignore it but it was probably a call from Jooheon asking him where the hell he was. Changkyun crawled over and grabbed the phone, but noticed something weird.

The number that was calling him was unrecognized and not saved in his phone.

He raised an eyebrow. He didn't remember giving anyone his number at all, it was weird. Maybe it was the wrong number or something or someone was just calling his phone number from the big hotel hotline thingy downstairs. Whatever it was, Changkyun sighed, finally answering the phone.


"Changkyun? This is you right?"

Changkyun froze completely at the sound of the voice. "Hyungwon?"

He heard him sigh in relief on the other line. "Okay, thank goodness. I was gonna get worried that I got your number wrong or something."

"How'd you even manage to get my number anyway? I give it to you at all."

"Oh! Well while you were using the bathroom you left your phone on the table and I kinda just set my number in there, called myself, and saved your number." He replied, then giggled, "I mean I didn't think you'd really mind."

Changkyun blushed lightly, furrowing his eyebrows, "N-no! You just went through my phone and slid your number in there!"

He heard Hyungwon just laughing away, which was music to his ears. Hearing Hyungwon laugh kinda made him feel a lot better and forget that the whole thing with him and Wonho didn't even happen. It was just soft Hyungwon on the line.

He suddenly stopped laughing and proceeded to giggle, "Well..I'm sorry. Was I too smooth? Should I have just told you I put my number in there because it took you a while to respond."

'Well yeah! Some random person is just calling me and it's only rare occasions when I pick up!"

Hyungwon giggled softly, "I apologize then Changkyun. You're right it was out of line to just take your phone and just put my number in there."

Changkyun sighed, "No..I actually appreciate it. I mean at some point I was gonna ask you for your number anyway.."

"Ohh, look at you being smooth!" Hyungwon chimed and Changkyun rolled his eyes, giggling lightly. He sat up, crossing his legs and closing his eyes as he heard Hyungwon speak on the phone, smiling softly.

Hearing him talk on the phone was the same as hearing him in person, made Changkyun feel all warm and fuzzy and forget the whole world existed. Made him feel secure and protected, and somehow loved. Literally, every small gesture Hyungwon has made made Changkyun feel soft, and so comfortable it always put a small smile on his face.

They had a nice deep conversation for about a few hours, Changkyun going in depth about school and how stressful that life was for him and Hyungwon talking about how his job was stressful as well. And Changkyun understood his struggles because the man was literally working this tight ass schedule, it wasn't fair.

"-So, you were qualified for all these art majors?"

"Yeah, but I didn't wanna do all of them. Most of them kinda triggered my inner fear and I don't wanna confront that yet. Not just yet, I'm not ready."

"That's understandable, however, you're so lucky to have all those options. Not many people have those options."

Changkyun chuckled, "Yeah...I get that a lot."

"Hey Changkyun, do you pay for your scholarship? Or does someone else pitch in, like your parents?"

Changkyun kinda froze at that. He wasn't sure what to say or how to respond. But he knew his response was gonna sound confusing and it was only gonna lead to him telling Hyungwon everything. He trusted him, but he wasn't ready to tell him all that yet.

"Well, someone kinda pitched in for me. My nanny does a lot for me regardless and I'm so grateful for it. And, I guess my father kinda does something like he's helped me lived and stuff but I don't know where he is, or if he's even still alive."

Hyungwon hummed, "What about your mother? Of course she pitches in too?"

Changkyun paused again. Then he just laughed nervously, "She um..she passed away when I was 9."

"Oh..Changkyun I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to bring that up."

"It's okay, you're fine. I'm kinda sorta getting past all that and just moving on with life y'know. My mom played a major part and after she left I was kinda lost in my own world. It's crazy."

"I see," Hyungwon replied, "Do you miss her?"

"Yes, all the time. I miss her soft kisses and lullabies. I miss her cooking, her words, just her presence made me so happy...I just think about her sometimes and remember stuff from the past it kinda gets me all choked up inside and cry." Changkyun replied, small tears coming out of his eyes. "I just...I really miss her and wish she was still here with me to guide me through life, because sometimes I don't even know what I'm doing. Like, she was always on top of things and I was just...I'm just..a mess."

Hyungwon heard Changkyun sniffing, "Changkyun don't say that. You're not a mess, you know that. Life's just hard, and sometimes you gotta push through it with an unbothered fist, y'know?"

Changkyun sniffed as he wiped away his tears, "Y-yeah..I guess so. It's just hard."

"I get that." Hyungwon replied lowly, with a low tone of sympathy in his tone. Then he spoke back up, "You okay?"

"Y-yeah, just a bit tired today overall. It's kinda an overwhelming day for me."

"I see..well, why don't you get some sleep. I'll see you tomorrow Changkyun."

Changkyun wanted to decline his offer, but he yawned and as soon as he yawned he already knew he had to go to sleep.

So he sighed, "Alright..goodnight Hyungwon."

"Goodnight Changkyun." Hyungwon replied after hanging up. Soon as he did, Changkyun rolled back into the covers and fell straight to sleep.


Chapter Text

"So," Jungkook said lowly, holding Changkyun's face, "You were a furry."

Changkyun nodded nonchalantly, "Yes."

Jungkook squinted his eyes and he brought Changkyun's face a bit closer, their proximity a bit close. "You were a furry."

"Yes Jungkook, dammit. You've been asking me this since last night when you came back from Starbucks." Changkyun grumbled.

"Well fuck you just came out and said you were a damn furry yesterday! You know my past with furries Changkyun, my fucking ex-boyfriend was a furry."

Changkyun's eyes widened, "Taehyung was a furry?" 

"Yes!" Jungkook grumbled as he turned himself and laid in Changkyun's lap, "He use to always cuddle me and tell me, babe, it's just a phase or some cliche bullshit."  

"Wow," Changkyun let out, "Taehyung's just so...I don't know he's just this asshole who's mean and doesn't give a fuck about anyone." 

Jungkook laughed loudly, it sounded like a loud ass scream and it shook Changkyun up a bit. He just glared at him as the boy held his stomach. 

"A-are you kidding?! Taehyung is literally the softest son of a bitch ever. He use to cuddle me all the fucking time. I was like his sugar baby." 

"I-I had no idea. Or I mean, I kinda figured he'd be soft around you but-" 

"Changkyun, he giggles whenever I kiss his neck." 

"Oh." Changkyun replied, then snickered, "Well every bad boy has a soft side." 

"No fuck that, he's a whole ass baby bad boy. Fucker tried to put bunny ears on me while we were fucking, then said that I was cuter than the rabbit on the fucking cereal box." 

Changkyun just busted out laughing at Jungkook looked up at him, glaring. He literally laughed so damn hard his sides were burning and he laid his back on the bed to contain his laughter. 

"H-HE TRIED T-TO MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE TRICK THE TRIX BUNNY!" Changkyun said within his loud laughter and Jungkook sat up, rolling his eyes. 

"Yes! Then he gave me this brown bunny suit one day for easter and asked me to give him a handjob-" 

That only made Changkyun laugh a lot harder than he already was. He was laughing so hard, he rolled right off the bed. Jungkook just sighed, crossing his arms. 

"HE MADE YOU LOOK LIKE THE NESQUIK BUNNY!" Changkyun laughed and Jungkook grumbled. Changkyun immediately stopped laughing when a wave of realization hit him, "Wait, why'd he try to make you look like a bunny?" 

"Because he saw Zootopia and immediately assumed he had a thing for rabbits-"

"NO FUCKING WAY!" Changkyun exclaimed, laughing loudly again, "HE HAS A KINK FOR JUDY HOPS-" 

"OKAY WILL YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Jungkook exclaimed as he grabbed one of the pillows and threw it at the boy. Changkyun flew back but he was still laughing his ass off, more than he should. Jungkook just realized that he wasn't gonna win this and sighed. 

"What fucking ever Lim," Jungkook replied, going into the closet and getting something. Changkyun just sighed in relief, wiping some access tears until he heard his phone ring. 

The ringtone of the call was none other than Into You by Ariana Grande and Changkyun's eyes widened. 

Because that was the ringtone he set for Hyungwon. 

He just sat up, looking at his phone and locking eyes with Jungkook. The two of them had a quick staring contest before they both ran over the small table where Changkyun's iPhone sat. Before Changkyun could even reach the phone, Jungkook hopped over the bed and pushed him out the way, trying to get it first. 

But Changkyun one-upped him as he grabbed the boy's leg and made him trip. He lifted himself up and answered the phone, taking it off the table and sitting on Jungkook's back before he could get up and do anything. 

"Hello?" Changkyun replied all nice and cutely, ignoring Jungkook's small grunts in the back. 

"Kyun? Hey, what's up?" Hyungwon replied, he was on speaker too and Jungkook finally stopped fidgeting when he heard the voice. He looked up at Changkyun with this wowed look and Changkyun just grinned and nodded. 

"Nothing much, I'm just trying to get ready for our next trip today! We're supposed to head over to Parma Atlantic and I can't wait to see wait to see where you work." Changkyun replied again. 

He heard Hyungwon chuckle lightly and Jungkook rolled his eyes, "Kiss up." 

Changkyun shushed him, waiting for Hyungwon's response. 

"Well that's good, I actually wanted to give you a nice little tour of my office. I just finished this one thing and I really want you to see it." 

"Oh?" Changkyun let out, looking down at Jungkook who too was kinda surprised with this action, as well as this whole conversation. 

"Yeah, it's like a nice little photo collage and I wanna share it with you since I got the idea from you. Y'know, you telling me I should do more separate projects and solo work? I took that into consideration and started something but I don't know how far I'm gonna get with it." 

"So, you're asking for my input? Or is this just your excuse to kidnap me and take me out on another date?" Changkyun replied as he chuckled lightly. 

Jungkook's eyes just became wide as he whisper snapped, "You guys went out on a date?!

Changkyun nodded, "Yeah when you guys went shopping yesterday.

Jungkook was still surprised and wowed at that. 

Hyungwon giggled, "Well this isn't necessarily a date. If anything I wanna brush off all these dating rumors that have just spread around the internet. Dispatch is going crazy and right now my boss is trying her best to clear this shit up. Like I got yelled at yesterday for running off." 

"Oh," Changkyun replied lowly, exchanging a look of worry with Jungkook, "Well, I don't want you to get in trouble because of me Hyungwon. If anything, I'm probably gonna make you lose your job a-and you work super hard! You manage Wonho and all that and y-y'know, I'd hate to be the reason for you losing all that." 

"No no, it's fine. I've told them that we're just colleagues," Hyungwon said, but Changkyun couldn't help but feel his stomach tighten at that.

He knew it was for the best, mainly because Hyungwon was a really important guy with an important job. He didn't have all this time to have this dating scandal on his hands when he has all this tough work on his road as well. But, Changkyun just couldn't help but feel mad about this whole thing a little bit. 

He didn't know why, but he was just frustrated. 

"Changkyun? You there?" He heard Hyungwon say and it brought him back into reality. 

"Y-yeah, I'm here." He said, it was kinda shaky though, "It's fine Hyungwon I'm okay with the whole colleagues thing. I don't wanna be too much trouble for you though so if you need me to back off-" 

"Nonsense, friends don't back off of each other," Hyungwon said proudly and Changkyun's eyes widened, "I mean, we're friends Changkyun, right? I at least thought we were-" 

"O-of course we're friends Hyungwon! I was kinda scared that I was too much on your hands and I felt like a burden somewhat." 

"Changkyun, I love spending time with you," Hyungwon said softly, causing Changkyun to blush a bit, "I enjoy your presence, I love hearing you talk because I love the way your mind works. You're such a wonderful person with a beautiful mind and I enjoy that. Most people I talk to, they never get me, but you get me, a lot." 

Changkyun's blush meter was off the charts, and he couldn't help but giggle lightly at that. He looked down at Jungkook, forgetting he was there and saw the boy smirking at him as he was throwing aggressive ass finger hearts while going Changkyun-and-Hyungwon-sitting-in-a-tree. Changkyun just shushed him and proceeded to talk to Hyungwon. 

"Well, I appreciate that Hyungwon. I appreciate it very much that you like me so much." 

"Of course I like you. I adore you a lot Kyunie," 

Jungkook just oohed really loudly and sat up. Changkyun flew back, dropping his phone and grumbled. Jungkook was just oohing away when he made kissy faces in Changkyun's face, who was swatting them away. 

"Um, Changkyun are you okay? " Hyungwon replied, "Am I interrupting something?" 

"N-no!" Changkyun replied, pushing Jungkook away, "You're fine Hyungwon! Absolutely fine!" 

"Oh, okay," Hyungwon replied then snickered, "Oh! Wait, there was also something that I wanted to share with you about-" 

"Hyungwon?" someone said, "Baby we gotta go, we've got like three minutes." 

Changkyun and Jungkook immediately stopped fidgeting and turned to the phone as they heard the woman with the soft voice on the line. They both sat up and scooted over to the phone, listening carefully. 

"Honey, I'm in the middle of a call, can't they just wait?" Hyungwon said. 

Changkyun's eyes widened as he looked over at Jungkook as they both whispered, "Honey?

"No bub, we gotta go now. Mom wants to discuss something with you and we also gotta prepare before those kids get here." 

Hyungwon sighed, "Okay then. Changkyun, are you still there?" 

He popped his head up at Jungkook, who was urging him to talk. 

"Y-yes! I'm still here!" He said. 

"I gotta go, but I'll see you when you get here." 

Changkyun hesitated a bit, but sighed, "I-it's okay, you go ahead and get back to work Hyungwon." 

"I'm really sorry I had to end our call like this, but I can't wait till you get here!" Hyungwon replied before hanging up. Changkyun sighed as he sat on the floor, looking down at his phone. 

Jungkook sighed, "Here this guy goes talking about how much he adores you, when he's got some other girl already." 

"It's fine, I didn't like him that way anyways," Changkyun replied. Jungkook just gave him this look and Changkyun looked back up at him, raising an eyebrow, "What?" 

"Please say sike," Jungkook replied, "Dude you are so fucking whipped for this guy, you got an Ariana Grande song as his ringtone." 

"Okay but that was the only nice song I could give him that kinda represents him besides Be Humble." 

"I mean, you could've used Bittersweet by Panic." 

"Yeah but that's Jooheon's ringtone." 

"Wh-what?" Jungkook said, but just shook his head and sighed, gripping Changkyun's shoulders, "Look, the ringtone isn't the point. Changkyun you like this guy, and that's the main point here." 

Changkyun looked down again, "But he has a girlfriend. I mean, why would he? He's so handsome why wouldn't he be taken already? I should've seen it coming and didn't think otherwise. Like with him taking me out on a private date, or even secretly putting his number in my phone I thought-" 

"Wait--he put his number in your phone?" Jungkook asked and Changkyun nodded. The boy just wowed at that and let Changkyun continue. 

"I'm just scared Kook, I don't wanna get played," Changkyun replied lowly, looking down again. 

Jungkook just sighed, waddling over to the boy on his knees and hugging him tightly. Changkyun hugged him back, humming into the sweet soft hug that was delivered to him. Because if there was one thing all his friends knew about him, it's that hugs comfort him the most. 

They pulled away and Jungkook patted his shoulder, smiling, "Kyun it'll be okay, okay? Look this guy and you don't have to be a thing at all, you can just be friends. I mean, you did just meet him a few days ago so maybe it's for the best." 

Changkyun sighed, "'re right." 

"Besides, we're only here for 2 more weeks so you're not gonna see him as much even if there were some feelings there." Jungkook replied once more, patting the boy's cheeks softly, "And you don't need him to make this vacation good for yourself, so try to think away from Hyungwon and focus on yourself." 

The smaller boy hesitated at first, then he sighed and looked up at Jungkook, smiling once more. 

"I'm actually really grateful that you're my roommate," He said, giggling, "Jooheon would've been strict about it and Jimin would've told me something dumb like show him what he's missing." 

"Yeah no, we're not gonna make a fanfiction about this situation. This isn't one of those weird ass stories on Wattpad where the girl goes on vacation and falls in love with two dudes at the same time." 

Changkyun chuckled a bit at that and so did Jungkook. Then Changkyun looked up for a second, at his phone, and out the window, clearly, something was on his mind. 

Jungkook raised an eyebrow, "What are you thinking about Changkyun?" 

The boy looked back at him, "My mother met a man in Singapore as well. He treated her to dinner and everything and he was so nice to her she fell in love just like that." 

"Yeah but, your mom's been with a lot of guys." Jungkook said, then saw Changkyun's small glare and chuckled nervously, "N-no offense." 

"It's fine," Changkyun replied. Then there was a wave of silence again, until something clicked his mind, "What if that man is my father?" 

Jungkook widened his eyes, "Changkyun I don't think he could be. I mean, your mother's been with a lot of men, yeah, but I don't think your dad is any of the ones you knew about. If anything, he's probably the guy who she had the secret affair with." 

"Oh hell no," Changkyun replied, laughing bitterly, "My mother hated that man. There's no way in hell that he's my dad." 

"I mean, have you seen what he looks like?" 

Changkyun scoffed, "No and I don't even wanna see that stupid man's face. If my mom says he's bad, then he's bad, end of discussion." 

Jungkook shrugged his shoulders, "Well alrighty then. So, how many men has your mother been with?"

Changkyun stayed silent, thinking hella hard

Then Jungkook rephrased the question, "Okay, how many men has your mother slept with?"

"I think 7, but I'm not counting that bastard so maybe 6." 

Jungkook's eyes widened, but then he sighed, "Okay okay, so one of those 6 men apparently has to be your dad. Are they all in Singapore?" 

"I don't know, but we're most definitely gonna find out. A-and bring Jimin and Jooheon with us." 

Jungkook hummed, "Oh, and maybe you should tell Youngjae and Jaebum about it too." 

Changkyun's eyes widened, "Wh-what? Tell them that we're pulling an Are you my Mother, father edition?" 

"Wh-what--no, I mean tell them about who you are. Like, who your mother is and stuff. They're close with you too and they have a right to know what's going on rather than being excluded out." 

"Oh," Changkyun let out, then shook his head, "I can't do that. What if they make fun of me for it, or ask me thousands of questions?" 

"Changkyun," Jungkook said, gripping his shoulders, "They're bound to ask a lot of questions. You gotta prepare for that no matter what. Peope in this world will always pester you about stuff, but you gotta learn how to not let your anxiety get the best of you and handle that shit with an iron fist."

The boy's eyes widened as Jungkook spoke, "Your mother never hid shit from anybody and when they asked her if she was, she'd answer that shit right away. Your mother was tough as balls Changkyun, and you have her inside you now, so be your inner bitch." 

Changkyun's eyes sparkled as he slightly smiled at Jungkooks words. He nodded as he grabed the boy's hand, "Okay!" 

Then it was silent again until a wave of realiation hit Changkyun.

"Did you just call my mother a bitch?" 

"Changkyun no, I meant to be assertive." 

"No, you fucking indirectly called my mother bitchy." 

"I didn't!" 

"Yeah okay," Changkyun replied, then squinted his eyes at the boy, "That's why your ex forced you to wear bunny suits-" 

"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Jungkook exclaimed as he tackled Changkyun once more, who was of course laughing as he did. 


"YOU GUYS HAD SEX?!" Jimin exclaimed, looking at both Youngjae and Jooheon in complete and utter shock.

Jaebum was in Starbucks getting everyone's stuff. And apparently, Youngjae and Jooheon wanted to wait until then to tell Jimin for some reason.

Jooheon sighed, "Look, Jimin I know it's a lot to take in-" 


"Jimin shush!" Jooheon whisper snapped, "People are gonna hear you! And I don't want other people to know." 

Jimin just blinked back for a few seconds, looking at the two of them in disbelief. She still needed a few minutes to process everything, like the two guys were just aruging at each other, then they made up, and next thing you know, they're fucking

Yeah, you try taking that in. 

She sighed, closing her eyes and then opening them back up. Then she raised her eyebrow. 

"I'm waiting." She said, and both boy's looked at her with utter confusion. "I'm waiting for an explanation." 

"Oh," Jooheon said, clearing his throat, "Well Youngjae came into my room last night and we had this long and deep ass conversation." 

Youngjae nodded, "Next thing you knew Jooheon was being really comforting towards me and we kinda sorta made out?" 

"Kinda sorta?" Jimin repeated, raising her eyebrow and the boys nodded in response. 

"We were just venting about stuff, lke ou exes and what we've been through the past few years. Like, I told Youngjae about Minhyuk and he told me about Mark." 

Jimin's eyes widened, then they darted towards Youngjae, "You dated Mark?" 

Youngjae nodded, "It's a long story but to cut it short our relationship was kinda one-sided. Well on my end it was, but for him he kinda just enjoyed messing with me and it hurt a lot." 

"I see," Jimin said. Then she sighed, "Soooo you guys vented to each other and then out of the blue you had sex with each other?" 

They nodded once more in response and Jimin just coldn't help but sigh at that. 

"So, are you two dating now or is this just a one time thing?"

"It's just a one time thing, we needed to blue off some steam so it's not gonna happen again." Jooheon said, but Jimin just felt like they were probably gonna do it again. 

But she just ignored it because maybe it was a one time thing, who knows. 

"So wait, why'd you wait till Jaebum left to tell me this?"

Youngjae bit his lip, "Well for one, he's Jooheon's roommate and he doesn't need to know what happened. Also, I don't know why but I feel like he has a crush on me." 

Jimin widened her eyes, "You think he likes you?" 

Youngjae nodded and Jimin just wowed. All this new information today was just quite interesting

"Well he was dancing a lot with Irene and Seulgi last night so I don't even know if he's gay. Maybe he's bi or something, I don't know." Joohen said and Youngjae blew a raspberry. 

"No, that guy definitely likes me. He caters to me a lot, and that's not normal." Youngjae hissed, holding tight to Jooheon's arm. Jimin squinted her eyes at the small action, but just decided to let it slide. 

She turned her direction toward Jungkook and Changkyun, who were coming their way. 

"You guys should probably tell those two though," Jimin said as she pointed to them both. Youngjae and Jooheon turned to see Jungkook and Changkyun coming close and they both sighed. 

When they came closer, Changkyun's eyes widened when he saw Jooheon's arm interlocked with Youngjae's. 

"Woah," He let out, "Guys that's gay."

Jooheon and Youngjae looked at each other then back at Changkyun and Jungkook. 

"Changkyun, Youngjae and I had sex last night." 

Jungkook's eyes became as big as fucking saucers as he let out, "WHAT THE FUCK?! YOU GUYS HAD SEX?!" 

Jooheon was startled at Jungkook's reaction then nodded quickly, "Y-yeah, but it was only a one time thing." 


"We were ranting to each other about our exes and it kinda just happened." Youngjae said and Jungkook was just, kinda out of it a little bit. 

Then the two of them looked at Changkyun, his chill expression, and raised their eyebrows. 

"Ch-Changkyun, did you hear whathe just said?" Youngjae said and Changkyun nodded. 

Jooheon's eyes widened, "A-and, you're not surprised or shocked at all?" 

"Oh I'm shocked a bit, but not really surprised. I kinda sorta saw this coming but I didn't wanna say anything because for one it's none of my business." Changkyun replied, all fucking cool as shit and the boys were more surprised with his response. 

Even Jimin was a bit shocked at how shill he was about this. 

Changkyun broke the ice, "So are you guys dating now?" 

Youngjae blinked back, coming bac to reality, "N-no. I was just a one time thing."

"Oh okay. Well if you guys do date then that would be pretty cool, I mean you've both been through a lot and you kinda fit each other so-" 

"OKAY WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YU DONE WITH CHANGKYUN?!" Jooheon exclaimed, gripping his shoulders tightly. 

Changkyun raised an eyebrow, "I-I'm confused. Do you not want me to be happy for you because you've finally moved on?" 

Jooheon furrowed his eyebrows, "I-I am but you know, it's not like you to act so chill and casual about this whole situation. You'd act like how Jimin and Jungkook acted, like yelling at me and stuff." 

Changkyun chuckled lightly, "Oh, well I'm not mad about it buddy. And you guys don't have to hide the fact that you probably have feelings for each other and try giving dating a shot rather than sleeping around. It might benefit you both." 

Jooheon's eyes just widened, so did Jimin's, Youngjae's, and Jungkook's. There was no way in fucking hell this was the same Changkyun from a few days ago, no fucking way

Jimin furrwed her eyebrws, "Okay did Hyungwon fuck you or something because you seem extra happy." 

Changkyun rolled his eyes, "No he didn't. Dammit guys, why do I have to get fucked to be in a good mood? There was something I wanted to tell you all but you guys are making a big deal out of this." 

"We're just shocked, that's all." Youngjae said lowly, then looked over at Jooheon for a minute, walking back over to him and smiled at Changkyun. "Thank you for being supportive towards it." 

Changkyun nodded, "No problem. Also Youngjae, here's something I need to tell you." 

The blonde boy looked at him confusingly as Changkyun took his hand and ran over to get on the bus. Jooheon just blinked in confusion as they left, still kinda dazed at the whole thing.

"S-so, Changkyun's okay with it?" He said to himself and Jimin as well as Jungkook hummed in response. 

Then Jimin turned to him, "He is right though. Maybe this is a nice sign of you letting things go and finally being able to move on. Y'know, it's been so long since you've dated or got laid." 

Jooheon's eyes widened as he gave Jimin this sincere look. She went on, "You've been so hooked on Minhyuk and wanting him back. But it's finally time for you to embrace love with someone else for once in your life. Youngjae is a really good guy Jooheon, I don't think you should be afraid of getting in a relationship with him." 

Jungkook nodded, "Besides, it'll just mean that you'll be happy you know. Moving on is literally the best feeling in the whole fucking world." 

Jooheon looked at the both of them, seeing there looks in agreement with this whole situation and sighed. 

Maybe they were right, it was time to move on for the best and finally be with someone who could respect him for who he is and what he does. Youngjae was a nice boy, a caring one at that. Jooheon would be lying to himself if he said he didn't at least get a little bit attracted to him afterwards. 

He wasn't gonna run up and get with him instantly, but he was at least gonna try and get to know the boy before he did anything risky. This was finally his chance, finally. He should take advantage of it and get closer with this boy who probably had some interest in him as well. 

So he smiled warmly as he nodded, "Okay, I'm gonna give it a shot." 

Jungkook and Jimin silently cheered for him as they both rushed up to hug him. Jooheon chuckled as he hugged them right back. 

And neither of them saw Minhyuk, who was standing at the door overhearing the whole conversation, somewhat pissed. 


Youngjae's eyes were bugshot wide. "No fucking wayYou're Cythina Parker's long-lost son?"

Changkyun nodded slowly, "I've been hidden this whole time because her manager advised that I keep it that way until the whole thing goes down. I haven't told anyone at all ever since the incident happened." 

Youngjae was still kinda astonished, Changkyun expect that of him. Just like he expected it to take him a while to process all this newfound information and ask billions of questions. Jungkook told Changkyun to prepare himself for it, so he was prepared. 

"S-so, you're Daniel Parker, Lim Daniel Changkyun?" Youngjae said and Changkyun nodded once more. "I just, wow I never exect this. I mean, the resemblance is look just like her. A-and you're always singing her music but I just assumed that you were some super fan." 

"Well technically I am her biggest fan, but yeah." Changkyun said, giggling lightly. He looked at Youngjae, who's expression started to soften. "What's wrong?" 

"N-nothing, it's just that," Youngjae looked down, then back at him again, "They said on that night, both she and her son died." 

Changkyun looked down, "Yeah, I almost died. But I made it out alive, my mother however didn't." 

"Oh...." Youngjae said. Then it was awfully quiet, and he broke the ice, "This is kinda ironic actually." 

Changkyun looked up at him wearily, "What do you mean?" 

"Because when I was little and my mom was a nurse, she use to cater to this woman who was ill, mentally though. She didn't like the way her life was set up for her, so she tried killing herself many many times. But my mother never gave up on her," Youngjae said and Changkyun's face lit up, "She too care of her. Told her she needed to be there for her son's life. Said that being a star was gonn be hard but long as you have the people you love and care about, you were gonna be just fine."

Changkyun smiled at that, "Well I'm glad your mother saved that woman's life." 

Youngjae nodded, "Yeah but that woman was your mother Changkyun." 

The boy's eyes widened to the fucking max. He wasn't even gonna ask because Youngjae was still explaining, "My mother was Cythina's personal nurse. She chose my mom because she always said that she was unique and capable of a lot in life. My mother loved her so much, Cythina was the only thing that kept my mom going. And when she died, my mom was so devastated, but she didnt let that stop her from becoming the doctor she is today." 

"Your mother was Miss Daehyun?" Changkyun said softly and Youngjae nodded. 

"Nurse Choi Daehyun." Youngjae replied and Changkyun's eyes were ready t pop out of their sockets. 

He just moved his mouth up and down, unable to process any words at all, then looked at Youngjae.

"I-is she the reason why you were over almost every day when we lived right across from each other?" He asked and Youngjae, of course, nodded at that.

"I would always wonder why because she would go, Go check in with Changkyun, make sure he's doing okay and I would just go with the flow and check on you. Sooner or later, I inda just enjoyed your presence."

It all made sense now

So no wonder Youngjae was always over Changkyun's house. Daehyun probably knew Changkyun was Cythina's son from the getgo, or she probably already knew since he incident and was in charge of taking care of him. So she sent Youngjae over his house so he wouldn't be alone for all those years.

She was still looking out for him, because she probably promised she would to Changkyun's mother. She as well as Jooheon's mother, Jimin's mother, Jungkook's father, and Minhyuk's father were al in charge of pitching in to make sure the boy was at least safe and living a happy life he could to the best of his ability. 

They were all watching him, for Cythina.

It made him start crying a little bit.

Youngjae gasped silently then brought him in for a small hug as he cried. He wasn't even sure why he was crying, but he was pretty sure it had something to do with all these people looking out for him whle he was trying to live and get over his mother's death.

He felt alone and like he was the only one who could take care of himself. But he wasn't, he had these adults, his mother's friends, all looking out for him. Sending him money, food, literally everything to make sure he was safe. Basically taking care of him secretly in Cythina's place since she wasn't around.

So he just thught about it mroe and continued crying. 

His cries did come to a slow stop though, and when they did he pulled away from Youngjae's hug. 

Youngjae dug in his pocket and pulled out a tissue, handing it over to Changkyun. He thanked him, then wiped his eyes as he tossed the tissue out the widen and sighed to himself. 

"I can't believe your mother has been taking care of me this whole time and I never even knew it." 

Youngjae chuckled lightly, "It's been a long time since then. I mean, my dad owns a bar down here and he kinda played some part in your mother's life too." 

Changkyun shot his head up as his eyes widened, "No fucking way is your dad Choi Yooseon."

Youngjae shruged his shoulders, "You'd be surprised." 

Changkyun just roared really loudly and Youngjae just laughed in response. 

"I'm pretty sure you've been there. He's always talked about how your mom and her friend would play on the piano and she'd sing this song. He said he loved when she sang because she could save a whole village with her singing." 

"HELL YEAH!" Changkyun exclaimed and Youngjae laughed even harder.

"That friend of my mom's, that was Jungkook's father." Changkyun said and Youngjae's eyes widened. 

"What the fuck? Jungkook's dad is Vious Jeon Junghui?" Youngjae said and Changkyun nodded. 

"Yeah I didn't wanna believe it either." He said, and Youngjae was back to being completely astonished again. 

"This is so insane, we all literally live in a small fucking world." He finally got out as Changkyun chuckled. He chuckled too no later. 

Then Changkyun sighed, "Yeah and well, him and I were gonna go on this mission to find out who my father is."

"Wait, seriously?" Youngjae replied and Changkyun nodded. "But didn't your mother sleep around a lot? Your father could literally be any of those men." 

"I know," Changkyun said, with a slight pause. "But it's a good thing we're in Singapore and we have enough time to figure it out." 

Youngjae nodded at that. 

There was another small silent wave, then Changkyun turned to face Youngjae again. 

"Sooo, how exactly do you feel about Jooheon anyway?" 

Youngjae blushed lightly, "Wh-what?" 

"I mean, you had sex with my best friend so I have every right to know." 

"Ch-Changkyun, I-" 

But before he could respond, everyone started boarding the bus immediately. Jimin, Jungkook, and Jooheon all walked in the back and took their rightful seats. Jooheon sat right next to Youngjae, smiling and the boy kinda blushed and looked away. Changkyun oohed at that and Youngjae just shushed him immediately.

Jungkook sat behind Jimin and Changkyun and with that, the bus pulled off soon as everyone was in their seats.

Chapter Text

"LET'S GO GAYS!" Changkyun exclaimed, however, Jimin furrowed her eyebrows. 

"I'm not gay!" She huffed, flipping her hair, "I'm strictly dickly. All about going on this trip and getting some dick from these famous, hot, and rich ass mother fuckers." 

"Girl same," Jungkook said lowly, but didn't notice everyone looking at him weirdly. Then he looked up and saw everyone looking at him and furrowed his eyebrows, "What?! I'm gay and I want some dick too." 

Youngjae raised an eyebrow, "I thought you were still hung up over Taehyung?" 

As he said that, Changkyun just started snickering at Jungkook's blush of embarrassment. 

"FUCK, NO!" He exclaimed, then glared at Changkyun, "What the fuck did you tell them you furry?" 

Suddenly, Changkyun's giggles stopped and he furrowed his eyebrows, "Hey, don't be mad at me because your boyfriend stuffed you in a bunny suit and because he had some weird ass bunny fetish." 

"I'm sorry what?" Jooheon said from behind. 

Okay so, long story short, the tour through Parma Atlantic Studios was on a short delay and Professor Suongmin just told them to walk around and try not to get lost. Of course, the gang took their own trip and decided to go back to the mall plaza where yesterday, except they didn't have Changkyun tagging along with them. 

However now they had Changkyun with them and Changkyun told them all about his plan to find his dad. 

Operation: Are you my Mother, Father Edition

But y'know, them searching turned into shopping in the big mall, Parma's personal Model Lounge. Changkyun thought it would be okay for them to do a bit of exploring in courtesy of Hyungwon bringing him here yesterday, plus he was pretty sure his friends weren't gonna be a bother and make a big deal out of it. 

Yeah, he fucking thought

Jimin was literally oohing at every single model, actor, actress, any celebrity at all just waltz in and show themselves in all their glory. She had the urge to run up Margot Shin and ask for an autograph, but Changkyun and Jungkook literally stopped her attempt so many fucking times. She was the only one who managed to make things a little harder for them and stand out a bit more and Changkyun should've known she couldn't handle herself in here. 

Jungkook was pretty cool, he was more so roasting the female celebrities more than just gazing at them as Jimin had done. And of course, Jooheon snatched Youngjae away somewhere and the two just ran off laughing amongst themselves. Wasn't entirely Changkyun's plan but he was still happy about it. 

Happy that Jooheon was finally able to move on past all the bullshit that happened between him and-

"Changkyun?" The boy's eyes widened as he turned around to look at a familiar redheaded mullet boy. Jungkook and Jimin turned over to see him as well, actually pretty damn surprised. The boy looked at Jungkook, kinda surprised and confused at his presence then shook his head, staring at Changkyun, "What are you doing in here?" 

"Wh-what are you doing in here Minhyuk?" He asked back. 

Minhyuk furrowed his eyebrows, "W-well, I was just minding my business but then I saw you and Jimin here and I got a little confused. We're not even supposed to be in here, Mr. Suongmin said this is one of the forbidden areas." 

"Oh," Changkyun let out lowly, looking down, "Well.....I got special access." 

"Oh really?" Minhyuk raised an eyebrow, "You got special access in here? Changkyun you don't even talk to anyone besides Jimin and Jooheon, how the hell did you get special access?" 

Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows, "Hey, that's kinda rude. I'm sitting right here, and he talks to me too." 

Minhyuk looked at him for a second then rolled his eyes, crossing his arms, "You still haven't given me an answer Kyun, why are you in here? I thought you'd be at the mall trying to impress BamBam?" 

Changkyun's eyes went wide. 

Dammit, he forgot to tell Minhyuk that that whole thing about BamBam and him liking him was a whole ass lie. Then again, even if Minhyuk was one of his closest friends who he loved and cared about and grew up with, he's changed so much. Minhyuk would have his moments when he did show a bit of care to the boy and he'd appreciate that, however, it was so fake coming from him now. 

It's like breaking up with Jooheon turned him into a whole new person, a whole bitch

He became popular in high school then in college, being the top model in his modeling and fashion arts major with a group of girls at his side, and a whole ass boyfriend. He didn't even care to ask about Jimin, and especially not Jooheon, to check up on them and have nice little reunions from time to time. 

And all he'd do with Changkyun is baby him when it was just them, but when his crew came around it was like Changkyun didn't even exist. Basically, Minhyuk changed and left the friendship square, Changkyun had to understand that he wasn't gonna be so close with him anymore as he still is with Jimin and Jooheon. 

Probably why he didn't tell him the truth. 

"Ah, I was just joking about that Minhyuk," Changkyun replied, chuckling lightly, "I don't have a crush on BamBam, he's a whole ass nark." 

Jungkook snorted, "That's so fucking true, Youngjae tells me the guy sings space unicorn in his sleep. And he has the fucking nerve to call me gay?" 

"You sing Bye Bye Bye by NSYNC in yours," Changkyun snickered. 

"Well, you're a fucking furry-" 

"You let your ex dress you up Jungkook-" 


Changkyun just laughed softly as Jungkook gave him little baby slaps. Jimin just shook her head at them both, laughing softly. They forgot Minhyuk was still standing there, looking in awe at the whole thing that just went down. It was almost as if Changkyun forgot about him and just made some new friends, especially from someone who didn't even know shit about him.

Or so he thought

"I see you're finally out of your bubble," Minhyuk said softly, looking at just him, "Did Jooheon force you to make friends just like he forced you to come here?" 

Jimin furrowed her eyebrows, "That's fucking petty of you to say Minhyuk." 

"How's it petty? Pretty sure last time I checked, Changkyun didn't even have anyone close to him besides you and Jooheon. Now he's all of a sudden buddy-buddy with his failing pal Jungkook?" Minhyuk waved his hand, "Well kick my ass and call me Sally." 

"Why does Changkyun making friends bother you so much?" Jungkook spat. 

Minhyuk didn't even look at him, he just waved his hand, "Yeah yeah, sure. You're his friend but you weren't there for him like I was there for him. You don't know anything about this boy so stay in your lane please." 

Jimin stood up abruptly, "Ohhohohoh! You're trying to say that you were there for him? You're trying to say that shit now-"

"J-Jimin, please-" 

"I've always been there for Kyun!" Minhyuk exclaimed lightly, "I've made sure he was okay and safe from people. Trying to make sure that bullshit ass people didn't learn his secret and trying to keep him safe! You know how much he likes to stay hidden from the world!" 

Jimin just scoffed, chuckling bitterly, "Wow! You really don't know shit about him, do you?" 

"I know more shit than you ever could know-" 

"Dude," Jungkook spoke up, "Just because you were Changkyun's childhood friend who stuck up for him and took care of him after Cythina died doesn't give you the right to baby him and act as you know him off the back of your head." 

Minhyuk's eyes widened, "H-how do you-" 

"I knew Changkyun back then too," Jungkook said, holding Changkyun's shoulder to comfort him, "We talked it out and it turns out that his mother was close with my dad, I also gave him some pretty solid advice and told him to stop hiding from the world." 

Changkyun looked over at him, seeing his small smile and nodded, smiling back at him. Then he looked up at Minhyuk, who kinda looked surprised, astonished, and hurt

His fists started to ball up as he furrowed his eyebrows, "S-so, you're just going around making new friends and j-just changing on me? Forgetting that I've helped you out more than anyone?" 


"When your mother died that night, wh-when she l-left you and abandoned you all those nights, when you were all alone crying, I alone was there for you!" Minhyuk sniffed, and Changkyun could see he was crying a little bit, "A-and y-you would just talk back and disrespect me like this?"

Changkyun looked at his face, seeing the boy before him trying to contain his tears. 

He sighed, "Minhyuk please-" 

"I WAS THERE FOR YOU WHEN NOBODY ELSE CARED!" Minhyuk exclaimed, this time getting a few looks from everyone in the lounge. He was startled at the sudden attention, then looked over and almost dropped his bags. 

He saw Youngjae and Jooheon, hand in hand, laughing amongst themselves like a cute little couple. 


Youngjae had his arm wrapped around Jooheon's and he was so close, something in Minhyuk kinda dropped and he felt a little low when he saw them coming closer. Especially when the two of them went in for a kiss right on the lips. It was so loving, especially with the way Jooheon caressed Youngjae's cheeks as he wrapped his arms around Jooheon's neck. 

They just kept kissing, each kiss looked like it got deeper and softer each time. 

And Minhyuk saw the whole thing

Then Jooheon and Youngjae pulled away, looking over at the boy across from them who looked almost surprised to see the two of them together. Jimin, Jungkook, and Changkyun turned to see the couple, then turned back to look at Minhyuk who looked heartbroken for some reason. 

Jungkook just coughed, "Sloppy seconds finally meets the full course meal-" 

Jimin slapped him from the back of his head and the boy winced in pain. 

Minhyuk blinked, his glare softening, "J-Jooheon..." 

Jooheon looked over at him, his eyebrows twitched a bit, "Uh, hi. What are you doing over here?" 

"I was," He looked down at Youngjae, then everyone else and looked away, "N-nothing, I was just leaving." 

With that, the boy took one look at Changkyun and smiled weakly, "I'm so happy you guys are all moving on without me and shit. Enjoy your trip." 

Then he walked off--no, he stormed off, avoiding the group of girls who came by his side to aid him. They all just ran for him when he ran off, supposedly crying. 

Jooheon walked over to the couch the gang was at, Youngjae followed him, sitting right next to him. 

He looked at Changkyun, "What was Minhyuk doing over here?" 

Before Changkyun could answer, Jimin did, "Being a bitch tryna claim Changkyun and say that he's been there for him more than we have. You know, basically trying to take Changkyun away from us and go through this whole I'm better than you phase. Same shit he did when he left us all those years ago." 

Jooheon shook his head, "C'mon's 2019, I thought we were past all that bullshit now. If he could move on and leave us alone then why can't he leave us and Changkyun alone instead of trying to be in our lives." 

"Has he always been so clingy?" Jungkook asked and Changkyun shook his head. 

He sighed as he reached over to get a piece of chicken from Jooheon's chipotle bowl, "Only when he wants to be. To be honest, he never pretends to care unless its something he's not apart of. It's kinda irritating." 

"Hell yeah!" Jimin snapped, "And he's saying you making new friends is some kinda bad thing. Like, baby you're finally changing and becoming a new you from who you were before! Don't let Minhyuk get in your head on who you can be and who you wanna be friends with." 

Jungkook, Jooheon, and Youngjae all nodded in response. 

"Honestly, clingest and controlling people who pretend like they've had the biggest influence in your life aren't needed Kyun," Youngjae stated, "I've grown up in a family full of fake assholes." 

"Really?" Jooheon asked and Youngjae nodded in response. 

Then Jimin looked at the two of them and smirked, "To change the tooooooopic, what's going on with you twoooooo?" 

"Oh!" Youngjae chirped up, then scooted himself into Jooheon's lap, "Well...we're dating now." 

Jungkook, Jimin, and Changkyun hooted really loudly, singing wedding music and making kissy faces at the two of them. They shooed it away and laughed loudly, all of them kinda just talking about how they were happy with their relationship and looking forward to what it could unfold to be like in the future. 

Changkyun was pretty excited for them as well, honestly so much stress just faded during this trip and he felt so more out there, more open than usual, he wished it could be a whole ass month. Then his eyes caught a familiar male with strawberry brunette hair wearing a silky white dress shirt and some white trousers. 

He was talking to some girl with long wavy hair, the same girl who was outside the bus with Hyungwon and the CEO lady yesterday. They were having a long ass conversation, of course until the guy turned his head over and caught Changkyun's gaze. 

Changkyun looked at him for a few seconds, feeling that weird ass nervous feeling coming right back. He just yelped and turned around, looking at his friends. 

"Uh guys, w-we should all probably go meet up with Professor Suongmin now!" He said hurriedly, taking Jimin and Jungkook by the hand and running out. That gave Jooheon and Youngjae the cue to follow them. 

Wonho just watched as they left and raised an eyebrow, not taking his eyes off the boy in the front. 

"-Wonho, are you even listening to me?" The girl in front of him scoffed and Wonho shook his head, looking down at her. 

"Y-yeah sis, I'm listening. You said something about mom changing the schedule and shit," Wonho replied hurriedly, still looking out the door. 

The girl looked over and saw the group of kids running out then looked at Wonho, "Why are you checking out college students, dude you're 26." 

Wonho blushed lightly, turning back to face her, "I-I'm not! I would never lower my standards like that Rui, you know that." 

"Yeah but," The redheaded female chuckled lightly, "You were staring at those kids hella hard. I hope my brother isn't turning into a pedophile." 

Wonho rolled his eyes as Rui laughed amongst herself. 

Then she recalled something, "Y'know, one of those kids looks like one of the kids Hyungwon's been fooling around with lately." 

Wonho sighed, "Yeah....I know, I honestly don't know what's gotten into that guy's head. He's fucking up his job and acting up because of this boy, it's really weird." 

"Hey, baby boy is in love Wonho," Rui replied, "He barely even shows that he has a heart sometimes and this is the first time that I've seen lovey dovey Hyungwon in action. It's very cute actually-" 

"We have a job to do Rui," Wonho cut her off, his tone cold, "We don't have any time to waste our time on foolish college kids who like running in here and being loud and obnoxious ruffians. Mom taught us best, don't forget us." 

"Mom taught us how to live like slaves-" 


The girl rolled her eyes, "Right right, but still, you should respect Hyungwon's decision Won. He's your manager as well as our brother, least we can do is be happy for him." 

Wonho looked at her then sighed, "Lee Watanabe Rui, you're too nice." 

"Yeah, but you know I make some pretty valid points," Rui nudged him, then started to walk off. 

Wonho stood there and sighed, kinda standing there and thinking about what his sister just said to him and taking it into consideration. Maybe, she had a point, but Wonho wanted to also make sure Hyungwon maintained his job as well. I mean, he had no problem with his little brother living his life to the best of his ability of course, but he also wanted him to be careful. 

There were so many possibilities, and Wonho knew damn well that if Hyungwon didn't get his ass together and focus on managing Wonho, his ass was cut. 

So he had to keep him away from that boy, as much as possible

~ ~

"Ok so, Ariana Grande 7 Rings," Jimin stated and Jungkook oohed in response. 

"Queen snapped, let me say that! She actually makes me cry, one of these days I'm gonna go on stage and sing her songs," Jungkook beamed, then sobbed a little, "One of these days." 

"I honestly think you can pull it off Kook, your singing is amazing!" Changkyun replied and Jungkook thanked him silently. 

They were in Parama's lobby now, waiting for the officials to come around and give them the tour of the whole studio. Everyone was pretty excited, some more than others for some strange reason. One of those others being Changkyun, he was kinda sorta still waiting for Hyungwon to come around and kidnap him again, take him to his office and show him what he wanted to show him earlier. 

But he hadn't called him since this morning and Changkyun was kinda worried. 

Then again, his mind just went back to earlier in the call when Hyungwon was talking and some lady came in the middle of the call.

And called him baby

Maybe Jungkook was kinda right earlier, he shouldn't let Hyungwon take his whole focus away from having a good ass time, and he was having a good ass time. He just thought his trip was a bit better and a lot more wholesome with Hyungwon in the mix making him feel really happy and special. 

He just sighed, until he felt someone poke his shoulder. 

It was Youngjae, "Hey I called my dad earlier and I asked him if we could go visit his bar after the tours over!" 

"Oh!" Changkyun almost forgot about the whole dad hunt thing, "That's great! He's gonna be there and I'll be able to ask him some questions right?" 

"Of course! He says he's been meaning to talk to you and see your face for such a long while now. Apparently, he knows Jungkook's dad too--like we really do live in a small ass world." 

Changkyun chuckled, "It be like that sometimes." 

The two of them chuckled lightly then Changkyun sighed, looking up at the front to see if Hyungwon was gonna make an appearance. But he didn't even show up at all, and it had been an hour

"You're looking for Hyungwon still?" Youngjae asked and Changkyun sighed. 

He turned to him, "Should I even be getting my hopes up over this guy? I lowkey feel like it's not worth it sometimes. I mean, me and Jungkook found out that he has a whole ass girlfriend, so what's the point of even trying? What's the use of feeling blue-" 

"Changkyun don't you throw no Steven Universe reference at me, that's gay," Youngjae cut him off and Changkyun snickered, giving him a tiny sorry. 

"Well, it's up to you Kyun. Honestly, I think you should give it some time to think, like you guys are friends and he's looking out for you, that's a good thing!" 

"Yeah," Changkyun let out, letting Youngjae go on. 

"Perhaps it's best to just stay friends, especially considering the fact that we're gonna be here for a brief amount of time," Youngjae said, then paused and looked at Changkyun, "You do remember that we're gonna be here for 2 more weeks right?" 

Changkyun sighed, "Don't remind me." 

Youngjae saw the distraught look on the boy's face and hugged him. Changkyun was surprised at first, especially because something about Youngjae's hugs just seemed so comforting, like all his hugs took all the troubles away. He just hugged him back, feeling a lot more happier than ever. When Youngjae pulled away, he laughed at Changkyun's wide eyes. 

They sparkled, "Jooheon's hella lucky. You deliver mom hugs it makes me feel really soft and want to cry." 

Youngjae's eyes widened, "Mom hugs?" 

"Yes, those warm hugs you get from your mother when you're distressed, my mom use to give them to me all the time and they took all my troubles away," Changkyun replied, then looked like he was gonna get all teary. 

"Y-you want another one-" 

"No!" Changkyun exclaimed for a quick second. Then it was quiet for a second until he opened his arms, "Please." 

Youngjae chuckled lightly as he walked over to him, hugging him a little bit tighter than how he was before. Changkyun really felt comfortable now, not even noticing Jimin, Jungkook, and Jooheon walk over to the two of them hugging. Jimin and Jungkook raised an eyebrow and Jooheon kinda sorta looked a bit pissed. 

Changkyun just stuck his tongue at him, "This guy gives the best hugs. I swear if you hurt him, you got another thing coming, don't forget, I know where you live." 

Jooheon furrowed his eyebrows, "Changkyun, we literally share a dorm together." 

They all just laughed then heard it get quiet. 

Changkyun looked up front and everyone literally started screaming once three people walked up. When he saw the three people, he understood why everyone was just suddenly screaming and losing their shits. It was CEO Lee Suomi of course, dressed in a pretty black jumpsuit, with her shoulders exposed. Then came out a female with long red hair in a ponytail, wearing a short jean skirt with black stockings, and a black cami that was companied with a jean jacket that matched her skirt. 

 And the last guy, instead of it being Hyungwon, it was the same guy who he saw in the lounge wearing a silky loose white dress shirt and white trousers. 


His bangs were combined back so you could see more of his well-defined face, and he looked amazing. 

Changkyun couldn't even secretly admire him his own damn self because he was too busy listening to Jimin try to silently fangirl in the background. 

"Will you stop having an orgasm, it's just Wonho," Jungkook scoffed. 

Jimin gasped as she tugged on him, "ARE YOU HIGH?! Just Wonho? Oh no no sir, that is the most gorgeous man on the face of this Earth! The fucking Lee Hoseok in all his glory! ANd he's wearing white too! The man looks good in white." 

Jungkook sighed, "Well, I have to agree with you there, he looked hella hot." 

"OF COURSE HE DOES!" Jimin punched the poor boy in the arm, "He's sexy and he knows it." 

"I've never seen him wear white before," Youngjae replied lowly then oohed, "He kinda looked like a buff ass hot ass angel." 

Jooheon softly glared at him as he shrugged his shoulder, "What?! He is! I mean you're hot too baby but he's like, holy angel hot." 

"I can be holy angel hot too!" Jooheon pouted, then rolled his eyes. 

Changkyun got a better look at him. Yeah sure, he looked nice in white, really nice, but there was something about the lightness that radiated from him that kinda threw Changkyun off a little bit. Then he ventured back to when Wonho had darker clothes on and he looked ravishing

"I don't know, I don't really thing white is his color," Changkyun said. He didn't even realize he said it out loud until he heard Jimin gasp really loudly. She ran up to him, shaking him while grasping his shoulders really really tightly.

"What the fuck do you mean?! You're not a Wonho stan!" She nagged, "Wonho looks great in ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING!" 

"Y-yeah, I-I d-didn't s-say h-he l-looked b-bad!" Changkyun stammered, trying to get out as Jimin shook him violently. "Wh-white j-just i-isn't a g-good color o-on him!"

Youngjae and Jungkook just pulled her away as the boy fell back, bumping into something. 

Or rather, someone

Before Changkyun could turn around to apologize, he looked up and his eyes were as big as fucking saucers. 

It was fucking Wonho. 

Changkyun just stood there, lowkey trapped in Wonho's arms as he looked at him. He was so confused on what to say, and just trapped in this endless world where it felt like it was just him and Wonho all over again. Like that weird feeling from yesterday when they bumped into each other and didn't stop staring into each other's eyes. 

And Changkyun's heart just went beep, beep, fucking beep.

He wasn't sure why he would get this feeling, especially near Wonho every time, and he also wanted to know why they always seemed to encounter each other like this. Unexpectedly, with Changkyun bumping into him and spilling something on him. 

In this case, he spilled himself on to him.  

"Y-you need to be careful," Wonho spat, pushing him up. 

As Changkyun was pushed up, perfectly, he turned to look at Wonho again. 

Then bowed again, "I'm sor-" 

"Please don't start with that again," Wonho said, lifting him back up. Soon as he did that he got a better look at Changkyun's face. A closer look at the boy somehow made even Wonho blush a deep cherry and Changkyun blushed a little, looking at Wonho's astonished expression. 

Changkyun's eyes even did a little sparkle, which made Wonho almost lose his fucking shit. 

Why is this kid so cute-

"Um.." Changkyun let out slowly, "Excuse me, you're kinda gripping my shoulders pretty tight there." 

Wonho indeed saw his grip on the boy's shoulders get a little tight and he pulled away quickly. 

"I-I'm...I apologize," Wonho said softly. Then his eyes widened as he covered his mouth quickly. Did he really just say fucking sorry? Was he really apologizing to this random ass kid that just popped out of nowhere and distracted his brother? 

I mean, he saw why he was so distracting to Hyungwon, the boy was literally the cutest thing ever-

No! You are Lee Hoseok! You never stoop this fucking low, you always rise to the top-

"It's okay," Changkyun let out, his tone soft and cute, Wonho's blush and glare got a bit softer. 

Damn this boy, damn this boy, damn this BOY!

Changkyun looked away from him and saw Jooheon and Youngjae kinda oohing at the whole thing. Jungkook was just astonished but he whistled a little, wiggling his eyebrows. Jimin just looked, well even more pissed than she was when she saw Changkyun walking out with Hyungwon. 

"Jesus christ-" She started to say then shook her head, "You just won't save dick for nobody!

She and the group started walking off, the boys kinda wished him luck and Jimin, even though she was lowkey pissed, she gave him a little thumbs up. 

Changkyun raised an eyebrow but then shook it off, looking up to still see Wonho next to him, looking down at him. 

The little strawberry blonde raised an eyebrow, "What are you looking at?" 

Wonho's eyes widened but then he turned away, "Nothing much." 

Changkyun kinda felt the mood sorta break as he said that then sighed as he started to walk off, "Well jeez, sorry for being an eyesore." 

Before he could even leave, Wonho just grabbed him by the wrist. His eyes were wide and he turned to look at Wonho, who was still giving him this look that Changkyun couldn't even read properly. He just snatched his hand away and furrowed his eyebrows. 

"I'm trying to um, leave," Changkyun replied, sounding a little irritated. 

"How dare you just leave here without even telling me why you said that?" 

Changkyun raised an eyebrow, "What? Sorry for being an eyesore? You literally just said that you weren't looking at much when I asked why you were looking at me-" 

"N-no you simpleton, I mean why you said that I didn't look good in anything dark," Wonho scoffed, especially when Changkyun's eyes went wide. Then he turned away, crossing his arms, "I overheard your friend talking about my wardrobe and I've never heard anyone say anything like that before." 

"Really?" Changkyun snickered, "I mean I usually give little coloring critiques to my friends all the time. Not that you care much, but I have very good fashion sense." 

Wonho raised an eyebrow, "Really now?" 

Okay so Changkyun was wearing a cute little oversize white dress shirt, some nice light ripped denim jeans and some Tims. He looked extremely adorable in his outfit, if his hair was like a light lavender or maybe silver it could've completed the little baby boy style he was delivering. 

But was Wonho gonna admit that? Hell no

Changkyun rolled his eyes, "Okay, not everyone has the same style as you pretty boy. Also, I'm still kinda mad at you from yesterday." 

Wonho raised an eyebrow, "Mad at me? For bumping into you and your little sweets tray? I had to break it to you child, but I think I did you a favor. You have enough fat as it is-" 

"Hey!" Changkyun blushed, furrowing his eyebrows, "There you go again! Indirectly insulting me like you did yesterday! First, you called me poor and said I was a peasant, then you said I have bad fashion sense, now you're saying I'm fucking fat." 

"Well I mean, I didn't say you were fat-" 

"You JUST did!" The boy shot, coming closer to Wonho and poking at his chest.

Wonho just kinda became offended, "Look, I didn't even get a thank you from you yesterday for saving your sorry ass from having to pay a high ass fee! 200 dollars seems a bit high for you-" 

"See there you go again!" Changkyun groaned, then stormed off, "I don't even know why I'm wasting my time with you! You're so fucking irritating!

"Hey!" Wonho called him again, grabbing on to the boy's wrist. Changkyun tried pulling away, but Wonho's grip was a lot tighter than the last time. He just became annoyed and stopped fidgeting, listening to what Wonho had to say. 

The man sighed, "L-look, kid-" 

"I have a name." 

Wonho glared at him, causing Changkyun to immediately shut up.

Wonho saw how scared he looked and sighed, "What is it?" 

Changkyun raised an eyebrow, "What's what?" 

"Your name that I'm supposed to know. What is it?" 

The boy rolled his eyes, "Changkyun. Lim Changkyun." 

"Okay," Wonho replied, letting go of Changkyun's wrist roughly. Then he glared at him, "Look, I don't know what you have going on with Hyungwon, but it needs to end. He doesn't have time for a puny poor peasant child like you, so do him a big ass favor and piss off." 

Changkyun's eyes went wide, but before he could even say anything, Wonho came closer to his face, looking at him with an intimidating glare. 

"If you even do so much as talk to him, look at him, or even tell him we had this talk, I'll make sure to tell my manager that it was you who ruined my shirt. You'll be paying a lot more than just a measly old 200 dollars." 

Changkyun's just looked at him, feeling small and intimidated by Wonho's sudden tone. Then the man let him go completely, walking away and leaving the boy there to stand alone in his thoughts. 

He couldn't even be sad, he couldn't even cry, he was just, so fucking infuriated he wanted to spit. Wonho had felt so accomplished because, for one, this wasn't new. He's made this little deal with people to get them to stay quiet about situations like this, seeing as money was such an issue that they couldn't handle. 

And he was sure the boy was hella broke. 


"Hey Wonhoe," Wonho stopped in his tracks and turned slowly, facing Changkyun who just had his arms cross and gave him the same intimidating glare. 

"Why don't you piss off," He spat, "No one can tell me what to do." 

Before Wonho could even respond, Changkyun turned around and walked outside, seeing the big ass group of kids walk over to the busses that were reaching the plaza. He was kinda frozen in place, Changkyun's words literally stuck to him like glue. Did he really just hear that from someone? For the first--did someone actually challenge him? They tested his patience for once? 

Wonho didn't know what the hell it was about this kid that drove him crazy, but he knew one thing for sure--

That fatass peasant just told his ass off, and then sashayed away like it was nothing. Like Wonho didn't just threaten to sue him for his shirt a few minutes ago, like it was nothing. He was just, frozen.

And aroused. 

Chapter Text

"HE IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING!" Changkyun exclaimed, throwing a croissant.

Jungkook and Jimin were looking at the boy weirdly as he threw the piece of bread, seemingly pissed off. Even during the bus ride over to the resort, Changkyun had just seemed like he was in a very pissy mood, no one bothered to ask him what was wrong so they wouldn't die.

Then, Youngjae just said they should all just chill and relax at his father's bar, seeing as Changkyun wanted to start his daddy hunt. The boy was still pissed off, but he still said yes to going anyway. So they took a taxi over there, Mr. Choi Yooseon said hello of course and tried to greet Changkyun happily, but the boy dodged his hello and went screaming in the bathroom.

Youngjae just told him not to worry and wait till he calmed down.

And they waited for hours.

Eventually, he did come out the bathroom and he was calm, a little. But at some point, he just asked for something soft and squishy to throw at the wall and Yooseon gave him a bowl of croissants.

Now we're here.

"Changkyun, that's the 50th croissant you've thrown since we've gotten here," Jimin replied annoyingly, "Are you done getting out all your anger or is this gonna be all night?"

The boy just turned to her with this intense glare that nearly scared the crap out of Jimin and Jungkook.

Jimin laughed nervously, "Aha, on second thought, proceed to what you were doing."

Changkyun huffed, turning over and aggressively throwing more and more croissants at the wall. Yooseon came out from the back of the kitchen with Jooheon and Youngjae, talking to the two of them, then turned to see that Changkyun was still throwing croissants at the wall.

Youngjae scoffed, "Seriously? Changkyun, how long are you-"

He turned to them, giving them the same glare he gave Jimin and Jungkook, nearly scaring the fuck out of Jooheon, Youngjae, and Yooseon.

The old man sighed, "I-I'll go make more croissants."

Jooheon nodded, "I-I'll come with."

Youngjae watched the two of them run in the kitchen then sighed, turning back over to Changkyun. He saw that the boy had run out of croissants, so he just yelled and threw the basket instead, crossing his arms and pouting. Youngjae sat in the stool next to his at the bar island, resting his cheek on his fist.

"Did something happen today that none of us are aware of?" He asked and Changkyun looked over at him, cute pouty looking face.

He just plopped his head down, groaning, "I don't wanna talk about it."

Youngjae shrugged his shoulders, "I'll take that, whenever you're ready to talk about it it's up to you. But you gotta stop wasting croissants and taking your anger out on the wall, that won't solve anything."

The boy lifted his head up, resting his chin on the island countertop, "I know."

"Ahh, the evil wolf finally shows his face," Youngjae giggled a little and Changkyun just looked up at the peachy blonde with sad puppy eyes. Soon as Youngjae saw that he immediately stopped laughing, awing, "Oh shit Changkyun, what happened?"

He sighed, "I just...really hate a certain guy right now. He seems so good-looking and considerate but it turns out he's just a big ass, ungrateful bitch."

Youngjae's eyes went wide, "Woah there Kyunie, slow down. Pretty sure Hyungwon isn't that bad, I mean, the way you talk about him he seems really nice and all-"

"What? No, I'm not talking about Hyungwon," Changkyun scoffed, sitting up a little, "Hyungwon is literally the fucking most sweetest man on the face of this earth! He's been nothing but nice to me ever since I got here, and he's too generous to save his own skin."

"Okay then," Youngjae replied slowly, "So....who's the ungrateful bitch you're referring to?"

Before Changkyun could answer, Jimin squealed lightly, jumping up and down at her phone. Youngjae and Jungkook gave her concerning looks as she just started twirling around and then twerking. It was fine, until she started twerking on Jungkook, causing Youngjae to laugh.

The boy with the big round glasses just pushed her off, "Ok Nicki Minaj, before you give me an Anaconda lap dance like I'm Drake please explain to us why you're so fucking happy."

"WONHO FOLLOWED MY FANPAGE!" She squealed, running all around the bar, even dancing on the stage.

Jungkook just rolled his eyes, "That's great, but you didn't have to fucking shake your ass and give me a lap dance."

"Oh?" Jimin said in a flirty tone on the stage as she turned, fluttering her eyes, "You want another Mister Jeon?"

"N-no!" Jungkook exclaimed as Youngjae and Jimin laughed loudly.

Changkyun sighed, "He's not all that great Jimin, you should probably delete that page."

Youngjae and Jimin suddenly stopped laughing and Jungkook just oohed, saying tea as it got quiet. The maroon haired female just glared at the boy, jumping off the stage and marching right over to him.

"What in the hell makes you think I'm gonna delete my page because of your dry ass opinion?" She scoffed. Changkyun just gave her a bored look, Youngjae backed away, becoming scared, and Jungkook oohed, saying tea again.

He rolled his eyes as he turned to face her, "It's not a dry ass lie, it's the damn-right truth! Wonho is nothing but a big ass, ungrateful, lousy, stubborn, hardheaded, whiny bitch."

Jimin gasped, holding in all her anger as her cheeks puffed and her face became red. Youngjae just got more and more scared of her reactions and prayed to all of the Gods that she wouldn't slap him and there wouldn't be a big ass bitch fight in his father's bar.

And Jungkook oohed, "The tea is boiling hot today."


Then she turned from him, huffing, "Changkyun if you weren't my best friend I'd honestly slap the shit out of you. How dare you call him an ungrateful, lousy, stubborn, hardheaded bitch! He's so sweet, handsome, amazing-"

"Yeah, amazingly ugly as fuck-"

"YOU WATCH YOUR FUCKING MOUTH BEFORE I KICK YOUR ASS ALL THE WAY BACK TO SOUTH KOREA!" Jimin roared as she marched back to him, rolling up her sleeves, but Youngjae held her back as she kicked up her legs and waved her arms at the boy. Jungkook just punched the air yelling fight, fight, fight, as Jimin kept telling Youngjae to hold her earrings.

Changkyun hopped off his seat, rolling his eyes, "He's not grateful or generous in the slightest Jimin. He's a celebrity and in order for him to have fans he has to seem nice and generous but you know deep down he's just like us. The human version of a ruptured asshole-"

Jimin released herself from Youngjae's grasp, literally sprinting towards Changkyun and tackling him. Youngjae just sighed and Jungkook ran over, grabbing his phone and recording the whole thing. It was just Jimin and Changkyun rolling around the ground, Jimin on top of him slapping him, not too hard, and Changkyun dodging her slaps and slapping her hands.

The catfight went on for ages.

Jooheon and Yooseon came out with tons of croissants, laughing about something until they saw the whole thing. Youngjae telling Jimin to get off of Changkyun, Jimin and Changkyun slapping each other, and Jungkook just recording on his phone as he yelled fight, fight, fight.

The two guys just looked at each other and walked backward back into the kitchen, not even wanting to know what the fuss was all about.

Jimin was still slapping Changkyun, or well trying too, Changkyun was just slapping her hands everytime she tried to slap him. But they were still arguing about the same thing, Jimin saying all kinds of nice things about Wonho while Changkyun denied each and every fact.


"Yeah, UNTIL I PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE FIRST!" Changkyun exclaimed back.

From afar, the boy's phone was ringing on the counter, but he was too occupied to see it. Youngjae didn't even notice it at all seeing as he was trying to break up the fight, and Jimin was too busy with Changkyun to even care.

But Jungkook saw it ringing and immediately walked over to see what or who it was.

It was Hyungwon.

He picked it up, walking somewhere where the drama behind him wouldn't be heard, "This is Changkyun's phone, Jungkook speaking."

"O-oh," Hyungwon replied lowly, "Heh, I'm sorry...I thought this was Changkyun's phone. His number must've gotten switched or something..."

"Ah nope," Jungkook giggled lightly, "This is Changkyun's phone number, hence to why I said Changkyun's phone at first."

"Oh! Well um," Hyungwon chuckled, nervously, "S-sorry for the confusion. Um, is Changkyun there? As in, is he at the resort?"

"No, we're not at the resort right now. We're kinda sorta visiting a friend's dad for some cool information and just to hang out since the resort is kinda basic and shit."

"I see," Hyungwon replied disappointingly, "Well, mind telling me where you guys are now?"

Jungkook raised an eyebrow, "Oh dear, are you trying to stalk him?"

"Wh-what?! N-no, never I would never try to stalk Changkyun. That's very disrespectful and distasteful-"

"Yeah, but you also have a whole ass girlfriend and you're flirting with Changkyun as well which is also kinda distasteful." Jungkook shot.

Hyungwon just became confused, "W-wait, what-"

"Look, my friend has had enough crazy, clingy ass celebrities and fame in his life for once in his life and he doesn't need you fucking up his trip because you got some mixed feelings for him. Trying to drag ordinary people into an affair isn't cool and you should know better. You have a whole ass job you need to be worried about, so leave him alone."

"W-wait, you guys got it all wrong! I'm not-"

"Good day to you weirdo," Jungkook shot one last time, hanging up the call and setting it down, walking back over to the fight.

Youngjae noticed and raised an eyebrow, "Where the hell did you go?"

"Don't worry about it, just helping Changkyun get the toxic bitches out his life," Jungkook replied. Youngjae just chose not to ask any further and turned back to Jimin and Changkyun literally going at each others' throats.



Suddenly, Jimin stopped fidgeting as she looked down at him, furrowing her eyebrows, "Wh-what are you talking about?"

"I'm saying that Wonho called me a fat ass broke ass peasant the other day!" Changkyun exclaimed once more, "Well, he called me fat today but yesterday he insulted me and called me a peasant!"

Jimin's face just softened as she looked at him, completely astonished, "N-no way! You're totally lying! Wonho would never call someone a peasant, or broke, or fat for the matter, he's too sweet for that."

"Jimin," Changkyun said softly, with a hint of anger, "This man is paid to come off as generous and shit. It doesn't necessarily mean that he is. When me and Hyungwon went out, I bumped into him and they got into a fight, he called me a peasant and indirectly called me broke. Then yesterday he called me fat."

"No way," Jimin let out, finally getting up from on top of him. Then she looked over at him as he stood up himself, "Really?"

Changkyun nodded, "I mean, I never liked him to begin with, but Jesus fucking christ he's such a fucking dick."

"Wow," Jimin let out, actually a few times actually, taking a nice little seat in one of the chairs. Changkyun, Youngjae, and Jungkook all walked over to the table she sat at, looking at her and waiting for her long awaited response. She just kept saying wow slower and slower.

Even managed to get out an oh wow.

"Oh wow," she let out the 40th time.

Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows, "Jimin, can you say something else other than fucking wow and oh wow."

"Oh fucking wow," she replied. Changkyun and Youngjae kinda snorted and Jungkook just rolled his eyes, shaking his head.

Then Jimin turned to Changkyun as he sat in front of her, "Changkyun is he why you were so pissed off? H-he really called you a fat, broke, peasant?"

"With his whole chest," Changkyun sighed, "I've had like two encounters with the guy now and it's highly irritating. I mean the first encounter was trippy because he and Hyungwon had some argument and made me feel uncomfortable-"

"Oh shit more fucking tea," Jungkook chirped. He just got weird looks from everyone in the bar and he raised his eyebrows, shrugging his shoulders.

Jimin just took a deep breath, letting it out and holding her face in her hands.

"I honestly don't know how to feel about this....Wonho's been my idol for so long. He's always looking out for his fans and calling us his baby girls, I thought it was all real y'know?"

"Jimin sweetie, in reality, most people do not give a flying fuck about you, that goes for idols as well," Jungkook replied from afar, "People are just assholes and you gotta deal with their shit sometimes."

"Yeah, Jungkook has to deal with his boyfriend being a furry so you can handle Wonho being a bitch," Changkyun replied, ignoring Jungkook's glare.

The girl looked up at Changkyun, then at Jungkook as he came closer to the table and sighed. Changkyun kinda saw the look of disappointment all across her face. He knew when Jimin got all sad like this, she would kinda be deep in thought and think about all life choices within itself. Honestly, if Changkyun were like her and a big ass fan of Wonho, he'd probably feel disappointed too. Then again, he himself learned how to not get his hopes up about a lot of things in life.

