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Self Love 801: A Complete Guide To Anal Sex For Beginners

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Izuku was sitting on a bench in his agency’s locker room, freshly showered and clad only in a towel around his waist, when another pro hero by the name of Thunderclap took a seat close to him.

Awkwardly close, especially in a locker room, one could say.

Thunderclap – named after his quirk, which produced loud sonic booms through the clapping of his hands – had joined Miruko’s Hero Agency about a year ago, roughly three years after Izuku himself. They worked the same shift but were rarely paired up for missions or patrols; Izuku had maybe spoken to the other man three times total, and never alone.

Thunderclap, still in his hero gear, didn’t say anything, just looked at Izuku.


Tensing, Izuku decided to stand his ground and not to move away. He said, “Do you, uh, need something?”

“Yeah. I think so.” Thunderclap shifted closer, until their bare shoulders were touching. “A date would be a good start.”

Izuku tilted his head. “A what…?”

Thunderclap leaned his head in closer, and Izuku subconsciously leaned back. “I’m talking about me and you, Midoriya. I’ve seen the way you look at me.”

Freezing, Izuku’s eyes shifted away from Thunderclap, and a blush caught fire on his face that extended across the exposed skin of his shoulders and upper chest. “Uh…”

Izuku could quickly put together a list of all the men that had caught his eye over the years. And while Thunderclap wasn’t necessarily on it, he was easy on the eyes. Not as bulked up as Izuku, but still muscular, and nearly a head taller in height. His smart-ass attitude appealed to Izuku on a certain level that he didn’t want to think too hard about.

It was flattering, honestly. Izuku didn’t think himself homely or anything, but it was rare that someone approached him outside of his hero persona.

And it was the first time a man had done so.

Laughing, Thunderclap continued. “I’m not asking for your hand in marriage or anything. I just think you’re cute – and I know you think I’m cute – so we should go out sometime.”

“I- I’ve never… uh… with a guy. Y’know, before,” Izuku awkwardly answered.

“Are dudes a no-go for you?”

Izuku quickly shook his head. “No! I like guys and girls. It’s just never really- I mean, I’ve liked guys before, but I’ve never dated a guy before.”

Or did any of the things guys do to each other when they’re dating.

Thunderclap leered. “Nice, a virgin.”

“I’m not a virgin!” Izuku argued. “I just haven’t-“ had sex “-with a guy.”

Thunderclap took the side of Izuku’s face into his hand. It was dry and cold. Izuku secretly felt that Thunderclap wasn’t as smooth as he was pretending to be, which in turn helped himself feel less awkward. “It’s an embarrassment to the world that a cutie like you has never experienced the pleasures gay sex can bring you.”

Izuku was terribly, terribly intrigued. He understood on a general level what it meant for two men to have sex – and he’d enjoyed in the privacy of his bedroom videos that showed such intimacy in vivid, shocking detail. The thought of getting to explore that concept in person was enough for Izuku to agree to this date, and whatever else it might bring.

And so, Izuku said, “Yes,” to Thunderclap, who smirked and gave a time and location to meet at for their first date.



Izuku’s first date with Harada Hayato – also known as the Pro Hero Thunderclap – ended terribly.

Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea.

He’d need to research the matter further to properly prepare for any subsequent dates.



Late Sunday evening, Izuku found himself alone in his apartment on the sofa with a large, fluffy All Might blanket wrapped warmly around his shoulders. In the background, the TV was switched on to some nightly news program, describing the events of the day, but he paid it no mind.

He had other business to address.

Taking a deep breath, Izuku double-clicked to open up the web browser on his laptop. The blinking cursor taunted him and what he was about to do.

It’s nothing more than research, Izuku silently told himself and began to type.


What is


Izuku groaned and scrubbed a hand roughly across his head. Why was this so hard?


What is gay sex


Immediately, the page was flooded with informational articles with brief descriptions about the basics.

He clicked on the first link that didn’t look too imposing.


Dear Straight Folks, This is How Gay Sex Works


He wasn’t straight, of course, but he was in need of more specific knowledge than his favorite collection of porn videos would offer.

Upon further reading, he grew frustrated once he realized that the article was nothing more than some kind of satirical, bullet-pointed list. Completely unhelpful.

He hit the back button and started making his way through the other links.

Overall, the reoccurring advice was to go slow and use plenty of lubricant – which Izuku already knew. Honestly, nothing he was reading was particularly helpful at all at assuaging his concerns about how the more physical aspects of his relationship with Hayato would go.

Maybe a more practical approach was necessary.

He closed and picked up his laptop, turned the TV off, and went into his bedroom.

After digging around in his nightstand, Izuku pulled the half-used bottle of lube from the drawer. He stared at it awkwardly. It had been a frequent friend to him over the past few months (although never before in the way it was about to be used). Maybe it was Izuku’s recent, prolonged dry spell that had him so quickly agreeing to go out with Hayato in the first place.

He lifted his hips and pulled his pajama bottoms and boxers off. His dick laid limp along his right thigh, head hidden beneath the foreskin.

Looking over at his laptop, he contemplated pulling up one of the videos to help get things started, so to speak, but ultimately decided against it. He had a task to accomplish, and he didn’t want to distract himself any further.

He wouldn’t have porn to help him with Hayato, after all.

(Or would he?)

Is that something Hayato-kun would be into?

Is that something-

Izuku immediately banished the thought before it could even form.

“Focus, Izuku,” he whispered to himself, and cracked open the bottle.

Settling himself against the headboard, Izuku poured a moderate amount of lube into his palm. He set his feet against the bed and spread his legs open. He took a deep, shaky breath – and reached down.

Izuku decided to just go for it.

He immediately regretted his decision.

Ngh!” Izuku grunted, his body twitching with discomfort. It was true he didn’t have small hands, but he didn’t think one finger would hurt as much as it did.

He ripped his finger free from his ass – which also hurt – and glared down at the offending digit.

Izuku thought for a moment. “Maybe it’s an issue with the position? If I turn around…”

He held his lubed hand in the air and adjusted himself until his was lying on his stomach. He reached back, the angle twisting his arm uncomfortably, and pushed against his hole once more.

Pushing in slightly, it didn’t hurt as much – but it certainly didn’t feel good. He laid there for a moment and waited for his body to adjust to the intrusion.

It didn’t work. The lube didn’t feel like it was making a difference, either.

Izuku was used to working through the pain, and decided all he needed to do was just power through this initial discomfort to get to the good part. So he pulled his finger free of his ass, and then pushed back in, all the way until the palm of his hand was tapping against his cheek.

It really, really hurt.

He hissed out a pained breath through gritted teeth and kept moving his hand. He shifted his hips backward in an attempt to put less strain on his arm, his limp dick dragging roughly against the sheets.

Izuku turned his head to the side and wondered why people did this at all.

He opened his eyes and caught sight of one of his favorite posters on the wall.

All Might’s grinning façade stared judgmentally back at him.

Frustrated, Izuku pulled the finger out of his ass and wiped it off on the edge of his top sheet. Then – after realizing what he’d just done – he got up, washed his hands properly, and ripped all the bedclothes from the mattress and threw them into his tiny washer.

He stood there, naked from the waist down with hands on his hips, and stared angrily at the gently vibrating machine. It was late enough in the year to be cold enough in his old apartment to be uncomfortable, but not cold enough to warrant turning the heater on just yet.

He grabbed a pair of “gently worn” boxers from the nearby hamper and hopped into them. It wasn’t as if there was anybody else around to judge him.

His ass felt an awkward combination of drippy and raw.

Leaving the dirtied sheets to the washer, Izuku walked back into his bedroom and flopped down, face first, onto the bare mattress.

He looked over at his phone, resting innocuously on his nightstand.

Shouto was probably his best resource for this sort of thing.

It was just so… embarrassing, to admit the problem out loud. Shouto was not known for his soft words, but Izuku was starting to run out of options.

Who knew anal sex would be this complicated?

Izuku found his nerve and took the phone in hand, opening up his messaging app.



You still awake?
Good evening!
I'm sorry I know it's late
I just didn't know who else to ask


He startled when his phone began to ring.

“Todoroki” flashed on the screen.

Izuku answered and put the phone up to his ear. “Um, hello?”

Midoriya, is everything alright?”

“Yeah, I’m really sorry about this, Todoroki-kun.” Izuku bowed in apology to his dresser. “I just- I don’t get why this is so difficult!”

What is difficult?”

“Oh, right! Um…” Izuku trailed off, took a deep breath, and then continued. “If I tell you, you can’t tell anyone else. Okay!?”

Voice completely deadpan, Shouto asked, “Midoriya, did you sleep with Kirishima?”

Izuku’s mouth fell open as his brain short-circuited. “Wha- no! Why would you even-!? Kirishima-kun is dating Kacchan, I wouldn’t-!”

Okay, okay. I got it.” Shouto chuckled. “Just thought I should ask.”

To even joke about Izuku having sex with someone as amazing as Eijirou

“That’s a bad joke, Todoroki-kun,” Izuku pouted.

Sorry, Midoriya. I guess being woken at two in the morning turns my humor poor.”


I’d appreciate you telling me what’s wrong so we could both go to sleep.”

Izuku crossed his legs and slumped forward a little. “Right. So, um, I’m kinda seeing someone new.”

Uraraka told me it was Thunderclap.”

“Ah, she already told you, huh?” Izuku blinked. “Oh, but, she’s not really ‘Uraraka’ anymore-“


Izuku shook his head and tried to get back on track. “We went on our first date and Hayato-kun – that’s Thunderclap’s given name – he wanted to, uh, do it. And I said: ‘not on the first date’.”

That’s understandable.”

“Right! And this evening, I was reading up on what all went into doing it when there’s only two guys, and it’s all so complicated.”

It’s really not, Midoriya. It’s mostly the same, you just need additional lubrication – that is, if you even want to have anal sex with this man.”

“I do!” I think… “But I decided that before I do anything with Hayato-kun, I should practice! And it went… really poorly.”

In what way? With anal masturbation, it’s just a matter of using a proper amount of lubricant, slowly relaxing yourself, and gradually increasing-“

“I know that! I read up on it, and that’s what I did. But it felt terrible!”

Have you tried toys or just your hands? If the discomfort is caused by a poor angle, then supplementary items should help with that.”

“Is that what you usually do, Todoroki-kun?”

No,” he replied succinctly. “I have Inasa for that sort of thing.”

Izuku sighed and flopped onto his back.

“That doesn’t help me.”

Part of being in a relationship is determining how the physical aspects will work together. You should have this conversation with Thunderclap.”

“It’s just… he’s so experienced. I don’t want to embarrass myself.”

Well, Midoriya, that’s all the advice I have for you. Short of visiting you and determining what the problem is directly.”

“That’s really unnecessary, Todoroki-kun.” Izuku closed his eyes. “But… thanks. For calling. I feel a little better. Kind of.”

Goodnight, Midoriya. Try not to stress yourself out over this.”

“I’ll try. G’nite.”

Izuku hung up the call and replaced the phone onto his nightstand.

He didn't have to have an answer that night. It was a problem that could be tackled later.

Izuku was finishing up his incident report to submit before leaving work for the day when his phone began buzzing next to the computer.

He was already late to meet Eijirou at the gym, so he instinctively grabbed the phone and answered, “Hey, Kirishima-kun, sorry I'm late, I just-”

From the other end of the call, a different voice responded. “This is Hayato, Midoriya.”

Ah, Hayato-kun!” He keysmashed, and then erased everything he'd accidentally typed. “Sorry, I'm meeting Kirishima-kun at the gym this afternoon, and I guess I thought it would be him since I'm already late, but honestly, he's late almost as often as I am, so I wouldn't be surprised if he hadn't even shown up there yet. And I've been working on this-”

Midoriya,” Hayato interrupted, exasperated. “It's fine. I'm calling to see if you have plans for this Friday.”

Friday?” Izuku quickly ran through his schedule. “No, I think I should be free.”

Awesome. I'll meet you at Fleming's Steakhouse at seven. You're working the earlier shift, correct?”

Izuku nodded, even though there was no way Hayato could see it. “Yeah, I'll be free by then. Um... Where is F- Flaming Steakhouse?”

It's Fleming's,” Hayato corrected. To be honest, it was hard for Izuku to hear the difference with how accented his English pronunciation was. “I'll message you the address later. I'd appreciate you not be late for our date.”

I'll do my best, but hero work is always gonna come first.”

Of course. See you Friday, Midoriya.”

See you later.”

Izuku hung up the phone and slumped back into his chair. He hadn't done anything but confirm dinner plans and he was already stressed out.

Hopefully, this date would go a little smoother than the last.



Out of breath, Izuku threw open the doors to the gym and dashed inside. Eijirou, who’d been typing something on his phone, looked up and waved cheerfully as he ran over.

“Yo, Midoriya!” Eijirou greeted, and threw a friendly arm around his shoulders. He squeezed tight and pat his shoulder a few times. “Thought you were gonna leave me hanging.”

“No! I was stuck at my agency finishing a report, and then I got caught up in a phone call,” Izuku panted.

“Tell Uraraka she’s gotta share you sometimes!”

“Haha, it wasn’t Ochako-san. It was, um, Thundercl- I mean, H- Hayato-kun…”

Eijirou tilted his head. “Who?”

“Oh, uh…” Izuku pushed past the embarrassment. “He’s my b-boyfriend. I think.”

Boyfriend!?” Eijirou shouted, and a handful of heads swiveled in their direction.

“Kirishima-kun, you don’t have to yell,” Izuku scolded.

He laughed and rubbed his head sheepishly. He gestured to the locker room, and they walked in that direction to change clothes after checking in at the front desk.

Once they were alone amongst the lockers, Eijirou turned to Izuku and said. “I’m surprised, bro. I didn’t know you were into guys.”

“Yeah. Um, pretty much always? But, stuff like dating is just… easier with girls, I think.” Izuku tugged his shirt off and placed it in the coin locker.

“Hmm… I wouldn’t really know.” Eijirou shrugged, and then grinned. “I wouldn’t call dating guys ‘hard’ – at least in the complicated kinda way, haha.”

Izuku sighed. “Kirishima-kun…”

He grabbed Izuku in a side hug. “But seriously. You need any advice, let me know. After all, I’m your senpai on dude lovin’.”

“Thanks.” Izuku smiled, then pulled himself free. “C’mon, Kirishima-kun. Um, maybe we could talk after the gym? I do have a few questions…”

Standing tall with knees spread, Eijirou thumped a fist on his chest. “’Course, dude! Leave it to me.”



“Alright, bro – lay it on me!” Eijirou said cheerfully.

After an invigorating workout followed by a not-at-all homoerotic shared shower (at separate shower heads – and Izuku kept his eyes to himself, damn it), Izuku and Eijirou relocated to a nearby pub for a small dinner and drinks.

“Um…” Izuku’s voice trailed off, looking at the sullen man sitting next to Eijirou.

Katsuki had also shown up for some reason.

He quirked an eyebrow in response but didn’t say anything.

Izuku leaned across the table and whispered to Eijirou, “Does Kacchan need to be here for this?”

Katsuki thumped his beer glass on the table. “Whatever you wanna say to my fucking man, you can say to me.”

“Kacchan, I really don’t think you want to hear this.”

“I fucking think I do, Deku.”

“Fine, whatever.” Izuku turned away from Katsuki and back to Eijirou. “So, um, I went on date with Hayato-kun last Saturday, and it-“

“Who the fuck’s that?” Katsuki immediately interrupted.

Izuku frowned. “My boyfriend.”

Katsuki scoffed. “Sounds like a loser.”

Eijirou shoved lightly against Katsuki’s shoulder. “C’mon, Katsuki, hush. I wanna hear this.”

“Right. Anyway…” Izuku moved on. “We went out to go see ‘The Trial of Knuckleduster’, which was fantastic, by the way. I really recommend going to see it before it leaves theaters – a lot of the promo for the film is about the drama surrounding the rise and fall of Knuckleduster’s career, but the scale of the special effects really deserve viewing on the big screen – and the actor who played Aizawa-sensei really captured his attitude so well. I read that he was actually an alumni of U.A., so maybe Aizawa-sensei had been his-“

Katsuki flicked an empty edamame pod at Izuku’s forehead. “Deku.”

Izuku threw it back at him. Katsuki caught it, of course. “So, we went to the movie and then had dinner afterward. And all of that was nice, I guess. The restaurant was a little fancy for me, but I think he just wanted to show off a little bit? It was our first date. And… Um…”

Izuku really didn’t wanna go into the rest of it with Katsuki sitting on the other side of the table.

His mouth spread into a feral grin. “C’mon nerd, out with it. He bring you home and dick you down?”

Kacchan!” Izuku hissed out, offended.

Eijirou leaned over and smooched Katsuki on the cheek. Izuku averted his eyes. “Babe, stop interrupting and let Midoriya tell his story.”

Katsuki rolled his eyes and waved an arm, gesturing for Izuku to continue.

Face staring down at the empty plate in front of him, Izuku said, “Well, Kacchan’s not… totally wrong. I, uh, did go with Hayato-kun to his apartment afterward. And he was very- um…”

He looked up, and both men were staring at him intently. His face turned red. “I- I told him I don’t, y’know, on the first date. And for some reason, he thought if he took off his shirt, I would change my mind? But, no, I didn’t. Because…”

And this was really getting to the heart of Izuku’s current predicament.

Mumbling to the table, Izuku said, “…I’ve never done that… with a guy before…”

“You tell him that?” Eijirou asked.

“No. I said I wasn’t prepared, since it was just our first date and all.” Izuku swallowed the rest of his beer in one long drag. “…And then he took off his pants.”

Eijirou and Katsuki both burst out laughing.

“What the hell!?” Eijirou asked between laughs.

“To be fair, that works for some guys,” Katsuki elbowed Eijirou’s side, and Eijirou elbowed him back.

Izuku quickly cut back in. “It’s not like it was an unattractive penis! It was very well shaped, and a nice color, even flaccid. But I said I wasn’t ready, and then he whipped it out unprompted – I feel like it was a very odd response to the way the evening was progressing-“

“How big was he?” Katsuki asked.

Izuku tilted his head. “Huh?”

“Wanna know what we’re working with. 12 cm? 15 cm? You take a pic? Sounds like the perv would be into that kinda thing.”

As aesthetically pleasing as it might have been, Hayato’s dick hadn’t been terribly… large.

“A flaccid penis is hardly indicative of what size it would be hard. Besides, I don’t think it would be appropriate to spread Hayato-kun’s personal-“

Katsuki chuckled. “So he’s got a small cock, then.”

Izuku groaned. “Kacchan-“

“You end up leaving after that, or what?” Eijirou interrupted the fight before it could begin.

“Well, not exactly. I asked Hayato-kun to put his pants back on, and he did.” Eijirou smiled and Katsuki snorted at that. “We had a drink and talked for a little while longer before I went home.”

And made out. Hayato had tried to dominate Izuku the entire time, and in the end it was maybe the most unpleasant series of kisses Izuku had ever participated in. Katsuki really didn’t need to know that – maybe he’d share a little more about that with Eijirou separately, later. That disaster was something that needed a sympathetic ear, not snark.

“Doesn’t sound that bad, bro,” Eijirou said. “Earlier, you made it seem like it was all terrible.”

“It wasn’t that bad – but I’m concerned about what’s to come. He’s very – pushy,” Izuku sighed.

Katsuki waved over at their waiter and gestured to their empty beer glasses.

Once everyone was refilled, Katsuki said, “You don’t gotta do nothing you don’t want. If you don’t wanna jump on this bastard’s micro-dick, then don’t.”’

“It’s not a micro-penis, Kacch-“

“’m serious, Deku. If it’s that bad, then just drop him.”

Eijirou nodded in agreement and added, “Midoriya, you’re a total babe. Any jerk out there would be lucky to date you.”

“It’s not that I don’t like him, guys. We’ve only gone on one date, and aside from the pants thing, I had a lot of fun with him.” Izuku took another gulp of his beer for a little more liquid courage. “But I’ve been reading up on the specifics of male-to-male intercourse – I’ve watched gay porn before, but never considered how it would actually work in practice – and the intricacies and potential complications of anal sex and the like is all very fascinating to read about… but the thought of putting some of this into action is a bit… terrifying, actually. And the practicing I’ve done on my own hasn’t been going very well.”

Eijirou and Katsuki shared a look between them before turning back to Izuku.

Eijirou hummed and then said, “Well, you’re not wrong. There’s more prep involved with two dudes than there is with women. But it’s not like it’s impossible.”

“Feels real fucking good when you do it right,” Katsuki added.

“We can give you a demonstration, if you’d like?” Eijirou grinned brightly.

Katsuki’s smirk matched his boyfriend’s own. “A little practical experience?”

Izuku hid his face in his hands. “Guys, c’mon…”

Eijirou kicked his leg lightly underneath the table. “We’re just fucking with you, dude. But seriously – I’ve got something I think’ll help.”

“Really?” Izuku asked, peeking through his fingers.

Eijirou nodded. “Yeah, bro. I’ll need a little while to put it together for you, though. I'll give you a call when it's ready.”

“You still on first shift?” Katsuki asked.

Izuku nodded. “Uh-huh. For now, anyway. It could change at any time…”

“Yeah, we got it.” Eijirou winked. “Look forward to it.”

The matching grins on Eijirou and Katsuki’s faces worried Izuku more than the excitement he felt at the forthcoming surprise.



Later that evening, approximately two hours after Izuku should have been asleep, he was still on his phone browsing sex toy websites. The sheer variety of options had completely stressed him out, and he was no closer to making a decision hours into his search than he’d been at the start.

Throwing in the towel, Izuku copied the link of one dildo that had caught his eye, exited out of the browser and pulled up his messaging app.

Even if he didn’t respond tonight, the message would still be there in the morning, well after Izuku had lost his nerve.



Um, Kirishima-kun....
I was looking online
And I have no idea where to start
Maybe this?
I’d appreciate any suggestions you can offer!
(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)

Izuku turned the screen off and dropped his phone onto the nightstand.

He screamed his embarrassment into the silence of his pillow.

Less than a minute later, his phone buzzed with Eijirou’s response.


thats a little much for a beginner
just wait bro
i gotchu
(- ω -)b


Damn it Ei fucking stop calling me bro
sorry im just excited
Midoriya likes dudes!!!!!!!
we got a chance!
hes dating some dude ive never heard of
but were def better than him
because were us
Fucking right
this is our chance man
We gotta move in before that damn loser fucks shit up
ive got an idea
trust me
( ✧ w ✧ )

Chapter Text

Izuku submitted his incident report and leaned back in the desk chair, cracking his knuckles and stretching the exhaustion of the day from his muscles. He didn’t have work tomorrow – but he was bound to have a full evening ahead.

After logging out of the computer, he rode the elevator down to the ground floor lobby of his agency to meet Eijirou. As Izuku approached him, he could see Eijirou visibly fidgeting in excitement.

“Tah-dah!” Eijirou shouted once Izuku stepped up to him, pulling a non-descript paper bag out from behind his back. There was a tiny red bow attached to the top corner with adhesive tape.

“Um…” Izuku tilted his head. “What is it?”

Disregarding the bustling room around them, Eijirou reached inside and pulled out a bright orange dildo. It was rather small, compared to what Izuku had found browsing online, and was flared at one end.

In the background, Izuku could see Katsuki smirking.

“K- Kirishima-kun! Put that away!” Izuku shouted, and shoved both Eijirou’s hand and the sex toy back into its hiding place.

“You asked what it was, Midoriya! You asked for advice on sex toys, so I-“

Izuku flailed and make a shushing noise. “Okay, okay! I got it! Please be a little quieter!”

Looking around, it didn’t appear as if anyone had taken notice of them…

Eijirou held out the paper bag until Izuku took it into his trembling hands, and said, “Seriously, bro, this is a good toy to start with. Not real big, but it’ll be easier to help stretch you than just your hand.”

“Kirishima-kun, can we… uh… talk about this somewhere else?” The lobby was still packed with people. “Maybe somewhere a little more… private?”

“You coming onto my man, Deku?” Katsuki threw an arm around Eijirou’s shoulders, and his smirk stretched to show off a mouth full of bright, white teeth.

“No! I just- this is embarrassing, okay!? I don’t feel comfortable talking about this sort of thing out in the open! And what if Hayato-kun shows up?” He pulled the bag tightly to his chest. “I- I don’t want him to know what I’m doing just yet! It’s not – I mean, we haven’t even really gotten to that – well, okay, I have seen, y’know, it… and it wasn’t too terribly big… But-!”

Izuku trailed off, flustered, as Eijirou and Katsuki both stood there smirking at him.

He threw the hood of his jacket over his head and tugged it down until it covered his eyes. Mumbling, he said, “…You two are so mean.”

