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A Study in Firsts

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Life was odd, new, unexpected and disorienting for the first while. Nobody had ever lived away from home, with exception to short vacations or traveling.

This was different, there was a sense of chaos and disorder with the new situation. What had anyone expected, when you gathered a collection of traumatized children and tossed them under a single roof and expected cooperation.

Dorms were a new concept at UA, a model that few other schools adopted. The situation was entirely different, but the common problems of community living were present despite the rather impressive quirks.

The floors and walls were reinforced; waterproof, fireproof, electricity retardant, coated with a nonreactive chemical to ward off various acids or bases, temperature adjustable and with climate controlling capabilities. The designers had thought nearly everything through, adding in smaller touches were necessary and even designing a fully stocked staff room for minor building repairs. Most of this was simply powdered cement for a certain pro-hero, but there were additional supplies like cans of paint, adhesive glues and sealers, abrasive cloths for removing stains and soot, and a vacuum larger than a small child.

The stairwells were slightly wider than normal, the railings double welded and supported through the middle to absorb impressive weight. The elevators were heavy duty, able to lift the equivalent of a small cargo box fully loaded for international waters. Additional call buttons supplied for a various array of scenarios: fire, power outage, contact nearest campus authority, immediate medical attention required, sanitary contamination, perceived threat.

From the windows the lined the courtyard- large floor to ceiling windows that were thicker than All Might’s thigh, you could see the two picnic tables that lined the private garden for the dorm building. A few flower beds, an optional spot for a student garden, small decorations that fit with the decor of UA.

The first floor was sprawling, large open areas that everyone could tell had a strategic advantage to it. A single TV that was relatively large, a few couches and chairs in a horseshoe with matching coffee tables and lamps. A rug that still smelled like the manufacturers plant, it too was likely fireproof.

The kitchen was large, wide counters and islands surrounded with backless bar stools. It was equipped fully with pots and pans, the most basic utensils and standard cutlery. The fridge was large, clearly an industrial kitchen fridge and freezer combo.

It was perfect, it was utopia.

Except it wasn’t.


A house had a lifetime of adaptation, of minor remedies so common or natural people forgot about them to begin with.

A new room, clearly, did not have these accommodations.

The learning period took some time, small subtle mistakes that anyone could make.

Mina slipped up first, stretching jerkily before rolling sideways and smashing face first into a wall.

Kaminari messed up next, sprawled on one of the communal couches. He rolled off, trying to twist quickly to catch himself on his feet in a well practiced movement that spoke years of slacking off. Instead, his shins slammed into a coffee table and the blonde haired male collapsed to the ground wheezing.

Tokoyami kept pulling on push doors. Uraraka couldn’t get the small metal key to work in her door. Sero walked into a wall around four times, and Kirishima busted out the corner drywall from running his shoulder into it too many times.

The entry mat skid out of control under Hagakure’s feet when she ran inside too quickly, Momo fell clean off the back of a bar-stool when she forgot they had no backs. Midoriya one morning forgot his ID to get back into the dorms, he spent ten minutes blinking in dumb exhausted incomprehension on the locked door.

Most of the mistakes were minor things, small adjustments everyone teased the others over. Homesickness reared its ugly head, classwork and assignments built up until stress overwhelmed everything else.

Then, the requests started to come in.


The U.A. campus security mandated that for a student to leave campus, they must put in an accurate form to their homeroom teacher, then be monitored for any suspicious activity or threat.

It was a completely understandable security risk, one that nobody could really complain over. All food was provided for them, unlimited access to school facilities, they had a five minute walk to anything they could want but sometimes, not being able to run into town for something truly was the worst.

Kaminari had the first casualty. His phone charger finally died, crying out its pain before sparking feebly and passing away. The cord broke where it plugged into the phone, exposed bits of metal that even an expert mechanic couldn’t fix.

Tsuyu ran out of soap. Considering her baths were more like long leisure soaks in a pool, she really should have brought extra. Midoriya ran out of pencils- all of the poor things warped from absent minded chewing or sharpened to such a short length it was completely useless.

The first true accident, was Mina.


“Guys stop.” Mina moaned, face first laying down on her bed. It was on a noticeable slant, a good four inches of uneve difference. “This isn’t funny!”

That didn’t do much to deter the hysterical laughter from both Kirishima and Kaminari.

“Dude!” Sero could barely wheeze out from how hard he was shaking, “you melted your bed!”

Mina rolled over and screamed into her pillow.

“I mean,” Kaminari could barely breathe, his words already were slurred behind the shaking of his chest, “it’s only four inches!”

Mina screamed again, and Kirishima finally composed himself, wiping aside the tears from the corner of his eyes.

“It’s- it’s not too bad.” He grinned, flushed in amusement, “I mean like, you could maybe go steal books from Mister Class Pres!”

“Yeah! Get a couple dictionaries and it’ll be fixed!” Sero added in, dropping to his knees to squint at the damage up closer. “You really destroyed this thing, didn’t you?”

Mina popped her head up, huffing and scowling. “It wasn’t like I did it on purpose! Sometimes when I’m sleeping it just happens!”

Kirishima nodded knowingly, “oh yeah! That’s the worst.”

“Oh, yikes.” Sero grimaced with a shrug, “I mean, sometimes my quirk acts up but it’s probably nothing like you guys,”

Kaminari shrugged and scratched the nape of his neck. “I mean, I don’t ever have that problem.”

“Probably because your quirk is electric, you idiot.”

“Ow! Hey!”


(Three days later, the entire kitchen island had to be replaced after it fell from an unexplained ten feet in the air, shattering the stone counter top on impact with the ground. Uraraka was suspiciously horrified.)


“Okay, so…” Kaminari paused, squinting at the couch suspiciously. “...I can’t think of anyone that could do this.”

Mina paused, then cackled far too loudly.

The couches, once plush and soft red leather, were now destroyed beyond repair. Strips hung loosely, high quality stuffing was falling out in clumps. Large gouges tore up any areas relatively unscratched, leaving it looking fairly mangled.

Kaminari scratched the underside of his chin. “ we have a resident dog as well? Instead of just a rabbit?”

Mino wheezed, slapping the back of the destroyed leather furniture. She looked close to keeling over.

“I dunno man,” Sero looked at the mess fairly apprehensively, “I don’t’ think a bit of tape is going to fix it this time.”

Kirishima made a small noise of misery, glancing at the decent length of adhesive in his hands. “...are you sure?”

Sero shrugged, “I mean, I can try. What did you even do to this thing?”

Kirishima flushed, looking around anxiously. “I ah, there was one of those ah, ghost hunting TV shows on.”

Mina popped her head up, looking far too delightful. “Did you get spooked?”

Kaminari beamed, “pun! That was a pun!”

“I can’t help it! That shit’s freaky!”

“You got scared from buzzfeed unsolved, oh my god.”

“I did not!” Kirishima defended, waving his arms around somewhat desperately. A small sliver of red leather was stuck to the outer edge of his elbow, testament to his accidental quirk use.

“Rest in pieces, couch.” Mina snickered, patting the back of the chair with a far too delighted expression. “You better figure out how to fix this before Aizawa finds out and we all get detention.”

Kaminari flinched and shook his head, “Oh god.”

“No no!” Kirishima squawked, “we can fix this! I mean, if Uraraka could fix the kitchen without Aizawa finding out, we can fix this!”

Sero scratched the back of his neck, “didn’t she have Midoriya help her though? And Momo made that glue for her.”

Mina tilted her head with a hum, “I mean, I’ve sewed a little. They don’t make clothes in the pattern I like so I’ve made skirts before. I don’t have any needles though.”

Sero looked at the couch and hummed in thought. “I mean, I can probably tape this together.”

Kaminari poked a lump of stuffing with an amused sound. “Yeah man, it’s not like you ate the stuffing or anything, bro. It’s all here, just...uh...outside instead of inside.”

“I bet you we could gut a pillow or something for extra stuffing.” Mina chirped in excitedly, “this is going to be fun! Let’s get to work!”

(An hour later, the couch was a monstrosity of odd shade faux leather, clumsy sewing marks, and lumpy stuffing. Everyone in the dorm threw a blanket over it and called it good enough.)


Iida tore up the carpet on the end of the hallway, right in front of the elevator. Decelerating too quickly destroyed the fibers like rug-burn in reverse. The flooring underneath was black and scorched, the hallway stank of melting plastic for days. They couldn’t fix that one so easily, not without gutting the entire hallway of carpeting and relaying it down. The ground was hard and crunchy where the plastic under webbing melted together, the polyester strands fused into a gross black clump.

Jiro jumped at it, sprawled on her belly wearing a thick visor and other tools that looked strangely like a mad scientist's lab. Nobody wondered why she had soldering tools and over fourteen different types of tweezers. Jirio worked professionally, bobbing her head to aggressive punk music while she performed surgery on the floor.

They ended up with a small doormat in the hallway, hiding the stain. At least it wasn’t crunchy or unraveling anymore.


Todoroki caught a cold; he sneezed and the sudden temperature shock of both ice and fire caused a window to explode in shards as large as rice.

Everyone turned silent, looking at the large expanse of glass that now sprinkled across the floor.

Todoroki sighed, hung his head, and quietly walked out of the room.

(It took a group effort to fix that disaster. Seto had to keep Momo carefully flat, working over a course of an hour to create glass spanning from her shoulder to her foot. Seto lowered her so slowly, all the while fast food was crammed into her mouth. It was a horrible experience.)


Shoji opened a cabinet and casually tore the door off. He stared at it for a moment, attempting to gently place it back on its busted hinges. At this point, Momo was going to get a ridiculously expensive Christmas present.


Kaminari picked a fight with the dryer. Apparently he took static shock as a personal offense.

The dryer won.


Ojiro dented the wall first, puncturing right through the drywall and leaving a powdery white hole. He ended up scrubbing the white powder out of his tail hair in the kitchen sink.

Todoroki’s door kept warping from temperature changes; there were only so many times you could muscle it back into shape before wood gave way. At least the hairline splintering was only obvious from the inside.

Sero stuck tape to the wall, and peeled it- and the paint, away in one fluid motion.

Tsuyu somehow brought a light fixture down, although she never quite explained what she was doing.

Midoriya broke the pavement outside. He had been lifting weights and was so startled by a spontaneous bird flying by, he tossed the weight over the balcony until it fell all the way down and cracked concrete.

Tokoyami broke the handle on the fire escape after he tripped on the first step and Dark Shadow snapped out and shattered the railing.

All in all, everyone was scrambling in a strange sense of camaraderie as the Dorm building around them very slowly fell apart. They pieced it together with hard work, elbow grease, and a lot of tape.


They actually did a really good job with it all.

There was only one oversight, that very casually turned the entire Dorm into a secret time bomb.

It turned out, that the washing machine lacked the proper chemical neutralizers to deconstruct Nitroglycerin into a safer compound. Nitroglycerin was explosive, sure, but only when triggered by a spark or other physical contact.

However, Nitroglycerin changed over time. It became more unstable with age, changing from a clear oily fluid into something almost reddish in colour. It released fumes in the air- highly flammable fumes, that stuck relatively low to the ground.

Not only that, but the more unstable Nitroglycerin got, the more likely it was to spontaneously combust from something as basic as friction.

Since the students weren’t permitted to leave campus to acquire the required chemicals to neutralize the problem, and Momo wasn’t confident with creating a chemical agent without messing up a single molecule; one of the empty rooms was broken into, and became the ticking bomb room.

Nobody talked about the room, although everyone knew of its existence. Everyone knew that eventually someone would have to speak up and tell their teacher about the quickly increasing pile of live explosives. Until then, nobody was willing to mention it other than a terrified glance the moment a heavy workout left yet another T-shirt coated in nitroglycerin.

Surely everything would come out one day, but it wasn’t that day; and thus, the poorly kept secret became even more a secret.


Kaminari was completely banned from the top floor of the building. Electricity and live explosives were under no circumstances to ever meet.


“Can we make Mineta tell him? That way if they go investigate, at least the little pervert dies first.”

Oh my god, guys, we literally have a ticking time bomb.”


“What if...what if Todoroki froze it all-.”

“Freezing still creates friction, which would detonate it all.”



