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Taehyung was always weak spot for Hoseok. No matter how much he tried, he seemed not be able to resist the unique charm of his dongsaeng. Ever since he met him, Taehyung was his emotional roller coaster, from soft emotions to lust, Hoseok felt it. He didn’t just love Taehyung he was in love with him for a long time.

When Taehyung first came to him and smile his adorable box smile, Hoseok was hooked. It was that easy. Thinking it was just a brotherly love he felt for his second youngest member, Hoseok cooed and covered Tae with cuddles, but ever since the Rookie King episode and the famous kiss, things changed.


The kiss that supposed to be “a punishment” turned out to be introduction to something deeper. Hoseok first thought that only he felt the speed and warmth of the deep hole he was falling, until he felt two burning eyes watching him with peak interest and hidden desire from the darkness.


Hoseok who, until then, never question his sexuality, became aware of the new interest he was developing, the new curiosity. He and Taehyung got close, cuddling, flirting without the words, with younger man sleeping in Hoseok’s bed every night.


-You smell so good Hyung. – Tahyung would often murmur, his nose buried in the crook of Hoseok’s neck, breathing the older man’s scent. Hoseok always smelled the cleanest, so soft and fresh. Taehyung loved it. He loved to curl around Hoseok and the older man realized that he became very addicted of the latter’s body warmth, almost to the point that he couldn’t sleep properly without it. The line between friendship and romance was extremely thin and if there was any idea of crossing, it was quickly shattered when they all got reprimanded because of Seokjin and Namjoon, by their managers.


The pair in question, not only sneaked out to the party, but they ended up with two girls in the spare room, with their pants down and almost got filmed. Yoongi was caught two days later with the male staff member in the storage room, enjoying “a little stress relief” as Yoongi called it.


They were punished with severe restrictions and constant observation. The managers understood the sexual tension and need for release, after all, the dorm was filled with seven extremely horny teenagers, but they also had to make a good example for the younger members of the group, especially the maknae and ’95 liners. The image of the group and their careers were not to be ruin by the horny need, as one of their managers told them that night.


So Hoseok stayed calm, fighting his urges to move on Taehyung and everything stayed as it was. They never kissed again, they never spoke about it, not at loud at least, but the question remained, in both of their heads, “Should it happen again?”


Jimin was another matter though. The young man was naturally flirty and have extremely dirty mind. He hid it all with cuteness and playfulness, but Hoseok recognized the mischievous soul from the first day he met him. He loved to play with the young man, to make him flustered and to dominate him, especially because he was “the abs” of the group.


Jimin was perfect opportunity for Hoseok to try new things that were occupy his mind and to tone down his feelings and desires towards Taehyung. He never saw the young man as creature of lust, but as someone who is to be cherished and loved.


Not that he didn’t love and cherish Jimin as well, but Jimin always seemed like someone who is in with the game, while Taehyung didn’t. Boy was he wrong.





Taehyung, noticing that his Hyung started setting out the boundaries between them and grew closer with Jimin felt hurt, but held his silence and waited. His love and connection with Jiminie was too strong and only thing he was angry about was the fact that he wasn’t included. He watched Jimin got dominated by their “sunny” Hyung, how he grew flustered and aroused by a single look or touch. Taehyung knew that feeling very well. He was always too weak when he fell under Hoseok’s gaze. He watched the master of seduction work his magic first on Jimin, then Yoongi, creating something secretive and mysterious.


It was fascinated for Taehyung the way both Jimin and Yoongi never spoke about it, or better say, the way they both acted like it wasn’t happening. Tae knew though, his ability to presume and understand the diversity of humans mind and the fact that he was so in tune with Hoseok’s and Jimin thoughts, told him more about the depths of the secret than the surface implied. Jimin nearly spilled the story one night when he drank too much. He commented how the real dominating persons are not the quiet and calm ones, but the “innocent” looking ones and that people usually don’t realize who they are.


-They could be s-sitting in the same room with them…all nice and innocent…with s-smile too…and they would have no idea that they could make people cum from a single fucking word.


-Are you talking about yourself Hyung? – Jungkook teased. – Because that’s way too far fetched…


-You punk! – Jimin threw a wine cork at his head, but maknae dodge it.

He went to say something else but was stopped by Yoongi, saying that he had too much to drink and that should be in bed. Jimin first impulse was to complain, but seeing Yoongi’s glare and the faces around the room, Jimin bit his lip and stood up, following Yoongi, who was waiting to escort him to his room. The room went silent for a few seconds, but then Jin made a joke and everyone laughed and continued with their fun.


Everyone presumed instantly that something is going on between Jimin and Yoongi, which was true in the way, but not entirely. No one saw the quick and dangerous glare Hoseok gave to Jimin, which made the latter fall silent on the spot. Nor the way his eyes burned when he pointed to him silently to go with Yoongi…the promise of the punishment later on. No one, but Taehyung.




Hoseok felt eyes on him and turn to see whom they belong to and his heart skipped the beat when he saw Taehyung’s eyes. The young man looked at his very soul, stripping his composure and reading the truth behind the mask. Only Taehyung’s eyes could do that, to have that effect on Hoseok. There were curiosity and a pinch of accusation.

-“Why them and not me Hoseokie, hmm?” – Taehyung must have thought, because Hoseok felt the question linger between their minds, but didn’t answer. He was jerked by Jin’s loud laugh and he quickly put on his “sunny” mask to play along.


That night, he wrecked Jimin so much, that the boy cried from overstimulation, not making a sound louder than small whimper that was muffled by the pillow in their shared bedroom.  Yes, Hoseok loved Jiminie, but for both of them it was more the game and the pleasure, then romantic relationship, especially because Jimin had low key crush on Namjoon for a while now and even though Namjoon was their leader and seemed to dominate, Hoseok knew that he would be on the receiving end if Jimin ever got his hands on him.


The next morning Jimin came into the lounge with split headache and barely noticeable limp. The thing about Jiminie is his flexibility and high pain tolerance, so he hid his aching body well. Hoseok never hurt him seriously, they never crossed the pleasure line. He loved Jimin’s body which was soft at first glance, but hid strong muscles underneath. Hoseok wanted to squeeze him tight, grope his flesh and make him fell apart underneath him from pleasure almost every second of the day, but he controlled himself perfectly. The secret for keeping the secret is to don’t give reasons to be discovered in the first place, but no matter how careful he was, deep down he knew that Tae was onto him, reading him openly like a book. What confused him though, was the fact that Taehyung was silent, observing without a word.



But Taehyung was his old self, or at least that’s how it seemed. He was dorky, childish, adorable, funny, but also serious, seductive, dark and mysterious at the same time. Hoseok constantly felt like his heart will burst. He felt like he watched the tennis match, one side cheering for soft and adorable TaeTae, while the other rooted for dark and dangerous V. He had no idea which one he preferred, the sweet one or the erotic one, or maybe both. Hoseok had to go and rub one out after he watched Taehyung’s War of Hormones photo shoots. He was lilac and sexy as hell. Taehyung’s eyes caught his stare and hold onto it while tilting his head in invitation, together with lollipop in his mouth, making Hoseok burn inside from desire, but the directors, managers, staff, members, they were all there, it was frustrating.


That same night Jungkook came to Taehyung, asking for Overwatch, but Hoseok recognized the sly smirk on maknae’s lips. He shouldn’t be mad, but the idea of maknae with his Taehyung made him boiling. They all got used to this idea of forming “stress release” hookups with one another, by now. The managers still arranged professional hookups for the night whenever they asked for them, in secret, but their own arrangement was much easier and safer and Hoseok was the one who started them.


Now watching Jungkook rest his palm on Taehyung’s knee, while waited for the answer, Hoseok wanted to intervene, but Taehyung smiled and nodded, clasping Jungkook’s hand. Hoseok bit his lip from screaming and went to the dancing studio. He danced for three hours, until Yoongi came to get him, which he usually never did before, and yet there he was, staring at him and offering a hand for Hoseok to take.


-Come, Hoseokie, it’s late.


-I’m not finish yet Hyung… - He felt hands spinning him around, so he glared into Yoongi’s calm face.


-Hyung… - He tried to protest, but his words were drowned by Yoongi’s mouth. His body responded quickly and soon he had Yoongi crushed against the wall, kissing him passionately. They separated only a bit so they could look each other in the eyes.


