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10 years ago

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10 years ago, Magnus and his step-siblings Isabelle, Max and Jace came home from the park, where they spent the afternoon.

Max, the youngest Lightwood was only five, Isabelle and Jace were 15 and Magnus was the oldest one of them, with the age of 18.

As they were entering the house, he was laughing to some joke Jace said when suddenly, he heard the shouting.

All of them did. It was hard to miss.

The voices were shouting loudly, but Magnus couldn't understand all the words, yet everyone knew it was bad.

Very bad.

The shouting was coming from the kitchen. Magnus heard his adoptive parents, Maryse and Robert, arguing with their oldest child. Alexander Gideon Lightwood.

What was most shocking was the fact, that all of them were shouting. Which was weird, since Magnus never heard Alec nor Maryse to shout.

Magnus looked back at his siblings, who were frozen standing in the hall. Small Max was clutching to Isabelle who took him in her arms, looking terrified, shaking slightly.

Jace wanted to go inside and find out what was wrong, but Magnus caught his hand, stopping him. He told him to not interfere.

There was no reason why they should make it worse than it already was.

"I hate you!" Alec shouted, "You have no right to do this! You can't!" "

Don't talk to your mother like this!" Robert yelled at him. "

She's not my mother anymore!" Alexander screamed, "You're not my parents anymore! I hate you!" And with that, the door out of the kitchen opened.

All the siblings standing in the hall froze, unable to move, unsure what to do.

Alec wasn't clearly expecting them to be there. Magnus saw the angriness in his eyes... But there was also something else.

Sadness, maybe?

The oldest Lightwood looked behind himself where his parents were standing.

Once he turned back, Magnus couldn't read him anymore. His face was stone cold and eyes empty.

"What?" He shouted on them when no one spoke up.

"Don't you have anything better to do?" Isabelle winced, hurt by the words spoken by her beloved brother.

"Alec..." Jace started but the older boy didn't let him speak.

" What Jace?" Alec growled. "

Don't you have enough already? You stole my family! We should have never adopted you!" He raised his voice.

"You're so fucking naive. No wonder your family never wanted you."

Magnus saw the tears in the eyes of the blond boy. Before anyone could do anything, Jace slapped Alec hard and left the hall, running to his room.

"Alec that was so rude," Isabelle cried quietly, crying, Max sitting on the floor, sobbing as well.

Alec looked at his sister, "Leave me alone Isabelle."

He shouted, the boy barely used her full name.

"Go cry to mommy and daddy, no one cares about you." The young girl started crying.

"You're nothing else than daddy's little girl."

She screamed as she ran out of the hall as well.

And then Alec looked on Magnus.

He felt how his chest closed. He was sure something was wrong with Alec, but this was too much. He wanted to understand. He wanted to help his best friend.

"What's happening Alexander...?" He asked calmly, the younger boy was quiet.

" You're my best friend Alexander, you can talk to me." The boy finally looked in his eyes and Magnus froze.

This wasn't the Alec he knew.

"Leave me alone Magnus," his friend hissed.

"You disgust me. I can't be friend with someone like you. No wonder your mother killed herself."

Magnus felt his chest clutching.

He saw something in Alec's eyes but the pain in his heart was too big for him to care. Alec had no right to say things like that.

Magnus gasped and before he knew it, he slapped Alec on the cheek, but the younger boy only scoffed. "

Are you done?" Magnus shook his head.

"I hate you, Alec." He never called him Alec. He shouted on the younger boy and left the hall as well, not noticing the tears that finally fall out of Alec's eyes.

He did not see Alec's hand reaching for him.

Alec's eyes calling for his help.

He didn't see the younger boy leaving the house.

That boy wasn't his family anymore and since that day Magnus hasn't seen him nor talked to him.

He hated him with his whole being.

Alexander Gideon Lightwood was outcasted from their family and never came back.



10 years later, the present


Magnus was now 29 years old, living in his own flat in Brooklyn and working as a famous designer.

The truth is, he would never be able to achieve any of this without the money from his adoptive parents.

They were supporting him since the beginning when he told them about his future plans.

They paid for his private school and later when he moved to New York, they even paid for his flat.

He was starting his new life, here in the city. He just moved to his new flat and soon managed to find new friends.

The very first of them was Catarina. The woman he met, while he was hopelessly shopping groceries in the nearby supermarket.

He was lost in the building when he met her. She was so kind and helped him to orientate and find all the things he needed to buy. She gave him her phone number and welcomed him in the neighbourhood.

Magnus texted her a few days later and they met for coffee.

They went on pretty well and after a few meetings, Magnus could say they became good friends.

Catarina took him to the bar a few nights, where she introduced him to her friends Ragnor and Raphael.

Magnus grew to like them very quickly. Ragnor might have been a bit too serious, especially when talking about history -he was a history teacher-, but after a few beers he would loosen up a bit.

Raphael, that was a different story. He was kind but very closed.

Everything seemed perfect in Magnus' life. He had his own home. A stable job. Good friends. What more he needed?


One evening as they were all sitting around that small table they used to sit every time they went out, they started talking about families.

Magnus pulled out his phone to show them the pictures of his family. Catarina sat closer to him and Magnus started showing her the pictures.

"I was 14 when the Lightwoods adopted me," he started talking, "They adopted one more kid, Jace, who's 3 years younger than me. Except us two, they have their two own kids. Isabelle and little Max, who's already 15 now… they grow up so fast," he sighed.

This was the story now. Maryse and Robert Lightwood had 4 children. Two own, two adopted.

"Here," he gave Catarina the phone, showing her more pictures, "this is Isabelle and Max," he explained, moving through the gallery, "and here's me, Jace and our parents."