Midoriya broke down on the kitchen counter only a week into the poorly kept secret. At least he was sane enough to express how ridiculously stupid the problem was.

Out of every single person in the dorm, the only people who could likely survive an explosion of that caliber was Kirishima and Bakugo. Maybe Midoriya if he had enough time to recover or activate full cowl, but other than that everyone would likely be incinerated.

But telling Aizawa?

Please, they would rather be dead than expelled.


(The logic was a bit flawed, but considering how much UA meant to them all, nobody was willing to fess up to the problem at hand.)


It was actually the students of 1-B that blew the cover, or rather, that exposed that the students of the Hero Course were struggling with adapting to campus life.

Aizawa showed up one weekend, bright and early when nobody in particular wanted to see him. Weekends were a unique thing since half of the students followed a schedule and the other half ignored exercise in favour of sleeping. It wasn’t common to see one half of the class (namely Kaminari, Ururaka, and Tokoyami) until nearly noon. On the other hand, Bakugo was almost always gone before dawn. Midoriya followed after; the other students ambled out at unpredictable times.

Ten in the morning was a perfectly reasonable time to shake everyone out of their rooms, forcing them to gather in the main living room.

Everyone very carefully did not look at the mauled couch.

“Alright,” Aizawa started, head lolling slightly to the side. His eyes were more bloodshot than normal, the bags under his eyes had reached a critical level of purple. Obviously the man didn’t want to waste his weekend on campus lecturing a bunch of students. “It’s come to staff attention that the accommodations here at the dorms may not had sufficed given your range of quirks.”

Nobody said anything. The various flaws in the building seemed obvious, bright and glaring in the early morning. The way the sunlight filtering through the repaired window was slightly dimmer than the others. The way the TV had a disfigured HD input and didn’t actually work anymore. (Jiro was curious, it didn’t end well.)

Nobody looked up, where a small circular hole remained of the light fixture they had to remove.

Thank god Bakugo and Midoriya were out running, otherwise one of them would have blown their cover instantly.

Aizawa lazily looked over them all before he sighed and scratched his cheek. “Look, I don’t want to be here on my day off. The other dorms had the electrical system broken from scales in the drywall. Fess up, or everyone here is getting detention.”

Uraraka inhaled sharply, Momo looked horrified at the thought.

Iida hung his head, nearly vibrating from the disappointed gaze of his teacher. Everyone tensed, ready to bolt the moment the class president very slowly raised his hand.

Mina bit her lip, Mineta was basically twitching in stress.

“Ashido melted her bed!” Kaminari nearly screamed, the sudden volume caused nearly everyone to jump. Mina flushed, glaring and spitting out low insults as her hands curled into fists. Aizawa very slowly looked over at them, unfaltering gaze. Kaminari fumbled and fell mute.

“Right,” Aizawa sighed into his scarf. “I’ll have support coat a new bed frame to be resistant to your quirk. What else.”

Everyone blinked in a moment of stunned confusion, expecting punishment. Aizawa looked even more exhausted.

“We as staff failed to accommodate all of your quirks. It’s realistic to expect damages due to our oversight. If none of these damages were intended, then they aren’t your fault.”

Tsuyu blinked and lifted her hand blandly. She didn’t look cowed or startled at all. “I broke a light, ribbit. I was trying to stretch my tongue but we can’t use quirks without supervision outside.”

Aizawa’s eyes flickered upwards to the single hole in the ceiling drywall. “You can stretch in the courtyard.”

Tsuyu blinked and gave a formal nod; it was impossible to see if she was happy with her new freedom.

“Sir, I uh…” Uraraka started, face scrunched up and flushed in her embarrassment, “I uh...I messed up the kitchen island and dropped it... but Momo and I tried to fix it and it isn’t that bad anymore!”

She kept her eyes scrunched closed, clearly expecting something horrible for her damages.

Aizawa sighed and ran one hand down his face, tugging on his skin and distorting his lower lip. “... How?”

“...I fell asleep studying.” Uraraka’s lower lip was wobbling, tears gathering in the corner of her eyes. “I’m sorry! I didn’t realize my quirk activated until I woke up and released it!”

Aizawa exhaled through his nose. It whistled high pitched.

“How…” Aizawa paused, thinking through the wording better, “...How many of you have damages from accidental quirk activation.”

Iida’s head hung in disappointment. He lifted one hand, keeping his head in a respectful bow. Slowly, Mina lifted her hand while chewing on her lower lip. Kirishima did too, looking just as uncomfortable as Kaminari who was trying to not glance in the direction of the drier. Tokoyami sighed and joined the count.

“Right,” Aizawa looked more tired than angry over the situation, “and you tried to fix what you messed up?”

“Sir!” Momo interjected, looking ashamed but determined, “most of the repairs were minor! Shoji needed a new hinge for the cabinets, Tokoyami needed help installing a new railing! We didn’t want to bother you!”

Most of the repairs?”

“Todoroki blasted out that window.” Kirishima jerked a thumb over his shoulder, pointing at the floor to ceiling sheet of glass installed. “It took a day for us to repair it, Momo did all the hard work.”

Aizawa’s head snapped over to Todoroki, who was standing alone a little ways from the group.

Clearly uncomfortable, he shuffled under the scrutiny before confessing bluntly, “I sneezed.”

A list was drawn up, a series of repairs to be made to the building and various quirk accommodations that needed to be made. Mina was getting prescription gloves that were common for quirks with corrosive discharge or fluids. Apparently she had an old pair, but forgot them at her home and hadn’t the ability to go get them. Uraraka was getting ‘capped gloves’ which were a bit more difficult to get, but the design was relatively the same for quirks with full finger activation.

Blankets were written down for production, both with reinforced Kevlar weave and other fire retardant materials. Todoroki’s door and window frame would be replaced with aluminum, more resistant to temperature fluctuations and warping. Everything seemed reasonable; industrial solvent for Sero’s tape, supplies for drywall patching from Ojiro’s tail punching through. A new light fixture would be supplied and replaced. Rubber mats provided at the entryway of all doors and elevators, both for Iida’s engines and Kaminari’s static. Cementoss would be around to fix the damaged sidewalk outside from where Midoriya smashed it with a weight- apparently damages were worse over in the 1-B dorm so it would be a while still. The drier was being removed and sent to the support course students, likely for spare parts. A new one would be brought in at the soonest time, until then everyone would have to make do with air drying.

“Is there anything else?” Aizawa asked, looking far more frustrated and irritable now that it was nearly noon.

Nobody addressed the elephant in the room (or rather, the room on the fourth floor.)

The door opened and in stumbled Midoriya coated in dirt and mud, and a (suspiciously clean) Bakugo. The latter scowled at the sight of everyone crowded around him, the sharp stench of burnt sugar followed him like a kitchen disaster.

“A-Aizawa sensei!” Midoriya scrambled in alarm, shuffling into a respectful bow. A glob of mud- made from the thick sweat on the boy’s face and the dust on his skin, dripped off onto Aizawa’s shoe.

“Wonderful.” Aizawa deadpanned, “what have you broken, problem child.”

Midoriya paled before he scrambled backwards, raising both hands defensively and stuttered out sentences impossible to comprehend. The speed of his stuttering increased until he was reaching a cadence most auctioneers strive for. It was inspirational to watch, truly.

Bakugo clicked his tongue, leaning against the front door. His skin was slick with sweat, his hair wet and clumping near his scalp. His breathing was still heavy, eyes flickering around in suspicion.

“Aizawa-sensei is going to fix all the broken furniture!” Ashido cheered in delight, clapping her hands together. “Isn’t that wonderful?”

Bakugo huffed a noise, shoving past Midoriya without a word. He mumbled to the kitchen, still in sight of everyone. Fishing out a glass for the tap, he pointed a thumb over his shoulder at the group. “Which unlucky bastard told him about the bomb!”

Kaminari hissed under his breath, and Sero put his hands over his face.

Aizawa blinked calmly before his scarf started to levitate, eyes suspiciously red. “ Bomb?”


All of UA stood outside, held back by the thick fireproof flame retardant rope. It wouldn’t do much in an actual explosion, but it did help the few students who hadn’t managed control over their quirks. It was printed with standard Caution! All across the length. The bright red and blue lights flashed, the piercing wailing of sirens cut off only half an hour ago. The low mumbling of the entire UA staff and students was a painful whisper that punched against Aizawa’s temple like a cinder block. He wished he could have stayed home. Why did he have to deal with this on his day off.

“Yo!” His friend, Present Mic in full costume (called back from a patrol) laughed, swooping onto the scene to lean heavily on his friend. Aizawa staggered under the unexpected weight, nearly crumpling. “Not everyday you don’t expel anyone after they make a bomb in the dorms!”

Aizawa hissed out a low noise of outright fury. Present Mic cackled, the noise amplified by the hero costume speaker around his throat. “Aw don’t be like that! Give them points for creativity! This thing apparently could have taken out a quarter of the campus!”

“You are not helping.”

“You should be proud of their stealth! Their skills! The fact they almost killed everyone and you needed to call a Bomb Squad to disarm a pile of dirty socks!”

Aizawa groaned, finally let himself be tackled to the ground, and cursed once again the horrible class of 1A.

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The dorm building provided one industrial fridge, and eight cupboards. An additional cupboard housed a tall stack of plates and glassware; a pullout drawer provided pans and pots with other additional kitchen supplies like metal sheets and strainers. It was designed and supplied with something overstocked and trademarked, and although UA was attempted to fix its prior oversight with the dorm facilities, there were a few minor things they still hadn’t expected.

Eight cupboards were not enough for twenty students. They could assign two students per cupboard, but that didn’t really take into account the individual wants and needs of each student.

Sato got an entire cupboard dedicated only to himself; it was mostly full of various baking necessities and dried powders, he had taken up a large portion of the industrial fridge as well. Kirishima and Kaminari buddied up, everything powdered and health food went to the red head and everything else went to Kaminari.

Uraraka and Jiro teamed up instantly, squishing their claimed space to include Momo who awkwardly supplied them with various boxes and cans whenever she pleased. Koda and Tokoyami shared a cupboard, although that was a recent addition since Asui had apparently stored something that left Koda  bawling and trembling all the way across the room. Nobody had the confidence to check what the frog had hidden behind the little cupboard door.

Ojiro, Shoji, and Midoriya stored their things together, almost everything they ate and snacked on was some array of health food or protein bars. They worked well together, nothing messy and pretty vague. Mina and Todoroki teamed up; the two-tone had a concerning amount of dried noodles on his side while Mina had an array of neon bright packaging that was written in English across the label. It was stunning the contrast of bland noodles and whatever oddities Mina somehow procured. Maybe that was why the two got along so well.

Sero didn’t have a cupboard, although he stole what he could from Kaminari. Mineta didn’t have anything, although everyone had done that rather purposefully. There was a single incident where the short boy had been hoarding green bananas, thankfully they were removed before Mineta could ever use them in a grotesque fashion. Aoyama didn’t have a spot, nor Hagakure.

Bakugo didn’t lay claim to a cupboard, which maybe was the most alarming thing of them all. It was clear after the Bomb Incident, that nobody wanted to bunk with the explosive teen.


In biology classes, they always learned about the four different building blocks for life. Proteins and Lipids and Carbohydrates and Nucleic Acids. Fatty foods had a lot of lipids, potatoes and rice had a lot of carbs. It was basic info they all knew, regurgitating it back up for a test.

There were actually 26 essential vitamins and minerals, things that everyone needed in proper amounts to be healthy. A lot of times they could get what they needed from their diet, sometimes there were supplements like that Vitamin A stuff Mina chugged down the moment she felt a cold coming on.

Quirks changed biology, it messed with everyone in new ways. It wasn’t realistic to apply the same unit of measurement and daily intake averages to everyone. It was like using the old Body Mass Index on everyone when there were people like Shoji out there, and people like Mineta. It was old and impractical, but a lot of the students had grown up eating what they needed to the degree they didn’t even realize when they didn’t have it.

The UA did a great job in the cafeteria, Lunch Rush was hands down amazing. Having food in the dorms was something impossible to replace- the ability to come down for a snack in the middle of studying or to settle a craving at 3 AM. The staff had done a great job in allowing students to submit requests for food orders- only so many things were fulfilled on the list and only if it was something that seemed realistic. Kaminari tried writing down alcohol and ended up cleaning the main floor washroom for a week under a seething Aizawa.