“Sorry, Midoriya,” Eijirou said, punching him lightly in the shoulder. “You’re just so damn cute when you get all stuttery like that.”

He yanked his hood lower. “Stop making fun of me.”

Katsuki shoved him from behind, herding him towards the entrance. “C’mon, Deku, we’ll head back to our place.”

“Yeah, I can show you how it works, too!” Eijirou cheerfully added.

“I don’t need a demonstration!” Izuku cried out, but both other men ignored him.



Once they made it back to the Kirishima-Bakugou household, Katsuki headed straight to the small kitchen while Eijirou steered Izuku into the attached living room. He directed Izuku to take a seat on the sectional sofa while he remained standing.

“Okay, Midoriya,” Eijirou said, pulling his phone from his back pocket and looking at it for a moment. He locked it and turned back to Izuku. “I gotta take a dump. You sit tight and try not to get in the way of the Lord of the Kitchen.”

“You don’t have to fucking announce to the world every damn time you take a shit!” Katsuki shouted.

Izuku waved him off gently. “It’s fine, Kirishima-kun. Uh… enjoy yourself?”

Eijirou laughed. “I’m into a lot of things, but scat isn’t one of them. Thanks anyway!”

“That’s not…!”

Eijirou left the room before Izuku could make his point.

From the kitchen, Katsuki asked, “You got plans with that bastard of yours tonight?”

“Ah, Hayato-kun? Um, I don’t think so…” Izuku pulled out his phone to confirm. “Yeah, I’m free. We’re supposed to meet after work on Friday, though.”

Katsuki moved about the kitchen with an ease Izuku could never hope to attain. He glanced over his shoulder and asked, “You gonna be ready to bend over for him in two days?”

Izuku scoffed. “There’s a lot of other things two men can do together! It doesn’t have to end in anal sex.”

“That fucker was excited about you being an ass virgin the day he asked you out. After two weeks, he’s probably gagging for it.”

“How do you even know that!?” Izuku asked, incredulously.


Izuku groaned and slumped back further into the couch cushion. “He said he wouldn’t tell anyone about that.”

“You’re the dumbass for believing him.”

Anyway,” Izuku said, grabbing one of the throw pillows and hugging it to his chest, “We haven’t even had sex at all yet. I wouldn’t wanna just… skip past everything else.”

“You gonna be able to say no?”

Katsuki placed something into the small oven and starting washing some of the kitchen tools. It was hard to tell what exactly he was preparing from where Izuku was sitting.

Yes, Kacchan. I’m not a pushover.”

“Yeah,” Katsuki agreed. “Never were – even when you’d’ve been a hell of a lot better off just rolling over.”

Izuku smiled at the sentiment and continued, “And if Hayato-kun doesn’t stop when I say no… then I’ll just make him stop.”

Katsuki laughed, finishing the washing up in the sink, and walked over to take some vegetables out of the fridge.

With the way his head was resting on the pillow, Izuku could smell the combination of both Katsuki’s sweeter scent mixed with Eijirou’s more musky tone. It smelled of comfort and happiness to Izuku.

He briefly wondered if they’d had sex on the couch recently for it to still reek of their sweat.

He even more briefly wondered what the hell was wrong with him for growing aroused at the thought.

“Um, Kacchan…?” Izuku started.

“Yeah?” Katsuki answered, chopping away.

He decided to just go for it. “How long did it take you and Kirishima-kun to start having anal sex?”

The knife was slammed down on the cutting board. “What the hell you asking that for!?”

“I’m curious!”

Eijirou reappeared from the bedroom and wrapped his arms around Katsuki’s waist. Face shoved into Katsuki’s neck, he said, “Babe, you gotta be nice. Midoriya’s just looking for help.”

Katsuki picked the knife back up and resumed his chopping as if his boyfriend hadn’t attached himself to his back. “Fuck that nosy little shit.”

Izuku stared awkwardly at the little paper bag sitting next to him on the couch and tried not to feel like he was imposing.

Katsuki was the one that’d invited him over, after all.

Eijirou turned to look at Izuku and said, cheerfully, “It took us over a year till Katsuki let me fuck him.”

Katsuki let off an explosion directly in Eijirou’s face, which he easily blocked with his quirk. “Oi, Shit for Brains! Shut the hell up!”

“So…” Izuku tightened his grip. “…Kacchan usually bottoms?”

Eijirou laughed out loud and left Katsuki to explode alone and in peace in the kitchen. Izuku knew dinner would taste delicious even with the hissy fit. Eijirou sat directly next to Izuku on the couch and carelessly tossed an arm around his shoulders.

Their sectional was quite large. There was no real reason for Eijirou to sit so close.

Izuku felt his face and then body grow warm from the proximity.

“C’mon, bro.” Eijirou nodded his head in the direction of the paper bag. His red hair tickled Izuku’s cheek. “Open it up.”

Izuku glanced briefly at Katsuki in the kitchen, who had decided to ignore them, and then looked back down at the paper bag. With trembling hands, he reached in and pulled the sex toy back out of the bag. It was still short, orange and thin, with a flared base.

Someone had had the clever idea to draw a black ‘x’ on the bottom of the base.

Eijirou reached over and poked at it in Izuku’s hand. His grip tightened reflexively. “So that’s like a beginner butt plug.”

Izuku thought for a moment. “It’s not a dildo?”

“Nah, dude. You gotta start small, and a plug’s a great way to do it.” Eijirou ran a finger from the tip of the plug slowly down to the base. “Something like this you can leave in and do other things. It’ll help loosen you up and get you used to the way it feels.”

Honestly, as far as anal sex toys were concerned, this was probably the least intimidating that Izuku had seen.

“Katsuki was a natural, but bottoming was a little tougher for me. This little thing helped me out a lot in the beginning.”

“Wait…” He frowned. “It helped you out?”

“Yeah, bro – and Katsuki, too. We’ve got all kinds of toys, so I figured I’d share the love.”

Izuku’s brain blanked.

Eijirou mistook Izuku’s silence for something else. “I did wash it, Midoriya! So you don’t have to worry about that.”

The butt plug in Izuku’s hand had been up Eijirou’s ass. Multiple times.

It had been up Katsuki’s ass.

For sexual purposes.

Izuku dropped the plug to the floor as if burned. His face was scalding hot, and far, far too close to Eijirou’s own.

Eijirou picked the plug back up and brushed it off with a hand. He reached over and put it back in the paper bag now cradled between Izuku’s thighs. “You’ll wanna wash it off again before you use it.”

Izuku found his voice. Somehow. “R-right…”

Eijirou grinned at him encouragingly.

Katsuki interrupted the moment by dropping a large dish onto the table in the living room with a loud thud. “Hey nerds, food’s ready.”

“I’ll grab drinks!” Eijirou volunteered and stood up.

Suddenly Izuku felt like he could breathe again.

With shaky legs, he set the paper bag to the side, stood from the couch and said, “I- I’ll come help you, Kacchan-“

Katsuki shoved him until he was seated cross-legged in front of the table. “Relax, Deku. Just sit there. Me ‘n Ei got it. You’re our damn guest.”

Izuku nodded and sat still while Eijirou and Katsuki brought out everything else they’d need for dinner. Rice, vegetables, soup, baked fish – it was a complete, home-cooked meal, something Izuku never bothered to prepare for himself.

And it all tasted fantastic. As if Katsuki could prepare anything less.

“Kacchan, this is amazing,” Izuku gushed, mouth half-full.

Katsuki poked him in the cheek with the end of his chopsticks. “Swallow before speaking, dumbass. Auntie didn’t raise you in a barn.”

He did as directed and spoke back up. “Kacchan, this really is great. Do you cook like this every night?”

“Nah, it's usually more simple. Katsuki just wants to impress you,” Eijirou said, laughing.

“What the hell are you saying, go die!” Katsuki shouted and shoved at Eijirou's shoulder.

Eijirou grabbed the hand in his own and kissed the top of his palm softly. “Maybe after dinner, babe.”

The rest of dinner passed in a casual and comfortable manner, leaving Izuku almost disappointed when he was finished with his food. They both refused, again, to let him help at all with the clean-up, so Izuku laid out on the hardwood floor, staring up at the white ceiling.

The butt plug was back in Izuku's hands, and he was turning it over and over, adjusting to the way it felt in his palms.

Eijirou returned to sit next to Izuku, his body heat warming Izuku from proximity. He took the toy from Izuku's hands and said, “See the 'x' here? I stuck it there with a permanent marker, but it fades a little with washings so you'll need to redraw it sometimes.”


He laughed. “I mean, you don't have to redraw it, I guess. But you should 'n think of us when you do.”

Izuku privately thought he really shouldn't be thinking of either Eijirou or Katsuki when he was using it.

So, Kirishima-kun... Is there a trick to, uh, using it?” Izuku hesitantly asked.

Eijirou thought for a moment, leaning back on his hands. He said, “It helps to be relaxed. It won't ever fit if you're stressing out. Plus, you gotta use lube – it won't go in dry, especially for a beginner.”

I know all of that, Kirishima-kun, but when I try, I can't seem to just... calm down.” Izuku frowned and turned his head away from Eijirou. “It feels like it's just never gonna work.”

Nothing's ever gonna fit if you're just gonna be a little bitch about it,” Katsuki said, flopping onto the couch. He nudged at Izuku's hip with a socked foot.

Frustrated and vaguely embarrassed, Izuku turned to Katsuki and shouted, “Kacchan, if you’re not going to be helpful then you can just go away!”

“Hah!? This is my damn home, you get the fuck out, you-“

Eijirou raises his hands in a calming manner. “Boys, c’mon, let’s all calm down. Okay?”

Katsuki grumbled to himself and removed the foot, crossing it over his other leg. Izuku turned himself over fully until he was face down on the floor.

Behind him, Eijirou said, “Katsuki – hand me a pillow.”

The requested pillow was handed from Katsuki to Eijirou, and then from Eijirou to Izuku, where it was placed beneath his head. He turned a little to see exactly what Eijirou was planning, and was startled when he seated himself directly atop of Izuku's ass.

“Shitty Hair, what the hell are you doing?”

Izuku also wanted to hear the answer.

Instead of replying, Eijirou's hands gripped the back of Izuku's shoulders and squeezed. Tightly.

Ngh!” Izuku grunted, and his eyes fell closed. “Kirishima-kun, what...?”

“Getting you relaxed, Midoriya. You don't mind, right?” he laughed.

“And then what? You gonna let him try out the toy here, too?” Katsuki's foot returned to Izuku's side, but he was too distracted by what Eijirou was doing to take notice.

Eijirou shrugged. “I mean, it wouldn't hurt.”

“I'm not doing that here, Kirishima-kun!” Izuku shouted, but a firm hand kept him where he was on the floor.

He continued on as if Izuku hadn't spoken at all. “Seriously, Midoriya, your muscles are rock hard – and not in a good way. When's the last time you got a sports massage?”

“I don't like them,” Izuku grumbled. “It's weird getting a massage from a stranger.”

Eijirou dug into a particularly hard knot with his thumbs, just below Izuku's right shoulder. “There's a great physical therapist at our gym that me n' Katsuki use. I'll send you her contact info later.”

Izuku nodded absentmindedly. “'Kay.”

“She's not bad.” Katsuki snickered. “She won't judge if you get hard in the middle of it, either.”

“I wouldn't do that.” Izuku frowned. At least... he didn't think so. But maybe he would, especially with how pent up he was.

Eijirou hummed. “It's cool bro, happens to the best of us. Katsuki walked out with a massive boner after one session and he doesn't even like ladies.”

“I fucking did not.”

“That's not what your dick said when I sucked it off after.”

“Pft, you just wanted to choke on my cock and were looking for an excuse.”

“Guys, could you, uh, not...?” Izuku requested quietly. The massage was already doing things to Izuku, and them talking about sucking dick wasn't helping his situation at all.

Katsuki's foot moved to run along the bare strip of skin between the bottom of his shirt and the top of his jeans. “Why, you getting uncomfortable, dirty nerd?”

Izuku opened his eyes and turned to glare at Katsuki. His words were broken off by a guttural moan that escaped his lips instead, prompted by the magic fingers doing wonders on his back.

Both Katsuki and Eijirou laughed.

Izuku mumbled a halfhearted, “Shut up.”

After Eijirou was finished, and Izuku's body was nothing but the mushy remnants of a once-proud pro hero, he stood and dusted off his hands, admiring his work.

“Alright nerd, remember how this feels.”

Katsuki's words went in one ear and out the other.

“Ei, you fucking broke him.”

“Yeah,” Eijirou said proudly. “Look at him, babe.”

“'m looking.”

There was a heat in their words that hadn't been there before. There was a thought, in a corner of his mind, that Izuku wanted to tackle, but he couldn't manage it right then.

“Ready to test out that plug now?”

Izuku raised himself to his hands and knees, a little shaky. He glared over at Katsuki and said, “'m not doing that here, Kacchan.”

Eijirou helped him until he was seated upright. With his hands still on Izuku's shoulders, he asked, “You gonna be okay getting home?”

Izuku nodded and yawned. “Yeah...”


Heh,” Katsuki snickered. “The physical therapist won't judge you for getting hard, but I definitely will, Deku.”

Izuku was too tired to bother checking to see if Katsuki was purposefully misleading him or not.

C'mon, Midoriya!” Eijirou stood up, and pulled Izuku up as well with hands at his underarms, who stumbled but remained upright.

He shook his head to clear it, and rubbed the sleep creeping in at his eyes.

The butt plug was returned to the paper bag and then handed off to Izuku. It felt heavier than before.

“Put something else in there for you.” Katsuki smirked widely. “Use it and think of us.”

“Kacchan, I'm not going to do that.” Izuku moved to open the bag back up, but his hand was smacked away.

“Wait till you get home before opening that,” Katsuki directed. Izuku rolled his eyes.

Eijirou bumped shoulders with him. “Ordered you a ride since it's after two. It should be downstairs in a couple minutes.”

“Thanks, Kirishima-kun.” Izuku smiled. “I'll pay you back later.”

“No worries, bro! I'll just wait for you to return the favor next time.” Eijirou laughed as he and Izuku walked towards the front door. Katsuki waved lazily from his spot on the couch but didn't get up.

After putting his shoes on and shouldering his backpack (small, paper bag tucked safely within), Eijirou reached over and pulled Izuku into a strong, warm hug.

“See you later, Midoriya. You're always welcome here,” Eijirou said, smiling.

Izuku returned the sentiment with his own grin. “Thanks, Kirishima-kun. This was fun.”

“I want progress updates, too!”

Izuku laughed. “Sure, okay. I'll let you know how it goes.”

“And if you need any more help or advice, you know who to ask.”

“Got it!”



Later, on the ride back to his own apartment, Izuku's curiosity got the better of him.

He tilted his backpack so that when he opened it, the contents inside wouldn't show up in the driver's rear-view mirror.

And inside the paper bag, sitting harmlessly with the orange butt plug, was a red, long... something. Not much thicker than the butt plug, thankfully. There was a button on one end that he knew better than to touch, and a charging cable.

Katsuki had given him a vibrator.


i cant believe you gave him that vibe babe
you really like that one
It's whatever
I'll buy a new one
Nerd needs it more than me
i hope he uses them soon!!
i cant wait to hear what he thinks!!!
babe hed look so good with a plug
im gonna die
。:゚(ᗒд ᗕ )゚・。
when you gonna be home
too long!
ill be thinking of you ~♡♡♡
& midoriya

Chapter Text


Izuku blinked and looked down.

It was Eijirou, shirtless and sweaty, with a weighted bar in hand. It was held tight, right above his chest. The veins along his arms bulged and his muscles strained.

His dusky pink nipples stood erect, firm pinpoints on his naked, powerful chest.

“Kirishima-kun, you’re not supposed to use the equipment shirtless. The staff will fuss if you sweat all over the bench like that…”

Eijirou grunted, pushing the bar up and away from his chest.

“I know, Izuku. I’m just so hot.”


“But, Kirishima-ku-“

“Bro, you gotta spot me. Get a little closer.”

Izuku felt he was already quite close but he moved in further.

“C’mon, a little closer! You can do it, Izuku.”

Eijirou’s hair was without any product, and the bright, red strands clung to his forehead with sweat.

Izuku shuffled forward again. His crotch was nearly level with Eijirou’s head.

Straining, Eijirou shoved the bar back onto the rack, and leaned his head further back. He grinned a grin up at Izuku full of razor sharp teeth.

“Yo, Izuku, you a little excited for your turn?”


He reached out and placed a sweaty, warm hand over Izuku’s crotch, cupping the half-hard dick and balls possessively. “Feeling pretty hard here, bro.”

“Kirishima-kun!” Izuku shouted. He tried to shift backward, but seemed to be held in place by some unseen force. “Y- You can’t do that!”

His other hand reached out and squeezed Izuku’s bare ass. “Why not? You want it, don’t you, Izuku?”

“I, ah-!” Izuku clenched his teeth shut, eyes widened in disbelief. Eijirou held Izuku’s dick firmly in hand and began to jerk him off.

“Nice fucking dick you got on you, dude,” Eijirou said conversationally. “Can’t wait to get a taste of this monster.”

“Kirishima-kun, you can’t!”

He could, though, and he did. He opened his mouth and took Izuku all the way to the root in one long, wet swallow. His hands shifted to grip Izuku’s hips tightly, and his throat bobbed as he sucked Izuku down.

“Ki – hah – Kirishima-kun! You’re- nngh!” Izuku cried out.

Thoughtlessly, his hips bucked forward, helping to facilitate the blow job in progress.

Eyes squeezed shut, he moaned, “Feels so… so good.”

Eijirou picked up the pace as if to praise Izuku for finally giving in. Izuku did his best to sloppily match it.

“Hah… Hah…” Izuku gasped.

Eijirou moaned encouragingly.

He then grabbed Eijirou’s jaw in his hands, holding his head in place as the thrust roughly into the wet cavern of Eijirou’s mouth. From this angle, he could see just how far his dick could reach, distending the skin of his sweaty neck. It looked as if was going directly down Eijirou’s throat, in and out.

In and out.

In and out.


Somewhere, in the back of Izuku’s mind, he was struggling to accept that this was actually happening.

Could his dick really reach as far as the hollow of Eijirou’s throat…?

And, why would he…?

Mouth full of cock, Eijirou moaned. Spit swelled and then spilled out the sides of his mouth, trailing across the sides of his face until it joined the sweat dampening his hair.

Izuku moaned loudly in response and sped up his thrusts. His hands gripped the red hair tighter and he ignored the thoughts hovering in the back of his mind.

“Ki – ah! – K- Kirishima-kun!”

Eijirou pulled his head away and Izuku’s dick flopped helplessly in the open air. He cried out at the loss.

“Izuku, call me Eijirou.”

Eijirou!” Izuku shouted, and thrust the dick against the side of Eijirou’s face. The mixture of sweat, precome and saliva left dirty trails against the pale skin.

The swollen red lips kept moving, “C’mon, Izuku, wanna see you come. You’re gonna come for me, right, bro?”

“I- I’m close, Eijirou!”

Izuku closed his eyes and grit his teeth.

Ei- Eijirou-!



Izuku gasped and his eyes flew open.

He was in his bed.


It was dark outside.

And… his boxers were wet.



Izuku wanted to say the inappropriate dream he'd had of Eijirou was the first and last time it happened, but to say so would be a lie.

It happened the night after he left their apartment, relaxed and loose-limbed from the thoroughly impressive massage.

It happened the following night, after meeting up with Shouto and Tenya for dinner, Ochako out of town on a special assignment she wasn't allowed to talk about.

And then it happened again, after yet another failed date with Hayato, a pleasant dinner and causal make-out ruined by Hayato goading Izuku into giving him a blowjob (and choking him so badly that Izuku ran off after roughly shoving him away, leaving Hayato to suffer alone – but he deserved it, Izuku argued with himself).

He wanted to talk to Ochako, who would always lend a kind ear to Izuku's struggles with dating, but with her on radio silence for at least another week, he was out of luck on that front. And he didn't want to go to Shouto, who would bluntly tell Izuku to suck it up or drop the dead weight, or Tenya, who would judge him for somehow cheating on his partner in his dreams (but could that really be considered cheating?).

He definitely couldn't talk about it with Eijirou, seeing as the man was the current source of his frustrations.

Katsuki was out, obviously, and so was the rest of his crew.

And on Monday, after having woken yet again to a dream he barely remembered aside from a set of rock-hard abs and a blindingly white grin, the answer came to him.

When Izuku's phone flashed with All Might's name during his break, he was so excited he inadvertently rejected the call instead of answering. He immediately called back, of course, apologizing profusely for the accident and agreeing to meeting up for lunch the following day.

He had to shift his work schedule around a bit to make it work, but All Might’s name still gained much respect in the pro hero world, even nearly a decade after his retirement.

Izuku was immediately taken into a warm embrace by long, thin arms upon entering the small cafe. He warmly returned the hug.

Wheezing, All Might said, “Midoriya, my boy, you’re going to need to be a bit gentler than that on these old bones.”

“Ah, sorry, All Might!” he apologized, releasing his captive.

All Might laughed in reply. “It’s quite all right!”

They were seated at a small table in a quiet corner of the cafe. All Might didn’t always get the recognition in public that he once did, especially in his more “frail” state, and Izuku tended to be a little nondescript when out in his civilian clothes, so the pair was left alone to order their drinks and lunches in peace.

Conversation flowed freely between them, and they chatted congenially about the various volunteer efforts All Might had been pursuing around Japan, and how hero work had been for Izuku.

Izuku stirred his drink glass with a straw, the ice clinking together. “It's, y'know, stressful sometimes. But I know better than to just take on everything myself now – I work with a lot of other younger pro heroes in Miruko's office.”

The smile on All Might's face was nostalgic in such a way that it nearly brought tears to Izuku's eyes. “We're all very proud of you, Midoriya, my boy! I was told by Aizawa that you've been ranked in the top 15 for the past six months now!”

“Ah, yes! I'm very fortunate to be able to serve the public, and for them to recognize my efforts,” Izuku said bashfully.

All Might nodded. “It's a challenging world to break into – but you must never forget that while your public image is important, it is imperative to remember for what purpose you fight.”


Izuku was quiet for a moment, and All Might respectfully allowed him to gather his thoughts together.

“So, um, All Might...” Izuku continued to fidget with his straw, looking away from his mentor's face. “Say you, uh, have a dream about... whatever... and you keep having the dream. Does it mean anything, you think?”

“Hmmm...” All Might frowned and crossed his arms. “Well, my boy, I suppose it would depend on what kind of dream you're referring to. Whether it's more of a nightmare, or the kind of pleasant dream you'd not want to share with this old man.”

Izuku refused to look up. “I- it's the- the, uh, latter.”

All Might's laugh boomed through the small cafe.

“I'd heard from your mother that you'd begun a relationship with a new partner. A young man at your agency, correct?”

“Yeah...” Izuku frowned, and then looked up. His head automatically tilted to the side. “But I hadn't told my mom about that. How'd she...?”

All Might waved away his concern with a laugh. “Oh, you know how mothers enjoy talking with one another. In any case, the real question here is what to do about those dreams of yours!”

“Uh, right,” Izuku looked around to make sure no one was paying them any attention.

“My boy, such dreams are perfectly normal for a healthy young man such as yourself! I believe we talked about this matter during our discussion your third year at U.A.”

Izuku still had occasional nightmares from All Might giving him “The Talk.”

“But when dealing with this new partner of yours, one of the best things to do in the beginning is to smile and power your way through your fear. As with hero work, you should smile to trick the fear that rests within your heart until it's no longer there.” All Might laughed. “And you've got such a bright smile, it would surely bring happiness to your partner as well!”

All Hayato seemed to want was Izuku face down, but he wasn't about to bring that up.

Izuku smiled a smile that was barely forced. “Thanks, All Might. It's always good to talk to you.”

A large hand reached over and patted Izuku firmly on the shoulder. “For me as well, my boy! I wish you all the best on your new endeavor.”



While All Might didn't really offer any solutions to Izuku's current problem, just talking about it with his mentor helped put Izuku into a better head-space than he'd had in days. So Izuku decided to take his good mood and test out at least one of the toys Eijirou and Katsuki had given him.

He put the longer vibrator to the side – the prostate massager, Izuku had determined after a quick search on the internet – and grabbed the butt plug and lube from his nightstand. He took a small hand towel from his bathroom as well, just to help facilitate the inevitable mess.

Izuku eased out of his shorts and boxers, leaving his shirt on to help prevent getting chilled, and started the process of slowly fingering himself open.

As with ever other time Izuku had tried, the sensation wasn't enjoyable in the least. He tried to relax – he really, really did – but it just didn't seem to want to happen. The twist of the arm combined with the finger shoved up his as prevented him from relaxing at all.

