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Kissing The Moon

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Dabi was always handsy, always took his time running his strangely cold fingers over Katsuki’s body and teasing him. Hands slipping under Katsuki’s shirt, over his skin so that he shivered. Up his stomach to his chest. Thumbs rubbing over his nipples, twisting, then letting go to move back down his front and out of his shirt. Katsuki leaned his head on the wall, his mouth clenched in a snarl. Dabi’s hands came to a stop on his hips. Katsuki could feel his breath on the back of his neck. He growled.

“Are you going to do something or are we just going to poke each other?”

Dabi rested his head on Katsuki’s shoulder, his breath tinted with smoke. “You’re always so desperate.

“Shut the fuck up.” Katsuki grit his teeth. And he involuntarily arched his hips back into Dabi, grinding against him. He could feel Dabi’s cock, already hard through the fabric of his jeans. But he also knew that Dabi was going to be an utter prick this entire time, teasing Katsuki and edging him and making him beg before they actually did anything. Because he was an asshole. Katsuki loathed him. But at the same time, Dabi was actually willing to meet up with him again and again, and he wouldn’t tell anyone what they were doing in that tiny room in the dingy sex bar. Nobody would ever know.

And Katsuki let out a tiny breath as Dabi’s fingers went to his belt, undoing the buckle and pushing his trousers down just over his hips. His hand brushed over Katsuki’s cock, making him hiss. He was hard. Because of course he was. Katsuki had been half hard from pretty much the moment he entered the damn bar.

He hated this.

It had been a few weeks since that first time he’d snuck out of UA and ended up at that stupid bar, looking for some sort of release and someone to just fuck him and not ask him any questions or talk to him about what was going on in his head. A few weeks since he’d let a goddamn villain suck his cock and take his virginity, leaving him with tiny burns at his hips and helping him get some decent sleep for once. And shit, he’d slept so well after that first night. If his brain tried to keep him up, tried to bombard him with thoughts about provisional licenses or class grades or All Might so wizened and covered in blood, he could distract himself. He just had to think about Dabi’s fingers on his skin, Dabi’s tongue running over his lip, Dabi’s pierced cock in his ass stretching him open and fucking him until he couldn’t see straight. And each time he thought of it, Katsuki was able to jack off and fall into an easy sleep.

But, again, it had stopped working. His brain had woken him up in the middle of the night, leaving him to stare up at the ceiling unable to get back to sleep. He just kept playing things over and over in his head: the image of Deku going off to his internship with that Nighteye prick; Kirishima talking eagerly about his work with Fatgum; the board of names declaring who’d passed the Provisional License exam and his name not being there no matter how much he looked. And he clenched his jaw, gripped his sheets, and flicked his eyes to his phone lying on his bedside table.

Dabi had been texting him infrequently since that first night. It was always a different number. No matter how many times Katsuki blocked him, his phone would inevitably buzz with another message from a different number.

hows my favourite virgin?

i hope youre studying hard

you ever need some stress relief just lmk

Katsuki always ignored him. Until he didn’t. Until his brain kept him up too late and he felt so exhausted during the day and he grabbed the phone off of his bedside table to text back the most recent number.

Are you free?

Then he’d stare at the phone, his heart thumping in his chest and his guts twisting. Sometimes Dabi didn’t get back to him until the next morning, when Katsuki was tired and ornery and ready to bite anyone’s head off. But more often than not, it would be only a few minutes before Dabi texted him back.

see you in the same place

And Katsuki would pull on his hoodie, lace up his shoes, and sneak out of UA the same way he always did. His brain would spin as he ran through the dark streets back to the same bar he’d first met this prick in. Through the open first floor, past the regulars who now nodded at him in recognition though he refused to meet their eyes, up the grody set of stairs, to the top floor and the same room as always. The door would be ajar. And Dabi would be waiting for him. Sometimes he’d be lying on the bed, and he’d just hold out an arm for Katsuki to cross the floor and climb into his lap. Sometimes he’d tell Katsuki to get on the bed, and he’d fuck him on all fours until Katsuki’s arms were shivering and threatening to give out. Once or twice Dabi wasn’t even there, and he’d text Katsuki to just get himself ready because he’d been held up with something. And Katsuki would growl, kick off his clothes, and fuck himself open on his own fingers, gasping at the sensation and cursing Dabi’s name calling him every insult under the sun and saying he didn’t need this shit that he just wanted to sleep. And when Dabi finally arrived, it would be to find a naked and desperate Katsuki covered in sweat and lube and yelling at him that he’d taken long enough!

