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The Very Kind One

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"Mom, I'm home!" You shout entering the hunted house, you felt exhausted from the long school yet excited to see your three-year-old nephew.

You love all of your siblings especially Tate, who you are very close to, you try to spend as much time as possible with Michael due to not having anyone care for him except your mother and yourself.

Even though, he kills animals and once killed his nanny....that didn't still didn't make you love him any less.

On your way upstairs you bump into Tate who chuckles and grabs you by the waist before you fall.

"Stop running upstairs so fast or one day you will fall and break your neck then die and get stuck here your whole life" you playfully roll your eyes, balancing yourself on your feet allowing Tate to let go of you.

"Thanks for the advise bro, but I'm good" you continue climbing the stairs until you finally reach the second floor and walk to your nephew's room.

"Who are you?" You stare at the teen looking boy sitting on the bed while playing with ps.

"Aunt(y/n)! You are back!" Michael stands up from his bed and walks up to you before pulling you into a hug.

Suddenly it hits you, strawberry blond hair, very blue eyes...

"Michael?!" You were too shocked, you child nephew is now a boy your age.

"Yes, I'm Michael, aunt (y/n)"




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"Tate, you have to talk to him, he's your son, your own flesh and blood"

"That monster isn't my son!" Tate shouts at you, blaming his palm against the wall next to your head making you flinch.

"He's not a monster, Michael is just a boy who needs your care and love" you softly explain.

"(Y/n), stay away from him or he will hurt you" with that, Tate walks away leaving you alone in the hallway.

You let out a sigh, feeling sad, you just wanted Tate and Vivien to accept Michael, to be his loving parents, but when you try to convince them, you get shut out.

Vivien almost slapped you once but Billie Jean grabbed her hand before it hits the skin of your cheek.

"Aunt (y/n), can we play together in the garden" you turn around to see your nephew standing behind you, holding a big red ball.

You smile at him "yeah sure, Michael"


You gently throw the ball at Michael in which he returns back a bit harshly, you didn't think much of because you knew he didn't mean it and it will be a bit hard for him to adjust to his now teenage body.

"Auntie, why doesn't dad like me, I just want to be like him" you catch the ball and walk up to the blond, linking his arm with your free arm before starting to walk around the garden.

"You see your Dad has been always a complicated person, he needs time to adjust to all that is happening, Tate will come around and love you just like I do" the teen smiles at the fact you just said you loved him, Michael loves hearing that you love him.

He wants you to love him...and only him.

You are the only person he won't ever think about slitting your throat.

"There's something weird I have been feeling recently, I feel weird around you" your expression turns into a worried one.

"What's wrong?" You ask, suddenly you take notice of his bulging clothed cock.

"I feel a bit pain down there" he grabs his bulge, you blush in embarrassment.

Clearly, you didn't except that too soon, your big brother is the one who is supposed to give him the talk.

Wait did he just say, he feels that way around you as in he feels sexual towards you.

You shook that thought away quickly pushing his hand away from his private part and taking hold of it then starting walking inside the house again.

Luckily you meet Ben on your way, you let go of Michael's hand.

"Please help him take care of his problem" your point at the problem.

"Oh um, don't worry" you nod, storming upstairs leaving a confused nephew boy behind.

"I thought she was the who is going to help me"

"Nope buddy, a male needs help from another in this kind of situations."


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"Wow that house seems creepy on the outside but cool on the inside"

"Keep, your voice down or they will hear you" you scold your boyfriend, dragging him behind you upstairs while clutching into his hand.

"Who are you talking about? The house is dead silent, I'm sure your family isn't really home which means..." You let out a squeal when (bf/n) attacks your neck with kisses, shoving you on the bed and getting on top of you.

"(Bf/n) stop!" You giggle as he tickles you while showering your face with kisses

Both you weren't aware of Michael who is standing at the door holding a kitchen knife in his right hand.

Michael felt his blood boil, he was furious, at you and your boyfriend.

He felt as if you had betrayed him.

A loud scream escapes your lips once blood splutters on your face, A knife just want through your boyfriend's head.

"Auntie, how dare you cheat on me" you see a few tears running down his face as you are also crying.

"I don't u-understand, w-why did you kill him, Michael. I loved him" 

 "Your love belongs to me, only"

"What the hell happened, is that my body? what the fuck!" You see the ghost of (bf/n) before you could even speak one word to him, Michael burns his soul to ashes.