Already frustrated again, Izuku grabbed the plug and lubed it up. It fortunately wasn't much thicker than one of his fingers, so hopefully it wouldn't hurt?

He turned to lay down on his stomach, rubbed the toy against his asshole, and thought back to Eijirou's advice.

Just relax,” he muttered to himself. “Just relax, and remember how it felt after the massage.”

Well, maybe that wasn't the right thing to do, especially with all the stupid dreams Izuku had been having, but if it worked, then Izuku wasn't gonna fight it.

Not this time, at least.

With deep, extended breaths, Izuku relaxed as best he could and pushed the toy in. The silicone burned a little, rubbing against his insides despite the truly excessive amount of lube, but the stretch at least was small enough to not hurt.

Once it was fully settled inside, Izuku pulled his hand away and rubbed it off on the small towel.

He clenched down once, and then again, to adjust to the feeling. Like always, it didn't feel pleasant, necessarily, but at least the rest of his body wasn't twisted up painfully anymore.

He turned back to lay on his back, jolting as the toy touched against something – his prostate, maybe? It felt like... Izuku couldn't describe it.

It felt sensitive, in any case. Not to the point he felt as if he would come immediately, like some porn would lead you to believe, but it felt something other than awkward, for the first time since his experimentations had begun.

Izuku shifted his hips, and clenched down on the toy, chasing after the feeling – but he couldn't manage it again.

His dick was beginning to rise simply from what he felt could happen. Izuku reached down with more lube, and stroked it firmly with a scarred fist.

The other toy he'd received – the crimson red vibrator – was sitting innocently on top of his dresser. Part of Izuku wanted to push it, see if he could manage the vibrator, too. The other, more logical side of Izuku didn't want to do that, figuring that he should stick with the butt plug until the end, so a positive association with anal play could be formed.

But while Izuku was a logical person, his instinct was what really drove him forward – so he got up off the bed to bring the prostate massager back. The plug shifted oddly inside of Izuku for the few steps he walked.

Izuku leaned back against he pillows, putting his feet flat against the mattress. He eased the plug out, his wrist brushing against his mostly hard dick.

Ah...” he moaned quietly into the silence of his bedroom.

After testing to make sure the vibrator was charged, Izuku lubed it up and began to push it inside.

It went in a handful of centimeters, but when Izuku tried to push the rest in further, it just hurt. And no amount of relaxing or bearing down was going to make it work that evening.

Izuku's erection – once proudly standing – was beginning to flag.

Before he could let the defeat end his evening, Izuku pulled the vibrator back out and replaced it with the butt plug, which smoothly returned to its previous position. And instead of giving up on the vibrator completely, he turned it on and touched it against the top of his thigh, which felt good.

And then he touched it against his ballsack, which felt amazing.

With his free hand, he gripped his dick and jerked it back to life, running the edge of the vibrator from his balls to his taint, and then pushed it against the plug stuffed in his ass.

Ngh!” Izuku cried out, panting harshly. The grip on his dick tightened, and his strokes began to pick up speed.

His hips began to buck upward into the fist he was jerking himself off with, shifting the plug with every movement. He ran the vibrator back upward, past his taint and balls and to the bottom of his dick.

Ah... ah... ah!

And then he shifted it up against the underside of his dickhead and came almost instantly.


Izuku clenched his teeth and swallowed the name in his throat as his come sputtered onto his stomach, running in thick trails along the ridges of his abs.

His eyes opened and a sigh rushed out through his lips.


Without acknowledging what he definitely didn't say, Izuku quickly and quietly cleaned himself and the toys off, and went to bed. Or, rather, he laid in bed and stared at the ceiling until the sun peeked through the curtains covering his bedroom window.

He thought, briefly, of sending some type of update to Eijirou.

He ultimately decided against it.



His next date with Hayato – which followed the next week – was enjoyable, for once. Maybe because Hayato didn't try to push Izuku to something sexual.

Aside from his general concerns of inexperience, Izuku was now also worried about what he might accidentally say (or whose name he might call out) in the heat of the moment.


babe midoriyas been ignoring my msgs
what do i do
Deku's just worrying about nothing
You came on too strong
wtf babe you said its ok!!!!!!
& what abt the vibe!!!!!!!!!
He's a nerd
It takes ten times longer for his brain to process shit than a normal person
Give it a week
feels weird having you tell me to be patient
make me ( ˘ ³˘)♥
I'll be home in 5
You better be naked

Chapter Text

Izuku relaxed further into the leather chair he was sitting in, doing his best not to disrupt his artfully tousled hair. The dark jeans that had started out too tight were still too tight, but at least with the belt and top button undone they weren’t digging painfully into his stomach any longer. His nipples were rock solid, exposed to the wrath of the cold, recycled air inside the building.

The crew on the photo shoot hurried about, moving some of the items around the set and shifting the placement of the lights.

When it came to promo shoots and the like, Izuku typically focused on things like theme park openings and family restaurants. Pro Hero Deku was well liked among kids for his friendly smile and cheerful demeanor, and well enough behaved in public to appeal to worrisome parents – his largest fanbase was in the 8-13 year old age group.

But his second largest fanbase was among women aged 25-34 – who appreciated not only his strength, but the way his ass looked in his hero costume, and took to wildly fantasizing how he interacted with his fellow heroes outside of work. So there were times (like now) that Miruko made him focus on a different kind of advertising.

Izuku had been taking off his shirt and other assorted clothing items for Lucky Cologne for several years now. But while the task was familiar, it was still somewhat embarrassing.

He gratefully accepted the water bottle that was handed to him by one of the runners, and took several long gulps before pulling the bottle free from his lips.

His phone, which had been hidden out of sight underneath the chair, buzzed with a notification.

Izuku ignored it, knowing they’d start shooting again shortly.

But then his phone buzzed again. And then again, several more times. And Izuku was weak to his curiosity, if nothing else.

He leaned down to pick up his phone.



hey bro!
whats up???
were gonna go to kakurenbo to drink
@ 1900
sero kami n ashido coming too
u up?


Izuku sighed, reached up to rub at his hair, and then thought better of it.

Regardless of whatever was going on in Izuku's head, it wasn't fair to take it out on Eijirou. And despite the dozen or so other ignored messages, he still thought reaching out to Izuku was worth the time and effort.

They were friends, above anything else. Izuku really owed it to Eijirou to at least accept the hand of friendship that had been offered, before it stopped altogether.



Sure! I’m free tonight ( ❛ᴗ❛ )
Sorry about ghosting, I've had a lot on my mind...
But I may be late I’m at a shoot
no worries bro!!
you do what you need to!
whats the shoot for?
Lucky Cologne
sexy hero deku
send pic???


Izuku blushed and stared at the message. His series of erotic dreams (which had finally stopped, thank god) were still weighing heavily on his mind. He hadn’t told Ochako about them yet, even after she returned – and he told her everything. Sending a half-naked selfie to Eijirou might bring back the problem (…but was it a problem?).

But since Eijirou had asked so nicely…

After verifying everyone was still working on setting up the set and not paying him any attention, Izuku switched over to the camera app. He twisted his body slightly and clenched so his chiseled, hard-earned abs would be on full display.

He took three quick pictures and brought his phone back down before anyone noticed. He tapped over to the photo album to decide what to send.

To be completely honest, Izuku looked hot as hell in all three. He was at a photo shoot, dressed and styled to be as attractive as possible, and even his own shitty selfies looked great.

He looked like a man that was ready to go out and fuck someone.

Before he could change his mind, Izuku went ahead and send all three over to Eijirou, then replaced the phone underneath the chair.

The runner from before took his now empty water bottle, and the photographer and assistants wandered back over to resume the photo shoot.

Izuku’s phone continued to buzz throughout the rest of the afternoon.

The thought never even crossed his mind to share the pics with Hayato.



Izuku was drunk. He knew he was drunk. But there wasn’t anything he could do about it now.

He listed to his right until his shoulder touched Katsuki’s, then over-corrected and somehow ended up sprawled in Eijirou’s lap. Everyone at the table found it hilarious, of course.

At least this time Izuku could blame the redness of his face on the alcohol.

“Midoriya! How you liking it down there?” Hanta teased.

“On a scale of one to ten,” Denki added.

“Ten being ‘please smother me with your thick thighs’.”

He struggled to pull his face up from between Eijirou’s legs. He grumbled, “Shut up, you jerks.”

His hand slipped on the slick fabric of Eijirou’s joggers where he’d been trying to brace himself, and immediately flopped back down. Their laughter grew in volume. Mina pulled her phone out, recording his shame for posterity.

Katsuki looked on with a grin but didn’t say anything.

Izuku knew better than to get drunk around this group without proper backup, but he went and did it anyway. It felt as if he'd been doing nothing but making poor choices for weeks now.

There was a way to correct this particular poor choice, at least.

“You’re good bro, just relax.” Eijirou pet Izuku softly on the head, running his fingers gently through his curls. Izuku closed his eyes and basked in the attention.

From the warmth and comfort of Eijirou’s lap, Izuku said, “Kacchan, I need my phone.”

“What’s that got to do with me?”

“Can you get it for me?”

“Get it yourself, nerd. It’s on the damn table.”

“I can’t,” Izuku whined. “I’m trapped.”

“I’m not your damn servant,” Katsuki said, but tossed the phone over all the same. He reached over and flicked Izuku on his forehead for good measure.

Izuku fumbled with the phone before unlocking it. His half naked selfie greeted him.

“Bro, you looked fucking hot in those pics,” Eijirou commented, and Izuku quickly minimized the photo. “When’s that campaign gonna go live?”

He drunkenly tapped around, trying to get to Ochako’s contact information. “Um, I dunno. Before Christmas, maybe?”

Katsuki placed a warm hand low on Izuku’s hip and leaned over to talk to Eijirou. “What pics?”

“Yeah, what pics!?” Mina cheerfully echoed.

Eijirou grabbed his own phone, and showed Katsuki the copies he’d received. Katsuki whistled, grip tightening briefly where it rested on Izuku, and said, lowly, “Damn, nerd. That's some good shit.”

Eijirou leaned across the table to show the pictures to the others, who all began to comment, loudly, exactly how sexy they thought Izuku looked. Izuku stayed where he was, hidden from sight below the table where it was safe, and finally managed to dial Ochako’s phone number.

Katsuki kept his hand where it was.

Izuku groaned with frustration when he got the automated message informing him that Ochako wasn’t available. He twisted his torso further and shoved his face into the firm abdominal muscles in front of him, wrapping his arms around Eijirou’s waist.

Eijirou patted him twice on his head. “You okay, bro?”

“No,” Izuku replied, muffled. “Ochako-san hates me.”

“Ochako-chan is probably enjoying her evening with her husband,” Mina said unhelpfully. She sighed wistfully and added, “Must be nice.”

“Traitor,” Izuku muttered.

Denki flung an arm around her shoulders. “Aww, Ashido, if you get lonely you can always come home with me.”

Mina pushed it off. “Yeah, no thanks.”

Izuku’s breath grew shallow as Katsuki’s fingertips found the exposed skin between the bottom of his shirt and the top of his jeans. Eijirou’s hand scratched gently at his scalp.

“Midoriya-chan’s looking a little wasted, boys,” Mina commented. “Maybe we should give his boyfriend a call to come pick him up.”

Katsuki immediately disagreed. “Fuck that shitty bastard. I don’t trust him to take Deku anywhere. I’ll take the damn nerd home.”

Izuku was so tired.

“Might as well just take him home with us, babe,” Eijirou said.

Katsuki nodded and removed his hand. Izuku whined mindlessly of the loss before Katsuki bent down to pick him up with a grunt.

“I’m not sure I trust you to take Midoriya home, either,” Hanta said, deadpan.

Eijirou stood up and waved them off. “Nah, it’s fine. He’s safe with us.”

Snuggling into Katsuki’s warmth, Izuku said, “Kacchan, I haven’t paid yet.”

Katsuki started walking off while Eijirou pulled a few bills from his wallet.

“Ei’s got it.”

Izuku struggled in Katsuki’s grip. “I don’t like it when you pay for me. I have money, just let me-“

“Relax, nerd.”

Izuku opened his eyes and looked up as Eijirou approached them.

Smiling, Eijirou said, “You can just pay us back later.”

He sighed, resigning himself to the situation, and promptly passed out.



Izuku woke the following morning alone in a massive, western-style bed centered in an unfamiliar room. There were leopard printed curtains hanging over the windows, a set of weights in one corner, a couple framed photos sitting on top of the dresser…

The familiar scent of burnt sugar and musk caught in his nose.

His brain processed this information, and then he immediately realized exactly where he was.

Sitting up, Izuku realized he was also shirtless. A quick check revealed he was still in his All Might boxers and socks, but nothing else. The clothes he'd been wearing the night before were missing.

His head throbbed, pounding incessantly after a night of excess.

At the very least, his ass seemed untouched.

The door for the bedroom was partially open, and the sounds of talking drifted in between the crack. With one hand holding his head, he pushed himself up off the bed and walked out of the room.

In the living room, Katsuki was seated on the couch alone with a pair of reading glasses perched on his nose. The TV was on with the volume turned down low, and he was looking at something on his laptop.

From behind the glasses, Katsuki watched as Izuku moved into the room.

“Morning, drunk nerd,” Katsuki said lightly.

Izuku dropped down onto the couch next to him. “Not drunk anymore, just hungover.”

“You want something for it?”

Izuku shook his head, and then immediately regretted doing so. “No, I'll be okay. I probably just need water.”

Closing the laptop, Katsuki stood up and walked over to the kitchen. “Ei's gone to work, and I'm on second shift. You can relax till noon, but then I'm kicking your ass out.”

Izuku closed his eyes. “Thanks, Kacchan.”

A cold water bottle was held against Izuku's face until he took it. He downed half of its contents in one, large swallow.

“You gotta put clothes on before you leave, though. I don't want OHKO! posting weird rumors about me 'cause of you.”

OHKO! – also known as One Hit KO! – was a gossip website for pro heroes that was full of articles more fiction than fact. Izuku himself had been featured a countless number of times over all kinds of different “incidents” - and not once, in all of the years since he went pro, was something written there true.

Izuku could only guess what OHKO! might put out if he did walk out half-naked.

“I don't even know what you and Kirishima-kun did with my clothes,” Izuku grumbled.

Katsuki pulled the laptop back open. Glancing over, Izuku saw his web browser had a half-dozen tabs opened to news articles.

“Your drunk ass puked all over me and yourself. You better thank Ei next time you see him – he's the reason I didn't explode your ass back to U.A. And he went and washed your shit for you.”

“Ugh,” Izuku groaned, dropping his face into his hands. “Sorry, Kacchan. Really.”

Katsuki shrugged. “'s whatever.”

Izuku finished off the water bottle and zoned out for a handful of minutes, staring at the TV but not really processing what he was seeing. Beside him, Katsuki continued whatever it was he was doing on his computer.

Before he even realized he'd fallen back asleep, Katsuki was shaking him awake.

“C'mon, Deku, gotta leave in five.”

Rubbing at his eyes, Izuku stood up from the couch and stretched. He let himself be guided by Katsuki into the laundry room, where his shirt, jacket and jeans were folded up, freshly laundered and waiting to be worn.

Katsuki didn't bother leaving the room, hovering closely to hurry him along.

Less than five minutes later they were both down on the street, each with a homemade protein shake in hand.

They stood there, silent, prepared to move in different directions, but hesitating.

It was a little awkward. Izuku felt like he should do something – like, give Katsuki a goodbye hug. If it was Eijirou, or any of Izuku's other friends, he probably would.

But this was Bakugou Katsuki. And things were never that simple when it came him.

Katsuki took the decision out of his hands.

He reached over and ruffled Izuku's head roughly. He squawked with indignation and batted the hand away, trying to fix the mess of his hair as Katsuki laughed at him.

“Get home safe, nerd.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Izuku grumbled, pouting.

Waving, Katsuki walked off, putting his headphones in his ears.

Izuku watched until he turned the corner, then turned and made his own way home.



To the surprise of no one, Izuku's fourth date with Hayato started well and then quickly went off the rails. Another fancy dinner followed by a trip back to his lavish apartment.

Distantly, Izuku wondered if their salaries were so different for Hayato to be able to just spend and spend as wastefully as he did.

They put on a film, kissed a little, but as things progressed, little Izuku would not get with the program. No matter what he – or Hayato – did, his dick would not get hard. As if he suffered from ED.

Which he did not.

Laughing awkwardly, Izuku blamed it on the alcohol he hadn't drunk.

He offered to jerk off Hayato – but was immediately rejected. The failure of their second date must've still been on his mind (not that Izuku was willing to stick his penis back in his mouth again any time soon).

Eventually, Hayato just waved him off, and that was the end of it.

Izuku left, venting to Ochako over the phone the entire ride home.


omg katsuki ive jod to midoriyas pic like five times
i think i have a problem
jerked off
Which one?
the second
its like hes staring into my soul
and wants to fuck it
like a soul fucking quirk
Have I not been giving you enough attention?
You're like a goddamn mutt in rut
໒( = ᴥ =)ʋ
rub my belly

Chapter Text

Whatever was in the food he'd eaten the night before had apparently not filtered itself properly out of his system, because he awoke the next morning to sticky boxers and a half-remembered dream featuring a pair of intense, red eyes.

And they weren't the same red eyes that had featured in his other... dreams.

Izuku wasn't sure what it said about himself as a person that he couldn't get hard for his boyfriend but had no issues coming in his sleep to friends he really, really shouldn't be fantasizing about.

Not that he was fantasizing about anybody. He just... couldn't help his subconscious.

Standing half-naked in the bathroom and washing his boxers in the sink was becoming an all too common recurrence in Izuku's life, and he needed it to stop.


He had plans to meet with up with Shouto for dinner that evening. Maybe a quick spar would help push his... little issue... of out mind.




Well, a spar was apparently out of the question.

Shouto, nursing a broken arm and a very bruised ego, sat in an overstuffed chair, glaring at the wall. Izuku had asked if it would be better to reschedule, but Shouto refused.

Inasa, on the other hand, was running around the apartment doing the work of about five people – checking on the curry cooking on the stove, wiping down the countertops and table where they'd have dinner, running a vacuum around their feet, listing off expenses to Shouto...

Izuku was getting exhausted just looking at him.

Um, Yoarashi-kun, would you like any help?” Izuku asked.

No, thank you! I've got it, Midoriya – you can just relax with Shouto!” Inasa laughed. “I enjoy taking care of things! Shouto never lets me!”

Because you break everything,” Shouto calmly replied. Inasa just laughed as if Shouto had made a joke and not a serious aspersion on his capabilities, and kept flitting about like a chicken with its head cut off.

Frowning, Izuku turned to Shouto and asked, under his breath, “Is it really going to be okay...?”

Shouto shrugged, nonchalant.

At least with Inasa so occupied, Izuku didn't have to worry about him butting into the conversation he wanted to have with Shouto.

Well, what he really wanted was a spar – but he'd take what he could get.

Uh, Todoroki-kun...” Izuku began hesitantly.

Shouto stared back.

Biting his lip, he continued. “I've... well... Kacchan and Kirishima-kun have been acting kind of... odd, lately.”

'Odd', how?”

Like...” Izuku took a deep breath. “So I've been – consulting, I guess? – with Kirishima-kun about Hayato-kun. Like, how to be a good boyfriend for a boyfriend. And he's definitely been helpful – and Kacchan, too, which I wasn't really expecting. Although I guess Kacchan can be helpful in his own way sometimes. But it's almost like...”

He couldn't say it.

It didn't feel... real.

Like they wanna fuck you?” Shouto asked.


Izuku stared at Shouto.

Shouto stared back.



Izuku shook his head and peeked over at Inasa. Still running around. “It's not that I think they... y'know. But, they're being so helpful, it's kinda... messing with my head. Like, I'm gonna get the wrong idea.”

I really don't think you will.”

Izuku continued on as if Shouto hadn't spoken. “But I don't want to just ignore them, or anything! I got a little panicked, and stopped texting Kirishima-kun, and he was so nice about it, Todoroki-kun. He didn't even get mad when I ignored him! I can't do that! I just need to stop whatever's going on in my head and get back to normal.”

“What brought this all on?” Shouto asked.

“Well, they, uh...” Inasa was moving some of the dishes over to their small table, humming a song under his breath, helplessly out of tune. “...They gave me some of their... toys...”

Shouto didn't get it. “All Might figurines?”

No,” Izuku said, exasperated. He peeked again. “Sex toys.”

“Seriously?” Shouto did not look impressed.

“I said I was, y'know, new to all of... that. And Kirishima-kun lent me a butt plug and a vibrator. Or, I guess Kacchan gave me the vibrator.”

“He 'lent' it to you?”

“Yeah. They were, uh...” Izuku blushed a little. “Old toys, I guess.”


Izuku nodded.

Shouto face-palmed with his good hand. “What the fuck.”

Izuku leaned in closer. “Now do you understand why I'd get the wrong idea?”

“And I really think you haven't, Midoriya. Those assholes aren't being very subtle.”

Sighing, Izuku waved his hand. “Todoroki-kun, you're missing the point. I want to use the toys and get used to... all of that, but I have a hard time dissociating them from where they came from.”

Shouto stared hard back at him. “And that is their main purpose, Midoriya.”

Izuku frowned back. “Todoroki-kun.”

Fine.” Shouto sighed and leaned back further into his chair. “If you're struggling with the... history of the toys, then you just need to repurpose them.”

Like how?”

Shouto looked over at Inasa, who was nearly finished with dinner (maybe?), and then over to their plants. He turned back to Izuku and suggested, “What about naming them?”

Izuku wasn't really convinced. “Would that really help?”

My father gave Inasa and myself a houseplant when we moved into this apartment. Inasa refused to let me get rid of it and named it 'Tama-chan.'” He adverted his eyes. “Calling it Tama-chan makes me want to set it on fire a little less, I suppose.”

Inasa and Shouto had so many houseplants Izuku wondered how they could keep them all straight, let alone name each individual one.

So you think I should name the butt plug?”

That's a little odd, Midoriya,” Inasa butted in. “But it's not bad to have a healthy sexual appetite.”

Izuku would've been okay with Inasa never telling him that ever.

Shouto shook his head. “No, it's like naming Tama-chan. It makes the toy seem more approachable, despite its history.”

Inasa turned to Izuku with a frown. “Your father gave you a butt plug as a housewarming gift?”

Oh my god, no!” Izuku groaned. “Forget it.”

Shouto interrupted, “Inasa, I want a beer.”

You got it!” Inasa saluted and dashed back over to the kitchen.

Into his hands, Izuku said, “Todoroki-kun.”


Can I go home?”

No. Suck it up.”



Izuku stayed just long enough to have dinner with Shouto and Inasa, then quickly made an excuse to escape from their apartment. Inasa kept bringing up how great it was that Izuku was exploring his sexuality in such a healthy and positive way, when all Izuku wanted to do was maybe chat about Inasa's rather impressive capture two days previous.

But who cares about heroics when you can discuss anal masturbation?

Without turning on the lights, Izuku stumbled his way back into his own apartment, making a beeline for his bedroom. He flicked on the small, bedside lamp.

The day had gone on for far too long, and all Izuku really wanted was to just pass out and let his worries disappear with a good night's rest for at least a few hours.

However, Shouto's suggestion to name the toys echoed in Izuku's brain. He'd used the butt plug a handful of times after the initial attempt and success, but the stupid little black 'x' on the bottom was a constant reminder of who had given it to him.

Eijirou had even gone so far as to follow up the gift with a series of messages that Izuku just couldn't ignore.



for me even when katsuki isnt around
i can use one of our toys
like a reminder of him
its less lonely kinda
i hope you be able to enjoy them too bro!


Izuku wasn't really sure why Eijirou was so dead-set on making him remember who gave him the toys.

Maybe it was some kind of weird sex game Katsuki had talked him into?

It hurt, a little – the idea that Izuku was just some pawn to be used...

But neither Eijirou nor Katsuki were like that (even if Katsuki was still a jerk most of the time). They wouldn't just play around with Izuku and his feelings for the hell of it.

The alternative, however... that worried Izuku more. If it wasn't some kind of mean joke, then why would Eijirou act like that?

Shouto, as intelligent as he was, seemed to be convinced that Eijirou and Katsuki were honestly attempting to seduce him.

Somewhere, in a dark corner of Izuku's mind, he wanted that to be the case.

But that was just impossible. Eijirou and Katsuki were so happy together. They'd gotten together during their last year at U.A., despite Katsuki's own reservations about how it might affect his work as a hero, and they made it work. The public respected them both individually as pro heroes, and together as a couple.

There wasn't really space for Izuku in that happiness.

But this wasn't the time for Izuku to be angsting over what couldn't be.