Jimin was always the cheerful, supportive, jumpy one within the friend group. Whenever you seen her sad, something was obviously up and she was going through a phase. It was like looking at a sad kitten, or watching a baby cry softly. She was the heart of the group, so when she was sad it affected everyone.

Changkyun just gave her a small smile, opening his arms out for her to hug. Jimin looked up at him, chuckling a little and hugged him tightly. Kinda ironic that they went straight from fighting each other to hugging, but no one could stay mad when it came to Changkyun's hugs.

They were hella powerful, because his mother's was just as powerful.

Jimin pulled away, "Oh Kyunie, I'm so sorry. I never really thought Wonho would do something like that to be's so out of the blue. Damn, I don't even know how to feel about him now. Maybe I should delete my fanpage."

Changkyun chuckled lightly, "No you don't, if anything I don't want Jennie to suffer hearing you cry all night while deleting those pages and shit. And you don't have to take my word for it, keep supporting him as much as you want to."

"But Kyun, he called you fat and poor. If anyone is gonna do that to MY fucking best friend and get away with it, they've got another fucking thing coming." Jimin huffed, punching her hand.

The gang all laughed softly amongst themselves. The whole time, Changkyun kinda just told them what had been going on for the past few days, all the Hyungwon and Wonho drama technically and how Wonho was kinda an asshole. Jimin was still in disbelief but she knew Changkyun would never lie about this. He disliked a lot of stuff she was into, but this was a whole nother story.

Eventually Jooheon and Yooseon came out of the back room, seeing Changkyun finally calmed down and joined the group. Changkyun apologized for the rude greeting and gave Yooseon a hug, who didn't hesitate to give him one back as everyone chuckled lightly.

It was kinda nice the rest of the time, Yooseon and Changkyun caught up and the older man made everyone pies. Youngjae said his dad had always been a baker so this bar was sorta just alcohol and sweets. Jungkook made a big deal about how that was unhealthy, but Changkyun made another furry joke and of course the two of them went at it and they all laughed softly.

They all basically had a pretty good time, Changkyun felt at ease because all that drama he went through was over and he was with his family now. Or the people he considered his family, nonetheless they still felt like family to him.

He wished Minhyuk hadn't came up to them with a rude greeting or he could've just joined the group, but like Youngjae said, some people need time. Sometimes he missed the boy though, no doubt.

"So," Yooseon started to say, looking over at Changkyun, "You wanna know about the men your mother sleep with?"

Changkyun furrowed his eyebrows, "Why does everyone keep saying it like that? My mom is not a homewrecker."

"I don't know Kyun," Jimin stilted as she sat next to him at the bar island. "She's been in many romantic affairs. Especially this one that everyone made a big ass deal about but I don't know much about it."

"Oh!" Youngjae called out, "I think I know what you're getting at! It was the affair she had with that one guy. His name is Jay clue."

"Jay Gatsby," Yooseon said, grabbing the three individuals' attention. He grabbed a wine glass, cleaning it softly, "The big affair she had was with a man named Jay Gatsby. He was really rich, the worst of all 7 of her exes."

"Why was he the worst?" Changkyun asked.

Yooseon looked up with him, his eyes darkened, "He spoiled her too much."

The small boy let out a oh, swallowing hard.

"He was a good man, promoted Cythina as much as he possibly could, as much as he possibly wanted to. And Cythina fell for his charms because he treated her like his doll, his precious treasure, his baby girl."

Youngjae raised an eyebrow, "How did they even meet?"

"They met at a bar one night," Yooseon replied, recalling memories, "Cythina had gotten her first award at a music awards show and she, Raechan, Junghui, and I celebrated together at the bar. Of course she went out on her own and danced on the dance floor, and her aura was intoxicating."

Jimin's eyes widened, "I had no idea my mother went the same night as you guys?"

"Hell yeah! Raechan didn't hesitate to party with Cythina, especially considering small celebrations such as that one. Look, if it involves drinks, she was definitely up for it."

The girl chuckled lightly as did Changkyun and Youngjae.

Yooseon proceeded, "Anyway, there was this one song that played. It was a slow song and everyone grabbed someone and danced with their significant other. Junghui and I sat it out, Rae obviously found herself a man, and Cythina found herself. She just swayed side to side, holding herself and smiled to herself. She even started singing and her voice sounded like honey."

Changkyun felt a small vision in his head of his mother just swaying alone by herself to the music, everyone had their lovers and she just had herself. That's what Changkyun loved about her, she was able to love herself and find passion within herself more than anyone else. Even when everyone had their soulmates, she still had herself.

"Never leave, cause I believe in love, sweet love," Yooseon recited, Youngjae, Jimin, and Changkyun's eyes went wide as he spoke. "Hear me calling out your name, I feel no shame I'm in love."

"No fucking way," Jimin replied, "That's one of my favorite songs by her! Sweet love is such a soft bop, I love her so damn much. No way she made that song that same night!"

"Oh she did," Yooseon chuckled, "On that same night, a mysteriously good-looking man walked in. Everyone went quiet as he walked up, his charms and good looks shutting up everyone and stopping everything. But Cythina was still on the floor away by herself. He noticed her, walking towards her slowly. She saw him, staring at him as if she knew him. Next thing you knew, they were laughing softly and the man asked her to dance."

Changkyun's eyes sparkled, "Did they dance?"

"Sure did, it was just them dancing all night. Your mother hummed the lyrics to the song and the man held her gently, swaying her around and making her feel loved, making her feel so important. Then, out of the blue, he lowered his lips to meet hers in a sweet kiss. The kiss had so much passion behind it, Cythina just pulled him closer, wrapping her arms around him."

Jimin just awed, resting her cheeks on her fists and Youngjae seemed more and more into the story. Changkyun was just, so astonished by this whole story it was mesmerizing. This was that same man his mother said was horrible and cruel, but it seemed like the more Yooseon talked about him the greater he was. He seemed like it too, however, Changkyun wasn't just gonna let his guard down for some guy he knows nothing about.

"That man showed so much love towards her," Yooseon continued, "I don't have the full story on Jay and Cythina but I know the good bits. Or most of it at least, the beginning when they were good together and before it got toxic."

"How'd it get toxic?" Changkyun asked, Youngjae and Jimin nodded along, wanting to know the same thing.

Yooseon sighed, "Jay never wanted to marry her, I guess that's where it started. She took that the wrong way and well, shit just went south after that. People said that Jay was with another woman at the time and toyed with her and Cythina's life, some woman about his age. Keep in mind, Cythina and this man got together and had their moments when she was 16 and he was 21."

"Holy," Youngjae let out, "They sounded like such a nice couple though. Was Jay not up for commitment or something?"

"I don't know, but I know he only used Cythina for sex the majority of the time they spent together. Cythina just didn't see it until she caught him with another woman. It all turned to shit, Cythina's whole interior just changed."

"Damn," Jimin let out, then slammed the table slightly with her fist, "Well that man honestly deserves a whole ass whooping! Only being with my girl for sex, shame on him!"

Changkyun looked up at Yooseon, "So, this must mean that Jay Gatsby is my father, right?"

"I'm not sure Kyun," Yooseon let out, "You can double check but I highly doubt it. I don't even think that man is still in Singapore anymore."

The boy just looked down, kinda sad. Jimin noticed and nudged him a little, then pulled him in for a sweet little hug. Youngjae rolled over and hugged him too, he just hugged them both, kinda smiling a bit to himself. It wasn't that he was sad about not knowing his dad or the real story behind it, he just wanted to find out who his father was and hear his perspective.

Whenever Changkyun asked his mother, she'd always decline it, telling him that he was nothing but a deadbeat that fucked her over. But what did that even mean? She never explained anything, she just said that he didn't need to know him. That was Changkyun's father though, the man who contributed to giving birth to him.

He had every right to know everything.

"I think I'm gonna get more info on the affair," Changkyun said as the others pulled away, looking at him with wide eyes. "My mom has told me that this man was a deadbeat, I-I believed it, but I wanna try to fix it. I want to meet this man, I'm not gonna ask if he's my father I just wanna meet him."

Yooseon nodded, smiling, "If you want some intel on where he could possibly be, try downtown Singapore. Empire city can probably lead you to him or you can at least track him the best you possibly can."

"Oh! We're supposed to be going back to downtown Singapore tomorrow for the exhibit tomorrow!" Youngjae chimed, "Maybe we can do some investigating and find a way in Empire city."

Jimin smirked, nudging Changkyun, "Or maaaaaaaaaaybeeeeee, Changkyun can contact his boyfriend and get him to let us in Empire City."

The small sandy brunette glared at her, blushing lightly, "He's not my boyfriend. We're just friends Jimin, plus, he has a girlfriend."

"OH," Jimin exclaimed. She turned to Yooseon, who's eyes were widened, "Excuse my language Mr. Choi, but WHAT THE FUCK?! ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!"

Changkyun nodded, "Deadass, he called me this morning and his girlfriend was calling him about his mother or something. She called him honey and he call her baby, or I don't know if it was the other way around? Ask Jungkook or some shit, he was there."

The girl wowed, then patted Changkyun's shoulder, "Don't worry baby boy, there's plenty of other fish in the sea-"

"Jimin, that message only goes for hoes." Youngjae cut her off, raising an eyebrow.

"Okay," Jimin rolled her eyes, "Changkyun, there's plenty of dishes to eat-"

"That's even worse, oh my god. Changkyun come here," Youngjae sighed, spinning the boy towards him, "You're gonna be fine. Remember what I said earlier, you can just be his friend. That's all."

Changkyun sighed as he nodded, "Don't worry about it though, I'm perfectly fine."

Youngjae gave him an unsure look, "Are you sure? Changkyun it's okay you don't have to lie to make us feel better or not worry about you."

He nodded, giving Youngjae a small smile, "Honest to God, it's okay Youngjae."

"Okay," Youngjae said in defeat.

But he already knew it wasn't okay, Changkyun was still affected by it in a way.


It was a shiny Thursday morning.

Everyone was all stuffed and ready to head out for the exhibit hosted by Parma, ready to see all the models show off their stuff. It was the exciting part because it was when models and the students got to work together, the student creates something for the model and they go from there.

Of course Changkyun would've been excited for it, if-

"You DID WHAT?!"

Jungkook sighed, "I told Hyungwon off for being some weird ass, creepy stalker. You're welcome."

The boy just groaned loudly as all the students walked in a group to the big ass Epcot building, which was like a dome arena and it was where Parma hosted their fashion shows and big ass exhibits. Professor Suongmin was instructing the kids about certain stuff and of course they all listened to him, not even tuning in to Changkyun yelling at Jungkook constantly.

The only ones who heard them were Jimin, Jooheon, and Youngjae.

"We really out here disrespecting idols and shit," Jimin snorted, pulling out her phone. Then she panned it over to Youngjae and Jooheon, who just giggled lightly to each other. "And over here gays, we have the nations' power couple."

They both turned to her, furrowing their eyebrows.

Jooheon grumbled, "Jimin, get off of Twitter broadcast. Miss Suomi said we can't do live broadcasting in the Epcot building."

"Okay and?" The girl sassed, "She's just gonna have to snatch my phone out of my hand then if she wants to achieve that."

And it's as if on cue, her phone was immediately snatched away. Jimin furrowed her eyebrows as she stopped in her tracks, looking back at Jooheon and Youngjae to see if they took it. The two of them shook their heads no and that confused Jimin even more.

Then, she felt a tap on her shoulder.

Soon as she turned around, she almost fainted.

The woman before her smiled, "Yoooooou should probably listen to your friends. Broadcasting during the exhibit can get you in some deep shit."

Jimin just felt herself stuttering and muttering random shit as the woman went on her phone and stopped her broadcast, handing her phone back to her. Then she smiled and walked off, burgundy curls flowing in the wind as they bounced off her body.

"Woah," Youngjae let out, "Was that a Goddess or something? She looked amazing."

Then he and Jooheon turned to Jimin who was just blushing hella hard, trying not to squeal really loud and cause attention. They just looked back at each other and shrugged it off, tuning back in to Changkyun and Jungkook's conversation.

"I cannot fucking BELIEVE you!" Changkyun snapped, "Jungkook, I trusted you!"

"Hey, I was doing you a favor! He was trying to get in your pants when he has a whole ass GIRL! That fucking weird ass stalker can fuck off, he looks like he stalks little boys-"

"JUNGKOOK!" Changkyun exclaimed, slapping the boy lightly on the back of his neck. Jungkook winced in response, dodging all of Changkyun's attempts to hit him once again. He didn't though, he just sighed.

They all finally made it in the building, wowed by the scenery and how rich and royal it looked. Literally everything in this area was rich looking, shouldn't be surprised by that by now.

So Suomi, of course, went over the exhibit and showed everyone some old styles. But even the old styles were nicely made, fit for a king and a queen. Then she showed them some new rich royal clothing, including this clothing line she just released and it was beautiful. So many people took pictures and even walked around the different sections of clothing lines under the same designer.

Changkyun and Jooheon got lost in the Roman god section, kinda letting their inner geek poke out as they scanned around the weapons and clothes. Jooheon had went in another part of the section at some point though, leaving Changkyun to look at the other side. Honestly all the different designs were so well fit and made, Changkyun could see his mother modeling this kinda stuff. Especially with the way the jewelry was set up, maybe she gave it a shit and got creative in one of her music videos.

"You keep staring at the same piece," Changkyun heard, his eyes widened as he did.

He didn't wanna believe it was who he thought it was until he turned around.

The man with reddish-brown hair, wearing a loose silky red button-down shirt that exposed some of his chest and was tucked in some burgundy trousers. His bangs were in his face this time, but something about his hair being in his face seemed more of a better look for him.

Changkyun raised an eyebrow, glaring at him, "Oh goodness, I'm so thrilled to see you again."

"Well I've been told that I have that affect on people," Wonho said as he walked out, coming closer to the display Changkyun was looking at.

The boy just gave him a weary look and stepped back a bit.

Wonho looked over at him, "Why'd you step back like that? It's almost as if you're scared of me."

"I'm not, just trying to stay away from rich boys who like to call people fat and poor," Changkyun shot, glaring at him from the corner of his eye. Wonho just tsked, looking at the display himself once more.

When he did that, he saw Changkyun kinda walk around, looking at the different types of displays and literally examining them as if he had the eye of a designer. He probably did since he was in a school for art, but he seemed so good at examining shit. Maybe he just had the eye of a photographer and he was looking at the details and designs? Or he was in the fashion major probably.

Whatever the case was, Wonho literally followed him around the whole section, right behind him as he walked. Changkyun was too busy gazing and imagining his mother in these powerful pieces of clothing to even notice Wonho kinda following right behind him, analyzing his every move.

He didn't mean to stalk, he just wanted to study the boy.

Hyungwon had let his guard down for him, he wanted to see why. He also wanted to make sure Changkyun wasn't just some crazy fan who was trying to get into Wonho's life through dating Hyungwon. That had never happened but it was a possibility.

Anyway, the whole time he followed him, everything seemed perfectly fine. He just watched Changkyun carefully, studying the boy's face, how focused he looked.

How good he looked-

Even if he was just wearing a black hoodie with a black shirt underneath that was kinda tight, exposing some of his belly, some normal ashy blue denim skinny jeans, folded at the bottom, he still just looked really good. Maybe it was the edition of golden specks? Well it didn't matter, even casually, Changkyun still looked good.

Wonho was trying his damn near hardest not to think about Changkyun, fucking annoying ass child. But after Changkyun told him off yesterday, after he just huffed and walked off, swaying those hips and sashaying away-

The man was just so tongue-tied from yesterday, it was annoying and he wanted it to go away.

And what better way to get rid of it than to go to the source.

"Okay," Changkyun said, stopping in his tracks. He turned to face Wonho, crossing his arms as the man looked at him confusingly, "You've been fucking following me this whole time."

Wonho's eyes widened, oh shit he has. "N-no I haven't."

"You have," Changkyun deadpanned, "It's fucking annoying. Can you like, please stop and go somewhere else? You're supposed to be sponsoring the exhibit I thought."

"Yeah," Wonho replied slowly, his eyes trailed down to the portion of Changkyun's stomach that was somewhat exposed, "But my managers aren't here so I don't have to go."

Changkyun's eyes widened, then they squinted, "Of course, pretty boy always gotta get babied by the people who know what the fuck their doing. I feel bad for Hyungwon."

Wonho stilted, furrowing his eyebrows, "What?"

"I mean, isn't it true?" Changkyun replied, looking up at him with darkened eyes, "Models usually don't do shit but stand there and look pretty. The managers usually do all of the work in getting the schedules together and making sure you're on time. Hyungwon probably has to do much of that work, as well as slap your ass and get you back on schedule."

Wonho looked down at him as Changkyun went on, anger just rising within.

"Hyungwon never has time for anything," Changkyun said softly, then looked down sadly, "Even if we're just friends I still look out for him and I'm sad that he can never catch a break because the man he's working for is too busy pushing around old people and calling his fans fat and poor-"

Suddenly, Changkyun felt himself get pushed in a dark narrow hallway, up against the wall as Wonho held his wrists, tight.

"You don't know shit," Wonho husked, "You should do what's right and stay in your fucking place."

Changkyun tried breaking out his grip, but Wonho just gripped tighter and tighter. Changkyun would've been scared, especially at his darkened tone. But he wasn't, in fact, he had the balls to look up at Wonho with the same fucking glare.

"You really keep trying to stop me from hang out with Hyungwon," He slurred, "Why can't he have a life? Why does it have to be revolved around yours?"

"His life is that way so stupid, foolish peasants like you won't come fucking shit up and spouting bullshit to his head. He hasn't spoken to me in 2 days and it's all your fault."

Changkyun's eyes widened for a bit. Then he shook his random thought away, glaring at the man in front of him.

"You sure it's my fault?" He shot, "He works all the time, he's not always busy with me you know. Maybe you should focus on that than trying to keep a small college boy who has nothing to do with you out of his life. It might damage your image."

Wonho's grip got tighter, "Or you can just shut the fuck up and stay the fuck away from Hyungwon."

"Oh yeah? And how are you gonna stop me?"

Wonho froze.

How was he gonna stop him?

He couldn't just sue the boy without reason, Kihyun probably wouldn't believe him and Hyungwon, of course, would go against it. He couldn't file a restraining order, nor could he get his mother involved. She did not need to know about any of this because if anything, she'd probably make shit worse.

He wanted to stop Changkyun, but he didn't want to make a scene.

So he honestly didn't know what to do.

The man just took one look at Changkyun, the cute boy glaring at him with darkened eyes.

Then, before he knew it, he lowered his lips to meet Changkyun's.

Changkyun of course, was taken by surprise. When Wonho kissed him, he felt some blaze in his body, something sparked in him. He wasn't sure what it was of course, his blood rushing, his heart beating rapidly and he couldn't control it. Wonho's lips works so perfectly across his, that's probably what led Changkyun into kissing him back.

Before he could even register it, Wonho pulled away slowly, looking into the boy's eyes as his chest heaved. So did Changkyun's, his lips still slightly parted as he looked back up at Wonho.

And electricity flowed within them both, causing Wonho to meet Changkyun's lips once more.

This time, Changkyun registered that kiss, wrapping his arms around Wonho's neck as Wonho released his wrists. He placed his hands on the boy's waist, pushing him up against the wall as Changkyun jumped up a little, wrapping his legs around Wonho's waist.

The kisses just kept going and going and going, Changkyun would moan within the kisses, allowing Wonho's tongue to clash with his. His tongue moved in such a smooth and gentle rhythm that would just make Changkyun's whole mind go hazy and he'd lose himself completely, running his fingers through Wonho's hair the more he kissed him.

Then, Into you by Ariana Grande was buzzing in Changkyun's back pocket.

Changkyun's eyes widened when he pulled away from Wonho, releasing himself and pushing the older man away from him. He didn't even grab his phone, he just gently touched his lips, blushing like fucking crazy. He looked over at Wonho as Wonho looked at him.

Completely aroused, once again.

"Y-you should probably answer your phone," Wonho stammered, and Changkyun's blush got even bigger as he felt for his pocket, trying to get his phone.

The boy kinda fucked up a few times, especially when his phone fell out his pocket, and out his hands like 7 times-

"H-hello!" He squeaked, his pitch high.

"H-hey! Changkyun, thank goodness," Hyungwon sighed in relief, "I thought your friend blocked my number or erased it off your phone."

"Aha, yeah," Changkyun chuckled nervously, "S-sorry about that."

"Hey it's fine," Hyungwon replied happily, "Anyways, I'm sorry for not showing up yesterday. There's a reason for that though and I wanna show you! You think you can come to my office?"

"O-oh! I um," Changkyun looked up at Wonho, who was still looking over at him, then he hurriedly looked away, "S-sure, what's the room number?"

"It's R347! It's on the 7th floor, hopefully not too high for you though," Hyungwon chuckled wholeheartedly.

Changkyun kinda giggled at his little joke, "You're so corny, I hope you know I'm not afraid of heights anymore."

"Yeah, and who should you be thanking?" Hyungwon praised, Changkyun giggled even harder.

"Okay you cute dork, I'm on my way there," Changkyun replied softly.

"Okay! W-wait did you just call me cute?"

"I did."

"That's embarrassing! Chaaangkyuunieee~!"

"You are though! So fucking cute and adorable, I literally just wanna love on you-"

Changkyun said that, then kinda froze, forgetting Wonho was still standing there.

Forgetting that they literally just fucking made out-

"I-uhm, anyways! I'm on my way, bye!" Changkyun chirped, hanging up the call.

Then he sighed, looking over at Wonho who was still astonished, just looking at him with this look that made Changkyun blush again.

"Y-Yeah, so um-" Changkyun stammered, looking away, "Th-that never happened."

Before Wonho could say anything, Changkyun ran off, ignoring all possible contact.

Wonho just stood there, eyes all fucking wide and shit. He covered his month too, his eyebrows furrowed as his face reddened.

He just wanted to scare the boy, he didn't think he'd actually kiss him back. And he certainly wasn't expecting him to kiss him like that. It was so exciting though, something about Changkyun's little whimpers and moans pushed Wonho to kiss him even more.

And to think, he was only trying to think of a way to keep him away from Hyungwon.

Then—it hit him.

He knew exactly what he was gonna do.

Chapter Text


Changkyun felt his lips a few times as he went up the elevator, kinda took away the stress of going high in the first place. He was just softly touching them, kinda flustered but trying to fight that urge because it was slightly annoying him. Mean, he's been feeling heated ever since that moment, as well as highly aggravated but he'll get over it.

But—why did Wonho kiss him like that?

It just came out of nowhere, and it threw the boy off a little bit. He felt so lightheaded afterward, even when Wonho touched all over him like that. He lifted the boy up lightly, Changkyun wrapped his legs around him as Wonho rush-fully kissed him, hard but so gentle. His lips were so soft, they tasted so good, they merged so well with Changkyun's. The boy just couldn't get the thought of him kissing him out of his head, it was just stuck there and it made him feel all shaky.


"N-no!" The small boy exclaimed silently in the elevator, "Wonho is an asshole, he insulted you earlier Changkyun and called you fat!"

The boy just slapped his soft cheeks softly, trying to get rid of the blush just growing on his face. But he couldn't, not when Wonho randomly pinned him up like that. Did he just do that with everyone or just him? Was Wonho just attracted to him in a way? He wasn't a fan, so maybe Wonho did it out of curiosity? Maybe he thought he was cute-


The elevator doors opened. Changkyun greeted the nice lady on his side and walked out. He didn't know why he walked out so confidently in this building, he had no idea where the fuck he was going.

But he remembered what Hyungwon said, "It's R347! It's on the 7th floor."

He was on the 7th floor, but he wasn't sure where the hell to find R347. Was it right or left? Was it upstairs or downstairs? Down the hall? Didn't matter, Changkyun just used his instincts and went his own way. However, the more he walked around, the more he felt so lost. The halls were dark sea green, with pretty little white lace at the top decorating it. He was so dumb, he should've asked the receptionist in the front for directions, but she looked busy.

Dammit, he could feel Hyungwon asking him constantly where the boy was, but it wasn't his fault he didn't know where to go. Like everything looked the same, twists and turns at every corner it felt like a whole maze. He did bump into some people, apologizing as they gave him direct glares and then brushed past them. Why was he so anxious all of a sudden? He had no reason to feel so flustered in the head.

Wonho smells so good-

Changkyun froze, shaking his head to shake away those thoughts.

But he couldn't, just the memory of the older all up against him, kissing him with such rough love and passion it made him feel all weird. Like he was just hot and aggravated? Was that it? Yeah! That was definitely it! Maybe Changkyun felt so uncomfortable with it felt good? No, that doesn't make any sense. Jesus why did Wonho do that?!

"Are you lost?"

Changkyun shook up when he felt a hand on the small of his back. He turned around to see a pretty tall female with bouncy maroon curls, wearing a nice white crop-tee and some baggy ripped denim in a denim jacket. It was the woman who had always stood next to Hyungwon and Lee Suomi during the events.

She was so pretty, she literally looked like a whole goddess, especially with the way her body was shaped. Her lips were ruby red, so plump, so gorgeous. She was a bit masculine but not too much, enough to look feminine and gorgeous, like Serena Williams. She had to be a model, she was so fucking beautiful.

"U-uhm, I-I don't know....maybe?" Changkyun stammered, swallowing hard.

The lady giggled lightly, "That's fine, you literally look so out of place in this area it was easy to notice."

"O-oh," Changkyun let out, his tone low. Well, he had been going in a circle so-

"I-I'm actually looking for someone!" Changkyun chirped, "U-uhm manager Chae's office, he called me up for something so I'm kinda scanning for it, yeah."

The lady's eyes widened, "Oh my goodness no way! I should've recognized you from earlier! You're the cute little boy who my cute little honey has fallen for."

Changkyun's eyes widened, "H-honey?"

She didn't even respond, she just took his hand, rushing over towards the right portion of the 7th floor. Changkyun was so confused, especially when the girl knew who he was and knew who he was looking for. She also called Hyungwon her honey which sounded awfully familiar. Her voice sounded familiar too, but he couldn't even try to decipher it. It's not like he wanted to, he just wanted to go to Hyungwon's office and see him.

Yeah! Changkyun wanted to see Hyungwon, the only boy who Changkyun should think about in such a way. He was so charming, cute, precious, kind, Changkyun loved his company and he was always trying out new things just for him to see. He enjoyed his company, Hyungwon's voice was just as comforting as it was.

The lady finally brought to a room, Changkyun's eyes went wide when he noticed that it said: 'R347'.

She knocked on it softly a few times, but there was no answer. Changkyun kinda looked a little down because why on Earth would Hyungwon call him up here if he wasn't even here-

The girl banged on the door once more, scaring the literal dog shit out of Changkyun.

He furrowed his eyebrows, "I-I don't think you should-"

The door opened, the wind blowing right on Changkyun and the woman's faces. They both looked up and saw Hyungwon. He was wearing light golden trousers, and a nice cream colored button-down dress shirt that was tucked in. His white bangs were all crinkly, all in his face but you could still see his face. His light brown eyes widened, but he didn't notice Changkyun staring at him as if he had seen an angel.

He frowned at the woman before him, "Rui! I told you if you need something just call me! You know I lock my door when I work."

The woman, known as Rui, snorted, "Hyunnie, you know I don't listen to rules. I bend them, which is probably not a good thing because I tend to piss people off with the way I am but I'm not gonna hold it against me."

"Yeah okay," Hyungwon groaned, "What are you even doing here? I'm expecting someone."

"I know," Rui said, then held up Changkyun's hand, "I found Cinderella wondering the halls all lost so I figured I bring him here."

Hyungwon looked down and Changkyun's blush just came as he looked away quickly.

But from the corner of his eye, he could see the irritated expression on Hyungwon's face slowly fade and he was smiling.

"Changkyun!" Hyungwon exclaimed happily. Changkyun looked over and saw his happy smile. It warmed the boy's heart that he was so happy to see him, almost too cute.

"H-hey," Changkyun let out slowly.

Hyungwon immediately grabbed him and pulled him inside, walking him around the giant office. It was so big, it was like a throne room, all rogue and black, a dark ass throne room that is. It was almost too dark for Hyungwon, especially with his shiny clothes. It's like an angel just fell into a soft hell.

Fallen Angel maybe-

"Wow," Changkyun let out, "Your's so big."

Rui snickered, "That's what she said."

Changkyun turned to her confusingly, not understanding the joke. But Hyungwon froze in his steps, silently scolding the redhead as she stood in the back giggling.

"Changkyun, this is the highly annoying-"

"Lee Watanabe Rui," Rui interrupted, walking up to shake Changkyun's hand, "The most incredible person you will ever meet."

Changkyun giggled lightly, shaking her hand in return, "Nice to meet you Rui!"

She smiled at him, then nodded, "It is a pleasure meeting you. You look so fucking adorable, I can see why Hyungwon is always talking about you like you're the greatest thing since fucking sliced bread."

The small boy blushed lightly, as did Hyungwon in the back.

Hyungwon let out a harsh cough, "Behbee, don't you have somewhere you need to be?"

Changkyun's eyes widened, baby?

"I was supposed to be at the exhibit, finding someone to work with but I'm pretty sure they have everything set up. Ma says I can't participate but, Hyunnie you're doing it so why can't I?"


Wait, holy shit—

"Hyungwon, baby we gotta go, we've got like three minutes."

"Honey, I'm in the middle of a call, can't they just wait?"

Holy  fucking  shit—

"You can tell mom I'm not doing it, I got other things to worry about right now," Hyungwon replied.

Rui looked at Changkyun, then looked back up at Hyungwon, smirking, "Ooooooh behbeeeee~ Well I won't stop you with whatever you're trying to do, you do you. Just text me when you're out getting food because I'm fucking starving."

"Roger," Hyungwon said as Rui waved away, walking right out.

Hyungwon sighed, turning back to Changkyun. He was kinda confused at his sudden frozen state, it was almost as if he was trying to confront something or figure something out but unsure how to ask.

"Changkyun are you-"

"ARE YOU AND RUI DATING?!" The boy exclaimed.

Hyungwon's eyes went wide, especially with Changkyun's wide eyes of curiosity.

"She's that woman from the call I remember!" Changkyun brought up, so bluntly as if it was nothing or not embarrassing at all, "You called her honey and she called you baby! Me and my friend thought you guys were dating!"

Changkyun was kinda confused at Hyungwon's disgusted look but he felt small for some reason. Maybe it was because he crossed the line and asked such a dangerous question, Hyungwon probably thought less of him now and he's gonna start calling him a fat poor peasant too.

"Kyun," Hyungwon started to say, his tone soft, "Rui is my sister."

The boy's face paled, "I-I'm sorry what?"

"She's my sister Changkyun. My baby sister."

Damn what a day, Changkyun made out with Wonho in the hallway and now he thinks Hyungwon and his sister are dating--this is one interesting ass Thursday ladies and gentlemen.

"B-but why do you guys call each other pet names! L-like, baby or honey? I-it's weird!"

Hyungwon chuckled lightly, "Kyun, Behbee, and Hyunnie are nicknames our mother gave us and we've been calling each other those names since we were babies."

"O-oh," Changkyun let out slowly, looking away. He was trying to hide the utter blush of embarrassment for setting up Hyungwon like that...especially with his sister. This meant he had to tell Jungkook everything too so he can stop saying Hyungwon was some creepy ass pedophile.

He heard the male chuckle lightly as he came close, holding both Changkyun's hands close.

"It's fine, I would understand the confusion," Hyungwon giggled, then his eyes trailed off a little, "I thought you were dating someone that friend who kinda picked up the call yesterday and told me to stop dragging you in celebrity affairs."

Changkyun's eyes widened, "OH MY GOODNESS! I am fucking sorry for that! That was my friend Jungkook! He was kinda with me when you called me yesterday about that and like....yeah we both overheard you and Rui talking to each other. I-I swear though, we thought you and Rui were dating b-but we're not dating!"

Hyungwon just laughed softly, his laughs were so calming and pure, Changkyun has never heard such a soft laugh before. It was honestly the most elegant and beautiful laughter he had ever heard, he wasn't even gonna call himself silly for getting hooked up in some guy's laugh. Adorable, cute, perfect, even his smile.

He was just, perfect.

Definitely not Wonho.

"Well I'm happy to reassure you that I'm actually single as a Pringle," Hyungwon replied pridefully. Changkyun just snorted, then covered his mouth when Hyungwon looked over at him. "It's the truth! I am single, sadly."

"You said single as a pringle," Changkyun replied, giggling, "You're so corny."

Hyungwon chuckled, walking up to him and wrapping an arm around his waist, bopping his nose lightly, "Guess I am shamefully corny."

Changkyun giggled lightly, walking as Hyungwon took him to some other part of his office. The man unlocked the door, revealing some grand bedroom that was the same color as his office. Black carpet, an all black bed on the other side, a deck, some section with polaroid pictures on a desk, and a few other things. The boy oohed as he walked around, seeing Hyungwon leave his side and walk closer to the deck.

He opened the doors and Changkyun walked slowly, looking around his bedroom. It was so nice, especially with seeing so many cameras all stacked on some bookshelves. He walked over to them and saw a camera that caught his eye, a nice little bronze camera.

"Hyungwon," Changkyun said slowly, looking over towards him, "You take photos?"

The man came from off the deck with a small brown box. He looked over and saw Changkyun looking at a bunch of cameras and hurried over, setting the box down and looking at the camera with him.

"Yeah, I use to be a photographer when I was little. My mother gave me access to a whole world of possibilities, my dad gave me my worldwide passport and I was off," Hyungwon replied, giggling right as he took the camera from Changkyun, "This was the first camera I took with me overseas. I went to New York with it."

Changkyun's eyes widened, "Really? You've been to New York?!"

"Indeed, I use to be a journalist photographer for New York Times. My life was pretty interesting back then, but it got kinda boring after some time."

Changkyun watched as Hyungwon looked at the camera sadly, handing it right back to him. He was confused as he looked at the camera, then back at Hyungwon who kinda took the box and opened it.

It was strange, Changkyun wanted to know what he meant by his life being good then getting strange. Maybe he went through something tragic and it involves his career. Changkyun looked on the shelf and saw so many old pictures of Hyungwon just laughing amongst himself with others. He even saw a picture of this one boy, small with silver hair and blue eyes. His smile was wide, bright, the picture of him was beautiful.

Changkyun laughed a little as he took the photo and smiled, seeing the small cheerful boy. Then he saw another picture with Hyungwon and the same boy, holding hands and looking at fireworks. All the pictures of the boy were either by fireworks or by dozens of flowers, lavender roses to be exact. He was so beautiful, his smile complimented his dimples.

He just looked so precious.

"Hey u-um Hyungwon..." Changkyun started to say, "Who's this boy?"

Hyungwon turned around and saw Changkyun hold up a picture of the boy. Then he saw his eyes widen in fear, Hyungwon coming over quickly to get a closer look at the photo.

Then his eyes darkened as he looked away and walked back to where he was, "H-he's no one. Just an old friend."

Changkyun bit his lip. He was trying to stop his curiosity from getting the best of him but he just couldn't, "H-He looks so cute, was he an ex-boyfriend of some sort-"

"Don't worry about it," Hyungwon brushed off a bit rudely. It scared Changkyun a little, but he just sighed, setting the picture down slowly and sadly.

The mood kinda changed as Changkyun looked away, kinda putting his hands in his pockets. Hyungwon saw his kinda saddish look and hugged him a little. Changkyun was startled, but he accepted the hug, hugging him back softly.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you."

Changkyun hummed, "I-it's fine, I know you didn't mean to...I should've never asked."

"No it's okay," Hyungwon replied softly, lifting up the boy's chin so he could look right at him. Changkyun just looked up at him, big doey eyes and all. Hyungwon smiled, "It's okay."

"O-okay," Changkyun said as he smiled right back, still looking up at him. He was just staring endlessly at Hyungwon, trying to figure out what this guy was all about and why he seemed so kind but distant.

It's like Hyungwon just hid a lot of things, but no one knew what. Even when he left Singapore, no one really knew why he went on vacation or why he ran off, or even why he didn't half of the things he did. He just seemed as if he was running away from something, maybe someone.

Or this life he was living, maybe it wasn't what he wanted and he wanted something exciting? Perhaps, that's why he's always nothing Changkyun. Nothing has really been the same since they met, Changkyun knows that much. Well, least Changkyun could tell himself that to feel better about himself.

He watched as Hyungwon walked over to the balcony, pulling his black curtains over the windows making it a little bit more darker than the room already was. Changkyun was confused, especially when Hyungwon pushed him back on the bed a little to sit him down. The boy blushed lightly and was gonna ask what he was doing, but Hyungwon shushed him lightly, handing him a pair of goggles.

Then he walked over and pulled out some weird looking machine, looked like a polaroid. Hyungwon just cut off some other lights in his room and covered the other windows, making it completely dark.

He rushed back over in front of Changkyun and smiled brightly, "C'mon Kyunie, put on your goggles!"

"O-okay," Changkyun replied shyly, putting on the goggles.

Soon as he did, Hyungwon turned on some cute white christmas lights, exposing the small pictures that were on his black curtains. He was in awe as he stood up, walking closer and closer to the curtains to get a better glance at the pictures and who was on them. Then he noticed it was just so many different pictures of Hyungwon, making him blush lightly.

He looked around and saw that there were pictures of the male on all the curtains, even high up by the lights. It was so beautiful, especially with the addition of lights that looked like different places around the world. Like on the ceiling it was Russia, then beside it was Europe, some places in Germany, it just looked beautiful.

"This beautiful," Changkyun let out, spinning around and getting a better glance at the pictures on the wall, which were pictures of him in New York.

What was even crazier was that most of these pictures Hyungwon took were him wearing a turtleneck.

Hyungwon chuckled lightly, "I uh....I thought about what you said to me a few days ago. Y'know, being a good-looking guy who's working for someone else and taking my looks for granted and staying by the sidelines."

Changkyun blushed so fucking quick, "W-wait! Are you talking about when we were on the elevator together? I-I was just, y'know, reassuring you because you don't think you look good but think you look good! Wait, no, that's fucking weird lemme stop-I don't want you to think I'm just saying this to be nice! Even though I was being nice but you'll think I'm just saying it and- God I'm rambling aren't I?"

He looked up and saw Hyungwon grab his shoulder as he giggled lightly. Changkyun just looked down, covering his face and groaning to himself. He was making a big ass fool of himself, no wonder Hyungwon was laughing at him.

The boy just sighed, "So, what're the goggles for?"

"Oh! The goggles add a vintage filter, you don't really need them I just thought it looked nice," Hyungwon replied, taking them off of Changkyun gently. The boy kinda flinched because an eyelash got in his eye a little. Hyungwon just hurried cupped his face, bringing Changkyun close and blowing it away to the best of his ability. Changkyun kinda giggled at the feeling because it felt weird but in a good way?

Hyungwon pulled away as Changkyun opened his eyes back open, "Why are you laughing? All I did was blow away an eyelash."

"It tickled," Changkyun replied, then poked his lips out, "Why are you so mean today? This is unlike you."

"A-am I?" Hyungwon replied softly, wrapping his arms around the boy's waist.

Changkyun was kinda surprised at the action, but he just chose to ignore it. He hummed and nodded in response, putting his hands on Hyungwon's shoulders.

Hyungwon sighed, "I guess I feel under pressure today. A lot has been going on and I feel like everyone expects me to do something. Changkyun, my mother is the whole ass CEO of this company and she spoils Hoseok so much, b-but she drags me around so much and begs me to do these things but I don't want to. Honestly, if I'm being honest with myself, I don't want this job."

"Oh?" Changkyun let out, his arms wrapping around Hyungwon's neck, "Why'd you take it if you didn't wanna do it? I'm sure your mother would've understood if you told her you didn't work under her."

"She wouldn't," Hyungwon let out bitterly, chuckling dryly right after, "I'm not even gonna be the CEO when I get older, Rui is. And to make everything even worse, I'm in charge of babysitting a grown ass man who doesn't even show up to his shoots, or interviews, or anything."

Changkyun raised his eyebrows, "Wonho?"

Hyungwon nodded as he looked away angrily, "This whole job is meaningless. My place in this company is meaningless. They just keep me locked up here like a caged bird, it isn't fair."

Changkyun looked up at his expression, how hurt he looked but how angry he was. It was like the same look on his face he had when he and Wonho were arguing back and forth about what Hyungwon could and couldn't do and who he could and couldn't be with. He saw how much everyone tried to control his life and everything he did, it was so overbearing enough that his mother yelled at him for every flaw Wonho did.

Like, the guy himself couldn't even get a break without getting yelled at by someone.

He was really caged in this house, all he wanted was to be who he was and do what he wanted to do but no one allowed it. The only one who seemed to respect Hyungwon's choices was Rui, but other than that, no one else really tolerated Hyungwon's independence from the family business. Changkyun kinda understood that part, being caged and forced to do what everyone says. His life would've probably been the same if everyone found out he was the son of Cythina.

The boy smiled warmly, slowly stroking Hyungwon's cheek. Hyungwon opened his eyes slowly and smiled at the action, holding the boy's warm hand and allowing him to caress his cheeks fondly. This is why he escaped from everyone else, Changkyun was something new, someone, who believed in him as a friend.

"What do you wanna be Hyungwon?" Changkyun asked, his tone low and soft.

Hyungwon looked at him as he pulled the boy closer from his waist, so close that their noses almost touched.

"I wanna..." Hyungwon started to say, "I wanna be a photographer."

Changkyun placed his hands lightly on Hyungwon's chest, "A photographer?"

"Yeah," Hyungwon replied in a low, husked tone, "I wanna take pictures of people, myself included. And-"

He pulled the boy even closer. Changkyun could feel the warmth Hyungwon's breath the closer he got, their lips literally a whole centimeter away from touching. Was he going to pull away? No, even if Hyungwon said they were just friends or something earlier, he wasn't. Maybe he said all that stuff so people could get off his back, his mother and brother especially.

"I wanna take pictures of you too," He replied lowly, "So many kinds of pictures. I-I don't know why but ever since you came here, I've just felt that urge to want to take your picture."

"Oh," Changkyun replied, feeling heated all of a sudden, "J-just me?"

"Yeah," Hyungwon said with a smile, "Just you."

God Changkyun's heart was going through it. He felt it doing all types of flips and cartwheels by just being this close to this man. His smell was intoxicating and so was his low-key flirting? Changkyun wanted less distance between them, at this very moment, he wanted to feel what Hyungwon's lips would feel like, so bad. He got to kiss Wonho's and felt some sort of rush, but maybe it'd be different with Hyungwon.


He wouldn't know until it happened, they were just standing there, Hyungwon holding him so closely as Changkyun rested his hands on the man's chest, ready for whatever. He wasn't sure if he was going crazy when he saw Hyungwon's eyes slowly look down at the boy's lips, licking his lips as he drew himself closer and closer-

"Manager Chae!" Someone called out from the other side, causing both Hyungwon and Changkyun to rip away from each other. Changkyun just held his face as he felt his blush rising back up again.

"Y-yes!" Hyungwon stammered, Changkyun saw the blush on his face too. "I-I'm in here Kihyun."

Changkyun looked over and saw the door open, revealing the small man who scolded Wonho at the celebrity lounge. He looked over at Changkyun too and his eyes widened, but he just shook it off and looked back at Hyungwon.

"Your mother wanted me to deliver these papers for you," Kihyun replied, handing him papers, "She also said she wants you to set up Wonho's schedules for tomorrow and go talk to a few people about the Savvy Suite Project."

Hyungwon raised an eyebrow, "But Savvy Suite is Rui's project. Why does she want me to promote it?"

"I have no clue," Kihyun said as he shrugged his shoulders, "I've been trying to stick up for Rui's project and shit y'know. She's really passionate about it and I wanna show her that she has someone who has confidence in her skills but her mother ain't having it. Anyways, you should probably work on those papers tonight so you can get a fresh bump tomorrow."

Hyungwon stilted for a second, looking at the paperwork then back at Changkyun, who looked at him with wide eyes. Kihyun saw them sharing some sort of glance and was confused at the action, raising an eyebrow.

"Hey, you're that kid from the other day," Kihyun replied, "The one who Wonho bumped into."

Hyungwon blinked back then looked over at Changkyun who just chuckled nervously, waving his hand at that.

"Aha, yeah I'm that kid," He let out, gritting his teeth.

"Yeah," Kihyun replied unsurely, then looked back up at Hyungwon, "I'll um, let you get to those and call you tomorrow about the schedules. You won't be able to go to Gatsby's party tonight though but I'll take care of-"

"I-I know, I wasn't planning to," Hyungwon said, his eyes not leaving Changkyun.

Kihyun was kinda surprised at his tone but he just cleared his throat at the tension, "Okay then well, I'll call you later tonight."

With that, Kihyun left both rooms, leaving Hyungwon and Changkyun alone. The boy was kinda nervous with the sudden silence, especially with Hyungwon giving him this soft look that he couldn't quite understand, but he knew he needed to stop looking right away before that blush meter of his went off again.

He cleared his throat, "Ahem, anyways, I uh-I should be going! The bus is gonna leave soon and you got work to do....and shit....yeah!"

Changkyun just turned around and started jogging out of the first room.

"Changkyun," He heard Hyungwon say softly. Something about Hyungwon's soft tone made him stop, turning around to see what he had to see. Especially with the sunset from outside resting on his face, showing his pretty brown eyes and his rich, glowy skin.

"Yeah?" He replied, his tone soft and his voice high. His eyes were wide open, big and doey, adorable.

Hyungwon's eyes widened as he blushed lightly, " I'll call you! A-at nine o clock, p-probably."

The boy smiled and against the sunlight from outside it looked so pure and beautiful.

"Okay," He replied as he walked out the door.

Hyungwon just looked at the door, his eyes not leaving it. He just reached for his chest, feeling his heart beat rapidly once the boy left, the blush on his face increasing more and more. Why was he feeling like this? Surely he wasn't falling for the boy in any way, he couldn't allow it even if he was.

No, he didn't wanna go through that phase of falling in love ever again just to get hurt.

He sighed to himself as he looked over and saw the image Changkyun had picked up earlier of him and the boy with the pretty silver hair. He was smiling happily against the fireworks, his smile bright and wide and cheerful.

Hyungwon smiled to himself then sighed, "I'm doing it again, aren't I Percy?"

He wasn't expecting a response, he just sat the picture down.

"I don't wanna get hurt like I did before, I don't wanna hurt him like how I hurt you."


"Changkyun, Changkyun please, slow down. I feel like I'm gonna get a heart attack just by hearing you talk so fucking fast," Jungkook replied as he placed a card down.

So it was about 8 o'clock and everyone, meaning the crew consisting of Jimin, Jungkook, Youngjae, and Jooheon, were just relaxing in Jungkook and Changkyun's hotel room. They had been here since the bus dropped them off playing games, singing songs, and talking about the plan to go to Empire city and meet Jay Gatsby. Then Jooheon and Youngjae left to go get pizza.

But the whole time, Changkyun had been squealing about his encounter with Hyungwon, the cute little light and picture show he had given him, and then almost kiss moment they shared.

He didn't tell them shit about Wonho because mainly, knowing them, they'd start a riot.

"Draw 4 Jungkook," Jimin snapped, playing down a draw four card, "You can't dodge my shit now even though that's all you fucking know how to do."

Jungkook glared at her, "Listen, bitch, I'm not here for your games. I set down a reverse card and kicked your ass fair and square!"

"Well, your ass is a square!"

"You're built like a fucking square!"

"Well least I didn't date a furry-"

"GUYS! PLEASE!" Changkyun exclaimed, shutting them both up, "C-can you two not fight over this for the millionth time? That's all you guys have been doing and I haven't been able to jump in and play at least once."

Youngjae and Jooheon walked in with pizza and drinks and saw the trio sitting on the floor surrounded by the cards.

Youngjae sighed, "You guys are still playing Uno? Thought you two gave up."

Jimin squinted at Jungkook, "Well the furry enthusiast over here keeps cheating-"

"I'M NOT CHEATING!" Jungkook exclaimed as he stood up, "And I'm NOT a furry enthusiast! Dammit Changkyun, why'd you have to go and tell everyone?!"

Changkyun giggled, "It's still funny."

Jungkook sat back down, flicking the boy's nose as he winced in response.

Youngjae and Jooheon walked in with the pizza, setting it down on the table as everyone ran over to grab a slice. Of course, Jimin and Jungkook wrestled over one slice, but it went in vain when Jooheon took it before either of them could take it. The rest of the time they were just talking about random ass things, especially Changkyun's weird ass situations.

"I mean it's crazy-"

"What?" Jungkook cut off as Jimin started to talk. She just gave him the stink eye as he smirked, happily eating his slice of pizza.

She sighed, "It's CRAZY that Changkyun is getting all this action with the Lee-Chae brothers! Like, literally, it's been a week and he's damn near kissing Hyungwon and bumping into Wonho. All these fine ass men," She grabbed a can of Pepsi and sighed once more, "Wish was that lucky."

"Well Changkyun doesn't have to worry about choosing which one he likes obviously," Youngjae said as he slumped down on the floor next to Changkyun, squeezing the boy's shoulders, "Obviously Hyungwon loves him more, even got his fucking number all smooth and shit, like hello?"

Jooheon hummed, "Plus he seems like a good dude. He checks on you every now and then and seems really interested in what you're doing. That is honestly all I care about and that he's not trying to get in your pants."

Jungkook raised an eyebrow, clearing his throat, "But this guy has to have weird ass intentions right? Like I'm not the only one who feels weirded out that he keeps pulling Changkyun around like he's some fluffy puppy or something."

"Are you just jealous because Changkyun is able to get this close to Hyungwon yet you have known Hobi for 2 years and haven't told him how you felt?" Youngjae shot and Jungkook blushed embarrassingly.

"I-I'm working on it! W-we're j-just going slow a-and," He paused for a second then rolled his eyes, "Sh-shut up!"

They all chuckled lightly at the action as Jungkook just ignored their laughter and rushed over to the bathroom.

"Well, this is all nice I'm glad Changkyun's got himself a cute little boyfriend," Jimin said as she wrapped her arms around the boy's shoulders. "Manager Chae too, that's such a nice fit for you. I'm all about this Hyungkyun content."

Changkyun raised an eyebrow, "Hyungkyun? Don't tell me you just merged our names and made a whole ass ship-"

"I'm Jimin," She replied as she smirked, "You don't remember me making all those fan pages of my favorite pairings back in high school? I still have the folder of you and Jackson. I had Jooheon and Minhyuk's too, but Jooheon told me to delete it."

"I told you to burn it, but go off," Jooheon deadpanned as Youngjae and Changkyun chuckled lightly at that.

"Well I don't think you guys still care about the daddy mission but," Youngjae pulled out his phone as Jooheon sat down on the floor with them, resting on Youngjae's shoulder, "My dad sent me this little info paper about Jay Gatsby having a party tonight right now. He said he got us some invites and he's willing to drive us there in his van."

Changkyun's eyes widened as he snatched the phone, looking at the golden crisp invitation.

"He said Gatsby is always planning big ass parties for models and all kinds of celebrities, they were all in honor of Cythina too," Youngjae said, "Maybe we can go there, find him, and then compare him to Changkyun to see if this is the man that's been sending Changkyun his shit."

Jimin jumped up as she got excited suddenly, "No fucking way! We're going to a big grand party? In Empire city?! Please pitch me I feel like I'm dreaming, Youngjae slow down."

Youngjae raised an eyebrow in confusion, "I didn't say anything."

The girl just squealed as she held her face, giggling many times and jumping up and down in excitedly. The boys just looked at her, confused as ever, especially when she ran over to Jungkook's bed and plopped on it, making little bed angels. Jungkook walked out the bathroom eventually and saw her laughing amongst herself.

He looked over at the boys as they shrugged their shoulders in response.

"Guys!" Jimin finally exclaimed as she sat up, "We're going to Empire City! That's like, the biggest celebrity spot in all Singapore! This party is such a big deal because Jay Gatsby is like....the ambassador! Guys we're going to an elite ass party! You guys-"

"Yeah, we fucking heard you," Jungkook snapped gaining laughs from Changkyun and Youngjae in response as Jimin just sighed happily and went back to making bed angels.

"How are we even gonna get there?" Jungkook asked, then look down at himself, "What are we even gonna wear?"

"I have my old suit from the homecoming dance last year," Youngjae replied then shamefully looked down, "It's all gross and sky blue and it looks like something you'd wear to a 90s disco club."

Jooheon awed as he gripped Youngjae's shoulder, "Don't worry, I think you'll look great. I have a whole ass versace suit jacket and vest but no proper pants."

"Ooh," Youngjae let out, drawing circles on the boy's chest and giggling, "I think that's a little rich for you Jooheony."

"I was just gonna wear a dress shirt and call it a day," Changkyun replied and Jungkook nodded in agreement.

"I think the fuck not, oh hell no," Jimin let out as she jumped off the bed. She walked over to the group of boys, looking down at them with her hands on her hips, "You 4 are not gonna go into Empire City, to a rich ass party looking like a bunch of poor, busted up ass thots that have no common sense of style or fashion period. And you're definitely not gonna embarrass me like that."

They all froze as they looked up at her, seeing her seriously sharp expression.

Then she smirked, "Be glad you uncultured ass mother fuckers got a friend like me."


It had been an hour since Yooseon stood outside beside his 2020 Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck, all nice and fresh. He dressed nicely too, wearing a silver tuxedo that was a bit small on him but it still fit.

Some people were looking at him weirdly, especially when he blasted all kinds of weird ass music that no one quite understood. Sounded as if he sang all the song that he played from his radio and he was jamming to it too like it wasn't anything wrong with it. But he said a few offensive things and it was just....awful.

A boy with cyan blue hair who was about Yooseon's height eventually walked up to him, his face full of utter confusion.

Yooseon noticed him and then smiled brightly, "Well hello there! How ya doing this fine evening?"

The boy blinked back, chuckling nervously, "I-I'm good, just kinda confused as to why you're blasting your music so loudly. N-no offense man but it's kinda bad."

Yooseon harshly patted the boy's back as he laughed a hearty laugh, "That's what one of my ex-wives use to say to me when she heard my first mixtape. Honestly, I have to agree with her, it wasn't really a good one. She and her friends would laugh at my lyrics sometimes, it's frustrating."

"Oh shit, I'm sorry man," The boy said as he rubbed the back of his neck, "Y'know it's not that bad."

"No need to lie to me son, I know it's bad," Yooseon said as he chuckled lightly, "But I made this for the love of my life, and she loved my music no matter how bad it was. She's a doctor in Seoul, a very famous doctor even and she said my music was bad but calming and loveable."

The boy awed as he smiled, leaning on the truck as well, "That's so cute. What happened to her though?"

"Well she and I had an argument when something really big happened to one of our closest friends and we just drifted apart," Yooseon replied sadly, "Our son lives with her though, even though he's here on a vacation with his class. Name's Youngjae by the way, do you know him?"

"Oh! I know Youngjae, he and I are roommates back at our college," The boy replied happily, "He's really nice, I had no idea that was your son though."

Yooseon nodded, then he looked over and saw a group of kids running over in his direction.

"PUT SOME PEP IN YOUR STEP GAYS," The girl in front exclaimed lightly as the 4 boys behind her ran fast of the speed of fucking light.

The girl in front had on a beautiful red high-low, strapless sweetheart corset bodice pick-up skirt prom dress, along with her hair being french side braid with voluminous curls with champagne colored boots. One boy to the left with strawberry blonde hair had on a nice black button-down shirt with silky golden trousers, his shirt had patches of gold versace on the shoulders and his hair was all wavy. Another boy had on a versace button-down shirt with black trousers and a black suit jacket, matching the boy with the strawberry blonde hair, his red hair all crinkly.

Then there were the boys on the right. One was wearing a maroon colored button down shirt with a black suit jacket on and white trousers, his bangs were parted but one bang was still in his face. And the boy next to him with dirty blonde hair which was parted in the same way, wearing a pretty black dress shirt that was part see-through while the other parts weren't with a black t-shirt inside, then finished his look with white pants that had a chain on the pockets and black doc martens.

They all approached Yooseon, the girl approached him first, completely out of breath just like the group of boys behind her.

Yooseon raised his eyebrows, "Wow! You all look so nice, I thought you were going to throw on some rags or something."

"Y-yeah b-but fairy godmother over here had to throw her fashionista magic at us and hook us up for a good hour," Jungkook replied breathlessly.

Youngjae looked over at his father, "Y-you weren't waiting too l-long for us, r-right?"

"No," Yooseon replied as he chuckled lightly, "Actually this nice guy right here was keeping me company while waiting for you guys. He's really nice actually."

The gang looked over at the boy with blue hair and their eyes widened.

Especially Jungkook's, "T-Taehyung? What in the world are you doing over here?"

Taehyung chuckled lightly to himself, "I um, this guy was playing music and shit so I was like....I-I was just interested or whatever-anyways, what are you doing here?"

The boy furrowed his eyebrows, "What I'm doing is none of your concern." He huffed as he sat up quickly, turning away.

Taehyung was kinda confused but he shrugged his shoulders and went along with it.

"Oh! So you're Taehyung!" Yooseon chirped happily, "Nice to meet you finally! Youngjae always talks about how good your cooking is."

Taehyung smiled a bright boxy smiled as he looked over at Youngjae who just nodded in response, "Thank you! I appreciate the compliment a-and it's nice to meet you too. Can I ask where you all are going though? And, why you guys look fancy as fuck-"

"None of your business," Jungkook harshly replied as he brushed past everyone, opening the doors and letting himself in the back.

Jooheon shrugged his shoulders no later and climbed in too, then Youngjae silently apologized to Taehyung and sat next to Jooheon. Jimin jumped in as well, closing both doors. Taehyung sighed at the action as he looked down and stuffed his hands in his pockets.

Changkyun walked up to him, smiling as he patted the boy's shoulder, "We're going to a very important party tonight, Jay Gatsby's party actually."

Taehyung's eyes widened, "Holy shit! Jay Gatsby? As in the most important man in all of Singapore?"

"FINALLY! AN INTELLECTUAL!" Jimin exclaimed as she rolled down the window, resting her arms down in it, "It's gonna be such a big deal! We're debuting as extravagant people at this party, but it's for a good reason. You wanna come with?"

Jungkook's eyes widened as he looked over, "Wait what-"

"That's nice of you! But I'm not wearing anything presentable. Just a black t-shirt tucked in my jeans-I look like a country bumpkin."

"You can stay back with me then!" Yooseon replied happily, "I could use the company."

"Really?" Taehyung replied, his eyes wide.

"Guys, are you fucking-"

"Yeah, c'mon let's go!" Changkyun replied happily as he grabbed Taehyung by the wrist and pulled him over to the front seat.

Taehyung hurriedly scooted in the middle as Changkyun sat in his seat, accepting Taehyung's constant thank yous for saving him from boredom. Yooseon eventually got in the car as well, starting it back up and driving off.

The whole ride was pretty relaxing, Yooseon stopped playing his music since Jimin had an auxiliary cord and her phone, plugging that in and blasting tons of Cythina's music and everything. Taehyung told so many facts about Cythina and said how she was the Goddess of all genres besides country music. Changkyun kinda chuckled at that and told him everything about being the long lost son of her.

Taehyung was surprised at first, blinking back and being unsure how to respond to it, but then everyone behind him told him how they were related to her and he just fucking panicked. He asked everyone questions, even tried getting something out of Jungkook who just dodged him every time he tried to ask something. The whole ride was just a wave of realization for Taehyung, especially when Changkyun told him everything he went through, how he met the others, and how they took care of him for all those years.

He also told Taehyung how Jay Gatsby had some connection to his mother as well.

"My dad was a reporter," Taehyung replied, "He use to do all kinds reports on your mom and promoted her the best way he possibly could. He loved her so much honestly, him and my mom. Back when we lived in New York that's all they would talk about, how much Cythina made a difference to everyone's lives. I honestly don't blame them, I wanted to do the same thing and write a story on Cythina one day. Her story is so mysterious, especially the thing with the affair, I wanted to dig deep but my parents always told me it was none of my business."

Changkyun sighed, patting the boy's shoulder, "It's not your fault Tae, my mother didn't really like all that press stuff happening to her. She said she was just going through a dark phase b-but I can't help but feel like there was much more than that."

"There was," Yooseon replied as everyone looked over at him, "She was dealing with her feelings at the time, but she didn't want you or anyone else to worry about it. Not even Douken," Yooseon said as he looked up at Taehyung, "Can't believe you're that stupid bastard's son. The smart boy who he use to brag about all the time."

Taehyung chuckled lightly, "Y-yeah, I guess he had some relationship with Cythina because no other celebrity supported his promotions besides her. She was an angel and I wanted to write for her as my dad did. B-but...guess it's too late for that."

It got a little silent after Taehyung had said that, feeling a wave of awkwardness reach everyone.

The rest of the drive was pretty silent too, Yooseon just drove peacefully as Jimin's phone played Cythina's music the rest of the way, completely ironically.

Changkyun kinda just thought to himself, hanging out the window as he looked at the beautiful night street lights that were on. His mother really was a woman who knew so many people that Changkyun didn't even know that she knew. She had a whole team of people on her side, her friends, people she trusted to cover up her story and her life the best way they possibly could.

But why? That was a question Changkyun wanted to find out for himself.

Why did his mother hide so much from people?

She was loved by many people, for sure, but she also hid a lot from people.

But he really wanted to know why.

"We're here ladies," Yooseon replied in a chill tone as everyone looked out the windows they were near.

Empire City was beautiful. It was like looking dead at Las Vegas and New York city mixed all in one but with a vintage feel, lights, many pretty looking people who wore nothing but fancy dresses and suits. Everything was sparkly, the people were sparkly, everything was just sparkly. Yooseon just drove slowly as everyone got a better glimpse of the city and the pretty buildings, people, everything.

Jimin took out her phone and took snaps on her snapchat, while crying in the process. Youngjae and Jooheon looked out Jungkook's window and they were all just staring at it at once, especially at the big ass 10-story mansion that they were all approaching. It was a factual imitation of some Hotel de Ville in Normandy, with a tower on one side, spanking new under a thin beard of raw ivy, and a marble swimming pool and more than forty acres of lawn and garden. It was guarded by a gate, but they opened one Yooseon slipped in his golden invitation in the mail slot, allowing him to drive in the entrance. Changkyun's eyes were wide open, sparkly, big.

"Holy shit," Taehyung said as he looked out the same window.

Yooseon parked his car sideways on the crescent-shaped sidewalk, facing the front of the house.

"Alright, get out kids and don't have too much fun," Yooseon said.

Everyone else hesitated to leave the car, but Jimin didn't waste any fucking time nearly busting down the door and hopping the fuck out the car. She exclaimed happily, then Jooheon smiled as he grabbed Youngjae's hand and rushed out the car as well. Jungkook scooted out himself, thanking Yooseon for the ride before shutting the door.

"I don't look bad do I?" Jungkook said as he straightened his white pants, "Youngjae was scooting all towards me and I feel like he wrinkled my pants."

Changkyun jumped out the car and shut his door as well, walking next to Jungkook, "You look fine Jungkook."

"Yeah but I feel weird," Jungkook said as he groaned, "I told Jimin to not give me a maroon shirt. This shit ain't it chief."

"I-I think you look beautiful," Taehyung coughed out, covering his slight blush. Especially when Jungkook looked up at him with wide eyes. "Y-you really think so?"

Taehyung looked over at him, pushing up his glasses to get a better view.

His face reddened as he got a clearer picture of the boy in front of him, his bangs parted wearing the pretty maroon dress shirt, black suit jacket, and white trousers. He knew he was staring pretty hard and long, but he didn't care, least for a hot second.

Then he cleared his throat, " look amazing."

"O-oh," Jungkook stammered, then looked away, "W-well that's nice but also not new because I always look good."

He huffed as he sashayed off on his own, swaying his hips as if doing that didn't make Taehyung blush even harder. Changkyun just chuckled lightly at the boy's face and waved to Yooseon, catching up with Jungkook.

"That was sweet of Taehyung," Changkyun said as he nudged Jungkook, "Maybe he isn't as bad as you made him seem."

"No, I remember him for the furry he is. All furries are bad," Jungkook deadpanned, then glared at Changkyun, "Especially you."

Changkyun giggled, locking arms with Jungkook as they finally went up all the stairs and entered in the mansion that was filled with so many celebrities. The boys oohed, then looked around and saw so many people laughing, dancing, just being themselves and doing whatever in this big house. Jungkook and Changkyun stayed close, trying to find track of the others but it was no use with all these people.

Even if they didn't necessarily fit in, Changkyun and Jungkook kinda felt like they blended in with all the people. Jimin back at the hotel told them to not seem so alienated and just blend in with everyone else, act like you know everything. Technically they had every right to be here since they were all related to Changkyun's mother in a way, tags and all. If Cythina was still here, she'd bring her friends and they'd party like they all really do belong here.

Changkyun was her son, so he had to have at least some of her advantages. Especially because she knew Jay Gatsby so well.

But then again, all he was going to get out of this party was seeing Jay. That was it, nothing too extra or overbearing, or even going out telling everyone who he really was. He wasn't ready for all that attention yet, nope, that was just too much.

Jungkook was getting irritated as he looked around to find Jimin, Jooheon, and Youngjae, but they were nowhere to be seen.

"I don't wanna just leave you here," Jungkook said as they finally reached the food bar, "This is a big ass party and you can easily get lost in this bitch."

Changkyun giggled lightly, "I mean I don't know. A little party never killed nobody Kookie, getting lost and being alone won't be such a bad thing for us."

Someone ran up to the boys, scaring them both as she gripped their shoulders. It was Jimin, who was heavily breathing as she sat in between them both. They were confused as to why she was breathing so hard, well Changkyun was.

Jungkook just-

"Damn, did you fuck someone already?" Jungkook replied sharply, Changkyun tried his best to contain his giggles.

Jimin glared at him as she straightened herself in her seat, "No! One glass of tequila please," She ordered as the bartender nodded. Then she looked back at the boys, "I was just rushing around, getting pictures with literally every celebrity I possibly could. I felt like I was in a whole ass video game."

Changkyun snickered, "You find Vincent Van Gogh yet-"

"NO, AND I'M SO FUCKING PISSED," Jimin exclaimed as she beat the bar island harshly. The bartender finally returned with her martini and she took it with ease. But before she drunk it, her eyes widened as she pulled out her phone and took a picture.

Jungkook raised an eyebrow, "How many fucking pictures have you taken tonight so far?"

"509," Jimin said as she took a sip of her drink, ignoring the widened eyes from both Jungkook and Changkyun, "I'm aiming for a total of 1,000 though, I'm already halfway there!"

"Okay weird," Jungkook sighed, "Wasn't the whole point of coming to this party was finding that Jay Gatsby guy?"

"Yeah," Changkyun said as he looked around, taking a sip of the martini he ordered, "But the plan was the split up, find Jay, then come back together and interrogate him."

"Wait, I thought the point of coming here was to ask if he's your father?" Jimin asked.

Changkyun shook his head, "I'm telling you Kook, that man is not my daaaaa....."

The boy slowed his sentence, looking over at the group of people that had just walked in the ballroom. It was a woman, Lee Suomi, wearing a red velvet sparkly jumpsuit, her hair down in a bop, curly as she wore a sparkly white suit jacket on her shoulders. Then next to her was a female that looked like Rui with her red hair in a bun with curly strands on the sides, wearing a long gold sequin strapless prom dress with a puffy white fur scar on her arms. There was a guy next to her wearing a chocolate brown silky dress shirt that was tucked in black trousers locking his arms with Rui as they walked.

But none of them caught his attention more than the man in the middle did.

His hair was pitch black, bangs parted to perfection as he wore a black and red suit. The dress shirt in between his black suit jacket was black and revealed some of his chest, some red sparkle design in the middle. His pants were leather but they still looked good, they made his thighs look bulkier than they already did, sexy as ever. Changkyun wanted to stop staring, so fucking bad, but he couldn't because it felt like that man was damn-near walking in fucking slow motion with that intoxicating smirk of his. Then he looked over and caught Changkyun's glance, his expression became more surprised as Changkyun's.

Their eyes sparkled again.

"Hey look it's Wonho," Jungkook said as he turned over, so did Jimin.

Her eyes widened when she bit her lip, "Awh I'd love to take a picture with him if he wasn't such an asshole."

"Yeah, but you can just take a picture with Rui, sure she'll appreciate the attention,' Jungkook suggested.

Jimin looked over and saw the beautiful female walk over with Kihyun on her arm, separating from Lee Suomi and Wonho to talk to a group of other females who were blessed with her presence. Jimin kinda shrunk down in her spot a little, feeling her face get a little red as she felt weary.

"I-I don't know," Jimin let out, "M-maybe she wouldn't want a picture."

"Oh?" Jungkook said with a smirk, "Well I'll be damned, Jimin Park is terrified of taking a picture with a celebrity? Man what a night."

"Wh-what?! I'm not scared!" Jimin huffed as she hopped out her seat, struggling to march over to the large group of females that were near Rui.

Jungkook just chuckled lightly, "She's gonna fucking embarrass herself, but it's gonna be fun to watch, right Kyun?"

The boy was completely still, his eyes still trailing over Wonho as he walked around the room with his arm locked around his mother's. He was talking to a few of the people, laughing at something they were saying and thanking them for the compliments and something about his small smile made Changkyun feel weird. Like not a sick type of weird, but more or so like a weird where it's like why the fuck are you staring at this man again?

"For someone who hates Wonho, you're staring at him hella hard," Jungkook said as he got close to the boy's face.

Changkyun just jumped up in surprise, then turned around quickly, "I-I'M NOT STARING!"

Jungkook, who was startled at his sudden response, raised an unconvinced eyebrow, "Are you sure? You were staring like you wanted that man to rip you to fucking shreds."

Changkyun turned his head quickly as his eyes widened, "STOP LYING, ARE YOU SERIOUS?!"

"Y-yes, and stop yelling," Jungkook silently scowled as he saw people giving him and the boy dirty glares. Then he sighed as he saw the bartender hand them more martinis. "Changkyun are you okay? Did something else happen between you and-"

"NO!" Changkyun exclaimed, then covered his mouth when he saw how loud he was. The music was louder than him, but he was still pretty loud. He just looked over at Jungkook with widened eyes and a big ass blush on his face, "N-nothing else happened between me and Wonho at all."

Jungkook raised an unconvinced eyebrow, "You sure? And how'd you know I was gonna say Wonho, I was gonna say something completely different."

Changkyun's eyes got even wider. Before Jungkook asked any further, Changkyun took both their martinis and ran off, leaving Jungkook at the bar completely alone and irritated but he just rolled his eyes and shrugged it off.

The rest of the night was kinda, confusing, but fun nonetheless.

Jooheon and Youngjae had gotten lost somewhere on the penthouse floor, dancing around and laughing amongst themselves, somewhat drunk. Jimin was having a ball talking to Rui and the group of girls near her, even though Kihyun had been giving the girl a weird look the whole time. Jungkook eventually caught up with her, laughing about a story of squirrels and how men who liked roleplay were weird.

They were all somewhat drunk, enjoying themselves and still having a slight hold on their sanity level, unlike Changkyun.

Changkyun had drunk a few other martinis, including the one he stole from Jungkook, getting completely drunk from that and some fancy vodka drink he ordered at one of the other bars that were around the house since there were a total of 6 in the whole house. The boy had went crash and just laughed his ass off with the other models that were completely drunk, ignoring the whole purpose of coming here.

Some men had walked up to him when he started swaying around his hips carelessly, but he still had enough sense in him to push them away, slightly. But the night wore on, the amount of liquor he had was finally getting to him.

He just ignored the weird looks he received from Wonho all night, he knew the man was just looking at him the entire time but he just chose to not say anything. It was so weird, even intoxicated Changkyun was irritated by it, why you always staring but you never come up to grab a taste? He just giggled the thought away as he plopped on a black macaroni shaped couch, taking a drink of the drink in his hand.

