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My Reality (Volume 1)

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Shouto Todoroki: “The boy born with everything”.

The Flaming Hero: Endeavor has always been in the shadow of All Might. The symbol of peace was better than him in every single way, everybody knew that. Even Endeavor himself gave up in trying to surpass All Might, so if he couldn’t beat the No.1 Hero he’ll make someone who could.

Endeavor used his power and influence to force his wife’s family to allow him marry her. Rei had an exceptional quirk and Endeavor wanted to combine it with his own in order to produce a child with a strong enough quirk that could surpass All Might.

The first three attempts: Touya, Fuyumi and Natsuo weren’t successful, the fourth one however not only assimilated both of his parent’s quirks but also went beyond all of Endeavor’s expectations. He was perfect and so Shouto came to reality and Endeavor had great plans for him. Shouto’s life was ruined the moment he turned 5 and manifested his quirk, his father brutally forced him to train, he wasn’t allowed to see or play with his siblings and would also abuse his mother in front of him whenever she tried to save him from his monster of a father. Mom wasn’t like Dad, on the contrary, while his father made his and the family’s life miserable, Mom was always there for Shouto, she was the only thing that made him feel better…for a while.

One day Shouto went to the kitchen, he heard his mother’s voice. She was taking to someone through the phone, she sounded scared.

“M-Mom?”-Shouto said as he peeked half of his face through the door.

His mother then turned around suddenly turned around, she didn’t look like the loving and caring woman Shouto knew. Rei then snapped and quickly took the teapod she was boiling water in and poured the hot liquid on her son’s face scarring him. Shouto couldn’t believe that his mother would hurt him but he knew why, it was all his father’s fault. If it wasn’t for him then his mom wouldn’t have done what she did.

When Endeavor sent his mother away, Shouto had had enough, he didn’t want to be left alone with that monster, without his mom there to confort him, Shouto didn’t think he could handle being in that house anymore, he needed to run away like his brother Touya did a while ago.

One day, when his father left home for hero work Shouto used the opportunity to sneak out of the house. He didn’t know where to go, but in his eyes any place was better than going back to that hell. He had made it past a pretty good number of streets before getting tired and stopping by a playground at a park, there he found a boy his age with green hair crying and covered in bruises. He walked up to the boy and asked him what happened.

“M-My friend hu-hurt me because I’m quirkless and I told him that I wanted to be a hero” -the boy said between sobs.

“You…don’t have a quirk?” Shouto said to himself quietly.

The  boy then stood up and sat on one of the swings nearby. Shouto then sat on the swing next to the one the boy sat in and the two of them stayed there without saying anything for a few minutes. The green haired boy then stood up.

“Well, I can’t let what happened today stop me. Just because I don’t have a quirk doesn’t mean that I can’t become a hero” -he said.

“He recovered that quickly?” Shouto thought to himself.

“Sorry that you had to see me crying, my name is Izuku Midoriya, what’s yours?” -he asked.

“Sho-Shouto” -he responded.

“Do you wanna be friends? -Izuku asks.

“Fri-Friends?” -Shouto said confused.

“Yeah, how about it?”

“I…never had friends before”

Shouto’s statement shocked Izuku, he couldn’t believe that there were people with not a single friend.

“Then-then…I’LL BE YOUR FIRST FRIEND!” -he said as he extended his hand to Shouto.

Shouto’s eyes widened at this, someone was showing kindness to him and wanted to be his friend on top of that. Shouto was about to grab the hand that was extended to him but then the two of them heard a voice calling for Izuku, it was his mother.

“Izuku, there you are. I was so worried” -she said with her eyes full of tears.

“MOM! MOM! This is Shou-chan, he’s my new friend” -Izuku said when grabbing the boy’s hand and bringing him to his mom.

“Shou-chan?” -Shouto said confused to his new nickname.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Izuku’s mama” -Inko said introducing herself.

“Izuku kaa-san” -Shouto said while shaking the woman’s hand.

“You can call me Inko” -she said.

“Inko-san” -Shouto said quietly.

“Where are your parents, Shou_chan?” -Inko asked him.