-You are all sweaty Hoseokie.


Hoseok laughed. – I thought you like my sweat.


-Only when I’m the one who cause it in the first place. – He made disgusted face. – Now, let’s go take a shower, so I could make you sweat your way to orgasm by fucking me the way I like. It’s been a while.


-Damn it Hyung, how can you be so demanding and then so pliant later on?


-It’s a gift, now move. – He pushed Hoseok from him and then pulled him towards the showers. Hoseok adored his Hyung. From all of them, Yoongi was always the one who’s opinion and help he would go first. The only one who saw him vulnerable…the only one who knew about his feelings towards Taehyung…his Hyung who is always in control of everything and yet so compliant under Hoseok every time they were having sex.


-Trusting someone that much to give them complete control is the key to utter bliss. – Yoongi once said.


-Then how come you don’t give me your ass then Hyung? – Jimin asked from where he laid, all sweaty and sweetly exhausted.


-I would never trust you enough with my ass Park Jimin. – Yoongi said and Hoseok laughed wholeheartedly. Jimin punched his arm, but Yoongi added. – Respect your Hyung brat, beside, you butt is too perfect for me not to admire and visit every time.


-Now that was smooth Hyung. – Hoseok said and fist bumped Yoongi. Jimin puffed in annoyance, but only for a few seconds, before he stretched erotically, arching his ass in the air invitingly.


-Oh Jiminah… - Hoseok grunted, his hand sliding on his already awoken cock, while Yoongi moved to lick between Jimin’s cheeks, right on his rim.


-Aaaaah Hyung…fuck… yes….fuck… - He was arching more and more, impaling himself on Yoongi’s tongue, when Yoongi moved, slapping the arching butt.


-And that’s why I don’t give you my ass, because I can’t escape yours. – He said it and Jimin groaned, turning and straddling Yoongi before kissing him. Hoseok look at his watch on the bedside table. They still had one hour before the rest of the member come home, so he smiled and went to join in.


The thing they had wasn’t serious, at least not for Hoseok. It was sweet diversion from his real desire. He had no idea why he was so lost for Taehyung, or why he had difficulties approaching him when he knew that the young man would accept him, Hoseok was certain in that, but in some crazy way, Hoseok was glad he’s not giving in. They play this crazy chase game and enjoy other people instead each other. It drove Hoseok insane and made him chuckle at the same time.


Now it was Hoseok’s time, his first solo “Boy meets evil” was released and all of the members congratulated him. All except Taehyung, he was no where to be seen. Hoseok wondered why. He still kept wondering where the young man disappeared when he was jerked by his hand into the empty room. He was pushed against the door and came face to face with grinning Taehyung.


-Congratulations Hyung. That was awesome performance. – His voice was so deep and his eyes so intense. Hoseok could feel his breath on his skin.


-I’ve got something for you. – He said and opened his palm where thin black bracelet with small white stones lay. – This is couple’s bracelets. I have one. – He raised his other hand to show the white bracelet with black stones on his wrist. – And you now have the other one.


-Wow Taehyungie, it’s beautiful, thank you. – Hoseok said happily. He allowed Taehyung to wrap it around his left wrist, until he was pulled into a tight hug. He inhaled Taeyung’s perfume and almost moaned. Like he was feeling his arousal, Taehyung smiled and wrapped his long fingers on Hoseok’s hair, interlocking it with the copper locks.


-You looked so great when you danced Hyung. – Taehyung whispered in the older man’s ear. – So sexy…I couldn’t keep my eyes off you.


Hoseok’s breath hitched and he moved to look Taehyung in the eyes. His gaze was unwavering.




-Kiss me Hyung. – Taehyung whispered and Hoseok did without hesitation. It was their first kiss after the “Rookie King”, so different, but so familiar at the same time. Hoseok pulled the younger man closer into his embrace and Taehyung let go of everything, giving himself to him, but the loud yell from down the hall, calling Hoseok’s name, broke the spell and they jerked and moved several steps from one another.


-Taehyung… - Hoseok began again, wanting to say something, to give a promise or keep him by his side, but Taehyung smirked.


-I hope you like your present Hyung. Remember me while you wear it. – He said and step out from the room.


They weren’t alone after that and Kookie continued to sleep in Taehyung’s bed every night, if not him it was Jimin and Hoseok grew frustrated. Yoongi took the most of his frustration, not allowing Hoseok to go near Jimin when he was in that mood.


-He would grow attached and you will hurt him at the end. – Yoongi said and Hoseok rolled his eyes.


-He doesn’t want me Hyung, but you.


Yoongi puffed his cheeks and let go of the air. – I know…that’s why I’ve been avoiding him for the past few weeks. – They were sitting in Yoongi’s studio, working on some new song before taking a small break.


-I know, he’s been coming to me and begging to be fucked to oblivion.


-Jesus. – Yoongi groaned. – That boy would be the end of me someday.


-You love him. – Hoseok said gently.


-I love all of you. –Yoongi said and Hoseok smiled at the warmth of the older man’s voice. Yoongi only seemed cold, but his heart was big and warm.


-Yeah you do, but Jiminie…I think…just a bit more. – Hoseok teased.


-Like you like Taehyungie?


Hoseok’s smile disappeared and he absentmindedly rubbed the bracelet on his left wrist.


-Mhm, I thought so. – Yoongi said. -You know Kook and he are fucking, right?


Hoseok jaw clenched, yes, he knew. He just nodded, not trusting himself to speak.


-It’s just sex Hoseokie, just like you fuck all of us.


-All except Tae… and Jin Hyung…


Yoongi chuckled. – No, Hyung is too demanding for you. You will end up killing each other rather than fucking.


That made Hoseok laughs as well. – That’s true. I wonder how you do it.


-Well, we get along pretty well, you know…being roommates and all. He is a great lover.


-Lover? Wow, that’s very intimate way of calling whatever this that we have is.


Yoongi glared at him. – You know what I tried to say.


-What, that Hyung and you are like old married couple? – Hoseok laughed. – And people actually think that he and Namjoon are the “the thing”…parents of Bangtan. Jesus. – He roared with laughter.


-Hyung and I understand each other and yes we fuck, but we are not together. We are like partners, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.


-I know Hyung. I was just joking. – Hoseok put one hand on Yoongi’s thigh, stroking it slowly, while smiling, his demeanor changed instantly from chill to erotic in a second. Yoongi observed him silently, tongue rolling on the side of his cheek and he exhaled loudly before he spoke.


-You know, sometimes it’s truly difficult to predict where and when your personalities would switch. You always smiling, until you don’t and fuck if that’s not the most erotic thing I ever saw.


-Is that so? – Hoseok rose from his chair, placing his other hand on Yoongi’s other thigh.


-Yes, because that’s the exact moment where you stop being Hoseokie and became someone that can make me scream in pleasure.


-And do you want to scream? – Hoseok asked, his hands sliding up towards Yoongi’s cock.


-Fuck yeah. – Yoongi groaned and went to kiss Hoseok’s lips.



Taehyung on other hand continued developing skills and learning his own desires. As it turned out Jungkook was a perfect match and the two had many fun moments together. Sometimes Jimin would join and things would get a bit awkward, because whenever Jimin was involved, Jungkook had that weird need to top in everything, while he was alone with Taehyung, things ran smoothly. They enjoyed the moment as it went, riding the wave and all it wonders. With Jimin though, it was constant battle with the waves, because Jimin was a storm, huge waves and adrenaline. Jungkook who was always up for a challenge, clash his passion with Jimin often, but Taehyung didn’t want to be part of it, so he would let them exhaust each other before taking them into his arms.


He often wondered what would be like to be taken by Hoseok. After that kiss, they didn’t have opportunities to be alone and even when they did, Taehyung wanted for Hoseok to come to him, not other way around, which older man never did. So Taehyung let it be, he would wait. Wait and watch while his Hyung claim them one by one. Jin Hyung and he were the only two who were not enjoying the pleasure of their most seducing member. Even Jungkook acknowledged Hoseok’s dominance and the secret thing Yoongi, Hoseok and Jimin had become well known in the group, when Yoongi took Jin and Jimin went to Namjoon.


And still, they were close, on and off the camera, but always surrounded by everyone else, they never allowed themselves to be alone again, because they knew what will happen…and they weren’t sure they were ready for it yet.