He had a mission to accomplish.

Gathering the toys, lube, condoms and a hand towel, Izuku dropped them all onto the top of his bedspread.

“Name them, huh...?”

Izuku had no idea where to start with that.

What do you name a sex toy?

Tama-chan wasn't a great choice (but it wasn't really a great choice for a plant name, either...).

Standing next to the bed, Izuku stared down at his two toys.

The small, orange butt plug, with the “x” on the bottom.

And the red prostate massager, thin yet longer than the plug.

Chewing on a thumb, Izuku let his thoughts escape his mouth as quiet mutterings. “Well, the plug was the first toy I've used, and the first one to have 'worked' – therefore, it needs a name that would reflect its introductory purpose for anal masturbation. Maybe... hm... Hajime? Seems a little too on the nose, but its own use is just as obvious, so maybe that would be the way to go.”

Izuku nodded to himself, and set the plug aside. “Hajime... Hajime-chan? It's small, so it fits.”

“And then for the prostate massager...” Izuku turned his attention to the other toy. “Again, the obvious choice would be to name it after the color. Or possibly as the second toy? But, if I haven't been able to use it properly, I can't really claim it's the second toy I've had that's 'worked' for me. Red... Sekine...? But that's a woman's name, feels a little odd for an anal sex toy...”

Izuku frowned.

“Mako... Bright red... I guess that works. Mako-chan.”

He nodded, and then laughed lightly to himself. “Hajime-chan and Mako-chan. Haha, feels like I've got a new pet or something.”

Smiling, Izuku crawled up onto his bed beside the toys and associated appurtenances, and grabbed Hajime-chan in hand.

He went through the standard motions – lubed up and pressed a thick finger into himself (still felt weird, but was gradually become easier to do), and then swapped it out for the butt plug. With his other hand, he gripped his half-hard dick in hand and slowly coaxed it to life as he worked the plug – Hajime-chan – into his ass.

Hah...” Izuku sighed into his empty bedroom.

He attempted to reach his prostate and failed, yet again, then turned his attention to the prostate massager.

The whole purpose of the vibrator was to work the prostate. Izuku really, really wanted to make Mako-chan fit – because he really, really wanted to know just how good it could feel to masturbate using his prostate.

It had felt good the one time he'd accidentally hit on it – so, in theory, it would feel even better if there was a constant vibration pulsating against it.

Licking his lips, he clenched down and pulled the plug out, wrapped the vibrator in a fresh condom, lubed it up, and turned it on, holding it against his twitching hole.

Izuku took a deep breath, released it slowly, and firmly pressed Mako-chan inside.

Ngh,” he bit out through gritted teeth.

It still kinda hurt.

He pulled it out of his ass, and let the tip of the vibrator buzz against his taint and the length against his ballsack for a moment. Like usual, that felt great. With his other hand, he continued jerking himself off, hoping the pleasant sensations would help relax him further.

Izuku could feel his mind wanting to wander.

On the edge of his thoughts, an unclear image was beginning to form.

But Izuku wouldn't let that happen!

M-Mako-chan,” Izuku gasped out.

He opened his eyes, completely pulled out of the moment.

Seemed that calling out the name he'd given the vibrator wasn't gonna work for him. Maybe he should be saying Hayato?

But that felt even worse, for some reason.

Izuku frowned down at his dick and the vibrator, which buzzed on as if nothing was wrong.

Sighing and closing his eyes, Izuku decided to just focus on the feeling – and not on calling out any names.

He pushed the vibrator back down and inside himself once more, and it slipped in. And then, as if to praise Izuku for just shutting up, the vibrator continued to push inward, further and further, until it was fully and properly seated inside his ass.

Oh fuck, that feels good...” Izuku breathed out.

And then he tilted the vibrator forward, angling the tip towards his abs and away from his back.

Wordlessly, Izuku cried out, his hips bucking up and away from the bed. “Ah!

Holy shit.

Izuku let his grip on his dick loosen and then fall off. He was going to come immediately if he wasn't careful.

Ngh... hah...”

Without letting it slip completely out, Izuku pulled and pushed, rubbing the thicker end of the vibrator against his prostate. He tried to keep from wiggling so much, but it just felt so good.

Fucking finally.

Izuku flipped over onto his knees, as that position seemed to work best for him, and concentrated on the relentless attack against his prostate. He gripped his bedsheets tightly in his other hand, biting down on his pillow. Drool slipped out the edge of his mouth, and tears began to form in the corners of his eyes.

He was gonna come from his ass.

Ah... ah... Ahhh-!”

He gave himself a minute to enjoy the feeling of a well-deserved orgasm, and then had to turn the vibrator off.

Almost hands free. Not bad.

Out of the corner of his eye, Izuku spotted his phone.

He really shouldn't.


But Izuku was trying to be a better friend.

And Eijirou had asked for progress updates...



Mission accomplished
good job bro!!
fuck yeah!!!
im so happy for you!!
pics or it didnt happen???


When Miruko pulled him aside later that week, and asked if he'd be willing to make an appearance at the grand opening of a new medical facility attached to Musutafu's Animal Shelter, he'd been really excited.

He liked being able to interact with the public, he liked animals, he liked being able to help both people and animals – it should've been a great way to spend his morning.

It should have.

2 People

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Ei what the fuck
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Take two goddamn seconds to look at who you just sent that shit to
Fucking shit for brains
sorry midoriya!
just ignore it!!
unless your curious
( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
It's “you're” motherfucker
What is it?
you can call it a home video

Izuku chewed nervously on the tip of his thumb, staring at the messaging app.

His other thumb hovered over the link.

He knew – he knew – it would be a bad idea to click on it. Eijirou had, on more than one occasion, linked Izuku porn vids “by accident.”

The first time, Izuku believed him.

Five years down the line, Izuku did not. He knew Eijirou tended to... lack some normal boundaries. Katsuki wasn't much better. Mina, Denki, Hanta – they were all far more open than Izuku was sometimes comfortable with.

But the last time Eijirou had linked Izuku a video (one that Izuku had definitely enjoyed, and wondered just how Eijirou could peg his interests so well), it wasn't “an accident.”

It hadn't been “an accident” in quite some time.

And now Eijirou had “accidentally” sent him a “home video”?

In a group message with Katsuki...?


Izuku jerked his head up. Togata Mirio – in full Lemillion costume – waved congenially at him.

Ah, Togata-senpai-!”

The sounds of heavy breathing rang out through the tinny speaker on his phone.

Hah... fucking suck my dick, Ei-”

Reflexively, Izuku squeezed the button on the side of his phone to turn it off.

Too strongly.

The crushed pieces crackled as they fell to the ground.

With a slightly uncomfortable smile, Mirio said, “Now, Midoriya-kun, I'm not sure why you were-”

“I-It was an accident!” Izuku shouted, dropping what remained of his phone to follow its crushed friends. “Really! I would never-!”

“Hmm...” Mirio crossed his arms. “It sounded an awful lot like-”

Izuku cried out, “I promise you it was not!

But Mirio did not look convinced.

Izuku could feel his soul attempting to escape from the confines of his corrupted flesh.

How the hell was Izuku supposed to continue on, knowing he had a direct link to Eijirou and Katsuki's sex video!?

As Izuku sat there in shock, with Mirio continuing to look on with disappointment, a smartly dressed woman appeared just inside the small break room they were in. “Hero Lemillion, Hero Deku – we're ready for the both of you for the ribbon cutting.”

Yes, we will be right there! Thank you!” Mirio offered brightly, quickly and efficiently waving her away.

She bowed, and left the room.

Sighing, Mirio turned back to Izuku and placed a firm hand on his shoulder. “I know that you understand the importance of how to present yourself to the public. And I apologize for catching you unaware. But I would request in the future that you keep that sort of thing for when you are home or at least somewhere more private.”

Yes, Togata-senpai,” Izuku said, chastised.

Mirio nodded with a smile, and turned to leave the room.

Even if it wasn't on purpose, he really shouldn't have been clicking on random links in the first place...

With a futile attempt to push his heart back down into his chest and out of his throat, Izuku followed Mirio out of the room and towards the small crowd of people.

He'd honestly been looking forward to the event all week.

But now the “accidental” link was weighing heavily on his mind.

Accidental”, huh.

Under his breath, inaudible to anyone else, Izuku muttered, “Damn it, Kirishima-kun...”


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Fucking hell dumbass
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
midoriya hasnt responded
I wonder why
babe you said i look hot in that vid
gotta let our boy know what hes getting into
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
He's not our boy yet
matter of time
midoriyas thirsty
n im gonna give him allllllllll the water he wants
( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Chapter Text

When Izuku returned home from work, loaded down with grocery bags over one arm and his new phone in the other hand, a nondescript brown box was waiting for him on his front doorstep. He nearly tripped over the box, the doorstep, and the rug just inside his front door, in that order, in his excitement.

He did manage to drop the brand new phone, but fortunately it survived this time where its brethren had previously not.

After dashing to drop off the bags on his kitchen counters, he rushed back to grab the box and slammed the front door shut. He put the box on top of his bed for the time being, then went back and prepared himself a simple dinner.

Izuku ate while watching the news program on TV mindlessly, his focus completely shot. While he'd been able to recover all of his contacts from his SIM card, the text messages were lost within the crushed remains of his discarded phone.

Izuku wasn't sure if he was grateful or disappointed.

(But why lie to himself? Of course Izuku was disappointed.)

He finished up quickly and left the dirty dishes to soak in the small kitchen sink.

For comparison purposes, he pulled Hajime-chan – the thin anal plug – and Mako-chan – the vibrating prostate massager – from the bedside drawer and laid them down on his quilt, side by side. Both gifts from Eijirou (and Katsuki, technically?), and both toys Izuku felt he had, if not mastered, at least become skilled with using.

But Izuku knew he wouldn’t always be able to rely on Eijirou (and he really shouldn’t gleefully accept every hand-me-down sex toy he provided), so he decided the next step would be to buy his own, new toy. After spending a surprising long time searching, Izuku had narrowed it down and selected one for purchase online (there was no way in hell Izuku was gonna buy something like that in person).

And so now it sat, safely within the confines of the brown box.

Izuku ripped the box open and pulled out a smaller box. Inside of that box was the prize Izuku had been waiting for.

A 15 cm dildo, black in color and ribbed for pleasure. Next to Hajime-chan and Mako-chan, it looked very intimidating – but it was still on the small side for anal-specific dildos, surprisingly enough.

Deciding to willfully ignore the topic of the “mistakenly” sent “home video” for the time being, Izuku took a quick picture of it and sent it over to Eijirou with a short message. He kind of wondered what Eijirou would think of his first purchase.

Before Izuku could consider his next step, his phone buzzed with a received message. He opened it up and a picture of a dildo extremely similar to his new one popped up.



yo dude!
got good taste
ours is a lil bigger lol
It’s 15cm
good luck!!!
Thanks (*´ω`*)


It was already so late, and his shift the following morning started so early, that Izuku figured it might be better to hold off on practicing with the new toy (“Gorou-chan”, he’d decided) until he had more free time.

So he put his toys away, and decided to rub one out the old fashioned way.

If his thoughts had turned to a pair of red-eyed heroes, no one but Izuku was the wiser.



Later that week, when Izuku did have time to test out the new dildo, it did not go so well.

Worse, his regular point of contact on these types of issues (Eijirou) was not available.

Izuku breathed shallowly. He swallowed and did his best to not immediately give away his current position.

“Um, Kacchan…” He began, slowly. “Is… Is Kirishima-kun around? I tried to, ah-“

He grit his teeth and squeezed his eyes shut. The dildo, halfway inside, shifted just enough for the stinging pain to worsen.

Deku, what the fuck you calling my man this late for?”

Despite his words, Katsuki didn’t sound angry. More amused than anything.

Izuku shook his head in the negative even though Katsuki couldn’t see him. Thankfully. “No, I, um- Kirishima-kun, he usually has good – and, I mean, I wasn’t planning to just call in the middle of it, but I’m worried that if I just stop I won’t be able to properly apply his advice to my, uh… ‘situation’. I’m almost there, Kacchan, I know I can take it! And Kirishima-kun has been so helpful, it’s not anything bad- I would never, Kacchan, I know how happy the two of you – it’s just –“

Fucking hell, Deku, stop and take a breath.”

He did as directed. His asshole throbbed, and not in the fun way.


Just shut up and listen to me for a second.”

“O- okay,” Izuku replied and fell silent.

What is the situation?”

“I’m not gonna tell you if you’re just gonna make fun of me.”

On the other side of the line, Katsuki growled in annoyance. It made Izuku’s mostly-flaccid dick twitch in response. Frowning down at the traitor, Izuku said, “I was using Gorou-chan-“

I don’t know what you named your damn sex toys, shitty nerd-“

“Oh, he’s the, um… the new…” Izuku trailed off, face blood red. He couldn’t. This was too much, especially with Katsuki.

The black dildo?”

“Uh-huh. But not as big as Kirishima-kun's – oh, he sent me the picture, I didn't specifically ask or anything-

That’s not Ei’s,” Katsuki corrected.

Izuku’s mind ran wild with the unsaid implication.

Anyway, nerd, keep going.”

Izuku took a deep breath. “I…”

He couldn't find any words, and definitely not the correct ones, for maybe the first time in his entire life.

Deku, this isn’t gonna work unless you fucking talk to me.”

“It’s embarrassing!”

Ugh!” A crashing noise came from the other end of the line. “Get the hell over it!”

“I’m trying!” He searched for his confidence, and found just enough to grit out, “It won’t fit properly!”

On the other end of the line, Katsuki sighed aggressively. “First of all, pull it out.”

“What- no! It took forever to get it in!”

Clearly you fucked that up! Pull it out!”


Izuku bore down, gripped the end and yanked it free from his ass. He cried out in pain and dropped the phone onto the bed next to him.

Katsuki’s loud voice was tinny from the distance. “Fucking hell, you shitty nerd! Be more careful or you won’t be shoving anything up your damn ass!”

Izuku reached over and put him on speakerphone.

“Okay,” Izuku panted. “Now what?”

Now you fucking relax for a second. You even still hard?”

He was not.

“After getting yelled at by you, Kacchan?” Izuku grumbled. “Of course not.”

Fuck you, too.”

Izuku flopped over onto his back and stared at the ceiling.

You use a condom over the dildo?”


Change it out for a new one.”

“Isn’t that wasteful?”

Not like you’re gonna run out with all the sex you’ve been having.”

“Oh, shut up.”

Izuku pulled the used condom off of the black silicone toy, grimacing in disgust, and replaced it with a new one. “It’s gross.”

Anal sex is gross – it’s all about shoving shit up the hole you shit from. Grow the fuck up.”

“Ugh, Kacchan, stop.”

Alright, nerd, lay down ‘n get comfy.”

Izuku shifted on the bed until his head was resting on his pillows. His phone, the dildo and the bottle of lube were on a small towel next to him.


You hard yet?”

“I – what? – No! I haven’t done anything, I can’t just, y’know, from nothing.”

Well, fucking get hard, then.”

“I’m not asking for your help for that, Kacchan!”

“’s a hell of a lot easier if you’re aroused and relaxed. You want my help, you do what I say.”

“You speaking from experience?”

Yeah, obviously. Fucking get to it, Deku.”

His breath quickened as he reached for the lube. Hearing Katsuki say his name in this context – even if he was only doing so for instructive purposes – was like something out of one of his early, teenaged fantasies. Not in a million years would middle school Izuku ever believe he’d end up in a situation like this.

Even if the purpose was only meant to be instructive.

Somewhere in the back of Izuku’s mind, he realized how inappropriate both he and Katsuki were being. If Izuku really followed through on this, it was like they were both cheating on their partners.

This was basically phone sex. This was more than just Eijirou or Katsuki giving tips on how to finger yourself.

Mouth bone dry, Izuku said, “Kacchan, I dunno. I don’t think we should be doing this…”

Why not? That loud-mouthed bastard of yours isn't helping at all. You've been talking with Ei about all this shit for weeks.”

“This isn’t the same thing!”

And Ei wouldn’t give a shit.” Katsuki paused and made a thoughtful noise in his throat. “Well, he’d be pissed he wasn’t here for this. Hah, sucks for him.”

“Kacchan, I’m serious.”

So ‘m I, Deku. You called asking for advice, and I’m gonna give it to you. But if it’s really that big of a fucking deal, then just hang up.”

It was a big deal, no matter what Katsuki said.

But Izuku really, really couldn’t pass up this chance.

Hayato would understand.


“No, um, you’re right.” You’re not. “It’s just like… learning a new technique.”

Smirk in his voice, Katsuki said, “You usually steal my moves after watching me. You gonna need a visual for this, too?”

“No!” Izuku quickly disagreed. “No, ah, I don’t. Just… tell me what I need to do. I’ve already fingered myself.”

Somehow, after all their bickering, it was easier to talk about this sort of thing with Katsuki.

Easier, but still terribly embarrassing.

How many?”

“Um, two.”

“’s that really enough for that dildo of yours? How big is it?”

Izuku picked it up and gripped it around the middle. It was his largest toy, now, but his fingers could wrap around it to touch. “…Probably bigger than two fingers.”

Damn it, Deku, you’re not an idiot. Use your damn head. You really thought two fingers would cut it, and then tried to call up Ei crying for help?”

“It fit at first. It was just, when I was trying to push it in further, that it really started to hurt.”

But did it actually feel good at all?”

“…Not really.”

Why the fuck are you even bothering if you hate it so damn much?”

“Well, Hayato-kun won’t bottom-“

Why the hell not!?”

“He just doesn’t like it! I don’t wanna talk about that!” Izuku pouted. “And, like, sometimes it feels really good for me, it’s just hard to get to that point, Kacchan.”

Katsuki sighed.

Let’s move on. Grab some lube and jerk it till you’re hard.”

That statement immediately killed any argument in Izuku.

Taking a deep breath, he put the dildo back to the side and flipped open the cap of the bottle.

Make sure to warm it up first before you use it.”

“I know that,” Izuku grumbled, dribbling some lube into an open palm. He worked it in his hand until it was sufficiently warmed and then reached down.

There was no coming back from this, but Izuku wasn’t gonna stop now.

Izuku hissed out a breath at the first touch of his hand to his dick. He’d claimed he couldn’t just get hard from nothing, and that was true, but it didn’t feel like it would take much to get there tonight.

You hard yet?”

Izuku grumbled, “No! I’ll let you know when I am!”

Well don’t force it or you’ll just end up hurting yourself again!”

“Then stop rushing me!”

I’m not rushing you!”

“Shut up, Kacchan, or I’m never gonna get hard!”

You think I can’t fucking get you hard, you shitty nerd!?”

“What, no! Kacchan, that’s not-“

That piece of shit boyfriend of yours is trash, expects you to give him your ass but doesn’t even help. If it were me, Deku, I’d take my time and tear you the fuck apart.”

Suddenly, it was as if Izuku couldn't breathe.


I know you, Deku. You want someone that’ll take their time with you. Grab your dick and start jerking it. Don’t rush; fucking savor that shit.”

Izuku began to stroke himself slowly, just as Katsuki demanded, and closed his eyes to better hear his voice over the speaker.

You’d like that, wouldn’t you, Deku?”

Yes,” he gasped. He rubbed at the head of his dick and moaned loudly at the sensation.

Goddamn, you sound so fucking hot right now. You got the lube nearby?”

Izuku fumbled hastily for the bottle with one hand and flipped it back open. The other stayed on his dick.


Start with one finger. Slowly.”

“But, Kacchan, I already had two-“

You gonna listen to me or are you just gonna argue!?” Katsuki shouted.

“No! I- I’m listening.” Izuku hurriedly shoved a finger inside and winced. “Ngh!”

Fucking- I said slowly, you damn Deku!”

“S- Sorry,” Izuku panted and, as ordered, slowly pulled his finger out and then pushed it back inside.

“’m not playing around, Deku! You do what I say or I’m hanging the fuck up right now.”

“No! Please- please don’t!” He begged. “I’ll be good for you, Kacchan! Please don’t hang up!”

Chuckling lowly, Katsuki said, “Damn right, you’ll be good for me, you damn nerd. How’s it feeling? And be honest.”

“Um…” Izuku thought for a moment, both hands occupied. “My- my dick feels good. But behind, it’s still kinda, I dunno, weird, maybe.”

Stop touching your cock.”



Grimacing, Izuku did just that. His lubed dick twitched helplessly in the air, tapping a couple times on his lower abs before eventually falling flat, head pointed directly at his belly button. The finger in his ass felt even more odd without the distraction of jerking his dick off.

“O-okay, done. Now what, Kacchan?”

Does the finger hurt?”

“Uh-uh,” Izuku shook his head in the negative to the empty room.

Alright. Pull it out and rub at your hole with two fingers.”

“Just- just rub it?”

“’s what I said, ain’t it?”

Izuku rubbed at his asshole with the tips of his middle and pointer fingers. Felt really weird. Weirder than actually fingering himself, in any case.

“I don’t really like this, Kacchan…”

Trust me, it’ll feel good as fuck. You just gotta get used to it.”

Izuku groaned and flipped over onto his stomach. He wasn’t technically jerking off in this position, but he’d be able to rub himself on his bed a little bit, at least.

Push ‘em in a little, Deku. Not the whole way – don’t fucking hurt yourself for no reason.”

“Like-” Izuku gasped and bit down on his pillow as the fingers pushed in. He held himself still and asked, “Like, how far?”

Just a little bit! You wanna whip out a damn ruler!?”

“No!” Izuku shouted back and accidentally shoved the fingers in further. He whimpered in pain.


“It- it was an accident! Just gimme a second.”

You gotta relax, Deku, or they’ll never fit!” Katsuki barked out. Then, in a lower tone of voice, he said, “’m serious. Close your eyes and take deep breaths. You still hard?”

Izuku rubbed himself against the bed to check.

“Yeah. Somehow.”

Probably just because of Kacchan’s presence…

Keep your eyes closed and finger yourself just that little bit. Not the whole way. Got it?”


Taking a deep breath, he began moving his fingers slowly and shallowly. He rubbed his dick off against his bed to help disassociate the weird feeling in his ass.

“Kacchan…” Izuku breathed. “Can- can you talk to me? It helps.”

That bastard of yours not talk dirty to you?”

“Ah, no, it’s not that-“

So you just want me to, what? Tell you what I would do to you if you were here in my bed?”

Izuku nodded but didn’t say anything. He pushed his fingers in a little further.

“What – hah –“ Izuku huffed. “What did you mean when you said you’d… ‘tear me apart’?”

Haha! Fucking figures you’d get stuck on that, you damn masochist!”

“I’m not a maso-“

You ever eat pussy Deku?”

Izuku’s hand twitched and fell off rhythm at the question. “Uh, yes.”

What about ass?”

Between harsh pants, Izuku replied, “Uh-huh, but only with women.”

You ever get it done to you?”

“N- no, it’s never really… come up, before.”

Heh, that’s what I’d start with then, Deku. I’d devour that cute ass of yours.”

Izuku moaned, “Kacchan.”

It’s totally different than regular fucking. You clean up properly, and I’d shove my tongue straight up your hole.”

Izuku couldn’t be sure, of course, but it sounded a lot like Katsuki had started jerking off on the other side of the line. And that aroused Izuku more than any touching he did of himself.

Drives Ei fucking wild. And your virgin ass would be so damn sensitive… Shit, I could probably make you fucking come just from that. You want that, Deku?”

Yes, Kacchan. Sounds amazing.”

Izuku hadn’t even realized when, but his hand had sped up, palm smacking loudly against his ass as his fingers bottomed out.

How’s it feel, Deku?”

“Ah, better,” Izuku swallowed wetly, and drool fell from the corner of his mouth onto his pillow. “Feels real good right now, Kacchan.”

You’re doing so well for me. Think you can take a third now?”

Izuku frowned over at the unused dildo. “But, Gorou-chan-“

Katsuki was quick to interrupt. “Gotta take three first.”

Izuku groaned and shoved a third finger in, beside the first two. He grunted and bit into the pillow once more.

Fucking- I told you to take this shit slowly, you damn nerd!”

“Kacchan, I wanna come!” Izuku cried out. “This is taking too long!”

What the fuck, have a little patience, damn it!”

“I don’t wanna! Kacchan, you just like torturing me!”

You think this is torture, Deku!? I’m here helping your needy ass out of the fucking goodness of my heart, and you’re throwing it back in my face!”

“I’m not-“

If I really wanted to torture you, I’d tie you up, shove a cock ring on your dick and keep you hard for hours. You’d beg me to let you come and I’d just laugh!”


I’d make your dumbass realize that you can’t just shove shit up your ass and hope it fits.”