"Someone's had a lot of drinks tonight," Some man said as he walked over sitting right next to Changkyun.

Changkyun wasn't phased at all when the man sat awfully close to him. He just looked over at him with tired eyes and giggled as he pushed the man slightly like he just said the funniest shit in the entire world.

"Y-you're so funnnny.~" He slurred, giggling lightly like it was the funniest thing ever.

"Say, you're not from around here," The man said, "You must be from another part of Singapore because I know almost everyone around here but I've never seen you."

"Mmm, maaaaybe you don't know everybooody," Changkyun replied, reaching out for the drink in the man's hand. The man pulled away, chuckling as he saw Changkyun reach out for the drink in his hand.

At some point Changkyun crawled in his lap, plopping right in it as he finally got a hold of the drink. He didn't even realize that he was in the man's lap, he just drank the drink with ease as the man placed his hands on the boy's sides. He examined Changkyun as he downed the drink, setting the glass on the table and woohooing as he wrapping one of his arms around the man's neck.

"Say, I'veeee seen you befooooore!~" Changkyun said as he hiccuped, then giggled, "You're that guy from the condom commercials I see at hooooome. Your name is like...Kim Soakin, right?"

"Kim Seokjin," Jin coughed out, "But close enough. Can I know your name too beautiful stranger?"

Changkyun giggled as he bopped the man's nose, "Nooooo, I'm not gonna be thaaat eaaasy Soakinnn.~"

Jin just sighed as he snickered in defeat, "Hey, how about I take you upstairs for a second. If we take a little field trip would you tell me who you are then?"

"Mmmm, I loooove field trips!" Changkyun happily exclaimed, both his arms wrapped around Jin's neck, "Let's go!"

Before Jin could get up, someone had walked over and stood in front of the table they were by, hovering over them. Jin felt himself shrink down as he moved his hands from Changkyun's side and thighs immediately when he saw the man before him start to glare at him.

"Hoseok," Jin let out a laugh, "S-so good to see you!"

"Jin," Wonho replied in a husked tone, "What ya got there? Another victim of sexual assault?"

"N-no!" Jin said as he pushed the boy off of him who just giggled away. Then Jin stood up as he glared at Wonho, "But you totally ruined a very good chance you fucking asshole. This boy is so damn drunk and I was helping him-"

"So giving him the most fucked up monster alcoholic drink and looking like you were getting ready to fuck the living shit out him with your fucking 6-centimeter dick is your way of helping him?"

Jin's face reddened as he furrowed his eyebrows, "FIRST OF ALL the kid took my drink and finished it! A-and m-my dick is NOT small!"

"Really now?" Wonho said as he raised an eyebrow, "That's not what Irene said in the press last year-"

"You know what this is ridiculous, I didn't wanna fuck him anyway," Jin scoffed as he walked off.

Wonho shook his head disapprovingly, then looked over to see Changkyun wasn't on the couch anymore and sighed. The man just looked all over the place for his whereabouts, but Changkyun could've been literally anywhere in this big ass house.

Why was Wonho even looking for him? He shouldn't care, he shouldn't have even cared when Jin was gonna take him away. But he just felt something pushing him to least watch the boy and see where he was going, he also wanted to ask why the hell he was here. When he first spotted Changkyun, the way he looked, ignoring how sexy he lowkey was, he was also surprised.

Jay's parties were smack dab in the middle of Empire City, there was no way in hell the boy just got in here willingly and looked like how he looked.

Yeah, nice little cute sexy-

He finally found the boy, hearing his giggles down a hallway. Wonho just followed them the further he walked down, finally spotting the boy in a bathroom. The bathroom shined pretty sunlight colors, the stalls were black and the big tub on the side was black as well. The tiles were sandy brown as there were streaks of chocolate brown wood all around. The bathroom looked beautiful, but Wonho wasn't really surprised.

Changkyun was looking in the wide mirror in front of him, in awe of his looks and how he looked in the mirror. Then he turned and saw Wonho standing there, looking at him with wide eyes and then his eyes widened as well. Wonho would've said something if Changkyun hadn't groaned really loudly.

"It's alwaaaays you!" He groaned as he plopped himself on top of the large sink. "Do you haaave like, a thing for me or sumthin?"

Wonho raised an eyebrow, shutting the door behind him, "I actually was doing you a favor back there. That guy was gonna take you in one of these rooms and fuck you silly-"

"Noooo, I'm not talking about with him," Changkyun slurred, then pointed to Wonho, "I'm taaaalking about with yooou! You got a weird fetish for me or sumthin? I saw you staring at my ass all night all red and shit."

Wonho's eyes widened as he looked away, "I-I wasn't trying to stare."

"Hoooorse shit!" Changkyun exclaimed, hiccuping right after. For a few seconds, he slowly registered his words and giggled, "Actuaaaally horse shit is kinda gross. Lemmee stop it." 

Wonho looked over and saw him just giggle mindlessly at the comment he made, giving him a small look of concern. He was literally at the fact that he said horse shit like it was the funniest thing in the universe. This boy was badshit drunk alright. The man just sighed though, it wasn't like seeing Changkyun laugh like this was necessarily bad.

He was still cute in his own way, his dimples forming the more he laughed. Wonho just put his hands in his pockets as he leaned on the door, smirking at Changkyun as he just giggled away.

That moment they shared, the one with them kissing just rushed back to Wonho's head as he looked at Changkyun giggling. It's not like he could easily brush off the thought either, that little session they shared was something that had stuck to his head like glue all damn day. Which was crazy because all he was trying to do was figure out a way to stop Changkyun from reaching Hyungwon.

"You know, that guy was tryna fuck me I know it," Changkyun replied as his giggles slowly stopped, "But he has a tiny dick, I just know it."

Wonho snorted loudly at that, then covered his mouth quickly as he saw Changkyun snap his head over quickly. He blushed a nice little red, looking away shamefully as he heard Changkyun's laughter rise back up.

"He does have a small dick," Changkyun repeated, seeing Wonho try his hardest not to laugh. "You don't have to hide it! Just tell me whether it's small or not, have you fucked him before or do you just know?"

Wonho couldn't hide it anymore as he looked over at Changkyun with a small bubbly smile, containing his laughter, "S-some girl that I know from the press exposed him on TV last year saying his dick was about 5 inches-"

"BAHA!" Changkyun busted out, holding his stomach, "HOLY SHIT 5? THAT'S SMALLER THAN ME, AHA!"

The two of them just started laughing careless, Wonho somewhat drunk and Changkyun completely gone laughing about the dick sizes of many celebrities. Changkyun was just naming off many celebrities, someone name Keith Ranger perhaps, and Wonho exposed the man completely saying that his dick was the size of someone's thumb. Then Changkyun had brought up some other guy, a country singer and Wonho immediately exposed them too, even did a presentation of what he'd probably look like in bed.

Changkyun was dying the whole time he intimated, then mentioned some boys at his school who all seemed like they had small dicks and Wonho just snorted away. The whole time though was just them making inside dick jokes, a bit of charade, and just them drink shots of the Hennessy and Brandy that was strangely in the bathroom for some reason.

Even though his senses were like completely gone, Changkyun still enjoyed Wonho's company and was glad he came up, even though he still didn't like him.

Well...his drunk persona did anyway.

"I can't believe Sehun has a small dick too," Changkyun breathed out, "I actually worshipped that guy, but here he is walking out with a fucking baby carrot in his pants."

Wonho chuckled, taking a shot, "Yeah he's the smallest out of male models anyway. Some Sabrina girl really got on his ass last month about child support and the guy was humiliated by the press. That's the worst thing you could ever go through."

Changkyun snorted, snatching the small glass Wonho had in his hand and filling it back up. Wonho watched as he downed the shot, then groaned at the sharp taste in his mouth. It was hot to watch him just down it like that, he just took it with ease and laughed it off. Or maybe it was just him in general, he was just so hot.

But Wonho just shook the thought away since he kinda enjoyed being in the boy's presence. Despite the fact that they made out earlier today, he just let it slide since Changkyun didn't seem so bad after all.

"I bet Hyungwon has a big dick," Changkyun let out, then held his cheeks as he giggled, "Maybe like 8 or 9. Shit, what if it's 10? Oh my gaaawd, I'd be all over him if it was." 

Wonho's smile slowly faded, "I-I'm sorry, I don't think I heard that correctly."

Changkyun opened his eyes slowly, his smile still there as he held his face in his hands.

"I'm sorry sorry sorry! You're his brother, I keep forgetting, you don't wanna hear how much I wanna make love to your brother and his enormous penis."

Wonho just slightly furrowed his eyebrows, but that wasn't stopping Changkyun from going on.

"He's so charming and alluring! He showed me such a cuuuute little picture collage today and told me I was an exciting person. I-hehehe-I have no idea what the fuck that means but I'll take it! I bet sex with him is nothing but soft baby kisses as he thrusts in me slowly with that 9-inch destroyer of his."

"Slow down," Wonho said, sounding a bit irritated, "You just mindlessly imagine yourself having sex with my younger brother like some weird ass horny fanboy?"

"Oh calm doooown Wonnieee," Changkyun replied nonchalantly, "You sound so offended that I'm more interested in getting fucked by your brother than you."

Wonho's eyebrows rose to their highest level as he looked at the boy. Changkyun poked out his lips then looked over at Wonho and saw his triggered look and thought of something. Even though he was drunk, he could still insult the fuck out of this man.

He smirked, "I bet your dick is small too. That's probably why you're in here telling me how small these other guys are, yours is just as small."

This time, Wonho's eyes went buckshot wide, "You really just said that with your whole chest."

Changkyun giggled, "I did! You have a small dick Wonnie!"

Wonho slowly furrowed his eyebrows which made Changkyun laugh even harder. The boy stood up, pointing down and laughing at the man as he walked over to the sink, leaning on it as he laughed his ass off. He didn't even notice Wonho slowly rise up, still looking at him with a perplexed expression with a slight blush from being drunk as hell.

He might have been drunk, but he wasn't too drunk to not understand that Changkyun just insulted him.

Suddenly, that small amount of anger and sexual frustration he had earlier returned as he slowly walked over to the boy. Changkyun saw him slowly approach him and he just had this wicked smile on his face.

"You look like you have a small penis," He slurred out, "They say most buff boys have dicks the size of shrimps. You're one of those boys probably."

"Oh really," Wonho husked as he walked closer and closer to the boy, resting one of his hands on the boy's waist, "You really think my dick is small?"

Changkyun nodded as he slowly wrapped his arms around the man's neck, getting picked up and propped on the sink by Wonho himself, "There's nothing wrong with being a wenis, shrimp dick."

Wonho chuckled a little as he got a bit closer to the boy's face, feeling the warmth of Changkyun's slow breaths.

"You really think I'm that small?" Wonho said slowly, reaching the boy's lips, his damn near touching his. Changkyun looked down at Wonho's lips, licking his own as he nodded, moving his hand over to dim the lights, the lights above the sink and the large mirror being the only lights on in the bathroom as the rest was just dark.

Changkyun nodded slowly, his forehead resting on Wonho's forehead, "Unless you can prove me wrong, shrimp dick."

"Is that a challenge or a request to fuck you?" Wonho asked carelessly, the alcohol hitting him completely now.

Changkyun just slowly pulled away looking at his lips, feeling his vision get a little blurry.

And it was silent.

"Maybe both," Was all he could say before ramming his lips into Wonho's.

Wonho kissed him right back, his tongue slipped inside the boy's wet cavern and drank in his warmth and sweetness. Changkyun found the taste of him and brandy more intoxicating than any of the cocktails he had tonight. The sensation of his tongue tangling with his tugged low in Changkyun's nether region. He was also fascinated with how thick Wonho's tongue was, he kissed with his whole tongue and didn't leave any bit of Changkyun's mouth unturned and dissatisfied.

He pleasured the boy to the best of his ability as he slowly buttoned Changkyun's dress shirt, leaving only his black t-shirt. Changkyun moaned lightly in response as he felt Wonho's big hands lightly massage his shoulders as he attacked his mouth slowly, Changkyun moaning constantly as he wrapped his legs around Wonho's waist and pulled him closer to wrestle with his tongue more and more. Wonho pulled away, kissing Changkyun's neck, licking it as he left his other hand rise up his stomach and rub his stomach slowly. Changkyun held him close as he felt his tongue on his neck, running his fingers mindlessly through Wonho's midnight locks.

"God," Changkyun breathed out, "Fuck me please."

He felt Wonho pull away, looking at his lips as he pulled in for another hard ass kiss filled with tongue, feeling those long, thick fingers squeeze his sides as he whimpered in response.

Wonho's mouth reached his ear as he licked it lightly, Changkyun just moaned softly in response.

"You want me to?" He whispered in a husked tone.

He pulled away and saw Changkyun bite his bottom lip as he nodded slowly.

Wonho smirked, "But you called me shrimp dick, why should I fuck you?"

Changkyun stroked Wonho's neck, pulling himself closer as he pulled Wonho closer for another lusty kiss, this time his tongue was in control. Wonho was surprised with how fast he took control in the kiss but wasn't bothered in the slightest because Changkyun's tongue was long, thick, and good to taste. The boy pulled away, a string of saliva escaping as they did.

"I also told you to prove it," Changkyun, his voice had gotten deep and needy.

Way too damn needy.

Wonho slowly smirked, "Oh I'll fuck you alright, just not here."

"We're going to your place?" Changkyun asked shyly as Wonho looked over at him.

"I have a whole mansion to myself," Wonho said, then smirked, "I think I'll give you a nice little tour.

Chapter Text

It was midnight and the party still went on.

Everyone was either stoned as hell, drunk, or both, partying to the full extent when they couldn't help themselves anymore. Some people were on the floor still laughing their asses off at the loud music that rang on and on all through the night which was insane. It just seemed as the night went on, the party did too, loud music, more food, you name it.

The gang was still spilt, but close enough near each other that they could patch back up together and head back over to the truck. Jooheon and Youngjae caught up with everyone else, Jooheon ran into some random dude and ended up having a dance off which let to him jumping in a pool. Jungkook and Jimin were still near Rui, having endless conversations and laughing as they told embarrassing stories on one of the macaroni couches.

Of course the group of females that surrounded them was gone, but Kihyun stayed, glaring at the two kids as they laughed their asses off with Rui.

They were loud as fuck, even louder than the party music, which was hella annoying. They weren't even drunk drunk, just loud and annoying ass kids as if they were toddlers in a damn daycare.

But Rui was still near him, laughing softly and that was the only keeping him near.

"Damn, I'm so sorry you're hooking up with a furry," Rui mention and Jungkook sighed as Jimin giggled at that. Then she scooted near him, patting his shoulder, "It's okay, I hooked up with a guy obsessed with bread once."

Jungkook looked up at her with wide confused eyes, "Shit, why's that a bad thing? I'd rather have a bread addict than a fucking ex-furry."

Jimin snorted, "You let him dress you up though-"

"WOULD YOU PLEASE!" Jungkook shouted, making the girl beside him laugh even harder.

Rui laughed a little bit too, trying her best to contain her giggles for Jungkook's sake. That and because Jimin's loud obnoxious laughter was somewhat cute for some reason.

She didn't even know the girl's name, she just recognized her from when she took her phone away earlier. Then she spotted her even more at the fashion contest thingy they had and saw how focused she was and how all her outfits looked which were beautiful. She honestly wanted to be the model she was making the clothes for, out of curiosity of course, too bad she couldn't even talk to her.

And she surely wasn't expecting to run into the cute giggly artist at this party either, but maybe she was famous and she got VIP access, Rui wouldn't be surprised if she did.

She smiled a bit, "So pretty strangers, I still don't know any of your names. I mean, we've just been laughing all night, a bit drunk, but I have no idea who you guys are or what kinda celebrities you are or where you came from."

Jimin and Jungkook froze for a second, sharing a look, then slowly turning their heads towards Rui. Both of them swallowed hard, unsure how to answer the woman who was obviously curious to know they're names and who they were.

Jimin just chuckled nervously, "Uh...well, you see.....we um-"

"I'm Jeon Jungkook, 23, and I major in graphic designing, theater, and fashion graphics. We both attend Raku University," Jungkook replied with a happy smile. Jimin just blushed nervously as she tried shushing the boy, looking over at Kihyun and Rui's widened eyes.

Then Jungkook's eyes widened in realization as he registered what he said, giggling nervously, "I-I mean um, hi hello I-"

"No fucking way," Rui let out, getting a closer look at the boy. Then her head turned over to Jimin, who was looking at her wide a confused look on her face. She softly squished Jimin's cheeks, causing the female to blush even hard the more Rui came close and close.

"M-Ms. Rui," Kihyun said as he saw the action, "Is everything-"

"Well I'll be damned!" Rui said, suddenly smiling widely as she giggled, "Ki, these two are some famous ass kids!"

Kihyun blinked back for a second, looking over at them then at Rui.

"Rui I think you're a little drunk," He let out as he stood, reaching out to grab her hand, "L-let's just leave them be for the rest of the night before we get caught with them and get the blame. I'm pretty sure they're not even supposed to be here."

"Yeah sure you go ahead," Rui said, pulling away as she looked back at the two kids before her.

Kihyun furrowed his eyebrows a bit, "B-but, did you not just hear what that boy said? They're in college and they snuck their way in Gatsby's party. If anything, we should report them-"

"Kihyun quit being such a dick and sit the fuck down," Rui snapped instantly, "They have every right to be here just as much as we do. I just told you, they're famous kids."

Jungkook and Jimin looked at each other, then back at her, trying to figure out where the female was getting at.

Rui turned to them and smirked, "Oh c'mon! You two can't hide it from me, especially since this Jungkook kid exposed himself. Your the son of Junghui and the daughter of Hyolyn, aren't you?"

The two students had their eyes wide as their mouths dropped.

Kihyun was surprised too, then looked at Rui, furrowing his eyebrows a bit, "No they're...." Then he looked at Jimin, somewhat catching the resemblance to her mother and his eyes got even wider, "Holy shit...they are."

Jimin just looked down a little, but looked back up with Rui held her face in her hands again.

"You're Hyolyn's daughter," She said, smiling widely, "Your mother was friends with Cythina Parker, wasn't she? A famous singer along with her best friend and she made so many achievements. Your mother is such a queen."

Jimin just blinked back a bit, unsure how to process any of this information. She just gave Rui this weird look as she started describing how much of a difference her mother made for her and pushed her to become who she is now. Jimin, being Jimin, would've been thrilled to hear this and wouldn't mind bragging about her mother and talking about how much she loved her music over anybodys.

But hearing it come from Rui, it made her feel a little weird.

It wasn't even a bad type of weird, well not really, she wasn't sure.

This woman just pounced on her and told her how much she appreciated Jimin's sense of style, which made Jimin kinda sorta blush but she brushed it off. Then, Rui was just holding on to Jimin, laughing along with all her jokes Jimin's friends would say were corny, like a dad joke or something. Rui said Jimin was cute several times and of course Jimin just laughed it off, waving her hand and saying thanks at the praise as if Rui was one of her homegirls.

But it felt so weird, Jimin felt so weird about this whole thing.

She wasn't sure if Rui was just drunk and being nice to be nice, but it seemed so nice and Jimin wasn't sure how to feel about it. Girls usually tell other girls cute little compliments and become excessively clingy right? That's how Cythina and Hyolyn were, they were like sisters, just laughing it off and having a good time. Jimin honestly was having a good time with Rui, but there was this weird feeling in her chest she wasn't sure how to feel.

It was weird.

She just laughed nervously as she blushed lightly, looking away, "Th-thank you."

Rui nodded happily, "Oh! Annnnnnd lemme guess, your name is Jimin Park, named after your father! Okay but the resemblance between you and your mother is fucking insane, that's amazing. But you're like, totally more cuter than your mother--I mean what, who said that?"

Jimin snorted a bit, then quickly covered her mouth as Rui widened her eyes at her reaction.

Then Rui started laughing softly, "You're so cute."

The small girl's eyes widened a bit as she heard Rui's soft laughter, feeling her face get redder and redder at the second. But instead of covering it, she just laughed along with Rui seeing as it was kinda soothing to hear her laugh so softly.

"Well hey, what am I? Chopped liver, damn!" Jungkook exclaimed lightly as the girls looked over at him.

Rui smiled again, "Bro, your father is literally so fucking amazing at jazz. His instrumentals help be work all the time, I can see why Cythina loved him so much. You look just like him and you're so cute."

Jungkook's eyes widened as he blushed a bit. Then he turned away, huffing, "Thanks but I already knew I was."

Jimin punched his arm and the boy winced a bit.

Rui giggled, causing Jimin to look over at her and blush even harder.

Then the girl giggled, "S-so Rui? You're a Cythina fan too?"

"Oh hell yeah!" Rui exclaimed, punching the air. "I use to listen to that bitch so much! Cythina was my bitch, my fucking idol! Like, listen to me, I've never met a queen who could just push away her problems and still be a fucking bosy as bitch! True queen!"

Jimin's eyes widened, then sparkled.

Jungkook sighed, "Oh great, another weeaboo Cythina fan."

Rui just stood up, ignoring what Jungkook said and started swaying to some music in her head. Jimin was confused as to what the woman was swaying her hips too, but it was nice to watch her move because her figure was beautiful.

Wait what-

"Your looooove is a one in a million," Rui sang and Jimin's eyes widened as she finally realized what she was singing, "It goes on and on and on. You giveeeee me a really good feeling, all daaaay lonnng."

"Oh my fucking GOD!" Jimin exclaimed as she stood up, dancing with Rui, "Your looooooove is a one in a million, it goes on and on and on," She started to sing, feel Rui pull her over to the other side of the table as they started to dance together.

Rui put her hand on Jimin's sides as Jimin just sang the lyrics on her own, feeling her arms wrap around Jimin on their own.

What was happening? She didn't even drink as much, she wasn't even drunk she just felt drunk really drunk and dizzy right now. Her head was literally going in circles and she felt something weird in her stomach and chest, her heart was beating so fast and she couldn't even control it. She just felt really happy, excited even, aroused? But why, she was only dancing with Rui.

This is very not allowed, she thought. She felt so fucking high and giggly and weird towards a woman. Not like Rui wasn't beautiful as it was, she really was, but it just felt weird. Rui seemed like she could be another one of her homegirls or one of the boys, but here she was, getting all girly inside and soft while dancing with Rui.

There was that weird feeling again too, what the fuck-

"Jimin! Jungkook!" Both of them turned their heads as they looked over and saw Youngjae, rushing over to them.

Rui's eyes widened as she looked over at the boy, getting a good look at his face as she tried to figure out who he was too.

"We gotta get outta here, Jooheon got into some fight with a dude at the pool and-"

Everyone froze when they heard gunshots.

They just turned and saw millions of people running out of the ballroom, seeing a buff ass guy with platinum blonde hair with a gun, running like crazy and chasing a small redhead.

It was Jooheon, who came closer and closer, sprinting past everyone, "HE'S GOT A GUN!"

Youngjae just groaned as he chased right after him. Jungkook got up from the couch and ran behind the two of them, followed by many other people who were behind them, running for their damn near lives. Jimin would've ran too, but she felt Rui grip her hand hard as they both ran, Kihyun ran right behind them.

They made it out, thankfully, Youngjae, Jooheon, and Jungkook running in Yooseon's truck, damn near pushing the whole thing over.

"Jesus fucking christ what the hell happened?" Yooseon said as he and Taehyung turned around, looking back at all three of them.

Then they turned when they saw Jimin running in the trunk of the car, somehow with Rui still with her. Yooseon gave her a weird look, but all he got in response was her and Rui shouting go go go as the gunshots kept going.

Yooseon and Taehyung heard them, their eyes widened as Yooseon started up the car and speeded off as fast as he fucking could.


What was he doing?

Changkyun just sat on Wonho's big king sized water bed that had golden sheets, pillows, all topped with a beautiful fluffy white cover. It was like being in the gates of heaven, he lived in the penthouse of this big mansion he apparently owned all to himself. His room was tan, the windows were big, but there was a deck outside so that was why. But you could still see the pretty lights of Singapore at night.

His eyes just trailed over to Wonho, who wore his black and red button-down shirt still and his leather pants, pouring two glasses of champagne.

Changkyun still had on his clothes surprisingly, just his white pants and his t-shirt which exposed his shoulders and arms. But he still felt a little weird, his stomach did for a few seconds anyway. He wasn't sure why, but ever since Wonho kinda carried him up here he's had this weird dizzy feeling that just wouldn't go away. He wondered if it was because he was still drunk, but even that wasn't the case.

Wonho walked over to him, giving him the slim glass of champagne.

Changkyun looked up at him, then back at the glass as he slowly took it, watching Wonho sit himself down on the edge of the bed, downing the whole thing. Changkyun chuckled lightly, especially when Wonho rasped at the end, getting up to get another glass. And he did, coming back with the whole entire bottle.

"Not drunk enough?" Changkyun managed to stammer out, giggling lightly.

Wonho groaned, "I have noooo idea. I mean, I was drunk on Brandy, but I can't get drunk on this champagne? It's horrible."

Changkyun hummed, crawling over to him a little. Then he downed his drink completely and Wonho widened his eyes when he saw the boy just take it so lightly like it was no problem at all. Still kinda hot too the way Changkyun just drunk it down like that.

"How," Wonho said, getting close to his face, "How do you drink all this alcohol so calmly like nothing?"

The boy shrugged as he fiddled the glass a bit, "I don't know, I'm kinda used to it I guess. Been through a lot and I drink my problems away. That and because my mother drank as much and use to take her shots down with ease. Never bothered."

Wonho hummed in response, taking the cup from the boy's hands and placing it down on the side, right next to the champagne bottle. He turned around and faced Changkyun, who just gave him this darkened lustful look that looked so impatient, so dark and sexy made the man wanna do all he wanted to.

"You're so confident sometimes," Wonho let out lowly, his hands reaching out to softly touch Changkyun's shoulder, "Your confidence and care-free attitude is alluring yet, it's a curse within itself."

"I get that a lot," Changkyun replied as he looked over and watch Wonho with eyes that had so much meaning behind them. He let Wonho run his hands up and down Changkyun's arms, the boy getting a slight chill as he did, but he felt comfortable with it.

What was he doing?

He hated Wonho, so much. He couldn't help but loathe this man more than anyone else, not like he's ever hated anyone as much other than the man who was supposed to be his father.

But, there was something about Wonho that drew Changkyun in. That focused look he had as he ran his hands all over him, he'd let him do it all day. Changkyun wasn't sure of Wonho's true intentions, or why he brought him up here for that matter. Well, he knew they both wanted to have sex, but when they got here and Changkyun's senses started to slowly come back, he felt anxious about it.

Wonho was just taking those worries about it, stroking the boy's shoulder blades, massaging them basically. Then his lips reached Changkyun's neck, soft and tender, made Changkyun's head go back in response to it. He moaned softly, his hands still down in his lap as he sat there, letting Wonho kiss all over him. Wonho placed his hand on the boy's waist, softly stroking it as he worked on his neck.

Changkyun wasn't sure how to take any of this, or how to feel about it. It was soft, gentle, calming, made his mind go blank and his insides all woozy. He thought a man like Wonho would prefer going rough, which is why he felt so anxious about it at first, but then Wonho just kissed him as if he was in love with him. Changkyun felt his tongue on his neck, warm and wet, this time causing the boy to moan.

He wanted to move his hands up, he wanted to touch Wonho's soft skin and caress it, but Wonho was in complete control of him. It was like when they would kiss, Changkyun would have some kind of control while Wonho had complete control over his whole body. Made Changkyun feel warm, made him feel nice. He just moaned breathlessly as he felt Wonho's lips on his shoulders, rubbing them and kissing them.

Changkyun opened his legs a little bit more, no longer sitting on his knees as he took in Wonho's kisses. Wonho moved his one hand from Changkyun's waist to his stomach, hands up under his shirt as his other hand went to his waist. This time, Changkyun finally moved his hands, going for the hem of his shirt. Wonho saw what he was doing and pulled away, taking the shirt himself and removing it off of the boy. Changkyun lifted up his arms to help him, putting his arms down as Wonho looked at the boy's bare chest.

He was in awe least at that one portion of the boy's body, made him wonder what the other portion would look like.

Wonho placed his hands on Changkyun's hips, pushing him up a little bit. Changkyun was on his knees now, hovering over Wonho and confused as to what the man was trying to do. Wonho just stayed quiet as he studied the boy, wanting so much more than what he was getting. He placed his hands on Changkyun's thighs, squeezing them lightly as Changkyun moaned at the pleasure, slow and steady. Wonho had his hands in between his thighs, lightly squeezing them and stroking them. He did it in such a gentle manner, Changkyun just bit his lip, trying not to moan outloud again.

He wasn't gonna submit to this man, no. Even if he was in his bedroom, he wasn't gonna do this to himself.

He just watched as Wonho undid the boy's belt, tugging it off to the side, then reverting to removing the boy's pants, slowly. Changkyun helped him a little, then went back to looking over at Wonho, who was staring at his underwear with widened eyes, almost aroused.

No, fully aroused.

"Lace," He started to say, looking up at Changkyun, "You're wearing lace panties."

Changkyun blushed lightly, "I-It wasn't me! M-my friend, sh-she insisted I wear them since my boxers would ruin the fabric inside or something like that. Then she said it would make me feel more comfortable. She gave me the black, rosy lace stockings too!"

"So your friend made you wear a black lace lingerie," Wonho repeated and Changkyun just looked away, blushing.

He was also blushing at the fact that he was the only one who was basically nude, while Wonho was fully clothed. I mean, in any way, by all means, it was hot and kinda nice that Changkyun was getting all this attention like this, made him feel special and heated. All Wonho was doing was touching all over his body, kissing his body, massaging his body, the warmth of it was so nice.

But again, what was he doing?

Wonho placed his hands on the boy's hips, pulling him forward as Changkyun scooted forward, landing right in Wonho's lap. His legs were on Wonho's back as his arms rested on Wonho's broad shoulders, looking at him with wide eyes. Wonho looked up at him, his lips softly kissing Changkyun's chest. Changkyun's eyes rolled back when he felt Wonho's tongue on his nipple, sucking it softly. His tongue ran across both Changkyun's nipples and the boy couldn't bite back the moans any longer as he felt Wonho's hands on the small of his back.

He didn't stop Wonho's hands from digging inside the lace underwear, lightly gripping the boy's ass, earning a small whine of pleasure in response. Changkyun felt so needy in this position, Wonho's big hands just rubbed and squeezed his ass so lightly, so slowly. The slower he went, the more Changkyun just started to slowly grind against him. He felt the bludge in Wonho's pants just growing, and it was big, which made Changkyun grind even more, even slowly.

Wonho pulled away from his chest, seeing the marks he made on the boy's chest, then looked down at Changkyun's desperate look. His lips, they looked so damn desperate, so damn needy, all this attention he had been receiving only made his lips so eager to want to meet Wonho's. He finally regained control of himself a bit, placing his hands on Wonho's face, caressing it a bit. Changkyun just ran his thumb over Wonho's soft, plump lips, licking his own and breathing a bit heavier than he was.

Wonho raised a devious eyebrow, "You want something?"

Changkyun didn't say anything, he just kept running his thumb on Wonho's lower lip. Then he kissed Wonho's profile, Wonho moaned a bit at the sudden action. But he kept his hands down in Changkyun's underwear as the boy kissed his neck, slowly grinding on him as he did it. Wonho felt Changkyun's hands on his shirt, gripping it as a way of saying he wanted less clothes and more skin. He pulled away, unbuttoning it himself and was in awe at Wonho's well-defined chest.

He just kept it unbuttoned, hands all over Wonho's chest, rubbing it softly. Then he looked up at Wonho, who looked down at him with needy eyes. This sexual tension, Changkyun didn't even know that was a feeling until he experienced it with this man. This man was just touching him, all over him, making him feel so good even though he hated him. It was like soft but aggressive sex sort of, but Changkyun has never gotten this far with anybody.

And he never thought he was gonna get this far with Wonho.

It was quiet too, no words escaped anyone's mouths, they just stared at each other, pleasuring themselves together with no regrets. Although Changkyun had many, he knew he could never come back from this. He couldn't tell anyone about this, it was best to keep it to himself.

Then he heard his phone go off, but it was buzzing since he turned his ringer off.

Wonho looked down at him, "There goes your phone. I feel like it's always going off every time we're like this."

Changkyun snickered a bit at the slight irritation in Wonho's tone, then sighed. He looked at his phone that was lighting up, but he couldn't see who it was calling him. It had been ringing like that since 9 o' clock, but Changkyun's mind was all blank he forgot who would be calling him this late.

So he looked up at Wonho, "Let it ring, I don't care."

Wonho's eyes widened at that, especially when Changkyun slowly kissed him. It was hard, soft, lusty. Wonho closed his eyes as he kissed him back, then caused the boy to open his mouth to let his tongue get access in. Changkyun just wrapped his arms around the man as Wonho pulled him closer, making Changkyun moan at the friction that was made between them. Wonho's tongue, he missed it, it was like endless heaven and made his mind go blank, made him feel so fucking drunk.

Fucking drunk in love.

Then he felt a finger rub against his hole and Changkyun moaned at the sudden contact within the kiss, Wonho kissing them away and devouring his entire mouth as he slowly stuck his finger up Changkyun's ass. It was tight, but Wonho didn't expect much else, just used the sweat from Changkyun's body to smoothly guide him to the boy's prostate. He finally reached it, finger fucking Changkyun as he entered a second finger. Changkyun slowly started to bounce in response, Wonho kissing away his moans as he wrestled with Changkyun's long tongue.

He bit the boy's lip as he entered a third one, slowly, seeing at Changkyun was tight. He knew he was going to need lube if he was trying to do anything else, even though that would be pain for Changkyun.

Wonho pulled away, looking at Changkyun's now puffy lips, "Why didn't you tell me you were a virgin?"

He pushed a finger up against the boy's prostate harder as Changkyun moaned loudly in response. Wonho just went faster and a bit more rougher this time and Changkyun just moaned breathlessly, then whimpered all because the pressure felt so fucking good.

"Y-y-you r-really think I'm gonna t-tell you that kind of stuff?" Changkyun breathed out, "I-I don't even know you, I don't even l-like you."

"Oh, you don't?" Wonho husked as he went further, Changkyun's moans escaped as he squeezed Wonho's shoulders, "Then why are you here if you don't like me? You're sitting here getting finger fucked by a guy you hate, you hate me."

"I-I never said I hated you," Changkyun let out.

That was a lie.

Wonho slowly pulled his three fingers out, lips meeting Changkyun's in a rather rougher escalated kiss. Changkyun moaned as he felt the wet friction with Wonho's tongue. Wonho pushed him back slowly, kissing him slowly, his tongue running across Changkyun's every time. Changkyun just got so lost in the kiss, losing his sense, his piece of mind. Everything, he was puty in Wonho's hands tonight, Wonho placed his hands on the boy's hips as he hovered over him.

When Wonho pulled away, he came closer, lightly licking Changkyun's upper lip as Changkyun pulled him in for another kiss. This kiss was greedy, it was crazy how both makes got greedier and greedier with the kisses, Changkyun just loved the feeling of Wonho's tongue up against his, there was something about it that made his mind go hazy. And if anything, he loved that feeling.

He hated this man.

Why did he submit to him like this? He wouldn't submit to anyone like this, especially someone he hated so damn much. But Wonho, he was the only exception he could settle for because he made him feel so good, but so fucking bad and guilty of himself for allowing himself to submit like this.

This is ridiculous, what am I doing?

Wonho's lips left his own as he hovered over the boy, looked at his plump lips and Changkyun needy, lusty expression. He just bit his lip as he moved his hands over to his own bludge that he could feel growing, that also wanted attention. Wonho moved his hands, rubbing the erection smoothly as he earned soft moans in response. Then he started to remove the skimpy fabric, only leaving the stockings Changkyun had on. He rubbing the inside of Changkyun's thighs, squeezing them, getting a small squeak in response.

Wonho loved that sound, it was so lewd, he squeezed that same spot and Changkyun let out a light moan, his voice was high and loose, wheezy. Wonho did it again and Changkyun whimpered each time he did it, wanting to stop him but he didn't want to at the same time. Wonho just separated his legs as he lowered himself, kissing the inside of Changkyun's thighs with such ease. Changkyun bit his lip, he didn't wanna call out Wonho's name, he wasn't, he wasn't.

He wasn't going to submit any more than he has.

Then he felt that warm tongue lick the inside of his thighs and that did it for Changkyun.

Especially when he felt hands on his dick, massaging it as Wonho kept licking the insides of his thighs. Changkyun just whined, holding himself and stopping himself from making any more noises, but he already failed at that. He looked down and saw Wonho's dark eyes looking over at him. His desperate look of lust, that's what made the whole thing even worse as Changkyun's head went back and he lightly closed his eyes. He felt that same tongue on his cock now, Changkyun gripped the covers on the bed tightly when he saw Wonho take him in slowly, licking every inch of Changkyun's member that made Changkyun lose more control than he was already losing.

Wonho made him feel everything. Giving him head like this, watching Wonho take him in slowly, licking his member from inside with his warm, thick, needy tongue, it was everything. He had never received head, but now that he was getting it, it was the best feeling in the entire fucking world. He was able to reach down and grip Wonho's midnight locks as the man released the boy's cock from his mouth and reverted to licking it. The head and everything, Changkyun was ready to fucking lose it.

But no, he wasn't.

He was trying so hard, but he gripped the sheets and felt Wonho palming him, fingers going slowly up and down the boy' cock as he let out countless whimpers.

"Changkyun," He called out in a deep chill tone, making Changkyun feel like his entire soul evaporated into mid-air.

Wonho said his name, he said it so dark too, it turned Changkyun on even more.

He covered his face, trying his best not to look at Wonho as he was doing all this. But he felt a hand slowly move it away. His eyes were shut though, so he didn't look at Wonho's dark and sexy glare that would make him moan out his name. He wasn't gonna lose this game, he was determined to keep his sanity, he was so fucking determined.

"You know you wanna say it Changkyun," Wonho husked as he got closer to the boy's ear. Changkyun let out a soft high pitched moan as he felt Wonho lick his ear, then kiss it softly, "Stop fighting it."

Changkyun didn't respond, he just had his mouth opened as he continued breathing heavily, feeling Wonho's fingers massage his balls. Then he felt another finger rubbing his asshole smoothly. Changkyun's mouth opened more, nothing but small whimpers escaping his lips the more Wonho touched him. His hands were so big, he was so smooth. The way he touched Changkyun, he was so smooth with it, deep down Changkyun was ready to submit.

But he hated this man so fucking much.

He felt hands reach his profile as Wonho turned his face, making him face him.

"You can hate me all you want to, that's fine," Wonho replied as he rubbed faster, "But you and I both know you're enjoying this more than ever. If you really didn't want this, you could've stopped it, but you haven't made a single move."

Wonho rammed his mouth on to Changkyun's their tongues meeting again. Changkyun was already fucked up enough, but Wonho was making it so much more harder to resist it, to resist him. He felt Wonho rub even faster and Changkyun pulled away from the kissed when he felt Wonho's finger go right back in his hole, reaching the boy's prostate. He moaned, then groaned as his eyes when to the back of his head, Wonho kissing him all over again.

He was so fucking fucked up, and it was all Wonho's fault.

Wonho pulled away from him slowly, looking down at Changkyun who was breathing heavily. Then he looked up at Wonho, who's dark glare full of desperation met Wonho's dark glare full of lust.

That's what this was, lust.

"You want me to scream your name?" Changkyun finally stammered out, then caught his breath as his breathing finally calmed down. Wonho just hummed in response as he hovered over the boy, releasing his finger from his hole.

"Then make me, bastard."

Wonho's eyes widened as he slowly got out of the bed. He walked over to his large closet, grabbing a bottle of lube and a condom, walking back over to Changkyun. He tossed the materials on the bed, getting ready to undo his pants. He didn't even notice Changkyun crawl over, on his knees, undoing the pants for Wonho. He pulled them down, Wonho took them off, then looked down and watched Changkyun slowly remove his boxers, getting a face full of Wonho's erection.

It was big, not like big big, but huge. Looking at it, it had to be about 9.5? Maybe 10?

Changkyun just grabbed it, then looked up at Wonho who was looking down at him with weary eyes. He was in awe when he saw the boy open his mouth slowly, taking in every inch he could. Well, he didn't wanna choke, so he licked the head first. He licked it so lightly, enjoying every bit of it as he felt Wonho stroke his hair and groan at the action. He watched him suck it really well, made Wonho's whole head role back. Changkyun wasn't even taking him in fully, he was just licking him with that long tongue of his that was deadlier than he thought.

The boy just looked up at him, needy eyes before going further and further. When he did and Wonho felt his lips fully take him in, he moaned slowly the more he felt Changkyun's warm tongue against his member. It was like an endless heaven, he was so use to delivering and demanding the person to pleasure back, but Changkyun did it on his own accord, pushing and pulling back and taking in as much as he possibly could. Wonho gripped the sandy blonde's hair as Changkyun increased his speed with no mercy, damn near taking Wonho whole.

Wonho cursed in every single language he possibly could, biting his lips as the boy just sucked his dick, making him submit from doing this more than he was doing with Changkyun. Just went to show how powerful Changkyun could be, he was able to fight the urge, when Wonho was ready to husk out his name slow, needy, and desperate.

Changkyun pulled away, stroking Wonho's dick as he looked up at him with those same dark eyes.

And it was something about those eyes that just made Wonho feel so wiggling and hazy. His mind went blank as he bit his lip, not trying to let out any more moans to let the boy know he was winning in all this. He was too prideful, just as much as Changkyun was, he wasn't gonna allow that. Especially when Changkyun went faster, Wonho just threw his head back and gripped the boy's hair even tighter.

"I know what you're trying to do boy," Wonho rasped.

"If you know, then cum already. Quit letting your pride get to you because I know you can't hold it in," Changkyun replied, his voice low and deep, "Go ahead and say it, you fucking bitch."

Wonho looked down at him, pushing the boy back roughly.

He took the condom, opening it and placing it on his member, then grabbed the bottle of lube. He looked over at Changkyun, who was still on his knees. The boy just sat down patiently, still looking at Wonho with that same dark glare, raising an eyebrow.

"Lay back," Wonho ordered, and something about the tone in his voice forced Changkyun to scoot back and lay right on his back with his knees up, "Leg's up."

"Fucking make me," Changkyun shot, glaring at him.

Wonho's eyebrow twitched, "You don't want that, c'mon now."

"You sure?" Changkyun said as he rested his hands on his stomach, "If you're that needy then make me."

Wonho sighed to himself as he put some lubricant on his fingers, tossing the bottle to the side. By force, he ripped Changkyun's legs away from his entrance, the boy whimpered a bit at the roughness, but somewhat liked it a little. Then he gripped the bed as he felt something moist, but cold on his asshole, which must've been Wonho putting the liquid on him. Wonho finished with that, the grabbed both of Changkyun's legs, placing them on his shoulders.

He alined his cock with Changkyun's hole, then looked over at the boy.

He saw the nervous look on Changkyun's face but also the ready and desperate look as well. Wonho pushed his head in slowly, he went slow, but that doesn't mean Changkyun wasn't gonna feel a sudden sharp pain. He bit his lip hard, tightened his grip on the sheets, stopping the moan from escaping as Wonho went in slowly.

He's never had sex before, this was his first time wow.

And he never expected it to feel this good.

Wonho went in fully this time, his whole cock inside of Changkyun as the boy gasped, unable to hide or bite away his small noises any longer. Wonho hit his prostate the chance he got, and that one hit was enough to make Changkyun yell. He gripped everything he possibly could, feeling his chest heave slowly. Wonho groaned as well, gripping Changkyun's legs. The boy was so damn tight, but he felt so fucking good. Wasn't fair. He only he once and he was already ready to cum, so was Changkyun.

"K-keep going!" Changkyun squeaked, "Y-you feel so good."

The man kept going, he went slow at first which earned from irritated moans from his partner, but he still loved it nonetheless, he didn't want any hard pressure on the boy seeing as this was his first time. He despised the boy, but he'd never kill him. So he went into him slowly, enjoying Changkyun slurring his moans at this point. It was so slow, it felt so go, and steady. But Changkyun wanted so much more, he knew Wonho was holding back a lot.

It was when Wonho went faster that made him lose his shit. The bed just squeaked the faster Wonho rammed himself in Changkyun, pushing him with so much pressure he possibly could. Changkyun sang his name, and Wonho loved the way it left his tongue as he rammed into him, smoothly, faster than ever. Changkyun loved the new pressure, the excitement of it really got him and made him feel so fucking good.

Wonho, a guy he hated for insulting him, he was doing this. Changkyun hated himself for allowing it, for submitting to this man, but he couldn't help it anymore. He couldn't fight it and he couldn't take back the damage this made was doing to him.

He was wrecking him so badly, but he didn't even care.

It was so worth it.

He just moaned yes slowly as Wonho's hits got harder, more aggressive. He left a few marks on one of Changkyun's sides, but Changkyun didn't care.

The moment the heat was over, both breathed heavy breaths, trying to catch it after the aggressive long sex session they had. Wonho just pulled out, looking over at Changkyun who was completely fucked. Changkyun looked up at him, breathing heavily, ignoring the part of him that kept yelling at him for going through with this whole thing.

He made a big ass bad decision.

"I'm gonna clean up and then I'll take you back to the resort," Wonho said as he got up from the bed, tossing the condom away and putting on his boxers. Then he threw a big ass black shirt to Changkyun, who took it and put it on instantly.

Changkyun then looked over at Wonho, seeing the Calvin Klein boxers label that resets on Wonho's massive v-line. He literally just took in that big thing, that was the first dick he took in.

Wonho looked over and saw the boy walk over, holding his arm tightly. Wonho was confused, utterly because Changkyun said he hated him. Why was he hugging his arm then as if he didn't wanna leave?

"I can-" Changkyun said, then bit his lip as if he wasn't gonna say it. Then he sighed as he looked up, "I can stay with you for the night. You can just take me tomorrow."

Wonho's eyes widened, "But you hate me though? Why'd you wanna sleep with someone you hate?" Then he turned around and held Changkyun's hips, lifting the boy's chin up, "Shouldn't you wanna be as far away from me as possible?"

Changkyun looked up at him, placing his hands on his chest and then looked down, "I-I don't know. I mean, yes? Maybe....I'm not sure how to feel right now. I just, I don't wanna go out right now a-and I feel the need to be close with you."

Wonho's eyes widened as he lifted the boy's chin up slowly, lowering himself to meet Changkyun's lips. Instead of their usual desperate kiss, it was more reassuring and soft, gentle. Wonho's lips were like puffy clouds, so fucking soft and so nice to get lost in. He wanted to get lost in Wonho's warmth, but he hated himself for it.

What is wrong with me?

They pulled away and Wonho just smiled, "Okay, you can stay for tonight."

Changkyun blushed at his soft tone then nodded. He grabbed Wonho's fingers and pulled him back on to the bed with him. Wonho just watched him in confusion, being confused by all of the boy's actions tonight seemed to just be a thing. Changkyun got in covers and so did Wonho, who reached over to grab a remote and turn off all the lights.

It wasn't completely dark since the city lights still shone.

But Changkyun turned to face Wonho, scooting closer and holding the man tightly.

Wonho was just confused, but it was too late to ask when he saw that Changkyun had quickly gone to sleep, peacefully. So he sighed, holding the boy as he looked up at the ceiling, keeping his thoughts to himself.

Chapter Text

Changkyun opened his eyes slowly, trying his hardest to grasp his current state.

All he remembered was going to the party and getting really, really, really fucking drunk to the point where he couldn't say shit or anything. What really didn't help was when he woke up with a bad ass headache. Honestly, he's never had a huge headache in his life that was this bad, but then again he hasn't drunk a lot in so long.

He just lifted himself up and then looked around, noticing that he wasn't in his room. The boy was confused even more, looking down and seeing the oversized black shirt he was wearing with nothing on underneath.

"N-no fucking way," He said to himself as he looked over, trying to find his clothes. He saw them sitting on a table, all nice and folded, washed basically. He got up slowly, walking over and around the room trying his best to regain his memory, but he couldn't.

All that stuck to his head was a weird ass dream of him and Wonho having sex in Wonho's penthouse mansion.

It was funny too because the room he was in looked like the same exact room he was in when the whole thing happened. But there was no way in hell that shit happened, no, not a chance stupid.

He walked out of the room, seeing that there was just a long ass hallway. A piece of his memories ventured back to being carried in Wonho's arms all the way into his room. Changkyun just shook the thought away and kept walking forward. He saw the long stairs leading downstairs and he walked down them, looking around the place and seeing all kinds of awards.

He was in awe of all of them, then saw a portrait of Wonho new a whole hallway of awards. Changkyun widened his eyes as he spotted it, staring endlessly at the portrait and the man's features. Wonho's back was facing him, his hands in his pockets looking to his right with a small smirk on his face.

The more Changkyun looked at it, the more he felt his whole heart beating rapidly.

The more he-

"You're so confident sometimes."

Changkyun's face became a light shade of red as he slapped both his cheeks, trying to regain himself. But for some reason, he couldn't stop thinking about that weird dream, it felt so real. Why'd he dream about having sex with Wonho? He couldn't stand the man and he'd never let him touch him like that.

But, it felt so good regardless-

"Then why are you here if you don't like me? You're sitting here getting finger fucked by a guy you hate, you hate me."

The boy shook away the lewd thoughts, proceeding to walk down the stairs. He finally made it to what he believed to be the first floor, looking around and seeing how clean the place was. It was so big and spacious, there had to be like several people living here. Changkyun just kept walking until he smelled something, something really good.

He turned his head over and saw that the smell was coming from the kitchen, so he walked inside and his eyes went wide.

He wasn't sure if he should run or scream, he was just in awe when he saw a familiar looking man in the kitchen, just cooking away. He didn't make much, but he did sit a plate of cinnamon rolls on the island table in the kitchen, and it smelled like he was making maple bacon with it too. Changkyun didn't wanna believe his eyes when he tried squinting them to get a better look, but when the man turned around, it was even more of a shock.

What the fuck.

It was Wonho.

Holy shit-

"But you and I both know you're enjoying this more than ever. If you really didn't want this, you could've stopped it, but you haven't made a single move."

"No, I'm pretty sure that it was supposed to be scheduled for tomorrow. What? What do you mean she's lost somewhere, what the hell happened?" He heard Wonho on the phone say, "There was a shooting and she just vanished? Okay, was she following anyone? You were with her all night how the hell did you lose her?"

Changkyun swallowed hard, he wasn't sure how to take this in.

He's having a big ass dream right? No way was he seeing Wonho shirtless in joggers right now. No way in hell did he just sleep over at Wonho's big ass mansion. No way in hell did he get drunk as fuck just to actually fuck Wonho last night. No way, no way, no way-

"Maybe she's with Hyungwon or something, they're always together. It's like a twin thing I guess, I don't know. What? Where was I? I was at the party but I left early because I had to-"

Wonho paused as he saw Changkyun standing over by the entrance, looking over at him with widened eyes. Soon as Wonho gave him that look, memories just found their way in Changkyun's mind of last night. The visions that Changkyun just that was some weird, but oddly satisfying dream was real. That whole thing was fucking real.

He really had sex with Lee Hoseok.

"-I had to handle," Wonho replied, looking directly at Changkyun.

Changkyun was just in awe, all this shit was happening at once, he wasn't sure how to take it.

He really had sex with Wonho.

He really had sex with Wonho.


"I gotta go, I'll see you when I get up there Kihyun," Wonho said, hanging up the phone without giving the man on the other line the chance to respond. He just looked at Changkyun, the small boy had a blush on his face.

Mainly because he can't believe that shit really fucking happened.

Wonho let out a cough, "G-good morning. Did you sleep okay?"

Changkyun hummed, "Ye-yeah...I d-did. It was really nice and shit and like...yeah."

"That's good," Wonho said, slowly smiling a little, "I um, I made you breakfast because I thought you'd get hungry soon as you woke. You were sleep talking about cinnamon rolls and I figured why not make you some."

"Oh," Changkyun let out, low. He couldn't even stop the soft blush on his face from growing, this wasn't really happening.

And Wonho made him cinnamon rolls because he was talking about them, like this guy had a heart. After all those times of calling him a broke peasant, here he was, delivering cinnamon rolls and smiling a bit like a whole ass idiot.

Changkyun just slowly walked up to them, taking a seat on the stool. He grabbed the plate slowly, Wonho giving him a small one so he could put the dessert on there. Then he looked at the plate of delicious looking cinnamon rolls, licking his lips a bit, at the rolls, not Wonho's abs that were also in the view of the plate.

He took one, smelling it, examining it.

Wonho snickered, "I have a heart y'know. It's not poisoned."

Changkyun looked up at him, poking his lips out a bit then back at the roll. He just sighed to himself as he slowly took a bite of the roll, chewing it slowly as he shut his eyes tight, ready to accept the somewhat death.

But he opened his eyes slowly, his eyes widening and sparkling as he chewed and chewed. He would've cried, but he didn't, he just stuffed the whole thing in his mouth.

He heard Wonho snort loudly at him taking the dessert whole like that. Changkyun looked up at him with big eyes as the man quickly covered his mouth, covering the small blush on his face.

Changkyun was confused as to why, but just shrugged his shoulders while taking more of the rolls and putting them on his plate as he ate more.

Wonho turned over and saw him eat, a small smile growing on his face.

"Damn, you really love those things huh?" Wonho replied, chuckling softly.

Changkyun nodded, "These are like...the best thing ever. Been my favorite dessert ever since I had my mother's homemade version. They're my comfort food."

Wonho just snickered at that, watching just stuff his cheeks like there was no tomorrow. He had only made 5 for the boy because he wanted to at least give him something. And he liked cinnamon rolls because that's all he talked about in his sleep, how much he wished he had one and who much he missed his mother.

It was weird and Wonho barely got any sleep because he was too busy listening to Changkyun and looking at him as he slept.

He just looked so peaceful sleeping, honestly, Wonho thought it was the best part of the night. Besides the boy's warmth, just him being so close it made Wonho feel weird for some reason. Kinda had this soft feeling in his chest? He didn't know, it was just weird.

Made him wonder if Changkyun remembered anything from last night? He'd probably ask if he didn't or mention something about it if he did. Wonho didn't wanna pester him about it, but there was one thing he just didn't have the balls to say out loud.

The sex was amazing.

"Hey," He heard Changkyun say and looked over seeing the boy had finished his food, "I saved that last one for you. You cook really good and you should try it."

Wonho looked down and saw the last cinnamon roll on the plate, then looked back up at Changkyun nervously.

"Um that's okay, I can't really have it anyways," Wonho replied and he chuckled a bit, "Too many carbs."

Changkyun let out a small oh as he looked down a bit, kinda sad?

Wonho saw his saddened expression, feeling soft for a bit, then sighed as he dug in a drawer and pulled out a knife. He cut the cinnamon roll in half, giving one half to Changkyun and taking the other half for himself.

Changkyun's eyes widened as he looked up at Wonho, eating the cinnamon roll with ease. Wonho was in awe as he took a small bite, hearing Changkyun giggle a little at his reaction.

"Have you never tried your own cooking before?" Changkyun teased.

"W-well...yeah but like," Wonho said as he looked down at the half roll, "I've never had cinnamon rolls before."

Changkyun's eyes widened, "What? Oh c'mon, you gotta eat something eat once in your life! You travel all around the whole goddamn world and you've never had a cinnamon roll before?"

Wonho nodded and Changkyun shook his head, continuing to eat the half piece that Wonho had given to him

"Then again, I've never had a cute sex partner so passionate about desserts so," Wonho accidentally spat and Changkyun damn-near choked his food. He started blushing again, looking over at Wonho who was just eating the rest of his roll, as if he didn't just hear what he just said.

He just called him cute.

Wonho looked at Changkyun's flustered look all nonchalantly like nothing happened at all. The more he looked at him, the more he started to register his own words.

Dammit, did I really say that out loud?

"I-I mean," Wonho choked out, "I've never met someone so passionate about sweets before. You seem like a person so passionate about sweets and I wanted to at least do this to apologize for our first encounter with each other when I bumped into your food."

"O-oh," Changkyun replied as he looked down a little, "Th-thank you."

There was a silence, an awkward one.

Wonho just nodded as he turned around, going in his refrigerator to get a piece of bread and some butter. Changkyun watched him as he put the bread in a toaster, it was a slice of baguette bread and some cinnamon flavored butter, low fat of course. Wonho took it out soon as t was ready, then took two pieces of his bacon, placing it in his little sandwich and taking a bite.

Changkyun kinda just sat there, watching him eat and keeping all his thoughts to himself.

He wanted to ask him about the events of last night so much, he was so eager to do it, but it would probably be dangerous to ask him all that. Wonho probably forgot, sorta, or probably just didn't wanna mention it, otherwise, he would've mentioned it.

Then again, I've never had a cute sex partner so passionate about desserts, kinda stuck in his head.

"So um," Wonho started to say as he turned back around, "How are you feeling? You know, after last night."

So he did remember.

"I'm good, s-surprisingly great even," Changkyun let out, letting go of a breath he didn't even know he was holding, "I mean it took a while to remember because...well I've never gotten badshit drunk before. Wasn't really expecting all of that to happen."

He kinda was though, even before they had sex there was a little bit of sexual tension between the two. Changkyun just pushed it aside because he didn't wanna be a burden, Wonho already thought less of him now, that would just add to it and make shit worse for him. This was already going as far as it was.

Wonho hummed in response, drinking a bit of his coffee, "Well that usually happens. I mean, when you're drunk you can't really control yourself, but you seemed to know what you were doing last night."

"I-I did?" Changkyun asked, that blush making its delightful return, "I-I guess I wasn't that drunk? I don't felt like a dream to me because I didn't think anything like that would ever happen to me."

"How'd you feel?" Wonho replied, leaning on the island now, getting a bit closer to the boy.

Changkyun swallowed hard, seeing the man come up so close. Made him feel a little jittery inside but he was trying to hard to ignore it. Even though he couldn't stand the man, he was still a model and he still looked good.

"I..." Changkyun replied, trying his best to look away, face flushing, "I felt nice, it was alright I guess."

Wonho's snickered, "Alright?"

Changkyun nodded, "Yup, it was alright. Like a one time thing though, never gonna happen again. So sorry for the-"

He didn't even notice Wonho walk right behind him, placing his hands on the insides of Changkyun's thighs and rubbing them slowly but surely. The boy tried his hardest to bite back the moan that was ready to escape his lips, but it was getting harder and harder to avoid as Wonho just massaged him like that.

Almost teasing him.

"So it was just alright?" Wonho asked, his lips reaching the boy's ear in a husked whisper, "You didn't feel good at all you just felt pretty average, like it was nothing?"

Changkyun's head went back as he moaned breathlessly, "N-no, it was good-"

"So answer me this," Wonho's hands started to reach over to the boy's crotch, "Did you regret it at all?"

Changkyun wanted to say yes so bad, but he didn't wanna lie. He should say yes, he did regret it a little. He regretted falling into this man's hands and letting him egg him on like this, submitting to Wonho, allowing him to touch him like this. It was so wrong but it felt so good, it was like falling into the arms of Hyde.

This was a dangerous game he was playing.

"Y-yes," Changkyun let out, feeling Wonho slowly stroke his thighs.

"You're lying," Wonho let out, his tone low, "You're so bad at lying Changkyun, it's so cute how you try to keep lying to yourself and tell me you're not enjoying this. You say you hate me but you have sex with me and sleep with me afterward, now you give me bullshit about you regretting it."

Wonho grabbed Changkyun's cock, slowly and gentle but rough. He squeezed his balls at such a simple pace and Changkyun moaned at the pleasure, but it was a low moan, he was still trying to fight that urge. Dammit, it felt so good, Wonho being so close to him like this, rubbing his thighs and grabbing his dick like that, he wished he didn't regret these decisions that were made.

But he did, he couldn't help but wanna pull away, this was so damn dangerous.

"Are you made that I took your virginity before anyone else could?" Wonho replied, kissing the boy's neck, "Are mad that it was me and not Hyungwon?"

Changkyun's head rested on Wonho's shoulder, feeling Wonho's other hand go up his shirt and stroke his body carefully. That hand was so warm, Changkyun just breathed heavily as he felt Wonho's hand rub up and down on him like that, it felt so fucking good.

He didn't even take time to register Wonho's question, just moaned as he felt Wonho's big hands grab his member, squeezing it both roughly and gently. Then Wonho squeezed it a bit tighter and Changkyun whimpered in response.

"Answer the question," He snapped, "Are you mad?"

Changkyun nodded, glaring at him from the corner of his eye, "Y-yes, I am mad, b-but not because of that."

Wonho hummed, moving his hands and placing them in between his thighs, squeezing them.

Changkyun whimpered again, he felt so powerless against this man it was almost disgusting.


"Did you think of him when I was fucking you?" Wonho let out, his mouth was right on Changkyun's ear, "When I rammed inside of you and you were screaming my name. You begged for more and more last night countless times, but was that you wishing I was my brother?"

Changkyun slowly shook his head, unable to respond. He wasn't lying though, he didn't wanna replace Hyungwon with Wonho while they were having sex, nor could he even do it. He was too drunk to even comprehend the whole thought in his mind, all he saw was Wonho. That's all he thought about too, was Wonho.

Wonho just hummed, removing himself away from Changkyun. Changkyun looked down for a second, feeling how heated he got after that one moment. What the fuck was wrong with him? His head was a fucking mess, this was not happening, no it wasn't happening.

But it was, it really was and he was about to fucking lose it.

He turned around and saw Wonho standing there, his arms crossed trying to think about something. It was almost as if he didn't know what to say or like he was trying to think of his next move.

"I'm not gonna force myself on to you," Wonho let out, looking over at Changkyun, "Nor am I gonna control you or anything like that. I think I've made my mark."

Changkyun's eyes widened as he continued, "I won't come on to you unless it's what you want. If you want me to come to you and take care of you, I most certainly will."

Wonho walked up to him, placing his hand on the boy's cheek, caressing it, "If you want me to make you feel good, it's all up to you, not me. If you want me to touch you, all over you, that's your decision."

Changkyun's expression softened as he looked up at Wonho, letting him caress the boy's cheeks so softly. He just accepted it, shutting his eyes as Wonho softly stroked his cheeks with both hands as if he was a cat, nice and gentle. He took one of Wonho's hands, kissing the palm of it and rubbing it softly.

Wonho just moved that same hand over to the boy's chin, pulling it up and making Changkyun look directly at him. As he did that, Wonho lowered himself, his lips meeting Changkyun's in a soft and needy kiss. Changkyun opened his mouth immediately giving Wonho permission to play with his tongue against his own. The kiss was so slow, Changkyun wrapped his hands around Wonho's neck as he moaned a bit within the kisses, feeling so utterly trapped in this sweet abyss, he didn't know what to do.

He hated this so much he loved it. If that made any sense.

Changkyun knew he was wrong for submitting to him like this and giving him so much access to his body, but he didn't care, nor could he help himself. He was literally puty in this man's hands now, he literally made his mark and Changkyun didn't wanna leave him. He just couldn't say it out loud because he'd hate himself for it.

But he wanted this, he wanted to feel Wonho's touch.

He wanted him to touch him like this forever, he wanted to feel those big arms wrap around his body and close him in a cage he couldn't escape. He wanted to submit to this man, there was no turning back from it now.

He was like in the placement of Lucy who fell for such a dangerous man such as Hyde himself.

Playing along with this dangerous game.

Wonho pulled away, looking over at the boy's needy and desperate glance. There weren't many words left to say, Wonho already knew his answer already.

He wanted this.

"Okay," Wonho pulled in for another soft kiss on the lips, pulling away slowly, "But this has to stay between us. No one can ever find out about this, you understand?"

This was really happening.

Changkyun nodded slowly as he looked down at him, playing with his hair a little bit. He just gave him this weird soft glare, unsure whether to be mad or glad about this. He was just so deeply confused, flustered even.

Hyungwon never made a move on him, maybe this was a way he could get all those sexual needs off and let loose. Wonho didn't like him anyway, and he didn't like him, they were just two people who met up, hated each other, but fucked occasionally with no feeling behind it and without getting attached.

They were like enemies, with benefits.

It was horrible, but Changkyun accepted it anyway. Wasn't like Hyungwon liked him like that anyway.

"Oh, and by the way," Wonho said as he released himself from Changkyun's hold, walking over to a drawer and pulling something out.

It was Changkyun's phone, "This was going off all morning, but it was also dead so I charged it for you. Someone named Jimin called you like...20 times."

Changkyun's eyes widened as Wonho handed him his phone. He just nodded and mouthed thank you as he took it, unlocking his phone and seeing the millions of missed calls he got. His eyes got bigger and bigger the more he saw about like thousands of them on his call log. Most of them were from Jimin and Jooheon, he had got a few from Youngjae too and two from Jungkook.

What made Changkyun feel really guilty was another person who had been calling him all night as well.


"Holy shit," He spoke out, going over to the messages app and seeing the shit he missed there too.



omfg, changkyun where tf are you??

pls dont tell me we left you at that party and u got shot i cannot take this bullshit

okay so ur phone is still on you im pretty sure, but where aRE YOU?!

2:34 AM

pls just tell me ur okay we've been looking for you all night and jooheon is about to blow up the whole resort if we dont find you

changkyunnie pls pick up the phone ;(


plus i have some tea to spill and i want you to be here so i can spill it bc you'll never guess whos with me in my dorm tonight

Jooheonyy (YJ's husband)😚☀️💕:

Omfg changkyun where the hell are you

This isnt funny, pick up ur goddamn phone

If ur out with hyungwon getting it up the ass you better fucking say something

Fucking lim changkyun


Bro seriously, where are you



Kyun??? You fucking bASTARD




2:34 AM

Kyunie just call me back when u get these okay?

We're literally risking our lives driving back to the place to come and find you

U know where you need to be?? Right in my fucking arms as i beat ur ass


Where are yOU

Youngjaaaae (Jooheon's wife)❤️💗💖🙆🏻‍♂️:

Hey kyun, jooheon and i just wanna know if you're doing okay

2:34 AM

Hey, where are you???

I'm really worried for you, I hope you didn't get lost somewhere

If you're looking for your dad, dw about it we can do it tomorrow and figure out something else my dad has access to anywhere in empire city

I just want you to be okay

Also jooheon needs to calm down and apparently he doesnt wanna talk

Or sleep...

Hes still outside looking for you and im staying out here with him, so just call when you get these messages okay?

I hope where ever you are, you're having a good time and that ur safe

We care about you and we love you changkyun, take care of urself

Junglecock with the furry ex boyfriend😽🤠:

Hey um, yeah where u at doe hoe?

Weve been looking for you all night and shit and Jooheon's getting on my last neRVE

Pls answer my call u fucking furry

And pls be safe, thanks ily

Changkyun sighed to himself as he read the messages, then saw a whole ass group chat named "Changkyun Rescue Team" in his inbox and giggled a little bit, seeing the guys go back and for about where Changkyun could be, then secretly blaming Hyungwon for pulling the boy away from the party.

But they didn't even know.

SlimmJimm😍👅💦💋: guys, im literally so fucking worried like...BEYOND worried its not okay

Youngjaaaae (Jooheon's wife)❤️💗💖🙆🏻‍♂️: has kyun answered anyone's texts? im kinda pissed i cant tell if he read my messages or not smh

SlimmJimm😍👅💦💋: no he hasnt answered mine yet

Junglecock with the furry ex boyfriend😽🤠: that little furry is probably gettin it up the ass by manager chaaaaae 😜🤪

SlimmJimm😍👅💦💋: jungkook pls.. B serious about this

Youngjaaaae (Jooheon's wife)❤️💗💖🙆🏻‍♂️: i mean i thought that at first too...i wouldnt wanna pick up the phone either-

SlimmJimm😍👅💦💋: gET YALL HEADS OUT THE GUTTER PLS, MY BABY IS OUT THERE MISSIN he would not fucking ignore my messages just to get it up the ass,,,bby boy stil a virgin yall

Junglecock with the furry ex boyfriend😽🤠: hes a virgin??? Thats so cuuuuute

Youngjaaaae (Jooheon's wife)❤️💗💖🙆🏻‍♂️: maybe hes with hyungwon right now? i mean dont we all meet at the empire hall today? maybe we'll see him pull up with hyungwon in this nice car like in the movies

Junglecock with the furry ex boyfriend😽🤠: this isnt clueless youngjae smh

Youngjaaaae (Jooheon's wife)❤️💗💖🙆🏻‍♂️: u can never be too sure tho 🤔

Changkyun shook his head, laughing a little bit to himself at the messages. He wanted to tell them he was okay, as well as what actually happened last night, he couldn't though. Wonho told him to keep it a secret and there was no one he could tell. Besides, they all hated Wonho because of what Changkyun told him, so they'd probably report him or something stupid like that.

Changkyunnie😈🐺💘is typing....

Youngjaaaae (Jooheon's wife)❤️💗💖🙆🏻‍♂️: holy fuck, speak of the devil

SlimmJimm😍👅💦💋: KYUNNIE!!!

Junglecock with the furry ex boyfriend😽🤠: bout damn time, somebody wake up jooheonny jooheon

Changkyunnie😈🐺💘: hey guys lmao, sorry for making you all worry last night

SlimmJimm😍👅💦💋: lmao?? Did u just fucking say lmao??? U dAMN BITCH WE WERE ALL WORRIED SICK LAST NIGHT

Changkyunnie😈🐺💘: jimin pls..😭

SlimmJimm😍👅💦💋: suck my dICK where have BEEN WE'VE BEEN WORRIED SICK ABOUT YOU

Junglecock with the furry ex boyfriend😽🤠: well they have,,i actually enjoyed the quietness because u talk a lot in ur fucking sleep

Changkyunnie😈🐺💘: I um...I got really fucking drunk and ended up in some weird motel lmao 💀💀💀💀im fine tho u guys i'll see yall at the resort

Changkyun looked up at Wonho, who was putting away so leftovers from his breakfast in the fridge in little containers that he put in this draw that was in the fridge. He turned around and saw Changkyun looked over at him as if he was waiting for something.

"What?" Wonho replied, "Did they yell at you or are they mad at you?"

Changkyun shook his head, snickering, "No, or well yeah, but um you're still taking me to the resort right?"

"Of course I am, unless you don't wanna be seen in public with me. I can always get a cab for you and you can-"

"N-no!" Changkyun let out quickly, seeing Wonho's eyes go wide, "I already offered and I don't want you to go through any trouble. Unless you think it'll raise suspicion if it's you taking me back or something."

"It will raise suspicion," Wonho shot, and Changkyun swallowed hard.

Then he sighed, "But I understand if you feel weird about taking a cab, so I'll take you."

"O-oh okay," Changkyun replied.

Then he got out of his seat, turning back over. He kinda paused for a second, looking around at the big house and turned back to Wonho.

Wonho groaned, "What now?"

"Um," Changkyun let out, "Where's your bathroom?"


The ride over to the resort was kinda quiet.

Changkyun put his clothes back on, well the white pants and his boots at least, he just kept his other clothes in his hand. Wonho drove in this beautiful black Dodge Charger, the race car went so fast Changkyun felt the sharp breeze reach his face at every turn.

It was kinda nice because he hadn't gotten some good air and he needed it. He was just sitting in the car, thinking to himself and at some point looking down at the messages on his phone. Jooheon was texting him back and forth saying how he was so ready to beat the boy's ass and Changkyun just giggled at that.

Damn he wanted to tell them everything, they were his friends, they need to know.

But he just couldn't feel himself exposing Wonho unless it was like a deep issue and he needed to tell them.

He looked over at Wonho, wearing a white button-down shirt, grey trousers with a grey matching suit jacket. His hair looked like how it looked yesterday, his bangs pushed back and he wore Gucci sunglasses, keeping his eyes on the road perfectly. They drove out of Empire city, Wonho's mansion was by the water, isolated from everyone else which was kinda good.