Their hit “Blood, sweat and tears” was huge success and it skyrocket them into the top. At the end of that year, at MAMA awards, Jungkook welcomed their performance with dangling from ceiling and Namjoon’s calm voice. Then Hoseok and Jimin open up with their mix “Boy meets evil vs. Lie”. It was powerful. Hoseok could feel the audience rumbling, wanting more. Then “BS&T” came and Taehyung looked amazing, Hoseok barely concentrated, when Yoongi put his hand around Taehyung’s throat and then he nearly lost it when Taehyung and Jin came to the stage and played their little part. Tae crouched behind Jin, after showing his bare back where two scars were on his shoulder blades and covered Jin’s eyes, while moving his lips on the older man’s neck. Hoseok felt blood rushing, his body tensing like a string until a strong slap on his cheek shook him out of it.


-What the hell Hyung!? – He glared at Yoongi, who seemed unfazed.


-Put yourself together Hoseokie, we have performance to do. – And he went on, dragging Hoseok into position. Hoseok ignored Taehyung for the rest of that evening and the next day as well.


On Taehyung’s birthday however, they surprised him with the cake and a song like they do for all the members. It was after their performance where Taehyung yelled “My birthday!” while performing “Fire”. Hoseok watched Taehyung get a celebratory booty slap from Jungkookie and later from Jimin. Hoseok felt his “sunny” mask weight heavy on his face, but he managed to look neutral, especially because Yoongi was watching him from across the room in warning. Hyung, Hoseok thought, even though he allow him to dominate him in bedroom, Yoongi was still the one in charge out of it. Hoseok just nodded calmly and hold on to the gentle smile while watching his favorite dongsaeng play and joke with Jimin and Jungkook.


It didn’t get any better when Namjoon returned later on a bit flustered. On Yoongi’s question what happen, he said that he walked in into Jungkook giving Teahyung’s his birthday present.


-On his knees… - Namjoon went on explaining. - With Taehyung’s pants down… he was…


-Alright enough, we got it! – It was Hoseok who interrupted him harshly.


Needless to say, Hoseok cornered maknae some weeks later. He had him under the showers, pounding into him, while Jungkook moaned, banging his fists on the tiles.


-Oh right there Hyung…mmm…right there…


-Is this how you fuck Taehyung? Hmmm? Answer me Jungkookie.


Jungkook laugh and muffled his scream when Hoseok pounded into his prostate.


-Oh…fuck…you like our TaeTae, d-don’t you Hyung aaaaaahh….oh there, there! Don’t stop Hyung please…please… - But Hoseok slow down right then and Jungkook groaned from the loss of pressure.


-Answer my question Jungkook.


-Hyung please… I was s-so close…


-Jungkook. – Hoseok voice was dark and low on Jungkook’s ear and the young man shuddered violently. As it was in Jungkook’s nature to challenge the power, he didn’t resist this time as well.


-I’m amazed you didn’t have him yet Hyung. Everyone knows how lost you are for him and yet you stay back. You don’t know what you are missing.


Hoseok stabbed his hips into maknae and Jungkook screamed.


-Tell me… - He whispered in Jungkook’s ear quietly, continuing to jab his hips slowly and deeply into the wrecking latter.


-Aaaah…God… Hyung…


-I’m listening Jungkookah. – Another thrust, another whimper.


-H-he is w-wonderful Hyung…I love the way he moans with his deep voice…oh God, I love it… and the way his lips w-wrap…aaah… around my cock while he…he…ugh… slide down until my tip t-touch his throat…oh….and you know how…deep his mouth are…aaaaah Hyung fuck aah…


-More. – Hoseok growled.


-He…h-he looks so unreal…when he bounce on…..aaah AAAAH shit…fucking shit… - Hoseok was fucking him harshly now and Jungkook’s legs were nearly giving in, but Hoseok held him by his hips to keep him on place.


Jungkook cried from pleasure. – He feels fantastic…he…he asked m-me to show him…aaah…yes Hyung, please…


-He asked you what? – Hoseok asked through gritted teeth, the speed of his hips was animalistic. Jungkook begged.


-Please don’t stop now… I want to cum…please…Hyung please.


-It’s up to… you…satisfy you Hyung…and he will let you cum… - Hoseok bit Jungkook’s bare back while force his words out. He was so focused on the story, on Taehyung, that he barely held his own orgasm.


-Hyung please….


-He asked you to show him what Jungkookie?! – A harsh jab on his prostate caused Jungkook to scream. Hoseok’s hand gripped his leaking cock on the base and squeezed so he wouldn’t cum just yet. Jungkook cried from helplessness. The pleasure was amazing, but it was too much.


-He…he asked me to… s-show him how y-you fuck… - Hoseok’s entire body burned at this information.


-How? – He managed and Jungkook used his last strength to answer him. – By pretending to be you…


Hoseok lost it. He started pounding into maknae with such violence that Jungkook’s knees gave up and they both sank to the tiles. Jungkook shook from high pleasure he felt, mouth opened in silent scream, while his body convulsed from the constant prostate abuse. He came harshly after Hoseok pumped him only twice and whisper “Come for Hyung”. Hoseok followed second after.



At Seoul Music Awards Hoseok opened their performance with his solo “Boy meets Evil”, before the rest of the members joined in with “BS&T” and “Fire” as they always did. It was the beginning of 2017. Only few months until they go to their vacation and work on their new album, Taehyung watched Hoseok dance at that stage like no tomorrow. He was magnificent. White shirt tucked in his black trousers and black tie, while his blonde hair rippled from the dancing. He looked hot and dangerous and Taehyung whined a little. Jimin smirked.


-You should go to him. – He whispered to Taehyung’s ear.




-Why are you so stubborn? He wants you and you want him, what’s the problem?




-But why?


-You don’t understand Jiminie. I don’t want to. He has to come to me.


-What if he doesn’t? – Jimin asked and Taehyung’s heart faltered a bit. Seriously, what if he doesn’t? Quick murmur from Namjoon to get ready saved Taehyung from answering and they got into a position.


Jungkook told him about Hoseok’s reaction and what happened. Taehyung was mad at the audacity of his Hyung, who had no balls to come to him alone and continued to dominate entire group because of that, all because he was afraid of facing Taehyung. Those thoughts didn’t leave him for a while, not until he came to conclusion to play with him, to lure him in.


Jungkook even suggested trying to make Hoseok jealous, but Tae shook his head.


-I don’t want him punish you.


-I don’t mind. Hyung fucks great when he’s mad. Besides, he seems to think that I’m his biggest treat.


-Only because he doesn’t know the thing going on between Jin Hyung and you.


Jungkook laughed. – Just because he cannot fuck Jin Hyung doesn’t mean I can’t.


-You are such a brat sometimes Kookie. This is not a competition.


-Well he made it so.


-No he isn’t. Stop making it so.


-It wasn’t me!


-What’s with the noise? – Jimin walked in Jungkook’s room at that moment.


-Oh just Kookie sizing his dick size with Hoseokie Hyung. – Taehyung said.


-I am not and that’s not it! Tae is just mad that Hyung didn’t come to him yet.


Jimin came to his best friend and sat on the bed next to him, taking his hand in his.


-He will come to you Taehyungie. He is crazy about you. – He said gently.


-I told him he should make him jealous, but he doesn’t want it. – Jungkook said.


-It’s not that I don’t want it it’s that I don’t want to use you, because he already seem to have a bone to pick with you.


-How? What happened? – Jimin asked.


-Go on… tell him what you told me.


And Jungkook did, in detail. By the end of the story, Jimin was roaring with laughter.


-Oh Hoseokie hyung… he is amazing…I swear… did you really cried Jungkookie?


The two started up a fight and Taehyung, avoiding them, lost himself in thoughts.



After they won Top Social Artist Award on Billboard Music Awards 2017, they were over the Moon. That was serious achievement on American soil and more doors started opening for KPOP in another countries. The night after that, they were all in one room, celebrating, when Hoseok felt Taehyung’s hand in his. They locked gaze and the tension rose between them. Taehyung took Hoseok’s palm and kissed it, which made Hoseok gasp, eyes not wavering from younger man. He drew closer to him and Taehyung licked his lips. They were so close when someone called them, Hoseok didn’t remember who anymore, he just remember cursing them out loud. Taehyung simply smiled and moved away and Hoseok didn’t do anything to stop him.