Izuku moaned and humped at the bed. The three fingers thrust in and out wetly. The dull throb of pain in his ass was soon becoming a thing of the past.

“’n when I’d get tired, I’d fucking tag Ei in.” Katsuki grunted in time with the jerking of his own cock. “His cock’s so damn awesome, you’d never wanna bottom for anyone else.”

“Is – ah! – I- Is…” Izuku tried to pull his thoughts back into coherency. “Is that how it is for you, Kacchan? You- you don’t want anyone but Kirishima-kun?”

Katsuki laughed. “Why, you want a go at my ass, Deku?”

“Huh!? Wh-“

Haha! I’d fucking let you, you shitty nerd. You’d fuck me real good, wouldn’t you, Deku?”

“K- Kacchan! I’m-!” Izuku cried out, squeezed his eyes closed and came all over his bed. “Kacchan!

Ha ha ha! You fucking nerd, you would come from that!” Katsuki cackled. “But we ain’t done yet.”

Izuku gasped into the pillow beneath him and didn’t respond.

He was a little embarrassed and a lot exhausted.

Get Gorou-chan.”

“K- Kacchan…” Izuku huffed, trying to catch his breath. His heart felt as if it would pound out of his chest. “Gimme a minute.”

Fine. Sixty seconds, starting now.”

He could hear the crickets chirping outside.

“…Kacchan, did you come?” He asked.

Course not! You’re gonna have to do better than that, Deku.”

“Ugh,” Izuku grumbled. “I heard you masturbating, Kacchan.”

Whatever. Your time is up. Grab Gorou-chan.”

He reached over and grabbed it in hand. “’Kay, got him. Haha, it’s kinda cute when you call him ‘Gorou-chan’.”

Shut up, nerd. You put the condom on already, right?”


He waved it around in front of his head. It jiggled ominously.

Lube it up.”

His hand trembled when he opened the bottle back up. “Kacchan, I- I’m not really hard anymore.”

“’Course not. You’re not jerking off, right?”

“Well, no, but-“

How the fuck you gonna get hard again without any stimulation? Try thinking before you start spouting out nonsense.”

“Right…” He shifted back up onto his knees, stomach down, and rubbed the lubed Gorou-chan against his twitching asshole.

He felt oddly empty inside.

For once, he was actually anticipating filling himself up from behind.

“I- I’m ready, Kacchan.” I think.

You sure about that? Don’t sound very ready.”


Katsuki laughed on the other side of the call. “’m just fucking with you Deku. You should be nice and relaxed. Take it slow and don’t forget to breathe.”

Izuku did as told, took a deep breath and began to push Gorou-chan inside. Like Katsuki had said, it was much, much easier than it had been.

Nngh,” he moaned out. “Kacchan, it- it doesn’t hurt?”

Told ya.”

What the hell, even Katsuki acting like a smartass was turning him on.

In almost no time at all, Izuku had Gorou-chan pushed all the way in to his flared bottom.

“Ka- Kacchan, I did it!” Izuku choked out. “It’s – ah – all the way in. Kacchan, it feels… so good.”

Leave it there for a moment.” Katsuki instructed. “Touch your nipples.”

He frowned. “What?”

Your nipples. Stop making me repeat myself, damn it.”

“I don’t ever, uh, touch them? When I’m m- masturbating.”

You do now when I tell you to.”

He twitched in response at that. He flipped over onto his back and flinched at the way Gorou-chan shifted inside of him.

Swallowing, he raised both hands and placed them on his chest. Like he’d told Katsuki, he rarely paid his nipples any attention, and they’d never been particularly sensitive before. But somehow, with Katsuki’s involvement, that had changed.

He choked when he squeezed his right nipple and clenched hard around Gorou-chan. He panted out, “Kacchan, feels good.”

You gonna trust me now?”

“I always trust you, Kacchan.”

Heh.” Izuku could hear Katsuki masturbating on the other end of the line again. “You fucking better.”

With eyes closed, his hips shifted unconsciously as he tugged and pulled at both of his nipples.

Hahhah… K-Kacchan, can I…?”

Yeah. Fuck yourself with that fake cock. Slowly.”


Izuku’s hands left his nipples and reached down for Gorou-chan. He tugged him most of the way out, and then slowly pushed him back inside. “Ah…!”

Lemme hear you, Deku,” Katsuki growled.

“Kacchan… Kacchan…!” Izuku gasped. “Kacchan, I’m gonna come again!”

Fucking said you could do it, didn’t I? God, I fucking knew it. You sound so fucking sexy when you moan like that. You’re gonna make me come, too, right Deku?”

Izuku quickly agreed. “Yeah – hah – wanna make you come, too! Wanna… wanna hear you come, Kacchan! It’s no fair if it’s just me.”

Tell me what you’re doing, Deku.”

“I- I’m fucking myself with Gorou-chan. Hah – he’s so deep. Mmm.”


“He’s gonna make me come, Kacchan. Can I come?”

Fuck that, I’m gonna make you come. That shitty toy ain’t got nothing on me, right, Deku?”

Yes, Kacchan.” He took his dick back into hand and began to stroke himself roughly, up and down, in time with the thrusts of the dildo.

Who’s gonna make you come, Deku?”

“Kacchan!” Izuku sped his hands up and scrunched his eyes shut. “Kacchan! K- Kacchan…!”

He cried out, clenched down hard on Gorou-chan and came all over himself for the second time that evening. “Kacchan!

F- fuck, Deku!”

They were both quiet for a moment, the crickets and their harsh breathing the only noises to be heard.

Heh. How was that?” Katsuki asked breathlessly.

Izuku swallowed dryly and didn’t respond.

Speechless, huh? I’ve got that effect on people.”

Izuku grunted and pulled Gorou-chan free of his ass.

“Shut up, Kacchan.”

The weight of what he just did was slowly crashing down on him.

Go wash Gorou-chan off and take a bath.”

Izuku sat up. He winced at the ache deep inside of himself, and pulled the used condom off to toss into the trash can beside his bed. “I was just gonna take a shower.”

You’re really gonna keep arguing with me.”

“Ugh, fine, whatever.” Izuku flopped back onto his bed, exhausted.

Run a damn bath.”

“I got it, Kacchan!”

Good. Night nerd.”

He sighed. “Goodnight, Kacchan.”

Katsuki ended the call before Izuku could even reach over for his phone.

He looked at Gorou-chan, still in his right hand, and sighed again.



Fucking did it!
Praise me, Ei!
did what!????
Made the shitty nerd cum all over himself
ヽ(°□° )ノ
I’ll tell you all about it when you get back
you better!!

Chapter Text

Izuku had never been more grateful for the end of a shift than he was right now.

He let three – three! – separate villains escape while he was on patrol (all had been properly apprehended by other pro heroes, fortunately). He had been clumsy during his pursuit of the villains, relying on lower ranked sidekicks to pick up his slack, and caused a truly inexcusable amount of property damage to the Utapau Ward.

The dressing down he’d received from Miruko had lasted over twenty minutes, and his body ached from the physical punishment she’d followed it up with.

Izuku made a silent promise to himself to never let his… personal issues… get in the way of fulfilling his duties as a pro hero of Japan again.

Ochako had been more than happy to join him in drowning his sorrows in alcohol.

“Alright, Deku-kun.” Ochako pointed her finger directly at Izuku’s face. “Spill it.”

“Um…” Izuku glanced at Shouto, who was sitting next to him and calmly eating his noodle dish. He tilted his head and frowned at her. “Work was awful.”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.” Ochako reached further and shoved her finger against his forehead. “Spill. It.”

Izuku shoved her hand away and replaced it with both of his own to hide his face. “Todoroki-kun, can you cover your ears?”

“No.” He slurped a bite into his mouth. “I want to hear this, too.”

“You both suck.” Izuku pouted.

“Yeah we do.” Ochako laughed and shared a high-five with Shouto. “So do you, now.”

“Nghhh…” Izuku moaned and dropped his head onto the table.

“Deku-kun, don’t make me send you to the ceiling,” Ochako threatened.

He turned head until the side of it was resting on the cool, wood top. He looked at Shouto, and then at Ochako, and then said, “I was… um… ‘practicing’ with Gorou-chan…”

“Nice. You make it work, yet?”

“Yes! I got it to fit.”

“There’s more to this, isn’t there?” Shouto asked.

“Ah, yeah.” He swallowed before continuing. “So, it didn’t – fit, at first. Like it did, but not well. And I checked online for tips, but I was panicking, and nothing was working-“

Ochako interrupted him. “And you called Kirishima-kun!? Deku-kun, that’s not just asking for sex tips, phone sex is actually sex.”

“Well, I did. But he didn’t pick up.” Izuku turned away from her. “So I called Kacchan.”

“Bakugou-kun!?” Ochako screeched. “Seriously!? You called Bakugou-kun and he didn’t, like, explode you!?”

“I’m here, aren’t I?” He mumbled.

“I can’t believe you had phone sex with Bakugou-kun!”

“Yes, please shout it loud enough to share with the entire restaurant.”

“Is that actually what happened, though?” Shouto asked.

“What do you mean, obviously that’s what happened-“

“He said he just called to ask for help-“

“Yeah, with the dildo he was fucking himself with!”

“Ochako-san! We’re in public!” Izuku yelled.

She flinched, looking reprimanded. “Sorry, Deku-kun. I’m just shocked, really. Like, Kirishima-kun makes sense. He’s so nice and helpful. But Bakugou-kun-“

“I get it. Kacchan’s not the most…” Izuku couldn’t think of a good descriptor and moved on. “Anyway, he was helpful. And not in a sexy way or anything.”

Ochako and Shouto waited patiently for him to continue.

He mumbled, quietly, “And then he did help in a sexy way.”

“Deku-kun!” Ochako shot up from her chair. “Deku-kun!”

“I know!” Izuku moaned into the wood.


Tenya, who’d just arrived, cleared his throat.

“Yo.” Shouto lifted one hand casually.

He looked from Ochako, who was still standing, to Izuku, who looked as if he would melt into the table. Their dishes were still half-full from their meals, a truly unusual occurrence for both Ochako and Izuku. “Is everything alright here?”

“No!” Ochako hissed out.

Tenya placed a gentle hand on her shoulder and pushed her back into her chair, greeting her with a kiss to her cheek. “Honey, you need to calm down.”

“Deku-kun had sex with Bakugou-kun!”

“What!?” Tenya shouted, shocked.

“I did not!” Izuku said. “I just asked him for help!”

“Yeah, with your ass!”

“It’s not as bad as you’re making it sound,” Izuku grumbled.

“Everyone, sit down and be quiet for a moment,” Shouto said calmly. He poked at Izuku with the end of his chopsticks. “Pick your head up.”

Izuku sat up, with shoulders hunched. Ochako and Tenya sat down into their chairs.

Everyone was silent.

Shouto placed his chopsticks across the top of his bowl, meal finished. He neatly wiped at his mouth and then said, “Midoriya, what exactly happened? And Uraraka – please be quiet until the end.”

“It’s Iida,” Tenya provided unhelpfully, and Ochako smiled prettily to herself.

Shouto ignored him and looked pointedly at Izuku.

“Well, like I said, I was using Gorou-chan-“

“And which one is that?” Tenya asked.

“Uh, he’s black with the-“ He made an obscene gesture to refer to the ribbed sides. “Anyway, he… got stuck, and I panicked and called Kirishima-kun-“

Tenya interrupted, “I thought Honey said Bakugou-kun was your partner?”

“I’m getting there! Kirishima-kun didn’t answer, so I called Kacchan, and he did. I just… asked him for help.” Izuku fidgeted in place, and then took a large gulp of his beer for courage. “Kacchan got a little carried away – you know how he is – and…”

And?” Ochako leaned forward.

“And we definitely had phone sex,” Izuku let out in a whoosh.

Deku-kun!” Ochako screeched. Then, quieter, “Oh my god, how hot was it?”

“Kacchan’s amazing,” Izuku gushed.

Before they could go any further, their waitress reappeared beside the table. She handed a menu to Tenya, who took it mutely, and said, “Good evening and thank you for joining us! Is there anything I can offer you to drink while you look over the menu?”

Hollowly, he replied, “Whiskey. Neat.”

“Yes sir!” She wrote his order down on a small notepad. She looked around the table. “Is there anything I can offer the rest of you?”

“We’ll all take another beer,” Shouto said.

After the waitress walked away, Ochako reached out and started smacking Izuku’s arm. “Ow, Ochako-san! Stop!”

“Aren’t you gonna stop your wife?” Shouto asked.

“No, I think he deserves this,” Tenya replied.

“Iida-kun!” Izuku cried out, deflecting the swinging hands.

Shouto finished off the rest of his beer glass and asked, “Midoriya, have you talked with Harada about this?”

“Who?” Tenya asked.

“Midoriya’s boyfriend,” Shouto said.

“Wait…” Tenya frowned. “Why are you having phone sex with someone other than your partner?”

“I didn’t mean to! It just… happened…” Izuku muttered.

“Midoriya-kun, that is cheating,” Tenya pointed out. “Disloyalty. Infidelity. You betrayed the trust of your partner. I’m very disappointed; I never would’ve taken you for one with such low moral standards.”

“It’s just phone sex. It’s not like he let Bakugou fuck him,” Shouto said.

“Kacchan said he thought I would fuck him real good,” Izuku whispered.

“Oh. My. GOD.” Ochako violently shook her fists up and down. “Deku-kun!

“I know!”

The waitress placed their new drinks on the table and picked up the empty dishes. Tenya waved her off when she asked if he wanted any food but ordered a second whiskey.

“I’d like more fried squid,” Shouto said, and the waitress cheerfully took down his order as well and walked off.

How can you eat at a time like this?” Tenya hissed.

“Deets! Deets! Deets!” Ochako chanted, thumping her glass onto the tabletop in time.

“Honey, please stop that.”

“Ochako-san, I’m not gonna go into it.” Not now, Izuku emphasized with his eyes. Ochako flashed him a discreet thumbs up.

“And what about Kirishima-kun! What is he going to think about Bakugou-kun cheating on him?” Tenya stated.

Shouto scoffed. “Excited, I bet. They both want to fuck Midoriya.”

What!?” Izuku exclaimed.

“Why is that a surprise?” Shouto asked. “They gave you sex toys. Their sex toys.”

“Kirishima-kun was just being helpful!”

“And Bakugou? He was just helping you out of the for the hell of it, right?” Shouto countered dryly.

Izuku didn’t have anything to say to that. Honestly… he hadn’t expected Katsuki to help at all. Or for things to progress as far as they did.

And he kinda agreed with Shouto, in regards to Katsuki and Eijirou’s relationship. He knew somehow that Eijirou wouldn’t be mad about what he and Katsuki had done.

But Hayato…

Quietly, he said, “I- I do need to tell Hayato-kun what happened…”

Tenya nodded. “Yes, you should always be honest with your partner.”

“Do you even like this guy, Deku-kun? Like, honestly,” Ochako asked.

“I- I…” Izuku stuttered and fell silent.

Did he?

“I like… going on dates with him? He’s fun. Sometimes.”

Shouto sighed. “Midoriya, all you’ve done is stress about having sex with this guy since you started dating. How is that fun?”

“I’m not just stressing- I saved 32 people from a collapsed building last week!” He countered. “And it’s not bad, getting to learn new skills. It’s, y’know, helpful. For the future.”

“Like when you break up with Harada and start dating Bakugou-kun and Kirishima-kun?” Ochako asked pointedly.

“What, no!” Izuku sulked. “Ochako-san, they’re already in a relationship! With each other. Besides, you can’t date two people at the same time.”

“Why not?”

“You just don’t.” Izuku looked around the table, and found everyone frowning at him. “Right?”

“It’s not common, but polyamory does exist, Midoriya-kun,” Iida said. “It is when three or more people form a romantic relationship together. A two-person relationship is quite difficult at times; I imagine a three-person relationship would be even more challenging, for a number of reasons. So it’s understandable if that’s not something you’re prepared for.”

“Oh. I- I thought it was just a sex thing…”

“Deku-kun…” Ochako reached out and took his hands into hers.

He felt like he might cry for some reason.

“Kacchan and Kirishima-kun… They’re just so amazing together, y’know? Like, Kacchan is great on his own, but Kirishima-kun just brings out all the best sides to him. And Kirishima-kun – he’s grown so much since we were all students at U.A., he always stands out even when he doesn’t think so. They really trust and care so much for one another. I never, never wanted to get in the way of that bond. But…” Izuku sniffed, pulled his hands back to rub furiously at his watery eyes, and didn’t continue.

Ochako got up from her seat and walked over to wrap her arms around Izuku. He hugged her back and cried all over her shirt.

The waitress quietly dropped off the squid and drink while they were all otherwise distracted.

Softly, Ochako said, “Deku-kun, you need to talk with Harada. It’s not fair to keep leading him on like this, even if he is a jerk. Regardless of what you decide to do with Kirishima-kun and Bakugou-kun. You get that, right?”

He nodded but didn’t say anything.

Even more softly, she said, “And you’ve got to tell me everything about your call with Bakugou-kun!”

Izuku laughed through his tears and agreed.



Izuku sat, fidgeting in his chair across from Hayato, who was perusing the dinner menu with a focused look on his face. The restaurant hummed with the multitude of private conversations taking place around them.

He stared at Hayato. Honestly, aside from whatever was going on with Eijirou and Katsuki, Izuku wasn’t really sure why he hadn’t clicked with the other man. They were both pro heroes, they both liked men, they were both relatively attractive with healthy sexual appetites (that did not translate well to anything in the bedroom)… Hayato had a weird fixation on the relationship between Endeavor and Hawks, but Izuku tried not to judge him too much for that.

They had more in common than Izuku had had with any of his previous girlfriends, but this was by far the most stressful and incompatible relationship he’d ever been in.

Once the waitress had dropped off their drinks and taken their meal orders, Hayato turned to Izuku, hands clasped, and said, “You want to break up, right?”

Izuku choked on the wine he’d been drinking. “Wha-!” He coughed a few times to clear his throat. “W-what do you mean!?”

Hayato waved an arm, gesturing to the room. “This is the first time you’ve ever asked me out. And you sounded like you were crying on the phone.”

It was not the first time Izuku had asked him out (and he was still bitter about not visiting the special exhibit going on at the Taka Niishi Art Gallery because Hayato thought it would be boring). But it wasn't the right time to get into that argument, either.

“I wasn’t crying-” He had been, just a little bit. “I- I guess that’s true that I don’t usually – but I didn’t ask you out to-!” Izuku lowered his voice, suddenly aware of the crowd of people around them. “- To break up. But I did have something I want to tell you. And then you’ll… probably wanna break up with me. Actually.”

Eyes adverted, Hayato lifted his wine glass and casually swirled the liquid inside it. “So you’ve been fucking Red Riot behind my back, then?”

“No!” Izuku shouted. He slumped back in his chair and muttered, “Why does everyone think that?”

“Maybe because you look like you want to choke on his dick every time you’re in the same room.”

Izuku glared across the table. “I do not.”

“Yeah, you really fucking do.” Hayato waved Izuku off before he could counter. “What is it you think is going to make me wanna break up? You fuck the angry one instead?”

“I didn’t fuck anyone!” Izuku shouted, gripping the edge of the table.

Several heads turned in his direction. One lady had a phone out recording them.

Izuku groaned and slumped further in his seat. “Forget it. We’ll talk about this later.”

“I’d rather just do it now,” Hayato said. “Midoriya – you’re right about one thing. I do want to break up.”

Somewhere deep inside himself, Izuku was more relieved than disappointed by the statement. He wondered what that said about him as a person.

Hayato continued on, laughing. “This clearly isn’t working out. You turned out to be a lot more high maintenance than I was expecting.”

Their food arrived, cutting Izuku’s rebuttal off.

He was not high maintenance.

But he did need a partner that was at least a little understanding.

Or... partners?

The rest of the dinner was awkward as hell, with stilted conversation. Somehow, Izuku got through it without having to share his dirty little secret.

The food at least was great.

After they’d paid for their separate bills (Izuku choking on his spit at the price – he could've bought enough groceries for the whole month with that money), he was stopped by a fan who wanted an autograph before he could leave. He got caught up in a short conversation with her, talking about how great All Might was.

By the time Izuku walked out of the restaurant, Hayato had already disappeared.



As soon as Izuku got home, he called up Ochako and vented to her for twenty minutes. She lent him a friendly ear and seemed overly cheerful despite Izuku’s own agitation over how the evening went.

Izuku tried to make her promise not to tell anyone he’d broken up with Hayato yet, but she refused – so he resigned himself to the future teasing that was sure to come. He doubted she’d not tell anyone even if he had managed to swindle the promise out of her.

Izuku wanted to say that evening was the last time he saw Hayato.

He was not so fortunate.


Yo shitty hair
Got some news
you get freaky w midoriya wo me again???
But he did drop that asshole Thundercrap
Fucking finally
thats a lame nickname even for you babe
You're focusing on the wrong thing
Deku is fair game
Get it?

i just txtd him lol
no response yet ( -_-)
The nerd is practically gagging for it
Let him panic for now
We'll attack when the time is right
(✧ •̀⌄•́)

Chapter Text

This was torture.


There was nothing else it could be.

OI! You piece of shit operator! We’ve been stuck in this goddamn elevator for two fucking hours!”

This was karma rushing in all at once to claim what it was owed from Izuku’s continued misdeeds.

“When the hell are you gonna get off your damn asses and fix this shit!?”

Izuku stayed crouched in the corner, arms wrapped around his knees, not looking at anyone.

Being stuck all evening at the same table with Hayato, after everything, had been bad enough. Half a dozen of their coworkers, also seated at the table, had kept watch, waiting for the drama to unfold.

Izuku was on reasonably good terms with his ex-girlfriends – but he wouldn’t be so fortunate when it came to Hayato.

Hey! Fucking answer me!”

Sir, I will ask once more that you calm down. Our inspectors are on site to determine the problem and are working to correct it as we speak-”

Hayato leaned against the back wall not far from Izuku, hands in his pockets.

“Well they need to hurry the hell up!”

Hitoshi was sprawled out in the other corner, browsing on his phone. Every so often, he looked up and caught Izuku’s eye. Izuku was sure he was smirking at him underneath his hero mask.


Katsuki was raging at the intercom, as he’d been doing ever since the elevator stopped moving.

“Stop fucking calling me that! If you don’t have anything worth saying, then just shut the hell up!”

The event they had all just attended – Young Heroes of Japan! – was a dinner with guest speakers, set up to honor the active pro heroes under 25 on duty in Japan. Izuku had been very excited to listen to some of the speakers, and had looked forward to visiting with some of his old friends from U.A.

After the dinner was over, Izuku had arrived at the bank of elevators at the same time as Katsuki. He panicked about getting trapped alone with him in the elevator – especially with the whole ‘I have a boyfriend’ issue now resolved (?) – and held it open so Hitoshi could sneak in.

Hayato had also followed.

“Kacchan-!” Izuku scolded, before catching himself.

All three men turned to stare at him.

Sparks popped in Katsuki’s gloved hands. He growled, lowly, “Don’t fucking start, Deku.”

Izuku was not in the mood. Not after stressing out the entire dinner, and especially not after having listened to Katsuki screaming for the past two hours.

He glared up from where his head was resting on his knees. “I’m not ‘starting’ anything, Kacchan. But there is no reason to be so rude when she is just doing her job.”

“She’s doing a crap job of it if we’re still stuck here, damn it!”

“She’s not the one that’s fixing the elevator, she’s just stuck there taking calls from rude jerks like you!”

“It does not take two hours to fix a goddamn elevator!”

“Obviously it does if the elevator is still broken!”

Katsuki stomped his foot on the ground and the elevator wobbled ominously. “I should just blast us out of here since those fuckers aren’t doing anything.”

“Please don’t,” Hitoshi said dryly.

Hayato scuffed his boot against the floor. “I can’t believe I’m still stuck here with this psycho.”

Katsuki rounded on him. “Who the hell you calling a ‘psycho’, you punk-ass bitch!?”

Sighing, Izuku closed his eyes and shifted until his forehead was resting on his arms. He would do his best to pretend he wasn’t here any longer.

“I’m calling you a psycho, you psycho. Your attitude sucks.” Hayato took his hands from his pockets and placed them on his hips. “You just yell and recklessly cause damage to everything around you.”

“I do what it takes to take down those bastards that fuck with my city and the people I protect. I don’t have time to be worrying about useless crap.”

“You’ve got time to be making moves on other people’s boyfriends,” Hayato darkly muttered to himself.

Everyone in the elevator heard him, of course.

Izuku wasn’t going to make it through this.

“Quit your bitching. It’s your own goddamn fault you couldn’t keep the nerd’s attention while you had it.” The vicious grin on Katsuki’s face was anything but friendly. “Sucks for you, Number 38.”