Least no one was watching their every move and couldn't track whenever Changkyun was going to and from his house. His windows were tinted as well, which was another plus.

Changkyun was kinda nervous about this enemies with benefits and occasional sex at first, but with the way Wonho made everything so simple and handled everything, he could take a breather and not even worry about his friends finding out or even digging too deep into it.

It was like his big secret with his mother, he kept that in for so long, this shouldn't be hard either.

Wonho finally pulled in the plaza, looking around to make sure no one was around to notice. Not like they could see him either, his windows were tinted, really well too.

"Welp, this is your stop," Wonho said, looking over at the boy, "You can get out now, I'll see you at the empire hall today."

Changkyun's eyes widened, "Wait, you're going?"

"Sadly," Wonho replied, taking off his glasses, "My mother wants me to chaperone since my brother is booked and my sister has gone missing somewhere."

Then he looked over at him, "Maybe I could pull you away and we could fool around or something."

"I don't wanna raise suspicion though," Changkyun said lowly, turning to face Wonho as he sat on his knees, "People will think it's weird if they see you pulling me away and then automatically assume something. Or like what if some weird fansite comes up and takes a picture of us? You're gonna get-"

Wonho met his lips with his own, shutting the boy up completely. Changkyun was surprised, but he just shut his eyes as he hummed into the kiss, placing his hands on Wonho's shoulders. Changkyun felt so small and helpless whenever this man kissed him as if he loved him, they were such soft gentle kisses and Changkyun didn't wanna pull away ever.

Then Wonho pulled away looked at the boy, "You talk too much."

Changkyun widened his eyes a little, looking away, "S-sorry.."

"Anyway, we won't get caught if we're careful about this," Wonho replied lowly, his thumbs lightly rubbing Changkyun's sides, "Long as we don't show attention to ourselves, we won't get caught. If I saw it's okay, then it's okay. Got it?"

Changkyun nodded slowly. Wonho pulled in and kissed him again, it was hard but slow and gentle as always, Changkyun opened his mouth a bit more and let Wonho's tongue make its entrance.

Then Changkyun's phone started to buzz and the two of them pulled away.

The boy didn't even look down at his phone, he was too busy staring at Wonho.

Wonho cleared his throat, pulling away, "You need to get that call and get yourself together. You smell like alcohol."

"O-oh," Changkyun said quickly, digging in his pocket and pulling out his phone.

His eyes almost became as big as fucking saucers when he saw who it was.


Changkyun just looked over at Wonho, nodding as a small thank you and hurrying out of the car.

He rushed out quickly, taking his phone and picking up the call as he ran inside the building, hearing Wonho's car speed off.


"Thank fucking GOD!" He heard Hyungwon say on the other line. Changkyun snorted loudly, running over to the nearest elevator. Thank goodness no one else wanted to get on it, so he just quickly pressed the button to head up to his floor.

"Oh my goodness you sound so relieved," Changkyun replied, giggling right after, "Did I miss anything or is this just you missing me so much?"

"Ha, ha, very funny," Hyungwon replied, a bit of playful annoyance in his voice, "Where in the world have you been? Things have been hectic this morning and I've been needing someone to talk to. Like c'mon now, I miss talking to my favorite boy."

Changkyun awed at that, "Well umm...I got really drunk at my friend's father's bar and like...yeah. I mean I fell asleep in a motel, that's how drunk I was."

"Oh damn, well that makes sense. I called you last night too, like I said I would. Actually, I called you like 6 times, but I just assumed that your friend had your phone again or you lost it somewhere."

Changkyun's eyes widened.

He totally forgot Hyungwon wanted to call him yesterday.

Mean, he was drunk. But he was also getting it up the ass.

"Y-yeah, I'm sorry about that!" Changkyun quickly said, "I honestly don't remember what happened but I know I'm never getting drunk like that ever again."

"Yeah," Hyungwon said, chuckling a bit, "Everyone was going on about keeping mom safe because there was a shooting at Gatsby's party last night, no surprise there because there's always a shooting. Then Wonho and Rui disappeared and everyone was freaking out. It was just, so much going on last night...I needed you."

"Oh," Changkyun replied, feeling a bit sad and weirdly guilty about this, "I-I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you last night Hyungwon. You were going through so much, I should've been there for you so you can at least have a bright side."

"You are my bright side, you make me so happy," Hyungwon said and Changkyun's eyes widened as he blushed lightly, "This is gonna sound stupid cheesy, but you make me feel better about a lot of things Changkyun, I want you to know that."

The boy felt so loved. He held his chest as Hyungwon continued telling him how much he needed him in his life. He would always tell him he made it more exciting than it was and gave him a purpose to keep pushing through work, just to be with him in the end. Changkyun was so touched by these words, but he wasn't sure if Hyungwon really meant it or if he was just being nice.

Still though, it felt nice to hear how important he was.

"Did you think of him when I was fucking you?"

Changkyun's eyes widened as he came back into reality, shaking that thought away.

No! Don't think about Wonho, you're talking to Hyungwon!

"Hey Kyunie? You still there?" Hyungwon asked.

Changkyun nodded to himself, "Y-yeah I'm here! S-sorry I zoned out a bit, but I'm flattered that you think of me as your bright side and person to turn to when you're going through it. That really makes me feel special."

"O-oh! Dammit did I really say that out loud--YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO HEAR THAT!" Hyungwon exclaimed, saying dammit to himself millions of times. Changkyun just giggled at that as the elevator finally came to his floor.

"Anyways, I'm off work, well at least until my mother calls me and tells me to do something else. I'm gonna bet at the Empire hall though," Hyungwon replied cheerfully.

Changkyun's whole smile on his face dropped.

"W-wait, the same Empire hall that my class is heading over to today?"

"Yeah! I asked my mom if I could chaperone since their out still looking for Rui, so I guess I'm coming. I still gotta work as i'm there which sucks, but least I'll see you," Hyungwon replied as if it was the best thing in the entire world.

And it was, but Changkyun felt a bit nervous.

Wonho was gonna be there too.

"Okay, well I gotta go, I still stink from last night," Changkyun replied, chuckling nervously, "I'll see you there!"

"Y-yeah! See you Kyun!"

With that, Changkyun hung up, then sighed to himself.

What the fuck did he get himself into?

He's got some weird ass mixed feelings for Hyungwon and he's basically become Wonho's side piece all at once. The boy, at this point, wouldn't mind drinking now because honestly, he didn't even know what he was getting himself into at all. It was like celebrity drama in his life all over again.

He just sighed to himself, hopefully, his friends had some good news to bring.

But soon as he opened the door, his eyes went wide.

His friends were all gathered on the floor, looking up at Changkyun with wide eyes as he looked back at them with wide eyes. He wasn't really surprised to see them all in a circle playing Uno together, that was normal.

What caught him off-guard was when he saw a female sitting right in between Jungkook and Jimin holding a deck of cards herself, her red hair in a messy bun as she wore an oversized t-shirt and some gray joggers.

It was Rui.

Chapter Text

Changkyun looked over at everyone with wide eyes, confused as to what in the hell was going on and why Rui was with them. All they did was go to a party last night, and here she was, sitting nicely in baggy clothes.

They looked at him with widened eyes too, seeing him wearing a big black oversized shirt with his white pants and boots. Okay, so he looked pretty normal minus his shirt, they all just assumed he threw up on it after being lost at the motel or something.

Anyways, they were all looking at each other in amazement, Changkyun was trying his hardest to figure out the situation and why Rui was here. Jimin and Jungkook just looked at him with wide eyes, Youngjae remained silent as he clamped his lips together, hiding behind Jooheon who looked as if he was ready to scold the boy so badly.

Changkyun just chuckled lightly as he closed the door, "Hehe, um...hi guys-"

Jooheon roared, running over to the boy with a pillow in his hand as if he was a football player, tackling him. Changkyun grumbled in response as he tried to remove the pillow from his face, but Jooheon kept it there.

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?! WE'VE BEEN WORRIED SICK!" He exclaimed as he removed the pillow so the boy could breathe.

Changkyun took a deep breath, looking up at Jooheon with widened eyes and furrowed his eyebrows, "WHY IN THE FUCK ARE-"

Jooheon put the pillow in his face, several times, hitting him in the face with it like there was no tomorrow.

Jungkook just snickered to himself as Jimin and Youngjae sighed, shaking their heads. At some point, the little feud had stopped when Jooheon ran out of energy, becoming hella tired and stopped hitting the boy with the pillow. He laid on Changkyun's chest as Changkyun had his arms out, breathing heavily.

Then he snickered, "C-can I talk now?"

Jooheon hesitated to answer for a quick second, then nodded, "Yeah, but your explanation better be good."

The boy hopped off of Changkyun, holding out his hand to help him up. He lifted him up roughly, the boy walked over and sat in between him and Rui. Changkyun was getting ready to speak, but his eyes trailed over to Rui, who was also looking over at him with widened eyes. There was a big wave of silence, then Rui opened her arms out, giving Changkyun a soft smile. 

Changkyun smiled slowly back at her, giving her a warm hug. 

Everyone watched in confusion, especially Jimin, who was just confused. 

"Wait a minute," She started to say, seeing Rui keep Changkyun in her hold, "How in the world do you two know each other?"

Rui giggled, "Well I mean, I just met Changkyun yesterday after we bumped into each other while he was going to go see Hyungwon. That and I've heard a lot about this boy from my brother, it's kinda cute actually."

"Oh?" Jungkook said with a raised eyebrow, "You mean your brother who has a whole ass girlfriend who he calls honey?"

Rui raised an eyebrow and Changkyun sighed to himself, shaking his head. 

"Jungkook," Changkyun started to say, "That was Rui calling Hyungwon Hyunnie. They call each other hyunnie and behbee and have been doing so since they were kids. Don't worry, I'm just now finding this out too."

The boy's eyes widened as he let out an oh, seeing Rui's slightly disgusted face and hid behind Youngjae who laughed at his secondhand embarrassment. Rui was kinda confused and looked down at Changkyun who nodded at her confirming Jungkook's confusion, then she pretended to gag, causing everyone but Jungkook to laugh softly. 

"So what the hell happened?" Changkyun replied, getting comfortable in Rui's arms, "I mean, we all split up and you guys kidnap Rui. What the hell is this, Taken?"

Rui snickered, "No no, the shooting last night, I was near Jimin who was still holding my hand as we dashed out of the party center. Then she was running towards the pick-up truck in the trunk and...well I guess, I don't know what made me jump in with her but I did."

Jimin looked over at Rui as she spoke, "I mean....yeah my intention was to come along with her period I just wasn't expecting it to actually happen. You know, Jimin's soooo cool and shit, all of you are. Like deadass, you all are the children of some very famous people I look up to and I'm hella grateful to even be talking to you guys."

"Aww," Yougnjae said, holding his heart, "I appreciate it. My dad's just pretty average though, not much exciting about him. Well, he had a music business going, but he's basically Cythina's personal roadie."

"His dad and my mom!" Jooheon said as he laid in Youngjae's lap, the boy ran his fingers through Jooheon's hair, giggling. 

"Awesome," Rui let out. Then she looked over at Jimin and smiled, "Hey hey, does your mother still make songs with Davenchini? Or has she kinda given up on music as a whole?"

Jimin looked over at her then sighed, "It's kinda complicated. My mom's a lawyer now so all that Rock n Roll stuff she use to do and R&B died along with Cythina. I-it's kinda sad but I understand why she lost her passion. She made most of those songs in inspiration of Cythina and when Cythina died, so did her inspiration."

Rui's smile slowly faded as he let out an oh.  She looked over and saw Jimin looking a little down, looking as if she wanted to say something else, but she just remained quiet, looking at Jungkook as he yelled at Youngjae about dogs while Jooheon slept in his lap. 

She kinda felt bad for bringing up the sad topic to Jimin, but she saw that Jimin was already contributing to some other conversation, so she didn't wanna but in and make her feel worse. She looked down at Changkyun, who was looking at some messages on his phone.

hyunnnie❤️🌈wait wait! I got another one ur gonna love it!😗😅

Changkyunnie😈🐺💘hyunnie noooo...plssss, ur jokes are terrible😭😭 

hyunnnie❤️🌈like my brother? hes pretty terrible🙃

hyunnnie❤️🌈like deadass, if he was paper, id tear him in half😤

Changkyunnie😈🐺💘omfg thats dark, ur basically gonna kill him

hyunnnie❤️🌈oh damn.....EVEN BETTER🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

Changkyun giggled lightly to himself, texting something right back to the boy. Until he heard Rui oohing and he looked up at her, seeing the slight smile on her face. 

"How'd the meeting yesterday go?" She replied, "I'm assuming he finally showed you that thing he's been working on for fucking days on. He said it was all for you because you gave him the idea or something like that."

Changkyun lightly laughed, "It was beautiful. You shoulda seen it! He was so enthusiastic and happy to show it to me. The way he showed the different types of cities, his pictures, I didn't even know he was a photographer! Can you believe that he's a photographer? I didn't know that! I mean he looks like a hotass photographer--oh my god, wait, don't tell him I said that. Rui you can't tell him I said that!" 

The woman chuckled lightly, "Don't worry I won't, I swear. Your adorable secret is safe with me Changkyunnie."

Changkyun sighed in relief, then he looked up at her seeing her giggle lightly. 

"Hey and also don't worry, he says the same stuff about you," Rui replied and CHangkyun raised an eyebrow. 

"He does?" He asked and Rui nodded. 

"I'm not gonna expose him, but I think I overheard him call you a cute little puppy the other day. I caught him saying it and I was like oh my gosh you're looking for a boyfriend, I see that-"

"Oh my god, not BTR," Changkyun said as he laughed hard, Rui laughed along with him. 

Rui was so nice and loving, no wonder Hyungwon depended on her so much. She was so much like him and such a comforting person who Hyungwon could turn to no matter what, someone who Hyungwon knew will have his back no matter what, through no matter what. He probably knew of Rui's whereabouts, he was just keeping it quiet from everyone else so they could never find out.

True teamwork, almost as if they thought like twins. 

But Changkyun also saw a small drift in their family too. 

Wonho was so much around his mother and other people, as well as Kihyun, he kinda studied over that. Meanwhile, Rui and Hyungwon were in their own bubble getting more work piled on them and never the chance to do what they wanted to do with themselves for a change. It was kinda weird and overbearing for them both probably which is why they kept so many secrets from Wonho as well as their mother. 

It was weird, but it was none of Changkyun's business. 

He just thought it was cute how he noticed every time they'd play Uno in pairs, Rui would immediately call dibs on Jimin, despite the fact that Jimin was such a great player as a whole. She was so clingy towards her, it was almost cute. 

They'd even play some cute little trivia games and Rui would get confused and sat back since she didn't really know everyone all that well. Jimin would just stick by and have a conversation together as the boys just continued to fight about who knew Youngjae the best and what fruit was his favorite. In the midst of all this thinking, Changkyun kinda just sat alone and thought about his whole situation. 

His relationship with Hyungwon, it was cute, it was pure, it was loving. 

Even if the boy somehow didn't like him back, that wasn't gonna stop Changkyun from talking to him. He enjoyed Hyungwon's company, he was so nice to him and just a generous man in general. Ever since the two met, Hyungwon's been nothing but nice, sweet, and protective over the boy. Changkyun cursed himself for having these feelings since they had no reason for being there, but at the same time, he hadn't gotten affectionate like this in a while.

And he was pretty sure Hyungwon felt something too, right? Like when he almost kissed him one day. 

But with Wonho, he didn't even know how to feel towards him. 

Then again, why even bother going over those feelings, he hated him regardless. 

In fact, the whole enemies with benefits thing was full of shit just as much as he was. Changkyun knew damn well he shouldn't be spending his time getting fucked in the ass by some bastard that called him out rudely. If anything, it was kinda distasteful thinking back to the man having his virginity now on a lock and making his mark. He was just drunk that night, yeah, that's what happened. 

Despite the kiss that same day, he didn't know what the hell happened. But he knew one thing for sure, he wasn't gonna let that shit happen ever again. It was just fake, for sure, he knew Wonho wasn't gonna try to make any moves again seeing as the guy was just in it to keep Changkyun away from Hyungwon as far as possible. 

Other than that though, he didn't have to worry about Wonho coming up and pulling a move, which was good. 

Maybe he could focus on those feelings directed towards Hyungwon. 

"You say you hate me but you have sex with me and sleep with me afterward, now you give me bullshit about you regretting it."

It was noon now and everyone had to get ready to go to Empire Hall. Youngjae and Jooheon ran down the hall together hand in hand over to Jooheon's dorm. Jimin and Rui went over to Rui's dorm, which was accompanied with Jennie, thankfully for Jimin to save her from gay panic. 

Jungkook was already in the closet, mumbling to himself about some stupid bet he lost against Jimin and now he has to sit next to Taehyung on the bus, but Changkyun just ignored it. His head was filled up with random ass thoughts and how he was gonna process all this information. To be honest, he didn't even wanna go on the field trip and call off just to have time to think.

But that'd be weird, and everyone would assume he's not feeling well and bring attention to it, maybe even cancel the whole trip because of him. So he just sighed to himself, he couldn't even tell any of his friends because he knew they'd free out instantly, no doubt. This was gonna be something hard to keep away from them too seeing as he's always near his friends, but there were a few things motivating him to keep it hidden. 

So he just had to go with it, for now. 


"She's such a goddess, hello!"

"Jesus Christ! She's a bad thang!"

"Oh my god, I'm not gay, but I'd marry her-"

"Jennie shut the fuck up please," Jimin scoffed, "That goes for the rest of you stupid ass hoes! Leave my best friend alone okay? She doesn't appreciate you guys bombarding her personal space like that."

Rose, Lisa, Jisoo, and Jennie all stopped talking, looking up at the pretty female who seemed a bit cleaner now. Well, she was still wearing the baggy grey joggers but she had on a black hoodie, all thanks to Jimin, since it seemed a bit chillier than yesterday. Those weren't stopping the girls from recognizing who she was seeing as her eyes weren't covered. 

It was just them standing outside waiting for everyone else to come and board the bus. 

Jennie wouldn't shut the hell up as soon as Jimin walked in the hotel room with Rui by her side. She was facetiming her BFFs too, so that news made them all hurry up and get dressed to go to the hotel room and pester Rui as well. Rui, of course, didn't mind the attention, she liked all kinds of people, especially pretty, giggly, talkative girls. 

Jimin felt embarrassed, but that was beside the point. She was already feeling weird overall since last night. She had no idea what was going on with her and why she was feeling so weird last night when Rui hopped in the trunk of the truck with her and held her hand, then slept with her in her dorm, on the floor but it was close to Jimin's bed. 

Surely she wasn't gay right?

Rui was a good-looking female, it was understandable to feel giggly towards her because she was so pretty. It was just her personality and the way she was towards everyone was what made her seem so damn attractive. Especially when she was so close with Jimin, pulling her close in her lap and wrapping her arms around her waist. It was all a mutual feeling, right? Rui was a famous, pretty, celebrity, nothing more. 

Even if she kissed Jimin's fluffy cheeks and said she was very pretty, so what if Jimin got butterflies after she said that, she was just saying it as if she was one of her home girls. Like with Jennie, Lisa, Rose, and Jisoo, they were all close and they all hugged each other occasionally, maybe even got a bit close sometimes. It was a mutual thing that girlfriends do, no need to feel so flustered.

She just took Rui by her hand and walked over to board the bus, seeing as it was still early and still good enough time to prepare before everyone came. They sat down in the back, as usual, Rui sat by the window and Jimin said near the aisle, digging in her purse to pull out something. Rui was confused as to what it was she was pulling out, then oohed when she saw her pull out a pair of shades. 

"This should help hide your identity," Jimin replied, handing them to her, "Least until we get you back to Parma."

Rui giggled, taking the shades and putting them on, then pulled up her hoodie and pulled the strings so it could tighten around her head. 

She looked over at Jimin, poking out her lips, "Convincing?"

Jimin snorted loudly, then covered her mouth to keep it hidden, "V-very much so." 

Rui nodded aggressively before looking out the window, definitely not ignoring Jimin's cute little chuckle after she turned. She looked out the window and saw a whole bunch of people laughing among themselves as they walked out of the resort, all the students. It kinda made her a bit cheerful when she saw them, reminded her of her at a young-ish age. Even though she was still pretty young, 25 at that, about 2 years older than Jimin, she still kinda missed being out like this. 

She only had one year of college for film making and fashion designing seeing as it was a passion of hers. When she was little, she always wanted to make a movie about a princess, maybe not like a fairytale, but something cute about a girl finding her way through the cruel world. The project had lowkey started when she moved to Hong Kong for college, for about a year, however, her mother needed her to contribute to the family business. 

Especially after her father passed away and Lee Suomi became the most ruthless woman to all of mankind. 

She didn't care much for Rui seeing as she was a girl, nor did she care much for Hyungwon either. It was always about Wonho, her favorite child. Rui wasn't really jealous per say, not as much as Hyungwon, but just not jealous period since it was hard for her to get really peeved. She'd only get pissed when she could do her own project, but when it came to Wonho he could have whatever he wanted when he wanted it. 

It wasn't fair, she hated the way she was living. 

Her mother kept her around just to have extra arms to do all this work for one single person, rather than the whole family. Even before their father passed away, Suomi has always had a warm spot for Wonho, claiming he was the golden child of the family and was gonna bring happiness and honor, raising Hyungwon and Rui and teach them how to do it properly. 

But Rui and Hyungwon had to stay locked up in a prison and work countless hours, doing something they didn't even like doing. 

She wanted to run away from it all so damn bad, she just didn't know where she'd go.

The woman sighed to herself, turning to see Jimin scrolling through something on her phone. Her eyes were wide when she saw the girl stop and watch a video of another girl making a maxi-dress, icy blue, glittery and pretty. Then she saw the girl move around a bit more and saw that the girl was Jimin herself, making a dress with the girls who were yelling at her earlier from outside. 

Rui came closer, Jimin didn't notice until she saw her head turn, "Uhm, Rui?"

The woman was just examining the dress the whole time, watching carefully as Jimin and Jennie put it all together, then screeched at the ending results. 

Her eyes widened, sparkly, "That's so beautiful." 

It came out to be a blue lace split-side two-piece maxi dress. The top was a pretty long sleeve lace top, inside there was a strapless icy blue cami and the skirt was a polyester skirt with a split side, icy blue as well. The way the dress was made, it looked so gorgeous as Jimin in the video placed her hands on her hips happily. 

The video stopped and Jimin giggled, "That was a dress I made, the first one I made actually. I keep it safe because I wanna save it for something special one day. It's a one of a kind dress and the first dress I ever made that I was really proud of."

Rui's eyes widened as Jimin continued, "I've always wanted to wear it on a date or maybe to a dance but I don't know. Sometimes I look back on this video and I can't help it, it just makes me so happy to see my talent and what I'm able to do. My mother always pushed me to be a fashion designer, but part of me just doesn't want to and I don't know why."

"Why don't you?" Rui replied, getting a bit closer, "You have such an amazing talent with clothes Jimin! That dress you made, it's so fucking gorgeous, you can't take it for granted. Your talent, you can't take it for granted, you need to embrace what you're able to do." 

Jimin's eyes widened as Rui turned to her, gripping her shoulders, "You can't stop just because someone tells you to. Don't stop and don't be scared, the rule is to never have fear, to keep pushing through. When you do that, I swear, everything will get a lot easier for you Jimin. I honestly believe you'll be able to go the distance if you just trust and believe in yourself to the best of your ability."

"Y-you..." Jimin started to say, her eyes wide and sparkly, "Y-you really think I'll be able to become a fashion designer?"

Rui nodded, "You're so talented and pretty, I believe that you'll be able to achieve that dream, but it's up to you whether or not you wanna let it happen. If you want someone boosting you up, I'll gladly help!"

"Really?" Jimin replied, getting a bit happier due to the tone in her voice. 

"Of course!" Rui replied, then slowly hugged Jimin as Jimin squeezed her right back. Rui giggled at that in response, squeezing her tighter and feeling some sort of relief lose, some sort of freedom. 

Jimin was such a high-spirited happy go lucky girl who showed her a lot of things and opportunities. For some reason, she just felt this need to wanna get closer with her, maybe as a friend or probably a colleague seeing as they were into the same kinda thing. She kinda understood what Hyungwon was talking about when it came to Changkyun, kinda making a friend and feeling comfort from them. 

And Jimin was really sweet, even gave her a disguise so no one else but her friends knew she was here. 

The two pulled away quickly as Jimin scooted closer towards Rui, laying on her chest. Rui held her close, wrapping her arms around her upper body as the female turned, propped her legs up, and lifted up her phone in horizontal view, showing Rui a few more videos as some other kids started to board the bus shortly. 

They were just sitting close, Jimin seemed to open up to Rui a bit more with all the video they watched and Rui enjoyed her company, laughing along as they started talking about clothes and other shit like normal girlfriends do. 

Yeah, girlfriends.

Changkyun was so goddamn nervous

They were at Empire Hall, well the bus slowly approached Empire Hall within a few minutes, but the whole 45-minute drive to Empire Hall, he felt so fucking anxious. He wasn't sure if it was because he ate all of Jooheon's food, or because he was laughing his ass off when Jungkook betted Taehyung to eat raw onions.

Or maybe because he was gonna go to Empire Hall to see Hyungwon....and Wonho.

His stomach was doing hella flips at the moment and he just wanted to fucking scream, run away, hide, panic. He had no reason to even be panicking though, if he just pretended like everything was fine, maybe he'd get away easily and wouldn't have to worry about someone haunting up behind him or whatever. 

But that's all he worried about as he stood outside, everyone waiting for Lee Suomi to come out. Meanwhile, Changkyun wasn't ready to see Hyungwon or Wonho. 

It was all making him wanna crumble and die at once. 

"-I'm telling you," Changkyun heard Jimin say as she got off the bus, "Just don't bring attention to yourself and I think you'll be able to make it out if you really don't wanna go back." 

He turned over and walked over to Rui and Jimin as they got off, then saw Jooheon and Youngjae get off right after, Jooheon yawning as Youngjae giggled at his small groans and complaints. 

Changkyun just raised an eyebrow, "Where's Jungkook?" 

Before he knew it, Taehyung walked out on the bus with a kitty motorcycle mask on his mouth as he walked off the bus, with Jungkook right on his back, asleep.

Or halfway, "Make sure you keep that shit on your mouth till we get back to the resort where you can brush your fucking teeth." 

"Okay but you're the one who told me to eat them, I don't know why you're complaining," Taehyung replied, his voice muffled but you could still hear it. They walked up to the crew as they all looked at them with looks of concern, especially with the mask on Taehyung's mouth that was cute but frightening. 

"Alrighty then," Jooheon let out, then looked over at Changkyun, "Why do you look so panicked Kyun? Everything alright?"

Changkyun quickly looked over at him, kinda a bit nervous

"I'm cool," He replied, rubbing the back of his neck, "I guess I feel kinda off because it's so cold today. It's usually warm but this sudden chilly weather is pretty nerve-wracking. It’s making me a little nervous.”

“It’s usually like this,” Rui replied, "This is pretty normal though. Come around winter time and we'll talk buddy." 

Changkyun snickered as they all walked inside the hall, proceeding on with their conversation. 

"Wait a minute," Taehyung replied as he looked over at Rui, "You're gonna be with us in disguise? But won't you get caught at some point? I mean, don't get me wrong I'm up for you hanging out too but it's so risky."

"It's only for a few days buddy," Rui replied, reassuring them, "I'm just gonna have to blend in for a while. Technically I'm the proper age to be in college so all I gotta do is put my name on the list and there you go!"

Youngjae snickered, "But then again you're gonna be caught regardless. You'll need some kinda code name to hide who you are and you're also gonna need a better disguise."

"No no! I think this hides me enough," Rui replied, wiggling her arms. 

Changkyun tapped his chin, "Rebelling against your mother? What is up with you and Hyungwon running away from the life you guys have? It's crazy."

Rui shrugged her shoulders, "Well honestly how about you try sitting in an office and talking to someone who doesn't just drop your opinions and thoughts but tries to critique you on them as well. Hyungwon's got it worse than me so I guess I'm pretty lucky but we still hate what we're stuck with." 

"Oh?" Jungkook replied, his head lifting up, "Is it really all that bad being a celebrity? Or managing one at least? I wanted to manage a celebrity but you guys took the fun out of it."

The female giggled, "Well I don't know, it's only fun if you make it fun. I try my hardest making it fun for me and hyunnie-bear. We're twins so it's like we think alike-"

"I KNEW IT!" Changkyun exclaimed, earning a couple of weird glares from others since his voice echoed throughout the hall. The boy just blushed lightly as he shrunk down, "I-I mean....aha, sorry about that."

"Wait a minute, so you and Hyungwon are twin bro and sis?" Jooheon asked, getting a nod in response from Rui and he let out an ooh

"Being a manager is most definitely stressful. You gotta keep up with everything and basically babysit the fuck out of your mode," Youngjae replied, "Half of the time the model doesn't even wanna do the job he's assigned, making it harder for the manager to manage. Phew honey, I could never."

"Yeah well, technically I'm Hyungwon's secretary. We kinda team up with the managing work though even though he's always telling me not to because he can do it on his own. He really can't," Rui whispered that last part and the whole gang giggled lightly. 

Jungkook sighed, "That's probably why Hyungwon likes Changkyun so much. Changkyun literally pulled him out of the same old boring routine and spiced up his life."

Changkyun blew a raspberry, "Nooooo....that's totally not it at all." 

But he also giggled because he knew damn well that was one of the reasons Hyungwon liked him so much. He'd always tell Changkyun how much he loved his company and how exciting he was, even pushed him to do is own little project. 

It was so cute the way he just tagged along with him like that, made Changkyun feel all giggly inside. 

"Bro quit acting gay," Jungkook snapped, slapping the back of Changkyun's neck lightly. 

The boy glared at him, "Not my fault Taehyung made you wear a fursuit."

Both Taehyung and Jungkook's eyes went wide as he said that, Taehyung stopped dead in his fucking tracks. 

"I-I sorry," Taehyung started to say, then looked down at Changkyun with a raised eyebrow, "What?!" 

"Oh c'mon now you knnoooow," Jimin replied as she walked up to them, "Jungkook told us about how you forced him to wear bunny suits while you guys were having sex all the time. Said you looked like the Trix bunny, then the Nesquik bunny-"

Taehyung raised an eyebrow, "I never made him wear any of those." 

Changkyun and Jimin's eyes widened as they looked at each other, then back up at Taehyung with raised eyebrows. 

"Really?" Changkyun asked and Taehyung nodded. 

"Well I mean one time, it was Halloween and Kook was wearing bunny ears that I said were cute, and he said: Thank you daddy, bet you wouldn't fuck me in them and call me your cute little bunny. And well-"

"HEY!" Jungkook exclaimed, shushing the boy, "That's ENOUGH!"

"No no, proceed please," Rui replied, walking up to them, also intrigued. 

Taehyung went on, "Every time Jungkook and I had sex, he'd always wear bunny ears and call himself a bunny. Always, I don't think I remember a moment when we've had sex and he's never wearing those ears."

Changkyun and Jimin looked as if they were trying so damn hard to hold back their laughter as Jungkook hid himself behind Taehyung's back in embarrassment. Rui was just looking up at him, so interested in the conversation as if it was the greatest tea in the world. 

"Then one day Jungkook bought a bunny suit for his little sister but I thought it was his. So I made a joke saying what he look like if I fucked him in it. Then I laughed and said that's a furry thing to say but he-" 

"Wait no! Don't tell me!" Jimin said, giggling, "He came out the bathroom with the whole suit."

"Whole suit," Taehyung said, snickering, "It was kinda skimpy though because he cut certain parts of it but yeah." 

Jimin and Changkyun busted out into laughter, not even minding the weird looks they got from everyone else. 

Jungkook glared at them, "Oh PLEASE! We've all had our furry moments right?" 

"Yeah but I think it's kinda funny how you tried to blame Taehyung for it when you played along with it," Rui sneered, "I think you're more of a furry than he is."

Jungkook blushed lightly as Changkyun and Jimin laughed even harder. He just groaned as he hopped off of Taehyung, getting ready to chase Jimin and Changkyun around the hall. Rui just stayed by Taehyung as he told her more, the two just laughing along. 

Youngjae and Jooheon came out of the gift store, seeing the mess that was their friends in concern. 

"We don't know them," Youngjae replied and Jooheon nodded. 

"Agreed," He said before they both slowly walked backwards into the store.

Everyone was all together finally. Professor Suongmin decided not to set up groups this time and let everyone decide on their own who they wanted to be with. It was kinda good too, for Rui of course. 

"You're all gonna tour the Hall in groups!" Professor Suongmin exclaimed lightly, "Miss Suomi has set up her workers to get you guys some nametags with the school ID and everything so you should all be fine and good to go. It's also good to use for food because you'll get food and drink for free in any restaurant in the hall. But only in the hall though, so don't go anywhere else!"

Jimin and Changkyun's eyes widened as they looked over at Rui. 

"Guys, don't forget who I am, I literally have money on me to get my own food," She whispered and both of them gave her reassuring looks. 

Everyone oohed when a familiar older woman appeared, having two men right by her side as her bodyguards. 

It was Lee Suomi, her usual mean glare as she walked out and everyone lightly applauded her. She waved to everyone as she smiled a little bit, then guards on her back as they all saw a weird thing on her wrist. The closer she came, everyone noticed how she had on an arm cast and they all gasped. 

Someone even said they'd call the cops soon as she came out. Everyone just shushed BamBam as he shrunk back down to his spot, ignoring the angry glares. 

Professor Suongmin just continued to talk to her, getting the news that she fractured her arm after escaping the shooting from the party last night. Everyone just kinda awed and felt bad for her, meanwhile, the others remained quiet. 

Especially Rui, who just rolled her eyes at it. 

"She's literally fine," Rui whisper snapped, "I don't know why she's making a big deal about it. Watch, that cast is gonna be gone by tomorrow."

"Damn really?" Changkyun asked and Rui nodded. 

"My mom's pretty dramatic, it's kinda sad actually." 

The boy hummed as he looked back up at her, seeing her laugh softly at something Suongmin said. Changkyun didn't really understand why Rui felt so distanced towards her mother, both her and Hyungwon. Then again, he kinda saw how Suomi favored other people and things rather than those two who did most of the work. She took away their passion and dreams and crushed them completely.

Both Rui and Hyungwon were trying to escape themselves, especially Rui who was really going along with it. 

Kinda crazy. 

Made him wonder though, did Wonho feel the same too?

He just shook his head at that thought. Why worry how overworked Wonho is? He literally doesn't take his job seriously and makes Hyungwon have to handle most of the shit. Then Rui is the one who has to be the reveal and make sure he was okay, when he really wasn't. Changkyun kinda saw the drift within the siblings, but he just wondered why?

Why were they so apart from each other?

After a while, two good-looking gentlemen had walked from the back when Suomi said that everyone was gonna get their nametags. 

One of them, the platinum blonde, was wearing a nice little black button down shirt with a black suit jacket and some nice light denim jeans that were ripped on the knee portion. His hair was wavy, pretty snowy white curls that Changkyun could just run his fingers through and get lost in for days. 

Hyungwon, his eyes sparkled a little bit as he looked around. Even with his wavy white bangs that were in his face, you could still see his pretty brown eyes right through as he looked around, holding a basket that had some cards in them. 

Then he turned and his smile slowly appeared once his eyes met up with Changkyun's. 

"Aye!" He exclaimed softly as he jogged over with the basket in his hands. 

Changkyun slowly smiled as he came over, it felt like his cute little heart was fluttering all over again when the man made his appearance in front of him. He just rushed over and hugged the boy, tightly. Changkyun was surprised at first as he blushed a bit, then he smiled warmly, hugging him right back. 

"I missed you," Hyungwon replied softly as he hugged the boy tighter.

Changkyun giggled, "What do you mean? You just saw me yesterday goofy." 

"Yeah but that's too far away," Hyungwon replied as he pulled away, hands resting on Changkyun's waist, "I mean your presence is like a blessing to me so I gotta see you all the time. Like, all day every day, tops!" 

The boy giggled again as Hyungwon scrunched up his nose a bit, not hesitating to kiss the boy lightly on his cheeks as he just softly chuckled right back. Changkyun felt so loved, his heart rate had reached its limit and was beating so fast, he couldn't even control it, nor could he stop his blush meter from rising. 

He'd just feel really soft and giggly near Hyungwon, he was the only man who had that lovestruck effect on him. He was the only one who really cared about him and made sure he was okay, made him feel wanted and special. This was the man who needed to be in love with and who he was rightfully made for. 

No one was gonna take that feeling away. 

"Ahem," Someone called out and the boys looked over to see Rui, Jimin, and Jungkook staring over at them. Jimin and Rui were giggling and Jungkook just looked at them with this irritated, but kinda happy look? 

Taehyung was looking too, kinda confused as to why they were together, but he didn't really mind it. 

Just wondering how the hell did they manage to get close to these famous people in a fucking week.

Hyungwon chuckled lightly as he pulled away, "S-sorry about that. Had to say hi to my favorite boy, y'know."

"Uhuh," Jungkook let out, raising an eyebrow, "I know you that you fucking weirdo."

Hyungwon raised an eyebrow in confusion and Jimin just glared at the boy, hitting him upside the head as he winced. 

Changkyun sighed, "Hyungwon, this is Jungkook. This is the guy who you thought was my boyfriend the other day and the same one who picked up the call."

Jungkook's eyes widened, "EW! You thought me and Kyun were dating?" 

"I-I don't know, you seemed so overprotective telling me to stay out of Changkyun's life. Especially when you thought I was dating my sister," Hyungwon replied and everyone just made gagging noises in response. 

Jungkook huffed as he rolled his eyes, "Oh but you were calling someone else honey and I didn't think it was gonna be your twin sister! Like dude, who calls their siblings pet names? It's gay."

"This is coming from the same person who tried to make it seemed like I made you wear bunny suits while having se-" 

Jungkook just slapped the mouth mask on Taehyung's mouth again as he shushed completely. That wasn't stopping Jimin, Rui, and Changkyun from giggling though. Youngjae and Jooheon shook their heads and sighed. Hyungwon was confused, but he just chuckled lightly anyway. 

"Sooo," He said digging in his basket, handing Jungkook his nametag, "There's yours."

The boy snatched it away and them oohed at the pretty green tag with his name on it. he placed it on his chest, placing his hands on his hips with pride. 

Hyungwon chuckled, the pulled out another name. He handed it to Jooheon, who looked at it then furrowed his eyebrows. 

"Very funny," Jooheon deadpanned as he lifted up the card. 

Changkyun, Jimin, Jungkook, and Youngjae all stilted when they saw the name on the card. 

Lee Minhyuk.

"O-oh, I'm sorry!" Hyunwon replied, snatching the card away and putting it back in the basket. Then he looked back at Changkyun, "M-mind telling me who's who?"

Changkyun smiled happily as he pointed to Jooheon and Youngjae, "The redhead is Jooheon and the strawberry blonde is Youngjae."

Hyungwon nodded, digging through to find their proper nametags. He finally found it, handing it over to them both, giving Youngjae Jooheon's and Jooheon Youngjae's. They gave him wary looks as the boy silently apologized.

Youngjae just shrugged, placing Jooheon's nametag on him and smiling warmly. Jooheon's expression softened as he chuckled, putting Youngjae's nametag on his forehead. The small boy giggled, kissing his name on Jooheon's forehead, then embracing him lightly. 

Rui and Jimin awed, Taehyung, Hyungwon, and Changkyun giggled lightly and Jungkook gagged, as usual. 

Then Changkyun pointed to Taehyung, "This is Taehyung." 

Hyungwon looked over at him, digging in the basket and happily finding his name tag. He handed it to him, but before he could take it, Jungkook snatched it, putting it on his cheek. 

Taehyung raised an eyebrow, but then shrugged it off as he chuckled lightly. 

Rui walked up and snatched the basket, digging through to find a certain name tag. 

She was finally successful when she found Jimin's pretty red name tag. She put it on the front of her hand, showing Jimin who just oohed then giggled lightly at that. 

Changkyun giggled at everyone being all cute and couple-y with each other as they looked at their nametags. Then he realized he didn't have his and raised his eyebrows in confusion as he saw Hyungwon digging through the basket, handing everyone their personal nametags.

He felt Changkyun tug on his jacket and looked over at him. 

"Hey, what's up?"

Changkyun brought his fingers together, "U-uhm...Hyunnie, we're my nametag?" 

Hyungwon's eyes widened as a slight blush came around, feeling a little soft hearing Changkyun his nickname like that. All soft and cutely, made his heart do all kinds of shit. 

Then he looked in his basket, seeing that he only had a few names in there. 

And kinda disappointed that none of them were Changkyun's. 

"I um," He started to say, looking down at Changkyun with a sadden look, "I don't have yours apparently."

"Oh," Changkyun replied, looking down a little bit. 

"M-maybe my mom forgot to add you to the list!" Hyungwon said to reassure him, which didn't really make him feel any better. "H-here, I'm gonna go ask if she has yours!"

Changkyun nodded as he saw the boy run over towards Suomi, seeing she was already occupied. 

His friends all kinda walked off somewhere, to the food court maybe, told them he'd text them soon as he was done helping Hyungwon pass out the name tags. That and finding a good excuse to hang out with him. 

He thought he freshened up a bit at least to appear approachable towards the boy, but was he doing too much? 

He wore a nice white t-shirt with a gray plaid suit jacket and some light blue denim jeans, hoping that'd be good enough to at least seem approachable. But maybe it was too far-fetched and professional. 

Or maybe Hyungwon just liked him for him and he didn't have to do much to get his attention. 

Nonetheless, he still liked the time they spent together.

He felt a light tap on his shoulder and he turned around slowly. 

But he wished he hadn't because soon as he turned around he was faced with the devil himself, dressed in what he had on earlier, just without his suit jacket.

Wonho, "Hey, thought you might want this."

Changkyun looked down and saw that he had a blue name tag in his hand. Then the boy's eyes got even bigger when he realized that the name tag he had in his hand was his.

"Y-you," He said, then looked up at Wonho, "Why do you have my name tag?"

Wonho shrugged his shoulders, "I kinda figured you wanted it. It just strangely ended up in my basket and I thought it was kinda cute how it just landed there." 

He came a little closer, gripping the boy's waist, "At the bottom."

Changkyun's blush got bigger when he felt Wonho grip his waist, then he looked away, trying to push him away as well. 

Those feelings, they were coming right back. 

Changkyun, you hate this guy, stop falling for him!

"You look really nice," Wonho replied lowly, his other hand holding the other side of Changkyun's small waist, "You smell nice too. Can't believe you're the same boy I-"

"W-Wonho, w-we're in public right now," He stammered, "You're gonna bring attention to yourself and someone's gonna see us." 

Wonho flattened his lips as he hummed, bringing his lips closer to the boy's neck. Changkyun whimpered a little bit, his hands resting on Wonho's shoulders as he slowly and lightly kissed him, trying to bite back the slight pleasure he was feeling from this. 

"Wonho, w-we can't-" He said softly, then silently moaned when he felt Wonho's lips on his collarbone. 

He just started kissing all over it, hearing Changkyun softly giggle, then push him away slightly. 

Wonho widened his eyes, "Ooh, so you do have a weak spot."

Changkyun furrowed his eyebrows, "You were kissing me just to find a weak spot?'

"Yeah," He let out, then pulled away, tapping his chin, "I've been thinking about ways to find it. You know, when we do stuff because I love hitting people's pressure points. Yours is on your upper body though and I can't hit your collarbone with my dick."

Changkyun snorted a bit, clamping his lips together as he tried to cover up his laughter. 

Wonho sighed, "I've actually been thinking a lot lately. I like rough sex but....I'm probably gonna have to go slow for you. Least for now I mean, when we had sex we went pretty slow."

"Oh," Changkyun let out, his face slowly getting red as he looked Wonho up and down, trying not to look at his dick.

"Well, maybe I like it rough."

Wonho snapped his head at him, seeing the boy register his own words as he covered his mouth, blushing like fuck. 

Wonho looked at him with wide eyes, blushing lightly, "Huh-"

"I mean what?! Who said that? Not me, LOL! Anyways," Changkyun quickly exclaimed as he pushed Wonho off him slightly.

Wonho was, well, a bit flustered at that unexpected response. He was gonna say something, but he saw Hyungwon come over and just decided to keep the thought to himself. 

He can make a mental note later.

"Hey so, I couldn't find your name tag but-" Hyungwon said as he was coming near, but stopped in his tracks soon as he saw Wonho. 

Wonho looked over at him as he looked back at him and stayed frozen for a couple of seconds. 

Then Hyungwon's eyes darkened, "What are you doing over here?"

"I was um-" Wonho started to say, but then rubbed the back of his neck, unsure of what to say.

Changkyun saw and looked over at Hyungwon, "H-he was just giving me my name tag Hyungwon. Don't worry, it's okay, he's okay."

Hyungwon looked at Changkyun with a soft look, then back at Wonho as his darkened expression.

"You should be helping mom right now," Hyungwon spat, raising an eyebrow, "Not talking to Changkyun. You insulted him all those times so makes you think he likes you."

Wonho opened his mouth to say something, but then looked down at Changkyun and then back at Hyungwon. 

"I um, I was actually over here trying to apologize to him for that," Wonho replied softly.

Hyungwon crossed his arms, still unimpressed. Changkyun just looked up at him with wide eyes, kinda surprised and also a little happy about this small soft side he was seeing rather than the aggressive side he saw last time Hyungwon and him ran into each other.

He turned to Changkyun, taking his hand as he got down on his knee. 

Changkyun's eyes got wider as Hyungwon furrowed his eyebrows, kinda confused as to what the hell was going on. 

Then Wonho placed his lips on Changkyun's hand, softly kissing it as he rubbed it gently. 

"I'm sorry for calling you a fat poor peasant Changkyun. You didn't deserve that, seeing as you're such a wonderful, generous, and beautiful young boy anyway," Wonho replied softly, then looked up to see Changkyun blushing like crazy. 

He smiled slowly, "Hope you can forgive me." 

Changkyun's eyes slightly sparkled as he started cursing himself in his head. 

Fuck, now he remembered why he had sex with this man again.

He just looked away, "I-it's fine."

Wonho nodded, releasing his hand as he walked off, nodding at Hyungwon before he left. 

Hyungwon was still surprised at that, especially when he saw Changkyun get strangely flustered at the action. Something about that made him feel a bit weird, strangely angry? Why was he getting mad though, Changkyun was just his friend.

But for some damn reason, seeing Wonho doing that to him made him feel jealous.

He just furrowed his eyebrows as he walked up to the boy, locking his arm with his arm. Changkyun was surprised as he looked up at him in confusion. 


"Remember when I said your presence is a blessing to me and I gotta see you all the time, " Hyungwon replied, looking over at him, "Well I mean it." 

Changkyun blushed lightly at that, confused as to why Hyungwon suddenly became more protective. 

But he just smiled as he nodded slowly, "Okay, lead the way."

Hyungwon's expression softened as he nodded in return, the two walking over to find their friends. 

Chapter Text


Hyungwon's clinginess was...cute?

Least it was for a good hour when he dragged Changkyun around almost everywhere. The boy kinda enjoyed his presence so he wasn't really bothered, it was nice. Jungkook called him a creep half of the time, but around his other friends he kinda sorta blended in with the group.

Until Wonho came around.

The man nearly popped up occasionally, since they were in public, they just talked. Although when no one was looking he'd eventually stand behind Changkyun and sneak a back hug. Which was soothing because Wonho would put his hands up under Changkyun's shirt from the back and rub his back from time to time.

He was being soft, made Changkyun feel soft.

And also forget Hyungwon was there.

"Wait, you mean to tell me that you don't model for bathroom supplies?"

Wonho furrowed his eyebrows, "No. I'm just an ordinary model, who the fuck told you I model for bath and body works?"

"Ummm," Changkyun replied, looking down and trying to hide his blush of embarrassment, "No one you need to know."

"Mhm," The man replied. Then he was silent for a second as he looked back over at the boy, "Do I really look like a model for bath products?"

Changkyun looked up, kinda awed at the lost and curious expression on the man's face. He was also kinda flattered that he was asking him something like this, I mean it was about his image, but Changkyun felt special regardless.

"Well I dunno, I thought you were one though. Hyungwon said you guys sell body wash and lotion so I thought, oh my god he's a bathroom god."

"That's hella insulting," Wonho deadpanned, looking over to see Changkyun giggle lightly. He patted the boy's bum a bit, poking out his lips, "That's not funny, I'm actually really insulted. Do I look like a bathroom god?"

"Maybe you should hold a bottle of lotion and we'll see," Changkyun joked, his laughter getting a bit louder.

Wonho rolled his eyes. He wanted to say something else to retaliate, but Changkyun's laughter was just so soft and pure. They were just soft little giggles that he tried to keep as quiet as possible and it made Wonho feel rather weird. I mean, he was still offended but now that he was thinking about the joke it was kinda funny.

Plus, seeing Changkyun happy rather than sad was a good thing. Made him feel....big? Maybe happy even.

He chuckled lightly, ruffling Changkyun's hair, "Okay okay stupid, that's enough. I get it, I look like the god of towels and bath soap."

Changkyun slowly stopped giggling, sighing, "I didn't even think of it till now. It's kinda funny."

"Mhm, shall I get my revenge then?" Wonho mentioned and Changkyun raised an eyebrow.

"What do you-"

He suddenly stopped talking when he felt one of Wonho's hands caress his cheek lightly. Changkyun hummed a bit at the touch, not even noticing Wonho move his hand over to his chin. Wonho lifted his chin up lightly, the boy looking directly up at him. When he did, he saw the small smile on Wonho's face and blushed lightly.

Wonho giggled, "You're so easy sometimes. Very sensitive when it comes to me touching you."

"I-I—hey! I am not sensitive!" Changkyun grumbled, lightly pushing Wonho as the man giggled in response. Changkyun crossed his arms, looking the other way, then looked up at Wonho who was just softly laughing.

It was cute seeing him like that.

Changkyun smiled, turning over and slowly wrapping his arms around the man's neck. Wonho registered his actions and put his hands on the small of his back, looking at his eyes that were filled with nothing but curiosity.

"I'm sad I didn't notice how much of a tease you are, but I guess I should take a mental note of that."

Changkyun raised an eyebrow, "Oh really?"

"Yeah," Wonho said lowly, lowering his face to the boy's ear, "Like what you said back there about liking it rough."

Changkyun's eyes went holy wide as his blush grew bigger and bigger, "O-oh, Wonho I-I was just k-kidding-"

Wonho suddenly squeezed the boy's ass and Changkyun gasped a little, definitely not hiding that slight whimper that escaped out. Wonho did it again though and Changkyun gripped his shoulders tightly, the sound that escaped his mouth was rather light and soft.

"Were you kidding? Or were you being serious?" Wonho said in a husked whisper, "Is that why you wanted me to go harder, and harder, and harder last night?"

"W-Wonho...we're in public. People can-"

The boy got a rough grip on his ass and this time Changkyun yelped in surprise, which was pretty loud and echoed through the halls. In fact, he covered his mouth as his eyes widened. Good thing they were in some isolated hallway so no one really saw them. Especially since he and Wonho have walked so far away when they were talking, basically ahead of everyone else.

"There's no one around us right now," Wonho said softly, lightly kissing the boy's ear.

Changkyun bit his lip as he started to feel Wonho's lips reach his neck, trying to figure out why this was such a bad thing. Why was he pretending to hate this so much? Maybe because deep down he knew Wonho only wanted to get his dick wet and messed with Changkyun for some hidden objective. Didn't mean Wonho didn't make him feel good regardless.

He moved closer as he felt Wonho's hands rub on his ass gently, hands rubbing the man's neck each time he kissed a part of his own. Wonho wasn't gonna leave a hickey purposely, that would mean they would get caught. But it just seemed like everytime they were alone, that was Wonho's chance. And his hands were like heaven, he was so fucking gentle Changkyun just forgot why he was supposed to hate this in the first place.

But maybe that was just him being desperate, oh well.

Wonho pulled away, bringing the boy closer to him. Changkyun looked up at him, eyes filled with complete neediness, the desire to want to kiss this man and get lost in his lips.

Both of them heard chatters from the other side of the hall and pulled away though, Changkyun kinda cursed under his breath being released from the sudden physical contact. The people started to show up, all of Changkyun's friends, arguing about something.

Well, Jungkook was yelling at Jimin.

"All I'm saying is, I think Peter Quill would've been way more useful to the plan if they just told him to fucking take a seat. Thanos wouldn't have erased the universe if it wasn't for him."

Jimin rolled her eyes, "But it isn't his fault! He was just pissed because he lost a lot of things in life, how would you feel if you lost the love of your life, your father figure, and someone who was your father?"

"I'd suck it up and not be such a bitch about it," Jungkook scoffed, "He should've just left the heavy work up to the big kids. Even Peter Parker knew what the fuck he was doing, c'mon now! If a kid knows what they're doing over you, who's like a 23-year-old adult, then you seriously need help."

The girl hummed as she rolled her eyes, "You're only saying that because some little kid told you to get your life together when we went to that one amusement park."

"Hey, let's not discuss that please," Jungkook shot and Jimin giggled lightly at it.

Then she turned her head and her eyes widened soon as she saw Changkyun. Yep, it was him, and Wonho. Jungkook was gonna ask her why she stopped walking, but then he turned and saw it too, his eyes going wide as well. Changkyun looked over at them, kinda conflicted on what he should say.

Especially considering the fact that he was standing next to the man he was supposed to hate.

Jimin cleared her throat, giving Changkyun a small smile as she and Jungkook walked up to him.

"Um, hey," she said, chuckling nervously.

Changkyun gave her a nervous smile, "H-hey Jimin."

Jimin looked up at Wonho, who looked at her in confusion and she looked back down at Changkyun, "N-nice umm...wonderful weather we're having Kyunie."

"O-oh yeah!" Changkyun exclaimed, scratching the back of his neck, "It sure is beautiful."

Then Jimin bowed at Wonho a little, "Nice to meet you Wonho."

"Charmed," Wonho replied, his voice deep as fuck.

Jimin nodded, unable to stop the small blush growing on her face. But she knew she had to because y'know Changkyun was here and he didn't like him. Remember Jimin, he's a thot. An ungrateful bastard who called out Changkyun for being fat and poor.

But damn, he was still a model.

There was this awkward silence though. Changkyun and Jimin looked in opposite directions trying to hide their nervousness and blushes. Wonho looked up, scratching the back of his neck because he was trying to figure out how to handle the wave of ice that was just flowing over them. He was also trying to figure out why Changkyun and Jimin got so nervous, it was weird.

Then Jungkook spoke, "Okay you fucking thots, what the hell is going on?"

Changkyun looked at him with a raised eyebrow, "What are you talking about Kook? Everything's fine."

"Is it really?" Jungkook asked, crossing his arms, "Changkyun, this is the guy you hate remember?"

Wonho's eyes went wide, as did Jimin's as they both turned to Jungkook at the same time. Changkyun was just nervous, so fucking nervous. He did not need this right now, he was already struggling not mentioning his relations with Wonho on the first fucking day, now it was just getting harder to avoid it.

He couldn't just say Oh yeah, lmao I had sex with him we're cool now.

Mainly because Jungkook can't keep his mouth shut and Jimin would kill him.

"I uh, I never said that," Changkyun said, poking his fingers, blushing a bit.

This time Jimin looked at him in surprise, furrowing her eyebrows a bit.

"You what?" Jungkook replied, "Changkyun, this guy called you a poor fat peasant. You fucking despise this dude c'mon now. You literally wasted 3489 croissants just yelling about how much you hated him."

Wonho looked down at Changkyun, his eyelids low as he raised an eyebrow, "Oh really?"

"I-uh, yeah but I didn't really mean it. I was just drunk-"

"Damn then you must've been really really drunk. You told us how much this guy was an ass and how he wasn't gonna get in the way of you and Hyungwon's relationship. Kyun you printed a picture of him and you throw darts at it every day. You even made Jimin delete like half of her fan pages," Jungkook spat, and he was saying it like it was no big deal.

But Changkyun just felt his insides churn the more he exposed him, not even daring to look up at the glare he was getting from Wonho right now. He just kept his head low, Jimin looked at him and her eyes were focused.

As much as she wanted to expose him too, she was also curious.

Now that she thought about it, she did kinda notice Changkyun being strangely close with the man. Especially when Hyungwon rushed off somewhere and Wonho just waltzed over and they were just walking and talking. Of course, she was talking to Rui, but at times when Rui was talking to someone else, Jimin would kinda notice them talking and Wonho's hands just roaming off somewhere.

She didn't wanna assume anything though, it was just weird.

And yeah, Changkyun did hate him.

Least that's what she thinks.

"Jungkook please," Changkyun said weakly, "Don't go out telling Wonho that stuff, it's rude."

"I'm just helping you out! This man is probably a creep like his weird ass brother," Jungkook shot, "Don't be fooled just cause he's indirectly hot as fuck. He looks like the bathroom king."

Wonho's eyes widened, "B-bathroom king, what the-"

"Yeah, Changkyun and I made a joke saying you looked like a guy who models for bathroom products. So we just call you the bathroom king," Jungkook replied, then snickered at the thought.

He really thought all this shit was funny as hell but Changkyun was fucking dying over here.

Wonho just chuckled lightly, "Well, I'm flattered that I get talked about. Anyways, I should get going, you all take care now."

Jungkook was too busy laughing his ass off to even respond, Jimin just tried shushing him to the best of her ability, but then she took one glance from the corner of her eye and watched Wonho and Changkyun carefully. She could see his glance, eyelids a bit low as he smirked at the boy which was a devilish smirk. His hands just lightly, but barely touched the boy's ass and Changkyun smacked his hand away, looking away, both glaring as well as blushing?

Holy fuck, Jimin thought, seeing Wonho snicker as he put his hands in his pockets and walked off.

Soon as he did, she looked at Changkyun, who looked at her.

He chuckled, "Aha, so um...anyways-"

The girl grabbed his wrist before he could continue talking, then dragged Jungkook by his collar and walked on the opposite side of the hallway. They were near the public restrooms, Jimin kicked the door and immediately walked in, not even noticing that it was the men's restroom. The guys all saw her and they screamed, some kinda glared at her as they pulled their pants up quickly.

One of them being BamBam, "Jimin, what the fuck?"

"Beat it, I need to talk to these two," She snapped, then saw Chanyeol walk out the stall.

He furrowed his eyebrows, "This is the men's bathroom dumbass, you beat it."

"Y-yeah Jimin he's right, why are we in here-"

Jimin rolled her eyes as she kicked the door again. Then she glared at the guys, "By the way Bam, your dick is little anyways and it's not gonna get any bigger so stop trying to top Yugyeom and face the facts."

The boy's eyes widened as she slammed the door.

He was gonna say something, until the other stall door and out came Yugyeom himself.

Flabbergasted, "You're trying to top me?"

"Wh-what?! N-no I was just," BamBam started to say then groaned, storming out of the bathroom.

Yugyeom felt kinda weird, also turned on a bit. Then he noticed Chanyeol was here, "Dude, he was trying to top me?"


Jimin was in the girls' bathroom now, the girls all kinda screamed at the sight of Jungkook and Changkyun and ran out immediately. Soon as they did, Jimin threw the boys on the floor and then turned to it, pulling out some keys and locking it.

Jungkook furrowed his eyebrows, "W-wait why are we in here? And did you just fucking lock the door?"

"Hell yeah I did," Jimin replied as she plopped her ass on the sink island counter, "You'd be surprised what you can get when you walk past the janitor's closet and take keys that basically open up and lock anything."

The boys looked at her and then at each other and swallowed hard.

Jimin glared at Changkyun, her eyes low and dark, "Now start talking."

"Wh-what are you talking about? There's nothing that needs to be said-"

"Oh really?" Jimin cut him off, raising an eyebrow, "You really wanna sit here and lie again Changkyun? You know I am not the fucking one to mess around and lie to."

The boy swallowed hard, trying to sit up a little. But he literally felt so taken down, he knew he couldn't hide anything from Jimin. She had her ways of finding everything out, if only he had been a bit more careful then she wouldn't have suspected a thing. He should've just pretended to laugh at all that stuff Jungkook was saying and move on.


Jungkook turned to him, sitting criss-cross, "Yeah what's up with you? You've been acting hella weird especially when you tried to pretend you didn't say all that stuff about Wonho back there when I know you did. I have evidence-"

"Jungkook for once in your life just shut the fuck up," Jimin snapped and the boy immediately stopped talking, clamping his lips together.

Jimin looked over at Changkyun again, "Now talk. Tell us what's been going on and why the hell you're so giggly towards Wonho all of a sudden. It's like what Jungkook said, you hated him and now you like him all of a sudden."

The boy looked down, "J-Jimin, it's not that deep-"

"Bullshit! You fucking went out of your way to tell us how shitty this guy was and now you like him? Changkyun all you talked about was how much you wanted to pound his ass into next Sunday and you guys are just talking to each other! And don't think I don't notice when he comes up and starts touching you in weird areas and you laugh about it."

Changkyun looked up at her as his eyes widened, "Y-you saw?"

"Yeah, I saw! I saw when we walked away he was near you and you guys were like, I don't know, close close? Like not even how you and Hyungwon are close you two were like reaaaaaaally close."

Jungkook's eyes widened, "W-wait, I didn't see-"

"Shut up Jungkook," Jimin snapped once more and the boy shushed himself once more.

Then she hopped off the sink, plopping down in front of Changkyun as she crossed her legs, leaning towards him. Changkyun saw her squint her eyes and he tried his hardest to ignore her glare. But that was gonna be hard since she just gave him this look that made him wanna fucking kill himself.

"Tell me," Jimin replied sharply, her voice kinda deeper than usual with a hint of anger.

Changkyun looked away, shutting his eyes as he remembered what Wonho said.

This has to stay between us.

"Tell me you son of a bitch," Jimin ordered again, getting relatively closer.

No one can ever find out about this, you understand?

He started sweating the closer Jimin got, their noses almost touched and that was basically how close she was. Changkyun just got more and more nervous, looking at Jungkook whose mouth was shut. God, he wished there was a way for him to get out of this situation, but the closer Jimin got, the more nervous he became.

Fuck it.

"I HAD SEX LAST NIGHT!" Changkyun exclaimed, then quickly covered his mouth.

Jimin pulled away, slowly. Her eyes were wide and her mouth slowly fell, looking at Changkyun in complete and utter shock.

"YOU HAD SEX-" Jungkook exclaimed to the top of his lungs but Jimin quickly ran up to him, covering his mouth as she and Changkyun shushed him harshly to make sure no one could hear what they were yelling about.

Jimin looked up at him, "Listen, you need to be fucking quiet okay? We don't need anyone else figuring this out or knowing about it."

The boy looked up at her as he nodded quickly. Jimin didn't remove her hand from his mouth though because she kinda thought it belonged there.

So she looked over at Changkyun, "Okay slow down. When did you have sex last night and where? N-no! Scratch all that. Who did you have sex with last night?"

"So last night," Changkyun started to say, biting his lip, "I-I kinda sorta got dumb drunk. Like, so fucking drunk I couldn't control myself. Like I was so dizty and giggly I suppose. Anyways, I was fucking badshit drunk but for some reason, I had sex with Wonho in the midst of being so fucking drunk I couldn't control it."

Just as Changkyun expected, Jungkook and Jimin's eyes got so fucking wide.

Jungkook's were so wide to the point where the boy slowly removed his glasses and his eyes were still wide. He was so fucking shook, his mouth fell as he looked over at the boy in disbelief, not believing a single word he was saying.

This was coming from the same boy who said he fucking hated Wonho with a passion. He couldn't stand him, even told Jimin that he was bad. Jimin, someone who worshipped the ground that Wonho walked on, she hated him now. Well, Jungkook never hated him for real, he just went with the flow for Changkyun since that was his best friend and wanted to have his back.

But this, it was so unexpected.

Changkyun just went on, "This one guy tried fucking me, b-but Wonho stuck up for me and stopped it from happening. I ran away to the bathroom, he followed, we were laughing about people with tiny dicks and then next thing you know...we're fucking."

The two were still honestly so fucking speechless, and Changkyun understood why they were so speechless. Maybe he shouldn't have told them, this should've been something he shoulda kept to himself as Wonho said.

"I. CAN. NOT. BEEEEEELIEVE THIS SHIT!" Jimin let out, rising up quickly. She held the sides of her face, looking up at the ceiling, "No way. No FUCKING WAY! Lim Changkyun you better be fucking lying to me you thot I swear to GOD!"

Changkyun poked at his fingers, chuckling as he felt himself blush a little bit, "I-I h-honestly wish I was too."

Jimin just looked over at him with wide eyes, nothing but silence for a couple of seconds.

Then, she roared.

She punched the air about dozens of times, even got some paper towels and threw them on the floor a little bit. Jungkook and Changkyun watched the whole thing, kinda in awe and kinda sorta confused at the same time. She almost looked as if she was throwing a tantrum or something, who knows.

All Changkyun knew that he was pretty fucked.

Jimin put her hands up to her ears, saying oh my god, oh my god, oh my mother fucking god over and over again.

"Bitch I know right? Changkyun got some dick," Jungkook replied, looking over at Changkyun with wide eyes, "Sum good dick."

The boy just furrowed his eyebrows a bit, giving Jungkook this weird look as he shrugged his shoulders in defense. Then he looked back at Jimin, who was groaning as she held her face in her hands, kinda overwhelmed with this information right now. She wasn't sure whether to be happy or angry, it was weird.

Changkyun's eyes got a bit glassy, "J-Jimin, p-please don't be mad at me or hate me. I-I know I should've just said no and went along with it b-but-"

"The dick was too good-"

"Jungkook would you PLEASE, SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Changkyun exclaimed, glaring at the boy who just shrunk down in his spot.

Jimin turned around, eyes widening at Changkyun's sudden tone.

Changkyun sighed, standing up and walking towards her, "It wasn't my intention at all Jimin, I swear. I-it just happened!" He could see her looking at him in disbelief, but her pout was slowly softening, "I know I said I hated him, I still do, but it's just...hard to explain...I don't know. Goddammit, I'm so-"

"Oh my god you're so bad at this, c'mere," Jimin replied, bringing him in for a small hug. Changkyun was surprised at the action, but he slowly started to hug her back.

"I'm not mad at you," she said.

His eyes widened, "You're not?"

"Well I mean I'm pissed as fuck that you didn't tell me as soon as possible. Also at the fact that you're getting fucked by this dude and you don't even like him and he's like my IDOL! Changkyun you're a thot," Jimin let out, which kinda made Changkyun giggle lightly a bit.

Something about Jimin being comforting about this rather than angry was kinda refreshing, but that's just the way Jimin's been. She knew everything Changkyun was going through, literally.

"I mean I'm a lot of things right now," She continued to say, "That includes happy and excited but just downright angry! I have no clue why but I know for a fact it has a lot to with the fact that you made me delete all of these fanpages I had of Wonho and then made me hate him for 2 days."

"Okay first of all hoe-"

"Oh, I'm the hoe?"

"Don't," Changkyun grimaced, hearing Jimin laugh a little, "Anyways, I wanted to tell you but so much was going on. Then this morning I was trying to get my memories back and then memories of us fucking just flashed through my brain."

"Woah," Jimin replied, pulling away, "How did this startup anyway? Or did he just rub up on you that night? And y'all did it at a motel?"

"Um well no, he kissed me a couple days ago. Actually, we made out at the Epcot center and that's where the weird feelings kicked in. And no, he drove me to his mansion and we fucked in his penthouse."

"I took her to my penthouse and I freaked it-"

"Shut the FUCK UP JUNGKOOK!" Both Jimin and Changkyun exclaimed, of course, shutting Jungkook the fuck up.

Jimin rolled her eyes and sighed, looking back up at Changkyun, " was it?"

Changkyun looked at her with wide eyes, "How was what?"

"The sex ya dumbass! And, oh my god, he took your virginity too! Holy fuck! This is heaven oh my god my child just got blessed because Wonho licked his glory hole I'm gonna cry! What a way to lose your virginity-"

"Jimin!" Changkyun huffed, blushing, "That's enough! This is bad as it is because I don't know what to do. W-we kinda have this thing now where Wonho just wants to fuck me all the time-"

"So y'all friends with benefits then?" She said, clapping her hands together.

Changkyun raised an eyebrow, "We're not friends."

"Right right sorrywait a minute, how the hell did you lose your virginity to a guy you hate? And now y'all are fucking? Oh boy y'all wild," Jimin sneered, snickering a bit. Then she stopped when she saw the deadpanned look on Changkyun's face.

She gave him an apologetic smile, "Sorry, sorry, continue."

He sighed, "This is bad. Jimin, I don't know what to do m-my feelings are all weird and mushy. P-plus I'm getting it up the ass by Wonho but I'm supposed to have a crush on Hyungwon."

"Oh yeah," Jimin replied, then her eyes became big, "Oh. This is bad."

Jungkook sighed, "Yeah, but it isn't hard either. It's obvious who you want, but you're here fucking with this other dude because that guy isn't giving you any attention. What makes you even more of an asshole is that that's Hyungwon's older brother."

"I KNOW! I feel like shit I don't know why I'm doing this to myself," Changkyun sighed, holding his face in his hands.

Jimin hugged him again, "Well it ain't your fault baby. I mean yeah, what you're putting yourself through is pretty dumb but then again it's not entirely your fault."

"Well yeah you let him touch you and you agreed to being his fuckbuddy-"

Jimin glared at him, "Jungkook-"

"I'm shutting the fuck up now, damn," Jungkook huffed, crossing his arms.

Jimin looked back at Changkyun, "It's just crazy desires of yours you know. I mean, if I were you I'd take advantage of this as much as you possibly can, least until you can sort it all out. Also, don't think about Hyungwon, or Wonho, but think about yourself and what you really want. You tell these men what you want from them and they'll give it to you whether their ass is in love with you or not."

"What I want?"

Jimin nodded, "Also, I suppose this thing with you and Wonho isn't all bad. He's treating you right and he's not trying to put you guys out in public all like that which is good. But don't let your guard down and don't get attached. You stay exactly as y'all are, enemies with benefits. Get your dick, get up, get on, get off, get out."

"Then buss it down thotiana-"

"I'm really gonna beat your ass if you say one more fucking thing," Jimin replied and the boy turned around this time.

Changkyun sighed, "I guess I understand. I mean, I didn't really think much of it considering Wonho. He's just trying to keep me away from Hyungwon and this is his twisted way of doing so. Basically manipulating me."

"But you like it," Jimin said and Changkyun looked at her.

"But I hate it."

"But you let it happen! You loved the fuck out of that shit, I honestly don't know why you're fighting that fact!" Jimin exclaimed lightly, "Wonho may be a huge dick but you are what you deliver! I bet his dick is big as fuck and you got the Wonho dick effect. This man just rocked your world and he's trying to keep it going, I say take advantage of it as much as you can."


"Hell YES!" Jimin said, gripping his shoulders, "We came on this trip for you to have fun and look at you now? You out here getting good dick! Have your fun with him, without getting caught. Y'all hate each other, sure, but that dick is too good to avoid and he's offering it to you! Quit being a pussy, it's a chance, so be Aaron Buur and take that shit!"

Changkyun's eyes widened as he looked at her with wide sparkly eyes. He just felt her words hit him as if they were empowering, like it was a motivational speech or something. In a way, it was but only to them.

Then the boy nodded, "Okay, I'm gonna keep going on with it."

"Woo! That's the spirit!" She exclaimed happily, hugging him as the boy giggled.

Jungkook rolled his eyes, "Yeah, you're getting dick meanwhile I still get yelled at and called a fucking furry."