Katsuki had no idea how Dabi had even gotten his number in the first place. He had no idea how Dabi kept changing his own number with the different texts, all of them coming up as untraceable. But all he knew was that when Dabi fucked him, he could stop thinking, and he could sleep. And Katsuki so desperately needed sleep. He needed to forget everything.

“Ah, fuck!” Katsuki’s fingers scrabbled on the wall as Dabi’s hand went to his cock. Dabi laughed softly, his hand moving over Katsuki’s dick through the fabric of his underwear. They weren’t even on the bed, that day Dabi had just thrown Katsuki right up against the door and caged him in. It was a new position. Katsuki liked it. And he rolled his hips back against Dabi’s crotch again, sweat pricking all down his back in anticipation.

Dabi kissed Katsuki’s neck, his tongue licking up Katsuki’s skin. Katsuki felt the piercing in  his tongue and shivered. Dabi’s tongue was too cold, all of him was weirdly cold, but the metal on his skin felt so good. And Dabi’s fingers gripped Katsuki’s cock through his underwear as he kissed Katsuki’s jaw. Then he bit him on the curve of his neck.

“No,” Katsuki said, swatting Dabi’s face away. He was panting, his legs shivering. “No visible marks, you asshole.”

Dabi clicked his tongue. And he moved down Katsuki’s neck to instead bite on the curve where his throat met his shoulder. Katsuki groaned, arching his hips back. That area was borderline, he’d have to cover it up with his collar when he got to class. Dabi was always pushing his damn luck. Katsuki grit his teeth and rocked harder against Dabi’s erection to try and goad him on.

“Are you going to fuck me, then?” Katsuki asked.

Dabi pulled his mouth off of Katsuki’s shoulder. He pressed his nose to Katsuki’s ear. “If you’re so desperate for my dick, you should answer my texts more often. We can do this every night if you want.” And his thumb rubbed under the head of Katsuki’s cock. “You’re not that bad when you shut up.”

“Yeah, I bet you’re desperate enough to need me to come running every night.” Katsuki grit his teeth, his eyes scrunching close. “Oh God, come on.”

“Tell me what you want,” Dabi said.

“You know what I want!”

“Yeah, but I need you to say it.”

“You’re such an asshole.”

“So leave.” Dabi’s hand left Katsuki’s cock, leaving him to twitch in his underwear. “Door’s right there, leave if you want to.”

“Urgh.” Katsuki glared over his shoulder at Dabi’s smug face smiling at him. “I want you to put your damn dick in me! Alright?”

Dabi smiled and patted Katsuki’s cheek. “There we go.” And then his hands were in Katsuki’s hair, turning him round and pushing him to his knees. And he undid the front of his own jeans, pulling out his hard cock and pressing it against Katsuki’s lips. Katsuki could feel the cold piercing on his lip. And he saw Dabi looking down at him, raising one eyebrow.

Katsuki rolled his eyes. But he opened his mouth and licked around the head of Dabi’s dick as best he could. They’d only done this a couple times, and each time Dabi told him he was shit at it. But Katsuki closed his eyes and opened his mouth as best he could, clenching his thumb with his thumb the way he’d seen suggested on internet forums, and he let Dabi push his cock into Katsuki’s mouth.