Taehyung was making his life even more difficult and Hoseok didn’t know exactly when Taehyung grow so fucking gorgeous. Not just physically, he was always impressive there, but mentally. He was even more quiet and observing, at least around Hoseok and his long intense stares made him feel all sorts of things. Occasional slap on the butt while standing next to each other, gentle stares across the room, back hugs, flirting, everything was just controlled. Every time Hoseok thought that Taehyung would come to him, Taehyung didn’t and still Hoseok didn’t approach him either.


The date for their new album “Love Yourself: Her” was approaching and Jimin’s solo “Serendipity” as well, but for the moment they had second season of Bon Voyage to shoot. This time they were on Hawaii and having a blast. Hoseok cursed slightly for ending up rooming with Jin, instead of Taehyung, who was sharing the bed with Namjoon. He didn’t even ended up in “friendship” team with him, but at least he knew that Namjoon wouldn’t do anything out of line, not with Tae and Yoongi truly saw him as his little brother, so Hoseok was relieved.


Taehyung looked amazing. His hair was longer and lighter and he was handsome as hell. They sat together in the plane on their way there, they also went to shopping and spend a quality time together, but the cameras ware constantly in their faces and if the hand linger on other or gaze became too intense they became aware of that instantly.


His “friendship” teammate – Namjoon and he got even closer in duration of this trip and after the nice day together and dinner, where they seriously talk about everything on and off cameras and by the end of the evening Namjoon kissed him out of closeness and friendship love he felt towards his ’94 liner. Hoseok welcome it, because he felt the same. It was not romantic, but simply fondness and intimacy of the act. The kiss gotten heated though and Hoseok had Namjoon pinned against the wall, one of his thighs between Namjoon’s leg while Namjoon whimpered. And that’s how Taehyung saw them.


-Taehyungie… - Namjoon saw him first and pushed Hoseok slightly.


-If you want I can clear the room for you and sleep somewhere else? – Taehyung said with flat voice since he was Namjoon’s roommate.


-No! – Both men shouted in unison.


-Okay, let me know if you do. Sorry to interrupt you. – He turned and left after that, Hoseok groaned and Namjoon felt guilty.


-I am sorry Hobi, I am… I don’t know what came into me.


-It’s fine Namjoonie, it’s not your fault. You did nothing wrong.


-But he saw us and I know about…


-Namjoonie it’s not your fault. – Hoseok warned. – It’s mine. I should refuse you, but to tell you the truth I didn’t want it. I liked our kiss.


-Me too, but still…


-Enough…do you want us to continue.


-God no. – Namjoon said honestly and Hoseok laughed. At that moment a muffled moan came from Yoongi and Jimin’s room, followed by heated panting and bed squeaking.


-Well at least some of us have fun. – Namjoon said.


-Seems like it. – Hoseok agreed. – Good night Namjoonie.


-Night Hobi.


The next morning Taehyung haven’t say the word, but just kept acting his cute extra self and Hoseok wanted to pin him up and kiss him harshly. What’s worth, Taehyung kept playing with Jungkook even more and Jungkook, that little ass continued smirking at Hoseok whenever he would catch him staring. On one of that occasion they were at restaurant, eating and watching some Hawaiian dance performance and Jungkook sat next to Taehyung. When Tae accidentally spilled his juice on Jungkook’s pants he quickly went on brushing it with the napkin. He reached higher and higher with every movement making the younger man barely holding himself calm.


Hoseok saw maknae whispering something into Taehyung’s ear, making him biting his lip and smiling, watching at the crowd. Jungkook giggled in his ear and lower his hand on Taehyung’s lap. Taehyung gasped slightly, but covered it up by cheering at the performance. They were extra touchy when they returned to their rooms. Hoseok could heard them talking and kissing behind the door, on his way from the shower. It seems that Namjoon would sleep in the living room tonight. He entered his and Jin’s room and proceeded of putting his pajama to sleep.


Jin, who sat in his bed and reading the book was silently watching him. Hoseok noticed and asked him why. Jin response made him halter his movements.


-How come we never had sex? – Jin asked nonchalantly, putting the book down and intertwining his fingers together. He went on. - Taehyung and I are the only ones who never had sex with you, while others did. I wonder why… - He thought a little before continuing. - Hmmm… well Taehyung obviously because you have serious crush on him, but me… you don’t have crush on me don’t you?


-No Hyung, I don’t. – Hoseok answered carefully.


-You don’t have crush on others either and yet you had sex with them. Why not me?


-You never seemed like you want to have sex with me Hyung. Do you?


-God no. I’m just curious. I’m feeling left out you know. You could at least ask.


Hoseok laughed, the tension he felt evaporated. He finished his putting on the shirt and went to his bed next to Jin’s. – Oh Hyung, the reason why I didn’t approach you is because I knew you didn’t want me to, but you know Hyung, you could always come to me whenever you want… if you feel the need…that is, if Yoongi and Namjoon are not there…


-Yoongi is spending more and more time with Jiminie and Namjoon is clumsy darling, but not so dominant to my liking. Still I’m good.


-What about Jungkook? – Hoseok asked, plunging his phone for charging.


-What about Jungkook? – Jin asked carefully.


-He is young and strong and he had a thing for you.

Kookie is too young for me Hoseokie… no…I’m quite satisfied.


-Are you sure Hyung? Jungkook wouldn’t mind at all.


-I think he had thing for Taehyungie, so don’t try to remove him out of the picture Hoseokie… - Jin pointed his crooked finger at Hoseok’s chest. – Just because you don’t want to go to TaeTae.


-It’s not that Hyung.


-I don’t see what’s so complicated.


-I can’t go to him like I do to everybody else. I love all of you very much. I would die for you, but my feelings for Taehyung are… much deeper. It’s not just play and sex, it’s… - Hoseok struggled with his words, hoping that Jin wouldn’t misunderstand him and take offence, but the older man was surprisingly calm.


-You are in love with him. – Jin said instead of him and Hoseok nodded silently.


-And I can’t just go and have sex with him. I want much more.


-He is in love with you as well. – Jin said gently, watching his dongsaeng.


-I know that.


-Then why Hoseok? Why don’t you talk to him?


- It’s not the right time now. I just feel it.


-That’s bullshit. If you keep it up like that, you might loose him Hoseokie.


-God, I hope not.




DNA” song was a huge hit, especially in America. They are expanding ground, gaining more fame and more publicity from all over the world. They ware drunk from the adrenaline. Taehyung went to Hoseok’s and Jimin’s hotel room before they all go to the venue. He watch them getting dressed. Jiminie was like fury, running here and there, trying to find the perfect combination.


-Where is my necklace? – Jimin asked.


-Last time I saw it, it was around Jungkookie’s neck.


-I will kill him. – And with that he ran out of the room in search of Jungkook.


Hoseok and Taehyung chuckled, meeting each other’s gaze in the mirror. Hoseok was trying to decide which tie to wear.


-Taehyungie, left or right?


-Right. It suits better with your red hair.


Hoseok nodded and proceeded to put it on, not leaving Taehyung’s eyes for a moment.


-You will never be able to tie it up if you keep watching me like that Hyung.


-You look very good Taehyungie. It’s hard not to.


Taehyung stood up from the chair and went to stand behind him.


-Well then…let me help you and you can keep looking at me hmm? - He said and placed his long fingers on the cloth and started tying the stylish knot.


-You look so good in the suit Hyung, so handsome. – His fingers and his eyes concentrated on the task at hand, while the intensity of Hoseok’s stare made him bit his lip and breathe faster.


-I want to tie you up with this tie. – Hoseok said suddenly and their eyes met. Taehyung’s heart stopped before started thumping insanely. Hoseok’s voice were in sort of trance while he watched the young man behind him.  – I want to worship every part of your body with my mouth and make you moan my name when you cum.


Taehyung gasped. – Why don’t you? – He asked and then slowly latched his mouth on elder’s neck, kissing it. Hoseok groaned and closed his eyes, his body tensed and he reached to grab Taehyung’s gray locks.


-Fuck Taehyung, you drive me crazy.  – He turned and kissed the young man fiercely, licking into his mouth, making him moan deeply. Taehyung’s entire body was on fire and he felt Hoseok’s arousal pressing against his thigh.


-Hyung….come to me… - He said and Hoseok pressed even further.


