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The Very Kind One

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"Wow that house seems creepy on the outside but cool on the inside"

"Keep, your voice down or they will hear you" you scold your boyfriend, dragging him behind you upstairs while clutching into his hand.

"Who are you talking about? The house is dead silent, I'm sure your family isn't really home which means..." You let out a squeal when (bf/n) attacks your neck with kisses, shoving you on the bed and getting on top of you.

"(Bf/n) stop!" You giggle as he tickles you while showering your face with kisses

Both you weren't aware of Michael who is standing at the door holding a kitchen knife in his right hand.

Michael felt his blood boil, he was furious, at you and your boyfriend.

He felt as if you had betrayed him.

A loud scream escapes your lips once blood splutters on your face, A knife just want through your boyfriend's head.

"Auntie, how dare you cheat on me" you see a few tears running down his face as you are also crying.

"I don't u-understand, w-why did you kill him, Michael. I loved him" 

 "Your love belongs to me, only"

"What the hell happened, is that my body? what the fuck!" You see the ghost of (bf/n) before you could even speak one word to him, Michael burns his soul to ashes.

"Are you insane!" You chock out, hitting Michael on his shoulder.

Suddenly your hand makes connect with his face, slapping him without meaning to, yet you felt he deserved it.

You gave Michael a glare and without a word exit the room.

You needed fresh air, but you didn't know how it will even help you when your only nephew just killed the love of your life.