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M A H A N A 

- sunshine



To change into a wolf, one must be completely concentrated and calm. Serenity is expected, especially for one of the royal family. For Maeve this was nothing much. She liked changing into her wolf form, a beautiful grey wolf with strong paws and striking purple eyes. People used to say she looked much like her mother, the Queen Luna. Maeve had always seen this as a compliment. 

The Queen Luna was a small woman with a fierce character. She had long, auburn curls and big, honey-brown eyes. Maeve's father had always called her a beautiful being, much like a faerie. Maeve had never seen a faerie, but she'd heard the stories about them. 

Right now, standing in front of the mirror in that dazzling wedding dress, she thought that she did look a lot like her mother. "You are beautiful," her mother, who stood behind her, choked back a sob. "My little angel has grown up." "Oh mom, come on, don't cry." Maeve's little brother Lukas tried to dry his mothers' tears, and it made her laugh. "Aislyn, is she ready?" It sounded from behind the closed wooden doors.

It was the voice of her father, the King Alpha. Aislyn dried her tears with a blue cloth and she smiled. "Are you ready, my little angel?" Maeve's eyes shot toward the open windows. She opted for the quick way out - she could still run. Then she saw Lukas standing in front of her. He was only six years old, twelve years younger than her. She sighed. "Yes." Her mother nodded. "She's ready Gyan. You can come in."

The doors were pulled open by the guards, and her father appeared. He looked a lot older than Maeve thought, now, in the sunlight. His long brown hair had been brushed back into a low tail, and upon his head rested a big, golden crown. The King Alpha had many burdens, Maeve knew. And still, he looked so happy to see her. "My little flower," he whispered as he looked at her, "you are so beautiful." Maeve tried to hold back the burning tears in her eyes. "Thank you," she said as she bowed her head, a submissive sign that was meant to hide her tears. "Oh angel, don't cry!" Her mother exclaimed, and she carefully dried her tears with the cloth. "I'm sorry." Maeve said, and her mother frowned. "Don't be sorry. Come on, let your father lead you." Maeve let her hand be placed on her fathers arm. He looked at her with a smile. "Can we go now?" Lukas asked. "Of course, my butterfly. Here, we need to sit down quickly in the hall." Her mother pulled Lukas back into a small passageway. "Are you ready?" Maeve took a deep breath and nodded. She would never be ready, she thought. 

When the huge doors opened, a beautiful sight opened up before her. The entire throne room was filled with people in white and pink clothes. The walls and benches were decorated with flowers and there were silk ribbons hanging on the walls and on the chandelier. In the front stood a dark man in a white suit. Blaise Zabini, Maeve knew, her fiancee. He was the son of one of her fathers' friends.

The boy was rather handsome, she had to admit that. And he was also very kind, and funny, and intelligent. The perfect King Alpha, her mother had said. He smiled at her, eliciting murmurs in the crowds that assembled. Her father nodded and they started walking slowly. All the people there stood up, looking at her. "Mama, is that a bride?" A little girl asked, and Maeve couldn't help but smile. "Hush darling." It sounded. 

Before she knew it, her father had put her hand in Blaise's, and he moved to stand before them. "Dear people of Latiria, it pleases me to see all of you gathered here to witness the marriage between my daughter, and next in line to the throne; Maeve and Blaise, son of Hugh and Jocelyn Zabini." Her father looked at the both of them with a big smile. Most of the ceremony passed by Maeve. She was way too focused on Blaise, who looked at her with a smile. Without making any sound he opened his mouth and said, "You are beautiful." Maeve felt her cheeks heat.

"Maeve Avalon Talia Moon, do you take Blaise Zabini as your rightful husband?" Maeve looked at her father for a moment. "I do," she said softly. He nodded.

"Blaise Zabini, do you take Maeve Avalon Talia Moon as your rightful wife?" "I do." Blaise immediately said.

They lifted their intertwined hands in the air as her father took a white ribbon out of his pocket. He laid it on their hands, then took the ends of it and circled it around their hands. "Do you, Maeve, swear upon the power of this moon magic, to pledge your loyalty to Blaise?" "I do." Maeve smiled.

"Do you, Blaise, swear upon the power of this moon magic, to pledge your loyalty to Maeve, and Maeve only?" Blaise nodded. "I do." Her father smiled.

"By the power bestowed upon me by the Moon Goddess and the people of this realm, I hereby pronounce you husband and wife." A figure in a cloak stepped forward and raised her hand above the hands of Maeve and Blaise. A white light enveloped the hands, and the ribbon disappeared. Maeve pulled her hand back to see a small, silver ring around her fourth finger. It had a small diamond embedded in it. She gulped.

There was no going back now. They were joined and bonded.

"You may kiss the bride." Blaise smiled and pulled her close. "May I?" He whispered, and Maeve nodded. He carefully bowed forward and pressed his lips on hers.