Some of the tiny things though, well, it wasn’t their fault they honestly completely forgot.


Sero sprawled across the floor, groaning aimlessly as the squinted at the ceiling. He looked tired, small bags under his eyes. The grin he usually wore was strangely absent on his face. He looked exhausted.

“Dude,” Kaminari stated, nudging the other boy with one sock covered foot. “Are you dead?”

Sero groaned again, throwing one arm over his eyes. Kaminari blinked and nudged him again, wiggling his toes this time against the other’s side.

“Kaminari,” Sero mumbled past his arm, “can you zap me unconscious so I die?”

Kaminari blinked twice, “I mean, probably. But I’d get detention and I already have like, four.”

“But I’m dying.”

“I thought I was supposed to kill you?”

“Oh crud, you’re right.” Sero squinted, lifting his arm a little to look at the equally squinting electric quirk user. “Kaminari, this sucks.”

Kaminari shrugged and looked a little unsure. “Do you want me to like...get you a juice pouch? I’ve got Hawaiian punch, it’s like, corn syrup and sugar.”

Sero’s nose started to wiggle a little bit. “Dude, I’m not going to lie. I’ve been craving carrots for like, days now.”

Kaminari grimaced and pulled back, “dude, that’s horrible.”

“I know!” Sero moaned in frustration, “It’s the weirdest shit man! I wanted carrots and ketchup. I don’t even know why!”

Kaminari scratched the back of his neck, “I mean, I kinda get it actually. I spotted Shoji chugging that gallon milk the other day.”

Sero’s eyes bulged. “No, no way. You mean the milk that Sato was bitching about? That went missing? Shoji chugged it all? Who can chug milk?”

Kaminari glanced around before he squatted instantly, nearly crawling over the floor to get to Sero’s ear level.

“No no, man.” Kaminari hissed in a whisper. Sero flinched back, but was too curious about the level of Kaminari’s excitement. “I was up last night at like, four Am. You know Hagakure’s jar of like, that coconut shit? The stuff she smears everywhere and gets on the door knobs?”

Sero winced because yes, he knew that. Coconut oil apparently was amazing in hair and on skin, Sero didn’t do anything with it although he did spot Mina and Uraraka slathering it on their arms after doing dishes on day. Hagakure did too, but it was too uncomfortable to watch.

“I saw Yaoyorozu yesterday.” Kaminari’s voice dropped even lower, “eating it, with a spoon.”

Sero’s jaw dropped. “No way.”

“Yes way.”

“Dude it’s straight slimy shit.”

“I know!” Kaminari’s voice burst into volume again, leaving Sero flinching back.

The door slammed open, Hagakure skipped in grabbed a glass and filled it with filtered tap water. Sero and Kaminari smiled weakly, and tried desperately to not look at the jar of coconut oil.


Seven AM, Tsuyu walked into the kitchen with a rumbling stomach.

“Are you eating yeast?” She blinked, startling Jiro so hard the girl fell off the chair she was suspiciously perched on. Jiro flushed, holding the glass of frothing brown slime with both hands. It was smelling suspiciously bread-y in the room, and almost all of the baking yeast packets had been savagely torn into and apparently, drunk.

“H-Hi!” Jiro struggled to recovered, smiling wobbly. Tsuyu didn’t even blink.

“Hello,” She responded politely, walking to her single cupboard to open it carefully and pull out an opaque glass bottle. She opened it up, taking a seat next to Jiro at the kitchen table. Tsuyu fished out one of the clean pairs of chopsticks, and fumbled around inside the opaque jar.

“So uh,” Jiro’s voice was heavily strained, “do I want to know what’s in there?”

Tsuyu tilted her head and looked at her classmate curiously. “I don’t think you want to. I’ve been told it's incredibly uncomfortable but I think other people would be uncomfortable with drinking yeast.”

Jiro blushed and fumbled with the glass in her hand. “I...We didn’t have any bread and I just…”

Tsuyu nodded knowingly. “Sometimes our stomachs tell us what we need and it’s a good idea to listen to them.”

Tsuyu fished out something small, dark brown, and not wiggling like Jiro feared.

“What is that?” Jiro gaped, squinting at the small piece of meat. “Is that beef?”

“Why yes.” Tsuyu smiled widely. “I pickle beef liver over the summer. It helps sometimes because I gets colds otherwise.”

Jiro paled, “b- beef liver?”

Tsuyu looked back at the piece of meat in her chopsticks. “I ran out of lamb liver earlier so I have to use this now. It’s quite good, would you like some?”

Jiro slid back, her chair scratching on the floor. “N-no I’m good! I’ve got..” She trailed off, lifting her glass of bubbling bread-y goo, “ know….yeast.”

Tsuyu nodded politely. “Okay, I hope you sleep well. Enjoy your yeast.”

Jiro skittered off, and understood instantly why Koda fled from her cupboard.


Tokoyami had given Koda one of his spare cuttlebones, apparently his rabbit’s teeth were growing a bit too quickly since its supply of fresh hay ran out.

Koda wasn’t much of a talker, but even he was a bit unsettled when the cuttlebone looked gnawed on a little.

Or why Tokoyami even had cuttlebones to begin with.


Kirishima crunched ice. It was a bit startling since his teeth were all very sharp and hooked, not at all suited for crunching and grinding. It was almost interesting actually how his teeth worked, all pointed like canine teeth but flattened and broad like incisors. Midoriya had gone on a rant once, mumbling obsessively under his breath looking on the verge of shoving his hand into the poor redhead's mouth.

Kirishima crunched ice like it was chocolate. In the morning, throughout the day, hell, Ashido could have sworn she spotted him take a bite out of Todoroki’s slippery barricade. Was he always overheating? Did his teeth grow constantly and he needed to wear them down so they wouldn’t hurt him?

Nobody knew; not even Kirishima.


Bakugo chugged water. It was honestly quite concerning. More than once, someone had jokingly asked him if he had some sort of medical disorder nobody knew about. Quiet comments about kidney and renal damage. Bakugo of course flipped them off or cursed at them. The only time that Kirishima actually put in proper concern, Bakugou ended up shrieking and launching himself across the training field to smash the red head into a tree.

Then, everyone started paying attention.

In class, Bakugou had a very normal thermos for morning tea or coffee depending on how tired he was. It was metal, a few dents along the bottom and a silicone grip that looked melted from use.

Mina kept track, and watching in increasing awe as once that thermos was empty, it was quickly replaced with a bottle of water.

Then another bottle of a sports energy drink.

The water bottle was filled up from the fountain, and finished before lunch. At lunch, Bakugou would drink a much larger traveling water bottle that was quite standard for hiking.

“Guys,” Mina whispered, sliding her careful calculations of fluid quantity to Sero and Kaminari. “I think Bakugou's kidneys are immortal.”

It wasn’t even a large concern truly. It was more of a joke that they were all following because it was something easier to conspire over rather than doing actual homework. Sero increased the stakes, convincing Kirishima to join in and keep a careful eye on Bakugou's washroom breaks.

It started as a joke, and then it wasn’t.

“Guys, I’m not joking.” Kirishima deadpanned with a vaguely terrified look, “the dude used the washroom twice today.”

Kaminari dropped the textbook he had been holding. Mina gaped for a second before her strangled inhale sounded like someone playing the recorder.

“Are you sure?” Sero almost whimpered out, “he...he couldn’t have just...just gone twice.”

“He drank Mineta’s body weight today,” Mina whispered in a pitch so high it nearly made their ears ring, “where does it go?”

“Maybe he’s part camel.” Kaminari whispered with wide eyes. “Are people like that? Are there actual camel back people?”

Sero frowned in thought, “no no, I’ve seen him shirtless. There’s no hump.”

“Are you sure there’s no hump?” Mina stressed again “Kirishima! You’ve stared at him the most! Where is the hump!”

“What!” Kirishima shrieked, face blushing bright red, “I do not stare at him!”

“Where is the hump.” Kaminari muttered under his breath with a humour gleam in his eye, “Kirishima where is the hump.”

“There is no hump!” Kirishima argued, although the fact he looked ready to bolt wasn’t helping the situation.

“There’s only one thing we can do to make sure,” Mina’s eyes glowed as her grin became something sharp, “we need to smack him.”


They drew straws to determine who would be smacking in what vicinity. The logic made sense- if there was a single spot where the water was bubbling up it would probably squish under a heavy impact. Like hitting a water balloon.

Kirishima was pretty skeptic, he had seen Bakugou without a shirt numerous times and he seemed to have the proper muscle structure. Sure, his pecs were particularly large but Kirishima had just assumed the other had an insane workout routine. Nobody had seen inside the feared bedroom yet, the closest they all got was the empty room they all deemed the ‘Bomb Room’ when the dirty laundry became an exploding problem.

Maybe he did hide water in his muscles. The size of his deltoids were already ridiculous.

“Okay, great!” Ashido cheered happily, looking down at the large piece of paper that detailed their pretty bad plan. “I call the shoulders!”

Kaminari winced as he looked at his assigned area for slapping- Bakugou’s pecs themselves. “Are you sure this is a good idea?”

Sero scratched his chin in thought as he looked at his assigned area- Bakugou’s quads. “I mean, what are we supposed to do with this knowledge after we find out?”

Ashido clicked her tongue disapprovingly. “That doesn’t matter! This is a mystery.

Kirishima winced as he looked at his own designated area; the biceps and forearms. “Ashido, I really can’t see this ending well.”


Ashido did a great job herself actually. She leapt off the top of a desk, seeming more reminiscent of their frog classmate than an acid user. She vaulted in the air, landing on Bakugo’s back with both arms slung over his shoulders.

“Hi!” Ashido cheered, pulling up her knees to awkwardly fold against Bakugo’s spine. Her entire movement was so fluid and unexpected, it took a few seconds before the blonde clued in.

“What the fuck!” Bakugou roared, twisting and shifting and whoa, okay there was nothing squishy on the planes of his back. Mina was launched off like a poor rodeo clown, and felt dazed before she even hit the ground. Kaminari rushed to her aid, although Mina knew she hadn’t been thrown as hard as she could have been.

“Oh my god,” Mina wheezed out, accepting the helpful arm to bring her to her feet, “I can die happy now.”

Kaminari looked even more startled.


Sero went for the attack, rushing and vaulting off the teens legs before he could get hit. It was a training practice, so all eyes were on them.

Sero of course was roasted in record time, but three pairs of watchful eyes noticed that those thick thighs didn’t shift in the slightest. In fact, nothing did.

“I’m going for it.” Kaminari whispered to Kirishima, gulping loudly.

“Hey man!” Kaminari cheered as Bakugo strode off the training field. Wow, how had Kaminari never realized before that Bakugou was absolutely terrifying.

“Great job out there!” Kaminari continued with a wide grin, hoping it would hide his anxiety. He pulled his hand back subtly, going for a high five-.

He missed, leant to far, and the unexpected full thwmp of his hand landing spread out directly on Bakugo’s chest.

He could feel the heavy steady pulse of a heart likely the size of an avocado. Kaminari could feel the sweat that was slowly sliding down his temple, and he could feel the overwhelming warmth exuding from the muscle under his palm.

Kaminari didn’t breath, but he very easily heard the rattling snap of a neck cracking twice.

Kaminari closed his eyes, accepted his fate, and waited for the impending explosion.

Kirishima interrupted, grabbing Bakugo’s arm to try and tug it back from where he was ready to commit murder.

“I’ll kill you!” Bakugou screamed, lunging forward as Kirishima forced him back- clumsily kicking Kaminari in the side to knock him aside.

“Whoa man!” Kirishima uncomfortably yanked, trying to push the opposing force away. “Come on bro! Don’t do this!”

Bakugou screeched, lunging forward although Kirishima braced himself. The impact still made his breath whoosh out of him, leaving him gasping slightly as the blonde continued to squirm.

“Come back here coward!” Bakugou screeched, arms flailing over Kirishima’s shoulder as explosions detonated continuously, the smell of something burning and melting made Kirishima’s head spin. He couldn’t hear anything from how close the concussive blasts were to his face.