“My-My parents? Well I…” -Shouto was about to say before being interrupted by a loud voice coming from behind him. It was his father.

“SHOUTO!” -Shouto heard his father scream from behind him, he was wearing his civilian clothes as well as a pair of sunglasses and a hat so people wouldn’t recognize him. His father sounded so angry, he was in so much trouble now but then something happened.

Before Endeavor could get to Shouto, Inko walked in front of him:

“Oh, you must be Shouto’s dad, I’m Inko Midoriya your son is such a lovely young man, he and my son get along really well so I was wondering if he could arrange a playdate for the two of them some other day” -Inko said to the No.2 hero.

“Well, that’s…uh…” -Endeavor didn’t know what to say to this woman, there were a lot of people walking around the park at this hour and he couldn’t let her discover his identity.

While his mother was talking to Shouto’s dad, Izuku couldn’t help but notice that this man looked oddly familiar like he had seen him somewhere before and the it clicked with Izuku.

“You-You- YOU’RE ENDEDAVOR!” -Izuku screamed in excitement, he was fanboying at the fact that the No.2 hero was in front of him.

The people who were walking around the park heard what Izuku said and they all started gattering around the scene, the cat was out of the bag and Endeavor had no escape, his public image was bad enough already so he couldn’t afford to worsen it by saying anything rude or careless.

“The playdate…at your home…it’s friday okay?” -Endeavor said to Inko while covering his face with his cap.

“Su-Sure, sounds…delightful” -Inko responded nervously, she couldn’t believe that she just got her son a playdate with the son of the No.2 hero.

Shouto was smiling from ear to ear, he couldn’t believe how screwed over his father got from this, he not only made his first friend that day but he also got a playdate with him on Friday but…as happy as he was at the moment he couldn’t stop thinking about his mother.




It was finally Friday, Shouto’s father was grabbing by the hand as they both walked to the Midoriya’s apartment. Enji was visibly annoyed, which made Shouto enjoy this even more as much of a bastard his father was he always kept his word so he had no choice but to bring him to his playdate with Izuku, the two of them were then received by Inko who then asked Enji if he would like a cup of coffee to which he declines and leaves quietly. Izuku then comes out and takes Shouto to his room.

When they got there, Shouto was impressed by the amount of All Might merch Izuku had, his face was everywhere.

"You like All Might too?” -said Shouto.

“WHO DOESN’T?! He’s the greatest hero ever!”

“No matter how bad the situation he always saves everyone with a smile” -the two of them said in unison and that made them both laugh.

“But you know…your dad is pretty cool too” -Izuku said smiling.

Shouto then lowered his face and clenched his fists.

“No, he isn’t ”


“That day we met Izu-chan, I-I was trying to run away from home”

The two boys then sat in Izuku’s bed an Shouto told him everything: About his father’s abuse, about his siblings and about what happened to his mother. After Shouto finished talking he turned to see Izuku and saw that he was crying, Shouto felt bad about this and was about to apologize for making his only friend cry but before he could do this Izuku hugged him and he apologized for bringing up Endeavor. Izuku then asks Shouto why don’t they tell people about what his dad did to his family to which Shouto responds by saying that is not worth it and that who knows where he and his siblings would end up and then Izuku asks about them, Shouto tells him that he doesn’t see Fuyumi and Natsuo often and that none of them had heard from their brother Touya ever since he ran away. Izuku didn’t know what to say, his friend’s life was really messed up so he promised himself that he would make this day the best playdate EVER.

However, Izuku knew that they couldn’t have the best playdate ever if they stayed at his room so Izuku proposes to show Shouto around the neighborhood to which Shouto agrees. The two of them get out of the room and put they put their shoes back on. Izuku goes to tell his mom what they are going to do and she gives them permission to go outside as long as they don’t wander off too far away and Izuku promises her that they won’t and the two boys go out.

Izuku takes Shouto to all his favorite places to play and Shouto has an expression of amazement during the whole thing. At last they arrive at the same park where they met the other day, this time the park was completely empty so they had the whole place to themselves. They went to the sandbox and started playing with the toys they brought from Izuku’s place but then suddenly three other kids showed up.

