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The Very Kind One

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"Michael" I whisper softly as he looks at the picture of ms.mead.

Unfourtantly the witches burned Miriam, Ariel, and Baldwin on the sticks. Yet we want to some satanic church and met a woman who helped us and then went back to the same church and told everyone that he's the antichrist which made them worship him.

"I feel hopeless" I sigh, patting his head which is resting on my chest, I could see the tears on his cheeks.

Michael's personality confuses me, sometimes he acts like a child who needs help and other times he acts sadistically.

To tell the truth, ms. Mead treated me kindly even though she's one of those who forced me down as Michael rapes me.

No hurt feelings though, she's was just obeying satan's orders.

 I want to keep my distance but he keeps dragging me to him.

"Madelyn will drive tomorrow to those who will help you bring ms. mead back"

"You think they will actually bring her back" I sigh.

"I know so" 

"I love you so much, that I will kill anyone who tries to snatch you away from" and there goes the sweet moment.

 "Whatever, let us just sleep, Michael"


"I arranged the meeting with them" the lady in light purple gives me and Michael a strange expression, mostly glaring at me.

Damn, I shouldn't have worn a very short dress now she thinks I'm a whore or something.

"You can wait while I go to inform him" a sigh of relief escapes me once the woman is out of my eyesight.

"You seem nervous" my nephew points out.

"I'm not nervous, I'm tired" well it's true, I have been feeling sick to the stomach since yesterday, and I throw up this morning.

"It's ok, I'm here with you" Michael holds my hand into his, I feel the heat rise up to my cheeks.

What is wrong with me, he's my nephew!

"Please follow me," Ms. Venable says after returning.

I move my hand away from Michael upon getting a dirty stare from her, what did I do to her?


I'm cringing so hard right now, what is with their hair cut, they seem like Gai-sensei and Rock Lee from Naruto.

"Dying to meet you." The dyed haired male says, while his eyes meeting mine, he licks his bottom lip while his eyes scan my body.


"Yeah, Madelyn's really been talking you up."

"That lady is whacked, right?" I roll my eyes, I can tell they are going to make fun of Michael

"But she seems totally convinced that you're The One. No offense, but I thought you'd be a little bit more jacked."

"Like, I was picturing you totally ripped, like The Like The Rock when he was, you know, The Rock."

"And we thought you looked like experts not like Dump and Dumper" I shoot back

"Touché," both of them say together, chuckling.

"Uh, what's your name again?"

"Michael Langdon"

"Michael Langdon. I mean, got to admit, that's a little weak, right?"

"Yeah. Shouldn't you be like Beelzebub or some shit like that?"

"Old Scratch?" They laugh, high fiving each other at their lame joke, Michael grabs my hand, just before we storm out the door Jeff and Mutt( yep Madelyn told us their names, who names their son mutt anyways?)

"Dude, dude."
"No, no, no."
"Uh, we-we-we believe you." We return into the room.

"If you know, I thought I'd be, like, pissing my pants or something, and I am dry as the Sahara, bro," Mutt says

"You got to look at it from our shoes here.
I mean, how do we know you're the Antichrist? "

"Yeah, how do we know? " Jeff points out, Michael moves his hair from behind his ear to show

"Yeah, I mean, that's cool, but it's just a tattoo on your scalp."

"No. It's true. I can feel the darkness. It's making me sick and it's coming from him." The girl starts freaking out, she walks outside.

"Michael no" I warn, but it was too late the girl screams as the flames engulf her.

I saw his eyes darkens and so does his face to show, hearing growls for a second before everything returns to normal

"Oh, shit!" Holy shit! HAIL SATAN" Mutt and Jeff gasps, dropping down to their knees and bowing down to Michael.

"It looks pretty cool watching you two create a droid of ms.mead " you compliment making Mutt and Jeff smile at each other.

"Thanks and I bet it's so cool to be the girlfriend of the antichrist" Jeff comments.

"I'm actually his aunt, the sister of his once human father" the light-haired man shares a confused look with his friend.

"His once human father"

"My brother is now a ghost" Jeff and Mutt eyes widens with excitement.

"That's AWESOME," they say in the union, you giggle.

"Does that mean you are free" Mutt flirts.

"Sorry but I'm not for sale" you answer with a fake smile, as you were about to leave because you are starting to feel uncomfortable, however the blond blocks your path.

"I was just wondering if you would go on a date with me" you realize how he looks a bit like your brother Tate which made you emotional.

At the thought of your brother, tears start falling down your face making the inventors panic.

"I'm sorry please don't tell Michael" speak of the devil and he shall appear.

"Tell me what?" Michael stood behind you making you turn around and without thinking you slap him across the face then storm out.

You didn't know why you did it, yet you knew that your emotions and hormones made you do this.