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A-Nested Development

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Hanzo Shimada was a proud man. Presenting as an omega had been difficult, surely. Being seen as a nurturer rather than aggressive alpha, but he had made it work for him. After all, omegas were given their choice of alphas. They were choosy and growing up in the anticipation of being alpha made him all the more discerning. That had made teaching his clan that he was someone to be feared and respected much easier. Nature couldn't completely outweigh nurture after all.

He still had to deal with heats, causing his brain to fog and body to crave that 'special' touch of an alpha, someone who, in his opinion, often had more knot than brain. Sure, he could have gone on suppressants, but it was much more satisfying to have all of the alphas on staff literally tripping over themselves in an attempt to please him. He'd walk down the hall to breakfast in breathable fabric, and have alphas offering to hand feed him, wearing easily stolen scarves, hoping against hope to have a piece of them taken into that nest.

Unfortunately for them, if they didn't please him they got swiftly returned to their place.

Heat or no, Hanzo was still a Shimada, and nobody had any right to a Shimada.

The alphas that he did take to bed were often kicked out shortly after their knot deflated, when Hanzo knew they would be of no further use to him. More than one sorry fool had been awoken from a post coital nap to the feeling of a heel in their thigh and a sharp 'get out'.

He wasn't sorry though. They should have had more stamina if they wanted to stay the night.

Some didn't even get to pop their knot.

It was unfortunate, but some alphas just weren't worth being stuck with for that long.


When the transport landed after Overwatch's recall, he let Genji step off of the plane first. After all, these were his people. He was greeted by everyone it seemed, and Genji, in true Genji fashion, basked in the attention.

Hanzo followed much more slowly, cursing the fact that the wind was at his back, blowing his scent towards the gathered group. He knew the moment that his scent reached them. Genji's posture shifted subtly. Less relaxed, more protective alpha.

Hanzo just held his head high and came to stand beside his brother. "Will there be any problems with my being here?" Problems with what he had done to Genji. Problems with his status.

"That depends. You feeling murdery?" A man wearing a ridiculous cowboy hat, ostentatious belt buckle, and fucking spurs asked.

Hanzo considered. "Towards Genji? He is my brother. I would always like to murder him."

"Perhaps if you got laid more than once a decade you would be less angry. They make toys for your affliction now."

"What 'affliction' are you referring to Genji?" Hanzo asked, voice balancing on a knife's edge.

"I believe they used to call it a fit of hysteria." Everyone could hear the shit eating grin in Genji's voice.

"The only thing hysterical here is the fact that you think you're funny." Hanzo snapped, shuffling the duffel bag higher up on his shoulder. It would be so easy to throw Genji off the nearby cliff, but he refrained.

"Not that standin' here all evening listenin' to Genji justify his own murder wouldn't be thrillin' as hell," the man in the cowboy hat said, peering between the two of them, "but maybe we should show Hanzo to where he'll be stayin'? Don't omegas like to nest?"

"How unfortunate that you've never been close enough to one to find out. But yes, it has been a long flight. I would appreciate being shown to my quarters."

"Ouch darlin', I know you ain't ever been around no alphas worth their knot by that attitude."

"No, he's just mean," Genji supplied helpfully.

"Aw Genji, I'm sure that ain't true." The man turned toward him and stuck his hand out. "The name's McCree, by the way, but you can call me Jesse." He supplied.

Hanzo shook the offered hand, perhaps more firmly than strictly appropriate or needed. "Familiarity will not be necessary Mr. McCree."

"Well... We are gonna be workin' together an awful lot. It might be nice to be familiar."

"Overly familiar alphas get put in their place rather swiftly. I would urge you to be smarter than that."

"Well that may'a been necessary with alphas in your clan, but I ain't lookin' to do nothin' more than make you real comfy like here on base with us. We don't have as much as we used to but it ain't half bad."

"Ugh, stop flirting Jesse, before I use you as Talon bait." Genji grabbed Hanzo by the arm, and began pulling him towards the base. "Come on, Athena will guide us to your room. Hopefully it is not in a remote corner."


And so life on base settled into a routine. More former Overwatch members came, and they recruited new allies to their fold as well. Hanzo's least favorite by far was the old alpha who thought 'touch everyone' was his personal prerogative. Meaty hands shook him with every welcoming clap on the shoulder or pull into a chair.

The only thing saving him from being snapped at was the fact that he meant well.


That and the fact that Hanzo had secretly kept a poster of him from back in his 'face of Overwatch' days when he was younger. The attraction had passed, but the lingering embarrassment from many heats spent wishing for a large warm body to bracket him and picturing someone so noble remained.

Thank whatever heavens existed Genji had never found the poster.

He knew Genji hadn't found it because the moment he entered the mess hall with everyone present, Genji didn't burst into laughter. The only seat available was next to McCree, and Hanzo took it, reluctantly. The ridiculous cowboy beamed at him, and heaped a plate full of food for him.

Hanzo brushed it aside and served himself. He could just barely see the disappointed look cross the alpha's face, and the pheromones took on a distinctly sad tint, though the alpha just gave the plate to himself instead.

"So Hanzo." McCree began after a long quiet moment of them both eating. "You settlin' in nice?"

"My quarters are just fine." He replied, polite but trying not to give any openings for more conversation.

Another minute of eating passed, before the alpha tried again. "I was real surprised to see ya come offa the transport. I know Genji said you had made up.... but after the way he talked about you...."

Hanzo's eyes narrowed in Genji's direction, fingers tightening on his chopsticks. "And what is it.... that he said?"

"Nothin' bad!" McCree was quick to raise his hands placatingly, waving them about between them. "He just said you were set in your ways and it was hard to make ya do anythin' you didn't wanna do."

Hanzo hummed, relaxing slightly, taking another bite of his dinner. "He is correct about that. You will not be able to force me into anything."

He kicked at Genji under the table when he heard the muttered 'except kill me' from the aforementioned brother. Making it sound like Genji hadn't been a thorn in his side, being the favored son, the spoiled son, the alpha son, from the very beginning.

It shouldn't have been a death sentence, but hey, he survived. That was all that mattered. Right?

"It's funny though. The way he talked about you I woulda put good money on the fact you were an alpha. I just about shat a brick when I smelled you the first time." The alpha laughed and Hanzo's blood turned to ice in his veins. Dangerous. "He did say you were tinier'n him, and I guess that explains why."

Conversation at the table fell to whisper quiet in seconds. Everyone, perhaps except for Hanzo, knew the alpha didn't mean any ill will by it, but still Hanzo couldn't stand by while an alpha acted so stereotypically stupid. He grabbed a fork from his left while everyone was staring at McCree, switched it to his right hand, and stabbed McCree hard into his thigh. The alpha yelped and jumped up fork sticking comically through the denim he wore. Hanzo stood as well, much more restrained, but no less of a fire burning in his eyes.

"Do not, ever, presume to know what I am like through my status or my brother's stories." He hissed, turning and striding away, the remainder of his modest plate forgotten.

As he left he overheard Genji. "Aw looks like you still have that terminal case of the stupids." Followed by Doctor Zeigler's more tempered "It's a good thing you are up to date on your tetanus shot. I did not want to have to help you fix this."

Hanzo felt a little kick of pride knowing that another alpha and a beta felt the stabbing was justified. It made the walk back to his quarters just a little bit sweeter.