Like his fingers, Dabi’s cock was strangely cold. But it tasted salty, and his precum was a little smoked on Katsuki’s tongue. The metal barbells on the underside of his cock ran over Katsuki’s tongue, making his lip twitch at the sensation of metal moving over him. Katsuki had a problem of accidentally catching his teeth on the barbells, making Dabi hiss in pain. He tried his best to hold his mouth open so that he wouldn’t catch the barbells. And he let Dabi instruct him, using his tongue and lips as best he could. When he sucked experimentally, Dabi’s hips bucked forward and Katsuki choked. He was still trying to work on his gag reflex. But apparently the choking was good, because Dabi’s mouth fell open and he let out one of his rare groans and that went straight to Katsuki’s dick. When Dabi felt good, he usually fucked Katsuki harder.

And besides, being in pain wasn’t a big deal. Pretty much every day he was sent to supplementary lessons Katsuki was thrown around and beaten to a pulp. It helped his brain quiet down. Katsuki could take it. And he clenched his fist around his thumb, scrunched his eyes closed, and let Dabi use his mouth as a sex toy, thrusting shallowly in and out so that he choked softly.

It was only for a short while, though. Pretty soon, Dabi was pulling out and he let Katsuki slump back against the door and cough weakly into his hand, hacking up precum and saliva.

Dabi just watched him, holding his cock in his hand. “You’re getting better,” he said. His other hand rested lightly on Katsuki’s hair, his thumb running through the spikes of hair. “Maybe one day you’ll be able to suck me off without coughing up a lung.”

“Fuck off,” Katsuki muttered. He rubbed the back of his hand against his jaw, eyes flicking from Dabi’s dick up to his face. “Are you going to fuck me now?”

“If that’s what you want.” He stepped back, jerking his head. “Go get on the bed.”

“We’re always on the bed.”

“Yeah. What’s the problem? You want to do it here?”

“No, the bed’s fine.” Katsuki grinned, wiping a thumb over his lower lip. “A little vanilla, maybe.”

Dabi raised his eyebrow. Then he knelt down, his hand going from Katsuki's hair to his jaw, forcing his head back against the door. He leaned closed and Katsuki could smell the ash on his breath again.

“You want to be more kinky?”

Bakugou’s stomach clenched. But his grin widened. “I’m just saying that doing it up against the door was a nice change. Sometimes it’s boring to fuck the same person so much, you gotta mix it up a bit.”

Dabi tilted his head. “If you think it’s boring, then leave. I don’t want to force you to do anything.”

Urgh. Katsuki closed his eyes, feeling Dabi’s hands dig into his flesh. “For God’s sake. Fine! Just fuck me wherever you want!”

“Okay. Let’s do it here, then.”

“On the floor?”

“You want a change and apparently the bed isn’t good enough.” He leaned back, lettings go of Katsuki’s face. “Take off your clothes and get on your hands and knees. Put something under your knees as well, they’ll get carpet burn.”

Katsuki snorted, not caring about any stupid carpet burn. He pulled his shirt off and threw it at Dabi who rolled his eyes and dropped it to one side. Dabi was always meticulous when he got undressed himself, always folding up his clothes nice and neat and tucking them off to one side so they wouldn’t get dirty. Katsuki had figured out at one point that it was probably because Dabi only had like three different outfits. If he got cum stains on one shirt he lost a huge chunk of his entire wardrobe. But it always meant Katsuki was left naked and hanging around waiting for him as he took his sweet time folding his shit up and putting it out of sight.

Katsuki’s fingers curled in the carpet. He was so sick of all the teasing bullshit. He just wanted to get in, get off, and go to sleep. He didn’t need Dabi dragging this entire thing out. And when Dabi had finally put his clothes to one side, Katsuki flipped onto his front and got onto his hands and knees, arching his back and waiting for Dabi to get on with it.

No such luck. Dabi’s hands ran slowly up Katsuki’s thighs, his thumb rubbing over his skin. “You got some new bruises from class,” he said conversationally.

“Yeah, that half-and-half asshole doesn’t know how to hold back,” Katsuki muttered. Todoroki had managed to get past Katsuki’s blindspot at their supplementary class the previous afternoon, landing a roundhouse kick right on Katsuki’s thigh and sending him tumbling to the ground.