The sound of footsteps approaching separated them yet again and they moved from each other heavily panting.


-For God’s sake, will there ever be the time when no one would interrupt us? – Hoseok groaned from irritation.


The sound of the opening door and Jungkook’s and Jimin’s loud voices as they entered the room, arguing, stopped any conversation between the two men already inside.


The sudden awkwardness didn’t escape maknae and Taehyung’s “soulmate” and both of them haltered in their tracks to observe their disheveled looks and red cheeks. Jimin’s curiosity was prompt him to ask, at the same time when Jungkook blurted out.


-Did we interrupt something?


-Should we return later?


Both of the men shook their heads and Hoseok, clearing his voice said.


-Hurry up. We are going to be late. – And left the room. Jimin and Jungkook eyed Taehyung, ready to jump on him for more information, but Taehyung just told them to hurry and went out as well.


Walking to his and Jin Hyung’s room, Taehyung was determined, now even more than before that he will not be the one making the first move. No, Hoseok must be the one to come to him.



The year 2017 was successful for BTS and they became bigger beyond their wildest dreams. After winning the Top Artist Billboard Award, Melon Global Artist, Mnet Artist of the Year, Daesang Award and many more, BTS grew so big and opened so many doors for other Kpop groups, that some of them grew jealous instead of grateful.


But boys paid no heed to them and continue with their work. They just finished the remix for one of their songs “Mic Drop rmx”, which they did in collaboration with Steve Aoki, to whom they’ve met when they were touring in America. When everything was finished, they went on working on the music video. Their styling was badass and all of them were satisfied by it. While “DNA” was colorful and playful, Mic Drop rmx was full of swag and hip-hop, which suited them very much. Needless to say, the song was a huge hit around the Globe.


During their MAMA Awards at the end of the year, they made a spectacle. Started with “Beyond Wormhole” intro, with a awesome special effects that left audience breathless, straight to “Not Today” and ”DNA”, dancing exhaustingly, only to fuel things even more with “Cypher 4”, where Hoseok, Namjoon and Yoongi brought all their rapping glory and shut the haters once more. They finished with “Mic Drop remix”, together with dance break after everything, rolling their hips and bringing everything to the table, proving once again, why are they on the top.


They were exhausted. They couldn’t wait to go to their hotel and sleep, but they held their cool and as soon as they composed themselves sufficiently enough they were ushered back on their seats, only to be called to the stage again, to receive their “Artist of the year” Award. They were tired, sweaty, but happy.


Taehyung looked at Hoseok, beaming and older man fought huge desire to kiss him then and there, but they weren’t alone, so he just held his hand on their drive back to hotel. Jimin who was always ecstatic and horny after big performance dragged Yoongi into his hotel room as soon as they arrived. Hoseok wondered if Yoongi would stay awake sufficiently enough to fulfill Jimin’s needs, but knowing Jimin, he would make sure to keep him on the edge the hole time, no mater how exhausted they are.


Hoseok barely showered and was ready to fall on the bed instantly when he heard a light knock on the door. He opened only to find Taehyung there, his heart fluttered.


-Taehyungie. Come in. – He moved for Taehyung to enter, but the young man shook his head.


-I just came to wish you good night Hyung. I’m so tired, I barely stand.


-Me too. You were excellent tonight Tae.


-Not comparing to you Hyung, you rocked it!


-Don’t do that. Don’t put yourself down like that.  – Hoseok reached to cup Taehyung’s cheek, caressing it with his thumb. – You are magnificent Taehyungie. – He said silently and drew nearer. – I forget to breathe sometimes when I look at you. – His lips were so close to Taehyung’s now. – You are so breathtaking my love.


-Hyung… - Taehyung said weakly, torn between desire to give in and break all of his resolution and step away so he wouldn’t faint form lack of energy he felt. Hoseok didn’t help him at all. Taehyung felt weak in the knees just by watching him, let alone having his warm body so close to his.


-Stay with me tonight love. Please stay with me Taehyungie. – Hoseok pleaded quietly, placing their foreheads together. – I need you please. – Warm breath tickled Taehyung’s lips as Hoseok kept murmuring softly.


-Hyung, someone might see us. – Taehyung whispered, making Hoseok become aware that they are in the hotel hallway, so any of other guests might see them. Hoseok didn’t answer, but slowly pulled Taehyung by his waist with him in his room, foreheads still connected, eyes closed as they breathe to each other’s mouths. Taehyung’s body followed Hoseok’s lead meekly and only when the door was closed behind them and he felt his back pressed against it did Taehyung gasped and caught the older man’s mouth with his. It was so sweet, so needy so passionate. Hoseok pushed his thigh forward, while hooking one of Taehyung’s legs around his waist with his hand and rolled his hips agonizingly slow. Taehyung moaned into his mouth and buckle his hips to meet the others. Hoseok couldn’t believe that he finally have the younger man in his arms. His emotions were stirred ferociously.


They don’t remember how they got rid off their clothes they only became aware of their hot naked skin on each other, their erections rubbing against one another in fast chase for relief. Hoseok fell on his knees, kissing Taehyungs soft tummy until he wrapped his mouth around Taehyung’s cock. Deep sinful sound came from Taehyung, fueling Hoseok to the end.


-Ah Hyung… you make me feel amazing…aah… - Every word from Taehyung’s mouth made Hoseok bob his head faster and deeper, while jerking himself with such force that he nearly cried from pleasure.


-Hyung….oh Hyung… oh, OH! OH! – Taehyung came, filling Hoseok’s mouth with his cum. Trying to catch his breath, Taehyung looked down at his favorite Hyung only to see that he also had finished, shaking slightly from the intensity of his orgasm.


-Hyung… - Taehyung dropped to his knees as well in front of Hoseok, cupping his face in his hands and kissing him gently. He then reached and raised Hoseok’s, wet with cum, hand only to lick to it, tasting him. Hoseok’s breath hitched and he groaned at the sight. He watched his dongsaeng lick every drop of the white substance with his tongue, before kiss him hard on the mouth.


They separated, panting heavily, when Taehyung whined.


-Hyung, I’m so tired.


Hoseok nodded and stood, pulling his dongsaeng on his feet and ushering him on the shower. Taehyung protested, but Hoseok was firm, rinsing them quickly and drying before they put back their sleeping attire and went to bed, cuddling against each other. Hoseok haven’t been this happy for a long time. He watched Taehyung fall asleep the moment his head touched Hoseok’s shoulder and Hoseok just pulled him closer, kissing him on the hair before he lost his consciousness as well.


Between practicing their choreography and working on their Japanese album version, as well as their new album Love Yourself Tear, which supposed to come out in May, and shooting Run episodes, they didn’t have plenty of free time for themselves at all.


Hoseok was busy with his Mix Tape – Hope World and was very proud when it came out. On the shooting of his music video for “Hope World” and later for “Airplane” all members has shown to support him. His heart was full. Taehyung came to the set with Yeontan, the small black dog with strong eyebrows that he adopted at the end of last year.


-Aigoo!!! Aigoo!! Kim Taehyung is here!!!– Hoseok exclaimed after seeing his favorite person and hugged the life out of Taehyung. Hoseok barely controlled himself not to do something stupid in front of the cameras, which were filming the process of shooting the music video. Taehyung just stood there, slightly flustered by that warm welcome and start playing with his hair, which he did every time he was nervous. Hoseok noticed and smiled gently before going to the table to see what Taehyung brought him to eat. That’s when he noticed his little dog.


-Oh Tannie is here too?! He grew a lot. – He took a small dog in his arms and snuggle his nose into small dog’s fur.


Some moments later, Yoongi and Jungkook also came and Taehyung did a cameo in his video as a sleeping Hoseok. He grinned his box smile after it was done, enjoying the fun and Hoseok couldn’t resist, but to hug him again and again, missing him terribly.


After that night in the hotel room neither Hoseok nor Taehyung had time for themselves, let alone for each other. They didn’t share bed, nor did they come to each other’s embrace again. Constant stares, smiles and teasing were there, but nothing more. They were constantly together as a group and worked day and night, preparing for their upcoming tour and comeback.


Taehyung was given solo into for their new comeback. The song called “Singularity” and it was so soulful and sensual. The lyrics spoke volumes and Hoseok found himself in those words, bleeding behind the mask, hiding his true self behind the Idol image, hiding his emotions from the world and from himself.