"Well you deserve it for lying about Taehyung like that," Jimin huffed and Changkyun giggled, "Also, don't be jealous of Kyunie's success. Maybe if you're lucky enough Taehyung can give you that good dick one day and y'all can just-"

"ERASE YOUR BRAIN!" Jungkook exclaimed loudly as Jimin and Changkyun both laughed.

So it was finally the end of the tour.

Jooheon, Youngjae, and Rui were all by the entrance of course, along with everyone else who was just waiting for the remaining people. They were talking about something kinda random, having time to themselves and not even notice Hyungwon run up to them.

"-dude, I don't even think Jimin likes the color blue," Jooheon replied then looked over at Youngjae, "Wait, does she?"

"I dunno, she's your best friend Jooheon how do you not know her favorite colors," Youngjae looked at him with a raised eyebrow and the boy tapped his chin for a second, then sighed to himself.

Then he furrowed his eyebrows, looking up at Rui, "Actually I don't think you gotta worry about it. She's so indecisive when it comes to her favorite color and she's been that way for years. I think this blue teddy bear will be fine."

Rui giggled, "Don't worry, I'll just think of some way to give it to her. She'll appreciate it if it's coming from me regardless!"

She felt a tap on her shoulder and turned around, looking to see Hyungwon kneeling down a bit, exhausted as fuck.

"Woah there skippy," Rui giggled, "You look tired, what's-"

"I-I been running around all damn day giving people tours and shit!" Hyungwon exclaimed, "And I had to bring Taehyung along with me so I could get everyone's names right. Then these girls were clinging to me and asking me personal questions."

Taehyung walked up, chuckling lightly, "It was pretty embarrassing. Some girl asked about dicks and then asked if Hyungwon had a big one."

"Oh wow," Rui said, her eyes wide, "I mean that is kinda-"

"Why would they ask that?" Youngjae brought and Hyungwon shrugged his shoulders.

Hyungwon sighed, "I-I don't know but fangirls are like that sometimes-"

"No I mean, why'd they ask you about your dick size? You're pretty tall but your also a bit slim, you're probably like 8 inches," Youngjae replied bluntly.

Hyungwon froze, "I-I, um...Youngjae wh-"

"Nah babe, he's probably 7.5? Or the average size. He's skinny so his girth is probably pretty small," Jooheon added.

Youngjae tapped his chin, "Or maybe his penis is just long and skinny. It probably has the girth of a tree branch-"

"CAN WE STOP TALKING ABOUT MY DICK?!" Hyungwon exclaimed, blushing hard, "I'm kinda embarrassed as well as insulted and I don't need any more of this nonsense today. I just wanted to come here and talk to my fellow acquaintances."

"Hey don't be mad just because you're rocking us with that long dick style, skinny penis," Jooheon shot and Youngjae, Rui, and Taehyung tried their hardest to hide their giggles.

Hyungwon just rolled his eyes. Then he looked around and saw someone missing, "Where's Changkyun? Surely he'll side with me and not make me feel uncomfortable. That's what I love about him."

Jooheon raised an eyebrow, "Wait...I thought you were with him this whole time?"

"I was," Hyungwon quickly replied, rubbing the back of his neck, "B-but then I got a call from some important people so I left him with Jimin and Jungkook. Then, when I was coming back, I got caught up with the tourists and well...y'know."

Jooheon looked at him for a few seconds, giving him a wary look, "Hey um, I like you and all and I don't wanna be that person because I know you like Changkyun a bit, but you need to be careful with what you're doing."

Hyungwon looked at him in confusion, "I don't understand."

"I mean, all this lowkey flirting shit is cute but best friend's been through a shit ton of shit in his life and I don't wanna go through another emotional rollercoaster," Jooheon stated, then looked over at him, "If you truly have strong feelings towards my friend you need to figure that shit out right now. You can't keep teasing him and egging him on otherwise he's gonna get hurt. And if there's one thing I don't need on my plate right now, it's my best friend getting caught up a celebrity affair."

Hyungwon raised his eyebrows, his expression slowly softening, "Wh-what do you mean? Jooheon I'm not trying to mess with his feelings. If anything, I don't really know how I feel about him as well."

"Well figure that shit out," Jooheon replied, his voice a bit gruff, scaring Hyungwon and Rui a bit.

Youngjae held him back, "Baby, calm down. It's okay, don't get too worked up."

Jooheon sighed, keeping his cool as he nodded at Youngjae's small smile.

He looked at Hyungwon, "S-sorry about that. Anyways, I'll catch you later I guess. S-see you on the bus Taehyung and Rui."

With that, Jooheon and Youngjae walked outside with everyone else to the bus. Rui looked over at them and so did Hyungwon and Taehyung. The blue haired boy cleared his throat and walked up eventually as well, waving towards Rui and Hyungwon who waved back.

Rui looked over and saw Hyungwon's smile slowly fade, kinda looking down a bit.

She held his shoulder, "Hey don't take it personal Hyunnie. It's not your fault you don't know how you feel towards Changkyun."

"I don't know Rui, i-it's not that," Hyungwon said as he sighed, "Changkyun's such a sweet boy. Purely innocent and he'd never hurt a fly. He means well too I suppose so. We're just friends though, I don't even think of him that way so I don't know why I'm so worked up about this."

Rui raised an eyebrow, "You let this boy sit in first class with you, you held him in the elevator because he was scared of heights, you took him on a date and defended him against Wonho. You call this boy almost every night and you tell how wonderful he is and how he makes your life exciting. You made a picture project inspired by his words, you two almost kissed-"

"Okay Rui, I get it." Hyungwon replied, sighing to himself, "So I guess I'm attracted to him a little."

"Goodness gracious, now I see why Jooheon is so frustrated with you," Rui sighed, "Hyungwon do you even know what you want? What is the purpose of you being so clingy towards him if you're not even sure how you feel about him? Baby, you can't keep teasing him."

"Dammit, I know Rui!" Hyungwon gruffed, a little frustrated, "I know I know I shouldn't play with his feelings but he and I are from two different worlds!"

"Since when have you ever let that stop you?" Rui asked him in a sly tone, Hyungwon just looked over at her with wide eyes.

Then he sighed, "You're not making this any easier than it needs to be."

Rui giggled, patting his shoulder, "Look you need to talk to Changkyun in person. Invite him to your office tomorrow and try to get your feelings sorted out. Maybe you two can go out somewhere."

"Yeah but I work all day tomorrow," Hyungwon sighed, "I have to go to Empire City tomorrow evening to attend Gatsby's raffle party. You know how busy those are Rui."

"True," Rui said, tapping her chin. Then an idea sprouted in her head, "Wait a minute, those galas usually give you an extra ticket right?"

"Yeah but I usually take Kihyun with me," Hyungwon replied, then grimaced, "But he and Wonho have a shoot tomorrow so I guess I'm going solo."

Rui raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms, "Orrrrr, invite Changkyun."

Hyungwon's eyes widened, "Wh-what?! Are you absurd?! Rui, he has a life I don't want to make it like I'm his first and top priority! Plus I don't even think he'd be interested in going to that type of thing! Especially with me! C'mon now, look at me! Rui he's gonna say no, he doesn't even think of me that way-"

"Goodness," Rui replied, snickering, "For someone who isn't sure how he feels about Changkyun, you sure are nervous about asking him to Gatsby's Raffle Gala."

Hyungwon painfully glared at her and it made her giggle even more.

Then she stopped laughing and sighed, "Okay look calm down. Think this through because this may be a good opportunity for you and Changkyun to be alone so you two can talk. You're already working, so why not work with him by your side as well."

Hyungwon's eyes widened at the idea. It was so fucking risky, only because his mother would kill him for bringing someone who doesn't work for them on the job. Then again, Hyungwon's been rebellious for these past couple days.

So why not.

He sighed, nodded with a determined smirk, "Okay, I'm gonna give it a go! But if he says no then I'm blaming you."

Rui giggled lightly, "Don't push your luck boy."















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"So how big was it?"

Changkyun's eyes widened as he blushed a light blush, "P-Pardon?"

"Wonho's mansion weirdo," Jungkook scoffed, saying that like it made it sound any better, "How big is it? Is it like a mini-mansion or-"

"No no no, I don't care about that shit, how big is his dick," Jimin corrected him, looking dead at Changkyun. Jungkook rolled his eyes, then looked over at Changkyun too, intrigued to know this info as well.

The boy saw their curious stares and his face got redder and redder.

He looked away, "I-it was really big."

"Damn what?" Jimin said, complete astonished, "Big bet, it was 10 inches. Oh shit, maybe 10.5? 11-"

Changkyun's eyes almost popped out their sockets, "11? Jimin what the fuck are you trying to do, kill me?"

"No! But it's Wonho! God blessed that boy with the biggest penis of the century and you got a taste," Jimin replied dramatically, bringing her hands together in a praying position.

Jungkook wowed, "Okay but bitch me too. How'd his dick taste-"

"It probably tasted like skittles and starburst," Jimin replied for him, getting all giggly.

The boys stopped in their tracks as they look as they looked at her in confusion. She turned to them and then raised an eyebrow as he huffed and crossed her arms.

Jungkook raised an eyebrow, "Jimin, it's a dick, not a jolly rancher."

"What?! Apparently Changkyun lowkey likes Wonho now so I can finally talk about him again! Shit, those two days were not easy and I only temporarily disabled my pages, I didn't delete them," She admitted, Jungkook just looked over at Changkyun and shook his head as Changkyun giggled lightly at that.

Then Jimin looked down at her phone and saw it ringing.

She answered, putting it on speaker, "Hey Rui, what's up?"

"Hey cutie, where are you? I like totally miss you and I wanna be wrapped in your warmth right now."

Jungkook and Changkyun's eyes went hella wide as they heard that, looking at Jimin who's eyes were wide as well and her face was red. Changkyun just mouthed wow and Jungkook mouthed tea, looking at Jimin in disbelief. She looked up at them and giggled lightly, going on with the call.

"I-I'm still in the building Rui," Jimin giggled, "But I'm with Jungkook and Changkyun so it's all gucci."

"Okay good! Hurry up so we can cuddle," Rui replied sharply, then her voice got a little cute, "Oh! And I love you bye!"

Rui hung up, leaving a small wave of silence between the three. Changkyun was just utterly speechless, but his mouth closed as a small smile started to form. Jungkook was just shocked, but then he closed his mouth and he started smiling too.

"Damn," Jungkook whistled, "Jimin caught the gay."

The girl blushed lightly, "I am not gay!"

"Are you sure?" Changkyun raised an eyebrow, "I mean, I know I got my issue with the Lee-Chae brothers, but you're out here cuddling with their sister-"

"DON'T START WITH ME THOT! BE GONE!" Jimin exclaimed as Jungkook and Changkyun laughed like crazy. Jimin just blushed a ruby red as she turned away from them both, crossing her arms.

"Does Jimin Park is gay?" Jungkook joked, his and Changkyun's laughter getting uncontrollably louder. Jimin rolled her eyes, storming off as Jungkook followed right behind her.

Changkyun sighed as he wiped the little tear in his eye, then he felt his pockets for his phone. It should've been in his back pocket but his back pocket was empty. The boy's eyes widened, looking up to see Jungkook and Jimin had gone far and started to look around himself.

He was kinda confused but he also remembered that he didn't really go that far. After the pep talk with Jungkook and Jimin, they went to the food court and then that's when they started walking back to the main doors. So what the hell? This was honestly so fucking weird.

He even asked some of the staff if they had seen his phone, and no one had caught sight of it or anything. This was so fucking weird. How in the hell did someone just pickpocket him and he didn't even notice? He didn't even feel it either, surely he would've felt something touching his ass and pulling out his phone.

But then again, why would someone walk up and touch his ass? The only person he knew would feel comfortable enough doing that was-

"Hey there," Changkyun stopped in his tracks.

He turned around slowly and saw a familiar man leaning against the door to the storage room. What scared the boy, even more, was when the man lifted up his whole iPhone with two fingers, smirking like nothing even mattered.

"I believe this is what you're looking for?" He said slyly, slowly walking up towards the boy.

Changkyun swallowed hard, "W-Wonho-"

"Now how did I get this? Hmm, long story actually but first and foremost Mr. Lim Changkyun," Wonho replied lowly, placing his hands on the boy's ass as he came close to his ear, "Never put stuff in the pockets behind you."

"I-I-" Changkyun began to say, but Wonho pulled away instantly before he could say anything.

He sighed, "There are so many good pictures of you on this phone too. Good messages, some good videos saved in playlists. Good taste in music as well, I'm surprised. Never thought you'd be into Cythina Parker."

Changkyun chuckled nervously, "Y-you'd be surprised."

Wonho hummed, then put Changkyun's phone in his back pocket.

Changkyun saw the action and froze, then furrowed his eyebrows, "H-hey wait a second! Gimme my phone!"

"Oh?" Wonho husked, "You want your phone back? Baby boy I don't think you deserve it. I mean, I can't have you going on on social media bad mouthing me to another one of your friends and totally ruining my image. We can't have that sir, no no."

Changkyun widened his eyes, then he groaned, storming towards Wonho to reach for his phone. Wonho dodged all of his attempts, even slapped him in the ass harshly a few times. But all those dodges weren't really stopping Changkyun from trying to receive his phone.

"Wonho c'mon! Give it back," Changkyun grumbled, trying to reach behind Wonho to get it but Wonho grabbed his wrists.

He giggled lightly, "No, I'm not giving it to you because you don't deserve it."

"I don't even have social media dude! I mean, Jimin does but all she does is just orgasm over you," Changkyun replied, then grimaced, "A-and that's hella gross. I'd never slander you like that though."

"So all that stuff that bunny looking boy with the round glasses was saying about making your friends dislike me, was that a lie?" Wonho asked.

Changkyun was gonna laugh a bit at the description of Jungkook but he cleared his throat, "Look, I was mad at you okay? That was when you literally tried controlling my life and making decisions for me. I hate being controlled by someone like that and I hated you. I only ranted to them though."

Wonho raised an eyebrow, "Controlling you?"

"Yes, you were bossing me around telling me I shouldn't be near Hyungwon, I hate when people tell me what to do," Changkyun scoffed, then glared at the man, "You're just so controlling and try to be in control of everything and that's what makes you a huge dick. That's why I hate you."

Wonho's eyes got wide as he heard Changkyun's response. Kinda in awe at it in the least, also a bit turned on by his sudden assertive tone.

He liked this little game and he knew Changkyun could crack, he just had to push it.


"Very well then," Wonho replied, storming up toward Changkyun just to push him somewhere.

Changkyun was kinda confused and didn't even notice Wonho push him into the supply room. It was pretty spacious, it looked like a tiny lobby you'd see at a hotel or something. He just looked up and saw Wonho shut the door, then lock it firmly. He turned towards Changkyun, who was backing up slowly against this countertop.

Wonho eventually came up to him and pushed him towards it, the boy kinda sorta hit it, hurting his bum, but unable to move because Wonho had already pinned him against it.

"We're gonna play a game," Wonho sneered, his hands lowering down to the boy's waist as he picked him up and placed him on the counter, "I think you might be quite fond of it."

Changkyun raised an eyebrow as his eyelids lowered a bit, "How so?"

"Because it involves me getting a clear answer from you," Wonho replied lowly, "Here, it's called don't scream. The key is, neither of us can say a damn thing. If you manage to even slip out one little sound, you automatically lose and you gotta do 3 things the other says or answer anything they have to ask. You have five seconds, if you don't do it within those five seconds then the other gets to do whatever they want with you without your consent."

"That's wrong," Changkyun replied softly. Then he blew a raspberry, "What are you gonna do? Fuck me raw? Please, I'd rather throw up-"

"There's no condoms or lube in here," Wonho spat, and that's when Changkyun's eyes went wide. He looked up at him, "E-excuse me?"

Wonho nodded, seeing the fear in Changkyun's eyes as he suddenly started feeling nervous. Fucked raw? That's gonna leave a hell of a lotta marks. Not only that, but Changkyun would probably not walk for days because his ass would literally get torn apart by that demon in Wonho's pants.

Then he heard Wonho slowly chuckled and looked up at him.

"I'm kidding, Jesus you should've seen your face," Wonho chuckled to himself, then pointed to the shelf behind the boy. Changkyun looked over and saw the bottle, sighing in relief.

Then he glared at Wonho, "Wh-why would you say that? See this is why I fucking hate you."

Wonho slowly stopped laughing as he sighed, then hummed, "Yeah, I know."

He got closer to the boy's neck and Changkyun watching him, closing his eyes as he felt Wonho's soft lips reach his neck. Damn he loved the feeling of his lips on his skin period, it made him feel comforted, soft, and so fucking warm. If there was a thing he liked about him, it was the way he kissed and the way he handled the boy.

So gentle and soothing, it was like Wonho's looks and his gentleness made him who he is now.

Then out of nowhere, he felt an intense ass bite on his neck. Changkyun was gonna whimper loudly at that, but he clamped his mouth together and gripped Wonho's shoulders tighter than before. He didn't wanna make a sound because he knew that would give Wonho the advantage to do whatever he pleased, so he sat there, taking in all the sensual kisses, licks, and intense ass bites.

It felt like he was getting his skin devoured by a whole ass vampire, but it felt so good he didn't wanna pull away, he just kept going along with Wonho's little game and chose not to make a sound. So he knew damn well after this, there were gonna be marks everywhere and he'd have no way to explain himself, but luckily Jimin and Jungkook knew so they could possibly help get rid of them.

He didn't know, nor did he have time to think about it. Right now he was dealing with Wonho licking his neck, biting it, kissing his ears and all the sensitive parts of his body trying to get a noise out of him. He knew that's what he was trying to do. Mainly because all these parts Wonho was kissing just seemed like the part Changkyun would usually moan and whimper at. So the boy stayed quiet, biting back anything that could escape his mouth.

Long as Wonho didn't travel to his thighs, there wasn't a problem.

But then Wonho's hands slowly went down to the inside of his thigh, and he knew it was over at this point. He felt a tight squeeze and Changkyun breathlessly said no, but regretted it soon after and quickly covered his mouth.

He blushed as soon as Wonho pulled away, smirking at him like fuck.

"1 point for me," He replied slyly, "Now you gotta do what tell you to do."

Changkyun widened his eyes but then he sighed, "Alright, what are the 3 things you want me to do."

Wonho tapped his chin, trying to think for a second and remained focused. Changkyun raised an eyebrow, crossing his arms and waited for Wonho to respond. He figured Wonho would've known what he wanted or that he knew he was gonna win the first round so he had no idea why he had to sit and think about it. Maybe he didn't think he'd win since Changkyun was so stubborn in his own way.

Made the boy smile a little bit.

"I want you to take off your pants," Wonho finally answered.

Goddammit, "W-wait a second what-"

"You heard me," Wonho replied lowly, looking over at the boy with this weird devious glint in his eye, "Take them off."

Changkyun blushed lightly as his eyes widened for a bit. He just stayed silent as he muttered a small fine as he pushed Wonho a bit to get room to hop off the counter. He started undoing his belt slowly and removing his pants carefully, just him in his underwear. His legs felt a bit cold, but they immediately got warm soon as Wonho's hands reached his legs.

He wasn't sure if it was safe to moan so he bit it back, hands resting on Wonho's shoulders.

"Lose the underwear," Wonho ordered. Changkyun did as he as told and took his underwear off as well, feeling Wonho immediately walk up on his and place his hands on his ass, gripping it a bit.

The boy bit back the moans again, his grip on Wonho's shoulders got a bit more tighter as he felt Wonho lift him up again and put him on the countertop. Wonho just rested his hands on his bare thighs, then carefully caressed them as Changkyun softly moaned in response.

Then he glared at him, "What's the last one?"

Wonho hummed, looking up at him, "I don't know, I haven't decided that yet."

"Oh," Changkyun replied, his tone low as he raised a curious eyebrow, "So you just wanted an excuse for me to take my clothes off. That's what it sounds like."

"No," Wonho said as he snickered, "If I wanted you to take your clothes off I wouldn't have to ask you," His hands moved up and down his thighs, carefully, "I would've done it my own self."

Changkyun's eyelids got a bit lower, watching Wonho with intense eyes, "What about if I asked you to take something off?"

Wonho snickered, "You demanding something of me? That sounds a little bit unlikely of you Changkyun don't you think? I don't really think you could take charge of me like that."

The boy's eyebrow twitched a bit. Wonho looked over at him to see that little devious glare he had, seemingly curious but also dangerous. It scared him in the slightest, but it also excited him a bit too.

He watched as Changkyun removed his suit jacket, tossing it on the floor. Then his hands wrapped around Wonho's neck as his legs wrapped around his waist. Altogether, he pulled him close. Wonho was really surprised at this sudden change in Changkyun's attitude, it was like that wild and dark side of his that he had during their last sexual encounter returned, and it was what Wonho loved the most.

He loved the wild wolf in this boy, it was alluring as fuck.

Changkyun snickered at the light blush that came across Wonho's face, but he kept his cool, running his fingers through the small parts of Wonho's hair that were on the back of his neck.

"I think you seeing me naked is a turn on for you," Changkyun replied childishly, "Or I think when I get like this it's pretty hot for you."

"Bold of you to assume such dangerous things, boy," Wonho answered back, liking where this was going, "You think your little bit of sexual confidence and you being partially naked is a turn on for me?"

"I dunno," Changkyun said, poking his lips out a bit. Then he smirked, "You tell me."

Wonho didn't even get to respond as soon as Changkyun brought his lips against his. His kiss was slow as it was rough. His mouth was open but it was like he made Wonho's mouth open up, allowing his tongue to enter. The action surprised Wonho nonetheless, he gripped Changkyun's waist tightly as he felt the boy's tongue against his own. The think about Changkyun's tongue was that it was long and thick, so it was much more deadlier than his own.

Especially since he wasn't expecting him to kiss him like that.

He just felt Changkyun under complete control of the kiss, his lips were so soft and so intoxicating, almost too good to pull away from. He pulled him closer, grinding on the man slowly and running his fingers all through Wonho's hair. Wonho couldn't control himself, it just went straight soft to fucking fast rough motion just like that. Changkyun wasn't even going to fast, he was going at a certain tempo that was good enough for him and something good for Wonho.

Something that would make him make a sound.

When he heard Wonho release a rough moan in the midst of their kissing, Changkyun slowly stopped. He pulled away, a string of saliva came from both their mouths as Wonho breathed intensely heavy. He saw that small smile forming on Changkyun's lips as he leaned forward.

He licked Wonho's top lip slowly then kissed them playfully, "1 point."

Wonho's eyes widened as he saw the boy pull away, that devious smile of his still on his face.

He furrowed his eyebrows, "N-no way, you cheated."

"Oh did I? I was just following your rules," Changkyun beamed, then giggled, "And you moaned. That's just fairplay Wonho."

Wonho looked at him, seeing him lightly giggle at his small victory. His kiss was so passionate and enthusiastic as well as rough. It threw Wonho off completely because he wasn't expecting him to try anything. He thought he'd just be the main one in control, but Changkyun just showed him a whole nother side of himself.

It was the side that was still a bottom but he still took charge. This boy just made Wonho moan, and Wonho's never moaned because of someone pleasuring him in a way. Maybe when it came to them giving him head, but all Changkyun did was aggressively make out with him and he felt like puty in his hands.

This boy was dangerous.

He sighed to himself, then smiled in defeat, "Okay, what do you want of me?"

Changkyun oohed at that, kinda liking the way it escaped Wonho's mouth.

"Lose the shirt," He ordered happily, poking his chest, "I like my men shirtless."

Wonho snorted a bit, "Your men? Are you saying that there are others or are you indirectly implying that I'm yours?"

"I dunno, maybe the second one? I feel rather confident today," Changkyun giggled.

"Relax, you just made me moan you didn't make me cum."

"That can be arranged," Changkyun replied lowly, then poked his biceps, "Now take off the shirt you good-looking asshole."

Wonho chuckled lightly as he rolled his eyes, stepping back a bit. He removed his tie, tossing that on the floor and reverted to unbuttoning his shirt. Soon as he finished, he didn't waste any time at all removing it, only for Changkyun's satisfaction. And the boy did enjoy it, watching him strip down the shirt in a calm manner.

"What else?" Wonho asked lowly, his hands back on the boy's hips.

Changkyun hummed, bringing him closer, "Keep touching me."

"How far do you want me to go?" Wonho asked, coming relatively closer.

The boy had to think for a second, then took Wonho's hands and moved it over to his thighs and near his crotch.

"As far as you want to go," Changkyun answered, his lips closer to Wonho's ear as he whispered, "Make me scream."

Wonho's eyes got really big as he said those words, it was like getting VIP access to a world of wishes and desires only he could grant. He didn't even know why that made him so excited, but he did anyway.

His hands traveled all around his thighs, he massaged them carefully at Changkyun's call and the boy just lightly moaned in response at his touches.

"Open your legs," Wonho ordered, watching Changkyun slowly open his legs in response.

Once he did that, Wonho lowered himself in a crouching position, his lips lightly kissing Changkyun's beautiful thighs all over and he heard the boy just moan senselessly. Especially when his tongue licked every inch, Wonho was sure to not miss any part and to suck any sensitive part of him to get a soft mewl in response from his partner.

Changkyun just placed his hands on his shoulders, his eyes were shut and his head flew back the more Wonho's tongue traveled wherever it wanted to go. He didn't even care for the game anymore, this man was good at what he was doing and Changkyun couldn't fight it on even deny it. Especially when Wonho's tongue reached his dick, he knew it was over and there was no hope in hiding the fact that he really enjoyed this at all.

"W-wait," Changkyun moaned out, his pitch a bit higher than usual. But Wonho didn't stop, he kept going. He kept going because it was what Changkyun wanted, he wanted to be pleasured and even without his demand, Wonho knew that what he wanted.

He knew where he wanted to be touched, licked on, and kissed at. Changkyun weakly submitted and gave Wonho access to all his weak spots and that's what made this even more dangerous than it already was. But the way his tongue moved at such a smooth pace, it killed him. Changkyun felt drunk all over again, hands endlessly running through Wonho's black hair that he lost count.

Wonho's thumbs squeezed his thighs harshly, causing Changkyun to whimper loudly and he felt his whole body just tremble. He didn't even moan breathlessly anymore, they were genuine loud and countless moans each time, chest heaving and leaving Changkyun utterly speechless. His hands moved to grip Wonho's back, he didn't scratch at it, but he could feel himself getting ready to when Wonho fastened his pace. His warm, moist, and thick tongue attack him in seconds, leaving Changkyun's member all types of moist.

He pulled away, seeing Changkyun's lips parts, still trying to regain himself. The boy was just breathing heavily as he locked down, glaring at him.

"Y-you're evil," He stammered, still trying to breathe.

"And you're losing," Wonho said back to him, smirking as he sat up, "But don't worry it's okay. I was only doing what you asked of me."

Wonho put his hands under Changkyun's quads, lifting him up roughly. Changkyun whimpered at that, wrapping his legs around his waist in response. Then he saw Wonho reach over to the bottle of lube and opened it. Changkyun assisted him in unzipping his zipper and slowly bringing his pants down, as well as his boxers. Wonho took some of the lube, coating his dick with the liquid carefully as he could.

When that was finished, his hands were right back under Changkyun's quads, leveling his dick with Changkyun's whole. He didn't even notice that there wasn't any lube on his hole, nor did he make any attempts to open him up. But he saw Changkyun looking at him, begging him with his own eyes to just go with it and make him scream.

"This might sting a lot more than it did last night," Wonho reassured him, "It's not necessarily me fucking you raw, but you're not opened up and there's no lube down there-"

"I can take it," Changkyun quickly replied.

Wonho's eyes widened, "Are you sure?"

Changkyun nodded slowly, "Just go slowly like you do last night and it'll-"

But Wonho didn't go slow at all. In fact, he rammed right into him and Changkyun's eyes shot open at the feeling, it felt like his whole everything just opened up. It felt extremely painful nonetheless, but he knew that was gonna feel painful. It also felt so fucking good, that rough friction against him did something to his brain and he didn't even know how to function it, he just felt his head go blank and hazy.

Wonho growled, but mainly because Changkyun nails dug right in his back, most likely leaving a mark.

He looked at him, both of them looked at each other with dark, intense glares.

"K-keep going," Changkyun roared, "Go harder."

Wonho did just that, he hit the boy's prostate rough but hard too. Changkyun moaned loudly at the sudden harsh pushed against his prostate, rocking his whole world.

Wonho snickered breathlessly, "Like that?"

"Y-yes," Changkyun whimpered, "J-just like that."

The man gave him a devious smirk, slowly starting to go faster and faster just the way Changkyun wanted him to go. Changkyun felt his whole body tremble at the pace, the more rough Wonho was going, the more the boy dug his nails deep in his back and called out his name several times he lost count.

"F-fuck, W-Wonho," Changkyun whimpered, his voice damn near weak and frail he felt like he was gonna lose it, "D-don't st-stop. Don't stop, don't ever stopplease."

He kept going as fast as he could go for Changkyun, shit, Changkyun wasn't even fighting the screams that escaped from his mouth or the fact that he was enjoying it at all. It was like what Jimin had said, this man could give him whatever he wanted whenever he wanted long as he wasn't getting hurt. And that's exactly what Wonho was doing, giving him all this pleasure and satisfying his needs as much as he possibly could.

Wonho's rough moans over Changkyun's high pitched whimpers and moans is what made it more aggressive than it was last night. Last night it all went slowly, but Wonho was raming himself into Changkyun like a wild animal and Changkyun loved the fuck out of that shit. He was going so fucking hard, if Changkyun's prostate wanted to give in it would have at this point due to how fast Wonho was going.

The man's hands and mouth traveled everywhere, trying to grip at something as Changkyun's head went back and his eyes shut tightly, cursing, begging, and screaming all kinds of crazy things that just made Wonho wanna go faster and harder. He knew Wonho loved his soft sounds, it what turned him on and made him continue to push harder.

After a few more rough pushes, Wonho slowed down, breathing heavily in Changkyun's neck as the boy had his arms wrapped around Wonho's neck. His chest heaved, head tossed back as he tried catching his breath. The room was just filled with sounds of Wonho and Changkyun's heavy breathing, Wonho looked down as Changkyun looked up.

Then their eyes met, Wonho could see the fucked up expression on the boy's face, his lips were all puffy and his hair was a bit messy. But not as messy as Wonho's, his was a bit wilder that Changkyun's.

Changkyun finally sighed, having caught his breath after minutes, then he looked at WOnho with a small smile, "You win."

Wonho snickered, "Oh I know. I think I was kinda unfair to you though, but then against it was my turn. I moaned too y'know so I guess we both lose."

"That's fair," Changkyun replied, giggling, "That was fun."

Wonho hummed in response, releasing himself from inside the boy as he pulled up his boxers and pants. He reached down for Changkyun's underwear, the boy looking at him in confusion of course.

"Hop down will you," Wonho replied jokingly. Changkyun blushed lightly as he nodded, hopping off the countertop.

Wonho got on his knees, helping the boy dress himself properly. Changkyun was almost surprised at this, Wonho was just dressing him and he didn't even have to ask him to do it or even beg him. He just helped him put on his underwear and his pants like it was nothing, it was kinda sweet actually. He even put on his belt for him, now that was something.

"Hey," Changkyun asked, his voice soft since he damn-near lost it screaming so much. Wonho hummed in response, looking over at him, "I-I know your intention was to keep me distracted from Hyungwon but this had been bugging me for a while."

Wonho finished buttoning his shirt as he walked over towards the boy, his tie on his neck as he approached, "What's on your mind?"

"Why did you kiss me that day?" Changkyun asked hesitantly. He wasn't sure how Wonho would respond, he expected him to yell or call him stupid nonetheless.

But he looked up, "I honestly don't know. It wasn't my intention honestly, neither of this was. Something kinda pulled me towards you and....I guess it was because you looked so...good? I don't like admitting those types of things or feelings because it's weird."

"I can tell, you're very bad at confessions," Changkyun giggled as he saw Wonho glare at him.

The man sighed, "I don't know, you're just alluring to me for some strange reason. You're such a dangerous boy with a dangerous that literally kills me and I feel like I've been getting unnecessarily wild for some reason. I feel rebellious."

Changkyun's eyes widened, "Rebellious?"

As Wonho nodded, Changkyun's eyes got wider and wider. His tone was so soft too, the way he kinda said all that stuff just did something to Changkyun's heart and made him feel a bit funny. It seemed like Wonho was trying to deal with these unnecessary feelings or tried pushing them away. Either way, the way he said that it sounded like he was struggling.

It was his soft side.

Changkyun smiled, walking up to him. He took Wonho's hands, placing them on his sides and then put his hands on his shoulders. Wonho looked at him confusingly, trying to figure out what else this boy was trying to pull.

"How about this," Changkyun started to say, "How about we just become friends rather than you trying to abandon these feelings. I think if we just try to better our relationship, then I can probably help you out with that."

Wonho's eyes widened, then he smiled back at him, "I like that idea."

The boys smiled at each other, pulling in for a hug. It was such a soft embrace that kinda let Changkyun think for a minute. Yeah, he hated Wonho and the way he was but one thing for sure was that he didn't know him well and he had no right to hate him. Wonho was just another guy who a lot of people underestimated and he didn't know how to handle other people's feelings as well as his own.

He was just so caught up in his own little world and hid a lot from everyone, he couldn't even turn to his siblings. Maybe Rui because she loved both her brother's equally. However, Hyungwon was a whole nother story. Made Changkyun wonder why he and Hyungwon were just so distant towards each other, made no sense.

Hyungwon was a good guy as much as Wonho was, so it made no sense why they were at each other's throats. But maybe that was something that Changkyun had no business knowing. He just felt Wonho's grip get tighter on his and the boy giggled, kinda awing at the sudden pull and hugged him tighter, smiling and blushing a bit.

"So we're friends now," Wonho replied. Changkyun hummed at that, his head resting on the man's shoulder.

"Can I still fuck you though?" Wonho asked and Changkyun snickered at that.

"Yes, you can, as much as you want to," Changkyun replied and then heard Wonho hum happily at that, kinda liking the way it sounded.

Suddenly, both heard a loud knock at the door and they pulled away slowly, looking at the door.

"Wonho! Are you in there?!" It was Kihyun, banging on the door, "We've been looking for you everywhere! Your mother is furious with you!"

Wonho sighed, looking down at Changkyun, "Goddammit, see I can't have any fun anymore. I've become like this bird in a cage and now I gotta find my own way to escape."

Changkyun giggled, "Yeah but you also gotta be a responsible adult and handle your actions."

"Yeah, you can say that against when you put yourself in my shoes and handle a heavy schedule of just standing, smiling, and waving," Wonho groaned and Changkyun giggled even more.

Kihyun knocked once more, "I KNOW you're in here! You usually come in here when you're stressed out or something or need to cry about hating the world. You do that all the time and run in here like it's your sacred room."

Changkyun's eyes widened as he looked up at Wonho, "This is your special room?"

"Yeah," Wonho admitted, "I rarely bring anyone in here with me. I usually just chill in here or hide whenever people go looking for me."

"That's dangerous," Changkyun replied.

Wonho smirked at him, pulling him closer, "You're dangerous."

The boy giggled at the light kisses he was receiving on his neck, softly telling Wonho to stop but he didn't he just kept going.

Then Kihyun banged on the door once more and Wonho pulled away, groaning.

"YES I'M FUCKING IN HERE IN KIHYUN, GODDAMN," Wonho roared, Changkyun snickered at how pissed off he sounded.

Wonho looked down at him, "Hey, you wanna come to my house again for some privacy? I didn't get to fulfill what you asked of me before when you said pleasure you."

"Oh?" Changkyun said as he raised an eyebrow, "I think I'll take you up on that offer then."

Before Wonho could lower himself to kiss the boy's needy lips, Kihyun banged even harder on the door. Wonho just groaned as he pulled away, taking Changkyun's hand and marching up to the door. Kihyun was gonna knock again, but the door swung opened and revealed to him Wonho, who looked seemingly pissed.

"What." He husked, his voice deep.

Kihyun furrowed his eyebrows, "Y-your mother is looking for you! Sh-she said you have a meeting to attend to a-and-"

Kihyun's eyes trailed over to Changkyun, who popped up from behind Wonho.

He looked at him in confusion, "Wh-what's that kid doing here?"

"Don't worry about him. And tell my mother that I can't make it to the meeting because i'm busy right now," Wonho replied gruffly.

"B-but Wonho! You're supposed to-"

"Piss off," Wonho shot, before grabbing Changkyun's hand and running out the room immediately, with Changkyun giggling down the way.

Kihyun was just pissed off, not even trying to but in the whole thing. Wonho was always carefree like this, honestly, in his own state, he had every right to want to run away from his problems to not feel so caged in all the time. That's what his mother had done all his life, the poor boy in this pain he didn't even wanna be in.

But what made him question this whole thing was the fact that Wonho had Changkyun with him. That was the same boy who he saw with Hyungwon the other day and it made him wonder suspiciously.

What was this boy all about?


Chapter Text

Okay but that girl was hot as fuck, I'd totally fuck her."

"Of course you would Hoseok, you literally fuck anything that walks on two legs," Hyungwon replied, rolling his eyes.

Hoseok winked at him, giggling right after.

The boys were in their late teens, Hoseok being 21 years old, pretty beach blonde hair, and Hyungwon being 19, light brown and all. They were doing what they usually did when Hyungwon finished most of his classes, they'd head out to go fetch some food together and just mingle, Hoseok talking about how much he loved his job—of course. Hyungwon just listening along with him, smiling at his brother's successes.

Hoseok was a big ass gloating guy, that's a whole fact. There never was a day where he never gloated about himself, sometimes it would even be about the small things like if he drove up looking hot as fuck or when he cooked did he look hotter than Chris Hemsworth. Hyungwon just gave him his honest opinion and went along with it sometimes because he knew that Hoseok's image was pretty important to him. He understand that as a brother he had to be his number one supporter at all times.

Even if, sometimes he'd come off as a dick.

"Well you don't have to worry about me liking boys that's for sure. I mean no offense, I support gay people but you won't catch me doing that shit."

Hyungwon blew a raspberry, "Yeah okay. No idea why you're telling me that but go off Mister Heterosexual."

"I'm just letting you know!" Hoseok pouted, crossing his arms, "You know dad said he's been seeing you eye a lot of boys lately and I just wanted to reassure you-"

Hyungwon spat out his drink before he could even finish, "D-dad said WHAT?!"

"He said that he's been-"

"I HAVEN'T!" The boy quickly exclaimed, blushing lightly, "He keeps telling people that only because I saw this one boy at the Aquarium that I really liked talking to. Dad keeps teasing me, it's irritating."

Hoseok hummed in response, crossing his arms, " were you talking to him?"

"We were talking about fish! The boy seemed so fascinated in the fish and had all these interesting facts about the aqua life! I thought it was nice and y'know, unlike the other bastards, I actually listened to him!"

Hoseok leaned closer to him, furrowing his eyebrows, "You sure that boy was just cute to you and you were trying to slide in his-"

"LEE FUCKING HOSEOK!" Hyungwon exclaimed, blushing like crazy.

The older male laughed loudly, holding his stomach as he saw the pouting face and big ass blush on his little brother's face. Hyungwon just huffed, crossing his arms as he took a seat and turned away from Hoseok.

He didn't think it was fun at all, in fact, he found it to be very insulting that his parents were kinda assuming who he liked. He knew it was all in good fun and teasing Hyungwon was like a family thing, but it was low and downright irritating most of the time.

Hoseok just sighed, wiping a fake tear, "Okay, okay, I'm sorry I shouldn't have pushed it. I can honestly see you're stressed about this."

Hyungwon looked over at him, his glare remained.

"Look Hyungwon, I'm gonna be real with you, you ready?" Hoseok replied as he took his brother's hands, holding them in his own.

The small boy gave him a weary look, "N-not really."

"Close enough," Hoseok replied, "Look brother, don't be so scared to discover yourself. If you like boys, it's okay! There's nothing wrong with it, there's nothing wrong with flexing your sexuality a bit. You're 19 now, basically an adult. You get to choose who you wanna like whether it's a girl, boy, fish-"

"Seriously?" Hyungwon replied in an irritated tone.

Hoseok giggled, "Well you know what I mean. Don't stress so much and don't be embarrassed about it. It's okay, I promise. And if no one else supports you, least you still got me backing you up at all times."

Hyungwon looked up at him with wide eyes, "R-really?"

"Of course! I'm your older, superior brother who's gonna be here with you every step of the way. From your first sex to your wedding, I'm gonna always be there for you no matter what happens," Hoseok cheered, standing up with his fists punching the air.

His little brother looked up at him, feeling somewhat inspired for some reason at the thought of his brother just being there for him. Hyungwon loves his older brother's pride so much, he envied it and wishes he was as prideful as Hoseok was, but knowing Hoseok he was probably gonna say he was fine the way he was. He always had his back and made him feel better about everything.

As an older brother should.

He  always  had his back.

Hoseok looked down at him, shooting a small determined smile, "And I'm not gonna fall apart on you."

With that last note, Hyungwon smiled warmly, "Thanks Hoseok."

Hoseok took a seat, sighing in relief as he looked over at Hyungwon with wide eyes, "How did I look? Did I look heroic? Were there girls looking over here at my excellence?"

Hyungwon giggled, "Annnnd there he is."

The man looked at him confusingly, seeing him giggle then finally got what he meant, laughing with him.

"No but I'm serious Hyungwon, just be honest with yourself and don't try to impress people."

Hyungwon nodded, "Noted big bro. Although, now that you mention it....I kinda do wanna see that boy again-"

"AHA! I knew it," Hoseok replied, slightly scaring his brother. His face got excited as he grinned, "Okay, never fear little brother! I think I have a solution to your problem and it'll help us go find the precious boy that's caught your eye."

"Oh really?" Hyungwon asked, slightly grinning as he leaned on the counter, "Enlighten me."

"We're gonna go to a nightclub," Hoseok announced, "There's this one down in Empire City that's really nice and big. All the young adults go there to fool around, myself included."

"Is that where you and Mariah go to meet up every night?" Hyungwon sneered, wiggling his eyebrows.

Hoseok glared at him lightly, "No, of course not. Well I mean...sometimes but you already know we go to my penthouse regardless."

"One day you're gonna make that penthouse a big ass mini mansion all for her," Hyungwon replied and Hoseok blew a raspberry.

"Look, as much as I love talking about myself it's not about me," Hoseok replied strictly, looking down at Hyungwon, "It's about getting you and your future husband together and sneaking you in this nightclub to do so."

Hyungwon blushed lightly, furrowing his eyebrows, "D-don't label him like that! I don't even know his name—he doesn't even know mine—how do you know FOR SURE that he's gonna be here?"

"Because everyone in Singapore who's anybody goes to this club! If he's not there then well, I don't know," Hoseok replied, putting his hands on his hips, "But you know I have other options we can go with in case he isn't there."

Hyungwon hummed, shaking his head. Then he smiled, "I appreciate your enthusiasm brother."

"This house is literally bigger than my self-esteem," Changkyun replied in complete awe as Wonho took him around his house.

Wonho's house wasn't as big as a castle, even though Changkyun made it seem like it was. It was just very tall, considering the penthouse he had, and wide as well. Changkyun thought there was no way in hell he lived here all by himself.

Technically, he had about 6 dogs, 5 big ass German Shepherds and one little golden retriever, which loved the shit out of Changkyun. But other than his pets, Wonho pretty much lived in this bitch alone. It was crazy too because it was like walking through a mall. And there was literally bedroom after bedroom—even thousands of bathrooms. Wonho said he use to plan parties, but then he just suddenly stopped after a death in his family.

"When I turned 22, my father died unexpectedly," He said as he and Changkyun reached his big walk through closet which seemed like a shop for men who shop for tuxedos.

Changkyun, whom was holding the small golden retriever, looked over at him and frowned slightly, "Wh-what do you mean unexpectedly?"

Wonho sighed, "I mean none of us were expecting it. It came out of the blue really. We were all at a Opera Show for my birthday and then next thing you know there's gunshots. Two actually," he took off his suit jacket, putting it with the others, "One hit my mom in her stomach, the other striked my dad right between his ribs."

"Holy shit," Changkyun replied as he walked over towards Wonho, "I-I'm so sorry."

"It's fine," Wonho said, smiling at the boy a bit. He looked up, pointing to a portrait of a man who looked as if he was in his late thirties, maybe early forties. He was pretty buff, brown hair and all his glory wearing an all black suit, with a dark purple vest inside. Changkyun wowed at the portrait, he really did look like a man who looked rich, thought rich, and was

"He looks amazing," Changkyun awed, putting the small puppy down as it nuzzled against his leg.

Wonho hummed, "Takashi Shirogane Lee, a wealthy Japanese man who brought honor to our family. He was basically the glue to our family and was the reason why we were all cheerful and able to stay together. But after he died I don't know...guess that's when things started to change. My mom was literally bitter and I tried to help her out telling her I could possibly keep the modeling business going. She became dependent on me a lot, but only because I was older."

"What about Hyungwon and Rui? How come she puts them to work so much?"

"She doesn't intend to make them work so hard, she loves the twins with all her heart. But she also wants to them to be proper adults and learn that everything doesn't come to you," Wonho turned away, walking in some other direction.

Changkyun followed behind him as he continued, "When our father was still alive, he basically spoiled the twins to the best of his ability. I mean yeah I guess I was pretty important but since I got older he didn't really pay me much mind. My mother loved the hell out of all of us no doubt, but my dad always showed the twins with endless amounts of affection and always got them out of problems. My mom wasn't really fond of it but she figured they'd shake out of it at some point. But when our dad died, they were literally clueless. Rui was left alone and Hyungwon was always gone. He became very distant and cold, especially towards me. But our father dying wasn't the real reason he stopped seeing me as a brother."

Changkyun furrowed his eyebrows a bit, stopping in his tracks. He looked down and saw the puppy look up at him with sad eyes, small little female named Coco Pamel. He just smiled as he picked her up, holding her tightly. It was almost as if she kinda knew how he was feeling and she wanted to comfort him a little.

He wasn't really angry, he was just confused, as well as worried. His heart—he really cared for both of the brothers as a whole and could never chose between them. Wonho may have been an asshole, but he meant well and still cared a lot for Hyungwon, someone who seemed to hold a lot of grudges. The way Wonho made Hyungwon sound, it sounded like at the time he cared for him deeply. Whatever Wonho did, it must've made him lose his trust completely.

"You're probably wondering what happened between us," Wonho asked seeing Changkyun look a bit down.

The boy nodded, petting Coco softly, "You both are good people who mean well. I wish you could just talk it out and get over this you know? Be happy bros again."

Wonho chuckled lightly, walking towards him, "Well not everything works out the way we all want it to. It's been years since the beef between me and my brother happened and I honestly do think he's quite fond of me and there's ever a chance of us coming back together. I do still wish for it though sometimes and I try to redeem myself but Hyungwon's anger is kinda justified now."

Changkyun hummed at that, looking down a bit, "You two are kind to me. I just wish we could all just have a drink and laugh. I'd be around my two favorite people."

"Thought you hated me though?" Wonho teased, booping the boy's nose with his finger, placing his hands on his hips.

Changkyun giggled, "I can't stand you but I still care for you. And Hyungwon is a great man, who wouldn't like him?" He said, then saw Wonho giving him this look, slightly furrowing his eyebrows.

He giggled apologetically, "Hey I'm sorry! I mean I'm not gagaing over him anymore but he's a gentleman. He let me sit in first class with him when I barged in looking for a bathroom! I honestly owe him a whole bunch, least I can do is show how much I love him as a friend you know."

Wonho's eyebrows rose, "As a friend? Whatever happened to you guys being so close that you fantasized over his dick size?"

Changkyun's eyes went big. Wonho laughed at how big they got, seeing the blush come across his face.

"Y-y-you remember that?" Changkyun asked shyly and Wonho nodded, trying not to burst into laughter again and save the boy his embarrassment.

"Oh my god, that was embarrassing," Changkyun said, walking out of Wonho's hold and taking a seat, letting Coco go, "Drunk me is hella embarrassing. That's why I never ever get drunk because I make a lot of mistakes that just mess up everything."

Wonho flattened his lips a bit, kinda taken back by that comment, but guess he deserved it. He just put his hands in his pockets, leaning on the closet and looked over at the boy as he held his face in his hands.

Changkyun moves his face up and saw the look Wonho was giving him, almost as if he was worried or maybe even concerned. He probably took what he said to heart about getting drunk and making mistakes.

"W-wait! Wonho I didn't mean it like that," He tried to say, standing up. He walked over, leaning on the closet with him as he looked dead at him, "I meant it as like everytime I get drunk I kinda do something bad that I know I'll regret later. As in having sex with you when I supposedly have feelings for Hyungwon."

Wonho's eyes widened, "I guess that's partially my fault for butting in and trying to help my brother. I didn't even help, I just-"

"Stole me away?" Changkyun said. Wonho just looked at him with wide eyes as he saw the boy slightly giggle at the joke.

He shook his head, "Y-Yeah, like that. I didn't mean to, like I said having sex with you was never my intention. I keep getting this weird feeling though, like this comforting feeling with you. I can be rebellious with you. I can be....I don't know....wild. I've been feeling this way ever since you told me off that first time. Since then I just wanted your attention."

"Well," Changkyun said, raising his hands up to caress the man's face. He smiled, "Now you have it."

Wonho smiled warmly, leaning in to kiss the boy on his lips. Changkyun was a bit shaken up by it, mainly because it felt so much different than how they usually would kiss. This kiss had so much more passion and love in it for some reason, threw Changkyun off more than anything. He furrowed his eyebrows a bit as they pulled away, looking at Wonho. His eyebrows were furrowed a little too, but also blushing a bit?

Changkyun wasn't sure if he was going crazy or anything, but maybe Wonho kinda felt something for once with that kiss?

Maybe...he liked Changkyun a bit?

Nah, that's crazy. It's Wonho, he would never feel for the boy that way.

But Changkyun?

"Hey, do you still have lingering feelings for my brother?" Wonho asked, his hands trailed over to Changkyun's hips.

"Well not as much. I mean, I've always seen him as a friend or one of those semi-crushes you get on your best friends you know? Maybe like small celebrity crushes when you know nothing is gonna happen," Changkyun let out. Then he sighed, "He was just so nice to me and it's been awhile since I've gotten that kind of attention from a guy. I guess that's what made me think I liked him. Now I kinda just see him as one of my friends."

"So," Wonho started to say, "When I asked you if you were mad about me taking your virginity-"

"I was mad at the time because I hated you. Was that not clear?" Changkyun kinda nagged jokingly and Wonho chuckled lightly.

"Yeah, it was clear," He laughed out, "So how do you feel about it now?"

Changkyun hummed for a second, tapping his chin so he could think about it. Then he smirked, this time he booped Wonho's nose.

"That's for me to know and you to find out."

Wonho grumbled, "Oh that is extremely unfair."

"So is you taking advantage of me while I was drunk."

"For the record, you still had control over yourself and still let it happen. Then stayed afterwards-"

"Okay okay," Changkyun said quickly, causing Wonho to laugh a bit. Then he sighed, "You're just not gonna let me live that down, huh?"

Wonho shook his head, "I'm not gonna for the the boy who said his friend made him wear black lace underwear so he wouldn't mess up his pants."

"You wanna know something though? They were hella comfortable. I think my ass looked nice in them too," Changkyun gloated, cheesing happily.

Until he felt a sharp slap on his ass.

He yelped in response, rubbing his bum as he glared at the man who was just dying. The boy was really flustered, maybe turned on, but extremely pissed nonetheless. He just hugged as he crossed his arms, turning the other way.

"Well guess who's not gonna see me in them anymore!" He huffed.

Wonho sighed as he walked up towards him, taking his hand. Changkyun kinda blushed at the sudden action, especially because he did it out of nowhere.

"W-where are we going?"

Wonho looked down at him, smirking, "I wanna show you something. You mentioned your lace underwear and it made me think of something."

The boy widened his eyes, blushing as they walked more and more in the closet. Changkyun was in awe at how big it was, it was literally like walking in a fucking mall. Wonho came up upon these big golden doors, digging in his pocket to get the keys that opens it.

He opened it, revealing Changkyun an entire closet of lace everything. From silky robes, to shirts, to underwear. What surprised Changkyun the most was that they looked as if they were fit for women. It was like a whole ass clothing line and Changkyun just looked at it in awe.

"My aunt has a whole lingerie clothing line down in New York," Wonho mentioned from behind, leaning on the door, "Victoria Secret I think it's called? I mean their underwear is mostly for women but I think you can make use of it and break the gender rules."

"Oh my god," Changkyun said breathlessly, "This is amazing."

Wonho walked up to him, then started humming as he looked around, "I wanna find the one that reminded me of the panties you were wearing."

Changkyun's eyes widened as he looked over at him, "You were thinking of me in those all day?"

"S-somewhat," Wonho let out shyly, going in a section a bit deeper.

He didn't even notice the small blush and little victory dance coming from Changkyun because Wonho himself was trying to hide the fact that he was blushing as well. Then he finally found what he was looking for and walked out with it.

Changkyun turned around and his eyes became as big as saucers.

Wonho was hold some kind of sexy black romper with molded underwire lace cups, halter straps, a sheer mesh bodice, a sheer lace center panel, piping details, a snap crotch, and a high cheeky cut back. There was a lace robe with long draping sleeves, a sheer bodice with a scalloped trim, and a satin waist tie hanging on a hanger but it was still with the whole set, even the fishnet thigh high stockings along with it.

He just slowly walked up towards the boy, "I kinda thought about this with you in it. I dunno, my minds been trailing back to these and then I thought Well maybe he wouldn't mind wearing it."

"Wow," was all Changkyun could say, taking the romper and kinda just looking over it. His eyes were big, like puppy dog big, they dilated so fast they almost sparkled while doing so.

Wonho kinda just chuckled as he looked it over, "Do you like it?"

"Are you KIDDING?" The boy exclaimed. Then he looked up at Wonho, "That was a joke right?"

"Unless you want it to be," Wonho giggled as he heard Changkyun oohing.

"Man this is so hot. But I don't think I have the body for it."

Wonho blew a raspberry at that, "Nonsense, I think you look good in anything. Shamelessly, I picked that out because you have the body for it."

Changkyun raised an eyebrow, "Shamelessly?"

"Stop asking dangerous ass questions boy," Wonho grimaced as he looked away, trying to hide the slight blush.

And his um...boner.

Changkyun giggled, "Well I appreciate you dressing me up like this. It's kinda unfair though because wanna dress you up in one of those nice suits you had out there."

Wonho raised his eyebrows, "R-really? You had something in mind?"

Changkyun turned around with a devious glint in his eyes and that nearly scared Wonho.

He smirked, "I think you're gonna love it."

"You wanna know what?" Soojin asked, raising an eyebrow at Jimin.

"How did you and Shuhua get together?" Jimin asked again, the girls walking out of the Starbucks within the resort.

"Um, well let's see," Soojin said, kinda thinking a bit, "Well first off...Shuhua wasn't openly gay but I supposedly had feelings for her. Miyeon and Minnie introduced me to her at a party and I don't know I guess we kinda just clicked. We were friends though, didn't really get close until a few months after she transferred to our college."

Jimin oohed, "Yeah I remember her saying it was her sophomore year and your junior year that she started to realize she was gay."

Soojin nodded as they walked towards the elevator door. She pressed the up button and the door immediately opened. But before she could press her floor and close the doors, someone had already stopped the door from closing. Soojin and Jimin widened their eyes and damn near screamed. It was almost like a horror movie and the killer was coming to get them now.

A killer with long purple nails.

Then the doors opened and it revealed a familiar female. Well, Jimin recognized the female.

"Rui?" She said, cocking her head to the side.

The girl's eyes beamed, "Jiminie! I found you, thank goodness! I legit was in the fucking mall—oh yeah this resort has a mall, I didn't know that shit—but I was there and I got you something! Or well I got me a few things and then I thought about you. Wait no, that came out wrong-"

"Wait a tick," Soojin said, her eyes wide, "You mean Rui as in....Lee-Watanabe Rui? Daughter of Lee Suomi?"

Jimin nodded slowly, "Yeah, she's um...hiding her identity for a while."

"Oh my," Soojin said, looking up at her, then back at Jimin. She came a bit closer to her ear, whispering, "Now I see why you're so skeptical about your sexuality."

Jimin's eyes widened as she put her arm around Soojin, turning away from Rui.

"I'm not skeptical about my sexuality!"

"J, you're asking me how I got with my girlfriend."

"Yeah, like how a normal person asks their friend how they got with their boyfriends or girlfriends."

"Okay but you could've asked Rosé how she got with Tom or how Jennie got with Chanyeol, but you came straight to me-"

"Hey you're not the only gay girl friend I have! Jisoo and Lisa have been dating for years now."

"Hey why are you two whispering?"

Jimin and Soojin jumped up at the sight of Rui. But it was good for Soojin because they came to her floor right on cue. The girl just laughed nervously as she shimmed her way out the elevator, waving to Rui.

Then she looked over at Jimin mouthing text me.

Jimin nodded, waving back to her as the doors closed. She sighed in relief, looking up at Rui who looked back at her.

"Hey I just noticed something," She said, "You seem more closer with your male friends than your female friends."

Jimin's eyes widened, "Do I? I try to not show that side but I've grown up near boys all my life. I have a whole ass little brother—who my dad decided was smart to give my name to. Now my mother has to live with saying Jimin! Jimin! all her life."

Rui giggled, "That's crazy. Well my dad, the way he named me and my brother was ironic. He and my mom were expecting a single baby, they were gonna name him Hyunrui. But when they announced twins, fraternal, my dad split the names."

"Hyungwon and Rui," Jimin said, in awe.

Rui nodded happily, "Our family was pretty great though. Even though, our mom got married earlier before getting with me and Hyungwon's father. Before she got with Takashi, she married some other man, Wonho's father."

"Oh goodness, I know of him! His name was Cameron Lee, man straight out of Singapore. Such a good-looking man who looks just like Wonho."

"Yeah," Rui chuckled bitterly, "He died."

The girl's face paled as she let out a small oh in response. She kinda looked down, unsure how to feel after hearing the sudden news.

"I-I'm so sorry," She let out.

Rui waves her hand at that, "He wasn't my dad, so no need. However, about 4 years after Wonho was born, our father, Takashi Lee, who was the brother of Cameron, came around and tried to rid our mother from grief. Then next thing you know, mom's like all relieved, gets married to him and what do ya know, she has twins. Then years later he died."

Jimin saw the darkened expression on the female's face, kinda scared but also understood why Rui got so dark.

Some tears shed a bit, "Wh-What's funny is that after all that, mom goes work mode and decides that Wonho should be the heart of the business. She spoiled him so much, made him the visual for Parma, the face for Parma. And what did she do to us? She threw me and Hyungwon into work. She made us her fucking slaves and all we did was work our asses off. Nothing was ever good enough for her, it was always do this or you can't do that. I respected my mother so much and she just..."

The female got on her knees, trying her hardest to hold back her tears. Jimin quickly came by her side, helping her up. Rui thanked her silently, laughing to herself softly as she wiped away the tears.

"I-I'm sorry you gotta see me like this," Rui said pathetically, "This is a raw side of me, I don't really cry in front of anyone."

Jimin shook her head, embracing the female tightly. Rui was kinda surprised, unsure how to react or if she should hug back.

"It's okay to cry," Jimin said softly, "Everyone cries, everyone has a raw side. Even big ass celebrities have a soft side. You don't have to be tough for anyone, especially people who take care of you and care so much about you."

Rui's expression softened as she started to slowly hug Jimin back. Jimin was surprised by her tight embrace, but she hummed, smiling as she shut her eyes and hugged her back. Rui buried herself in Jimin's maroon locks, feeling somewhat weird. She wasn't sure if it was her feeling grateful for Jimin's presence and just being here for her, or finally letting some of that go after years.

And Jimin's wonderful warm vanilla scent made her seem so much more comfortable than anything.

The doors opened as they pulled away, holding each other's hands as they walked out.

Rui looked down at Jimin, seeing her pretty maroon hair just bounce up and down. For some reason, she kinda just imagined the female with champagne blonde hair, maybe even vanilla blonde. Jimin just looked like someone who could wear it properly, maybe a sort of dirty ashy blonde like Changkyun had.

She was just a beautiful female with a wonderful personality. Rui has no idea why she felt like she had to be so close to her. Ever since the party she got this little spark from Jimin and now she didn't wanna leave her sight, ever.

Rui has never felt like this before, not even with a guy.

It kinda felt like puppy love.

"Hey Jimin," Rui said, Jimin looked up with ur pretty brown eyes, "H-have you ever thought about going blonde?"

The girl's eyes went wide, "Blonde?"

Rui nodded, "Yeah! N-not like a whole ass gold blonde but like soft vanilla blonde? Or ashy blonde like Changkyun?"

Jimin hummed for a second, tapping her chin, "Nah, I've never thought of changing my hair color for years. My mom always asks me if I want to but I always say no."

"You should consider it!" Rui chimed, "I think you'll look great—n-not that you already do because you look great as you are! I-it's just a suggestion! I-I even bought some in case you ever wanted to consider it."

Jimin giggled lightly as Rui blushed nervously, looking away.

"Imma definitely consider that," Jimin replied, finally reaching a door.

Rui looked at it in confusion, "Hey, isn't this Jungkook and Changkyun's dorm?"

"Yeah, but me and Kook wanted to watch Fifty Shades today and kinda make some theories together. Then fucking fangirl over Magic Mike because why not."

Rui just hummed and nodded, choosing not to question any further.

Then Jimin opened the door and she nearly lost her shit.

"OH MY GOD!" She exclaimed, covering her eyes.

Rui looked over to see what she was yelling at and her eyes went big.

It was Jungkook, of course, except he was fucking naked. And he was on top of Taehyung, who was also naked. He wasn't just on top of him though, his ass was on his dick.

"JIMIN! RUI!" He exclaimed, hurriedly hopping off of Taehyung and pushing him off the bed. Then he covered himself, "W-WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE?!"


"OH SHIT THE MOVIE!" Jungkook exclaimed.

Rui just whistled, then looked over to see Taehyung groaning on the floor. He turned his head and Rui, slightly waving at her. Then girl just smirked, waving to him in return.

"LISTEN, I'LL LEAVE YOU TWO TO YOUR MAKE UP SEX, BYE!" Jimin said, shutting the door before Jungkook could say anything back.

She breathed heavily, her facing flushing as she looked up at Rui, who shrugged her shoulders.

"How about we go dye your hair and watch that movie ourselves?"

Jimin nodded quickly, "That sounds like a good idea."

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Wonho was already dressed.

Changkyun bounces around like a happy puppy while telling the man what he'd look best in. Of course, Wonho told him he's worn every outfit before so he wouldn't mind. Changkyun said he knew and then blew a raspberry.

I wanna find something I  know  you look good in.

Then his eyes set on an outfit in particular.

All black trousers with a black silky button-down shirt, with the top four buttons unbuttoned, and the nice silver watch on his wrist. Especially with his bangs combed back.

Wonho kinda checked himself out in the mirror and thought the set up was pretty nice. Changkyun wouldn't shut the fuck up about how nice he looked in all black, now he kinda saw why. He had to admit, the kid had nice ass taste in fashion, even for others.

Coco brushed up against Wonho's leg happily, loving the smell of the warm vanilla cologne coming from him. He smiled, picking up the small thing and rubbing his tummy gently with his finger.

"You like my outfit too, huh?" Wonho said to the puppy, giggling, "Yeah me too, Changkyun's very good at picking out clothes."

"You're not too bad yourself."

Wonho thought he was going crazy as he looked down at dog, seeing if it was the one talking. Then he looked up and saw where the voice was coming from and nearly died.

It was Changkyun, all dressed up in the fancy little romper and robe which hung from his shoulders. Wonho's mouth slightly parted as he saw the way the cloth looked on the boy. Fit him so well, so perfectly, the black just balanced out with his rich skin, which looked like butter pecan ice cream. And his legs, they were fit, but at the same time, he still had curves in all the right places. The fucking fishnet stockings were the last piece of the puzzle of Changkyun's outfit that made Wonho's mind go hazy.




Then his hair, the boy parted his bangs and combed one back as the other just stuck out, it was still hot though. Made his look even more hotter than it already was.

He slowly approached Wonho, the man let Coco down as she ran over towards the boy. He smelled heavenly, like rich vanilla.

"I-I think C-Coco likes your outfit," Wonho stammered, his hands in his pockets.

"Aww," Changkyun said as he pet the dog lightly, "I like it too. I think it suits me pretty well too Coco."

The dog barked happily, running off somewhere. Then Changkyun stood up straight, right in front of Wonho now. Extremely close and everything.

"But I don't think me and Coco are the only ones who like my outfit," Changkyun slurred as he poked Wonho's chest, "You sure you don't like it too?"

"U-um," Wonho tried to get out, but all he could let out was little stutters and small sounds. Mainly because holy shit, no really holy shit.

Changkyun was already good-looking to Wonho, but it was like when he put on something skimpy he was a completely different person. He was such a dangerous boy as it was, but when he played around with his own dominance he was hot as fuck.

Wonho finally regained the strength to move his muscles, his hands traveled right over to open Changkyun's robe slowly, placing his hand on his hip. Changkyun followed along, putting one hand around Wonho's neck. Wonho just gave him this look, so overwhelmed with so many emotions right now he was unsure how to feel. His hands were just on the boy's sides, slowly traveling down to his bottom and the insides of the boy's thighs.

Changkyun wrapped his other hand around Wonho's neck, standing in his tiptoes to get a bit higher than he already was. But Wonho just pulled him up, holding him up from his quads.

He looked up at Changkyun as Changkyun looked down at him with wide eyes.

"I wanna pleasure you," Wonho let out, his voice deep, "So much."

Changkyun blushed as he looked away, "D-don't s-say things like that."

"I mean it though," Wonho said as he walked out the closet.

They were in his bedroom now, Wonho set him down gently, walking over to shut the black curtains by his balcony, making it a bit darker than usual. It was like a sexy dark, Wonho walked over and closed his door immediately.

Then he walked over to the bed, crawling over near his pillows and sitting down, leaning against them.

He patted his lap, "C'mere, I owe you something."

Changkyun blushed as he crawled over in the man's lap, his hands on his shoulders. Wonho undid the tie Changkyun did with the silk strap he used that came with the robe. Then he leaned in a bit, covering Changkyun's eyes completely with it.

"Wonho," Changkyun said, blushing a bit, "W-what are you-"

"Just trust me, okay?" Wonho said softly, which made Changkyun feel warm. He just nodded, then felt Wonho turn him around.

He folded his legs, sitting in front of Wonho as his knees slightly poked out. The boy felt extremely anxious, but nonetheless, he was trying his hardest to prepare for whatever was to come.

Then he felt hands, literally moving on all parts of his legs. Changkyun moaned lightly at the soft touch, Wonho lightly massaged his quads and thighs gently. It was such a wonderful sensation, Changkyun literally felt his entire body burn up when he felt Wonho's soft touches on and on. His head rolled back, resting on Wonho's shoulder.

Wonho seemed so fucking focused, as well as pleased with making the boy feel so good. He would move his big hands all around his waist, playing with the bits of fabric and then grind up against the boy slowly. Changkyun would try his hardest to direct his hands to wherever he wanted to be touched, literally all over himself shamelessly. Wonho started to kiss his neck, removing the robe slightly off the boy's shoulders and kissing those as well.

Then his hands started to work their way towards Changkyun's member, gripping that area tightly as Changkyun just breathlessly let out a soft moan, maybe even a soft yes.

"That feel good?" Wonho whispered in the boy's ear.

Changkyun nodded slowly as his chest heaved, his hands moving along with Wonho's hands. One of Wonho's hands held Changkyun's hands as the other found its way inside the romper. He started palming the boy slowly, Changkyun's chest heaved a bit faster than it was moving before and he literally felt himself ready to give in. Wonho's tongue traveled all over the boy's collarbone, leaving massive hickyes all over it and his neck. He made sure to leave no part of his skin unmarked, most of his collarbone was filled with small kiss marks that started to form.

"Your so gentle," Changkyun replied breathlessly as Wonho sucked another part of his neck.

Wonho pulled away, "I try being gentle with you as much as I can Changkyun."

His pace started to get slower and his grip got tighter. Changkyun's lips just parted more and more as he started gripping Wonho's hand a bit tighter.

"You're so dangerous, alluring, smart," Wonho started to say, his pace went a bit faster, "I love the spice within you and your bit of fearlessness. When you start to flex your dominance on others, it enlightens me. I just feel like you're not showing me enough."

"I-I am," Changkyun replied breathlessly, feeling Wonho go a bit faster.

"You're holding back baby, you're holding back so much from me," His hands started rubbing the boy's balls and Changkyun's mouth was wide open now, his tongue stuck out.

"I want all of you, not just the part that you let out shyly, but all of it," Wonho said as he moved his hand out of the front part of Changkyun's romper and went right to the back.

His finger slowly rubbed the boy's hole gently, enjoying the light mewl he got in response. Changkyun honestly couldn't control himself, he felt as if he wasn't ashamed of being seen like this. It was like a redo of the first time he had sex with Wonho, only a lot more softer and he was getting treated properly. It felt so good, it was the type of sex that made both your head and heart hazy. He didn't know how to feel getting attention like this, especially from Wonho.

He didn't wanna admit it outloud, but he already knew his heart was making him realize how Wonho made him abandon the hidden feelings he had for Hyungwon. Something reminded him of who Hyungwon really was to him, another amazing person he could turn to at all times. But it wasn't just that, seeing that small soft side of Wonho made him feel weird and he wanted to ignore it at first. But when Wonho has been showing a softer side, it just shifted.

It's what made this sex way more loving but also painful.

Don't get attached.

Wonho's finger made its way in Changkyun's hole, finding its way to the boy's prostate as he pulled it in and out, slowly.

"Give me all of you Changkyun," Wonho replied softly, his lips against Changkyun's neck, "Daddy wants to hear all of you, he wants to see all of you."

Changkyun started to move up and down a bit as Wonho pushed his fingers up his ass. The boy bit his lip at the pleasure, not allowing the moan to escape as Wonho's three fingers went in and out. He moved slowly just as Wonho did, not trying to ruin it by going any faster. It loved it slowly, it felt just as good.

"W-Wonho," Changkyun said softly, breathlessly, "I-I want it."

"You want it?" Wonho husked, "You want what baby?"

"I w-want you," The boy replied, feeling Wonho's fingers slowly leave.

He smirked, reaching over for the bottle of lube. He put some on his fingers, then rubbed Changkyun's hole with the cold liquid. Changkyun shivered a bit at it, but Wonho put it on him softly and it made it feel a bit better, good. Wonho just rubbed that same spot, Changkyun letting out oohs and ahhs, how could he not—Wonho's hands just felt that good. Then Wonho unzipped the zipper in his pants and released himself, putting the lubricant on himself seeing that Changkyun could handle it without the need of a condom.

Wonho turned Changkyun around a little, he was facing him now. The boy was still blindfolded, kinda clueless of his current situation, but Wonho guided him the best way possible. Changkyun reaches out to grab Wonho's cock, and soon as he felt it, he aligned it with his hole. Wonho saw and watched him carefully, helping him so he wouldn't mess up.

Soon as he was sure of what he was doing, Changkyun plopped his ass down. Both boys grunted in response—or well, Wonho did. Changkyun let out a high-pitched whine if anything.

"Changkyun," Wonho husked as he sat up, his eyes dark, "Move."

The boy whimpered as he felt Wonho grip his thighs, starting to bounce up and down right on Wonho's cock, causing the man to groan in response. Changkyun gripped his shoulders tightly the more he moved, feeling so much sensation and losing the ability to control himself. He just moved, and moved, going a lot faster than he was. Wonho's hands moved over to cup his ass, gripping it as Changkyun held him close, running his fingers all through his hair.

"Go faster baby," Wonho rasped, feeling Changkyun go faster as he continuously moaned, his moans getting more high pitched. Wonho chuckled lightly, looking up at him, "Do I feel that good?"