"Are you insane!" You chock out, hitting Michael on his shoulder.

Suddenly your hand makes connect with his face, slapping him without meaning to, yet you felt he deserved it.

You gave Michael a glare and without a word exit the room.

You needed fresh air, but you didn't know how it will even help you when your only nephew just killed the love of your life.

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"Auntie (y/n), please talk to me" I ignore my pleading nephew as I continue washing the dishes, I have been doing this for seven days straight.

I wanted to forgive him two days ago, but he killed the priest which made mom kill herself.

I couldn't bring myself to talk to him, he's not my innocent nephew anymore...was he actually innocent in the first place?

"Talk to me! Talk to me! Talk to me!" Repeating the same order, again and again, made me angry.

"Just leave me alone!" I shout angrily before letting go of the dish I'm washing and turning to him.

"What do you want Michael? Forgiveness, well I won't give it to you on a silver platter" Michael suddenly hugs me.

"I'm really happy you talked to me" I heard him sniffing and felt my left shoulder.

"Michael you're crying" my heart soften, I hesitantly hug him back, I feel horrible when he cries.

Ever since he was born, when starts crying I would do everything to make him stop crying.

Like singing to him or walking around with him in my arms until he calms down.

I spend a lot of time with Michael and enjoyed everything second of it until he killed (bf/n).

"Please forgive me, auntie, I promise I won't do anything to upset you again" I sigh, Michael is a three-year-old in a teenager's body, he probably doesn't know what's right from what's wrong after all mom never really prevented him from killing animals nor, did I.

Maybe I can change him.

I should give him a chance, he deserves a one.

"Alright, I forgive you just stop crying"I pull his face in my hands wiping away his tears using my thumbs.

"Can we cuddle in my room"

"Yeah sure, if that will make you feel better"


I was met with a wave of heat once I entered the room which made me want to take off my shirt, but Michael raced me to it and took off his shirt with his pants before getting into bed.

"Take off your shirt, you will feel less hot" I blush, shooking my head in refusal.

"I don't feel hot at all" I get in bed next to him, Michael wraps his arms around my waist and then lay his head on my chest like a little baby, a sweet innocent smile decorating his face.

"Auntie, can you promise me one thing"


"Can you promise me you will stay by my side forever?" I didn't know how to answer that.

"... I promise"

I should have crossed my fingers at that promise.

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Michael kept his promise for one week then killed two innocent women and burned their souls to aches.

I have never felt disappointed in my life at him yet here I'm inside my locked room with tears springing down my face not wanting to see anyone at all.

My hope for him to be a good person crushed down, no matter how much I and Ben tried to help him become a good person, it never worked.

I'm the worst aunt ever, maybe Tate was right I should have stayed away from Michael now I'm hurt.

My nose is sore and my eyes are bloody red from crying, what is worst, I feel like I'm the reason for all of this.

I didn't stop him from killing innocent animals when he was young nor did I even punish him for killing nanny.

I heard footsteps echo through my room, I could feel them getting louder and louder but it wasn't the footsteps of one but three.

I raise up from my bed quickly to see two women and a man dressed in black cloaks standing in my room.

"Who the hell are you?" I ask the guy decides to step forward and introduce himself and the two ladies.

"I'm Anton LaVey-" I cut him off 

"As in the satanic pope, didn't you like die or something?"

"I faked my death waiting, waiting for the day I meet the chosen one"I raise an eyebrow.

The chosen one? Is that a harry potter reference or something.

"The chosen one?"

"Your nephew, Michael Langdon is the anti-Christ" shocked is all I can feel right now.

"No wonder, why he's like that.." I mumble to myself, Of course that makes sense now, the heat in his room the way he kills his room the crows flying around our house.

Michael is the Anti-christ.

"Why are you tell me this?" 

"Because we need you for the ritual?"

"What ritual?"

"Satan wants his son to fuck a girl and Michael chose you"


"LET GO OF ME, YOU CRAZY FUCKS" I scream trying to make them let go of my naked form.

They place me on a drawn bloody star, I watch Michael appear in my sight, not wearing anything allowing me to see his cock.

I look away "Michael, please no, I'm begging you"I sob trying to cover my body with my hands.