Catarina smiled. "They seem nice." Magnus swiped few more times until he reached his favourite photo.

All the (official) Lightwoods children standing in front of the tree where they used to play a lot.

"We carved our initials in the tree," he chuckled at the memory.

Catarina looked on the picture closely. "Who's A?" she asked and Magnus blinked a few times.

"Sorry?" he asked even though he heard her the first time.

"Well… there are four people, but five initials…" Magnus' breathing quickened.

"Who's the last person?" Catarina asked again and Magnus froze.

Alexander Gideon Lightwood. The eldest son. Who was outcasted from the family. The boy Magnus used to call his best friend.

The person Magnus haven't seen nor heard from since.

The boy that hurt Magnus so bad, that he decided to hate him for the rest of his life.

"No one," he blurted out in the end. It wasn't a complete lie. He was no one to Magnus.

"I don't think he's no one, Magnus," Catarina chuckled.

"You zoned out for like… 2 minutes." Magnus stared at her. They weren't friends for long, but yet she knew him so well.

"We are friends Magnus, you don't have to lie to me, is he your friend?"

Magnus looked up at Catarina and shook his head. "Not anymore. As I said, he is no one."

He was hoping his friends would leave the conversation, but all of them were actually looking on him with curiosity in their eyes.

Magnus groaned as he took the glass and finished his drink in one go before he spoke up again.

"What I said about my family wasn't completely the truth," he looked up at his friends, who were quietly listening to him.

"Maryse and Robert had 3 own children. Max, Isabelle and him." Him. Magnus hasn't spoken his name in years.

"He was the oldest of them, two years younger than me. We were best friends because he was one of the very few people who really understood me," he paused, all his friends quietly looking on him.

"He knew… everything about me, about my real family…" he scoffed ironically, "when I found out I was bisexual, he was the first person I told. Because I trusted him…" he felt the tears coming to his eyes.

"And then the fucking day, he just… something in him switched and… he told me he was disgusted by me. That my mother killed herself because of me…" the warm tears were streaming down from his eyes.

“I fucking hated him. Since that day… he left and he never came back… so we just say that we are four siblings. Almost no one knows there was one, a fifth child. Because there isn't anymore.”

Catarina pulled him in a tight hug. “I am so sorry Magnus,” she whispered,

“I can't imagine how hard it must have been…"

Magnus pulled away from her and dried his tears before it could ruin his makeup.

“It's okay. It was a long time ago,” he said in the end quietly and they changed the topic immediately.

Magnus loved his friends.

Unless it was Saturday early morning and Catarina was knocking on his door furiously.

(She used to ring, but Magnus removed the bell because it was weekend and he needed his beauty sleep)

He crawled out of the bed and headed to the door where Catarina was still knocking. She handed him a ticket the second he opened. It was way too early for Magnus.

“Catarina, darling, what are you doing here at this ungodly hour?” He murmured, letting her inside.

“I need help!” The woman said, sitting on one of the comfortable couches in Magnus apartment.

Magnus rolled his eyes as he sat on the couch in front of her, leaned against it and closed his eyes again.

“What?” He asked.

“Ragnor can't go with me to the benefit ball,” she groaned.

“Please Magnus. You have to go with me!”

Magnus sighed as he forced himself to open his eyes and look on Catarina.

“Can't you ask Raphael?” His friend raised her eyebrows.

Seriously? Her eyes asked.

“Go alone,” he tried.

“Nope,” The woman shook her head.

“Please Magnus. I promise you, you will enjoy it!” Magnus scoffed.

“You can dress up nicely! Don't tell me you will miss on possibility like that one!”

“Alright!” Magnus sighed in the end, “I will go with you!”

“Yes!” Catarina screamed as she ran to him and hugged him, “You won't regret it!”

Magnus groaned as he pulled away from Catarina and headed back to the bed.




Later that day he picked Catarina up in her flat and together they headed to the benefit ball.

Many people were already there, but Magnus didn't know any of them.

Unless like Catarina, who was among her friends, smiling on all the people around them.

“Who are you looking for?” Magnus asked as he saw Catarina looking around.

“Remember my friend? The perfect one?”

Magnus rolled his eyes.

“Tall, dark hair, kind, loving and basically god?” Magnus quoted her and Catarina nodded.

“Why couldn't you go with him here then?” He asked, still unsure why he agreed to it in the first point.

“He's gay,” Catarina said casually.

“Also, I want you to meet him, you could be friends.” Magnus scoffed.

"You stay here, I'll go find him, alright?" Magnus nodded. Not that he had many other choices.

So as soon as Catarina disappeared in the crowd, Magnus headed toward the bar. He ordered a glass of whiskey and leaned on the bar, looking around himself.

His eyes wandered to a group of man, laughing to something. They were standing just a few steps away from him, and Magnus let himself to listen to the conversation.

The men were talking about the charity event and their families.

Suddenly Catarina appeared next to him.

“There he is!” Catarina shouted and before he could say anything else she dragged him toward the group of men Magnus was listening to before.

“Hi!” She smiled, hugging her friend, then she turned back to Magnus.

“Magnus, meet my best friend and the kindest person on this world…”

Before she could finish the sentence, Magnus looked up at so said friend of Catarina and froze.

“Alexander…” he whispered. That was not possible. He hadn't seen him for years.

The other man looked as shocked as Magnus was feeling.

“Magnus…” Alec whispered, but Magnus couldn't stand there.

"I… I can't be here…" he murmured, the time slowed down, he looked down on his hand and saw the glass falling from his hand, the glass breaking on the floor.

He felt sick, turning around he started making his way back to the entrance.


10 years he hasn’t seen him and here he was. 10 years.