“Our rankings have nothing to do with anything.” Hayato glared.

“Really? Is that so?” Katsuki crossed his arms. “I don’t blame Deku for not wanting to waste his time with some extra that can’t even crack the top 30.”

“I have been as high as 27, the only reason my ranking dropped –“

“Excuses, excuses. You do a good job, you get rewarded. You act like a fucking hero, and your hero rank goes up. It’s your own damn fault if it drops. Feel free to keep sitting on the sidelines while the real heroes take care of things.”

Katsuki looked over at Izuku meaningfully, and the grin on his face stretched even further, twisting his features in a gruesome, nearly unnatural way. A manic look gleamed brightly his eyes.

He did look a little psychotic.

Izuku found it all hopelessly attractive.

“Shinsou-kun,” Izuku whispered over. “Could you just take over my body so I don’t have to be here for this?”

He didn’t respond.

“I’m serious. Ask me anything.”

Hitoshi’s eyes squinted gleefully.

Not soon enough, the A/C on the elevator kicked back on, and the emergency lights turned off as the regular overhead lights came back on.

Gentlemen, the issue with the power has been resolved. We’ll have you out of there shortly.”

“Fucking finally,” Katsuki grumbled.

Izuku silently agreed.

Hitoshi looked almost disappointed.

At least Kirishima-kun wasn’t here to egg Kacchan on…




yo midoriya
you free sat night???


It had been two days since Izuku received the text, and three days since the disastrous elevator incident.

(As soon as the elevator doors had opened, Izuku ran away. He didn't even bother to pretend he wasn't running. Sometimes, a tactical retreat was the best course of action.)

A simple, non-threatening text from one friend to another.

But things were different now. He hadn’t responded, because he didn’t know how he should respond. Izuku didn’t know how to proceed forward.

So he did what he always did, and called for help.



The group was familiar, the situation less.

Although, with every day that passed, it was slowly growing more so...

Ochako, seated next to him, was leaned in real close, shoulder to shoulder, an almost manic-looking grin resting on her face. On her other side was Tenya, whose face was starting to really show how many whiskeys he'd had that evening.

Shouto and Inasa sat on the other side of the table, Inasa taking control of the meat cooking on their pit, carefully rotating the beef to a remarkably perfect sear.

Ignoring Ochako for the moment, Izuku said, “You're really good at that, Yoarashi-kun.”

“Ah, yes!” Inasa laughed loudly. “I am very good with handling meat!”

I'll bet you are,” Ochako snickered.

Honey, th-that's not- 's not-” Tenya slurred out, then hiccuped and didn't complete his thought.

Iida-kun, how much have you had to drink?” Izuku asked concernedly.

Hm...” Tenya thought for a moment, then shrugged. “I have forgotten.”

Ochako answered for him. “We stopped to have drinks with Tensei-nii since he was stopping in town for the day. Honey looks up to his brother very much, but he's also very competitive with him about weird things.”

“Ochako-san, here!” Inasa reached over and served her first, then turned and served the rest of the meat to the others at the table.

The waitress stopped by their table, so Izuku went ahead and ordered everyone another round of beers (aside from Tenya, for obvious reasons).

So...” Ochako leaned in even closer. “Deku-kun.”

“Ah, yes,” Izuku responded, and leaned away.

Ochako followed until they were both almost laying on the ground.

“Honey, stop that.” Tenya tugged Ochako back to himself and wrapped a thick, firm arm around her shoulders. “Don't force Mido- Midoriya-kun to talk while h-he's clearly not ready!”

“Ah, thanks, Iida-kun,” Izuku laughed awkwardly. “Ochako-san's right, though. It's why I called all of you up, after all.”

Inasa turned to him, frowning. “So you didn't want to have dinner?”

Well, Izuku hadn't called Inasa. But he kinda came with Shouto nowadays.

“No, I did. But I did want some, I dunno, advice? I guess?”

Shouto sighed into his beer glass. “So you admit they wanna fuck, now?”

“Who are 'they'?” Inasa asked.

“Kirishima-kun and Bakugou-kun,” Ochako answered helpfully.

Ochako-san,” Izuku hissed.

“Ah.” Inasa thought for a moment. “That's a surprise, Midoriya? They're pretty obvious.”

“What, no they aren't!” Izuku argued.

Deku-kun,” Ochako sighed.

Ochako-san,” Izuku bit back.

Tenya scoffed, throwing himself into the argument. “Really, Midoriya-kun, I believe you to be one of my most observant peers – your analytical skills are nearly without parallel – but you have the strangest blind spots. Kirishima-kun and Bakugou-kun couldn't be less obvious.”

“Then why did you get all bent out of shape about my... call... with Kacchan?” Izuku countered.

“Because that was cheating!” Tenya shouted, slamming his empty whiskey glass onto the tabletop.

“Honey, maybe it's time to switch to water,” Ochako said, gently prying the glass away from her husband.

“P-Perhaps so!” Tenya hiccuped. “My point stands!”

Izuku cautiously looked around the table. Everyone was staring at him.

Sighing, he finished off his beer glass. “Fine, okay, maybe so... But what should I do now?”

Bring them home?” Shouto offered.

Panic immediately set in. “I-I'm not even... we're not dating yet! I don't want to introduce them to Mom until things are more, y'know...”

“I meant to fuck, Midoriya,” Shouto responded dryly.

Ochako shook her head. “No, don't do that! You need to build intrigue first!”

“The intrigue has reached max capacity,” Inasa said. “There's no need to wait any longer!”

Tenya waved down the waitress and ordered a water. Before she'd even walked away, he added, “Honey is right, there is an order to things! You should not just jump into their bed – it's important for everyone's feelings on the matter to be clear before moving into a more sexually intimate relationship!”

“I agree with your glasses friend,” the waitress said, winking at Izuku.

“Iida-kun, please try to be a little quieter,” Izuku whimpered into the hands covering his face.

“I will attempt to do so!” Tenya shouted.

“At least when the time comes to meet the parents, you already know Bakugou’s,” Shouto commented. “The first time Inasa came home with me, he wore an Endeavor t-shirt. He thought it would help break the ice.”

“Did it?” Tenya asked.

“Yes,” Shouto replied, shortly.

“Uncle Masaru is really nice, but Auntie Mitsuki is a little… intense…” Izuku bit his lip. “I wonder what Kirishima-kun’s parents are like.”

Ochako smiled. “Kirishima-kun is like the biggest sweetheart I've ever met. His parents are probably wonderful for him to have turned out so well.”

“Kirishima is a fantastic hero to work alongside!” Inasa shouted. “You are very lucky to have grabbed his attention, Midoriya!”

Izuku laughed awkwardly, accepting the new glass of beer.

“Um, so, anyway...” He bit his lip. “Kirishima-kun did ask if I was free on Saturday...”

“Sounds like a date!” Ochako said.

Izuku shook his head. “It really wasn't any different than a normal text.”

“Hmm...” Ochako frowned and reached for Izuku's back pocket. “Lemme see.”

“Wha- no!” Izuku squirmed away.

“Deku-kun! Lemme see! I need to see to offer an educated opinion!”

“No!” Izuku stumbled up onto his feet, moving around to squish himself between Inasa and Shouto on the other side of the table.

“Why not!?” she whined, reaching over the table.

“Because!” Izuku argued back without really answering.

Hitoshi had found a way to get his old texts from the crushed remains of his old phone and onto his new phone. The frequently-accessed link to the “home video” that Eijirou had sent was in his messages, just waiting to be mistakenly discovered by someone that shouldn't see it.

That was not something Izuku was willing to share with Ochako, no matter how strong their friendship was.

Izuku really needed to just delete the message and save the link elsewhere.

Fuck, just thinking of the video was making Izuku's dick get a little hard.

He needed to change the subject.

“If you're worried about the sex, you could always plan a day date,” Shouto said. “I mean, you could change your mind and still have sex during the day, but it may be more unlikely.”

Izuku shook his head again, not backing down. “I-I don't have sex on the first date.”

The difference, here, was that most of his other first dates were with new partners that he didn't know well.

He knew Katsuki and Eijirou very well.

“Huh, Tsu-chan agrees with Shouto,” Ochako said, holding out her phone to Izuku. “She says Deku-kun should just fuck 'em.”

“Ochako-san, who all have you told?” Izuku asked although he wasn't sure he wanted to know the answer.

“Um...” She placed a finger on her chin. “Tsu-chan, Tohru-chan, Momo-chan, Mina-chan-”

Izuku cried out, “You told Ashido-san!”


“Ochako-san, she's gonna relay it back to Kacchan and Kirishima-kun!”

“Oh, uh, oops!” she laughed.

Shouto shoved his face close to Izuku's – closer than he would have without any alcohol in his system. “Midoriya, just agree to meet Kirishima on Saturday. You can worry about the rest later.”

“Yeah! You trust them, right? It'll be fine!” Inasa added, closing in on his other side.

They were right.

Izuku nodded.

“Yeah- I-I'll just do that.”

He pulled out his phone.



Sorry for the late reply!

I'm available on Saturday all day

We could meet at the shopping district maybe?

@ 1?


katsuki'll be there too

Sounds good (*^^*)

awesome can't wait to see you!

it's a date!!

(((o(*°∀° )o)))

Izuku put his phone away, sighing, and then placed his hands over his warm cheeks. His heart was racing in his chest, feeling as if it would pound its was out of its skeletal cage.

“He say yes?” Ochako asked.

Tenya sniffed and took a sip from his water glass. “Of course he said yes, Honey.”

“Let Deku-kun answer,” she replied.

“Yeah, Kirishima-kun said okay.” Izuku licked his dry, chapped lips. “He said Kacchan's gonna go, too.”

“Nice.” Ochako grinned wickedly.

“Yeah, they're definitely down to fuck,” Shouto added.

Izuku argued weakly, “We're just meeting to hang out in the afternoon.”

Ochako waved him off. “Don't worry, Deku-kun, I'll help you pick out your outfit.”

“What's wrong with what I'm wearing now?” he asked.

In unison, they all turned to stare at the “flannel” t-shirt he was wearing underneath a limited edition All Might hoodie.

“I'll help you, Deku-kun, don't worry,” Ochako repeated.

Tenya looked oddly perturbed. “Midoriya-kun, your shirt clearly isn't even made of flannel.”

“I dunno, I think it's fine.” Izuku tugged at it a little to look at it from his point of view. “It's comfortable.”

“I'll help you, Deku-kun,” Ochako repeated a third time.

Fine, whatever.” Izuku sighed. “We're meeting at 1 on Saturday.”

I'll be there bright and early Saturday morning then!”

Will you need additional help?” Inasa loudly asked.

Izuku grimaced. “No thanks, Yoarashi-kun. I think Ochako-san will be enough.”

Inasa smiled widely. “Very well. Please feel free to give me a call if you need any advice!”

Okay,” Izuku said, planning to do nothing of the sort.

Pulling out her phone, Ochako muttered, “I'll check and see if Mina-chan will be available.”

No, Ochako-san, please don't!”

She knows their tastes really well, though!” Ochako argued.

But maybe I want it to be a surprise!” Izuku didn't care, really, but he didn't want Mina to start bugging him about all of this, too.

Ochako squinted over at him, then slowly put away her phone. “Fine. But I'm still coming over!”

Izuku forced a smile. “Got it.”


It was only three days away.

Izuku's heart wasn't really really, but at least he felt his body was adequately prepared.

Not that he'd be doing anything of the sort on the first date.


Leaning in close again, Shouto whispered loudly, “Hey, Midoriya, what's that group text with Bakugou and Kirishima on your phone?”

Izuku closed his eyes. He'd need to get through this night first, before anything else.

did you see this?
I don't give a shit about that fuckface
but its weird
why would he be having dinner with league rejects?
date on sat right!!
you should wear that jeweled buttplug
i bet hell like it katsuki
at least think about it ok?

Chapter Text

Izuku showed up thirty minutes early for their meeting – date? – practically vibrating with nerves.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

“It’s okay, Izuku. It’s just Kacchan and Kirishima-kun. It’s no different than any other time we’ve hung out. Except they want... they want…” Izuku couldn’t bring himself to say it, even if it was only to himself.

A warm hand pressed against the back of Izuku’s neck, causing him to just about jump out of his skin.

“AH!” Izuku’s head twisted around to a familiar grin. “K- Kacchan! Don’t scare me like that!”

Katsuki laughed and ruffled his hair. Izuku’s head was jostled about with the rough treatment. “Gotta stay on your toes, nerd. Who knows what asshole might sneak up on you.”

Izuku bat the hand away. “You mean like you?”

Rolling his eyes, Katsuki crossed his arms but didn’t deny it. He wasn’t dressed any differently than normal – and neither was Izuku, really, despite Ochako's valiant attempt (aside from the jeans so tight they forced even his smallest pair of briefs straight up his ass) – but the moment felt different.

It felt special, somehow.

“So, um…” Izuku looked around. “Where’s Kirishima-kun?”

“Shitty Hair’s always late.”

Izuku frowned. “Really?”

“Yeah, you’re usually just later than he is,” Katsuki smirked. “Nice to see you early, for once.”

“I didn’t feel like just waiting around at home,” Izuku said, and then they were both quiet.

The crowd of people continued on with their lives.

The silence between them was awkward, but not necessarily in a bad way. Izuku wondered if he should greet Katsuki some other way. It was a date. Maybe with a hug?

Or a… kiss?

He blushed just imagining it, and turned away from Katsuki.

Katsuki’s shoulder bumped into Izuku’s own, and he stumbled, just a bit.

“Stop thinking so hard, Deku.” Izuku turned and looked at Katsuki, who poked a finger between his eyebrows. “’n stop frowning so much. You’re supposed to be happy on a date, damn it.”

“I- I am happy!” Izuku argued. “I’m just nervous! I’ve never – well, obviously I’ve been on dates before, I mean, all I’ve done recently is complain about the dates I’ve been on – and I know this should be easier, because it’s you guys. But it- it’s scary, and I don’t know what to expect, and I’ve tried to prepare – I took notes-“ Izuku whipped out a familiar black-and-white Campos notebook “-I have several ideas, I wasn’t sure if you or Kirishima-kun had a specific plan for today, or if there was a typical ‘date’ scenario you usually followed-“

“For fuck's sake, Deku, calm the hell down.” Katsuki swiped Izuku’s notebook from his hands. He flipped through the pages and pages of bullet-pointed lists and side notes. It all felt vaguely nostalgic in an uncomfortable way. “Shit, you’ve planned out every date we could possibly have till we’re all underground.”

Izuku was suddenly glad he had spent hours toiling away at compiling his ideas.

Shyly, he said, “I just like to be prepared…”

Katsuki flipped the notebook shut and looked around the crowd. Izuku followed his gaze, but Eijirou still hadn’t shown.

“There’s too many damn people here,” Katsuki grumbled. “We should’ve gone back to our place.”

“Not on the first date!” Izuku quickly and loudly interjected.

“Just what are you thinking, lewd nerd?”

Izuku didn’t know how to respond to his teasing. He looked up at Katsuki, mute, with wide eyes, and Katsuki stared back down at him. “Kacchan…”

“Really wanna kiss the fuck out of you right now.” His grin widened. “Or is that also not allowed on the first date?”

“Stop teasing me,” Izuku said, tugging his jacket hood over his head and turning away.

The look in Katsuki’s eyes was hungry.

Izuku was not going to survive the day, and Eijirou had still not arrived.

He looked at his watch. It wasn’t completely unusual for Eijirou to be late, as Katsuki had said – but to be over twenty minutes late?

“Kacchan, is Kirishima-kun okay?” Izuku asked.

Katsuki frowned back at him and pulled out his phone. “He was fine this morning. Said he wanted to pick something up before meeting us here.”

“Maybe he got called in?”

“He didn’t text…”

“Sorry!” came a shout from behind them and, suddenly, a pair of strong arms were wrapped around Izuku. “I’m sorry I’m late!”

“Damn it, Ei, fucking call if you’re running this late,” Katsuki grumbled.

Izuku turned his head to greet Eijirou as well, and the kiss that had been aimed for his cheek landed on the corner of his mouth instead. Izuku immediately flushed red and Eijirou laughed. “Haha, can’t say I’m sorry for that, though!”

“Deku planned out the whole date,” Katsuki waved the notebook. “And every one after we’ll ever have.”

Izuku slipped out of Eijirou’s arms and grabbed his notebook back. “Kacchan’s exaggerating.”

Eijirou immediately moved back into Izuku’s personal bubble. “So where we going then?”

“Um…” Izuku trailed off. Katsuki quirked an eyebrow and Eijirou grinned reassuringly. He gripped his notebook tighter. “I- I have a few ideas, but if there’s somewhere you’d like to go, then-“

“I’m cool with wherever, as long as you’re there.” Eijirou’s smile was blinding.

Katsuki shoved him lightly in the shoulder. “You sappy asshole.”

“There is something that I’ve been wanting to see. There’s a special exhibit on the history of healer-type heroes in Japan, and, um…” Izuku shook his head. There was no reason to bring up Hayato while he was still a sore spot in everyone’s minds. “Anyway, if you two think that’s somewhere we could all go, then-“

“Sounds fun!” Eijirou interrupted before he got too caught up in his thoughts. “Where’s it at?”

Izuku opened up his notebook to verify the location. “The exhibit is being hosted at the Taka Niishi Art Gallery. We can probably walk there from here – it’s maybe twenty minutes away?”

“Sounds good, bro. Lead the way!”

“Okay,” Izuku nodded, smiling, and put the notebook back into his backpack.

“Stop calling everyone your damn ‘bro’,” Katsuki grumbled. “You gonna call him that when he’s sucking your dick, too?”

Izuku rolled his eyes and started to walk away. They’d either join him or not – Izuku was not going to miss out on seeing the exhibit.

“C’mon, babe – Midoriya’s running off.”

“Fuck that, I’d like to see him try.” Katsuki jogged over and tossed an arm around Izuku’s shoulders. “You’re stuck with us now, Deku.”

Eijirou popped up on the other side and wrapped an arm around his waist. “He’s right, bro.”

“Goddamn it, Eijirou-!”

Izuku smiled helplessly between them.



They went to the art and history exhibition – and it was amazing.

Then they went and had dinner at a small, American-style diner – and it was amazing.

And then, in spite of Izuku’s best intentions, they went back to Katsuki and Eijirou’s apartment.

And it was amazing.

“Oh my god, Kacchan, you’re amazing at this,” Izuku said with wonder.

Katsuki pulled off and glared up at him. The drool trailing off the side of his mouth took the edge off of his harsh words. “Of course I fucking am. Who the hell do you think you talking to?”

“C’mon, babe, keep going,” Eijirou said. He reached around the side of Izuku and pushed Katsuki until he took Izuku’s dick back into his mouth. “He looks super hot with a cock in his mouth, doesn’t he, Midoriya?”

Yes,” Izuku gasped and bucked his hips lightly. Katsuki’s fierce glare returned as he held those hips tight to keep them in place.

They were in the bedroom, on Eijirou and Katsuki’s massive bed, and they were all naked.

Izuku had tried to deflect, maybe get them to have another beer or two and watch a little TV, but Katsuki was insistent. And Eijirou was determined.

And Izuku was a little in love with them both. And had been dreaming, and fantasizing, and thinking about what it would be like to share this intimacy with them, so much so that he just couldn’t help himself. He couldn’t hold back, not now that they were all finally here and together.

The hot length of Eijirou’s dick was rubbing up against the small of his back, an intimidating promise of what was to come.

“Kacchan, gonna come,” Izuku whined, trapped between Eijirou's chest and Katsuki's firm grip.

Katsuki, spurred on by the admittance, hollowed out his cheeks and sucked harder on Izuku's throbbing cock. In contrast, Eijirou left a series of gentle kisses up his neck, and tugged at the lobe of his ear.

Nearly breathless, Eijirou muttered, “C'mon, Midoriya, wanna see you come. You wanna come for us, right baby?”

Yes.” Izuku tried to buck his hips again, but neither of his partners left him the ability to do so.

“Gotta ask for it, Midoriya.”

“Kacchan, please,” Izuku cried out, tears spilling out the corners of his eyes. “Please, wanna come. Please let me!”

“Yeah, baby, that's it,” Eijirou's hands lifted and squeezed at his nipples. “You've been so good. Go on.”

“Ah... ah...! K-Kirishima... -kun!”

Within moments, all of Izuku's pent up desires left his dick in a rush into Katsuki's open and willing mouth.

Brain turned to a delightful mush, he mindlessly opened his mouth wide as Eijirou's fingers gently pried it open and rubbed at his gums and tongue. And Katsuki, the eternal prick that he was, dropped his mouth onto Izuku's to share his come between them.

He halfheartedly tried to twist away, but neither man let him go anywhere so he accepted what he was given.

When Katsuki pulled away, he was smirking gleefully. “Like that, nerd?”

“That's gross, Kacchan,” he grumbled after swallowing. An unpleasant sour taste was left in his mouth, and he gratefully took the water bottle Eijirou offered.

Katsuki scoffed. “And you want me to swallow that shit?”

“You could just spit it out...”

“Nah,” Katsuki said simply. His hand joined Eijirou's own on Izuku's face, a calloused thumb rubbing at the come that had spilled out the side of Izuku's mouth. He led that thumb back to Izuku's mouth and, damn it all, Izuku opened back up without a word and let him shove the rest of his own come inside.

In spite of this, Izuku allowed himself to relax between the two men and enjoy the closeness for a moment.

Quietly, Katsuki grumbled, “Why the fuck did you call out Shitty Hair's name anyway? I'm the one that made you come.”

Gonna have to try harder next time, Katsuki,” Eijirou snickered.

In return, Katsuki reached behind Izuku and twisted Eijirou's nipple harshly. He laughed, and batted the hand away.

Eijirou leaned over and kissed Izuku, chasing what remained of the aftertaste with his tongue, and then pulled back and leaned towards Katsuki. Above where Izuku was laying, he watched their kiss shift from something soft and loving into something firmer, messier.

From the corner of his eye, Izuku thought he might have spotted something sparkly, but couldn't really tell for sure.

Between kisses, Eijirou gasped out, “Babe, you taste like Midoriya's cock.”

That was enough to make Katsuki break their kiss. “Hah!? What the hell does that even mean?”

“I dunno, like...” Eijirou made a fist. “Plus ultra! Or something.”

Katsuki leaned away, propping himself up.

“Goddamn it, Ei, you're gonna make me go soft. What the fuck.”

“Just- hold on a sec.”

Eijirou shifted Izuku off of his lap until his head was propped up on pillows.

He then moved to take Izuku's mostly-softened dick into his mouth, held delicately between his razor-sharp teeth.

Izuku gripped at Eijirou's head and writhed. “Kirishima-kun! Wait, I- I'm not ready yet- !”

Eijirou said something in reply but it was muffled and unintelligible with his mouthful.

Katsuki laughed and moved until he was seated next to Izuku's head. A quick glance left Izuku with an eyeful of thick, red dick. Part of Izuku wanted to lean over until he had his mouth wrapped around it, but the other part of Izuku couldn't even imagine it.

Izuku was not skilled in the art of fellatio. Especially among apparent pros; he didn't feel comfortable just going for it.

But he was decent at jerking off. He could do that. Probably.

As Izuku was reaching over to grab at Katsuki's dick, he felt a cool, lubricated finger press against his asshole.

Squirming, Izuku said, “Ah, um, Ki-Kirishima-kun, are we gonna...”

He covered his face in his hands as he felt the finger penetrate him. Out from the corner of his eye, he could just barely see Katsuki smirking at him.

We don't have to do anything you don't want, Midoriya,” Eijirou said gently, “But I would make it so good for you.”

Katsuki tugged at Izuku's hands until his red face was re-exposed, and scratched at his scalp. “Ei's good with his cock. You'll like it.”

Izuku eyed the cock in question. It was larger than his own, and larger than Katsuki's, and larger than any toy he'd taken so far.

Looking away, Izuku mumbled, “It's kinda big...”

Eijirou eased a second finger into Izuku, laughing. “It's totally doable, promise. We can let Katsuki go first if you're worried – he's smaller-”

Just because I don't have some freaky monster dick doesn't mean I'm small!” Katsuki immediately argued, fingers tightening briefly in Izuku's hair.

He moaned at the feeling.

Heh, like that, nerd?” Katsuki snickered, and tugged at Izuku's hair again. He bucked his hips up, deeper into Eijirou's mouth.

With his other hand, Katsuki pressed it down firmly on Izuku's lower abs. “Careful, Deku. Ei's good with his dick but he'll knick you with those teeth if you're not careful.”

Izuku swallowed. “R-right...”

As soon as Eijirou tried for a third finger, Izuku could feel himself tensing up all over again. He bit his lip, trying to push past the discomfort, but it proved to be almost too much. “K-Kirishima-kun, it kinda... ngh...”