"You feel amazing," Changkyun breathed out, "You make me feel so good."

"Oh yeah?" Wonho said, his lips against Changkyun's, "Am I that good baby?"

"Y-yes daddy," Changkyun replied softly, cupping Wonho's face, "You feel so fucking amazing."

"You done holding back from me then? Stop holding back from daddy baby. Daddy wants to see all of you."

"You will," Changkyun replied breathlessly, "I'll give it all to you. You own me, all of it, all parts of me. It's all yours and no one else's."

Changkyun moaned lightly as he felt Wonho roughly kiss him, feeling his tongue make its grand entrance. The boy couldn't even kiss him back properly, he just kept moving up and down at a steady rhythm as slow as possible. Then he fastened his pace, both him and Wonho unable to hold the kiss the faster he went. Wonho and Changkyun felt themselves giving in, Changkyun holding the man tightly as he bounced, as Wonho moved him.

"Ch-Changkyun," Wonho replied lowly, "You better release yourself before I-"

But before Wonho could even push him off, Changkyun sat his ass down harshly as Wonho came inside him, completely. Changkyun moaned loudly at the feeling, unsure how to take it in. It just felt weird but good.

Both boys heaved as they held each other close, Changkyun came shortly after, but it wasn't as bad as the cum that was literally inside him. He just breathed heavily, moving the blindfold a bit to look at Wonho. He was surprised to see him with his head against the headboard, completely fucked out.

He looked at the boy, lifting himself up.

"How was I?" Wonho replied, still out of breath.

Changkyun smiled slowly, "You were amazing."

"G-good, because I'm fucking exhausted. I think that's enough sex with you for one day," Wonho said, his head going back against the headboard.

Changkyun finally caught his breath, releasing himself from Wonho and laying on the other side of the bed. He turned over to see Wonho, who was just fucking done. Then Wonho finally caught his own breath, putting himself back in his pants and going in the covers.

The small boy raised an eyebrow, "Wonho, it's only 7 o'clock."

"Give me an hour," Wonho let out, his eyes shut, already going straight to sleep.

Changkyun just smiled a little, leaning forward to kiss him lightly on his forehead. He started to get out the bed, but he felt Wonho grab his arm.

He looked over at him, "Wonho, I gotta clean myself."

"We can clean ourselves together later, I wanna sleep," Wonho replied, pulling Changkyun back in the bed.

Changkyun sighed, getting in the covers with Wonho. Wonho saw he was under the covers and then grabbed his waist, pulling him closer. Changkyun was startled at the action but he just chuckled.

"You're like Coco, you're both attracted to me," Changkyun said, giggling.

Wonho rested his head on the boy's chest, slightly closing his eyes as he fell asleep. Changkyun just saw him breathing slowly and smiled, lightly kissing his forehead and falling asleep along with him.

Rui was in Jimin's hotel room now, waiting patiently for her to come out. Ever since the whole encounter with Jungkook, Jimin felt a bit jittery for some reason. Then she said something about her friends all getting some kind of sexual action and she literally got nothing. Rui just laughed along, kinda confused as to why she said all her friends when Changkyun visibly got no action.

She mentioned something about Hyungwon not being good with his feelings. He's had a bad past when it came to falling in love and never really liked the thought of it so he just fought it off to the best of his ability. Jimin mentioned something of that being pretty stupendous and that's how he loses the boy he's fighting for—I mean, he's already lost him but Rui doesn't need to know that.

Then Jimin said that love takes time and sometimes people needed to see themselves whether they were good enough for someone's attention. Changkyun kinda made that clear and honestly labeled them as friends seeing as Hyungwon was okay with it.

Which apparently, deep down, he was not.

But they finally made it to the dorm, Rui gave Jimin a cute little pajama set and the vanilla blonde hair dye she mentioned earlier. Jimin was kinda sketchy towards it, but she just sighed, seeing that Rui wanted to see her in it. Plus, she never dyed her hair before so why not try it out.

It had been 45 minutes now and Rui was kinda setting up everything. They both agreed to watch Netflix rather than argue about Disney movies—The Little Mermaid or The Lion King.

Rui was kinda scanning over the movies, looking past all the boring ones or the ones that seemed uninteresting. Then she reached a strange movie named the Kissing Booth?

She didn't understand it because, why in the hell was that the name?

"Annnnnnnnnd done!"

Rui looked over to see Jimin wearing the fluffy white shorts and pink cami. The cami fit wonderfully, as did the shorts that complimented Jimin's curves wonderfully. She felt herself blush a bit when she saw Jimin wall over, her vanilla blonde hair all curly, she was wearing her hair like that like nothing.

It was as if she wasn't ever skeptical about changing her hair color in the first place.

She looked over at Rui as she smiled, taking a seat, "Guess you were pretty much right about me and blonde. I was scared about it at first though, oh my fucking god you shoulda seen me—a whole ass mess!"

Rui just dumbly nodded along as she watched Jimin talk. Seeing her plump lips move slowly made Rui's eyes go big. Jimin was literally so beautiful—why did it take her going blonde for Rui to even notice her beauty. She was already breathtakingly gorgeous, but now it was like, Rui couldn't stop staring at her.

She wasn't even listening to what she was saying.

"—yeah and my uncle went blonde and girls were all over him! My mom said if I ever went blonde without her she'd kill me but fuck rules we bending them here!" Jimin exclaimed, punching the air happily as she giggled.

Then she looked at Rui, who was looking at her with big sparkly eyes. Jimin's eyes widened as she blushed a bit, looking away. She saw the move Rui had picked earlier and oohed at the title, reaching over for the remote.

"I've seen this movie dozens of times! It's literally the cutest," Jimin said, "Honestly I've seen it but you can most definitely watch it with me. Nothing wrong with that."

Rui just nodded, looking over at the screen as the movie played.

But she didn't even tone into the movie most of the time. I mean yeah, she paid attention when need be, but other times, she'd look up at Jimin who told her most of the parts, all of the characters, almost as if she didn't really need to watch it. Jimin was just so wonderful, the way she spoke in such a friendly but passionate tone is what made Rui love talking to her and made her feel more comfortable talking to her.

Jimin was like her. She was kind, smart, independent and someone the boys could always turn to no matter what. Rui saw why Changkyun, Jooheon, Jungkook, Youngjae, and all her female friends liked her so much, she just brings people together. Such a cheerful girl with a wonderful spirit‍, seeing her happy warmed Rui's heart and made ‍her feel warm.

Maybe her brothers weren't the only ones falling for someone this trip.

At some point she got out of her trance and warmed up when the movie started getting a bit deep. It was the actual kissing booth part where the kids went up to the booths and started kissing each other. Jimin and Rui were oohing, cheering on, and laughing loudly at the scenes, especially the epic fails and the ones that looked wrong.

Then, the Noah and Elle kiss scene is what caught Rui's eye the most as she looked closely at the TV, capturing the emotion in the kiss.

"Amazing," She said strictly.

Jimin nodded, "That's how I feel everytime I see that scene. Like damn, don't you just wish someone would kiss you like that?"

"Yeah," Rui let out losely, looking back at the screen. Then she sighed, leaning back, "Too bad I've never participated in lip wrestling before."

Jimin nearly spat out her slushee as she let out a loud laugh. She held her stomach and felt back on her bed, laughing so damn hard she felt her insides churn a bit. Rui, who was sitting on the floor below her‍, looked up at her weirdly, standing up straight.

"H-hey! It's not nice to make fun of people Jimin," Rui replied as she huffed, "I've always called people making out lip wrestling. You're attacking someone else's lips with your own! And it gets very aggressive I suppose."

Jimin sighed, "I'm not laughing about that Rui. Although, that's cute. I'm laughing at the fact that you said you've never done it before. That's a good ass joke."

Rui raised an eyebrow, "I'm serious! I've never done it before you know. I've never kissed a guy."

"Woah," Jimin said, sitting up. Her eyes were wide as she looked up at Rui, "You serious?"

Rui nodded, "I've never gotten sexual with guys. Not even a small kiss. I've tried it once, but it was small and this boy tried ramming his tongue in my mouth it was gross."

"Oh baby," Jimin said as she shook her head, "When was this?"

Rui tapped her chin, thinking, "Maybe 6th grade-"

"Rui, sir your ass down," Jimin ordered. The female widened her eyes, immediately taking a seat next to Jimin on the bed.

She looked over as Jimin gave her a weird look with her eyebrow raised, "You're like a good looking ass celebrity! Have you ever had a boyfriend?"

"For 5 seconds," Rui admitted, "Then he tried to finger me in public and I backhanded him."

Jimin's eyes widened, "Wow, so you're really not experienced when it comes to like....stuff like that?"

Rui nodded slowly, looking down, "I don't know if it was just me but I can't feel comfortable with guys. I curse myself for it and try to force it sometimes but I hate it. I hate the way men treat me—women in general! I find them distasteful sometimes, so I guess that kinda grew on me the more I grew up and I stopped being attracted to men."

"I see," Jimin let out lowly, "Well don't force it if it's not what you're into! There's other ways to explore yourself and you don't gotta force it, just go with the flow."

"Yeah," Rui let out lowly, "Wish my mother said the same thing. She said it's kinda disgraceful for the future CEO of Parma to come out as a homosexual."

"Okay literally fuck her," Jimin said, blowing a raspberry, "If you wanna be gay then be gay dammit. Kiss all the girls you want to until ya can't no more."

Rui kinda giggled at Jimin's enthusiasm, feeling a bit happier than usual.

Then she looked at Jimin again, "Have you ever kissed someone?"

"Pft hell yeah, I was a thot in High School," Jimin let out, "My first kiss wasn't all that pleasant though. Let's just say...never date a guy that has a reputation of eating ass."

"Yikes," Rui let out. Then she giggled, "I feel like if Jungkook were here, he'd say something stupid like Well ya gotta eat the booty like groceries."

Jimin shook her head as she and Rui laughed lightly at that joke. Then they sighed, toning back into the movie. Well Jimin did, Rui kinda just looked over at her profile, her whole face, how soft it was. Then her eyes trailed over to her soft plump lips. They looked so kissable, whoever kissed Jimin must've been pretty damn lucky. Rui for some reason didn't know why but she kinda wanted to try.

Just a small peck.

"H-hey Jimin," Rui asked, hearing Jimin hum in response.

She looked at her shyly, "Can I kiss you?"

As expected, Jimin's eyes went wide. Her face just slowly got red as well and she was unsure how to take it. It was crazy how fast her heart was beating when she said those words, almost like she was getting VIP access somewhere.


"J-just for the experience of course!"

"O-oh! Um-"

"It'll be a small peck! I promise! I-I mean, uhhh what the fuck am I saying. I'm being weird I'm sorry!" Rui exclaimed, covering her face.

Somewhat feeling ashamed?

"I don't mind," She heard Jimin say.

Rui slowly uncovered her face, "Y-you sure?"

Jimin's face was hella red, but she nodded slowly. The girl shut her eyes, puckering her lips a little, waiting for Rui to move in. Rui looked over, swallowing hard. Then she got herself together, cupping the girl's face, getting ready to kiss her.

Jimin's heart was racing like crazy. This was really happening. Rui was really going to kiss her. A girl was really going to kiss her. She had always felt so weird about the idea before, but with Rui, it felt so right. She wanted this to happen so fucking badly.

Rui's lips were so close, getting ready to meet Jimin's.

"JIMIN!" Jennie exclaimed, opening the door widely as she shouted excitedly.

Rui and Jimin widened their eyes, Rui immediately, blushing like fuck. Jimin just cover her face, also blushing like fuck.

Jennie just walked in, shutting the door, "Man okay so I got like a good ass deal on pizza! Well Chanyeol was being fucking stupid, but I got a coupon for a buy one box and get 2 free so we can totally binge and eat. Plus Singapore pizza is so-"

She paused as she looked around, seeing Jimin's slight hair change. She oohed, seating the pizza down and rushing over to touch it lightly.

"Your hair is so pretty!" She exclaimed, "Where you get hair dye from?"

Jimin blinked back in reality, "O-oh! I didn't buy it, R-Rui got it for me. She said I looked good in blonde."

"Well she wasn't lying!" Jennie said, giggling. Then she looked over at Rui, "Your really at good at your job."

The female looked at Jimin, who was really blushing a lot and blushed even harder.

She chuckled lightly, rubbing the back of her neck, "Well you know me! I'm just GREAT! I should um, go uh call someone right now! It's pretty urgent and I haven't talked to my brother in a while!"

Jennie was kinda confused, but before she could ask, Rui already rushed out the room. Then Jennie raised an eyebrow, looking down at Jimin.

"Did I miss anything?"


Chapter Text

It was Monday morning. The sun shined beautiful and everyone got to work peacefully. Mondays usually weren't the best days of the week, but it was the second week of the college kids and their Singapore trip.

And Changkyun was spending his morning the right way, right on top of Wonho, in nothing but an oversized t-shirt, kissing the man passionately. They had been kissing for an hour now, Wonho woke up and kinda stared at Changkyun the whole time he was sleep all morning. They took their shower together, which was kinda nice as Wonho just washed Changkyun up, fingered him here and there and even sucked him off. But even then, Wonho still felt the need to be gentle with him.

It was odd.

He didn't wanna be like the tough guy who only wanted sex from the boy, he just wanted to get closer and possibly get on his soft side. It's been a few days and Wonho felt pretty foolish, especially over this boy. He had never allowed himself to simply fall for someone because last time he thought someone wanted him they only wanted him for sex.

Changkyun seemed different, more understanding of anything.

But he was messing with the boy's feelings as well, he was supposed to have feelings for his brother but now he was confused. And it was all Wonho's fault.

Wonho held him by his ass as Changkyun grinder against him, kissing him with as much soft and sweet passion that made Wonho's mind go crazy. He didn't wanna let this boy go, he wanted this boy to be his all alone. Changkyun was his own personal treasure and all Wonho wanted to do was get lost in his sweet abyss. But he knew he couldn't do it forever.

Not when his brother felt the same way.

Changkyun pulled away at some point, laying down on Wonho, "You've got something on your mind."

Wonho's eyes widened, "I do?"

"Yeah," The boy giggled, "I've been noticing that the more you've been kissing me. It started with you doing all the kissing then it turned to me doing all the kissing."

Wonho blushed lightly at Changkyun's small smile, looking away. Then the boy sighed as he rolled off of him, scooting closer and wrapping his arms around Wonho. Wonho turned around and wrapped his arms around his waist, resting his chin on the top of the boy's head.

He sighed, "I'm a terrible brother."

"What? Wonho no you're not."

"I am Changkyun," Wonho replied, squeezing the boy tighter, "I took away Hyungwon's only chance of being happy again and he doesn't even know it. All because I wanted to make sure he didn't have to suffer what I put him through again."

Changkyun flattened his lips, closing his eyes as he rested his head on Wonho's chest, "I mean yeah that was very stupid of you. But it's not just your fault. It's my fault for going along with it too and allowing it. If I really wanted to consider Hyungwon's feelings I wouldn't have done this but I don't know what's wrong with me lately. I've always had this weird spark with you that didn't feel when I first met Hyungwon. Isn't that odd?"

"Yeah, it is," Wonho let out, sighing to himself.

Actually, the way Changkyun said that, it sounded oddly familiar to what someone else said to him a few years ago. A familiar silver haired boy with sapphire colored eyes who took advantage of him as well as hurting Hyungwon the most. But the more Wonho would try to explain himself, the more Hyungwon dodged him and all he could do was blame him for everything that occurred.

Wonho's memories just flashed back to it all, and the more he looked back in his mind, the more he started to feel bitter and bitter.

"You're not even really my brother, just because my father married your mother means NOTHING to me! YOU mean nothing to me! You deserve DEATH, just like your father."

Wonho sighed, "Changkyun, I'm sorry. You should just forget about me and make my brother happy."

The boy's eyes widened as he pulled away, looking down to see the small look of hurt on Wonho's face.

"Wonho," He said, getting closer, "What's wrong? C'mon you know you can tell me, we're friends remember?"

"But this isn't what friends do," Wonho started to say, sitting up, "Friends don't make out with each other, or have constant sex and gain these weird feelings that can basically hurt themselves. I don't wanna keep hurting you or making you gain these twisted feelings for me that you supposedly have. I'd rather you keep fighting for my brother's attention and hope that he could come around."

Changkyun looked up at him with wide eyes, for some reason feeling a little hurt, "W-Wonho, what are you saying?"

"I'm saying I don't think we should do this anymore," Wonho let out, hesitantly, "Changkyun you love my brother. My brother is a better gentleman that I ever will be and he..."

He saw those big eyes of his get so big, so scared and hurt. But Wonho didn't wanna hold him back, he had to let him go, for Hyungwon's sake.

"Hyungwon likes you too, a-and that's the difference between us both," Wonho said weakly, not evening daring to look at the small look of hurt on Changkyun's face. Because he knew if he did that, it would've felt like he got punched right in the stomach.

Changkyun would've said something back, but he just looked down, "O-okay. Th-then...let's stay friends then a-and start over."

Wonho turned to him, seeing the boy's eyes get a bit glassy.

Changkyun didn't wanna cry, he wasn't going to, what exactly was there to cry about? Wonho was right, they couldn't keep doing this to each other while hurting Hyungwon in the process. All this feeling of lust was uncalled for and wrong, they both knew better than to give in to it. Changkyun did makeup with him and they were friends now right? So he could go back to chasing Hyungwon now.

So it was good.

It was fine.

Don't cry.

He felt Wonho wrap his arms around him, hugging him gently as Changkyun hugged him back. Don't cry, don't cry.

After some hours of collecting themselves, Wonho drove Changkyun over to the resort. Of course, after getting some food for the boy since he wouldn't stop mentioning it. Something about I'll die if you don't give me breakfast. So rather than Wonho making him something and to save up time, he just got him something on the way there.

"I feel like Kihyun is gonna think I'm getting," Wonho replied nervously.

Changkyun looked over at him, "Why you say that?"

"Because he's in charge of my bank account."

Changkyun's eyes widened as he let out a small oh, taking a bite of his croissant sandwich. Thank goodness Wonho didn't go anywhere fancy, otherwise he probably would've ordered a whole meal.

They finally reached the resort, Changkyun finished all his food and thanked Wonho for it, walking out the car and tossing it in the nearby can. He waved to Wonho happily as Wonho waved right back, small smile on his face.

"Changkyun," He called out, and the boy turned back in response. He ran over towards the car and looked at Wonho through the window, kneeling down to his level.

Before he could say anything, Wonho cupped his face, bringing him in for a soft kiss on the forehead. Changkyun's whole heart just melted, forgetting how soft Wonho's lips were, getting that feeling of being loved all over again. He didn't know why Wonho was being so soft all of a sudden, as well as distant. From the relaxing shower they had together, to sleeping together and Wonho cradling him in his arms, to even waking up and wanting to just make out rather than have sex.

And even breaking the whole benefits thing they had so he wouldn't confuse himself and be with Hyungwon.

Changkyun thought it was weird, but he didn't wanna think too much of it and let his feelings get the best of him. Because if anything he didn't wanna admit to something that was one-sided or not real at all. So maybe Wonho was just being nice to him and considered the fact that they should just be friends and really start over.

They pulled away, Changkyun waved goodbye to him, not wanting to ask any more questions. It wasn't any of his business, Wonho was right to call things off.

It was for the best.

Wonho waved back again, then closed his window and sighed to himself, closing his eyes.

"So can we talk now?"

The man's eyes widened as he looked over and saw Kihyun sitting in the passenger seat, his arms crossed.

He looked rather pissed, "You wanna explain yourself now? Or am I just gonna have to interrogate you myself?"

"K-Ki, c'mon now it's not what you think-"

"Oh really?" Kihyun shot, "So you mean I didn't just see you kiss some kid who apparently has some link to you and your brother. Not to mention, I caught you two fooling around yesterday in the supply room!"

Wonho's eyes widened, "O-oh. So it is what it looks like."

"WONHO!" Kihyun exclaimed, "What in the hell is on your MIND! You can't keep doing shit Wonho, do you know how pissed off your mother is going to be when she ever finds out about this little affair your having with this boy-"

"She's not gonna find out," Wonho cut him off, looking over at Kihyun with darkened eyes, "No one will because it's over."

Kihyun's eyes widened as he blinked back, "W-wait...what do you mean it's over-"

"I mean it's over," Wonho replied, looking down, "Me and Changkyun aren't fooling around anymore. I told him we should just forget about it and remain friends. For the sake of Hyungwon, only because he still has lingering feelings for him and it's none of my business cutting in between the two."

"Wonho, wait a minute," Kihyun started to say, his glare softening, "Are you sure that's what you really want-"

"Yes and I don't know why it concerns you. You came in here getting ready to tell me how foolish it was and I should put a stop to it," Wonho spat, his eyes still down.

Kihyun furrowed his eyebrows, "W-Wonho-"

"Am I wrong?" Wonho's eyes were right on him now as he glared at the man before him.

Kihyun swallowed hard, then looked down, "N-no, you're partially right."

Then he looked back up at him as he continued, "But I also wanted to know if you were okay with all this? Wonho I care about you just as much, we're best friends after all. I don't want this to be like-"

"He's not Percy, Kihyun," Wonho let out, "Percy is dead."

"R-right," Kihyun said, his head down, "S-sorry for assuming things."

Wonho looked over at him, then he looked at the wheel, gripping it tighter, "What's our schedule for today?"

Kihyun's eyes went wide as he looked at Wonho, "I-it's pretty busy today. But I can cut off for you since-"

"What's the schedule Kihyun," Wonho asked again, only this time it sounded more like a demand rather than a question.

The chestnut haired male sighed, "We have 3 meetings today. Mariah Reynolds would like to discuss with you her future collaboration with you and the company-"

"Good," Wonho replied, starting the engine, "Let's get to it then."

Kihyun just nodded, as Wonho started the car, looking over to see the cold look on his face that hid so much. He gave him a worried look that Wonho didn't pay attention to the whole drive, which was good because that's all Kihyun did. He gave this concerned glance as if he was worried for him.

And he knew it had to do with that boy he's been fooling around with, but he just shook it off, not bothering to push it any further.

"YOU TWO DID WHAT?!" Changkyun exclaimed, his eyes widened.

Jungkook had his face in the pillow, "Look I'm NOT gonna repeat myself."

"Jesus Changkyun you should've seen him," Jimin replied, giggling deviously, "He was all up in that boy."

"SHUT UP JIMIN!" Jungkook exclaimed, "You weren't even supposed to see it!"

"And you weren't supposed to have Taehyung's dick in your ass! We were gonna watch a movie together but you were too busy getting it up the ass with ya gay self!"

"And with Taehyung," Rui brought up, then she smirked, "I thought you broke up with him because the sex was too complicated due to you wanting to do roleplay-"

"WOULD YOU ALL JUST, SHUT THE HELL UP!" Jungkook exclaimed, but that wasn't stopping the giggles from escaping everyone's mouths. The flustered boy just stayed silent, waiting for everyone to stop laughing their asses off.

Mainly Jimin and Changkyun, Jooheon just shook his head disappointingly and Youngjae, as well as Rui, giggled amongst themselves. Taehyung left shortly before Changkyun came barging in getting a text message from Jimin saying Sister, we have hot tea where tf are you, but only so he could get the pizza Jimin ordered.

That and because Jimin told him to beat it so Changkyun could yell at Jungkook, alone.

They all hung out at Starbucks since it was kinda a break week for the students, they're second week of course. Professor Suongmin thought it was best for them to all take a nice little break after the first crazy week and honestly, everyone kinda needed it. Jennie, Soojin, Shuhua, Rose, and Lisa were here too, they were confused a bit but Jimin kinda told them all the tea they missed and they kinda got it.

"Listen, we were just talking about life and Taehyung ranted about something his parents were going through. I made him feel a bit better about his situation and told him I'm always gonna be there with him-"

"And in him," Jennie sneered, earning a few giggles.

Jungkook rolled his eyes, "Jesus christ, jokes aside, please. Anyway, Taehyung and I talked it out and well...we're dating again."

"WHAT?!" Jimin exclaimed as she hit the table aggressively, "SHUT UP! TELL ME YOUR LYING!"

"I'm deadass," Jungkook said.

It was silent and everyone gave him this look of utter shock. The boy just shrunk in his seat, seeing everyone kinda shook up, frozen, unsure how to respond about this. Especially when Taehyung and Chanyeol came back with loads of pizza. The boys saw that everyone was suddenly gone silent and they looked at them warily.

Then eyes were on Taehyung, literally, everyone just turned to him quickly.

The boy with the square glasses widened his eyes as he saw all their stares, seeing Jungkook who was just all shrunk and scared. When he saw that, he finally understood why everyone was just looking over at him with wide eyes.

Then Jimin stood, a wide smile slowly came across her face.

"MY TWO FAVORITE FURRIES ARE FINALLY TOGETHER!" She exclaimed as everyone else woohooed in response.

Taehyung was confused, looking over at Chanyeol who just shrugged his shoulders and call everyone weirdos and walked to the table. Then he looked over at Jungkook who was still kinda confused with everyone's reactions, but he shrugged as well, urging Taehyung to come over with a small smile on his face.

The blue haired boy smiled as he walked over with the pizzas, sitting right next to him and placing the pizzas down so he could wrap his arm around the boy who just giggled in response.

Everyone soon continued with their own conversations as Chanyeol passed out pizza. Jooheon, Youngjae, Jennie, Lisa, Soojin, were all talking about wildlife and Shuhua and Jisoo were discussing dances. Jimin, Changkyun, and Rui kinda just watched Taehyung and Jungkook talk amongst themselves.

Changkyun oohed, "Awww look at him, he's glowing."

"Shut up furry," Jungkook snapped, Changkyun laughing at him in response.

"No no seriously, I'm happy for you Kook. You and Taehyung can finally be together without being ashamed, that's a good thing," Changkyun cheered, "Wish I was that lucky."

Rui oohed as she ran over towards him, sitting in between him and Jimin, "Well if Hyungwon stops being such a wet noodle maybe you can be that lucky."

Jimin and Jungkook kinda stilted as they looked over at Changkyun's expression. Taehyung sipped his water, looking down at his phone immediatelyseeing as Jungkook had already filled him in on the whole thing with Changkyun and Wonho last night. Changkyun's eyes widened as he chuckled nervously, playing with his fingers.

"Uh, yeah, maybe I can be lucky," Changkyun said as he reached out for a slice of pizza.

Rui looked at him confusingly, "Why do you sound so uncertain? I know you got a cute little crush on him Changkyun it's okay. He's aware of it now."

Changkyun's eyes became so fucking wide, "H-he what?"

"He knows your interested in him. He's interested in you too, he just needs some time to spare but that should give you enough time to prepare yourself to get together with him."

"Or Wonho," Jungkook accidentally spat.

Jimin's eyes became big as fucking saucers and Taehyung nearly choked on his water, pushing his glasses up and keeping his stare down. Rui just looked at him confusingly, not understanding the gesture or joke and looked over at Jimin for reassurance.

The blonde girl just laughed mindlessly, "Oh you know Jungkook! He's always joking!" She said as she kicked him from under the table. The boy gritted his teeth, looking at her forced smile but could see that she was so ready to punch him in the fucking face.

He just nodded along, looking over to see Changkyun giving him a deadly ass look.

"U-um Rui! You have to excuse us for a second! There was this latte I saw in Starbucks and Jimin and Jungkook know how to order it properly!" Changkyun said as he stood, grabbing both Jimin and Jungkook by their hands and tugging them away without question. Rui raised an eyebrow, looking at Taehyung who shrugged his shoulders.

"It's um, a best friend thing you know," He said, laughing nervously as he took a sip of his water.


"HAVE YOU LOST YOUR GODDAMN MIND!" Jimin exclaimed, slapping Jungkook upside the head, "Look you may have gotten yourself a boo thang now but that's no excuse for me not to kick your fucking ass."

"I know! It slipped out-"

Jimin slapped him again, "No bitch, that shit didn't slip out, you said that shit intentionally."

"I'm trying to hold it in you know but-" He got another slap upside the head and he winced loudly, crying a bit now, "OKAY! DAMMIT I'LL STOP IT WITH THE INSIDE JOKES! Damn, look I'm trying to change for Taehyung but it's hard."

"Well try harder! Changkyun's already dealing with this confusing ass mess with the Lee-Chae brothers and he doesn't need you making it worse for him you fucking furry," Jimin snapped and the boy whined in response, nodded quickly.

Changkyun looked over at the two of them and sighed to himself, "Actually guys, Wonho and I kinda ended things today."

Jimin stopped hitting Jungkook and they both looked at him with widened eyes.

"W-wait what? What do you mean ended things?" Jimin asked.

Don't cry. Don't cry.

"I mean it's over, the whole casual sex thing between us," Changkyun said, looking down, "W-Wonho said it was unhealthy for us to keep running to each other like this, especially when I have feelings for Hyungwon. So we cut it off and now we're just friends."

Jimin's eyes got bigger as she looked over at Changkyun. He kinda kept his head down, playing around with his fingers a bit, fidgeting a bit. It was almost as if he was trying to hide the fact that he was actually distraught about this and he wanted to cry, but he held it back.

But she knew how he felt.

Jungkook looked over at him worryingly, "S-so that's it? You're just gonna leave him hanging?"

"I'm not leaving him hanging, he's a rich man and good-looking at that. He'll have someone else on his arm in a matter of seconds guys. It's fine, he was right to end it between us."

Jimin furrowed her eyebrows, "Okay yeah but he only did that to savior your feelings towards Hyungwon. Do you even have feelings towards Hyungwon anymore?"

"Of course I do!" Changkyun exclaimed lightly, "Hyungwon's such a gentleman guys, c'mon! H-he takes good care of me, he's kind, he's really sweet, a-and he likes me back! Why wouldn't I like him, shit maybe love him even? I'm very grateful for him but I need to start showing it more because lately, I've been nothing but a dumb slut bouncing on his brother's dick."

"Ch-Changkyun," Jungkook started to say, "Look I don't wanna be that bitch but are you sure somewhere in there you don't have feelings for-"

"Wonho?" Changkyun said as he looked up at the two of them with tears in his eyes. He chuckled bitterly, "Now what makes you think that? Wonho's a big guy who's got a lot more on his mind than some stupid ass college boy. We're friends guys, friends aren't supposed to like each other that way!"

Jimin's expression softened, "Changkyun, stop being a crybaby bitch and just listen to us for a second-"

"No!" He slapped Jimin's hand away, who looked at him with widened eyes as she stepped back.

"I like Hyungwon okay! Only him, I've just spent too much time getting corrupted under Wonho to even pay attention. Stupid ass only wanted me to get his dick wet, but it's fine because we're good now, we're friends, and I can finally be happy with Hyungwon without Wonho's ass getting in between us. Being a slut really did do something for me!"

"Changkyun, you're not a slut okay?"

"Are you sure? So supposedly having a crush on someone but fucking their brother as an alternative because you're sad that they'll never notice you and you're basically leading that person on isn't being a slut?"

Jimin and Jungkook stilted, looking over at each other, then back at Changkyun.

Then boy scoffed, looking down, "Yeah, that's what I fucking thought."

Jungkook looked at Jimin, who was kinda lost for words right now, holding her hand and biting her lip trying to think of something to say.

Then the bunny boy looked at Changkyun, furrowing his eyebrows, "Look Changkyun, we understand your situation, but you put yourself through it. You can sit here and yell at us all you want to but that's not gonna help. L-let's just talk about this and maybe you can see that you're being a dumbass about this-"

"No thanks, I'm fine," Changkyun replied, starting to walk off.

Jimin rushed towards him, "C'mon, stop being a bitch Changkyun we just wanna talk-"

The boy snatched his hand away, "Talk about what? My imaginary feelings for Wonho that aren't fucking real? Yeah, no thanks I'd rather not."

Before Jimin could say anything else, Changkyun just rolled his eyes and ran off. She would've came after him, but Jungkook stopped her, shaking his head.

"Give him some space," Jungkook said to her, "He needs some time to cry right now."

Jimin looked at him and then sighed, looking back up at door Changkyun left out of. Nor her and Jungkook noticed someone standing right behind them, listening out on the whole thing.

"Annnnnnd here it is!" Hoseok exclaimed happily as he smiled widely.

He and Hyungwon finally made it to the nightclub he had been promoting all night to him. It was packed as fuck, there were young adults all over the place around their age, 20 to 22 at least Hoseok counted. Someone was playing a song by the deceased Cythina Park herself, Break Up With Your Girlfriend I'm Bored, Hoseok recalled.

His hair was all in his face with blue highlights in his bangs and he wore black trousers with a silky button-down shirt, the top four buttons unbuttoned. Hyungwon was wearing an oversized pink sweater and some grey joggers, along with his big round black specks that kinda stuck out. Hoseok had been trying to get him to dress up, but Hyungwon kept pushing him away.

So he gave up fighting and just brought him here.

"Look, the classiest people come here to have a drink. It's gonna be hard for them to take you seriously, that's fine," Hoseok reassured the boy, patting his back, "Don't be nervous."

Hyungwon was shaking like fuck.

He wasn't nervous about his appearance, even though he was kinda worried about how the boy would think of him seeing him dressed like this. He was nervous about meeting the boy as a whole, what would he think of him? Would he find it weird that he was just snooping around in a big ass sweater at night looking like the biggest dork?

Hoseok was right, he should've just came dressed looking all hot and shit instead of like a lost puppy.

"Hyungwon," He heard Hoseok call out. He looked at him worryingly, "Is everything alright brother? You seem tense."

Hyungwon turned to face him as he laughed loudly, gaining some attention from a few rich people who were glaring at the boy. Hoseok tried to quiet the boy, eventually shutting him up as he covered his mouth.

He sighed, removing his hand from the boy's mouth, "Have you gone mad?! Calm yourself, boy, you're gonna bring attention to yourself if you keep bursting out like that."

Hyungwon looked over at him, seeing Hoseok's slight glare. Then he looked down and sighed to himself, messing around with his martini.

"I'm embarrassing you Hoseok, aren't I?" He said softly, "I'm probably ruining your image. I-I'm sorry. M-maybe I should go-"

Hoseok stopped the boy before he could leave, grabbing him by his wrist. Hyungwon looked over at him with wide eyes, confused, "Wh-what are you-"

"Sit down," Hoseok replied. Hyungwon immediately took a seat, looking over at his older brother who sighed, "Look, if I was worried about you ruining my image right now, we wouldn't have walked in here together or at all for that matter. Hyungwon I don't care about that shit right now, as I said earlier, this is all about you okay?"

Hyungwon looked down, fiddling with his fingers, "B-but I don't know Hoseok, I feel so anxious right now. Like I shouldn't be here or I don't belong here! Maybe we should just leave! I should leave, I don't deserve to be here-"

"Hyunnie, shut the fuck up," Hoseok said, shutting the boy the fuck up, "You're my brother alright? If anyone has a problem with you being here, they can deal with me. You came here comfortable in your own skin ready to meet this lovely boy and goddammit you're gonna meet this boy tonight! So calm the fuck down and get yourself together!"

Hyungwon's eyes went big as he nodded quickly, "O-okay."

But Hoseok wasn't too pleased, "C'mon now! You are a brother of the Lee-Chae family! You are no bitch!"


Hoseok slapped him in the face as he gripped his shoulders, "I wanna hear you say it! SAY YOU ARE NO BITCH!"

"I-I'm no bitch!"


"I'm n-no bITCH!"



The boy pulled away from Hoseok, running off somewhere as he continued screaming. Hoseok blinked back confusingly, but he just snickered lightly to himself as he placed his hands on his hips, allowing his brother to go on screaming off somewhere.

Yeah um, Hyungwon was near the back, where there were barely any people around, completely exhausted as he stood near the bathrooms. He stopped to catch his breath for a hot second, then proceeded on with screaming, his fists in the air, feeling powerful for some strange reason.

Until he bumped into someone.

The boy grunted loudly, feeling his forehead as his vision went blurry. He lifted himself up, looking around seeing it was blurry everywhere. He tried squinted his eyes, seeing that he was missing his glasses and got up, crawling to find his glasses. He just started gripping the air, hoping that he'd find them somewhere.

He just gripped something really small and squishy, raising an eyebrow trying to figure out what it was. The boy didn't even hear the light moan that escaped another person's mouth as he kept squeezing. Until he gripped harder and the person yelped, pushing him off.

"P-PERVERT!" The person exclaimed, their voice high-pitched.

Hyungwon was pushed back and he blushed lightly, covering his face, "I-I'm so sorry ma'am! I didn't mean-"

"A-and you call me a girl too! That's rude!" The person exclaimed, supposedly a boy.

Hyungwon was confused, trying to see who it was yelling at him. All he saw was some weird blurry vision of a boy wearing an all-white suit and nothing more. Which was weird because what in the hell did he grab if it was a-

"OH MY GOD! I TOUCHED YOUR DICK!" Hyungwon exclaimed, scooting back quickly.

The boy huffed, furrowing his eyebrows, "Uh yeah! I am a boy, after all, you fucking weirdo!"

"Y-yeah, but your voice sounds so delicate and soft. And you're British that's what makes it worse!" Hyungwon exclaimed.

The boy was just offended, getting ready to say something else but he couldn't because he couldn't even see who he was yelling at. He had glasses on his face for some reason and their prescription was strong as fuck, it was like they were as blind as a fucking bat. The boy removed the glasses, then turned to see Hyungwon, feeling out for his glasses.

His eyes widened, "Oh my goodness, you're that boy from the aquarium earlier!"

He watched as Hyungwon froze, turning his head to look at the blurred vision of the boy wearing all white.

"Wh-what?" Hyungwon asked.

The boy brought him close, holding his face, "Hold still."

Hyungwon did, the boy put on his glasses carefully. As his specks were finally back on his face, Hyungwon opened his eyes and they nearly popped out of their fucking sockets. It was the boy from earlier, the cute boy with the silver hair, short, straight bangs, and bright sapphire eyes. He was still wearing his white trousers and white button-down shirt, looking at Hyungwon in awe.

The two kinda stared at each other for a long time, Hyungwon felt something beating in his chest rapidly the more he looked at the boy, how lovely his features was, his cute little mole on his cheek, his lovely pale skin. He was absolutely stunning, about the prettiest boy in the entire world.

"Oh my god," Hyungwon spat, "You're so lovely."

The boy blushed lightly, then he smiled, giggling softly, "Thank you, I appreciate it."

The pretty boy stood, reaching a hand out for Hyungwon to grab. Hyungwon looked at it confusingly, then back at him as he smiled.

"C'mon now, pretty boys don't sit their asses on the floor."

Hyungwon swallowed hard as he took the boy's soft hand, noticing the white rosey lace gloves he was wearing. The boy lifted him up lightly, seeing Hyungwon was a bit taller than him of course. Hyungwon just looked down at him, eyes wide and sparkly, feeling like his whole world just shook up and stopped completely.

This boy was literally a prince. He looked so royal, so lovely, so precious. Hyungwon literally fell in love with him on the spot all over again and nearly cursed himself out for it, trying to not fall down that hole again. He was already trying to not lose his whole sit at the aquarium but now he was definitely gonna lose all of his shit standing right here in front of this lovely ass piece of beautiful shit before him.

Even his smile was fucking gorgeous, Jesus help this boy.

"This is pretty ironic," The boy replied, giggling lightly, "I wasn't expecting to bump into you again here. I was just telling my friends about how wonderful it was to encounter you and how I wished I found out your name and who you were. I would've loved to get to know you a bit more."

Hyungwon's mouth opened, but no words escaped.

"My name is Percy, Percy Asahina. Nice to formally meet you!"

The boy remained frozen as Percy kinda stood there, confused by his sudden silence.

Talk Hyungwon, dammit!

"I-I u-um," Hyungwon replied nervously, rubbing the back of his neck, "M-my name's Hy-Hyungwon! Lee-Chae Hyungwon."

Percy's eyes widened, then he giggled, "Well then, nice to meet you Hy-Hyungwon. Care to join me at my table so we can discuss more and maybe become good associates?"

Hyungwon just dumbly nodded along as he followed Percy over to his table. The security were gonna pull Hyungwon away, but Percy reassured them, telling them that Hyungwon was with him as an old friend. The security nodded, letting them pass as Percy and Hyungwon walked over to this nice diamond table in the VIP area.

Percy took his seat and Hyungwon sat across from him, kinda nervous at all of this sudden attention. He looked around and saw that it was quieter in this area, more celebrities were over here getting their drinks and just being quite at peace with themselves. The boy awed as he looked around and saw how quiet and how peaceful it was, felt nice rather than all that chaos outside.

"Tis nice ain't it?" Percy called out, "Whenever I just wanna come to get a relaxing drink, I come here and collect myself. I only go out into the wilder side of this club whenever I feel up for adventure or when I'm getting hella wild."

"Ah," Hyungwon replied, seeing the waitress come around and serve them nice drinks, "I see, I guess it is pretty calmer in here."

"Indeed," Percy replied happily, leaning against the table, "Now tell me, what brings you here? I've been here millions of times to know everyone that comes here daily and I've never seen you here before."

Hyungwon blushed lightly, laughing nervously, "I ummm....well I was just running errands with my brother and well....we both came here to just have a drink you know."

"That's lovely, you must've been pretty drunk already since you were running around screaming about you not being a bitch," Percy said as he took a sip of his drink.

Hyungwon nearly choked on his as his blushed got bigger, "Y-you weren't supposed to see that. Don't worry I'm not intoxicated, I've never gotten drunk because I know how to control my drinking habits! I'm 19 but I'm not that reckless."

Percy's eyes sparkled a bit as Hyungwon said that, then he beat the table, startled the poor boy across from him with the round specks.

"19? So I'm not the only young one coming here!" Percy replied cheerfully, "I'm 19 too! Or well, almost, I turn 19 in two months."

Hyungwon's eyes widened, "No way! I've never met someone around my age. Or well, the kids at my school are assholes and never wanna talk. So I just channel everyone out and stay in my dorm most of the time, at least until my sister and brother wanna hang out."

"Oh my, Hyungwon you can't do that," Percy replied, his English tone soft, "Staying closed out isn't good, it can hurt you. I mean it comes in handy to stay isolated away from everyone but it's never good, trust me, I should know. I've been isolated from a lot of people for most of my childhood."

"R-really?" Hyungwon asked and Percy nodded.

"Back in the UK, it isn't all Peaches and Cream. I'm supposed to become the new ruler one day when my dad gives in his power, so all my life I've been locked in and kinda hidden away from everyone. I was never able to go out and explore,  ever . People always told me how to live and what to do, it was sickening."

"Oh," Hyungwon let out, seeing Percy suddenly get tense.

The boy looked up, seeing Hyungwon's scared look.

He smiled slowly, holding Hyungwon's hands to reassure him, "Rest assured my friend, all is well. My father allowed me to move here to at least get the teenager experience, but I didn't think that would turn into me become a famous model, oh no. Still better than the prince life though, so I'll take it."

Hyungwon was still kinda worried, then he smiled slowly as Percy smiled right back at him.

The rest of the night the two kinda talked about all kinds of wondrous things. Hyungwon made some weird ass joke about turtles and then confessed about how he wanted one on his 20th birthday and Percy laughed at it, promising to get him that turtle one day. Percy even said something about wanting to take a trip to New York and Hyungwon and he made this little fake getaway plan to escape together to New York one day.

The two boys kinda just clicked the whole time, Percy was so fascinated with the way Hyungwon spoke about wanting to travel the world and be a photographer, as well as a journalist. Hyungwon, something about him made him seem so intelligent and smart, way more alluring than how he was at the aquarium. They loved each other's company and talking to each other made both boys feel special.

It's like they were destined to meet each other because they were both boys with similar tastes who were running away from their issues, just like each other. It's what made their sudden friendship blossom.

"Okay, but there is no way that your father is the famous Takashi Chae!" Percy replied excitingly.

Hyungwon nodded, "My dad is so fucking awesome! You should see him in those secret spy movies or maybe even the James Bond Originals! My dad has met James Bond before, pretty funny story actually!"

"Oh cheese, you've got to tell me!"

But before Hyungwon could talk, the one of the security walked up to the table, tapping Percy lightly on his shoulder. The boys looked at him wearily, Percy telling him to continue to speak out loud.

"There's some guy out there saying that he's looking for umm," The man looked down at Hyungwon, pointing to him, "The way he described him, he sounded like he was looking for him Mister Asahina."

Hyungwon's eyes widened, "Oh! That's my brother!"

Percy gave him a weird look, "W-what? You mean your brother is still here with you? I thought you said he left."

"I thought so too," Hyungwon cheered, then looked up at the bodyguard, "You can let him in, he'll cause no harm."

The bodyguard gave him a confused look, then nodded, walking over to open the curtains. Hoseok's eyes widened as he finally saw his brother, rushing over towards him.

"There you are! I've been looking for you all fucking night," He exclaimed, hugging his brother tightly.

Hyungwon giggled, "S-sorry, I got a little caught up."

"I can see," Hoseok said as he looked around, whistling, "How the hell did you end up in here looking the way you do."

The boy slightly punched him as Hoseok laughed softly. Then he sighed, "I managed to bump into the boy I was telling you about earlier!"

"Oh?" Hoseok said, looking across from Hyungwon.

Once he did, his face paled completely as he looked over at the vanilla skinned boy with the silver hair and sapphire eyes. Percy, he looked up at him with wide eyes as well, kinda confused since he furrowed his eyebrows a bit. Then he started to furrow them completely as a glare just grew on his face and his grip on his champagne glass got a lot tighter.

"Percy?" Hoseok said, furrowing his eyebrows.

Hyungwon raised an eyebrow, "You know him?"

Then he looked down at Percy, who quickly changed his expression and laughed softly.

"I-I don't know this man," Percy replied cheerfully, opening his eyes, which were still kinda dark, "Never seen him before in my life."

Hoseok stilted, then he chuckled nervously, "U-uh yeah. You um, that model boy all the way from the UK. It's uhh nice to meet you."

Hyungwon was confused at the sudden tension, especially coming from Percy, who was all nice to him earlier. He just became cold, rather spiteful it seemed and it threw Hyungwon off a bit. But maybe it was just some rivalry thing he had with Hoseok since the two were famous models after all.

"Well um," Hyungwon said to break the ice, "It was nice meeting you Percy. My brother and I should get going!"

Percy's eyes widened as he saw Hyungwon rush out immediately, dragging hoseok out in the process. The boy squinted his eyes a bit then sighed. He looked from the corner of his eye and saw a strange device on Hyungwon's side of the table.

And it took the boy a while to notice that it was Hyungwon's phone.

So Changkyun had been crying for a while, in the dark, blasting his mother's music from his headphones. He didn't even know why he was crying so much, this whole this was just so fucking stupid as much as he was. So fucking stupid to get caught up in a thing like that and even hope for the best. It only happened for a few days so it was dumb for him to be a bitch and cry about it.

But all he wanted to do was sit here and cry and feel sorry for himself for allowing that shit to happen. Why did he allow it? Wonho was a guy who he was supposed to hate but he turned into someone who Changkyun actually cared about and slowly started growing feelings for. But why grow feelings for someone who only wanted you for sex?

That's all you're worthy of being? Someone's slut?

What made it even worse was that he started to slowly get attached to Wonho, his company as a whole was comforting for Changkyun. His warmth, his smile, just his weird flexible personality was enough to make Changkyun feel all weird and giggly. Even without all the sex, he still felt close to Wonho mutually, and it felt nice to get all that attention from him.

Wonho just started getting soft on him, that's what made Changkyun change his mind about the relationship and finally see Wonho as a person, as a friend. But Wonho was right to cancel things off, he only wanted to care for his brother and not make him hate him even more than he already does.

But Changkyun was so fucking confused, it felt like they were breaking a bond before it even got to start.

It literally killed him entirely, and all he wanted to just do was cry.

Cry, that's all he's done his entire life was cry and sit in his puddle of despair. Since his mother died, that was his only way with coping with the pain. Maybe eating, or probably listening to her music was something to calm him down. If he wanted to overdose at this point, he honestly would have but it was disgraceful and he promised his mother he'd never do that.

But right now, he was just so scared, confused, hurt.

He probably didn't have any friends either seeing as the way he yelled at Jimin and Jungkook when they were only trying to help him see it all out. They probably told Rui and she was probably gonna turn on him and hate him for playing around with her brother's feelings and for having sex with the other.

Didn't matter, they weren't gonna be here for long anyway.

They only had a week left, which was enough time for Changkyun to go back to the way he use to be. Closed out from literally everyone and never come back on this trip or this place ever again in his fucking life.

It was better that way anyway.

The boy had gotten out the shower later on and then wrapped himself in a robe, kinda reading a book as his mother's music played from the Beats wireless speaker. He turned off the master lights, leaving on the lamp that was on the small table on and sat on his bed as he read a book. It was his mother's diary, he'd read it sometimes whenever he was feeling bad like this.

Plus, it kinda helped him understand his mother without her needing to be here.

He heard a knock at his door and he set the book aside, walking over to see who it was. He'd be surprised if it was Jungkook seeing as he got a text that he didn't reply to from the boy saying that he was gonna hang out in Taehyung's room to give him some space. But maybe he was here for some of his clothes or something.

Then he opened the door and his eyes were widened as he saw the tall male before him, wearing a leather jacket, black shirt, and light blue denim jeans.

"Hyungwon?" Changkyun let out.

Hyungwon looked at him with wide eyes as he gripped his shoulders, "ARE YOU OKAY?! You're not still sick are you?!"

Changkyun furrowed his eyebrows, "N-No, I was never sick."

"W-wait really? I got a call from someone saying you had the stomach flu and you were basically on your deathbed! So I hurried over to some pharmacies and got you some medicine. Then went to a drug store and got you some ramen and Ginger Ale to soothe the pain. I had to leave Gatsby's Raffle party just to come run over here and help you out as soon as possible!"

Changkyun blinked back, blushing lightly.

He just left his job to come nurture you back to health Changkyun, that's something Wonho would  never  do.

He smiled softly, "I-I appreciate the gesture, but I'm not sick Hyungwon."

"Y-your not? Goddamit, now I'm gonna get yelled at," Hyungwon groaned.

"Who called you and told you to come here?"

Hyungwon looked over at him, "They uhh...for some reason told me not to reveal them to you. They said that they're extremely mad at you for not telling them something sooner and that you guys have been best friends for years. I don't know, but I'm surprised they called me of all people. They literally yelled at me about considering your feelings."

Changkyun raised an eyebrow, "Wh-what?"

"N-nothing, don't worry about it!" Hyungwon replied quickly, "Just uh....are you okay at least?"

The boy wanted to lie and say that he was fine, but he really wasn't. He was kinda feeling like he was dying right now, but it was all mental. He didn't really wanna be near anyone at all, but Hyungwon was such an understanding person beyond compare. And he could use a hug right about now.

"I-I'm not really okay right now," Changkyun chuckled, "I mean, I guess that person was right about me being on my death bed."

"Oh! You wanna talk about it at least?" Hyungwon asked softly, with a smile.

Changkyun's face got a bit red then he smiled, opening the door a bit more, "Yeah, come on in."

Hyungwon walked in as Changkyun shut the door behind them. He was in awe of the room for some reason. He then ended up telling Changkyun he was surprised that the rooms looked so nice because his mother told him nothing but bad things about the resort, which he knew wasn't entirely true. Changkyun just laughed it off, feeling somewhat comfortable like this.

Hyungwon made him some ramen from the little kitchen area in the room and helped prepped him a meal, even took his temperature to see if he was really okay. Changkyun tried reassuring him multiple times, but Hyungwon insisted that it was best he get a clear temperature to be sure. The whole night was just filled with Hyungwon kinda babying him around, or most likely taking care of him properly.

They talked most of the time, Hyungwon told Changkyun this story about some weird guy who yelled party time at the raffle and how everyone made him feel uncomfortable. The only good thing Hyungwon liked about his job was the isolation, being away from people because it gave him space and the quietness within his office felt nice.

That brought Changkyun back to what Wonho said about Hyungwon going quiet and distant away from everyone after their father died. He wanted to ask the boy about his father, but he felt like it wasn't in his place to go out and ask him something like that. But when Hyungwon talked to him more and more, it kinda made the boy let loose and feel a lot better than how he was previously feeling. Of course, he was still kinda hurt with the whole thing from this morning, but he'd get over it.

It's like Wonho said, the boy cared greatly for Hyungwon and what he did was purely a mistake because he was drunk. He'd never allow himself to fall like that ever again, not to someone like Wonho who literally slept around as much as he pleased. Still though, he missed the deep conversations he'd have with Wonho out of nowhere. Even after they had sex or when they were just eating together and engaging in long conversations and learning about each other a bit more, getting comfortable with their relationship.

Changkyun missed it, he missed being in Wonho's warmth, in his bed, in his arms, in his everything.

Made him feel so fucking stupid.

The boy who he had a crush on was right in front of him, but he was still thinking about Wonho.

How pathetic, you don't deserve either of them. You're just like your mother you ungrateful slut.

"Changkyun?" Hyungwon called out, seeing the small tears coming out of Changkyun's eyes.

The boy blinked them away, wiping them, "I-I'm sorry! I-I just got a lot on my mind right n-now."

"No it's okay," Hyungwon replied softly, scooting closer as he held the boy, "C'mon, tell me what's wrong, I'll try my best to help you."

If you take too long to hit me back, I can't promise you how I'll react.

Changkyun didn't wanna tell him anything that happened. He knew if he did, Hyungwon would probably be taken back by the thought of him messing with Wonho. Especially since Rui told him he had feelings for him, which she shouldn't have done.

But all I can say is at least I'll wait for you.

He sighed, "Hyungwon, I....." He started to say, biting back his words. But he didn't wanna keep it away and lie, "I've been close with your brother lately."

Hyungwon's eyes widened, "Close?"

Changkyun nodded, "W-Wonho and I, w-we had something going on between us for a little while. I-it was more or so sexual attraction if anything."

"No way," Hyungwon replied, then gripped the boy's shoulders, "How'd it happen?"

"U-Um, one night I got really really drunk. So drunk that some man almost came around and tried to have sex with me but Wonho stepped in. Next thing you know, I ran to the bathroom, Wonho came and we got so close we kissed."

Hyungwon kinda gave him this unsure look, seeing Changkyun start crying, "W-we had sex that same night. Actually, we've had sex many times. I-I guess I got carried away and then assumed that Wonho was someone who cared about me. But I was only playing around because I-I liked you too and I just thought you were gonna be some crush I'd never reach. Someone who would never notice me and I was just stupid to ever fall for you. I-I thought Wonho liked me because he started treating me differently, but I was stupid to even think that way."

The boy kept crying, his tears just continued to flow as he just laughed at himself.

"D-damn, aren't I stupid?" He chuckled bitterly, "I-I came here to have a good t-time and ended up fucking around with people and hurt myself. I'm so fucking selfish and stupid, I should've never even let that man get so fucking close to me like that. All he did was kiss me and tell me these things I was foolish, my needy ass just wanted to feel needed."

Hyungwon stilted, looking down at Changkyun, unsure how to respond. He wanted to comfort the boy so much, but he was so fucking unsure how to. He wasn't even mad at him because Changkyun was being honest with him, the only person he could ever think about being made at was Wonho.

Because all Wonho knew how to do was fucking break people.

He sighed, "Changkyun, it's not your fault."

That didn't stop the boy from crying, "I-I'm sorry for lying to you and leading you on. I do like you! I love you so much, I can't even stop thinking of you sometimes, isn't that stupid?"


"I didn't think you liked me back, I'm sorry that I think I'm not enough for you. I'm sorry for barging in and making you hate me in the end. I-I'm sorry for meeting you, I'm so sorry for being needy a-and a slut, I'm not better than my mother was-"

"CHANGKYUN!" Hyungwon exclaimed, holding the boy's shoulders tightly. Changkyun looked up at him, puffy eyes all glassy and filled with tears.

"It's okay," Hyungwon replied, giving him a small smile, "I'm not mad at you, I understand why it happened. It's okay, I swear it is. I'm not mad at all and you're not a slut okay?"

Hyungwon looked down, his eyes darkened, "It's not your fault at all because all Wonho knows how to do is fucking break people to the maximum. He taints everyone around him and fears of getting close with anyone, so he pushes them away before they could even get close to him, before he can feel real human emotions."

Changkyun gave him a soft look, "Hy-Hyungwon-"

"I use to see him as this strong prideful man who could do anything," Hyungwon continued, "But he's nothing but a arrogant, selfish, needy bastard who doesn't give a fuck about anyone but himself. So it's not your fault Changkyun, you are more than enough, you're such an amazing boy with so many capabilities. You literally shine, someone like Wonho doesn't deserve you."

Hyungwon took his hands in his, holding them as he stroked them, "He doesn't have a heart Changkyun. He doesn't know how to take care of people or cherish anyone's hearts. All he does is hurt people and I hate myself for not stopping him before he got to you."

He lifted the boy's hand, kissing it lightly, "But I know how to take care of you. I care about you so much Changkyun, you're literally on my mind every damn day and I want nothing more than to make sure you're safe. I wanna hold you in my arms and tell you you're gonna be okay, that I'm always here for you. I'll literally treat you so much better than Wonho ever has, every day of your life."

Changkyun looked up at him, his eyes big a doey, face soft. He felt his heart beating again, it was that feeling of being loved, someone loving him the proper way and wanting to be near him at all times, doing everything they possibly could to be near them at all times. Hyungwon literally ran away from his job to take care of him and he even understood him and his story without yelling at him.

He really did love him.

"P-please," Changkyun said softly, his arms wrapping around Hyugnwon's neck, "T-take care of me please."

Hyungwon blushed as he nodded. He pulled Changkyun in his lap, aware that the boy was naked underneath, then leaned in slowly, their lips close.

"I promise, I'll take good care of you. You're all mine now," Hyungwon replied softly as his lips met the boy's in a soft kiss.

Chapter Text


"Wh-what?" Percy replied faintly, his voice with a bit tint of hurt in it.

Wonho gave him this glare, no hint of empathy or sadness or even pity within his eyes. He just looked so done for, "I said it's over dammit. Do you not understand that? Have I not made myself clear? Or do I need to grab a diagram and some pictures to help you understand a little clearer."

The boy blinked back the tears in his eyes, his voice was soft. He was still obviously drunk, "N-no! You don't understand Wonho, I didn't mean all that stuff I said back there. You're so much more worth anything else other than just sex! You're an amazing man who can do so much-"

"Do not give me that shit," Wonho rasped, scaring the drunken boy. He was so ready to hit him with all kinds of anger he was holding back in him. But he held back, only because he knew it would be wrong on him and Percy obviously had odds on him.

The two of them had been together for 6 months now. Wonho felt really happy with the boy, even if he was with him for a few months but he didn't care. Soon as they met they instantly clicked, having all the free lovely sex they wanted without a care in the world.

Wonho may have only been 19- but he felt ready to marry the boy if anything.

That's how in love he was.

And he was ready to make that commitment, until during the sex, the boy went on and on saying how good Wonho was. However, it wasn't just him saying he was a good man, it was him saying he was good at sex. Which Wonho wouldn't lie, he's made everyone that walks on two legs fall to their knees after having sex with him, it was just his aura. But now that he had fallen in love, he wanted to be good for more than just sex.

He wanted to prove himself.

However- hearing "You're so good at sex and nothing more" wasn't exactly what he wanted to hear.

Percy scooted towards him, "W-Wonho, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it at all I swear! You're just...really amazing and-"

"At sex Percy?" Wonho cut him off, "You're gonna say I'm only amazing at sex and nothing more. You said that already so why not break me even more by saying it again, acting as if it will make me feel better."

"N-no! I-" Percy started to say, biting his lip, "I'm just drunk honey. That's it, that's all it is!"

Wonho refused to look at him as he felt arms get wrapped around his shoulders. He felt Percy rest his chin on his shoulder, his bottom half covered up by covers as he stroked the man's arms lightly.

"C'mon baby, you know I didn't mean it," Percy said softly, "I'm sorry I hurt you. Those words must've messed with you a lot."

Wonho sighed, looking down, "Yeah, they did."

He started to remove Percy's arms off of him, rising up to grab his things. Percy watched him with careful eyes, but also scared for what he was doing. Wonho just covered his bare chest, then put on his trousers carefully as he buttoned himself back up.

"W-Wonho," Percy started to say, "Are you leaving me?"

The man didn't respond, he just continued to get his things and pack up.

Percy furrowed his eyebrows, "You're coming back, right? You're just leaving out for a bit to get your head straight-"

"No," Wonho replied, reaching out for his suit jacket, "I'm leaving leaving Percy. As in, I think we need to put this to an end. If we're always gonna be like this- if we're always gonna be nothing but fuckbuddies for the rest of our lives, then what is the point in pretending like we're something else?"

The silver-haired boy widened his eyes, standing up with the cover still in his grasp, covering himself, "You mean to tell me you're giving up on us? W-Wonho, I said I was sorry don't be such a fucking prude about it-"

"I'm not being a prude, I'm just seeing what's real," Wonho replied, his voice soft, obviously hurt, "You never really wanted me, you never really wanted us to be a thing, you never loved me. You just wanted to get the lustful feeling out the way and fill my head with these lies of us being something together when we're not. And I let you take control of my feelings, I got attached-"

"Wonho," Percy ran up to him, hugging him tightly, "I-it's not like that baby I swear. I love you so much-"

"You only love me for my body Percy," Wonho replied softly, pushing the boy's hands off of him, his eyes were filled with nothing but utter hurt and betrayal, "I see that now."

The boy looked up at him, seeing his eyes and getting confused by his sudden coldness. He saw his eyes, they were literally filled with emptiness, sorrow, and regret and Percy didn't understand why he was so hurt. The boy himself was just hurt because Wonho said all this stuff about loving him and wanting to be there for him.

But here he was, leaving him.

He furrowed his eyebrows, tears starting to pour as he hit Wonho's chest countless times, "F-fine then! Leave me! I don't n-need you anymore, I can find s-someone else better than you and I'm sure they'll love me way better than you ever could!" The boy kept crying, feeling himself grip Wonho's shirt tightly as he cried.

Wonho just grabbed him by his shoulders, walking him over to the bed and sitting him down.

Then he nodded, walking off and leaving the room.

Leaving Percy in tears,  heartbroken .

for today's smut scene, feel free to listen to "Closer" By Neyo— i  highly  recommend you go on YouTube and find the slower version while reading to get a better feel (loop that shit if you have to) promise me, that shit really made this smut more fucking hot than it already is dude.

Thank you and happy reading ;)


Changkyun literally wanted Hyungwon to kiss all his sorrows away. That's what he was doing, holding the boy's face with his hands and kissing him with all the love and care in the whole world. It reminded Changkyun of a lot of things- reminded him why he was so in love with this man in the first place.

But still, in the midst of kissing Hyungwon, he couldn't help but cry. He didn't know why he was crying so much, maybe because it felt good or maybe because he's been waiting so long for this and the feeling was utterly overwhelming.

Or maybe because while he was kissing Hyungwon, he was missing Wonho's lips.

He couldn't help but curse those thoughts in his head, he hated himself for thinking like that and getting attached to two people at the same time. But what he hated most of all was getting attached to someone who he knew was going to let him down at any moment, he just got so caught up in the moment and believed that there was something there when there really wasn't.

You're so fucking stupid Changkyun, so so fucking stupid. You really thought I could love someone like you-

Tears started to flow down his cheeks the more he kissed Hyungwon, the more those thoughts of his ringed his whole mind and fucked it entirely. Why did he feel so fucking useless in this situation? He should've just went with his head and fucking stuck around with Hyungwon, wait for him to come around as he was now, this moment wouldn't be so fucking painful and he wouldn't feel so fucking disgraceful and disgusting.

He wouldn't feel like he just jumped from man to man- like a whore.

That woman would sleep around all the time! What a whore! I hope none of her children are as hopelessly romantic as she is.

Hyungwon pulled away slowly, looking at the boy to see tears going down his cheeks. He caressed Changkyun's cheeks lightly, looking up at him as Changkyun gave him a small smile, stroking his hand.

"Baby are you okay?" Hyungwon said, sitting up.

Changkyun just nodded slowly, his throat dry, "I'm okay. I just got a lot on my mind right now and I literally feel so broken. Too hurt to love right now."

Hyungwon gave him a small smile as he kissed the boy lightly on his forehead, "Well you want me to take care of you, correct?"

The boy hummed, breathlessly moaning as he started to feel Hyungwon's gentle hands run up his bare thighs. He just wrapped his arms right back around his neck, giving Hyungwon access to him- all of him.

"Submit yourself to me Changkyun," Hyungwon whispered in his ear, "I can promise you for a fact that I'll treat you better than that bastard ever has. I swear on it. Give me all of you, every single part of you and I'll put you on a pedestal that'll make you feel like your loved for life."

Changkyun's eyes widened at that. He couldn't even respond properly when he felt Hyungwon lightly kiss his ear, placing his hands on the boy's hips. Changkyun just slowly rolled against him, his lips hit his neck and kissed it slow and steady. There was something about these kisses that felt so much more different than the ones Wonho gave on his neck, they were so much more smooth and left Changkyun blushing like crazy.

He kept giving Hyungwon access to his body, choosing not to say a single word and just let the man do his thing. He wanted to make him feel good, he wanted to make it seem like Changkyun would forget all about Wonho and all the sex they had. At least, that's what Changkyun had in his mind the more he felt Hyungwon's soft hands all over him, carefully massaging his legs with utter passion as he attacked the boy's neck.

Changkyun just adjusted himself, opening his legs way more and wrapping them around Hyungwon's waist. Hyungwon opened the boy's robe a bit more as it slowly fell halfway, revealing part of his back and his bare shoulders. When that part moved down, Hyungwon left soft kisses all over the boy's shoulders. Changkyun rolled his head back at the feeling, he wanted to call out something, but he remained quiet because he knew if he did he could regret it so much.

He felt Hyungwon's other hand trail down his v-line, feeling those fingers rub across his skin gently like he was a smooth treasured box. Changkyun moaned at his tender touches, he was being so gentle with him, Changkyun was never a fan of things going so slow, but this type of tempo with Hyungwon felt so fucking good. It just felt his troubles fading away more and more, melting in the sweet abyss and continued to let Hyungwon do what he was doing without saying a single word.

This sex felt so warm to him, rather than him doing anything at all, he was taking it all in and it felt good. Hyungwon rubbed his hands against Changkyun's member, which was damn-near begging for attention from Hyungwon's hands as well. Changkyun wanted to beg for it, he wanted to beg for his hands to trail down there without getting teased. Hyungwon pulled away from the boy's neck, seeing the hickeys that were left as he pulled away.

He looked up and saw Changkyun biting his bottom, trying his hardest to bite back any kind of needy demand or whimper that he possibly could.

"You wanna open up for me kitten?" He replied, so charmingly in the deepest voice possible. It just sent Changkyun to an everlasting heaven that he wasn't ready to escape.

He was here, it was too late to turn back.

Especially when Hyungwon slowly smiled, opening up the boy's robe to expose his bare chest, his bodyhis everything. Hyungwon blushed lightly as he opened it up more, seeing Changkyun get back on his knees and open himself more, slowly removing the robe off the rest of his body. Hyungwon was in awe as he ran his hands up and down Changkyun's thighs, staring at his body endlessly like he was a holy God statue himself.

"You're so beautiful," Hyungwon replied softly, "No wonder Wonho wanted you."

Changkyun blushed widely at that, looking away a bit kinda anxious.

"So anxious," Hyungwon chuckled lightly, pushing the boy down on the bed slowly, who was kinda surprised at the action and wasn't expecting it at all.

He felt Hyungwon's hands massage his upper body, feeling a sudden shock up his spine when he fiddled around with the boy's body carefully, as if he was seriously taking care of him in the process of this. All Changkyun could do was lightly whine and moan breathlessly at the smooth contact of Hyungwon's hands, his long fingers moving all over his skin as if it was as smooth as butter.

Especially when he rubbed and massaged the boy's thighs like he was a genuine masseuse, treating his body with care. He didn't even need lotion, Changkyun's body was already covered in the vanilla bean concoction, which he was glad he lotioned himself after leaving the shower. But Hyungwon's hands would've felt smooth regardless, he was such a gentleman- Changkyun didn't know why he went running off to someone who didn't give to shits about him.

When the man who really wanted him was right here.

He saw as Hyungwon crawled up to his level after massaging his body, hovering over him. He leaned down a bit as he lips were close to Changkyun's, the boy felt so exposed because he was entirely nude but it's not that he cared. He loved being babied like this, he loved getting treated as important as right now. He loved feeling like he was the only boy in the world.

He loved the way this man took care of him.

"Wonho fucked you good?" Hyungwon replied, his voice deep and intimidating.

Changkyun's eyes widened as he blushed hard at that, his bangs covering his eyes as he nodded slowly.

Then he heard Hyungwon tsk, moving his pretty bangs out of the way so his eyes would be right on Changkyun's. The boy blushed when he saw Hyungwon looked at him with this soft look, made him feel all types of things he didn't know how to describe. Wanted? Loved? Both?

Hyungwon just came closer, whispering against the boy's lips, "I can fuck you better."

His lips met Changkyun's in a sweet and long kiss. This kiss had more tongue involved than the other one did, Hyungwon tasted amazing. It made Changkyun hum at the kiss, but then whimper the more he felt Hyungwon's loving lips attack his own, his tongue wrestling against his and even causing that to lose it's mind. Changkyun's body melted, moving his arms up to wrap around Hyungwon's neck. Hyungwon still hovered over him, his hands trailing down to Changkyun's member, wrapping his fingers around it fully, giving it a light but rough stroke.

Changkyun pulled away from the kiss a bit, moaning loudly at the sudden roughness in Hyungwon's touch. Hyungwon quickly shushed him with the kiss, continuing to stroke Changkyun's dick as the boy countlessly whined and moaned all in the kisses. Hyungwon fastened his pace a little, while also keeping Changkyun's mouth occupied in the process.

It felt so fucking good, any stress in Changkyun was gone the more he felt Hyungwon's hands stroke him roughly but as softly as he could go.

"Give it to me," Hyungwon husked the faster he went, "Let those fluids loose baby. Let your body free and lend it to me, submit to me so I can take good care of you. I just wanna take good care of you."

Changkyun couldn't hold it back anymore as mouth parted more and more. He felt his fluids slowly ooze out, Hyungwon still kept stroking him even with the hot cum dripping down which made it even smoother. Changkyun chest heaved, as much as he enjoyed this pampering he was getting, he didn't know how long he'd last like this. He was so ready for Hyungwon now, but he didn't even have any lube or any condoms on him.

He was hoping Hyungwon did.

"Fuck," Hyungwon replied as he sat up, looking down the needy naked boy who was patiently waiting for him.

"I-I didn't bring anything like condoms or anything," Hyungwon grunted a bit, "Now I kinda wish I accepted Rui's little gift."

Changkyun's eyes widened at that, giggling a little at Hyungwon's frustration.

He kinda looked around for some kind of substitute, but nothing would settle. The only thing that was around was the bottle of cocoa butter that was on the little table the lamp sat on. The boy tugged on Hyungwon a little, then pointed to the wide cylinder shaped bottle.

"You can use that," Changkyun replied, his voice soft and light, "I-it's not lube but it's a nice substitute. I think it'll be a bit smoother than lotion anyways."

Hyungwon looked over at the bottle, leaning over to grab it. He looked at it carefully, then looked down at Changkyun who was pretty sure of his decision. But for some reason, Hyungwon looked a bit scared.

"Technically this would mean that I would be fucking you raw," Hyungwon said softly, then looked at the boy with a soft sincere look, "I don't wanna hurt you if anything."

Changkyun blushed lightly at his soft tone, then smiled, "It's okay Hyunnie, I can take it. I promise you I can."