"We all need to sacrifice something to achieve something greater, isn't that what you told me, Auntie," Michael says banding down on the ground.

"Michael, I'm your aunt, you can't do this"I try pleading with him.

The young woman chuckle "Silly girl you should be honored that he's going to take your virginity"

"I have been waiting for this moment" his hands crawl up your shoulder, pushing them to the ground then positions himself between my legs.

With one move, his hips move forward allowing his whole length to thrust through my once tight virgin walls.


I just lost my virginity to my own nephew.


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"No wonder why (y/n) was so scared when she was by his side, He fucking raped her then kidnapped her, what kind of sick nephew does that?!"

"The Antichrist apparently, to be honest, I thought she was his girlfriend because he requested for her to stay with him in his room" Behold and Madison leave the murder house after she talked with the living ghosts in it and fixed Violet and Tate's relationship.

Your mother, Ben, and Vivien told them everything Michael Langdon did to you.

And Madison couldn't help but feel the need to save you yet she needed to tell her supreme leader so they can defeat Michael.


"Michael, what are you doing?" I ask watching as my nephew place his clothes and mine into one suitcase.

"I need some answers and to search for it, I will have to go to the Satanists themselves" I rolled my eyes.

"Go alone, I'm not going anywhere with you"

"You have no choice in that matter, (y/n)" Michael suddenly lets go of what he's doing and grabs me by the hair, tugging harshly into it.

"I don't care, Michael,  just take Ms.mead with you instead and leave me out of this" I could feel his hot breath hitting my ear.

"I thought you were starting to become more obedient, yet here you are acting like a little bitch" I see his eyes land on my chest, on my cross necklace to be exact.

"What's this?" Michael snatches the necklace off breaking its lock-in process.

"Didn't I tell you that the only person you are allowed to worship is satan yet here I find with that damn cross" Angry tears storm down my face without even thinking I slap him across the face.

"FUCK YOU AND FUCK SATAN!" After my outburst, I find myself thrown to the bed with my nephew on top of me.

I struggle as he starts to strip out of my clothes "MICHAEL STOP!"

Hearing the unbuckling of his belt made me panic more.

He then wraps the belt around my neck then unbuckling it around it.

"You forgot your position, how about a little lesson to remind you of it"


Ariel and Baldwin stare at me, more at the bruised area around my neck, it was very hard not to notice

"I will be leaving for a while and taking (y/n) with me, we will be searching for some information on something important" Ariel smiles.

"You can do as you wish, after all, you are our future supreme leader." I roll my eyes, not uttering a word.

I know the next few days are going to be hell for me, so what's better than eat my emotions up and be emotionless.

Alor better than wailing to my mother or big brother in which I may not see ever again.

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"Michael" I whisper softly as he looks at the picture of ms.mead.

Unfourtantly the witches burned Miriam, Ariel, and Baldwin on the sticks. Yet we want to some satanic church and met a woman who helped us and then went back to the same church and told everyone that he's the antichrist which made them worship him.

"I feel hopeless" I sigh, patting his head which is resting on my chest, I could see the tears on his cheeks.

Michael's personality confuses me, sometimes he acts like a child who needs help and other times he acts sadistically.

To tell the truth, ms. Mead treated me kindly even though she's one of those who forced me down as Michael rapes me.

No hurt feelings though, she's was just obeying satan's orders.

 I want to keep my distance but he keeps dragging me to him.

"Madelyn will drive tomorrow to those who will help you bring ms. mead back"

"You think they will actually bring her back" I sigh.

"I know so" 

"I love you so much, that I will kill anyone who tries to snatch you away from" and there goes the sweet moment.

 "Whatever, let us just sleep, Michael"


"I arranged the meeting with them" the lady in light purple gives me and Michael a strange expression, mostly glaring at me.

Damn, I shouldn't have worn a very short dress now she thinks I'm a whore or something.

"You can wait while I go to inform him" a sigh of relief escapes me once the woman is out of my eyesight.

"You seem nervous" my nephew points out.

"I'm not nervous, I'm tired" well it's true, I have been feeling sick to the stomach since yesterday, and I throw up this morning.

"It's ok, I'm here with you" Michael holds my hand into his, I feel the heat rise up to my cheeks.

What is wrong with me, he's my nephew!

"Please follow me," Ms. Venable says after returning.

