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Lord, What Fools These Mortals Be

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A Most Rare Vision

Written by Christine Everhart

Girls spin in gilded cages high above an enthralled audience. Shadows dance upon the water in a sunken stage. Acrobats leap from the stage to the front row of seats, all without touching the floor. 

From the moment he first stepped into the Broadway scene, famed director Phil Coulson has challenged the law of nature to spin the most incredible tales. This almost ordinary-looking man doesn't look like he could revolutionize the theatrical world but revolutionize it he has. 

"I wouldn't call it revolutionizing," Coulson protests when he glances at my notes. "More of a reimagining." Reimagining seems to be what Coulson does best as he finishes the fifth show in what he calls Shakespeare Reimagined. Critics are lauding his latest play, a production of Hamlet featuring nothing but dogs, inspired.

What's next for the director? Coulson grins that sly smile of his. "A Midsummer NIght's Dream," he says. "And if you think what I've been doing so far is revolutionary, wait until you see this."