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The Fairy Wand

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Ichabod stands there with a wand and spellbook in his hands, his head has turned into a confused looking jack-o-lantern. Abbie stands to the right of him, hands over her mouth, trying hard not to laugh at him.

"I have made a grievous error, Leftenant," Crane told her, his voice shaky and hollow.

Abbie said nothing. Instead, she stared at him, her hands over mouth, halfway between an "awwww!" and laughing her ass off. After all, it wasn't every day that one saw their partner's head explode in a flash of light and sparks, only to be replaced by that of a giant, bright orange jack-o-lantern.

"Didn't I tell you not to mess around with that fairy wand we found, Crane?" She asked him, doing everything she could to stifle her laughter, "fairies are tricksters, after all."

Crane sighed. There was a faint pumpkin spice odor when he did.

"My curiosity got the better of me, I'm afraid."
"I have wondered for a while if we, being witnesses, possessed any magical powers. And then, suddenly, we had a magic wand..."
"The wand reacted the moment I touched it! All I did was caress the handle and the thing just... exploded in my hand!"

Abbie snorted.

"Have that problem a lot, Crane?"

Crane groaned. More pumpkin spice odor wafted through the air as he did. There was a moment of wet creaking and popping, and once it was over, one of his carved eyebrows had raised itself at her.

"I found a spell - a counter-curse, I believe," he said, showing her the ancient spellbook he carried in his other hand, "I would be delighted if you'd assist me, Leftenant."

It was Abbie's turn to sigh - thankfully, without the scent of pumpkin spice.

"Fine," she said, "on one condition, though."
"Which is?"

Abbie smiled, pulling out her phone. With a few thumb movements, she opened the camera, and then leaned in close to her pumpkin-headed partner. She wrapped her arm around what remained of his neck.

"Oh god, not a 'selfie,'" he said, moaning in more pumpkin spice.
"Say 'Halloween,' Crane!" she said, laughing...