“You mean Todoroki Shouto?” Dabi’s fingernail raked along Katsuki’s skin. “He’s always been a little reckless. You could see it at the Sports Festival.”

“Yeah whatever. Are you going to talk or are we going to have sex?”

“You could say please.” Dabi leaned forward and Katsuki felt his cold tongue running over the bruises across his thigh. He groaned, arching into the touch and feeling the metal barbell on his skin. Then Dabi sunk his teeth into the bruise and he groaned even louder.

Dabi’s hands went to Katsuki’s knees, spreading his legs for easier access. Then his fingers moved back up his thighs to his ass. His thumb ran around Katsuki’s entrance.

“There’s lube here,” he said. “Were you having fun without me?”

“You took too long to reply to my texts,” Katsuki muttered.

“Hm.” Dabi pressed a thumb to Katsuki, and it slipped in easily.

Yeah, that evening Katsuki had been more frustrated than normal and Dabi had taken half an hour to get back to him. When his text had finally arrived Katsuki was already three fingers deep inside of his own ass, fucking himself roughly and trying to pretend like it was Dabi’s cock inside of him. He hadn’t bothered to clean up before he’d stumbled out of his room to come here. And now Dabi was fingering him quickly, his hands so much longer than Katsuki’s own. He swirled his fingers inside him, finding Katuski’s prostate easily and making him swear.

“Hurry up,” Katsuki groaned, arching his hips back.

“Mmhm.” Dabi kept swirling his fingers, stretching Katsuki out nice and slow so that nothing tore. Even if being fucked until he was bleeding was exactly the kind of thing he wanted right then. Katsuki glared over his shoulder at Dabi, but the prick wasn’t even looking at him and was just staring down at the bruises on his thighs again. Katsuki rolled his eyes and stared rocking his hips back onto Dabi’s fingers. He felt more lube roll down his skin. Dabi was always slow and he always used so much lube, making things so slick and wet. It was a bastard to clean in the mornings, but it meant that Dabi could fuck him harder and faster when he actually got around to it.

And finally, after what felt like an age, Dabi pulled his damn fingers out of Katsuki’s ass and shifted, stroking his cock and pulling on a condom. Katsuki drummed his fingers on the ground impatiently.

“If you let me top we’d already be done with this shit,” he muttered.

“If I let you top you’d just try to go in dry and we’d both end up hurting ourselves,” Dabi said. His cock pressed up against Katsuki’s ass, slowly pushing inside of him and stretching him out beautifully. “Just learn to be patient.”

“Aah… You learn to not be such a fucking- Hah! Asshole!” And he bit his lip as Dabi slowly bottomed out inside him, his hips hitting the back of Bakugou’s thighs and just resting there.

Dabi’s body was alway so cold, oddly clammy against Katsuki’s skin for someone with a fire quirk. But then he started moving, slowly pushing in and out of Katsuki and he stopped caring about his body temperature.

They always started way too slowly for Katsuki’s tastes. He didn’t want to spend any more time with Dabi than he absolutely had to, so there was no need to go slowly. Shit, if there was another way to get his brain to be quiet then Katsuki would never text the fucker ever again. But Dabi was the only thing that was able to get his brain to be quiet. So Katsuki had to get through all the slow teasing and prepping and fucking him gently until he was raking his nails against the carpet and swearing under his breath.

“Go harder,” he muttered, his shoulders hunched and his head hanging down.

“Hm?” Dabi’s thumbs dug into Katsuki’s hips, his nail pricking the skin. “You want harder?”

“Of course I do. I always do.”

“Alright, if you say so.” And Dabi finally, finally, gave Katsuki what he’d broken out of UA for.

