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Behind The Wheel

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TADASHI WAS AT A LOSS for words. He had been right! But in the most wrong way he could think of. Why did it have to be like this? Why Hiro?

For the past month he had thought his 14-year-old brother, Hiro, had been flirting with him. It had all started when Tadashi had walked into the bedroom they shared only to find his little brother masturbating. Hiro had acted embarrassed at first, but seemed to quickly overcome the shame, and had never even bothered to cover himself up. Tadashi'd tried as hard as he could to not look at his brother's crotch, but to his own shame he had stolen a glance or two. He had only seen a little bit, however, and the glances hadn't been enough to quench his curiosity.

Tadashi had explained to the boy that there was no need to be embarrassed, that it was natural and he wouldn't judge him for doing it. Tadashi had smiled kindly and ruffled Hiro's hair before he left, trying to convey that this didn't mean things between them had changed. Had he accidentally sent the exact opposite message? Had that been what had piqued Hiro's interest in his older brother? Had he believed Tadashi was trying to flirt with him? Had he caught his big brother's stolen looks at his cock?

After that, Tadashi had caught Hiro subtly flirting with him. Or, at least, he suspected it was flirting. He hadn't been sure at the time. It was little things like sucking on an orange Popsicle in their hot kitchen, eyes on Tadashi the whole time, and reaching out to touch Tadashi whenever they would talk. They weren't sexual touches, per se, but they felt sexually charged. Hiro would laugh at a joke Tadashi had told and reach out to grab his muscular arm, holding it firmly. Or else in the middle of talking he would casually grip Tadashi's shoulder. Tadashi would've never thought about those as flirting had Hiro done them even once before he had walked in on his baby brother touching himself.

It had still been far too subtle for Tadashi to know if it truly was flirting, or if he was imagining things. But now he knew! Now he was certain his brother had been flirting with him.

Tadashi had been lying on his stomach on his bed drawing on his tablet. He'd gotten the art tablet to help design new inventions, but these days he found himself using it more for recreational art. He was currently in the middle of drawing an anthropomorphic cat-man. He wasn't a furry, he simply liked the challenge posed by incorporating animalistic traits into human forms. It also made him feel like he was creating his own fantasy world, a secret passion of his dating back to early childhood.

His white tank top was hitched up slightly so his lower back was visible, but Tadashi didn't care. At least, not until he heard the curtain that separated his bed from the rest of the room ruffle. He barely had time to turn his head and look before Hiro was climbing on top of him. Tadashi gasped, but Hiro had ignored him and laid down so his smooth stomach was pressed against Tadashi's bare lower back. He set his head on Tadashi's shoulder and looked at the tablet screen.

"That's quite good, 'Dashi!" He said, a slight purr in his voice. "Don't stop on my account."

Calm down! Tadashi thought to himself. This doesn't mean anything. . . It could just be brotherly affection?!

But then he felt it. Hiro shifted slightly, getting comfortable, and Tadashi felt the hard shape push against his ass through Hiro's shorts. The boy was hard as a rock! Tadashi turned beet red.

Hiro looked at him curiously. "You alright, Nii-San?"

Tadashi nodded slowly, trying to act natural. He wasn't sure what to do, how to react.

"Y-yeah! I'm fine!" He breathed hoarsely. "I just don't like sh-showing people my art before it's done. I get embarrassed."

Hiro smiled. "Well, I think he looks fantastic! You should do me sometime!" He slipped his hands up under Tadashi's shirt and began massaging his older brother's back.

Tadashi choked. "D-do you?!" He resisted the urge to moan. Hiro always knew exactly where to squeeze to work out Tadashi's knots, though he was rarely in a good enough mood to rub his brother's back without being asked.

Hiro nodded. "Yeah, you know, draw me. I'll pose for you and everything! But I get to pick the pose, alright?" There was something. . . fiery in Hiro's voice, like he was stalking prey. It made Tadashi's face go even redder than before. And the feel of Hiro's hands on his bare skin didn't help any.

Hiro scowled. "You sure you're alright, Tadashi? You look confused. Maybe I could help you?" His hands moved slowly down and Hiro sat upright, now sitting on Tadashi's legs and allowing his fingers to trail down to the lowest point on Tadashi's back.

Despite the weight of Hiro's body lifted, Tadashi's breathing came out in short, small gasps. Hiro smirked and his hands dipped lower, now squeezing Tadashi's ass.