Bakugou flailed, twisted, and his elbow managed a perfect strike against Kirishima’s unhardened nose. It crunched like a burnt cookie, and Kirishima dropped.

“Oh shit!” Kaminari gaped, scrambling to sprint away as Bakugou took off in hot pursuit. Mina and Sero sprinted back, dropping to Kirishima’s side.

“Whoa man,” Sero breathed in awe, “It’s not broken.”

“I don’t know how,” Mina confessed, hands frantically flying around the plethora of snot drooling out of Kirishima’s throbbing nose. “That was one wicked hit.”

“It’s okay,” Kirishima wheezed out, barely able to breathe, “his arms aren’t squishy though.”

Sero whooped in victory at one more successful smack. In the distance, Kaminari screamed for mercy.


It was a quiet solemn silence as Sero stared at his straw, noticeably shorter than the rest.

“I am so sorry,” Kirishima whispered quietly, head hung in mourning.

Kaminari nodded sympathetically, eyeing his closet where he knew a recorder was stashed.. He would have played a funeral march if it wasn’t for the fact Mina would easily destroy his instrument.

“Guys, guys please.” Sero begged, smile gone with with horror struck tremble instead. “Guys, please.”

“You pulled the shorter straw!” Mina argued, although all three of them had started to scooch away as if Sero was somehow contagious. Sero looked at the shorter straw in his hand once more in horror.

“I- I can’t do this.” Sero whimpered out. “Guys, he’ll kill me.”

“Zap him.” Mina instantly advised, although she knew it was useless.

“I…” Sero looked at the straw in his hand in silent dejection. “...Can I get someone to help me?”

“Do it during class, that way Aizawa can drag Bakugou off of you.” Kirishima advised with a wince, “or uh...maybe we could throw Mineta at him.”

“Nah, even Mineta wouldn’t dare.” Kaminari instantly shot the idea down. “Maybe if you bribed Hagakure?”

“If you do it right in the morning he won’t make as big an explosion?” Mina offered timidly, “I’m...It’s been an honor flying with you.”

Kaminari, Kirishima, and Mina all lifted their arms in a single salute.

Sero looked at his straw, and whimpered once more.


It was a boring morning, casual. Everyone was filling in slowly, some more bright eyed than others.

Aizawa was shuffling in slowly ahead of schedule, setting up the stack of quizzes he needed to pass back. They would be going over a new lesson, assigning a new assignment that would be collected in a few days.

Iida arrived to class first, followed by Yaoyorozu who had a nice metal thermos filled with fragrant tea. After the two early birds, the rest of the class began to filter in. The groups of students began to stick to one another, clumping into a mass of casual conversation.

There was something odd, something new. He wouldn’t have noticed it if it weren’t for how there were a few anxious looks being tossed around.

Midoriya in particular was looking more anxious, but more situational anxiety than any cause in particular. He kept glancing over at Bakugou, who had his eyes closed and feet propped up on his desk. He looked peaceful, not at all aware of the various glances being thrown at him.

That meant something was going to happen. Oh dear.

Aizawa sighed quietly and settled himself for the imminent confrontation, although he wasn’t exactly sure what would be occurring.

“Hey Bakubro!” Kirishima cheered, practically throwing himself over Bakugo’s desk. This forced the blonde’s eyes open as his feet slid off the available space and thudded onto the floor.

“Ehh?” Bakugo roared, not quite his usual fire just yet. He looked more startled than anything, quickly being replaced by annoyance. “What do you want Shitty Hair? And get off my desk!”

Kirishima kept grinning, but it was wobbling on the edges.

“Mineta said you’re the ugliest guy in class!” Ashido shouted from where she was perched on the next closest desk, Sero’s. Bakugo’s eyes instantly flitted to the side, where Mineta was walking into the room completely unaware.

The entire room shuddered into a tense pause.

What?” Bakugo hissed out, standing with impressive power considering he wasn’t the tallest in the class. Shoji and Tokoyami took one step backwards, clearing the path to the small class member.

“K-Kacchan wait!” Midoriya yelped, leaping across the room. He had been far too ready for it, but he still looked as alarmed and as confused by the announcement as everyone else. “I’m sure it wasn’t-.”

“What did you say about me, you purple fuckwit?” Bakugo took two steps forward. Uraraka gave a small eep from her seat, even Iida looked uncertain how to intervene.

“That’s enough-.” Aizawa started to drawl, quirk ready to go the moment sparks started flying. Mineta started blubbering nonsense, paling although he clearly had no idea what he had done to incur the blonde’s wrath.

Sero, silent through the entire proceedings, stepped slightly to the side out of Bakugo’s side. Sero inhaled, squeezed his eyes closed and punched.


It was a slap.

Aizawa was groaning and lowering his head into his hands before the rest of the room realized what was going on.

“Did…”’ Bakugo paused, seeming to compose himself into a calm cold monotone. “Did you just smack my ass.”

Sero’s jaw was chattering. The room was dead silent.

Bakugou turned very very slowly.

“I’m going to kick your ass so hard,” Bakugou responded far too calmly, “that your elbows are going to be shooting out your intestines.”

‘That’s fair’ Aizawa thought to himself.

He waited four seconds, even as the chaos started, before he lifted his head and intervened.

If it took all of Shoji, Midoriya, Kaminari and Kirishima to restrain Bakugou from committing manslaughter, so be it.

The next staff meeting, he was demanding a raise.


“Alright, so.” Aizawa rubbed his face, “you have been instigating physical altercations with Bakugou for the past two days, because you are convinced, and I quote, he has a water hump?”

The class was silent, watching judgingly as Mina, Kaminari, Kirishima, and Sero (who had a nasty black eye developing) nodded slowly.

Aizawa exhaled through his nose slowly. “And you are convinced of this, due to the excessive quantities of water he drinks. And you have been slapping him. To find his camel hump."

“It’s called being hydrated you fucknuggets!” Bakugou spat out, looking like a highly irritable cat.

“Bro, bro it is not normal.” Kirishima leapt in, “you drink more water than a horse! And you piss only twice!”

“Have you been stalking me!” Bakugou nearly shrieked, face red from fury, “into the goddamn washroom?”

Aizawa inhaled, and exhaled.

“Okay, shut up.” He barked, the class obediently fell into silence. “I thought this would have come up in your biology classes, but obviously some of us don’t remember. Human bodies are vastly different due to the presentation of different quirks. Various nutritional and dietary needs are affected.”

“Yeah you fuckwits!” Bakugou hissed out quieter, although his was still plenty loud, “I sweat fucking nitroglycerin!”

The three students stared at him blankly.

“Er,” Momo raised her hand uncomfortably, looking fairly unsure. Aizawa gave her a nod, and she stood. She looked more confident the moment she was at attention, glancing around at all the faces below them. “I’ve ah, I was wondering if it would be at all possible to request specific things for the dorm kitchen. I noticed that everyone has a unique dietary requirement, and although Lunch Rush does a wonderful job, I think we may be missing some of the supplements we would have normally.”

Aizawa scratched his face, “of course we forgot about vitamins.”

Momo’s face twitched ever so slightly into a sheepish expression, “It ah, It has been inconvenient sometimes with how our quirks operate-.”

“Wait is that why you ate all the coconut oil?” Kaminari blurted.

Almost on cue, Uraraka and Hagakure inhaled sharply and spun around to glare at her in outrage.

“Momo!” Hagakure shrieked in disbelief, “I need that for my skin!”

“She does have a point, ribbit.” Asui mentioned with a slow nod, “I have been running out of beef liver and it would be nice to get more.”

Mineta paled and slowly slid even further away in his chair.

“I have been resorting to my spare cuttlebones, and acquiring proper alternatives would be appreciated.” Tokoyami agreed.

“Cuttlebones?” Seto whispered, Tokoyami blinked blankly.

“Yes,” he agreed flatly. “It keeps my beak trimmed.”

Mina looked ready to melt into the floor like her own acid.

“It’s not just a few of us, sir.” Asui continued smoothly again. “Jiro was eating yeast-.”

“What the fuck Jiro?”


“Is that where it all went?”

“- and I think Kirishima has been needing more iron, ribbit.” She blinked slowly, “he’s been eating ice and it’s making Todoroki uncomfortable.”

Everyone looked at Todoroki, who barely blinked in response.

Aizawa nodded slowly as he took everything in. “...Right. I’ll...pass this concern along. I believe that this requires a further look into Recovery Girl’s private records. I am mandating that each of you are to visit her sometime this week to best determine supplementary nutritional needs or medical devices related to quirk use. It is apparent that we have overlooked various components of our students and we...hope, to fix this.”

Nobody in the class spoke beyond the small uncomfortable agreement.

“Great,”’ Aizawa deadpanned. “Open your books or get out.”

Chapter Text

What do you get if you grab a cluster of teenagers and throw them into one building with limited supervision? They had passed the phase of random destruction of various appliances or walls (Ojiro still flushed at the patched drywall). They just passed the point of poor diet, junk food, and someone needing medical assistance because it was impossible to survive off tap water and instant noodles. Kaminari almost did it though, out of pure spite.

It should have been some sort of...act of faith, that they revealed their traumatic backstory over one quiet evening as the rain poured down around them. Or maybe over a sad movie they conveniently paused at the right moment. They would totally bond and become a supportive family of utter strangers with no comprehension of real world social interaction.

Of course that didn’t happen. It happened in a series of poorly thought out ideas, but considering the majority of students tended to make poor decisions anyways, it didn’t seem that idiotic.

The-Floor-Is-Lava was an excellent game which allowed no mercy. All individuals for themselves. Ashido threw herself at Kirishima, attempting to scale his back like a tree. Completely forgetting that Ashido couldn’t normally scale trees anyway, let along a startled classmate, Kirishima yelped, his quirk activating in his surprise. Ashido squealed, falling off from the middle of his back to the ground in a rather dramatic display. Sero felt like a funeral march should be playing for Ashido’s porcupine looking face.

Tokoyami joined in without hesitation, the moment someone shouted the dreaded sentence the quirk user summoned Dark Shadow to grab onto the reinforced light fixture and yank the teen into a hovering position.

Asui flung herself at a wall, sticking to it like her namesake. The fact it was glass added to the surrealness of the situation.

Jiro acted like a normal person, throwing a pillow onto the floor before hopping onto it. Momo made a pillow before she stood on it daintily, giggling behind a wide grin. During one eventful match, Sero and Sato combined forces to create a single length of strong tape from the couches to the kitchen. Ashido crawled carefully, securing snacks to her back as she inched herself all the way back from her sloth-crawl. Kirishima and Kaminari cheered so loudly, Asui crawled her way downstairs to investigate.

Bakugou didn’t normally join in, but one day when Shoji ( Shoji, of all people) shouted out The Floor is Lava! During training, Bakugou responded with a roar.

“Not today, fuckmunches!” He screamed, palms exploding to blast him high in the sky. Koda jumped onto Shoji’s back- Shoji grabbed a nearby tree. Uraraka giggled and simply levitated herself and Midoriya, Iida leapt to stand on the jacket he hastily folded and set on the floor.

Aizawa sighed, then used his capture weapon to casually yank him into the sky.

Mineta, the poor loser of that match, was left to run ten laps for his failure.

It became almost like training after a while. Present Mic found it absolutely hilarious, or at least All Might said that he had said so in the teachers lounge. From then on out, whenever Aizawa was busy or unable to get to training classes and someone else took control of his time, they would spontaneously shriek the warning and of course, everyone had to incorporate it somehow into whatever training they were doing.

Was it frustrating when they were working on weight lifting and Shoji nearly hurled a forty pound boulder in Midoriya’s face’s direction? Yes, it was very frustrating. But then again, the floor was lava and nobody wanted to burn when Midnight enforced that ‘do not touch the ground’ policy with casually knocking anyone unconscious.

Todoroki was a lucky bastard who could simply step on a conjured stool of ice and watched in mild disinterest as everyone else turned into shrieking maniacs. It was a jungle, and nobody was safe.

In fact, Todoroki was very, very good at the game.

He was almost the champ, if they were keeping score (Which they weren’t except for Bakugou who was keeping track of every time he beat Midoriya which wasn’t really a score at all.)

Todoroki was very quick, very quiet, and very unnerving.