Hyungwon's eyes widened as he blushed a bit. Then his expression got a lot more softer, "You sure baby? I really really don't wanna see you cry. You might bleed. I mean, I'm not as big as Wonho or experienced b-but still-"

"Hyungwon it's okay," Changkyun replied, giving the boy a warm smile, his little look of pure love, "You won't won't hurt me. I know you won't because I know you're gonna make it feel good," His hands rose up to hold Hyungwon's cheeks, "You're gonna make me feel so good. Because I'm all yours."

Hyungwon's blush just got deeper and deeper as he looked at the bottle, then back at the boy. It was as if hearing those words made his heart soar, hearing that he finally had something that really was his, his own personal treasure. He felt so fucking grateful for this moment- even if it did happen at random.

Years ago, he would've never got this close with a male even if he was attracted to them. And any male- Percy, that did date him, they never were interested in having sex with Hyungwon at all because they weren't attracted to him in that way.

Either that- or they wanted to have a way to get to Wonho and have sex with him instead.

But Changkyun had his turn with Wonho, who foolishly let him go. Now he was all Hyungwon's. And Hyungwon felt like he was so in love with this boy, even though he wasn't supposed to fall in love.

All mine, he felt powerful.

He was damn sure gonna make this boy feel so fucking good.

And Hyungwon knows damn well it feels hotter inside him.

The man just smiled softly, lifting himself up as he unzipped his pants and released his dick, coating it in the cocoa butter gently. Then he bent down a bit, coating his fingers with the substance as well and rubbing it against Changkyun's entrance. Changkyun hummed at the touch, a beautiful light hum that pushed Hyungwon to rub against the sensitive spot even more.

He didn't even feel Hyungwon pushed about 2 fingers inside him, the friction causing Changkyun to grunt a bit in response. But then he got more used to it the more Hyungwon pulled his fingers in and out of him, putting another finger in and hitting his prostate perfectly. His fingers were different, they were long and thick and the pressure that Hyungwon put up against Changkyun made it all feel nice.

He was so gentle with it, but this was probably his first time doing it so maybe that's why he was going so slow. Not like it bothered Changkyun, the slower he went the better, it just seemed like that kind of tempo suited Hyungwon well when it came to sex.

Hyungwon released his fingers slowly, then started to coat his dick more with the cocoa butter.

He looked down at Changkyun as he grabbed the boy's legs, spreading them open and aligning himself with Changkyun's entrance.

"Ready kitten?" Hyungwon asked, his tone soft and sweet.

Changkyun just nodded slowly, giving him a cute little smile to reassure him it was okay.

With that okay, Hyungwon pushed in slowly, seeing Changkyun kinda bite his bottom lip at the sudden friction. Even if he wasn't a virgin, it was still tight and the pressure kinda hurt a bit. Hyungwon had to be about 9 inches, not as big but still big enough to make it feel good and still big enough to make Changkyun whine all fucking night. Changkyun just heaved the slower he went in, taking in more and more of Hyungwon as he possibly could, tearing up a bit.

It hurt like hell, but it felt good. Really good.

Hyungwon's chest heaved as he finally entered the boy, looking down at him as he saw Changkyun looking up at him breathlessly, his arms covering his face. Then he moved them a bit, revealing the one eye that was looking at Hyungwon, his eyelids lowered a bit.

"Y-you okay?" Hyungwon let out breathlessly.

Changkyun nodded, "K-keep going, please."

Hyungwon nodded at that, holding the boy's legs as he started to hit his prostate at a slow pace. There was so much friction between the two, the cocoa butter slowly losing its grip causing it to get more heated between the two. Changkyun tugged at the sheets the more he felt Hyungwon hit that one spot, softly yelling out more and more over again. And with Hyungwon gripping his thighs roughly, increasing his pace, that's what made it more enjoyable.

So much hot sweat between the two of them, the bed squeaking the more Hyungwon moved, the faster he moved, making Changkyun's whole mind go blank. He felt so much accelerated happiness, overwhelmed with this new feeling he couldn't even pinpoint it. He just kept moaning out Hyungwon's name the fast he went. With it being so fucking heated like this, it felt so passionate.

The sex made him forget all about Wonho, how he felt, all that sappy shit.

It made him feel as if he was a virgin all over again.

"Hy-Hyungwon, don't stop," Changkyun moaned softly, his voice soft, "Please don't ever stop."

"I-I can't," Hyunwon rasped, then lifted the boy up as he sat in his lap. His eyes were dark the more Changkyun plopped on top of him, the boy's soft moans causing him to grunt in response, "I don't want to. I love being with you Changkyun."

"Then keep doing it," The smaller boy whined, cupping his face as he kissed his lips, moaning in the process. Tears started to come out his eyes again, "K-keep loving me, stay with me forever. Don't pull away from me Hyungwon, p-please."

Hyungwon kissed him hard as he gripped the boy's waist, making him whine in between his words and keep going up and down a lot faster than he was.

"I promise I will baby," Hyungwon husked, "You're all mine now."

The two kept going at it with rough sloppy kisses, Changkyun fastened his pace a bit more and Hyungwon released his fluids inside him, cumming calmly. They stopped as Changkyun rested his chin on Hyungwon's shoulder, holding him as Hyungwon held him, rubbing his back softly and carefully.

"All mine," Hyungwon repeated, then smiled a bit, "Forever."

Changkyun nodded slowly as he hugged the male tighter, his heart full.

He got off of Hyungwon at some point, laying on his back. Hyungwon looked down and his eyes widened as he saw the mess in the boy's hole, a mixture of cum, blood, and cocoa butter.

He sighed, "Next time, we're using lube or a condom, I don't care what you say."

Changkyun breathed out a laugh as he scooted up to Hyungwon's level, resting his head on the man's chest. He poked out his lips a little, "Aww, but what if I'm impatient one day?"

"Then I'll remind you of the time I fucked you and there was blood coming out of your ass," Hyungwon replied then giggled at Changkyun's blush of embarrassment.

"Point taken meanie," Changkyun pouted cutely as Hyungwon giggled in response, stuffing himself back in his pants.

He was taken by surprise when Changkyun crawled on top of him, completely naked, laying on him. Something about the boy just being out here and naked, smiling at him with this warm smile did all types of things to his heart, he wasn't sure how to feel about it.

He wasn't supposed to be feeling this way.

"I love you," Changkyun said softly, his tone so warm and welcoming, just as much as he was. "I'm ready to start experiencing life with you and only you. You own me, nobody else does and I'm all yours Hyunnie."

Don't fall for the boy Hyungwon, just get him and go.

Hyungwon smiled as he pushed on of Changkyun's bangs behind his ear, "I love you too. You're my little baby now."

Changkyun giggled lightly as he crawled up a bit closer, his lips meeting Hyungwon's in a warm kiss.

"AND STAY IN THERE!" Some old woman exclaimed.

Cythina looked at her pathetically, "Pl-please mama, I need the money and support or else I won't be able to make it to the tour on time! I have to call Hyolyn and see if she can get me a ride-"

"No! You're not going on that fucking concert," her mother exclaimed, "I don't care if you lose sales or if you lose your mind over it. You're not  going . "

And with that, the older woman slammed the door completely, leaving the small girl in her room. Cythina- otherwise known as Suimi Cythina Parker, sat there and pouted a bit, age 16 and kinda pissed. She was a young star, pretty, latino with beautiful sandy skin, long flowy and curly dark brown hair with thin chinese bangs in her face.

All her friends kinda praised her and she felt superior, however, her mother, well she treated Suimi's singing career as if it was another good excuse to yell at the poor girl. The little girl wanted to sneak out badly, but she also couldn't. So she walked over to her window, sitting on the banister and sighing to herself.

She always dreamed of being like her father- a famous worldwide singer who pleased the hearts of millions. He died a few years ago singing at the Grammy's though, and supposedly that killed everyone.

Even Suimi's mother was still devastated, more and more strict on her daughter now as her manager since her daughter wanted to escape so much. But she literally stayed locked in show after show, it was kinda draining and she didn't appreciate it. Her dream was a lot more wilder than this and kinda involved more excitement as her mother and father promised.

But guess after her father died while walking on the red carpet with Suimi in his arms as the next in line for the award- it just killed the dream.

She rested her cheek on his fist, kinda humming a tune to herself as she looked out from the penthouse floor, looking at the beautiful view of the city of Singapore.

Beautiful indeed.

"Pardon me," The female blinked for a few seconds, looking up to see a dark shadow. She looked at it, blinking for a few seconds until the person came out of the shadows, dressed in cute little fake knight armor.

Suimi's eyes widened, then she tried her best to contain her giggling.

The cute boy continued, "Are you Suimi Parker, ma'am?"

Suimi poked her lips out as she continued to go along with this game he was playing, "That depends, who's asking?"

"Oh sure, ma'am," The boy replied, getting on his knees, "I'm Lim Luiseong, I'm at your service ma'am," Then he held her hand as he kissed it lightly. He stood, a rose right behind his back as he still held that same hand, "I have been looking for you..."

"I'm getting nervous," Suimi giggled as she let the boy, known as Luiseong, place the rose in her hair which matched her perfectly. Luiseong brought her close as he held his hands on her hips, kissing her lips gently and carefully.

Suimi hummed at the kiss as she placed her hands on his chest, resting her head on his chest as they pulled away and embraced him tighter.

"I figured you'd be here tonight," the boy responded, "Yooseon said something about how your mother was kinda hard on you after the Fiasco awards, so I thought why not come here! Least to support you since you're totally grounded."

"Ah, don't bring that up," Suimi teased as she lightly hit his chest, "I'm always grounded nowadays. It's been like that ever since my dad died, which is when I was 8 so I'm kinda used to it."

The two slowly walked closer to the fence built up against the balcony, Luiseong embraced Suimi from behind as she caressed his profile, then looked up at the city lights while holding his hands. Their matching rings glowed in the moonlight, Suimi's being a bright red and Luiseong's being sapphire blue.

This was something they did all the time. Sometimes at Luiseong's house if anything were it as safer to be like this than ever, even though, Luiseong's father was kinda offended that Suimi made a joke saying his mother looked like Mulan and Luiseong looked like Shang.

But it was all in good fun.

Luiseong loved being near this woman at all times, didn't even matter if he was older than her by a few years, her presence and beauty was like a magnet that he couldn't fight and something he could just give in to. Honestly, that's how he felt and this girl basically brought out the best in him.

Made him feel love.

They would talk about all kinds of random things. Stars, people, buildings, food, didn't matter. They were inseparable and Luiseong was the best part of Suimi's life. When she wasn't the great Cythina Parker, she would always be Lim Luiseong's precious baby girl forever. Her friends would joke and say she was like a sugar baby, but only because Luiseong was 21 and she was almost 17 in a few months.

Didn't matter, she wasn't letting that fight their love, just went to show you how she felt about boys her age. She felt like they were immature and no one knew how to take care of her at all, not even Yooseon when she tried dating him for a while.

But Luiseong, he knew that the girl needed loving too and treated her just right.

He was perfect.

"Hey Lui," Suimi replied as the asian hummed in response, "What if I had a baby one day? In the middle of my career, I just get pregnant out of nowhere and we have to raise a child together?"

The male giggled, "Well I don't know. I feel like the child would get spoiled too much because we're both successful people Mimi. Then again, I wouldn't mind having a child with you, it would mean a lot of greater things in the future for the both of us."

"Really?" Suimi said softly, "Great things?"

Luiseong nodded as he kissed the girl lightly on her neck, "We'd be a family, maybe get married one day, live in my hometown back in Seoul. Have a nice big beach house and play in the water with the dogs- the ones that look closer to a wolf than anything."

Suimi giggled, "What is up with you and wolves baby?"

"I don't know! Wolves are cool," Luiseong pouted, "Maybe our love child will appreciate that too. I'll literally spoil that child with a wolf onesie one day."

They both laughed softly at that, then swayed as Suimi started to lightly hum a song.

Their song.

"I love Garden, it has such a smooth vibe just like your other songs," Luiseong replied, recognizing the song she was humming. "I mean if you really need someone to remind you of your sanity and call you on your bullshit you already have me on speed dial."

Suimi giggled, "I made that song one day, kinda just venting in the studio about wanting to find the perfect love and kinda heartbroken after Yooseon, y'know?"

"Understandable," Luiseong replied softly, hugging her tightly, "Be glad you didn't go to the concert tonight then. He said something about getting ready to debut with his mixtape and I'm kinda worried for him."

"Baby!" Suimi giggled as she slapped his hand a bit, "That's so rude! Don't say that, Yooseon can sing-"

"Honey, he sounds like he's dying, please-"

"Lui!" Suimi said, hitting him again, this time turning around as she wrapped her arms around him, giggling. Luiseong picked her up from her thighs, sitting her gently on the bar, holding her tightly of course since she was basically hanging.

The female brought him closer, "You're loooove is a one in a million."

"Don't start singing Suimi, you're gonna make me all sappy," Luiseong teased the female who blew a raspberry.

"You were serenading me earlier, I think I have every right to sing to you fruitball," She said, sticking her tongue out.

The two laughed with each other, then Suimi kinda gave Luiseong this cautious look, looking down and looking a bit nervous. Luiseong looked up to see the small latino girl look down a little, kinda sad about something, or nervous to say something but she wasn't sure how to respond.

"Mi princessa, what's wrong?" Luiseong replied, gently pulling her chin so she could face him.

"B-baby...Lui, p-please don't be mad at me when I tell you this," She said her tone kinda shaky.

Luiseong's eyes widened, getting nervous himself now, "What is it, baby?"

There was a sharp silence as Suimi looked down, gripping Luiseong's shoulders tightly.

Then she looked up at him, "I-I'm pregnant."

Luiseong froze, "Wh-what?"

"I'm pregnant," Suimi responded, "A-and I got the DNA test yesterday...i-it's yours- or well ours."

"S-swear," Luiseong said, completely blown, "Y-you swear o-on like...I don't know-"

"I swear on my Papa Maurice Lejon Parker," Suimi replied sternly, "I'm 8 weeks pregnant, and it's ours."

Luiseong stayed silent for a minute, trying to process everything that was being said and everything that was happening. But this was really happening, the love of his life was pregnant, and it was his! He wasn't sure whether to feel relieved because they were really gonna start a family, or scared for some reason.

Scared that his family and pride were gonna get in the way.

He started crying and Suimi's eyes widened, "Y-you're taking this way better than I thought you would."

"Mimi," Luiseong said, his voice shaky as he looked up at her with tears in his eyes, "I-I'm gonna be a dad."

Suimi widened her eyes, then she smiled softly as she hugged the male, "You're gonna be a daddy. I'm gonna be a mommy, we're gonna be parents."

"W-wow! I-I can't believe it," Luiseong exclaimed happily, grabbing the female by her waist as lifting her up many times as she laughed lightly, getting spun around as Luiseong continued cheering on and on about how he was going to be a father.

Then he put her down, realizing something, "W-wait, 8 weeks?! How come you haven't told me this sooner!"

"I swear I'm just now finding this out on my own!" Suimi replied honestly, "I was throwing up so much during practice, so me and Hylolyn took a trip to the hospital and I learned about it."

"Wow," Luiseong said, sounding rather surprised, then he looked down at her, "W-well what do you think it is? Maybe a girl like you?"

"Or a boy," Suimi replied softly, starting to think about it, "I'd rather have a boy if anything."

Luiseong hummed, "Wh-what would we name him though? Maybe something professional like...Daniel."

"No," Suimi denied, giggling, "I wanna name him something cute so he can have a cute nickname. I wanna name him Kyunnie and I wanna hold my baby, my wittle Kyunnie."

"Yeah, but he needs a good name too baby, a professional one and something that fits him!" Luiseong replied enthusiastically, "Besides, we can call him Danny for short if that's fine."

"No I wanna name him Kyunie- Changkyunnie," Suimi replied cheerfully, "It's Korean for the beautiful lion of wrath and wisdom. God of love who can balance out hate and see the error in people's ways. A curious spirit, but smart and alluring."

"Now what weird ass Spanish novel did you steal that from?" Luiseong teased- but got a slap upside the head for it.

Suimi glared at him, "I got it from my father. He had a friend that was named Changkyun who guided him through a lot and taught him how to be a great man. Papa said Changkyun was an innocent man who did nothing but love everyone and remained independent. I want our son to be just like that."

Her glare softened as she caressed Luiseong's face and smiled warmly, "I want him to be a precious boy who finds a man or woman one day and is able to be treated like he's the only boy in the world. I want our son to surround himself with good people and I want him to be intelligent but also think with his heart, soul, and mind. I want him to be a beautiful boy with a big imagination and someone who brings people together and make a big difference. Even people who may never change or never get along, I want my baby to make a difference."

She held his hand in hers, coming closer, "And I want us to raise him together."

Luiseong's eyes widened, sparkles a little too at her words. But this was just who Suimi was, that one strong independent woman who said all kinds of stuff and inspired the hearts of millions. Through her words and her music. That's who he fell in love with- a strong, smart, and independent woman who believed in anyone.

And he knew they'd have a great future, together.

Forever .

The man smiled softly, "Together."

With that, the two shared a loving kiss as the moonlight shined against them. They pulled away, embracing each other and not minding the small silence. No words needed to be said, they had each other.

"Okay, we can name him Changkyun, but only if we can squeeze Daniel in there a little."

Suimi thought about it for a second, then she smiled again.

"How about, Lim Daniel Changkyun?" She replied, "That would be his full name."

"Hmm...I like it, it works for me."


Chapter Text

Percy and Hyungwon's dates were always the cute ones where they'd travel somewhere where it seemed like a good place to take pictures. Mainly parks or something, didn't matter,  Hyungwon  was always the one choosing the place and he'd use that as  an  excuse  to  take pictures of him.

Percy was the one who made  a  date of  it .

Nice little picnic, not too   much.

"I  like  this one!" Hyungwon replied as the couple walked back to the Parma building, back when it was active and full of college students- the ones within the photography major  just  like Hyungwon.

Percy looked at the picture, it was him looking at some cherry blossoms, over the shoulder shot. It was pretty cute he suppose, Hyungwon loved every single photo he took- Percy thought they were okay.

In all honesty,  Percy  didn't think much of Hyungwon. They had been dating for at least 3 months, so maybe that was why. But even still, Hyungwon got comfortable with him so quickly, within the 2nd month is when he started calling him cute little pet names. Percy however, he still felt odd.

But he kept the act up, long as they didn't get too physical, it was okay.

Then again- he didn't date   Hyungwon just to be with Hyungwon .

"This  is  cute babe," Percy replied cheerfully, "I like this one! It's better than the others you've taken of me and it really captures my princely essence."

Hyungwon snickered, "Nonsense, I think all your pictures are great pumpkin. Stop being so hard on yourself!  Have  some faith."

"That's kinda ironic my little Hyunnie," Percy teased, booping the boy's nose, "You work for a company that's against mine!"

"Yeah but I don't work for them yet!" Hyungwon booped  his  nose in return, smiling, "My mom hasn't finalized my position yet. But she said it's  going  my name on it and I honestly can't wait to manage Parma under my dad! He's so cool."

"Who is your dad by the way? The only one I heard about was his brother who died a long time ago."

Hyungwon oohed at that, holding the silver-haired boy's hand as they crossed the crosswalk, "Well my dad is  Takashi  Shirogane Lee. The big famous-"

"Japanese photographer..." Percy replied, his lips slowly parted as he slowly looked up at Hyungwon with wide eyes, "You're fucking kidding. You're kidding, right?"

"Well I mean I don't know....he and my mom kinda had sex and kinda gave birth to me and my twin sister. Unless like.....he totally isn't the dad. Oh my  Gatsby , that would be so fucking weird." 

"Holy shit," Percy let  out . Then he slowly started laughing as he looked  up  at Hyungwon, jumping up and down, "Your dad is that hot ass gun model! He takes those badass pictures with weapons and he's in a lot of action movies I  watch for  HOURS! Oh my god, I would've deadass  killed  my dad if he didn't let me see his movies when they premiered the first day!"

Hyungwon chuckled as they entered the big Empire hall building. Percy was going on and on about how much he loved Hyungwon's family and how cool they all were. Hyungwon couldn't do much but just laugh along at it, not really surprised by Percy's astonishment. I mean, from time to time, people went on and on about how great his family was.

Not really new, they just called Hyungwon the golden child for having a link to so many famous people.

The two went around the place, touring the golden plaza portion of it all. It wasn't really packed with a lot of people, just some celebrities. Percy and Hyungwon were just laughing amongst themselves as Hyungwon told all these knock-off model jokes and did an impersonation every time he got to a portrait of someone.

"RUI!" Hyungwon and Percy heard, putting their laughing to a sudden  end .

They spotted a jet black girl with a curly bob storm out of a gift shop, extremely pissed off. Percy didn't recognize her, but Hyungwon knew exactly who she was. Especially when the girl spotted Hyungwon and sighed in relief, running up to him.

"Hey Hyunnie," The girl replied, fist bumping Hyungwon.

Hyungwon smiled, "Sup Babie, how are things? Still running away from Chester?"

"Jesus," The girl groaned, "This guy just  doesn't  fucking get that I'm not into him. Every  time  he gets the chance to make a move I fucking cringe. I told him I don't like him."

Percy raised an eyebrow, "Honey? Baby? Excuse me, who's this? She looks like Hope Pym."

The girl widened her eyes as she looked up at Hyungwon, who just awkwardly cleared his throat. 

"Um baby," He chuckled nervously, "This is my twin sister,  Rui ."

Percy's eyes widened as he looked over to the jet black female, who kinda looked over at him in disgust. He smiled immediately, reaching out to shake her hand.

"I-I'm so sorry about that-"

"No no, you're fine," Rui replied, looking at him weirdly, "Evangeline Lilly is a beautiful woman and shame on you for saying I look like her as an insult." She looked over at Hyungwon, "I don't like this one very  much  Hyunnie, get a new one."

Hyungwon laughed nervously, "Rui it doesn't work like that. C'mon, be more appreciative of my boyfriend."

The female hummed as she looked down at Percy then back at Hyungwon.

She scrunched her nose, "I'm good, thanks."

Before Hyungwon could say anything, they all heard the calls of Rui's name again. The girl just saluted at Hyungwon and dashed off. Hyungwon sighed shaking his head, looking down at Percy who just seemed kinda offended for some reason.

"Don't mind her, she's always prejudice towards my crushes."

Percy hummed at that, then looked up at Hyungwon with a soft look, "Baby I don't know.....maybe she's right, maybe I'm too much and I don't deserve you."

"Oh c'mon Percy don't say that," Hyungwon replied softly, cupping the boy's cheeks, "You're more than enough and you're not too much okay? I honestly think you're perfect the way you are and I think we're perfect for each other okay? I love you so much and I wouldn't trade you for the entire world."

Percy slowly smiled, "You mean it?"

"Of course," Hyungwon replied, smiling back.

He was about to kiss him, but Percy put his index finger on his lips, slowly stopping him.

"H-how about a hug?" He replied shyly, opening his arms out, "I-I'm still kinda nervous to kiss you. I'm not trying to melt as I feel those soft lips against mine yet."

Hyungwon chuckled. Percy always said some cheesy thing to stop a kiss before it happened, Hyungwon kinda noticed that now. He wasn't sure if the boy was genuinely nervous or he just didn't wanna kiss. Then again, Percy would've said he didn't wanna kiss...right?

This was Hyungwon's first shot at a relationship, he couldn't help but feel anxious about it.

Still, he trusted Percy.

The two hugged, Percy of course hummed as he felt Hyungwon's embrace.

He opened his eyes to look over at a certain man talking to a woman with long maroon wavy hair. The beautiful woman was none other than miss Mariah Reynolds herself, an Australian model under Parma's partner Pliseki Studios.

The man, however, had his attention fully. He waved to Mariah as she left then turned over to spot Percy's glance. Soon as he did, he froze in an instant.



"Percy is everything alright?" Hyungwon replied, slowly pulling away. Percy looked up at him kinda astonished and lost for words. Before he could answer back, Hyungwon looked over at what he was looking at and saw Hoseok standing over by the displays.

The man started to walk towards them a bit, which gave Percy the opportunity to pull Hyungwon down from his collar, kissing his lips roughly, but passionately. Hyungwon was rather surprised, but he took in the kiss anyway, wrapping his arms around Percy's waist as Percy wrapped his arms around his neck, getting lost in the boy's lips.

Hyungwon's lips felt soft, he didn't think they'd feel this good, but they  did .

Hoseok kinda stopped as he looked at the two of them, seeing Hyungwon, of course, kiss him passionately. However, Percy's seemed more forced if anything. He just looked up at Hoseok with darkened eyes as Hyungwon continued to kiss his lips in return.

The two pulled away. Hyungwon was surprised of course and blushed lightly at the action as he looked down at Percy with wide sparkly eyes.

"Oh my GOODNESS!" He exclaimed lightly so only Percy and Hoseok could hear. He touched his lips, looking at his brother excitingly as a smile grew across his face, "OHMIGOSH! OHMIGOSH! Hoseok, you'll never guess what happened! Wait no, you don't have to you just saw it! I got my first kiss, whoop!"

Hoseok widened his eyes, looked down at Percy, who was looking away, avoiding his glance.

The model chuckled lightly, patting Hyungwon's shoulder, "That's great buddy! I'm so happy for you, there are many more where those came from."

"Aye after 3 months of waiting, it was totally worth the wait!" Hyungwon chirped.

Hoseok froze, "W-wait a minute...3 months of waiting?"

"Well yeah! Percy said he was too shy to kiss me but shit, guess something pushed the shyness out! Not like I'm complaining."

"Ah, I see," Hoseok snickered, a bit bitter than usual.

Before Hyungwon could say something, his phone buzzed. He looked down to see his phone buzzing. He looked down to see it was from his dad, of course answering it with ease. The boy just started to walk away, telling Hoseok and Percy to hold tight until he returned.

When he left, Hoseok looked down at Percy, who was turned around, waving slowly at Hyungwon.

His boyfriend-

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Hoseok snapped, "Whatever you're trying to do with my brother, you can stop it now. Hyungwon doesn't need some sex-crazy snake playing with his feelings."

"You know it's funny you say that Wonho-"

"Don't call me that," Hoseok husked, his glare darkening, "You have no right to bring back the past you ungrateful slut. Tell me what the hell you want out of my brother and why you've been playing with his heart for almost 3 months."

Percy stopped waving, putting his hand down slowly.

Then he turned to face Hoseok, who was still glaring at him. However, before he knew it Percy grabbed him by the wrist, dragging him off somewhere. Hoseok was confused at the action, especially when they went to some weird looking medieval room. They passed the displays, going into some dark narrow hallway.

Percy sighed as they finally approached the hall.

"Thank goodness, some space," The English boy replied, giggling.

Wonho was still confused, pissed if anything, "Percy, what the hell is-"

"Oh my god you talk so much," Percy groaned, glaring at him lightly, "Unlike Hyungwon, at least he stops babbling to hear me talk. You just don't know how to shut your damn mouth, still the same old Wonho-"

"I told you not to call me that dammit," Hoseok argued, trying to have some kind of one-up against this boy.

He just raised an eyebrow, cocking his head to the side, "I can do whatever I want. You obviously don't have the power to stop me because whatever you say can and will damage your career."

Hoseok grew confused, "I don't understand....a-are you blackmailing me against my brother?"

"Something like that," Percy replied boredly, checking his nails, "Baby Hyungwon really thinks I have feelings for him. I really don't. I'm kinda using him at the moment to get to something."

"What the fuck!" Hoseok exclaimed, "What the hell is wrong with you! You're seriously using my brother for your own selfish gain?! That's ridiculous, you don't deserve him in the slightest...he doesn't deserve this...Percy, he loves you-"

"I don't care, I don't love him," Percy replied, walking towards Hoseok, slowly. The man walked backward, eventually coming up against the wall.

Percy looked up at him, putting an arm around his neck as he looked up at him, zero emotions in his eyes.

Or at least...the only emotion he saw in those eyes was nothing but lust...

He came close, "Years broke me into pieces. You left me alone and literally crushed my heart into pieces. We had something, but then you just walked out the door and didn't even consider my feelings once. It hurt me so much much."

Hoseok widened his eyes, his glare getting soft.

Percy went on, putting a hand behind Hoseok's neck, playing with the hairs on his neck.

He smiled, "Now I'm gonna do the same thing to your brother...and you're gonna watch me break his heart into tiny pieces. Bit by bit. He's gonna be in this endless hole of nothing but depression and be too scared to ever love again."

The boy's lips got closer to Hoseok's ear as he whispered, "And there's nothing you can do about it."

With that, the boy let him go starting to walk off. Least he would have if Hoseok hadn't grabbed him by the wrist and pinned him up against the wall. Percy tried to break out of his grasp, but Hoseok pushed his lips against his.

It took a while for Percy to register it, but then he did, moaning softly as he wrapped both his arms around Hoseok's neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss that escalated quicker than he thought. The two pulled away, Percy looked up at Hoseok as he heaved a little, his eyes slowly getting bigger as he realized what he had done.

Oh shit.

"I knew you still wanted me," Percy sneered, "Wonho...I only got with your brother because I wanted you. I wanted to come back to you-"

"N-no!" Hoseok said, pulling away. He started to walk off, "No! No, you don't want me. I don't even know why I allowed myself to do that! Years ago, I broke off things because you only wanted me for sex! That's all anyone ever wants me for now."

Percy grabbed his hand, causing Hoseok to turn over and face him.

That emotionless look returned, "Because that's all you're good at."

Hoseok looked at him, allowing the boy to stroke his arms as he looked down at the seductive boy. Damn him for being so alluring and amazing at manipulating any man in his grasp, all he was doing was running his arms up and down Hoseok and Hoseok felt ready to submit again.

All over again.

But it was wrong.

"Sex is the only thing you're good at, it's what you're useful for," Percy continued to say, his voice soft, "It's the only way anyone will ever love you. Just for your body and nothing more, you should own up to it and come back to me Hoseok-"

"No," Hoseok replied, pulling away, "I'm not doing that to my brother Percy. You can break his heart all you want but I'm not gonna make the pain worse for him and have sex with you. If anything, he'll listen to me over you."

"You wanna test that theory?" Percy asked, raising an eyebrow, "Hyungwon's love for me is so strong. I highly doubt he'll ever listen to you, but go on ahead and try it. Try telling Hyungwon: 'I was with him once' see if he takes that lightly."

Hoseok furrowed his eyebrows as he looked down at the boy, his glare darkening, "You're horrible."

"And you want me," Percy replied, coming close to the male again, "If you fuck me Hoseok, I'll won't say a damn thing to Hyungwon about our past. He won't know anything long as we keep it low."

Hoseok was taken back at that. Of course he wanted to say fucking no, why the hell would he submit to this boy? Percy may have had some past damage on him and could tell Hyungwon anything, but Hyungwon and Hoseok were brothers and they trusted each other for anything. Hyungwon would never choose Percy over him....right?

He didn't know why....but the fear of his brother believing Percy over just killed him.

Percy was right, he couldn't just break it to him and tell him that Percy didn't love him and only dated him to blackmail Hoseok- it would literally kill him. Hyungwon wouldn't be able to handle it and he'd shut out instantly, Hoseok could see it.

Made him feel horrible.

He had to make sure Percy didn't say a damn thing about them or their past, otherwise, Hyungwon will take it the wrong way and he'll be heartbroken.

And since sex was the only way to keep Percy's mouth shut.....he had no choice.

He wrapped an arm around Percy as he pushed him up against a wall. Percy was surprised but also enlightened as he felt Hoseok's lips against his in yet another wet french kiss that was filled with nothing but lust.

Hoseok felt terrible....but he had to remember, he was doing this for Hyungwon...

Changkyun opened his eyes swiftly, smiling with ease as he felt the breeze blow across his face. The boy opened his eyes swiftly, lifting himself up and yawning. He looked out the window, seeing it was a pretty sunny day at least, he kinda needed it after yesterday. Well he did but he didn't at the same time, Hyungwon helpfully took away all the stress.

The boy giggled, remembering Hyungwon just softly kissing him as he fell asleep wrapped up in his boyfriend's arms.

Boyfriend? He liked the sound of that.

He looked down and saw a little sticky note that was pastel pink on the side of him, picking it up to read what it said.

'U look so pretty when you're asleep my love ;( i wanted to stay with you but I had other things to attend to that needed my attention so please forgive me cutie. I promise tonight I'm all yours because I wanna take you with me to Gatsby's party tonight. I left my card there so you can play around with that and spoil yourself as much as you want. I'll pick u up at 8 tonight baby,

With Love, Hyungwon ❤

Changkyun smiled widely as he giggled, holding the note close to him. His heart literally felt so full, he didn't remember the last time he got so happy he was ready to sing a whole musical.

Then his eyes trailed over to the black card on the table and his eyes went wide.

He oohed, leaning forward towards it and holding it in his hands, getting a glimpse of the card's beauty. It was literally amazing- and Changkyun was pretty sure the card had hella cash on it too. But Hyungwon probably wanted him to look his best with him tonight, so why not spend the most that he could right?

One problem though, he didn't even know where to start.

Changkyun snickered, "Pretty sure if Jimin had this card, she'd fucking go ham."

The boy laughed to himself a little, but then he slowly stopped laughing and started to feel a bit saddened. Mainly at the fact, he had that argument with Jimin and Jungkook yesterday and they probably wanted nothing to do with him since then. They both would've been such good help, especially Jimin with her fashion tips.

But guess Changkyun was still kinda riding solo- not like he could ask Jooheon or Youngjae because they didn't know anything that was going on.

Changkyun just sadly sighed to himself as he held the card in his hands and got up, throwing on a nice black shirt and some shorts since he was still naked. Then he laid on the bed, looking up at the ceiling as he tried to collect his thoughts.

Maybe, some part of him hoped that Jimin and Jungkook didn't hate him, they were probably trying to give him space because he had that outburst right? That had to be the case! Or maybe they were sick of him crying about his problems all the time and finally decided to ditch him maybe?

They probably told Rui, who probably hated Changkyun now too.

The boy just couldn't help but feel bad for his actions. His friends were really trying to be there for him this whole trip. He had his own little group and they would all just laugh around and hang out with each other, Changkyun just enjoyed it from time to time. But now he no longer had those friends and he was pretty sure they were all gonna turn against him, maybe even replace him.

For some reason, he couldn't even be happy about finally having a proper boyfriend that he actually wanted because his friends weren't around him to cheer him on or even congratulate him in the slightest. He didn't have the friends who would just support it a mile away and promise to stay by his side if things went south.

He was just....separated from the important people in his life.

Then he heard a knock at his door and froze for a second.

He wasn't sure if it was just some random person ding-dong ditching him or anything, maybe it was a small prank and they'd go away. But then he heard the knock again, and again.

Changkyun grumbled as he got up from the bed, walking towards the door.

As he opened it, his eyes widened when he spotted a tall male with black hair.


"Wh-what in the world-"

"You've got a lot of fucking explaining to do you thot," The boy said, pushing Changkyun in the room and making his way in.

The boy stepped back and swallowed hard when he saw Minhyuk slam the door and lock it, walking toward Changkyun with a dark ass glare. Changkyun just got scared the more Minhyuk came near him, crossing his arms to make sure some demon wasn't within him. Maybe so? Shit, he had black hair and he was wearing a big red and white varsity sweater with ripped jeans.

He was a demon alright.

Minhyuk grabbed the boy by his shoulders as he walked him over to the bed, sitting him down. Changkyun blushed a little, but then saw Minhyuk take one of the chairs from the table in the room and pulled it in front of him, sitting backward.

He cleared his throw, "Now, talk."

Changkyun blinked back as he looked at him, then shrugged his shoulders, "What's up, my name is Jared, I'm 19, and I never learned how to fucking re-"

"I'm serious Changkyun," Minhyuk replied with a deadpan glare, "You need to start explaining some shit. Like, start explaining why the hell Chae Hyungwon was up here in your room?"

The boy blushed at that, "Ah-hA! Chae who? What's a Hyungwon?? Min I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about-"

"Bullshit, you know exactly what I'm talking about," The boy replied crossing his arms, "I know everything about you Changkyun, and you're a pretty bad liar too. Like've been running around with Lee Hoseok."

Changkyun's eyes widened, "H-how did you-"

"I attended Gatsby's Party, I don't like a few weeks ago? I was trying to use one of the grand bathrooms," Minhyuk said as Changkyun's eyes got wider and wider, "I mainly take photos in the good bathrooms upstairs. Good lighting too, but wanna know something? I saw two people making out in one of them. One looked like Wonho and I'm like that makes sense, but the other guy?"

He leaned closer to Changkyun, squinting his eyes, "His hair was like the same hair color as yours. Ashy dirty blonde. I said, OMG that is not Changkyun, not my baby boy. But then Wonho moved and I saw your face and was completely bamboozled. But did I wanna believe it, obviously not."


"Then the Empire Hall! You two were like flirting and then had sex in the storage closet! Don't ask how I found that out, the story is actually quite terrifying actually," The boy replied, shaking up a bit and getting weirded out. "Anyways yeah! I couldn't believe it, I didn't want to. Then yesterday I overheard you, Jimin, and Jungkook arguing about it- apparently your confusing feelings for Hyungwon which I also caught on."

Changkyun furrowed his eyebrows a little, "S-so you mean to tell me that you've been secretly spying on me trying to figure out this whole situation?"

"No I mean I've been trying to figure out why the fuck you're sleeping with Wonho when you have feelings for Hyungwon. Then you go on and have sex with Hyungwon days after you've been with Wonho? NOW YOU'RE DATING CHAE HYUNGWON!"

Changkyun just clamped his lips together as he nodded slowly, looking down. He felt like he was getting scolded by a parent or something, especially with how upset Minhyuk sounded. But Minhyuk hadn't been around him a lot and he's avoided him as well. Well mainly because Jimin said he was a bitch and didn't need to be talked to, but he was still Changkyun's closest friend.

And then he remembered what Hyungwon said-

I got a call from someone saying you had the stomach flu and you were basically on your deathbed! So I hurried over to some pharmacies and got you some medicine. They uhh...for some reason told me not to reveal them to you. They said that they're extremely mad at you for not telling them something sooner and that you guys have been best friends for years.

Yup, he was definitely talking about Minhyuk.

Changkyun sighed, looking at the boy who's cries filled the room.

"Minhyuk," Changkyun replied, stopping the boy's whines and small annoying ass complaining. Changkyun patted on an empty spot on his bed, "Come have a seat."

Minhyuk got up from the seat, walking across to sit crisscross on the edge of the bed along with Changkyun. He looked over at him with wide eyes, confused of course but he went along with it anyway- because he knew the boy was gonna explain himself.

"So yes, I've been with both Hyungwon and Wonho-"


Changkyun raised an eyebrow, seeing the boy seemingly get excited. He cleared his throat, "A-anyways...proceed."

Changkyun shook his head, "Anyways when we first came here to Singapore, I encountered Hyungwon in his first-class space. He let me stay and we kinda connected from there. Then since then, we've just gotten closer and he was somewhat into me. We called every night and I was developing a crush on him...all that. He also gave me access to celebrity plaza, which is why you saw me there that day."

Minhyuk oohed in response, hugging a pillow, "Okay...but where does Wonho come into play? Seems to me like you and Hyungwon had something going on and Wonho just....cut in?"

"Actually...." Changkyun said, biting his lip, "He does. He kinda wanted to keep me distracted by having sex with me to keep his brother distracted."

"What the fuck," Minhyuk let out. Changkyun looked over at him with wide eyes, holding back a snicker. Minhyuk raised an eyebrow, "What's so funny? That's gotta be the most dumbest fucking method I've ever heard. Who the hell fucks someone just to get them to shut up? You're basically setting up yourself for failure and hurting that person in the process."

He looked at Changkyun, who was kinda rubbing his arm, looking down, his whole laughing face just slowly vanished as the room became more silent.

Minhyuk let out an oh, finally realizing what Changkyun was saying.

"He did hurt you," Minhyuk replied softly, caressing the boy's shoulders, "B-but in the same sense...why'd you let it happen? You had something for Hyungwon and you could've easily prevented it."

"I KNOW!" Changkyun snapped, "I know that Minhyuk....I know! B-but the way he was...he just slowly got softer and became less of an asshole. H-he opened up to me...he showed me his true side and I never would've thought he would do that. He was so gentle a-and I was losing feelings for the time me and Hyungwon didn't get close like that because I didn't realize Hyungwon's feelings for me. Th-then Wonho let me go yesterday and s-said something about not wanting to g-go through the pain again..."

The boy started crying, "H-he said he stole me away from Hyungwon and he felt horrible for it. Saying that me getting attached to him while Hyungwon still liked would kill him to see his brother hurt. So he let me go....w-we're just friends now."

"Yes...but you can't just walk away from something like that," Minhyuk replied softly, holding the boy in a soft embrace, "I mean...maybe Wonho had another alternative, like he probably has feelings for you as well? Who knows! I mean, I've heard an old saying If you love something, set it free!"

Changkyun just shook his head as he hugged Minhyuk a little tighter. Minhyuk was surprised, but he understood Changkyun didn't wanna talk, he just wanted to get his feelings out. But he knew the boy felt somewhat regretful for talking about Wonho and his feelings towards him while he also had feelings for Hyungwon as well.

Minhyuk kinda felt frustrated, especially since, this situation sounded a lot similar to a situation both boys went through before long ago.

Minhyuk hugged Changkyun tighter as his cries got quieter, "Baby it's okay. You shouldn't worry about that anyways, you got Hyungwon now! Officially! Least you know he isn't afraid to claim you."

Changkyun sniffed as he giggled, "Y-yeah....Hyungwon is really amazing."

"Exactly!" Minhyuk replied happily, "Hyungwon is amazing and smart and very very kind! Wonho is like a playboy so I highly doubt he'll be able to take commitment seriously even if you were with him. You got yourself the loyal boy who'd be willing to die for you. He's with you because you finally see him for him and you aren't using him like his ex once did."

Changkyun raised an eyebrow, "His ex?"

"Oh goodness, it's such a long story," MInhyuk replied as if it was the juiciest tea ever. Which it kinda was. "But don't worry about that because you're nothing like his ex! For sure, that's probably why Hyungwon loves you so much. You're like the sunshine to his darkness..his little baby-"

"Minhyuuuk!" Changkyun replied, softly hitting him, "You're making me soft."

The taller boy hugged him tighter, causing Changkyun to giggle lightly as Minhyuk teased him over and over again. He didn't really expect Minhyuk to be like this towards him, just like he didn't expect Hyungwon to come around and make things a little bit brighter for him.

But Minhyuk was right, Hyungwon truly did love him and Changkyun loved him in return, regardless to whatever. He was just being stupid trying to fall for Wonho- who was only using him to distract him, nothing more.

Plus, they were just friends, Changkyun had a lot more things to worry about in life rather than some mixed up imagination.

Like using Hyungwon's card to go shopping.

Oh- wait.

"BITCH!" Changkyun suddenly exclaimed as he pushed Minhyuk off of him, "Okay okay...Minhyuk I need your help. There's this dance tonight Hyungwon invited me too and he gave me his card to and shit but like, I'm a LOCAL and I don't know what the fuck to do with it! C-can you come with me and like, give me a hot ass makeover so I can look hot in front of my boyfriend?"

Boyfriend- it sounded even greater coming out of his mouth.

Minhyuk's eyes widened at his words, then he hummed, tapping his chin.

"Yeah, I'll do it," He nodded as Changkyun cheered happily.

Then Minhyuk went on, "And I'm pretty sure they'd love to help out too. They've been standing outside your door this whole time."

Changkyun looked up at him in confusion as he raised an eyebrow. Before he could ask what he meant, Minhyuk got up from the bed and opened the door- the same door Changkyun swore he locked.

As he did that, it revealed none other than two people Changkyun didn't expect to see.

Jungkook and Jimin, "I SWEAR Changkyun I was just coming to get a shirt! Jimin just tagged along out of nowhere saying 'Awww maybe Changkyun is ready to talk'."

"Um no," Jimin huffed, "This fucking furry right here was like 'Jimin, I'm a furry and you're a hot ass bitch who I love to death. Let's go see if Changkyunie's done being a little bit and sort things out-"

"Okay, I do not talk like that!"

"Oh, are you sure? I mean I probably stretched out the Jimin you're hot as fuck part a bit. But you're definitely a fucking furry."

"But I'm not the one who wholeheartedly wore bear ears and a tail shaking her ass in front of Rui said 'Oh do I look cute in this??? Uwu!'"


"HEY!" Both Jimin and Jungkook turned their heads to look up at Changkyun, who had his arms crossed.

He held his hands out for both of them to grab, of course, the to hesitated to take it at first. Then they both took his hands as he lifted them up at once, kinda struggling at first but it worked out in the end.

Jimin and Jungkook looked at him in silence, kinda scared to exchange any words. Especially Jimin, who always said something first, she was too scared to even speak. She just looked at Changkyun, as he looked at her, nervously. Jungkook too, who was a headass most of the time and said something first most of the time, was also nervous.

Then Changkyun sighed, opening his arms out for them both.

Jimin and Jungkook were confused of course, but Jimin didn't waste any time running into Changkyun's arms, hugging him tightly. Jungkook playfully rolled his eyes as he walked in, hugging Changkyun as well. Minhyuk awed, getting ready to hug as well, until Jimin kinda barked at him. So he stayed back, his hands on his hipped as he huffed.

They all pulled away, Jimin, of course, went in for another one. This time, she pulled in Minhyuk, who was perplexed, but he accepted the hug, smiling happily.

"Jimin," Changkyun started to say, "I'm so fucking sorry for being a bitch to you and Kook. I was just....really emotional and I shouldn't have yelled at the two of you like that. It was wrong of me, you two were just looking out-"

"No no! I should've just tried to comfort you rather than antagonize you like I knew everything when I don't-"

"Jimin," Changkyun said as he pulled her away, glaring at her, "I was the dumb bitch. Let me apologize."

Jimin gripped his shoulder, frowning, "No baby, I was the dumb bitch."

"Jimin, I'm the dumb bitch."

"You're both dumb bitches," Jungkook said out loud.

Both Changkyun and Jimin slowly turned to their heads to look at Jungkook, who looked at their dark glares with widened eyes. He just hid behind Minhyuk, too scared to hear their reaction and giving them the memo to continue.

Jimin sighed, "Look, we were all being dumb bitches and getting caught up in the moment. It was wrong of me to antagonize you as much as it was wrong of you to cry and complain like it was the end of the world. This whole situation was just dumb and we should've let it go. Jungkook included."

Changkyun smiled as he nodded, "That's a fair point."

With that, the two pulled each other in yet another hug. Jungkook and Minhyuk saw the two hugging peacefully and joined in the little group bear hug. They all hugged for a good few minutes, of course.

Until Jimin realized something-

"WAIT A MINUTE, YOU'RE DATING HYUNGWON?!" She exclaimed, pulling out of the hug.

Changkyun nodded, slowly, "Um yeah...we had sex last night-"

"WHAT THE FUCK?" The female exclaimed, holding her face, "YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT Y'ALL FUCKED AND THEN MADE IT OFFICIAL?!"

Changkyun looked at Minhyuk and Jungkook, who just shrugged in response. Then he looked back at her, nodding nonchalantly, "Yes."

"Changkyun...sweetie," Jimin replied, gripping his shoulders, "No one fucks and makes it official that their dating. That goes against all dating violations- I mean...did he claim you or-"

"I mean technically he did," Minhyuk spat, crossing his arms, "I was the one who told him to come up here in the first place after hearing you guys freak out about the Wonho thing."

Jimin widened her eyes as she looked over at him, "W-wait a knew?"

Minhyuk rolled his eyes, "Of course I fucking knew, it was obvious. I just wanted to hear it from Changkyun."

"Wait a minute, how in the world do you know Hyungwon personally?" Jimin replied, raising an eyebrow, "Were you guys fucking at some point?"

"Oh jesus no, if anything he's like a brother to me I would never do that, Plus I'm dating Shownu, why would I cheat on my boyfriend?"

Jimin raised an eyebrow, "Well you cheated on Jooheon-"

"Jimin I'm trying to be nice here, don't bring up the past."

"Well I mean you're here so I might as well-"

"Guys," Changkyun called out, stopping them both. The two of them looked over at the small angry boy, "C'mon now, let's not bring up that shit from the past and just move on okay? Look, I need you two to stop being bitches towards each other and help me out."

Minhyuk and Jimin looked at each then back at him.

Changkyun continued, "Look...Hyungwon gave me his card to go shopping and I wanna look fucking amazing in front of him. Jimin to answer your question, yes he did claim me last night, shut the fuck up."


"Yes he did," Changkyun replied. Then came closer to her as he whispered, "He's amazing in bed by the way."

"Oh my god, I'm not even surprised. You totally gotta tell me everything-"

Minhyuk harshly cleared his throat, stopping them both from snickering back and forth.

Jimin clamped her lips together, nodding, "Alright, point taken."

"Anyways," Changkyun replied, bringing them all together. He pulled out the black credit card from his pocket, which caused Jungkook and Jimin's eyes to damn near pop out of their sockets.

"Now, can you two get along for one day to help me look nice in front of Hyungwon? Please?" Changkyun replied, poking his lips out, "Work your fairy godmother and godfather magic and make me pretty."

The two looked at each other again, for a longer time than usual. Minhyuk looked over at Jimin, kinda seeing her look of anger and how she hid it so well. He knew she was mad at him....even if the beef that happened between them happened years ago. What he did, it was uncalled for and he knew she still held her grudge.

Especially since Changkyun didn't know what really happened and he still continued to not tell him.

She sighed, giving him a small smile and then turning back to Changkyun.

"Alright, but only for you and the sake of you finally getting a proper boyfriend," Jimin replied.

Changkyun clapped happily, jumping up and down, "Man I know! Hey and I feel all giggly and happy again."

Jungkook snickered, "Guess yesterday was the right time to hang out in Tae's dorm then. Did he fuck you good?"

"He fucked me raw but-"

"WHAT?!" Jimin and Minhyuk exclaimed as Jungkook whispered tea in the back.

Minhyuk ran up to him, glaring at the boy, "HEY FUCKED YOU RAW?! WITHOUT ANY KIND OF PROTECTION?!"

Changkyun started chuckling nervously, "G-guys chill...we used cocoa butter-"

"AND YOU USED LOTION AS A SUBSTITUTE?!" Jimin exclaimed as she ran up to him as well, "HOW ARE YOU WALKING RIGHT NOW?!"

"Guys chill," Jungkook sighed, shaking his head, "You act like Hyungwon has a big dick or something. I'm sure he has like 5 inches. Just as small as Changkyun-"

"Actually he's like 9 inches but go off," Changkyun deadpanned.

"NINE INCHES?!" Minhyuk and Jimin exclaimed once again, nearly scaring the fuck out of Changkyun this time. The boy fell back into Jungkook's arms, who also looked up at the two with wide eyes, scared as hell.

Jimin finally calmed down, glaring at Changkyun.

"Put some fucking clothes on so we can glow you the fuck up."

Hyungwon walked around with his dad at night most of the time, it was their way of having one-on-one time while everyone was sleep. Or basically, Hyungwon either spent the majority of his time with Percy, or Hoseok, or Rui. So Takashi took him out for the night since he wasn't occupied around this time.

It was raining and Takashi suggested they head out somewhere nice that wouldn't expose them to the rain. So he brought Hyungwon to his friend's steakhouse, which eventually became their hangout space. Literally, Hyungwon knew all the men who came around here all the time since they were all Takashi's close friends. He was apart of their little friendship circle and felt like the young one in a gang since they were all pretty badass too.

Takashi and Hyungwon's relationship was pretty self-explanatory, they were hella close and talked to each other about everything. Hyungwon looked up to his dad more than anyone else- even though he was always big for Hoseok, his aspiration for his father was strong. It's always been that way.

Whatever his father said.....went, period.

"Aha!" Takashi exclaimed happily, "I knew you were gay soon as you came out your mother's whom. It was kinda meant to be for me and you to be close since I know you so well. You don't gotta tell me nothing- I just know you."

Hyungwon chuckled lightly, "Dad, I don't think it works like that. I'm just a person who you can read easily."

Takashi blue a raspberry, "That's a lie son! We're just born to know each other well. You know me better than anyone else just like how I know you better than anyone else. I mean, not even your brother can relate."

"Dad," Hyungwon giggled, "Stooop it! You're gonna make the giggle little kid in me pop out."

"Well I'm serious Hyungwon," Takashi replied, his tone got soft. It kinda threw Hyungwon off a bit since his dad was always so goofy around him and throwing jokes- but he just seemed really genuine and serious this time.

This was his fatherly figure side popping out.

"You are my son, someone who I feel closer with more than anyone, more than your mother. Hoseok doesn't count because well...he's my stepson, and then Rui is another half of you- but you are you. Someone whom I trust and who is like a best friend to me. I'd do anything to ensure your safety and help you realize how much of an impact you can create for everyone. You're 19 and you should know that."

Hyungwon's eyes sparkled at his words. He couldn't even believe he was hearing this genuine speech from his father- as if he was indirectly telling him that he was his favorite in the whole family.

Maybe it was just some joke, Hyungwon thought. His dad would say things he didn't mean from time to time. Still though, it was nice hearing this from his father, him out of all people.

Hyungwon smiled and nodded, "Thanks dad, I love you too."

Takashi blinked back as he pulled away, clearing his throat, "R-right! Sorry, that side kinda popped outa nowhere! I didn't mean to scare you Hyungwon, of course I love your mother....and your sister."

"And Hoseok?" Hyungwon chirped, "You know you always mention Hoseok last when you go down the list of people you love and I've noticed. Hoseok isn't here but he'd probably be offended to know that you don't love him dad. Especially since he's like the face of Parma"

Takashi looked at the boy with wide eyes, furrowing them a little, "You've noticed?"

Hyungwon looked at his dad's face, kinda confused at his light tone.

"Um yeah...I kinda noticed," Hyungwon replied, keeping it going, "But that's okay! You're just saying that to make me feel better. I know Hoseok is like everyone's favorite. Trust me, you can stop trying to spare my feelings because Hoseok is my favorite too. He's such a great brother and always looks out for me like he should."

Takashi hummed, his lips flattened as he sat back in his seat, analyzing Hyungwon as he spoke while crossing his arms. It made him wanna test Hyungwon's patience and see how far he could go with this.

"Hyungwon," Takashi began to say, pushing this forward, "Why do you think your brother has so much attention?"

Hyungwon blinked back, trying to think of an answer.

"Um...he's like a model and stuff. I don't know...I mean Hoseok's personality is really charismatic so maybe that's what people liked about him."

"What do you like about him?" Takashi rephrased, "That's what I wanna know. The reason you adore your brother so much is also the same reason everyone else adores him."

Hyungwon widened his eyes, getting kinda nervous, "U-um...well he's just a good man. He looks out for others, he's good-looking, his personality is great. I wanna be like him one day-"

"Bullshit," Takashi spat, forcefully hitting the table with his beer mug. Hyungwon looked up at him, confused, and for some reason.....scared.

He didn't understand what his dad was trying to say, but he felt odd that his dad was just asking him about his brother.

"Hyungwon, you don't need to be like Hoseok," Takashi replied, his voice low as he came closer, "You're already way better than your brother. You're superior, you still have big dreams ahead of you and not only that, you're fit to become the greatest leader of all time. You are strong...independent, you don't need anyone to tell you who to be and how to be, and you wanna know how I know that?"

Hyungwon nodded in response as his father stood, pointing directly at him.

"Because you're my son," Takashi replied, his tone firm and stern, "You are better than your brother because you are Chae Hyungwon. Nothing more and nothing less."

Hyungwon nodded at that, still kinda scared at how serious his father got, "Y-yeah...I am."

"Now I wanna hear you say it.." Takashi replied, causing Hyungwon's eyebrows to rise.

" wanna hear me say what-"

"Say:  I am Chae Hyungwon, and I am great ."

Hyungwon looked at the man, his eyes got wider and wider, "D-dad I-"

"I am Chae Hyungwon and I am great!" Takashi repeated. "I am Chae Hyungwon and I am great! I am Chae Hyungwon and I am great! I am Chae Hyungwon and I am great! I am Chae Hyungwon and I am great! I am-"

"Dad!" Hyungwon exclaimed, blushing embarrassingly, "You're bringing attention to yourself. There are people here."

Takashi looked around at the 5 men in the restaurant, who all waved to him happily. Takashi smiled wholeheartedly as he jumped out his seat, walking over to the bar island table. He climbed on top of the counter, picking up another big mug of beer and raised it high.

"I am Chae Hyungwon and I am great!" He exclaimed, his tone happy and supportive. The men around him came from behind and started chanting it too, raising their beer mugs high and proud in the air.

Hyungwon looked around at the men, seeing more walk in and just start cheering the boy on and on. He was so fucking confused, especially since he saw a few he didn't even know very well come around and chant him on. It was so fucking weird, but something about it made his heart feel really warm and at home.

So the boy stood on his table, picking up a glass of lemonade as he raised it high.

"I am Chae Hyungwon and I am great!" He shouted as all the man roared, cheering him on.

The boy felt weird- silly even, especially when he shouted out his name like that. But he also felt powerful too, almost as if he could conquer worlds with his power.

Because he was Chae Hyungwon and he was great.

The boy jumped down, giggling as the men came up to him, congratulating him with nuggies to the head and harsh, but loving, pats on the shoulder. Some guy even dumped a whole barrel of iced tea on him, then threw him in the air happily as they all chanted his name over and over again.

Takashi watched the action, smiling happily.

He saw the greatness in Hyungwon better than anyone else. He just wanted him to stop being so dependent towards his brother and hide in his shadow to see how great he was. He truly was great, but the boy needed a little push to see how great he really was.

"Takashi," The brunette turned around to see who called him over. It was a very buff bartender who had one of his eyes covered with an eyepatch with firey red hair.

He sat down the beer mug he was cleaning, then leaned on the counter, "When are you gonna tell him?"

Takashi raised an eyebrow, "Tell him what Bane?"

"Um you know, when are you gonna tell him he's the heir to the 579 Mafia?" Bane replied, looking over at him, "You've been milking it for ages now. He's gotta know at some point that he's gonna be the leader of our empire. Just give him a gun and tell him to kill his brother. It's that simple."

Takashi's eyes widened as he looked over at the boy, seeing the men finally calmed down and they were talking, laughing at some joke Hyungwon had said. The man smiled slowly, seeing his son's cheerful smile and feeling a part of him just feel complete all over.

It was true, Takashi Shirogane Chae was, in fact, the leader of a mafia group that reigned over in Japan called the 579 mafia. All his life he had been dedicated to just becoming big and successful enough to reign over all of Japan, being the most successful and badass mafia ever to mankind. 

His brother, Cameron Lee, was a man who had gotten in his way and made it almost impossible for Takashi to continue on with his risky but thrilling dream. Not only that, but he was very envious of his brother's successes and how his mother chose him over Takashi every time.

Cameron was rich, successful, and famous. He had a wife and a son, making him a great father and husband as well. He has everything while Takashi sat in the shadows, having absolutely nothing.

So Takashi did the only thing necessary to take everything his brother had with no mercy.

He shot him.

He took Suomi when she was in distress. And when he encountered Hoseok, who was unsure how to feel towards him but respected him for his mother's sake, he just felt nothing but spite.

Mainly because...Hoseok was just like Cameron.

Takashi sighed, "I don't know....I don't wanna break it to him yet. I wanna wait for the right moment and now is not the right moment."

Bane furrowed his eyebrows, "But what if something happens to you one day? What if you're to die tomorrow? Hyungwon will feel so lost and so with 579 if they don't have their leader Takashi. You've waited too long, the time to tell him is now. He's 19, I'm pretty sure he knows about how dark the world really is."

"But he's also still a child Bane," Takashi replied, sounding firm but also soft, "He's my son and as much as I want him to know of his abilities as well...I want him to live his life. I don't want him to convert and become like me. Not yet. Not until I know it's time."

Bane looked up at him, seeing the man's soft glare, knowing that he was done talking about this. So the bartender nodded, patting his shoulder lightly, "Okay, but if something happens to you and he is unaware of his destiny, then I have every right to tell him."

"Trying to fill in that fatherly role for me huh?" Takashi giggled playfully, "I always knew you were a brother to me Bane! I was just waiting for you to open up to me!"

Bane rolled his eyes as he ruffled the man's hair, "Whatever Takashi, just be careful. I know damn well when you're found dead one day I'm gonna be the one taking care of him."

"Aww, don't take my wife though," Takashi joked, earning a small slap upside the head as he snickered. Bane just shook his head as he walked off somewhere else, leaving Takashi to look over at the men who were all socializing with Hyungwon.

He looked over at them and smiled. Then the man dug in his pocket, pulling out a black gun with gold all around it with his name on it. He smiled as he rubbed it gently, his personal gun, then looked right back up at the men who were listening to Hyungwon tell his story carefully.

He knew he didn't have to worry about anything bad happening to Hyungwon if he ever was to die.

He was in good hands.

Chapter Text

Hyungwon stood outside the resort at the right time he said he was coming.

Or was he too early? He didn't know, nor did he care. Or maybe it was a problem and Changkyun just wasn't ready for him? Changkyun probably rolled over the note he left this morning and didn't even know what they were doing, he just saw the card and thought it was meant to be his forever. It made Hyungwon a bit more anxious than he already felt because what the fuck.

No seriously, what the fuck?

He didn't even know why he was so nervous about this. He shouldn't be, it was just him going to Gatsby's party as usual with the family, well minus Rui since she was planning on binge-watching Despicable Me with Taehyung, Jungkook, and Jimin- of course.

But he felt so fucking anxious because...what if Changkyun didn't come and he'd just stand him up? Or what if he was with Wonho, maybe the two made up? Hyungwon didn't wanna think about it like that, especially after Changkyun told him he was all his and damn-near submitted to him fully.

He fucked him raw, or he fucked him period. I think that was enough proof to know how loyal Changkyun was.

Still, the information about how he and Wonho had something going on irked Hyungwon a lot. The boy had feelings for Hyungwon, but didn't ask him or tell him and just reverted to having sex with Wonho only to get himself hurt. Hyungwon just blamed himself since he didn't come clean to Changkyun in the first place, maybe he would've been aware.

You move so slowly Hyunnie, cut it with the cutesy fairytale bullshit and give them what they really want out of you.

Hyungwon shook the thought away. He didn't have to worry about that, not anymore, not when Changkyun was already his and told him how Hyungwon owned his whole heart.

He alright won the boy over, he was his now, why spend time worrying about it?

"Hey there," Hyungwon nearly jumped. He looked over to see a familiar blue-haired boy with square glasses.

He sighed in relief, "Hello there Taehyung. What brings you here?"

"Oh well umm...Jungkook saw you out here and told me to keep you company while they finish getting Changkyun together. Jimin said she wants to at least make him look presentable since you're debuting at this party as a couple."

Hyungwon giggled, "Y-yeah...I guess we are. I didn't even think about it like that but now that you mention it, it kinda makes sense."

Taehyung nodded, taking a sip of his Pepsi can.

Hyungwon watched him carefully, "Hey Taehyung...may I ask you something?"

The blue-haired boy hummed as he took his sips quietly.

"How did you and Jungkook get together-" Hyungwon started to ask, but in the midst of him asking, Taehyung damn-near choked on his drink.

He was coughing really hard, sounded like he was dying as he got on his knees and coughed harshly while trying to recover. Hyungwon got down to try to help him to the best of his ability, patting his back to bring him back to Earth hopefully. The boy sat up fully, finally gaining his sense.

Hyungwon looked at him worryingly, "You okay? You lost it when I asked you how did you and Jungkook got together."

"I-I know...I apologize," Taehyung replied, coughing a bit more, "It's just...I don't know that's kind of a deranged question that's bound to get a crazy ass deranged answer and I personally don't think you wanna hear it."

"O-oh," Hyungwon replied, blinking back as he tried to understand what Taehyung had said.

But he had no idea what he said- he kinda understood though.

Hyungwon nodded as he flattened his lips, helping the boy up, "R-right, sorry I asked."

"It's fine," Taehyung replied softly, finally collecting himself, "Do you still wanna know?"

"Not after you just had a whole ass heart attack over my question," Hyungwon let out, chuckling softly, "No thanks Taehyung it's fine. You don't have to tell me at this moment I can wait."

Taehyung nodded, sitting up and dusting himself and Hyungwon off a little, while apologizing in the midst of it. Hyungwon told him not to worry, laughing apologetically as he helped the boy out a little bit. When Taehyung was finally okay, or at least Hyungwon hoped, he just sighed, fixing his nice suit a little bit more. 

The blue haired boy looked at him, seeing the nervousness in him, "Why are you so nervous? Surely you don't think Changkyun is gonna bail on you with this whole thing....right?" 

Hyungwon chuckled nervously, "I-I don't know. I mean, I trust Changkyun, with all my heart, trust me. He told me about the thing he had with Wonho and admitted his mistake and I forgave him and now we're dating. Everything's fine. I should be happy and not worried." 

Taehyung raised an eyebrow, "Yeah you should be happy. Are you not?" 

"I just feel weary for some reason. Like, I hate the fact that I continue to keep my guard up and that's what's making me feel anxious about my relationship with Changkyun. Especially now that I know that Hoseok has some kind of contact with him." 

The blue-haired boy hummed, "Have you been through something similar to this before?"

Hyungwon looked over at him, then sighed, "Somewhat. A few years ago I guess...I was in love with this boy for months, but then I learned he was only using me to get to my brother and have sex with him. I caught them having sex on the same day I proposed to the boy, drunk and everything a-and I guess my wall started to build up since then. Of course we were trying to patch things up and my dumbass gave him a second chance, but in the midst of it...he was still messing around with my brother." 

The boy's glare darkened the more the memories flooded through his head, "For years I've looked up to Hoseok, as a younger brother should with his older. He was like my hero and he was everything wanted to be when I grew up as a young man. But when I found him in that bed just senselessly giving love to a boy I was supposed to marry- I don't know, something in me snapped. I was so lost and helpless." 

"Depressed basically?" Taehyung replied and Hyungwon nodded at that. 

"I started to despise my brother since then, the inner guilt I felt within me was unbearable and I damn near killed myself. Honestly, I took so many drugs and overdosed so many times. But that was helping anything of course. When I got older I guess I tried my hardest to get over it, but the pain hurt so much. Hearing the words you meant nothing to me come out of Hoseok's mouth hurt so much." 

Taehyung gave him a saddened look, patting his shoulder, "I-I'm so sorry Hyungwon. I had no idea Wonho was like that. I mean, that's not what Changkyun said." 

Hyungwon furrowed his eyebrows, "What did Changkyun say?" 

The blue-haired boy saw Hyungwon's stare get dark, getting nervous the more he was looking over at him. Taehyung chuckled nervously, scooting away from him, but he could still feel Hyungwon staring him down, demanding an answer. 

"L-look, stop staring at me like that please," Taehyung finally snapped, standing up straight, "It doesn't matter what Changkyun said about him, you shouldn't care about it in the slightest because Changkyun's yours." 

Hyungwon's eyes widened as he continued, "Look, you went through some tough shit with Wonho, I get it, but you need to get over that and not try to think that history always repeats itself. It only does that if you try to dodge the situation or make shit worse for yourself. Listen, I'm sure Changkyun cares a great deal for you, you can't let what happened with you and some other guy and your brother get in between what you have now. Just let it all loose and have fun tonight." 

Hyungwon looked at Taehyung as he gave him a determined glare. Then the boy realized what he was doing and pulled away instantly, clearing his throat so he wouldn't seem so straight-forward. I mean, Hyungwon was still a big famous important guy so the idea of some random ass guy yelling at him was a bit much.   

Taehyung sighed, giving him a defeated smile, "Just think about Changkyun. Think of what you guys have now. If you spend too much time worrying about the future, you'll never be able to make up what you guys have now. Show him everything tonight and don't hold back and make him fall in love with you again. That's when you don't have to worry about Changkyun going anywhere because he'll already be all yours." 

Hyungwon's eyes got big as he registered Taehyung's words, it made him realize something. He really didn't have to worry about Changkyun running back, mainly because Wonho did the work of ruining them ever having a chance to redeem any kind of affair and Changkyun was so sure he wanted to forget all they went through and be with Hyungwon, for sure now. It made him smile thinking about the boy, then he looked up and his eyes widened. 

Of course, it was Changkyun walking down in all his glory, accompanied with Jimin and Rui. 

He was wearing what looked like a Valentino sheer silk lavender long sleeve blouse with 5 rows of lace on each side of the buttons, around the collar, on the cuffs tucked in his black trousers. The boy's makeup was dark, but light and complimented him entirely, along with the dark maroon color on his lips. And his hair, it was dark silver now rather than his usual soft blonde, and it was cut in an undercut style with his bangs pushed back. He looked like he was wearing dangling chain earrings that had crosses at the bottom, which kinda added a little sparkle to him. 

The boy was finally in front of Hyungwon, smiling effortlessly. 

"Why hello there Mr. Chae," Changkyun teased, "Pleased to make your acquaintance." 

Hyungwon slowly smiled as he took the boy's hands, "I feel like I'm going to my senior prom all over again." 

Changkyun giggled lightly as Hyungwon lowered himself to lightly kiss the boy's plump lips, who of course giggled more and wrapped his arms around his neck, kissing him a lot more. Hyungwon just pulled away and continued to kiss the boy's cheeks being motivated by the sounds of Changkyun's soft giggles. 

"Awww so cute," Rui sobbed, pulling out her phone, "I gotta take a picture to savor this moment." 

The couple giggled as they got in a nice little causal pose, almost as if they were going to prom. 

"Say Hyungkyun," Rui replied, taking pictures. However, it threw both boys off-guard as they pulled away, giving Rui weird looks. The girl put her camera down as she raised an eyebrow, "What?" 

"Rui," Hyungwon started to say, "What the hell is a Hyungkyun?" 

"Oh! It's your ship name. You know the Hyung in your name and the Kyun in Changkyun's name. Hyungkyun!" Rui replied cheerfully, saying it as if it was the smartest shit in the entire universe. Hyungwon was still confused, Changkyun just looked over to see Jimin smiling proudly. 

The boy shook his head, "You've been hanging around Jimin too much. Next thing you know, she's gonna get you saying weird ass slangs and your gonna say words like yas queen with your whole chest." 

Jimin furrowed her eyebrows, "Hey thot! My acronyms are amazing alright!" Jimin huffed as she wrapped her arms around Rui, who started blushing nervously, "Don't be mad because Rui is more cultured than you'll ever be." 

Changkyun playfully rolled his eyes as he pulled away from Hyungwon, walking over to his side of the car. Hyungwon got into the driver seat, starting the engine at ease. Rui, Jimin, and Taehyung waved to all of them happily as the couple waved right back at them. Jimin shouted a couple of things about not bringing Changkyun back, which of course made Hyungwon and Changkyun blush lightly at it, especially Changkyun. 

The boy just giggled, telling Hyungwon to go on and the man drove off. 

Rui, Jimin, and Taehyung finally stopped waving as they left. 

Taehyung looked over at Rui and Jimin with a raised eyebrow, "Hey, where is Jungkook?" 

"I had to keep him distracted so Changkyun could go out without his smart ass saying something stupid and pissing off everyone. Since that's all he does," Jimin replied to Taehyung, whose eyes widened in panic. 

"Where is he?" 

Jimin shrugged, "Beats me. I left him with Namjoon and Yoongi who were playing Just Dance in the lounge. But he probably went exploring elsewhere because Soojin said she found him cruising in Starbucks a few minutes ago saying he was looking for evidence about something." 

Taehyung looked frightened, then he sighed to himself as he ran off into the resort. Jimin and Rui watched him run in, confused but the short vanilla blonde didn't pay it any mind. She just turned back to look up at Rui. 

"Welp, guess that means you and I are gonna be watching Despicable Me alone tonight madam," Jimin replied, smiling brightly. 

Rui looked down at her with widened eyes seeing the small girl's precious smile. In her head she was thinking of something the more she saw Jimin look up at her, then as the girl started to walk off, Rui felt something rush up in her entirely. She didn't know what it was, but whatever it was, it was something telling her to do something...something big

Something that was gonna be hella risky. 