“Well, well, well if ti isn’t Deku” -said the boy with the spiky blonde hair who appeared to be the leader of the trio.

“H-Hi Kacchan” -Izuku said in a scared and nervous tone.

“Who’s your new little friend?”

“OH! He’s-” -Izuku is then interrupted by “Kacchan”.

“You know what? I don’t care, if he hangs out with you then he’s gotta be a total loser”

From Shouto’s perspective he could clearly see that Izuku was upset about this boy’s words but for some reason he couldn’t bring himself to say anything to this “Kacchan” but Shouto couldn’t just sit there and watch how this mean kid picked on his friend so he stood up and walked up to “Kacchan”.

“Hey, don’t talk to Izu-chan like that” -Shouto said to the blonde boy.

Izuku and the two boy that were with “Kacchan” immediately flinched as Shouto said this, they couldn’t believe it.

“HAH?! and who do you think YOU ARE?!” -Kacchan said in an angry tone as he started made tiny explosions from his hands.

“I’m Izu-chan’s friend and I won’t let you bully him” -Shouto responded.

“WE’ll SEE ABOUT THAT YOU HALF N’ HALF LOSER!” -“Kacchan” yelled as he was preparing to use his quirk on Shouto but as soon as he was about to hit, Shouto used his quirk to make a small wall of ice under “Kacchan’s” which made him trip and fall into the sandbox.

“Bakugou, are you okay?” -said one of the boys who came with Bakugou trying to help him up.

“DON’T TOUCH ME!” -he said as he slapped the other boy’s hand away.

“Will you guys leave Izu-chan and me alone now?” -Shouto asked them.

“Do-DON’T THINK THAT THIS IS OVER YOU HALF FACED FREAK, I’ll get both of you back from this you hear me DEKU!”

“What did I do?” -Izuku said scared.

“Let’s get out of here guys, this park is lame anyway”

“YE-YEAH!” -said Bakugou’s friends as the three of them left the place.

Shouto felt relieved that those nasty kids were gone, he then went to see Izuku who had a shocked expression on his face.

“You-you stood up to Kacchan?”

“Did I…do something wrong?” -Shouto said nervously.

“NO-NO! You were amazing, your quirk was amazing. No one has ever defended me from Kacchan…thank you” -Izuku said and smiled at Shouto.

Shouto then smiles back at Izuku and the two of them start to play again with Izuku’s toys. A few hours pass and they decide that is about time that they return to Izuku’s place, the green haired boy knew that Shouto didn’t want this day to end, he could see it in his eyes but knew exactly what to do.

Not long after they came back to Inko’s place Endeavor arrived and Fuyumi and Natsuo were with him, he was really annoyed that his son wasted an entire day playing but managed to hide it.

“Thank you for letting your son spend the day with Izuku, I really appreciate it” -Inko said to Endeavor.

“Hm…I guess, let’s go Shouto” -Enji said as he took Shouto and was about to leave.

“Hey, Shou-chan, same day next week right?” -Izuku said as the Todorokis left and this made Endeavor stop in his tracks.

“Excuse me?” -The No.2 hero said confused.

“Well, the kids have been telling me that this was Shouto-kun’s first playdate and that he doesn’t go out much, so we were wondering if he and Izuku could get together to play every Friday, if it isn’t much trouble I mean” -Inko explained.

“Tha-” -Endeavor was then interrupted.

“THAT’S A GREAT IDEA, right DAD?”-said Natsuo.

“We would love for Shouto to spend as much time as possible with his new friend” -Fuyumi added.

“WONDERFUL! I look forward to your next visit Shouto-kun”

“Yeah Shou-chan, we’re gonna have so much fun”

“Yeah, wonderful…” -said Enji as he tried to hold in his rage.

Inko and Izuku then said goodbye to the Todorokis and the four of them went back home. When they got there Shouto, Fuyumi and Natsuo couldn’t even being to imagine how angry their father was and as soon, they went to see Enji inside the training room, which was now completely trashed, he then turned around to see his children with a murderous stare.