When the video for the song came out, three rappers just returned from the business lunch where they discussed their new song that they were working on “Ddaeng” with Bang Si-hyuk and other BigHit officials. The song was to cause some controversy so they had to go through everything. Jimin, Jin and Jungkook were watching the video on laptop, commenting loudly, praising Taehyung how handsome and awesome he is. That drew Hoseok’s attention.


-What are you watching? – Namjoon asked and both Jimin and Jin responded.


-TaeTae’s MV! It’s awesome, you got to see it.


Yoongi and Namjoon quickly joined them, but Hoseok turned and went to his room, turning on his laptop and search for the video. He watched alone, silent, without blinking, completely awestruck. He knew that Taehyung is magnificent, full of talent and beauty, but seeing him then, was breathtaking. He started to shake. He didn’t mind Jimin’s words much when he said that TaeTae is going to make a huge impact, since he visited the set on the day of the shooting. Hoseok already knew that, but this… this was something different. He felt like every look, every word every move was for him and him alone. He played video over and over again, feeling completely enchanted by it. He was so lost that he didn’t hear Jimin’s soft footsteps behind him and he jerked when he spoke.


-He is at dancing studio, waiting for you.


Hoseok turned eyes wide, his breath hitched.


-Go to him Hyung… - Jimin said and smiled softly.


Hoseok didn’t need to be told twice. He jumped and ran out of the dorm.


-What the fuck? – Yoongi grunted, watching Hoseok run past them without a word.


-Where did he go? – Jin asked. Namjoon just looked confused as he looked at Jimin. – What’s wrong?


-Nothing is wrong. Something is right. – Jimin said smugly. – He went to speak to Taehyung…among other things…


-Oh, finally! – Jungkook exclaimed, smiling mischievously with his bunny smile.





Taehyung sat across the mirror, watching his reflection. He put serious effort to look alluring and sexy. He lightened dozens of candles across the room, even more amplified by the mirrors, as he sat on dark velvet cover, waiting. Taehyung always loved beautiful aesthetic and since the dorm was always full, this few small details was only things he managed to secure as he barely succeeded of grabbing a few hours of solitude in dancing studio, with the help of Jimin and manager Sejin, making sure that no one would use it for the time being and that cameras would be off.


He kept scrolling down his phone, but smiled slowly when he heard a hurried footsteps approaching. He raised his eyes towards the door in expectation and his heart leaped when he saw who walk through them, looking around until he found him. Taehyung’s heart beat increased, but he forced himself to stay calm as he starred in Hoseok’s dark orbs.


-You certainly took your time Hyung. – Taehyung said seductively, intentionally making his voice couple of octaves lower, more silken since he knew that the elder won’t be able to resist it. He wasn’t disappointed. Hoseok gulped visibly, his eyes lustful and hungry as he approached him slowly, like a panther to his pray. Taehyung shivered and lifted his head proudly as he watched him steady in the eyes through the mirror.


-What is this Taehyungie? – Hoseok asked, breathing heavily.


-What is it looks like Hyung? – Taehyung tilted his head a little, showing his long golden neck. Hoseok’s voice was raspy as he spoke.


-It looks like you trying to seduce me love.


-Oh I think I already did that…long before, won’t you agree Hyung? – His eyes twinkled mischievously as he smirked towards the elder.


-Oh most definitely Angel. So…what’s this? – He asked, spreading his hands to show around the room, at the candle lights in the darkness of the studio, the velvety cover and a small bag next to Taehyung’s folded legs.


-Just something to set the mood. – Taehyung answered, letting a small gasp as Hoseok’s fingertips crossed his exposed neck. Hoseok’s dominance was on full power and he never looked more dangerous or more erotic as he was now. Taehyung felt pleasant shivers vibrating underneath his skin from anticipation.


-Tell me… - Hoseok said, fingers scratching sensually on Taehyung’s scalp, immersing underneath his dark locks. Taehyung licked his lips slowly. They didn’t break the gaze since they locked it the first time. It was powerful, demanding, alluring. Taehyung was hard, body aching for release. He fought for the control. He needs it if he was to tame this gorgeous wild animal behind him.


-Take off your tie Hyung. – He said suddenly and Hoseok’s brow furrow slightly, but he did what Taehyung told him. As he was pulling off the slim fabric, Taehyung’s raised his arms above his head. Pulling his wrists together, his eyes blazed with the need and Hoseok nearly groaned loudly when the young man spoke.


-Tie me.



Hoseok felt his world spinning. His body tensed like a spring, ready to react on any order his mind would order, and his mind was screaming. It’s finally happening. This gorgeous exotic creature Kim Taehyung would finally be his. It’s time, the perfect time, Hoseok thought.


He reached for Tahyung’s wrists and tied them up front carefully and then proceeded kneeling behind him. One of Hoseok’s hands reached towards Taehyung’s hair, wrapping his fingers firmly and pulling back, exposing the young man’s neck, his skin moving slightly as the young man gulped in anticipation.


-So beautiful…and all mine. – He whispered in the latter’s ear, making him shudder. His sinful tongue slider out to lick Taehyung’s earlobe, trailing the wet kisses down the neck, while his other hand roamed his chest, unbuttoning Taehyung’s dark, almost transparent shirt to touch the hot skin beneath. Taehyung was gasping. The muscles on his body were twitching as the nerves tingled everywhere where Hoseok’s slender fingers  worked their way down, crossing the perky buds with his warm palms and unbuttoning the rest of the shirt, revealing now visible and defined bulge in Taehyung’s pants, playing it around, never really touching it. Taehyung whined, his need to kiss his Hyung was big, but the older man held him tightly by the hair, his eyes closed as he devour his neck.


-Hyung…Look at me. – Taehyung said sensually and their eyes met. – I’m I not beautiful Hyung? – He asked. - It’s all just for you.


Hoseok groaned at the sight. Taehyung looked even more gorgeous that he imagined, head tilted back, mouth slightly opened as his neck was now sleek with Hoseok’s saliva and bites, eyes half lidded and impossibly seducing, shirt opened revealing nicely toned chest with two perky buds and soft tummy and under his tied hands was a evidence or his arousal, strong and defined under the dark cloth. Hoseok’s mouth filled with drool as his eyes rested between man’s legs, ready to be reacquainted with Taehyung’s cock once again.


-Oh your knees Angel, face the mirrors. – He said and moved away so that Taehyung could do what he was bid. Once on his elbows and knees, slightly parted, his butt arched invitingly to be taken and Hoseok would love nothing more than to plunge himself in that tight warmth right away, but he forced himself to go slowly, so he could enjoy it longer. He was so immerse into Taehyung posture that he became aware of the man’s gaze only when small gasp filled his sensitive ears. The soul reading stare dug deep into Hoseok’s being and he felt himself twitching in his pants. He threw his head back and groaned in frustration, hand squeezing his own erection before he started to take his jacket off, when Taehyung spoke.


-No, leave it on. I… I want you like that.


Hoseok’s eyes trailed on his own reflection. He looked good, dark hair parted in the middle, exposing his forehead, burning eyes filled with lustful need and dominant face. His dark pants and jacket made his body look so handsome, while white shirt gave him classiness.


-Unbutton the first three buttons of your shirt Hyung.


And Hoseok did, exposing thin Versace “Medusa” pendant, Taehyung’s birthday gift.


-You still wearing it.


-I never take it off if I really don’t have to. You are always with me Taehyungie.


Taehyung whimpered at that, arching his back more. His beautiful ass was demanding Hoseok’s entire attention. He knelt again behind him, spreading Taehyung’s legs wider so he could slip between them. He placed his palms on Taehyung’s thighs and gave them a little squeeze. Taehyung moaned slightly. Hoseok did it again, but slid them up to the hips and back down, caressing the outer sides. He pushed his palms up Taehyungs hips to his arched back, bending over the kneeling man to reach his neck, scratching the exposed skin lightly, making Taehyung shiver with every touch on his body as Hoseok’s own bulge brushed at his ass. Hoseok pulled his hands down again, stopping when he reached his waist, only to follow the waistband of Taehyung’s pants so he could unbutton it carefully so not to touch his painfully hard member. He looked at the mirror at Taehyung’s face and had to bit his lip when he saw Taehyung’s expression. His mouth was open, breathing heavily, while his eyes were closed.