He pulled Katsuki’s hips back and thrust forward into him, hard and fast and with the loud sound of skin on skin echoing through the room. Katsuki threw his head back and yelled in pleasure as Dabi fucked into him hard. He felt the barbells on the bottom of Dabi’s cock were rubbing against him, stretching him out and catching on his entrance and shit it felt good. And he felt Dabi’s hands digging into his sides. He knew there’s be bruises in the morning, there was always bruises in the morning. Marks of Dabi’s long-fingers in his flesh, pale purple against his skin. But it was good, the marks meant that he’d been fucked hard and rough, enough to make him concentrate only on the physical sensations and not on the thoughts swirling through his brain of All Might dead and withered, Deku smiling at his internship, Todoroki at the supplementary classes. Katsuki clenched and fucked back onto Dabi’s cock, letting the cock inside of him push all those thoughts out of his brain and somewhere else. They didn’t exist. They didn’t matter.

“Oh fuck yeah,” Katsuki groaned rolling his hips in circles to try and get Dabi to go deeper. “Keep… Hah, keep going.”

“I wasn’t going to stop,” Dabi said. His nails dug into Katsuki’s side hard enough to pierce the skin and draw blood. Sweat was pricking along Katsuki’s spine and up the back of his neck. His mouth fell open in a long groan, and drool rolled over his lower lip to splatter onto the carpet. And fuck, the carpet was burning his knees as Dabi’s thrusts moved him slightly back and forth. He focussed on the pain, the heat in his skin, the sound of Dabi’s breathing at his back.

Katsuki’s cock was so hard, leaking precum onto the floor. He groaned, his arm tensing on the floor, fingers digging into the carpet. And he lifted one hand off of the floor to grab his own cock, wrapping two fingers around it and pumping it in time with Dabi’s thrusts.

“God, I’m close,” Katsuki panted. He scrunched his eyes shut, the one arm supporting him shaking as it held him up. The muscles in his shoulder flexed. His hand gripped his cock, thumb rubbing beneath the head of his dick. And he tilted his hips up to let Dabi fuck him deeper.

“You need to work on your stamina,” Dabi said and even with his eyes closed Katsuki could hear the irritating grin on his face. It would be the one that curled up at the side, a little crooked smirk that was so punchable. But Katsuki rocked back onto Dabi’s cock anyway, his teeth bared in a snarl and his heart thumping in his chest. And he pumped his cock in time with Dabi’s aggressive thrusts, relishing the feeling of heat and tension in his lower stomach and the way the muscles in his thighs and arms were shaking as he held himself up. And he was so close. So goddamn close!

“Oh shit!” Katsuki rolled his head, his body arching and fucking back onto Dabi’s cock as he stroked himself faster. “Fuck! Gonna-‘

“Come on,” Dabi said. He leaned forward, his back pressing up against Katsuki’s and his breath on his ear. “You’re really hot when you come.”

“Shut up! Hah.. Hah!” Katsuki’s entire body shuddered and Dabi bit on his ear as he came with a strangled yell. He shook, his hand pumping his cock as he orgasmed, cum splattering onto the carpet beneath him and his entire body spasming in pleasure. Until he too sensitive and dropped his hand to the ground. And throughout his orgasm, Dabi kept thrusting into him, his piercings still rubbing inside of him so beautifully. Until Katsuki’s yells subsided to quite groans and pants.

Dabi stopped moving. His chin rested on Katsuki’s shoulder. “You done?”

Katsuki growled and nodded. “Yes.”

“Okay, good. I’m not, so I’m going to keep going.”


Dabi’s hand was in Katsuki’s hair, pushing his head to the ground so his hips were at a different angle, and then fucking him with harsher movements then before. The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room again. Katsuki’s mouth opened in a loud groan as Dabi moved in and out of him, his piercings rubbing over his insides and against his prostate. Fuck. He’d just come, it was getting close to too much. But Katsuki grit his teeth and arched his back so Dabi could go deeper. Harder. He clenched around him, drank him in, rocked his hips back onto Dabi’s cock.

“Ah, fuck,” Katsuki sighed, rolling his hips to Dabi to fuck him deeper. “Keep going.”