"J-Jimin!" Rui called, stopping Jimin in her tracks. 

The pretty girl with voluptuous curves that were covered with jean shorts, beautiful long legs and a slim thick figure that made Rui's whole worlds collide and feel as if she had everything. She wanted to give Jimin everything, if Hyungwon could be bold and have sex with Changkyun and date him, maybe....just maybe....she can try being bold as well? 

Rui huffed, marching towards the pretty vanilla blonde female, cupping her face quick as ever. Before Jimin could ask what or why, Rui lowered herself, her lips meeting Jimin's. 

Jimin's eyes widened as her heart rate increased so fucking much. She wasn't sure what to think of this, especially when she remembered something about Rui wanting to kiss her the first time, but never getting the chance to. The girl just said what the hell and slowly shut her eyes as she felt Rui's soft, plump, warm lips against hers. For some reason, it felt right to kiss her like this, especially with Rui cupping her face with care and kissing her like she was the prettiest gem in the world. 

Rui pulled away, looking down to see Jimin's pretty brown eyes go big and wide and sparkly

The female blushed nervously, "I-I don't know....this felt right." 

Jimin blinked a couple of time, then blushed too, " did." 

"Um, so let's go watch that movie!" Rui replied, pulling away as she tugged Jimin into the building, who was still flustered but then chuckled lightly as the two ran inside.

Hyungwon finally approached the party, of course, the last place where Gatsby's party was. Changkyun remembered the place from top to bottom, kinda shivered at the thought of it because it brought back memories to his first mistake. The boy just sat in the car, startled when he saw the doors go up at Hyungwon's command. 

Then he looked up to see Hyungwon looking down at him reaching his hand out to help him out. Changkyun blushed at that, but he happily took the man's hand, leaving the comfort of his seat as the two walked up the stairs. The party was already crazy enough, especially with Give Me Everything blasting loudly on the speakers. The two walked in and saw all the celebrities greeting each other, or some dancing around. 

Hyungwon and Changkyun continued to walk around the place, seeing the celebrities look at the two of them. Some were giving Changkyun weird looks, most likely because he was with Hyungwon, Changkyun was pretty sure of it. He kinda felt a little anxious now that he was here seeing all these people stare him down, it was even worse than the first time they came because when he was here he was around with the gang. 

But they weren't around now, so things were bound to get awkward. 

"Hey baby," Changkyun heard Hyungwon call, then looked up at him, "Don't worry about all these people okay? Everything's fine because you got me here with you a-and we won't be here for long only for me to show my face to my mother so she can shut the fuck up." 

Changkyun giggled at that as the two approached the bar, taking a seat. Hyungwon ordered two martinis of course, handing one to Changkyun as they clinked their glass cups. 

The majority of the night was kinda filled with the two spending endless time together. Changkyun loosened up at some point, drinking, dancing, just overall laughing loudly and proudly with the man as they got caught up with the crowd. The more time they spent together, the more Changkyun just felt so overwhelmed with happiness he wanted to cry. All Hyungwon was doing all night was loving up against him passionately the whole night, slow dancing and all. 

Changkyun just lost thought as to why he left Hyungwon in the first place, this man treated him with so much respect, he didn't even doubt his love this time. He was certain this man was gonna have his heart on lock, he already proved that he was gonna stand by him. Hyungwon was enjoying himself too, being wrapped up around the boy as they danced and laughed around made him feel so much freedom and so good. This everlasting feeling of them being together just made everything feel so good. 

Being with Changkyun felt so good. 

Don't get attached.

A slow dance song came on and Changkyun swayed side to side as he felt Hyungwon up against him with his arms around him as he chin rested on the boy's shoulder. The two just swayed along to the song as Changkyun lightly caressed Hyungwon's profile gently and passionately. 

Just get him and go. 

Changkyun twirled the boy as they both softly giggled to each other, looking at each other and just enjoying the moment. Changkyun nuzzled himself on Hyungwon's chest, who just pulled him in more and embraced the boy softly, wanting to feel the warmth of him and keep it in his grasp for as long as he possibly could. 

Get him and GO.

Hyungwon slowly opened his eyes, but he wished he didn't when he came into contact with a man from afar. He was wearing a black tux, his hair was black and he was holding a small glass of brandy. He saw Hyungwon, looking at the man with a dark glare as Hyungwon looked right back at him, fear arising within him. 


"Hyunnie?" Changkyun called out, kinda sorta feeling Hyungwon's grip get strangely tighter, "I-is everything okay?" 

Hyungwon watched as the man with the square glasses walk off, disappearing into the crowd. He pulled away from Changkyun slowly, looking down at him. Changkyun's small smile faded as he saw Hyungwon look at him worryingly, trying to figure out why he looked so tense right now. Hyungwon then looked back up to the same spot where the man was, realization sorta hitting his head. 

Get him, get in, get OFF.

"Um I'm sorry Kyun, there's something I have to take care of," Hyungwon replied, kissing the boy's darkened lips softly, "I promise I won't be long at all and it's nothing to worry about, it's just strictly business. Just wait for me kitten, okay?" 

Changkyun softly blushed at that, then he nodded as Hyungwon kissed him one last time and hurried off. 

He pushed past a couple of people of course, trying his hardest to get through and meet up with the mysterious man in all black. He spotted him in a narrow hallway and Hyungwon furrowed his eyebrows, picking up a drink that was on the tray and walking towards the man, seeing him talk to a few women who were passing by. Then he noticed Hyungwon and waved them off, sipping his glass of Brandy. 

"My my, if it isn't Mister Chae Hyungwon," The man replied cheerfully.

Hyungwon nodded, "Mister Tobé, pleasure making your acquaintance." 

"Oh, the pleasure is all mine," The man with the long black hair in a low ponytail, known as Tobé, replied in a calm manner, "Mind if we go out to the gardens to have a nice little chat." 

Hyungwon nodded as he and Tobé walked away from the crowd, distancing themselves from everyone else. When they finally made it outside in the large garden which was filled with few people, they walked over to a nice little spot that had a tall but slim table which was isolated from everyone else's table.

Hyungwon sighed as he looked up at the Chinese man before him, raising an eyebrow, "So?" 

Tobé raised an eyebrow as he sipped his drink. He sat the cup down, looking over at him, "So? Surely there's a reason you brought me out here Mr. Chae. Not to just fool around and stare at each other. I mean...that's what you have your boyfriend for-" 

"Cut the shit Tobé-" Hyungwon growled, "Why are you here? Are you just here to spy on me again or are you just hear to encourage something out of me?" 

Tobé widened his eyes, then he lowered them a little, raising an eyebrow, "It might be the first one." 

Hyungwon furrowed his eyebrows a little, "Wh-what?" 

"Um duh, I'm here to make sure you're not slacking off and letting this shit get to you," The man finally admitted, drink his drink. 

"What are you talking about? I'm not letting anything get the best of me-" 

"Are you sure?" Tobé asked, looking at him with an unconvinced glare, "Seems to me you've been slacking off. You know...ever since Luiseong Im's son came here who's like, I don't know, apart of the whole fucking plan." 

"Trust me Tobé I know what I'm doing," Hyungwon declared, "I just need you off my ass for a few seconds." 

The man hummed, leaning on the table, "Yes yes, but I'm not really the one you should be worried about being on your ass. I'm actually trying to help you out before Bane finds out you've been sleeping on the job," He replied, then looked up at him, snickering, "Literally." 

"Wh-what? Bane's on my ass too?" 

Tobé nodded, "He's been wondering for days when you were gonna get the boy and stick to the plan as we promised. I've just been a loyal son as well as partner to you and I've been stalling him, telling him you had everything covered and there was absolutely nothing to worry about. However, I wonder if there really isn't anything to worry about and if you really do have all of this under control as you say you do." 

He looked up at Hyungwon, the slim thick man's face completely emotionless, "Hyungwon, I hope you know that the whole purpose of you getting close with the boy was to kill him...right?" 

Hyungwon stilted, looking down at his glass, "Y-yes, I'm aware."

Tobé nodded, "Do you remember why?" 

Hyungwon kept his stare down as Tobé proceeded, "Because that boy is a link to the great Luiseong Im who has been hidden for years. Same man who killed your father at that Opera show years ago because of some gambling feud. Same man who almost got married to the young Cythina Parker. We were supposed to take vengance for your father and get that boy just to kill him. You were supposed to bring him to us last night, what happened?" 

"I got distracted," Hyungwon replied, grimacing a little bit. 

Tobé leaned back as he took his glass cup, sipping his drink, "Mhm, that's right. You got distracted." 

Hyungwon looked up at him, "L-look, I didn't mean for it to be like this okay? I'm just going at a slow pace right now but Bane can know that we have him on lock right now and he's not going anywhere. I promise, I have everything under control." 

"I know that," Tobé let out, setting his cup down, "Because I know you. You're like your dad, you smooth talk your way through things, it's fine. I mean of course I think so, why else do you think I'm stalling for you." 

Hyungwon snickered lightly as he looked over at the boy, "You've always had my back as a brother would-" 

"Ew, you're gonna make this weird, shut up," Tobé grimaced as Hyungwon giggled lightly. 

I'm serious though Tobé.  You're the only one that I know I can rightfully trust ever since we started training to be the next leaders of the mafia." 

Tobé shrugged his shoulders, "Well I try my hardest. But....without all this drama, I just wanna make sure my dad doesn't strangle you after you spend like what? 8 to 10 months with this boy?" 

"Trust me it won't be that long, this boy will be gone by then and we'll have our money and vengeance. I'm pretty sure he's in there right now socializing with Hoseok behind my back or something," Hyungwon replied bitterly as he took a whole shot of his drink. 

Tobé's smile faded as he looked at him, "Is that your way of not getting attached? Turning this into a Percy situation?" 

"I'm not turning this into a Percy situation Tobé," Hyungwon snapped, "I'm just saying this will be easy and you don't have to worry about me getting attached. Just let me mess around with the boy's heart a little bit more and have a little fun, will you? I swear it'll be way more fun when we kill him." 

Tobé furrowed his eyebrows a little, "Hyungwon you sound so uncertain. Look, I know I was kinda pushy on you with the plan but doesn't that sound like a bit much?"

"No, it sounds exactly like what the plan was originally," Hyungwon replied, "Which was to find the boy known as Im Daniel Changkyun, get close to him, and kill him. Then get the money after turning in his body telling everyone that he's the son of Cythina Parker. All to get back at Im Luiseong. That's the plan and we're sticking to it." 

Tobé sighed, shrugging his shoulders, sighing to himself, "You're so charming yet so annoying when you're mad." 

"Hey," Hyungwon let out softly walking towards the man, who was about his height but only a few inched shorter. 

Tobé was confused as to what he was trying to do until Hyungwon wrapped his arms around his waist, kissing the boy passionately, tasting all the rich brandy he drank from earlier. Tobé registered his action, but wrapped his arms around his neck as he pulled him closer, tasting the taste of Hyungwon's rich champagne. 

Then he pulled away, smirking as he whipped his lips, "Is having sex with that boy as much as having sex with me?" 

"Oh please, "Hyungwon let out as Tobé giggled, "I had sex with him once and the boy was an annoying whining mess. I miss hearing you softly moan my name, it sounds right coming from you." 

"Mhm, well finish this mission already and maybe you can get a taste of my lip gloss cutie," Tobé replied, his lips meeting Hyungwon's in a messier french kiss than the last one. Then he pulled away, cupping the man's face as he looked at him.

"How many months do you need Hyunnie?" Tobé replied as Hyungwon's eyes widened. 

"You'll really try to convince your father to give me more time?" He replied.

Tobé nodded, kissing his cheek, "My dad is kinda pissed but we can get a lot done with the boy distracted under your watch. But you need to tell him what's going on, I can't always cover you and save your ass, we've been doing this together for 3 years now." 

Hyungwon smiled as he put his hands down, holding Tobé's hands in his.

"When all this is over, let's run away to the states together," Hyungwon replied. 

Tobé's eyes widened, "But we can't...what about the mafia?" 

"I'm sure Bane will let us relax after this crazy shit is over," Hyungwon replied, then looked down, "I'm gonna marry you when it is, I promise you that."

Tobé slowly smiled, as he blushed lightly, looking down to cover up his smile. Hyungwon lifted his chin up, slowly kissing the man's lips again. Tobé pulled him closer by his collar, kissing him with more passion than ever, not wanting to let him go. Then he pulled away, looking up at Hyungwon through his glasses. 

"You got 8 months baby, get this romance boyfriend shit over with," Tobé teased, "I'm trying to fight the urge to want to fuck you again so hop to it you sexy thot." 

Hyungwon smiled as he nodded, kissing the boy's forehead and running off. 

Tobé waved to him and sighed to himself as he drank his drink. 

"8 months, I hope that's enough."

Changkyun got a little bored, tired even, that was understandable. Hyungwon had left him here like hours ago and the boy just felt himself getting sleeping in the midst of waiting. Of course, he managed to talk to some nice celebrities. He met really pretty ones and even some famous photographers, learning a lot. But he was still missing his boyfriend in the process of it all. 

So he stayed by the bar, ordering a lot of cups of vodka, sipping little sips so he wouldn't get ridiculously drunk, again

"Well look who it is!" The boy jumped up when he turned to see a familiar man with black hair in a maroon colored suit. Then he frowned and furrowed his eyebrows when he realized who the hell it was. 

The Seokjin guy.

"I didn't think I'd see you here again," Jin smirked, sliding in the stool next to him, "I'm surprised you're not being a little cutesy drunkie like you were last time we interacted with each other." 

Before Changkyun could say something, he felt someone else sit next to him. When he turned around he was surprised as fuck to see it was a man with curly black hair, wearing a platinum button down shirt that was tucked in his black trousers. And next to him was a more buffer man with red hair, dressed in black and gray. 

Changkyun didn't know if he was going crazy but he was pretty sure he was looking up at two people he's seen who looked like straight up models

Minhyuk and Shownu. 

"Maybe he's trying to contain himself and not become another one of your thots Jin," Minhyuk shot, sipping a glass of champagne like it was tea, "Now be a good boy and buzz off, he's taken and even if he was single he'd be disappointed with the micropenis that's unable to go up anyone's ass." 

Jin couldn't even say anything else when Changkyun giggled lightly to himself, so he just blushed angrily and stormed off. Minhyuk waved to him in a cutesy manner, watching him storm off like a little child as Shownu and Changkyun giggled along. Then the boy stopped as he turned around to see the two of them, amazed by their arrival, as well as their appearance. 

"Minhyuk! Shownu! What in the world are you guys doing here?" 

"Ahh, I haven't told you," Minhyuk let out, looking up at Shownu, "Guess it's time I start confessing a few things." 

"Um YEAH! You better! Did Jimin send you guys here? I told her not to worry about me, I'm perfectly fine!" The boy lightly exclaimed. 

Minhyuk shook his head, "Oh no trust me. Me and Jimin are cool with each other but not that much. Shownu and I are here just like how all the other celebrities are here, we got invited." 

Changkyun let out a small oh in response, then his eyes got big, "W-wait...CELEBRITIES?" 

Shownu looked down at Minhyuk with a raised brow, "Do you not tell your friends anything? I thought this was the one you loved more than anything because his mother was friends with yours?" 

"I know I know! I was getting to it," Minhyuk lightly scowled, looking over at the boy whose eyes were big as his mouth parted. 

"Yes, celebrities Changkyun. My boyfriend, Son Hyunwoo is a famous model from Beverly Enterprises down here in Empire city. I make his clothes for him and at some point, Shownu got me a nice spot on the team so I model for them too," Minhyuk replied. He saw the boy look so dazed at the realization, then smiled apologetically, "S-surprise?" 

Changkyun furrowed his eyebrows, "This WHOLE time you've been working for a famous model down here?! Who attends our COLLEGE?! A-and WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE A MODEL?!" 

"I mean I'm a model," Minhyuk repeated, "I've been one since senior year." 

Changkyun was gonna say something else, but he froze for a second, looking up at Shownu, then back at Minhyuk. 


"HEY HEY! Shush!" Minhyuk exclaimed as he covered the boy's mouth, "That's enough from you Changkyun. I think we've surprised enough people tonight." 

The boy let him go, leaving Changkyun still shocked and astonished.

Minhyuk sighed as he continued, "Y-yes...this is the same man I mistakenly slept with on the same night of that football party at the hotel. I didn't mean just happened. And I tried to talk to Jooheon, but every time I try to talk to him o-or Jimin they just shut me out. Of course, they have every reason too...I don't deserve their friendship. That's why I separated myself and just drifted away from you all. I couldn't bear being near you while they just secretly hated me. And I didn't want Jooheon to face me and feel scared or ashamed, so I did the work for him and hid away."

Changkyun was trying his hardest to understand, but he was still angry, "Min! Why didn't you tell me about this? I-if you did....i-if I knew we could've talked it out normally. I wish you did tell me something instead of shutting me out and treating me like I didn't matter." 

Minhyuk cupped the boy's face, staring at him, "Nonsense Changkyun! I didn't tell you anything because I didn't want you to be disappointed in me as well. We've been through enough together for me to know that you looked up to me so much. I just didn't wanna let you down. I-I'm sorry." 

The boy slowly smiled as he hugged Minhyuk tightly, "It's okay. I'm just glad you're okay and everything's fine now." 

He looked up at Shownu, who was sitting next to Minhyuk, looking right back at him. The boy just smirked as he pulled away from the hug, resting his cheek on his fists as he giggled lightly. Minhyuk raised an eyebrow, looking back at Shownu who was confused as well. 

Then Changkyun giggled, "What's it like now that you've spent 4 years with your sugar daddy?" 

Minhyuk finally understood what he meant as he blushed lightly, furrowing his eyebrows, "You fucking little shit." 

Changkyun just giggled to himself, turning around to reach out for his drink behind him. As he was, so was someone else reaching out for their own. Their hands collided, of course Changkyun quickly apologized for the action, being the kind boy that he was. But when he saw the hand of the person who reached their drink, his eyebrows twitched a little bit as he started to get a weird feeling. 

Then he slowly turned around more to look up at the person before him. 

But damn did he wish he didn't.

Otherwise, he wouldn't be making eye contact with a man who was wearing a maroon dress shirt, slightly buttoned of course, tucked in some darker maroon trousers. His black bangs were all in his face but Changkyun could still see his piercing brown eyes right through them. 

He furrowed his eyebrows, "W-Wonho?" 

"Changkyun," Wonho let out, looking at him tentatively. 

Changkyun swallowed hard, feeling anxious and nervous all over again. He just held on to his glass as he turned away, looking over at Minhyuk, who was yapping at Shownu about something. Until Shownu pointed to Changkyun and Minhyuk turned to see Changkyun looking down at his glass, getting quiet. Minhyuk mouthed out a why, but he looked up and saw Wonho sitting next to him, looking over at him. 

He let out an oh as he got up out of his seat, sliding Changkyun across in his previous seat and sitting in his, looking directly at Wonho. The black haired male was startled at the sudden appearance of Minhyuk, especially when he was looking at Changkyun a few minutes ago, but he didn't pay it any mind. He didn't wanna make things more awkward than they already were. 

"Minhyuk," Wonho replied, raising his glass, "Good seeing you again good friend." 

The black haired boy raised an eyebrow, "It, can you explain to me why your ass is over here after you were rubbing up against Mariah earlier in her all-white cocktail dress." 

Wonho's eyes widened as he cleared his throat, "I-I was just coming over to talk. I don't wanna start anything at all, Changkyun and I are good friends, he knows that." 

Changkyun looked over at him, then looked away, blushing a little bit. 

What the fuck? Get yourself together, you got a boyfriend Changkyun. 

Shownu looked down at him, "Hey, don't panic too much. If all you two are is good friends then it shouldn't be hard to chat as normal friends do." 

Changkyun looked up at him as he sighed, "You make that sound like it's easy. It's hard to pretend you're friends with someone when they've fucked you in your ass millions of times." 

"Mhm," Shownu hummed, "Well I can't relate there. But I will tell you this, it's only weird if you think of it that way." 

Changkyun looked up at him as he spoke, "It's possible to get over what you two have gone through and just brush it off as a friendly thing. Sticking by someone as if their your friend and remembering that you two are just friends is more important than anything else in the entire world. You have a boyfriend who gives you the world to the best of his ability and if you remember that this man wasn't able to give you what you were looking for and know that you two are just friends, I promise things get easy. You just gotta stop throwing all these feelings you think you have for them away and stay sane." 

The boy's eyes widened as he said that. 

He was right, he just had to realize that everything he and Wonho went through wasn't mutual. It was just them being fuckbuddies and messing around only so Wonho could keep Changkyun distracted. There weren't even any real feelings involved, it was just Changkyun being stupid thinking he felt something for him, when he really didn't. This whole time, Wonho was just some friend who helped him get the feelings of Hyungwon off of him.

They're just friends.

He smiled, looking up at the man, "Thank you Shownu. You know...Minhyuk's pretty lucky to have you all these years. You've been watching over him all this time and I never got to thank you properly." 

Shownu snickered lightly, "It happens. I'm just glad we're able to finally talk formally. Minhyuk tells me so much about you and the others, he's just been too scared to come near you guys and make things work out. But I told him, go slow and bring it all back together. He's changing, give him time." 

"Yeah," Changkyun replied. 

Then Shownu got out of his seat, walking toward Minhyuk who was talking Wonho up a whole storm. Wonho looked as if he was gonna lose his shit, but he saw Shownu pulling Minhyuk away, telling him something and making him quiet up. Then the two waved to Changkyun and walked off, looking as if they were leaving the party as a whole. 

Changkyun waved to them, smiling brightly.

"God, I felt like I was going to explode if he said one more fucking thing about Prada. Minhyuk, no one fucking cares," Wonho groaned. 

Changkyun giggled as he turned to him, "How long have you and Min been close?" 

Wonho lifted his head up, "Oh. You're speaking to me now?" 

"Yeah, I needed a nice pep talk and reminder," Changkyun replied, trying to sound chill and relaxed, "I've been pretty damaged lately, but it's fine. Can't avoid you forever." 

Wonho frowned slowly, "Changkyun....I'm truly sorry if I hurt you in any way. If anything I didn't mean to I was just-" 

"Looking out for your brother," Changkyun replied lowly, "I know that now and I understand your reasoning for everything. It's fine Wonho, I'm not hurt at all by it. If anything I've kinda gotten over it because at the end of all of this...we're still friends." 

Wonho's eyes widened as he turned to face him a little, smiling, "Rather we were fucking for fun or not, I'm still here as your friend and we can still talk like normal friends do because that's all we are. Isn't it?" 

The man was so surprised

He remembered a moment like this not so long ago, but it was with Percy when he started that big ass affair mess. This was different, Changkyun was different. He was with Hyungwon and yet he still respected his boundaries and knew what he and Wonho really were. He remembered in the midst of them having those sexual moments, they were still friends as they promised. 

And he remembered the boy's words. 

How about we just become friends rather than you trying to abandon these feelings. I think if we just try to better our relationship, then I can probably help you out with that.

He smiled, "Yeah." 

Changkyun nodded, hopping out of his seat. He walked over to Wonho, holding his hand out to shake it. 

"Let's start over then," The boy replied, "Im Changkyun."

Wonho's eyes widened, but he got out of his seat as well, shaking the boy's hand, "Lee Hoseok, call me Wonho though. It's what the fangirls who try to follow me call me." 

"Ooh, lady's man I see?" Changkyun giggled as he saw Wonho slide out of his seat a little. 

"More of an everybody's man," Wonho replied back as the two kinda walked off. 

"Well, how would you like to be my man tonight and keep me company as a friend?" Changkyun started to smile as the two locked arms.  

"I like that idea."


Luiseong looked over and saw the woman looking over at him sadly, trying her hardest to fight back the tears that were slowly forming in her eyes. She blinked them back a couple of times, or well...tried her damn near hardest, but it wasn't enough because Luiseong already knew Suimi was ready to cry. 

So ready to cry. 

"Suimi," Luiseong started to say, "Baby, you know I love you...b-but my parents, they won't allow us to get married." 

Suimi furrowed her eyebrows, "W-well convince them! S-surely you can try to do that to the best of your ability, I mean you are a gambler! Your job is basically filled with convincing all types of people all kinds of shit."

Luiseong felt so fucking weak the more she shouted at him, "Baby...p-please...I wanna marry you so much, you know I do-" 

"I-I don't know that!" Suimi exclaimed, holding back her tears, "I-I clearly don't know anything. Luiseong, who am I going to raise Changkyun with? W-who'se gonna have my back when I need them when I'm out there trying to perform?! I-I'm 22 years old! Surely you don't expect me to do everything on my own!"

"Baby calm down," Luiseong replied, rushing towards her, "You're saying that as if we're not together! As if we haven't been together raising this baby for almost 5 years!" 

"But are we together  Luiseong ?" Suimi grimaced, her voice shaky, "W-what if I lose you one day or some other woman comes to claim you? W-where am I gonna go? How's Changkyun gonna grow up knowing his father is nothing but a coward who can't even fight for his family?"


"I wanted us to have a happy family together Lui! Wh-why can't we even have that when you keep letting that man get in between us?!" 

Luiseong froze. He looked over and watched as Suimi got on her knees. He knew he couldn't hide anything from this woman, she knew almost everything about him and she'd be dammed if he thought he could get away with anything without the love of his life knowing. And of course he told her everything, which put her life in jeopardy even more. 

Luiseong was a gambling man, apart of the famous I.M industry, which was famous for dealing and gambling. He's the leader of the big empire that was built under his father's name, did so much to get where he was now. Of course Suimi knew, she knew everything about him and hid it well about their relationship. Even though, Dispatch was literally on their asses 24/7 and found out about them, thus the rumor getting out about Suimi and her many affairs with other men. 

But she dodged them, her life taking a turn when she and Luiseong became more than just the causal sugar baby and sugar daddy relationship and just changed for the best. Now they have a child and Suimi's plan was to get married after his birth and stick together no matter what. That was Luiseong's plan as well.

However....there was so much wrong with that. 

For Luiseong, in his mind, marrying her meant putting her life as well as the child's life in danger. He knew if they got married, she as well as Changkyun would become big ass targets for the people who were after Luiseong's ass about money and a lot of other gang shit he tried to bury down but it was too late. He didn't want them to risk getting hurt, not when he's protected them and got this far. 

He can't let Takashi touch his family, never. 

"Suimi," Luiseong replied softly, "I-I'm sorry....even if I've fought against the rules we've faced together, it's not enough for us to get married. I don't wanna risk dragging you into my complicated ass world and hurting you. I just want you to understand that." 

The woman looked at him confusingly, especially as he hugged her tightly. 

Luiseong knew what he was about to do, he knew what he had to do. For the sake of Suimi living and keeping Changkyun safe so he could live as well. For the sake of their safety, the people who he loved more than anything. He knew what he had to do, it was the only way to avoid that threat Takashi sent him. 

He had to let her go. 

"I-I think we should spend some time apart,"  Luiseong said, his voice soft, "I think it's best for us both." 


" I'm sorry. You should just forget about me and focus on making Changkyun happy and live his life," Luiseong replied as he pulled the woman off of him, "Please go Suimi, just forget what we had." 

"L-Lui n-no!" The woman tried to run towards him, but he pushed her away, causing her to fall backward. 

He looked down as he saw her looking up at him, eyes glassy, already filled with tears giving him such a confused look of hurt, she didn't know what to do with herself. She wanted to cry so fucking hard, as did Luiseong, it hurt standing right in front of her and seeing her break down like that, crying so much she couldn't even hold it in. 

If you don't give us your money, I'll kill your woman and your son.

Luiseong flattened his lips, turning away as he walked away from her, leaving her on the floor. Suimi's eyes started to fill up with tears as she ran towards the door he closed, hitting it many time with her fists, begging him to come out and explain himself. Her voice was loud and shaky as it was hoarse the more she screamed, begging for him to open the door. 

She cried all night, telling him she loved him and she didn't want him to leave her. 

The woman felt so helpless in her state, she didn't even know what to do. 

She just cried with all her heart, hoping Luiseong would open the door. 

Luiseong stood on the other side, leaning against it as he felt the guilt in him rise. Suimi's 'I love yous' turned into 'I hate yous' in an instant and the man tried his hardest to hold back and remember he as doing this for her and Changkyun. 

I'll kill them Lui, with no fucking mercy.

He was doing this for her, that was the least he could accept. 

The sounds stopped and he heard heels strolling away about 4 hours later, he heard the elevator ding as well. The man looked through the eye hole in the door and saw the woman with the long wavy brown hair walk into the elevator, completely soulless and emotionless. 

She looked so spiteful and hopeless, like all the hope in her just faded. 

Luiseong sighed as he held his heart, sinking down to put his face in his hands. 

Being one of the main stepping stones to one of the most dreadful moments of human history. 

The Birth and Death of Cythina Parker.

Changkyun and Wonho were laughing foolishly as the two were sitting on the top floor just smashing on some cheese and grapes while drinking champagne. Changkyun kinda became less lonely the more they talked, the two kinda just goofed around a bit, playing a bit of trivia just to get to know each other a lot more. Since they were starting over as friends, it as best to just get a fresh start and really become friends forgetting all that happened. 

Changkyun gave him the big Cythina Parker reveal, of course Wonho didn't believe it for like a good few minutes, but Changkyun had to tell him so much about his mother to get him to believe it. When he did, Wonho started to see the resemblance more and more and couldn't believe his eyes when he saw the resemblance in them. So he let out a big ass wow of course and Changkyun giggled at that. 

Then Wonho went on about telling him about himself, even some cute little bits of Wonho studying in college to become a music producer one day but shutting it out since his mother really wanted him to become a model. Changkyun awed at that, telling him the time will come, and Wonho just nodded at that while they continued talking about more random things to push away the topic. 

You know, just things that friends would do. 

Because that's all they were

It was kinda late. Hyungwon hadn't been around Changkyun all night, but the boy just assumed that he got caught up with some business all night- seeing as that's what he was here for in the first place. But it was good Changkyun still had his friends keeping him company all night, otherwise, he would've felt that rush of anxiety again. 

Wonho sighed as they leaned against the fancy stair fence on the 3rd floor, "Do you ever think about your mom sometimes?" 

Changkyun blew a raspberry, "That's a dangerous ass question, Mr. Lee." 

"O-oh! Sensitive too....shit I'm sorry," Wonho let out, rubbing the back of his neck.

"Don't worry it's okay," Changkyun giggled, reassuring him, "I mean, yeah I'm always thinking about my mom. She was just a beautiful and strong woman who could handle so much in her life. She had me when she was 17 and practically raised me on her own. I look up to her seeing as she didn't really have my father by her side." 

"You think your dad's still out there?" Wonho asked. 

Changkyun tensed up a little, "I-I don't know. He kinda gives us little gives as well as cash to make sure we're doing okay. Especially after my mom died and I didn't have anything. When she died, I felt everything crash. All these people were coming towards me that I didn't know asking me questions, I just couldn't bear it. So my friends and their parents, who are all famous, looked after me for my mother. To ensure my safety and make sure I was okay." 

The boy gripped the railing a bit more, trying not to cry, "W-when she got shot....she wasn't the only one who got shot. I got hit too because she was holding me in her arms. But she dodged the bullet and took it in more for me.  W-we were both in the hospital together and I almost lost my life, but I somehow made it alive. B-but m-my mom..." 

"Changkyun," Wonho replied, gripping the boy's shoulders, seeing him begin to cry. 

"M-my mom gave her l-leftover blood to me and I g-got better but s-she.....s-she was gone so q-quick as soon as they t-took the blood and transplanted it over to m-me. I was so devastated, I wanted to die so much. Because it wasn't fair that she died and I'm still here-" 

"Changkyun!" Wonho exclaimed, finally grabbing the boy's attention as he looked up.

His eyes were all watery as he hugged Wonho tightly. The man just hugged him back as he cried in his arms, comforting him to the best of his ability. He sighed as Changkyun cried, understanding his situation. Wonho himself had to witness his father get hurt, and although he didn't take part in the bait and get hurt, he still knew what it was like to lose their hero. 

His birth father. 

"It's okay Changkyun," He said softly, "You can let it all out now and for as much as you want to. Holding in grief will do nothing but backfire completely. You know that, right?" 

Changkyun nodded, pulling away, "Sometimes it's so hard pushing past it all. Losing someone who was like...your idol, it kills you more than anything in the entire world." 

Wonho sighed at that, "I know that all too well. I've lost a lot of heroes in my past but I do my best and try to be the leader they all expect me to be and know I can be. Like my mom, who's very weak on the loving side right now, I gotta stay strong for her and keep things together to the best of my ability. If you haven't noticed family is hella broken."

Changkyun giggled whipping his eyes and nose, "Y-yeah, I noticed." 

Wonho got up, helping the boy up as well. He saw Changkyun still wiping away some access tears, so he pulled out a tissue from his back pocket, handing it to the boy. Changkyun blushed lightly, but thanked him as the two started to walk off again, heading towards the stairs. 

"You know, now I'm forgetting why I hated you so much earlier," Changkyun replied. 

Wonho giggled, "I don't know. I'm kinda new to this friendship thing. This is just my way of apologizing to you and making sure you're okay without any crazy ass intention." 

"Yeah," Changkyun chuckled, "I'm trying to remember what Hyungwon was saying about you breaking people because you had no heart though." 

Wonho froze, "W-wait What?" 

Before Changkyun could answer, he had already bumped into someone. 

Damn him for bumping into so many people tonight

He just quietly apologized, bowing apologetically, after Wonho told him to get up like several times. The man in front of him with the peachy blonde hair in the nice navy blue suit told him not to worry. And when Wonho and Changkyun heard that voice, their bodies shook instantly, looking up at the man before them. His hair was peachy blonde and he was wearing a nice navy blue tux. 

He smiled softly, dimples forming as he did to the two gentlemen, raising his glass. 

Changkyun had no idea who he was, he just looked like someone who was really important and shit because he looked big and he as tall and buff, with a tattoo on the back of his neck. Least that's what he noticed. And on his wrist too.

Wonho knew exactly who it was, "N-no way, y-you're Mr. Gatsby!" 

The man, smiled, "I am. You must be Lee Hoseok, also known as Wonho, the famous model of the great Singapore. I've heard great things about you and you impress me so much with your works, keep it up." 

Wonho nodded, happily shaking the man's hand, "My pleasure Jay Gatsby, my pleasure." 

Gatsby looked over at Changkyun, who was so fucking astonished by how nice and rich this man looked. The man smiled, "Is this a fair damsel of yours Mr. Lee?" 

The boys blushed lightly as they looked at each other, shaking the statement away quickly. 


"We're just friends, I was talking to him and stuff." 

"I-I have a boyfriend and shit." 



Gatsby looked at the two of them with widened eyes, then he chuckled lightly as he saw the nervousness between them. Then Changkyun looked up to see Gatsby holding his hand out to shake his. The boy had to get it for a few seconds, but he finally took the man's hand, shaking it. 

But as he did, he felt something weird

He opened his eyes, looking at the hand and felt memories flashing in his head.

"We're gonna get married and have a family. I promise you-" 

Changkyun pulled away instantly. Wonho looked over at him confusingly, as did Gatsby of course. However, the more Gatsby looked down at the boy, the more his eyes widened as he saw his feature. His resemblance, it was so close to his as well as someone else's.

"Our son, he's gonna look just like you. And his name is-" 

"Changkyun...." Gatsby let out lowly, Changkyun's eyes widened at that. 

The boy just laughed obnoxiously as he brushed back the older man who looked as if he was in his late forties. Gatsby watched them with careful eyes as they travel downstairs, trying to get a hold of himself. He just shook it off, it was probably just a coincidence and not exactly what he was thinking of at all. 

Changkyun was just pulling Wonho away out of the house, trying his hardest to get himself together. But his head was filled with so many fucking thoughts he wasn't even sure how to process it all. He was scared, confused, hurt for some reason. Mainly because so much stuff had rolled back in his head and he was unable to process it all at once. He remembered his main purpose of coming to a Gatsby party was to find out the truth.

But damn he didn't think it would hurt.

"Changkyun!" Wonho called as the two finally reached the front. He saw the boy panicking and cupped his face to get his attention. Changkyun looked up at him confusingly, trying to find out his intention and why Wonho looked so serious. But he was more worried than mad if anything. 

"What happened back there?" Wonho replied, "Is everything-" 

"Changkyun?" The two looked over and saw Hyungwon standing by his car. He furrowed his eyebrows as he saw the action, confused as to why Wonho was cupping Changkyun's face and why Changkyun was crying. 

He couldn't even be mad at Changkyun, he was too busy being pissed at Wonho, "What the hell are you doing?" 

Wonho looked at him with fear in his eyes as the boy approached him, "Hy-Hyungwon please, I was just helping him-" 

"Get the FUCK away from my boyfriend you manwhore!" The man said, snatching Changkyun away completely. The boy was still in his trance, unable to say anything to break out of it or stop Hyungwon from getting mad at Wonho. 

He was just so paralyzed right now.

"We were just talking the whole time Hyungwon! Calm the fuck down-" 

Hyungwon glared at him, "Oh yeah, sure. That's what you do with all your fuckbuddies. You're just talking with each other before you stick their dick in their ass and have them moaning your name countlessly only for you to leave them the next morning." 

"Hyungwon please-" Wonho started to say, looking at Changkyun, who was still crying, frozen, "Something's wrong with Changkyun-" 

"It's none of your fucking business what's wrong with my boyfriend. Wanna know why? Because boundaries, he's my fucking boyfriend. So why don't you go find some other victim to fuck around with and mind your own fucking business you worthless walking sex toy!" 

Wonho stilted, staying back as he saw the pure anger in his brother's eyes. A brother who didn't see him as a brother, but more so some sleazy acquaintance he just met. He just nodded, his head hanging down as Hyungwon and Changkyun walked to the car. The boy was still somewhat in shock, but he shook out of it when he looked over and saw Wonho's sadden look. 

Of course he heard everything, he just couldn't stop Hyungwon from expressing his anger. The boy just mouthed an I'm Sorry towards Wonho. He nodded at it, smiling weakly as he waved, seeing the car drive off as fast as possible. 

Chapter Text













when raindrops fall, an angel cries


















It was raining hard as fuck outside as everyone stood by the grave that belonged to Takashi Chae-Lee. Of course it was the workers of Parma who mourned his death besides his wife, Lee Suomi, who was completely devastated but hid her pain well, accompanied by her children as well. Rui was the main one unable to stop her cries, kneeling down and basically trying her hardest to pray for him to come back. Wonho stood by, keeping quiet as he looked down at the man who was once his father.

The boy just stayed quiet, too traumatized to say a damn thing.

Mainly because way before Takashi's death, after Percy died long after, Wonho himself found out that the man who was supposed to be his father was the one who killed his father over greed. And when Wonho found that out, his whole world just got dark, the boy too afraid to say anything. Takashi pulled him away and told him to not say anything when he found out about Cameron, otherwise, he'd regret the fuck out of it.

And he really did  regret the fuck out of it .

Wonho looked over to see a very soulless boy on the other end of the grave. Tall, looking very frail, weak, and bitter. His face was pale as he looked down at the grave, feeling so much spite and wanting to cry as much as Rui did, but he just tsked, storming away from everyone else. Wonho watched him storm off, feeling too regretful to say anything or even bring anything up.

He just looked down, feeling sorry for himself.

The gathering was alright. Everyone tried their hardest to make sure Suomi was okay, the female was fine- least she looked fine. Wonho watched his mother rush around talking to everyone, accepting their loving messages and telling her to stay strong. She was strong, Wonho knew that.

This was the second time they've been through something like this.

The boy saw that his mother was free finally and walked over to her, greeting her with a warm hug.

"Oh Hoseok," Suomi replied, her voice weak, Wonho already knew, "How's everything? Are you okay?"

The brunette nodded slowly, giving her a weak smile, "I should be asking you that if anything mom. I know you're staying strong for everyone right now but if you need a shoulder to cry on, I'm right here."

Suomi nodded, hugging him once more. It was a little tighter than usual, but Wonho just shrugged, knowing damn well his mother was hurting a lot. She lost her first love to getting shot at a show, then tried moving on a few years later and he ended up dying the same way. His mother probably felt so bitter, he'd feel bitter too in her place if he were her.

He heard the woman lightly sniffle, but she pulled away, hurriedly wiping her eyes.

"It's okay Hoseok," She replied weakly, "It's okay. I'll just have to move through it as I did before, it's fine."

Wonho didn't know why he was getting some weird guilty feeling in his stomach. He wanted to tell his mother so much, maybe she wouldn't feel so weak if she understood. Then again, it would kill her, even more, to hear that her second husband killed her first love. So he just kept quiet.

"Hey mom, things are gonna start getting a lot busier than ever and you're gonna need some support," Wonho replied, "You should let me at least help you invest before Beverly tries to throw their plan at you. Hyunwoo says he can try to hold it down since this whole thing happened, but their gonna be coming at you alone."

"I know," Suomi replied, "I'll figure it out, right now I don't wanna discuss work Hoseok, not in the mood."

"R-right," Wonho let out, looking down shamefully, "Sorry mom."

She sighed, "It's fine. You should go check on your brother and see how he's doing. He hasn't shown his face at all or at least greeted anybody. Surprisingly Rui is more in shape now than he is. You two should talk."

Wonho stilted, "Th-that's nice mother....but I don't think Hyungwon really wants to be bothered with anyone right now. And you know after he lost his boyfriend he doesn't really wanna talk to anyone."

"Nonsense, you two love each other," Suomi replied, which made Wonho freeze up entirely, "I'm sure you're the first person he's gonna need to get him through all of this grief. Go talk to him baby."

Wonho was gonna decline, but he sighed, taking a deep ass breath before walking over to the doors outside. He was in the garden area, walking around to see everyone, of course, minding their own business. He just kept looking around until he found someone further out, standing by a tree on his own with a black leather jacket. Wonho took another deep breath, taking two glasses of champagne off the tray in front of him and walking towards the boy.

The closer he came the more anxious he felt, but he didn't wanna let that get the best of him. He knew he had to talk to him, at least to cheer him up. Hyungwon probably thought he was the last person he's wanna talk to about anything, still though, he needed someone to have his back at this moment.

"Hey," Wonho let out as he finally approached the white-haired boy. Hyungwon's hair wasn't the pretty wavy brown it use to be, not ever since Percy's death. He cut it into a nice little pixie cut and dyed it white, permanently. Wonho noticed him becoming more distant and changing the way he was after all that, kinda hurt him a lot.

And he knew the death of his father was gonna be even worse.

The boy looked at him from the corner of his eye, seeing Wonho looking at him with an apologetic smile and handing him a glass of pink champagne. He tsked, slowly taking the drink from Wonho's hands. Wonho was surprised, but he smiled, seeing that Hyungwon was finally okay with everything and kinda taking it easy.

At least-

"What a nice glass of champagne," Hyungwon let out, his voice low and raspy, "Is this poisoned too?"

Wonho's smiled faded as he saw Hyungwon's darkened glare towards the cup, just playing around with the liquid in the glass cup all calmly and ignoring the silent tension he just created between the two.

"Are you gonna poison me accidentally too? Then come out of nowhere in my dying state and shoot me too?" Hyungwon replied, chuckling bitterly as he poured the champagne on the ground. He handed the male the glass, giving him a wicked smiled, "No thank you, I don't appreciate the Romeo and Juliet stunt."

Wonho furrowed his eyebrows, "H-Hyungwon please, let this go okay? It's been 8 months-"

"Yeah, it has," Hyungwon replied, looking up at the sky, his hands in his pockets. "It's been  8 months  since I lost the love of my life. It's been 8 months since you killed him Wonho. How are you living knowing that you literally just crushed all my hopes and dreams? And also knowing that you're a big ass liar too? You're still high and mighty about it."

Wonho's eyes widened in fear as the boy continued to speak, "Now I'm never gonna be able to love again! Oh no! But wait, my big brother, Wonho, is here to save the day and say something really really enthusiastic that's gonna get my blood boiling and motivate me to keep trying to find love in this hopeless world!"

Hyungwon turned to him with his arms open, smiling, "C'mon Hoseok! Fill me with the hope I need to keep trying! Give me that motivational speech oh dear brother of mine!"

Wonho looked down at him, guilt filling up in his stomach as he looked down. He knew it, he should've known he shouldn't have come over to this boy knowing damn well he wanted nothing to do with him. He had already caused enough damage in his life and now the boy lost his idol and the only person that kept him sane.

More like the man who basically brainwashed Hyungwon with the idea that Wonho was bad in the first place.

"Hyungwon, I didn't kill Percy-"

Hyungwon exclaimed loudly, laughing obnoxiously. Good thing they were far and only Wonho could hear the fakeness in his laugh. It just made him feel more bitter and guilty for his actions than he already did.

"You got yourself a stage name, what is it? Wonho right?" Hyungwon replied, walking closer, "Please enlighten me. Did you know in Egypt that Wonho means  beautiful liar ?"

Wonho's eyes widened, but before he could speak, Hyungwon kept speaking.

"I think that fits you. Such a gorgeous and pathetic liar who does nothing but makes shit worse. Not only that, you have the ability to break people, like wow Hoseok, I didn't even think you had such a powerful power."

"Hyungwon listen to me," Wonho replied, walking towards him, "Percy was a liar alright? Look the whole poison thing....and m-me shooting him, yes that's my fault, b-but he was hurting you. I didn't know what else to do and I wanted to at least stop him from lying to you the best way I could. I knew you would hate me and I already saw the outcome of my actions. I was just doing it to protect you-"

"You protect me from shit. All you did was fuck my boyfriend in the ass and called me fucking stupid and pathetic. Then  LIED  to me when I asked you if you and Percy had any connections and refused to tell me about you two in the first fucking place!" Hyungwon exclaimed, his expression still dark but also serious. "Do you know how much shit you could've avoided if you just told me the truth?"

Wonho glared at him, "If you weren't so soft and sensitive towards shit and so fucking busy sucking our dad's dick, maybe I wouldn't have to worry about a damn thing!"

The man leaned back, covering his mouth soon as he registered his own words. Hyungwon's eyebrows started to rise, but then he snickered to himself, turning away. Wonho uncovered his mouth, trying to fight back the tears and the glassiness that was starting to form. He didn't wanna argue, he didn't wanna fight, he just wanted to do what he was good at.

He wanted to make his brother happy.

But he wasn't.

Wonho rushed towards him, grasping his shoulders. Hyungwon's eyes widened, looking at Wonho who was looking at him with this strange seriousness in his glare. Before the tall boy knew it, he pulled him in for a tight hug. Hyungwon tried to break free of it, but everytime he did, Wonho's grip got tighter and tighter.

"I'm sorry I made you hate me, you have every right to hate me and never forgive me ever. You don't have to care about me or love me Hyungwon but know this. You and I will always be brothers and you will always be a little brother whom I care about nonetheless."

The more Hyungwon tried to break free, the weaker Wonho felt. Even though the man was slightly stronger than the scrawny boy, Hyungwon's intense hitting just made his endless guilt even worse. He didn't even have to think if the boy hated him or not, he already knew Hyungwon hated the fuck out him for everything.

For lying to him.

For playing with his emotions.

For  not telling him from the get go .

And for killing Percy in the process.

"L-let me go!" Hyungwon exclaimed, his eyes glassy as his voice started to become shaky, "Get the fuck OFF of me Hoseok! I hate you, I ALWAYS WILL with my whole heart I will hate you until the day I fucking die."

Wonho grunted, his grip getting looser when he heard his younger brother crying in his arms. He felt so fucking pathetic, he could've done so much to prevent all of this from happening.

All of it, if he just told the truth.

Snitches get STITCHES Hoseok.

"I-I'm sorry Hyungwon-"

"Shut the fuck up, I HATE you!"

"I-I know...I'm sorry," Wonho replied softly, holding back his tears as much as he could. However, Hyungwon harshly pushed him away and before Wonho could stop him, the boy punched him directly in the face. The weakness Wonho felt in his bones already made him weaker than he was, Hyungwon's harsh and violent ass punch to the face just made his heart heavier.

He fell, looking up at Hyungwon who was giving him a dark glare, eyes full of tears.

"Shut UP!" He exclaimed within his tears, his whole interior was just completely dark and Wonho wasn't sure what to do or say.

He felt powerless in this state.

"You're  NOT  EVEN MY FUCKING BROTHER!" He shouted, Wonho could tell he was trying to fight his tears. "Just because my father married your mother means NOTHING to me! YOU mean nothing to me! I-I feel indifferent towards you....I-I can't help but loathe you."


"You deserve nothing but DEATH! You deserve to feel pain and understand the feeling of sorrow and despair," He said gruesomely, his tone dark. Then he looked down at the man, his tears dry now, his glare icier and darker than ever, "You deserve to die just like your father."

Wonho's eyes widened.

He just felt his heart and everything in him stop as he watched Hyungwon turn away.

"Oh," Hyungwon replied, hearing Wonho breathe heavily, "Consider this as a broken contract. Because from this day forward, you're not even a brother to me. You're nothing but a scummy snobby bastard acquaintance who I've lost all my respect for."

And with that, Hyungwon walked off, his hands in his pockets.

Leaving Wonho on the ground, holding his heart as he felt it get heavier and heavier. The man tried his best to control his breathing, not trying to die of a heart attack when they were in the middle of a goddamn funeral. But Wonho couldn't stop breathing so hard, Hyungwon knew he was in the state of having a heart attack, which is why he left him there.

Left him there to die.











Wonho's eyes opened wide as he rose up from his bed, holding his chest as he started hyperventilating again. It was just another memory nightmare, but the more he thought about it in his sleep, the more bitter he felt towards it. The thought hasn't left his head after all those years and he just felt damn right awful, unable to enjoy a damn thing around him. Couldn't even enjoy the nice sun shining in his room.

He just sighed, then turned his head to see two figures standing by his door and his eyes widened.

It was Kihyun and Shownu.

Wonho looked at them, unsure how to react. He just lifted his hand and slowly waved, "H-hi you guys. Long time no see." Then he pointed to the food in their hands, "I-is that for me?"

Shownu sighed, "Yeah, but we're gonna give you at least a few minutes to collect yourself until you're ready to come downstairs."

Wonho didn't even get to decide, Shownu just closed the door.

Wonho sighed, groaning as he put his hands in his face.

It had been 6 whole months since Wonho wholeheartedly decided to lock himself inside his mansion. Well, 6 months since that night at Gatsby's party when Hyungwon told him to stop trying to steal away Changkyun and fuck off. Since that night, Wonho just felt so fucking awful about everything, intruding in his brother's life and getting the aftermath of trying to comfort Changkyun.

He really wanted to help the boy though, but of course, the closer he got to Changkyun, the more he felt his feelings for the boy rise up which made shit even worse for him. So he just distanced himself away from the boy, hoping that would all work out in the end. He thought it was going to be easy but when the boy and his other friends, which only consisted of Jimin, Jungkook, Taehyung, Jooheon, and Youngjae, decided to stay back, that's when it got worse.

Changkyun would always come around and try to figure out why Wonho was so closed out, but Wonho made up some silly excuse like he was extremely sick and had a cold that was contagious. Just made him feel silly when Changkyun tried to play nurse and came over one day to check on him, with the company of Rui and Jimin of course. Wonho just thought it was best to keep his distance away from him period to at least get rid of the little lingering feelings he had.

Plus he's been with Hyungwon for 6 months, the best thing he could do to not let his feelings get in the way and let the couple be happy, which meant locking himself in his house for about months.

Minhyuk would try to get him out too, of course out of irritation, but he would just come over to eat dinner with him, talk things out, watch Wonho cry, then comfort him and head out when Shownu came to pick him up. Or, Shownu and Kihyun would stop by and keep him company. Either way, within this whole time frame, Wonho wasn't completely alone.

He got up, putting on his white robe and walking downstairs to see Kihyun and Shownu in the kitchen, of course not wasting any time to dig into their dishes. The boy chirped happily as Shownu handed him his food, taking a seat on a stool. He didn't even notice Kihyun scoot over next to him, looking at him with concern before the boy could scarf down the burger.

Wonho took a bite, then looked at Kihyun confusingly, raising an eyebrow.

Kihyun sighed, "Okay, is this 6-month imprisonment of yours over yet?"

Wonho swallowed, looking even more confused, "What do you mean imprisonment?"

"What do you mean what do I mean? I mean when are you gonna go out there and stop locking yourself in here?! Wonho it's been fucking 6 months since you've breathed fresh air. Also, your mother is equally worried sick and wants to know when this vacation of yours is over and when you're coming back."

"Kihyun," Shownu snapped as the short boy raised up his hands in defense.

"What?! I'm just being honest!" Kihyun grunted, "Look, I know you're going through it, but you can't just get depressed and stay away. Think about the good people out there who love seeing you! Shownu and I love seeing you-"

"I don't get to see Shownu often, he's only here now because he took off too," Wonho replied. Then he looked down at Kihyun, slightly glaring, "And you love to yell at me."

"Unintentionally," Kihyun said, correcting him, "Wonho I'm your manager, what did you expect? I'm always gonna yell at you. And I have been yelling at you since college, so shut the fuck up."

Wonho rolled his eyes, drinking the bottle of coca cola in front of him.

Shownu sighed, "Kihyun, we came here to check up on him, not for you to scold him. Obviously, he doesn't wanna go back to work, stop trying to drag him back there and let the man collect himself for the rest of his vacation."

Kihyun looked over at Wonho and watched him eat quietly, keeping his thoughts to himself the best he could. He's done it for 6 months now, he's gotten used to it. But having to hold back so much in him, especially from his friends, let's just say it killed him. He wanted to let it all out, that was the point of waiting around inside for 6 months alone was for right? So why hold back from your friends? They understood.

And he knew Kihyun was right, it was time for him to get the fuck out of this house. He just couldn't and he refused to leave. He just felt like it was better this way, not even having an idea of when he was gonna revert back to his old self or what.

He heard Shownu hum, leaning on the counter, "Fuck all this work nonsense, Wonho how have you been?"

Wonho looked up at him surprisingly, "O-oh, I've been cool. Coco and I went out for a walk down by the bay and we played for a little bit. Then I came back in here and had some breakfast and I guess I got carried away and went to sleep...I don't know."

"Oh so you have gone outside," Kihyun replied, sighing in relief, "Thank god, I thought you were locking yourself in here and stayed in here. But you're cruising by the beach, I'll take that, least you're going outside."

Shownu shook his head as Wonho giggled lightly at the remark, "Yeah of course, a big boy gotta get some sunshine you know? Can't always stick around inside."

"Can't tell if that was a bad sex joke or some attempt to sound charismatic," Kihyun scoffed as the two gentlemen continued to giggle at Kihyun's slightly embarrassed expression.

Wonho opened his mouth to say something else, but then he heard his phone ring and was kinda confused as to why it was ringing. He just turned around and walked to the counter it laid on, seeing the number across his screen and looked at it weirdly.

It was some random ass number he hadn't remembered saving or keeping on his phone, mainly because he cut off his phone service to avoid any kind of contact with anyone of kind for like 6 months. So it was kinda weird to get a call from someone so out of the blue.

He just sighed to himself as he picked up the phone, answering it hesitating at first, "H-hello?"

There was a small silence. Wonho looked at Shownu and Kihyun, who just shrugged their shoulders as they proceeded on eating their food. Which made Wonho even more anxious on whoever the hell this person could've been, it honestly could've been anyone. Maybe...some kind of death threat or warning like in those action movies or-


Wonho froze in an instant at the voice. That was so soft and calming, a voice so sweet and pure that made Wonho feel at home and safe. It was the voice of someone who basically kept him alive and sane this whole time he was trapped in this mansion like a caged animal. It sounded so strangely familiar, sounded just like-

"Changkyun?" Wonho let out. As he did, he looked over at Kihyun and Shownu, whose eyes widened. Kihyun nearly choked on his chicken, holding himself as Shownu lightly patted his back. Wonho just cleared his throat, "H-how are you calling me right now?"

"Oh thank goodness," Changkyun let out, sighing in relief, "I thought I got your icloud wrong or something. I had to get Rui to help me out because I was like trying to figure out why your phone wasn't working for like....4 months? 6? I don't know it's all a blur."

Wonho chuckled lightly, "Y-yeah...I cut my phone service off and shit. I've just been busy on vacation you know? It's like...really tough out here trying to live and such. I've been having a pretty rough time lately so I needed to shut down everything and get a vacation from it all. I apologize if I worried you little one."

"Mhm, you should be you fucking asshole," Changkyun pouted and Wonho giggled at that.

We all knew that was a lie.

The real reason Wonho cut off contact with everyone was mainly because Hyungwon strictly warned him to lay off, ever since the gala of course. So he stood his ground and laid low- while also taking time to think about his life in general. He needed those six months to decide what he wanted to do with himself, if he wanted to remain a model or just live freely. Only person who knew why and that he was actually going through with it....

Was his mother.

He didn't wanna tell anyone. Especially Changkyun. Knowing him, he'd've already assumed that it's tagged to Hyungwon and would tell him to snap out of it. But Wonho needed to lay low or those couple of months. Without any distraction- without Changkyun.

He just sighed as he walked out the kitchen, leaving Kihyun and Shownu in there who watched him walk all the way to the back.

Kihyun sighed, "He's doing it again."

"Yup," Shownu sighed as well, looking over at Kihyun, "What should we do to get him out of his funk?"

Kihyun furrowed his eyebrows, "Don't look at me. He doesn't like me remember? I'm the best friend that yells at him all the time. Not like he'd listen to me even if I tried to talk him out of it to the best of my ability I swear. I get him out of almost every single pickle that he's been in but he's just too stubborn for me."

"Oh, you've tried huh?" Shownu rephrased, crossing his arms, "Is you trying your way of saying all you do is yell at him or nag him about what he should and should and shouldn't do? Because you do that an awful lot-"

"Fuck you I don't," Kihyun huffed, rolling his eyes. Then he looked back over at the male, "Do I?"

Shownu raised an eyebrow in response, which already gave the short boy his answer. He sighed to himself, downing his energy drink a little bit. Kihyun groaned, resting his cheek on his fist as he looked back up at Shownu.

"I care about him..." Kihyun said, his tone soft, "I just don't wanna see him through himself at something that he can't grasp or have. He's been so caught up and wrapped around Changkyun for months now...he needs to let him go. That simple."

"Yeah, but it's not that easy," Shownu replied, "Telling Wonho to get over Changkyun is like telling you to get over Rui when you already know she's, A, not into men, and B, she's very fond of Jimin. So I don't wanna hear you say anything about having to get over anyone when it's been 6 months and you're hooked on a female who will never notice you."

Kihyun's eyes widened at that, blinking back in response. Shownu saw the slight remorse in the man's face and cleared his throat, looking the other way.

"Look, Kihyun, we're grown men. We all learn from our mistakes and we aren't just children in high school who can pull off a whole ass double replacement program and swap, that's not how this works, you know that." He gave the small man a sincere look, "Wonho just needs time to understand that he himself needs to let out. If it takes getting hurt a couple of times, then it's worth it. He's gonna have to learn on his own at some point."

Kihyun looked at Shownu, seeing the male give him a smile in defeat as he nodded. Then the male groaned, crossing his arms, "I hate when you're right sometimes."

Shownu snickered, taking a sip of his drink. "It's just like that sometimes. And don't worry, you'll get over Rui. I mean she and Jimin aren't together so you still have time to prove yourself to her. I have faith in you."

"You're a horrible liar Hyunwoo," Kihyun rolled his eyes as he heard Shownu snicker at that, "You've always been one since birth, even college and still continue to be the older brother that gives me false hope believing it'll make some kind of a difference but it just makes me wanna fight you."

The male giggled lightly, Kihyun just playfully rolled his eyes as well, giggling with him.

He sighed, "I just feel bad for Wonho though. But unlike me, I feel as if he has a chance to prove himself too. I trust Changkyun understands his feelings and won't take them for granted...he isn't Percy which is what I like about him and wouldn't mind him taking Wonho's hand."

"But he's with Hyungwon," Shownu replied, "That's the only reason Wonho's like this at all. If Changkyun weren't already tied down, then Wonho could've made his move right then and there-"

"But Wonho's had him once," Kihyun responded, tipping his iced tea, "He could've kept him if he wanted to because, in the middle of that, Changkyun's feelings towards him started to grow more and more. But Wonho is the one who decided to be a dumbass and let his feelings get in the way while giving up Changkyun saying that he belonged to Hyungwon when technically, he didn't."

Shownu's eyes widened at that, "How in the hell do you know all this?"

Kihyun blew a raspberry, "Oh c'mon! You mean to tell me that Wonho hadn't spilled the juicy tea to you? You're supposed to be like his...right hand man or some gay shit like that."

"No I didn't know about all that," Shownu replied, "Minhyuk only told me that Changkyun and Wonho once had feelings towards each other but they just avoided them and Changkyun went over to Hyungwon."

"Aha no, here's the muther fucking tea," Kihyun replied, clapping his hands together. He looked up at Shownu, his eyes wide open. "Okay so Wonho and Changkyun...6 months ago, have fucked each other several times."

Shownu's eyes got bigger, "N-no way," He let out, looking down. Then he looked back up, "Really?"

Kihyun nodded, "It was Wonho's way of keeping the boy distracted away from Hyungwon so he wouldn't hurt him and so Hyungwon wouldn't have to get pulled in some relationship just to traumatize himself with the fear of being in a relationship. Something like that I don't know. Anyways, he cut things off because Changkyun mentioned something about slowly losing feelings for Hyungwon so Wonho pushed him away for Hyungwon's sake."

"Wow," Shownu replied, literally speechless at the sign of brotherly love that was sitting there. "So, this whole time...Wonho's been locked up in here because he wanted to avoid Changkyun and avoid confronting his feelings to make sure Changkyun's relationship with Hyungwon doesn't get damaged?"

Kihyun nodded at that, patting the man's shoulder, "I know right? So much tea."

"This is so crazy," Shownu murmured, then he looked at Kihyun, "I don't think I love you enough to lock myself up just so you could be with someone-"

"Wow fuck you," Kihyun grumbled as Shownu giggles lightly in response, Kihyun sighed, giggling right after. "Honestly you know what, I think I don't love you enough to lock myself away either."

"See there you go," Shownu replied, the two brothers chuckling lightly to each other as they got deeper in their conversation.





















It was Cythina's last show.

For years she's kept up the act of being this perfect woman who everyone looked up to and believed in. Almost everyone believed in her for who she was and what she did. Her music inspired many and still continues to do so, balancing out the harmony between all that was bad. 

"Miss Parker, you're set to be on stage in 35 minutes," The stage director replied. The Latino-Asian nodded in response, looking right back in her mirror and seeing her reflection.

Her team were all scattered all over the place, leaving the 27-year-old woman alone in the dressing room to herself. She looked at herself, she was pretty- but she didn't  feel  pretty. Sunmi disliked the way she looked every day and tried her hardest to change who she was and the way she was...but it was never enough.

Pretty, long, wavy, and natural wavy brown hair was covered up with many wigs, her looks got more mature the older she became. As much as she loved dressing up, it killed her to do it.

But she did it because she always felt like she wasn't enough....ever since Luiseong left her without warning.

She always felt he dumped her and left this family because of her looks, trying her hardest to become this pretty gal that would draw him near and make him feel foolish for breaking her heart. But to be honest...her heart was broken and she just became more and more bitter for the time being. It killed feeling like this, she just wanted to remove the heartbroken feeling and go back to her roots.

She wanted to be happy again, she wanted to be herself again.

This persona of hers, Cythina Parker, just mad the bitterness in her grow more and she started to hate herself more. She just wanted a reason to be happy again, truly, but she just couldn't.

Is this what depression felt like?

"Knock knock!" The woman looked through the mirror and saw some vanilla blonde walk in happily. Sunmi smiled softly, "Hey Hyolyn."

"Hey babes," The woman, Hyolyn, responded softly, "Just thought I'd stop by and see how you were doing since this is your last show of the tour. Bring a few doughnuts, sip some good Starbucks, and get a load of these dorks."

Sunmi's eyes widened when she noticed the two small boys come from behind the woman. One with platinum blonde hair with black tints, who smiled happily and waved to her, Sunmi smiled and waved back. Then she saw another boy come from behind, one with sharp black hair, giving her a small smile.

When she saw him, Sunmi's whole face lit up, "Hey baby."

The boy smiled widely, running towards the woman to give her a warm hug. Sunmi hugged the small boy right back, tightly, trying to hold her motherly instincts in and just give him a normal hug. But she couldn't help herself when they pulled away for a short time, looking at the big smile and seeing his dimples form. She kissed his forehead, pulling him in another hug.

"Figured you'd wanna see your son before you go out on stage," Hyolyn replied, "As a nice little goodluck. I had to stop Rae from bringing Jimin back here, told her that that would be deadly and she'd hug you more than Kyun."

Sunmi giggled, "She could've came, the warm welcome would've been nice. Besides, Changkyun needs to meet his bodyguard for the future."

Changkyun pulled away, lightly glaring at her, "Jimin can't protect me, she's a girl!"

"Hey, that's sexist!" Sunmi lightly nagged him, hitting his forehead lightly, "Mommy told you not to be sexist now, you should be grateful for Jimin. Because when everyone leaves one day to gain peace, she's gonna be the one sticking to you until the end of time. She's like....your sister, and I can feel she's gonna be the one who you turn to for everything."

"Nah mommy you're crazy," Changkyun blew a raspberry, "I got JooJoo, I don't need no girl comforting me. You're making it sound like she's gonna be my girlfriend."

"Maybe she will-"

"MOMMY EW! THAT'S GROSS!" Changkyun exclaimed as his mother laughed loudly, kissing and hugging the boy warmly.

Jooheon, the small boy with the platinum blonde hair, grumbled, "Hey! I'm also Changkyunie's guardian! I'm gonna have his back for him at all a knight would do for his uh...his uh....prince? Y-yeah! Prince! Prince and knight pals!"

"You sure you won't wanna be Minhyukie's knight in shining armor Heony," Hyolyn teased and then giggled as she saw the boy pretend to gag, turning around to walk out the room. Sunmi and Hyolyn giggled along with each other of course, talking about all these other things which left Changkyun utterly confused.

But he just took a doughnut out the box, kept his juice box close, and started drawing. The females saw that he was in his own little world and proceeded to continue their conversation more privately.

"All these flowers," Hyolyn pointed out, "Who's the lucky guy this time baby girl?"

Sunmi chuckled, "No one Holly, you always assume I got these flowers from some man or something."

"Well listen here, famous Cythina Parker, you have like guys coming at you all the time and you expect me to not assume you got these lovely little bouquets of roses from a stallion? Even pink roses, your favorite." Hyolyn pointed out, "Shit, the only man who knew how to satisfy you like this was-"

"Holly," Sunmi called out, her voice strict, looking at her friend with a darker look, "Please, let's not discuss this."

Hyolyn stilted a little, furrowing her eyebrows, "C'mon Sunmi, it's been 5 years since all that and you won't get over it. Look, you're finally happy with your life, you're successful, you're happy. There's nothing more that you could ask for. Don't feel like you're not gonna be able to find another man out there who was just as better as him-"

"Hyolyn, I don't wanna discuss this," Sunmi replied in a whisper tone. Then she looked over to see Changkyun drawing passionately in his artbook. Hyolyn looked over as well, seeing the boy so deep and involved in his drawing. He looked up and saw them looking his way, then he smiled softly, waving, proceeding on with his drawing.

Sunmi sighed as she looked at Hyolyn, "Changkyun still doesn't know all that. I plan on never telling him all that shit, not until he's ready to hear it and confront it. I-I'll move on in my own accord and I don't need you, Junghui, Daemon, Yooseon, or Rae telling me otherwise. I've been living fine on my own and i'm not lowering myself to a man who's just gonna leave me and disappoint Kyun."

"But you're disappointing him by doing this to yourself," Hyolyn snapped back, "You're lying to him Sunmi-"

"I'm protecting him," Sunmi corrected, looking away as she let Hyolyn's wrist go, "I'm protecting him....and myself...from falling down and depending on someone to make our family whole. We are perfectly happy the way we are and we don't need any man or anyone coming around and try to make us whole. I'm trying to teach him how to be independent and if this is the way then so be it."

Hyolyn stilted, looking over at the boy and back at Sunmi. She knew she was hurting deep down and couldn't take all this tension, especially since Luiseong has been trying to reach Sunmi for years, but she blocked him out her life, as well as Changkyun's. Changkyun always wondered who the strange man was that came up to his mother in her dressing room or after concerts backstage, even at their house, but Sunmi always told him that he was just some guy she knew.

And Changkyun knew very well his mother was  always  involved with guys.

She sighed, leaning forward to hug the woman tightly. Sunmi was surprised, but she hugged her right back, sighing along with her.

You're disappointing him by doing this to yourself .

Yeah, she knew that already.

Having a show in Singapore, where the man was located, didn't make it anymore better.

Hyolyn pulled away, "Just be careful, please. The others and I are all just looking out for you and want what's best for you Sunmi. That's all."

Sunmi nodded with a smile, "I know...and I love you for it. I know if anything were to happen to me, Changkyun would be safe in your hands no matter what. You guys are our family, the only group of people I trust with my boy no matter what."

Hyolyn smiled warmly, pulling the woman in yet another warm hug. Then she started getting up and getting ready to head towards the door. Sunmi watched her leave, waving at her with that warm smile as she shut the door. She sighed, looking at Changkyun who was still drawing in his own little world, listening to music on his earbuds.

You're lying to him Sunmi.

The woman got up, walking towards the boy who was drawing something. Her eyes widened when she saw the piece, which was a picture of a Goddess, looked like Venus, holding hands with some strong muscular man. What made Sunmi chuckle lightly was that the man looked like Hades, but he seemed soft and calmed. It's like when he was around the woman, Venus, his flames would cool down and he'd be sane.

When Luiseong was around Sunmi, his flames of the gambling drama cooled down and he'd be sane near her, soft and tender towards her.

Changkyun looked up from his glasses and saw his mother looking at him, almost startled, "M-mommy you scared me! Jeez, I thought you were Jimin because she always comes close to my face like that...which is weird."

"She's preparing herself to become your girlfriend-"

"Mommy!" Changkyun exclaimed as his cheeks turned red, Sunmi giggled at the small wave of embarrassment on the boy's face.

Then she sighed to herself, looking at his drawing. She looked back at him before taking his book without warning, Changkyun whined for it back, but Sunmi refused to give it back to him as she looked through it carefully, oohing and awing at the boy's art- even giggling at a few. Then she turned the page and saw something that made her eyes widen and her heart full.

It was a woman with long, curly, black locks wearing some kind of goddess attire. She had a crown and everything and her wings were wide and magnificent. Sunmi looked at the image closely and read the cursive that was printed on top carefully, trying her best not to get too emotional as she saw it.

"When a Raindrop falls, an angel cries," She read, looking at Changkyun. The black haired boy pushed his glasses up, looking up at her with big eyes and rosy cheeks. Sunmi furrowed her eyebrows a little, "Kyunie this me?"

The boy's cheeks got even redder, "U-uh yeah! B-but I drew it when I was 8! That was a long time ago mom, it isn't as good as other drawings."

"But it is," Sunmi replied softly, looking at the piece of artwork. She felt herself getting ready to tear up at how wonderful the shading was on her face, hair, everything. It truly did look like a piece of art and she would've never imagined her son having this type of skill.

Then again...he got it from his father.

She held her mouth as tears fell, looking at the artwork more and more, "Ch-Changkyun...this is...this is so beautiful baby. Wh-why are you so damn talented?"

"Well I mean," Changkyun started to say, but then looked up to see his mother cover her eyes, crying. He scooted closer to her, holding her shoulders as she set the book in her lap, crying to herself.

"Y-you're so wonderful and spontaneous. I try not to get too emotional towards it and l-let you be you," She sobb