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The Loserz Club

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  [ the loserz club]



[trashy] do yall ever realize that w is said like ‘double u’


[eddo spaghetto] shut the fuck up and go to sleep


[softy] wait a minute


[softy] ur right


[stanny the manny] richie are u high


[trashy] nope not yet


[buckaroo bill] key word yet


[trashy] …..


[trashy] wow billiam


[jesus] if yall wake up mike imma murder


[stanny the manny] yes let the sleepy boy rest


[trashy] but


[stanny the manny] l e t h i m r e s t

[9:23 am]


[farm boy] wow you guys


[farm boy] im so proud


[farm boy] you went to sleep at an acceptable time


[trashy] i know it was weird


[trashy] i feel so


[trashy] alive


[trashy] is this how u feel all the time mikey


[farm boy] yes


[buckaroo bill] whats the most 2012 emo phrase ever


[trashy] its not a phase


[stanny the manny] rawr xd


[eddo spaghetto] how dare you make me read that with my own two eyes


[jesus] rawr is how dinos say i love you


[softy] thats so cursed


[trashy] eds rawr XD


[stanny the manny] i regret everything


[eddo spaghetto] beep beep

                              [bitchie bill] - [dumbass]


[bitchie bill] subtle


[dumbass] fuck off bill at least im not quietly pinning over stan


[bitchie bill] i have no idea what you mean

                                  [the loserz club]


[softy] whos house for movie night


[buckaroo bill] we can do mine


[bukaroo bill] as long as your all chill with georgie hanging with us


[eddo spaghetto] ofc


[stanny the manny] *you’re


[trashy] grammar police have enered the chat


[stanny the manny] *entered


[trashy] i hate you


[stanny the manny] the feelings mutual


[trashy] oof stanny babe im offended i thought you loved me


[stanny the manny] now where in the world did you get the impression


[jesus] damn stan get em


[farm boy] god has left the chat


[trashy] nice meme reference mikey


[farm boy] thanks