“I’m going to,” Dabi said. His hands dug into Katsuki’s sides, his hand gripping Katsuki’s hair. Katsuki felt his hairs being plucked out of his skull. And his cock got half hard again as Dabi kept fucking him. His head moved back and forth on the carpet, his skin being rubbed so much he knew it would be red when they were done. And he closed his eyes, gripped the carpet, and let himself be fucked until he was a shivering mess.

He hated this. He hated that Dabi was always such a fucking tease, that he always pointed out how inexperienced Katsuki was, and he hated that he always fucked him hard and fast so he was left red and bruised and all he could think of all he could feel was Dabi. Nothing else existed when he entered that room and Dabi started fucking him. There was no All Might, no Deku, no provisional license or internship or villains. There was just sweat and skin and sex. Just this. So he let Dabi’s fingers burn him with flickering blue flames, let him fuck him so hard that his face was rubbed raw on the carpet. And he let Dabi thrust deeper inside of him, harder and faster until his hips were stuttering deep inside of Katsuki as he came with a long drawn-out sigh.

When he was done, Dabi pulled out and sat back on his heels to pull off the condom. He always wore one, said it was easier to clean up. Sometimes Katsuki’s heart thumped in his chest as he wondered what it would be like to feel Dabi come inside of him. But he also realised that Dabi was a massive pervert and basically an open wound on legs, he was probably crawling with infection and disease. He didn’t need any of that near his ass. Better this way.

“Are you heading out?” Dabi asked, getting up to throw the condom away.

Katsuki looked up at him from where his face was pressed to the carpet. Dabi’s burns stretched up his legs to his hips, then stopped so that his skin was smooth from his pelvis up to his collarbone, before the burns started again over his arms and jaw. It was sort of like he was wearing weird sleeves and leggings on top of his skin. Katsuki watched the staples in his skin glinting as Dabi crossed the room, before he shifted and pushed himself up onto his knees. There was a small burn on his side from Dabi’s hand, and a bitemark on his shoulder. Katsuki rubbed the bite with his thumb

“I’m just going to crash here,” he said. “I’ll leave early.”

“Sure.” Dabi stretched again, and the muscles in his back flexed. Katsuki could see his weird dark skin shifting, the staples along his flesh straining to keep his skin in place. And then Dabi’s hands dropped to his side and he yawned. The staples on his cheeks rippled. And he ran his fingers through his dark hair. Katsuki got up and climbed into the bed, rolling over to face away from him. Dabi stood by the bed and pulled a phone out from his jacket that was resting neatly over the back of a chair. His face was briefly lit up blue as he texted someone. Katsuki glared over his shoulder at him.

“How do you keep changing your number when you text me?” he asked.

Dabi looked at him. In the dim light, his eyes always glowed like two little candle flames. “I’m not going to tell you how I’m hiding from you.”

“Right.” Katsuki huffed and turned away from him, tugging the blanket up over his shoulders. His eyelids were heavy. His body sank into the mattress. All he could feel were the beginnings of bruises on his skin and the dimming euphoria from the sex, relaxing all his muscles and letting him slip away. He barely registered the creaking springs as Dabi got into bed next to him. Or the dim blue creeping over his shoulder from the phone. He just closed his eyes. Let himself sleep. And he always, always slept better after these nights.

He hated it. So much. That it was always Dabi who helped him sleep.

Katsuki’s phone alarm woke him up at five the next morning, blaring music through the room. Katsuki sat bolt upright, pressing a hand to his face and scrabbling for his phone to turn it off. He groaned. Yawned. Rolled his head around on his shoulders. And he looked to the side, to find Dabi still asleep and facing away from him. Some days he was gone in the morning, some days he was still asleep. He slept like a log, never waking up when Katsuki’s alarm went off.

Katsuki narrowed his eyes at him. He was a gangly, skinny prick with a shock of dark hair splayed on the pillow. The staples running along his shoulder blades were dull in the morning light. Katsuki reached out and pressed a finger to the cold metal of the staples. When he brought his hand back, there was a fleck of dried blood on the pad of his finger.

“Gross,” he muttered, wiping his thumb on the sheets.