Hell, even Tokoyami was unsettled by the quiet boy. It wasn’t his blunt phrasing which sometime traveled even Tsuyu for how awkward it was, or the way he showed up then casually smacked everyone down without trying. There was a sense of...vacancy in his eyes, like he was operating on an entirely different frequency than everyone else. Maybe it was just a personal thing, but Todoroki slipped away often and hid away out of sight. In his room, outside, long walks or private baths. It was….difficult, to have time with him.

Todoroki was smart, but he didn’t have the intent drive for academic performance like Momo and Iida. He didn’t stress that much, or maybe he didn’t visibly show that stress. Regardless, Todoroki was an ally in high demand since he was the undisputed god at facing lava flooring.

He also, was very strange on normal flooring.


Todoroki walked like a cat, quiet and looming around corners before advancing into a room. He peered around with wide eyes, tilting his head even so his ear and temple would pass a corner before any other part of his face. The less distance to his eye due to the shape of a human skull. Mineta imagined that sort of quiet prowling could mean nothing good at all.

Todoroki also very cautiously sat, right on the corner of his seat. Ready to pounce like a predator.

“Uh…” Kirishima blinked, noticing how Todoroki was barely sitting on the stool at all, “you uh...okay man?”

Todoroki blinked, then realized after a long uncomfortable pause he was expected to respond. “...Yes.” He confirmed bluntly, very little inflection in his voice. Kirishima backed away and left the kitchen very quickly. It wasn’t worth it for that level of weirdness.

Todoroki also always waited a few seconds before walking. Pausing in doorways or near the base of the stairs before he managed to ascend. Nobody really knew why, but after a half dozen close calls, everyone knew to wait for his strange little obsessive habit then follow behind. Was it annoying as hell when they were running late, c’mon Todoroki move!, sure. Did anyone actually bring it to attention? Nah. Asui ate sheep liver, Kirishima used to munch on the dude’s quirk daily. Jiro had stolen all of Sato’s yeast before she ran off literally sprinting. Nobody really even cared anymore.

Todoroki also, was very very fond of grippy socks.

Oh they totally teased him for it for the first while. Seeing a blank faced rock of a person wearing fluffy spa socks with adhesive silicone on the bottom for grip? Bakugou laughed so hard he choked on his spit and spent half an hour coughing just to survive. Did Todoroki’s face change at all throughout it? Of course not. He just kept on walking with his fluffy white socks with red polka docks, sticking away on the flooring as he zeroed in on that single juice pouch sitting out for him. Kirishima imagined Todoroki must have some very soft toes, maybe he needed some sort of aloe that the socks sometimes came with. Maybe he had like...eczema or something. Maybe he just liked fluffy socks.

Could Kirishima judge? He wore crocks which, Kaminari told him daily, was not a good fashion choice. Did Kirishima care? No.

He loved Todoroki’s fluffy socks, manly as hell.

Hagakure even joined by cooing about it to Momo, who under some heavy bribery in the shape of convenience store fudge, created two pairs of similar socks. Dark brown with thin ridges of silicone instead of the cat-toe-bean design of Todoroki’s. Hagakure walked around a happy individual, completely invisible except for fluffy socks. Uraraka joined in, then suddenly half of the class was wearing fluffy silicone patched socks as they padded around the tower. Did anyone understand it? Oh hell no. Did Aizawa receive a pair in his faculty mailbox? Oh hell yes.

Did he wear them? The world would never know.

Todoroki didn’t care, Todoroki had enough cares in the world to fill a shot glass. He seemed like the only person in the world who could face down a rampaging bull and tell it to stop, and it would. Todoroki could face the gates of hell, and ask them if they would like to donate some cans to a fundraiser he was running for something stupid. Hell, Satan would probably give him some cleaned out cans of ravioli. He was just... that kind of person.

Todoroki napped very softly, jolting awake at the easiest noises. He napped like a kitten.

He slept in a few public areas but only during the day. Sometimes at odd times, but nothing...really weird? It wasn’t like he was nocturnal, he just seemed like a cool dude who took advantage of comfortable couches in the common room. Sometimes at lunch he snuck away and took naps under some trees in the shade, relaxing until someone came close then he’d startle awake and head to class. It seemed like a good idea, maybe his quirk took a lot out of him.

He napped in public areas with them when it was movie night or when the girls were doing things nearby. He would watch quietly when Bakugou took over the entire kitchen and created a messy delicious disaster. Sometimes if they were lucky, Bakugou would even share. Todoroki was odd. He didn’t really clue in to a few things either.

He was sheltered, everyone knew that. Some popular references he didn’t understand. Sometimes he stared blankly at his laptop and looked uncomprehendingly at data points he was expected to graph. That made some sense, it would be weird for the Number 1 hero to teach his son to use spreadsheets. It was unfair that for some godforsaken reason, Tokoyami was an outright master at anything statistical or spreadsheet based. Completely unfair.

Todoroki didn’t know what instant noodles were, yet he loved cold soba. He would go to ridiculous lengths for cold soba. He would sell Iida’s soul for a bowl of cold soba.

Todoroki was also a hoarder. How? Nobody knew. Where? Nobody knew. His room was rearranged into open floor plan, he didn’t even have a standing bed. He lived off pain and stiff muscles and nobody even understood.

Todoroki stole food like a little bicoloured mouse, and hid it somewhere completely impossible to find. It was simply gone, but Ojiro saw him leave with an arm full of instant noodles and they never returned. Todoroki was become a sensation in the 1-A dorms.

(Ashido and Sero were outright planning to rig up a net to catch him in the act, luring him with tasty instant noodles. Iida took a stop to it instantly, ending up captured instead. Todoroki ignored them and instead went to a couch to silently join the commentary for whatever home renovation show was on. Sato got surprisingly invested in it.)

Bakugou came back from a morning run earlier than expected and watched in muted fascination as Todoroki obliterated the single kettle they all owned. Normally the blonde teen would have screamed over the only source of hot water they had, but there was something in the way Todoroki wasn’t even paying attention that said something. The kettle warped, curling in on itself from the temperature difference of both fire and ice. Soot accumulated, metal crumpled and split like wet tissue paper. Todoroki very calmly placed it on the ground, then began stomping the ever loving life out of the poor kettle. Bakugou watched silently, contemplating if he should intervene and offer to blow it up. He didn’t know what the kettle had done to Todoroki, but he was, in Bakugou’s own words, beating the ever loving shit out of the poor fucker.

Todoroki was very...peculiar too. He...was good at throwing himself on furniture. Across it, on it, even sliding over it. Considering whenever they shouted that the floor was going to instantly burn them all, he always just created a shell of ice to stand on, the teen was amazingly good at leaping onto couches when he thought nobody was looking. Maybe he used it to train his depth perception since he generally leapt around quite a bit in battle?

(He could get from the kitchen, to the stairwell, without touching the floor once.)

It was...really really odd.

Midoriya tried to get him to come out of his shell a bit more, although Todoroki never really did. He interacted with them, sure, but he never really...was there. It was like talking to a computer that had a set amount of responses. You could have a conversation, but after a while it would just stare at you blankly, unable to think.

So, generally Todoroki just chilled in the background and ignored everyone else. Movie nights were great for that, he radiated heat like a personal fireplace and everyone always huddled around him whenever they could. He also sat on the arm of the couch, perched in the most uncomfortable looking position unsparingly. It made Bakugou bristle just staring at him.

The movie was reaching its crescendo of slapstick comedy, the characters now exchanging obviously staged slapping on screen. It was dull enough that it didn’t hurt anyone's brain, but amusing enough nobody could complain.

The door to the dorms slammed open, smacking against the back door stopper with a rattling noise.

“I am here!” a loud noise announced. Midoriya perked up, the others ignored it. The loud, boisterous male voice was a wordless shout amidst the poorly timed laugh track.

Todoroki though, he rolled.

He literally rolled, twisting his body to flip sideways off the armchair into the convenient little crevice between the front of the couch and the coffee table. It was small, tucked away, and currently occupied by Uraraka. Uraraka screeched at the sudden weight, knocking sideways to flop on the carpet. Todoroki’s breath whooshed out of him in a small noise, beyond that he didn’t make a noise.

In fact, if you hadn’t been looking, he would have simply vanished.

Aoyama made a particular noise that nobody could translate. Ojiro peered over, tail twisting slightly when he noticed the one teen had vanished.

“Todoroki!” Uraraka squealed, squirming to try and free herself from the small gap where the two had literally gotten stuck. “You can get up now!”

Heavy footsteps as All Might walked closer- still in a thick muscular form mostly because of his dramatic entrance. Todoroki stiffened, Uraraka froze more out of surprise by the way his dense body completely locked up.

“...Todoroki?” Uraraka squeaked out in alarm, “...uh?”

Midoriya peeked over the coffee table curiously. “Are you okay? Did you hiccup and fall off?”

It was impossible to simply... fall into that gap. He clearly dove, although nobody knew why.

“...yes.” Todoroki admitted bluntly, wriggling himself up easily from the small crevice. His face didn’t change in the slightest. “I fell.”

All Might finally deflated, looking perplexed by the odd movement. Bakugou frowned, muttering something that Kirishima argued almost immediately. Todoroki padded off, unphased, and completely silent.

“...right.” Uraraka squeaked still lodged in the gap, “can someone help me up?”


Todoroki was...weird, with doors.

Just a small thing that Jiro found interesting. He had a specific way to open and close doors with handles. A small interesting thing he did.

This is how he’d start. He’d twist the door handle freakishly fast, but then freeze. Then he’d place his other hand on the door too, before he yanked the door open freakishly fast. Once again, he’d freeze with the door now open. Then he’d step across to the other side, turn around, and repeat the weird sudden start and sudden stop to close the door. It took a long period of time, but he did it...a lot.


Ashido woke up crankily, desperately thirsty and itching for something to eat. Normally she wouldn’t be so hungry, but she hadn’t snacked before going to bed in favor of finishing her homework. She was paying the price now, and by that she meant that Kaminari was actually going to be paying the price of all of his orange juice she was about to drink.

She hopped out of bed, grumbly and annoyed but thankful for the tendy grippy socks that Momo made for all of them. Honestly, they were the best decision they had ever had.

Ashido walked her way to the staircase, figuring that a little acid on the now acid-repellent stairwell wouldn’t be that annoying. It would all evaporate anyways by morning.

She hopped on the railing, yawning and sliding her way all the way down to the ground floor. She stuck her landing thanks to the grippy socks, barely making a noise.

‘Huh,’ Ashido thought to herself as she looked at the stairwell. ‘I didn’t make a sound. I’ll have to try that in class some time!’

She made her way to the main door from the stairwell, sliding through the recently oiled door contently.

The kitchen lights weren’t on, but she could see something. A dull blue glow that illuminated the area ever so slightly. Ashido frowned and tip=toed closer, curious who was awake so early in the morning. Maybe Tokoyami? He seemed like an early riser, and not only for the early-bird-gets-the-worm joke.

She peered around, squinting and spotting a single person standing in the light of the fridge. Blocking most of the light actually, leaving the rest of the room pretty dim.

Ashido squinted, then caught sight of red hair.

‘That’s not Kirishima.’ Ashido thought to herself distantly. More importantly, she watched as Todoroki very obviously was chugging the orange juice she had snuck down to steal. He was stealing her juice. Which she was going to steal.

She almost argued, to make matters worse he wasn’t even using a cup. He was chugging straight from the carton with huge desperate gulps, not spilling a drop.

Partially impressive, partially disgusting.

Todoroki then hastily closed the fridge, reaching out with one foot to keep the door open ever so slightly for light. Then he flipped on the tap to the barest stream, sticking the open juice carton under the stream so fast there wasn’t a noise in between.

Ashido watched in dumb wordless shock, as Todoroki filled the juice he drank with water, swirled it to disperse it, then snuck it back in the fridge in record speed. Ashido doubted she would have even noticed watered down orange juice.

Todoroki slunk low, staying low to the ground as he walked silently past her to the stairwell on the opposite side leading to the boys dorms. He didn’t lift himself from a quick hunched sprint, leaping across furniture like Tsuyu. He didn’t touch the ground more than he had to, and even then he was keeping his feet placed near the walls of heavy furniture. Ashido watched, blinking in numb shock as he vanished up the stairwell, the door sliding shut with barely a noise.