Eijirou pulled off of Izuku's dick and slipped his fingers out. Looking up at Izuku, he asked, “Hurts?”

Izuku nodded. “Yeah. A little... but it'll be okay, just go slower, maybe?”

“Alright, you little masochist.” Katsuki tugged on his hair again, and Izuku's dick jumped a little. “There's a different between good pain and bad pain. There's no point in forcing something if it's just gonna hurt you, dumbass.”

Izuku frowned. “I know that, but it- you both want this – and I mean, I've wanted it for so long, too! I just don't want to be the reason we all have to stop. It just hurts a little, it's really not that bad, most of the time it stops hurting-”

“Midoriya,” Eijirou cut him off. “Seriously, if it hurts, we just find another way to make it feel good. We're not gonna stop, just change things up a little.”

“Fucking of course not,” Katsuki added. “We worked too damn hard to get you here in the first place. You aren't going anywhere, Deku.”

Sniffing, Izuku rubbed at his eyes. “Thanks. I just... wanna make it good you both of you, too.”

Eijirou leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips. Izuku closed his eyes, and let Eijirou take the lead. As he pulled back, he said, “I don't give a shit what that asshole Thunderclap said. You're with us now. You're ours. And what will make us feel good is you enjoying yourself.”

If you mention that fucker's name one more time I'm locking you out of the bedroom,” Katsuki growled, shoving Eijirou's face away and pulling Izuku into a kiss.

Izuku sighed into it, reaching up to wrap his arms around Katsuki. Katsuki had other plans, however, and pulled himself out of it, shifting around until he was shoulder-to-shoulder with Eijirou between Izuku's legs.

He tried to squirm away, but two pairs of hands held him firmly in place. “Uh, guys, I- ah, K-Kacchan!”

Apropos of nothing, Katsuki gripped Izuku's balls firmly with one hand and licked a long, wet stripe from asshole to taint.

Without moving away, Katsuki grumbled, “Ei, this lube tastes like ass. What did you do with the UltraGlide?”

“Sure that's not the actual ass?” Eijirou snickered.

Izuku was biting down on his lower lip too firmly to add his own input.

“Ei!” Katsuki barked out.

Still laughing, Eijirou reached out and started tugging at Izuku's dick.

It was too much. Izuku squeezed his eyes shut.

“We ran out.”

Katsuki shoved a finger into his ass.“You better order more.”

“I just picked this stuff up this morning-”

Izuku cried out, “Guys, please-!”

Taking that as his cue, Katsuki's clever tongue pushed in alongside the finger stroking deep within him. Trembling, Izuku reached out and somehow caught hold of Eijirou's hair, still crunchy from the product he used to form the spikes.

He felt like he might die.

“C'mon, baby, open your eyes,” Eijirou said, rubbing a thumb alongside where Izuku's teeth dug harshly into his lower lip.

Izuku's grip tightened as Katsuki slipped in another finger. “I-I – ah! – I can't.”

Eijirou's finger moved from his lip to run along Izuku's sweaty brow. “Yeah, you can. C'mon.”

Squinting his eyes open, Izuku looked up at where Eijirou was gently smiling down at him. He couldn't bare to look at what Katsuki was doing – he'd come immediately. The wet, squelching sounds alone were almost enough to do him in (not to mention the incredibly lewd things Katsuki was doing with his tongue).

“You're doing so good, baby.” Eijirou bent and kissed him firmly on the mouth. “How's Katsuki?”

“Feels amazing,” Izuku said, without even thinking. “K-Kacchan's amazing.”

Fuck yeah I am,” said Katsuki, muffled.

Without looking away from Izuku, Eijirou said, “He almost ready?”

Pulling his mouth away – but leaving his two fingers where they were – Katsuki grumbled, “What is with you nerds and trying to push things too fast?”

Kacchan?” Izuku whined, reaching down to grab at Katsuki. “Why'd you stop?”

C'mon, Katsuki, look at 'em.” Eijirou leaned in, but Katsuki held him away with a hand on his shoulder. “He's practically begging for it.”

A third finger pressed at his rim, but didn't push in. “That right, Deku? You begging like Ei says?”

Izuku pouted and squirmed in place. “Kacchan, stop teasing me.”

“And why should I?”

Katsuki,” Eijirou scolded, nipping at Katsuki's ear. He leaned away, but couldn't escape – Eijirou wrapped both arms tightly around his waist, sucking a hickey onto the side of his neck, just below his ear.

Accepting his fate, Katsuki let Eijirou continue to mark him up. “Damn it, Ei, that better stay fucking hidden beneath my collar.”

“'Course, babe,” Eijirou said between kisses.

Wide-eyed, Izuku stared at them as Katsuki eased the third finger into his hole. He grit his teeth and winced – but the pain wasn't anywhere near where it had been before.

“Tell me if it hurts,” Katsuki barked out.

“I- I'm good. It feels good, Kacchan. You feel so good.” Izuku shook his head, and knuckled at the tears that were reforming in his eyes. “Fuck, I knew you would be so good. You're both so amazing, I'm just so- so happy that you want me to be here. I never thought I would be here, I never thought you would want me, I just-”

Midoriya,” Eijirou cut him off, cupping his jaw with a warm, sweaty palm. He shifted away from Katsuki to kiss the tears that were trailing down Izuku's cheeks. “Baby. Of course we want you. We've wanted you for ages. If I'd known you were into dudes I would've gone for it immediately. But then you were dating that-”

What did I say, Shitty Hair?” Katsuki growled, condom wrapped held at one corner between his teeth.

S-So I'm on bottom?” Izuku asked, hesitantly, watching as Katsuki rolled the condom down his dick.

Both other men stared at him.

Frowning, Eijirou said, “You don't have to be if you don't want to.”

Really wanna fuck you, Deku,” Katsuki said, pulling his fingers free from Izuku's ass.

Grunting, Izuku lifted himself up slightly onto bent elbows. “It's not that I don't want to... but, um, Kacchan... you had said, you... uh...”

He glanced over at Eijirou, who looked confused.

Katsuki, on the other hand, knew exactly what he was talking about.

With a grin, he placed a palm in the center of Izuku's chest and pushed until Izuku was laying flat on his back once more. “Maybe next time, nerd. This time, your ass is mine.”

Eijirou flopped himself down on the bed right next to Izuku, and reached over to start jerking him off. As Izuku closed his eyes, Eijirou asked, “How come you get to fuck Midoriya first?”

Because you've got a monster dick,” Katsuki mocked.

It's not a 'monster dick'-” Eijirou smirked. “-It's just bigger than your dick.”

As Katsuki lined himself up with Izuku's asshole, he said, “I swear to fucking All Might, Eijirou, I'm gonna kick you ass if you keep talking shit.”

I'll look forward to it.”

Izuku held his breath, breathlessly anticipating the initial entry.

Oi, Deku.”

He opened his eyes and looked up at Katsuki. His hair was dripping with sweat, plastered to his head.

With a frown on his face, he said, “Tell me if it hurts.”

Izuku nodded.

The frown deepened. “I'm serious.”

Izuku wasn't really sure what all he wanted to hear. “You mean like 'red' to stop, or 'green' if it's okay?”

Rolling his eyes, Katsuki said, dryly, “Why don't we just stick with 'stop' for now?”

“Okay...” Izuku said hesitantly, and looked down.

Even if it was slightly smaller that Eijirou's, Katsuki's cock was still larger than any of the toys Izuku had used on his ass before.

A calloused hand gripped Izuku's jaw on the other side, and pulled it until he was looking back at Katsuki's face. “Stop panicking. What the hell did Ei and I teach you?”

I'm having a hard time remembering,” Izuku forced out. Swallowing dryly, he continued, “I- all I can really focus on right now is your dick, Kacchan.”

That must've been the right thing to say, because the frown on his face morphed into an almost friendly smile. “Damn right, Deku.”

Katsuki grabbed Eijirou by the hair and shoved him face to face with Izuku. “Keep him busy, Ei.”

Roger!” Eijirou saluted, and immediately shoved his tongue down Izuku's throat. Izuku giggled, muffled by Eijirou's lips, and pulled him in close.

Above them, Katsuki shifted up onto his knees and re-positioned Izuku's legs. He focused on Eijirou's kiss, and forced himself to relax and trust Katsuki and his (extensive) experience.

Between one breath and the next, Katsuki pushed in.

Ngh... ah- K-Kacchan!” Izuku broke the kiss. “Ah... hah...”

Keep breathing, nerd,” Katsuki scolded.

I am!”

Izuku stared up with wide eyes, not letting go of Eijirou. The look on Katsuki's face – intensely focused, not quite frowning but not smiling either – was not dissimilar to the look he got when he was facing down a villain.

Izuku really wanted to kiss him.

Once Katsuki was fully seated inside Izuku, he paused for a moment.

Kacchan...” Izuku choked out. “Want a kiss.”

The not-frown on Katsuki's face turned into a full-frown. “I just shoved my tongue up your ass and you want a fucking kiss!?”

I've got some mints, bro, it'll be fine,” Eijirou suggested.

Ei...” Katsuki growled, turning his eyes away from Izuku. Izuku's dick jumped where stood tall. “Stop fucking calling me bro.”

Kacchan,” Izuku whined, shifting his hips. He dug deep within himself, and pulled out the best puppy-dog eyes he could manage. “Please? I want it.”

Reaching down, Katsuki shoved his clean hand over Izuku's mouth, and pulled out most of the way. “Ei, keep the nerd occupied so I can fuck him in peace.”

“Why would you want that?” Eijirou asked, but he shifted himself around as requested. “I like hearing Midoriya beg.”

Please,” Izuku repeated, muffled by the hand.

Katsuki's grip tightened as he thrust back in. Izuku's eyes rolled into the back of his head. “I'd rather see that mouth stuffed with your cock, Ei.”

Eijirou chuckled lowly. “Fuck yeah. Gonna do it. You want that, baby?”

Opening his eyes, he looked over at Eijirou. The grin on his face was nearly blinding. His eyes then lowered down to his dick, which was still intimidatingly large.

Izuku chewed on his lower lip.

“I'm not very good at it,” he admitted.

“'s okay.” Eijirou moved Katsuki's hand away, and rubbing a thumb along his mouth. “You could probably just spit on my dick and I'd come. I'm so fucking hard for you, Midoriya.”

“Really fucking classy, Eijirou,” Katsuki grumbled, keeping up the slow, measured thrusts. Izuku was terribly impressed at his skill for someone that seemed to be a self-professed bottom.

Moving again, Eijirou lined up his dick near Izuku's face.

It was even bigger close up like that.

“Ki- ngh! - Hah... Kirishima-kun...” Izuku stuttered out.

The tip of his dick tapped against Izuku's closed mouth in the imitation of a carnal kiss. “You can say no, bro, but I'd really fucking like it if you'd suck me off. Just a little.”

“What the fuck did I say!?” Katsuki shouted, pointing his words with sharp thrusts of his hips. Izuku grunted and reached down to hold on.

Eijirou's dick rubbed from Izuku's mouth to across his cheek with the movement, leaving a trail of precome in its wake.

Whoops, sorry,” Eijirou laughed. Izuku wasn't sure who exactly he was apologizing to.

Between gasps, Izuku asked, “You- you really... hngh... want me to – ah, Kacchan!”

Izuku's entire body jolted.

Found it,” Katsuki smirked.

Eijirou moved his thumb back over and tugged Izuku's mouth back open.

Izuku let him.

You're gonna do great, baby, just mind your teeth.”

That was the hardest part...

As Katsuki's thrusts picked up speed, Eijirou realigned his cock and pushed it past Izuku's lips until the head was resting on top of his tongue. Izuku swallowed as best he could, but drool was already beginning to spill out of the corner of his mouth.

Eijirou pushed in further, and Izuku did his best to accommodate him.

It was almost like that dream he'd had, all those weeks ago, except the situation was reversed.

And Katsuki was there. Obviously.

Like everything, as soon as Katsuki had discovered Izuku's weakness, he focused all of his effort on exploiting it. His thrusts were startlingly accurate, pinpointing Izuku's prostate like he'd been fucking Izuku for years.

On the other end, Eijirou was beginning to pick up speed. “Baby, your mouth feels so good on my cock. You're doing so good for us. So fucking happy you're here.”

Izuku mumbled out... something... but it was unintelligible with a mouth full of dick.

“Fuck I wanna come all over your cute-ass freckles. Can I, baby?”

“Seriously, Ei?” Katsuki placed both hands on the bottom of Izuku's thighs and pushed until his knees were touching his chest. Izuku grunted, letting himself be practically folded in half.

Eijirou was panting hard, bucking himself in and out. It was on the verge of maybe being too much, but Izuku desperately wanted him to continue. “I can't help it! Look how fucking cute he is!”

“I'm not cute,” Izuku tried to say, but what came out was more muffled moaning.

“Hah... hah... fuuuuck, gonna come, baby.” Eijirou pulled out and Izuku gasped for breath. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

His eyes cracked open as he felt the first pulse of come splash on his nose. Several more followed, coating his cheeks and lips in turn.

Without the gag, Izuku's cries echoed in the bedroom. “Ah... ah... ah!”

Before Izuku could reach up, Katsuki pulled Eijirou away and dug his teeth fiercely into the meat of his neck.

Holy shit...” Izuku panted. He couldn't catch his breath – Katsuki wasn't letting him. “Ki- ngh! - I-I'm gonna come. Please, Kacchan!”

Eijirou and Katsuki turned to both stare down at him, with matching grins on their face.

Katsuki licked his lips. “'s that right? You gonna come just from me 'n Ei fucking you?”

Shaking his head, Izuku said, “I can't Kacchan! Feels- feels amazing... but I need you. Please touch me!”

We got you, baby.” Eijirou's large, calloused hand closed around Izuku's dick. His eyes fell shut once more, squeezed together with pleasure. With his other hand, he grabbed Izuku's own and entwined their fingers together.

Ngh...” Katsuki grunted, and sped his thrusts up further. “You better fucking come, Deku.”

Eijirou squeezed his hand. “C'mon, baby. Come for us.”

With one last cry, Izuku came once more, spilling across his stomach.

Katsuki didn't slow down one bit; if anything, he put more force into his movement, rocking Izuku's limp body where it lay on the bed.

“K-Kacchan,” Izuku moaned, digging his nails into Eijirou's skin.

Fuck...” Katsuki responded.

At the last moment, Katsuki pulled out, tore the condom off his dick, and jerked his dick roughly to add his own spunk onto Izuku's face.

Izuku winced and shut his eyes; Katsuki's aim wasn't quite as accurate as Eijirou's.

“Aww, c'mon, Katsuki, you jizzed in Midoriya's eye.” Eijirou rubbed the eye in question, smearing the come rather than really removing it.

Slumping backwards onto his haunches, Katsuki grunted out, “Shut the hell up, Shitty Hair.”

“Post-orgasm leaves you so delightful, huh.” Eijirou smacked a kiss onto Katsuki's forehead.

Katsuki punched his shoulder.

Izuku remained where he was, staring up at the ceiling with one eye.

They all sat where they were for a moment, catching their breaths.

Cautiously, Izuku asked, “I didn't die, right?”

Groaning, Katsuki smacked him on the side of his thigh, then flopped down onto the mattress to lay next to Izuku. He emptied the water bottle, his throat bobbing with each long swallow, and tossed it into the nearby trash can. “Don't be a dumbass.”

“'m not,” Izuku argued, yawning. He could already feel himself starting to slip into sleep, and tried his best not to succumb.

“Ei, go get something to wipe the nerd down.”

“One sec.”

A camera click sounded.


I'm going, I'm going.”

Kacchan,” Izuku whined, reaching over for Katsuki. With a hand, Katsuki kept him in place on his back.

Just relax. I don't want all that spunk on me.”

Stubbornly, Izuku wiped a handful off of his face and smacked Katsuki on the cheek with it.

Oi, what the hell!?

Stop being mean!” He pulled himself back up and bodily threw himself on top of Katsuki.

They grappled for a minute or two until Eijirou pulled Izuku off with firm arms around his waist. “I can't leave you two alone for even a minute.”

Separating the two, Eijirou tossed one damp hand towel over to Katsuki and used the other to wipe down Izuku's face.

With closed eyes, Izuku tattled, “Kirishima-kun, Kacchan's being mean.”

Laughing, Eijirou said, “Yeah, that's how Katsuki shows he cares.”

“Fuck off,” Katsuki barked out, throwing the towel back at Eijirou's face. It just made him laugh again.

Once they were all mostly cleaned up, Eijirou once again shuffled them around until Izuku was trapped tightly between the two other men. Katsuki's back was turned but he had a death grip on Izuku's arm, and Eijirou was gnawing gently on Izuku shoulder.

With a face hidden against Katsuki's back, Izuku cried a handful of happy tears and then quietly fell asleep.


midoriyas so fucking cute!!!!!11
im gonna die
how am i supposed to go on knowing how fucking cute he is
I'm trying to sleep
i cant sleep
he's drooling on my pillow
so cute !!!!
(。>‿‿<。 )
I am one Deku away from you
Why are you messaging me
Just fucking talk dumbass
no i dont wanna wake him
(ভ_ ভ)
(◕ ω ◕✿)
Fuck he is cute
i know right!??!?!?

Chapter Text

Izuku awoke the following morning in the throes of orgasm, crying out weakly as he spilled into the warm, wet mouth surrounding his dick.

His eyes fluttered open as he gasped for breath, blinking down at a pair of hard, red eyes staring straight back at him.

“You...” Izuku took another deep breath. “You really like sucking dick, Kacchan?”

Katsuki sat up, swallowing the mouthful.

Izuku licked his lips.

Shrugging, Katsuki said, “I don't do anything I don't want. You should be more grateful, dweeb.”

“Right...” Izuku looked around the room, but didn't see Eijirou anywhere. “Where's Kirishima-kun?”

Katsuki, still nude, stood from the bed and walked over to the attached bathroom. Behind him, he called out, “Got called in about twenty minutes ago. You slept through him throwing a bitch fit for having to leave.”

Izuku shifted until he was seated, with his back resting against the headboard. He watched as Katsuki returned to the room and threw himself back into the bed.

“Um, Kacchan...” Izuku began hesitantly. Katsuki grunted and tossed a heavy arm around Izuku's waist. “Is- Is this okay?”

With his face buried in the pillow, Katsuki responded, “'s what okay?”

This.” Izuku gestured to the two of them. “Kirishima-kun's gone. Is he okay with us... y'know... like this, without him?”

It's fine.”

But, Kacchan-”

Deku.” Katsuki shoved at Izuku until he was flat on his back again, and tugged him in close. “It's fine. Ei woulda been doing the same thing if he were here, and I was called in.”

Izuku tried not to fidget.

Unless you're only fucking around with us 'cause you want Ei.”

What- no!” Izuku exclaimed, and turned to face Katsuki. “Kacchan, I- I really like the both of you! So much! You're both amazing.”

Katsuki peeked out from the pillow. “You're fucking right I am. Ei's pretty cool, too, I guess.”

Kacchan,” Izuku sighed, and snuggled into his bare chest. “This is nice.”

Go to sleep.”

I mean it, Kacchan. Hayato-kun was so pushy, so we never really-”

The hand in Izuku's hair tightened. “What the fuck do you mean, 'pushy'?”

He wasn't really interested in anything other than sex. I mean, I like sex. Obviously. But I do want more than that.” Izuku shrugged a little. “I guess maybe that's just me being greedy.”

That motherfucker doesn't know his ass from his face. Sex is whatever. It's the rest of that mushy shit that makes a relationship.” Katsuki pressed a kiss onto Izuku's brow. “Prepare yourself, Deku. Me 'n Ei are gonna woo the fuck out of you.”

Smiling to himself, Izuku whispered. “I'm looking forward to it.”

Before Izuku could act on his impulse to kiss Katsuki, his phone began to ring from its place on the nightstand.

It was the Miruko Hero Agency ringtone.

Izuku pulled himself from Katsuki's grip, slipped from the bed, and answered the call. “Deku speaking.”

Hero Deku, a situation is developing at Dagobah Municipal Beach Park and your assistance is required. A hero has gone rogue and needs to be taken in for questioning.”

Izuku tugged on the pair of clean briefs Katsuki tossed over to him, and pulled his hero costume from his bag.

Got it. I'm en route. My ETA is 20 minutes.”

Representatives from Fourth Kind Agency and Genius Office are already on site.”

Hanging up the call, Izuku turned to Katsuki as he zipped up the back of his jumpsuit. “Kacchan, I've gotta go.”

Where they sending you?”

Dagobah Beach.”

Katsuki frowned. “That's where they sent Ei.”

Izuku's face held a matching frown. “Huh...”

But there wasn't time to dwell on it. Izuku had a duty to attend to.

He tripped over to Katsuki and kissed him wetly on the cheek. “I-I'm off!”

Katsuki pulled him back in for a proper kiss, then pushed him away. “Take care, nerd.”

Izuku smiled, and dashed off.

Seconds after arriving on scene, Deku barely managed to avoid the shockwave headed in his direction. The tremendous boom that followed bounced off the nearby buildings and echoed throughout the foggy air.

Red Riot and Best Jeanist were both on the beach shore, blocking an irate Thunderclap from escaping onto the small dingy docked at the pier jutting out into the ocean. It tossed about in the rocky waters.

H-Hayato-kun!” Deku shouted, running forward to lock Thunderclap between them in a pincer formation. “What are you doing?”

Thunderclap turned, a monstrous look on his face. “Don't get in my way, Midoriya!”

You're a hero, Thunderclap! Why would you-!”

I'm not a hero! I'm just a goddamn sidekick 'cause our bitch of a boss is too stuck up her ass to see my true value!”

Wait, that's why you went rogue? Really!?

Enough chatter.” The intricate web of Best Jeanist's threads glinted in the low light. “Surrender now, Thunderclap. There's no point in running any longer.”

Fuck that!”

He sent out another shockwave, missing Best Jeanist and Red Riot. He narrowly missed his own escape route; the dingy rocket violently but refrained from capsizing.

Hayato-kun!” Deku shouted again, and kicked One For All into a higher gear, rushing towards his ex.

Thunderclap turned to counter the oncoming attack, leaving him open to the heroes lying in wait behind him.

With Unbreakable mode activated, Red Riot rushed forward to deliver a blow to the back of his head that almost immediately knocked him out.

Best Jeanist turned to collect the small boat from the water, emptying it of whatever Thunderclap might have had stashed inside.

Deku jogged to where Red Riot stood over the fallen hero. Red Riot kicked him once, directly in the ribs, and even unconscious Thunderclap cried out in pain.

Kirishima-kun...” Deku scolded even though he wasn't feeling very apologetic himself.

The bastard deserves it and more. What the hell was he even thinking?”

Deku shook his head. “I- I don't know. There weren't really any indicators.”

There were, actually,” Best Jeanist countered, walking over to them with a black duffel bag slung over a shoulder. He tossed a wad of ¥10,000 bills at Deku, who fumbled the catch.

Digging the cash out of the sand, Deku looked up and asked, “What is this?”

Genius Office has been monitoring Thunderclap for a while now at the request of Miruko. She had suspicions that something was up when his arrivals on scene were delayed, combined with the number of villains he'd 'lost' during pursuit. Not to mention his disinterest as his hero rank began to drop.”

Miruko, who appeared as if out of nowhere, pulled the unconscious Thunderclap from Best Jeanist to carry herself. “The bastard's been a little piss-baby since I refused to promote him from sidekick. I guess he decided cozying up and making deals with villains was more worthwhile than putting in the effort to earn the promotion.”

Thumb pressed against his mouth, deep in thought, Deku mumbled, “I never even realized...”

Seriously, Deku.” Miruko shook her head. “You can do a whole lot better than some loser that throws his lot in with two-bit criminals.”

Oh! I- uh... We broke up. About a week ago.” Deku frowned. “Does this make me a suspected accomplice?”

'Fraid so.” Miruko dropped Thunderclap onto the stretcher a pair of uniformed policemen carried over. “You'll have to go give your statement to the MPD. Plus no skipping town till the investigation's complete.”

What- that's ridiculous! Mido- Deku's innocent!” Red Riot shouted.

Have you got his alibi for last night, Red Riot? What about two weeks ago when he let Wave Racer go free after robbing a department store of all its cash on hand?”

Deku shook his head and placed a hand on Red Riot's shoulder. “Kirishima-”

Yeah I do! He couldn't have been with this asshole cause me 'n Katsuki were tag teaming him-”


Red Riot clenched his hand into a fist. “I gotta prove your innocence, bro!”

Miruko, laughing loudly, slapped Deku on the back. “I guess you already found someone better, huh?”