Tadashi jumped. "H-Hiro?!"

"Sshhhhh, it's OK, 'Dashi. I'm just giving you a little massage. . . . Emphasis on the 'as-'"

That did it for Tadashi. He whirled around fast, using his considerable muscle advantage to throw Hiro off of him and onto the other side of the bed. "What do you think you're doing?!" He demanded, still red in the face.

Hiro blushed and looked away. "I was j-just having some fun!" He said in a low voice. "Just fooling around."

"With your brother?!" Tadashi cried. "What's wrong with you?"

Hiro grimaced. "I thought you wanted it too!" He said, sounding hurt and still not looking at Tadashi. "You kept looking at my junk when you walked in on me jacking off! I thought you were interested! I thought you liked what you saw."

I did! Came an unbidden voice at the back of Tadashi's mind. He shivered slightly and pushed it further back, shutting it down.

"Hiro, you were naked and refused to cover up! Of course I looked. I couldn't help it! I barely saw anything, anyway. But you would've done the same thing even if you weren't trying to have a go with me! It's curiosity, plain and simple. Human nature."

"Isn't it also human nature to breed?" Hiro asked, looking back at Tadashi and locking wide, unabashed eyes with him.

Tadashi nearly choked again. "What?!" he exclaimed, staring in shock at his baby brother. Hiro looked cutely back at him. His mouth was open just enough to show that gap in his teeth, and his black hair was as wild and unmanageable as ever.

"Come on, Tadashi!" Hiro whined. "I'm 14and always horny. Surely you remember what you felt like at 14? Can you blame me for trying?"

"When it's with me, yeah I can!" Tadashi replied hotly. "I don't care if you want to fuck a guy, Hiro, but I'm your brother! You just can't come onto me!"

"Actually, I was wanting you to cum on me," Hiro said without batting an eye. Tadashi grimaced and he hurriedly continued. "Look, 'Dashi, incest isn't as bad as people make it out to be. Animals do it all the time! Humans used to do it until it became a taboo just in, like, the last century or so. Can't you cut me some slack?"

"I thought you wanted more than just slack?" Tadashi said darkly. Hiro blushed again and reached up to scratch behind his ear.

"Well, yeah. . . But 'Dashi, I'm not just asking you because I'm horny and you're around. It's more than that. Much more! You get me! We're so similar it's crazy! I've always looked up to you. Always. You're always there when I'm down to help bring me back up. When I need help with something, anything, you're there in an instant! I know I can count on you more than anyone else." Hiro took a deep, shuddering breath. "I love you, Tadashi, and I want you to be my first. I can't think of a single person I'd rather have my first time with."

Tadashi blinked, conflicting emotions now running through him. Hiro was right about the taboo nature of this whole thing, even if it still freaked Tadashi out. He was goon on history and knew that even Einstein himself had participated in incestual relationships. And Tadashi loved Hiro back with all his heart. Could he really refuse his little brother this simple unknown pleasure? He found himself wanting to give in to Hiro's pleas, but still was unable to fully wrap his head around the incestual part.

Hiro watched Tadashi's face soften and noted the confusion in his eyes. He knew exactly what his older brother was thinking and feeling. It was what Hiro himself had felt when he'd first realized his attraction for his older brother.

"Maybe we could start slow?" He said, moving back toward Tadashi. "You don't have to penetrate yet. We could work up to that. Ease you in, so to speak."

Hiro put his hands on his brother's chest and slowly pushed him down onto the pillows. Tadashi gasped but did not put up a fight. Hiro crawled on top of the older boy, straddling his crotch. He reached over for Tadashi's tablet, which had long since powered off after it's one minute backlight setting, and placed it down on Tadashi's nightstand.

Tadashi was completely uncertain of what to do. He had never been with another boy before. And this wasn't just any boy, either. Normally he led his brother in everything, whether it was for protection or a back-alley sense of superiority. But here and now Tadashi was the passenger, and Hiro was behind the wheel.

Hiro's small hands found the button on Tadashi's jeans and began to undo it, his warm brown eyes not once wandering from Tadashi's.

What am I doing? Tadashi wondered as his jeans button opened and Hiro moved to his zipper. It was down in a flash, revealing Tadashi's plain white Fuit-Of-The-Loomsand a sizable bulge. Tadashi expected his brother to dive right in, but instead Hiro showed restraint and moved his hands away from Tadashi's crotch, placing them on either side of Tadashi's head.