If it hadn’t been for the light from the fridge and pure coincidence, Ashido would never have known he was there.


“Hey!” Ashido cheered the next day, sliding next to the class vice pres, “could you help me with my homework? Please?”

Momo blinked twice, holding her cup of tea between her fingers. She smiled, a small sheepish expression across her face.

“Ah, of course!” Momo chirped, looking a bit off guard, “I thought you like to study with Bakugou?”

Ashido’s grin wavered ever so slightly, “ah, well, you know! Sometimes he’s a little extra blasty! Really only Kirishima can get away with it!”

Momo made a small giggle, holding the cup of tea closer to her face. “I have time free this afternoon! I would love to help you study! I should go ask Jiro-.”

“Ah, no I mean ah..” Ashido trailed off anxiously, “I ah, I’d love to just study with us! You know, bonding!”

Momo looked frazzled, then she blushed. “Ah, of course! Can I get you anything, Ashido? Is there anything in particular you are struggling with?”

Ashido chewed her lip. “Do you...know science that well?”

Momo beamed. “I do!”

Ashido nearly cheered.

Momo’s room not only was filled with a spacious plush bed, but it smelled like expensive candles and soaps. Ashido felt like she was being pampered only while laying on the bed, and that was before Momo got her small french pastries and exotic tea that she couldn’t pronounce.

“Momo,” Ashido started completely seriously, “I love you so much.”

Momo hid her mouth behind one hand and giggled with a flush. “It’s not much, but I hope it can help you with your studying!”

Ashido took a gulp of the floral drink, then beamed with fresh smelling teeth. “Yes! I don’t understand all of this chemistry thing.”

“Let me help!” Momo chirped, pulling out a  small whiteboard and a dozen different coloured markers.

Two hours later, Ashido felt dizzy with knowledge and too much tea and Momo was casually brushing her hair, mindful of the horns.

“We can take a small break then review again,” Momo assured her calmly, not looking upset at all by Ashido’s struggles. “Would you like more snacks?”

“Momo?” Ashido asked quietly, staring at the ceiling, “you knew Todoroki before coming here, right? You were both recommendation students?”

Momo’s hands stopped for a second before she resumed brushing Ashido’s short hair. “A little. We met at various meetings for our programme. We had to go through a lot of testing as a recommendation student, then we had to apply to our school of preference. It was a lot like our quirk assessment test at the start of the year, except we did more tests like those for our limits.”

Ashido’s brow twisted ever so slightly. “So you had a lot of tests with him?”

Momo hummed slightly, “I guess? There were ten of us, we were divided and sent to five different schools to make sure we didn’t overwhelm the applicant pool. I wasn’t partnered with Todoroki often, but we did sit somewhat nearby for our paper exams.”

Ashido hummed in thought. Momo started weaving, tugging the pink strands of her hair into an intricate pattern for a braid. It was difficult with how short her hair was.

“What kind of tests did you guys have?”

Momo didn’t stop her careful movements. “You’re rather curious about this. The tests were incredibly selective and adaptive based on our quirks, so I don’t think they would use anything like that on us. Most of our tests were to determine our limits and adaptability. Since the tests changed so much, they were impossible to study for.”

“Wow,” Ashido laughed nervously, “I sure am happy I didn’t have to go through that.”

Momo giggled quietly. “It was hard for sure. They told us the test the day before so we had time to be strategic, and then perform what we had to. Even with the heads up, some of them I did horrible on! Oh it was aweful!”

Momo’s idea of aweful likely would make Ashido cry in relief.

“I can’t imagine that.” Mina confessed uncomfortably. “I would have thought that you and Todoroki would have...been friends? Since you had stuff like that?”

Momo hummed in thought. “He’s private. We barely really even talked. Even studying, he never really joined a group at all or during the breaks. I think he’s never had many friends before, I can’t imagine what he was like in middle school!”

Ashido shivered at the thought, Momo gently patted her shoulder teasingly. “Careful there! Don’t go offending our resident ice quirk user!”

Momo was helpful, but she hadn’t really done anything for the questions itching in the back of her head.

“Grippy socks seem weird for Todoroki,” Ashido hummed thoughtfully, “you know, with his room being so traditional. I thought he’d be more about slippers.”

Momo shrugged behind her, “I’m not sure. I was pretty surprised too when I saw them. He never mentioned before that he had any interest. Normally someone has asked me to help make clothing at some point, but he hasn’t yet.”

“Maybe he’s shy?” Ashido offered awkwardly. “He isn’t...the best with conversation.”

Momo giggled to herself. “Todoroki giving you the cold shoulder? I couldn’t ever imagine it.”


Ashido wasn’t going to let it drop, because for some reason the orange juice was bothering her. A lot.

She knew this was likely a rude thing to do, but something in the back of her head was screaming at her. She would eat her own horn if she was wrong, but for some reason she felt like there was something more.

It was driving her crazy.

“Bakugou?” Ashido whispered, knocking on his door quickly. He had just gone to sleep, she chased after the moment the others wouldn’t notice her bolting after him. It already was tricky sneaking up the boys side, but it was nothing she had never done before. If anything, Bakugou would be cranky and explode on her for interrupting his beauty sleep even though there was no way he possibly could be asleep already.

She kept rapping her hand, tapping in a quick pace that she knew he’d find annoying. Less than a minute later, the door jerked open and Bakugou was glaring at her furiously.

What do you want!” He hissed out lowly, not screaming but clearly furious. He was smart enough to now that Ashido being on this side would get them both in trouble.

Ashido grinned, and forced her way into his room under his arm. He cursed and made a grab for her, running the underside of his arm on the bony ridge of her horn. She giggled as he cursed at the sharp burn, likely bruising the muscle.

“Sorry!” She whispered back, grinning widely as he purposely slammed the door shut. The walls and doors were relatively soundproof from the hallway.

What.” He stated flatly, running one hand down his face tiredly, “I swear to god, if you’re here because of your goddamn homework I will fucking throw you out my goddamn window-.”

“No no!” Ashido hurriedly interrupted, “I got help from Momo! Nothing to do with homework! Promise!”

Bakugou stared at his ceiling with an expression of pain.

“Oh,” Ashido blinked in realization, “you don’t have a shirt. Whoops.”

Bakugou closed his eyes, curling his hands into a fist. Small pops like bubble wrap. Ashido quickly glanced over all his muscled, carefully checking them. “I guess you don’t have a camel hump.”

“Alright that’s it, you’re fucking dead Racoon fac-.”

“Wait wait!” Ashido shrieked, leaping across the room to slam across his bed and knock the pillow off. She crammed herself back against the wall, knowing he couldn’t grab her easily. “Can you set shit on fire!”

Bakugou’s face twitched. “Oh, I’m going to set you on fire alright, you little horned fuckbas-.”

“I need you to explode something for me!” She squeaked out, grappling with his blanket to try and create some sort of shield. The blankets at least were likely fire retardant.

Bakugou paused in a stiff movement ready to lunge at her.

“You won’t get in trouble I think!” She hurriedly squeaked also.

“...You want me to blow something up.”

Ashido nodded frantically.

Bakugou’s face twitched ever so slightly. “...I’m interested.”

Ashido could have sighed in relief. “Can you set things on fire too? Or is it just an explosion?”

His face twisted into a bared snarl. “What the fuck-.”

“Can you make a flamethrower?” Ashido hurried out all the while knowing that at some point soon, Bakugou was going to snap at her. “I- can I give you my hairspray and can you make a flamethrower?”

Bakugou gaped fo a second, “I- you want me to burn shit? The fuck you on about, Raccoon eyes?”

Well, that wasn’t a no.

“I just…” Ashido trailed off unsure. “...I wanna test something?”

Bakugou’s face flattened into a blank expression. “You want me. For a science experiment.”

“No,” Ashido shivered, “no more experiments and no more science. I really just want you to make a flamethrower. I thought you’d be the best with explosions! I can always get Kaminari to help if you don’t think you can-.”

“Oh fuck no ! That shit weasel isn’t getting anywhere near! I am the master with explosions, you hear me you chewed up bubblegum!”

Ashido beamed, “Yay!”


Momo was there with a fire extinguisher, fretting nervously. Asui was there because she was curious, and Kaminari and Jiro had set up some killer music to play in the outdoor courtyard.

“What’s going on?” Uraraka asked curiously, poking her head out of the sliding glass door, “a dance party?”

“Hah! You wish!” Bakugou roared, looking far too terrifyingly gleeful to ever be allowed to repeat this again. In both hands he had cans of Kirishima’s heavy duty hairspray, held with strips of fire retardant tape around his forearms.

Ashido waited, and sure enough, the group drew the most elusive member out of hiding. Todoroki peered around, going so far to stand next to Uraraka who didn’t look uncomfortable with the nearby presence.

“Come on out!” Ashido waved happily, holding her breath and hoping and-.

She nearly cheered in victory. Uraraka slid the door open and hopped out, Todoroki followed almost instantly after. He slid the door closed obediently, standing far away watching observantly.

“Hit it, extras!”  Bakugou ordered, then lowered his hands into a ninety degree angle, compressing the tab on the hairspray. It started spraying, and Bakugou detonated sparks.





Ashido cheered and screamed in delight. Bakugou lifted both eyes to the sky and screamed like a maniac as twin plumes of fire erupted into the sky. Six feet long, Kirishima’s hairspray certainly was impressive.

“Oh dear,” Momo gaped, wordlessly conjuring another fire extinguisher.

“Whoo!” Uraraka screamed, displaying her rarely seen savage side. “Look at that! That’s so cool!”

Uraraka spun her head around, huge grin across her face. “Ashido! Do you think If I used my quirk he could use those like rockets?”

Ashido determined right then and there, to never let Bakugou have access to flammable gas again.

Ashido beamed, then looked beyond Uraraka.

Todoroki’s eyes were locked on the flames. Unwavering, tense and watching. He looked pale, uncomfortable but ready for something.

Bakugou spun around, twisting and in turn the flames twisted impressively. Maybe instead of fireworks, they could just purchase american mosquito repellent.

The fire twisted, Todoroki’s eyes shifted somehow and he tensed further.

Ashido didn’t like how it looked.

The bass from the music thrummed loudly, Ashido could see other classmates peer out of the windows curiously. The display was impressive; the longer it went on the more obvious it was that Bakugou knew what he was doing. It was incredibly unlikely that anything would be set on fire, especially since he could stop the flow of gas at any point.

Todoroki twitched slightly, his left side spiking out with needle long spots of ice. Ashido swallowed thickly.

“Momo?” Ashido slunk to the taller girl, bumping her side casually. “Hey, can you do me a favour?”

Gosh, Ashido was going to be killed later today.

“What is it?” Momo asked curiously, one eye still on the fireball that was starting to dwindle.

“Can you make me an airhorn?” Ashido tried to look as innocent as she could. Momo blinked at her twice, then wordlessly allowed one to pop out around her thigh. It was a little mangled, but looked like it would work. Ashido wondered if that was a common request.

Ashido held the airhorn reverently, then walked towards her impending demise.

The flames and heat dwindled down, sputtering out. Instead of running all the way to the end where the flames and gas would be too inconsistent to be managed safely, Bakugou cut off the stream. He looked amused, thoroughly relaxed from the adrenaline rush and the heat. He tore the tape off his arm, not caring about how much it likely tore out his hairs. He kicked the canisters onto the ground, rolling his shoulders and flexing his hand.

“Not bad, eh you alien face bit-!”’

Ashido cringed, lifted her airhorn and blared it. Right behind Todoroki.

The duel quirk user jumped. The entire time the flames had been going on, the boy looked ready for something to happen. The air horn made it happen, and although there was no target in sight, he reacted.

Faster than she could see, faster than anyone could think. Todoroki spun on instinct and some sort of paranoia induce reaction- a thick ice reinforced punch came spinning for her face. She had her acid ready the entire time, so the quick slide out of the impending path was easy.

His fist kept traveling, and shattered the thick wall of glass separating them from inside and outside. It broke apart with a loud noise, like Midoriya smashing a building apart.

A pause, a small inhale of breath. Todoroki’s eyes wide and nearly bulging- the whites showing so far he looked wrong.