Dabi didn’t stir as Katsuki got dressed, pulling on his trousers and tugging his hoodie back over his head. But when he was tying his shoes and getting up to leave, that’s when the bastard shifted and rolled over on the bed, one hand splayed on his chest and his mouth curled up into his crooked smile. “Have a good day. I’ll text you.”

“Fuck off,” Katsuki snarled.

“Love you, too.” Dabi said. And he yawned, rubbing his eye. “Close the door on the way out.”

Katsuki huffed and left the door wide open as he left.

The way that bar was set up, Katsuki couldn’t head out through the bar on the first floor. Not in the mornings. Instead, he had to turn and go to the other end of the corridor and out a little fire exit, down a shitty set of metal stairs in an alleyway full of garbage bags and a couple of stray cats. Katsuki pulled his hood up over his head as he stepped into the open air, glancing round to make sure nobody was around to see him. But luckily he always left early enough that hardly anyone was up. And he shoved his hands into the pocket of his hoodie and set off back to UA, his head bowed and his footsteps hurried.

The burn on his side was beginning to itch as his clothes rubbed against him. And his ass was sore as he walked, making him shake his hips a little at first to try and get used to it. He picked up his pace the closer he got to UA.

Katsuki had stashed his student pass in the usual place: on top of the outer wall hidden by one of the huge trees. He quickly shimmied back up the tree, grabbing the pass as he hopped over the wall. It was a neat trick: the pass never left the grounds so nobody would ever know that a student had snuck out, but he was able to grab it as soon as he came back so he was never registered as an intruder by the security sensors. This way, nobody would ever know what he’d been doing.

Katsuki’s feet touched down on the other side of the grounds. He breathed out, rolled his shoulders, and stood for a moment leaning against the wall just staring up at the buildings in front of him. Then he swallowed and pushed off from the wall, walking back up to the dorm. He wanted to get in a shower before anyone else was up. Rinse off any sweat or blood Dabi had left behind. That was another good thing about Dabi always using a condom: Katsuki had never had to try and clean cum out his own asshole in the dorm bathrooms. The lube was embarrassing enough, but if anyone saw him with some guy’s jizz in his ass it would raise too many questions. The last thing he needed was a conversation.

As he was heading up to the dorm, Katsuki turned a corner and almost walked right into someone. They barrelled into him, forcing him to take a few steps backwards and almost fall onto his ass.

“Oi, watch where you’re going,” Katsuki snapped. Then his eyes narrowed as he saw who’d walked into him. Deku.

Deku looked up at him, eyes wide beneath his mop of curly hair. “Ah, sorry Kacchan,” he said. Then he blinked. “Why are you up so early?”

“Training,” Katsuki huffed, his go-to excuse if he ran into anyone on the grounds.

Deku smiled. “Oh right, you have some supplementary classes today don’t you? Are they going well? I-“ Then his eyes widened and he took a step back. “Oh wait, I’m late for a meeting with Sir Nighteye. Sorry. I need to…”

And he ducked under Katsuki’s arm to keep running, his body crackling with electricity as he pelted away from him, still wearing his school uniform but carrying a box with his ugly hero costume in it. Katsuki watched him go, his lip curling a little up over his gums. Yeah okay, Deku had an internship and he had to run to catch up with some Pro Hero or whatever whilst Katsuki was stuck at his stupid extra classes. That was fine. Katsuki would let Deku have this. He had something better.

It was something Katsuki had decided weeks ago, before he’d first texted Dabi back to meet up. This thing with Dabi? The meet-ups for sex? It was an in. A way for Katsuki to get into the League of Villains, those bastards who thought they could fuck with him and bring down the Heroes. The pricks had been so eager to get him to join them, thought he would be an easy person to turn. He’d managed to shut that down. But now he had another in. A way to infiltrate them.

He would use Dabi to help him sleep, and he would also use Dabi to get to the rest of the villains. And as Deku was off doing his internship, Katsuki would bring down the entire League all by himself. Just watch.