"I love you, Nii-San," Hiro said with a low, deep breath. Tadashi gulped, his heart beating so hard that he could hear it (and was surprised Hiro couldn't). Tadashi closed his eyes and tilted his head up. A second later he felt Hiro's smooth lips against his.

What am I doing? Tadashi thought again. Only this time the thought was in the back of his mind. He pushed the thought further away and pulled his earlier treacherous thought about Hiro's cock back to the surface.

Hiro's lips felt warm and soft and right! Tadashi reached up and cupped Hiro's face in his hands, kissing him deeper and feeling the perfection of his skin. He could taste strawberries on Hiro's lips. Tadashi found this heartwarming. Strawberries were his favorite, and Hiro had clearly done it for him.

While Tadashi's heart was pounding with nervousness, Hiro's was pumping hard with celebration and victory. He'd done it! The thing he'd been dreaming about since Tadashi had walked in on him. I'm making out with my brother! But that was just half the battle. Hiro pulled away from Tadashi's lips, a spidersilk strand of saliva linking their mouths for a few seconds before breaking. He moved his hands back to Tadashi's pants. Hiro lifted himself slightly and began to tug off his brother's jeans. They came off almost willingly as if the jeans shared Hiro's greedy interests.

Hiro breathed a loving sigh as he threw the pants on the floor and stared at Tadashi's crotch. He was happy to see a tent rising slowly in that white underwear. Hiro stuck his tongue between his teeth and began to tug off his shirt.

Tadashi's eyes went wider as Hiro threw the shirt on the floor as well. His eyes roved over his brother's hairless chest, taking in every detail. Tadashi had seen Hiro shirtless on many occasions, but never like this. Never before they did the unthinkable. Now, however, he noticed all the little things he'd never let himself think about. How round and red and pert Hiro's nipples were, how cute he looked with the small and thin bushes of black hair under his arms, and how he got goosebumps for a minute after removing his shirt from the cool air in their Air Conditioned room.

Tadashi opened his mouth, meaning to say "You look gorgeous!" But what Tadashi stammered out was "H-Hiro, you know we c-can't tell anyone about this, right?" Tadashi's mouth went dry as he continued to stare at his brother's toned yet thin form.

"Of course I do! I'm not an idiot, you know. You think I'm really gonna tell anyone that I fucked my older brother?" Hiro laughed, shaking his adorable head, and took hold of Tadashi's wrists, bringing them up to his own crotch and resting them over his shorts button and zipper. "Here, you do me. It's only fair."

Tadashi took another deep breath. "Are you sure about this?"

"About what?" Hiro asked, sounding puzzled.

"Just. . . This! All of this! What we're about to do. Hiro, are you sure this is what you want?"

Hiro nodded quickly, still looking perplexed. "Yeah, 'Dashi, I'm 100% certain. Don't. . . Don't you want to do this?" Hiro sounded anxious and slightly hurt.

"I don't know, Hiro," Tadashi replied truthfully. "I think I do. If you're happy then I'm happy."

"So do I need to kiss you again or are you ready to strip me?!" Hiro demanded. Tadashi laughed and started to work his hands.

"Sorry, I'm just still wrapping my head around all this," he said, opening the button on Hiro's shorts.

"That's one of the things I love about you most," Hiro said in a soothing voice. "You think too much."

Tadashi finally smiled. "Right now I'm gonna let you do the thinking." He pulled down Hiro's zipper and started to tug off the boy's shorts. He was surprised to see Hiro wearing his old black and red paw print underwear from when he was 10. He used to run around wearing only that pair of underwear, and even streaked through the café downstairs once! Tadashi smiled at the memory. Back when he and Hiro were only visiting Aunt Cass, not living with here. He eyed the undies closer. They were at least two sizes too small for Hiro now, and they clung tightly to his form. How he had any circulation was a mystery to Tadashi, but Hiro clearly did. His bulge was perfectly outlined and he looked good!

Hiro crawled backward off Tadashi and kicked off his shorts completely. They joined the red t-shirt on the floor.

"Erm, what did you have in mind for easing me into all this?" Tadashi asked uncertainly.