“I’ll allow Shouto to play with that Midoriya boy every Friday for now, but as soon as you get into middle school, there’ll be no more play dates, you’ll go back to your regular training schedule and you won’t ever see that boy again” -He told his children.

The three of them weren’t that bothered about the time limit his father stablished (Fuyumi and Natsuo knew they could do something about it), they were just happy that Shouto could experience what was like to be a normal kid, even if it was just once a week, if their mother could see this she would be so happy.




In the next few months of Shouto’s life, he felt that his existance was no longer just sadness and pain. Izu-chan really saved Shouto: His father no longer forced to train as brutally as before, he saw Fuyumi and Natsuo way more often and he has seen and done things he had never done before, he could finally experience what being a kid was like. Even without a quirk Izu-chan was truly a hero. His presence alone just made everything better…well, almost, Shouto still couldn’t face his mother.

Even though he knew that this is the life she always wanted her son to live. Shouto just didn’t feel ready to see her yet. Another Friday went by flying and this time Fuyumi was the one to come pick up Shouto. Before they left however, Izuku asked Shouto if he would like to go to the upcoming summer festival with him and both he and Fuyumi agreed to the idea to Izuku and Inko’s delight.

The next week from Monday to Thursday was “extrange”, Endeavor didn’t force Shouto to train even once during those days, he was just ignoring him (Not that he was complaining tho), but finally it was Friday once again. Fuyumi took Shouto to the summer festival and met up Inko and Izuku there. Inko and Fuyumi gave the boys some money and told them to meet them back at the festival’s entrance in an hour so they all could see the fireworks together while they went out for tea, the boys then started to look around at the many stands, and they couldn’t decide which one to choose, Bakugou then showed up with a giant tiger plushie.

“WHAT ARE YOU LOSERS DOING HERE?!” -He asked angrily.

“Hi Kacchan” -they both said in unison, which made Bakugou angrier and he just left clicking his tounge.

Bakugou or “Kacchan” as they both called him, was still mad at them for what Shouto did to him at the park. However, that didn’t stop him from trying to take down Shouto everytime he came to his playdates with Izuku and the ice wall strategy became less and less effective everytime since Bakugou wasn’t someone who would fall for the same trick twice so every Saturday Shouto had to come up with a new trick to use to mess around with Bakugou, it was fun for Izuku to see the strategies those two came up with to take the other down.

Izuku and Shouto then decided to look for the stand where “Kacchan” got that Tiger plushie from, it took a while but they found it, it was a stand were you had to take down a tower of bottles using baseball balls (a really american stand). The less balls you use the bigger the price, however Shouto wasn’t looking at any of the big prices, he was enchanted by one of the smaller, a green rabbit plushy. To get the rabbit plush he only needed to take down one tower using two balls or less, it seemed difficult but Shouto managed to pull it off. 

“You did it Shou-chan” -Izuku said congratulating his friend.

“Yeah, I did it”

“What are you gonna name it?”

“Hmmmmm…Deku, his name is Deku”

“WHAT?! why?”

“He reminds me you”

“But Deku means…useless”

“I’ve looking into it and it turns out that Deku can also be read as ´you can do it´”

This statement made Izuku feel so moved and hopeful to the point where it made him cry.

"Hey, don't cry I-"

"It's okay, thank you for believing in me..."

"I just know that you will become a great hero Izu-chan, just you wait"


The two of them noticed that almost an hour passed so they decided to head back to festival's entrance to meet with Inko and Fuyumi, when they got there the four of them quickly went to see the fireworks, they were beautiful. Fireworks were like flowers made of sparks and Shouto loved them, before meetting Izuku he never dreamed of experiencing these sort of thing. He was truly happy, if only his mother was there to see him.

"That was really fun!" -Izuku said.

"It was" -Shouto responded, however he wanted to spend more time with Izuku, he didn't want leave yet.

"Inko- san, I was wondering if it would be okay for Izuku to come sleep over at our house tonight" -Fuyumi proposed.

"Oh that sounds great but...will your father be okay with that?" -Inko asked.