“…” Jiro moaned quietly, cutting off the music instantly. “...we just fixed that window…”

‘At least he didn’t sneeze.’ Ashido thought numbly.

Then Todoroki bolted.

He ran, moving quick in a flash towards the stairwell up and out of sight. He didn’t make a noise the entire time he bolted.

A pause, the rest of the glass started to fall out from the frame, sprinkling onto the ground and outside courtyard.

“...the fuck, you fucking horn freak?”

“Dude, Baku-dude, chill. It was probably a prank and there is- no! Dude there is a lot of glass over there!”


“I’m on it! I can float us over it!”

Bakugou ignored it, stomping over dramatically before slamming his shoulder into her back.

“The fuck.” He snarled out lowly. Ashido gulped quietly.

“I-...I had thought that…”

“That was a fucking panic attack, you fucking pink faced fuckmuncher.”

Ashido drooped inwards, Bakugou stormed off, stomping over the broken glass with his thick boots.

Ashido felt much much worse about her impulsive actions. She didn’t’ accomplish anything.


Kaminari flopped onto his back, groaning dramatically.

“Groan any louder you’ll scare the birds.” His friend droned flatly, turning the page of his book quietly.

“That’s crap.” Kaminari pouted, “birds love me.”

“I know that you’re trying to turn that into a convoluted ‘chicks love me’, but for god’s sake I got two hours of sleep and I will not withhold smashing this textbook on your face.” Shinsou Hitoshi droned flatly. Eyes scanning over the textbook slowly.

Kaminari pouted, and looked at the sky.

“Did you hear about how Bakugou made flamethrowers?” Kaminari tried for conversation.

Shinsou made a quiet humming noise, not glancing up once.

“It was really cool!” Kaminari laughed at the memory, “oh man, then Ashido fired off an air horn and Todoroki like, lost his shit. He tried to punch her out and ended up breaking the window. Again. At least we don’t have to try and fix it ourselves again.”

Shinsou twitched, pausing slightly from reading. “...Todoroki. The ice and fire quirk user.”

“Yeah I’ve told you about him!” Kaminari argued with a pout. “You know, the cool loner vibe-.”

“Oh. my mistake. I always thought you were talking about me.”

“Shut up you ass.” Kaminari pouted, trying to smack his friend. “But yeah, he smashed that big window and ran off. Momo said she would let Aizawa know. But oh man, Todoroki looked terrible after!”

Shinsou hummed, shifting the book so he could read the other side easier. “He always looks bad.”

“Rude man, ouch. Why do you always have to be a dick?”

“One day, I pray it’ll scare you away.”

“Nah!” Kaminari grinned, nearly cooing at Shinsou’s grimace, “You and me are like...a hairbrush ad static.”

“You have no idea what my hair is like when it’s brushed.”

Kaminari shrugged and wiggled his way up to peer at the book, “but yeah. Exciting day in dorm 1-A. Todoroki flipped a shit at a flamethrower and ran off. How was your day?”

Shinsou frowned, lowering the book from his face. He blinked slowly then looked out at nothing in particular. “Todoroki. Endeavor’s kid, right?”

Kaminari blinked in confusion, “yeah? Pretty cool to be the son of a pro!”

Shinsou blinked slowly then looked back at his book without his face changing. “So what’s this shit with the floor being lava that’s spread to my dorm. I’ve had to sacrifice my blanket twice for that stupid game.”

Kaminari nearly snorted, then jumped into the most recent disaster.


“Hey.” Shinsou started after class, sliding into the classroom quietly. Aizawa didn’t look up, giving a small grunt. Shinsou slid towards the closest desk, hopping on the surface to drop his backpack onto the floor.

Shinsou liked hanging out in the classroom after class. Nobody would visit and bother them, was a good goal. Sitting on a desk in class 1-A. He would be there one day, during actual class and not after hours.

Shinsou fiddled with the edge of his uniform, messing with the ends of his tie.

“If you break it, you’re not getting another.” Aizawa grumbled, one eye peering at him from messy hair. “You’re distracted.”

“Yep.” Shinsou agreed with an easy unnerving grin. “I’m always distracted. Maybe it’s depression, maybe it’s social anxiety.”

“You have the worst sense of humour.” Aizawa sighed exhaustedly, “I had to deal with problem children all day. Please. Give me ten minutes.”

“Never,” Shinsou promised him cruelly. “I’ve got a question anyways.”

That was a change. Normally he didn’t ask so bluntly, Aizawa knew that too.

Aizawa sighed dramatically, then held it even longer. Shinsou snickered, muttering something about the display. Aizawa kept his hands on his head, bracing himself. It took him a solid minute, then he opened his eyes and nodded.

“Great,” Shinsou folded his legs, smacking his palms along his knees. “Todoroki, what’s the hot gossip.”

Aizawa closed his eyes again. “I thought I was prepared. I wasn’t.”

Shinsou nearly laughed.

“...Why...are you interested in Todoroki.” Aizawa sounded winded and very exhausted.

Shinsou shrugged, reclining slightly and using one arm behind his back to keep his balance. “He’s a hot chunk of-.”

“If you finish that sentence, I am throwing you out right now.”

Shinsou’s grin got wider.

“ interesting. ” Aizawa started finally giving in. “You know I can’t give out personal information. He has a duel quirk. Especially proficient and intelligent.”

Shinsou swung one leg under the desk back out. “Well, now you’re just being boring. Come on, Sensei, I heard some great news earlier today. Something about a window?”

Aizawa pointed at the door. “Get out. Get out we are not talking about that window.”

“Someone’s a bit sensitive.”

Aizawa’s eyes flashed red and Shinsou’s grin started to falter. The fumbling on the edge of his tie got a bit worse. A bit more anxious.

The entire atmosphere altered instantly.

“...Shinsou. What is this about?”

Shinsou shrugged and glanced to the side, looking out over the grounds of UA. “I...heard a rumor, that the window got broken. I was curious.”

“You’ve never been curious enough before to pester me about my students.”

“Well, you know.” Shinsou paused unsure. “...It just felt a bit funny to me.”

Aizawa’s expression chilled. “...funny. Funny how.”

Shinsou sighed then glanced back over again. “Isn’t it a bit strange that one of your best students accidentally broke a window with a punch? A punch. You’d think he’d have better control.”

Aizawa’s face twitched ever so slightly. “Shinsou-.”

“Can you get him the forms?” Shinsou blurted shakily, “ know the ones I have? Where my m- where she can’t come on campus? Those ones?’

Aizawa stiffened ever so slightly in alarm. “The parental restriction forms? The individuality privacy forms? You want me to talk to Todoroki about temporary school custody of him?”

Shinsou stared a second longer before he glanced away with another one of those infuriating shrugs of his. “...Just mention it, eh? And ah...check the...trim in his room.”

Shinsou hopped down, grabbed his bag, then walked out of the classroom far too casually.

Aizawa stared at his desk and the unmarked papers, then cursed the day he ever had such a brat walk into his life.


Aizawa normally wouldn’t ever break a student’s privacy, but he held weight to Shinsou’s words.

He knew when Todoroki was at classes and when he had a break. He walked into the dorms for 1-A, used his master keys and unlocked Todoroki’s room.

It was traditional, organized to an obsessive degree. Not a spec of dirt, not a single paper out of place. Even the small rubbish bin had nothing in it. It was very, very neat.

“The trim…” Aizawa murmured, glancing around the room for any exposed section of molding along the floor. He found one small section next to the book case where the tatami mats didn’t press so tightly. Maybe a pencil could have fit in the gap, but Shinsou said the molding, not the mats.

Aizawa settled on his knees, dug his fingernails into the molding and pried very carefully.

The molding pulled apart, a large section of it sliding out easily. The molding should have been one entire piece, but somewhere near the end of the bookcase it was severed cleanly in half into a smaller portion. Able to be removed.

“Oh, Todoroki.” Aizawa breathed, pulling the wood aside to see the large gouged out cavity into the wall itself. Four inches tall, three inches long, and nearly half a foot deep. Small packets of instant noodles pressed into the gap, as well as other basic supplies. First aid, half finished bottles of water, a disposable cell phone.

God, it was an emergency kit hidden in the goddamn wall.



The students came back to the dorms surprised to see Aizawa sitting on the couches, waiting for his arrival. He had forms ready, papers ready to go.

“Everyone,” Aizawa sighed, feeling far too tired. “I hate that once again, I am informing you all of an oversight.”

Everyone glanced around with low mumbles. Figures.

“Everyone, take your packet.” Aizawa muttered, sliding various folders out from his side bag. Each folder was sealed with a formal name printed on the top. It was impossible to tell how thick each packet was without opening it.

“I understand that all of you may take this to heart, and some of you may ignore this.” Aizawa stared at Bakugou, who clicked his tongue and glanced away.

“Regardless, please take information to heart.” Aizawa sighed, sliding it around. One by one, students took their packets, hesitant to open it. Midoriya took his with a shaky grip, looking ready to bolt. His problem child.

“Todoroki, please stay behind.” Aizawa spoke. Everyone realized that meant they had to leave- everyone bolted like startled birds. It was endearing if not annoying sometimes.

Todoroki slid onto the couch across from him, holding his packet quietly.

Aizawa folded his hands then nodded towards the packet. “Open it.”

Todoroki did, then pulled out the sheaf of papers, individual packets with staples and special covers. Small business cards too, even what looked like a tiny notebook.

“The papers provided are all optional, I am not permitted to do anything without your consent.” Aizawa started gently yet firmly. “The first document is your consent for shifting guardianship rights from your parental figure to the UA institution when enrolled here. Simply set, by signing and consenting, UA will be able to make emergency medical decisions in the instances we cannot reach your parental figures. UA will have legal rights for all instances while on campus, as well as ability for punishments and retribution if necessary.”

Todoroki stared at the packet blankly. “Thank you sir. I do not understand why this is being explained.”

Aizawa steadied his voice. “If you sign the packet, UA instills all mandatory applications to be submitted for parents to withdraw or take students from the campus. This means, that your father will be unable to visit UA under any circumstances without us knowing it, and he will not, without our express permission, be permitted into the dorms. When he is on campus, UA has guardianship rights dominating over his.”

Todoroki’s eyes widened in shock.

“The rest of the packets are for other things you may be interested in.” Aizawa nodded at them. “One is an application process for holiday stay, which is allowed for students who live too far away or cannot leave due to family situations. The second is a summer internship and housing application, permitting a summer dorm system to be installed and permitted. Currently, there are five students who have been fitted for the situation. The last packet is for our mental health facilities, and all testing if you would like for various signs of trauma or abuse. You do not need to do anything based on your results. Everything is completely confidential.”

Todoroki looked down at the sheafs in his hand. His hands were trembling, his face looked on the point of tears. “...I just need to sign?”

‘Oh, Todoroki.’ Aizawa’s heart snapped. “Yes. If you need more time-.”

Todoroki flipped to the last page for the UA guardianship form. “Aizawa-Sensei, do you have a pen?”

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Chapter Text

Aizawa walked into class, closed his eyes and tried to steady himself.

His students sat in their seats, staring at him obediently and patiently. It would have been a sight to see if not for the elephant in the room.

Hell, even Bakugou was sitting up and alert. The teen rarely had his feet off his desk until Aizawa had threatened him.

The room was nice and clean, crisp with something vaguely minty. Thick velvet drapes hung over the boring windows, blocking out the light and making the room strangely homey.

The lights were off too.

“Right.” Aizawa stated bluntly, dropping his stack of marked papers on the front desk. “Why are the lights off.”

Nobody answered. Aizawa turned and looked at the light switch.

“Jiro,” he started calmly, “why have you destroyed the light switch.”

Jiro, in the face of danger, stood strong. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, sir.”

“The light switches are destroyed in the shape of your quirk.”

“Someone could have slammed a USB stick in the wall.” She smoothly offered in turn, “sir.”

Aizawa rubbed his temples, hating how his brain buzzed and lulled in exhaustion.

“Why is my classroom filled with candles.”

“There was a power outage.” Kaminari provided with only a small hint of anxiety.

Aizawa very slowly looked at the heavy drapes that was blocking the morning sunshine.

“I’m allergic to sunlight.” Kirishima blurted at the silent inquiry.