Hiro grinned. "A couple of things!" He said excitedly. "But we'll start slow." Hiro leaned forward and began to tug at Tadashi's underwear. Tadashi lifted his ass willingly and allowed them to be removed. He almost reached out to grab Hiro's wrist, stopping the boy, at the last second as the realization that there would be no going back once the underwear was removed welled inside him, but Tadashi managed to swallow the urge down.

Hiro let out a low gasp as he stared at Tadashi's cock. It was big, that was for sure. At least 8 inches. There was a thick bush of black hair over it, veins on the side, and an absolutely beautiful wrapper that covered most of his shiny purple head. Hiro found himself salivating. Oh, the things he wanted to do with that cock!

Hiro is looking at me naked! My little brother is looking at my boner! Tadashi found himself growing more horny.

Hiro reached out a hesitant hand. He stopped it just before making contact and looked up at his brother. Tadashi nodded permissively and Hiro, biting his tongue, wrapped the hand firmly around Tadashi's shaft. For a moment Hiro just held his brother in his hand, feeling the wonderful throbbing warmth and softness. It felt similar to his own dick, as at the same time completely alien.

Tadashi couldn't help but moan. If felt so good to finally have someone else touch him there. He hardly cared anymore that it was a boy's touch, or his brother's. Hiro began to stroke him off slowly, and Tadashi closed his eyes. He embraced the feeling of his foreskin sliding back and forth over his glans. He smiled as he heard Hiro's breath coming out in short pants. It was a cute sound that paired perfectly with the feeling in his crotch.

Hiro's hand had curled round Tadashi's member just over the base. Tadashi could therefore feel the hand on his balls whenever the boy stroked downward. And it felt spectacular! How can anything that feels this good be bad? Tadashi reasoned.

And then it hit him. "H-Hiro!" Tadashi bolted upright and Hiro was forced to tighten his grip. "Hiro, you're underage! Forget the incest, I could go to jail for this!"

"Ssshhhh," Hiro crooned, "it's alright." He stroked Tadashi faster and put a hand on his brother's chest, once again pushing him down onto the bed. "I gave you my permission, and that's the most important thing. Now, do you plan to ever tell anyone about this?"

Tadashi shook his head, suppressing a moan from the pleasure Hiro was giving him.

"Well, neither do I. We'll be fine! Trust me~"

And with that, Hiro leaned forward and popped the tip of Tadashi's dick into his mouth. Tadashi gasped as Hiro gave the head an experimental lick. He tasted his brother's pre and felt the soft foreskin on his tongue. He liked it. Hiro purred harder and pushed the cock deeper into his mouth.

Tadashi was shaking now, with both pleasure and nerves. The fact that this was wrong came flooding back to him, and yet he found he was unable to do anything about it. No! Tadashi realized, Unwilling. I don't want to do anything about it! I don't want Hiro to stop! I. . . I don't care that this is wrong!

Hiro grinned as Tadashi moaned and gasped, allowing his tongue to wander freely over his brother's penis. It was magnificent! Large and warm and soft and delicious. Hiro began to bob his head once he reached the halfway point. Tadashi gave a small cry and grabbed hold of Hiro's head. Hiro was forced to stop bobbing due to Tadashi gripping his hair so hard. It was a completely involuntary movement, but a hassle nonetheless.

"You've gotta let go, Tadashi," Hiro said as he let the cock fall from his mouth.

"O-oh! Right! S-sorry, Hiro." Tadashi released his grip shakily. Hiro smiled and popped the cock back into his mouth. He started with only small licks, waiting for Tadashi to grow more used to all this.

"God, Hiro! I n-never thought a boy's mouth could f-feel so g-good!" Tadashi gasped, tipping his head backwards and closing his eyes. "Keep going!"

At that moment Tadashi's tablet lit up on the nightstand. An alert sounded and Tadashi grimaced. "It's 6:30! C-Cass will want us d-downstairs to help with dinner r-rush!" He groaned, clearly not wanting to leave.

"Stay!" Hiro commanded, stroking Tadashi off as he pulled his mouth away for a second time. "Cass can wait a few more minutes for me to finish. Or, actually, for you to finish."

Tadashi didn't even try to argue, nor did he want to. He nodded slowly and Hiro got back to work. He was now able to take most of Tadashi's cock into his mouth, though he did have a small gag reflex and wasn't able to deepthroat his brother the way he wanted to. It was a problem Hiro decided to resolve over time.

Tadashi felt his little brother's tongue slide over his head and gasped loudly, shuddering hard. He'd never felt anything like it! His hand couldn't even compare.