"Yeah, he's gonna be doing hero work until late and since he won't be coming until midnight so he said that it was okay for Izuku to stay over"

Shouto knew that Fuyumi was lying on the last part but was really hoping Inko didn't notice it, he really wanted to have a sleep over with Izuku.

"Well, I guess it's fine if your father is okay with it"

"YES! thank you mom" -Izuku said excited.

"Just don't let them stay up late"

"Don't worry I'll take good care of them" -Fuyumi promised.

Izuku and Shouto were really happy about this, Shouto thanked Fuyumi and they all said goodbye to Inko and also thanked her for giving her son permission to stay over.




At Todoroki Abode, Shouto and Izuku went to Shouto's room as soon as they arrived, Fuyumi told the boys to go to bed at 8:00 and they both said "Okay". Shouto was pretty embarassed to show how plain and boring his room was compared to Izuku's but his friend reassured him that it was okay and that they didn't need toys to have fun as long they were together.

The two of them started talking about their favorite All Might moments. Izuku then commented how cool it was that Shouto's quirk made his face split in half, but this made Shouto hold on this new "Deku" plush. He then told Izuku about how he really got his scar and how terrified he was to see his mother again to which Izuku responded that his mother didn't mean to hurt him and that she would to see how happy his son was now and that she just needed time to calm down.

His friend's word gave Shouto hope and he told him that he'll get Fuyumi and Natsuo to take him visit his mother next week and Izuku smiled at him once again. The two of them began talking about All Might and their plans for the future before both of them fell asleep not long after.




It was midnight.

Endeavor finally made it back home, today was more busy than ususal so he was exhausted. He was ready to go to sleep when suddenly he got a call from an unknown number, he picked up.

"Hello, this is Endeavor, do you need something?" -He said with a tired and slightly annoyed tone.

"Yeah, Mister Endeavor this is the hospital where your wife is interned"

"What do you want?"

"It's about you wife...she-she dissappeared" 


"Her doctor went to check on her and she wasn't in her room"

Endeavor didn't understand what was happening, where could Rei have gone? None of this made sense. Suddenly a silluette of a person appeared behind him, when the No.2 hero turned around to see it his phone fell on the ground and blood splattered on the floor.




In the middle of the night Shouto woke up, he felt thirsty so he went downstairs to get a glass of water from the kitchen.

As he came down the stairs and went into the living room he saw something twisted, revolting and outright traumatizing; it was his parents, both of them, they had been killed. Both their corpses had been sewn together, the bodies were sat in the sofa and were still dripping blood, spilling it all over.

The sight of this made Shouto fall back, he started crying non-stop, he couldn't believe what he just saw. But his time mourning was cut short as he saw his parent's bodies being engulfed by blue flames. The entire living room was being consumed by the fire, Shouto panics, gets up and runs upstairs as quickly as he can. He goes to his sibling's rooms with hopes of waking them up but neither of them responded no matter how much he desperately called for them or banged their doors, Fuyumi and Natsuo had also been killed.

Shouto then suddenly remembered: "Izu-chan"-Shouto thought to himself and immediately ran to his room. "Please be okay, please be okay, please be okay"-Shouto continued to tell himself as he ran. He and Izuku then crashed into eachother on the hallway, Izuku was holding both his All Might action figure and Shouto's "Deku", he gave his friend the stuffed rabbit and they both countinued to run away from the fire, that had consumed most of the house.

They both arrived at the house's training room, there was an open window there that they could use to escape. If they wanted to survive then they had to jump all the way from the second floor to the garden, which could end up with them getting seriously hurt. Izuku grabbed Shouto's hand and was ready for both of them to jump out of the the window but Shouto was too scared to do it.

The house begins to collapse as the fire reaches the training room. In a moment of desperation, Izuku pushes Shouto out the window and is then crushed by a piece of burning wood from the collapsing ceiling. Shouto falls into the ground, breaks one of his legs and "Deku" falls off of his hands.

"IZU-CHAN!" -He yells in agony as pro-heroes and paramedics appear on the scene.

Shouto is then taken to an ambulance by the paramedics and is watching, horrified as he watches his home, his family and his only friend burn.