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The Very Kind One

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Michael Langdon Pov

I stare at her sleeping face, even though she seems to be a little pale that didn't lessen her beauty.

(Y/n) is kind and sweet, I admit I have done horrible things to her.

But how else should I show her that I love her?

She has been always by my side even though she didn't want to.

I'm going to kill these witches as a revenge for killing ms. mead and trying to fool with me.

I notice a drop of sweat dripping down the side of her face, I sigh turning on the air conditioner hoping that it will decrease the hotness in the room.

I rest on the bed again beside my (y/n) who keeps turning left and right, I gently place her head on my bare chest.

Her warm breathing hits my neck making me shiver as her arms wrap around my waist.

I felt my eyes slowly close before drifting off into a lovely sleep.

The next day

You were cleaning the apartment while Michael went out with Miriam to see the witches.

Until you hear the doorbell ring, you frown not really expecting anyone to visit you.

You walk to the front door and open it to reveal a cute droid holding a message to you.

"Please open it" you giggle at the sweet robotic sound before opening and read what is written.

Roses are old-fashioned
Violets are boring
Accept this droid
And here's my number 666-666-6669 ;)


You chuckle, the dude isn't going to give up, is he?

You turn to the droid.

"Can you do the house chores?"