"Ohhhh! Where've you been all my life?!" He moaned. Hiro smirked and slid more of Tadashi's manhood into his mouth. The younger boy began to bob his head again, expertly using his tongue to keep his teeth away from Tadashi's vulnerable skin while also lapping at the sensitive areas of his brother's cock.

"I. . . I d-don't think I c-can hold on for very long!" Tadashi warned him. "Ohhhh my God! Can you go any f-faster?"

Oh, you bet I can~ Hiro thought to himself, picking up speed. He was now bobbing his head quickly, making small slurping noises with his mouth. Tadashi tried to sit up to get a better view, but Hiro's hand flashed out and pushed him back down. Tadashi was too weak to put up a fight. He closed his eyes once more and let the pleasure relax his muscles.

Hiro giggled at Tadashi's surprising submissiveness. He'd expected his older brother to want to be in control, and yet here he was, letting Hiro steer. Even after it became evident Tadashi wasn't going to be dominant this time round Hiro had thought that after he grew used to this new experience Tadashi would show some level of dominance. He just needed to get used to this. But as of now there was nothing. Not a hint. Just whimpers and squirms and gasps. Hiro liked it that way.

He slipped his tongue briefly under Tadashi's foreskin, testing something. Hiro pushed it back as far as it would go while at the same time bringing the hand he had wrapped around Tadashi's cock up so that the foreskin slid up his tongue. Hiro was pleased to find that his tongue went in quite deep. Almost two and a half inches! It was more than enough, certainly more than he could push his fingers inside his own foreskin (although Hiro was only short with himself by a centimeter or two). He pulled his tongue back with another grin.

Tadashi was not going to last much longer. His already shallow breathing was growing faster and sharper. His eyes were clenched shut and sweat had appeared on his forehead. Hiro knew his brother was close. But he hadn't come all this way to stop now. He kept sucking Tadashi off with a smile.

Though his eyes were closed Tadashi had a perfect mental image of what Hiro looked like as he blew him. He was no longer cute in the soft adorable sense. He was a sexual being of lust and power. His red lips were puckered sweetly as they wrapped tightly round Tadashi's cock. Hiro's chocolate brown eyes held no hint of innocence and they glinted like a predator. Tadashi could see the muscles rippling under Hiro's skin even though the boy was thin and on a normal day looked fragile. To some, this image might look provocative or dangerous. To Tadashi it was hell in tight underwear, the devil giving him pleasure. He wanted more.

And Hiro was glad to give it, though there wasn't a lot more to give before time ran out. Hiro took nearly all of Tadashi's cock, as much as he could manage, moaning out like a girl. Tadashi's body shook as he felt the pleasure within expanding.

Hiro slipped his hand down, unknowingly pressing against a spot between Tadashi's balls and asshole that delivered the final blow of pleasure to him. He choked out a loud gasp and came hard into Hiro's sweet mouth, muscles tensing and sweat dripping down his body like rain. Ohhhh fuck! How can a simple blowjob be that intense?! Tadashi's eyes snapped open as he shot his load into Hiro.

Hiro let Tadashi cum, filling his mouth. He kept it inside, just behind his lips, even after Tadashi squirted his last drop. He waved his tongue through the impressive pool, tasting his brother gleefully while moaning.

Tadashi carefully pulled his cock out of Hiro's mouth, breathing deeply. He eyed his brother curiously, watching him taste the seed in his mouth. "You… you're supposed to swallow."

Hiro waited a moment, then complied. He gulped down every last drop, eyes never leaving Tadashi's face as he did so. "Aahhh~ I know, 'Dashi. I was always gonna. You just taste good is all!" Hiro started to move away from Tadashi, rolling off the bed.

"W-wait! Where are you going?" Tadashi called, still sounding weak.

"We've gotta help Aunt Cass, remember?" Hiro stooped to pick his clothes up off the floor, then began tugging them back on.

"Oh. . . Right. But I never got to see you naked!" Tadashi complained as he sat up slowly.

Hiro smirked with his back to his brother. Make him want it~ he thought. But to Tadashi he said "sorry, 'Dashi! Really. But I promise you'll get to see me next time!"

With that Hiro zipped his pants and began walking away, swaying his hips slightly. Tadashi watched him go, still feeling extremely horny despite having came mere moments before. What has that fucking boy done to me?