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George Harrison's guide to love

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When John had texted George saying that they all should go out and treat themselves to lunch this weekend because of 'how gear their gig was last night' George knew and dreaded the potential implications of what that entailed, what normally would be a precious time to typically write new songs and chat like friends was quickly changing and descending into a situation that he detested.


"They're doing it again, aren't they? Ringo said gently in a hushed tone to the younger guitarist next to him as he eyed the duo across the table from them. "I have no idea what you mean Ringo, what are you suggesting?" George said ironically with the same irritation in his voice that the older man was undoubtedly feeling about the scene before the two of them on the other side of the restaurant booth.


That scene was, of course, John and Paul sitting uncomfortably close, so close that their cheeks were almost touching, while they both leaned over one of Paul's many lyric books, a small black book clearly weathered and used almost every day, most likely coming up with a new song. They were so enamored with each other and their lyrics at this point that they had completely forgotten about the other pair in their little quartet, getting even more lost in their own world by the second. Sometimes one of them, mainly John, would look up to glance at the other man letting a mix of emotions fill their face before settling on a light blush resulting in them quickly going back to their lyrical work, probably thinking the other man was none the wiser.


But Ringo and George undoubtedly knew, they had passively watched this whole little song and dance play out for little over a year now, the guitarist can't recall the moment he knew when the two men had started to fall for each other because it could have even been as far back as when they first met, and honestly, at this point, he just wanted it over. Watching two of your friends so clearly in love while simultaneously not knowing they are loved is almost excruciatingly annoying to watch, especially when you know it could all be solved by one conversation, just one time they lean just a bit to close, or an outright question or dare.


"Oh come on," he managed to growl out after John and Paul made the mistake of looking up at the same time, faces brushing ever so close causing the two of them to blush and snap back into reality after hearing George speak.


"What's wrong Georgie," Paul said in a sugar-coated, sing-song, voice drenched with hate, almost as if he knew exactly what George was thinking "Is there a problem with your food or something, you haven't touched it. Do you want us to find the waiter to get it sent back?" The only thing George was able to do in response was snarl and roll his eyes while turning to face more towards Ringo in the process. This response to Pauls question seemed to have ticked something off in John as he quickly slammed Pauls small black lyric book shut, startling everyone else at the table. "He asked you a question son," John said, bitterness eminent in his wavering voice.


"John, calm down, you're overreacting." Ringo quickly reasoned as he attempted to pull his food out of the way, just in case this became something worse than just a debate, passing a glance at Paul in the process in an almost supplicating way, silently begging him with those big blue orbs to do something. John noticed Ringo's action and followed his gaze until his eyes also meet with Paul's, before quickly turning his head in the opposite direction while mumbling some sort of apology to George before picking at his food.


Paul, much to the displeasure of the other two members, had ended up doing the same thing as John and even had the audacity to go back to trying to write lyrics almost like the conversation had never happened. Which just annoyed George even more, because at his point all they were doing was prolonging the inevitable.


He quickly cast a glance at Ringo to try to get a better feel for the situation that just ended, and automatically knew he needed to do something. The sad, lost, and dull look that glossed over Ringo's usually bright blue and brilliant eyes because of his friends uncaring and cold attitude caused something to churn in Georges' gut and he needed to do something about that.


Thinking fast, George quickly shot up from the table while simultaneously taking a hold of Ringo's hand, "Well, I can tell when we aren't needed," he said a bit too quickly while turning away from the table dragging Ringo with him trying to pull the drummer away before he changed his mind or realized what George was doing "Come on Ringo, let's go somewhere we don't have to deal with these drama queens, ta."


With George dragging Ringo they quickly exited the restaurant without so much as a peep from John and Paul, though the guitarist could see some emotion flash onto Pauls face that looked somewhat of regret, and the escape was going fairly smooth until they started to turn to the parking lot "Wait Joj." Ringo said pulling on George's hand to slow him down to a standstill "Why'd you do that?" The drummer said, looking Geroge dead in the eye, he almost felt himself squirm under Ringo's gaze.


"I'm...I'm just so fucking done with those bloody twats dancing around their emotions!" Ringo raised an eyebrow "and what does that have to do with storming out of the restaurant in a huff like that?" the drummer asked questioningly. George quickly let a smirk grow on his lips as he moved forward and promptly said in a hushed tone "I have a plan."


"Oh..." Ringo said anxiety quickly etching itself within his face as he tried to piece together what George was thinking. "And I might need your help," George said slowly, trying to get Ringo to see what his plan was from actions alone, albeit poorly. "Joj, what" before Ringo could finish George quickly cut him off, "I think we should get Paul and John together."


"We should what?" Ringo said lifting his arms up to cross them before stopping, "you're still holding my hand.." Ringo said quietly, "Oh. Sorry." George quickly pulled his fingers away and battled any thoughts of wanting to keep that warm hand intertwined with his."George..." Ringo quickly said finding his composure "We can't just play with people's love lives like that" the guitarist laughed at the drummer's concern, "I can, and I will."


"George, no," Ringo said with a sigh, glancing at George through his bangs. George quickly threw a grin at Ringo "George, yes!" The drummer looked taken aback a second and tried to look mad at George but his underlying amusement with the situation showed through, causing Ringo to go into this adorable puppy dog pout that caused Georges stomach and chest to do all sorts of weird flips, god why was his mind doing this again.


"it can't be helped I guess." Ringo said under his breath "Fine, I'll help ya," The phrase was quickly punctuated by the drummer with an adorable hefty sigh while shaking his head while glancing up at the guitarist, giving him a look that said somthing along the lines of 'I can't believe your making me do this' which only caused Georges chest to almost give out, what was he thinking, why was his mind and body betraying him like this.


'Because Ringo is just that adorable' was the only conclusion his brain could come to.