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The noumu known as Deku

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The police force had found a former hideout of the league of villains. Fearing what may be inside they called All Might in case of a powerful villain was within.

All Might pulled his right fist back and smashed in the wall of the hideout.

It was once a brewery but was shut down due to the company going bankrupt.

Most of the top floor was empty.

They nearly left before they spotted a hatch hidden under a fallen vat of alcohol.

All Might pulled the vat from the hatch and sat it down beside it.

He reached down and tore the hatch from its hinges and jumped into the dark depths of the small underground hideout.

It was empty and held nothing until he came upon a room full of vats and surgical equipment.

All the vats were empty except for one.

Within it’s green fluid was a tall and emaciated form. 

It’s limbs immensely thin the ribs in it’s chest showed.

The creature’s head was strange.

It was rabbit like in it’s floating ears but the rest of it was different. Sharp teeth showed from a lipless mouth. Eyes to small for it’s large head were on the sides of it’s head and not the front.

All Might was about to leave the creature floating there until he saw the name on the papers adhered to the vat.

Izuku Midoriya.



They had taken him to the hospital and put him in a straight jacket.

Although he never did anything he just sat there saying a single word over and over while they took a sample of his dna to confirm that he was indeed Izuku Midoriya.

”Kacchan Kacchan Kacchan.”

When the tests were back they called Inko Midoriya.

”Mrs. Midoriya?”


”We believe that we have found your son.”

Inko had been living with Bakugous for 7 years now. Ever since Mitsuki stopped her from committing suicide.

Inko ran up to Mitsuki and hugged her crying tears of joy into her shoulder.

”They found my baby!”



Mitsuki, Inko, and a reluctant Katsuki all were in the hospital waiting room with a blonde emaciated man with sunken in eyes.

”Mrs. Midoriya I must warn you your son is not the same as he was 9 years ago.”

”I don’t care just take me to my baby!”

Reluctantly the man took the group to a hospital room with police outside. Inko looked at them worriedly.

”Are they here to stop those people from hurting my baby?”

The blonde man didn’t answer just opening the door and letting them into a room with a bunny like humanoid constantly saying the same word over and over again.

”Kacchan Kacchan Kacchan.”

Inko looked at the bunny like noumu in surprise and looked at the thin man with disgust.

”Is this some kind of sick joke?”

She demanded tears streaming down her face.

”I’m afraid not Young Bakugou you were at the U.S.J incident correct?”

The ash blond male nodded.

”You saw the creature with multiple quirks that All Might fought?”

”Yeah what the fuck are you saying that the fucking league of villains made Deku like that thing?”

At the name the bunny like noumu looked up and acknowledged them for the first time.


He asked tilting his head