Hoseok suddenly pulled Taehyung’s hips back, ass hitting Hoseok’s groin and both of them moaned at that, the latter’s eyes opened widely to stare at the man behind him. Hoseok repeated the move, grinding tightly at Taehyung’s ass.


-Uh…Hyung… - Taehyung whispered. – Take…t-take them off.


Hoseok grabbed the waistband of his pants, together with his underwear and pulled it slowly across the soft golden skin, revealing two perfect ass cheeks and…


-Oh God Taehyung… - Hoseok gasped.


-It took me a while until I’ve found the “Sun” shaped one. – Taehyung said his voice more serious, steady and deep. Hoseok had trouble breathing. – It reminded me of you… - He added cheekily. – I also didn’t know how much time we would have, so I came prepared… unless you want me other way around Hyung…


Hoseok’s astonishment with sunny butt plug between Taehyung’s cheeks shook him so much that he almost didn’t hear the last part of Taehyung’s words. His eyebrow hitched and he looked hungrily into Taehyung’s eyes through the mirror.


-Oh no Taehyungie… not tonight… - His voice was deeper and more sinful that he ever was and Taehyung nearly came right then and there. He licked his lips, allowing his tongue to teasingly stay on his lips longer, knowing that that would drove older man crazy.


Hoseok’s gasped between his teeth and his eyes fell back on the “Sun”. He reached and grazed it with his fingers, allowing them to trail down to Taehyung’s balls, squeezing them slightly.


-Oh fuck Hyung!


Hoseok’s hand reached between Taehyung’s legs even further, trailing on the base of young man’s cock. Taehyung buckle back into the hand, wanting more friction, but Hoseok removed his hand.


-Hyung… Touch me.


-Say please.


Taehyung’s eyes glared at him through the mirror, but Hoseok only smirked and trailed his fingers across the plug again, making Taehyung moan.


-Do you want Hyung to make you feel so good? Hmm? – He asked erotically. – Then say please Taehyungie.


-And if I don’t Hyung? - The defiance in Taehyung’s voice made Hoseok insides growl from challenge, but his body and face remained relaxed.


-Then you won’t feel good Taehyungie. – He said smiling slyly.  – Don’t you want Hyung to make you feel good? – Hoseok tilted his head, smile still on his lips, but was momentarily shook, completely unprepared for Taehyung’s next move. Taehyung knelt up, shoulders straight, eyes blazing with defiance. He reached to retrieve something from his right pants pocket.


-You know Hyung…the “Sun” comes with many perks…one of them are batteries.


Only then did Hoseok saw what was Taehyung holding, a remote control.


-So…if you refuse me my pleasure, I could still have one…even without begging. – He pressed the button on the remote and the quiet buzzing disrupted the silence in the room. Taehyung’s entire body shuddered. – I wonder how… long c-can you…s-stand there and watch…oh… until you j-join me Hyung. Aaaahh God…s-so good…


He held a remote in one hand while wrapping the other around his leaking cock, stroking it the best he could, since his hands were still tied. The moans and the sight itself was too much for Hoseok and he stood up, unzipping his pants, so he could pull out his thick cock, arching Taehyung’s head back in the process by pulling his hair, he locked his eyes with his and hissed dangerously.


-Good boys deserve reward…bad boys are paying the price. – He kissed him harshly on the mouth, grabbing the remote control from Taehyung’s hands when the latter was distracted and then straightened so he could press the tip of his cock on Taehyung’s swollen hips.


-Open Angel, you know how much I love when you suck on your lollipops.


Taehyung groaned at that and latched his lips around the tip sucking harshly.


-Aaaaah that’s good…God…that’s good. – Hoseok groaned.


Enjoying the praise, Taehyung licked around it, digging the tip of his tongue on Hoseok’s slit, reaching up with his tied hands to play with the other man’s balls. The clasp on his hair tightened as Hoseok guided his head to take him deeper until it reached his throat. Hoseok increased the vibration intensity on the remote and Taehyung moaned deeply, sending his own vibrations on Hoseok’s cock.


-God you feel amazing love…fuck. – Hoseok gasped as the young man started bobbing his head, whimpering and moaning around the thick member in his mouth, coating it with saliva and precum, eyes feverish from the arousal. He pulled out, gasping for air.


-Hyung! Hyung I will cum! I don’t want to cum…not without you in me, Hyung…


-Say please Taehyungie.


-Aaaaaaah Hyung… fuck…


-Say please Hyung fuck me…say it.


Taehyung bit his lip harshly, teeth digging into flesh to the point of bleeding as he fought wave after wave of pleasure on his prostate. Hoseok saw it and increased the intensity even higher, holding Taehyung’s tied hands in his strong grip, so the latter won’t reach to take off the plug. Taehyung screamed, tears pouring on his cheeks as he shook in ecstasy.


-Aaaaah f-fuuuck Hyung… fuck…


-Say it… go on Angel…say it…


Taehyung sobbed. – Fuck…stop it…Hyung stop it please…please Hyung…please…oh God…


The vibration stopped and Taehyung fall on his hands, leaning his forehead on the ground.


-Taehyungie… - Hoseok said it slowly, but sternly. – If you want to tease me… - His hand caress Taehyung’s back, his shirt was damped from sweat. – …then never give me the weapon to use against you love. – He pulled the plug slowly out, leaving his rim aching for something to fill him in. Taehyung gasped and arched his back again, but didn’t turn around, not until Hoseok pulled him into his arms, forcing him to face him. He pushed the youngsters damped hair out of his forehead and kissed his lips gently.


-H-hyung… - Teahyung whispered weakly. – Hyung…I need you please. I’ve been waiting for so long Hyung…please…please. – Hoseok kissed him more hurriedly, twisting their tongues together in a sloppy manner, but neither of them cared. Hoseok unbutton his pants to slide them down, exposing his handsome muscled dancer legs. He also took off his jacket because it was way too hot at this point to leave it on. He took off his shirt revealing the tight chest and sweaty skin that Taehyung itched to lick and bite.


He point to Taehyung to sit on the floor, so he could take his pants off, untying his hands in the process only to slid the wet shirt off as well. Now Taehyung laid in his naked glory on the dark velvety cover, skin glistened from sweat. His cock reached above his belly button, it was less thick, but long, perfect.


-You look fucking gorgeous Angel…fucking gorgeous. – Hoseok said as he bend over Taehyung to lick his cock, before engulfing it into his mouth almost to the brim.


-Aaaah Hyuuuung…oh…Hyung! – Taeyung pulled Hoseok by his hair harshly and the other man hissed from sudden pain, growling as he gripped Taehyung by his throat. Taehyung smiled wickedly and flipped them over, so he was straddling him.


-You a-are…so beautiful…Hyung… - Taehyung croaked through Hoseok’s tight grasp on his throat, but his eyes were blazing from hotness. – I wa…want y-you Hyung…


The grasp slackened a bit and Taehyung gulped on air, licking his lips seductively as he rolled his hips on Hoseok’s crotch. Hoseok’s hands cupped Taehyung’s jaw and pulled him in for a deep kiss. One of Hoseok’s hand sliding down Taehyung’s back, to his ass, squeezing the butt for the moment, until continuing between the cheeks to push his two fingers through the tight muscles into the heat.  


Taehyung whimpered into his mouth, rocking his hips fervently and fucking himself on Hoseok’s fingers. He reached to grab the small bag, stopping the kiss only to retrieve the lube.


-What else do you have there? – Hoseok asked, quite curious.


-Few things I thought we might use, but no time, I want you too much now. – He pecked his lips again, while opening the bottle and pouring the generous amount on his hand.


-Are you sure? We could try whatever you want Taehyungie. – Hoseok said, but Taehyung shook his head. – No…maybe next time. – He added.


He coated Hoseok’s cock nicely, pumping it few times.


-Hyung…move your fingers… - He grunted impatiently, positioning himself on the tip and slowly slid down until he bottomed out.


-Aaaaah yes…oh fuck yes… yes… - He groaned, looking magnificent in the candlelight, bits of sweat covering his body. He was almost glowing, like a flame and Hoseok was mesmerized by the vision above him. Then Taehyung begin to move, eliciting wave after wave of pleasure, making both of them lost themselves in the magical game of sex, groaning from building pressure, guiding it to the final release at the peak of the passion.