“Kirishima you idiot! Your hero outfit is shirtless!”

“I’m...allergic to windows?”

Aizawa inhaled and rubbed his temples. Thankfully, the candles weren’t scented beyond ever so slight mint. It was soothing, the small flames didn’t burn an imprint behind his eyes.

How did you get in here to do this?”

Tokoyami said nothing. Dark Shadow pointed at himself dejectedly.

“What did you do to prevent the wax from dripping onto the table.” Aizawa felt that at this point, it was better to go along with this ridiculous nonsense.

“I put down tape, sir.” Sero provided helpfully, staring at him rather intensely.

“Right.” Aizawa slowly looked at Todoroki who had the blankest face of everyone. “How did they bribe you into lighting all the candles?”

Todoroki didn’t blink. “Soba.”


The next day, Jiro, Momo, and Hagakure were uncomfortably focused. Staring at him nearly obsessively.

Jiro was playing classical music, a slow drooling song from her phone that rang cleanly around the room.

Aizawa wasn’t one for classical music. He could respect the artistry behind it, but one piano song sounded identical to the next one for him.

Throughout the class she began to alternate it. Staring aggressively as she jumped from acoustic guitar to harp to flute to violin.

Aizawa was especially proud of how he remained composed when she began to desperately play accordion music.


Aizawa opened the door to face a surplus of baking. Cinnamon and cloves and soft pastries with buttery crusts. Golden and warm and Sato looking at him desperately.

Okay, at this point he knew that there was some sort of bet going. He had no idea what the goal was, but resorting to petty bribery wasn’t the right way to go. Not to mention the crumbs would attract ants.

“I’m lactose intolerant.” Aizawa bluntly stated, ignoring all of the gentle creations in preference for a jelly packet. This at least, wouldn’t leave crumbs.

He wasn’t even lactose intolerant to begin with. He figured this would stop them from trying to use food to somehow get a better grade.

Sato’s face fell and he looked at the various things he had made in dismay. The room really did smell nice, although it was starting to make Aizawa’s eyes burn and his nose itch. He sneezed once, a small noise that wasn’t particularly cute or disgusting. Thank god his sneezes weren’t metaphorical gunshots like Present Mic’s, or literal gunshots like Snipe.

“I’ll eat it!” Mina offered, rushing for a danish. The entire class ate, feasting on a buffet of bribery.

They are filled with lies. Aizawa thought to himself, making a note to pass out a remedial assignment for the miserable scores on their last quiz.


The desks and chairs were fitted with pillows, fluffy things with various patterns. He spotted a toxic pink pattern like a dart frog lining Mina’s chair. Asui had a pillow in the shape of a smiling frog’s face.

“Okay.” Aizawa spoke, numbly and in hidden shock. The room. Was filled with pillows. Specialized pillows.

“Do you like it sir?” Midoriya asked with wide eyes, practically sparkling from under the All Might onesie he was wearing. He was wearing his tie still. It was obscene.

“Why are there pillows.” He deadpanned. Oh god, was that a cat plushie sitting on his desk.

“The chairs are uncomfortable, sir.” Tokoami responded, eyes closed and reclined on a thick flannel blanket lining his chair.

“They aren’t supposed to be comfortable.” He defended. His desk looked far too alluring to be allowed. God, Midnight was going to kill herself laughing over this.

“That can be fixed.” Mineta mumbled, a full sleeping hairnet wrapped around the purple spheres of his quirk. He looked relaxed, wrapped up like a grape jelly crepe. Or creep.

“I-.” Aizawa found himself floundering, eyes skirting towards the back of the class. Todoroki often was the source of sanity.

The source of sanity was reclined wearing a light blue sleep mask decorated in sheep.

Aizawa fought off the lethargic haze that was filling the room like smoke. He knew any longer, and he’d start to sway on his feet. He wasn’t supposed to pass out on the job, the last time he did that he lost two days vacation pay and had to sit through three hours of Nedzu’s tea-time discussions about the benefits of vegetable oil over butter.

“‘Why don’t we sit down to talk about this, sensei?” Uraraka asked, eyes bright and delighted. Her hair pulled into a cozy tiny ponytail.

No, no he had to stay strong. He couldn’t falter now.

He knew just the thing to awaken the haze over his senses. He knew just the right conversation explosion to leave sleep trembling in its boots.

Aizawa turned to Bakugou.

Bakugou lifted one eyebrow in a silent challenge. It was impressive, since the boy couldn’t see.

“Oh, Bakugou.” Aizawa spoke quietly, not quite dismay but pretty damn close to it.

Bakugou sniffed offended, but relaxed. The cucumbers over his eyes and the bright green paste on his face looked oddly refreshing. Aizawa felt almost jealous.

Aizawa wasn’t strong enough for this. Aizawa was a weak man.

Aizawa turned around and ran.


“What do you want?” Aizawa broke down the next day, the entire room smelling gently of lavender and rosemary.

He couldn’t find the source. There was no source. The room smelt like a yoga studio and Aizawa liked it and he didn’t know why this was happening to him.

Ojiro looked uncomfortable, but his tail fur was extra soft and fluffy. He was working a comb through Momo’s hair, shifting it into gentle braids.

The smell of lavender was getting to him, he didn’t want that same treatment.

For gods sake, why couldn’t Midoriya just go back to breaking all his limbs.


Koda smuggled in cats.

Maybe he bribed them like how they bribed Todoroki. He knew having a student with an animal communication quirk was a bad idea.

The cats, were apparently under strict order, to stay on his desk or swarm him.

Aizawa had never been the target of a flash mob.

He had no frame of reference for what it was like to be the target of a flash mob, but he had an active imagination. He assumed it was something similar.

When he saw the first cat on his desk, he thought Shinsou had smuggled it in just to bother him. When he saw the second cat, he foolishly assumed that it was a coincidence that two cats were found together and smuggled in.

The third and fourth cats emerged together from under the desk. Aizawa could distantly recall his mind scrambling and thinking ‘Oh no-.’

The fifth and sixth cat emerged.

There were no survivors.


Aizawa bolted, rushing out of the classroom towards the teacher lounge. The cats protested, the multiple meows harmonized into a single belting noise of displeasure. It sounded demonic, and the quiet classroom realized in that moment how merciful Koda had been to them.

The cats turned, ten glowing green eyes stared creepily across the desks.

“Go, my friends.” Koda urged them, crooning. The cats nodded, turned, and ran off in a single well oiled machine.

Shoji shivered. Ojiro’s tail fur was standing on end.

“Damn.” Kaminari whispered with wide eyes, “Koda is a badass.”

Koda flushed and fumbled in on himself, ignoring the power he possessed.

“He’s in the lounge!” Jiro reported, eyebrows furrowed in concentration. “The squadron can’t get past the door!”

Kirishima slammed his hands on his desk, the surface rattled and wobbled dangerous.

“Call in the bomb squad!” Kirishima screamed; everyone stared at him.

“Dude.” Sero looked at him sympathetically, “That was so lame.”

Bakugou grinned, swung his legs and slammed them on the floor. He stood, tilting his neck to crack audibly.

“We aren’t supposed to leave the room.” Todoroki deadpanned, although he was already grabbing his textbooks to slide them into his bag.

“Nobody is going to stop us, man.” Kaminari laughed, “we have a literal army.”

The cats could be heard meowing in the hallway. A single long droning mreaaaaaaaaa that sounded more like the thousands of screams of souls trapped in the afterlife.

Tokoyami nodded in respect.

Todoroki sighed and nodded, walking after Bakugou who slammed through the door and down the hallway. Iida took off after, shrieking about the rules regarding hallway running. Kirishima took off for damage control.

When the class got to the teachers lounge, it was to a very odd sight.

“Dude.” Kaminari whispered in horror.

Shinsou Hitoshi stood, kneeling on one leg against the teachers lounge door. The cats were swarmed around him like a ritual sacrifice.

And the class was the sacrifice.

Shinsou had a very intimidating grin on his face, eyes sharp and cruel and the cats looked very happy with the scratches along their backs.

“Nice cats you have here.” Shinsou started conversationally, petting the alpha tomcat who was missing his front fangs so his tongue lolled out like a man-slaughtering anteater. “It would be a shame if something happened to them.”

Kaminari dropped to his knees. “Shinsou, my man, please. Don’t do this.”

Ojiro stepped back, being escorted away carefully by both Hagakure and Mina. Shinsou ignored him.

“Oi, you’re the brainfreak.” Bakugou glared, teeth gritting sourly. “Get out of the goddamn way.”

Midoriya wriggled between, “ah! No fighting! We’re here for ah...uh…”

Shinsou arched one brow. Todoroki scratched one of the cats absentmindedly.

“Breaking into the teachers lounge?” Shinsou clicked his tongue, the noise sounded like ants on their skin. “Isn’t that against the rules.”

Iida fumbled, voice cracking.

“Oh please, like you care about rules.” Mineta spat out, scowling. One of the cats hissed at him.

Shinsou’s face smoothed over very quickly. “You’re the cranberry kid.”

“It’s grape-.”

Shinsou rolled his eyes, Mineta was frozen in place.

“Go back to class.” Shinsou sighed, eyeing the smaller boy considerably. “Then tie your shoelaces together, and slap yourself lightly.”

Mineta in a robotic pace, marched away. Jiro gave him a subtle thumbs up.

“We just want to make Mr. Aizawa sleep, ribbit.” Asui informed Shinsou solemnly. “He hasn’t been sleeping we think.”

“Oh,” Shinsou’s expression lightened ever so slightly. “Yeah. Someone got like, a busted shoulder so he’s been doing extra patrols I think. You hired cat thugs to take him down?”

Koda frantically shook his head, looking distressed. Uraraka nodded, completely invalidating Koda’s distress.

“We don’t need you!” Bakugou spat out angrily. “I’ll knock him out if I have to!”

Shinsou clicked his tongue, stood up, and twisted the door. It opened, he stood in the doorframe and peered in. “Sensei? Why are there like a half dozen cats here.”

From the belly of the beast, deep inside the forbidden realm of cheap coffee and poor life choices, Aizawa groaned out a toneless. “Shinsou don’t you dare.”

“Oh no, my hand is slipping.” Shinsou drawled flatly. Not sounding apologetic in the slightest. “So many cats. You know how it is.”


“Oh how the pretty die so young.”

“I would rather suffer death than your childish-.”

Shinsou’s eyes lit up, his body twitched and Aizawa froze mid-word.

Shinsou turned, looking at the class with a level of deranged delight that would scare even Shigaraki.

“Then suffer.” He whispered, stepping aside to allow the teacup jaguars to charge into the room.

Shinsou closed the door quietly, released his quirk.

“Stone cold.” Kaminari whispered, before Bakugou stepped on his face.


Present Mic was worried when he came in to take over class, and instead of the usual shouting and exasperated expression, he met something from a horror film.

The students all had a packet of papers. A surprising amount, stapled together. Clearly it was busy work, but by the intense near panicking level of effort going into it their grades likely relied on it.

Aizawa was sitting on his desk, crossed legged on the top. He never did that.

The chalkboard was completely clean. There were no books or papers next to him.

Hell, he didn’t even have his sleeping bag.

“Uh.” Present Mic breathed, his whispers loud enough that Aizawa’s head snapped around towards him like a hungry owl. His eyes were glazed, bloodshot, and filled with restrained fury.

“You’re not having them today.” Aizawa deadpanned, Present Mic shivered. “They’re being punished.”

The students didn’t look up, they kept desperately scribbling. Mineta was sobbing so hard it was impressive he could write at all.

“...What did they do?” Present Mic whispered in horror. The last time he had seen something of this caliber, it was years ago when the entire class was expelled.

“Released cats on me.” Aizawa informed him calmly. “Made me sleep.”

Oh, you poor poor fools.

Present Mic laughed uncomfortable. It sounded pinched and winded. “Ah, you know how it is. Sleep for a week, eh?”

“Sleep is for the weak.” Aizawa returned with frightening intensity. His eyes were slowly turning red. “There is no god.”

Present Mic nodded, trying to hide the fact he was terrified for his life.

He paused, quickly scrambling for his phone to play one song on full blast in the small crack under the frame.

‘Hello Darkness my old friend~.’

Oh, Shota was going to kill him.

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