Red faced, Deku warily glanced from Miruko to the nearby officers, and then over to Best Jeanist.

They were all judging him.

In the distance, up on the sea wall, Deku spotted Naomasa and a handful of other Musutafu Police Department officers. Submitting himself for questioning was bound to be less of a nightmare than sticking around. He slipped away, facing burning with shoulders raised up to his ears.

Hours and hours later, after several extensive and exhausting rounds of questioning, Izuku found himself back at home in his apartment, scrolling through his message log with Hayato and wondering how he'd missed what was happening. It had started up months before Izuku had even agreed to that first date with Hayato.

It was embarrassing that Izuku hadn't noticed.

He'd had no clue.

Hayato was a sidekick while Izuku was a proper hero – of course there had to be some other source of income that would allow him to spend as he did while Izuku had to be more thoughtful with his purchases.

It was incredibly suspicious in hindsight.

Ugh...” Izuku groaned, and flopped backwards onto the couch.

He hesitated for a moment, then clicked back over to the group message with Katsuki and Eijirou.

He tapped on the link, and the private video loaded almost instantly.

Hah... fucking suck my dick, Eijirou...”

Almost without thought, Izuku undid the top button on his jeans, running his scarred hand over his stomach and scratching lightly at his navel.

On the tiny phone screen was a POV shot of Eijirou enthusiastically slobbering all over a dick.

Izuku now knew it was Katsuki's dick.

(As if it could be anyone else's.)

Mmmm... Katsu... ki...”

With his other hand, he pulled the zipper down and lifted his hips, tugging his jeans to rest just below his ass.

...You really want this cock, don't you? Ngh... Fucking suck it...”

Licking his lips, he tugged his half-hard cock through the front flap of his boxers. Spitting onto his palm, he dropped it back down to his dick and jerked it until it rose fully hardened.

Ei... Ei... fuck yeah...”

“Ah... hah...” Izuku breathed out, the vigorous jerking of his right hand causing the phone to shake in his left.

The squelching sounds of Eijirou's mouth on Katsuki's dick echoed in the silence of Izuku's living room.

He was nearly to the point of coming when his doorbell interrupted the quiet.

Jolted from the moment, Izuku accidentally squeezed his dick too firmly. He grit his teeth to hush the cry as best he could, and quickly locked his phone.

The doorbell rang again.

“Just-!” Izuku exhaled shakily. “Just a minute!”

No worries bro!” Came the shout from outside.


What did I say about bro, Shitty Hair!”

...And Katsuki.

Izuku glanced at his phone, swallowed dryly, and quickly shoved his dick back into hiding. He rubbed his wet hand on the front of his jeans and shook it out, trying to remove any leftover spit or precome from it, then ran it through his hair without thinking.

Just as he was regretting that decision, the doorbell rang again.

No hiding, Midoriya!”

Izuku groaned and rolled his eyes. “I'm not hiding! Just give me a second!”

Stomping over to the door, he unlocked it and flung it open.

On his doorstep stood Eijirou and Katsuki, bundled up in coats and scarves to stave of the cold of the season.

“What took so long?” Katsuki asked and, without waiting for a reply, shoved his way inside, kicking off his shoes. “You in here jerking off or something?”

“N-No...” Izuku stuttered, surreptitiously rubbing his palms on his jeans again.

Neither Katsuki nor Eijirou looked convinced as they hung up their outerwear.

“Um, anyway...” Izuku followed the two as they made themselves comfortable on the small couch in his living room. “What's up? Did you need anything?”

Eijirou frowned. “What's with the cold shoulder, Midoriya? You not interested anymore since we fucked?”

“Wha- no! That's not-!”

He shook his head. “Like, I didn't mean to embarrass you in front of Miruko or whatever. I guess I just got excited, or maybe I was still pissed about that Thunderclap asshole-”

“I can't believe you got to beat the shit out of him while I jerked off alone,” Katsuki interrupted with a grumble.

“I didn't get to beat him up that much – he went down with one hit, Katsuki! What a wimp!”

Turning to stare judgmentally at Izuku, Katsuki said, “I still can't believe you bothered with that bastard.”

“Miruko called him a piss-baby,” Eijirou snickered, and Katsuki laughed right along with him.

Izuku fidgeted where he stood at the edge of the living room and entryway.

Sighing, Eijirou patted the empty cushion between himself and Katsuki. “C'mere, Midoriya. Come sit.”

“Ah, right, I-” Izuku looked around, but he didn't see any other options. He walked over and willingly sat himself between the two other men.

Eijirou immediately wrapped an arm around him, pulling him into a warm hug. “Relax, baby. We're not gonna do anything you don't want, right?”

Izuku sighed and tried to relax. “R-Right...”

“No reason to act so virginal, Deku. We know what your o-face looks like now.”


Picking up Izuku's phone, he unlocked it without even asking for the access code. The video picked back up where it had left off.

“Awww, see Katsuki? I told you he'd like it!”

“Kirishima-kun,” Izuku tried to squirm out of Eijirou's hold but failed. He turned his attention back to Katsuki. “Kacchan, gimme my phone.”

“You know I was joking about you jacking off.” Katsuki smirked and waved the phone. “Should've known better that a lewd nerd would spend his free time this way.”

Izuku kicked out, landing a solid hit against Katsuki's side. “Kacchan, stop.”

“C'mon, Katsuki.” Eijirou reached over with one of his feet, tapping it against Katsuki's calf. “No reason to mess with that when we've got Midoriya in person.”

Katsuki closed out of the video and locked the phone, much to Izuku's surprise.

He then turned to face the both of them. “You're right, Ei. We've got more important things to attend to, don't we?”

“That's right, babe.” Eijirou tilted Izuku's head until they were face to face. “Can I have a kiss?”

Izuku nodded without saying anything. With closed eyes, Eijirou tilted his head forward and let his lips fall gently but firmly on Izuku's own.

To his side, he could feel the heat from Katsuki's body moving in, closer and closer. It was terribly distracting, but Eijirou's own attentions made it nearly impossible to split his attention even if he'd wanted to.

Katsuki pressed a kiss against Izuku's neck before opening wide and biting down harshly.

Ngh!” Izuku moaned into Eijirou's mouth, shifting his hips against nothing but air.

As he sucked another hickey onto Izuku's neck, Katsuki said, “Let's go to the bedroom.”

Eijirou pulled back, Izuku whining and reaching for him to return. “Come on, Midoriya. You wanna do this, right?”

“Yeah...” Izuku breathed out. His eyes fluttered back open. With more confidence in his voice, he said again, “Yes. I do.”

Grinning widely, Eijirou reached over and pulled him into his arms, carrying him princess-style towards the bedroom.

As Izuku flung his arms around Eijirou's neck to help keep himself in place, he turned and spotted Katsuki following them sedately behind, his own smirk stretched across his face.

“So, Midoriya,” Eijirou began, laying Izuku down on top of his bedding. Unlike theirs, his bed was not suitable for three grown men. “Me and Katsuki wanna try something with you. You can say no if you want to, but we really would like it if you said yes.”

Repositioning himself with his back against his headboard, he glanced wearily from Eijirou to Katsuki, and back. “Okay...?”

“Want you to fuck me,” Katsuki said as he pulled his sweater over his head. Tossing it to the ground, he looked back over to Izuku. “Want you and Ei to fuck me.”

What, like... together?”

Yeah,” Eijirou said, wrapping his arms around Katsuki from behind. He kissed his shoulder softly. “Wanna fucking wreck him.”

Katsuki snorted. “If anyone's getting wrecked it's you, Ei.”

I think it might be me, again...” Izuku muttered, and they both laughed lightly at him.

You clean, baby?” Eijirou asked.

Yeah,” Izuku whispered, letting Eijirou shove his tongue back into his mouth again.

Katsuki pinched his side. “You didn't contract any weird shit from that fucker, right?”

I thought bringing him up was automatic removal from the bedroom?” Eijirou asked rhetorically, dodging the punch Katsuki aimed his way.

Izuku shrugged. “Hayato-kun's a lot of things. Clean was one of them, believe it or not.”

Awesome.” Eijirou tugged at Izuku's arm until he was kneeling almost in the middle of the bed. “Double penetration doesn't work well with condoms.”

Double... Wait.” Izuku's heart nearly stopped. “Wait, Kacchan, you want us both to...”

Katsuki pulled off his jeans and briefs, standing next to the bed completely nude. “'s what Ei said, ain't it?”

Saying we'll both fuck you could mean so many different-”

Katsuki cut him off, crawling up onto the bed and relaxing with his back against Izuku's pillows. “I want both of your dicks in my ass at the same time. Is that clear enough for you?”

Yes,” Izuku whispered.

Eijirou smacked a wet kiss on his cheek. “It's all good, Midoriya. Katsuki's great at this. You trust us, right?”

Of course I do.” He looked back over at Katsuki. From between his legs, Izuku spotted something... shiny? “Kacchan, uh...”

Spreading his legs wide, Katsuki ran a hand down his stomach, past his dick and balls, tapping at the sparkly end of the plug.

You didn't even notice it yesterday,” Eijirou pouted. “You have no idea what I had to do to convince Katsuki to wear it.”

Maybe you could show me later?” Izuku jokingly asked.

Laughing, Katsuki pulled Izuku closed with a sweaty hand wrapped around his wrist. “So the nerd's got a backbone after all. I'm gonna get pissed if you just lay there, y'know.”

I've topped plenty,” Izuku argued.

With women, yes, but it wasn't like he was a pushover. He just needed to find his footing.

Behind him, Eijirou stripped Izuku of his shirt.

Alright, Deku. Show me.” He tapped again at the end of the plug inside of himself. “This isn't enough prep for the both of you. You're gonna have to work for it if you wanna fuck me.”

Izuku nodded, and reached over to his nightstand for the mostly-empty bottle of lube inside. Eijirou pulled Katsuki in for a kiss, moving to sit behind him.

By the time Izuku turned back towards them, Katsuki was firmly wrapped up in Eijirou's arms, his legs splayed wide by Eijirou's spread knees. His own hand was slowly thrusting the bejeweled butt plug in and out of his ass.

In that moment, Izuku forgot how to breath, how to think. His whole being felt as if it might dissolve into nothingness.

He couldn't focus on anything but the way Katsuki looked as he fucked himself with the toy.

But Izuku couldn't let himself keep getting swept up in their flow. He really should've brought it up earlier, but...

Kacchan,” Izuku said, and placed a hand over Katsuki's, halting the movement. “I think we should talk.”

Katsuki did not appear to agree. “Right now.”

“Yeah.” Izuku nodded.



“-I would be more than happy to talk about whatever you'd like, but maybe we could do it later?”

Izuku looked down at Katsuki's dick again. “You both keep distracting me. What if we don't ever talk about all this?”

Grabbing Izuku by the wrist, he jerked him until Izuku was lying directly on top of him. “What's there to talk about?”

Reaching around from behind, Eijirou smacked Izuku's ass. “Pretty sure we've made it clear about what we want.”

“I don't want this to just be about sex.” Izuku said firmly. “I- I can't do that. Not with the two of you.”

Eijirou took Izuku's face in his hands. Izuku glanced from Eijirou, to Katsuki, and then back. “Alright, listen up. You are ours now, Midoriya, and we're yours. This isn't just sex – it has never been about just that.”

“It's been almost nothing but sex. The sex toys, advice on masturbating, that video...” Izuku pouted. “Even now...”

Katsuki frowned. “If you don't want to have sex then we don't have to do it.”

“That's not it-”

“Then what's the problem!? We're both fucking in love with you-”

“Wait, seriously!?

“Why is this all so shocking to you!?”Katsuki shouted.

“Because you were so happy together, I guess I don't understand why you'd need me, too!” Izuku countered.

Katsuki grabbed him by the hair and shook his head. “Sure, me and Eijirou are fine together, but we'd be a hell of a lot happier if you were with us, too! Stop freaking out and accept our feelings, damn it!”

Izuku hid his face in his hands. “Kacch-”

“He's right, Midoriya! We wouldn't have pushed any of this if we weren't interested in the first place, y'know?”

Izuku nodded, still hiding.

“Midoriya you're one of the most amazing dudes I've ever met, not to mention the cutest goddamn beefcake in Japan! We should be thanking you for giving us the time of day!”

Katsuki rolled his eyes. “You're laying it on a little thick, Ei.”

Staring down at where his hands were twisting together in his lap, Izuku said, “I really like you, too, Kirishima-kun. A-And Kacchan, too...”

“That was never much of a secret.” Katsuki flicked his ear.

“So...” Izuku looked up. “Does that make us boyfriends? Or is there a separate term when its a polyamorous group versus a traditional couple?”

Katsuki rolled his eyes. “Deku-”

“Boyfriends is great!” Eijirou laughed. “Always wanted to call you my boyfriend, Midoriya. I had the biggest crush on you our first year at U.A. This is all kinda like a dream come true for me, haha.”

Eyes wide, Izuku asked, “Really? I had no idea!”

“Can we get back to what we were doing, or do you want us to braid each other's pigtails as well?” Katsuki asked, rubbing a thumb over the head of his dick.

“Right.” Izuku licked his lips.

“Don't rush him, Katsuki. Let Midoriya-”

“I'm gonna go jerk off by myself again if you two don't hurry the fuck up-”


Breathing out deeply, Izuku said, “It's okay, Kirishima-kun! Kacchan's right; I'm ready.”

They had plenty of time to talk in more depth about their feelings in the future. If what Katsuki and Eijirou was saying was true, then Izuku was more than ready to dig his claws into them and not let go.

Izuku knew how to work for what he wanted.

He grabbed the lube and pushed at Katsuki's chest until he was relaxing once more against Eijirou behind him.

He eyed the clear jewel resting on the outside of Katsuki's ass, wondering where he should start.

You just gonna stare or what?”

Just give me a minute.” Izuku tapped on the jewel, and Katsuki's butt cheeks tightened reflexively. “How big's the plug?”

Big enough.”

You'd look real hot wearing it, Midoriya.” Eijirou's hand rested low on Katsuki's belly, scratching at the short, blond hairs that trailed down to his dick. “I'd fucking love to see that.”

You gotta wash it first.” Katsuki bared down, and the plug shifted where it rested in Katsuki. Izuku grabbed it on the end, and tugged until it was free of his ass.

The now-empty hole winked at Izuku as if to mock him.

Izuku had no idea how both him and Eijirou were supposed to fit in something that small.

He grabbed the lube and dropped a handful onto his palm. “Kacchan, you really want both of us... at the same time?”

's what I said, shitty nerd. Hurry the hell up.”

He pressed the tips of his index and middle finger against Katsuki's asshole and pressed inward. They slipped in with little resistance.

You really are good at this...” Izuku whispered. He could enter even the third finger with little difficulty. “Kacchan's so amazing...”

Katsuki was breathing heavily, but Izuku didn't think it was caused by any kind of pain.

Snickering, Eijirou shifted one of his hands to tug at Katsuki's nipples. Katsuki, in turn, melted further back into Eijirou's embrace. “Katsuki can definitely take both of us.”

He did wince a little with the fourth finger, but relaxed into the feeling quickly enough.

Izuku wondered if Katsuki was going to want to be fisted before they fucked him. His mind went completely blank with the thought.

“Alright – fuck, that's enough, Deku.” Katsuki gripped Izuku's wrist and pulled him completely out of his ass. He turned back around to Eijirou. “Ei, you'll go in first. Deku, you'll be second.”

Shifted himself onto his knees, Katsuki reached over for the lube bottle and let it drip out down Eijirou's cock. He hadn't undressed but his dick was hanging free – Izuku hadn't even noticed it happen.

Growling, Katsuki slowly lowered himself down onto Eijirou's dick, back still to Eijirou's chest. “If either of you fuckers come in me I'll kill you.”

“Wouldn't dream of it, babe,” Eijirou said, then winked over at Izuku when Katsuki wasn't looking.

“Keep your eyes on me, Deku,” Katsuki growled.

Izuku, wide-eyed, did as requested, watching as Katsuki's ass slowly swallowed Eijirou's impressively large dick with practically no difficulty at all.

Sighing loudly, Katsuki shut his eyes. “Fuck, that feels good.”

“Fuck yeah, babe. Love your ass.” Eyes locked with Izuku, Eijirou said, “Can't wait till Midoriya let's me fuck him, too.”

Katsuki reached back and jerked harshly at Eijirou's hair. “Why don't you focus on the ass you're fucking first, dickface.”

“I guess we've got plenty of time in the future for that.” Eijirou smiled, and gestured over to Izuku. “C'mere, baby.”

As if pulled by an invisible string, Izuku moved back in closer to the pair. Eijirou hadn't started fucking Katsuki yet, but Katsuki had a firm hand wrapped around his own dick, jerking himself off lazily while staring at Izuku.

Katsuki kicked the bottle of lube at Izuku. “Ngh... Hurry up.”

Izuku stared at the bottle, then looked back up at Katsuki. “So you want me to...?”

“Finger me, damn it.”

“But Kirishima-kun's already-”

“How else do you think your dick is gonna fit in there?” He kicked at Izuku's thigh. “Fucking finger me.”

“Okay! Fine! I've got it!” Izuku grabbed the bottle and shoved Katsuki's foot away. “Stop rushing me!”


“Chill, babe.” Eijirou pulled Katsuki's hand off of his dick and replaced it with his own. “We'll make it good for you. Gonna feel so fucking good with Midoriya's cock up your ass, isn't it?”

“It fucking better.” Katsuki glared at Izuku, and Izuku felt his competitive spirit rise up within himself.

Once again, Izuku found himself pushing his fingers up into Katsuki. The fit was much tighter this time around, as his ass was already full of Eijirou's cock. With his other hand, Izuku tugged on Eijirou's balls.

“This is like cockwarming, right?” Eijirou asked. “Since I'm just sitting here. It's kinda kinky.”

“Ei, what the fuck?” Katsuki's face scrunched up and he elbowed back at Eijirou's gut.

“H-How's that?” Izuku swallowed, chewing on his lip and drawing their attention back to him. “Not too much?”

Pulling Izuku until his face was close, Katsuki said, “It's one damn finger, Deku. I can take more than that.”

Well if Katsuki was gonna be such a little bitch about it, then Izuku wasn't gonna pussyfoot around the issue any longer. After lubing up, he slipped an additional two fingers inside, rubbing between Katsuki's walls and Eijirou's thick cock.

Katsuki winced, but the grin on his face was fierce. “Fuck yeah, Deku, just like that. You wanna fuck me, right?”

Nodding, Izuku thrust the fingers in and out as Eijirou, trembling, held still. “Yes.”

“That's good enough.” Katsuki pushed him back and out with a bare foot against his chest. Izuku blinked back at him, his mind a woozy mess. “I want your fucking cock in me now, Deku.”

Wordlessly, Izuku wiped his hand on the bedspread and shifted until he was lined up with Eijirou.

“Fuck, this is gonna feel so damn good.” Eijirou breathed out. “You have the best damn ideas, Katsuki.”

“Ei, shut the fuck up for a minute.”

Ignoring Katsuki, Eijirou turned to look at Izuku and said, “C'mon, baby. Wanna feel you in here, too. We're gonna fuck the hell out of Katsuki.”

“Yeah...” Izuku muttered. Taking a deep breath, he pushed in.

Izuku had fucked women before, both vaginally and anally. It almost always had felt good.

But nothing he'd done in the past could've properly prepared him for how it felt to shove his own dick up inside of Katsuki right next to Eijirou's.

It was almost unreal how good it felt.

“Fuck, I'm gonna come,” Izuku whined, squeezing his eyes shut.

“What the hell!? You haven't even done anything!”

“I can't help it! Kacchan, you feel so good! Ah... ah.... Kacchan!”

With a hand wrapped around Izuku's bicep, Katsuki growled, “Don't come inside me, Deku! I fucking mean it!”

Behind Katsuki, Eijirou's face was shoved against Katsuki's neck and his shoulders were shaking. “Guys, stop, you're gonna make me laugh!”

“Why is this funny to you!?” Katsuki shouted, shifting to turn and face Eijirou.

“Kacchan, stop tightening up!” Izuku cried out.

Eijirou burst into laughter. The shuddery vibrations made the situation all the worse for Izuku.

“God– ngh! – goddamn it!” Katsuki's hand tugged on Izuku's hair in the back, and bit down aggressively on Izuku's shoulder with all of his teeth.

With eyes squeezed shut, Izuku came hard, his dick trapped completely within Katsuki's ass.


“Fucking hell Deku, I said don't come inside me!” Katsuki shouted. He squirmed, but Eijirou's arms held firm against him, locking him in place.

“C'mon, babe,” Eijirou panted, shoving at Katsuki until he was flopped against Izuku's chest, and then pushed them both until they were lying on top of one another on the bed. “Gonna... ah... wanna fuck you, Katsuki.”

Izuku, completely overstimulated, squeezed his eyes shut and grasped tightly at Katsuki's hips. His dick was trapped, locked tight in Katsuki's ass with Eijirou's own dick thrusting against it.

“It's too much!” Izuku cried out.

Pausing for a moment, Eijirou peeked over Katsuki's shoulder to peer down at Izuku. “Do you wanna stop?”

Izuku shook his head.

Rolling his eyes, Katsuki reached down and helped slip Izuku out of his ass. Izuku shuddered and twitched below them.

“Fucking dumbass masochist,” Katsuki growled, and bit down harshly on Izuku's cheek. The teeth dug in for a moment and then loosened with a moan. “Fuck!

Picking up where he'd left off, Eijirou began fucking back into Katsuki. “'m not done yet, babe!”

Hah... hah...”

Katsuki's head slipped down to rest in the crook of Izuku's neck, who held him in place with crooked fingers in his sweaty hair.

“Fuuuck yeah, feels good.” Eijirou reached around to pinch Izuku's side. “We're gonna try this again.”

“Stop chatting and fucking fuck me!” Katsuki shouted, bucking his hips backward into Eijirou.

“You're so bossy, Kacchan.” With his other hand, Izuku reached down for Katsuki's dick. Katsuki shuddered with the movement, breathing heavily into Izuku's neck as Eijirou pounded into him from behind.

Almost silent, Katsuki trembled violently between them and came hard across Izuku's stomach. His teeth dug in firmly into the meat of Izuku's neck as he stroked him through the orgasm.

Eijirou followed along shortly behind, grunting loudly as he added his come to mix with Izuku's deep inside Katsuki's asshole. He flopped down on top of Katsuki, who dropped down onto Izuku.

They all laid there for a moment in a hot, sweaty manpile.

Grumbling lowly, Katsuki huffed, “I told both of you assholes not to come in my ass.”

You just feel so fucking good, babe,” Eijirou said. Izuku mumbled out something that might have been an agreement.

Elbowing Eijirou off, Katsuki awkwardly crawled away from the other two men. Eijirou quickly replaced him, curling tightly around Izuku's blissed out form.

I'm gonna go dig this jizz out of my ass since you fuckers don't listen.” Katsuki growled, shoving himself up from Izuku's bed. For good measure, he grabbed one of the displaced pillows off of the floor and whacked Izuku and then Eijirou in the face with it.

Izuku stared at his ass as he walked from the room until it was no longer in sight, watching as the come trickled down from his hole and onto the top of his muscular thigh.

Fuck that's hot.”

It took Izuku a moment to realize he hadn't been the one to say it.

Yeah...” he echoed, belatedly.

Fucking hell, Midoriya.” Eijirou groaned, and wrapped Izuku tightly within his arms. “I know we said this isn't just a sex thing – and it's not! – but holy shit if this is the kind of sex we get to have now.”

Izuku secretly agreed but didn't say anything.

Like, sex only gets better, y'know? You're gonna be even fucking hotter – fuck, I can just imagine you holding Katsuki down and fucking him when he's mouthing off like a little bitch-”

Kirishima-kun!” Izuku interrupted, placing a hand over his mouth. “Not right now. I really need a break.”

“It's gonna be fucking awesome,” Eijirou said, words muffled.

I know,” Izuku whined into Eijirou's shoulder, who just laughed lightly.

With his own hand, Eijirou pried off Izuku's. “Hey, Midoriya – now that we're boyfriends, I can call you Izuku, right?”

Uh... Yeah.” Izuku nodded into the shoulder. “If- if you want to.”

Then you gotta call me Eijirou, too!”


Alright, Izuku, look at me.”

Warily, he peeked out from his cover. Eijirou's smile was blinding.

E- Ei-” Izuku took a deep breath. “Ei... Eijirou-kun.”

Eh, close enough.” Eijirou squeezed him tightly around the middle. “Looking forward to being with you, Izuku.”

Me, too,” Izuku whispered, and kissed him lightly on the mouth.

From the other room, Katsuki shouted, “You losers better clean off! I'm not done with either of you yet!”

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