-Hyung….oh Hyung… - Taehyung chanted, impaling himself on Hoseok’s cock, while the other man buckled his hips up harshly to meet his descending. Taehyung looked down at his Hyung, his cock twitching under hungry gaze and strong jabs of Hoseok’s hips and he muttered.


-C-choke m-me…


Hoseok gasped, bucking his hips even more, his stomach muscles tightening as he sat up with Taehyung on his lap and kissed him again, flipping them in the process, so he was on the top this time, still deep inside younger man. He wrapped his hand around Taehyung’s throat and settled himself on his knees so he could fuck him more comfortably. Taehyung groaned at the warm hand around his neck that was restricting his airflow, arching more and more and tilting his head back so he could see himself in the mirror upside down. Hoseok followed his gaze and saw himself, hovering over the young man, muscles covered with sweat, flexing under the pressure as he fucked deep and fast into him, with Taehyung’s legs wrapped around his sharp moving hips. One of his strong hands were hooked on Taehyung’s hip, while other squeezed around his neck, making the young man gasp for air, while tears leaked from his eyes on the sides and his entire body shook in ecstasy. Taehyung spread his hands on the sides, fisting the black velvety cover as his cock keep twitching with every pounding jab into his sweet spot.


Then suddenly, Taehyung arched violently, shaking his head from side to side and tilting it back, deep hoarse voice came from his throat as he cum harshly onto his stomach. Hoseok, visibly overwhelmed by the sight, quicken his rhythm even faster than he thought it was possible, both of his hands now on Taehyung’s hips, making the lewd sounds of skin pounding on skin to echo in the silent and empty dance studio, edging himself to his own release. His orgasm hit him hard and he lost all senses for the moment. His eyes turned blind for a few seconds, as he filled Taehyung with his seeds, while the blood pressure hit his ears and his head, leaving him breathless. He fell down into Taehyung’s waiting hands, gasping for air and shaking.


-It’s okay Hyung… It’s alright… - Taehyung’s hoarse voice rumbled into his ears and he hugged him tighter.


He slid out of Taehyung carefully, leaving a strand of cum still connecting his now relaxed cock with the warmth he was just in, to lay next to young man, hooking his leg across his hip and drawing him closer in his arms. Taehyung sighed contently, burying his nose in Hoseok’s neck, sniffing at Hoseok’s perfume mixed with sweat.


-Saranghae Hyung…


Hosek felt tightening in his chest as the happy warmth filled his stomach. He kissed Taehyungs forehead and hugged him closer, whispering back. – Saranghae my Taehyungie…



Their new album “Love Yourself: Tear” debuts at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, making BTS the first K-pop act to ever rule the chart. The promotions, performance, invitations for the different shows around America and Europe filled their already tight schedules and skyrocket them into another galaxy.


After they took break from “Run” episodes, they traveled on small vacation to Malta, to film the 3th season of Bon Voyage. For all those time, Hoseok and Taehyung didn’t have enough time for themselves, but their relationship flourished and they were happy, if not a bit edgy from tiredness and lack of privacy.


Even though Taehyung ended up rooming with Kookie on their vacation, while Hoseok was with Namjoon, the pairs switched during the night, trying to avoid the gossip and Army’s hawk like eyes. Since Taehyung joined them a day later, the older man spend entire day mentioning him, going around saying how much he misses him. He kissed and hugged him tightly when he finally came and made love to him as soon as everyone call it a night and turned off the cameras. To Hoseok, Taehyung’s blonde hair looked amazing, but then again, Taehyung always look amazing in whichever color or hair style you put him with and Hoseok never looked more mature, dominant and handsome as he was now.


-The love changed you my friend. – Namjoon said one day. – You are even more positive, you skin is glowing and you are sexy as hell.  – His words made Hoseok smile shyly, which was untypical for him. Namjoon chucked and Jin added. – It’s all Taehyung’s doing.


-He makes me happy. – Hoseok said and Jin pretend to be offended.


-And we are not making you happy?! I practically raised you, you ungrateful brat!


That made all of them laugh, with Jin’s windshield laughter in the lead.


Jungkook however loved edging Hoseok by being way up to close with Taehyung, cuddling with him while smirking at the older man as if asking for punishment. It didn’t took him long until the pair invite him into their bed one night. Jungkook complaining the next morning to Jimin that he feels he will limp for entire week.


Yoongi’s way too early departure from their trip because of private issues back home, made them incomplete, especially Jimin, who was in low key relationship with the rapper for quite some time now. It made their trip less unforgettable without him, but they still had tremendous fun.


Their latest and final album from the franchise “Love Yourself: Answer”, with Jin’s opening solo “Epiphany” and first hit “Idol”, which made history with over 45 million views on YouTube in the first 24-hours of the music video's release, sealed their admission to the history, making them big and famous as “Beatles” if not bigger.


But with such huge success comes repercussions, as they, due to lack of rest and over practice, started to get hurt. First Jungkook’s leg, which made him sit for a few concerts on their World tour and then Jimin with his back. Luckily nothing was serious that much to leave damaging consequences later on.


Taehyung was frustrated, seeing his two best friends hurt, he became even more lost in his thoughts, waging whether or not all of this is worth their health and lives. Hoseok seeing his thoughtful expression came to him, hugging him tightly.


-What’s got your beautiful head so worried Angel? – He asked and Taehyung sighed deeply.


-A bit of everything really, but mostly Chim Chim and Kookie, it pains me to see them hurt.


-Me too. We all care for them love.


-I know, it’s just… I can’t help wondering if all of this is worth it. I mean, we wanted to succeed, but we never dreamed about all of this….well…Yoongi Hyung perhaps did, but I surely didn’t.


Hoseok laughed at this. – Yes Hyung certainly have very ambitious dreams, but in a way it’s what keep us going, together with Joonie’s careful leadership and Jin Hyung’s care.


-And your passion. – Taehyung added. – We would never be here without you too, you know that Hyung.


Hoseok smiled gently and kissed Taehyung’s hand. – Thank you love, your words means a lot to me, but you are forgetting one thing too.


-What’s that?


-That you, Chim and Kookie give us the energy and inspiration we need to move on. You three are so precious to us, you have no idea how much.


A small smile crept on Taehyungs lips, but he remained silent, eyes on their hands as he pulled them up to his lips to leave a trail of small kisses on Hoseok’s wrist and palm.


-I’ve never seen Yoongi happier then when he’s with Jimin. You make me happy and Jungkook…he makes everyone happy.


Taehyung giggled. – He sure does.


-I love that pup. – Hoseok said. – He drive me crazy sometimes, but I love him.


-Me too. Anyone who can make Jin Hyung forget that he is furious just by looking at him with his big doe eyes, have my outmost respect.


Hoseok laughed loudly at that. – I still don’t know how he managed to do so.


-Maknae’s magic.


-That and strong stamina. I’ve heard Hyung love to take his time before he cum. – Hoseok grinned and Taehyung asked. – Who told you that information?


-Both Yoongi Hyung and Joonie.


-Oh God, poor Kookie. – Taehyung giggled.


-Oh I believe poor Hyung. I don’t think he realized that he found his match when he considered taking Kookie into his bed that night.


They laughed wholeheartedly, cuddling gently.


-Don’t you think it’s a bit weird, this relationship all of us have? – Taehyung asked. – Not only we love each other, but we still have sex with each other, even though some of us are together in a relationship. I mean I don’t mind, because I love you all, but in general, that’s not normal, isn’t it?


-Who cares if others find it normal or not? What’s important is that we find it so. – Hoseok said seriously. – I love you and I’m in love with you and you are mine and I’m yours, but the rest of our members are ours as well and we are theirs. We are family, we are partners, we are members and we are lovers. We are one and I won’t have that any other way. I’m happy. We work really hard and we give more than we should, but still I’m happy, because I have the six of you. I would marry you tomorrow if I could, but I still want the rest of the guys to live with us too. – He said, caressing Taehyung’s finger where the promise ring laid.


-I chose you too. – Taehyung said kissing Hoseok softly on the lips and then adding. – But I want Kookie and Jiminie and Hyungs with us always. I never want for us to separate.


-Me either love.




-Yes Angel.


-Make love to me.


Hoseok smiled widely. -Always Angel…always. – He kissed him, pulling him into different kind of embrace as he lost himself into sweet oblivion in Taehyung’s warmth.