I move my hand away from Michael upon getting a dirty stare from her, what did I do to her?


I'm cringing so hard right now, what is with their hair cut, they seem like Gai-sensei and Rock Lee from Naruto.

"Dying to meet you." The dyed haired male says, while his eyes meeting mine, he licks his bottom lip while his eyes scan my body.


"Yeah, Madelyn's really been talking you up."

"That lady is whacked, right?" I roll my eyes, I can tell they are going to make fun of Michael

"But she seems totally convinced that you're The One. No offense, but I thought you'd be a little bit more jacked."

"Like, I was picturing you totally ripped, like The Like The Rock when he was, you know, The Rock."

"And we thought you looked like experts not like Dump and Dumper" I shoot back

"Touché," both of them say together, chuckling.

"Uh, what's your name again?"

"Michael Langdon"

"Michael Langdon. I mean, got to admit, that's a little weak, right?"

"Yeah. Shouldn't you be like Beelzebub or some shit like that?"

"Old Scratch?" They laugh, high fiving each other at their lame joke, Michael grabs my hand, just before we storm out the door Jeff and Mutt( yep Madelyn told us their names, who names their son mutt anyways?)

"Dude, dude."
"No, no, no."
"Uh, we-we-we believe you." We return into the room.

"If you know, I thought I'd be, like, pissing my pants or something, and I am dry as the Sahara, bro," Mutt says

"You got to look at it from our shoes here.
I mean, how do we know you're the Antichrist? "

"Yeah, how do we know? " Jeff points out, Michael moves his hair from behind his ear to show

"Yeah, I mean, that's cool, but it's just a tattoo on your scalp."

"No. It's true. I can feel the darkness. It's making me sick and it's coming from him." The girl starts freaking out, she walks outside.

"Michael no" I warn, but it was too late the girl screams as the flames engulf her.

I saw his eyes darkens and so does his face to show, hearing growls for a second before everything returns to normal

"Oh, shit!" Holy shit! HAIL SATAN" Mutt and Jeff gasps, dropping down to their knees and bowing down to Michael.

"It looks pretty cool watching you two create a droid of ms.mead " you compliment making Mutt and Jeff smile at each other.

"Thanks and I bet it's so cool to be the girlfriend of the antichrist" Jeff comments.

"I'm actually his aunt, the sister of his once human father" the light-haired man shares a confused look with his friend.

"His once human father"

"My brother is now a ghost" Jeff and Mutt eyes widens with excitement.

"That's AWESOME," they say in the union, you giggle.

"Does that mean you are free" Mutt flirts.

"Sorry but I'm not for sale" you answer with a fake smile, as you were about to leave because you are starting to feel uncomfortable, however the blond blocks your path.

"I was just wondering if you would go on a date with me" you realize how he looks a bit like your brother Tate which made you emotional.

At the thought of your brother, tears start falling down your face making the inventors panic.

"I'm sorry please don't tell Michael" speak of the devil and he shall appear.

"Tell me what?" Michael stood behind you making you turn around and without thinking you slap him across the face then storm out.

You didn't know why you did it, yet you knew that your emotions and hormones made you do this.



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Michael Langdon Pov

I stare at her sleeping face, even though she seems to be a little pale that didn't lessen her beauty.

(Y/n) is kind and sweet, I admit I have done horrible things to her.

But how else should I show her that I love her?

She has been always by my side even though she didn't want to.

I'm going to kill these witches as a revenge for killing ms. mead and trying to fool with me.

I notice a drop of sweat dripping down the side of her face, I sigh turning on the air conditioner hoping that it will decrease the hotness in the room.

I rest on the bed again beside my (y/n) who keeps turning left and right, I gently place her head on my bare chest.

Her warm breathing hits my neck making me shiver as her arms wrap around my waist.

I felt my eyes slowly close before drifting off into a lovely sleep.

The next day

You were cleaning the apartment while Michael went out with Miriam to see the witches.

Until you hear the doorbell ring, you frown not really expecting anyone to visit you.

You walk to the front door and open it to reveal a cute droid holding a message to you.

"Please open it" you giggle at the sweet robotic sound before opening and read what is written.

Roses are old-fashioned
Violets are boring
Accept this droid
And here's my number 666-666-6669 ;)


You chuckle, the dude isn't going to give up, is he?

You turn to the droid.

"Can you do the house chores?"