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Pop.  Pop.  Those are the last sounds Lucy vividly remembers before she collapses into Flynn’s arms.  Wyatt fires back at Emma, as Flynn literally has his hands full at the moment.  Blood is covering his hands as Lucy gasps for air.  He tries desperately to apply pressure to the wound as his worst nightmare is playing out before his eyes.  Lucy clutches at him, panicking as she is unable to get any words out.  Flynn scoops her up into his arms and he and Wyatt exchange a look that tells both men they need to get Lucy back to the present immediately.  Rufus runs ahead, channeling his inner Usain Bolt, and arrives at the Lifeboat first.  He powers up and is ready to go as soon as they arrive.  Rufus hears Wyatt climb in first and then Flynn hands Lucy off to him before climbing in himself. 

When the Lifeboat arrives back at the bunker and Rufus opens the hatch, they all scream for help.  Thankfully, they have modern medical equipment in the bunker (well, modern is stretching it, but it’s more modern than where they had just been at least).  Flynn applies the combat gauze and is able to reasonably control Lucy’s bleeding.  By some miracle, Agent Christopher has been able to find a surgeon on an emergent basis.  Both Flynn and Wyatt refuse to leave Lucy’s side and Agent Christopher has to remove them by force. 

It feels like days that they’ve been pacing the bunker.  Flynn can’t take the wait any longer.  He’s about to barge into the room, when the doctor and Agent Christopher step out.  He glances up at Denise with expectant eyes and can see from the look she gives him back that Lucy is okay.  He doesn’t bother asking if he can see her.  Let any of them try to stop him.  He strolls right into the medical bay.  The overhead lights are out and he can only see Lucy by the glow of the myriad of machines in the room.  He breathes a sigh of slight relief when he sees her with his own eyes.  Assuming she is down for the count currently, he leans over and kisses her lips softly.  As he pulls back, he hears her stir in the bed below.


“Shh.  It’s me, Lucy.  I’m right here,” he answers as he takes her hand in his.

He can barely see her the room is so dark, but he knows she’s looking right at him.

“What was that for?” Lucy asks in a raspy voice.

He wasn’t expecting her to be awake, let alone ask him why he was just kissing her.  She doesn’t know?  How can she not know?

“Lucy, you nearly died!” he exclaims a little too vehemently for his own taste.

“So, I have to be dying for you to want to kiss me?” she teases.

He chuckles and relief washes over him like a wave at high tide.  She’s joking with him, so she must be feeling somewhat better. 

“I guess I was figuring you wouldn’t be able to slap me for doing it if you were dying,” he jokes.

Lucy attempts to pull her hand back from underneath his, but he grabs it, brings it to his lips and plants a soft, lingering kiss on her knuckles. 

“I never need a reason to want to kiss you, Lucy,” he whispers.

“No?  Prove it,” Lucy responds, goading him on. 

He bends down towards her and presses another light kiss to her lips. 

“Lucy, I promise I will prove it to you every single day, if you let me,” he says with a serious tone.

“Oh, I am so holding you to that,” she replies with a smile.